What I Did To Prep This Week: July 5th – July 11th 2020

Hello Pack. I hope you are all getting by alright in this heat. We baled hay for two days and it did not get below 92 degrees either day. Needless to say, my suntan looks like I just spent a week in Florida.

Before baling hay on Saturday, my daughter and I took a four hour early A.M. round trip drive to pick up some fiber goats. I have been seeking Pygora fiber goats for nearly a year.

One of our tribe members is a rock star at finding rare and inexpensive or sometimes even free, livestock. Sarah came through again. I am now the proud owner of four Pygora goats! They are a cross between a Pygmy and an Angora goat.

While a pygmy goat is an excellent but smaller meat goat, Pygora goats are primarily raised for their amazing weed eating ability, and their fiber.

The $168 per pound of mohair we will get when the goats are shorn twice a year as well as the money from breeding future kids, can be funneled right back into our survival homestead.

I will of course, be keeping some of the mohair to make natural wigs for the dolls I make as gifts for Christmas and birthdays. Homemade gifts truly are the best.

I was only going to purchase two females, but since it took me all of an hour to sell a female Pygmy kid and a buckling after posting them online once I made contact with the Pygora seller, I had hoped to score a third female when I made the trip to the farm located near Cincinnati.

I had planned on selling the two goats anyway, but kicked my efforts into high gear by taking a few cute photos and getting them listed.

Rosy and Hooper are now happily living together on another farm in the region and getting along famously with their new keepers.

I asked my beloved what he thought about me buying three goats if I could get a deal and the sweet man he is, did not object. Finding the goats so close and at such an affordable price was not likely something we would come across again.

Well, buying the last female had to be done at full price because there were several others that wanted it, as well. But, the nice lady who was selling them offered to throw in an unrelated male kid if I bought the three ladies.

I am not sure that was the kind of deal Bobby had really envisioned, but it was indeed a deal.

In other preps this week, the kids and I harvested a mountain of jewelweed and honeysuckle to dry to make herbal remedies, to add to my apothecary stockpile, and to sell. Our gardens and apothecary patch are needing watered daily now with all of this heat.

I had to shake my head and laugh thinking back to complaining about all of the rain we had from January through June. I knew then that come July, we would once again be praying for rain.

This Week’s Questions:

  • How has this hot and dry weather affected your daily prepping or overall prepping plan?
  • Do you keep goats as part of your survival plan, why or why not?
  • What do you think about the continued destruction of historical statutes and monuments?
  • What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. This Week’s Questions:

    1. How has this hot and dry weather affected your daily prepping or overall prepping plan? Actually for us it is warm and still 4th day rains. Getting stuff done though.

    2. Do you keep goats as part of your survival plan, why or why not? No land, no goats.

    3. What do you think about the continued destruction of historical statutes and monuments? When taking over a country you want to destroy it’s history before you bring in a new government.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Since you asked…

    Harvested out first peas Sunday. Not many but looking good for our first try! First tomato has shown up too!

    Took the new van on a road trip Thursday. With the EcoBoost on @ 69 MPH she gets 29 MPG!

    Got lucky on my trip to “the big city”. Walked into Sportsman’s Warehouse as they were stocking their ammo shipment: 20 ga. #4 shot, 5.56×45, 9mm now stocked up.

    Found fair prices on some disposable masks, so I stocked some. I also found some Jockey brand washable masks in white and black.

    Supply Run: Turkey SPAM; potato flakes, canned chicken; 2-gal buckets with lids; ammo; potato shreds; powdered milk; disposable masks; washable masks; UHT milk;

    Received: Auto panel removal tools and clips; trailer curtains; Grip Plug for G43X; Pet barrier; Cabin air filter for van; Rem 11-87 Youth, 20 ga. shotgun; ammo;

  2. • How has this hot and dry weather affected your daily prepping or overall prepping plan?
    It’s keeping me from working outside all day.
    • Do you keep goats as part of your survival plan, why or why not?
    Yes, I have a few dairy goats. They’re a great source of milk and pretty good watchdogs.
    • What do you think about the continued destruction of historical statutes and monuments?
    I think it’s a crime and should be treated as such.
    • What did you do to prep this week?

    This week:
    -Chickens aren’t laying as well in the heat.

    -Continually battling weeds, insects, critters, and water woes.
    -Put electric mesh fence around corn in the garden.

    *Food Preserved:
    -Dehydrated; 2 lbs. of mushrooms, a few large heads of cabbage,
    -Canned; 40 quarts of green beans,
    -Froze; 4 spaghetti squash,

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: 400 pieces of bigger lead, two sprayers and chemicals for the garden and fruit trees, LOTS of heirloom seeds (Bought some and ordered some. I got plenty of extras for family and to barter with.), a few more bales of straw for the animals and garden, 13 dozen new canning jars with lids and rings, 36 dozen extra lids, pickling and canning salt, pasta, sugar, flour, pectin, powdered drink mix, aspirin, hand sanitizer, TP, cheeses (I froze them.), laundry detergent, first aid supplies, OTC meds,
    -Getting DH’s prescriptions refilled as early as I can so he can have some extra on hand.

    -Replaced back storm door.
    -I have already ordered birthday presents for those with birthdays this year and Christmas presents for the grandkids. This may not be a matter of life and death, but I have a sense of peace that the little ones will have some normalcy this fall and winter. I got the usual books and a toy, but I added shoes, boots, and clothes in larger sizes they can hopefully wear later in the winter.
    -I’m putting together a box for each house with grandkids. I did this before the last lockdown, and they loved it. I put in books, coloring books, arts and crafts supplies, learning activities that I used when I taught, special snacks (including things for them to cook), cute paper partyware, etc.

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

  3. I did my grocery shopping twice this week and added to my food stash.

    Bank of America is temporarily closing a bunch of branches in Central Florida supposedly because of the resurgence in Kung flu. My branch is one of them. Their definition of “temporary” is up in the air. Luckily, I have no current need to pull cash from my account. If I have to, I guess I’ll use the ATM as they are still operational.

    My Ex’s bank wouldn’t let her withdraw as much cash as she wanted this week. The lobby was closed and only the drive-thru was open for business. They said there is a shortage of cash and they are closing the lobby for the time being. She has a different bank than I do. That is something that makes you go “Hmmmm.”

    I decided to order some more silver rounds. The way things are going in the economy, I felt it might be a good idea to add some more silver. The Ex has been doing the same.

    I watched an interesting video on YouTube by a Brit financial advisor named Neil McCoy-Ward. He discussed his thoughts and reasons on buying heavily in silver. I recommend watching it. He makes sense. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VADiANSSTh8 I had already decided to buy more silver before I watched this video, but my decision was reinforced.

    We, in the Orlando area, have been getting periodic afternoon rain. It is definitely needed. Don’t need tropical storm/hurricane level rains though. So far, no threat of those. We did have significant thunderstorms on Friday night. The storm cell was obviously directly over my place. The flash to bang was almost zero. It woke me up and kept me awake for almost an hour. I was having Vietnam flashbacks there. The first burst of thunder nearly made me fall out of bed and go for my pistol.

    I bought a hickory axe handle to keep in my SUV. They make very good clubs for putting the lumber on some jerk if necessary. To quote Clint Eastwood (in Pale Rider), “Nothing like a nice piece of hickory.”

    Granddaughter is really growing like a weed. Her mom measured her this week and she was 41.25” tall. She was under 38” two months ago. That growth may help explain why the poor thing has been tripping over her feet lately. Luckily, she has been falling on grassy or carpeted areas. She’s also added a few pounds of weight too.

    Detroit had an officer involved shooting the other day. The videos clearly show the gunman was firing on the officers. They shot him four times from three officers. No good guys hurt. The actual initial target of their arrest operation fully cooperated and wasn’t the least bit hurt. Funny how that works. Despite the clear videos, the SJW morons went out and protested the shooting anyway. The police chief stated up front that the initial investigation shows the officers were completely correct in their actions (I agree). He’s a good chief and he sticks up for his troops when they’re right. The mayor is smart enough to follow his lead in these things.

    This Week’s Questions:

    • How has this hot and dry weather affected your daily prepping or overall prepping plan?

    No effect.

    • Do you keep goats as part of your survival plan, why or why not?

    No goats. No place to keep them.

    • What do you think about the continued destruction of historical statutes and monuments?

    Personally, I think the perpetrators need to be arrested, beaten severely, then imprisoned for about ten years (plus required to pay restitution toward repairs/replacement).

    • What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    • Zulu 3-6:

      I go to the bank on Friday’s to get DW’s weekly cash and noticed there was a sign at the drive-thru that the lobby was closing on Monday, appointments required.

      I do some cash business, so I keep enough here for our needs. The part(s) that go into the bank are for bill paying and commerce. Doesn’t stay there long.

      There is some kind of conference in January that is about changing the way cash works. Coupled with the lame excuse the US Mint is using for not producing coinage, I will be watching them close.

          • BofA is in trouble. Get ur money out. That’s all I can tell you. Not all I know. Just all I can tell you. Try to find a small local bank that has a steady history. Avoid the big banks.

          • carolbama:

            Roger that! I don’t “know” anything, but I do read and listen. And the “bail in” in Crete got my attention several years ago.

      • JP and Z36,
        Would you recommend that DH and I pull cash from the bank? We have, for us, a significant amount in there now. It feels like trouble is on the horizon.

        • PG,

          With all of the reports of banks “temporarily” closing and/or being “short of cash,” I would withdraw as much as possible. Since I pay my few bills online, I kept enough money in the bank to cover them, the rest comes out. I have two safes at home to protect my cash and PM as much as possible.

        • PG:

          I am still servicing debt, so I keep money in the bank, but I also have a cash reserve that I can access outside of it. I don’t care for the restrictions the banks place on their account holders, but I haven’t come up with a viable alternative. I do put my “excess” money into tangible goods.

          Another way to look at it – if you can’t access your bank account will cash do you any good either? It’s a tough line and hard to walk.

          I prefer “revenue streams” vs. “piles of money”, money flows where I need it and piles attract attention from people who “are smarter about money than you” (i.e. politicians).

          The old paradigms about money management have changed with the increased intrusiveness of government. If they can’t control what you buy or sell, the quantity, and when, they feel like they are not in control.

        • I would. Small bills. As much coin as possible, rather than paper.

          There is a movement to stop the flow of coinage. When we can’t make change, we will have to buy everything electronically. Pushing toward a cashless society.

  4. if shtf, all livestock will be eaten within a month or so, by dogs, cats, and people, All the stored grain and other “finable’ food will be gone, too The wild game, fish and edible plants MIGHT last a month longer, and the the cannibalism will be widepread. At that point, most decent people will suicide There wont be any gardening for at least a year after 6 months, you MIGHT get away with having small, well hidden plots of sprouts and with planting the root veggies. SHTF is going to be hell on earth, folks. Few will WANT to survive it.

    • balisong,

      All that assumes nobody has stocks of food put away as many of us here do. It also assumes no livestock owner will defend his/her herds from predators, human or otherwise.

    • balisong:

      For those who depend solely on weekly shopping trips to resupply their household, you might be right. Urban areas are going to be no place to be. Rural, not suburban, live will be affected but not as much, especially if the fuel supplies are hit as hard as the food.

      I do see those living in town that have pets, letting the “forage” on their own. I have planned for that. I will not let stray dogs “pack up” in my neighborhood. It only takes a short time for domesticated dogs to revert.

      Unfortunately, most people will not know what to do once they flip the switch or turn the faucet and nothing happens.

  5. How has this hot and dry weather affected your daily prepping or overall prepping plan? Winter and spring were hot and dry, now it is hotter and wet. Typical Florida weather, at least for July.

    Do you keep goats as part of your survival plan, why or why not? No, I have te land but not the energy to keep up with livestock.

    What do you think about the continued destruction of historical statutes and monuments? The Left has decided to push as hard as they can to remake America. They are going to get more then they have bargained for.

    What did you do to prep this week? Way to hot and humid to do much of anything, a few hours a week keeping the jungle at bay is the best I can do. The blowing storms have resulted in a few roof leaks. One is from the bathroom vent that I imagine has a hole rusted in it. Being I am not allowed to climb a ladder I am constructing a scaffold out of 2x4s and plywood. My trailer has low ceilings so the roof line is about nine feet. The roof has very little slope so I will be safe up on top. My neighbor will be closing the deal on my land and a good part of the proceeds will go to a new roof.

    I hit Walmart Friday night to start restocking my pantry, they had everything except canned tomatoes. The shelf was stripped, all the Walmart brands were gone and most of the Hunts and other more expensive brands. ??? I do not work and should go early in the week but my wife and I went to my father in law’s home to eat. He s lonely and figured fixing dinner for us would get us there. We had went over Wednesday and took fast food chicken. I had to set up his new computer, it came without a CD drive and he had a Bible study program he wanted installed. I bought an external drive to do it and my wife’s new computer does not have one either so I can get more use out of it.

    I bought a salt gun, not an assault, just salt. A Bugasalt, it uses salt like buckshot to kill flies at close range. It is very difficult to cock and the trigger has a 15 lb pull. Fun and useful, it would be a literal blast at a picnic. My granddaughter spied it and couldn’t wait to use it. I let her hold it uncocked, she looked it over, flicked the safety off and set out to find some flies to kill. How she knew what the safety was is beyond me. I can see her in the future as a cross between Road Warrior and Tomb Raider.

    • Daddio7

      LOL about the bugasalt….?

      Several years ago I bought fly guns which was a spring loaded fly swatter / dart gun with a string on it.

      Now puppy hunts down all the flies and bees as they are a treat for him. Flying rasins….?

      • Or dog does the same! She will sit by the door and wait for the fly to land, then whammo! Shes got it! Never had a dog that would do that before! Lol

  6. The weather, this year is very cool, with a lot of rain in between, we’re supposed to get sun all week in the upper 60’s. The Raspberries, are doing great I’ll be picking a couple of more bowl fulls, to add to my growing bag in the freezer. Our local appliance store, were able to get freezers in stock they have been out since April, and thought they wouldn’t get more in until November, this sickness has really got people, scared it’s amazing how many people are stocking up. I’m going to clean out my freezer today and start pressure canning the meat, in there. We are closing up the travel trailer, since we won’t be here during the week, if the weather holds we will be back out next weekend.

    So my stepson, is saying goodbye to Tennessee, and going back to Nevada, hopefully his mother and step dad, can help him out the bummer was I wanted to see Knoxville, but now that’s off the table for now.

    Question 1 Weather, has been very nice this year not too hot.

    Question 2 No goats, or any other farm animals.

    Question 3 so awful the way American’s, are treating our history, it’s not all roses, but people need to understand the past was not always perfect.

    Have a great week!!!

  7. Afternoon folks! It feels like July in my neck of the woods. Certainly giving my air conditioner a workout. The heat prevents me from doing little after about 11am as the heat and humidity is rough. I didn’t cut grass yesterday until 7:30-8:00 pm. There was a nice breeze, and still plenty of daylight to get the job done in short order.
    The heat & dry weather hasn’t really bothered my prepping plans one way or another with the exception that it has forced me to get out earlier before things heat up, and in doing so, I have a better selection.
    No goats – no room.
    Continued destruction of our statues and monuments is so stupid. It doesn’t erase the fact that the history happened. I believe all of this is a devised plan by far-left Democrats and other outside groups to stir up and reek as much havoc as possible before the next election. It’s all fear mongering designed to keep good, decent people at home when time to vote for fear of getting hurt. I think anyone rioting, destroying, or damaging any statue or monument should first and foremost have any govt. assistance they are receiving cut off permanently, and be hung in shackles in the town square and have rotten fruit thrown at them for two days, and then jailed, and be placed on road surfacing duty, or roofing of government buildings and pay restitution!
    Not much prepping this week. Inventorying things to see where gaps are located.
    Have a great week. Don’t over do!

  8. Hot and wet in North Central Florida. No goats but I think yours are beautiful. Bought a better dehydrator, usual farm type chores. Stocked up on all types of tape.

    As for the tearing down of stuff. An Ex-KGB Col. told of 4 steps to take over a country. #1 Convince the youth the Communism works, even if history says “IT DON’T”! #2 Destabilize, which is what is happening now. #3 Push until there is a crisis, like a Civil/Race War. #4 Communists seize power to stop the fighting.

    Stay safe, keep prepping, and God Bless

    • Two quick points. First the Left keeps spreading the rumor that if defeated Trump won’t give up the White house. Secondly, there were over 6 million gun purchased within the last 90 days! There is a storm coming Nov. 4th

      • Ghost,

        As I remember, the same thing was said about Obama if Trump got elected instead of Hillary.

        The problem with the President remaining in the White House is this. If the President-Elect is sworn in on time and lawfully, then he could order the Secret Service to remove the old President from the residence. They should obey the order of the new President as the old President has no lawful authority over them any more.

        However, if there was a rebellion and the Secret Service joined the rebels, I guess the new President would be forced to drop back ten and punt.

        • Zulu, what if the election is so close that they both claim that they won? One says, ” I got more votes than you” and the other says, ” Sure but they were fake (mail in) and you got help from Russia/China”? Could git messy?


          • SW,

            More than likely there will be a difference in the Electoral College vote. It may not be large, but there will be a difference indicating a winner. Now, whether that difference is graciously accepted is another matter. I won’t hold my breath if the College is close.Things will be ugly. If there is a large difference, then the losers will likely have a tough time proving fraud or deceit. That may or may not result in a shoot-em-up, but it will be harder for the losers to justify.

  9. Happy Saturday Afternoon,

    Greetings from Douglasville.

    I found an online vendor for N95, regular surgical mask and hand sanifizer at good prices and fast shipping. I placed an order for my DD in California and a friend here in Douglasville and a doubled order for me and they were all delivered within 5 days. I’m well stocked on mask and such now.

    Took time out to visit with a local Pawn Shop, the guy who owns it is really old, about the same as me, and we had a good chat. He has some younger guys working for him so he was able to take time to sit down and shoot holes in the breeze with me. We talked about silver and other PM, both remembering the Hunt Brother run up in the 70’s and both agreed that while we will keep buying, especially dimes as a matter of barter/commerce when (not if) the stuff hits the fan. We talked about guns and ammo (one major ammo dealer locally had to shut down his B&M store and take down his web site since he can’t get supplies for his reload business nor actually stock enough ammo to keep up with sales). This dealer has some ammo in stock but it was all under the counter and was only for his preferred customers. While talking PM’s he tossed 5 silver dollars on the counter and asked me about them. I asked him if he had a magnet and he handed me one and all 5 got picked up. I had assured him they were Chinese fakes and he said he bought them as such at $1 each. Beware if you are buying PM from some place other than a reputable dealer. Same with gold coins.

    DW wanted to put in a pool since it is hotter than blazes here. I made the rounds of the internet and talked to all the local suppliers. No one has an above ground salt water pool kit. Seems they almost all come from China and with the virus there are none to be found. I’ll shop again over the winter and hopefully will have something put up for next year. I like the idea that it is 6000 gallons of water right by the house. I have the necessary filtration to convert from pool water to drinking water. Once I explained why I couldn’t put one in (except maybe a kid sized wading pool) I was no longer in the dog house.

    Hope you all have a safe week.

    p.s. mountain house started shipping again at least when I checked and an order is on the way in the next week to 10 days.

    • Cliff,

      I deal in PM from a reputable dealer.

      That Brit financial guy I mentioned in my reply post to Tara mentioned that physical PM is getting harder to get right now. I noticed this when buying silver over the last few weeks. Some weights were on backorder. I was able to mostly get what I wanted, although 1/10th-oz rounds were unavailable one week and I bought 1/4-oz instead. The financial guy said it was important to have your PM in your physical possession, or stored in a guarded PM facility. He said he absolutely keeps no PM at his house because in Britain he can’t have a firearm or even Mace. He buys and stores most of his PM in the US because in Britain he has to pay 20% VAT on his PM, but in the US just a simple sales tax.

    • For Salt water pool you will need a desalination kit to have useable water for anything but flushing. this is one good reason to have a chlorinated pool. 6000 gallons of non drinkable water… think about it. see what your options are .. Just thinkin’

    • Cliff,

      Why are you looking at salt water? How would you make that drinkable in the event of an emergency. I’m curious. I wonder if a Berkey filters out salt.

      • Any simple solar still setup would make it drinkable. I would a SS pan long, wide and shallow to evaporate out of . Glass or plastic sheeting over it set on an angle.( thing cold frame) and a catch pan at the bottom of the sheeting.Yes I am still lurking in the background.

  10. Puppy doesn’t like this heat,I still run him but he can’t wait to get back inside the house in the AC. I usually run him around 6:30 PM so it’s not as hot. Also at 9:00 PM and 4:30 AM.

    Bought 2 G17 mags
    Bought 2 M4 Pmags
    Bought 150 rnds of 9mm 115gr FMJ (shocked they had that)
    Bought 50 rnds of 40SW 180gr JHP (shocked they had that)
    Bought 25 rnds of .380 90gr critical defense.
    NO 12ga 00 buck to be found. Only slugs
    Bought a stream light laser combo for the G22 TLR-8A FLEX
    Bought an M4 quad rail

    Food preservation
    Made 8 qts of garlic dill pickles.
    Tried my firecracker pickled hotdogs and they are good!!!
    Tried the pickled eggs. They were good too.

    Freeze dryer
    Filtered 1 gallon of vacuum pump oil.

    The Mrs. Finally used it. She was scared of it on pressure so she had me there to instruct her on how to release the pressure. She made Mac & cheese in 6 minutes. This could be an energy saver. Need to try it using the Kodiak solar generator.

    Tons of tomatoes picked and cucumbers.
    Picked more green beans and the Mrs. Froze them to be cooked later then freeze dried.
    Freeze drying is so advantageous 25 year shelflife and weight is so little.

    I saw people doing a bank run at a Wells Fargo with a police car with it’s lights on. The drive though was packed all 4 lanes.

    Thor’s questions
    1. If you were surrounded by a rioters and they were beating on your car what would you do?
    2. Have you had a hard time finding ammo or firearms lately?
    3. With over 6 million guns sold in the last 90 days and ammo flying off the shelves, do you think people are preparing for a civil war or just trying to protect their homes and families?
    4. With all the layoffs coming in October and businesses closing permanently, do you think we will be in a full blown depression before or after the November election?

    • Tara’s questions

      1.How has this hot and dry weather affected your daily prepping or overall prepping plan?
      It’s been hot but rainy too so outdoor activities are planned around the weather.

      2.Do you keep goats as part of your survival plan, why or why not?
      No they scream too much …. LOL

      3.What do you think about the continued destruction of historical statutes and monuments?
      It’s got to stop. Marxists

    • Thor’s questions
      1. If you were surrounded by a rioters and they were beating on your car what would you do? Drive away, horn blaring.

      2. Have you had a hard time finding ammo or firearms lately? I got lucky this week on 9mm, 5.56, and 20 ga. #4. I feel good about where I’m at. I have others who have asked, then waited when I found them a source and it was gone.

      3. With over 6 million guns sold in the last 90 days and ammo flying off the shelves, do you think people are preparing for a civil war or just trying to protect their homes and families? I think there are people who THINK they are getting ready for civil war, but have no idea of what that means. IMO, if you are thinking civil war – MOVE NOW!

      4. With all the layoffs coming in October and businesses closing permanently, do you think we will be in a full blown depression before or after the November election? I think the left would like it to be early October so they can use it. Personally, I’m getting ready for it and not putting a date on it. If I get out of debt and it hasn’t happened yet, so much the better.

      • JP,

        For #3, no one wants war it’s death and destruction.

        IMHO there are 5 things that can cause war.

        1.Freedom or lack there of.(Gun control)
        2. Religion (Freedom or differences)
        3. Economy ( Poor rise up)
        4. Food (People starving)
        5. 2 sides who can’t coexist. ( Capitalists & Communist, Conservatives & Liberals, Patriots & Traitors)

        As of now, I can see all 5 of these things already. The only thing is what sets off the powder keg.

        In the revolutionary war it was when the British came for the guns.
        Biden already said he would do just that.

  11. Thor’s questions

    1. If you were surrounded by a rioters and they were beating on your car what would you do?

    Drive through the crowd. Slow at first, faster if they didn’t take the hint and kept it up.

    2. Have you had a hard time finding ammo or firearms lately?

    I haven’t bought any ammo for a month or so, nor any guns for a couple of years.

    3. With over 6 million guns sold in the last 90 days and ammo flying off the shelves, do you think people are preparing for a civil war or just trying to protect their homes and families?

    I think most of it is self-defense related. Some, I’m sure, is civil war related.

    4. With all the layoffs coming in October and businesses closing permanently, do you think we will be in a full blown depression before or after the November election?

    The demoncrats are trying for a full blown depression before the election so they can blame Trump. They will blame him whether a depression occurs before or after the election, but pre-election is better for them.

  12. How has this hot and dry weather affected your daily prepping or overall prepping plan? UV has been ranging between 10 and 12 (normal as I understand it is between 6 and 8), so everything is suffering. The only things really thriving are in the greenhouse or under partial/full shade.
    Do you keep goats as part of your survival plan, why or why not? No space
    What do you think about the continued destruction of historical statutes and monuments? Somebody said it up above–to truly defeat a population, remove their history and culture. Which makes it all the more important to keep old books!
    What did you do to prep this week? Not much. I’ve been watching my garden die and trying to figure out how I can address the high UV problem in a true emergency when we’re relying on what we grow. I need to get the last of the water tanks set up and running this week. There’s still water in the soil under the mulch–not much, but enough that the sand is darker than it’s normal color. The plants that don’t have 8+ hours of sun are doing great, but of course not blooming as quickly as the others, if at all.

  13. In the last couple of weeks I have apparently ordered a supply of masks most of which have arrived. Picked up 25 pounds of flour which will be repackaged into smaller units. Additional elastic has been secured. Supplies of preferred drink (Dr pepper) brought home. Taken advantage of protein sales. Other supplies obtained as they were located.
    Covid 19 is still rare in the county but now everyone has to wear a mask when out in public.

  14. Tara’s Questions

    [1] How has this hot and dry weather affected your daily prepping or overall prepping plan?

    We are now in the rainy season here in Florida. I have always been fine in the heat and humidity. But not after having COVID-19. We set off fireworks on the 4th. I had to put a baseball hat on–I was sweating so bad I couldn’t see.

    [2] Do you keep goats as part of your survival plan, why or why not?

    My adopted mother keeps goats, mainly to deal with the brush around her pond.

    [3] What do you think about the continued destruction of historical statutes and monuments?

    I understand why so many young people are angry. The opportunities that existed for my generation and older generations no longer exist in America today. A lot of this is a result of their own choice. Young people are told a lie–go to college, get a degree . . . that will put you in a position to get a good paying job and to be able to purchase a home. Well they get out of college and they have so much student loan debt that they can’t qualify for a loan. If they had gone to trade school . . . . But that is beneath them. I work with young people. So many of them, especially poor whites and people of color, have lost their jobs due to the novel coronavirus. Then add on George Floyd and the civil unrest. Many feel that they just have nothing to lose. I abhor the destruction of statues. If they were smart, they would use the legal process to argue that the statues belong in a museum and not on public land. The funny thing is, is that destroying statues will not change the basic institutions of society that have disadvantaged communities of color. Redlining is a perfect example. I ask you to watch these two videos if you think institutionalized racism does not exist today. Be warned, the first begins with a joke from comedian Chris Rock. It contains brief profanity.



    [4] What did you do to prep this week?

    I have been working non stop. I am developing a proposal for a new course: Ethics and Institutionalized Racism. (Hence the above.) If anyone is interested, email G.A. Red. She will forward your message to me. If you are a regular and feel comfortable send your email address and I will reply to you directly. Most folks who have been around for a while know my read identity from the cookbook and my design company that did the Wolfpack logo. I tell my story dealing with discrimination based on country of origin and discrimination based on race. On the former, my father was stationed in Scotland back when they hated Americans for having nukes on their soil; I was in second grade. Discrimination based on country of origin. Then my father was stationed at N.A.S. Memphis. My brother and I, and one other person, were the only white kids in the school. Discrimination based on race. I also talk about my experience with white privilege. I talk about my grandfather watching the rest of his family being shot down like dogs after the Bolshevik Revolution. It’s powerful stuff. I think both whites and blacks need to have a better understanding of history, and how institutions in American society continue to impact us today. I think that rioting and destroying statues will do nothing because the basic problem is ignorance and apathy.

    Wow. Let me just tell ya’ll how I feel.

    Thor’s questions

    1. If you were surrounded by a rioters and they were beating on your car what would you do?

    Thump, Thump!

    2. Have you had a hard time finding ammo or firearms lately?

    I haven’t been out. We are well stocked. I have actually been thinking about buying an AR. I will have future son-in-law advise me. I found it very disturbing that an angry black mob would break down the gate of a private community and threaten the residents.

    3. With over 6 million guns sold in the last 90 days and ammo flying off the shelves, do you think people are preparing for a civil war or just trying to protect their homes and families?

    I don’t think the average American has enough insight to contemplate a civil war–normalcy bias is strong in these ones. “The force is strong in this one.” LOL I think people are just scared of the riots.

    4. With all the layoffs coming in October and businesses closing permanently, do you think we will be in a full blown depression before or after the November election?

    I think the answer to this question really depends on who wins the election in November. Conservatives are more concerned about election fraud with mail in ballots. So I think most conservatives will show up to the polls. I suspect that liberals will be fully willing to mail in their ballots. Note that mail in ballots are only counted if the election is close.

    • Bam,
      1. Thump thump….LOL good to have a plan…..

      4. I saw a video were a voter ID registration was sent to a cat that had been dead for 12 years.

      Someone is looking at cremation records……the cat was cremated……

    • Bam bam ,,,would like to see more , my family is mix race on dad’s side ,i grew up with black cousins ,i pass white ,am mostly , spent lots of time. In and with the black side as a kid , if your different your looked at as a outsider cought hell in school for being part Jew too ,had be willing to fight at the drop of a hat ,till I proved my self ,back in the late 50s and early 60s just was that way ,read family papers from the 1840s about how low it was being a scotch Irish , think it’s normal to be looked at if your different ,don’t worry about what other folks think of you ,it’s what you think of you that matters , and as far as that goes if you work hard and are honest and well off people will hate you for that too,

      Ok for G red to give info


      • Old Homesteader,

        Shalom! (This means hello, welcome, respect). I have sent GA Red my course overview and the first module. (This is a work in progress.) I have indicated that she can share my personal email with you. GA Red has taken over for Ohio Prepper in connecting all of us. I want to say that my course is not some liberal bullshit; my course is how the U.S. has failed to uphold the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

  15. Hi Everyone,

    Had yard sale last Friday and Saturday, so was unable to post. Figured I post for 2 weeks…

    Yard Sale was really hot… Did ok and took all the left over stuff to the thrift store. Still have more to go thru.. It never ends. Fell off the cinder block that is used as a step for the shed. Couldn’t put pressure on left foot the next day. Got better where not bothering me so much as the week went on, but on Thursday, I had a chiropractor, dentist, and a bunch of errands to run. By the end of the day, my ankle was so swollen it started up my leg. Stayed home from work and went to urgent care for an x-ray. Showed I have ankle spurs. The PA said she’s never seen those before… They’ve never hurt before either. She said it was on both ankles… Odd really. Said I needed to keep it wrapped with compression wrap for 2 weeks, take Aleve… Putting on Dr Christopher’s Bone and Tissue salve. It has gone down where I can at least see my ankle bone. Chiro couldn’t do much adjusting, everything so tight. Have to go back on Tuesday, and am very sore still from the fall and adjustment. Thinking what I would do if there was no doc around… treating sunburned back of neck…

    Bought quite a few items over the last couple weeks.

    Academy sports – Ear muffs, googles, hat, shorts, t-shirt.

    Walmart – tank tops, shorts, extra cat food, brown quart Ball jars, car oil, extra cat litter, hamburger, pickling salt.

    Aldi – Went in to buy the wire shelving but none to be had, so ended up with TP (limit 1), sugar (limit 2 no matter the kind), few bottles of salad dressings, chocolate butter cookies and a few other things.

    Kroger – chuck roasts, 6 gallons of apple cider vinegar (all they had), they had no canning jars, no lids, sausage, bacon, lunchables, picked up prescriptions, Core water,

    Amazon – 2 Tuf cloths, Lavario washer, great American wringer, grower’s edge soft garden plant tie (250 ft), vitamin D3 and K2 softgel.

    Got brakes, rotors and oil changed.

    Tara’s questions:

    I use the hog panels for my tomatoes, cukes and beans. Working out well.

    How has this hot and dry weather affected your daily prepping or overall prepping plan? Outside early in the morning. Not outside much after 10am. Thank the Lord for air conditioning. Not sure what I would do without it.

    Do you keep goats as part of your survival plan, why or why not? No, no room.

    What do you think about the continued destruction of historical statutes and monuments? Sad.

    Prayers for the pack, for unspoken requests, for The President and for America.

    Have a great week everyone. Supposed to be 97 on Wednesday…

  16. Good to hear from you, Tribe,,,,
    Long hot miserable days, finally a few cooler ones. It has been a week of water went out, points stuck, storm brought trees down on driveway, swarm of bees to high in tree to harvest, Choctaw (horse) was bored, so he tore down fence. it was just one thing after another. Maybe this week will be easier
    More bugs to fight in garden than ever before in my life. Garden doing fair to middlin as my Grandpa use to say.
    Such talk of Civil war, hate it. A house divided CAN NOT STAND. We are setting ourselves to be prey for foreign entities.
    Tara’s Q’s:
    1,,, hot dry weather made me spend more time with God. And the rain came!
    2,,, yes on goats
    3,,, doing damage to community property, such as our statues hurts everyone. Long term. No historical monuments.
    4,,, prepping this week was more like keeping up with Murphy’s Law. Anything that could go wrong, did.
    Is anyone watching the scripture fulfilled that warns of death thru the beasts??? Well now there is a rabbit disease sweeping the Sourh West in domestic and wild rabbits. Sooo, we have sick rabbits that can not be eaten, mad cow disease, deer have disease and we are warned not to eat them, bird flu, swine flu, bat soup sickness. Where does it all end? If we are not concerned. We should be.
    President Trump has had his son in law, Kushner, writing a peace accord to present to Israel and Palestinians, it has 5 main points that the Bible says it must have; upon signing of this proposal into a peace treaty, the clock starts ticking on the 7 years prior to the return of our Lord. It has been referred to as the Great Tribulation. So, we are sitting in thrilling, scary, exciting times; WE ARE THAT LAST GENERATION, BEFORE THE COMING OF THE LORD!!!

    • Sage,

      Sadly no peace accord will work between the Palestinians and Israelis. The Israelis might be willing to give it a try, but the Palestinians will not. In fact, the Israelis have tried in the past to get along, but the Palestinians are Muslim so that is one factor against their cooperation. There is so much more and it goes back centuries.

    • Sage, my life has been like that for several months now. I think the Ugly one knows his time is short and he is harassing us crazy. When I ask the Father, “why?????” I hear, “because you have it so good and you are doing good things for Me….”. You are a target.
      It must be true, as we don’t get one thing repaired around here before something else breaks. I feel your frustration, for sure.

    • Sage,
      From what I understand, it has already been presented (not sure if signed) and BB is doing some of the things that are in it.

  17. This weekend, I had a “Weed-eat the Pond Party” , sadly no one showed up, it became a party for one. Almost 6 hours holding weed-eater in GA heat and humidity ain’t much fun!!!

    • South of the Big Chicken,

      The lack of participation in the “Weed-eat the Pond Party” may have been caused by the abbreviation of the party name.


      • Got fish and deer, and the hated beavers, otters, coyotes, and armadillos. Had a osprey fish the pond one day, Cool, also a bald eagle lives on land a ATL Braves coach owns close to me has fed on a coyote I killed and grass carp that died and I pulled onto shore. Magnificent freaking animal!!! Every time I see one I am amazed at their beauty.

        Geese are not welcome, do not kill them but run them off, most in the area have stop trying to land in pond. They bring in unwanted weed problems.

        Last week, had a doe and 2 fawns in front yard, fawns 12-15 feet from house.

        Weed-eating is horrible with all the rain, can not mow close to pond so lot of weed-eating.

  18. Ok…..

    After the Wells Fargo bank run I witnessed, I went to the local Publix. I talked to an employee there and he said that’s been happening for about a month. He said people are worried about going cashless. I tried to pullout $500 out of the ATM at Publix but it said it was unable to complete that transaction. It’s getting REAL.

    Also noticed shortages of store brand dish and laundry detergent.

    • Tara’s questions:
      Hot, dry weather….. miserable
      No goats. My grandma had purchased a goat with a kid, when I was a youngster. Mmm things didn’t go well with that situation. Apparently, grandma and me should have discussed the situation over to my parents, prior.
      Plain and simple
      Destruction of property=jail time
      We’ve been doctoring a horse that put a nail through his hoof. Long story, but we’ve been fighting the infection for a week. We’re darned tired. Supper and shower at midnight. Up early in the morning for horse care and to work, there after.
      Now my old dog is having health issues as of Saturday night. He is doing better this morning….he wagged his tail at me. But will run him to the vet in the morning…. hopefully
      So no preps…spent some time weeding the garden today.
      So will catch up on reading posts….and Thor’s questions……at a later time.
      Take care all

  19. Desertdove,,, you are correct, due to the fact that we fight not against flesh and blood, but powers and principalities. We are and shall face a spiritual battle. Just darts from the evil one. We need to suit up ( full armor of God) aka Teflon on. Let those shots slide right off. Somedays it just wears us down, that is the plan of the evil one. Wouldn’t you just like to say to evil ” take a hike?” Present him with a map to hell, in case he would like to leave before his time is up, I don’t want him to get lost on the way..

    Gear up, guess the battle is on girl..

    • Lol. I totally agree, Sage. I think you just rearranged your armor! Good for you. We may be on opposite sides of the country,( I don’t know your region) but are in the fight together. I have been responding lately to this garbage with, ” Lord, reveal Your strength to my enemy right now.” I’m too tired and puny to do that.
      Keep up the good fight.!

    • Sage,

      An interesting question, but I don’t think so. Locust swarms fly under their own power for the most part, so crossing the Atlantic with no rest spots and food would make it very difficult for them.

    • Sage:

      I don’t see a reason why it could not happen, just because it hasn’t yet.

      A reoccurring dream (nightmare): locust swarms coming up from Mexico; one going to the west of the rockies, one up the central US, and a 3rd turning to the east.

  20. Desertdove,,,,
    I have been working on God’s spiritual kevlar, new age chainmail. I get so fired up over current events that I best remind myself what goes on my feet with the full armor of God, if you know what I mean.
    I only mentioned a few of the happenings here, devil is on a roll. Spent morning fixing what was torn up last nite. If I catch them, I so will show ’em the left hand of fellowship, there will be screaming and shouting ( not a revival) and some pain given out. I do, at times, have a poor attitude. Better work on that.
    Life is good overall. I sang all morning, my joy is not of this world. Nor is it my home. Just an alien passing thru.
    So are you!!!

    Zulu 3 6,,,
    I pray you are correct.

    JP IN MT,,,
    I concur with your dream. This is part of God’s correction for the world, to lead us back to Him, concerns me that heat, floods, volcanoes, plagues, pestilence; happened in Egypt thousands of years ago, to Lot, this place will look like OZ with lions and tigers and bears. Or locust, disease from the beasts and water polluted.
    It is REPENT or else, at this point. PREPARE.
    Food and water, medicinal, extra clothing and weapons would be a good start plus alternative housing, if possible. Most of all a good relationship with God.

  21. Tara’s Questions:
    1) I get up earlier to beat the heat in this area. Let the cats & dog out for their morning routine, read the blog before my day begins. Unable to start any projects until later in the day after my other responsibilities are taken care of here.
    2) Goats- we had them before but they bring in the mountain lion which destroy our animals. No more goats, sheep or small animal they can kill & pack off.
    3)NWO trying to destroy out history so it can be re-written to favor their concept.

  22. Where I live, daily temps over 100 wear me out. I would really like to sit longer with my coffee in the morning, but if I don’t get out at 5 am to get things done, I’m melting by 11 am and they wait till the next day. The garden seems weary like me, just staying alive, not producing much. The straw mulch has helped keep the moisture in.
    We don’t have goats, we have beef cattle. Neighbor has goats and turkeys. We trade out meat.
    I love history and cannot stand to watch statues torn down. Good thing I’m not there….
    The only meaningful thing I did to prep last week was to can more chicken. Trying to empty the freezers in case electricity goes off. Working still on my cold storage food stash inventory so I can find things easier to use up stuff from 3 years ago. I am actually relaxing at a cabin in the mountains ( where the high is 85 and dry). It gives me time to organize my preps on paper so I can fill in the gaps. Man, it’s nice to have a break from the craziness of the world right now.


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