What I Did to Prep This Week

What I Did To Prep This Week: July 26th – August 1st 2020

hay stack in barn

Hello Pack. I hope you all have had a safe and productive week of prepping.

Our hay bale stack fell over in the pole barn. As you can see by the photo above, it was quite a mess to deal with, and involved baling hay a second time to get it from loose to nice and tight so it will stay in place.

I think the problem was a combination of a few loose bales (that were supposed to be set aside) and unsupervised stacking by some teenage tribe members.

Our governor mandated masks for the entire state last week, still fuming about that. I refuse to use up our stash of now incredibly hard to find masks for this needless pandemic panic.

There are only two or three pending cases in our county of 13,800 and some people. About half of the county has complied with the order, only a handful of folks wore a mask on before. No one I have spoken to has been turned away because of refusal to put on a mask.

I am still entirely baffled about the lack of logic to the whole mask wearing thing. If a mask protects germs from getting out, would that same mask not protect germs from getting in?

Once upon a time the talking heads at the CDC were worried about surface transfer, but they have since stopped telling us to really worry about that – no need to wash off your delivered groceries anymore.

In fact, when this whole thing started, those same learned folks who want us all to walk around with face coverings now, were adamant about not wearing them unless you were sick.

Evolving plans to combat the virus are one thing; after all this is the first time we have had to deal with this type of pandemic. But a complete break in logic, is another thing entirely.

Anyone who is in an at risk group surely should protect themselves by any means possible, but scaring people into compliance, threatening people into compliance, and just generally taking more control over our lives is just too much for some of us to stomach.

In other preps this week, the wild blackberries and black raspberries are still coming on very strong. I figure we have about another week of collecting them and freezing them until we start making delicious homemade jam.

Our tomato plants are robustly producing, so canning is on tap for this week. I am about to go gather more goldenrod to make salve and tincture out of.

This pretty little weed always gets a bad rap for being a hay fever instigator but it is actually the ragweed that grows alongside it that causes the sneezing and coughing.

Goldenrod has long been used by herbalists to prevent and combat kidney stones, to lower cholesterol, fight common cold symptoms, seasonal allergies, sinus infections, and even the flu.

This Weeks’ Questions

  1. How do you use goldenrod?
  2. What do you think of the ongoing pandemic and the rules being handed down to combat it?
  3. What prepping tasks, projects, and chores do you have planned for fall?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?
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132 thoughts on “What I Did To Prep This Week: July 26th – August 1st 2020

    1. Puppy is still growing, I think he might have some American blue shepherd in him. Wait that would make him a GASD.,.LOL

      More tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers
      Planted more lettuce and cilantro

      Target practiced with pellet guns
      Added receivers for security alarms upstairs

      Home maintenance
      Changed air filters in air-conditioners
      Changed water filter in fridge/freezer
      Changed air filter in fridge/freezer

      Thor’s questions

      1. Do you think millions of people will be evicted next week?

      2. Will landlords default on their debts due to lack of payments and be foreclosed on?

      3. What are the shortages in your area?

      4. Have you heard of drones near nuclear power plants?

      5. Are terrorists now attacking our infrastructure? (Trains,trucks, power plants,water system ect.)

      1. One item that I’ve had a lot of trouble finding is rock salt. I make my own ice cream. It’s my guilty pleasure, so I make a lot. Until last night, my local Kroger hadn’t had any in stock for two months or more. The manager of the local small grocery store said that he had been ordering it and couldn’t get it. He said there’s not any in the warehouse either.

        1. PG, I have an ice cream maker…I used to make snow cream when I lived up North. Just stay away from…..THE YELLOW SNOW…..LOL

          1. I could not find rock salt at the Kroger either! Do you think the government doesn’t want us to make our own ice cream?

          2. Along with rock salt (I don’t track it because I don’t use it) I’m finding that 25# bags of granulated salt are not as available as they were.

          1. Jean
            I put in a search parameter for ‘rock salt’ it was showing up in Ace hardware stores, restaurant supply besides W/M. It is an item which everyone uses around this time of year, so like all products if you use it buy extra of it. Put it into your storage for jic. Remember Kroger’s, like all stores are being shorted on items. Here today…gone tomorrow, and no telling if they will carry it again in their line of products.

          2. Wouldn’t water softener salt work just as good for one tenth the price? Of course you have to lug a 40 lb bag home and then find some place to put the bag.

      2. Tara’s questions

        1.How do you use goldenrod?
        I hit geese with it until I get a golden egg….😎

        2.What do you think of the ongoing pandemic and the rules being handed down to combat it?
        Not sure the governments know what they are doing.

        3.What prepping tasks, projects, and chores do you have planned for fall?
        Building fighting positions, cutting wood, buying a log splitter and chipper.

        1. I could not find rock salt at the Kroger either! Do you think the government doesn’t want us to make our own ice cream?

          1. Sometimes I just hate how this website jumps around with all the advertisement. I was responding to the post above and look what happened!

            What I was going to say is that I had a good laugh at your wonder if the government knew what they were doing? As like minded prepper’s, I think we all know the answer to that question!

            Also laughed when I saw that you were gonna buy a wood chipper. Anyone remember the movie, Fargo?

          2. Jean:

            I had the same problem. I installed uBlock (free download) and have had no problems since (2+ months now).

      3. Thor’s questions

        1. Do you think millions of people will be evicted next week?

        No. Some states have already taken steps to prevent that.

        2. Will landlords default on their debts due to lack of payments and be foreclosed on?
        It’s possible they will default, but I think the government(s) will stick their noses in and prevent foreclosures.

        3. What are the shortages in your area?

        No screaming great shortages that I’ve see here in Orlando. I mentioned in my post that evidently there is an aluminum shortage that is affecting soda can manufacturing.

        4. Have you heard of drones near nuclear power plants?

        Yes. I read something today about a drone over a nuke plant in California.

        5. Are terrorists now attacking our infrastructure? (Trains,trucks, power plants,water system ect.)

        I haven’t seen or heard anything to that effect.

        1. Zulu,

          I think you have my personal email. Please message me about your experience with the hurricane–and mark yourself as safe. I am just two hours north,, I think, so what you get, we get.

          1. Bam Bam,

            Can do. The last report showed the projected track as curving eastward after it passes the level of Orlando. If that holds up, you’ll probably do OK. Some rain, some wind.

          2. Thor,

            It was downgraded to a tropical storm. I was just worried because I have so much meat stored in my freezers. My dh filled up the spare propane tank today. If conditions dictate I will send him out tomorrow to get gas for the generator. I doubt we will need the genny given it’s only a tropical storm but you never know.

      4. Thor’s questions

        1. i think there will be a rise in people beginning the process, but evictions don’t happen overnight, durring the pandemic most landlords will probably realize their current tennants probably not going to be replaced by anyone in any better financial shape and will probably make arrangements for missed rent, the jackasses who abuse the system will be booted out though.

        2. some maybe, but banks would rather have money coming in than land since they don’t know if they can sell a property. even with tax leins they won’t forclose on a property if the curent owner has made an effort to pay something (tax auctions are usually lots from estates with no heirs, or land abandoned and worthless). forclosure is usually a last ditch effort to get something out of a bad investment.

        3. no idea, i know wally world has not had corn beef hash in stock in a long time, at least 2 months, aldi has it in stock but only because they have a limit of 4 cans per customer (wich they usually waive for me when i expain how far away i live and that it may be weeks before my next chance to get to town for more). thats about it that i know of.

        4. nope

        5. not that i heard of but most of the US infrastructure is ancient and decaying and fallign apart on its own, my area only sees a crew fix something when its fallen so far into decay its impassable (like a row of power lines coming down or a bridge falling into the river) the ditches have not been dredged out on the town roads in more than 70 years (not since the road was first put in in the 30s), of course the town highway supervisor put all the money into paving the road that only he and his other live on. after it snows it may be days before a plow truck comes around, and i know a few places with broken trees sitting on a power line but as long as the power still works nobody comes out to maintain the lines. statistically 70% of the bridges in the US are structurally deficent, thats because most of our infrastructure dates to the 50s and 60s and has been bandaid repaired since (just slap some duct tape on it). terrorists don’t need to attack any of it, just have crews do a little less band aid work becasue of the pandemic and all kinds of infrastructure will be collapsing on its own

          1. i just look at things based on asking “why”, i see a problem and consider how it happened, most people look at an iceburg and they never think about the fact that 90% of it is not visible, they only see the tip of it. what i said about the ditches never dredged the town only has so much money it the budget, they can only do so much with it, dredging a ditch is going to be a massive investment and they simply don’t have the money to do it, regularly so it builds up till the roads are flooded, and most of the time its still cheaper to put detour signs up a few ties a year for the few people affected than it is to go through and fix the problem. most often the why comes down to spending the least amount of money and effort on something and looking the other way until its a catastrophy. the same logic plays out everywhere its just human nature, thats also why i don’t buy into so many conspiracy theories, since they would take so much work and investment and have so little return on it.

      5. Thor’s questions

        1. Do you think millions of people will be evicted next week? I think the evictions will start. Too many feel they are entitled to shelter and that paying for it should not come out of their primary income.

        2. Will landlords default on their debts due to lack of payments and be foreclosed on? It is a very real possibility (unless you used the Dave Ramsey method, but few do.)

        3. What are the shortages in your area? Ammo is not readily available, but you can find it it you work at it (many people I know are not willing to do the work or pay a premium; having asked me to “find” them ammo at the old prices.)

        4. Have you heard of drones near nuclear power plants? No.

        5. Are terrorists now attacking our infrastructure? (Trains,trucks, power plants,water system, etc.) Actually attacking (really just probing) and planning future attacks. America has a lot of people that are envious of our success (inside and outside the country) and want to see it destroyed. They are short sighted. Most worldwide charity comes from America; from government, corporations, and individuals. They will be cutting their own throats. Without a surplus, most people don’t give. Without a way to replace what they have, they will be unwilling to share what they have already gathered.

      6. Thor:
        1. I do think evictions will start but have no idea of the numbers.
        2. Foreclosures can take years but I do think some will start missing payments.
        3. Shortages are paper towels, yeast, canned goods- mostly store brand veggies, bleach and cleaning supplies.
        4. Yes. The mysterious drones over parts of Nebraska,Kansas and Colorado seem to have disappeared though.
        5. I think plans are in place. Is it possible Covid-19 is a trial run?

  1. Good Morning from Douglasville
    Well, to start off we have hired someone to grade an area for the above ground pool, the pool has been showing shipped for quite a few days, we made arrangements to go to the pool store today to pick up the sandfilter and pump along with the salt concentrator. Everything looked great. Logged on to Amazon last night and got an alert that the pool seller now has a negative 98% rating with the last 48 ratings saying, total scam, took orders with nothing in stock and does not communicate. This is at a rate of $2000 per sale. We are dancing with Amazon now trying to get our money back in a timely fashion. Evidently this seller opened up a couple of months ago and never really had a storefront or stock of pools. Anyway, we have put off the pool install until next year since comparable pools have gone up more than $1,000 if you can get one and I’m just not paying that for now. Let the guy with the grader know before he bought the 3 tons of sand to put under it.

    So, we are in the planning stages of a Trunk or Treat in October at church since we can’t have our Fall Festival. DW is working on something to decorate the truck and I am planning on providing a hot dog plate with chips and a soda for free for everyone that comes. For right now I can’t even imagine how few or how many folks will come but I will feed them.

    For prepping I got on Midway USA’s page and found a good deal on storage food so put in an order there. Was going to pick up some more 12 and 20 gauge buckshot but they are out of stock. I’ve got plenty but never pass up a chance to stock up some more.

    Schools are either opening or not opening soon. Can’t really get a strong read on what they plan to do.

    Have a safe week, keep praying, keep prepping, keep smiling (no one can tell behind the mask)


    1. Cliff,

      I always use my Visa card when ordering from Amazon. Most credit card companies will refund your money if you do not receive your order. Contact your card company. They will ask for a copy of the order, your correspondence with Amazon and the tracking number.

      1. I use an American Express. Yes, it costs an annual fee, but if there is a dispute, they are right on top of it.

    2. CID, there is a lot of fraud going on due to the unemployment rate. Do business with only TRUSTED sources.

      I was trying to get people to buy more buckshot while it was available.

    3. My favorite. Gun store in Albuquerque had ammo but not lots when I was there last Tuesday. They were quite busy too. I bought ammo, a used 22 with a 5 shot clip, and a 410 shotgun that when you remove the choke will also fire regular 45 cal slugs. It shoots the same 410/45 ammo as my Tarus Judge pistol. Both will be kept in the home. The 22 ammo at $2.50 per 50 seems steep but I bought 200 more to add to the stash. 45 slugs were $34 for 50. I Bought the last box in the store. 410 shotgun shells were 5 shells for $8 and not many of those left. I added 3 boxes to the stash. Other things were just 6-10 of each kind in stock. Not as it used to be. Hunting ammo sizes were the most plentiful. Limit 1 box per size of each being purchased. The 410 and 22 weren’t being limited to 1 box. Still “don’t ask for a lot of them” was the caution from a salesman. I used to buy bricks of 22 all the time. I Haven’t seen one anywhere lately.

      1. went to a runnings a few months ago to buy ammo, theylimited it to 2 boxes per customer (only store in 100 miles that still ahd ammo), i picked up a boxx of 30-30 for my deer gun and a bucket of 22rimfire (2500 rounds) the bucket was still technically just one box. i see the panic buying and remember 2012 in ny, you could go buy a new 22 semi auto with 10 round mag for $100, but ammo was not available anywhere. took years till i even saw a box of 50 shots and it was $40 for that one box. then runnings opened up about 2 years back and then i could get it. with everyone buying it up like crazy i figured i should get a little more in case its another decasde till i get another chance

        1. I won the Tarus Judge at a Friends of the NRA fund raising banquet several years ago. It was a $20 ticket for a pick of anything on the auction table. There were many more expensive things but I wanted a pistol.

    4. Cliff. My cousin has purchased his last two above ground pools from Wal-Mart and has been totally happy. The first pool was one of those end of season deals. Then he decided after a few years to go salt water route, and again he got it from Walmart. However, he not only had the sand and stuff brought in, he set the pool up himself (with a few skilled friends) and built a deck all the way around the pool and it’s all connected to one side of his back deck. Sounds like a lot of work, but it really turned out quite nice.

      1. Hi Jean,

        Thanks for your nice note. We are in the process of getting our money back from Amazon for the pool and have put it on hold for this year. Seems all the pools come from China and nothing is flowing this way right now. I checked at Walmart and they don’t have any and also Lowe’s and Home Depot. Home Depot has some but they are way over priced and I just don’t want to pay 2500 for something that normally sells for 700 or 800.

        I had the landscaper all lined up. He was going to take out all the sod and laser level the ground and bring in 3 tons of sand (we would put that down and level it) for $700, but I have put him on hold for now and he is fine with that. I have friends that have a larger salt water pool and they were going to help, along with some other friends, to put this pool up with payment in beer, soda and burgers. That too is on hold.

        The people who though having a salt water pool was a bad idea because the water would be too salty to drink are misinformed. The salt level in a salt water pool is less than 1/10 the saltiness of sea water and the taste is barely discernible. The initial set up cost is higher but the long term maintenance cost is much lower than a chlorine based pool.

        We will let it slide for the time being and have hopes this thing will be over before we get too far in to next year. We had to put our cruise in September on hold and have booked one for next September and hope and pray that we are either taken up to heaven before them or that this pandemic this is over with before then.

        Take care, stay safe, keep prepping.


  2. I did my grocery shopping twice this week and added to my food stash. I noticed that Publix has signs around the soda and drink cans stating that there is an aluminum shortage, so some products may be in short supply. Loverly. I also noticed that other products were missing from the shelves, such as brand name soy sauce and other similar Asian seasoning products.

    I see a moron rioter was killed in Austin, TX while pointing an AK-47 at someone. Too bad, so sad. He was hunting for a confrontation and got one he couldn’t handle. He had been in the Air Force for less than a full enlistment. He was an aircraft mechanic, so I know he had zero military tactical training. I spoke with an old Air Guard friend who was able to research this clown a little. Evidently he did nothing but whine and cry about not being able to help his disabled girlfriend and his chain of command got fed up. He was forever skipping work to bitch to the chaplain (yeah, I know, how hypocritical). So, the PTB kicked him out the door. I don’t know what kind of discharge he got, but probably no better than a General. Stupid is as stupid does.

    It is looking like Florida is going to be grazed by a hurricane along the east coast. Thrills. #1 daughter had drill this weekend but the PTB canceled the whole drill and sent everyone already on base home Friday evening. Her base is smack along the east coast. She still has to do her military work from home, but she gets paid for it and gets drill participation points (important for retirement pay calculation down the road). If it stays on the projected track (good luck with that), here in Orlando we will get rain and some wind.

    I topped off my battery packs, lanterns, weather radios, Ham radios, and FRMS radios. Just in case. Did laundry a little earlier than I would otherwise have done. I’m going to postpone the decision whether to fill up a WaterBob until later today or even tomorrow morning.

    This Weeks’ Questions

    1. How do you use goldenrod?

    I don’t.

    2. What do you think of the ongoing pandemic and the rules being handed down to combat it?

    I think the stats are being massaged in a most shameful manner to make the Kung flu look more widespread than it is. I know some people are sick with this disease or something like it. So that is the only reason I wear a mask when I go places. It isn’t worth it to me getting in an argument with some idiot who thinks they are the mask police
    3. What prepping tasks, projects, and chores do you have planned for fall?

    Nothing special.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    1. My daughter…baby of the family. Lives in a little town just inland from Jacksonville. They’ve been topping off prepps this week.

      1. Clergylady,

        According to the weather report I just watched, the hurricane will be well off shore when it gets up to Jacksonville.

      2. Clergylady,

        It has been downgraded to a tropical storm. If your daughter needs help, get my contact info from GA Red. I am less than two hours away.

    1. This Weeks’ Questions
      1. How do you use goldenrod? I look at it from afar and think how pretty it is.
      2. What do you think of the ongoing pandemic and the rules being handed down to combat it? The PTB are trying to gauge just how much they can get away with and have forgotten that the only power the government has is that which has been given to them by the people. Another thing many of the city governments have forgotten is that their revenue from business licenses is often based on income. By shutting down so many businesses, they aren’t going to be enjoying the massive tax revenue that they have in the past.
      3. What prepping tasks, projects, and chores do you have planned for fall? Fall garden and more canning/preserving. The DH is working on repairs/maintenance of the house that is now paid off.
      4. What did you do to prep this week? Canning, freezing, working, paying off house. Spent much of yesterday instructing DD #3 in the making of pimento cheese spread and hummus while cutting tomatoes for tomato sauce. She also made some other things for our work lunches this week. I’ve picked over 30 pounds of tomatoes in the past week. I pulled the green bean plants as their production has slacked off and it’s time to start planting the fall garden.

      Thor’s questions
      1. Do you think millions of people will be evicted next week? No – many states have their own rules on whether or not tenants can be evicted. I have a friend in Washington state that has a tenant that has not paid rent since March. Washington has extended the no evictions decree.
      2. Will landlords default on their debts due to lack of payments and be foreclosed on? Depends on whether they can sell the property if they choose.
      3. What are the shortages in your area? Other than canning lids, nothing that I’ve really become aware of.
      4. Have you heard of drones near nuclear power plants? No
      5. Are terrorists now attacking our infrastructure? (Trains,trucks, power plants,water system ect.) Not a clue but would not doubt it as there are many forms of terrorists and not all were raised outside the country.

      1. People on Facebook canning and homesteading groups of which I am a member have had disagreements about canning jars and lids. Many can’t find them and get angry when someone posts that they bought a large amount when they found them. IS IT HOARDING OR IS IT OKAY TO BUY A LOT OF CANNING LIDS, JARS, (OR ANY OTHER ITEM, FOR THAT MATTER), OR SHOULD YOU ONLY TAKE ONE SO THAT OTHERS MAY HAVE SOME? It is not hoarding if it is something you are going to use.
      2. Some days I feel like I’m doing okay, but other days I feel overwhelmed. It’s like a clock is ticking down, and I have to beat it. One day I look at how little I’ve accomplished and kick myself for sitting, reading, or watching a tv show. Other days I tell myself that what I accomplished that day got me a little further ahead than I was the day before. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS THIS WAY? We all need a break when we can get one and there is only so much one can do before rest is required – whether that is sleep or some other form of down time. Reading is good for you and I’m weary too. I just keep doing what I can when I can taking breaks in the evening and avoiding the news.

  3. 1. Do you use goldenrod?
    2. What do you think of the ongoing pandemic and the rules being handed down to combat it?
    I believe the virus is real, but a lot of the rules are a way of seeing how much Americans are willing to give up their rights and be controlled.
    3. What prepping tasks, projects, and chores do you have planned for fall?
    For the first time ever, I’m going to plant some fall crops. I’m also going to get more foods started in the greenhouse, build a chicken tractor, increase the number of hens I have, and have three dairy goats bred. I want to sell the loom that I inherited from my grandma, too.
    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    1. People on Facebook canning and homesteading groups of which I am a member have had disagreements about canning jars and lids. Many can’t find them and get angry when someone posts that they bought a large amount when they found them. IS IT HOARDING OR IS IT OKAY TO BUY A LOT OF CANNING LIDS, JARS, (OR ANY OTHER ITEM, FOR THAT MATTER), OR SHOULD YOU ONLY TAKE ONE SO THAT OTHERS MAY HAVE SOME?
    2. Some days I feel like I’m doing okay, but other days I feel overwhelmed. It’s like a clock is ticking down, and I have to beat it. One day I look at how little I’ve accomplished and kick myself for sitting, reading, or watching a tv show. Other days I tell myself that what I accomplished that day got me a little further ahead than I was the day before. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS THIS WAY?
    This week:
    -I REALLY need to kill old hens and move others to their permanent coops.

    -Continually battling weeds, insects, critters, and water woes.
    -Harvested more corn. Should finish it up this week.

    *Food Preserved:
    -Dehydrated; 2 bunches of celery,
    -Canned; 25 pints of 14 day pickles (bread and butter), 5 pints coleslaw, 16 quarts of tomato juice,
    -Froze; 7 dozen ears of corn (creamed it),

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: two huge pork loins (will smoke and freeze them), flour, Tang, pasta, salt, rock salt, canned soup, canned sodas (for DH), TP, canned vegetables, juice boxes, Ziploc freezer bags, foil, large cans of juice, cereal, cheese (Froze it.),

    *For the Grandkids Boxes: candy,

    -Picked a lot of pears off of my cousin’s tree. She doesn’t use them. I’m going to can them next week.
    -Organized all of my seeds.

    -Got a jar sealer for the Foodsaver and learned how to use it.

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    1. Grammy’s questions
      1. The early bird gets the worm. If you can afford what you get, need it or want it…..why not. Although I left a box of 9mm and 40 Cal for someone else but the price was high and I have enough ammo I think.

      2. Got to have down time too. Movies ect. I’m going to play pool today on my pool table and workout in my gym. It’s good to have things to relieve stress and unwind without wearing a mask. I still do something everyday to prepare for what is coming, and you are correct, it will be very bad.

      1. People on Facebook canning and homesteading groups of which I am a member have had disagreements about canning jars and lids. Many can’t find them and get angry when someone posts that they bought a large amount when they found them. IS IT HOARDING OR IS IT OKAY TO BUY A LOT OF CANNING LIDS, JARS, (OR ANY OTHER ITEM, FOR THAT MATTER), OR SHOULD YOU ONLY TAKE ONE SO THAT OTHERS MAY HAVE SOME?

      I would say buy for your needs and don’t bother telling anyone how much you got.

      2. Some days I feel like I’m doing okay, but other days I feel overwhelmed. It’s like a clock is ticking down, and I have to beat it. One day I look at how little I’ve accomplished and kick myself for sitting, reading, or watching a tv show. Other days I tell myself that what I accomplished that day got me a little further ahead than I was the day before. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS THIS WAY?

      Nope, you’re not. I feel that way sometimes and I just relax and let the feeling pass. Also, better living through modern chemistry. 😊

    3. Prepared Granny I think it depends on what you are doing. Where I’m at Wal-Mart has had both canning jars and lids. Sometimes more than other times. I usually pick up a couple dozen lids every time I see them. I never clear the shelf. I have friends who buy the lids 2 dozen boxes each. The difference is that were planning on a huge canning session and I am canning at my convenience.
      I dont consider it hoarding to stock up on things you will be using. Like with the toilet paper shortage some areas have none and other areas will have plenty.

      1. this is the difference between preppers and frugal people and the mainstream on demand consumer culture, most people only buy stuff when they need it and expect the stores to have it right then. people who do canning typically plan ahead, hence the canning, my guess is the people complaining are the newbs who just started because they are afraid of the virus and potential supply shortages. as per me i have not bought lids in a few years, Kmart had ball products half off a few years ago on some big clearence sale (a year before the store closed down), i rode my bike out doing 200 miles with the bike trailer over a weekend cleaning out their supply, $4 a case of jars was a hell of a bargain whenthe regular price elsewhere was $10 to $14, and i bought a large box worth of lids too. because i was not sure when i would see prices like that again, and not having public transportation out here and being some 20 miles from town once the snow falls i am not going anywhere for months. its not hording when i have a years worth of food stocked up, its simply that it may be 7 months between when i can even get to the grocery store (in the winter its a 5 hour walk to the nearest one, then 5 hours back with only what i can carry on a frame pack). most of these complainers are probably suburban types who do it for a hobby or are just starting. i tried facebutt in the past and homesteading groups but was sorely disapointed with the quality of most of the people in groups.

      2. no, i feel that way too sometimes, its the old saying to make hay when the sun shines, in my case i live off my land, and my income and livlyhood are tied directly to what i get done. case in point the winter before last i had no coat, i could only go out when the weather was best for it (walked to town 1 time a week till it was -40F, using a capote i made from old blankets). couldn’t run a chainsaw without a good work coat, so the fall of 19 i had less than haf the firewood i normally do for selling, thus this past winter i was perpetually broke and when i ran out of sw gas went long stretches using just a 1 man hand saw and ax for my logging, and that budget shortage still going on now, scraping the bottom of the piggy bank so to speak, but i have twice as much wood cut tfor this fall because i was broke and had nothing to do but cut wood with hand tools. so if i sit around on a day with good work conditions then i feel bad about it becasue i may regret it later, an off grid homestead choice to fart around for a few days may cause months of hardship that stretches out over years. so i have a drive to do as much as i can every day, knowing when the weather sucks i will be sitting fine durring it

    5. Prepared Grammy:

      It is not hording to plan and buy before you are in need.

      It is arrogant and stupid of people to expect someone else to use their money and resources for them to not have to be fully responsible for their future and anticipate their own needs. They better get with the program, this is going to happen more and more as manufacturing is shut down while demand grows!

      1. JP in MT,

        Speaking of demand, the prices for silver and gold have gone up considerably. My dealer is experiencing shortages in fractional silver rounds and bars. Actually they are out of stock on most.

        1. Zulu 3-6:

          Plus the premium (price over spot) has increased again. I noticed this in Feb when silver dipped, and again in the last 2 weeks as the economic news has changed.

          1. Zulu:

            PM’s are what they are. For me it is a place to park wealth. I get what I can, at what price I can, when there is nothing more important I need or is available. It has worked out so far. Today, I can get more food to store, ammo to shoot/practice. Availability of both are rapidly changing.

          2. JP,

            That is the way I view PM also. I think I’m pretty much OK with ammo, but I keep adding food.

          3. Zulu:

            I’m good on ammo. It’s just that others I may have to depend on are not. Some (mostly their spouses) are still planning vacations and weekend trips while skipping house payments. Makes no sense to me, but then I have always thought different than most of those around me.

          4. Paying bills and being ready to meet needs and emergencies come way ahead of vacations in my estimation. Why risk loosing a home so you can go play for a few days somewhere expensive? That’s a mindset I don’t understand.

          5. Clergylady:

            I have one friend, he owns his own business. His wife is an independent contractor Occupational Therapist. Both took a hit on business, his due to shoulder surgery. She got down to 35% of her normal income. Did not stop her from shopping, running all over the state to visit kids/grandkids. She has a way of looking at the world and ignoring reality of what she is doing. I could go on, but it is not the point. Far too many people are looking at the current situation as being temporary and will soon go back to “normal”. They are going to get hurt and hurt a lot of other people at the same time.

          6. I got rid of the last credit card over 5 years ago. Husband loved credit cards. When I had to take over finances because of Alzheimer’s the cards started going away.
            If it isn’t in my pocket or on my debit card it isn’t getting spent. Period!
            Even if we can go back to “normal” I wouldn’t want to face a mountain of debt. I think we won’t be back to the old normal for quite some time. If idiots give Demoncrats more power we may never get back. Socialism and Marxism have never brought prosperity.

    6. Canning lids, are hard to come by here in the Pacific Northwest, when I see them I try and get no more then there per size, so other people, have a chance to get some , but being a canner, I always have lids on hand so I’m not worried but this year, I have stocked up each pay period 3 boxes per size.

      1. MO3, I noticed shortages of large mouth lids. I bought another case of large mouth jars,quarts, but there were standard lids at a Publix.

        1. Tractor supply, Fred Meyer’s, Walmart, all of these stores wiped out Winco, was the only place I can find them… I would also say check the sporting good stores, and your family hardware store may have them in stock.

    7. GP:
      The answer to 1. is It Depends. If I see a good sale, I will stock up. For example, I buy a lot of walnuts and pecans when they go on sale during the holidays and then freeze them. Right now, I buy certain products whenever I see them if they are in short supply such as yeast or types of cleaning supplies. But I do not stock up on items I seldom use. My BIL was complaining about the hoarders taking all the paper towels yesterday- I kept my mouth shut because they don’t believe in prepping. Hoarding and prepping are the same to some but not to me.

      2. I totally relate!

    8. I do not believe any prepper is hoarding. We are preparing. I believe hoarding is when you have stacks and stacks of newspapers, magazines, other reading materials, so many stacks around your home that no one can safely walk in your home A tiny path to the bathroom. Every surface of wall is taken up by “pretties” that you have collected over many years. I have SEEN hoarding first hand and it is of NOTHING useful. So, I do not believe you are hoarding. Get what you can while you can, that is what I live by. There are times when I leave items on the shelf for others. I am lucky, in that I stocked up on extra lids and rings back before it became a thing, so I have plenty. As for taking time off, no one can be in constant GO mode. It is not good for you!! Not physically, mentally, or spiritually. So, taking a day off is actually good for you! Keeps you strong. Hang in there!! We are all doing what we can, but taking time off is a good idea!!

  4. (1) I don’t use goldenrod.
    (2) The Pandemic has been totally blown out of proportion, the mandates are ridiculous, and the whole thing is being manipulated for evil purposes. Some get sick, some even die, but it ISN’T what the MSM and idiots behind the curtain are promoting it as.
    (3) My fall prep plans include adding a wide gate to another area of my farm so we can get equipment/soil into that area to add a new garden plot. My other fall prep is that I had two of my goats bred in June so that I can have babies born in November and fresh milk shortly thereafter.
    (4) Preps this week: ordered and received another pair of shoes from OrthoFeet. Ordered more quilting fabric using my husband’s Amazon Prime points….I love free stuff! Canned bananas and made more bone broth for the dogs. Planted turmeric and some cranberry hibiscus seeds that a friend gave me. Continued taking inventory of my food preps. Watching the Weather Channel to see how much of a storm we are going to get here on the Florida East Coast tonight and tomorrow. I’ve got metal dog crates set up and ready in my main barn to put all of my chickens in if the winds will be over 75 mph. Not many people around here are very concerned about this particular storm, and I hope they’re right.

  5. P. Grammy,

    Both Walmart and Amazon have canning lids in stock, both regular and wide mouth. Tractor Supply also has them at reasonable prices.

    1. Thank you. I’m actually doing okay with jars and lids. I have what I need to finish the year and extras for next year.

  6. We’ve got a hurricane heading our way. We should start to see some rain and wind late tonight or early tomorrow. It’s only a category 1 so we are not really worried. I checked our preps and we are good. My dh will go out this afternoon to fill up the spare propane tank. That’s been on the to-do list for a week now.

    Tara’s Questions

    [1] How do you use goldenrod?

    I’ve never used it. I actually thought it just caused allergies.

    [2] What do you think of the ongoing pandemic and the rules being handed down to combat it?

    I think it’s sad that we need laws requiring people to wear face masks. This really should be common sense–at least in hot spots like here in Florida. I noted last week that a Floridian dies every eight minutes from COVID-19.

    [3] What prepping tasks, projects, and chores do you have planned for fall?

    I need to get some canning done. I am also planning on making a few batches of handmade soap for Christmas gifts.

    [4] What did you do to prep this week?

    I made sure we were prepared for the hurricane.

    Thor’s questions

    [1] Do you think millions of people will be evicted next week?

    Not millions. But I think there will be evictions. Landlords have to pay mortgages and property taxes.

    [2] Will landlords default on their debts due to lack of payments and be foreclosed on?

    Most banks were willing early on were willing to delay mortgage payments for those who lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

    3. What are the shortages in your area?

    The shelves seem to be returning somewhat to normal. Meat prices have increased significantly.

    4. Have you heard of drones near nuclear power plants?

    Yes, but we don’t know if this is teenagers being stupid or foreign or domestic terrorists.

    5. Are terrorists now attacking our infrastructure? (Trains,trucks, power plants,water system ect.)

    This would really have to be a massive, coordinated attack. There are not too many countries or organizations who have boots on the ground and the intelligence to pull off such a massive project.

        1. Bam, I’m sorry you ate a yellow snow cone but Frank Zappa would be proud of you….LOL

          I heard of another train derailment…….

          How’s the tropical storm treating you?

    1. I’m planning to can beans with ham this week. Found a large ham on sale for $.50 lb. I have lots of beans so will have some ready for quick meals. May also can black eye peas and split peas with ham. Ill plan on atlas 3 pressure canner batches and some yo eat now.
      When I get back in town I’ll pick up more pint jars and lids. Wal-Mart is staying well stocked in that area. I have 5 1/2 dozen pints right now. I’ll be canning amaranth later this fall. Wonderful greens. I may try canning some butter while I’m at it. That takes a water bath canner. I have 6 lb in the refrigerator. I could pick up some more when I get to town.

      1. Let me clarify – at one person every 8 minutes, that’s an average of 180 people per day. I think that’s a bit high.

        1. Last numbers I saw showed over 160 deaths per day….but just looked and couldn’t find the source. New cases are still in the 65000 range per week for the state according to the CDC. It’s going to be tough now that the prime time for storms has arrived. Stay safe everyone in the Sunshine State! I am sure you are prepped for Isaias!

          1. After following Georgia’s numbers for a long time and finding that they don’t add up (literally), I don’t trust any of the numbers anyone is spewing. Looking back, the average number of deaths per day for the entire US is 7,452 for all causes. Using simplified numbers, that would be 149.04 per day per state for each of the 50 states. Once again, the math doesn’t add up and it just doesn’t pass what we call the smell test at home – you can’t seriously believe that more people are dying from this virus per day than from all other causes put together.

  7. Tara, sorry to hear about the fallen hay in the barn! Know what a mess that can be!!
    This Weeks’ Questions
    1. How do you use goldenrod?
    Haven’t started doing this yet. Looking forward to trying it, though!
    2. What do you think of the ongoing pandemic and the rules being handed down to combat it?
    Don’t understand why we are still doing this lockdown thing. Need to open America back up! I think it’s crazy to keep healthy American’s at home. People need to work in order to feed their families! I also do not believe ANY numbers coming from ANYONE. When they stop paying hospitals and any other medical facility for POSITIVE cases, then maybe we can get a real count. When I stop hearing about coroners being forced to write down coronavirus as the cause of death, especially for those who died of something obvious, like car crash or gun shot, I might start believing the numbers. And I do not believe in wearing masks. Virus’s are so tiny, they can very easily get through your mask. They are more likely to get into your eyes and infect you that way. How many of these mask wearers are wearing eye protection? I have seen exactly ONE. And are you wearing gloves? Another good way to catch ANY virus, through contact. If you are only wearing a mask, you are NOT protected!! But I will NOT confront you!! I think everyone should do what they think is right for them, and let others do the same. Whatever happened to the Golden Rule? “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” I was raised by that rule. Actually, mother was always telling me to “be nice”. Yes, I was a teen girl once upon a time, typical snotty attitude. I got sick of hearing that phrase. But it did eventually sink in.
    3. What prepping tasks, projects, and chores do you have planned for fall?
    We plan to set up an orchard area and plant fruit trees. When I am physically able, I plan to do a lot of canning and re-organizing the pantry room. Have new ideas about where to hide food, so will also work on doing that.
    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    Still recovering from the stroke. Hubby did take us to town to renew our driving licenses, that was an adventure!

    Take care everyone!! Keeping you all in my prayers!

    1. Okie,

      You are correct–the viral particles are small enough to go through the fibers of the masks. But the viral particles do not exist in isolation. The viral particles are contained in respiratory droplets that are spread when a person breaths or talks. These droplets are too large to flow through a mask. I think that people who do not wear glasses should be wearing goggles, at least in hot spots. Gloves are not necessary if people are conscious not to touch their faces. I see a lot of people here in Florida wearing masks and goggles. So many people have hand sanitizer on their key chains. (The city that I live in has a nationally renowned teaching hospital and university which employs much of the folks here.) We are vastly more fortunate than other areas of the state–mostly, I think, because local folks are complying with the safety protocols like social distancing and mask wearing.

      1. So, I know you personally are a mask wearer, and even when your daughter and future son-in-law came to dinner, you were socially distancing in your own home. And yet, with all your personal protections, you caught the virus. Doesn’t that prove to you that your mask was not enough? Doesn’t it maybe suggest to you in some tiny bit that maybe it was BECAUSE you were re-breathing your own exhaust that maybe that’s why you got sick? I don’t understand why more people don’t get that.

        1. OFG,,,,,’DW and I have had the virus ,we got it in early March ,a mask would have probably protected us , we were coughed on in a check out line ,by someone without a mask ,in fairness that was before we knew much about what was needed to protect one’s self ,,,,,the virus is very bad. I still after 4 1/2 months am not well. There has been a name for it ‘ a longhauler’ I had symptoms reappear just last week and no one can tell me if I’m shedding vires again ,most of the time I feel ok. So when I’m out and about do you think I should wear a mask? Or not ?
          I have my rights ,don’t you dare tell me what to do ,,,thats what I hear you saying. ,so ok I’m fine with that ,works both ways !
          OBTW Doing surgery on live stock and on mission treating people I wore a mask sun up to sun set. In Africa , When I was a volunteer FF EMT I wore a mask working on people ,masks work ,,,,,,
          Don’t wear a mask ,and don’t expect me to care when you get the virus if you won’t protect your self,,,
          And yes I know two that have died from it locally
          People acting stupid are the reason people are getting it.

  8. Taras questions

    i don’t use goldenrod for anything

    too many variables to estimate the way the country and economy, both national and local, will behave. mostly just doing what i did before, helps that i was a misanthropic hermit who would go months without seeing another person before this happened, so i just keep on as always and ignore it

    oh i got a few, i plan to add onto my sugarhouse so its enclosed all the way, not a 3 wal leanto, plan to build a wodshed rather than use tarps this year (sometimes i have a shed, sometimes i rip it down cause its poorly made and in the way of new projects), and probably a small barn to park my tractors in. not much else beyond the usual.

    menonite i hired to remove stumps with a cat313b with rock rake has done half the job, but he only comes when its raining (he has to make hay and cut oats when weathers good), i piled more firewood, can’t stack as i ran out of pallets so its just being piled. been working on an 8×11 mini cabin to sell (8×8 room with a mini porch). planning to do some canning, neighbor picked up stuff for me yesterday and i plan to can in the rain tomorrow, making corn beef and cabbage, bean and bacon soup, and chicken soup, figure 28 quarts, maybe 32, winter rations. hauled a wagon load of logs back out to the mill, only got 3 more wagons worth of logs to go then i am done (got no trees left to cut for the mill). neighbors wifi still erratic and unreliable, been sitting under a tree playing solitare for 20 minutes waiting for it to come back on and hoping i can type fast enough before it cuts out again. total firewood count at 75 full cords (did a count up on tuesday), was putting rafters on mini cabin this morning but the shade left by noon so i went next doorr to check online, will work some more when its in the evening shade

  9. This Weeks’ Questions

    1. How do you use goldenrod? Don’t

    2. What do you think of the ongoing pandemic and the rules being handed down to combat it? The rules are futile at best. The same things that keep you safe from colds and flu keep you safe from this. If common sense was common, we would not have this issue. And if those who make the rules on business closures, suffered as the businesses do, they would find another way.

    3. What prepping tasks, projects, and chores do you have planned for fall? More stacking and packing, cleaning and sorting. Hopefully a move in there too.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well…

    Got the coolest hand axe last week. A CRKT Freyr from Knife Central. Weight just under 2 pounds, nice balance but I might refinish that handle as it’s a little rough for me. Nice balance.

    Oldest grandson finally proposed to his girl. Good! She’s a keeper!

    Back to putting food in buckets (salt, potato flakes, pasta)! More stuff to the dump (4 loads so far)! Got the porch back, organized and useful. The living room is getting better (stuff sorted, trashed, stored/labeled, etc.) (We can actually sit 4 people in it now!). Then the garage!

    DW “attacked” her home office, clearing out 7 of 20 shelves of outdated stuff (dump-ward bound) to make room for stuff we are using/need now.

    I am having trouble finding a comfortable & affordable IWB holster for my Summer EDC. I just got a Kydex one with the back being leather, but it is not as secure as I would like. I like the security of the Blade Tech, but it is a bit uncomfortable. I got some craft leather scraps from Hobby Lobby; I am going to attach a piece to the “me” side of the plastic and see how that works.

    Glad I found lots of ammo last week. This week the shelves looked well picked over. No 223 or 9mm and very little else except shotgun (mostly bird shot) and rimfire.

    Supply Run: pantry shopping; UHT milk; pickling salt; canned meals; pasta; bucket lids; A1 sauce; rice; drinks; ammo; craft leather; grits; disposable face masks; hand sanitizer; storage tubs;

    Received: PM’s; truck headlights; instant potatoes; dehydrated onions; grits; AF cheese blend;

  10. 1. How do you use goldenrod?
    It doesn’t grow here.

    2. What do you think of the ongoing pandemic and the rules being handed down to combat it?
    All well intended. And even though I probably had it ( wasn’t tested) I wear the masks.it keeps mutating so the vaccines being developed may not be as useful as hoped.

    3. What prepping tasks, projects, and chores do you have planned for fall?
    Canning, but it won’t be a lot because my little garden wasn’t planted early enough because I’ve too sick to move much since April. I finally set out a few tomatoes, bell peppers, jalepeios, and herbs. They had fruits set when planted.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    Planted a few new things in a corner of the garden. Mostly it’s unused space this year. If I can manage it I’ll add a row of bush beans this week.

  11. I got some dilly beans canned, waiting for the call for pickling cucumbers, to be ready, and made a small Costco run, I did get a package of hamburger, and sausage link’s, to pressure can, I did 6 pints of meatballs, and the link’s will get done next week. I burned my arm on honey, it slipped out of the bowl, and got my arm, its been a week and it feels like a bad sunburn, it never blistered, its 2 inches long 1 inch wide, so a large, burn, I’ve been putting cooling towel, I got from Harbor Freight and tools, its $5 .49 cents at the stores, 13×31 (item number is 62635 ) and you wet it down and keep them in ziploc bags or the original container, to use for around your neck or for a burn, better then a ice pack.

    I was happy, that my parents are taking this more seriously, and our stocking up from coming from the depression both sets of their parents, went through WW2, and the depression, before that they should get it and dad, being ex military, and mom a homemaker and canner, really should know. It might have been the talk we just had about when did people, stop stocking up and canning fior the bad times.

    I just hope for the best prepare for the worst, and hopefully it’s a learning curve for people, who will get up and help themselves .

  12. Hi Pack, just getting to sit down… and read comments..
    Will try to answer all questions …Starting with Tara’s.
    #1 I don’t use goldenrod.
    #2 Plandemic rules are to lock people down and cripple the economy. Its not ok to go to Church, to gather with family or close friends.However if you wish to protest or riot is is fine… I know this bioweapon is real.I do not want it. masks alone are futile… Those who go out to gatherings where they know no one and mix and mingle because they can- are not very wide between the eyes… It is a manipulating method:…coronavirus. IF you have had a recent cold- and take a test t the tests can not differentiate and you are labeled positive. each time you are tested it is another new case.. Its a money grab. I agree with OFG on the mask issue. If you want to wear it do so.. if you believe it protects you great wear it, There are 15-20%- according to one of their news conferences -that can not, medically, wear MASKS. There are antivirals and immune boosters and blockers of virus replication… those are the alternate. Of course a mass mailing of HCQ for intermittent use as a preventative would be nice. works according to Fauchi’s own test in 2005/NIH/ against SARS. Tonic water used 2–3 x a week would also work. The important hing is do not be complacent and keep antivirals that are replicator barriers on board.If replication is stopped at initial exposure,cell level there will be NO cytokine storm. That is the place severe illness occurs.(ie.nerve damage, circulatory+organ and lung damage. )
    Peak Prospertity had a video entitled what I do, Dr s lung specialists and works with covid pts.. has points about not taking it back home and shower regimine to boost immunity.. also addresses quercetin, NAC, C, D3 and other things as well.May Have to go to his personal web page to find it.. could not find, looks like removed from you tube… so must have been correct.
    Like OFG, I do not believe any of the numbers by anyone. ( Not because i think anyone here is lying- but because they are paying for positive cases.).. Why? ok, just ask yourself…..Where are the common flu death numbers? How do they compare with last years. How amny deaths occur in nursing homes each year…. ? where are those deaths recorded this year.? where are the cancer death numbers? where are the auto wreck and shooting death numbers..? Heart attacks have gone down… and suicide deaths are sky rocketing… esp. among the young… they do not have the “tools ” to handle isolation.
    #3 plans for fall. Keep doing what i have been doing – cleaning, making room , organizing. canning and dehydrating excesses, securing what we have and can obtain. green house needs errecting, another hen house needs built for the 16 babies we have hatched in last two batches..get in more feed for all kritters and self. more projects…. working toward those…bit by bit.need to have at least two grow out cages/ or rabbit tractors… built for the rabbits, as we begin their fall breeding program.. for a boost in our meat supply.
    #4 this week cleaned out a big batch of jars. dehydrated mushrooms and carrots. Some deep cleaning. Keeping rabbits alive in excessive heat..with ice water, ice bottle and ice water applied to ears….. Thankfully it has broken.
    Thor’s….#1-2 Don’t know- anything is possible. no mortgage and no vacation or trips planned.as for those who skip house payments to take a vacation or trips- you just can NOT fix stupid.
    #3 Shortages- Not been out this week,…last weeks.. canned meats in local store – specific items missing.. spam available , but not the bacon flavored., flour prices up significantly. meat available and price is coming down generally…hamburger is still 3$ a # for 70/30.
    #4 heard about some trains going in river in Arizona./second derailment.. Mayor of town only told after second one.
    #5 those who wish to inflict mayhem ,will do anything ever chance they get….I put nothing past those individuals.. It takes an incredibly small team to take down the grid.Those who protect it know and so do those who will target.
    Grammy: #1: It is not hoarding to get what you need or think you will need. Planning for next year is not beyond reasonable. I also think the groups who are complaining about stocks are late to the party. I am not a member of any group .. nor do i advertise when and what i purchase… esp when it comes to canning supplies.It is no ones business what i purchase. If i need 6 and there are 6 , I will usually get 5.. unless it is a close out.. If i need 6, there are 9 and it is a closeout item i purchase all. We are not in short supply here. #2 No you are not alone. Tis week i have been very busy have unplugged for several hours each day… tuning in music or some other noise for background when desired. Everyone needs time to re- group and re thing. to plan for changes and to assess stock and projected use. When you take time to relax…you are preparing mentally..When you do Bible study – you are preparing spiritually.

    1. I like reading comments on the Facebook groups, but I rarely post. When I do, it’s about recipes, food tips, etc. I absolutely never post anything about what I have or what I’m doing.

      1. PG, You are Smart Cookie!..
        .I believe we need not only this years and next years but one more years worth of lids and some extra rings. I have re used lids with success, a few up to 5 times. and as long as they are not dirty/terribly damaged they can be used for dehydrated food sealing after they no longer work for canned items….I always wash again..(am very careful when i remove the lids and examine them for damage.).., and sterilize and condition just before putting them on jars, which are always hot, by the time i lid..
        i am not on facebook at all. My DH and DD are…, too much drama.

  13. Hey Pack,

    HOT and HUMID, some days had humidity in the mid 90% range… Lots of rain… Good for the garden, not for any outside work. Always wonder how we all would fare if there was no A/C…. I haven’t figured out how to stay cool without any electricity yet. If any of you have any ideas on how to stay cool grid down, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

    Went to a meet up this morning, Talked about a trauma kit. Need to get a couple of tourniquets.

    Stopped by Sam’s on the way home. Pretty packed with people (tax free weekend for school stuff) and I didn’t get everything I wanted, but ran out of room on the cart, and my car can only hold so much. Got 1 pk of TP and 1 PT… Limit 1. Got some #10 cans of pineapple, apples, green beans, fruit cocktail, more cereal, oats, spaghetti sauce, pk of spaghetti (limit 1 6pk, odd to limit to one), dices tomatoes, Aleve, Honey mustard dressing, Tylenol, Lysol spray and a few other things.

    Also stopped by Academy sports, which was also busy, and found a pair of Merrell’s and bought some bags of pool shock to use on my 275 gallon totes before I fill them up.

    FB MP – Bought some heavy duty plastic containers, 15 gallon and 5 gallon.

    WM – They put some cans of pinto beans on clearance, and so they have a new home. Bought the last large bottle of hand sanitizer, ACV for canning.

    Tara’s questions:

    How do you use goldenrod? Don’t use.
    What do you think of the ongoing pandemic and the rules being handed down to combat it? No comment
    What prepping tasks, projects, and chores do you have planned for fall? Putting gutters on my shed and getting raised beds set up.

    Prayers for the pack, unspoken requests, for those in the path of the hurricane,The President and for America.

    Stay safe everyone.

    1. Almost There
      Heat is why hot climates have long noon rest periods . In my case it doesn’t take long to cool off. I just get in one of the spring flows . 54 degree water does wonders for body core temps.

      1. Fixit,

        Excellent… L-O-N-G rest periods… I should have qualified my question… And I don’t have a spring, creek, etc…. Yeah, 54 degree water, shock treatment.. 🙂

    2. Almost There:

      I find it interesting that we now seem to have a lot of options for hand sanitizer, especially at Wal-Mart. I was at WinCo and Costco last week and although there were a few items they were out of, which happens, there were no limits and plenty of stock. As I said on the questions, the only things we seem to be real short on is 9mm and 223 ammo. We do get a lot of vacationers this time of year and they may be taking some home.

      1. JP,

        Sam’s had a HUGE pallet of hand sanitizer. Since I’m allergic to some smelly things, I had to smell it. It wasn’t something I would have been able to use. So, had to pass on it. No telling what was in it besides the alcohol. Plenty of pop-up hand sanitizing companies these days.

      1. Bam, we did that up North when we had no AC. It doesn’t work well however there are other ways, swamp cooler or an invention I have seen, a battery powered fountain pump , a kiddy pool and shutters in front of a window. The water runs down the shutters creating a waterfall effect cooling the air and going back into the kiddy pool.

        Or you could eat a yellow snow cone……😎

        1. Thor1… Still need batteries to run the fountain pump. would like to see that set up though… So, window open, kiddie pool just outside the window. Where does the fountain go? I’m a visual person, so need to see how it’s set up.

          1. AT, easy solar powered battery, clear tubing plugged with holes drilled on the lower half and mounted on the top of the shutters.

      2. Bam home Depot has portable air-conditioners window unit from LG. $341 for 10,000 BTUs. 115v. Not a bad deal I might check into that for emergency backup.

        1. You have to have a good sized AC to run one that size. My old 3000 watt would not start my 10,000 BTU window unit. I would run the 6000 BTU one in my bedroom. My new 9500 (7500 continuous load) generator should run everything. It is wired and ready to go.

      3. We have been without electricity since January. The solar array or battery? Don’t know what quit and haven’t had money to get someone out to check it. We’ve had many days close to or just above 100°. We have every window open about 6″. Its just enough to keep out the rains and allows a draft through the living room. In the morning I keep the front door shut and the backdoor open with the screen door closed. In the afternoon I close the back door as the sun shifts position and I open the front door. Days when it nearly unbearable I hang a wet beach towel in the doorways. That cools the living room/kitchen area a few more degrees. My husband often goes outside to sit in the shade under the ancient apricot tree and enjoy the breeze. I’m not cooking much anyway since being so sick in April/May. Not able to eat much or stand for very long but slowly improving. Husband eats a lot of Sandwhiches for dinner. I often chill a can of fruit for my dinner and heat a jar of homemade turkey soup with lots of vegetables for us earlier in the day.
        A generator running a few hours each day keeps the fridge at 40°, if we don’t open it often. I’m using the 1400w generator. It uses less fuel than the big 9K would. We heatwater and cook on propane. Winter heat is either wood or pellets. I can cook on the top of the 16″ metal heat collector. We have old kerosene lanterns and rechargables for light. Solar gadgets to charge phone and assorted sizes of batteries.
        A battery powered fan would be worth investing in. Friend cools his bedroom with a fan and 5 gallon bucket. Ice in the bottom with fan under lid blowing down on the ice. 3, 2″ holes on one side above the ice level. It also cools his living room pretty good.

        1. Clergylady,

          That sounds like something, putting the wet towel in front of the door. I need to check into getting some storm doors that have a screen on them or put up a screen door. Since heat rises, having the top of the screen door open would allow the hot air to get out….

          Do you know what size fan blade your friend has? Possibly where he got the fan and what size batteries it takes. Could use rechargeable batteries, and a solar charger to charge them back up. But then, where to get ice if grid is down… Maybe a mini swap cooler for a bedroom, by using just water…

          Need to do some figuring…. I just can’t sleep when I am hot… And no sleep, means tired and grumpy… Not able to think straight… Or work, whether at home, or if still able to work at the office, would be a challenge…

          1. My daughter called to see if I’d gotten their package Friday. I hadn’t. They’d paid extra for a Friday delivery. They bought two small individual air conditioners. They run on batteries and cool with water or ice. They were purchased at a Wal-Mart. Hope they are there Monday. I’m anxious to see and try them.

          2. Clergylady,

            I need to check out those battery air conditioners. Could you please let us know how they work for you?

          3. What my daughter sent wasn’t battery operated. I’m running one on power from a battery and inverter. Arctic Air brand from walmart. Area about of 5 feet from unit does have air moving and is somewhat cooler.
            My neighbor ordered on of the battery operated units online. It’s much more expensive than what I have. I will let you know how it is when they get it.

        2. Blaux is the battery operated air conditioner. Neighbor has ordered one online. Ill let you know how well they like it.
          The two my daughter bought from Wal-Mart are Artic Air. Don’t know what she paid but it requires plug in power. I have an extension cord run to the mobile home from the big shop building. I plugged in one unit and filled it with water. It did cool the area some. The moist air felt cool. I need another long extension cord to use on in the bedroom. It should help some. May not cool the whole room but should cool when it blows directly.
          I set the unit on a footstool 4 ft from our chairs. It was aimed between us and did help. It should be nice on a dest of other somewhat more direct place.

        3. Clergy Lady, you are ahead of the rest of us… this is how many of us will live if the grid goes down.
          Thanks for showing us it can be done although inconvenient and uncomfortable. Everyone needs a regular reality check. I do admire you and pray for strength to return physically. I see you already have a strong spirit and that it has served you well.

      4. I looked at a small 5″ battery fan on clearance at WM the other day… It took 2 “D” batteries… Didn’t figure that would do the trick. Need something bigger. What if you don’t have a generator? I’m talking how did they cool themselves back in the 1800’s? Was thinking about getting a generator, a small one, Honda 3000 or something like that… But then you have to have gas for it… So really still on the grid as far as needing something from someone else.

        I tried to look at the link, but it didn’t work for me.

        1. In the 1800s houses were built with high ceilings. A lot of rooms had transom over the doors . Houses had wrap-around porches to shade Windows . These houses were angled to catch prevailing winds . Many had a dog trot down the middle of the house . Many had a detached kitchen or a summer kitchen.
          We just don’t build houses like we use to.

          1. Fixit,

            Yes, that is what I was thinking. Surely they had some way to cool themselves. What about those that didn’t have high ceilings… Wonder what they do… Since you are off grid, what do you do to stay cool in the house?

            Are you canning outside these days?

          2. Yes we can in the house but two walls in the kitchen are windowed . Total of 8 Windows in all. Again most house are designed now for air conditioning with no thought to passive cooling.
            Something that might help .

            If your property was large enough and had a downhill grade you could iBook at installing pipes from down hill to the house underground . The air cools as it moves through the pipes and has a chimney effect to draw it up without the use of power.
            The only problem is if there is a dip in the pipe when installed it can collect water and be a breaking ground for mold and bacteria.

  14. Greeting Prepper Tribe,
    Hope each family has had a really healthy, successful and happy week.
    Tara’s Q’s:
    1. No, no time to make salves, unless I need one, which I do not.
    2. Wearing down on ” the rules” changing weekly. Numbers are skewed. Too much false reporting, inaccurate reporting and so much is hype. Do to the fact we are in unchartered waters, everyone and agency has info, be it real or contrived. Truth is, we do not have factual numbers. If you died, must have had Covid 19. Can’t fix stupid. Only time will reveal answers.
    We will never have real, factual numbers.
    3. By the end of fall, canning done, winter’s hay in barns, wood shed filled to 11′ high roof for winter. Pond dug bigger and stocked. New babies coming, some here. Supplies topped off.
    4. Dug part of the pond out, longer, deeper and new embankment. Ordered more wood, expecting next cutting of hay soon, tomatoes almost ready to can, carried 23 in today, made BLT for lunch. Picked first blackberries and ate them. Added more to supplies, including sewing items, oil and filters, extra belts for equipment, gas treatment, busy time of year, worked so hard shoulders ache. Busy time of year.
    God’s creatures never cease to amaze me. Heifer did not come in today, her mom was bawling for an hour, so I went looking for her. Her mom followed along, yelling for her girl. We got back in woods, terrain went vertical, I was loosing traction, I was hanging on to a root out of the ground, started to slide downhill backwards. Now cow was uphill, just in front of me, I finally told the cow, Clover, ” girl you are going to help me where it is so steep” I needed to hold onto her tail, for a tow up the mountain. Just like that cow knew every word I said, she backed down till I could grip her tail, she dug all four hoofs in and pulled me up the mountain, till we hit a trail and in a while. We found her calf. They were so happy to see each other. They followed me back to the barn. Just like Baalam’ s donkey talked to him, Clover understood every word I told her. Bible stories happen today. Joseph had time to prepare for famine, we do too, but do not take this time for granted, not just for a month or a year, but prepare for a long haul. God is with you.

  15. How do you use goldenrod?

    What do you think of the ongoing pandemic and the rules being handed down to combat it?
    My wife complained that it makes everything so inconvenient. I do have to say that kids, my granddaughter included, look really cute wearing their little masks. That being said authorities are just doing what has worked in other countries. Being that Americans are the most freedom loving people on the planet and disease prevention requires subjugating yourself to having to wear protective gear and not freely travel it is no wonder we are the most infected country on the planet. William Wallace would be proud.

    What prepping tasks, projects, and chores do you have planned for fall? Have a new roof installed and buy an off grid solar system.

    The sale of my land went through so with that I should have more then enough pay for them. There was a snag when my wife noticed the amount was $10,000 too low on the contract the buyer gave us to sign. He mis-heard my quote and was a $1000 per acre low. Being he paid for the survey and was going to include the land that the last surveyor mistakenly did not include in the last piece of land I sold him we agreed to split the difference.

    I need to get the engine rebuilt on my small tractor. I know one piston is bad so why not just buy the whole rebuild kit with all the gaskets and three pistons. Get it now while the economy is still mostly good. I will be doing the work myself, paying a shop $100 an hour to twist some wrenches hurts my Scottish frugality. I don’t care if I can afford it. The same with the solar system, I might need to hire a helper for the heavy lifting but I understand electricity and can wire everything myself. I will not be doing grid-tie so no inspections needed. I will be doing a ground mount. I have plenty of room (that is one reason the big trees had to go) and my roof faces east-west anyway.

    What did you do to prep this week?
    Of course I had to do my hurricane prepping. Filled my gas cans, picked up around the yard, and sealed my east facing garage opening. I left the 4×8 OSB panels leaning against the wall after I took them off last year so all I had to do was slide them over and screw them to the wall.
    Every time I go the grocery store I buy extra to add to the food stash.

    1. Daddio7:

      We are thinking of adding a solar system when we add on a workshop. Can you tell me the disadvantages of tying to the grid? Around here you can sell the power if it is hooked in. Thanks in advance for any information.

      1. Moe

        First, it has to all meet code and be inspected. Second, unless you get a more expensive hybrid system it will not work without the grid. If the lines are down you are in the dark. In my area you only get the wholesale price . Unless you greatly over build (spend lots more money) there will not be that much power to sell anyway. You are unlikely to recoup your extra investment.

        This is my thinking, other people may see things differently. You would have to run the numbers for your area and situation.

    1. Wet towel on screed door isn’t cold but it does help cool.
      Yes, when I received the little battery units I’ll let even one know how they are.

  16. Rich people’s houses were built that way. Most houses, like the small one built in the mid 30’s that I moved into in 1971, did have nine foot ceilings and multiple double hung windows in each room but those did little to keep you cool when it was 95 degrees and 80 percent humidity. I didn’t get an AC until 1976. The house had an attic fan but one night at 2:00 AM the air coming in the bedroom window was still 95 degrees. As a farmer I was outside in the Florida heat all day. I was tired of suffering all night with it too. By the end of the week I had found and installed an old window unit, Ahhhh.

  17. Grammy Prepper,
    You are right, that cow mama knew we were not out for a walk, but finding her calf. Animals know. When I helped lift at a neighbors and the weight was so great, my hip started pulling out of socket, it happened in the barn again later. Down I went in awful pain. The bull knew I did not belong down on the ground, that Jersey bull came right over, where I was laying, and let me pull myself up on his big head and horns. He raised and slowly took one step back, pulling me back upright. Animals know. Had company a week ago, they saw me give horses a hand signal and horses went to the barn. Animals just know, they are smarter than we give them credit for being.

  18. Well, the hurricane/tropical storm was pretty much a dud here in Orlando. Some rain from the first feeder band and that was about it. No wind worthy of the name either. Southeast Florida got bumped around some, but nothing earthshaking.

    1. Zulu:

      Storm missing – and that’s a positive. I hope there are lots of people lamenting how they “wasted money” and spent time worrying over “nothing”.

      1. JP,

        If they have any sense, none would complain. But we both know that won’t be the case. I’m certainly not complaining.

  19. Taking a Poll: Other than Amazon and Wal-Mart, what is your favorite on-line site to shop? Favorite place for gear? Favorite place for food suplies?

    1. OFG, was hoping someone else would respond with some good answers… i detest buying on line. Hubs uses ebay. for most things he seeks.

  20. Oh my, I’ve been too busy to write. Been a canning fool here. The garden has done poorly as I’ve been told others in our area have struggled too. But since others have a greener thumb that I do, yesterday bought corn, tomatoes, okra, beets, chilis to preserve.
    …..What I bought was a lot of work!
    I’m finally getting some green beans from the garden. Hoping for at least a canner load. I’m mentoring a teen neighbor how to can, so, that helps even though she chatters for the entire 3 hours she is here. I usually need a nap after that.
    Last week I got really sick suddenly and it kept reoccurring. The third morning I read the news about the red onion recall from California describing the symptoms of salmonella poisoning. Yep, that’s what I had on my salad 3 days in a row, red onion from the grocery store. I promptly threw it out and bought instead from a local farmer. I firmly believe my intensive TX with colloidal silver 3 x a day made the difference in how severe it was. It’s a new day!
    Well, time to start shucking corn!

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