What I Did to Prep This Week

What I Did To Prep This Week: June 28th – July 4th 2020

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Hello Pack. Happy Independence Day, and Happy 4th of July!

With everything going on in our country right now, it is more important than ever, both as Americans and preppers, to remain keenly aware of this nations’ past and focus on preserving the greatest nation in the world for future generations.

Being concerned about what kind of country we will be leaving our grandkids compelled me to attend a citizen impact committee meeting the incredible gun training center, On Guard Defense, this week.

My Bobby went to the first meeting last week (and Constitution classes both weeks) but since I am still missing three teeth (front and side) from a barn “oops” months ago and my oral surgeon is still not open due to asinine pandemic fears, I have rarely been out in public.

But, this is an excellent group of people and the need to do my part to preserve this sanctuary of Americanism that our county embodies was more important than my vanity.

It was an invigorating and highly successful meeting, looking forward to next steps to work within the group and with other existing organizations to prepare and preserve our county – and support our local heroes who don’t wear capes but police uniforms, firefighter bunker gear, and EMS attire every day for damn little pay.

As my prepping pal Survivor Jane always says, “We are all in this together.” The more informed, trained, and prepared our community is, the better the chances of survival of my family will be when the SHTF.

This enhanced level of preparedness in our rural county of about 13,842 people also will decrease the number of heart-wrenching occurrences of people showing up at our gate with injured loved ones and starving kids begging for a little bit of food.

Giving away just a single can of food a day will not stave off starvation for the unprepared, but doing that multiple times surely could mean our grandchildren will one day be forced into the same desperate position. I am not willing to let that happen.

I prefer to practice Christian charity now, and help others become informed, prepared, and share seeds, plants, apothecary products, and skills training instead of giving away what we have stockpiled when disaster strikes.

As the photo below shows, our tomato plants are doing awesome. This is the first year we have used hog panels to help support them. I loathe tomato cages, and prefer staking – we did a bit of both.

tomato plants in garden

But, I think the way the plants naturally vine through the hog panels might be the easiest and best option yet.

This Week’s Questions

  1. How are you celebrating and honoring America’s birthday?
  2. How do you support your tomato plants?
  3. What are you doing to help others in your community become aware and prepared for a disaster?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?
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99 thoughts on “What I Did To Prep This Week: June 28th – July 4th 2020

  1. Symptoms of COVID-19 resurfaced this week. My doctor said that was typical. I had terrible night sweats even though I felt like I was freezing. This is a such a strange disease. I shared this last week but I doubt many saw it. Check out this video by The Epoch Times. They denounce the Chinese Communist Party for failure to disclose information about the novel coronavirus. They also make a good case for the claim that the virus escaped from the BSL-4 lab in Wuhan. https://www.theepochtimes.com/programming-alert-new-documentary-about-the-coverup-of-the-century-to-premiere_3402285.html

    1. Bam bam ,,,,,wish I could tell you it will get better ,,,,,,I’m still having lots of problems after having it in mid March ,it didn’t kill me but ,,,,,,,,,, symptoms keep coming back ,,cough ,,hard to breath at times ,,chest pain ,,,,body rash all over ,,,feet on fire ,,,,loss of taste and smell , have real questions if I can keep ranching and maintain life style ,
      Was talking with field man from CO -OP he was telling me about member farmer that spent 6 weeks in ICU and 4 weeks in rehab, 56 years old ,,, his Dad 85 died from it ,110 year family farm is going to be sold to pay the bills (about 1 million)
      When someone tells me there not going to wear a mask when needed I say ,”can’t fix stupid”
      I know how and when and who I got it from , have forgiveness as we didn’t know what we were dealing whit then but now we do , I now tell folks to mask up when it’s needed nicely and try to explain the how’s and why’s. I have posted a bunch about this ,hope it reaches some ,think its more important than talking about buying more rice and beans,
      Tea and chocolate

      1. Oldhomesteader,

        I thought I escaped with a very mild case. I felt perfectly fine last week. But this week I have spent four days in bed. I have had terrible chills. I was so cold but I was sweating at the same time. I never had a cough. Today is actually the first day in a week that I feel better.

        Do check out the video I posted. This is an genetically modified virus that escaped from the lab in Wuhan.

        1. BamBam
          Back in the day it was one of the concerns you spoke about occurring. I remember as I was new on this type of virus and you were doing your do diligence to keep us all informed(SARS/H7N9).

          Shall never forget, especially when acdh was in the ICU and people were so desperately ill and some were dying with a matter of hours from the onset (H1-N1) brought home via college students into a small rural community. Spread like wild fire there and into other cities up & down the west coast. How quickly people forget that onslaught, ICU’s were packed, hospitals were having to shift patients to other area hospitals do to the over flow.
          Acdh was taken out of ICU in to the secondary wing for his protection and they needed be space.

          I question if that(H1N1/SARS) was the precursor to they let lose on the world this time. Personally would love to see a world wide law suit against the CCP for lack of medical ethics.

    2. Bam Bam,

      Sorry to hear you’re having a relapse of Kung Flu. Does not sound like fun, at all.

      I’ve suspected from the beginning that the bug escaped from that lab in Wuhan. Third World countries just do not seem to have suitable protections and safety supervision in their labs.

  2. At Menards getting a 🚪 and other supplies. Check back later. I have a couple of questions for the group.

    1. Questions we’ve been discussing at home:
      1. How much do you give to others? At what point are you being taken advantage of and stop?
      **My doctor neighbor with a college administrator spouse keep wanting eggs for free. I offered some extras during the lockdown, and they declined. Now they’re walking over or sending the kids for eggs. They have never offered to pay. I guess the “Eggs for Sale” sign that I used to have at the end of my driveway was misinterpreted. I have now put a sign reading, “Eggs Sold Out” at the road. Maybe this will stop them. I think they’re used to people treating them like royalty because of their positions in the community. I don’t want to tick them off because I may very well need their skills some day, but I can’t keep providing eggs for a family of six.

      **DH’s cousin was in the house buying eggs and saw the green beans I had canned. She hinted BIG TIME that I should give some to her. After all, she can’t find the brand she likes at Kroger and she doesn’t have the time to can them herself.

      2. Is it okay to take advantage of free food handouts that have been funded by the government?
      **Local churches and other organizations have received grants to provide a box of fresh produce and a box of dairy foods. One box per family, no requirements to receive it, and no identification is required at the time of pick-up. You simply drive up and the food is loaded in your car.

      **Families can also pick up foods that provide five breakfasts and five lunches, including milk, every Monday. They can get for all kids in their home. Other individuals can get for kids they care for in their home. (Grandparents who babysit for grandkids.)

      3. I use cabbage in my vegetable soup. Has anyone used dehydrated cabbage? What advice do you have?

      This week:
      -Chicks are growing. I need to move the older ones.

      -Continually battling weeds, insects, critters, and water woes.
      -Harvesting; cabbage, yellow squash, spaghetti squash, zucchini, broccoli, cucumbers,

      *Food Preserved:
      -Canned; 26 pints of pickled beets, 10 pints of Chow Chow,

      *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: canned milk, sugar, disposable aluminum pans, lots of hand sanitizer, lots of disposable diapers and shoes for grandkids, kitchen wipes, canned foods, condiments, spices, academic workbooks for grandkids, vinegar, TP, Kleenex, toiletries, trail mix, plastic food bags, paper lunch bags, hydrogen peroxide, lemonade powder mix, granola bars, pickling salt,

      -I purchased a lot of fabric, elastic, and thread. I’m making masks for DD (teacher) and school-age grandkids. They are supposed to wear them when at school. I’m also making extras that I hope to sell.
      -People seem to be waking up and starting to prepare.
      -I reinjured my knee with the torn meniscus. It’s not too bad, but it is slowing me down.

      1. How are you celebrating and honoring America’s birthday?
      We’re not really doing anything. Is getting ready for what’s about to happen in America celebrating?
      2. How do you support your tomato plants?
      I use tomato cages. They’re not perfect, but the more heavy duty ones aren’t too bad.
      3. What are you doing to help others in your community become aware and prepared for a disaster?
      I have recently had several conversations with people about how to prepare. I’m still trying to convince my parents who eat ABSOLUTELY EVERY meal out to stock up on food. I have taken a lot to them and they did get some for the COVID lockdown, but I don’t feel that they’re ready for what’s coming.
      4. What did you do to prep this week? See above.

      It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

      1. Prepared Grammy,

        How much you are willing to give away, especially to those who have the means to pay for them, is up to you. I understand the problem with your neighbors and I think you handled it well when the piggy bank ran dry (so to speak). As to DH’s cousin, obviously she knows eggs cost. A “sample” green bean jar may be in order if you have enough to sell. If not, I guess you’ll have to tell her you only have enough for your family.

        I do not believe people should take advantage of government or charities. If you can afford food for your family (with some extra for the stash), pay for your house (mortgage/rent and maintenance) and utilities, your should not take advantage of the giveaways obviously meant for those who can’t pay for everything they need to survive.

        That is my opinion. It is a moral choice when the freebies are available and you don’t truly need them. In my case, I can afford what I need and will not take advantage of the handouts. If you need the handouts, take them. I certainly will not judge.

        I’ve never used dehydrated cabbage. I prefer sauerkraut.

          1. In the scenario with cousin, I would respond that I would be glad to teach you how to can if you want to help me. What’s a good day for you to do that?
            Her response would be either,”I can’t or ok. Helping you would show her the value of all the hours of work of canning food. If she is not interested, ” well, I guess you will have to buy yours at the store”. Said in a pleasant cheery voice.
            I like your idea about the dr and the eggs.

        1. Zulu,

          I totally agree with you. A few years ago we had a pretty bad tropical storm roll through the area. Some places lost electricity for four days. The state was offering $500 food stamp cards to anyone who lost the contents of their refrigerator. We have a generator and so didn’t lose anything. Others who didn’t lose power took advantage of the situation. I lost respect for those who gamed the system. The state should have conferred with the electric company to see if each person’s address on license match a power outage.

          1. Bam Bam,

            I think it was one of the hurricanes in 1994, we lost power for a week and had no generator. We were a four person family then, so our reefer and freezer was full. Our income level was not as high as it is now, so we took advantage of the food stamp offer from the state. I didn’t feel good about doing it, but we had two kids to feed.

            As I remember you had to make a claim and state the amount of food loss you had. We didn’t claim the full amount.

      2. PG:

        1. That is why “giveaways” are bad. They make dependents of people. And it does not matter the source.

        2. Will you become dependent on those “free-be’s”. If so, don’t because they WILL go away.

        3. Can’t help with the cabbage. Not on my “things I won’t eat until I’m starving” list.

      3. PG, For the knee… try magnesium oil rub it on several times a day… i read an article today on it and am going to try myself. supposed to help with pain and mobility?
        You need to tell the people who are leeches, the Egg Fairy has moved. With feed being so expensive the hens have cut back on their production.. Your family is needing most of what you receive/.. Start putting your extras in lime water… I am working on a bucket that is about 8 months.. as long as they are not cracked,not washed and clean they store well this way…about 10 months they are still good, they do stick to the shell.. and are mostly for scrambled eggs… I have friend who keeps them up to 18 months. .if want 3 dozen send them one dozen or a half dozen…
        on the free food handouts.. I would get any free food available and secure it for long term if not needed by family that day or next.
        On the cabbage, no input on use, blanche and shred for quicker dehydrating and rehydration…..we eat so little, due to medical conditions.. now,Broccoli we love but must eat sparingly .always dehydrate extra. and eat as crunchies., add to pasta and rice dishes for an additional veggie.
        We recently hatched out some chicks as well. we ahve 11 in brooder about a week old. Plan is to put on another incubator early this week… waiting on a certain hen to give me 2 more eggs.

        1. PG, to clarify, on the freebie food for all without Id, i would take it as long as there was plenty, enough for all. probably go at end of day/offering.. many times extras are thrown away.. i would salvage all possible and available. it could be given to those in need later., if your family has excess…and your families are fed… used for barter… even for labor….. the poor you will always have with you….there will also be leeches. neighbors or family.. would be a good idea to tell DH’s family member guess you better try another brand.or check at a different store….see if they can order yours in….say it sweetly and they will nt even realize they have been deliberately turned toward independence.

          1. AA, After posting my comment, I was told that there are so many boxes left that the volunteers who are distributing the boxes are taking home MANY boxes. They aren’t able to use all of the food before it spoils. This is very upsetting to me. I feel as if my tax dollars are being wasted.

            Thank you for the reminder about waterglassing eggs. I was going to do that, but it slipped my mind. I’m going to start. Thanks again!

        2. AA,

          My mother always told me I was too direct–that I lacked tact. I would have just told the folks next door, no money, not eggs. Feed costs money. That’s why I charge for the eggs.

          1. Bam Bam:

            I had an officer when I was in the service tell me my “tact” had an “at” in front of it!

      4. About doing for others….
        I’ll need to get into town this week to get my propane tanks refilled and a new valve on one. Neighbor always loads them and ties them down for the drive. Then he puts them away for me. When I don’t have enough cash on hand I make the trip with him so I can use my debit card.
        Neighbor and another lady and her now grown kids are my prepping buddies. She and the little kids lived with me for a while when her husband abandoned them and their home burned down. They were living in their van and had no food for days and no milk for the baby. Family wouldn’t help. Last year when I started telling them to get serious about storing food and med supplies they started doing just that. The baby boy, now grown, had been saying the same thing and doing what he could. He even found grandmas old root cellar dug into the hillside and repaired that. They live on the the Navajo reservation 45 miles from me.
        To get Neighbor and “daughter” started I filled a 5 gallon bucket with pasta, dry mixes, canned meats, and vegetables and added 20lb of rice and 20 lb of pinto beans for each family. I explained what I have is for us but this is a sample of what they need to get and store. Don’t eat it up right now or when really hard times come you’ll be starving. I also told them to buy fruit and drink mixes and get containers and store up water. Both are doing that. I also showed them to look at the drink mixes they get. Some have 0 food values. Some will have calories that will help in lean times. Some have vitamin C. Taught them to compare price per ounce. Get more for your money. Have done the same for a grandson and ex daughter in law. They realised how it can be when the saw the panic buying strip shelves bare. Now they are prepping and putting together better bug out bags. Including a medical bag or good first aid kit in the bag they carry and things to have in the car. For us bugging out to the mountain above us is out of the question unless I can drive to a spot. We can bug out in the truck and stay in it if necessary. Or we lock down and stay home. Husbands Alzheimer’s is getting worse he’s getting to where walking is getting hard. He has poor bowel control and a shower for clean up is wonderful. With my idiopathic peripheral neuropathy I can’t walk long at a time. We have a second well and a manual winch ready to install. I need to buy a well bucket. It’s near my backdoor. I’m hoping my neighbor can get the tractor repairs done and can dig a good root cellar for me. I have materials to safely cover it and build the new chicken coop and a nice run on top. The coop storage area and brooder pens will be over the cellar. I can enter and exit through the coop and it will move to chickens into back yard where I can watch them.
        As for my neighbors, I encourage gardening and canning. Some of the older folks do that as a way of life. The younger folks say they are too busy but they remember the older folks gardening, canning and sun drying things for winter while still working. All I can do is encourage them to do it.
        I don’t and won’t be handing out to just anyone showing up at my door. I can’t afford it. I teach some how to can food and encourage it. If they will buy jars, a canner..water bath or pressure I’ll teach them to use it. Just a few takers on that offer.

      5. PG – 1) I only give away what I have too much of and only so long as I have too much. I’ve never actually had anyone ask for something that wasn’t extra or they weren’t willing to make some sort of trade. 2) Free food – I would probably get some and take it to someone who might need it more than me. Most of the giveaways end up with excess. Georgia is actually working with farmers to sell boxes of fresh produce for an excellent price. Since people have to pay for it then pick it up, I doubt much is being wasted. Many “city” types are buying the boxes and figuring out what to do with the food. 3) Cabbage – no clue.

  3. I did my grocery shopping twice this week and added to my food stash. Publix is doing better with their TP stock. Not 100%, maybe closer to 60%. Reefer case meat products are still rationed.

    Bought a new safe. Bigger than my current model, but not a full-fledged gun safe. Supposed to be delivered on Weds. I hope UPS will bring it upstairs. Also bought some more silver rounds for the Ex at her request.

    The Orlando area people zoo has been reasonably quiet. It hasn’t been disturbed recently.

    I saw a very amusing video on-line. Some stupid woke girl figured she’d try to spook a police horse and get the rider thrown. Didn’t work out well for her. All she managed to do was get the horse to “horse kick” her in the face. It happened very fast and I don’t think the officer even noticed. The girl fell down, then got up running away with blood all over her face. I’m a big city boy and I knew not to approach a horse like that, especially a police horse. We did get a short training period during the police academy about behavior around horses as several area departments had mounted units that often deployed to assist neighboring agencies. Basically, Horse Rule #1 was “Do not sneak up behind a horse.” We also got training working around K-9s. Dog Rule #1 was don’t run when the dog is off-leash and chasing a bad guy except behind the handler. Dog Rule #2 was don’t try to pet the dog without the handler giving permission first.

    Generally, all I’ve done this week was watch people be stupid on TV and on-line. I also babysat granddaughter for three days and had a great time. She is so smart for her age.

    I’m also wondering if China’s Three Gorges Dam is going to give way full bore. The Kung Flu will be nothing compared to that dam fully giving way.

    Tara’s little granddaughter is such a cutie with her sparklers. 😊

    This Week’s Questions

    1. How are you celebrating and honoring America’s birthday?

    Pretty much just keeping a low profile.

    2. How do you support your tomato plants?

    No tomato plants to support.

    3. What are you doing to help others in your community become aware and prepared for a disaster?

    When the topic comes up, I will provide tips and tricks for prepping. I talk with my family all of the time about prepping

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    1. Prepared Grammy

      But, but,
      I can’t afford. I don’t have the time….
      but you do….to offer handouts? Really?
      It so discusses me, the people of that mindset.
      I don’t have time. I don’t have the money, so I will just take from you.

      No you won’t. I am not your paid baby sitter.

      Good job on the projectile purchase, BTW

      1. I now know who will be at my door when things get really bad. Doctor’s family is anti 2A. DH’s cousin has plenty of money and food. She’s willing to work a white collar job, but the only physical activity she does is yoga. Gardening and canning is too much work for her and her husband. She has other family/neighbors that she mooches from. I’m NOT going to be on that list. She even talked about how she had to scrape the bottom of her purse to find enough money for the eggs. Glad she found it.

        1. Prepared Grammy
          I hear ya
          An all too familiar, setting that hits home with all of us, in one form or another.
          There are way too many people out there, with same mind set as those you have experienced.
          Sad, really.

        2. I mentioned their anti firearm feelings, but failed to add my the rest. (I was interrupted for a few minutes and didn’t finish my thought.) This family has commented that their kids have never been exposed to firearms until they moved near us. (They said it as if we had poisoned the precious little ones.) The kids were at a friend’s house in town when everyone heard a bang and wondered if it was a gunshot or fireworks. The kids knew it was fireworks, and this embarrassed doctor and college admin. This embarrassment was our fault. My response: Isn’t it great that your kids know the difference? This is a great skill to have. They know whether to look up or take cover. Dad looked at me with his mouth open, as if this never occurred to him.

  4. Just having a Bar-B-Q with my DW, maybe a few Gin n Tonics? Fireworks tonight. We use wire tomato cages to support ours, but it’s too hot here now for them.

    Only dehydrated more peppers, got more food put away from the store, TP, and ordered 2 boxes of .410 ammo for my snake gun.

    Started a Neighborhood watch in our area, helped 3 neighbors set up there gardens, praying -praying- and praying for our President, Government, and God Elect people. ( Yup, I’m a Calvinist Baptist)

      1. Jean, we have a lime tree, so we have to drink them or else the limes go to waste. At least that is what we tell ourselves.

    1. Found an article on ZH on how all of America should become Preppers by Michael Snyder, given what we expect what will happen in the second half of 2020. Sent multiple copies to family and friends.

  5. (1) Our family will get together this evening for pizza and will light up some fireworks together.
    (2) I use the dreaded tomato cages for mine! At the end of the season, I carefully stack them about 3 per stack and store them in my garden shed. They’ve held up well over about 7 or 8 years now….
    (3) I share seeds, small plants, and my knowledge with anyone who is interested in becoming more self sufficient. The term “prepare” doesn’t come up much, unless I know the person very well. When it does, I like to run some “what-if” scenarios by them to see how prepared they truly are. Then I offer suggestions to help them get ready.
    (4) I did a lot this week….canned salsa, planted a mango tree, mulched and weeded around plants and trees; ordered cheese and kefir cultures; restocked vaccine and de-wormers for my goat herd; dehydrated herbs and moringa leaves; and ordered weed block cloth and other gardening supplies for my fall garden. Good week for me!

  6. Taras questions

    not doing much, just working as always

    i wrote an article a few years ago about this topic, i used dolar store zip ties and a pile of long think ash sapling and branch poles to make A frame structures, couldn’t se the tomatoes from the outside but they all hung down inside, just had to reach in and pick em. still do about the same, just make a crude frame from branches and whatever, they last 1 to 4 years depending what species i use.

    nothing, this is a farming area in upstate ny (the real upstate, litterally ny ends 5 miles north of me and Quebec starts) anyway we are used to crappy roads and infrastructure from being bled for taxes and ignored by the state, power outages can last weeks, and even in good times stores lack stuff. so most people here just kind of ignore whats going on. i gave up trying to advise people long ago, nobody ever took my advice, even when i was giving forest managment advice when i was a forester and asked for my advice my advice was imediatly ignored unless it was what the person already planned to do.

    weeded the garden, the corn, beans, turnips, potatos, peppers, tomatos, and cuccumbers doing ok, the lettuce, acorn squash, onions, beets, radishes, cabbage, and spinach mostly failed, the butternut squash and pumpkins are mediocre, and the broccoli totally failed. jeruselam artichokes doing ok finally since the cattle aren’t eating them this year (no cattle this year). brush hogged the orchard and sugarbush and the hay field area (not big enough to bother haying it). cut some more firewood, burned more slash, got 800 board feet of lumber from the amish mill (cost $110 milling fee) came from my own logs, got the slab to cut up. dropped off the next load of logs. ran out of bar oil on thursday so rode bike 15 miles to town in 95 heat and humidity and rode home against wind with a case of bar oil strapped to my back. a few other things done.

  7. 1. How are you celebrating and honoring America’s birthday?
    Were bbq hamburger steaks and eating sweet cold watermelon.
    2. How do you support your tomato plants?
    An odd. Stretch of fence left in my yard is now supporting a cucumber and some tomato vines.
    3. What are you doing to help others in your community become aware and prepared for a disaster?
    Mostly I teach others what i live. Keep encouraging them to be putting away food and other supplies even if it’s just a little every payday.
    4. What did you do to prep this week? Set aside a bit of cash for the stash. Not rich enough to put away a lot but still it’s something.
    Still seem to be s tuck at around 12 oz volumn of solid food per day. Leaves me tired and weak quickly when I do anything. Working on perhaps a small snack during the day. Cottage cheese is one of the few things that goes down easy. Two small meals would be a big improvement.

    1. Clergylady, do what you can to increase your protein, your strength and healing will increase quicker. cottage cheese, yogurt, peanut butter, cream cheeses… maybe with crackers.? try for a grazing method… eating a small amount every hour to 90 minutes. Long ago and far away i had a drastic surgery .. I could eat 45 cc at a meal. andin addition needed 50 oz water/and hadto space it 30 min from all food intake. If you like hot chocolate try adding some kind of protein powder it.. or collagen powder to bone broth. Collagen has 6 grams protein powder per serving. Minimum protein should be 70-90 grams for healing. try to eat some carb with every protein…for better energy.

  8. Happy Fourth of July everyone!

    Cute picture of the grandbaby with a sparkler and big smile!
    Not much Fourth of July celebrations for me this year. First of all, town has cancelled fireworks display for fear that gathering of crowds will spread the COVID virus that seems to be making a second round. Heard on the news that Miami Beach will be closed this weekend, but who cares—Miami beach would not be a place I would want to be anyway. I did put out the American Flags and we had grilled hotdogs and sweet watermelon for lunch. Going down to the pool later and then back to the house to be with the dog & cat when neighborhood residents shoot off their own fireworks tonight. Poor fur baby’s are terrified of fireworks.

    Tara’s questions this week:
    1. Celebration is grilled hotdogs and being with animals to keep them calm.
    2. I use those dreaded tomato hoops – don’t like them much, but they are cheap, and if I lash them together with twine, they steady up pretty well when top heavy from the plants.
    3. I really haven’t done much to help others yet, only because I am new to this hood, but I know there are those in need out there.
    4. Haven’t done much to prep this week, but vegetables are coming in now, and hope to can and dehydrate.

  9. Puppy is extremely happy he is back home. Me too!!! I bought him a Kong extreme, 4 new puppy frisbees and his favorite dog food. Buffalo blue made with venison,trout and rabbit. He’s catching frisbee great again.

    Is doing great, so many tomatoes, cucumbers and squash.

    Fruit trees
    Peaches are pulling branches down low.

    Put the American flag out.
    Bought mortar artillery shells.
    Bought hot dogs, hamburger and steaks.
    Got fire pit ready.
    Bought a case of Yuengling beer (oldest American brewery)

    Changed batteries in smoke detectors
    Changed batteries in motion detectors
    Checked out new firearm on the list Desert tech 50 Cal. It has 4 different calibers that can be changed out.

    I was horrified today. I saw a police escort of what I thought was an American soldier’s funeral, so I pulled off the road in respect. It turns out it was BLM protestor’s. I am so disgusted !!! At least it wasn’t a funeral or was it?

    Thor’s questions
    1. Do you think the Kung Flu was released intentionally by China/ Deep state Democrats to destroy America?

    2. Do you think BLM / Antifa will riot tonight?

    3. What would be the outcome of no police?

    4. Did you watch Trump’s great speech at Mt. Rushmore and what did you think of it?

    1. Tara’s questions
      1.How are you celebrating and honoring America’s birthday?
      See above
      2. How do you support your tomato plants?
      3.What are you doing to help others in your community become aware and prepared for a disaster?
      Tell them to prepare.

    2. Thor’s questions:
      Yes. Right from the get go, I didn’t like the smell of this.
      Yes, again. Just a uneasy feeling, I could be wrong….. it’s happened before that I have been wrong.
      No police?
      Same as having no preps.
      Unfortunately, we missed it.
      Busy tending with a horse, took a shower, and put some yummy t-bones on the grill.

    3. Thor’s questions

      1. Do you think the Kung Flu was released intentionally by China/ Deep state Democrats to destroy America?

      No, I think poorly trained and lazy lab techs in Wuhan were responsible. China just took advantage, followed by the liberals in the US.

      2. Do you think BLM / Antifa will riot tonight?

      No, I don’t think they will have full fledged riots. There may be some smaller versions. Of course, if some black criminal gets whacked by the police, that could change.

      3. What would be the outcome of no police?

      That takes very little imagination. There will be dead people all over the streets.

      4. Did you watch Trump’s great speech at Mt. Rushmore and what did you think of it.

      No, I did not see it. Forgot it was on.

    4. Thor’s questions
      1. Do you think the Kung Flu was released intentionally by China/ Deep state Democrats to destroy America? From the various sources I’ve read and listened to in the last 4 months, I think it was bad procedures for carcass disposal that caused the problem to get out of the lab.

      2. Do you think BLM / Antifa will riot tonight? Not in my neighborhood. The Montana State Constitution given the county Sheriff the authority to raise a posse from the populace when HE/SHE deems it necessary.

      3. What would be the outcome of no police? Average person hides from the bad people that steal and harm people and cry for the police. Then bad people run into people with a spine and bad people get hurt/killed because the police are not there to protect them.

      4. Did you watch Trump’s great speech at Mt. Rushmore and what did you think of it? Didn’t watch it.

      1. JP,

        Watch the video from Epoch Times that I posted above. They present evidence to back up the claim that it was poor lab management that lead to the virus escaping. They also present evidence for the claim that the virus was genetically modified. (A lead scientist at the Wuhan lab was the first person to discover that SARS came from bats. She found the cave with the infected bats and brought them back to her lab. There are genetic marks on four genes of the novel coronavirus that strongly suggests genetic modification.

        1. Bam Bam:

          I am quite convinced that they were “playing” with the virus.

          I have read multiple reports of sloppy/ignorant handling/transporting of live cultures.

    5. Thor’s questions
      1. doubtful, first off the whole deep state conspiracy thing is about as credible asmost of the quack ideas my drunk neighbors think up when they are high, or my crazy tranny uncle would come up out of nowhere. like the theory that vapor trails from jets are emiting chemicals to turn snow into plastic as a way for the government to make water undrinkable so they can sell bottled water to people. having worked for a governement office a few years and seeing how incopetant government tends to be i can’t give any credibility to these theories. there really isn’t much difference between a government office paper pusher dicking around all day on paperwork doing their job half assed and some cashier who dicks around all day doing things half assed, its just human nature. the local head of the dec for instance just tosses all the mail in the trash because he doesn’t have time to actually read any memos and if he did he would spend all his time on them. best to think of government as a slow brainless lumbering dinosaur that blunders around midlessly. that said i also doubt the chinese intentionally released it themselves since they got fucked over by it first and are still getting reamed out, they have nothing to gain from it. its possible it came from a lab since like any office a lab is staffed by people, not robots that do things perfect every time, some technician would just have to cut corners on sanitation or be forced to by not having proper ppe or whatever.

      2. i assume they do every night depending on where, but i doubt they will have any large coordinated activity if thats what your asking

      3. most likely never going to happen, even if police disband it won’t take long for someone else to take over, either a militia supported locally and more or less keeping the same laws in effect, or gangs would take over and run things demanding protection money.

      4. no tv, so i couldn’t

  10. Tara’s questions
    Staying home this go around.
    Got the flags flying high, as usual. May fire up the Bar b once again. And wonder how long our true Independence will last.
    Heavy duty Tomato cages. They still don’t work all that well ….
    I don’t bring it up, if someone eases into a conversation, I’ll support them. Co workers…I may suggest they start a garden or if they garden at all.
    I’ve tried in the past, it’s totally up to them to purchase that new side x side or new vehicle, or instead to prepaire for troubled times.
    Getting my creek fed twelve volt system in place. The flume is in. I need to shore it up with stone The creek is still running fast dispite the lack of rain.

    I counted my Mid May frost hit peach tree, today.
    I lost count at twenty something. Only one pear I could see, but it is a young tree.

    Take care, everyone. Have a safe 4th….and many more to come.
    GB the USA🇺🇸🎇🎆

  11. Tara’s Questions:
    1) We stay home each year & watch the fire works from our deck. May run down to the sisters house to ‘borrow’ some of her squash.😉
    2) Tomato cages-heavy weight round units. We have the lighter ones made years ago but since it only the two of us, not that many tomato plants put out for production. Along with acdh has issues with the seeds from the fruit.
    3) Have advised family what they need to do along with sending them the Mormon guide sheet for a year of food supplies. Offered to teach them how to water bath can certain foods for their own households..no takers. SO…ok

    Thor’s questions:
    1)Wuhan flu released intentionally-Maybe/Yes, but before it was perfected with a backup vaccine/inoculation.

    When a Chinese scientists is removed from a lab in BC Canada for unknown reasons. Escorted to the plane to exit the country, says a lot without the words being printed or spoken. Then after their departure this “WuHan” flu pops up where this scientist goes for more research, but do not worry it will not spread.
    OH, excuse me did not the SARS an H7-N9 and the H1-N1 not come from this country?
    *Not being snarky at you Thor1, but lack of intelligence by simple not following the obvious trail of bread crumps.*
    2) Antifa and blm rioting, depends on who is pulling their strings on this day. One can never tell, depends on the purse strings mho.
    3) No police- well…does the wild wild west sound about right. Especially after they tore down a locked heavy secure gate to threaten the husband & wife by trespassing on their property. Those whom live in ivory towers of gated communities are no safer than we, false security. Police were called and they refused to respond, makes you wonder who is protection who. We have retired family that are Leo’s, but thankfully not in that area.
    4) We only recorded part of the speech, someone did not set up the recorder correctly. He is very sorry..

    1. AC,

      The Trump administration has been cracking down on scientists who take “grants” from the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and in return steal intellectual material. Universities require faculty to disclose any grants from outside sources. The IRS requires that taxes be paid on such grants. China has a whole system set up in academia today to bribe faculty (usually Chinese born) to steal intellectual material.

      1. Bam Bam, several years ago my job included running the sales dept database. Time permitting, I spent quite a bit of time perusing university (and other) labs and following where these people were going. Obviously, lots of work in chem labs and such are run under gov’t grants. Yep, those Chinese fellowship and degree students wandered on back to China, including the Confucious Institute which is hardcore CCP controlled.

  12. This past week of preparing. Most was simple replacement of what we had used up. Compiling a shopping list for a major search & harvest mission. Last time df & I went into Costco was a while back. We dislike the beginning of the month shopping do to SS & eagle poop day, so we try to do it shortly there after.
    As in the past, I expect to only find about half of my items on the list because of shortages all over the country but then again processing may have up ticked since the last shopping spree.

    Cut the carpet for the front porch entrance to be installed in the following days. Today was to warm by the time I got around to this project. Some folks have bucket lists of where they want to travel, mine are projects that have not had the time to take care of, so each time I accomplish one. Tell dh will that is another one off my bucket list.🤗
    Yesterday was decluttering the master bedroom, an it is still in the process. Clothes we do not wear will go to a charity organization, excess work clothes will be sent to storage. Wear out what we require at the place now and have back ups for the future, that included shoes.

    Checking on friends & close family that have health issues at this time. That is all for this week beside painting the decking for preparation of it to be installed.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July.

  13. This Week’s Questions

    1. How are you celebrating and honoring America’s birthday? Enjoying the peace and blessings that I have inherited.

    2. How do you support your tomato plants? Cone shaped 5′ cages.

    3. What are you doing to help others in your community become aware and prepared for a disaster? Those that will listen. Then the action is for them to take.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well…

    We got our first carrots from our “porch garden”. They came out like they were supposed to. DW is harvesting them and some of the lettuce plants and replanting the next crop.

    I found out that Mossberg has not had anyone in their plant making shotguns (especially the Maverick 88 series) since March. That would explain why I haven’t seen any lately.

    Murdock’s (a ranch supply store) had a military appreciation sale the 1-3rd. Got mags for 15% off and ammo for 10% off.

    Picked up the 2017 van on Wednesday. Added it to the insurance and got plates.

    Supply Run: potato flakes; powdered milk; ammo; AR mags; history DVD;

    Received: Ammo; butter keeper; 308 mags; AF #10 can food; ultra slim AR forward handstops; grip plug for G43X; PSA AR15 Lower;

  14. Hello,

    No real preps this week, just got ready to have friends over yesterday. That’s number one.
    #2 – No tomatoes.
    #3 – I teach people how to shoot. I advise anyone who listens what to sock away. Then I give them a huge piece of advice. “If you didn’t listen, and the S___ hits the fan, don’t come to my house. Then, it’s my turn to not listen when you’re begging. “
    #4 – Like I said, no preps. Just chipping away at a business plan and looking at Tennessee real estate.

  15. I thought about going to a BLM protest in the next town over, but I couldn’t be sure that folks would be wearing masks and social distancing, so I decided to stay home. Watched “A Capitol Fourth” on PBS. Great performance by the Temptations. They sound as good as they did fifty years ago. Motown is the sound track of my youth. Still sounds great today. No preps this week, took some time off. Happy fourth, all.

    1. TwoShoes,

      I’ve been to enough protests as a police officer. I have no motivation to go to a BLM protest just to watch. Any protest can go stupid with little or no warning. BLM is a communist organization anyway and I don’t want them feeling more supported than they already are.

  16. How are you celebrating and honoring America’s birthday? I don’t do celebrations, not worth the effort.

    How do you support your tomato plants? Cheap cages.

    What are you doing to help others in your community become aware and prepared for a disaster? They are on their own.

    What did you do to prep this week? Nothing really, fighting my sleep disorder and PAD in my left leg. When it is bad like now I have a cold burning pain in my shin and instep of my left foot. I have to be totally exhausted to get to sleep. Then I sleep 9 or 10 hours. That gets me out sync with the sun. Then I get stuck that way, up all night and sleep all day. That is fine on the weekends because my wife works overnights then but during the week I can not get anything done outside. Right now I could be fixing the engine on my Kubota but working at night just feels wrong. I actually feel energetic so I probably will get started after I get some food.

    I did have something odd happen. Monday afternoon I tried to get my yard mowed before the afternoon thunderstorm hit. After 15 minutes it started to rain so I ran the mower back under the garage. Just as I opened the back door lightning struck on the other side of my home. Close but I was OK and did not think anymore about it. The next afternoon my wife noticed smoke coming from under a big oak tree at the corner of my yard and driveway. I have left a 12 ft circle of palmettos and brush around the tree. Half of that was burned up with the tree leaves withered 15 ft up the tree. The tree itself was not struck, the fire started in the ground and even now it is still smoldering and the ring of burn ground goes completely around the tree. The area around it is mowed and with the daily rain everything is wet so no danger of it spreading. From now own I will go check all my yard and building after a close strike.
    Keeping our granddaughter has been tiring but rewarding. Last week she made a maturity jump. She does that, we know when she suddenly starts eating and willing to take a nap she is making a growing spurt. Each time is accompanied by a maturity jump. This is what our daughter (a hair dresser) posted on FB the other day.

    “Took Bea to the store today and let her pick out a new toy, she picked a Disney princess hair salon set with a little plastic blow dryer, paddle brush, flat iron etc. (Just like mommy aww moment) She is obsessed, has to open it in the car to start playing with it, loves it.
    She’s been playing with it nonstop since we got home and she disappeared into her room with it. After a while I went in to check on her.
    Me: “Are you ok in here, baby?”
    Bea: “Yeah! Mommy, ‘tend (how she says “pretend”) you a visitor!”
    Me: “A visitor?”
    Bea: “Yeah, ‘tend this my cutting shop and you a visitor!”
    Me: “Oh, this is your salon? I’m a customer?”
    Bea: “Yeah! You knock on the door and come in!” *pushes me out the door*
    Me: *knocks on door, Bea opens it*
    Bea: “Hi visitor!”
    Me: “Hi, I want a haircut please!”
    Bea: “No!”
    Me: “What?? Why?”
    Bea: “It’s closed!”
    Me: “Why is it closed??”
    Bea: “Ronavirus!!”

    Just like after Dec 7, 1941, the world will be much changed in the next four years. I have little to offer here but I do appreciate what everyone else is sharing. If I recall correctly one member said they had inside information that the virus was going to be bad so get ready. I did but fortunately for us at least in my area we have escaped the worse so far. Not to say it is over by a long shot and other forces are in the wings warming up.

  17. Tara’s Q: celebrated my freedom by displaying our flag. Watched the program at the Capitol. Wow! The military display, fly overs of all the best aircraft since 1942 was exhilarating. Such power and ingenuity over the years. For one to fly over 1800 miles an hour? Unbelievable. And for a helicopter to lift 24,000 pounds? Amazing.. I sang God bless America as a heavy prayer at the end of the program…

    My tomatoes are held up by 6 ft rounds of 3′ high rabbit fencing. But I like your idea better, Tara. Gonna try hog panels next year.

    I don’t speak about my prepping lifestyle since so many people know us and would assume we would rescue them. I’m not sure why, but I guess hungry people don’t think things through. We couldn’t possibly support more than 15 people on our place. Those are the ones who are already committed to being highly skilled contributors to the group. This crisis of toilet paper has given me a good opportunity to suggest others stock up. A young lady I mentor has finally taken my friend’s gun safety class and is asking where to buy gold. She is more open than ever. Yay.
    To prepare this week, finally made my first batch of plantain salve. Gathered seeds to start this month in the greenhouse for fall planting in the high desert, beets, carrots, brassicas, garlic, onions, cilantro, kale, spinach. Began picking Santa rosa plums, put out bird netting under the tree to catch the fruit and thwart the coons and deer. It worked well last year on my big apple trees so ordered 3 more big nets and some more clothes pins to attach. Canned more taco beef. Checking potato plants each week growing with straw mulch to see when ready to dig. I’ve never had such slow growth on all of my veggies. I’m finally getting flowers on the green beans, peppers on the jalapenos and green globes on the beefsteak tomatoes. Squash is pitiful. I’m gonna bury some dead fish near ’em. See if that helps.
    A few weeks ago I asked the group for feedback because DH is not on board with my game plan. This week he told me it’s not that he does not think it could happen, it’s that he cannot picture himself shooting anyone or not giving begging children food at the gate. Actually we don’t really know how we will handle a situation till we are in the middle of it. A pod member thought it might be possible to give out one food kit per family and spray paint their scalp to mark them. Not sure about that one….I just dont know. I just keep stockpiling.

    I’m looking at a busy week ahead. Sure hope these 70 year old joints can keep up. Prayers for BamBam, OH, Clergy Lady and whoever may have Covid 19 and not know it.
    Deep breath and press on! Blessings on ya all.

    1. My mom lived through the depression and told me that drifters would stop by the farm looking for food and a place to sleep. Her parents would agree only if the people would work. My grandparents would stretch whatever food they had to share in return for a good day’s work. It was mostly men and most would agree.

  18. Hey Tribe,,,,
    Long hot, humid week. Watered gardens daily, early or late. Got to bless a family that had to sell their goats over a year ago, financial crisis. They came and picked 3 Saanen goats out of the herd, 2 nannies and a buck. That should get them going again. Had a teaching moment when I quoted the scripture, Give and it shall be given to you, pressed down and shaken together and overflowing , I will open a window in heaven and pour out a blessing. I ask the Dad, who do you think will get the bigger blessing, he thought a moment and said, you will. Right answer. The look of joy in the little boy’s eyes was beyond comparison.
    Tara’s Q’s:
    1. Flag is always up here, on porch wall. Set up table and chairs on the porch , new tablecloth, crystal candle holder, footed cake plate and wine glasses. Had cold foods because of the heat. Meat roll ups with herbed cream cheese, salad from garden, lettuce, green onions, mustard and first tomatoes of the season. Cheeses, salsa and chips melon slices and chilled Sangaria. Fireworks went off at 5 adjoining farms, so it was spectacular from my porch. Watched ” The Patriot” movie later .
    Kept dogs inside while noise was going on.
    2. I use cattle panels ( 4’x16′) $22 @ TSC. and tie tomato plants as they grow. Best way I have ever found and I have tried all the methods you all have mentioned.
    3. If an opportunity arrives, I ask folks are they preparing and give examples of things they might do to prepare for unusual events in order to protect themselves in uncertain times. It could be a store clerk or anyone.
    4. Garden maintenance, takes up time, animals hydrated, needed extra water bowls, water troughs, extra salt / mineral blocks. Pitch forked manure from gates, with sweat dripping off of me started singing ” Mama Don’r Let You Babies Growup To Be Cowboys” to the cows while I worked.
    Joe2C, I did not see heavy fruit this year either on my trees. Weird weather???
    Well, TSB Family, hope you had a blessed 4th and pray for our nation and leaders.

    1. Sage,

      This is what happened to my dh and I on Wednesday. I posted this on Facebook.

      I think I had a God experience tonight. Mike and I went out to dinner. I have been under the weather and have not been cooking. After dinner, we stopped by a firework stand. Anna’s birthday is Monday. We are driving up to Jacksonville to celebrate her birthday on Sunday. We wanted to bring fireworks for J.J. and Mike to shoot off.

      While we were looking around I picked up a really cool set of rockets. (I didn’t see the price–$120. My dh said, “We can’t afford that.” A middle aged black man overheard his comment. I turned to me, opened his wallet, and handed me $40. He said, “I got all I need. God bless.”

      The $40 paid for all of our purchase with change left over.

      Why did this man walk up to me and hand me cash?

      The only reason I can think of is God.

      You see, last week Mike and I celebrated our anniversary. He took me out to Outback for an expensive steak dinner. After, I took him to Best Buy to get some quality headphones–he could no longer hear his computer usin the regular headphones. While at Best Buy I saw a homeless man in need. We had just eaten an expensive dinner and we were in line to purchase expensive headphones. He was black. I handed him $20 and said, “Go get something to eat.”

      I ask, is this just a coincidence? We are living in a racially charged time. How many white women had a black homeless man $20? How many black men hand a white woman $40 to buy fireworks? This just doesn’t happen!

      1. Bam bam ,,,,,,,i belive there is a circle in life ,the book tells us so ,I’m around very wealth people ,you will never know that they ,if there happy understand the circle ,,,some things the less said the better

        Tea and chocolate

        1. Old H.,

          My adopted son, who is not rich, post the same idea about the circle of life. I am still stunned that the man handed me that much cash. I will pay it forward. Mark my word. (Sorry, I am writing on my son’s phone, not a computer.)

      2. I didn’t get to post last week because I was having a yard sale… While working on stuff the week before, my neighbor, who said she was going to go in with me, and put some stuff out, never did put anything out, but she eyed a small stained glass window I had put a price of $30 on. She just ood and awwwd about it. I knew at that moment that I was going to give it to her at the end of the yard sale for helping me as she said she wanted to buy it if it was still there at the end. When I put stuff out that Thur evening, I purposely left it in the shed to give to her later. So, on Saturday, the yard sale ended at 2, I went and collected the signs, and we went inside until it cooled down a little to pack up everything that was left over. She put stuff in her car, and volunteered to take it to the thrift store that I wanted to take it all to, as it was close to her work place. I loaded up my car with the rest of the stuff and gave her the window. Around 6pm, while we were finishing up, a van pulled up in the driveway. A girl and her daughter walked up and looked around and said she wanted to buy one of the trunks, $10.. Then she saw another trunk I had, $25.. Total would be $35. Girl offered $30, so I agreed and she loaded them up and was gone back down the driveway just as quick as she pulled up… It was the exact price as what I was going to sell the window for. Only could be a God thing.

  19. This Week’s Questions
    1. How are you celebrating and honoring America’s birthday? We spent the day roaming around north Georgia, eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina. If we stopped somewhere that required masks, we left. We had a picnic lunch by a river near Lake Fontana and dinner at a restaurant in Franklin. Safe = never.
    2. How do you support your tomato plants? I have 54” cages on plants that are 16” on center. They generally work fine for the Roma and paste tomatoes but are about 4’ too short for the cherry tomatoes this year.
    3. What are you doing to help others in your community become aware and prepared for a disaster? I start with helping them learn to garden. I gave away some Thai Basil seedlings to three neighbors. So far, I only know that one kept them alive. Of the other two neighbors, both are growing some vegetables in their front yards, especially the neighbor who accepted the DH’s offer to till a small area in a sunny area of their yard. We have worked with them the most. Starting small and encouraging people to think about current things that have happened with the supply system helps. We also tell people we try to live more like our grandparents did.
    4. What did you do to prep this week? Mostly canning green beans and picking veggies from the garden. I have a bunch of squash to prep for the freezer and I gave most of my cucumbers to #2 daughter for pickling. I made another small batch of pesto for the freezer and dehydrated other herbs. Once again, I am immensely thankful the DH convinced me to go ahead and get our extra freezer.

    1. Most things that are good protein sources are so repulsive to me right now that I can’t swallow them. Cottage cheese and yogurt are still good and so is cream cheese on a bagel. A favorite snack is ripe tomatoes and cottage cheese. Even small snacks make me feel full for hours. But if I eaten a small meal close to mid day and a small meal of cottage cheese and tomatoes at dinner time I can usually get it down ok.
      Poor husband. I only cook now and then. It must be something I can start fairly quickly then sit down and time it. Then stir and serve. Maybe I can eat with him. Maybe not. I’m trying to eat more. I can eat Spanish rice if I add bell pepper and some browned hamburger to it and call it a meal. Any fruit or veggie will go down ok. I’m just limited by volumn. Somewhere between 1 and 1 1/2 cups and I’m so full it feels like I’ll pop. Sometimes my try at a second meal is just 1/2 of a can of fruit that has chilled in the refrigerator. Often it’s going down ok. Sometimes I still feel so full nothing goes down ok.
      At first I ate nothing for two weeks then I slowly add a little something as I could get it down. I still don’t ever feel hunger. Juices still seem so intense I must water them down to swallow them. A neighbor brings us their excess milk from the 3 grandkids wick. It’s a gallon every two weeks. I buy 2 gallons in between. One week chocolate milk was on sale so I bought one. We enjoyed it so much we drank the gallon in two days. It was a first in years. Still if I can afford it I’ll grab another chocolate milk.
      Our area Walmart sells sub style Sandwhiches with a nice amount of meat and cheese. Husband loves them. I buy three at a time so he has dinner or lunch if I don’t cook much. He’s enjoying them on these hot days.
      Neighbor either takes me to town or will shop for a written list for me. He’s been a life saver doing so much for me.

  20. Speaking of teeth, hubby went in last Tuesday, to get a molar pulled, he had to see a oral surgeon, and $850.00 versus $4500.00, well we went the cheap route, he took the last of his medication yesterday… I finally pulled out my Pressure canner, and did up some hamburger, easier then I thought but still watching the gage and keeping and eye on the heat my stove has a power burner so now know not to start the heat on 8 but 6.

    We did a Costco run after 6 months, and did pretty good we spent under $450.00 this should get us through fall, I know once the Boarder opens up Costco, will be overdrive busy, unless our neighbors, will stay home and not cross…

    Raspberries, are coming on strong every other day I’m picking a cereal bowl full, my tom tomato’s, are getting big, and my grapes have about 8 more weeks until I pick them again.

    Until next week, have a great week..

  21. Howdy Folks,

    Tara’s questions:
    1. Spent most of the day in the road visiting a Korean vet friend and delivering medical supplies to my son (he has the virous).
    2. Currently using the flimsy store-bought cages since someone stole all the ones I had made from concrete reinforcement wire.
    3. Currently only trying to assist one neighbor. She just this year got interested. For 10 years I taught disaster preparedness classes at churches, schools, in-home gatherings, fire stations and etc. (so much for Opsec, hugh?)
    4. Got 6 #10 cans of blue lake green beans (they were all dented pretty bad so I made and offer of $1 each and they took it). Going to measure out 2 of them and put in vac-sealed bags and put in freezer. The other 4 I’m draining and putting in dehydrator to store in vac-sealed pint jars. Gathered more tomatoes, okra and Polk. Will try to freeze the Polk. That’s about all I’ve done.
    Thor’s questions:
    Same answers as Zulu 3-6.

    Prayers for Old Homesteader, Clergy Lady, Bam-Bam and anyone else that needs them. I ask for prayers for my son and his best friend since high school. She got sick and thought it was just a sinuous infection. My son (since he is unemployed) went over to tend to her so her husband can continue to work. Turned out to be Covid-19, then he came down with it and the entire household is in quarantine.

    With a brother’s love,
    Curley Bull
    Matthew 24 & 1st Timothy 5:8

    1. Curley Bull:

      Prayers for your son. You do the best you can, and sometimes there’s a price to pay. He did good. It’s good you are close enough to provide some outside aid.

    2. Curley Bull,

      What are your son’s symptoms? I have talked to several people who have had the virus. So far just about everyone has a different set of symptoms. I didn’t experience a cough or any chest congestion. I had profuse sweating, chills and experienced hypothermia (temperature was 91.5). I had headache, body aches and a runny nose. I just couldn’t get warm and yet I was sweating like I was outside working in 95 degree temperature.

      1. The best way I know to describe his symptoms is think of the worse case flu symptoms X-3 and add trouble breathing. Her’s is about the same. Her poor husband and kids are caught in the middle.

  22. We drove to Jacksonville today for daughter’s birthday. She just moved over this week. Daddy wanted to see her new digs. She made taco casserole. Future son-in-law got her a fancy cake from Publix. We brought presents and balloons. A good time was had by all.

    This was the first time we had been to F-S-i-L’s house. It was clean and well organized. He showed off his security system. (That made Dad happy.) He showed us his AR. (That made both of us happy.) He also has a pistol that shoots both .45 and 410 shotgun shells. He calls it his “sorry, wrong house gun” because when people see it they say, “Sorry, wrong house.”

    His father is getting up their in years and is no longer able to do leather work. So he is sending F S-in-L (henceforth just “son”) his leather working tools. Son wants to get into leather working. That gave me the idea to get him a book on leather working for Christmas. He also said he wanted to learn how to play guitar. He already has the guitar, amplifier and stool. So I got him a book on that.

    I like to buy Christmas gifts early, when I find good sales or I come up with a really good idea. I will get him a collection of hot sauces, and he is done. I already have two Life is Good shirts that I got for him a few weeks ago when they were on clearance–with a 25 percent discount!

    They are getting married in October, the same day as the Florida v. LSU game.

  23. Thor’s questions
    1. Do you think the Kung Flu was released intentionally by China/ Deep state Democrats to destroy America? No but I think everyone is taking advantage of it to destroy the US.
    2. Do you think BLM / Antifa will riot tonight? Well, since hind sight is 20/20, no. Honestly though, I wasn’t sure – it was a full moon after all.
    3. What would be the outcome of no police? Lots of dead bodies.
    4. Did you watch Trump’s great speech at Mt. Rushmore and what did you think of it? No.

  24. Bam Bam,,,,
    Been busy and the heat so oppressive that i do not desire coffee had not read your post 5 AM.
    I believe that being lead by the Holy Spirit, leads us to accomplish God’s will. It might be giving money or whatever. And I loved how it came home to you right away. God loves us so, he uses whomever to teach us life lessons, like paying it forward. If we listen to that voice within us..I started two homeless shelters in Ohio, had I not been lead of God, I’d have given up and quit. One county told me they did not need one, and ask me to leave their joint agency meetings, after being asked to leave for three months in a row, I showed them a woman living under a sheet of plywood outside their municipal building and she had a baby. Finally they listened, children should not live under bridges and in refrigerator boxes!! Not in America. That two years was difficult, it is now serving that county. So, for 4 years of my life, two shelters went in. Lead by God’s spirit, we can live up to the potential He purposed us for.
    Do not not give up on doing good, even when things are hard, times are bad and you just don’t feel like it; it not about us, it is bringing Honor to our Creator.

  25. I haven’t been commenting for a while, but I wanted to provide an update on a project.

    Last spring I did a test with potatoes. For part of the patch I planted potato sprouts (the part that grows OUT of the potato) instead of half or quarter potatoes.

    It seems to be very much variety specific, but for the most part the plants did not do as well as the plants from pieces of potato. One variety, the grocery store white potato, actually did better from the sprouts than with a piece of the potato. Larger potatoes and more of them.

    So I would say if you MUST eat your seed potatoes, go ahead and plant this way. You will still get a harvest, but probably not as much as you would like. I would suggest this as a way to create seed potatoes for the following year, rather than expecting to get a full harvest of eating potatoes.

    Someone else in another environment could very easily get different results. The potatoes are dying off because of the heat so I’m harvesting them now.

    1. Hi Lauren,
      I kinda wondered that myself. But never gave it any thought. I did a few potato barrels. And had accidentally broke off eyes, but planted the eyes anyway. I can’t tell you the result, as I started and restarted the potatoes….barrels are now over burdened! Lol
      I’m just thinking aloud, if just the eyes would produce better in a less compacted soil?
      Could gathered eyes begin rooting if placed in water, to begin a rooting process, prior to planting?
      Just wondering of your thoughts.
      You have gardening info/knowledge you share and I appreciate it.

      1. My soil is primarily sand and the potatoes didn’t get watered enough. I started them in small pots, then transplanted into the ground just before the last (unexpected) heavy frost of the year. The traditional just went in the ground on the same day. Others were just thrown in the ground in another area and the result seems to be the same.

        I’m pretty sure they would do better with more water and better soil. This was a comparison between the “traditional” format and just using the eyes, in the same soil with the same water.

  26. ALERT

    The CDC admitted that positive tests for Corona especially if you are asymptomatic , may mean you just had some antibodies from the common cold which is also in the Corona virus family.

  27. To ALL:

    Just a thought.

    As of Wednesday PM: 223 Rem ammo is $.50+/round and 9mm 115 gr FMJ is $.40+/round (on the internet).

    After centerfire, rimfire and shotgun ammo supplies start to dry up.

    Ammo manufacturers (large and small) are reporting difficulty in getting components.

    If you feel you are short and can find it for less that these prices locally, now it the time.

    People are beginning to seriously act poorly (in groups).

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