prep week 34
What I Did to Prep This Week

What I Did to Prep This Week – Week 34 – Mar 3rd – Mar 9th 2019

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Hello Pack. I am hoping spring is finally going to show up. This constant on and off snow and rain and ever fluctuating temperatures is beyond frustrating – and also perfect cold weather. Days on the calendar keep ticking away toward spring, but warm weather and gardening season seem to still be quite elusive. I have seeds that are thriving…

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working with hand tools

How to Rebuild, Repair, and Repurpose Post-SHTF

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  We live in a world of creature comforts and conveniences that many of us take for granted. Many of us are so comfortable in our day to day routine we don’t even realize how dependent we are on those comforts and conveniences. But when SHTF, the world as we know it will quickly become unpredictable. Many of those comforts…

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survival items

The Top 20 Affordable Survival Products on Amazon

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What a time to be alive. No longer does any actual or would be prepper have to get dressed and drive into town to shop for needed items and equipment. Right from the comfort of your home, in your jammies or your birthday suit, on your desktop or on your phone, you can have nearly anything in the world sent…

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cough syrup

How to Make 2 Types of Cough Syrup

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There’s nothing that can make you or a loved one feel worse than having a cold with a nasty cough or sore throat to go along with it. Trying to treat cold and cough with over the counter medications can get pricey. Believe it or not, all those cough medicines in the pharmacy boil down to just 2 different types…

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The U.S. Nuclear Power Map: What You Need to Know

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The United States is the world’s largest commercial producer of nuclear power. As of 2016 data, 805 terawatt hours was produced by just shy of 100 reactors, a mind-blasting amount of power equaling almost 20% of the total electrical energy generated in the entire country. That is a truly monumental achievement and worth celebrating. Nuclear power is clean, momentously efficient…

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