What I Did to Prep This Week

What I Did To Prep This Week: June 14th – June 20th 2020

hay cutter

Hello Pack. I hope you all have had a very productive week of prepping this week. Our wheat crop is coming along nicely, we are going to devote more space to cultivating red winter wheat in the fall.

Our bee colony is thriving, and we had to expand their hive box to add on the second box already. I am not sure which I am the most thrilled about: getting raw natural honey, the pollination of our fruit grove, or all the free beeswax that is beginning to accumulate.

I am so glad that we chose the Italian breed of honeybees, they have been just as docile as my research indicated. Most of our preps this week centered around tending to the garden and hay baling.

If the weather forecast had actually been accurate over the weekend, we would have gotten a lot more accomplished.

A big thunderstorm rolled through that bend over a few trees and unfortunately some tomato plants with tiny green tomatoes on them, as well. But, restaking the plants seems to have helped and they are still alive. To date, we have about 45 thriving tomato plants.

We have a bobcat roaming around again. I lost one duck and one banty hen this past week.

They are not liking being confined to the coop and run at the moment and only getting out for supervised walks. But, until that horrible bobcat decides to move along again, there is really no way to protect the flock.

Unfortunately, bobcats are not on the nuisance predator list like coyotes are even though they are equally destructive and their population numbers are thriving once again.

Part of prepping, in my opinion, is being keenly aware of what is going on locally, regionally, statewide, on a national level, and global scale.

Our state is not back up and fully running yet from the pandemic. The government induced panic is really wreaking havoc on our economy.

There has been no looting of any type where we live – nor any “CHAZ” type “community” develop. It still baffles me that even the most liberals of politicians are allowing a part of their city to be taken over and streets blocked – allowing it to essentially secede from the United States.

Ironically, these ultra liberals appear to like solid border fencing that is patrolled by armed men when it keeps out police … just not illegal immigrants.

This Weeks’ Questions

  1. How is your garden growing?
  2. Are you battling predators on your survival retreat, if so what type and how are you dealing with them?
  3. How is the reopening after the pandmeic going where you live?
  4. What do you think of the protests, rioting and looting, and the establishment of CHAZ?
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119 thoughts on “What I Did To Prep This Week: June 14th – June 20th 2020

    1. Managed a few minutes while the DH is talking to a salesman about a seeder.

      Garden – production is slowly starting with canning soon to start. Eating the cucumbers almost as fast as they come off the vine. Peppers are still struggling and the zucchini isn’t growing as fast as the squash. Overall though, a little over 2 pounds of green beans in one day and over 2 pounds of squash on 2 separate days is good for mid-June for us.

      Predators – just dealing with obnoxious squirrels, chipmunks and something that likes to chop off the okra about 3-4 inches above the ground. Fortunately some of the okra plants seem to have made it to a size that whatever it is isn’t killing the bigger plants.

      Reopening – the state order has been lifted (as far as I know). Numbers are not growing out of control. Businesses are following guidelines and many are erring on the side of caution. Individuals are divided on what each does or does not consider necessary. In the city, you see way more masks. In the country, way less with many pointing out that a healthy immune system is the best defense – adding that exposure to all viruses helps build that defense. “How do you build herd immunity if the herd is not exposed?”

      CHAZ (or CHOP as they now like to be called) is utterly ridiculous. Protests are fine but rioting and looting is not. When I see many of the protesters, I shake my head and think of the “useful idiots” term. I try to remind people that the issue has been hijacked from one of police brutality to one of racism. I also try to remind people that we are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

  1. Good Morning!

    It has been a good week. Church on Sunday, Bible Study on Wednesday, and back to combined Church Services tomorrow so really looking forward to seeing everyone again. Still practicing social distancing and wearing of mask and temperature checks but those are small prices to pay.

    Some friends had an issue at Walmart last week with a small band of wandering youths who tried to invade their car and yelling are you Democrat or Republican. They were chased off by one lady, in the car, who was armed and ran after them although she was barefoot. I don’t go out unarmed.

    We had a lot of yard work done during the week. As I close in on 70 years old I find that it is harder and harder to keep on top of the grass cutting, weed eating and tree and bush pruning. I’ve handed that off to a friend of the family who does that sort of stuff for a living. I don’t mind.

    My 38 year old nephew died in his sleep on Tuesday morning. He has long suffered with kidney disease and heart disease all related to diabetes and his failure to comply with his medication or diet regimens. I am sad to see him good but happy that he is no longer in pain and rest in God’s arms now.

    We will go out in a little bit for a supply run and a run to the ATM to replenish my walking around cash.

    Enjoy the week. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and to the mom’s that made them dads.


    1. Sorry to hear about your nephew Cliff but good that you are getting back to church. #2 daughter returned to Heritage Baptist this last Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Her DH runs sound there so she gets to stay in the sound booth.

      We never leave home without what we call the Amex. It’s useful for 4-legged, 2-legged and no-legged predators.

    2. bummer about the neiphew, sounds like something liberals would do in a parking lot, i know a few trappers who had to deal with peta types harrassing them, but the fur is murder crowd would run scared if someone stood up to them, they rely on bullying tactics, use chaos and numbers to intimidate, then run when someone won’t cower before them, then retailiate by crying to someone in authority to get them to retaliate. i was actually thinking about htat yesterday while stacking wood and thinking back to posts here last week, i think thor was the one to ask what if 100 protesters showed up at your house.

      when i was a kid i was mercilessly bullied at home and at school my father was the janitor at the school so everyone knew i was fair game for bullying. besides having serious issues like ptsd by the time i was 15 i was also toughened up to fight mean and cruel. like some kid who demanded my lunch money in 6th grade, i refused, he started hitting me demanding i give him my lunch money (usually i ate moldy bag lunches but i gathered cans to raise money myself for a school lunch when i could), i still refused and told him to back off, he kept hitting me so i grabbed a pencil and intercepted his hand with it using the force he intended to punch me in the face with again to cause him to impale his hand on the pencil. he cried to the teacher who had ignored him hitting me in the back of the room, he told her that i had walked up to him and stabbed him in the hand for no reason and that i was crazy. i was given 2 weeks detention because nobody would vouch for me defending myself, he told me it served me right for not giving him my lunch money, well i had a school lunch and took the detention but that kid never tried to mess with me again. thats what a lot of these people do, make noise, push people around, then run and cry to authority when someone stands up to them. i got a reputation even now for not taking crap from anyone and still have the rep for being nuts, look like you won’t be an easy target and these types of people will go after someone easier.

      my guess is with that walmart crowd if they go to shoving and someone pulled a weapon and told them to back off they would run then call the cops saying some crazy person threatened them with a wapon for no reason. openly have a weapon on display like on your belt and they probably would have kept their disance to begin with (att least thats what i found when i wear a short sword, im in ny so thats the only legal sidearm i can carry, still it does its job).

    3. I am saddened by the news of your nephew’s passing. We know he is in a better place. My cousin and his wife developed diabetes several years ago, and with the diagnosis, they both did an about face and began to eat better and exercise. They were doing great, but as so often happens, they gradually moved back to their old eating habits. Their new normal has been to eat what they want and just up their insulin. So sad, but my cousin is one that you can’t reason with, as he is a stubborn as a oak stump. I can tell he doesn’t feel good, and I can see from the skin on his lower legs that circulation isn’t good. His adult children are always on both of them, so I hope they wake up before it’s too late!

    4. CiD, sorry for the loss of your nephew, 38 is too young. I lost my 1st Son to diabetes at 20 years old. He died in his sleep too.

    5. CID: So sorry for your loss. 38 IS FAR too young, but it was his decision. Keeping you and your family in prayers.

  2. I did my grocery shopping this week and added to my food stash.

    I don’t know what is going on with those BLM/Antifa/etc a-holes. They’re even vandalizing statues of people who were well known abolitionists back in the day. They even vandalized the Col Robert Shaw/54th Massachusetts Regiment monument in Boston. He was an abolitionist and organized one of the first black Union regiments, then led them in combat. The movie “Glory” is about him and the regiment. Shaw was KIA leading the regiment at Fort Wagner, SC. I guess doing a little research is too much like work.

    It is also incredible how stupid, ignorant, and cowardly Congress critters and their junior wanna-bes in state and city legislatures are. Go ahead and disband police departments and see what happens. The results will be very ugly and deadly. They’ll be wishing the police were back very quickly, even the so-called “racist” officers. How about we just disband governments?

    Watching videos of that mess in Seattle called CHAZ or CHOP or whatever they are called today, are very instructive. 1984, Animal Farm, and Lord of the Flies all rolled up into one.

    Here is an interesting meme I found. This reflects exactly what will happen if there are no police departments:

    911: What is your emergency?
    Caller: I’d like to report an attempted burglary.
    911: Would you like us to dispatch a social worker?
    Caller: No. I need the Department of Sanitation.
    911: The Department of Sanitation?
    Caller: Yes. I need to know whether to put this dead piece of crap on the curb for regular Wednesday pickup, or if they would like to pick it up now.

    #1 daughter took granddaughter to Gatorland here in Orlando this week. That little girl is gutsy. Nothing at that place scared her. She wrangled an adult gator, held and petted a small gator, petted a Burmese python, held a baby python and a black snake, fed adult gators, petted and fed goats, sheep, and some other animals. When it was her turn to wrangle the gator, the staff said her mom couldn’t go in with her (parents tend to distract the kids from the staff). Granddaughter said, “That’s OK, Mom. I don’t mind going in by myself.” And she didn’t mind. 😊

    One of my older nieces has decided that she wants to be a liberal. She’s been Facebooking various liberal talking points nonsense. I texted her and suggested that before she gets in too deep, she might want to talk with my ex-wife about life in a socialist/communist country. She doesn’t want too. I texted back and said then don’t call me asking for food or money down the road as I don’t support socialists. I told my Ex about it and she said, “Good. Don’t give her a dime if she wants to be stupid like that.” Kind of makes one suspect the Ex doesn’t like liberals et al. 😊

    I heard a rumor that Antifa wants to invade the bike meet at Sturgis this year. I hope that will be on pay-for-view if true. 😊

    Speaking of the Ex. We all met up at #1 daughter’s house on Friday just to chat and have lunch (Cuban food, of course). The Ex gave me a $9K check as my share of the house sale. We had a bit of an argument as I don’t need the money, but #1 daughter moderated, and I was talked into taking the money. Oh well. I guess I will use some of it to buy more ammo and magazines.

    I ordered ten Magpul G3 30-round 5.56mm magazines, 820 rounds of 5.56mm ammo, 1,500 rounds of .22LR, and four more gas mask filters for my mask. Everything should be delivered by the end of the month. The .22LR is for granddaughter’s Crickett rifle. I’m thinking about starting to train her, safety rules and dry fire first, so I also got some dummy .22LR for training. #1 daughter has a Ruger .22LR pistol too.

    The mayor of my county (Orange) decided to make mask wearing mandatory effective today in public places (Sat). Only a few exceptions (outdoor exercising and while actually eating or drinking in a restaurant. Not a personal problem for me as I have been doing that anyway.

    This Weeks’ Questions

    1. How is your garden growing?

    No garden.

    2. Are you battling predators on your survival retreat, if so what type and how are you dealing with them?

    No predators of any significance. There are gators nearby (this is Florida after all), but they mostly stay to their selves. A bear has been seen near #1 daughters house, but that is six miles from me. They too mind their own business if left alone. FWD will relocate bears but leave gators alone if gators are leaving humans and pets alone. Human predators are also minding their own business in my neighborhood. Orlando has settled down in the past week or so. Just the usual criminal activity going on.

    3. How is the reopening after the pandmeic going where you live?

    Meh. They are reporting increases in Kung flu cases and as I mentioned above, my county is back on a mandatory mask wearing order.

    4. What do you think of the protests, rioting and looting, and the establishment of CHAZ?

    Protesting peacefully is OK with me. Rioting and looting requires a hard hand (which is not happening). CHAZ/CHOP whatever, also needs a hard hand (which is also not happening).

    1. i heard blm protesters decapitated some statues in scottland and they said they did it to protest the history of slavery in america, then people asked what does vandalizing the statue of someone who lived before columbus in a place where nobody has ever been to america have anything to do with the blm protests? reall most of these people don’t care abou the issue they claim to be supporting, they are just angry about other stuff and looking for an excuse then their actions can be self declared as ritious and that punishing them makes them a martyr

      1. It’s also about cancel culture, including destroying history to restart at a year 0. Ah, the glamour of communism.

    2. Zulu 3-6:

      I had a friend tell me today that some of the “riff-raff” went North out of Missoula and burned a small real-estate office that is off by itself. Reports of out-of-state plates in the area. Real tough bunch.

  3. taras questions

    1 not great, the beets are still only 3 inches tall and i planted them over 2 months ago, the turnips in contrast in the next rows over are doing very well, the bean plants are doing well as are the corn, the radishes are starting to go to seed stalks so i have to pick and can them ecept the ones to make next years seed. the lettuce and spinach are flops, most of the squash is not doing anything, barelly bigger than seedlings and they germinated over a month ago. the pepper plants are ok except one looks like something bit ate all the leaves off it, not sure what, a deer raided the beans but the dogs made it regret that, they chased it a quarter mile before it got to the tree line, my black labs always horny and trying to hump everything so i think he gave the deer extra reason to run (seriously that dog has humped the cats, the rooster, my neighbor when they stopped by and i no longer try to get boxes from under the bed without putting him outside first). other stuff i planted isn’t doing that much but was ld sed broadcast out over burn scars from slash burning, some did ok and are covered in turnips or spinach (or were till the deer got it) and others like the broccoli and old bag of radishes didn’t do anything (seed was too old, had it for over 10 years). just weeded it this morning till the sun was above the trees and it got hot again.

    the dogs mostly keep stuff away, after the black lab got a huge dog hardon and tried to knock over and hump my neighbors wife when she was dropping off stuff seh didn’t want from the food pantry i had to put a new sign up to let potential tresspassers know to beware of the dog (next to the sign that said tresspassers will be raped). i encourage them to chase the deer off and woodchucks, foxes and coons have kept away as have the coyote, alot of them would have anyway since i have a tendency to shoot stuff (my second barn has a wall covered in pelts). also cut all the brush down so they don’t have any cover to hide in. had some crows interested in corn seedlings till i shot 2 of them (in the past i would nail them to a cross in the garden as a warning), only thing thats a real problem is the sapsuckers, no matter how many i shoot another just shows up a week later to take its place.

    no idea, i was isolated from people before it and so i mostly have not had any change in living because of it, the only difference is nobody is buying stuff from me, no sheds selling no firewood, no fence posts, etc, nobody has any money and what they do have they are holding onto so my budget is a litle tighter, and while i have a reduced expectation of fall sales i will just wait till next fall if i have to, already have about $10k worth of firewood stacked on pallets, and will probably have double that next year if nothing sells this year.

    not happening in this area, there was a blm protest in the one large town in the county (town has under 4000 people, while it was home to a important people in the early 1800s like a few vice presidents and generals, its a forgotten rural backwater today) the protest was 6 overweight young white women who stood making a scene in the village park and whom were largelly ignored by the locals but did get their picture in the local paper. elsewhere its just people in the gimme culture crowd looking for an excuse to get free stuff, or people who are frustrated and angry about a lot of crap in their lives and just looking for an outlet to rage in that they can use a cause as an excuse. i don’t know what chaz is so i will look it up after posting and make another comment on my comment. i have been thinking of putting up a huge sign that says “white lives matter” just to piss off the handfull of jackass liberals in the area like i did with the “Trump 2020, make liberals cry again” signs, not like anyone cares what some homesteading middle age (is 37 middle age?) hermit with ptsd and questionable sanity thinks anyway.

    what i did this week? hauled a load of logs to the mill but they are too busy to do them right away (lots of barn raisings going on) they said my logs probably won’t be done till the end o the month. i got a replacement for the crappy tire on my farmall (after the fords crappy tire went last week i figure i should do the farmall before its crappy tire blows too), stacked 4 full cords of wood, did sawing, brush clearing and burned a couple slash piles. got more pallets on monday after i rode out to a place for them. lost a fat broiler chick yesterday in the 91 heat with no wind and high humidity, was found dead at the hottest point in the day, dogs were happy about it as i tossed it to them. shot 1 more sap sucker. and i went to a menonite store and got a 5 gallon bucket full of energy bars (powrbar, lunabar, kashi, etc) they were in bags of a dozen for $1 (all expired) cost me $10 to fill a bucket with them. stocking up for winter, also got a 55 gallon drum worth of small bags of chips, pork rinds, cheddr fries, pretzles, etc for $20, more stuff to put aside for winter, the last winter was really dull with plain rations so i am stocking up junkfood for next winter just in case and its a good tie since i can get it so cheap.

    1. ok, a couple updates, i looked up chaz, the first results were all or urban dictionary and chaz means a really cool dude, so i did another search chaz seattle, then i got what was being asked about. sounds like what happened in the 3rd chris nolan batman movie when the government completly abandoned the city.

      second update to add, yesterday evening my dogs discovered their first skunk, and then they had to get a bath before i let them back in the cabin.

    2. second reply, sharing pictures of somme stuff i mention fairly often

      first is my “Trump 2020, Make Liberals Cry Again” sign i have at the driveway. i had similar signs up that i used to let everyone know about my previous neighbor being a drug dealer, till he left town in financial ruin. i am thinking of putting up a sign that says “White Lives Matter” just to piss the liberals off. https://ibb.co/zH6ZF4B

      second picture is me last year when i found a free roadside bunny, tanned the fun, let the barn cats have what they wanted and the rest went in the maggot charger for the chickens. i am 6’4″ and my often mentioned short sword is on my belt, unless i go into a big city its completly legal to carry around in ny state. https://ibb.co/LnM72tt

      third is the side of my workshop/second barn and some pests that crossed me, most took an interest in my chickens, the skunk and the fox/coyote tails were roadside finds that i salvaged the tails off (using my short sword to take the tails, the sword is both a sidearm and practical tool in the north country). the bunny pelt is on the wall too. https://ibb.co/qF5xpKR

      4th is my often mentioned “tresspassers will be raped sign” this sign is on the main gate to the farm, the gate is the only way onto my lot that isn’t blocked with a ditch/barbed wire, rockwall, dense forest, or other obstructions, gates made from whatever i had on hand. https://ibb.co/jJJr8dW

      the 5th picture is of me, riding my bike, sword not visable but it was on my belt, i am wearing my kilt and have my pack on that i haul heavy loads around on. there are few people in the area and they all either know me or at least know of me and most think i am completly batshit insane, this local reputation makes people worried i might be serious about the sign on the gate. https://ibb.co/vZZBvzW

      1. In the picture with the rabbit, you look a bit like one of my nephews. Our daughters have always thought he’d be the to go “into the wild” but until they cure type I diabetes that likely won’t happen.

        1. i had diabetes when i was 16, long story, i had severe ptsd as a teen because of all the abuse, got doesed up on a coctail of drugs that countered any emotions, i was kept so high i would kind of just sit there and take a beating with a glazed look in my eye. a side effect of the drugs was that i put on a lot of weight, then had sugar around 800 on the american scale (normal is around 90), that just made me more depressed. fast forward to college and i became a fitness nut, walking up to 500 miles in a week, carrying rocks around, etc then i became thin and muscular, then i started having sugar around 15 and was passing out all the time and had to boost myself with constantly eating candy and energy bars, etc to keep my sugar up around normal, then they took me off the diabetic meds which was to counter the high sugar from the weiight gain and side effects of the zoloft and oher crap, then i was fine for a few months then i started having sugar crashes again and i was diagnosed as a low sugar diabetic. goes back and forth with me now, i have no test stuff of my own but any time i do test it (using someone elses stuff) is normal levels or very low. i never stop working, just today i was up at 5am junning the chainsaw and cut a full cord of wood before i went in for an energy bar then walked up to the neighbors to check my email (its 8am now). i have a terrible diet and if i stop working for more than a few days i gain weight, kinda fat at the moment (compared to my usual state) because i am not walking or biking as much since there is no place to go, and no money to spend if there was. the funds i have are saved for milling and logging expenses and maybe $150 for other stuff, till october, checking my emails hoping to have a buyer for one of the sheds i listed for sale.

          i know probably have shit health from the diabetic issues (both high and low in the past) and would probably fall apart if i ever stopped working

          1. If you monitor your carb/protein levels, you could probably stay in a normal bs range, without crashing. Fewer carbs, more protein helps stabilize mine.

        1. was going to comment all the instances of thefts, tresspassers, etc that happened before the gate and sign went up, and nothing has happened since, but i will sumarize it to say its just psycological tactics to make potential troublemakers too afraid to mess with my place, helps that my hillbilly like cabin reminds people of the movie deliverence.

          1. nemoseto,

            You could always put out a small tape player or equivalent with the Dueling Banjos song on a loop. That might help too. 🙂

  4. 1. How is your garden growing?
    Herbs doing wonderfully. Other things struggling.
    2. Are you battling predators on your survival retreat, if so what type and how are you dealing with them? Dogs are the worst. Talked to neighbors. Will shoot here after I guess.
    3. How is the reopening after the pandmeic going where you live? Slowly opening here.
    4. What do you think of the protests, rioting and looting, and the establishment of CHAZ?
    The protests were legal But when it turned to looting, arson, and beating up people they all belonged. Jailed and charged.
    CHAZ is illegal. Secession isn’t allowed. What is happening inside the zone is a nightmare for residents and shopkeepers. Too bad folks are giving free food. If they got hungry it might end sooner. The mayor condoning it is crazy.

  5. (1) The heat and the bugs have taken a toll on my garden. The green beans are about played out, so I’m letting any remaining pods age on the plant for seed….will harvest them when they age a bit more. I’m still pulling in tomatoes, but I have to grab them before the bugs discover them–otherwise, they become chicken food. The sweet potato vines are starting to really run now.

    (2) My 2 livestock guardian dogs are worth their weight in gold, protecting my goats and chickens from bobcats, coyotes, raccoons and possums.

    (3) Violence is increasing a LOT in our area…2 or three shootings in the past two weeks. I think all the media reporting of other extreme rioting/looting is giving idiots ideas all over the place. Not good.

    (4) My prepping this week included making grape jelly with fruit from my vines, and canning another batch of fig preserves from my tree. I ordered and received in a Go Dark Bag for my cell phone. I also bought another 6 cases of canning jars, and stocked up on another year’s worth of vitamins and herbal supplements.

  6. How is your garden growing? Great, if I could eat crab grass. All I can do now is drive over the rows with my lawn tractor (blades off) to find and remove my drip tape. Then mow it and wait until August to till it up. Except for the sweet potatoes, those I will just leave until they mature and then mow them off.

    Are you battling predators on your survival retreat, if so what type and how are you dealing with them? No livestock but my neighbor says the rancher across the road from me has killed many coyotes to protect his calves.

    How is the reopening after the pandemic going where you live? The home improvement centers and food stores never shut down. Restaurants and hair salons are open again so life is back to normal.

    What do you think of the protests, rioting and looting, and the establishment of CH AZ? Along with choosing Biden as their presidential candidate the Democrats seem determined to keep Trump in the White House. You do not win elections by frighting the majority of the population.

    Just marking time the last few weeks, my wife has been having her father over for dinner the last few weeks. She is also watching the granddaughter and this child demands constant attention. I have to run interference so my wife can cook. This is an all day effort but the father in law is not doing that well and the granddaughter will be in school soon so we have to be with them while we can.

    I sold ten acres of land that I do not need to my neighbor and next week we close the deal. Along with our savings I will have a tidy sum at my disposal for the first time in my life. Decisions, decisions. Eleven years ago I did a cheap roof replacement on my mobile home and it has a few leaks during heavy rains. My wife abhors roof leaks so a more permanent solution is needed (she told me I am not allowed to get up on the roof for repairs).
    I also want to install a good solar power system. I think I can convince her I am able to do that. I might have to hire a helper to put in the mounting poles. I am doing a ground install, one reason I removed all those trees.

    1. Daddio,,,i have been buying and selling land for 50+years ,I would advise against selling right now , we are entering a time of monetary upheaval ,try to think of ways to use the land to generate in come. Land next door is a treasure ,,that will be of value long after consumer junk is forgotten
      I became wealth by buying land not selling it. Land is like gold in your hand ,
      Till you close the deal you can say no,

      1. Oldhomesteader

        Well, many people borrow money to fund businesses, specially farmers, guess what collateral they use? And when you can’t pay it back? Been there, did not even get a tee shirt, lost that too. Sure, it is wonderful when your ship comes in, all mine were sunk. All I can do with pine woods is watch it. I can do that with him owning it, all he wants is to keep anyone else from buying it and moving in on him. He already farms the 70 acres on one side of my house I had to sell 25 years ago to pay off the bank and 13 acres behind me from the same deal where he built his $350,000 new home. I will still have my home spot of 3 acres. I can barely mow the one and half acres I have cleared.

        I shared 540 acres when I farmed with my father and brother. Bad things happened and 25 years ago we were foreclosed on and while my dad started his SS and found farm work my brother and I had families to support. We worked what jobs we could find. He got a decent job making aircraft and I worked a main job with side jobs seven days a week. Eleven years ago I worked myself into disability. I putter around and in the last four years my wife became a nurse and our income increased dramatically. I am trying to get set for whatever. Investing in any enterprise involving work on my part is not happening. My brother started SS last month but can’t quit his job. His wife is a spendthrift and he can’t live on the rent from the bit of land he was left with and SS.

        I know several men who have the Midas touch, gold just jumps into their pockets. Not a one of them offered to help me succeed. they just said too bad. I also know several men younger then me (68) who have died recently. I feel OK and have my online diversions. If we can get out of the childcare business we might take a vacation or two while such things are allowed.

        1. agree with you on that, while i also think having 10 acres might be more valuable if you can work it for something the requirement is to be able to work it, from the sound of it your at the point where working some land for income is behind you.

          a lot of the farms around me went bancrupt and collapsed when they couldn’t keep up, milk prices dropped to nothing and most of them bought hay when they couldn’t produce enough on their land, they kept borrowing and borrowing then one day all their stuff was auctioned off, the cattle were sold, the farm was sold to some amish or mennonites who raised money borrowing from family, and the bancrupt farmers ended up living in a trailer on a half acre somewhere and working as a farm hand for someone else.

          i would buy up more land if i could afford it but i am almost half your age and i am working the land i am on, though at a snails pace and i get looked down on by most of the locals because i won’t borrow anything, so it takes years to clear it into something usefull.

          at 68 i can’t see you doing much with 10 acre pine, sure it could be logged and milled and the lumber sold or made into sheds to sell, or the logs sold, and low value pine firewood sold then the area used for pasture or plow and plant around the sumps till they can be removed, but all that would be a lot of work for relativly low return on invesment (will it make money? yes, but not much), at 68 unless you have a kid next door or grandkids who would work it, then the money from selling it is probably the best use you could get for it.

          1. nemoseto

            ” the bankrupt farmers ended up living in a trailer on a half acre somewhere and working as a farm hand for someone else.” That was me. Now my 40 year old mobile home needs a new roof. I replaced the siding last year and had a backache for a month. My roofing days are over. Roofing contractors do not work cheap. Too bad you do not live close, I could give you a job for a while. Maybe you could take a Florida vacation in January.

            My dad will be 90 next month so I know I need my home to last another 20 years or more.

  7. Garden doing well, picked 20 Butternut Squash today. Dehydrated 2 dozen Jalapeno peppers this week and vacuum sealed them in a pint jar. Really don’t have too may predator’s unless you count Squirrels, which are always hitting my fruit trees and berry bushes. However I found a good way to deal with those rotten little tree rats, HOT SAUCE! Yup, I spray a mix of 1/2 water and 1/2 Crystal hot sauce on the trunks, or around the bushes and they head fur da hills!
    The pandemic thing seems over where we live, while the whole CHAZ/CHOP scares me as it seems like a pre-run to a revolution.

    For anyone who has not seen it online, check out Yuri Besmenov and ex-KGB agent to tells how the Communist Zombies will take us over without firing a shot.

    Another prep, got a second Refrigerator today.

    1. I understand that some homes that fly The Stars and Stripes have been vandalized.

      Had a weird thing happen this week. We fly a flag at our home. When the garbage truck came to collect the trash, the Black driver just blew by us and kept on going down the road. Hmmmmm?

      Maybe it was an error, who knows? We’ll watch to see what happens this week.

      1. lols, sounds like the postal carrier out here, the one who used to do it retired and the woman who does the route now skips my place, i am the only one on my road and half a mile down at that, rather than drive down here then turn around she just skips it, i have had the flag up with an outgoing letter sit there for 3 weeks before she came by and got it and dumped off a huge stack of mail that accumulated.

        probably a different reason than your trash being left behind.

      2. Ghost
        If you are paying for that service and they skipped your trash pick up call the company. The newer pickup trash collectors have scanning readers so they know which unit is to be cleaned up. A continuous failure with calls to the business owners could end up with the person being on placed on notice.
        Do you really think you are the only one they are doing this too?

        1. AC,

          My thought is to complain to the company AND the government that is contracting for that firm to pickup trash. If the issue is not corrected, I would take all of my trash to the main office of the trash company and dump it on their main driveway. Then go inside and tell them you will do the same thing every week they fail to pickup your trash and you will stop making trash payments until they correct the attitude of their racist employees.

      3. My flag was stolen a while back. I Haven’t replaced it. Most of the stealing from the yard has stopped. I guess that says something.

  8. Good afternoon y’all!
    It is really gonna be a scorcher here for the next few days. Earlier this week, a cool front came through and I got lots of little outside projects completed. I would rather do a big job than all those little things that need to be done. They are kinda like flies. You knockout a couple and here come two or three more.

    I have kinda slacked off from the news lately as it really sets off my roommate and she goes on and on about it, and while I can turn off the TV, the other situation is a bit tricky. Maybe that’s why I’m suddenly getting lots of little projects completed?

    Regarding Tara’s questions this week, what little garden I’ve got is doing well, but the heat is tough on some plants, so I keep everything hydrated pretty much. My two Elderberry plants I bought last March have really taken off and I have lots of Elderberry’s. Herbs are thriving!
    The only predators that are a problem at the moment are the birds. They have discovered my elderberry’s a well. I see another small project in the near future! Netting!
    In town, everything is open, or fixin to open. Store employees & restaurant workers are still masked. My roommates brother went for a Doctors appt. yesterday and it was a virtual visit. He had to take his own b/p and temp and just give the info to the doctors. Does anyone beside me think this will become more of the norm than an office visit in the future? As it turned out, his blood count was low, so they had him come on into the office.
    I don’t live in Atlanta area, but lots of people seem to be getting their 15 minutes of fame on the news lately. Since I hadn’t watch much news lately, I had to look up CHAZ to make sure understood. Yep, I’m seeing that in Washington, Seattle and such as well, and like most of you, there are those who don’t want to play nice, and of course with the media around, its like open-season to loot, set fire, and taunt police right up in their face with the desire to start something.
    Haven’t done much prepping this week. Mostly little projects, but I consider that prepping.
    I wonder who will be Biden’s running mate?

    1. On the Elderberry Bushes, they take a few year’s. this is my 4th year, one is doing outstanding the other one no flowers, so that plant won’t fruit this year. My grape took 7 year’s, I started it from a twig, and this year will be my second crop of grapes, so it may take another couple of more year’s to get a good crop of Elderberry, my Raspberries, its been 10 year’s of growing those and in the last 4 year’s, I finally am getting two quart size bags.

      1. Now THAT would be interesting media coverage to see protesting in Sturgis! Thanks for the info. At a year old, I was surprised to have a bush full of berries. Birds enjoyed a lot of them.

    2. Yes, There will be many routine doctors “visits” moved to Teleconference. and phone ..My only issue is if I pay for a DOCTORS visit want a Doctor not a FNP….. In office -specialists visits one sees both.. DH has 2 “visits “a year required… don’t like being shortchanged. Do not want to be forced to go to office when diseases of all kinds are prevalent either. Dr. and FNP are both responsive,,

      1. AA,

        I get most of my medical at the VA, so I have no out-of-pocket expenses. The VA has gone big time into tele-medicine although they will see you in person if the case calls for it or you insist. I’ve had one tele-med visit with my PCP, which was OK since I just needed prescriptions renewed. I have another tele-med visit scheduled next month with my shrink, which is also OK with me since shrink visits are fairly short chats and are also used to renew prescriptions.

        1. My Dr visits have been by phone. Quite good actually. Even the bad reaction to the 2nd. Antibiotic was figured out immediately and the med stopped. No at all unhappy with the care.
          My. Dr ordered a test for me because of the reaction. 2 large viles in the kit that was mailed to me. I have to go to the office to have the test done. Waiting for an appointment. It looks like it covers a good range of medications and will tell precisely what I can safely take. Interesting test. It will be good to know what I can or can’t take safely.

          1. Clergylady – can you tell us more about that test? I have some antibiotic allergies and it’s getting worse as I get older. TIA

          2. My dr ordered the tests. One covers 34 genes and the other vile covers 24 plus factor V. I’m being tested on all but 2 of the genes.
            Realtime Physicians
            871 Coronado Center Dr
            Suite 200
            Henderson, NV 89052
            [email protected]

  9. Dh and I have both been sick this week with symptoms of the coronavirus. He is feeling a bit better now. I am still sick–the worst part for me is the cold chills. I am sweating but I Just can’t seem to get warm, even though I am in bed with a wool blanket and a comforter, and wearing a hoodie. Fortunately, neither of us seems to need medical care. We have been taking Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc and elderberry tincture.

    These folks in CHAZ are nuts. I can’t believe Washington State hasn’t called in the national guard. I read there were two murders there today. America is going to get a good look at what life is like without law enforcement.

    No preps this week due to illness. The kids were supposed to come over for a Father’s Day celebration. I was planning his favorite meal: steak, cajun fried potatoes and salad. But we had to cancel. We don’t want to expose them to whatever we have.

    1. Bam Bam,

      The National Guard is the wrong people to take care of CHAZ/CHOP situations. As much as some people don’t like the thought of using federal troops, they are exactly the professionals that are needed.

      They should set up a perimeter using Rangers. Then there should be backup troops in the form of Delta Force. No one goes in. All water and electricity shut off, no food supplies allowed in. Anyone who wants to leave, may do so through designated exits which means being identified by Rangers, then law enforcement checking them for warrants. If they’re OK, they are sent on their way with the warning that they cannot come back (unless they own property there, but no return until the situation is over and settled). Anyone who tries to sneak back in will be arrested and jailed. Civilian law enforcement will be present at each exit point.

      After a certain time period, anyone can still leave, but they will be arrested and jailed. Anyone identified as having damaged property or assaulted other people will be appropriately charged. This phase will remain in effect until everyone has surrendered or unlawful behavior within the zone requires further action.

      If people inside the zone take hostages or start hurting people, Delta Force will be sent in for hostage rescue. If necessary, Delta will cause violence the dirtbags inside the zone have no chance of controlling.

      I’m certain that the government has already identified the ring leaders of this mess (or warlords). They will be arrested or shot if they resist arrest with deadly force.

      The likelihood of troops having to use violence is low and if necessary, will be predicated by the criminals inside the zone. Use of the troops is legal under the Insurrection Act.

      1. Bam Bam,

        I forgot to mention that two people at #1 daughter’s unit have tested positive for Kung flu. One active duty member and one reservist. Both are doing OK but their illness has caused the unit to shut down for the foreseeable future.

        Hope you and DH are doing OK.

      2. Zulu,

        I like your strategy. But don’t you think the National Guard would do the job effectively? What additional training does Delta Force have over the National Guard?

        1. Bam Bam,

          The National Guard is the militia of the states. There is the Army Guard and Air Guard. They are considered reserves of the Army and Air Force, but come under the command of the governor of their state (with exceptions).

          As reservists, they only receive training one weekend per month and a 15-day period once per year. Some Guard units are very competent, mainly because they have a large percentage of prior active duty military in their ranks. My Air Guard unit was one of those. However, most Guard units just don’t have the training and experience to perform to the level of active duty units without a significant period of training. Many Army and Air Guard units were deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and performed well, but they had to have about six months or more of pre-deployment training. My Air Guard unit, when called up for Desert Storm, only needed a few days of workup, mainly to sight-in weapons and give some new people training on live grenades and the like. Most Guard units now, if called up for riot duty, won’t have the training or discipline to perform to top levels. That inexperience was displayed recently.

          Delta Force is what is called a Tier 1 anti-terrorist unit. They are equal to the Navy SEALS Team Six. Delta is an active duty Army unit. Delta and Team Six are the most highly trained, experienced, and skilled troops in the US military. If you need somebody killed yesterday, they’re the folks to do it. I’ve trained with Delta people and they are scary impressive (so is Team Six).

          The reason I recommend Delta, is if Army Rangers are used to set up a perimeter around CHOP, Delta is the best to back them up in case hostage rescue is needed. A Ranger battalion is stationed close to Seattle. Rangers and Delta train together a lot and Rangers are often used as the perimeter and backup force for Delta. Delta also has the use of the 140th Aviation Regiment, which is a helicopter heavy unit that trains with Delta and the Rangers all of the time. Their helos are tech heavy and the pilots and crew handpicked. They also train with Team Six. It was Team Six and the 140th who went in after Osama bin Laden. The 140th only supports Delta, Team Six, and Rangers,

          If Team Six were used at CHOP they would probably use a Marine infantry unit instead of Rangers to man the perimeter. Part of it is speaking the same language. The 140th would probably be sent too.

          It’s mainly a matter of using troops with the discipline and skill to not shoot when told not to, and if necessary, being able to use significant force with accuracy.

          You might ask why not use a civilian police SWAT team? Well, the FBI has their Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) which is probably the best civilian law enforcement HRT in the country, and they also train extensively with Delta and Team Six. But if closing down CHOP or any other similar group is designated as a military operation, then military HRTs should do the job. Regular police SWAT teams mostly do not have the training, equipment, and skills at the level of Delta or Team Six. Delta and Team Six have an ammunition budget for training that exceeds most infantry divisions (Army or Marine).

          If sent in, Delta does not have to play silly games with mayors or governors. They answer only to the president and SecDef. Mayors or governors getting in their way are likely to find themselves tied up in the back of a vehicle or helo.

          1. Zulu,

            Thanks for the informative reply. I had just assumed that National Guard were former military. It seems like I learn something new every day.

      1. My dh is almost back to normal. Today is the first day I have felt better. For me it was like having a combination of the flu and food poisoning. I had one unusual symptom, hypothermia. My temperature dipped down to 91.5 degrees. Yet I was sweating terribly. A hot shower and some hot tea helped bring my body temperature up. I did some research on COVID-19 and hypothermia. I read a case study by a physician who linked the patient’s hypothyroidism to her hypothermia.

    2. Bam bam ,,,,,,,i understand your situation all to well ,im on week 14+ now ,still having problems ,some days are like almost nothing happened except I can’t get air. ,and the next day all I want to do is sit in my chair, DW is up and full of thunder, I have talked about ivermection some for preinfection.
      I’m keeping up to date about out comes and treatments ,there are now cases of reinfection ,with the vires ,immunity being lost in as little as 2 weeks ,antibodies appear to fade in some cases that quickly. ,,,that’s chilling to consider
      We are masking when others are near ,i fear the worst is yet to come ,much worst ,,,,,,have been wondering who will be the first to die out of the blog family ,grim yes ,honest yes ,
      In Costa Rica where HCQ is used routinely for malaria there is a low case rate , but we can’t do that can we ? After all in Costa Rica the weekly dose cost 10cents ,one preventive pill a week ,now that’s just to simple and cheep. We can’t have that can we? ,,,,,,FDA pulled use of HCQ last week based on a debunked report that was funded by big Pham,well whose pockets are we in ?
      Didn’t have to be this way !!!!!!!!
      While I’m at it through a back door the Gates foundation is buying up large tracts of land in Idaho and Montana , with the plan to take it out of use , with shill buyers.
      BAM BAM. Good luck and get well , if you want direct contact.Georgia red has info

      1. Old Homesteader,

        I am sorry you had such a hard time with COVID-19. I every had any trouble breathing and did not require medical treatment. My county has free testing at the health department. I am going to get tested just so my contacts will know whether they have been exposed. Today is the first day I’ve started feeling better. I was really sick for eight days.

    3. BamBam
      They did call up the National Guard in the beginning to back up the police force. But the gov of that state Inslee I believe is his name said NG had to remove any lethal projectiles from their weapons.

      A National Guardsmen wrote an article, it was captured by another site where this information was posted. I happen to come across it, read the entire article. This is not good at all, when this nation places our family members in the line of being brutally harmed by Marxist/Communist thugs. Then the rule of law comes into question should it apply to those whom wantly violate our laws.
      Gov Inslee and the mayor of Seattle should be held accountable for the damage to the properties owned and operated by those business along with revenue losses. NO money should come out of our bank accounts(state or federal) for the communist thuggery which they whole heartily let happen.

      Seattle’s working class and business owners that supports that city should have been at the door steps of each and every government official that let this occur. Protesting at their homes, showing them they do not & will not stand by to let this happen in there town. Unfortunately they are to busy worrying about where their next specialized cup of coffee will be purchased. We have family up there, seen their attitudes along with an ex-neighbor, it is a get along to go along. Cesspool of liberalism, they are getting what they wanted and asked for!

      1. FYI – Seattle

        I have a friend who’s grand daughter is moving from South of Seattle back to Montana in July. The family here is taking a trailer from here to move her because you can’t rent anything out of that area.

        I looks like the migration has begun!

      2. Antique Collector,

        Wow. They expected the NG to go in without live ammo when criminals there are armed? That’s nuts. In this case I think Trump should invoke the Insurrection Act and bring in active duty soldiers to protect life and property.

  10. Hello everyone,

    No garden but I have ornamentals to pretty up the house for when it goes up for sale.

    Predators are dealt with via poison outside. I only use it in those small rat trap type containers so that the cute little bunny rabbits don’t get them.

    As far as re-opening, I am in hell. Surrounded by blue states, I don’t think re-opening is happening anytime soon. I go to a friends restaurant in Rhode Island where they tend to ignore laws that they find inconvenient. I like to sit there and have beers with my buddies. My business is still going well however.

    Riots, Soros funded leftists, are one of the primary reasons we are making our impending move to East Tennessee. Around here, there have been a few riots but nothing too close. Still, I’ve never gone anywhere without the Glock and the 38.

    In Massachusetts, every town has a firearms licensing officer. I spoke to ours the other day. He is very pro 2A. It looked like his heart was going to break when I told him about the move. I told him he was always welcome to come down with his family and visit. He knows that I am just a phone call away if he ever needed back up.

    A friend and I are teaching a firearms class at our lodge on Monday night. It looks like we’ll have several people attending. The demand has never been higher. Everyone sees a civil war on the horizon. It’s good to see people waking up.

    1. seems everyone is going to tenessee, half my best firewood customers moved there in the last year, ny is shit to live in and as things get ore and more leftist the more conservative types leave to tenessee.

      1. As I cover a territory from about Syracuse east through all of New England, I have to agree with you. Many of our customers, as they retire, say they’re leaving whichever state and heading South. I don’t hear it much from New Hampshire people or Mainers but all the other states are hemorrhaging people. I just hope they leave their Soviet politics in their native states and wipe their feet before entering their new states.

        1. i think of it like a cartoon i saw of a sinking rowboat, 2 people are franticly bailing at the one sidde and 2 others are sitting at the other commenting they are glad they aren’t on the other side thats sinking. i am not planning to leave since the crap would follow eventually, better to stand and fight on the front line, as its going tenesse might be where people fight the last stand against communism. i did think of moving to maine myself last year and the year before, arastook is where i was looking land was cheap, the climate was about the same, and firewood prices were 3 times as much, taxes are supposidly bad in maine but from a ny perspective they look fairly low.

          when i was a kid there wasn’t much in the area there were 2 bars in town, 2 family owned diners, and the new thing was a mccrapper that came to town, my long island born parents (who moved north to be on the boarder durring nam, my father wanted a short drive if a draft notice came) hated rural people, called everyone inbred rednecks, constantly complained about not having the nice things of the city anymore, and because of people like them the area flooded with chain stores like tacobell, pizzahut, dunkin donuts, then walmart, and all the locally owned places disapeared, the towns got more liberal, and more conservative people were pushed away from the towns. the area was nice when i was a kid, now i won’t go into any towns because of all the crap, unless i really really have to.

          i know what you mean about wiping their feet on the way, in ny they may have been seen as the hardcore conservatives, but in tenesse they are the ny liberals compared to the old locals, i would probably fit in as average but i am an extremist even among the most conservative in my area.

        2. They do, or they get told in no uncertain terms, that if they liked that system so much, they should move back to it! I said that as a commenter on a radio talk show a few months ago. The subject was “ how do you feel about all the people coming into East TN from other states? I said i was fine with it, as long as they didn’t start dictating to us (and I am an import, only been here 15 years) how we should do things. Hence the comment above. My parents were both born and raised in NY state and i was raised for the most part in CT, and still have friends there(who want to get out so bad its not funny) . I have worked hard to help and learn from the locals, and am well-accepted here. Other people, not so much. This place is Paradise, as long as you are as self sufficient as you can be, and help your neighbors when needed/asked. No welfare bums wanted.

  11. Puppy is doing good. Totally healed from his fall. Yay….. His catching skills are amazing. I run him everyday unless it’s raining.

    Going to be a grandpa for the 2nd time. Daughter #2 this time. I saw the ultrasound and I said it’s a boy again…
    She said I think that’s a foot….I said that’s what she said……😎 🤣

    Transplanted another zucchini plant and a pickling cucumber plant.
    Picked 3 beefsteak tomatoes and a green pepper.
    Got flowers on the ghost pepper plants
    The squash, zucchini and cucumbers have produce on them
    I had one of my potato buckets get wiped out by some critter…..

    Fruit trees
    12 plums are almost ripe on the new tree.
    Peach trees are doing great.

    Ordered rear steel bumper with built in hitch receiver.
    Next will be a front with pusher and a winch.

    Bought tag to keep it legal ..$12

    Installed a rear 3 bagger system so it can be used for gathering compost.
    Bought a cover for it.
    Next a brush guard.

    Practiced weak hand, strong hand with the G17 and G22 with the Mrs.

    Bought 3 month supplies for the Mrs and I.

    Bought 20 lbs of rice

    Bought a large pack of AA batteries. The rechargeable AAs were all gone….Hmmm

    Thor’s questions:
    1. What have you done to prepare for lights out?
    2. Which one do you think will happen ,EMP, computer hack of the power grid or CME?
    3. If there are no cops, will you shoot first and ask questions later?
    4. What will you do when the food runs out?

    1. Thor’s questions:

      1. What have you done to prepare for lights out?

      I have a pretty good stash of food, canned and dehydrated, plus redundant water purification equipment. I also have a lot of solar power generation capability. Enough to keep my portable radios and LED lanterns and flashlights/headlamps charged.

      2. Which one do you think will happen ,EMP, computer hack of the power grid or CME?

      Hard to tell for certain. A computer hack of the grid is less likely to cause a serious retribution event like an EMP would (i.e. a nuke strike).

      3. If there are no cops, will you shoot first and ask questions later?

      I would probably not just shoot first. My police and military training tends to tell me to observe first and make a determination of what action to take. Of course, that observation and judgement period may be very short.

      4. What will you do when the food runs out?

      Search for more. Or, if absolutely necessary, steal more.

      1. Z36, yes #3, antifa and BLM are kicking in doors in Seattle and raping men, women and children in front of their family. I bet a lot of liberals wish they had guns now.

    2. 1.How is your garden growing?
      2. Are you battling predators on your survival retreat, if so what type and how are you dealing with them?
      Need to find out what it is. Need tracks……
      3. How is the reopening after the pandmeic going where you live? Somewhat well, %50 people wearing masks.
      4.What do you think of the protests, rioting and looting, and the establishment of CHAZ?
      Pre-planned Democrat/Chinese communist attack on The United States of America

      Have you heard Hilder beast lost her case about her Email and Obama and Her maybe headed for jail. This is why they want to disband the police….🤣

    3. Thor’s questions:

      1. What have you done to prepare for lights out? About as much as i can do here. protected back-ups of vital/vulnerable electronics.

      2. Which one do you think will happen ,EMP, computer hack of the power grid or CME? I’m at 49% EMP, 49% hack, and 2% CME.

      3. If there are no cops, will you shoot first and ask questions later? Like most things, it depends on too many things to give you the “one off” answer, but I am prepared for defense.

      4. What will you do when the food runs out? That’s why we are “packing and stacking” and “watching the garden grow”.

      1. JP,
        #2 there has been a lot of chatter that this is the next phase.

        Yes #3, antifa and BLM are kicking in doors in Seattle and raping men, women and children in front of their family. I bet a lot of liberals wish they had guns now.

        #4 What happens when “YOUR” food supply runs out?

        1. Thor1,

          I haven’t heard this kicking in doors, raping and pillaging story. Unless it is going on inside CHOP. I have some sources and they haven’t heard of generalized problems of this sort – yet.

        2. Thor1: My food supply? assuming that I don’t get any guests, quite some time. I’m not worried about that part. It’s if family, etc. start needing to be “weeded out” that I will have some issues. As for a number – OPSEC Bro’.

    4. Thor’s questions:

      1. not my problem, i am off grid but even then i barelly use electricity, i have thought about putting a spare inverter, solar charge controllers and an extra laptop (all my laptops are old win 7 systems) in a microwave out in the barn as a faraday cage just in case of emp.

      2. i think he hack is most likely out of those, an emp takes a lot of technology to make and deliver and even al queda didn’t have those resources at the height of their power, an emp attack would have to come from another country as an act of war and nobody wants to piss off the US like that, lets say China tries it, suddenly all those pissed off people rioting will unite and turn their rage on China, the US military will rain hell upon China in a catasrophic war that nobody wants, and China is he only country that could standd toe to toe with the US, if a piss ant stae like Iran did it then they would just get wiped off the map in a matter of days then the liberals would spend years trying to make everyone feel bad about it. CME is unlikely. HAcking could be done fairly easily and doesn’t require anywhere near the resources of an EMP and can be done by anyone with any crazy goals.

      3. what do you mean if there is no cops? i kinda do that already, and thats why nobody messes with me

      4. not my problem, i have enough to last about 2 years, maybe 3, plus i produce more on my land, and i forage/hunt/trap/etc. its almost impossible for me to run out, feeding my dogs, cats, and chickens might be a little harder to do though, thats why i have at least a year supply for each of them refilled cnstantly, if i can’t refill then i have a year to figure out an alternative source (would most likely just sell or eat the chickens rather than grow feed for them, as per the cats and dogs i can run rodent traplines and fish traps and feed them waste from other meat and as a way to get rid of evidence

      1. JP, I’m jealous of your 1 year supply. I might move to a more remote location if I could stand the cold up north.
        My biggest dilemma is that my husband is not on board with all my preparedness. It confounds me, when he watches Fox news religiously, how his normalcy bias can be so strong. Does anyone else here have a spouse who, at this point in time does not feel the need to prepare for a violent change in our country.
        The confusing part is, he built me a cold room for food storage, numerous shelves to store non food items that will make it easier to survive a disaster. He has not stopped me from the purchases I make, but the momentum our local pod gained over the last 2 years to form a group with so many great skills came to a hault when he declared no more storage trailers parked on the property or RV’s. Now all group members are still trying to prepare without storing anything else here. We await the outcome of the election. It’s very frustrating.

        1. Desertdove
          There are those who see it happening, but have a hard time placing the realm of what is about to occur in the now and present danger in their minds. It is alright, believe it is a right brain left brain phenonium. We all have them in our families.

          Look at this way, he at least is partially on board with what is happening. Ask him if he is now concerned that your property with all the ‘storage’ units & RV’s makes your home a target? Is there a way to spread it out to other near by parcels within your ‘group’? It may provide relief to him that you are no longer a ‘primary’ target.

        2. DesertDove: I don’t recall mentioning “1 year” but we have been “putting things up” for quite a while now. I’m sure there are some major holes that I just haven’t thought about, but except for fresh dairy, we are in good shape for food. DW (also being a retired NCO) has had NO issues with what I have been doing over the years. It has not affected our life style any and we can “sit out” most local and regional emergencies.

          A most rural place with more land would give me more options (and more work). That’s where we are trying to get to. But, I ain’t getting any younger either. I may have to scale back what I want and get a bigger gate.

          1. The year supply was of firewood. Dh cannot cut it anymore and take a chance of bee stings even carrying an epi-pen, so we need ti either by at least 3 cords or use or solar power only. Gives me no comfort if we lose electricity. We are already 10 miles from the nearest town and I like that, but, no other properties to use for storage. I will consider at suggestions.

        3. in my case its a symptom of the way i make a living, i run a chainsaw all winter cutting trees, then stack and split all summer then in the fall i sell it, and thats about 75% of my income, i then have to ration the money i make in the fall to cover me till the next fall, IF there is enough then i can buy luxuries but i tend to buy stuff thatts just going to be useful. i buy and stockpile a lot of feed, simply because i am not sure when i will be able to afford it again.

          for my dogs i give them a weight based ration, same with the cats, keeping them at a healthy weight, i know the volume i need per day, and i just got a few metal food grade barrels and fill them with dry food, sealed gasket keeps moisture out and i have rows of barrels in the barn (used to keep chicken feed in barrels on the shaded north side of the coop till the barn was built), also use old chest freezers from the scrapyard if they are clean. each barrel will last about 210 days (1 barrel food will last my 2 dogs 210 days, the 7 barn cats go through about the same rate). i keep 3 barrels of each, plus about 10 barrels worth of chicken feed. i know it probably looses some nutritional value over time. when 1 barrel is empty i refill it then open another in a rotation system. that gives me till the following fall to get money to refill the barrels.

          i knew hunger myself in the past and i take precautions against it, only thing it takes is to keep the food dry, and try to keep it fairly cool in the shade. i bury plastic barrels out in the woods when i have enough dried food to fill one (apples, rice, beans, cranberries, etc). each would theoretically last me 2 months.

          for me its just a practical financial thing that makes it possible to live off grid on a homestead without having to have some kind of employment, and i am locked out of the welfare crap that everyone else takes advantage of. sure i might make a low enough income to be elligable for food stamps, medicare, heap, and all that other socialist crap, but the way i live i am locked out of it. a few times i was desperate enough to try when things got bad but the application processes require stuff that i can’t provide (i was actually denied health insurance because i could not provide copies of an electric bill). i have no socialist safety net available no matter how desperate i get, so i have to make sure i can live completly on my own means and that means long term planning sometimes years in advance. i also dispise the socialist welfare stuff to begin with so being denied when i was desperate and forced to deal with stuff myself just made me more resiliant.

          don’t think it matters how hot a climate your in as long as the feed is kept dry and in the shade.

        4. Desertdove, I’ve got one of those. He kept calling me a hoarder (but he had built some big strong wooden shelves in the basement). Then COVID suddenly hit and everything here in NJ shut down. Gosh, food mysteriously appeared on the table. He got happier real quick. Still doesn’t know about other things that I have. Now I have to replace many food items & paper goods, and probably some of my small solar chargers. He’d better get more on board real fast. One more of his awakenings was last week when his hunter family nephew asked me to “sign off” on his getting a pistol permit. We’re in the midst of 3 small cities, one of which could go hot.

    5. Thor’s questions:
      1) Do to opsec I shall skip this question
      2) Between the EMP/computer hack a 50/50 situation.
      3) Once that projectile leaves the gun you can not recall it. I was always told better know what you are aiming at and better know what it is before you fire that weapon.
      4) Would go to the neighbors house but they only have a few days worth of food, being funny. IF I do not have to supply food for the family that is now finally getting IT. Then that is a good question which at this time I can not answer.

  12. I started a Sourdough mother, and I’m making my first loaf of bread, it smells really good. I also making a scone mix, so I can do scone whenever I want one batch of mix, will be in the fridge, and the other batch, in the freezer, I also need to start doing my Minnesota mixture, again so I need to order more flour through Walmart, I like that they have a $35.00 for free shipping, I usually don’t need to buy more then that since I grocery shop. I did get two packs of paper towels, and some powdered buttermilk mix, in the baking aisle, but the drawback, is once it’s opened you have to refrigerate it. I did order from Chewy.com, I used the $15.00 coupon when you spend $49.00 , to get my cat food stocks up so next time I shop I just add in flavors of her favorite foods, to keep her stores up.
    I’ll go ahead and get more flour from Walmart, next pay period, and just keep adding it month to month. I did go on the LDS calculator, of my gosh, I will never have enough stored up for a full year, I don’t have the room, I’m lucky if I have 1/3 of a year I thought I was doing great 100 pounds of pasta, is at least 100 bags or boxes, I don’t have enough room to store that lol 🙂 .

    Questions 1 Raspberries canes, are full, grapes, are coming back, every thing else, is chugging along nicely, next week is supposed to be sunshine and in the mid 70’s.
    Question 2 No wild animals.
    Question 3 Opening of our economy, is slow we made it to phase 3, but because of the 4 protest last week and the week before numbers are starting to spike thanks to all the protesters they brought up from Seattle, and we live in such liberal community, but the outlines area’s are very conservative, so it keeps our town in better check then Seattle.

    1. I almost forgot I finally bought a Presto canner, so I’m watching a lot of good you tube videos, I want to do ground beef, and ground sausage, as my first projects, I may go to Costco, to get the hamburger meat.

      1. hamburgers easy, i just pack it raw into widemouth pints (just under a lb per jar), no water needed, put the lid and cap on and pressure can for 90 minutes, same with bacon. suasage you need to take care with because if it has sage in it then it has a weird taste when canned. chopped up chicken, chunks of beef, etc should have water added to cover, as should coon, woodchuck, venison, beaver, skunk, etc

      2. Mom of 3,
        I have some hamburger canned. super taster of family says it has texture of dog food. if this works for your recipes, a good way to prepare it.
        WE prefer it dehydrated., has more of the texture we desire in casseroles -when used.
        To Dehydrate : put in dry skillet, crumble and brown, put in collander , lined with cheesecloth..wash under hot water. drain well put on dehydrator trays at 160 degree.. til hard…. let cool… when cool and hard.place in spare jar . fold paper towel to cover inside the top…of meat. put on lid turn upside down.let sit for one week… then open jar, remove paaper towel that has absorbed any residual oils. add a oxygen abosrber to cleaned rrim and cleaned jar lid.( can re use spaghetti sauce jars with their lids this way.. and any old canning lids can be used on regular jars.. it will seal. label and store. to rehydrate. cover 1/3- to 1/2 desired amout of meat required for recipe with very warm water. cover. let sit 45 min to 75 min. ( if cooking in oven can add extra water to recipe.. )

    2. Just got a call from my brother, asking if I’d seen a white van.
      We’ve been gone and I’m working out back now.
      We live on a mile gravel road that goes no where in particular, so we watch for ‘not the normal vehicles’.
      This van was clean, although the plate was dusty enough not to read. two males that had stopped at several places on the road, breaking their necks scoping out his place, then on to his neighbor, for a 15 second gawk.
      I told him to call me if he should see this van again……and a white suburban that I saw this morning
      I don’t deal well with gawkers, road pisser’s, or litterers.
      We just may have a chat, if just passing by…..again.

      Yeah, I’ve been known to be the neighborhood area a$$.

  13. HI ALL,,,,Thor,at the ranch we live lights out. No grid ,,at the little place I chose not to grid ,the big place is miles from grid ,generators are a fact of life ,i know of a micro nuclear power plant on one ranch ,yes there is such a thing ,,runs on thorium ,solar is ok for light use ,we had it ,but went to diesel gens ,if you do a cost benefit solar at this time is not a good way to go, we have scrapped our panel system at the little ranch ,was 26 75w panels ,only thing left is on a fence charger

      1. Thor ,,,,make. Home grown fuel ,, in the past in some hard times we used veg oil ,1ac of canola will do about 200 gallon of oil , and the cake after pressing is a good livestock feed, only problem with veg is the need to heat it , it stores well , we have 3000gal of15year old fuel that with a cleaning would work just fine in storage , it takes a little extra work so I’m using number 2 red right now while it’s cheep
        Tea and blue berrys

    1. depends on what your trying to run on solar. my current system cost me only around $1000 (4 pannels each making 100 watts in full sun, 2 marine batteris, a 30am ragulator and a 500 watt inverter), but then i don’t really have anything but lights and a laptop, everything else i do without or found non electric alternatives. in this area a low electric bill from the grid would be at least $125 per month (most of it is taxes). being off grid also means having access to much cheaper land since nobody else wants it.

      you may want to look into making biodiesel. a few farms around here use chicken shit to fuel their tractors and trucks. i don’t make any myself but i could and thats why i perfer a diesel tractor.

  14. OH
    Just thought I’d let you know.
    The last couple days, I’ve been working on that Creek fed 12v Genny for the cabin.
    Got the flume almost done here at home.
    Took Tommy’s idea to run pvc off the flume and using a bicycle off the PVC. (U tube idea.)
    Hot weather….no better time to wade in the creek, setting this contraption thing up.
    -Will let ya know how it pans out.-

    1. Joe very cool ,,,” do people still say that “? Oh well guess I just did ,,,tommy has a good head on him ,listen ,I do ,,

  15. Battery week just before we left for the desert to take of several health concerns. Replaced the four golf cart batteries on the solar system. Old ones were getting long in the tooth and I didn’t feel comfortable allowing them to get even older. Got 12 more rechargeable D cells and two more LED lanterns. Had a blinding flash of the obvious when I had a low tire on the BOV. Turned out to be a screw. Went to Discount Tire for repair and I realized we had no ability to repair tires. In addition to the vehicles, we have pneumatic tires on the big generator, wheelbarrow, etc. So I got two tire repair kits.
    I don’t know how well our gardens are doing, as we have been stuck in the desert for three weeks. I have one early appointment Monday, then we are bound for high country. It’s too late to replant many things this late. Have some sweet potatoes to plant next week. They should do well.

    It’s hard to imagine a more effective biological attack than the one China pulled off with the virus. I hope it ends costing China more than everyone else.

  16. This Weeks’ Questions

    1. How is your garden growing? Our porch garden is super. Between it and our community co-op plan we are literally overwhelmed with greens.

    2. Are you battling predators on your survival retreat, if so what type and how are you dealing with them? No retreat except home, so no and none,

    3. How is the reopening after the pandemic going where you live? Our first area gun show was/is this weekend. A small show with only 10 vendors. So far (it goes through Sunday) the most productive show (#1 in volume, #2 in cash flow) I’ve ever had!

    4. What do you think of the protests, rioting and looting, and the establishment of CHAZ? Turn off their “free” power, internet, cell service, water and sewage and see how they like being a “sovereign nation”.

    5. This week:

    Had a pleasant Saturday drive. Stopped at 4 sporting goods stores looking at AR’s (for others) and 9mm 124 JHP. The only AR’s I saw were ones I would not recommend: Radical Arms, Anderson Arms, Del Con, and S&W M&P Sport II model (it’s lighter weight than the regular M&P – that’s why they are cheaper). These are $400 rifles going for $600-700! I only came home with some 124 gr FMJ for turnup practice once I get the new parts in my Glocks.

    Weekend Gun Show: I have sold more guns, to date, at this show, with only 10 vendors in a VERY small town, than I ever have at any show I’ve ever done. Stumbled across a rifle I’ve had on my “pick-up list”. I was joking with my DW after the last show (end on December) that what we need is a good political crisis to get traffic/sales up. Got one and the stuff is really moving at the show. I don’t think there is an AR-platform rifle left. AR ammo is still high, so that’s there. I usually sell a lot of little stuff, but not so much this time. Followup on Sunday night.

    Supply Run: Canned potatoes; ammo; new used rifle.

    Received: Powdered milk; Travel Berkey cover; AF #10 Cheese Blend; FD Strawberry pouch; hand sanitizer refill; G48 mag pouch: dump pouch for range belt;

    1. My count was off on the number of vendors at the gun show, there was 15. I ended up with my best show, ever. sold half the guns I brought with me and one I traded for lasted 30 minutes. I had 2 AR15 rifles, one in 300 AAC and one in 5.56. One vendor told me he sold 21 guns, another almost sold out of guns. People were friendly and looking to buy (last show I was at was 4 months ago) and the next to large shows have already been cancelled.

  17. Hi everyone,

    Late to the party. Worked OT today. I heard from a friend it was really hot and humid. It was 72 this morning, and really muggy. No rain. Told yard guy not to come as there has been no rain all week.

    Bought some more hamburger from WM, along with more #10 cans of corn and beans. They are still on clearance. Lakeside brand. Not much hamburger to choose from. Cost for 93/7 was 12.98 for 2.25lb packs. They only had 2, so I snagged them up. Bought some active yeast packets as well. They only had 4 of the 3 packs, so I got them all.

    Tara’s questions:

    How is your garden growing? Been having to water it all week. I have some progress showing. Some tomatoes, tiny cukes, beans are starting to put on runners. Planted some more corn. Snow peas are looking good. Everything is growing well.

    Are you battling predators on your survival retreat, if so what type and how are you dealing with them? Predators are ones that attack me! Daggone biting black flies and mosquitoes. I hate putting spray on, but sometimes I must.

    How is the reopening after the pandemic going where you live? Our town is doing well. I got my hair cut on Tuesday, and it shor felt good to get it done. Restaurants are open. Next big city is a Dem city, so you know how well that is going. The police chief of the Dem city is retiring. He’s been there for something like 40 years, and he must have started as a teenager, because he doesn’t look that old.

    What do you think of the protests, rioting and looting, and the establishment of CHAZ? It won’t get better, and Trump should have nipped Seattle in the bud… Now they think they can do whatever they want. They tried to do that at the State Capitol, and the Governor allowed them to stay Saturday and Sunday nite on state grounds, but no trouble, but it was against the law… We are all put out with the Gov… Republican in sheep’s clothing. I doubt he will get re-elected when the time comes… There’s been a few things he has done that just ain’t right.

    Oh, you all may want to check your smart pants phones… Remember earlier in the week, when all the phone systems were acting wacky? Well…. Guess what’s on everyone’s phones now, courtesy of Google and Apple? Yep, you guessed it. Covid-19 tracking. You have to activate the app, but if you choose to put your information in, and others start doing it, it will tell you how close you are to someone that tested positive… For Android users, it’s under Settings/Google /Google settings. For i phones, it’s under Privacy then Health. You might want to check it out. Friend sent the info to me.. Nefarious for sure. Done in secret.

    Prayers for the pack, for unspoken requests, for The President and for America.

    Happy Father’s day to all you dad’s out there.

    Have a great week everyone.

    1. Almost There,

      Social media has been buzzing with this news. But the claim is false. Apple and Google added the API (application programming interface) to phones that would allow the tracking app to work, if people opted to download and install it. They gave everyone’s smartphone the capacity to run the app.

        1. Almost There,

          They didn’t load the app on peoples’ phones. They updated the software so that folks could download the app if they wanted.

  18. On Monday NIL & I shall be testing out the old water storage tank to see what has to be done to fill it without leaking. Next project on the list is painting the deck boards in preparing them to be installed on the deck(yah!). Contractor told me the way to have longevity on decking is to paint all the side of each board. We have trek decking and after having total failure one time, we do not care if they void the warranty. It is getting painted, not going through this disaster again. Will leave my personal opinion on their replacement product in the buyer be forewarned category.

    BIL to bring up his dump trailer so we can remove all the cut up debris off the property, then comes the delivery of gravel rock for the drive way. Also decorative rock for landscaping around the home, after seeing what many of the new neighbors are doing to their recently purchased property(pretty).

    Tara’s questions:
    1) Garden is doing well, waiting for tomatoes to set and bell peppers that survived are growing. Time will tell as we have had weather fluxuations in our area. Cool to warm/hot temperatures so time will tell on how it does in the next few weeks. May have to place a shade cover over those plants to protect them from sun burning.
    2) Predator’s- target practices in the area keeps them at bay
    3)Opening up-Most folks are social distancing from each other as best as possible. Only thing not back on track is the food supplies found in the grocery stores.
    4) Seattle asked for what they received along with the state for government NON representation. This is only the beginning, like the child throwing a tempertantrum, not correcting them at the get go, has given them the go ahead to push even harder against the Republic. mho

  19. I thought I’d lost the thread here. Glad to have found it under the survival heading.
    Garden seems to be real sluggish. I thought I had amended the soil enough. Guess not. It’s mid June in the high desert and I just now got 2 plum tomatoes.
    I did get a lot of plantain picked. It is now drying on racks in the dormant greenhouse. I spent so much of my time working on the irrigation and weeds this week, I did not do much to add to the preps. I read a lot of articles and have a list of things I need to fill in.
    We are apparently on our second round of Covid cases although the virus appears to be losing its strength, the state is requiring more of its cities to mandate masks.
    I am grateful for our police officers, active and retired. I have a number of them as friends. I do not wish to imagine a world without law and order. Glad I live in the boonies.

  20. Hello Pack,
    i ‘m late to the party again, been reading at intervals all day – after finally found the thread filed under survival instead of the typical weekly preps series. Looked 2x yesterday but did not have time to search entire site. will try to address all. While at the posting…

    Daddio7: Rabbits will convert that crabgrass to protein. Just can not have used herbicide on that area for 4-5 years.. even alfalfa and Timothy grown on grazon treated land , mine will not eat…

    Cliff in Douglasville, So sorry about your family’s loss. Diabetes is /can be tough to handle on many levels…maintaining our health is a personal choice. I think we all have family somewhere we would like to make better choices..The sicker one is the more difficult it is to change…Take care of yourself especially during this stressful time.

    Zulu, What a wonderful benefit to having an EX that you continue to mentor and encourage.Sure makes family gatherings easier when all get along after the big D.! been there, done that.
    Consider dehydrated or freeze dried foods for a back up location for self, family DGD…comfort foods. in addition to those you mentioned.

    Bam Bam, So sorry you have been so sick..Fever an chills are most uncomfortable,usually indicate infection.Do you have something like Colloidal silver that is both antibacterial and anti viral..?
    Consider pre- and probiotics for gut health.. Much of immunity is said to be in lungs and gut health.Fermented foods?yogurt’s? buttermilk?

    Old Homesteader, I suspect immunity will be very short lived for eveyone, because of the nature of this mutating viral pathogen. rapid mutations will negate any vaccine to be safe or effective. Have you considered the other alternative…to banned medication… Tonic water..instructions i heard was 8 oz 2 times a week.- example given of every monday and thursday.. antiviral and antibacterials – dual purpose… things like…. colloidal silver. used sublingual: oregano,. Gut health: Bulgarian buttermilk, has been used to stop expulsions for those not sensitive to milk.

    Overwatch , Will be glad for you when you make it to East Tn., will be too far away for us to be neighbors. but am aware of area.Extended family is there.

    Thor:#1, lights out preps.- all possible for me at this time.ongoing project.
    #2Which event? Only God knows which one/when.
    #3 No Police? Will not be first thing will assess first.. Much depends on situation. Note Zulu’s meme has possible applications pending.
    #4When food runs out? This is why we prep..to prevent as much as possible ,a worst case senario.If i am out -so are many others.. Many have already passed into eternity . I would have already implemented every available resource to use to stretch all standard supplies as much as possible. from the beginning of any event so that 3months supply becomes 5 months… Foraging, sprouting, wildcrafting.,fishing, hunting, bartering…
    This is what i posted last week. We must think OUTside the Box -NOW….Ie.. Non standard food supplies. grain seed. we routinely use wheat.. add quinoa,chia flax,bulgar,millet,rye,spelt amaranth, Then there are seed, pumpkin seed, squash seed, sunflower seed. Sorrel( plant and seed) Natural tubers, daylillies,cattails. book name comes to mind.. I have not read it .. when the garden failed we ate the weeds… or something similar. When those stretched supplies run out and it can not be stretched further i will have lived my life in such a way as to have a blessed reward.
    Tara:Q#1 Herbs and voluteers are doing ok, much of the rest is not planted, not too late yet.. potatoes are dug, sweetpotatoes are growing…work in progress. Meinwhile items we normally do not grow adequate- are purchased and secured for needing no further inputs.. few things limited selection. mixed veggies, sweet peas, string beans, broccoli,. Planning for increased egg and meat productions.alternative grains, alternative foods, fresh genetics.considering other additions…
    #2 Preditors? No recent unwanted visitors… we have dogs to mark territory and it is /has been effective for coons, etc.
    #3 re-opening.? Slow, Looks ok, worship returning to nearer normal schedules. no trips to big city in several weeks. almost time for next run…Those in mob/riot mode, destroying monuments and others property, setting fires, hurting and maiming others.. just need to be shot. while in the ACT. this will short circuit many of the destruction…events…Will make necessary run one day this week.Will find out what is available and what “requirements” exist.
    #4 Preps for the week.
    …. We gathered into secure housing the remainder of the cornish meat birds. they were 7 weeks and 2 days old 5birds dressed to 35 lbs.Canned bulk of that meat:
    ….. frozen veggies obtained and in dehydrator.: .
    ….was gifted 20 ears of organic peaches and cream corn.. shucked and corn silk harvested for use for “melting” kidney stones.dried and in holding container.
    ……another dozen cans of veggies, for mid term pantry. Made a niche’ for most recent canning projects. …. Project for DFM, they were unable to do./not finished but improved and in progress. was attacked by all kinds of bugs.. Was told by Dear friend… increase vitamin C to highest tolerance and mosquitoes will not light or bite. Managed to get into poison ivy…broke out several places on both arms, lavendar oil is highly effective. yesterday i managed receive a visit from Fireants.. managed to get about 10 bites in just a minute. applied Plantain(herb) triple tincture- about every 8 hours as it begins itching again…
    …. shoulder continues to be a complainer and whiner..so frequent rest and heat applications are necessary with every chore.So far have avoided re injury…getting older is not for sissies
    …. routine animal care and cleaning. Have had intense heat and 2 days have require mist/shower setting of water-hose on rabbitry roof…4-6 hours each time.
    Steady as she goes.. No panic ,no fear,stay alert and informed from as many sources as possible..
    …Prayers for the nation, POTUS, and the patriots supporting our ‘elected government’…Our prepping communities at large- enable their efforts to be sufficient.,.Bless our gardens and animals as they mature and our families as we secure needs for our family…. Our LEO,Military and first responders, essential workers…truck drivers, grocery store personel- to keep them informed, alert and enabled to do their jobs and duties with care , compassion,integrity… keep their immunity high.Enable quick healing for those who become ill. Open the eyes and mind of the blinded.
    Keep on Keeping on! Do what YOU need to do for your family safety, security and peace.

  21. I was a very bad girl today. I posted a message today trolling liberals. I thought ya’ll might find this funny.

    The “Cancel Yale” movement has gained steam. [1] Liberals and conservatives alike are calling for the prestigious school to change its name–the university was named after Elihu Yale, a prominent donor. He was not only a slave owner but also a slave trader. [2]

    Should we consider renaming the Fulbright Scholar Program? The program was named after Senator J. William Fulbright (D-Arkansas), who first introduced the bill to fund the scholarship program. [3] Fulbright led the Southern Democrats in the longest filibuster in U.S. history (54 days), a filibuster which almost blocked the Civil Rights Act of 1964. [4]


    [1] https://www.nhregister.com/…/CancelYale-trending-on-Twitter…

    [2] https://scroll.in/…/the-indian-history-of-the-racist-slave-…

    [3] https://www.cies.org/about-us

    [3] https://constitutioncenter.org/…/the-filibuster-that-almos…/

    I am hoping one of my conservative friends will note that by this same logic we should rename Joe Biden, since he voted against federally mandated busing in order to comply with the Supreme Court’s decision in Brown vs. Board of Education.

    1. Reminds me of a podcast we listened to Saturday – Red Pilled America – Unfriend Me Now. Using their own rules against the left is a fun way to counter. I did it to someone on FB the other day and it quickly shut down the person.

    2. BamBam
      You was knotty?? rowl
      But you do have an excuse you are sick. I will write you a note so you can be excused. alright?

  22. Hi hi
    I’m sorry to hear of your nephew.
    My cousin was 16 when he was diagnosed as a type one. He died at the age of 32. Dialysis, both legs amputated. I believe he just gave up all together and never accepted his regiment of being a diabetic.

    Bam Bam,
    Sorry to hear of you and yours illness. I hope and pray you both fully recover. OH and AA both have precautionary and recovering measures, I hope you follow. Get well soon.

    I hope you watch yourself very carefully with your sugar issues. There was awhile I lived alone and by the Grace of God, I didn’t have any issues, at that time.
    And there have been times, I wouldn’t have pulled through without someone being there, to save my a$$.
    AA has great info on regulating blood sugar.
    Let her help you, if you desire.
    Nice sign, btw…… I’m not so much that forward….. LOL
    But, I do believe that a person needs to be a little ‘off’ to make a statement of….’don’t F… with me’

    All others….
    Hold strong. Hold true.
    We’re expecting a very bumpy ride, in the months that lie ahead. We all need ya for comfort, support…..
    Stand strong

    1. i said i had sugar problems in the past, when i was 16 and pumped up on a coctail of antidepressants because i would be really depressed and angry all the time as a result of all the abuse i got (my past sucked, grew up sleeping on the floor and had to wear a coat all year to hide the bruises from my father punching, had ptsd by the time i was 16), the drugs i was on made me emotionally numb so i wouldn’t get angry or sad when i was beaten, nor would i try to stand up to it anymore. the drugs caused massive weight gain and other issues as side effects, which included blood sugar problems to which i had to take pills to regulate. i became a fitness nut around 20 and lost the weight then the diabetic meds had to be stopped when i was having dangerously low sugar, then a few months later i was still having low sugar crashes and had to keep candy and such on me to counter it. around 25 things got mostly straightened out when i stopped taking those damned antidepressants and these days (i’m 37 now) i rarelly have sugar issues these days, i have had my sugar tested from time to time but its always in the normal or just below normal range. i also cut ties with my relatives at 26 since they were still beating me and exploiting me until that point and without being drugged up to just sit there and take it i resisted (i have a complete hatred of any drugs and won’t even take aspirin now). i might have sugar problems again in the future but for now the only hint that i ever had problems was back years ago when i was on that crap and most likely it was only a side effect of the drugs, any time i have my sugar tested nobody beleives me when i say i used to have problems with it since blood tests says i don’t have trouble.

      i took down the sign yesterday, an amish buggy rode past and there were a half dozen kids on it, i decided the graphics were a bit much

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