What I Did To Prep This Week: August 2nd – August 8th 2020

Hey there, Pack. I hope you have had a successful week of prepping. The way things are going with the continued violent protests in cities across America and the presidential election less than 100 days away, we all need to be battening down the hatches to prepare ourselves for just about anything.

We spend a lot of the week in the gardens. As you can see by the feature photo, battling Japanese beetles has once again become a problem. The cabbage plants are still growing, but the beetles are still infesting them on a regular basis.

I pulled into the house a few days ago and caught two horses and a pony in my apothecary patch and small garden. I was not pleased. They all had that kid with a hand in the cookie jar look on their face.

This is the second time I have caught them finding a way into my patch. They bolted and jumped back out of a section of fence that had apparently tilted down enough to allow them to gain entry.

Not only did I have some unexpected fence mending to do, but my beloved equine had devoured ALL of our lettuce. There was no barn put up treat that night, that’s for sure. I planted some lettuce seed for a fall garden and will, unfortunately, have to rely upon nasty store bought lettuce until it grows.

This weekend we will be doing a lot of tomato canning. We are going to make salsa if a few more peppers are ready, pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, tomato juice, and can whole tomatoes, as well.

Our berry picking days appear over. This last heat wave did just about the rest of the still producing branches in.

A Facebook post prompted a run on canning jars and supplies in my area. I do not recall exactly what the now viral post said that my husband showed me, but it was claiming that there was a Mason jar shortage and to grab what you could now or they would all be gone before harvest time got into full swing.

We have hundreds of Mason jars, but you can never have too many, right? I experienced sticker shock when I saw the local Piggly Wiggly selling a case of pint canning jars for $20!

In other preps this week, we had a few rounds of shooting practice with Bobby’s militia pals. I also had to deal with a snake getting into our bathroom – I was quite shocked to reach for the cold faucet handle on the sink, and find a 2-foot snake crawling up it.

This Week’s Questions

  1. What is the biggest garden pest problem you are battling?
  2. What ways do you preserve the bounty of your tomato harvest?
  3. What predictions do you have for the 2020 presidential election and the ongoing violent rioting in urban areas?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. What is the biggest garden pest problem you are battling?

    Insects were a battle.
    What ways do you preserve the bounty of your tomato harvest?
    Canning, but I’m going to dehydrate today.

    What predictions do you have for the 2020 presidential election and the ongoing violent rioting in urban areas?
    It’s not going to make one side happy. I suspect rioting.

    What did you do to prep this week?
    This week:
    -I don’t have freezer space for the old hens and MANY roosters that I have. I’m trying to find people who want them.
    -I think I have found someone with a buck that I can use to breed one of my dairy does to.

    -Continually battling weeds, insects, critters, and water woes.
    -I bought a bushel of peaches that I will can today.

    *Food Preserved:
    -Dehydrated; nothing this week
    -Canned; 4 pints and 2 quarts of tomato sauce,
    -Froze; 24 dozen ears of corn that I creamed and froze. (That’s the last of the corn from the garden.), Gallon bag of green beans, smoked and froze 1 ½ pork loins, lots of cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, marble, ricotta, cottage, parmesan), butter,

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: trail mix, lots of spices, canned sodas, canned salmon, lemon juice, pecans, condiments, beef and chicken base, foil sheets, wax paper, dehydrated hash browns, mac and cheese, dishwasher detergent, Oxiclean, dish soap, disposable diapers and clothes for grandkids, crackers, Clorox wipes, Lysol spray, disinfecting cleaner, spaghetti, pineapple juice, canned tomato paste, canned spaghetti sauce, noodles, vinegar, cornmeal, baking powder, zinc supplements, carrier oil, essential oil, 16 dry mixes for soup,

    -I got DH’s birthday gift already, even though it’s not until December. He’s getting some great hiking boots. I also got him two pair of leather work gloves for Christmas.

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

  2. Good Morning from Douglasville,

    Let’s see, got my money back from Amazon for the pool that isn’t coming so that helps the old bank account out.

    PM’s have gone through the roof. I’m trying to decide if I should sell part of the stack so that I can be in the rest of it for free or should I just hold on for now. I’m not buying at the increased levels.

    Ammo continues to be in short supply. I picked up another box of 100 shells of both 12 and 20 gauge at Walmart. They are cheap and number 7 shot will get done what needs done even if it takes a couple or 3.

    Did the Ancestry DNA and have been working on my family tree (ongoing project for over 30 years). Unearthed some unexpected relatives with the husband name Running Slipper and the wife Redbird. Their children all have anglicized names and I am at a brick wall in going any further back from them. They were around the 1830 – 1860 time frame. Wonder if a piece of one of the Indigenous American persons casino is in my future. Somehow I doubt it.

    Talked with DW and some friends during the week. We expect things to get really bad right around and after the election so we are concentrating on making sure food and water supplies are up to snuff along with necessary meds and medical supplies. We will plan to hunker down and repel borders for as long as we have to. Not a happy thought but seems to be a fact of life.

    Yall have a good week. Bible Study last week was on false teachings and the messages that many of the TV evangelist bring to their programs. Study continues this coming week. Very interesting stuff.

    Stay safe, keep smiling and keep prepping. Say your prayers.


    • Cliff:

      I agree and am doing about the same to get ready for it. Even out here, if it gets ugly I want to be able to just stay home.

    • Tara’s questions:

      1. What is the biggest garden pest problem you are battling? Worms that like to eat my squash and cucumbers. Large and small. Ants like my okra plants but aren’t really an issue.
      2. What ways do you preserve the bounty of your tomato harvest? I’ve been making plain tomato sauce all week. Canner was packed and heating as I typed this. I have dehydrated tomato slices also – some remained as slices while others were turned into tomato powder. I sometimes pop them in the freezer to use or make sauce later.
      3. What predictions do you have for the 2020 presidential election and the ongoing violent rioting in urban areas? I’m all out of predictions. I just stock up on what we use and go about my business but I sleep with a hand gun and a rifle by the bed.
      4. What did you do to prep this week? See below – Sam’s club run and online orders:
      Baking soda
      Cat litter
      Cat food
      Prescription cat food (ouch)
      Canned veggies
      Parmalat milk
      Toilet paper
      Paper towels
      GF pastas
      Parmesan Cheese
      Elderberry gummies
      Various vitamins and minerals
      Lemon juice
      Italian Dressing (our favorite chicken marinade)
      Chicken broth
      Himalayan Pink Salt
      Tic Tacs (great for sinus congestion)

      In the garden: planted peas, set out more of my basil seedlings where other things have died away, planted potatoes, and started pulling out the squash plants that are on their last legs. Still picking tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash, eggplant and okra. Picked a bunch more basil and need to turn it into pesto then freeze it.

      In the kitchen: canning tomato sauce. Pulled two ham bones and a bag of veggies from the freezer to turn into broth.

      Thor’s questions
      1. Should Joe Biden take a cognative test? Yes
      2. Would you pay to see him debate Trump? No
      3. Should ALL politicians follow Trump’s lead and take only a dollar to work for the government and drop all their aids? (Instead of voting themselves raises in these hard times) Definitely yes
      4. What is your line in the Sand when it comes to SHTF? or Bugging out – don’t mess with my home or family. Bugging out is a last resort.

  3. Good morning folks! Thought I would be first today. Went into the garage for a moment, and BAM, Cliff, PG, and Ga Red are posting. Good for you guys!

    My summer garden is just about done – they struggle with the heat and water. Only thing that seems to thrive are the weeds and grass!
    I have been freezing lots of things and a little dehydrating.

    I think the upcoming elections are gonna be a continuation of what we’ve been seeing already. Read yesterday that a great number of police announced they are opting out of doing security for the Democratic convention. Expect violence, expect looting, and all kinds of disruptions possible. It’s coming I am afraid.

    I have had a busy week several side trips: Gaffney, SC and while in peach country, it would be a sin to not bring back peaches! I also was able to clean out a room at home and rearrange preps, so now I know where holes are in my preps.
    For many in my state, school started back this week. Some are doing virtual class, and some are actually traveling via school bus and social distancing. A couple of young girls in high school posted a picture of the halls in their school of all the kids bunched together, doing what teenagers do (socializing) and it ended up as a news story. Mad parents, mad administrators, and the two girls were expelled! That has all been reversed due to outrage over school not following protocol. What a mess! Our governor hasn’t made mask mandatory for the state (yet), and I hope he stands strong, but we will see.

    Blessing to all of you out there! Stay healthy and safe. And continue to prep!

  4. Puppy had a puppy day yesterday. He had a bun sized Nathan’s hotdog for breakfast, some meat and cheese for lunch and a porterhouse steak bone with meat on it. He is so spoiled. But he pays us back with love and laughs. He went for a walk and played ball gun and with his new Kong on a rope.

    Bought another AR15 lower the guy needed the money.
    Made some force multipliers (plumber straps, nail boards and pointed rebar)
    Practiced quick draw with the T4 Glock trainer(pellet gun) vs cans….😎

    Freeze dried food
    Bought 2 buckets mountain house

    Canning more salsa, tomato sauce and using the juicer. (Great for bloody Mary’s)
    Made 6 quarts of pickles

    Fresh cilantro coming up.
    Japanese beetles killing the brussel sprouts

    Finally aquired a good financial advisor.😊

    Heard a commotion this morning with a neighbor…..hope things go better for them in these desperate times.

    Thor’s questions
    1. Should Joe Biden take a cognative test?

    2. Would you pay to see him debate Trump?

    3. Should ALL politicians follow Trump’s lead and take only a dollar to work for the government and drop all their aids? (Instead of voting themselves raises in these hard times)

    4. What is your line in the Sand when it comes to SHTF? or Bugging out?

    • Tara’s questions

      1.What is the biggest garden pest problem you are battling?
      Japanese beetles
      2.What ways do you preserve the bounty of your tomato harvest?
      See above
      3.What predictions do you have for the 2020 presidential election and the ongoing violent rioting in urban areas?
      Absolute chaos, beginning of civil war.

    • Thor’s questions
      1. don’t care

      2. no, i don’t care enough to pay attention, while i think trump would be the better of the 2 this ellection will be a mess

      3. yes

      4. no comment

    • Thor’s questions
      1. Should Joe Biden take a cognative test? It’s not a requirement in the Constitution that the President not be an idiot. However, I’m sure that the VP pick is getting A LOT of consideration for her (his?) takeover.

      2. Would you pay to see him debate Trump? No, I’ve go plenty of good country humor on tape.

      3. Should ALL politicians follow Trump’s lead and take only a dollar to work for the government and drop all their aids? (Instead of voting themselves raises in these hard times) Since Jefferson left office broke, there has always been a tendency for the President to be taken care of, and I think there should be reasonable accommodations for the Head of State. When Congress changed the rules so they had to vote NOT to get an annual raise and continue to hold themselves exempt from insider trading rules, I knew we were in trouble there. Plus they police their own, the party in power rules that roost. Maybe an agency outside the control of Congress (the Judiciary?) should be responsible for this.

      4. What is your line in the Sand when it comes to SHTF? or Bugging out? Not in my neighborhood (and Montana has large neighborhoods).

    • Thor’s questions:
      Ohh heck, yes.
      And I would pay with good money to see a debate between Trump and dumpy Joe.
      If you pay for entertainment, this would be the one.
      Not bugging out. Never planned on it.
      I’ll know the line in the sand, when it gets to that point.

  5. I did my grocery shopping twice this week and added to my food stash. I also went over my guns and gear, cleaning and lubing.

    That explosion in Beirut was a doozy. Supposedly 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate was involved along with a next-door fireworks factory. People were reporting their windows were blown out 10km, or more, away and the explosion was heard in Cyprus, 160-miles away. An acquaintance who was in EOD in the Army told me that ammonium nitrate was definitely involved, along with some other types of explosives (like for fireworks). He could tell by the colors of the smoke clouds. He also said the orange smoke color indicated to him that it was civilian grade ammonium nitrate, not military grade. I think, without fear of contradiction, that was a real SHTF event. No telling at this point what exactly set it off. Supposedly there was some welding going on nearby that started a fire which then spread. It could be an accident as those countries don’t exactly have strict workplace safety rules. We do, but welding accidents still happen. Of course, it could have been an intentional act. I doubt if Israel would do something like that because of the massive collateral damage and lots of people, even those on their side, would be really upset. But there are other bad boys out there.

    The concussive effect of modern high explosives (also called the brisance), has to be experienced to truly believe. In Vietnam, a small bomb dump blew up about ¼-mile from where I was. I was in a building just getting ready to open a door to leave. Next thing I knew, I was on the other side of the room, about a 20-foot flight. All the florescent light fixtures were swinging like pendulums (see Edgar Allen Poe) and somehow I missed getting hit by any of them. I was laying on the floor looking at the supply officer and we both said. “What the F was that?” The door I was getting ready to walk out of was totally shattered. Luckily, the building was surrounded by a blast wall we had constructed after occupying the place a couple of months before, or the damage to the building and me would have been worse. Turned out the detonation was caused by negligent bomb handling by Vietnamese Air Force people. About 15-20 500-lb bombs went off. Not fun. The guilty parties were vaporized. I only had a few bumps and bruises. Amazingly, no other Marines were seriously injured either and a lot of them were fully exposed out on the fight line and it was raining fragmentation everywhere.

    I’ve noticed that the feds and a few municipal jurisdictions are charging more Blantifa criminals with serious crimes related to rioting. I’ve always suspected this was happening but the MSM is suppressing the news. However, reports are leaking out. In Portland, the mayor had claimed the rioting there was aggravated by the presence of federal officers. So, when the fed officers pulled out, Shazam! The rioting continued. Who’d of thunk it? Now the Portland mayor is realizing the rioters are a problem when they trapped some police officers in their precinct and then tried to torch the place, but he still won’t ask for the feds to return. Another sad thing in Portland is the mayor is up for reelection and his Dimocrat opponent in the primary is more of a leftist than he is. I really believe BLM and Antifa need to be declared domestic terrorist organizations like MS-13 was.

    Combining the Beruit mess with our own domestic mess, I am somewhat worried that Blantifa may try creating IEDs out of ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel. Combined with a good detonator, those could be pretty nasty little bombs. Look at the Oklahoma City federal building bombing. Of course, that would legally get the feds involved immediately and local mayors and governors would have no say in the matter.

    Now for something completely different. I read an article yesterday about a woman who got sick and went to the ER. Doctors there diagnosed her with Kung flu and said she was in danger of dying within a few days. Her personal doctor suggested (strongly) that they run tests for Legionnaires Disease. Guess what? She had Legionnaires and not Kung flu. Antibiotics work on Legionnaires and she was recovering well within a couple of days. They tracked where she got Legionnaires to the cloth face mask she had been wearing and had not washed since she started wearing it. So, wash your face mask regularly.

    This Week’s Questions

    1. What is the biggest garden pest problem you are battling?

    No garden.

    2. What ways do you preserve the bounty of your tomato harvest?

    No tomatoes.

    3. What predictions do you have for the 2020 presidential election and the ongoing violent rioting in urban areas?

    I’m hoping Trump gets reelected. That will not help stop or prevent riots, but I think Trump will drop a ton of bricks on rioters and liberal mayors and governors. He has to play a little patty-cake until after the election. If Biden gets elected, there will be hell to pay of a different sort. I still don’t think the riots will stop, if anything, they’ll get worse as the libs won’t take definitive action to stop them. Biden will not be the President in anything but name. I doubt the Dems will invoke the 25th Amendment declaring Biden mentally incapable of holding office unless he gets really bad and/or they can’t forge his signature on a resignation. They need to have a front man/woman who is at least semi-cogent and that isn’t Sleepy Joe.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above

      • Bam Bam,

        Based on what I’ve read and seen, it appears the Beirut explosion was accidental. Negligence is involved too for certain.

        Political leaders in Beirut are pointing fingers of fault at each other, but that isn’t surprising considering the screwed up political landscape there. The terrorist group Hezbollah denies having any involvement in running the port, however several western intelligence agencies say that is BS. It’s like saying the Mafia has no involvement on US docks. Hezbollah did say early on that the explosion was accidental and even insisted that Israel had nothing to do with it either. Most unusual for them to say that. I wonder why? Maybe even they know how incongruous accusing Israel would sound to the world.

  6. Taras questions

    1 not exactly a garden problem, my apple trees are beseiged by yellow belly sap suckers, i killed dozens this year (i pick them up after i shoot them and toss to the cats), at least 40 dead suckers, 1/4 of my orchard has been hammered so hard the trees are girdled and dead on top.

    2 i don’t have a lot of tomatos, they are a garnish or seasoning only so at most i only have a few vines a year, usually i sun dry them if i can’t use them fresh, gallon of tomato sauce is only $4, ketchups cheap, more work than its worth to make my own.

    3 thats a tough call, things are so chaotic i cannot calculate the way anything might go.

    4 the mennonite with the cat313b finished the work he was going to do at my place, i still have a lot needing doing but i paid him what i had and still owe $1600, counting on fall firewood sales to cover that, after i pay that off he will do the next stage of the work. otherwise i gathered rocks from the field, canned up another 14 quarts corned beef and cabbage, and did all the work on a mini cabin (8×8 room with a 3×8 covered porch), except the door which i don’t have screws for. i traded a hunting blind i made last year and was unable to sell despite al my efforts and got a pile of roofing metal for it, enough for the mini cabin and another building about the same size. skidding the sellin sheds out into the field where they will sit until they sell. also did a little more firewood gathering. neighbors sucky internet so unreliable and can’t make a facebutt account with only email (try it and they flag the account as suspiscious activity until you give them a cell number, delete the cell from your account and you get flagged again till you give them another). spent a week trying to find a ride to town to get a cell with the last of my money and after a week was pissed off with everyone so i just walked 15 miles to town for it (too windy to bike that day). so back on facebutt for now, at least temporarily. using the alias jeremiah johnson.

    • oh, 2 more things to mention, when i headed to town i had my backpack on that i put “trump 2020, make liberals cry again” on the back and i had 2 dozen cars punch their horns hard coming up behind me then throw handfulls of garbage at me as they went by. one guy at walmart told me to get rid of the slogan or he would run me over with his car when i left the store, i flipped him off and blew him a kiss as i walked past him.

      the other news is that my chicken coop was unsucessfully raided by coons one night. woke up at 1am to chickens squacking, i got up fast, got my 22 and let the dogs out (in case anything got past me before i could shoot it) and a headlamp. ran out and a fat mama coon ran for the woods before i could shoot and the dogs didn’t see it. inside the coop were 2 babies that squeezed through a 2 inch gap above the door, one was half way in the gap and another was already inside trying to grab a broiler it was chasing around the floor. i put the 22 to the neck of the one that was stuck and fired (putting a small hole in the metal roof too but it was worth it cause i can patch it), that coon started screaming and flopped into the coop, flopping around bleeding all over and screaming, my dog loki (german shepard lab mix) got a huge boner he was so excited and him and the heeler were all worked up wanting to get whatever was making that screaming. the other baby coon had just caught the broiler when its sibling flopped in and it decided to make for the gap to escape, i shot it in the neck too as it tried to squeeze through that gap (i wasn’t opening the door since it might run out, and the dogs would also try to grab a chicken if they got in), it also flopped to the floor screaming and flopping around bleeding all over. i only went in and got the dead baby coons after they both stopped moving. had to put the dogs inside cause they were too excited. i took a picture and made an offensive meme which i will link to.

      when i told my neighbor about the coons they told me the mother originally had 4 but they were raiding their chickens and they lost seveal, the mother and babies getting a taste for chicken, they shot one as they ran away and trapped another baby, the coons stopped raiding their coop after that and decided to try going after mine, which got the rest of the babies killed.

      i put something over the gap so it can’t happen again, took a few yeas of coons trying to get in my coops before they sucessfully got in, and then only small baby coons could do it, and they failed to harm any chickens because i showed no mercy.

      this is my offensive meme link https://scontent-lga3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-0/cp0/e15/q65/p240x240/117412433_223164878996229_2305597205120282195_o.jpg?_nc_cat=107&_nc_sid=110474&efg=eyJpIjoiYiJ9&_nc_ohc=1POGaEUA8zkAX91VW1_&_nc_ht=scontent-lga3-1.xx&tp=3&oh=9b314ca71e3d2815336f8df641d9099b&oe=5F551222

      • I believe that anyone who raises animals should be willing to kill predators,to,protect their animals.
        I also believe that anyone that gets All excited and proud of himself for killing a baby animal should probably be put down as well .

        • Nell:

          I understand where you are coming from, however, baby predators turn into adult predators. They cannot change what they are or will be.

        • Never said I was excited or proud, was a matter of fact thing for me, my dogs were the ones excited about it. I took the picture to record what happened and made a meme to piss off the kinds of liberals that get in my face over nothing (such as the afore mentioned guy at Walmart who threatened to hit me with his car because I had Trump 2020 written on my backpack) with all the hype I threw this in because those coons were problems and liberals would defend them for it

          • The picture is also a commentary on blm and the riots, coon is a now little used racist slur, and raccoons like chicken and any sweet stuff like melons and sweet corn just when it’s ripe, there is the old stereotype of chicken and watermelon. The riots kicked off when a criminal who was on drugs got caught trying to pass counterfeit money and had a long rap sheet was accidentally killed by cops making arrest, he was not some innocent victim and the libs riot over it. The coons I shot are cute fuzzys to most but we’re trying to kill chickens, libs would be angry about the baby coons dead and not give a shit why or about the chickens they were after. The picture is both direct in what it is and serves as an analogy for the Bs going on right now

  7. Thor’s questions

    1. Should Joe Biden take a cognative test?

    Yes, but he won’t and the Dims won’t make him.

    2. Would you pay to see him debate Trump?

    I wouldn’t pay to see Biden do anything. I would like to see him debate Trump. That should be quite entertaining.

    3. Should ALL politicians follow Trump’s lead and take only a dollar to work for the government and drop all their aids? (Instead of voting themselves raises in these hard times).

    Yes, I’d like to see that happen. It won’t, but mores the pity.

    4. What is your line in the Sand when it comes to SHTF? or Bugging out?

    It depends on exactly how the SHTF. If law enforcement is still functional, I’d follow the law. If LE is not functional, people I think are a threat to me or mine will have the chance to see if God is real or not.

    • Z36,
      1. If he is not fit for office …..

      2. What if the money received went to help Americans hurt by the plan-dem-ic. If either refused it would make the other look bad.

      • Thor1,

        The problem is the Dims don’t care if refusing a test makes Biden or them look bad. They think they can win anyway and a test will likely make Biden look bad in a way they can’t deal with.

        Perhaps if the money goes to a genuine charity where a high percentage of the take actually goes to people who need it. Something like the Salvation Army.

  8. 1)Pest problem seems to be the 4 legged kind, they(deer)keep testing the fence to reach my tomato plants.
    2) If I can find enough tomatoes, as I do not have that many plants will freeze the for putting up later in the year. We are going to be hot again, and I dislike heating up the house when it can be put off for a few days or month.
    3) As the days kick down to the election the ballot harvesting will be ramped up. It should be a vote in person or absentee ballot. Absolutely NO ballots which are mailed out to every address the dems can ship them to for this election as it unconstitutional, same as ballot harvesting.
    Put on the Tasmanian shoes😂, and started cleaning & clearing out stuff here at the place.

    Repaired a water pipe that had been leaking for at least a year or more-yah! What was funny NIL had helped me with another repair, put the glue & purple cleaner up for this pvc replacement. Took it off the truck for this project with all that was going on that day totally forgot where we put it. So when I was in town picked more up, and yes found the original containers. OH, well at least I have a supply. Discovered I am missing a few pvc parts for the faucet replacement attachments. Will need a list or I go overboard in that department bringing home all sorts of items which will keep me busier than I already am.

    Next item is to check the repair on water storage tank for the horse’s water supply. I will be able to put in a float valve where by she will have water all during these hot months without my constant refilling her tank. Of course she is happy when I do it as I usually give her extra treats. Spoil thing.

    Time for more cleaning. Hope everyone’s gardens did well this year, and you have lots to put up.

  9. Tara
    Believe what is happening on the canning front is more people are starting to can their produce.

    Also there is a shortage on the canning lids this year, rumor has it, it is from a metal shortage as they are produced
    (majority)from China.
    Since Pres T & Pres Xi have not been best of buds (if ever), hence a way to pay America back for stepping on C’s toes. An running ruff shod over us for the years past which they were allowed to get away with, which came to halt after Pres T discovered all the shenanigan’s. mho

  10. This Week’s Questions

    1. What is the biggest garden pest problem you are battling? No garden, only potted plants.

    2. What ways do you preserve the bounty of your tomato harvest? Last time the DW just sat down and ate all we got from our few bushes. I was hoping for some pasta sauce this year, but that’s looking weak.

    3. What predictions do you have for the 2020 presidential election and the ongoing violent rioting in urban areas? Spicy times in the city. I think it will really ramp up mid-October. Then we may have the results by mid-Jan 2021. Might be a good time for our urban folks to take an extended camping vacation during that time.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well…

    Got the seat covers installed in the van. Neoprene with blanket weave centers, much better than just leather, Summer or Winter.

    More food received (FD stuff) and put up (local purchase).

    We got gifted a bushel of apples from Washington. They are becoming apple butter and applesauce. The house smells great!

    Speaking of canning: Wal-Mart and ACE (our major canning supply places in town/both with ads for jars) got in wide-mouth quart jars and lids, and regular-mouth pints. No regular lids, no wide-mouth pints, no regular mouth quarts, very few ½ pint or ½ gallon jars. I had to raid the off-site stash for jars. Prices are what I expected, though.

    Supply Run: Instant potatoes; ammo; disposable masks; paper products; black beans; pearl barley; bucket lids; canned meals; hand sanitizer; electric toothbrush heads; gravy mix; instant coffee; music CD’s; bushel of apples; 1/2 and full pint jars; wide-mouth lids.

    Received: Instant coffee; instant potatoes; Mylar bag, open/zip lock, 1-gal; Dental cleaning sets; Labeling tape, P-Touch; Peanut butter powder, AF #10; AF Scrambled egg mix: MIRA virus filters for full face masks (almost 4 months since I ordered them);

  11. (1) Catepillars worked over my vining stuff this year….only got a few cucumbers out of it.
    (2) I use my tomatoes to make sauce, salsa, and canned stewed tomatoes. I also dehydrate some tomato slices and add them to homemade chèvre, along with a bit of garlic. Delish!
    (3) Elections will only intensify the polarization of the population. The direction we’re headed seems clear to those who are paying attention. Prep, People, Prep!
    (4) My dining room table is covered in bananas, avocados, and peaches and I’m NOT complaining! I’ve started processing them and will continue until they’re all done. I mash avocado with a splash of lemon juice and freeze in ice cube trays for later use in smoothies. Bananas and peaches get canned and/or dehydrated. Did a bit of seed swapping with a dear friend yesterday. Added a bunch of manure and hay to my compost bin after cleaning animal pens; had to bring the buck back in with my two does whose pregnancy tests showed negative this week. UGH. I’ll keep him in there for 6 weeks this time, which is 2 heat cycles for goats. Gotta get the milk flowing around here again. I made some elderberry syrup this week and have sold a few jars. Spotted my very first eggplant on one of my plants this week. Lots of blooms on the rest of the plants, so I’m hopeful for a good crop. Trying to stay prayed-up, given the state of the world.

  12. 1. What is the biggest garden pest problem you are battling?
    Me! Lol. Still too weak to do weeding or much planting. Have some herbs and a few tomato and pepper plants.
    2. What ways do you preserve the bounty of your tomato harvest?
    Do get enough to preserve them. High mountain desert isn’t good fruit or tomato and corn country. I have saved seed from a 55 day heirloom corn. Usually plant some of that. Didn’t this year.
    3. What predictions do you have for the 2020 presidential election and the ongoing violent rioting in urban areas?
    Praying Trump wins. If Biden wins the rioting will continue and get worse. Dems have a weired blind eye for the violence until or hits their homes.
    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    Bought a 4 more cases of vegetables at $.50 @. Also more bleach tablets as they store in little space and are simply prepared for use with plane water. Even when bleach shelf is about empty there are still small bottles of the tablets. Prepared bleach is only at its best for about 6 months so why stockpile it? The tablets keep indefinatly if kept sealed. I have a tote filled with laundry bar soap, borax, washing soda, and bleach tablets. It will last us several years. Can do dishes with a bit of the washing bar soap grated and mixed in hot water.

  13. I was just interviewed by the State of Florida Chairman for the Republican Party. My husband and I both got Florida GOP hats. They didn’t have any MAGA hats. I am disappointed. I talked about the double standard in the mainstream media today–when Obama sent back illegals he was lauded for protecting America’s borders; when Trump sends illegals back he is called a racist. I talked about Biden’s voting record. He sided with Southern segregationists to oppose integration. I also talked about the executive order Trump signed this week to revamp U.S. production of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.

  14. Hi Everyone,

    Hot and humid again today and yesterday, but earlier in the week, was really nice… Hoping for some rain this week. We’ve had none all week.

    Lots of stuff going on.

    Today, went to Lowe’s to pick up a few things and went to check out and saw, on a pallet, behind a shelf, 10 cases of canning jars…!!!! I had been to WM earlier in the week, and they had none, no lids, no water bath canning stuff. So, I had to add to my stash as I am taking off this week to get some meat out of the freezer. I was asked by at least 5 people where they were. Sadly, I needed them and it was the last of the pallet. I asked one of the girls that work there if there were more, and she didn’t know. She did say there were at least 3 pallets in the cubby hole earlier in the week. While there, I wanted to get some 2 gallon buckets and lids… I got 10, and went to check out and they were $3.88 each!!!! And the lids were $2+… So, I asked the cashier to hold up because I saw a sign that said $1.99. Went over and found that what I had picked up was the food grade version… Holy Cow! The 2 gallon is only a $1 cheaper than $5 gallon. So, I put them back and will look on line. I don’t need food grade, since I will put stuff in Mylar. And they didn’t have any 2 or 3 gallon that were not food grade. Also picked up some hand sanitizer, which they had an abundance of. I haven’t bought any hand sanitizer because it’s all been sold out for months… Also picked up some #12 wire, sisal string, and tried to take a pallet that they had given me home. It just wouldn’t fit in my back seat due to the console in the middle. It was close though.. One of the mill work guys went out with me to help, and he measured, and was skeptical… But it did fit through the door… Rats! Will have to find a smaller one.

    Over the last week, the guy that helps me move stuff, has been at 3 places I’ve been… Today, he was at the Post Office of all places. I told him, there must be something that is going to happen because I never see him anywhere. Well… sure enough there was… He had watermelons he was selling. I bought 2, and then he mentioned he had to go get some more produce later. I asked what was he going to get. He said corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, onions. So, I said let me know what you have, and I would like some more tomatoes and corn. So, he just pulled up to the house and I bought 5 boxes of tomatoes and 5 dozen ears of corn… WORK!!! See, I really did need those canning jars! I had planned on going to the farmer’s market later in the week to get these. God has a way of helping us. This was no coincidence.

    Ordered some Merrell hiking boots. They were used, but looked brand new. They came in yesterday and are perfect.

    I’ve been thinking about putting in a well…. AA hooked me up with AC, our resident dowser, and I now have the exact spot to drill. Thank you AA and AC. Now, I am waiting on the well people to give me a quote. One was supposed to come out today, but didn’t. I’ve called another place twice, but they haven’t called me back. So I have the name of another place I will call on Monday. My brother can get me a solar pump since he is a dealer for Sun Pumps. He has used them for years and they are the best. I may decide to put in a hand pump, but still checking things out.

    I have a pinched nerve in my neck, that has been that way since yesterday. I will have to go see the chiropractor on Monday… Can hardly turn my neck to the left. Hard to get anything done with it like this.

    Stopped in to see what the local appliance repair guy had in stock and to ask him about purchasing a used Whirlpool washing machine and dryer. He had none. Can’t get them. He said I would be better off repairing them.
    The older stuff is better quality. I told him the dryer sounds like squirrels when it starts up… He said it was an easy fix. Then I mentioned a sporadic issue with my washing machine. He said it’s an easy fix too. So, he’s going to see if his son wants to come out and work on them. Otherwise, I will have to find someone to take them to him. He said the best machine to buy is a Speed Queen if you can afford it… At $1200, I can’t. He said the best front end loaded machine is the LG. I told him I didn’t like front end loaders… So, hoping they can be fixed. With things gone crazy, best to get fixed now instead of later.

    Tara’s questions:

    What is the biggest garden pest problem you are battling?

    What ways do you preserve the bounty of your tomato harvest?
    I am going to be making salsa with my tomatoes. Not sure about the ones that just arrived.

    What predictions do you have for the 2020 presidential election and the ongoing violent rioting in urban areas?
    Hard to tell. Saw a post, that showed a post office mail delivery person, running across someone’s yard to pull up a Trump sign… And we don’t think there will be mail fraud? Right…

    Prayers for the pack, for unspoken needs, for The President and for America.

    I hope you all have a great week.

    • Hey, all
      Tara’s questions
      So far, so good, knock on wood on the garden pests.
      Stewed tomatoes. Tomatoes with onion, garlic, and peppers. That’s about it.
      Mmmm, I see lots of turmoil coming with this election.
      And it ain’t gonna be good.
      Voter fraud….once again.
      “We’re gonna need the armed forces to get Trump outta the Whitehouse”
      Ok, so what are the demmicraps planning, in this election?
      Mr Trump, are you willing to leave the Whitehouse peacefully?
      I don’t like the smell of this.
      Prep like there’s no tomorrow.
      We ain’t seen the worst of it, yet.
      Get what you can. Get what you need.
      Plan for no brighter tomorrows.
      I don’t wanna be a Joe Downer. Just get it together…..now.

    • When I was getting a well put in I had a company dick around standing me up over and over for weeks then 3 months went by, finally I called their closest competition, when I told them about the wait from the first company the second came out and did it the next day to show up their competition. I just use a basic hand pump.

      I got a washer I been trying to sell for 2 years, can’t power it at my place. Not a single serious inquiry in all that time, nobody wants used stuff unless it’s free around here. I stick to hand washing and line drying (can’t power anything that takes more than 400 watts)

    • I bought a Speed Queen set 2 years ago. I wanted the simple set with less electronics to break down. I had to drive 2 hours to pick them up from the nearest dealer. But I paid about 1200 for the set. You may get a better deal if you call around to some dealers. Good luck. They are great machines.

    • Almost There
      Happy that we were able to assist you on your well location. Since the other party is continuedly putting you off, keep calling other drillers in the area. Apparently option number 1 is not hungry enough to find time to at least show up & give you an estimate for the location. Do not feel alone on this endeavor, it seems to be in most of the trades. They feel a future customer will wait for them to show up, when their competition is just waiting for you to call them. mho

    • AT, Glad i could help a little..
      . Like you a little busy… not much garden due to shoulder injury this year.. sweetpotaotes maybe… a small amt of golden potatoes. … had potato beetles… earlier this year. Now problem s chickens and mosquitoes… .. won’t be many tomaotes this year except purchased.. may get some very lat.. but nothing is botherin g them now….. will put them up as crushed/diced for using in recipes. have a few jars of salsa we prepd a couple years ago… time for a fresh batch and we use a lot of diced.. Juice to be done separately. spent 3 days this past week and today cleaning up jars 50 emptied, cleaned and ready for use. last night and today. have another 30, on porch, and more that need to be emptied and cleaned…probably another 120, to me moved, and prepared for use..some are non standard w/ regular lids, will use those for water bathed things- and save the others for regular canning… .. shoulder did not like me working so hard this afternoon… so heating pad works…. I have no predictions around election- just praying for the best outcome..
      I was gifted some wheat and peaches.. the wheat is already in buckets and the peaches are just now really ripe.. just had one and it was wonderful…
      On sleezy Joe. He can not remember who is is wife and who is his daughter. He needs to get a chocolate or cinnamon foot for a different flavor since he is inserting it often to the knee. He has already failed the test. Elder abuse is real and being displayed. Of course most people get what they have given in spades. …no would not pay to see Biden… All money the traitors have over their salary , obtained thru sleeze should be removed from their wallets and returned to the budget and people .. could put it back into the social security fund thy have been robbing for years and at every opportunity. They can find who got every $$. money leaves a trail.

  15. AT, so happy for you to have gotten those tomatoes and corn, delivered, even!
    Like many of us, this was another canning week.
    With this batch of tomatoes I made Mexican stewed tomatoes. Yum. Then canned corn and sliced Yukon gold potatoes for home fries. My teenage helper talked for 2 hours straight, but I noticed the faster she talked, the faster she cut the corn off the cob. Good show! Froze some okra powdered with flour and cornmeal. Made 2 gallons of crabapple cider vinegar. Have beets waiting to be pickled. Cut up a lot of apple drops with a friend, then sent them home with her to make apple butter. The arthritis is rearing its ugly head after cutting so much produce.
    Began walking twice a week with my walking buddy now that she is healing from her back surgery. Need to keep that up if I continue to eat my favorite ice cream….
    My biggest garden pest is grasshoppers that eat the blossoms off the green beans and tomatoes.
    I’m thinking I’ll return for more corn ($7 a dozen) and more tomatoes for spaghetti sauce and salsa to the local farms. It’s just easier at this point of the summer. I am planning my winter garden, though. We’ve had just 2 rain showers. No big storms yet so the fire restrictions are pretty strict. Glad we have great pressure in our artesian well.
    I shutter to think of the coming events of November….
    Besides all the canning, I ordered more Tattler lids and extra gaskets for the pressure canner.
    To balance my life, I’m reading a series by Lauraine Snelling about Norwegian immigrants that came to America in the late 1800’s and settled in North Dakota. What I most enjoy is all of the ways those pioneers made something out of few resources. Ingenuity and creativity kept them alive and thriving in some pretty harsh conditions. Its inspiring.
    Take care everyone and most certainly watch your back.

    • No. But my sister who lives near Atlanta was shaking in her shoes last night because she heard that Blantifa was heading to the big city, then spreading out to the suburbs where she lives. She said whatever protests they did, did not end in violence, for which she was grateful.

      • Desertdove – I’m pretty sure you have my email. Is your sister like-minded? If so, let her know you know someone living “inside the fence.” If she’s been here long enough, she’ll know what that means.

        • GA Red, correction; she lives in Georgia but near Chattanooga where the rumor was that Blantifa shipped people in. She is actually quite far from Atlanta. It turned out to be a protest, no riot. She is new to all this prepping and is quite overwhelmed at the thought of being totally prepared by September. I’m working gently with her to stock water and supplies and forget waiting 3 weeks for a pressure canner… then learning how to use it. Thank you for your offer.

  16. Hi gang,

    Been so very busy,
    Tara’s q:

    1. Bugs not bad now
    2. Can whole tomatoes then train them to be whatever when I open quart.
    3. Election shall be a dark, low point in this country’s history.
    4. Only with the help of God shall we make the most of our efforts to prep, the rest is in His hands.
    Pray like your life depends on it. It does. This is going to get uglier than we can imagine.

  17. The week that was ,,, I’m still having ups and downs from the virus ,, but the good is longer the bad not so much ,,spent 8 hrs some days on the phone on business ,folks I have 45years experience as a invested ,owner, janitor ,stock holder, in farming ,my family owned a fish packing plant in Alaska ,rice fields and almond groves in California ,orange groves in Florida ,i’ve raised 1/2 million chickens in one year ,shipped 3,000 finished steers a year , a player in supermarket management,I KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON WITH FOOD ,Im retired or so I wished. ha ha nice try ,,I’ve been getting calls from the young pups saying help what do we do? What do we do ?how do we fix this ,?
    Most of you will never really know who I am , but a large number of you will eat food from things I’m involved with ,take heed ,, the system is on the edge of broken ,time is short ,, stock up now ,if you eat it and it comes in a can buy a years worth NOW
    Home canned is nice if you can put up a years worth , but you need a years worth ,of everything ,,don’t mess with long term precanned dryed stuff ,you don’t need it to last 25years your going to need it soon , very soon ,,
    I ordered about 25 semi trailer loads for the trading post ,,,got 10 ,
    This may be my last post on the matter ,my time has become very valuable
    Tea and chocolate

    • OH,
      Thanks to the warnings you have posted, time and again.I won’t say i am completely ready for this, but have done as much as possible to boost our survival chances to the max.
      I have warned others..Some are listening and growing and purchasing from others who grow abundantly… some say they will just order from “the freezer delivery people.”.. or go to the grocery store and get anything they desire.. I do think the health crisis and lack of ability to go out and eat has awakened some.
      ….. I have stayed as well prepared as possible…. and have been boosting supplies for good while,as we are able and stretching every penny until it cries..
      Posting this so others may take ideas from it. Over course of 9 months., this has been bit by bit. not a lot each month but slow and steady has been my method… all saved dollars have been plowed into food . can’t eat $ in bank. It must be on the shelf @ home.
      We have some seed. one of the vaults and several more seed from various sources, mostly heirloom.
      .These are some of the things have been doing routinely… as we have been able.. ( in food procurement)… have rotated out foods that we had stored, but won’t or no longer can eat.- some of this is delegated for animal feed- or making animal feed.Some goes immediately to chickens freeing up jars.
      I have not purchased any…freeze dry foods, or a bulk of dehydrated.
      There are a few things like tomato powder and bulk cream of tartar i would like to have… just haven’t gotten there yet..
      I have been converting frozen foods into dehydrated and storing (w/ oxygen absorbers)
      mostly things i have not been able to grow in past in sufficient quantity…… sweet peas, mixed vegetables,dry beans,
      …. Purchased extras of what we prefer to have for seasonings. soy sauce, teriyaki, ,onion and garlic powder and chopped. i am keeping 3 jars ahead on things we use infrequently-but have shorter storage dates.. example..Mayo.
      Oils will add more come payday… always topping off supplies. Making best use of chicken and pork fats. cooking them down, clarifying and canning.
      I have limed eggs, and laying hens…and have some boxed shelf stable milk, and some powdered milk products- and milk digestant enzymes -we use very little.
      …. fresh things converted to long term storage.. mushrooms , celery,and carrots,
      ……canned beets,: .become pickled beets.
      I have added some sprouting seeds to produce some of feed for rabbits and chickens./fodder system.Have put up blend of crabgrass, fescue and bermuda for hay for winter..
      …getting in extra grains that we use routinely( oats, rice, wheat, flour, cornmeal, popcorn) and as much of the non-traditional things as i have been able to procure.( quinoa, sorrel seed,)
      Boxed flavor mixes in a few varieties. mostly cajun based items. red beans and rice with seasonings or jambalaya…
      Other food items. We have added more electrolyte drinks/ base materials to make.
      Shelf stable meats, various.,commercial and home canned. ….. rotated out all old canned goods.( dehydrated or used in daily) and replaced those with fresh just ahead of rotation.
      Kitchen utensils added, replaced old and bought an extra of most needful ones.. spatula, slotted and solid spoons(all kinds used.) whisks, strainers, colanders, stainless pots, conditioning iron ware,,.Knives., steel for sharpening. extra potato peelers, measuring cups and spoon sets,,

      ..Items not used as often, more variety on seasonings.Yeast,..Extra sugars-above normal needs purchased every month- as available.. cane sugar, stevia powder, honey, sorghum,Flour purchased 2-3 times our use present- for lts..when purchased brads not avail..
      Meal times have changed to 2 bigger meals and one snack…. have been increasing and changing up recipes to use as much as possible up completely …stir fry’s have become frequent…with changing of meats, and veggies as to availability. We have worked up several recipes we like to have occasionally- for something “different” . Dietary restrictions, intolerances and health issues ( both of us) make it interesting… we have to get creative.
      added extra mouse and rat traps. and bait for both. rats ate a lot of my sweetpotatoes last year. and they can destroy food storage in a short time. get the good ones- the dollar store variety are not sufficient.

    • OH-
      Thank you for the warning. Not writing much here these days too busy canning and canning. Will buy what I don’t grow. Gave all my kids copies of borrowed LDS list for one year needs. Hope they follow.

    • My guess is his majesty Gates and pals are sucking up supplies. Too much for just gov’t. I’ve headsed-up the DP that I will be adding to shelves. At least he pays attention more to what’s going on in the country (and world) and not as averse to things that I do.

      • Mari:

        I saw that and a couple of other blogs I watch we also talking about it.

        Think they know something we don’t but should?

  18. Oldhomesteader,
    I totally agree, to late for dehydrated, long term foods money could be better spent on store bought canned goods. Problems coming in near future not long term needs. It is coming VERY SOON. Your advice came from knowledge and personal experience, where as mine is a quickening in my spirit. Both great sources. You come from ” food industry background, bigger income; where as I from mid income pastoral, farming background.
    Same conclusion, disposable income in food for NOW, for the average person. This is like a time bomb with 30 seconds left on the timer folks. Hurry.

    • Mari, REDUCE the text size a little, the top of ad will appear has an x at top left of ones on right that cover text,

      • AA & Mari
        I am also experiencing the ad over lay were one can not read the blog posting. I have even switch to Duck duck & start page, same problem. Getting very frustrating…so I gave up.

        • AC:

          Someone here told me about uBlock. It’s a free download. I have had no problems with it since I started using it. I fixes that over-right/popup issue. It also has a feature (with Firefox) that allows you to turn it off if the site you are using requires it.

          • I’m on Edge and I just changed setting to Strict. Hated to do that on this site ’cause ya never know when I might want to shop. Hee Hee. A gray block still comes up but doesn’t block off the left. One of these days I really got to get Firefox, maybe Tor.

          • Mari,

            UBlock works with Chrome too. I am sure it works with any browser. I’ve been using it too and it works great and no reducing the size.

  19. 1. What is the biggest garden pest problem you are battling? Stink bugs on tomatoes, along with japanese beetles on roses, huge shelled snails on beans, tomato hornworm, worms in bell peppers. Last year was the neighbor’s chickens. Ate my tomatoes but at least they whacked snakes.

    2. What ways do you preserve the bounty of your tomato harvest? Nothing this year.

    3. What predictions do you have for the 2020 presidential election and the ongoing violent rioting in urban areas? Hope Trump wins. Rioting will continue in cities; not going too well in suburbia and some urban communities. Guess Antifa/BLM hope somebody starts shooting. Maybe early next year Antifa & BLM will be declared terrorist orgs; after all, they ARE international Marxist anarchist orgs.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Did some shopping for rotation. I need to really ramp that up. Saved a few plastic bottles. Looking at vests and holsters, and even the DP isn’t questioning that too much. Surprise.

    • Whooops, I forgot the grasshoppers on #1. Mid-late July they appear in a major way and start eating every bit of new growth in sight. Not sure if I’ll plant anything in the small raised bed this Fall. Even if I cover, I’ll lose sunlight due to neighbor’s house and trees beyond that. Rats.

  20. Thor’s questions
    1. Should Joe Biden take a cognative test? C’mon, man. Don’t want the obvious to be proven.

    2. Would you pay to see him debate Trump? I’d prefer to be a mouse watching and listening to all that is said both on & off the stage.

    3. Should ALL politicians follow Trump’s lead and take only a dollar to work for the government and drop all their aids? (Instead of voting themselves raises in these hard times). I certainly don’t think they should be getting their auto raises. New ones coming into DC can’t afford the rents unless they hot cot. Others, like AOC, seem to be awash in donations of some hidden kind.

    4. What is your line in the Sand when it comes to SHTF? or Bugging out? The left is hoping the right retaliates. The right is showing remarkable restraint. Nov 4 could be a whole new story. Don’t anybody come barrelling down my road w/ cocktails in hand or Beto in charge of confiscations or Dims demanding to search for food. Bugging out within state would possibly w/ DP’s relatives, but still visible.

  21. A few weeks ago, someone posted about a peace treaty with Israel and the UAE. Who was it? This treaty was just announced.


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