What I Did to Prep This Week

What I Did To Prep This Week: July 12th – July 18th 2020

bees in beehive

Hello Pack. Our new beehive is thriving. They have already filled out five frames in the top box we added on. The Italian bees are so docile neither of us are wearing the bee suit when doing weekly checks and water refills.

After complaining about rain for months on end, we are, of course, now praying for rain. So goes July, I guess. Our creek is so very low in spots, but has, thankfully, never run dry.

We also have a pond, manual dipper for the well, rain barrels, and stockpiles of bottled water, so we are fine if the SHTF during a drought, but would still LOVE to stop having to water the gardens so often.

Some of my medicinal herbs did not make it through this weeks’ heat wave. I should have watered the ones in small pots far more often. I hate losing any of the chamomile, but at least I still have some of that variety still hanging on.

I spent a lot of time foraging this week. This time of year I pick a lot of purple clover, jewelweed, honeysuckle, yarrow, wild carrots, and chicory on our survival homestead.

I typically take my dehydrator trays outdoors, and stack them with a brick on top and just let them dry in the sun.

If I can beat the horses to it, I want to pick more plantain tonight to mix it in with jewelweed and dandelion for the best skin care, insect bite and sting, and poison ivy cream I have ever used.

Berry picking has been our primary date night activity this past week. We can typically get about half a gallon or more each evening.

When the grandkids go with us, we lose a lot of berries because they pluck them right from the blackberry and black raspberry bushes, and put them right into their eager little mouths.

We have quite a few autumn olive trees on our property. Researching them to see if they are edible or medicinal in any way is on the “to do” list for this evening.

Our little white poof balls (AKA the Pygora goats) are getting along fine. They sure are superb browsers, and are already doing a great job earning their keep and eating back our woods.

The militia group and related community leadership group my beloved has become involved with has great potential for new tribe members, such a wonderful group of folks – most of which are already accomplished preppers.

The community leadership group should be increasingly helpful in getting everyone in our county more aware and prepared – which is better for all of us when disaster, either regional or nationwide, strikes.

This Weeks’ Questions:

  1. What do you forage in the summer and how do you use the natural bounty?
  2. How is the hot and dry weather this July impacting your preps or causing you to revamp your prepping plan?
  3. What is your favorite way to use – prepare wild berries?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?
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93 thoughts on “What I Did To Prep This Week: July 12th – July 18th 2020

    1. Last Week’s Questions:
      * How has this hot and dry weather affected your daily prepping or overall prepping plan? No big changes. I always try to get in the garden in the early morning then do more inside things during the day.
      * Do you keep goats as part of your survival plan, why or why not? No – too close to the city. We did have a pet goat during my childhood. I think the town where we lived didn’t allow them so she found a home with other goats.
      * What do you think about the continued destruction of historical statutes and monuments? Ridiculous

      Thor’s questions from last week:
      1. If you were surrounded by a rioters and they were beating on your car what would you do? Drive and blow my horn. If that didn’t get them back, I have other things I’d consider.
      2. Have you had a hard time finding ammo or firearms lately? Haven’t looked except the DH has wanted something specific for over a year and can’t get it.
      3. With over 6 million guns sold in the last 90 days and ammo flying off the shelves, do you think people are preparing for a civil war or just trying to protect their homes and families? Opening their eyes and wanting to protect themselves.
      4. With all the layoffs coming in October and businesses closing permanently, do you think we will be in a full blown depression before or after the November election? We’ll see.

      This Weeks’ Questions:
      1. What do you forage in the summer and how do you use the natural bounty? I don’t but have a neighbor who offered peaches then the peaches disappeared. I’ve eyes what I think are elderberries but need to walk to where they are located to verify and that hasn’t happened yet. Gotta do it soon or the tree rats might get to them first. Blackberries are abundant in north Georgia but not near my house. Wild plums are abundant on the farm in South Georgia but avoid going there in the summer.
      2. How is the hot and dry weather this July impacting your preps or causing you to revamp your prepping plan? No real change except using our kiddie pool more.
      3. What is your favorite way to use – prepare wild berries? Blackberries would become jam. Elderberries would become tincture or syrup. I love most fruit raw or dried.
      4. What did you do to prep this week? See below.

      Picking, working, picking, canning and more picking.

      Started working in the office one to two days a week again but still working from home the rest of the days. Working in the office may be interfering with my gardening and canning though – it gets the picking off schedule. I still do most canning on weekends due to the work/sleep schedule being what it is.

      I think I’ve canned about 20 quarts of green beans so far. I needed to pick green beans again 2-3 days ago but will not get to them until tomorrow. I’ve also frozen a bunch of squash. DD#2 has been taking my cucumbers (that I’m not eating) to make pickles.

      Started picking tomatoes last week and am freezing what I’ve gotten until I get enough for sauce. The plants are so heavy with tomatoes that they are toppling the cages.

      I have one squash and three cucumbers ready for seed saving.

      Working diligently to get the house paid off just in case one of suddenly becomes unemployed. The DH has already had two weeks of furlough this year and his company has laid off about 1/4 of the employees in his division.

      1. GA Red,
        I will follow your and and do the same..
        . Last weeks questions. #1 planning time to be outside carefully and keep it short and sweet.Heat here comes with extreme high humidity… 90 degrees and 88% humidity is common.#2 No goats, no infrastructure.for them. #3,Destrying monuments, tthey are trying to destroy our history.It is Communism at it’s finest. They do not have any regard for the color they say they are for,….if so the sweet little 8 year old would not have been murdered.Nor would the abortion clinics be most active in the poorest of communities.
        will add preps to other post, as a lump…
        Thors questions…#1 speed up, going too slow. #2 No. #3Yes to both.#4 Depression? depends on actions , and reactions of the Master Chess player…against the deep poosters.

  1. I did my grocery shopping twice this week and added to my food stash. Carrying all those groceries upstairs to my apartment always reminds me that getting old is not for sissies.

    Went for fasting labs at the VA late last week. My cholesterol and related numbers are OK, in the higher end of normal, but better than they were last time. My doctor really does not like my blood sugar and related levels. He says my diabetes is uncontrolled. I have a video appointment with a clinical pharmacist this coming week about my diabetic medications. My shrink says I’m still crazy, which is within perfectly normal limits for me.

    Received the Mountain House freeze dried food pouches I ordered last week. I think I’ll order some more this weekend. That will put me well over 100 pouches stored.

    I’m in the process of closing my Bank of America account and switching to PNC Bank. I was able to get all of my direct deposits changed with little effort. Now I just have to visit all of the retailers (like Amazon, my apartment, MidwayUSA, ATT, etc) and get accounts changed there. It’s a pain closing the BofA account as the lobbies at all Central Florida BofA are closed due to Kung flu (their excuse) and my branch does not have a drive-thru window. I had to pull $1500 out through the ATM, $500 at a time so I could open the PNC account. My experience with the PNC people was very favorable. You can make appointments for lobby business and they have working drive-throughs and ATMs.

    #1 daughter had planted some pineapples and yesterday was able to harvest one fruit. Good size too. Granddaughter loves pineapple and tried hard to eat the whole thing up. Little piggy. 😊

    It’s been quiet in the jungle for the most part here. The sheriff deputy’s union have withdrawn their endorsement of the sheriff for this election. In Orlando, the police unions have also made complaints to the mayor and council and want the police chief removed too.

    This Weeks’ Questions:

    1. What do you forage in the summer and how do you use the natural bounty?

    No foraging at all.

    2. How is the hot and dry weather this July impacting your preps or causing you to revamp your prepping plan?

    No real impact on me. My electric bill is higher, but otherwise nothing.

    3. What is your favorite way to use – prepare wild berries?

    I don’t do anything with wild berries

    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    See above

    1. Zulu 3-6:

      I had a video appointment with my Dr. last week, mostly about my A1C numbers. This last test was way off my usually track. This happened before and by the next test I was back where I normally am, so she is more concerned than I am. I have found that oats help my sugars. Oat bread, oatmeal, and soon to be trying Cream of Oats (Cream of Wheat is our normal Sunday breakfast).

      1. JP,

        I eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning. I’ve put myself on a diet several days ago, primarily portion control right now. So far so good, I haven’t been eating like a pig. I’ll see what the clinical pharmacist has to say before I do anything more drastic.

          1. Even though I’m a southern girl, I grew up in cream of wheat sweetened with maple syrup from Vermont thanks to my dad. Still love it but it doesn’t love me. I hated grits as a child and find oatmeal tolerable when made with toasted coconut almond milk. Cow milk would be fine but the other is fewer calories and yummy.

          2. Zulu, It is strange. I can no longer eat oatmeal, nor grits but tolerate cream of wheat with no problem..Is the only cooked cereal i can tolerate,…. both of the others mess with my blood sugar, a spike and then a plummet…. and with servings the same size…???? It had never occurred to me that others would be able to eat oatmeal with blood sugar issues.,… Guess my DBi s right i am wierd.LOL

      2. JP,

        I pulled my latest blood test results out as I forgot what my A1C was. 10.1 Way up there.My blood glucose was 238. This morning it was down to 222.

        1. Zulu 3-6:

          I have been at this for 20 years (hard to believe). My A1C is usually 7.2-7.4, the last one was 9.0. My morning test is usually around 140-160 (Dr. wants 120 or less which has only happened a couple of times). Meal glucose is usually about 140, 2 hours later about 180. Of late, due to sloppy eating, it has been a little higher, but rarely over 200. My SIL is a BIG boy, but once he broke 400 lbs. and went to the hospital an their meter read “HIGH” (no number) they started treating him. His issue is he only takes his fast-acting insulin when he tests, which he only does once or twice a day. I take my medicine where I test or not, because I know I need it.

          In the future, when I can’t get the meds, I will really have to watch my food. One of the reasons I have several test kits put away with a lot of strips.

          1. JP,

            The main problem with storing diabetic testing supplies is the strips. They have an expiration date and they do tend to go dead soon after that date. They will still provide a reading, but it will be inaccurate.

          2. Zulu 3-6:

            I understand. It’s like an OTC med that is past it’s effective date. It may not work as well but unless it makes you sick, it’s better than nothing.

          3. JP,

            I’ve experimented with expired strips. The main problem is you don’t know which way a particular strip is inaccurate, or by how much. Better than nothing, as you said.

        2. Keep working on it. I start freaking out when my morning glucose is over 110. It’s been there way too much lately but I haven’t totally figured out why.

      3. JP and Zulu. There is a channel on you tube… called Beat Diabetes.. this guy shows people how he controls his blood sugars and keeps his AIC ‘s down in the 5 range.he has guests on who tell how they have controlled their sugars as they have success.

      4. When my A1C was tested two months ago, it was 5.5. The doctor was less than pleased. I guess I do not understand everything about A!C. Apparently it should be between 6 and 7.5 or thereabouts.

        Anyway, following my lung transplants, I was having so much trouble keeping my weight up that I neglected to monitor my saturated fat intake. Consequently, I now have two large arteries which are obstructed – one 80% and the other a lesser amount. Wednesday, My cardiologist will insert a catherer into my femoral artery and thread it up into the coronary arteries. The plan is to do the worst one first, emplacing stents as necessary. If the first is not too hard, he will do the other immediately. If the first one is difficult, he will choose to stop and do the other one later.

      5. If you can try to get the oats that are not spray dried with glyphosate at harvest (I.e. buy organic oats ). They are not that much more / brands include bobs red mills, Nature’s path and I believe there is whole foods 365 that is cheap and organic

      6. JP in MT
        If you can find ‘yakon’, believe that is the spelling. It is the substitute for those who can not eat potatoes. Found the plant being sold on Rare Seeds, I ordered the tubers to see how they would grow here. Sold out. If you can find it for a fall crop you can grow in buckets up there on your enclosed porch.

  2. I continue to work on the new course I am developing. I am going to have to be more organized this academic year. I have been offered more work than I have ever had. The extra income will go to replacing our 16-year-old air conditioning system and buying new tires (and alignment) for the truck. I hate buying anything on credit. I much prefer to plan ahead and save up, so we can pay cash.

    We have the GE repair man coming out to look at our new refrigerator again next week. The frig smells like chemicals; the ice in the freezer tastes like chemicals. This will be the third time we have had a repair guy out on the new frig. At least it is still under warranty. I just hate the fact that the food we have in the frig doesn’t taste right. At least we still have the garage frig to keep our more expensive non-jarred items.

    I can’t remember if I reported this last week. We had the Wolffeman out to the vet–to the tune of like $400. He had food poisoning. The vet and our GSD breeder both said the likely culprit was dog treats manufactured outside the U.S. That was an expensive lesson. Apparently, other countries do not have the same standards when manufacturing consumables for pets.

    That’s all folks. Prayers out for the Pack.

    1. It seems like anytime you visit the vet, it’s gonna be a couple hundred dollars. Glad pup is ok. Good point on manufactured dog treats from other countries.

      1. I think we have a great vet. Our last visit involved blood tests for four cats. It was around $300 or so. The kicker is the prescription food they need is at least $100 a month. I’ve never had such sickly cats in my life. Three of four have hyper thyroid and two of those three are FIV positive. Two of the four also have arthritis. None of them go outside anymore and the healthiest of the four is so obese he can’t jump up more than to get on the sofa, a chair or our bed. The one with the worst arthritis has it in his hips. They were all born in 2006 so they are all elderly as cats go. We’ve had three of them since they were days old and are siblings. The obese one was raised by his feral mama in our carport for his early days then came inside with mama later. It will be a bad day in our house when these pass along – they are definitely my fur babies.

        1. GA Red,

          Have you compared prices between your vet and Chewy? You can get PX medications and food from Chewy.

  3. In an attempt to be better organized and create storage I ordered and received 2 shelving units which I hope to put together this weekend. Picked up some battery operated smoke detectors to replace the hard wired versions. Picked up some additional supplies. Continuing to look for a new or newer vehicle. Really torn between getting a car or a pickup. I’ve had both and both have their place. Need to sort the supplies still in the car so better get cracking.

    1. I have a Nissan Frontier four door pickup. About the size of a mid sized car but has a 6 ft bed. I can pile groceries or things I want to keep safe and dry in the back seat area. The seats can be folded up for more room. I can haul mulch and lumber or large items in the bed.

      Mine is four wheel drive because I drive on the beach to fish and the 4.0 liter engine. It gets 19 mpg. You can get a two wheel drive with the smaller four cylinder engine that will get better mileage and rides better.

  4. (1) The only foraging I do is for elderberries. I dehydrate them and make syrup and tincture.
    (2) Florida is unbelievably hot, but NOT dry. We are averaging nearly an inch of rain each DAY, so everything is soggy. I’ve lost some plants from too much water.
    (3) Syrup and tincture are my berry uses.
    (4) Prepping is in hyper-drive right now. As stores prepare to prohibit the unmasked from entry, I am getting the last of what I think I’ll need to get by for a few months BEFORE Monday hits. My second batch of chicken breasts are in the canner. That makes 14 more quarts of chicken to use in pot pies, chicken salad, and other things. Next up: 10 pounds of ground beef will be put in wide mouth pints and canned. I just sliced up another batch of bananas and put them in the dehydrator, plus I have to can four more quarts of chicken broth that have been in the crock pot for 36 hours. I restocked some OTC meds and first aid items this week; ordered some American-made T-shirts that were on sale, and finally got an email shipping notification from Emergency Essentials for items I ordered back in May. I reorganized our up-right freezer, using some plastic bins I found at Big Lots while I was out on a quest for more canning jars.
    I do NOT like what I see happening in the world right now and I am busting my butt to accumulate what I think I might need to survive long-term on our little farm. I’m doing a heap load of praying, seeking Divine Guidance as I prepare!

    1. Just know….’God has this!’ Which isn’t to say we should just sit down. He also gave us knowledge to discern things happening around us, therefore I prep and prepare for the curve balls!

    2. Goatlover,

      I don’t like world activities much either, particularly the crap going on in the US right now. I do like watching news videos of BLM and Antifa (aka: Blantifa) trooping around carrying guns. As a long time military vet (2 wars) and police officer, their behavior (discipline) and weapon handling skills provide me with a lot of information on how effective they might be if things go hot. Overall, I’m not impressed. A few in the mobs seem to know what they are doing and they may well be military vets. In my opinion, they should be the first to go so as to leave the rest without leaders or, to use an old military term, provide stiffening.

      I am quite tickled at the feds scarfing a-holes off the street in Portland, OR. All the SJW are whining and crying that the federal officers aren’t identifying themselves except with simple “Police” patches. DHS isn’t hiding their identity, they are essentially the Border Patrol’s SWAT team. They aren’t wearing name tags as some federal officers have been victims of doxxing attacks, They are primarily protecting federal facilities and property.

        1. Thor1,

          I looked at the FAA NOTAM about the Portland No Fly Zone. It seems to be directed mostly at drone operations. The restrictions only cover a one-mile diameter area and only up to 1,000 feet in altitude. Plus most of the exceptions specifically affect drone (UAS) operations.

          The NOTAM does warn UAS operators that violating the No Fly Zone may result in the seizure of the aircraft or possible damage or destruction if the ground units deem it a hazard to their operations.

          As the NOTAM only covers up to 1,000 feet, it seems news helicopter operations are not affected although staying above 1,000 feet may be a good idea.

          This is a rather limited zone and I can understand why they’d want drones restricted as many drone operators think they can fly anywhere and do anything they want to.

  5. 1. What do you forage in the summer and how do you use the natural bounty?
    There are lambsquarters and amaranth that grow wild here. Cook for greens or can some. Save seed from lambsquarters for sprouting during the winter. It will be fall before the wild plums or cacti have fruit. Not a thing is my area to forrage berries. High mountain desert isn’t rich in plant life. Yarrow grows 100 miles from here. Nothing close enough to gather easily. I do gather some early spring leaf buds from cottonwood for a lovely skins conditioner that’s also slightly analgesic. I put them in sweet almond oil. Not too much available but most things would be widely scattered and on other folks properties.

    2. How is the hot and dry weather this July impacting your preps or causing you to revamp your prepping plan?
    We’ve been dry and around 100 degrees for many weeks. This week our summer rains are just trying to get started. It rained in the wee hours this morning. Not lot long but heavy accompanied by lots of lightening and thunder. I’d have slept through the light show but my little dog kept trying to lay half on my head. I finally got her moved down so I could hold her and went back to sleep. Yesterday was our first day back in the 80s after so long I’ve lost count.

    3. What is your favorite way to use – prepare wild berries? When I lived in a different state where there were plentiful blackberries I made jam, pies, and ate a lot of fresh berries. I canned a lot of quarts of berries for winter cobblers or to cook with the breadlike germanstyle dumplings.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Planted 2 new grape vines. Kept the herb and vegetable gardens alive. I use soaker hoses here. You loose too much water with sprinklers in the hot sun. Need to plant fall greens and root vegetables. Sugar peas should do well now also. Tomatoes are blooming and setting so there should be a few to eat. They don’t do particularly well here unless in a greenhouse from very early spring into early winter. We go from too cold to too hot to too cold again in just over 4 months. Its desert and well over 6,500 ft elevation.

  6. his Weeks’ Questions:

    1. What do you forage in the summer and how do you use the natural bounty? I used to, when I lived in Oregon, at least one weekend a month. Berry picking. Pies and jams.

    2. How is the hot and dry weather this July impacting your preps or causing you to revamp your prepping plan? Our July is about normal this year. High 70’s and mostly clear. A few thunderstorms; dry ones cause our fires.

    3. What is your favorite way to use – prepare wild berries? Pies and jams!

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Since you asked…

    FYI: It is the middle of July. School starts(?) in 6 weeks. Cold and flu season shortly thereafter. The time to stock up is now! Most of us are working or gaining income, supplies are starting to hit the shelves. Don’t overlook this time. Don’t give in to Normality Bias!

    Sold the old van on Saturday. He’s getting the snow tires (with are stored at my mechanic’s) on Monday (they won’t fit the new van). Then found out the transmission for the Subaru is lunched, on Tuesday. DW is driving the FS Pickup for now.

    Wednesday, our Governor announced – effective immediately – all persons are required to wear a mask in venues that are open to the public. There are certain exceptions, but Thursday every store I stopped at said something to the effect of “If you want to shop here, wear a mask.” Wal-Mart has a greeter turning folks away that aren’t wearing one. I’m not going to argue the effectiveness of masks, but IMO a business DOES have the right to determine whether or not you need to wear one to do business with them or not. Whether the government has the authority to mandate it, is something else.

    Went shopping out of town twice this week, stocked up on some things that have been lacking/hard-to-find: Buck shot & slugs for the 20’s, 223 and 9mm for practice, UHT milk (in qty), Lysol spray.

    Supply Run: Music CD’s (Thrift Store); $1 DVD’s creamy oat cereal; UHT milk; Lysol spray; ammo; Pioneer biscuit gravy;

    Received: ammo; PM’s; seat & dash covers;

  7. Afternoon everyone. Heat has been rough this week. My granny used to call this the dog days of summer. The older I get, the more the mid-day heat bothers me. I can still do needed work, but need a few more hydration breaks. I seem to be most productive in late, late afternoon, and can get a bunch accomplished.

    If I forage for anything, it is blackberries & elderberries. (Note to self for next year: netting over elderberries so I can harvest before birds do!)

    Cobblers with fruit or berries are a wonderful thing, but peaches, apples and strawberries hit the top of my list.

    About to have a storage shed built on the new place (for more storage), and grabbed up so bargains though they seem to be more scarce now days.

    Any of you guys concerned about ‘Agenda 21’?

    1. Jean, Agenda 21 has been renamed 2x, once as agenda 2030 and 2050… they have not stopped it , it is part of the unrest we are seeing now as the communists try to take control of everything and rioters rule as a minority of those causing havock. they have enough evil planned.it is a fight of good versus evil.

  8. Jean,

    I’m not too concerned about it right now. Agenda 21 is a legally non-binding UN agreement. Moreover, as it was not a treaty, the Senate has not voted on it, so it has no legal effect in the US.

    Essentially it is another stab at creating One World Order. It first came out in 1992, so not a lot of anybody is doing much about it

  9. 1. What do you forage in the summer and how do you use the natural bounty?
    I harvest berries, asparagus, and plantain.
    2. How is the hot and dry weather this July impacting your preps or causing you to revamp your prepping plan?
    The heat is bringing me inside during the worst part of the day. I’m doing all of my canning outside.
    3. What is your favorite way to use – prepare wild berries?
    Jams and jellies
    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    Help me:
    I can order all of the wheat berries that I need from a local store, so I am going to do so. However, I know nothing about how to store it. How do you advise me to store it? I am getting some 7.5 gallon plastic barrels with lids with a rubber gasket and a pour spout. I was thinking about putting the wheat in bags inside the barrels and putting them in my basement. Would this work? What kind of bags should I use? Would Ziploc or Foodsaver bags work? Do I need to add anything to them? I also need a manual grinder, but I can’t afford much at this time. I have my grandma’s grinder that she used for meats and cheeses. Would it work? If not, do you know of something inexpensive that will do the job, even if it is a little more work?
    This week:
    -I need to cull old hens and move young ones out of the ‘nursery coop.’

    -Continually battling weeds, insects, critters, and water woes.
    -Harvested 232 ears of corn and picking more today.

    *Food Preserved:
    -Dehydrated; 4 packs with cabbage, carrots, and celery for vegetable soup (In amounts for a large pot),
    -Canned; 26 quarts of green beans, 20 pints and two ½ pint jars of chow chow, 10 quarts of green beans and potatoes,
    -Froze; 12 packages of butternut squash (2 to 4 servings per pack), 61 packages of corn (from 226 ears), 14 packages of zucchini (2 to 4 servings per pack), 6 packages of yellow squash (2 to 4 servings per pack),

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: TP, Clorox wipes, dozen quart jars with lids and rings, 2 dozen pint jars with lids and rings, copy paper, ink cartridges, quart Ziploc freezer bags, 2 ½ gallon ziptop plastic bags, LOTS of vegetable seeds from the dollar store, book about when dentists aren’t available,

    -Just about finished with birthday and Christmas shopping. Practicality is the key word, with a little fun for the grandkids.
    -I am adding to the grandkids ‘Stuck at Home’ boxes. I did this before the last lockdown, and I’m doing it again. I have a big box for each house with activities to help with cabin fever. I have puzzles, games, learning activities, ingredients to cook or bake special treats, books, etc.
    I made most of the games and learning activities with cheap items from the dollar store or items found at home. They’re things I have done with my students, items were in a paper bag, and directions were written on the bag. The parents said that these activities were life savers during some trying times.
    -Freezer that the repairman fixed, wasn’t fixed. I bought a tiny 5 cubic foot one to hold the creamed corn and a few other vegetables from the garden. DH calls it the Side Dish Freezer.

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    1. PG:

      #1. 7.5 gallon container: a 5-gallon bucket weighs 35# when full of wheat berries, so you had better put this where you want it.

      #2. Storage: It needs to be dry and preferably temperature stable (although not a requirement). I line 3.5-gallon buckets with an unscented trash bags, squeeze the air out, and close with a zip-tie. If it is just you, or 2 of you, you might want to go with this: 1-gallon open-bottom Mylar bags with a zip-lock on the other end. You fill, add a 50cc oxygen obsorber, and heat seal the bag. Then you can take out what you want, grind it, and reseal the bag (it’s what I to with potato flakes). Then you put these in stackable storage tubs (I like the black ones with yellow tops – they are sturdy and can be stacked several high) with about 10 bags in each tub. Again, make sure the stack is where you want it before you start filling them up; and use large printed (non-paper) labels.

      #3. Grinders: No, your meat grinder won’t do a good job. There are several “cheap” ones on Amazon ($60-100). I have a WonderMill electric grinder and a Country Lining manual grinder (for grid down), but they are not what I would call “cheap”. When I got them we were both working and there was more money. But when it comes to grinders quality pays! With the cheap ones, you will have to grind the berries 3-4 times to get fine flour, and don’t get the ones made in China – they are reported as junk. I can set my WonderMill on pastry flour and get fine ground powdered flour the first time.

      I store my excess ground flour in the freezer between batches of bread. Regular zip-lock gallon bags work for me.

    2. PG:
      I agree with JP, buy a quality grinder. I have the Country Living with extra augers and grinding plates.

      Your humidity might call for oxygen absorbers. We are dry,dry,dry here in winter wheat country, so I don’t use them. I have stored the berries multiple ways and they do get heavy especially if not cleaned. I mostly have them in 2.5 gallon buckets to make them easier to move. Have some in gallon sized bags, but am often gifted the leftover test samples in quart size bags. These bags are then combined into a bucket. But some buckets have straight grain. This summer I successfully harvested wheat planted last winter. The seed had been stored several years in a bucket in the basement.

    3. Wow! You aren’t just a prepared grammy, you are a wonderful Grammy with those boxes for the grands! My hat is off to you. I can’t imagine the energy it took to preserve all those vegetables. 232 Ears of corn???? I would need to sleep for a week. Kudos to you.

    4. Prepared Grammy
      Wheat berries start to weigh a LOT as we age in those buckets, ask me how I know.🤩
      I transferred my wheat berries into smaller 2 gallon buckets with a 5 mil Mylar liner. Used oxygen absorber for that size of bucket & bag. Then instead of using a clothing iron to seal the bag closed(irons are awkward)used a flat blade curling iron to seal across the opening after squeezing out the oxygen.
      (*hint seal across the opening, but leave a small opening to remove as much air as possible-then finish sealing).

      Make sure you mark what type of wheat berries you have purchased. Yes, forgot to mark mine as I have soft & hard white wheat berries, but not sure which bucket is which. Lesson learned the hard way.

      As to a grinder, I purchased one at flour mill store, it was $160.00. This unit was made in Utah with the stone grinders, it is in storage so I am unable to give you the name. Is there a flour mill in your area, or one near where a family member may reside? You may wish to have them check for you. Have you asked where you are purchasing your wheat from if they carry such an item you could look at.

      The grinder I would like to have is made in Montana. It is known as ‘#99’, there are two versions of this unit but you have to save a lot of pennies to afford them. The starting price is $600+, but would be a generational item to be passed down. If one can lift it, seriously it is all metal construction.

  10. Hi everyone,

    HOT, HOT, HOT… Of course it is July… Trying to stay cool…

    The Lavoria washtub arrived along with the wringer… Both look really good. Now, need to find a galvanized bucket for the wringer to attach to. Both made in the USA…

    Also, ordered and received “The Lost Ways” for herbal/medicinal plants. Thumbed thru and it looks good.

    Vit D3 and K2 packs arrived. Package has a sticker that says to email them with my Amazon order number and they will send me another pack free. I just received one pack from the last order I had made a while back. Will send them another order number for another free pack.

    The rubber coated plant wire came in as well as the 2 wire shelves I ordered to go in the food room.

    Speaking of the food room, I have hired someone to come and help me get that room organized tomorrow. I have cans of food all over the house. It has to get organized so I can quit being stressed out about the disorganization.

    I found some rubber boots at TSC that have these cute little chickens on them… Of course I had to have them. The neighbor got some too.

    I found a benchtop antique drill press at the antique barn today, along with an almost new Huffy women’s bicycle… The bicycle was too big to fit in my car, so a friend is going to pick it up for me one day next week. We tried every way to Sunday to make it fit. It just wasn’t going to happen.

    Getting tomatoes and cukes out of the garden. Will be making some refrigerator pickles this week. Waiting for the big harvest to make my sweet pickles… Corn is tassling, but not sure it’s going to be enough to can… Will buy some Incredible or silver queen when it comes out.

    Interviewed for a different job on Friday. Hoping I will get it, but one never knows.. I would get to work from home once trained… Prayers appreciated.

    Found some tank tops and shorts to stock up on from WM.

    Prayers for the pack, for The President and for America… Time to take a short nap.

    Have a great week everyone.

    1. Good to hear from you! Would love to see a picture of your Lavoria Washer. Glad you have help with the food room. Less stress is always a plus!

    2. AT:
      I bought two at tractor supply for mine. One for washing. One for rinsing. H is a carpenter so he can build a stand rather than me buying 2 at Lehmans.

  11. What do you forage in the summer and how do you use the natural bounty?
    Climate change or lack of bees or something else has cause wild grapes and blackberries from producing. So nothing much to forage.

    How is the hot and dry weather this July impacting your preps or causing you to revamp your prepping plan?
    For me outside work mostly stops once it gets hot not really effecting my plan which is to stay inside with the AC running.

    What is your favorite way to use – prepare wild berries? No wild berries. I still have grape jelly from three years ago.

    What did you do to prep this week?
    Got extra food items to add to my stash. Until the heat breaks not much outside work will be done. My wife is finally onboard and is helping plan future preps.

    Just got back from a shopping run, we visited two discount stores located side by side in our old mall. Got some good deals on canned meats. Seasons sardines, $.79 a can. I took half of what they had. 1 lb canned ham, $2.79. My wife was there getting beach cloths for our up coming stay-cation. We live 24 miles from the beach so we a renting a condo there for a week. Not a week of alone time relaxing, my daughter, her husband and her three year old and my father in law are going too. Our alone time will come in September when we go to the Prepper Camp, if it is still on.

  12. Puppy fell asleep on guard duty…… Bad puppy no treat. Someone who I believe I was going to hire to cut a tree down and cut it into fire logs came over my fence and stole peaches and pears. I noticed the gate open on the garden was open. They must have been startled when the motion detector lights came on as they didn’t get the tomatoes , cucumbers, zucchini , squash or peppers. I guess that guy just lost $1,000 for the job. Hmmm pears .69 ¢ a lb. Ok then. Is this the new Norm for stealing food.

    Bought a new night vision camera for the garden.
    Bought 6 new motion detectors with alarms. The entire yard is covered now with electronic warfare devices. They are on different frequencies so it tells you what part of the yard someone would be.
    Bought a new spotting scope for the sniper kit.

    Bought 4 9v batteries
    Bought 3 packs of four C batteries.

    Picked a bunch of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Some of the green bell peppers were fair winners.
    Made salsa from the garden…mmmm

    Thor’s questions
    1. Do or have you shot steel cased ammo out of your firearms?
    2. Do you use alarm motion detectors?
    3. Are you stocking up on high carb foods like rice,pasta and potato flakes?
    4. If the Democrats came into power by fraud and raised your taxes, made petroleum cars,trucks and aircraft illegal, forced vaccinations and made you eat artificial lab grown meat, would you revolt?

    1. Thor’s questions
      1. Do or have you shot steel cased ammo out of your firearms? I have some to try. I know people who use it regularly with no ill effects.

      2. Do you use alarm motion detectors? Just motion lights, too urban.

      3. Are you stocking up on high carb foods like rice,pasta and potato flakes? Always have been; see no need to stop now.

      4. If the Democrats came into power by fraud and raised your taxes, made petroleum cars,trucks and aircraft illegal, forced vaccinations and made you eat artificial lab grown meat, would you revolt? Depends on how you term “revolt”. There is outward, violent revolt. Then there is simply refusing to play. I’m a bit too long in the tooth for the 1st.

  13. Thor’s questions

    1. Do or have you shot steel cased ammo out of your firearms?

    I have shot steel case ammo but not out of my guns.

    2. Do you use alarm motion detectors?


    3. Are you stocking up on high carb foods like rice,pasta and potato flakes?

    Some rice.

    4. If the Democrats came into power by fraud and raised your taxes, made petroleum cars,trucks and aircraft illegal, forced vaccinations and made you eat artificial lab grown meat, would you revolt?

    It’s been said that I’m already revolting, but I would ,along with a lot of other people.

      1. Thor1:

        The left ever gets around to abolishing the police, they are going to be too busy for any of the other nonsense.

        1. The idea is to abolish the local police . Then when there is a cry for protection . ” Oh I have a plan called national police force”
          Create problem . State what problem. Give solution that otherwise would not be acceptable.

    1. Z36,

      1.I’m saving the steel cased ammo for when I run out of brass ammo….sad but true.

      4. I’d be proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with you my friend.

        1. Z36, you never know, you might be looking around the corner of a wall….LOL

          Hey, get in shape ….drink water and start a regiment of walking around your apartment. Best exercise for diabetes. Water flushes you out and put cinnamon on your oatmeal. My son had diabetes, it’s bad stuff.

          Hey did you read or watch the you tube video about ASTEROIDS?
          He said Florida may be under 200ft of water

          I’ve heard from multiple sources that Jupiter’s orbit has changed.

          1. Just watch out for the one named Wormwood. It’ll do a whole lot of damage.

          2. Thor1,

            I’ve been on a portion control and almost no carbs diet for a week now after I saw my lab results. I’ve lost about 4-lbs already and my blood glucose is down as well. I don’t want to start anything drastic until tomorrow when I have a consult with a clinical pharmacist.

  14. Tara’s questions

    1.What do you forage in the summer and how do you use the natural bounty?

    Berries ,green onions and wild asparagus.

    2.How is the hot and dry weather this July impacting your preps or causing you to revamp your prepping plan?

    Store more water, got new air conditioners.

    3. What is your favorite way to use – prepare wild berries? Pies and jam

  15. Hi all ,,,,week that was ,up some most nights ,problems with raccoons in cherry trees ,lots of damage ,lost most of crop,with the after effects of the virus just was not able to do what was needed to protect the crop ,that was almost not existent any way,we did get enough for fresh eating ,in years past have had thousands of pounds ,call it a crop flop ,got a shipment of #10 cans from a close out for $1 each pears ,peaches ,diced tomatoes,sweet corn, now to find some place to store it ,might have to buy another shipping can ,good deals always end up costing me more than the deal it self ,
    Worked on expanding the potato garden in to one of the old greenhouses ,still have 125# of seed potato left over that are sprouted ,
    Went to town for a load of diesel fuel ,price is up ten cents. But still a deal when the farm uses thousands of gallons,
    Stopped in WM just to see the zoo and say hi to a friend. He tells me he dare not say a word about supply and the store ,picked up the last of 6,5 ammo to be had ,lots of shot shells , he didn’t need to say anything I have been involved in what goes on in food stores and merchandise for years and could see for myself. Just in time only works if the warehouses are stocked ,it’s like a dance if you miss your partner ,no need to say more
    Speaking of warehouses ,and perfect timing,,,NOT,,,,,, do you clear out ‘old invtory ‘ to make room for this year’s new crop??? And expect everything you have on order ,,,,,,,hum or hold back on last year’s just in case
    Beef prices will /should come down very soon,there is about a million head over load waiting to go to freezer camp as I type this
    How long would you keep doing something that should pay it’s way but you run at a loss with everything you do? Good or bad ?
    Would you subdivide you land and retire ? But where would you go ?
    As the world turns some decisions are made for us , and some we decide ,and then there is the question?who is John Galt ????

    Need to work on tractor ,hay needs done ,

    Ice tea ,

  16. If you find canning lids, buy as many as you can afford, canning lids are getting hard to find the last place I saw them was Winco. Prices on box lots of vegetables are getting really expensive a 25 pound box of pickling cucumbers, are now $44.00, two year’s ago it was $30.00 so a $14.00 jump. I agree don’t stop keep going on stocking up, have a great weekend, take care everyone.

  17. TSB Tribe,,,,
    Long, hot, dry week. Think everything is responding poorly to heat, people, animals and plants.
    Tara’s Q’s
    1. I forage blackberries and raspberries. In herb garden and nearby, the path has plantain on one side of path and other beneficial plants on the other. I weed out unwanted and keep medicinals burdock, further out, jewel weed in patches. To the world it looks like a huge, unkept area, to me, it looks wonderful. Around another area, chicory grows. I do keep a few thistle also. Then, behind the big barn, toward the creek, there is a grove of willow trees. Mullein grows wild here. Horseradish in many areas, that is an antibacterial, also. There are yellow and pink flowering yarrow in two areas. What are weeds to most, is a drugstore from God to me. Love how God provides, everything we may ever need.
    We just have to be smart enough to figure that out and promote the propagation of those plants in an area to be kept.
    2. Heat makes us consider shade cloth or hooped area covered or plant more fruit trees to shade garden plants. Perhaps a row down the center of gardens? I see I have apple, plum, and peach trees in one garden and God moved in a surprise tree, a lavender hibiscus from the parent trees out front, just moved into the garden, parent tree 16′ tall, so that will add shade and beauty and medicinal to the garden. So I shall leave it grow there as I see need for shade for garden plants and it came up in an established row, perfect. There is also another one, about 2′ feet tall that I may move to the other garden, might as well have beauty and shade.
    3,,,, berries go in pies, cobblers and canning jars for desserts year round.
    4,,,,put up hay in one barn this week, God is sooo very good to this old woman, I give Him thanks for His provision. Potatoes starting to die back, mustard blooming, sweet potatoes vining out, cucumbers flowering, green tomatoes every where, counted 21 hanging in one small area. beets ready to can, beans coming on good. Much of this will provide seeds. Lettuce has bolted and will seed area give seed for coming years and that will work hydroponically, in the winter and for spring planting.
    Calves growing well, heifers getting long and pretty and steers bulking up. Some females are bred in cow and goat world, started breeding in season and out, so there is milk year round. So hot bees want to move from within hive, to outside walls of hive body to stay cool. Chicks are half grown and need made ready to move to another area.
    It pleases God to provide for His children. I can only imagine what the garden of Eden must have been like ( no weeds, perfect. ) We threw it all away, back then, there were or should have been lessons learned from that experience, do as we are told and prosper in God. The alternative gave us weeds, work, toil, sweating as we work, pain in child bearing, and thrown out of best garden ever. No Miracle Grow needed there. Why can we not learn from others mistakes and our own? Love and serve God and prosper in many ways, not just monetarily, but in health, joy and peace. His children are greatful.

  18. Questions & answers:
    1. Forage – every other day harvest the “plums” from cocoplum hedge in side yard – common landscape plant both at home and businesses in SW FL. Several homes in area have them but I’m the only I know that eats them. Also try to beat the rabbits to volunteer cranberry hibiscus.
    2. Weather – too hot to grow much of anything outdoors in my Earthboxes. As long as it rains our two large pots of mint are growing well. Tomatoes don’t set. Aphids and white fly are over abundant and have killed off the peppers and most greens, except the Arugula which is my least favorite – but it’s there and I eat it.
    3. No wild berries
    4. Preps – sounds odd but after pulled up and threw out, not composted, all the infected plants. Treated the soil with a hydrogen peroxide mix and after another treatment will cover with clear or black plastic to solarize the soil. From now on I will not try growing in the containers from late June till early-mid Sept. So, I’m growing 5 kinds of sprouts and 3 microgreens.
    Reorganizing the food storage so I can easily access what is needed for 2 weeks at a time. I had decided not to buy anything for 6 months June1-Dec 31 unless an emergency. I know what meals I’m having everyday – Okay, I’m over organized but it’s easier for me. Also, means portion control and will help me lose that 25 lbs I gained over the last 2 years – from the 110 lbs I lost from being diagnosed with Diabetes 10 years ago.
    Also making sure that what is in my house is serving some purpose – if it’s not being used, just sitting on a shelf somewhere or if clothes don’t fit, don’t like it – I’m getting rid of it. That will mean more storage for preps. Not having an attic or basement or outdoor storage it’s tight but so far so good. Aiming for a year’s worth of preps – food, seeds, cleaning supplies, personal needs. Always seems to be more than anticipated.

    1. Bellen,

      I asked my yard guy to come and weed eat the garden in between rows… AND showed where NOT to weed eat… Just went outside to water, and he weed wacked ALL my peppers… GRRRRR!!!!! I just can not trust him to do what I ask… I should have stayed out there while he did, but I had someone helping me with the food organizing and came back in the house… They were blooming too…

  19. Greetings from Douglasville.

    It has been a pretty good week overall. Went to Bible Study on Wednesday night. It rained so hard while we were there that at times we couldn’t hear each other speak. Going home the lightning really lit up the sky with a lot of close by strikes and sheets of rain. It was a rough ride in.

    Friday wife was off work for a teleconference with her doctor. She took the day off so I did too. I broke out all my loaded mags, stripped all the rounds out of them, examined everything, wiped all the fingerprints off the rounds before they were reloaded. 20 rounders loaded with 19 rounds. 30 rounders with 28. That’s sufficient. My 10 round pistol magazines are loaded with 9 in the mag and 1 in the pipe. I don’t want to be a situation where I have to light off a few rounds and then worry about finding all my brass so I won’t leave any identifying information behind. Call me paranoid but policing brass has always been one of my poor points.

    We took a drive to see friends yesterday. 110 miles so about 2 hours each way on the expressway. People have lost their ever loving minds when driving it seems. Close by passes and coming up fast from the rear before zipping around. I just stay in the slow lane and maintain my speed and hope for the best. Checked my get home bag before we left and changed out some of the water and crackers and stuff. Found a full box of 50 rounds of .45ACP ammo that I had stashed in there. Left it there and added a few mask and glove sets and some small hand sanitizer. When I packed the bag I didn’t think about those kinds of things.

    People asked questions about the salt water pool that we are getting. The saltwater is about 1/10 as salty as the ocean and can actually be drank if needed. The salt, when it is processed by the concentrator is converted in to chlorine and something else and when it comes back through again it is processed again. The pool is scheduled to arrive at the end of the month. We will talk to a guy about grading the site when we leave church today. It’s hot here in Georgia so a nice dip in the pool would be in order.

    Stay safe, talk to your neighbors, say your prayers, be nice to one another.


    1. Cliff,

      Spent brass can still leave a lot of evidence. Firing pin marks, extractor marks, bolt face marks. A lot of stuff for a good forensic firearms person to find. If they develop you as a suspect and seize your weapon, they can do matching. In fact, often the marks left on the brass can tell them what kind of weapon fired those rounds.

      If you get in a shooting and it’s a legal shooting, picking up the brass will probably lead to some form of destruction of evidence or tampering with a crime scene charge. If it’s a good shooting, leave them where they fell and the cops will police (no pun intended) them up for you.

    2. My cousins husband switched his above ground pool to salt water and loves it. Had it 2 summers now, and no problems. They live in Hiram.

    1. Thor1,

      If you just started watching Steve BN, he has a video out from a couple of days ago (he’s driving his car looks like on the interstate on that one), talking about the 2 dust storms that have come from the asteroids that have already hit the earth in Africa.

  20. Hi Pack, I’m a little late to the party..
    . I have begun a recovery finally w/ my shoulder.. Have not hurt it in several weeks.sressed it a little 2x., so still find it necessary to be very careful what i lift or move…. started a new regimen for it using Moringa, collagen( 5 types in one mix) and turmeric.. also using a sports bra that is very tight to support the shoulder blade better.
    This last several weeks i have had to tweak what i was trying to do, and modify everything to accommodate the restrictions…not as much done as i wanted but more than i would have done- with a heating pad on it continually…. not much has been accomplished in the gardens this year.. potatoes and sweetpotatoes and a few tomato plants. so far… the weeds in my beds are doing great, so that must be taken care of before can plant the fall things….due to the sun intensity- have moved some of my planned plantings to a n area where they receive some blocking of intense afternoon heat..
    Animal care continues with all sized water bottles being frozen for the rabbits for day time temps of 92-97 and humidities high enough for heat index range of 105 most days… Ice water, mister from garden hose, and ice water applications to ears all used as needed ..low temps around 78 this week w/ humidity early am of 83%… AIR so heavy can not breathe without difficulty, feet too heavy for legs from the exertions.
    This week i tended neighbors grow beds while they were gone… gathered some squash, cukes, and fresh tomatoes.Harvested 4 rabbits this past week. Several more que.
    Forage,The wild lettuce is being carefully harvested for spaced out bunny treats.. those big tender leaves gathered into a bucket of ice water and passed out laid over their ice bottles will entice them into eating on the hottest of days… no fruit this year here, late frosts and freezes got most things.. Elderberry present but unable to gather (would need 10 ft arms to reach over ditches and possible snake dens.-not worth fighting water moccasins or copperheads.)
    I gather Plantain Herb and use it exclusively in allergy / insect bite tincture for sudden wheals. making a triple tincture.. for quickest response.. made with PGA it could also be used medicinally internally. we added to herbal preps .. anti inflammatory- olive leaf,Turmeric. NAC, ALA, soursop, /others…and put the latest selections away after dating and making list for the box. OTC’s for stomach and intestinal needs were re stocked. Fav dishwashing liquid, Laundry detergents, sanitizer for laundry,stain treatments, has been increased. .. Under clothing for family replenished. .. oldest removed and transferred to cleaning rags. Purchased a rider lawn mower a Husky. mowing 2+ acres with a push mower does not get it with heat index of 100-110
    We make jelly and or syrups from berries, and fruits.. have plenty for several years.of ones in recent years. As other types are available i pick up 2-3 each month.of hard to find/or favorite flavors..
    I did receive 2 windfalls of grapes in last few weeks, those were cooked down into juice concentrate…w/ intended use for Communion,.. another JIC prep. windfalls of carrots, broccoli, cauliflower were dehydrated and added to LTS in glass jars..
    Take care all, Hang in there.. Do what you can daily , to promote peace with your neighbors, friends and family. We can not change our stressors, but only our response to those.Many times walking away is the very best policy.
    Prayers for the Pack and all who prep.. for the spoken and unspoken needs.For our Duly Elected POTUS, and FLOTUS who stands by his side and supports him. God knows the needs. HE sees all.
    Keep on Keeping on.
    Made quick trip in to wally store before their masks policy becomes a reality. picked up wants, not necessities.Milk, cottage cheese, potatoes and potato cheese and luncheon meat. Had a one track mind-re:wants and purchases, stuck to that…. did not walk every aisle…for one way traffic.from ends of aisles looked fairly well stocked with canned goods and pastas.. could not visualize other staple goods. .
    located some items this week on my quick purchase list… . will pick those up this week.
    Home brew baby chicks seem to be doing well. someone’s cat is stalking..cat will be leaving soon..Not tolerating a litter box in my garden areas and planting areas at this house.. closest neighbors on either side do not have cats. we are not starting now.

  21. JP and Zulu
    Are you folks type one or two?

    Doesn’t really matter, but I had an A1C last yr of 6.7. My doc was proud. This June appt. A1C was 8. Holy moly.
    I knew I couldn’t keep my numbers down. Broken ribs in Dec.lack of movement. And I believe with all this on going recent stress,
    (Covid, state shutdowns, on and on) whether we believe it or not, it affects us.
    My blood sugar numbers have dropped back in the controlled range and the past couple days, are climbing once again. (Work related stress, stress at home)

    No change in my same ole, same ole, eat and medicine routine

        1. JP,
          I thought you probably meant type 2, but I wasn’t gonna argue!
          GA Red said stress is also a factor,
          Do you and Zulu feel the same?
          I mean I worked my butt off at home during the shutdown, but just couldn’t bring the numbers down.
          I’m type 1, btw.
          I hope you guys keep an eye open for the possible lows, adjusting to these new meds.
          Being a diabetic 1 or 2 in general, is nothing to mess with. Especially in these trying times….
          expecting more fun to come.

          Stay strong, healthy and alert.

          1. Joe2c,

            Absolutely I believe stress is a factor with diabetes. I know I’ve been stressed lately over events occurring in the world, particularly the Kung Flu, the morons rioting, and the upcoming election.

    1. Joe2c,

      I’m a Type II (at least for now). They changed one of my meds the other day and are happy that I’m dieting and already have a weight loss and a drop in blood glucose.

    2. I have type II and control it with food and activity. I won’t get my A1c until August but I can tell it’s not going to be as good as in the past. Stress is definitely a factor.

      1. Joe2c, Zulu,Ga Red,
        Yes stress really interferes with control..of blood sugars,… i have been what is now termed pre diabetic for 41 years. only way to control has been diet/exercise. specifically carb control. There are a few rx’d drugs that can be used now, i rely on bitter melon, when i take it on schedule for 6 weeks…on 2, off 2 and on 2.. i can really tell my sugar stabilizes..not as reactive to carbs.
        Be sure to find what stress relivers you can… going fishing, camping, prayer, meditation,self- hypnotism, stretching exercises, laughter,.. walking.. using them often..
        re: stretching exercises…My DD uses DDPY, there is a form of it for even people that are bed bound….plug in Diamond Dallas Page Yoga..in you tube… She began could not even touch her ankles, now can place both hands flat on floor… has lost some lbs as well. sow and steady….
        Take time to take are of yourself… yep i am trying as well..

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