What I Did To Prep This Week: June 7th – June 13th 2020

Hello Pack. This summer weather has been glorious, and allowed us to get a lot of work done on the survival retreat. Getting in enough warm and sunny days in-between rainy ones has truly been a challenge this year… again.

Bobby spent a lot of the weekend doing survival-related training, which gave Brea and I time to get his birthday surprise here and all set up. As I mentioned last week, he was getting something he wanted for a long time but I could not share what it was until now:

Honey bees!

He is now officially a beekeeper. Brea, my mother, and I went together to get him a double hive, a beekeeping suit, beekeeping tools, and most importantly, varroa mite-resistant and gentle Italian honey bees.

It was nearly a four hour drive to northern Ohio to get the bees, so I am thrilled Brea and her boyfriend, Jarrod, volunteered to make that journey. We purchased an already established colony (or “nuc”) of honeybees.

Introducing a queen into a hive can be especially difficult for novices, one of the reasons I went with an established colony. After a lot of research, I opted to purchase from Hartville Honey Bee Farm – and am thrilled with the quality of both the bees and the service.

Because the nuc was overwintered and diligence was paid to their progress, the bees Bobby received already had brood and were making honey.

In fact, the bees made enough honeycomb on the top of the frames and the inside of the nuc transport box lid, I had enough wax right off the bat to make a few nice-sized tubs of salve!

In other preps this week, work continues on making our poultry bird flocks completely self-sustainable. Although I free range my chickens during daylight hours, I am still going to incorporate many of the ideas from the Edible Acres video below in and around the chicken run.

Our garden is coming along great, as is the apothecary patch – even though we had to water each a few times in-between rains. I am still struggling with the lavender and oregano, but most plants are alive.

All of the humidity is really doing a number on them. If any of you have any growing tips for either one, please feel free to share them in the comments section or shoot me an email.

This Week’s Questions

  1. How do you think the pandemic and the panicked government response to it in many states, as well as the recent rioting, will impact 2020 elections?
  2. What do you think of elected liberals in multiple cities pushing for “dismantling” police departments?
  3. If you could grow one plant in your garden that you have never attempted (or is not recommended for your region), what would it be and why?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

95 thoughts on “What I Did To Prep This Week: June 7th – June 13th 2020”

  1. Good morning! For those in Douglasville, GA – Savory Butcher is doing another chicken sale.

    For this week:
    • Garden – spread fertilizer. Started picking veggies – about a half pound so far. Not much, but it’s a start. I’m having some issues with something eating my okra – came up great but most of it has disappeared – cut off about an inch above the ground. Also having problems with the jalapenos – leaves are curled on some of the plants (not all) and one plant has died. I’ll be replacing it shortly with a home-grown seedling that is tiny, but might grow better since it is from save seed (I think).

    Our blueberry bushes (planted in January 2019) are mostly doing well. We did have to replace a few that didn’t make it through last summer’s drought and have two more that will need replacing but expect the remaining ones to get well-established this year.

    The Pear trees appear to be producing for the first time since we planted them. It will be awesome to actually eat our own home-grown pears. The DH is looking forward to his favorite – pear salad – made from fresh pears.

    While our apple tree is still tiny, the crabapple has taken off. It had some fruit last year, but not enough to share with the outdoor critters. This year looks to be a bumper crop. My mom used to make crabapple jelly – I have a nephew looking forward to some if I actually make it. He loves when I share what I can.

    • Food – no grocery shopping needed this week. I did receive my second MisFits box. Once again, I am quite pleased with the variety and quantity. The only thing in the box that I don’t need is the tomatoes. The only thing in the box that I didn’t recognize was jicama (?). #2 daughter told me what it is and made recommendations on how to use it. I will probably dehydrate the tomatoes and celery like I did the ones I received in my last box. I will probably also dehydrate the kale with some sort of seasoning. Kale is one of those things I’ll eat when someone else prepares it and the DH doesn’t eat it at all. Overall, I am still quite pleased with the boxes.

    • Home projects – The DH finished the patio project and the pool is up. We’ve actually gotten in it twice and will likely get in it later today. He’s rigged up a sort of water heater for it too – once the sun hits the hose and the pump is running, the water will get warm quickly. We will be hanging some lights around the pool and the patio mostly for aesthetic reasons, but also for making the patio more enjoyable in the evenings. Some of the lights are even solar (YAY). They should provide lighting later in the year for grilling dinners.

    Later today, we will also be spreading more pine straw throughout the yard. We have an area that needs some weed control and the DH’s prior spraying has killed several plants in the area. He also plans to do some stump grinding in one area where we will spread the pine straw.

    More later – Tara’s questions and Thor’s questions. I’m cooking lunch currently.

    • If you have fireants , they love the pinestraw… Boiling water works well if you just have a few weeds or a spot treatment. because of that we don’t us it where we are… Just Sayn’

    • AA – thankfully, no fire ants currently in my location. Having been bitten by them before, I’m well aware of them, Two of my daughters are allergic to them too.

      Tara’s question about lavender and oregano – My #2 daughter and I have both had problems growing lavender. This year, I bought an established plant and put it in a large flowerpot by my patio. It appears to be extremely happy and is blooming.

      As for oregano, I have read that it can spread all over the yard and be somewhat invasive. It also grows in flowerpots on and around my patio. It has jumped from one pot to another.

      The one commonality between the two plants is that I believe they like well-drained soil. That is likely why the flower pots work well, since they dry out.

      This Week’s Questions:

      1. How do you think the pandemic and the panicked government response to it in many states, as well as the recent rioting, will impact 2020 elections?

      After speaking with an employee living through this in Chicago, there may be a LOT of Democrats voting republican. The PTB decided to tell police to evacuate certain areas of the city to concentrate protection on other areas. As you may have already guessed, the unprotected areas are where many of the minorities live.

      2. What do you think of elected liberals in multiple cities pushing for “dismantling” police departments?

      I think some of them have good intentions, but as I remember the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Actions have consequences and often have unintended consequences.

      3. If you could grow one plant in your garden that you have never attempted (or is not recommended for your region), what would it be and why?

      Mango or Avocado. I currently have three avocado trees in pots – two are at least 7 years old, probably closer to 10. I have two mango seeds in a pot, but don’t expect anything from them. I love both, but I think the avocado would be more useful.

      • Thor’s questions:

        1. Will more cities follow Seattle if nothing is done? Some yes, others no. Some of the PTB will see what’s happening and take a different approach. Others won’t learn anything from it and take the same (or similar) approach.

        2. Are you exercising enough? No. Since my ankle injury nearly three years ago, my body has decided to say “F-you” and complain in new ways. My knees and joints are causing LOTS of pain and running has aggravated the knees. This past week, I started walking again. Now I need to make it routine. Yesterday’s spreading of about 60 bales of pine straw in our front yard reminded me that I’m not too old to do stuff like that – I’m just too old (or out of shape) to do it all in one day. I would love to have a pool where I could do laps on a regular basis, but that’s not happening without winning the lottery. LOL

        3. What is your biggest concern with everything that’s going on? That I still live in the city.

        4. Is civil war inevitable? Too many variables to tell.

        5. Your thoughts on defunding police, releasing criminals and gun control? Stupidity on so many levels. Yes, there is a huge need to cull the officers that can’t control themselves during intense situations, but defunding police is not the way to do it. Releasing criminals isn’t either – too many of those being released are supposedly in jail for “minor” crimes but a lot of those have been plea bargained to a lesser charge. Gun control should be limited to being able to hit your target.

        6. Your thoughts on disarming Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam and removing the police dog from Paw patrol? Again, stupidity.

        7. Your thoughts on the cancellation of live PD? What do you mean by “live PD”? I have 32 emails to read and will probably figure out the context of the question from others’ answers.

    • GA Red,
      I’ve had the same problem with seedlings cut on several different plants. When I replanted from my greenhouse grown seedlings, I cut the bottoms from the plastic pots and made collars for each that rise 2″ above the ground . So far, so good.

  2. How do you think the pandemic and the panicked government response to it in many states, as well as the recent rioting, will impact 2020 elections? Nation gone insane! Many Democrates I’ve listened to will not be voting Democrate this election. Republicans may loose loose a few votors but I look for a Republican win. Older blackvotors and some younger folks as well are fed up with Democratic leaders with no spines. Pulling back police and letting business districts burn and be looted turned them off. Gun sales to first time buyers have gone through the roof. That speaks columns about trust in Democratic mayors and Governors.
    1.What do you think of elected liberals in multiple cities pushing for “dismantling” police departments? Insanity!
    2. If you could grow one plant in your garden that you have never attempted (or is not recommended for your region), what would it be and why? Dwarf Moringa tree. May try it if I can get a walapini dug for growing below the frost line. Why?_For its food value.
    3. What did you do to prep this week? Bought some plants from a greenhouse to replace a part of the starts I lost while too sick to care for them. Hope to get them into the ground soon. Still pretty weak and get dizzy when working more than a few minutes in this heat. We’ve had 4 weeks in the 90s and a couple of days in the 80s. Summer rains should come soon. Gardens do best when they arrive.

    • Good luck with the Dwarf Moringa. We grow in indoors and take outside in a large pot during the summer and then back in again for the winter to be placed under a grow light. If you can keep the fast growing edible and medicinal tree from dampening off as a young sprout, it tends to be really hardy.

    • The dwarf moringa could probably survive ok in a walapini as its dug below frost level. I’m aiming for 6′ or more. Maybe 8′. Or I can do as you are doing. Inside in winter and outside in summer. I have grow light. Figured on supplementing light in winter in the walapini. I had a walapini 6’x10′ dug 6′ deep. All the flowers survived the winter in pots. We had a record breaking -46° night that killed most of the fruit trees to the ground across many miles of a valley and up the hills a few hundred feet. It killed my young trees but they came back as bushes. The flowers in that pit were untouched. We were almost 300′ above the valley in the hills.
      Frost line here is 18″ so 24″ for construction foundations or waterlines is the minimum. I’ve seen -20° nights many times. High mountain desert is a unique place to garden.

  3. taras questions

    1 hard to say, its a career killer for a sitting president, nothing can be done that will fix the prroblem quickly, and everyone will blame the guy in the office no matter what he does. hoover cared very deeply about the plight of the american people in the great depession and he tried to help but also took a long term aproach, not wanting to do anything that could come back to bite the country in ass later, being financially responcible while trying to deal with tha crisis, for all his efforts shanty towns were named after him and he carried the blame for the crisis. similarly i heard no win scenarios playing out early in the pandemic, when the democats were complaining that trump wasn’t doing enough when it was still looming but not here yet he was cautious, had he done anything more htey would have accused him of fear mongering, he tried to shut own the boarder to stop it from getting here and he was accused of using the pandemic to push imigration shut downs and go after china only using the virus as an excuse. there is nothing he can do that will fix the problems but he shoulders the blame for most of it. nobody else however would have any better plan or responce. it will be a big mess and likely will open the country up to serious social upheaval (like the new deal which brought socialism into the us on an unprecidented scale and made it possible for generations of welfare rats and freeloaders to make a living off the system), whether this will be a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen. people have short memories, its like the financial crisis in ny, before the news of the virus was even on the radio about what was happening overseas, ny was talking about huge financial problems from a 10 billion deficit, after the virus hit everyone forgot ny was in a mess the liberals created in the city, then the state blamed trump for not giving the state federal aid to help with the 15 billion deficit they claimed they suddenly had only because of the virus, ny was already in a stagnant cesspit but the people responcible for it used a new crisis to just push the blame elsewhere. it will be interesting to say the least.

    i mentioned something like this in a comment on a comment last week about it being wishful thinking with no plan to replace it. they want something done and are throwing their hate at someone to blame but they have no idea what to replace it with they think with their emotions and wishes and ignore facts and reality. sure the cops have become a cure all thrown at every situation as other problem solvers have been defunded and tossed aside, but getting rid of them won’t solve the problem either.

    3 good question, i would have to say coconuts just because its so random and in no way ccould gow this far north, otherwise i don’t have much to think of, i long ago based my diet on what would grow not on what i want. my parents as an example hated squash, they thought it was only fit for savages and livestock, or jack o lanterns, they would rathe throw them in the woods to rot than try them when they got them from the food pantry then complain they didn’t get enough in food stamps. as a result i didn’t even try squash until i was in my 20s when i got it free out of the supermarket dumpster after halloween one year (i was a bag monkey at that store so i could intercept stuff going to the dumpster), didn’t know how to cook it and had to experiment, now its a regular part of my diet because it grows easy and stores well (another example to give, my childhood and teen years i ate a lot of moldy food in bag lunches and did more cooking than my parents did). fast forward to today and i base my diet off what i can grow easily and in bulk or otherwise get free locally or really cheap. i honestly can’t remember the last time i had an orange or a banana, been a few years i know that.

    not too much, i did skiding and loading on sunday and other work, then my ford tractor got a flat on monday just asi delivered a wagon load of logs to the mill, the tire was junk (bald and crumbing flakes off the side) and when it finaly went (should have done it 4 years ago when i got the tractor with 3 new tires and one bald flaking one) but the tube hed up. anyway nobody had the tire in stock and had to special order it and was told it would be in wednesday, but it wasn’t till thursday then i didn’t get it onto the tractor till friday afternoon, which i then picked up the milled lumber (700 board feet of siding, 2x6s and 1 inch boards) which was done tuesday but the tractor with the flat was sitting at the mill all week with a flat. not uch else was to be done, i could have done a lot like brush sawing the tall grasses coming up in the orchard but it will be easier and faster with the 3pt hitch brush hog/mower, and i could have gathered firewood with a wheelbarrow but its faster and easier with the tractor and trailer. so i mostly took the week off other than a 20 mile bike ride to a store that had a hell of a deal on junk food (6 king size hershey bars for $1, regular pumpkin pies for $1.50 compared to walmarts $5, menonites own the store and its basically an outlet place for whatever they get real cheap as one time clean outs from a distrubutor then resell for a profit, never the same stuff twice, i got a 5 gallon bucket full of energy bars for $20 cleaning it all out with bike and trailer, will last a year for junk food). also shot 2 crows going after my corn seedlings, and i did some weeding down the rows with a wheel hoe, but otherwise i took the week off and sat around running video games on my old laptop. also helped that we had a lot of rain and some thunderstorms so i didn’t feel too bad about taking most of the week off.

  4. We are in the middle of a revolution, however I believe that that most people see it as a lot of nonsense and will keep the current people/police in office. As for what did I do to prep this week, weeded the garden, canned some salsa with our tomatoes, purchased a Mossberg .410 pump snake gun and a S&W J-frame pistol for the DW.
    Gun shops here ( North Central Fl.) are pretty much sold out of ammo again, like the Obama years. Also stocked up on a number of food items as we believe that “things” will not deescalate until after the election gets over.

    Not happy that the GOP convention has moved to Jacksonville Fl. as it will attract too many left-wing commie-kooks.

    • Ghost,

      My #2 daughter lives in Jax and is concerned about what the cat will drag in too. Shes’ a Republican so she has no problem with the GOP convention being in Jax per se, just worried about the “left-wing commie-kooks”, to borrow a phrase 🙂

    • Ghost:

      I agree with your “de-escalation comment. I’ve been telling those who will listen that right now is like the eye of a storm. It’s about to come back, and, I think, much worse. Mid-October through Mid-November is going to be really screwy. Glad I live in fly-over country. Filling the pantry (and the ammo shelf) appropriately.

  5. Good Morning from Douglasville,

    It’s a bit after 11 and we are just rolling out of bed. We had nothing on the agenda for today so slept in. We are usually up at 6am so this was nice.

    We went Thursday to the butcher shop and picked up a big order of meat. The freezer is topped off and this butcher takes great care with his meat and the portioning and cutting of each piece so we are very happy with that.

    Went to Lowe’s yesterday and picked up some more shelving, one can never have enough shelving.

    The protest seem to be settling down some without the major destruction of property other than the vandalizing of Civil War graves and monuments. We have a huge carving of Civil War Generals on the side of Stone Mountain that has been there a long time. There have been many attemps to have it blasted off the mountainside. I would not be surprised to see that happen soon.

    Our elections this last week were a major goat rope and I’m not sure what is going to happen. Several counties either miscounted or lost their ballots. It’s almost like they planned for that to happen.

    We are going out and about now, still wearing mask, and will be heading back to church tomorrow. Last Sunday was great to be back. Wednesday night Bible study was fantastic. Now to just get back in to something like normalcy.


    • I did not get my absentee ballot until the day before the election. I had requested it in late April. What a joke. I heard some of the new voting machines were not even up and working at some voting places. One man reported on one of the local news stations that he stood in line 6 hours at his voting place and no one had voted.

      • Jean – reports were that the county I’m in had severely long lines. Our youngest daughter votes in person – she was in and out in under 20 minutes.

  6. I did my grocery shopping this week and added to my stash. Publix has TP, but not a big supply. Bottled water is about 100% in stock. Most other stuff is OK too except those pesky meat products in the reefer case are still rationed.

    My Ex closed on the sale of her house (formerly my house too). She’s all moved out. #1 daughter and our son (and some of his friends) busted their butts for three days to get everything out by about noon on Thursday. Granddaughter was there too; she was perfectly behaved the whole time and didn’t get underfoot at all. Pretty good for a kid of her age. She had her Kindle and two dogs to entertain her and she just quietly sat in a closet. The Ex is giving our three kids $9K each out of the sale money. She also wanted to give me $9K but I declined. I have reasons, first being I don’t need the money as I’m OK in the piggy bank department.

    Had a chat with my chiropractor as he wants to get a concealed weapons permit. He had one many years ago when he lived in Iowa. We also talked about pistol selections. I think he’s going to get a Glock, but I don’t know what model. He’s taking my advice to go look at some and handle them and see which feels the best. His hands are about the same size as mine, so he could handle a G-17 or G-19 easily, but he may find them too big for a comfortable concealed carry.

    Speaking of my chiropractor. My back and hips have been really acting up lately. Normally I can walk to and from his office (one block) without issues, but not now. My back feels like it’s in flames. Playing with granddaughter is a non-starter most of the day. She’s disappointed, but takes it well. The doc says I’m going to need a few weeks of work to get me back to where I was before I took a pandemic vacation.

    Other than adding to my pantry stash, I haven’t done much else in the prepping department. I’ve had my weapons and related equipment ready to go for several weeks and since the serious riots broke out, I doubled checked my weapons, cleaned, and lubed.

    This Week’s Questions

    1. How do you think the pandemic and the panicked government response to it in many states, as well as the recent rioting, will impact 2020 elections?

    It’s just no telling, I think. There are other variables involved including voting fraud. There will be some impact, I just can’t predict how much. The Kung flu panic response from many governments is not a surprise to me. Some are afraid to be seen as over-reacting, others see an opportunity in a crisis and try to expand their governing powers. The demo governor of Michigan is a good example of a power grabbing liberal aka: communist.

    2. What do you think of elected liberals in multiple cities pushing for “dismantling” police departments?

    They are idiots. A super special kind of stupid.

    3. If you could grow one plant in your garden that you have never attempted (or is not recommended for your region), what would it be and why?

    No clue.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

  7. This Week’s Questions

    1. How do you think the pandemic and the panicked government response to it in many states, as well as the recent rioting, will impact 2020 elections? One side is trying everything it can think of, no mater how stupid or costly, to turn the election from it’s trending path. The far-left are acting like spoiled children; all they know is how they want things to be, not what will work. Following their emotions vs. reality.

    2. What do you think of elected liberals in multiple cities pushing for “dismantling” police departments? Again, like spoiled children they don’t like rules they don’t make and being told they can’t do something. They think that they don’t need discipline, others do, but not them.

    3. If you could grow one plant in your garden that you have never attempted (or is not recommended for your region), what would it be and why? Grapefruit trees!

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Since you asked…

    When we were prepping the camping trailer for the season, we discovered that our in-line water filter (that we “repaired” last year) didn’t survive the winter. So, a Travel Berkey water filter system went on the “shopping list”. We found a “blemished” one (like the one in our camper is not going to get a dent/scratch in it) for $50 off. We added a stand, a stainless spigot, and a travel case for it.

    Taking the advice of my betters and working on replenishing the stocks we used up, and building up more reserves for the “next event”. Food shortage/riot/virus outbreak/economic issues/infrastructure problems or whatever it may look like. It seems as if we are having a “lull in the action”.

    Got up Monday to 5-7” of heavy wet snow. Had a road trip scheduled, the bad roads only extended about 5 miles from us, then again 45 miles down the road for another 5 miles. Clear coming back, but it did a number on my lilac tree which bloomed out this last weekend. Stocked up on more long-term supplies and ammo, stuff I can no longer get locally.

    Gas went up $.25/gal this week.

    Out of the 14 guys at our fellowship breakfast Tuesday, 2 came to me saying they were ready to get AR’s. That makes 3 this week. I have one for sale that I am going to package up with a case, ammo, mags, cleaning kit, and sling for one friend. I’ll then help they others get there’s. Right now, I can get lowers (up $45-50 since Jan) but not uppers. My “backup” ARs (Ruger AR-556 w/MOE furniture) have gone up $200 in the last 9 months. I have seen no magazine sales since January, and ammo is really hard to find.

    DW’s pre-procedure C-19 test came back negative. Now I’d like us to get tested for the antibodies.

    Our ATV’s are done. New battery & service on both, and work on the transmission snifter on hers. Much better running now. That’s done.

    Working on upgrades to the camping trailer. Re-secured the generator so the service door can be opened while still bolted in place. Installed eye bolts to secure fuel cans. Next is the AC/USB outlet replacement and installing the new locks on the front storage bin.

    DW’s Friday procedure went well. As it was 1st thing in the morning and we had to travel, we grabbed naps when we got home.

    Today it is beautiful; low 80’s, sunny, but windy. We are going to take a road trip. Too nice to be inside, to windy to get anything done.

    Supply Run: Powdered milk; ammo; molasses; CSA vegetable bag; AC/USB outlet (4.8Ah) for trailer; spare tie wraps;

    Received: Travel Berkey w/stand & stainless spigot; Quality USB cables & USB Hub for the trailer; weed eater batteries; solar security light; FD Corn, #10;

    • JP ,,,,check with CDNN,in Texas. 800 ,588,9500 they had kits under firearms heading ,might check out parts heading too for just uppers ,good folks ,,,,,,

      • 0ldhomesteader:

        Thanks for the info. I am aware of CDNN. I am currently looking for complete uppers and complete lowers, mostly to direct others too. Palmetto State Armory was selling them, with free shipping, in Jan and Feb. Shipping is $17 each half/$25-35 for a complete rifle. You could get an upper and a lower, without a rear sight ($10-30) and no magazine ($11-15) delivered for $350 or a complete rifle (with the sight and mag) for $500. You figure that out. As of last week, they had complete lowers (now about $180 delivered) and no complete uppers in 5.56×45 with 16″ barrels.

        I bought spares/backups in Aug (Ruger AR-556’s) for about $540 delivered. They are now $750 to $850 for the same gun.

        I strongly encourage anyone who desires an AR and does not have it to get moving, don’t wait any longer! Ammo, especially cheap practice ammo, is up from $.20/round delivered, to $.35/round plus shipping. Magazines are available still, but few deals with free shipping. Remember magazines fail, break, get lost, etc., so get lots! And an AR without one is a very poor single shot.

  8. Puppy scared me this week as he got hurt chasing a ball in the house. He tried to turn jump and catch the ball instead of chasing it. He was on an artificial wood floor in the foyer after barking at people out side and I said good boy threw the ball and he slipped and fell on the floor hurting his left front wrist. It was at night so we called the emergency animal hospital. The vet said if he is walking on it, it’s not broken and we made him take it easy for a couple of days. No playing it was killing him, he always plays at %110. After he seemed ok I took him for a short walk. A couple days later I took him on a 2 mile hike. He’s fine now and we got him a new ball gun to. I refuse to disarm my puppy … LOL ?

    Got the replacement exactly what I purchased. The mower has great power at 24 hp and has a turning radius that makes my Vet jealous.
    Bought a utility trailer to transport the new tractor. I could start my own lawn care business if needed.

    Got squash, cucumbers and zucchini coming in
    Picked buckets of green beans
    Tomatoes are starting to turn red. I have beefsteak tomatoes the size of softballs.

    Heavy workouts again energy levels are high.

    Practiced with the G17.

    Thor’s questions:
    1. Will more cities follow Seattle if nothing is done?
    2. Are you exercising enough?
    3. What is your biggest concern with everything that’s going on?
    4. Is civil war inevitable?
    5. Your thoughts on defunding police, releasing criminals and gun control?
    6. Your thoughts on disarming Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam and removing the police dog from Paw patrol?
    7. Your thoughts on the cancellation of live PD?

    • Tara’s questions
      1. How do you think the pandemic and the panicked government response to it in many states, as well as the recent rioting, will impact 2020 elections?

      Voter fraud will be extreme and probably lead to civil war.

      2.What do you think of elected liberals in multiple cities pushing for “dismantling” police departments?

      If I were a criminal, that’s what I would want.

      3. If you could grow one plant in your garden that you have never attempted (or is not recommended for your region), what would it be and why?
      Bananas and coconuts milk and bananas…….

      • Thor1 — I’ll trade you some of my bananas and coconuts for some of your cucumbers, squash, and zucchini! I’m trying my best to grow those vining vegetables, but the bugs are wicked bad here in the south…

        • Goatlover, yeah the squash bugs can be bad some companion planting might help confuse the bugs. I had zucchini the length of a forearm last year. I planted winter and crooked neck squash, 76ers cucumbers and pickling cucumbers. Florida does have a lot of bugs though……..

          • in this area when i was a kid people only locked their cars when the zukes were ripe, otherwise they might find their car full of other peoples surplus produce, now everyone has to lock their car to make sure the change in the cup holder and their sunglasses don’t go missing….

            first time i knew that a thing was when i was 10 (back in 1992) and my grandmother from long island was waiting with me at a mcdonalds in my home town and she started going from car to car checking the doors and stealing pennies from the cup holders any time she found one unlocked. i was horrified and she was so brazen about it because the mcdonalds shared the parking lot with the village police department. same grandmother stole money and candy from me, my sisters and cousins and told me i should have been an abortion any time i saw her. she died a little over a year ago and i threw a small party with a 2×3 cake with “ding dong the witch is dead” written on the frosting to celebrate

            the messed up things i recall from my screwed up past when i read stuff online, all that from thinking about cucumbers…

    • Thor’s questions:

      1. Will more cities follow Seattle if nothing is done?

      Absolutely. I saw on-line that the Antifa critters were threatening to create an autonomous zone in Nashville, TN. The governor then announced that nothing of the sort was going to be allowed to take place in Tennessee. I haven’t heard anything else about a Nashville autonomous zone since.

      2. Are you exercising enough?

      No. My arthritis isn’t cooperating.

      3. What is your biggest concern with everything that’s going on?

      These BLM/Antifa jerkoffs starting a shooting war they can’t finish, but will cause lots of innocent people to get caught in the middle.

      4. Is civil war inevitable?

      A civil war? I don’t think a full fledge civil war, but there might be an insurrection

      5. Your thoughts on defunding police, releasing criminals and gun control?

      Jeeze, don’t get me started on the ignorance of liberals.

      6. Your thoughts on disarming Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam and removing the police dog from Paw patrol?

      Another display of infantile stupidity.

      7. Your thoughts on the cancellation of live PD?

      Also stupid. I’ve never seen the show. I rarely watch any cop TV shows anyway as I had enough of the ignorance of criminals to last a lifetime.

      • Z36, 6&7..They are trying to make police look bad and remove guns to brainwash kids minds as these things aren’t cool in the communist eyes and will make our country more vulnerable to attack while allowing transvestite story time. What ever happened to John Wayne movies ?

    • Thor’s questions:

      1. Will more cities follow Seattle if nothing is done? I think more are thinking about it. Others are taking a “wait and see” approach (smart for a change).

      2. Are you exercising enough? Never.

      3. What is your biggest concern with everything that’s going on? That it won’t stay confined to the major cities.

      4. Is civil war inevitable? I’m leaving toward Balkanization, which might require “shot’s fired” to happen.

      5. Your thoughts on defunding police, releasing criminals and gun control? defunding police/releasing criminals – stupid. Gun Control – there is nothing that should be illegal to do with a gun that isn’t already. We don’t need “more gun control”, we need to enforce the laws that already are.

      6. Your thoughts on disarming Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam and removing the police dog from Paw patrol? More PC stuff that does nothing in the end.

      7. Your thoughts on the cancellation of live PD? Personally, I don’t watch it. Generally, it’s cable TV; if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

    • Thor’s questions:
      1. don’t know whats happening in seatle

      2. probably, yesterday alone i hauled up a full cord worth of wood, plus a lot of sawing and branch piling, then i dug post holes and set some new posts to make a reinforced gate accross the pasture fence line along the road. a few other things too. though i did gain a few lbs as i had a lot of down time this week and a big pile of expired hoehoes and hostess cupcakes (grocery bag full for $2)

      3. ny state already sucked so nothing new for me, my only real concern right now is sitting in front of my neighbos house at 730 using their wifi waiting for them to get up for the day so i can ask for a ride to tractor supply to buy a couple bags of wood shavings for coop 3. lost a baby buff orpington last night, the mother hen was good about keeping only her chicks under her the last few days but those fat cornish rock crosses decided they wanted to be under the hen too and one of them sat on the 4 day old buff orpington chick all night so i found it squashed this morning, need to get shavings to cover the other coop floor and get those fatass older chicks into the other coop or i will end up loosing the remaining 6 babies that just hatched a few days ago too.

      4. regionally i forsee a lot more rioting and social upheaval, but a civil war implies a large organized effort to replace a government by force and having a general goal of what they want to replace it with. the rioters are pissed off but they are not organized, nor do they even really know what they want (disband police because some cops elsewhere were jackasses, they want the police gone because they think they are a problem, but they have no idea what to replace them with, they have not thought that far ahead)

      5. complicated, defunding the police isn’t the same as disbanding the police, it may be acceptable to an extent if the money is used in other ways to address problems if they can be proven to work (i mean statistical success that can be proven and repliccated, not anecdotal unprovable claims). prison release, again complicated, just dumping all the inmates back on the street is a terrible idea, but case by case some may be better off depending on what they did, if they have a place to go on release, and their likelyhood of getting in trouble again, i can see releasing some dumbass that was caught smoking weed if they have a place to go like a relatives house, but a rapist who does crack and has no place to go would be better off left in jail. gun control means hitting your target

      6. whats paw patrol? as per fudd and sam thats just retarded, though i hear rioters are demanding disney parks shut down splash mountain ride because its characters are based on a controversial movie called song of the south which was based on southern slave folk stories, this is al getting out of hand and now they are just looking for things to be angry about

      7. whats live pd? pd means police department as far as i know, i think you already adressed that with a previous question, unless you mean something else by it

      • nemoseto,

        Paw Patrol is a cartoon show and cartoon books for little kids. I read the books to my granddaughter all of the time as she loves them. One of the characters is a police pup (there is also a firefighter pup, a construction pup, and a few others). The police pup does nothing but help. No violence. So it’s even more ridiculous than with Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd who do use some violence.

        Live PD was a reality show similar to COPS, except it was a live broadcast, whereas COPS was taped and edited. Personally, I never watched Live PD, and only watched some COPS years ago. The only cop show I actually liked to watch was the First 48, especially the Detroit episodes as I knew some of the cops and locations of the homicides.

          • thats pretty funny for a name, ok, now i know what paw patrol and live PD are. spent most of my life without tv so my knowledge of tv shows are extremly limited

  9. Tara’s questions… #1-2 You can’t fix stupid, They have to fix themselves. Maybe inner cities loosing jobs and grocery stores will help the m to come woke to the demonrats who promoted slavery. In destroying monuments they even destroyed black leaders monuments who fought slavery… so they are trying to wipe all HISTORY out so the text books can not be written correctly…Election results depends on how many felons and dead people vote, they always vote democrat.
    #3 citrus or tropical fruit…lemons or oranges. Pineapple, mango, coconut
    #4 All kinds household and yard chores…. a little more canning , a little more dehydration of veggies..( concentrating on things we eat and not able/have not been able to grow in sufficient quantities) . animal care for chickens and rabbits,and harvest of some of the cornish.cross-.. 6 wk old birds average is 5lb each./cleaned. .cost average…#2- 2.50 lb, . Areas vacated by vegetables has been refilled with ice bottles in prep for the summer rotation of water bottles and containers filled with water for the rabbitry…for both their water bowls and for them to snuggle to…they also lick the condensate off the bottles… Plan is to also add them some rehydration formula into water…..extra efforts made to give more overhead insulations to prevent heat transfer from roof.
    Prayers for POTUS and his assistants.For all those that prep for their families and those in distresses.- physical and mental: named and un-named., Those who have requested and those who have not.
    Someone has indicated they expect it to be ok after the election… If we don’t have what we need in place for a long hard winter, by the election…we may not have it…. some countries are already having their own runs on grains – wheat , rice and other grains…because of crop failures from late frosts/freezes., poor germination…and or growing condition changes. These Grand Solar minimum changes are expected to go for 11-15 years.
    Think Variety! “Think Outside the box” varieties of seeds that can be milled for flour… chia? Flax,? Millet?… sorrel? Think of other flours and thickeners… and what you can do to secure those… now.. rice can be milled into flour. It and potato flour can be used to replace corn starch, as thickener in recipes. While getting things… seasonings… dehydrated onion, garlic, parsley, chives, salt and pepper are just the beginning…bullion or better than bullion… soup bases… bone broth… concentrate fruit juices now…they will be saved for various uses later in less space. can rehydrate with needed water as utilized. just quick notes.. stay alert.. take care of you and yours.

  10. Hi everyone,
    1- WRT the Plandemic, I think most people see through the Bravo Sierra. The globalists unleashed it after impeachment failed. It’s not going to be much of an impact on the election. Stupid people would have voted for the doddering democrat anyway.

    2- Defunding police departments is part of the plan to overthrow the US. They use the Hegelian Dialectic. It goes: Thesis: Cops are corrupt and racist. Antithesis: Defunding them creates anarchy. Synthesis: The sheeple will beg for order. Globalists have it ready in the form of politically vetted “police”. Like the Cheka or the Sturmabteilung. The globalists create or take advantage of both sides of a problem to direct the population towards a controlled solution.
    3- I’ll get into gardening again when we move to Tennessee.
    4- Home improvement projects are running apace with the garage being my focus now. It’s roof is scheduled to be redone in a couple of weeks. A few more projects like that and we’ll put the house up. Mrs. Overwatch says she will like it so much she won’t want to leave but then all I have to do is show her a picture of a nearby riot and she’s back on board, lol. Seriously, like me, she’s punched out of Massachusetts psychologically.
    Augason Farms order arrived this morning. Three more cans of whole powdered eggs. Not much else in the way of prepping other than organizing our stuff. Cleaned EDC Glock 17 and Smith 640.
    ODS graduated trade school and the culinary program. He worked hard for four years and we’re really proud. They had a drive through graduation. Poor kids are being cheated out of a milestone over the BS. Sad. Still, I think he’s happy to have dodged a ceremony.

    • Are you going to have a big enough truck? Lol to move everything down, that is. Hubby has a friend in Boston, he wants to move some kind of bad, his wife wont soncider it though, as she has family there. We even looked at houses for him and gave suggestions. But she wont budge. Kudos to Mrs. Overwatch, she sees the handwriting on the wall! Cant wait to meet you both, and i can introduce you to my clients, down that way, who are LMIs.

      • I can’t wait to meet you guys too. I’ll be driving down again soon. Recon trip. I have to continue my home improvements to get ready for market and then figure out how to move and all the mechanics behind that.

  11. I bought strawberries, and did up one flat for jam, the other flat we ate some and I froze some, I’m running out of space and the summer fruits and vegetables, haven’t even started yet. I did notice most of the farm stores, and local stores, are out of pressure canners, and lids, I did find some at Winco, but they are getting bought up fast so I bought 4 more of wide and regular mouth lids, everything is backed ordered. The lady, at my local sporting store said everyone is panicking and just wiping me out because they believe in a food shortage, I just looked at her and went WOW… In my mind I thought people are doing what they should be doing getting ready for food shortage, I want to buy a pressure canner, but I’m so chicken it’s a lot more work than water canning for sure I need to watch a few more videos and get comfortable with it.

    We had another protest yesterday, they bussed people, up from Seattle, and they got rained on and but many locals showed up and these protesters, are not staying quarantine for 14 days like the health department, asked of them we had a protest of 5000 last weekend too so if the numbers go up in the next few day’s to weeks then we know who to thank…

    Hubby, went to Costco, the same area of the protesters were but he said they were all gone, and no sign of anyone so he bought some items, we had our big $53.00 checked we got back from them. They had a lot of the Emergency
    food buckets from Ready Wise for $59.00, he was going to get 4 but thought $240.00 for 4 of them was a lot but after I looked it up I told him on the website. they were $249.99 for one, so check your Costco, if they have them in. Winco, also had small Auguston food buckets the 72 hour for $19.99 regular price $29.99, a savings of $10.00.

    Question 1 In our area, thankfully, no one got to out of hand but Seattle, is a war zone. If President Trump, gets elected again it’s going to be another 4 year’s of Hell, the left will continue to ramp up its hatred and I believe it will be violent and nasty, this is why I want to get out of our city .

    Question 2 If they try and dismantle the police, it’s not going to be safe for anyone, and what about the Fire department, they work hand in hand, and who’s going to want to even work, if this happens.

    Question 3 I don’t know pretty much everything grows in our area, never thought of it.

  12. (1) and (2) The world has gone nuts. People are looking for any excuse to be violent and take what isn’t theirs. Election won’t matter….violence will continue, and therefore my prepping has intensified.
    (3) I would love to have a successful asparagus patch. I tried it a decade ago….I had good crops in years 3 and 4, but in the fifth year, the rabbits found the patch. I shot several of them, but they still destroyed it all.
    (4)Seems like I get lots more fruit production in the summer than I do vegetables….this week I made preserves with figs from my tree. My grapes are ripening and need to be picked before the birds get them. I’ve got 2 pineapples on the counter from my little patch and I think I’ll try my hand at making fresh juice from them. In the vegetable category, I’m doing battle with the bugs!
    As I type this, I have a batch of salsa ready to be canned, made with tomatoes, jalapeños and cilantro from my garden.

    I received my vanilla bean order and promptly submerged them in a quart of vodka. It should be ready to use when holiday baking time arrives in December.

    The male goat I brought here to breed my newest doe decided he liked the looks of the OTHER does, so he jumped the fence and proceeded to breed my eight-year old girl….at least he didn’t get to his old Mama who was also in that pasture. She’s 11 years old, and THAT would not have been good for her! I have to say the buck has good taste in women—-the doe he bred was always my best milker….

    I look around our little farm every day, trying to see what else I can add or improve upon for self sufficiency. Even in this heat, I am spending at least 2 hours a day either in the garden or cleaning pens and barns. This week I moved the young hens off of our porch and into their permanent chicken yard/coop area. I also found a rooster at a friend’s place that she’ll give me in a few more months so I can have a sperm donor for the girls. You just can’t assume that Tractor Supply or the local feed store will always be there with replacement chicks.

    Target practice continues. Family will gather again this evening for another round of practice. There was a carjacking at the Walmart in our county just the other day. The guy shot and injured two people, but the police were able to kill the guy. Just another wake-up call to stay armed and ready…

  13. Got in to see my dentist for stays and a sticky nasty tasting painted on fluoride treatment. Unfortunately I’ve inherited my mother’s teeth and can gag easily on anything being in my mouth for very long (besides food of course). Hopefully we will see each other again in a few weeks but it looks like the governor has paused the reopening. Our county has very few cases so we will see.
    The auguson order came in. Picked up another dozen quart jars for dry storage. Sirloin tip steaks were $3.99 a pound so picked up the limit. Hamburger was on sale for $2.99 a pound so picked up some of that also. Tomorrow I think I’ll pull the trigger on a new propane bookstore to replace the perfectly good electric stove. My electric is paid thru the first of next year but I just feel better with the propane. Wish I felt the same way about getting a newer vehicle but that will come soon. Trying to encourage some friends to stock up on things even if it is just things that are hard to find right now.
    As long as our transit bus from the south can get sanitizers they will be able to run so several of us make it our mission to find all the sanitizer we can for them and of course I have a friend who is immune compromised so I try to find for them also. Most weeks you can’t find them locally so have to go to the bigger city.
    First order of face shields should be here on Monday. Only took a month and a half. The second order is still a month out.

  14. How do you think the pandemic and the panicked government response to it in many states, as well as the recent rioting, will impact 2020 elections? The country is so polarized that Democrats think government is not doing enough and Republicans think it is doing too much so I think it will be a wash.

    What do you think of elected liberals in multiple cities pushing for “dismantling” police departments?
    First, they are not going to dismantle the police force, just try to demilitarize it. As it is now many police officers treat going on patrol here just like they what they did in the Middle East. Many officer are ex military and act like soldiers. The public is the bad guys and they fear for their lives every moment. If you have any black friends ask them how many times they have been stopped for driving while black. This will also be a good time for Democratic Mayors and governors to get rid of expensive and out of control police unions. The few bad apple cops have spoiled the entire barrel and Republicans maintaining the drug war has helped stoke the fire of discrimination for half a century.

    If you could grow one plant in your garden that you have never attempted (or is not recommended for your region), what would it be and why? I guess high bush blueberries, they produce much heaver crops then southern rabbit-eye.

    What did you do to prep this week? For some reason I sleep much better in the daylight, now that the days are at their longest I have a difficult time sleeping at night and staying awake during the daytime. It is not even the heat, that no longer bothers me. The less I work the higher my blood pressure, I had to stop all my medication because I was having two digit high pressure readings and kept getting dizzy. Now I have to take my medication but it makes me tired which makes it hard to work which make my pressure go up.

    With my dad not being able to drive or do much at all I will be spending more time driving them around and doing work around they home. Today I mowed his yard, the first time he has not been able to do it himself. He will be 90 next month. He had to tell me how he mows it an to watch out for low spots and hidden stumps. We first got a riding mower in 1963 when I was 11 but in his mind I still might mess up even though I have been running mowers and heavy equipment since we got that mower, a Cub Cadet.

    I can not believe how thick headed the police are. On the TV the the news is about an Atlanta cop who shot a black man. Of course the officer has been terminated and the chief of police has resigned. Let the inmates have the asylum, I just hope they do not try any disruptions in my area. 2020 can’t end soon enough.

    • Daddio7 – I think the total fired officers in the last 2-3 weeks is now at 5. The first two (both black) were fired for dinner tazing two people in a car during the protests. No idea what led to it but I understand they are suing for wrongful termination.

      Friday’s shooting – I learned about this morning. Protesters burned the Wendy’s where it happened. An interview with someone from the neighborhood was interesting – she said it made no sense to burn the Wendy’s as no one knew who owned and now they don’t have it for food for the neighborhood. Smart woman.

  15. Not much to report this week. It has been raining almost non-stop. The kids came over for supper. I made pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy, and served with mixed vegetables. Wedding planning continues.

    I have no idea where we are heading in terms of riots and the election. I just can’t get a handle on the situation. I doubt Biden will debate Trump on the national stage–that would show that Biden has dementia. Biden can’t speak for more than 10 minutes without a major gaff.

    We had a major outbreak in my county. A farm worker from Miami came here to do some work. He was infected and spread the disease to 70 other farm workers. I have no idea how this will affect the re-opening.

    I just feel tired. Our preps are solid. The kids are good. I just need to get some good sleep.

    • i heard on the radio that a lot of farms are shut down because of that reason, they won’t take their usual workers and a lot farms jsut aren’t doing anything this year as a result, a lot of food is produced one a year and stored to distribute througout the year, we won’t really see the effect of farms shut down till november, i expect food prices to double and for shortages to be common.

      then a lot of democrats are pushing for illegal immigrants to be given medicaid and welfare beccause they can’t do their usual farm labor and are at risk to get and spread the virus.

    • I made a meme of Biden with a confused look on his face staring off into the distance with the caption “who crapped my pants?”. Cruel but funny.

  16. 1. How do you think the pandemic and the panicked government response to it in many states, as well as the recent rioting, will impact 2020 elections?
    Well, I sure hope to see an awful lot of blue state governors lose their jobs!!! If they don’t, I have to question the sanity of those voters!!! As for the President, hoping for re-election. If not re-elected, we are doomed. Yes, it will be that serious. Prepare like never before!! Just in case.

    2. What do you think of elected liberals in multiple cities pushing for “dismantling” police departments?
    They are absolutely insane. If you live in one of those crazy states, you should be leaving!!!

    3. If you could grow one plant in your garden that you have never attempted (or is not recommended for your region), what would it be and why?
    I have a tiny lemon tree I just bought, figure I will bring it inside when it gets cold. I have a bay laurel tree that has been going for about 4 years. I bring it in during cold winter days, and it has been doing well. I get bay leaves off of it in the fall, and the rest of the year, it grows!

    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    I have been busy keeping up with all the calves being born. We have 6 calves, all born in the last 2 weeks! We have one calf that was born last October that we are going to fatten up in August and September, and then butcher in October. Any suggestions for fattening up? Apparently, slaughter times are filling up fast, so have to call Monday to see about reserving a day / time.

    Hubby was able to go to Ft. Smith to get us a nice supply of Norwegian Salmon. He was able to get SOME Rib-eye steaks, SOME sirloin steak, and a few roasts. He was not able to get as much as we wanted, but we have enough for a couple months. Hopefully, we can time it right, with emptying the freezer, in anticipation of filling it.
    Need to incubate more eggs. The last batch failed entirely. Problems with the incubator. Tried leaving it outside in the coop, but never could get the temps stabilized. Next time, we will go back to keeping the incubator in the house, with a more stable temp. And the chicks inside for the first week. Hate to do that. Don’t like the dust, and HATE the smell. Oh well.
    Take care everyone!!

    • out here most of the slaughterhosues shut down, and livestock auctions have been shutting down for years, only one place left for auctions and its 80 miles away, prices suck, dairy country been in terrible shape for years. i had some steers ready to slaughter and i tried the one slaughterhouse in 2 counties and they were booked up for 7 months. fed them another winter and got them much bigger (pure grass fed), scheduled butchering in time but then everyone i lined up who was going to buy quarters and halves backed out, rather than feed themagain for another winter had to take them to auction and broke even only because i got crappy hay bales by trading pine firewood (crap for crap).

      as per democrat governers, cuomo or someone like him will always have ny, the city of ny has more than half the states population, even if the rest of the state unanamously voted against him he would still win as long as 60% of the city people vote for him, so he kisses the city liberals ass and bleeds the rest of the state dry for taxes to benefit the city and we have no choice, but its the devil you know, i know people who left the state only to find just as many problems anywhere else they could go and i already became an expert at ignoring nys bs. its not so simple as voting out a crappy emocratic politician when the system is rigged in their favor, thats why the liberals want to do away with eletoral colleges, their city liberal votes would overwhelm anyone else and they would control everything beyond their rigged state systems

  17. Thor’s questions:
    1. Will more cities follow Seattle if nothing is done?

    2. Are you exercising enough?
    Nope. Bad knees and arthritic back. Lucky to be able to make it to the bathroom at times.

    3. What is your biggest concern with everything that’s going on? Yep, Civil War 2.0, scares me a lot. Also, all the crazies running around. I have taken to wearing my gun every time I go outside, and we live way out in the boonies. But I am still pretty scared.

    4. Is civil war inevitable? I am afraid it is, but hoping for more rational heads to prevail.

    5. Your thoughts on defunding police, releasing criminals and gun control? Insanity rules.

    6. Your thoughts on disarming Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam and removing the police dog from Paw patrol? Yep, insanity rules. Nuf said.

    7. Your thoughts on the cancellation of live PD? We do not have access to television, but have an EXTENSIVE movie collection. Not much on television we would want to watch.

  18. Well, first of all…. I’ll try to wrap everything into one comment.
    Thank you for your comments on my question last week.
    Thor’s response made me hopeful,. Other following comments made me lose Faith in the sensibility of the general public….All Trump’s fault way of thinking…
    He’s got work ahead of him. And he is the Demmys pawn..with all that is coming at him. There will be no holds barred, on the Demmy’s side, for this coming election.
    We received our mail in ballot applications yesterday. Do we apply? Will they be falsified? What if we are unable to vote in November? re: a second virus wave, restricting voting stations? Hey, I don’t put anything past these demmi craps.

    Bam bam
    I should have been a little more clearer on my statement.
    Adding: (No apologies needed)

    Great job on the bee colony. Excellent idea!
    My dad did the same, when I was a kid. Still have his hive boxes, but I’ve never re established a colony. Hope all works well for your hubby

    It really burns my ass,
    that a group can take over several blocks of Seattle, including a police station, and these lefty goobenors and mayor’s let it happen.
    Our history can be abolished by tearing down statues, NASCAR abolishing the Rebel flag.
    Like it or not. Live with it. Our history is not but 200+ years old, and we LET a one bitter colony/group destroy it.
    I heard that there is a proposal to tear down the pryamids….because they were built by slaves.
    I very much dislike this time we are headed in. And I’m afraid we ain’t seen the worst of it, into this coming election time period.

    On a lighter note….
    I bought a reel push mower. My intention was to use it at the cabin. Since it has a grass catcher, it makes a handy grass clippings bunny feeder.
    Garden is doing good. Going to fill in pockets where corn hasn’t been established.
    Weeds are abounds…..
    Who has said gardening is a fun hobby?
    It’s a chore.
    Later all,
    Wish you all the best now and forthcoming?

    • Joe2c,

      Tear down the pyramids because they were slave built? That isn’t even our country, so it certainly isn’t anyone’s concern from this country.

      Moreover, historians and archeologists have learned that slaves (as described in the Bible) were not the primary builders of the pyramids, but instead Egyptian citizens taking turns at the work. Bust rock for six-months, then go back home for a year or so, then back to rock busting for another six-months. They were properly fed, had rest days, and were not beaten by overseers. The labor was a form of taxes in-kind to the Pharaoh.

    • Joe 2c,
      I have had a few contacts, who have awakened. and i have had several who still think everything will be ok…this will blow over. They are oblivious to the flooding, rains, hail and ice storms- all the weather events that affect crops being put in the ground, producing and being gathered…
      I told some 2 years ago, and reinforced it this past year..Those are relieved i gave them a heads up- they did not get all they needed when this event hit, but had made some preps- so were better than they could have been. They have been warned to stack it deep.. I am too far away to help them, if they don’t….
      I had one person tell me I “did not trust God to take care of me”.. I asked if Joseph and Noah trusted God.. They were warned by God prepare, and given years warning.
      State of Mississippi is doing a re design on their flag..too… They will be repeating history because they surely will forget it- not be knowledgeable that the Demonrats started the KKK and abortion clinics in black neighborhoods….with the goal to “wipe out the weeds” Hannity had a good piece on with Larry Elder last night… every American needs to see it. and watch all way thru.
      I am thankful people everywhere are keeping bees… We can not have them here.Anaphylactic reaction to all kinds of bites… just can not risk it, we do love the honey and try to support local bee keepers, by buying their products.
      Hang in there Joe! The garden will give you some nutritious food to eat this summer and winter…and when others are out wondering where their next meal is coming from your efforts will ensure your family eats sufficiently. . You have posted on the variety of things plated and animals raised..Variety is the spice of life and that is why we prepare- so we do not have to eat just rice and beans. Take care my friend.
      These nut jobs want to destroy history so they can re write it… You know who writes history- the Victors.

  19. Hi Everyone,

    Been a hot one here today in Middle TN. Low humidity, but still hot… Not much rain this week either. Have had to water the garden twice.

    After having to replant all the things that I had planted from seed, everything is looking good. Beans, purple hulls, pickling cukes, corn, limas, speckled limas, carrots, beets, salad, watermelon, tomatoes, peppers, and even the snow peas are now coming up. Comfrey is looking good too and will need to trim off some more leaves soon. Gathering enough to make up some salve. Will be putting up the cattle panels tomorrow morning at o’dark thirty before it gets too hot.

    Thanks to AA’s inspiration, I have a tray of dehydrated broccoli and green beans, and have mixed veggies and more broccoli going now. Thanks AA…

    Put something on layaway that JP helped me with. Thanks JP.

    Picked up a couple of things from the antique barn to put in my yard sale, and sold one item to the owner. He’s been eyeing it anyway and one more thing gone. While there, one of the guys that works there sells his eggs. I told him to save me the clean ones and I’ll buy them from him. They are huge. I have 18 from him that I need to get into the lime water. The other 18, I put in the frig. The other guy working there mentioned taking Colloidal Silver every day. I showed him the machine I have, so maybe he will buy and save himself some money. It costs only the price of a gallon of distilled water to make and of course the electricity of an hour or so, but my machine also uses batteries. And rain water could also be used when and if the time comes there isn’t any. I’ve seen the shelves depleted before.

    FB MP items are slow selling. Put a few things out there, but not even one inquiry. I see some yard sale signs, and the local town just had their historic district sale this past weekend. A friend, I will be borrowing tables from, had a yard sale last weekend, and did really well. So hoping mine and the neighbor’s will do well too. I took off from work the week of the sale so I can try to get anything and everything gone thru. I try to do some every day, but it’s a slow go going thru everything.

    Haven’t been to the store this week, so not sure what the stock looks like.

    Tara’s questions:

    How do you think the pandemic and the panicked government response to it in many states, as well as the recent rioting, will impact 2020 elections?
    It’s going to be tough… especially with this mail in voting crap going on. I hope Trump can figure out a way to stop it. After all, if people can protest, they can vote!!!

    What do you think of elected liberals in multiple cities pushing for “dismantling” police departments?
    Utterally stupid. Stupid is as stupid does. Won’t turn out well for them… But, some of this is in the Bible. So…

    If you could grow one plant in your garden that you have never attempted (or is not recommended for your region), what would it be and why? Moringa. Maybe it can be grown here, I’m not sure. It’s supposed to be one of the super foods.

    Prayers for those unspoken requests, for the pack, for The President and for America.

    Have a great week everyone. Stay alert. Situational awareness.

  20. Was this a justifiable shooting?


    I noticed 4 discrepancies.

    1. The door on the car opened while the car was running. Auto-lock would have been engaged.

    2. There is approximately 1 minute missing off the bodycam when the guy was passed out. Watch the timer.

    3. The guy said he had 12 drinks that day then 1 1/2.

    4. The guy said he wanted Burger King and he was at a Wendy’s.

    • Another question, I heard the Taser fire while they were wrestling for it, then he got up and fired it again then he turned and shot again. To my knowledge a Taser only has 2 shots. Am I wrong?

    • Thor1,

      All of those questions you raise are peripheral. They only go to the legitimacy of the reason for police contact. They already had a very good reason. The employees called the police to come there as the guy was passed out in a car and blocking the drive-thru lane.

      Then the guy resisted arrest. Up to that point the police were pretty cool I thought.

      A Taser generally has only two cartridges with darts. However, a Taser can be used as a contact shock device that does not use the darts. At least one of those attempts to use the Taser on the guy was a contact use. When grappling on the ground like they were, that would be the best way to use the Taser.

      When the guy grabbed the Taser and fired it at the officers, he committed a felony assault crime and that particular felony gave the police a lawful reason to use lethal force.

      Under the circumstances shown in the security video, the guy getting shot in the back is not surprising to me. It’s all a matter of physiology and physics. I’ll bet if they get that video in a specialized lab, slow it down with sound, the officer was pressing his trigger just as the guy was starting to turn back around to flee. Given the time it takes a human to decide to pull the trigger, do so, and the firearm go through it’s lock time, a fleeing person can get shot in the back even though the officer decided to pull the trigger while the criminal was facing him. Action is always faster than reaction. Turning to flee is faster than deciding to shoot, pulling the trigger, lock time, and the bullet flight.

      If the cops are charged, their lawyers should get expert advice from https://www.forcescience.org/

      I can’t explain the time discrepancy on the body cam. Someone else will have to do that.

      I am also curious to learn what chemicals were in his bloodstream.

      I don’t care a whit what the mayor thinks about the justification of use of lethal force.She has no training or experience in that area. She’s a politician trying to cover her ass, nothing more.

      • Z36, I was hoping to get your opinion on this as you are a retired police officer.

        I thought it was justifiable after he turned and shot at the one cop and the cop dropped his Taser behind the car. His fellow officer was protecting him at that point.

        • Thor1,

          Pretty much, yeah. But I think the officer who fire the shot was thinking he was shooting a dangerous fleeing felon. And he was.

      • Zulu

        This is what people are rioting about. No matter what reason the police are called to a scene, non compliance is a capital offense. They can not let any person who resists them go, that person is going with them, willingly or maimed or dead and dead is just fine. If the police are trained to maintain distance insteadofgettingthisclose they might not have to kill people who are not a danger to society and are just trying to get away.

        Many officers will quit rather then do that. To the protesters that will be considered a win. Being white and never being in LE or had any unwelcome contact I can not say what is best.

        • Daddio7,

          Police officers are trained to maintain distance. But this is harder to do on the street than in training. Your subject is not as cooperative as your training partner. If you watch the video, the stuff hit the fan the moment the officer started to put the cuffs on. This is very frequently exactly when the trouble really starts.

          As I watched the video the first time, I just KNEW the subject was going to resist cuffing. Call it body language and 25 years of experience putting cuffs on people. In my earlier days, I would have done some really mean things to that guy within moments of his resistance. I would guarantee a trip to the ER for some stiches. But he wouldn’t be shot.

          That is true about resisting the man or laying violent hands on a cop. You are going to jail without question. How hard you resist from that point on determines how many stitches you’re going to get. In my early days on the job, it was a matter of street cred. If the dirt bags knew you could and would kick them into next month, it was less likely they would resist.

          These days they know the cops have to play patty-cake and try pepper spray or a Taser.

          In my dad’s day on the job, laying hands on a cop meant a week or so in the hospital, not just some stitches. At best. My mom used to go into some really nasty parts of Detroit looking for runaways, etc. She said she wasn’t worried because if anyone laid a hand on her, the whole precinct would come down on the place like the wrath of God, and they knew it.

          My dad used to keep a journal when he worked as a doorman (turnkey) in the 1st Precinct lockup. One entry mentioned he took food to prisoner X. The prisoner started throwing the food around. Dad wrote “I entered the cell and restrained prisoner X. He tore the badge off my shirt during the restraint process.” The next day’s entry started, “I visited Receiving Hospital to check on prisoner X. The doctor says he’ll live.” I asked my dad about these entries. He said prisoner X was a total psycho and in jail for killing his girlfriend, cutting her heart out, and was eating it when the street cops got there. I asked how many cops were needed to restrain the prisoner in jail, and my dad said “Just me.” He literally beat the guy into a coma for resisting him. That’s how it went in the early 50s. My dad was not very tall. He went about 5’9″ 205lbs, rock solid.

          Things have really changed and I don’t know if it’s for the better.

  21. Hey Guys,

    This was a sad week for America. Nuff said.

    AA I sure enjoyed and agreed with your post this week.

    Pandemic is not the problem, there will always be periodic diseases, but the true sickness is humans trying to control others. The Bible refers to it as witchcraft. Who has deceived you is the next statement? The time we are in is a time of attempted control of people, places and events. This is only the beginning of sorrows, as Jesus said.
    As best we can, we shall discern with situational awareness, to choose best candidates, ways to approach voting situation and daily living, to include preparation for self sufficiency. It may come down to we are all we have, to a certain extent.
    There will always be trouble makers, especially those being bussed in and paid to crank up an upset populace.
    Watching this on tv reminded me of junkyard dogs. My heart goes out to law enforcement people, our President and V P, we so need to keep them in prayer daily, I do.
    This week was maintenance type week. Keeping up gardens, fertilizing everything, cabbage plants are over 2′ wide, tomatoes from dime to half dollar size in three rows. Potatoes just starting to bloom. Calves growing like weeds. Daylilies in garden row starting to bloom.
    Water lilly just has first 3 leaves, started it in water tank, because Otis and Gerttie (turtles) eat them if I put lilies in pond soo, I will add fish to the tank and pump water from tank up to hydroponic plants growing at a later time. Everything takes time.
    King Soloman speaks of time and everything having a season, after 240+ years, our nation is again having birthing pains, what comes out is in our hands and prayers, turn us Lord, back to you.

  22. Hot nasty wind for weather this week. So garden work limited to the first few hours of the morning and mostly watering and harvesting the last of the cool weather crops. Leaving a few of each lettuce variety to go to seed. 90 percent of this year’s crop came from saved seed. Pounds and pounds of lettuce, traded plenty.

    Unfortunately a large bull snake fell victim to the deer fence. Head got tangled up. Never saw or heard of that happening before. Maybe the 65 M.P.H. wind was at play.

    Because of the weather and the civil unrest, I moved my inventory of canned goods up a month. In good shape even though we have dipped into supplies. Shortages noted and will be filled next time one of us goes to the store. Still limiting it to once a month.

    MIL called shocked at the price of beef. She lives in feedlot country. The middlemen must be profiting because the producers aren’t. We bought 40 lbs from DIL’s brother. His cattle will be processed by the local Mennonite run butcher next month. Paid $4.50 a pound.

    DH is cooking up a pot of pinto beans for tonight’s supper. Seasonings are all from the home garden. Pintos from last years crop. We will be able to eat from the locally grown food but I think this winter will have limited amount of foods not grown around here. So I plan to keep the dehydrator running with fruits and herbs as well as a freezer full.

    No new confirmed cases at my Mom’s nursing home. I thank all again for the prayers.

    Tara’s Questions:
    1. I think their will be rioting and/or civil unrest regardless of the election results.
    2. Scary and concerning. WROL will not be good.
    3. I have tried and failed to grow Moringa, loufa gourds- if Bobby2Rs lives down the street from my Dad, his crop was amazing- figs (they die all the way down and then come back but no fruit), and blueberries. I would like to grow ginger and bananas.
    4. See above.
    Thor’s questions:
    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Supply Chain disruption
    4. Not inevitable but possible. I think it will look more like Iraq earlier this century or perhaps Bosnia from the 90s. It will not be a repeat of the war between the States.
    5. I am concerned as discussed above.
    6&7: I had missed these. Just shaking my head.

    Praying for all of you in the big cities near the protests (riots!) Stay safe!

    • Moe – I am growing ginger and turmeric from organic I bought. I brought the pots inside and it died back over the winter. Up until the last couple of weeks, I thought they were all dead. Today I spotted the first signs that the third pot also survived. When they start getting leaves, I’ll finally know which pot is which. LOL

      • GA Red:
        My dad has a grove of ginger plants in his front yard so I have that source once I get back down to Florida. The only turmeric sold here comes powdered in a jar. But that is an excellent idea. Maybe make houseplants out of both? Has anybody tried this?

  23. Oops, forgot to answer one question. I have a Pastor friend who partnered with another and bought land, invested in a few thousand lime trees and today, they have an up and running business. So, if I could, I would want to raise citrus trees.
    And kudos to Dan and Tara on having bees. I started almost 30 years now, and I love having them. It blesses you and all your surrounding neighbors with pollination and the honey is great too!

  24. Went to Big Lots this morning – first time in 3-4 months. It was interesting to see how little was in the store. Instead of stacking baskets on displays, they are setting them out individually to make the shelves look more stocked. They had no toilet paper whatsoever and are still limiting it to 2 packs per shopper. No paper towels either. All the little pools they sell were gone as were most of the pool toys and supplies. Fortunately they had plenty of tissues – the DH’s allergies have been horrible recently and we were down to one box of Kleenex. I usually stock up in the fall but had to restock early.

  25. I think back to the kids I went to high school with, who went on to join the police force. They were the weakest of the weak, always picked on and bullied. Strapping on a uniform, a badge and a gun was, for them, the only way they could command some level of respect. In high school, before he had even joined the force, one of them “stopped” my brother to accuse him of a minor infraction. We all laughed at them at the time, but now they’re the ones with guns and tasers.

    Why aim for the kill shot – why not shoot a suspect or an intransigent arrestee in the leg? I’m not in favor of defunding the police, but why not divert some funds to social service programs that address the issues the police really don’t want to deal with — mental health issues, drug abuse, domestic violence? That’s what the “defund” argument is about. Let the police deal with murderers, burglars, etc. They’re not equipped to deal with schizophrenics who are off their meds.

    • Two Shoes:
      You bring up some valid points. Perhaps others on here can comment on why fleeing suspects are not shot below the waist. Reallocating funds sounds better to me than de-funding which (to me at least) sounds like an attempt to disband police forces. We need law and order, we need better training and most of all we need responsible citizens. Workfare instead of welfare. I think Congress’ attempt to help people through the layoffs has backfired. Plenty of time to riot if you don’t have to be careful with your budget.

      Just my opinion.

      • Moe

        Why are they shot at all, unless they are a clear danger to the community let them go. Brooks should not have been arrested at all, he was drunk, call a cab and send him home. Give him a ticket and a court date.

        My father in law was a military police trainer sent to Japan in 1956. The military police there were not trained as police but were combat veterans. Their first impulse was to pull their .45 and slap a soldier alongside his head with it if he was just slow to find his pass. He had a difficult time getting them to use deescalation techniques and proper use of their baton. The gun was to be used to protect yourself from imminent harm, not on someone running away.

        Unfortunately one time he was ordered to do that by an officer with him on patrol. Small Japanese town and the fleeing solider had knifed another solder but as a white American he could hardly disappear. He was given a lawful order to shoot and he automatically compensated for the extreme range and manage to shoot the man’s foot off.

        If Atlanta had unarmed social response teams like some are calling for Mr. Brooks, who was being compliant at first, would have agreed to go home and would still be alive. Many police are ex military or want-a-bees and love their guns and tactical gear. They treat every patrol like they are hopping into a Hum V and taking a trip through Fallujah. Sometimes that is needed but not for a guy sleeping in a fast food takeout lane.

        • Daddio7,

          Yes, the guy was a drunk driver, which is a criminal violation. Letting him go is generally not a good idea as it can bring other forms of grief. For instance, the drunk gets driven home, but then finds another car to use and gets into a serious car crash. Whose fault? Of course, his, but also the police for not arresting him in the first instance and getting the menace he/she represented off the street until sober. I’ve been to a lot of drunk driver caused fatal accidents. Let me tell you they are often a bloody mess and cause an emotional mess when kids are involved.

          Ever hear of Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD)? They have a lot of political clout in some states (Michigan is one of them because that is where they were founded). Letting a drunk driver go home was going to bring a political storm down on the department involved, and especially if the driver went out again and had an accident involving injuries or fatalities. How do you know he would have agreed to go home? What if he decided to knock out the gentle soul social worker instead?

          I arrested a drunk driver one day. I learned later he had been the drunk that caused the fatal crash that led to the founding of MADD. The MADD ladies were very happy with me, but not happy with the jury who only convicted the guy of careless driving. The drunk had refused to take a breathalyzer, but we weren’t allowed to mention that in trial. I did get him to take a preliminary breath test on the street, but the law did not allow those results to be used in trial either. The jury thought that without breathalyzer results, they couldn’t find him guilty of drunk driving (not true). But what can you do with six people too stupid to get out of jury duty? The MADD ladies who watched the trial gave the jury an earful later.

          I arrested another drunk driver one night who caused a fatal pedestrian accident. The driver was a police officer from another department that I knew. He went to prison for two-years which is more than most people got at the time.

          Anyway, most police officers are NOT that excited about guns and the tactical gear they have to wear these days. Most are only marginally qualified with their firearms as I mentioned in a previous post. Many only possess the guns issued to them, except maybe a deer hunting rifle. A lot of cops would just as soon go to the golf driving range and hit a bucket full than go to the pistol range and fire a hundred rounds. When I asked them which activity had a greater chance of saving their lives one day, I would just get shrugs. I kid you not.

          • My first husband was killed by a drunk in 1968. Left me with two little boys and he hadn’t yet worked enough quarters to get social security for the boys.
            27th DUI. Guy almost died. Nothing worth sueing him for.
            Should have been locked up and throw away the key by that time.

          • Tis sad.
            I believe the whole lot of officers and deputies want to do the best they can.
            Seems as if chiefs, some Sheriff’s and prosecuting attorneys get in the way of the true color of law.
            I was a reserve for over a decade. Both city, village and county. Though a Podunk area, I saw how the system seemed to work. Not so much as a color issue, more so an issue of those that had….money,(hire the best attorneys)and those that didn’t .

            If law was kept black and white and no shades of grey….made by an overpaid attorney, making a name for themselves.

            What’s the saying….?
            Too many chiefs, not enough Indians.

            Not being a racist

          • Just have the cab drop him off at the station house, plenty of cops there to keep the city safe. If he is aware enough to see through your ploy then he must not be that drunk. I know, get the bad guys, dead or alive and go home safe. That is not going to fly much longer.

            Still active on a boating forum, drunk boater in South Carolina kills young woman on his boat hitting bridge at night. Responding officers charge no one, driver is kid of county influential family. I know I feel safe.

          • Daddio7,

            Politics. That’s the major reason I retired when I did. If I could have stomached the politics for another couple of years, I would have been the police chief. But I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I pulled the plug.

    • TwoShoes,

      I guess we’re back to the “shoot ’em in the leg” argument.

      Put bluntly, it ain’t that easy to do. Most police shootings involve a number of moving parts, literally. The suspect is usually moving, the officer is usually moving, the gun is moving (thus the bullets are moving and not just straight ahead). Oh, yeah, the bad guy may be shooting too. How many reported police shootings involve a lot of bullets fired, but only one or two hits?

      Police officers are trained to shoot at center mass, just like civilians are at ranges, the military is also. Furthermore, a shot in the leg does not necessarily eliminate the threat the suspect may still pose. Another point to be considered is the vast majority of police officers are not highly trained with their firearms. They are not Delta Force or SEAL Team Six level shooters. Few PDs could afford the ammunition, training facilities, and time to train the average officer that well, not to mention not every officer is physically and psychologically capable of shooting at that level of skill. Oh, by the way, Delta and Team Six train their operators to shoot center mass. I know, as I was trained by Team Six operators in a sub-gun/pistol course. Most of the training involved shooting at moving targets and moving shooter both going in different directions at different times. Tough to do even without the target shooting back. I beat the instructor on the final exam shooting course. He did it faster, I was more accurate. Accuracy gave more points. And, I wasn’t that far behind on speed.

      Aside from the moving parts, we also have to deal with human physiology. The suspect and the police officer(s) are in freeze, flight or fight mode. Evidently in most cases, the freeze part isn’t in play. What kind of drugs is the suspect on? They may be so blotto on heroin, meth, PCP, and other drugs that just shooting them once in the leg will have almost no effect on their desire to continue the fight, even if the leg shot destroys their knee or something important to slow them down. There are many incidents both in police work and the military where severely wounded people keep fighting for surprisingly long periods of time. And not all of them are medicated or mentally ill. Look up MSgt Roy Benavidez for an example https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Benavidez

      A Detroit PD friend tried to arrest a guy on two murder warrants. The bad guy pulled a pistol and the fight started. My friend shot the guy 14 times with a 9mm pistol, creating 15 entrance and 15 exit wounds. (he had to use FMJ ammo by department policy back then). Ken was asked at the shooting board why he shot the guy 14 times. Ken said it was because he couldn’t change his magazine fast enough to shoot the bad guy some more before he fell down. The bad guy lived for 18-months after the shooting. He had been stoned to the gills on heroin at the time.

      Would a shot to the leg have stopped that guy? He fired five rounds of .25 cal at my friend and missed. Ken was a bit different than the average cop. He was an exceptionally good shooter with anything, he loved to shoot and shot in competitions, he had three tours in Vietnam and didn’t scare easily, and he was mean as a snake in a fight. This guy was the fifth bad guy Ken had killed on the street (and, funnily enough, the last one). Every shot Ken had fired in five gun fights, hit the bad guy, including two rounds of 12-ga 00-buck, all 18 buckshot hit the target. Very unusual hit ratio. I served with him in the Air Guard and he was equally capable with rifles and machine guns.

      With that, lets discuss human anatomy a little. Back to a leg shot. In the thigh is a major artery, the femoral. Should that artery be shot through, unless the police have a tourniquet, the subject is probably going to bleed to death before EMS can get there. Direct pressure with a good dressing (like an Israeli dressing) MIGHT slow the bleeding long enough for a tourniquet to be obtained and applied. If the wound is a through and through, you’ll need two dressings and help. The femoral artery can dump a lot of blood in a big hurry. As a paramedic, I’ve seen several exsanguinations due to femoral artery damage. By the time we got on scene, it was far too late. So much for leg shots being more humane.

      Cops are quite aware they are not trained or equipped to deal with mentally ill people. Frankly, cops are a blunt instrument. We did not like dealing with them. Nor are social workers prepared to deal with the violent ones. I guarantee, there are some really crazy people out there who don’t give a rat’s rear end if you are a social worker there to help them. Most don’t want to be helped because they think they’re just fine and don’t want to be messed with – by anyone. How about that psycho my dad fought with in the jail cell? Remember he was in there for killing his girlfriend and eating her heart. Mentally ill? You bet. He gave my dad a good fight. Could a gentle soul social worker handle him? No chance, just one more murder charge on the arrest warrant.

  26. HI ALL,,,,,,,,so much to report,,,first off having trouble with inernet and web being cut off at times guess I go to the “wrong” places ?
    What we prepped this week ,one drum of gas,two drums of diesel ,topped off food from town ,got tiller running ,worked some cows, shipment of bang stick parts ,
    Cold and wet ,lost all of what was left of cherry crop to birds, 12 trees ,,,killed hunreds of birds was like a bad movie,
    Had a long talk with the country tax assessor ,going to dubbel taxs next year in Washington state
    Got to get moved to other ranch , was told the ranch needs to pay more ,oh well who is john galt ?
    Some thoughts of mine ,based on experience and inside knowage of events ,folks going to bug out in SHTF that don’t have a preset and stocked place are in a world of hurt ,if you wait too long sane thing ,you won’t be on the road days ,things will be over very quickly when things start happening ,like a ship sinking with out enough lifeboats ,
    The money system is broken !! The stockmarket is upside down ,people in the know are looking for places to hide and protect their assets , this vrise is nasty ,13 week for me and having bad days still ,body pain !!!! hard to get air still ,feet swell up again not as bad as at first but still not fun ,,from what I know of it I think we will see it back soon ,
    Get out now ! Walk away while you can , folks with big bucks are , oh the things I would like to tell you ,
    No web or cell at big ranch maybe peace and quiet is possible

    Tea and chocolate

  27. OH,
    When you make the move we will miss your voice here…if posting is still possible.
    You need to do what you must do. Edema in feet, sounds like inflammatory response… Think anti inflammatory diet.. cherries are good.. if you got any , keep them for yourself… So is blueberry /sandberry leaf tea…
    Many diseases in human body are traced back to inflammatory responses.
    There are always people who desire to take what we have worked for…sounds like many of the states have gone plum crazy…

  28. Deal alert- Walmart is changing out the #10 veggies from Lakeside to Hanover. $3 a can. 6+ lbs in each can. Green beans, corn, potatoes and carrots. Good for dehydrating.


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