What I Did to Prep This Week

What I Did To Prep This Week: June 21st – June 27th 2020

small tractor

Hello Pack. We have had weird Ohio weather this week, but still managed to get a lot of prepping done.

Bobby’s new workshop is coming along well. He is going to pour a concrete pad, and then place three shipping containers on it in a “U” shape.

A porch on the front of each long side of the “U” will be reserved for blacksmithing and pottery making.

I am beyond thrilled that tractors and other equipment will not be parked in what serves as our front yard anymore.

Looking like the Clampetts live here gets real old – real fast. A roof attaching all of the shipping containers together will be the new home mechanics workshop area.

The existing attached garage is being turned into a recreation room – which will double as sleeping quarters if needed during a SHTF event. We have a space wood stove that will soon be installed in the space.

I am considering investing in an Amish – Little House On The Prairie-style wood cook stove. I have wanted one for years, and was always jealous when showing Amish real estate each and every time I saw one.

The Lehman’s store is in our state, a bit north of us in Ohio’s Amish Country, and they have the stoves in all shapes and sizes. One prepper connection of mine owns a store that sells them, so I am in the process of working out a services trade to acquire one outright or with a little money on the backend.

Gardening was our main prep this past week. My sprinkling of Diatomaceous earth onto the cabbage and peppers plants seems to have curtailed the Japanese beetle invasion … for now.

It still strikes me as odd that the plants nearest the growing boundary fence (that is highly patrolled by our free range flocks) were hit the hardest.

We lost a chicken – my Brahma banty rooster, to a bobcat attack this week. He was my favorite. I was four feet away and running hard when the flock went nuts as the young bobcat pounced out of the brush and snatched my young rooster.

It is well past time for bobcats in our state to be removed from the protected list, and treated like the nuisance predators that they truly are – their population numbers simply no longer warrant turning farms and ranches into their own private small livestock buffet.

This Week’s Questions

  1. What is your most troublesome garden pest and how do you deal with it?
  2. Are you increasing what you grow or buy in case there is another pandemic shutdown or more liberal pandemonium after President Trump wins a second term in November?
  3. What do you think about all of the statue vandalism and removals going on around the country?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?
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113 thoughts on “What I Did To Prep This Week: June 21st – June 27th 2020

    1. Tara’s questions:
      1. What is your most troublesome garden pest and how do you deal with it? Probably the worms that get into my squash and zucchini eventually finding the cucumbers. I broke down and sprayed with Sevin dust Friday night as late as possible. Mexican bean beetles used to be a big problem but someone who used to be on here helped me know how to identify them and they make a rare appearance now.

      2. Are you increasing what you grow or buy in case there is another pandemic shutdown or more liberal pandemonium after President Trump wins a second term in November? I’m concentrating more on things we actually eat rather than things we can trade and/or gift. The DH is always wanting to trade stuff from our garden for restaurant food, but the one thing we learned we could trade at one place just hasn’t done well the last two years. It’s like the universe is telling me to concentrate on us first.

      3. What do you think about all of the statue vandalism and removals going on around the country? Ridiculous and leaves us doomed to repeat history.

      4. What did you do to prep this week? Squash squash and more squash

      Picked 15-1/2 pounds of veggies in one day

      With help of #2 daughter – Canned 8-1/2 pounds of green beans picked in two separate pickings – made 8 quarts. Froze squash and sent a lot home with her.

      Made pesto – froze 2 servings and ate one.

      Eating zucchini and eggplant grilled.

      Saving peppers for a fresh batch or two of pepper jelly. Some plants are getting better; some are not.

      Cucumbers getting eaten almost as fast as they are being picked. Sent some home with #2 daughter to add to her pickling. Sent home pickle fresh and salt with her too.

      Bought more seeds for fall planting of peas. Already planning fall garden.

      Heading out to the garden before the heat gets going to pick green beans and anything else that’s ready.

      Friends to bring over free mason jars later today. I haven’t been able to find half gallon ones in the store and they offered what they had left from their daughter’s wedding.

      Prayers for all in need and our country.

  1. I did my grocery shopping twice this week and added to my food stash. I think I will make an extra trip this weekend to increase the pantry stash.

    The fools in BLM, in particular, and Antifa to a slightly lesser extent, are begging to be violently wiped out of existence. Several acknowledged founders of BLM admit openly that they are Marxists and are prepared to burn things down to get their way. Some of the other groups are asking for serious trouble too.

    I heard rumors that some groups busy tearing down statutes and other monuments that, in their lame opinion, are offensive or racist, are thinking about tearing down the Marine Corps Iwo Jima monument in Arlington, VA. If caught in the act by retired and former Marines, there would be a very ugly retribution. Trump has also assigned the US Marshalls to guard federally owned statues and monuments and anyone caught vandalizing a federally owned statues will be arrested and prosecuted, no exceptions.

    Anyway, things have been reasonably quiet around Orlando. Hopefully, it will stay that way (touch wood). However, some protesters are complaining that the Orlando PD and Orange County Sheriff have been using military-grade loudspeakers that can harm hearing. Waa waa waa. Orlando PD says they do not even own a military-grade speaker system, although the system they do own is similar looking, but not capable of the sound ranges the military systems have. My outlook on this is if protesters see those speaker systems, they should just go home, and no danger of hearing damage will result.

    We did get some heavy thunderstorms on Wednesday night that lasted a while. We could use the rain, but not the lightning or winds.

    I received the 5.56mm and .22LR ammo I ordered last week, and the gas mask filters. Still waiting for the .22LR dummies and the Magpul AR-15 magazines. Granddaughter was rather fascinated with the ammunition. She thought the green tips on the 5.56mm ammo were “pretty.” #1 daughter thought that was really funny.
    I mentioned last week that one of my nieces went over to the dark side politically. I had a three-hour chat with her mother (my youngest sibling). She is very disappointed in her daughter and her husband is really upset.

    This Week’s Questions

    1. What is your most troublesome garden pest and how do you deal with it?
    No garden, so no pests.

    2. Are you increasing what you grow or buy in case there is another pandemic shutdown or more liberal pandemonium after President Trump wins a second term in November?

    Yes. I am adding to my food stash continually, more than I was doing at the beginning of the year. Also adding ammunition to my supply.

    3. What do you think about all of the statue vandalism and removals going on around the country?

    I find those vandalisms to be abhorrent. It’s one thing to legally petition for their removal, but entirely another to tear them down. As I mentioned in the main post, I’ve heard rumors that BLM and Antifa want to destroy the Marine Corps Iwo Jima memorial. I don’t know if they have the stupidity to do that, but if they try, there will be some extreme violence involved in the subsequent retribution. Trust me, there will be retribution.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    1. Z36, yeah I think BLM and antifa are planning to have the UN save them when SHTF. Boy are they in for a surprise when REAL Americans get pissed.

  2. Hello all,

    1- Our worst pests were flying insects. Nematodes applied to the wet soil seem to work.
    2- As much as I don’t want to have to move it all when we move, I am buying more ammunition and FD foods. Just got another case of TP from my neighbor. I’m sure it’s going to be like wiping with sandpaper but it beats scooting around on the lawn like a dog with worms. I can’t say enough about the great customer service from Augason Farms too. Orders arrive within days. I’ve been buying ammunition too. More M855 green tips. More .30 carbine. Lots more 9mm. Some others too.
    3- The riots and destruction are part of an overall plot to destabilize the nation ahead of the elections. Napoleon famously said “a whiff of grapeshot” would put a stop to such disorder and he was right. Judiciously applied force and immediate detention would end the chaos. Most of these animals are thugs only when in a crowd. The rest of the time, they’re wearing man-buns, skinny jeans, and sipping on soy lattes. They won’t be able to handle real jail. It’ll be pink sock time for these clowns.

    4- This week, we held a firearms class for a dozen people at the lodge. It went very well. Made more connections with local CONSERVATIVE Republicans. Received another small order from Augason Farms. Ordered some clothes and boots from Bezos’ evil empire which should arrive shortly. Boots, ripstop shirts, tactical pants, etc. I like the Air Force sage boots for comfort.
    Home improvements are continuing apace. Looking very closely at Tennessee real estate. Also looking into business loans to open a gun store down there.

  3. Morning TSB group:
    1) Diatomaceous earth, when all else fails 7 dust which clean off the food well before consuming.
    2) The area for growing is limited, so have to keep it small. Teaching myself all the old garden skills my parents passed on to me. Sharing them with younger sibling as she has a larger garden area which is well fenced. Where ours was not until this year.
    3) Marxists riling up the fodder for when the take over occurs. IF they succeed, they will become the useless items to removed from the face of the earth. Why feed those who have outlived their usefulness to the regimen they are trying to create. Look back at Russia, China, Germany, most recently Venezuela.

    There are laws on the books(or were) that the LEO’s could have arrested and enforced said destruction. Which was brought to my attention, unless the past president BO, rescinded their legality. It is the only reason I could figure why the current president had to declare a new EO. (18 U.S. code 1368) and possible 18 U.S. code 1361

  4. Unfortunately it was slowed down as our old kitty’s health started to fail faster than we anticipated. Had to have her put to sleep yesterday, she is coming back home for burial. Love our pets but their aging and losing them before we are ready to give them up is hard emotionally on us, told dh no more babies.

    Managed to put the flour up into Mylar bags which we will be sharing with a family member. Checking supplies of what we have to have on hand since dh requires certain foods to maintain his weight. Some of those foods have to be ordered on line, one specialty item which I checked on, was a 3 month waiting period. Price on it had doubled.

    Hope everyone else has had a productive week.

    1. AC,

      So sorry to hear about your kitty. I had to do that to my kitty last year. First time I’ve ever had to do something like that. It is a terrible feeling. I buried her under the flowering purple Althea bush I planted for my mom’s memory, that also has her kitty, that I took in after she passed away, buried under it. Kitty’s are easier to take care of than dogs. I have another kitty, that is about 13 years old. I may rescue again after he is gone. Saying prayers for your family.

    2. Loosing our pet’s, is just hard I understand not wanting another animal, our cat, is now 4 and we may only have her a few more year’s due to a heart defect, and I have said no more animals, after this cat goes, our other cat was 15, when we lost her 5 years ago. I’m so very sorry for your lost your heart will be broken for a while take care ….

    3. AC, sorry for the loss of your fur baby. I have lost many fur babies and it never gets easy and you never forget. But remember the good times that they made you laugh and were happy times. Your kitty wouldn’t want you to be sad.

      1. Almost There/Mom of Three/Thor 1
        Thank you for you kind words on losing her.
        It was hard, she wanted to travel without a carrier. Loved to ride on the pickup truck center console to the barn and investigate that area for mice while I was loading up the hay to feed the animals.
        Had to watch any vehicles that came to work here, if they left their doors open she would make herself comfortable & would go for a ride with them. Yes, they found her not long after leaving our driveway, would bring her back. Scared the poop out of couple of them when she popped to see what adventure she was off to enjoy. Finally had to place her in the bedroom closing her inside to keep her from wandering off.
        She will come back home will bury her along with our old dog in the flower bed.

      2. AC – hugs to you. We still have four that are approaching 14 years of age. We also feed several feral kitties. We did not seek to adopt these, but God chose us to care for them.

    4. i would advise against a no animal decision, yes your bummed out about a loss, i am always bummed out, especially if i have to put one down (i do it myself with a 22 so its really distressing and only done when something is not going to recover like how bigkitty, twice the size of any other cat on the farm, was hit by a car and his back was broken, had to put him down since he was suffering), but you should also consider that many animals don’t have anyone taking care of them and will either sufffer or be killed since nobody else wants them. one of the last cats i got was an old morbidly obese housecat someone tossed out of a truck near my place, if i left her on her own she would have died in snow in a week at most, miserable and feeling abandoned, instead i grabbed her and carried her home where she lived another 17 months after i tended her injuries, most of that time spent sleeping on the porch.

      older animals are often killed as few people want them, shelters often give them away knowing that nobody would likely take them otherwise. many don’t even go to the shelter, they get tossed out somewhere, in both cases the animal feels betrayed and abandoned and their world is turned upsidedown.

      yes when they die they will bum you out, but you should not use that as an excuse to reject something else that you could help and have it help you in return (any cat that hangs around my place kills mice, even that old fat cat i had could catch a mouse from time to time if she felt like it, and dogs intimidate all kinds of pests away).

      anyway my advice is to not say no more, wait a little while then get another when the time is right

    5. AC,

      Sorry to hear about your cat. I had to put down Bad Kat last year. He was in pain and had blood in his urine. I went out that same week and adopted another cat, Doodle Bug. There. are so many cats and dogs that need loving homes. We are. now. up to. four cats and a GSD.

  5. Hi Everyone,

    Windy day today on the home front. This week has been hot and humid…

    I cancelled the yard sale last night due to the weather. Winds today about 25mph and had sprinkling of rain earlier. Was supposed to have it on Friday too, but just couldn’t get it all pulled together and then the weather for today. It’s all working out well. I don’t have broken stuff and have planned to do it on Friday and Saturday. The neighbor will be doing it with me and was supposed to this weekend, but has had 3 family/friends overdose and die. 1st one was a cousin on heroin and fentanyl. 2nd one, only 21 yo, marijuana and fentanyl, brain dead and pulled the plug on Wednesday. Neighbor was really upset about her because she had worked with her in an inner city outreach program for the girl’s 21 years of life. Then the last one, was a high school buddy, meth and fentanyl. So it wasn’t a good week for her to deal with her stuff… They did help me last night put up everything, leaving some of the tables out, with all the stuff in totes or boxes, so I don’t have to drag everything back out. I had bought some plastic drop clothes to cover things with, and then a tarp over that, that we strapped down with straps and bungee cords… They even brought me some supper last night as I was beat. They were supposed to help, but I ended up doing it all. I am grateful for the food, as I was about to go out an pick something up. The covering has stood up well with all this wind too. 🙂 I ran out of Aleve, so will need to buy some more today… My back really took a beating picking up all the heavy stuff. What do ya do when you’re by yourself? Figure out a way to get things done…

    Bought some 2 gallon buckets with lids at Lowe’s. Not much buying this week.

    As I went thru stuff, I am separating the antique stuff from the “other”. I may still put the antique stuff in the yard sale, but with prices slightly lower than one would find at an antique store. If they sell great, if not, I have other avenues. Any of the “other” stuff that doesn’t sell will be donated to my favorite thrift store.

    Tara’s questions:

    What is your most troublesome garden pest and how do you deal with it?
    At the moment, it is Japanese beetles. Gonna try some DE.

    Are you increasing what you grow or buy in case there is another pandemic shutdown or more liberal pandemonium after President Trump wins a second term in November?
    Always increasing no matter the atmosphere out there. And not just in food. 🙂

    What do you think about all of the statue vandalism and removals going on around the country?
    Trump should have gone in early and done a Barney Fife… Nipped it in the bud…

    Prayers for unspoken requests, for healing, for The President and for America. I hope every has a great 4th of July. Be aware. I received intel from a person that does comms for the State of TN. Said be on the lookout for vans with bunches of people in them. Situational awareness for sure as they plan on making July 4th a time for a new independence day…

  6. I’m taking a quick break to grab something to eat and reading a little. I will check back later. What a busy day. 🌱🥒🥦

    1. **Has anyone had success making and canning sauerkraut? I tried once, but it was a disaster. I also need recipes for preserving cabbage. (I don’t want to freeze any due to limited space.) So far, I use it for chow chow, unstuffed cabbage rolls, and coleslaw. Any help is greatly appreciated.

      Since I was last here:
      It’s been busy around here. I feel as if it’s Weed. Pest control. Harvest. Can. Repeat. I’ve had almost no time to be on the Internet.

      Our camping adventures from last week:
      The first rule of camping: Just relax.
      We left at 6:45 in the morning for a twelve hour drive to our camping destination. (We usually drive it in one day and then relax for a day. It’s what works best for us.) About halfway there, an alert came on our truck indicating that we needed to have the DEF system checked. No problem. It was only a yellow alert. We will get it checked when we get home. Half an hour later, we get a message that in 150 miles we will be slowed down to a maximum of five miles per hour. Big problem. I start trying to figure out exactly where we are, where is the nearest town, what is the nearest dealership, and how do I contact them.
      We went to the dealership and found the kindest people ever. The service department wasn’t open until Monday. They said they would check our truck at 8:00a.m. A lady from the dealership had us follow her to a campground so we didn’t waste any of our limited miles trying to find the place. The campground had some no-shows, so we got a site. Our neighbors invited us for supper and offered to drive us anywhere we needed to go. The volunteer host was told by the campground host that the site we were in had been promised to someone else. So, we packed up our newly set up site and moved to another site, the LAST ONE. We had a knock at the door a few hours later. Our first neighbors looked until they found us. They offered to bring us some barbecue and wanted to see if we needed anything else.
      I was supposed to be cooking supper for 14-18 people in Louisiana the next night. Instead, we were safe and sound by a lake in Mississippi. It’s not what we expected, but it’s all good. And you can’t beat southern hospitality. We just arrived a little late to our destination.

      This week:
      -The three new cats are turning out to be great mousers.
      -Cleaned out all three henhouses.

      -I had about decided that my pear trees I bought a few years ago weren’t going to produce anything. This week I notice that I have pears! I’m so excited!
      -Harvesting yellow squash, cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage, broccoli, beets,
      -Organized the greenhouse and put a shade on top.
      -DH made a sturdy structure to hold up tomato plants.

      *Food Preserved:
      -Canned; 14 pints of pickled beets, 52 quarts of green beans (in two days),

      *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: assorted suture kits, gutting hook for animal processing,
      -On the way back from camping, we stopped at Bass Pro in Memphis. I got a two-burner, propane stove and a griddle for half of it. I’m already using the stove for canning. It’s great to have the heat outside.

      -A friend came over to look at my greenhouse and chicken coops. She’s getting chickens soon and has been gathering old windows to make a greenhouse this winter. It’s nice to see others getting even more prepared for what’s coming.
      -I’m improving my gardening skills, with a lot of help from the weather.
      1. What is your most troublesome garden pest and how do you deal with it?
      I have trouble with some insects, but the raccoons and squirrels give me fits! They seem to eat ALL of the corn the night before I’m ready to pick it. We have tried everything, but using an electric mesh fence works best.
      2. Are you increasing what you grow or buy in case there is another pandemic shutdown or more liberal pandemonium after President Trump wins a second term in November?
      3. What do you think about all of the statue vandalism and removals going on around the country?
      I think it’s ridiculous.
      4. What did you do to prep this week?
      See above.

      Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

      1. Wow, just reading about all you do leaves me exhausted. How do you get to it all?
        I have a glass too stove that may be in line for the sorriest stove ever made award . I am learning to can this year and have been thinking of getting a camping stove . I was afraid they weren’t heavy duty enough or that you couldn’t regulate the heat well enough.
        Will you share the brand you purchased
        and maybe the features it needed to have ? I would appreciate it so much.
        Thank you

        1. First, my preps listed were more than a week’s worth. And I am exhausted.

          I got a Camp Chef propane stove with two burners. It was $100 at Bass Pro.

          1. Thank you! I rarely venture from our little town into San Antonio or Austin to shop the bigger stores so that is a big help

  7. This Week’s Questions

    1. What is your most troublesome garden pest and how do you deal with it? No outdoor garden.

    2. Are you increasing what you grow or buy in case there is another pandemic shutdown or more liberal pandemonium after President Trump wins a second term in November? I will continue to increase our storage and growing capacity until we are 95% self sufficient in food.

    3. What do you think about all of the statue vandalism and removals going on around the country? That it is happening is little surprise to me. That our elected officials are letting it happen is appalling.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well…

    Last weekend’s gun show went great! Best show I’ve ever had. As a result, I picked up some 9mm ammo, a new-to-me rifle, freeze dried meat to the stash, cash in the box, added to savings, and paid money on bills. I’m happy.

    Found a replacement for my 2006 Dodge Caravan daily driver with 262,000 miles; a 2017 Dodge Caravan with 40,000 miles. Glad to get a replacement BEFORE the old one died.

    Supply Run: 3 “history” books at the Thrift Store.

    Delivered: AR15 Case, phone holder for van; Heirloom seed banks (2); hand sanitizer; FD chicken; FD beef; FD strawberries; DH onions;

    1. JP congratulations on the new to you van. I still am in the looking stage. There have been cars out there but I feel like I’m frozen and can’t actually make a final decision.

  8. (1) Catepillars are wicked for me this year.
    (2). I expanded my garden, bought 12 more hens, and bred more goats for milk. I added a few more fruit trees and another grape vine, too.
    (3) Violence and vandalism make me sick. Every adult in our family is now carrying a handgun for protection.
    (4) elderberry picking has slowed back, as the fig picking has, too. The Florida heat has just about wiped out any gardening efforts until the sweet potatoes are ready in August. Bought more first aid supplies is my only purchase this week. My grandson is visiting for 2 weeks so that’s been my focus…he flies here twice a year so I gotta enjoy him while I can!

    1. Yes, I remember those days sending my stepson to his grandparents, they loved having him that we just sent him for the whole summer, and got him back two weeks before school started back in.

  9. Hi all
    Tara’s questions:
    Yep, Japanese beetles. Even the garden chickens don’t like them. So DE is the go to. My brother says he uses rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle…..
    I like your optimism, Tara!
    ….” after President Trump wins a second term in November?”
    I don’t think we should use any or all excuses to prepare…..it should be a set desire to sustain one’s self. We haven’t stopped preparing.
    I could deal with a leftist desire to retaliate after Trump is re-elected, more so than a Biden in the Whitehouse.
    I just don’t get it. Destruction of property, depending on the value, IS a FELONY.
    Why has there been no arrests? I’m glad DJT has put the NG on standby in certain areas.
    It’s rediculous, stupid…..but the Lennon statue is unharmed in Seattle?
    I’m glad the Pillsbury Doughboy is no longer around. What a fiasco that would be.
    Just trying to keep up on the usual.
    Took a night to shoot some skeet, at the local club. I’ve never shot skeet, so was my first time. I hit about 30%, with a 16g Ithaca Featherlight. I haven’t shot that gun in decades. Well…..I borrowed it…..I own no fire a r m s
    Collected a box full of 12g hulls for reloading…..for barter.
    Sunday will be a pistol bowling pin shoot.
    Will have to borrow another, again.
    A few open houses this weekend for highschool grads.
    What a messed up situation for these young adults, because of Covid.
    I hope this situation makes them fully aware of the political games we face, now and in the future……

    Take care all,
    Maybe we can celebrate a peaceful July 4th. INDEPENDENCE DAY
    An Independence that is slowly being stripped away, by radicals.

    🇺🇸 God Bless the USA 🇺🇸
    Trump 2020

    1. jap beetles are a terror when they are adults, they spend the first year in the soil as fat grubs living off grass roots then the second year they become beetles and emerge. adults are harder to kill and do the most obvious damage, the best way to dal with them is to introduce a parasitic organism to the ground around your place, i forget what its called, might be a fungus or a nematode, i don’t recall, but it eats the grubs and after a year or 2 their numbers drop to almost nothing, you can’t totally get rid of them but they are reduced to almost nothing, and the parasite will keep working forever.

      i got a 40lb bag and spread it in my orchard, haven’t seen more than a handful of jap beetles since

        1. yes thats the one, i looked in my barn yesterday where i still had the empty bag and was planning to confirm what it was today (no home internet access). its milky spore powder, kills the grubs and keeps killing them for years

          1. Usually takes 2 applications, i.e. Fall & Spring or Spring & Fall. I really need to do it on our property again.

  10. Tomato worms, I use Seven powder on them. Yes we are growing/buying more food because we believe the second half of 2020 will be even worse than the first. ( Good article at ZH by Mike Snyder) The destruction of our History is a common Communist ploy mentioned by many who saw it happen in their home countries. For example, we have close Christian friends who escaped from Zimbabwe and saw the same thing happen. Also pitting the races against each other as well.

    What did I do to prep, cut up and froze 20+ Butternut squash, purchased more food. Daily Bible reading and prayer.

  11. I’ve been reading and watching pressure canning you tube, and getting my supplies together to start canning up black beans, will be my first project.

    I did some coupon shopping, I added three bottles of Palmolive dish soap they are the 22 ounce bottles 3 for $3.99 2 more K cups coffees they were close out $1.99 a box, I got two boxes of lids, and rings, with a coupon $6.00 for the two, canning item’s. I have noticed that canning supplies are getting a to be slim pickings, every place I’m at lately so add those lids, and canning salt, to your list if your a canner.

    My berry’s are doing well, next week were supposed to get lots of Sunshine, and mid 70’s, so good week for berries to ripen and pick.

    Question 1 Our garden pest, is my children eating the berries, I use a spray bottle and water and spray them lol.. I’d say slugs, I just dump them over the fence, into our alley way.

    Question 2 I’m keeping a list and I do get extras, everytime I shop. I plan on getting another 3 tiers shelf and I have been ordering item’s that I can’t find in the stores.

    Question 3 If they remove all the History they are doomed to repeat it.

    1. If you have a Dollar General They can order jars lids and rings in, if notin stock. .. prices are reasonable.Talk to the manager and go pick them up when the truck runs….They have golden harvest and they perform well. Just heat the rings in boiling water w/ a teaspoon baking soda.The quarts i puchased with rings and lids were about 9$ a dozen. lids alone were 1.75/dz.

      1. We don’t have a Dollar General, in our area just Dollar tree, and Fred Meyers, Walmart. I usually pick up a one, each time I shop, it’s just been very slim places, can’t get item’s in fast enough.

        1. Mom of Three

          I used to buy my canning jars and lids from Big Lots. They would get big shipments periodically and I stocked up then. I haven’t been back in their store in while since I don’t shop much during the staycation.

          1. Cliff – not all Big Lots carry the jars. The one closest to me has only had them once in the last 5 years or more.

  12. Puppy is in a kennel while we are at a wedding. Limited preps this week. Played ball gun with puppy before taking him to the kennel. He has so much energy. Met another dog trainer at the hotel I’m staying at and we had a good conversation.

    Cooking stuff
    Bought an instapot

    Picked a cucumber
    Picked several tomatoes
    Picked seeds from cilantro, romaine lettuce and green leaf lettuce.

    Fruit trees
    Picked 9 plums from the new tree. They are so sweet. Puppy stole 2…🤣

    Thor’s questions
    1. Should rioters have a no bail policy?
    2. Should statue destroying have a minimum 5 year jail sentence?
    3. Is there any 12ga buckshot available in your area?
    4. Do you think there will be WW3 before the end of the year? Where will it start?
    5. Do you think there will be a civil war before or after the election?

    1. Thor’s questions

      1. Should rioters have a no bail policy?

      Yes I do, however, that will not happen. See the 8th Amendment: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” There are very few crimes that the Supreme Court have OK’d no bail. 1st degree murder being the most common, or skipping bail.

      2. Should statue destroying have a minimum 5 year jail sentence?

      The federal statutes on these crimes calls for a maximum of ten-years in the slammer. So a minimum ten years should be good, plus a requirement of restitution.

      3. Is there any 12ga buckshot available in your area?

      I do not know. I haven’t found a need to add to my shotgun ammo stock. I usually order my ammo on-line.

      4. Do you think there will be WW3 before the end of the year? Where will it start?

      No, I don’t think so. If it does, I think China will be the cause.

      5. Do you think there will be a civil war before or after the election?

      A civil war is more likely than a WW3. I think it would be after the election.

      1. Just to add a comment to the shotgun ammo question. I have a Rem 870 12GA, extended magazine, for-end flashlight, spare ammo on receiver, and a pistol grip stock. However, I am not a shotgun fan. I am quite competent with one, I just prefer battle rifles (HK-91, M-14) and AR-15s.

        I am glad that I obtained some more 5.56mm green tip last week and ten more Magpul G-3 mags.

        1. Zulu 3 6 ,,,need your advice ,,,,did you ever use a M 240?,,,,loooking at one with papers ,dealer sample,,I know M 60 and 1919 , and M2 ,,have linker and 60 links ,is that same as 60 ?

          1. OH,

            No, I’ve never shot an M-240. My unit got them shortly after i retired. However, I do know that the M-240 uses the same ammo and links as the Pig does.

            I’m kind of surprised I never shot an M-240. I have fired all kinds of machine guns including the 1919, German MG34 and 42s ( and MG-3s, the NATO version of the MG-42), several different Soviet guns, but never a 240.

            I do know that the M-240 has a slightly higher cyclic rate than the M-60 so you need to keep ammo expenditure in mind.

          2. Zulu 36 thanks ,, oh yes ammo,,, had a ww2 mg 42 was a delight to shoot ,till the cheep 8mm ammo ran out ,back in the “70s” my first 42 cost less than the tax , 42 =190$ tax =200 ,my first sten gun was 70$ again tax 200 , 8mm ammo was .03 a round if I remember correctly my MAC 10 was also about 70$ too ,45 acp gi 50rd box was 1.50$ in lots 9mm surplus was 1.00$ a box ,again in lots. We were a free people once ,
            I see no way to avoid mass trouble that’s coming
            Thanks for the trip down memory lane

        2. Z36, if you bought a saiga 12 it might change your mind a little. It’s based on an AK design and uses box fed magazines 5,10,12 rounds or drums in 10, 15, 20 and even 50 rounds. With a muzzle brake there is very little kick so you can stay on your target until it is vaporized…..😎

          I am also a fan of the AR platform.

          1. Thor1,

            I like the look and accessories of the Saiga, but the gun is a bit too expensive. My basic 870 wasn’t too pricey and I tricked it out to my taste over time. I really don’t want to spend a lot of bucks at this point in history on a shotgun.

          2. I can’t imagine trying to heft a 12 gauge with a 50 round drum magazine attached. Has to be way heavy.

          3. Cliff,

            Oh, yeah. No doubt about that weight. I have a 40-round mag for my AR-15 and that is a tad bit heavy. Of course, I don’t plan on running around like a 20-year old Marine any more.

            When I was in the Air Guard, my unit commander (who had been an Army infantry company commander in a previous lifetime) liked to take us all out for hikes periodically. He made all of the E-7s and above carry an M-60 (himself included) just to remind us how heavy they were. I didn’t need any reminding, but it was too bad, so sad. He would borrow M-60s from another security police unit to make certain there were enough to go around. How thoughtful of him. 🙂 The machine gunners liked the idea, so at least someone was happy.

          4. Zulu,

            I have taken to loading out 20 round mags for my AR with spare 20 rounders in the belt but I do carry 2 30 round mags in the pack. I find with anything 30 round or above to be heavy and hard to keep on target when trying to compensate for the weight. And of course, when you do some rapid fire and the weight goes down fast I tend to shoot high.

            In my Air Force days when I was on the SAT team and we had an alert in the facility they gave us our M-16, helmet, flack vest, web belt and canteen and 2 20 round magazines with strict instructions to not put the mags in the rifles. As soon as I got on station the mag went in and I charged the first round. This was real world stuff and I wasn’t going to be caught trying to get the mag in with anyone in the wire. Always remembered to unchamber the round and put it back in the mag when going off station so no accidents and we had to pull the trigger with the muzzle in the discharge barrel before remounting the rifle. No mistakes, ever.

            I’m about 45 years older now so not going to be humping a ton of weight around and I can do more damage with a long rifle and a rest than I can doing the spray and pray thing.

    2. Thor’s questions
      1. Should rioters have a no bail policy? No, there should be bail. Now, how much should be commensurate with what you destroyed.
      2. Should statue destroying have a minimum 5 year jail sentence? That’s covered, or should be, under the Monument Protection Act.
      3. Is there any 12ga buckshot available in your area? I don’t know as I order mine on-line by the case (like in February, before we had the “cum-a-part”.
      4. Do you think there will be WW3 before the end of the year? No. Where will it start? South East Asia.
      5. Do you think there will be a civil war before or after the election? I would say we if “Orange Man” wins (which I assume he will) the “cum-a-part” will be worse than 2016. It may lead to wide-spread violence. If you are near or in a major city, I would “go on vacation” right after I vote (absentee may be the way).

    3. Thor, #1, Yes, definitely. #2, No, 25 years with full restitution of monuments before release. #3, not sure did not go there this week. #4. already in war .. has already started with idgits trying to take down our POTUS, #5 Yes both.

    4. 1 & 2- Five years is good. Ten is better. It needs to be hardcore, pink-sock, prison.

      3- My LGS had some of the Olin surplus as of last week. I bought 250 rds. I’ll check again tomorrow.
      4- WW3 is possible. Not sure if it’s as likely as civil war but if it does kick off, the disputed border region between China and India is very likely.
      5- I honestly believe that the civil war here will start after the election. If the Democrats steal it by cheating, it’ll be our side. If the President is re-elected, it’ll be the Left.

    5. Thor1’s questions:
      No bail? Absolutely
      Rioting, one count. Destruction of property, two counts. Bodily harm, strike three…..do your time.
      At the least 5 yrs. Like I said yesterday. Depending on monetary value, it is a felony. These statues are NOT of no value. Furthermore they are of our history, which means an undocumented value.
      12g buck?
      Depends on where you go in my neck of the woods. Becomes more available come deer season.
      China seems to be striring the pot with India. If they continue, other countries will get involved. Will that lead to WWIII? Who knows.
      Civil War 2 seems to be the agenda, here….. unfortunately.
      As I see it, just because if an upcoming election.
      The left will push to the limits until they get their end result. NWO
      I hate these basturds.
      All these career demi politicians have NOT made their states or cities any more safer, profitable. They just go to ruins……and point fingers.

      Question for you Thor1:
      How reliable/accurate are the polling numbers, between Trump and Biden?
      Is it a media twist, once again?

        1. Thor1
          I know, right.
          It’s all we can hope for.

          Friday on the way home, I saw a Jeep with Trump 2020 across the windshield….
          Welll I just had to give a 👍👍

  13. Tara’s questions

    1.What is your most troublesome garden pest and how do you deal with it?

    Japanese beetles Ortho garden spray. squash bugs ortho garden spray,and tomato caterpillars companion planting and needle nose pliers.

    2.Are you increasing what you grow or buy in case there is another pandemic shutdown or more liberal pandemonium after President Trump wins a second term in November? Yes

    3.What do you think about all of the statue vandalism and removals going on around the country?

    Disgusting childish communist behavior.

  14. Short report from my part of Georgia.

    Memorial for nephew today at his church. Well attended and the meal afterwards was very good.

    The drive home from Villa Rica was horrendous. It was raining hard when we left the church, half way home that seemed like a lite sprinkle. Traffic was down to about 10mph due to the torrential downpour and standing water in the road. 20 foot high rooster tails as cars went by made it tough to see to drive. We made it home safely.

    Afterwards I had to pick up fallen limbs in the back yard. Yard is all cleaned up again.

    On the prepping side I have been buying things off amazon to send to my daughter in California. Her husband is at sea on a carrier for another 8 or 9 months. I picked up some Mountain House 2 day meal packs at a good price and sent them on the way. I got a lot of vidialia onions sent to her as she likes them and they are not available where she is. I am also doing food orders for canned food with free delivery to help flesh out her larder. Same for TP and papertowels since they seem to still be in short supply in her part of the state. She is being good and stocking up on drinking water.

    When they drove to CA a few years back I was concerned since he is active duty and didn’t have a gun at his last station. Also, I believe CA has a thing about handguns that have a capacity of more than 10 rounds in the magazine. I sent them off with an S&W .38 revolver and a BushMark .22 with 500 rounds of .22 and 50 rounds of .38. I made sure they were still in her safe and separate from the ammo (she has 2 kids, a 5 and 6 year old and I don’t want them around the guns since there is no opportunity for them to go out and shoot). The key to this exercise is she has them if the stuff gets back and knows how to use both.

    That’s all for me for today. I’m tired and emotionally drained.


      1. That’s probably a fact Thor1. I have done a lot of business with them over the years. About 10 years they were much smaller and had a small parking lot but sold a lot of guns. They moved into a huge mega building 6 or 7 years go that has an indoor range, an indoor snack bar, classrooms and an auditorium and tons of guns, lots of accessories plus bow and arrow and high priced safari guns. Ammo by the pallet load.I haven’t been in there since the virus craziness but from other people I have heard that they have tape out 6 feet from the counters and if you want to look at something they will hold it up, no touching. They still have lines out the door and I believe their number one sale items are Glocks and High Point pistols. Lots of shotguns go out the door, not so many long guns except for AR15.

        That is Adventure Outdoors and it is worth your time just to look at their web site. Prior to this I had placed orders for used rifles and they got them in pretty quickly at good prices.

        1. Cliff,
          I bought a gun from Adventure Outdoors a few weeks ago, you are correct will show you the gun but cannot touch it, got there before opening, parking lot was full by time to open, all employees are open carry, Nice, I bought a 22-250 for shooting varmints out back door, coyotes love my pond dam for some reason.

          Adventure started in small house on Windy Hill Rd, moved to larger place on S. Cobb Dr, then moved to the old Zaire’s(spelling?) building on S. Cobb Dr. You been around as long as I have you already knew it.

          18 year old fatally shot himself at range 6-8 weeks ago, do not know the story.

          1. South of the Big Chicken,

            Yep I heard about the young person accidentally shooting themselves. That is always sad and always because some one wasn’t paying close enough attention.

            I was born in Atlanta in 1950 and we moved to Mableton in 1961. I lived there until 1970 when I joined the Air Force and came back home in 1992. I live in Douglasville now and am very sad to travel back to the house in Atlanta and to see what has become of the neighborhood. The same applies to the old home place in Mableton. Douglasville is well on the way to going the way of the other towns.

            I have brought, probably, 25 or 30 long guns and pistols from Adventure Outdoors and another 5 to 7 used guns from them. I’ve been to quite a few car shows in their parking lot with my 1923 Ford T bucket, and they have always been nice enough to us to let us use their snack bar and restrooms. I always conceal carry when I go in and they never say anything unless you print or carry openly, going along with the live and let live kind of thing.

            My last few purchases have been from Academy Sports (where I’ve bought quite a bit of ammo) and Gables on Fairburn Road here in Douglasville.

            I’ll go back to Adventure Outdoors once this stuff (hopefully) quietens down a bit.

            How abut that Saturday rainstorm? We were out and about trying to get home and it was a chore driving.

      2. Saw a story on Adventure Outdoors yesterday. They are selling and selling. They said they’ve been busy for weeks without a slowdown. They also interviewed several women who were making purchases. We have shopped there but after they wouldn’t sell one off the shelf to the DH because they didn’t have another one, we avoid the place.

  15. We tested positive for COVOD-19. We got really sick for a few days but not sick enough to shut down the economy. My dh and I are perfectly fine.

      1. Thor 1 ,,,,,,,not a scam if you get it and it kills you ,80%that get it have mild to moderate problems ,of the remaining 20% that’s the problem ,do you want to be the one and one half percent that dies ?from it ???? I have been sicker than sh#t from it ,with lasting problems ,, my onset was in mid March ,im still not able to work a full day , the ranches are a labor of love for me yet we may close down all of the ranching this year due to the effects of the vires on me ,i have decided to permanently ban all party’s from the trading post that refused to ware a mask when it was needed ,that’s no food or fuel and asking them to leave by when the road closes in October,i don’t want people in the valley that place there inconvenience over the welfare of the the rest, of us ,
        Not a rant just telling it like it is ,

      2. Thor,

        I was in bed sick for eight days. It was bad. Fortunately, my dh and I are in good health. We take vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc–something I encourage everyone to do. I have have read that there are people experiencing symptoms for months. If the U.S. had encouraged people to wear masks early on, there would have been no need to shutter the economy.

    1. Bam Bam,

      What! How dare you not contribute your part to the economy shutdown!

      Just kidding 🙂 Actually I’m glad you guys are OK

    2. Glad you’re on the mend. Now you won’t have to get the Bill Gates eugenics vaccine. They’ll have to find another way to insert the microchip.

    3. Zulu 3 6 ,,,need your advice ,,,,did you ever use a M 240?,,,,loooking at one with papers ,dealer sample,,I know M 60 and 1919 , and M2 ,,have linker and 60 links ,is that same as 60 ?

    4. Bam bam ,,,,,,,good that your having a mild case of it ,,beware of it making a comeback ,I’m weeks in with it , it just won’t let go of me ,,,,,two days better ,one day back , have been reading that mild cases may not develop good or long lasting immunity , and there is a mutation that can cause a second round ,on top of the first case ,keep up the vitamin d3
      Best to you

      1. Oldhomesteader,

        Yes, I was at my chiropractor this week and he said it says in your system for months and to expect the reemergence of symptoms. My dh is actually back to feeling sick again. He didn’t eat his dinner and. went to bed by 7 p.m.

      1. G A RED ,,,,not so fast about herd immunity , it’s starting to look like immunity may only last weeks or months , I’m staying on top of what’s going on ,intresting enough.there’s talk that vaccine might not work ,

  16. Tara’s questions:
    1. Deer and rabbits! All the rest are well controlled with DE and Dawn with seven dust as emergency backup.
    2. I am always increasing as much as I can regardless of situation.
    3. I am more PO-ed at the LEO’s of the affected areas than I am the bad guys for not arresting the bad guys involved.
    4. Preps:
    Not much this week due to a lot of things not worth discussing. The only harvest was tomatoes, okra, and polk (dang I love that stuff with eggs scrambled in). Did acquire another 200 rnds of 75g BTHP for AR and 1,400 rnds of 22LR.
    Currently trying to save up for another shotgun (the new Rem auto with 13” barrel) and I still want that 45cal air rifle.
    Antique Collector, sorry for your loss! I know how it feels. I don’t think I posted that I lost my best friend Charley on March 17, 2019. Someone gave him a Decon Delight. I think I know who, but without proof, can’t accuse. Pray I never find out for sure because I will get arrested. This past Nov. my wife brought home a 6-wk. old black pup for me as a replacement. At 8 months he is 70# and still nothing but a puppy. I heard one of those TV preachers say that all our pets that loved us will be waiting for us in Heaven. Well, it that is true, I’ll have a “Herd” awaiting my arrival.
    Bam Bam, glad both you and the Hubby are better. Being sick is just not much fun.

    With a brother’s love,
    Curley Bull
    Matthew 24; 1st Timothy 5:8

      1. BC’s the one that I didn’t show what’s behind the curtain and haven’t seen or heard from him since . . .

        1. FYI…on BC Truck

          He has a YouTube channel “BC Truck, BC Blades”. He has moved to Texas and is building knives as a hobby+. Things seem to be going well for him and his.

          1. I know JP. I even know where he is and not that far from me. I wish only the best for him and his wife. But like I said earlier, it told me something . . .

    1. Curley Bull
      I am so sorry to hear about losing Charley. Yes, I remember your postings about him in times past, whom ever killed him may they rot in hades.

  17. Hello Tribe,
    Good week, much accomplished. Had Amish family drive 4 hours and ask if they could buy my farm. Answer: NO.
    Tara’s Q:
    1,,,,, Japanese beetles and the orange and black striped potato bugs, leaf hoppers and a few caterpillars. Hate ’em. Dawn and seven dust.
    2,,,,,increase supplies with each trip to town.
    3,,,,,only reason our statues are under attack is to erase our history, be it bad or good, it brought this country thru a civil war, freed human beings ( all lives matter.) Brought us thru other wars, if we erase the humans, good or bad, our history is gone and one more nail in our Constitution. Everyone involved should be in jail and held responsible for paying to reestablish the statues. I love the Lincoln monument, spent special time there, also loved 4th of July in DC fireworks at the Potomac River and parade, good memories.
    4,,,,,had the spring and spring house cleaned this week and I bleached the water and pumped it out daily, it runs to the house and barn ( gravity fed.) Maintenance to the gardens, that took time. Potatoes and beans blooming. Beets about ready to pull and pickle and replant. I think Grammy Prepper asked about sauerkraut, I shred cabbage, pack it in 5 gallon crocks layering salt and cabbage, let it ferment ( work off) then pack it in quarts and can it. With cabbage, cut in small wedges, cook till tender, pack in sterilized quart jars with hot broth and 1 tsp. Of salt and can
    AC sorry for you cat passing, I too lost a cat this week.
    AC. Glad you and Bam Bam’s households are on the mend.
    Joe C,,,,, we need a Sadie report.
    Cliff, sorry for your loss, isaiah 61 says the Savior came to comfort those who mourn, we too feel your loss.
    Such a time we are privileged to live in final time, before the Lord’s return, we were chosen for such a time as this ( phrase from the book of Esther, when Haman wanted to eradicate the Hebrew people, Mordecai told his niece, that she was created for that very time, to deliver her people.) Well, Tribe, we are not here by accident, we were created to deliver our country, values, Faith is our purpose in such a time as this; hope we are up for the challenges we will face.
    Prep on.

    1. Sage,
      Sadie Mae report:
      She is fine. Brother lets her out with the horses during the work week. She is fitting in just fine.
      In fact, the other half brought our one horse back home from the trainer today. So ALL the horses were out with Sadie today.
      *I need to go check on her.*
      All horses in the run way….free to roam…three in one stall, one in the run way…..Sadie, where’s my Sadie?…. in her own stall…. comical. All of them getting out of the hot sun.
      Thank you for asking.

      I missed your post.
      Truely sorry about your cat.
      It ain’t easy losing a four legged friend/comrade, no matter how big or small.

      I’ll get back with ya on those questions….

    2. Sage
      My posting must have ended up in cyber space, as I see it is not here.
      Am sorry to hear you lost a fur baby around the same time ours was put to sleep.

      This may sound like an odd question but “why” did that family think you were selling your property? I mean to drive 4 hours to ask you IF you were going to sell it, strikes me as rather odd. Be safe where you are at, and love reading your posting of what you have accomplished at your homestead.

  18. I am late to the dance, again. My dh and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary. I took him out for a pedicure and manicure and he took me out for a steak dinner at Outback. We had shrimp on the barbie, my favorite.

    I got him a pair of Sony headphones for his computer. (He is losing his hearing and could no longer hear the computer with his regular headphones, even with the volume all the way turned up. He feels like he has really heard music for the first time in 50 years.)

    We tested positive for COVID-19. My dh was only sick for two days. I was sick, down in bed, for eight days. For me, it was like having allergies, food poisoning and the flu all at the same time. We are both on the mend and feeling much better.

    The kids were over for coffee this afternoon. It really doesn’t feel like we are living in a time of a pandemic. Now that the kids can come over, life seems totally normal.

  19. I am going to ask a question, just thinking, in 1968 the Democrats had Mondale and knew he was a loser, now the Democrats have Biden and know he is a loser.

    What we have in both instances are race issues, protesting, looting, and burning down cities. Democrats run states and cities let it happen in both years.

    My question is, Are the 2 years similar in the way Democrats deal with candidates who will fail?

    I am just thinking, always thinking about the reason people do whatever. Not a scholar, just a redneck observation.

    Please be nice with comments if you disagree. Thanks.

    1. South of the BC
      ’68…..I was 1 yrs old. Lol.
      Never really paid that much attention to politics until Slick Willie..
      So I have no reference on the time of Mondale, but am familiar with the name.

      So I’ll answer a question with a question:
      Are we really fighting democrap vs Republican, or does it go much further than that?
      I believe there is a world wide battle in our midst. Basically to destroy America in general.
      The Agenda 21/30 plan is a becoming fruition.
      Our battle to keep what we have, as a people, has just begun. And we’re seeing it begin, now.
      And it’s gonna get more ugly.

      As they say,

      I’m too old for this overbearing $hit.

    2. South of the Big Chicken,

      I remember 1968 clearly. I was only 15 then, but my teenaged naivete was much reduced after the riot in Detroit in 67 and having been shot at myself.

      I watched the 1968 Democrat convention anti-war riots (taking place in Chicago) on TV with my dad. The cops beat the dog crap out of anyone who didn’t leave when told or tried to hurt a cop. My dad sat there and laughed his ass off. He disliked the anti-war crowd intensely. Mayor Daley didn’t like them either when they came to his city to riot.

      Unfortunately, many of those jerks getting their heads busted are now the governors and mayors now and they play patty-cake with protestors and rioters.

    3. South of the Big Chicken,

      Great name! LOL. I bet almost anything that Democrats will cancel the presidential debates “because” of the coronavirus. Biden has dementia and can’t string together anything coherent for more than eight minutes. My bet is that Dems want to keep the severity of dementia hidden from the public.

      1. Bam Bam,

        I read where the Dims have agreed to three debates between Biden and Trump. Trump’s team is asking for more,

        I agree that in the long run, the Dims will manage to weasel out of any debates for exactly your reasons, although they’ll make up some other BS story as the excuse.

  20. What is your most troublesome garden pest and how do you deal with it? This year seems to be potato beetles. for the first time, I have had no Japanese Beetles! (12 years of Bag a Bug must be making a difference! )
    Are you increasing what you grow or buy in case there is another pandemic shutdown or more liberal pandemonium after President Trump wins a second term in November? I’m growing several things I haven’t done before, and so far have been successful. The one downside I have had is several items(lettuces, yellow straight neck squash, beets and spinach) had to be replanted, cuz they didn’t come up at all. But the tomatoes, peppers, cabbages, Carrots(!) and chard, onions, basil and Cilantro are doing great! First time I’ve done Basil, cilantro and carrots from seed. We have been replacing our old raised beds with newer deeper ones so I don’t have to bend so far.. it’s been a great investment so far.
    What do you think about all of the statue vandalism and removals going on around the country?Idiots. You can’t change history by taking a statue down. I think they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law- in prison on an island in the mid-Pacific!
    What did you do to prep this week? Topping up supplies, weeding, catching up on basic yard maintenance I have been too busy to do for two years. I have fruit trees finally producing(peaches, nectarines and plums) after 13 years of waiting! but they look nice.I do see disease issues I need to take care of, and am moving some perennials around. Hubby finally sees the need for stocking FD foods. will be making an order this week. this virus situation has made him see the value of the stocking up I’ve been doing for over 5 years now. I am so grateful! Keep your head on a swivel and be prayed up. we are going to need it.

    1. Joe2C, glad Sadie is ok, is she bred yet, she needs someone to speak cow to. If you need an extra calf, I have to many, (free), let me know. [email protected]
      Have to agree, “they” are sure cramming their agenda down our throats. Can their thinking be wear us down ” the silent majority”. I hate being silent, we too count, not just bused in, paid rioters tearing us apart. Are we not already at war with big money tearing at us? We, as a country are being played, majority of the politicians DO NOT REPRESENT YOU OR ME. Need to clean house at the top of legislature. Internal rotting, like a bad potato we have cut into, and it all stinks, once cut into.
      Sad that so many of us ( patriots) are aging. The young generation is clueless as to the sacrifice it took by our parents and grandparents to get here. I hate that we are not rallying. We can circle our wagons knowing the attack is coming, but passivity will get us destroyed. That is what ” they” are hoping for. Looks like a silent take over. Keep waiting for someone, like Trump, to speak out, even if we get our ears boxed, DO NOT GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT, AMERICA.
      Why did I work all my life to hand what little I have over to those who do not deserve it???
      Well, it is 5 AM and I am fired up. Just had to say this.
      Need a cup of coffee.

  21. What is your most troublesome garden pest and how do you deal with it? Deer, raccoons, worms. Deer fence and pesticides. Unfortunately no racoon fence yet. They found my corn and that was that. They do not eat any fall vegatables so until next year no problem. Will try the electric tape.

    Are you increasing what you grow or buy in case there is another pandemic shutdown or more liberal pandemonium after President Trump wins a second term in November? I will have my little tractor fixed by fall and take in the 1/2 acre I cleared last year. I already have a few oranges on my small trees.

    What do you think about all of the statue vandalism and removals going on around the country? The purging I predicted has begun. Anything close to resembling a Confederate symbol will be eliminated. Next will be the reparations.

    What did you do to prep this week? Right now I am suffering from Covid-19, BLM and summer heat fatigue. Maybe next week.

  22. Late to the party, wasn’t that i wouldn’t go out but we have had rain and thunderstorms all weekend and my neighbor was out of the area so my only internet access walking half mile to their place meant sitting outside to use my laptop, i was online waiting for the widtptw to come up but had to retreat home when storm clouds came by, i just made it home before the heavy rainstarted, only just got out now monday morning

    anyway, Taras Questions

    1 right now its deer, a deer showed up 5 weeks ago and hammered my bean plants, 20% of the plants lost most of their leaves. 2 weeks ago it came back leading 3 others along (all does) and i let the dogs at them, been letting the dogs chase them if they are seen anywhere on the property and making 2 rounds patroling the property with my rifle a day (assuming not raining), haven’t seen them since.

    2 can’t buy more, no significant money, have barelly $800 left till october (estimate when i will sell some wood), most of thats budgetted for milling and tractor fuel (have to mill the logs cut over winter before pine sawers get into them, usually mid august), so not much money to put into anything. wish i could resupply chicken feed but thats not till october. i have 2 optional sources of funds that would bring in thousands, both totally legal, but i refuse to have anything to do with where the money would come from

    3 i already talked about that a few times, lots of angry frustrated people looking for an excuse that they can use to call it ritious rather than what it is

    4 got the tires done on my farmall, both front tires were crap, got them both changed, cut and stacked 3 full cords of wood, split and stacked just under a full cord in the sugarhouse. rode my bike out to a friends, making the 40 mile round trip, saw huge changes, several massive new office buildings went up and the old ones taken down (massive for north country anyway),my friend told me all that and the housing project (low income) were done on the rez over a year ago, its only 14 miles from me but that says a lot about how little i leave my fortified offgrid homesteading hermitage. also burned sme more slash piles.

    Thor’s questions

    1 rioters should be treated as the legal system operates in watever jurisdiction they are arrested in calls for, there should be no exceptions or special rules for them, they should neither be overlooked nor singled out, denying them bail would be something their organizations would endorse for people they don’t like.

    2. no, they should not face jail time, instead they should be required to pay for the restoration or replacement of the statue, with a small plaque dedicated to them added to the statue letting the public know they paid for the repairs or restoration (but not that they damaged it in the first place, publicly shame them through association with something they hate), if they cannot afford it they should be treated as they would if they owed the irs money like my obsese tranny uncleaunt, who is not allowed to have a bank account or own real estate until hisher debts are repaid (heshe may have squared away the debt when my grandmother went to hell in 2018 as is likely with hisher portion of the inheritence, my grandmother owned land in a rich neighborhood on long island and at least 4 houses upstate, 2 of them rented for free to uncleaunt since heshe couldn’t own land with the irs debt, money put in the bank was automatically confiscated and that freaks life was miserable for decades as a result of refusing to pay taxes in the 80s).

    3. maybe, i don’t know, i have a few boxes the police gave me when i was openly feuding with a drug dealer they all hated. after a runnings store opened in late 2018 i saw buckshot for sale for the first time ever (till then it was impossible to find anywhere and state law prohibits ammo through the mail). the runnings still has lots of ammo in stock but have a 2 boxes per customer per visit policy (like how you can only get 2 cans of beans per person per visit at the grocery store now, everything is rationed in the police state of ny). last ammo i bought were 2 boxes (technically buckets) of 22 rimfire, and that was because it was impossible to find 22s from 2012 through 2018 (only saw that when runnings opened) and figure i could use the plinking to aleviate boredom in case gas becomes hard to get for chainsaw. anyway witth the ration in effect i assume its still available.

    4. i was thinking of this the other day while piling slash, there will not be any war like it, only 2 countries have he means to actually ry to fight the us head on and they both know they will be fucked to death if they try. lets say china wants to fight, they have to first go around japan (who they really hate) then all the islands in the pacific and create a beach head for invasion. jets may be fast, but over the pacific it would still take at least half a day to get troops here, ships take longer, and missiles while fast and probably able to make an attack within an hour (unless launched by a sub) would still give the us plenty of time to intercept, its not like the 40s when a surpise attack could come, the counterattack would launch before the damage from an attack could even be inflicted and we would know who did it, mutually assured destruction, the chinese would have nothing to gain from a war like that, neither would the russians, maybe north korea might rattle a saber looking for attention but they are not crazy enough to actually start something that would have them fucked to death within a day. rouge groups like al queada might jizz themselves at the idea of starting something but they don’t have the resources or people to pull something widespread. if there was a war i think it most likely like the cold war, 2 massive powers unable to actually go head to head witth the mutual assured destruction so pushing it out into local proxy wars like nam, korea, cuban missile crisis, the ussr invading afganistan and the us giving training and weapons to the taliban an bin ladin to help them repel the russians. if china were to do anything i see them invading japan or other close by nations, then drawing the us into a local war that would last for years until one side or another backs off, then a fight spilling into another out of the way place. a world war is not in anyones best interest an nobody is crazy enough to fight one or try.

    5. i think this is why state governments declared pot stores an essenial business exempted from quaranteen shutdowns, everyone gets pissy about something but then either go home to watch tv or get high at the end of the day, not enough hard liners to really push much into real action. even out of the protests and riots most of them are just out getting arttention and venting frustration, its only a handful of nutcases who are using it as a cover to smash statues and be total dicks. i see maybe an increase in pissed off people bitching about stuff but at the end of the day most of them don’t care enough to risk their ass over it

  23. Antique Collector,,,,,
    Amish think when we get old, I am 73, that we just have a sale and retire.
    My ferrier is Amish, and he ask me when was I having my sale. I said what sale? He said, you are getting at an age to retire and sell out. I told him, no where in the Bible do I see the word retire. I told him my sale will happen upon my death. He was looking over my cows, calves and horses. Covetness???
    Then the Amish family that drives in four hours to get to hunt here, they know my farm from hunting the 50 acres that is wooded ( one of the largest buck in Ohio was taken here 4 years ago, he was a 16 point, but he had a massive body. We had to gather people to lift him in the FBI hunter’s truck to take him home. FBI like to drive to Ohio, to hunt here too.
    Anyway, here came my Amish family to lease the hunting this year and there elder ask if I would consider selling my 83 acres, with two rental homes, two ponds, springs and wells. They must like it here, there is also an Amish settlement here. But they hire a driver and travel 4 hours, one way to get here.
    Hope I answered your question.

  24. I found a great source for news–The Epoch Times. They report the facts and actually let you make up your own mind. They don’t tell you what you “should” think. I am so sick of anti-Republican, anti-Trump media. Today they published an hour-long documentary building the case for the claim that top China Communist Party (CCP) officials knew COVID-10 was airborne in late December. They present overwhelming evidence for the claim that the CCP purposely misled the rest of the world about the severity of the disease. They also present some circumstantial evidence for the claim that the virus was genetically altered at the BSL-4 lab in Wuhan and that it escaped because of poorly trained technicians and lack of safety protocols. The documentary also notes that China shut down domestic travel but not international travel–the CCP didn’t want the rest of the world to know how bad the virus was. They were afraid foreign investors would pull out. of their economy. Meanwhile, they placed large orders for PPE. I strongly recommend this site. Check them out. It costs a few dollars a month for the subscription. (You get a certain number of articles for free if you don’t want to join.)


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