What I Did To Prep This Week: August 9th – August 15th 2020

Hello Pack, I hope you all have been busy harvesting a robust garden and putting food up for the winter. The way food prices are going up and an increase in recalls, relying on a grocery store for food is not going to be wise.

This week we have been putting up more vegetables from the garden, making blackberry jam, and foraging the last of the medicinal or edible “weeds” of the early summer. I am doing my best not to over forage the chicory this year. I think I took too much last year and do not have as much growing wild.

Yarrow, goldenrod, wild carrots (Queen Anne’s Lace) dandelions, plantain, purslane, and mullein have been at the top of our foraging list this week. I already picked the waning last bit of daisies and black eyed susan flowers.

The ironweed is almost in full bloom. My beloved always wants to brush hog in spots where the ironweed is before it has bloomed – causing the same discussion over waiting until I can harvest more to be had.

Native Americans used this beautiful and hardy weed to make an herbal tea that was used as a blood tonic, to relieve female issues, as well as childbirth. It is also really useful as a natural remedy for stomach pain, ulcers, hemorrhaging, and to treat loose teeth.

If you want to learn more about ironweed and how to harvest and use it, check out my guide on New Life On The Homestead.

A prepping cousin who is a master blacksmith just moved from Arizona to a few hours away for our bucolic neck of the woods. I am very excited to get to spend some time with him, as is my Bobby.

A few years ago a buddy of my husband’s built him a blacksmith forge after I found a design and got the supplies as a Christmas surprise. Being trained at home, for free, by a master blacksmith is going to be a wonderful gift of its own.

In other preps this week we started getting more firewood chopped up and stacked for the winter. Once hay baling season is over or there is a lull in between cuts, chopping up trees that either fell naturally or had been cut and allowed to dry, hits the top of the “to do” list.

I am going to take the grandkiddos on a hike, and let them tie ribbons around all of the trees we can tap for syrup making shortly.

Maple trees will be the bulk of what we tag, but there are about 15 other common trees that can also be tapped for a delicious and sweet syrup. I love being able to infuse self-reliance and old-fashioned homesteading skills such as tree identification and tree tapping as a part of the grandkiddos’ homeschool curriculum.

This Week’s Questions

  1. Do you forage or grow ironweed and how do you use it?
  2. Do you think food prices will continue to rise because of the pandemic panic and riots?
  3. Could you live for three months only on what you have on hand right now?
  4. What improvements to your food security plan are needed so you can do so?
  5. What did you do to prep this week?

97 thoughts on “What I Did To Prep This Week: August 9th – August 15th 2020”

    • Puppy has been training and playing hard. He is a truly special dog.

      Freeze dryer
      Freeze dried 1 gallon of milk
      Freeze dried four trays of leftovers
      Filtered 2 qts of vacuum pump oil

      Picked more cucumbers,peppers and tomatoes
      The new cilantro I planted is coming up
      The ghost peppers are coming in and one plant looks like a tree. LOL

      Pickled 4 pints of hot peppers
      Pickled 4 qts of pickles

      Store run
      Bought lots of meats ( some will be freeze dried)
      Bought a box of TP
      Bought pasta ,rice ,instant potatoes, packs of gravy mix, meatloaf mix.

      Bought 4 cases of water
      Bought 2 cases of beer
      Bought 4 cans of Gatorade powder mix.

      Worked out with nunchaku
      Worked out with a shinai
      Worked out with my favorite katana

      Heavy cross training workouts.

      Thor’s questions

      1. Have you heard about Millie from INFO WARS and her husband being arrested in Ohio for exposing shadowgate?

      2. Do you believe the Ukraine have Hillary’s e-mails?

      3. Have you watched the shadowgate video that was exposed by NSA whistle blowers? Thoughts if you watched it?

      4. Are Patriots and preppers the only hope for our country?

      • Another question

        Have you heard of some people in Texas luring horses and cows with food to the road, killing and dressing and quartering them on the spot and taking them home to eat?

        Guard your animals. Dogs and cats may be next.

        • I live in Texas, haven’t heard anything like that. If it happened it must have been an isolated incident , but yes ,people cows have occasionally been killed and dressed in the pasture.

          • Nell,

            Google horses killed in Texas

            Pearland, Houston, Fort Worth Texas are some areas. It’s on the local news.

      • Thor’s questions

        1. i have not heard about it, whats shadowgate? also whats info wars?

        2. doubtfull, though not impossible if they stole them via hacking since cyber security fails miserably with people putting their stuff all over the place making it easy to get (several of my friends told me about something called “the fappening” where lots of celebrities had their personal nude pictues hacked and stolen from their phone clouds and uploaded to the internet, if they didn’t want that to happen they shouldn’t have had those pictures in the first place), i just got off assbook again after they locked me out of most features because i refused to download their software to my phone and i have trouble using computer to access (have to use mobile version) lack of trade sites with any activity in the area is one thing (all are pretty much dead right now) but this seems like just something so assbook can snoop for personal info once their stuffs on my phone, besides that i compartmentalize everything myself i also don’t put stuff where it can be hacked if it exists at all. given all that from my own experience its not impossible someone hacked and copied all hilldogs stuff before it was deleted.

        3. i can’t watch video through the internet, my internet speed is only 6kbs (atts “high speed” data, its the same speed regardless of the data a prepaid plan has and can only access good internet if i walk or bike 15 miles out to a friends).

        4. thats a dificult question considering the blm, liberals, progressive socialists, etc all think they are patriots doing what they think is best for the country. unfortunatly its a rather biased question. all i can say is partisanship and extremism is getting farther and farther divided and i don’t see much good coming from it in the future.

        • just did a seach about that documentary and the arrest, there are several wildly different stories out there, apparently she and her husband were arrested on charges of domestic violence and robbery but the robbery had nothing to do with government documents, the sherrif who oversaw the arrest knew nothing about that and was making the arrest for an unrelated local charge.

          when being arrested she turned on her phones camera and filmed the arrest directly uploading it and screamed that she had no idea why and that she was about to release a documentary and they were doing it to silence her. this sounds like someone who knew they were about to be arrrested and tried to spin it to their advantage, to promote the documentary and to rally public opinion in her favor. i’v seen things like that before. the sites that only got their info from the video she made took her side of it completly and got no other information from any other source, the ones that asked around (such as calling the sherrifs office and asking them) are reporting a much more coherent narative. it vaguely reminds me of balloon boy where a family hid their son in an attic then told the media he was trapped in a balloon, creating national and sensationalist news and a lot of attention then when the kid was found safe at home it came out it was a planned stunt to launch themselves into the media with an intent to start a reality show about themselves via the quick fame. if nothing else the arrest in this case would drive rapid attention to the documentary she made and its plausible that she did something just to get arrrested and planned to make the video of it to gain the attention especially if the documentary itself might have been ignored otherwise except for her diehard followers. in this case it would include a preceived risk of the documentary being banned/silenced and create a mad rush for people to see it (as an analogy i can think of no other story than the episode of south park where the kids rush out and read catcher in the rye becasue they heard it was banned for being controversial and that the guy who shot john lennin claims to have done it because of hidden messages he read in the book, the kids read the book then are pissed off because they found nothing controversial in it and felt they were tricked into reading a book)

          as per the documentary itself i can find no mention of it anywhere except as a footnote in reports about the arrest, the most prevalent talk about shadowgate is a video game from the 80s under the same name, which leads me to think had the arrest not happened not many people would have even heard of it, let alone seen it. like how i heard md creekmore was all about calling himself a world renoun expert on prepper topics becasue he wrote a couple books that had fairly low sales, thats like calling myself a famous writer becasue i wrote a couple dozen magazine articles on homesteading, certainly i am better known than someone who never wrote anything but i am not steinbeck, or a guy who wrote a single essay for a presidential campaign and claimed he should be given an embassadorship then shooting said president in a theiter pissed off that he didn’t get it because nobody in the campaign knew who he was. i only heard about creekmore after Tara took over this site and heard a lot of people an afowl of him for saying he wasn’t world famous and he banned them. i felt this is kind of an analogy that fits and people here would understand the meaning of my logic, i’m sure if creekmore got himself arrested doing something unrelated and claimed it was over his books the readership would skyrocket overnight 100fold.

          i have doubts the documentary will be taken down as the arrest apears to be unrelated.

          • nemoseto

            They were trying to throw a burglary charge at them. I saw the arrest on her phone cam. The one deputy said it was a secret indictment by a grand jury. To have them arrested for domestic violence would have only required a judge to sign a warrant. This is way bigger. Look at the veterans in her documentary. She also did a trailer before the arrest….

      • Thor’s questions

        1. Have you heard about Millie from INFO WARS and her husband being arrested in Ohio for exposing shadowgate? Nope.

        2. Do you believe the Ukraine have Hillary’s e-mails? Don’t know or really care unless they are going to prosecute her.

        3. Have you watched the shadowgate video that was exposed by NSA whistle blowers? Thoughts if you watched it? Nope

        4. Are Patriots and preppers the only hope for our country? In what way. The Republic is toast, no getting around that. What surprises me is with all the hypocrisy that is put out in the main stream media, more people, that consider themselves educated, can’t see it.

        • JP, watch the video link. You will understand more.

          I’ve had channels of news people I watch like Tucker Carlson on Fox news, and many on OANN disappear and say no title available so it won’t record.

          CNN, MSNBC, ABC all had their titles intact. I don’t watch them unless I want to know what the enemy is thinking.

    • Tara’s questions

      1.Do you forage or grow ironweed and how do you use it?
      2.Do you think food prices will continue to rise because of the pandemic panic and riots?
      Definitely and crops and livestock being wiped out too.

      3.Could you live for three months only on what you have on hand right now?
      2 years, working on 3 years.

      4.What improvements to your food security plan are needed so you can do so?
      Freeze dryer more, can more, dehydrated more, buy more , grow more.

  1. 1. Do you forage or grow ironweed and how do you use it?
    2. Do you think food prices will continue to rise because of the pandemic panic and riots?
    Food prices are always going up.
    3. Could you live for three months only on what you have on hand right now?
    4. What improvements to your food security plan are needed so you can do so?
    I’m still adding and waiting for ordered products.
    5. What did you do to prep this week?

    **Have you seen more people prepping/stocking up on supplies? I have. It seems that many people I know have finally opened their eyes to what’s going on.
    **At what point do you quit stocking up on supplies? I have enough to keep DH and me supplied for a long time. However, I know that my adult kids and grandkids aren’t set for as long. So, I keep buying so I have enough for them, too. But when do I stop buying? My home is getting more cluttered than I like, but there’s still room for more supplies.

    This week:
    -We replaced the old hens with some younger ones.
    -I think I have found someone with a buck that I can use to breed one of my dairy does to.

    -Gardening season is coming to an end for me. I’m still getting tomatoes and peppers, and I haven’t dug up all of the potatoes yet.

    *Food Preserved:
    -Dehydrated; tomatoes (I powdered them.),
    -Canned; 20 quarts and 2 pints of peaches,
    -Froze; 2 quarts of peaches, 5 bags of spaghetti squash (2-4 servings per bag), butternut squash (4 servings. Will finish the rest after my finger heals.),

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: spices, cleaning kit for projectile launching device, sweetened condensed milk, butter, plastic bags, Tang, cream cheese (I’m going to make cheesecakes and freeze them.), toiletries, candy, chocolate chips, shortening, lard, vegetable oil, canned tomatoes, canned beans, dry beans, rice, pasta, spaghetti sauce, canned soup, herbal tea, first aid supplies, salt, bleach, laundry detergent, TP, lemon juice, sausage (Will freeze.), 12 bottles of Mexican vanilla, frozen turkey (for Thanksgiving),

    *Grandkids Goodie Boxes: construction paper, colored pencils, crayons, markers, paper, sticky notes, candy,

    -Got DH some new jeans and grandkids clothes for Christmas. Sizes for kids are hopefully large enough to last through the winter.

    -I’m getting quicker at catching chickens. (When we were on our walk and playing outside, not quite two-year-old grandson saw a rooster who had flown the coop. I told Little H to not move and be quiet while I caught rooster. H was like a statue and didn’t talk or move until rooster was back in the coop. He sure loves the animals.)
    -I learned to do chores with a bum index finger on my nondominant hand. (I sliced the side of it while cutting squash. The doctor steristripped and glued it and gave me a tetanus shot.)

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

      • I am. They’re prepping, but they haven’t been at it as long as I have. So, they’re not where I am as far as stockpiles. Plus, I’m debt-free, and they’re still paying mortgages, car, and have kids to raise.

        • PG:

          We started our prepping with all of the above. As more funds became available (debt reduction, children leaving,etc.) we were able to buy more expensive items we wanted and still prepped. We have been married 30 years and have been prepping for 25 of that. We have also only taken 3 vacations in the last 20 years, prepping being more important. It can be done, just most people won’t sacrifice now, to do better late – most really can’t see it.

    • I actually got my doctor to give a tetanus shot a couple of years ago so it’s in my records and I’ll know when to get my next one.

    • Another question:
      How do you store flour (It will be used within a year.), chocolate and butterscotch chips, and candy? I want to have some of our favorites to add some normalcy to our days.

      • I only grind the berries when I need flour, the left over goes in a zip lock in the freezer. I would think it would depend on you particular bug issue and how much flour you are talking about. I would think a gamma lid on a 3.5 or 5 gallon bucket would work good if you have that kind of space.

        I store hard candy and M&M’s in 2 gallon buckets in the basement where the temperature is consistent. I suppose chips would be about the same, although the DW keeps her spares in the pantry,

      • i just store flour in 5 gallon bucket, food grade, with those pop top lids (like oversize tupperware) no gaskets, never had trouble storing it for years at a time, i perfer to buy high protein bread flour or high occident if thats not available, i buy as 50lb sacks that fills 2 buckets, high protein better for sourdough, its stickier and rises better. i can also mill flour but usually perfer to buy it. a 50lb sack is enough for a year for me, that assumes 1 or 2 loaves a week, i’m more of a potatos and oatmeal kinda irishman

      • I dry can my flour, I have used flour from 2017, and it bakes up just fine as long as I have canning jars, I’ll do up as many quarts, as I have on hand the only trick is not to pack it down then it gets hard and you then need to put it through the sifter.

      • For storage of flour we use a 5 gallon bucket with gamma lid and a hand warmer. Normally this would be all-purpose unbleached for us . We never store self rising flour as the baking powder weaken and quits working over time.

        We store wheat berries for whole wheat as the oils will turn over time . That said I was given 100 lbs. of whole wheat and 75 lbs of corn starch last month and stored it as above. Will use the whole wheat before grinding any more wheat.

        On chocolate and butterscotch chips we take them out of packaging and put in canning jars and vac seal them. Hard candy the same way. Larger chunks of chocolate are broken and put in wide mouth pints . These are heated in water tell they melt and more chunks added. When filled to proper head space simmered lids are put on and allowed to seal. The tapered sides on the wide mouth pints allow for easy removal.

    • PG’s questions

      1. Yes, most people are starting to see what’s coming.

      2. Never or until it is not safe to do so. Which ever comes first.

    • Does anyone know how to stop the popup ads on this site? They’re blocking my screen to the point that I can’t read the content and most of the time I’m typing blind and not able to see what I’ve written.

      • Depending on which browser you use to access the internet get an ad blocker add on. I use Firefox and the AdBlocker Plus add on and it works well.

      • Gammy

        If you use the Firefox browser open the menu on the far right, click Add-ons from the drop down menu. In the find more add ons box type “uBlock”. Install that, adds stopped. Next open the menu again and click on “options”. then on the far left click on “privacy and security”. Scroll down to “permissions”. Check the block pop up windows box.

    • PG’s Questions

      **Have you seen more people prepping/stocking up on supplies? I have. It seems that many people I know have finally opened their eyes to what’s going on.

      I know members of my family are.

      **At what point do you quit stocking up on supplies? I have enough to keep DH and me supplied for a long time. However, I know that my adult kids and grandkids aren’t set for as long. So, I keep buying so I have enough for them, too. But when do I stop buying? My home is getting more cluttered than I like, but there’s still room for more supplies.

      I estimate I have at least one year’s supply of food for myself. I do not plan to stop filling my food stash. My place is getting rather cluttered too, but stuff happens.

      • here is a link to an article i wrote a few years ago that may help with the clutter. the barrel in the article is now what i call the potato hole as its next to the cabin (was nothing on site when it was first put in) i use it as a mini root cellar for potatos these days but have established 10 others since then, each with about 2 months worth of preserved food and i tend to make 1 new one a year hidden around the farm, away from buildings in case of fire. only dried food and well sealed, the idea may be of use to help with the clutter. eventually i plan to set up a root cellar and just put these kinds of barrels in it sealed up to keep things dry, and then use the space above and between for cold storage.


    • Preparred Grammy’s questions

      to an extent prehaps, mostly panic buying stuff they will never use and will probably never eat, they will store it a few years then when the panic dies down they will throw it out, most of its stuff that i buy regularly like corned beef hash (i have chickens and its a fast thing to open and heat and serve with eggs). i’ve seen people do this just after any kind of scare, a slightly harder than normal winter 14-15 and all summer of 2015 peoplebought huge amounts of wood to stockpile since they ran out the hard winter and petro based fuel was in short supply as well. the result was a collapsed firewood market till 2018 because everyone had extra they were lax about buying more and even then they only bought a little. seen similar stuff in the ice storrm of 98 and after 9-11 (had a part time job at a grocery in a small rural town at the time, nobody talked but everyone was panic buying food and when they did say anything it was all “they could attack here next” mostly fear since if alqueda attacked a small town in the middle of nowhere that nobodys heard of then nobody would generally care nationally, i was one of the only ones with a cool head at the time. also there is a lot of tp panic buying and i know a few people that kept rolls in their cars thinking they could bribe their way out of a ticket with a roll or 2.

      i never stop because the way i live requires seasonal stockpiling, i generally don’t have much money and i never know when i might get another chance to resupply (lack of transportation other than a bike or tractor or walking also means some stuff may be available 15 miles away but its not possible to get it because i can’t transport it), i resupply when i can beccasue i have no iddea when i will get another chance, this time of year i can up alot and buy stuff to supliment it, but thats becasue in the winter i have been known to go up to 3 months without seeing another person and i live completly off what i have, and this was before the china flu threw a wrench into the works that everyone else lives by. is almost like the old pioneers or homesteaders who had to live on their farm and it was a 150 mile trip over a couple days to the nearest place to get supplies and they could only carry so many lbs so any trip had to count, no room for luxuries, every oz mattered. i usually peak my supplies in the fall around october when everything dies, then i live off it till stuff grows again in the spring, depleting my stocks by 50% or more, then i have to rebuild before the next winter.

    • I understand what your saying as far as when do you stop, I just take a few day’s off of shopping and I won’t buy anything else unless I see a deal so good i can’t pass it up… I was able to get my husband espresso pods, for an espresso machine, that was his mother’s she didn’t care for it so it sat under my bed for the last 4 year’s, I had went to my discount store, I didn’t need to go but I had the urge to do I found these espresso pods, usually there $7.50 for 10 so 10 for a Dollar, so I bought him 20 for $20.00, those are the deals you have to just get.

  2. This Week’s Questions

    1. Do you forage or grow ironweed and how do you use it? Nope

    2. Do you think food prices will continue to rise because of the pandemic panic and riots? First of all inflation will always be with us. All prices will continue to rise in cities due to truckers refusing to deliver to cities with “defund police” policy. Insurance cost will have to be passed on, assuming that businesses can get insurance at all.

    3. Could you live for three months only on what you have on hand right now? Yes

    4. What improvements to your food security plan are needed so you can do so? I need to raise the rafters. I also need to move to property where I have a well and septic.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well…

    The Subaru went in for its transmission this week; finances will definitely take a hit with this. But that’s what the savings are for.

    We are going to try black bean burger mix as a way to extend our hamburger supply (cheap/shelf stable protein).

    With the storm in the mid-west destroying so much corn (plus what was in those silos), we grabbed some corn from the feed store.

    My 3.5-gallon buckets have gone up in price and are currently out of stock. Had to get some 5-gallon ones from WM.

    Well, it’s August which here means fire season. Wednesday is was 82 and smoky. Air quality (for here) was bad, but livable. But this is just starting.

    Supply Run: Whole kernel dried corn (bulk), ammo, storage boxes; canned turkey; canned roast beef; coffee, ground; potato flakes; 5-gal buckets; canning lids; gravy mix; cinnamon

    Delivered: Black bean burger mix, #10; black bean burger mix, packets; OD Shemagh head scarf; biking dust masks; Mylar open-end/zip lock bags;

  3. (1) Don’t know much of anything about ironweed! Will it grow in HOT weather?
    (2) Food prices will continue to rise for lots of reasons. Count on it and plan accordingly.
    (3) Yes, we could easily live on what we have for 3 months and many more. I’ve been at this for a decade now and am in better shape than most (not bragging, just telling the truth.) When you count your grains by the 100s of pounds and your home-canned stuff by the case, you’re stocked up.
    (4) My current focus is on establishing an ongoing food source for my farm animals without leaving the property. In addition to foraging everything from palm fronds, Brazilian pepper limbs, and pines limbs for the goats, I’ve also planted them some okra, pigeon peas, and sunflowers. They also get any excess greens from the garden, and they love my bananas. But I still need to increase the volume of what I’m grow for them!
    (5) I’ve just about LIVED in my kitchen this week, canning peaches and bananas. I made 9 pints of peach butter that are oh-so-delicious. There were also 9 pints of sliced peaches in ultra light syrup done, along with 2 batches of pureed bananas. I also sliced and dehydrated 10 peaches; I made a large batch of granola, a loaf of fresh bread, and 3 jars of elderberry syrup. This morning I harvested the small sweet potato patch that I planted using the “half dead” extra slips that came in with my order in April. Those scrawny slips gave me 7 1/2 pounds of small-to-medium potatoes. Not bad, considering how bad they looked at planting time! My main sweet potato patch looks to be at least another week out from harvesting. I’m so thankful to have this little farm, especially as I see what’s going on in the world. I’m certain I can keep DH and myself fed. I’ll never forget the words of an old Florida boy who lived to his mid-90s–Harry said, “If a man starves to death in Florida, he probably deserved it.” LOL

    • I have all of the hay I need for my goats. What other feed(s) do you suggest I get? I usually supplement with a goat feed, alfalfa pellets, and a calf starter if they need a little boost, as the vet recommended.

      • Okra, broccoli, green beans, collards, sunflowers, pigeon peas, bananas, figs, pumpkins….the list is long! Try you goats on different things before you plant for them….goats are like human kids—some like and others don’t!

    • Goatlover, How do you can your bananas? How ripe do you let them get and do you always puree them? Use just in smoothies or banana bread? Please advise.

      • VERY ripe bananas that I’ve grown….I puree them with about 1 TBS of lemon juice per pint of fruit. Water Bath can them….15 minutes for pints, 20 minutes for quarts. I use them in smoothies because I don’t eat much in the way of desserts or bread, but I’m sure you could bake with them no problem. Also mix it with plain yogurt or put on ice cream….Mom puts it on her waffles!

    • Goatlover and PG,

      Someone on a prep site posted her set up for continuous chicken food using black fly larvae. I saved it off and I can send you pics. She uses the blue rain barrels. Let GA Red know to send me your info if you want to see the set up. She also planted mulberry bushes inside the chicken pen.

  4. Answers to questions:
    2. Food prices will rise but due to weather while disinfecting/cleaning supplies will rise due to pandemic panic. I don’t think the riots, except perhaps in large cities, will play a part
    3. Yes – easily
    4. Need to figure out some way, if possible, to grow tomatoes, peppers, cukes, zucchini during July-Sept. It’s too hot, n the 90s, to set fruit, and the high 90% humidity encourages plant diseases and aphids.
    5.Started 15 pepper plants, 12 Roma tomatoes, back to doing sprouts as it’s too hot for leafy veggies, ordered canned beets, corn since I only garden in containers, added some canned beans for convenience, bought some Calendula cream, large bandaids, antibiotic cream. Have an order in for hydrogen peroxide and 70% alcohol as it’s on backorder. Local thrift store having a BOGO deal on everything – clothes & shoes end up being 2/$1 so bought 3 more shirts and a pair of shoes, jigsaw puzzles the same so bought 4, hubby bought a cushion topped milkcrate (probably a college dorm seat) for $2 so he’ll be more comfortable working on resetting the pavers around the pool. Okay, we live in FL and that’s how the house came, does mean we don’t go to the beach and easily maintain social distancing 🙂 while cooling off and having some exercise

    • Bellen,

      I read years a go that seaweed extract will help tomatoes set fruit at temperatures higher than 90 degrees. You might look into this. I have not verified the claim.

  5. Do you forage or grow ironweed and how do you use it? No.

    Do you think food prices will continue to rise because of the pandemic panic and riots? Yes. Add to that the recent weather wiping out 43% of the corn and soybeans in Iowa.

    Could you live for three months only on what you have on hand right now? No.

    What improvements to your food security plan are needed so you can do so? Buy more and plant as much garden as I can.

    What did you do to prep this week? Nothing, spent the week at an ocean front condo. A family vacation as we went with my daughter and son in law, their almost 4 year old daughter and my father in law. Actually it was a vacation for everyone but my wife. She did the cooking, spent half her time watching the granddaughter, and arranging daily activities.

      • Prepared Grammy

        I am like an old battery, I run down fast and spend most of my time recharging. I stayed in mostly, we had the lower cost backside condo. Our view was A1A and the parking lot. It was 100 yds to the outside of the building on the beachfront side and another 100 yds to the beach. I was worn out by the time I got to the water. I did tote my beach chair and fishing rod down a few times. I caught one small fish. We did take the granddaughter to a small swimming and fishing area on the ICW but it was so hot and humid after an hour I was about to faint so we left.

        It also stormed every afternoon so outdoor activities ended early. The others did go to some parks and attractions but being my father in law’s car only seated five I was able to beg off going anywhere. The only ones recharged were my daughter and son in law. The granddaughter had a blast, mommy, daddy and granny at her beck and call plus a pool and the beach. She can swim like a dolphin, under the water, occasionally surfacing for a sip of air. This was her first time in a pool over her head, she is a natural swimmer.

  6. 1. Do you forage or grow ironweed and how do you use it?
    .. It doesn’t grow here.
    2. Do you think food prices will continue to rise because of the pandemic panic and riots?
    3. Could you live for three months only on what you have on hand right now?
    ..easily yes.
    4. What improvements to your food security plan are needed so you can do so?
    ..growing a big garden to can from. I was too sick this year to garden. There were some herbs that survived last winter under mulch and I’ve added a few tomato plants. Wild amaranth usually comes up anywhere that has some water. I’ll let it grow. It will get head high on me…5’5″ and is wonderful for greens with the bonus of seeds to cook or use for sprouts in salads. The chickens love any plants with seed heads I throw in their pen. They clean up seeds and greens. I’ll dry some greens and can some pints when they are ready.
    5. What did you do to prep this week? I bought 4 more dozen cans of vegetables. Plus assorted canned fruits. This next couple of week I’ll be buying diced tomatoes since I won’t be canning homegrown tomatoes this year.

  7. Good Morning from Douglasville,

    Just got home from a visit to the vet with one of the dog kids. He was low on meds and they wouldn’t refill without a visit. He ended up with shots and blood test and meds to the tune of $350 give or take some cents. Wasn’t expecting that since the med refill is usually about 25 bucks.

    Got the check yesterday from the company that sold my T bucket. I am glad it is sold and the money is in the bank. Because of the size of the check they put a hold on it for a while but I have access to some now and will take it out to have more cash on hand. Cash beats money in the bank most days.

    We picked up a lot more canned goods over the week and the larder looks good. But, I don’t consider it enough so will pick up some more flats today. Do we have enough food to last for 3 months on hand. Yes for the two of us, the two dogs, an ex and part of DW family easily. My goal is to always have more on hand than we can possibly need since you never know when your household will get larger.

    I’m off to search out more 20 gauge slugs and buck shot. I have more than enough but enough is never really enough.

    I hope you all have a good week. Our church is starting to flourish again since we reopened over a month ago. We are working on opening up the children’s ministry and we are doing the food back packs for the school kids that don’t get fed except when they are at school. We can provide then snacks and supper for a week at a time and it makes the difference between eating and going to bed hungry.

    Off and shopping.


    • CID,
      Good luck on the buckshot, slugs can be found easily.

      Very well put statement on your food storage. You never know how many family you might take in in a catastrophe.

    • have you considered making wax slugs? i only had a 20gauge mossberg500 for a few years on my farm and slugs were rare to find and buckshot impossible. i made wax slugs by opening high brass shells of other loads and dripping candle wax onto the shot, let it cool and trimmed the plastic shell along the wax head, flies like a slug and only breaks up on impact exploding its way out of the target (was common to use wax slugs for deer and the like in the 30s when people couldn’t afford to buy regular slug ammo)

      • Old timers also did a thing called cut shells, YouTube has videos, not sure would cycle thru pumps and auto’s.

        • i heard about them but never tried it myself, i’m in upstate ny but its still ny and its illegal to buy ammo through the mail and has been for many years, and buckshots illegal to hunt with so as a home desense load its frowned upon in the state, turkey shot and skeet shot are all thats usually available anywhere, and on rare occasions slugs which are really expensive ($10 for a box of 5 shells compared to $4 for 25 skeet shells or $5 for 10 turkey shells) and expected to be used for 1 deer a year. it wasn’t till runnings opened in malone ny that i had even seen buckshot for sale in ny (and this time frame covers almost 20 years of not seeing it before that place opened). i was so tight for money i was whittling my own clothespins rather than getting a box of them at the dollar tree and just experimented with reloading spent shells and making wax slugs, didn’t get any fancier than that but i will look into cut shells for more perspective.

  8. Taras Questions

    1 nope, don’t use it

    2 most likely, due in part from price gouging and shortages (caused by processing facility shutdowns, disuptions in transporting, and the like) i’m fairly secure at the moment myself so am not all that concerned, helps to live on an offgrid homestead.

    3 three months? ha! i could go the better part of three years

    4 well there are a few things on my wish list i would like to have, but when it comes down to it they are not essential, i think i only have about 2lbs of brown sugar, but i have 2 gallons black strap molassas, 5 gallons maple syrup, 20lbs white sugar and can make more maple syrup in the spring so i can just use other stuff on my morning oatmeal. butter doesn’t keep as well in summer but i buy about 12lbs in the fall (salted so it stays good till the last is used up in late spring) cheese is also something i can’t store but i have gone years in the past without cheese in my diet (just powdered milk on occasion). and potatos, i don’t have any right now but i usually buy or trade for 200 lbs of them in the fall and fill a barrel buried in the yard with a lid just above the ground, keeps them all winter. any time i grow them myself they die in earrly august from blight carrried on the wind. sure i can live without this stuff but its nice to have, also going to buy a barrel worth of wheat this fall, mennonite i hied to pull stumps sells winter wheat for $8 a bushell (not totally sorted, its more seed quality) the sorted stuff he sells around $20 a bushel, figure i can get 5 bushels into one of my barrels and seal it up (have hand crank mill). also need to resupply on chicken feed in about 4 months at the latest (either when i have oney or i can trade firewood to the menonites that own one of the feed stores).

    did a few things, put the finishing touches on the mini cabin to sell, its done and real nice, will try to post a link to show it off in a comment to my post. got a wagon load of pallets so am building and filling more firewood racks. got a free enclosed trailer, my old bosses brother got it from his work at the tribes mantinence dept, needed a lot of work and they turned in the plates and listed it with dot as scrapped so can’t put plates on, i can probably have a welder repair the frame and hitch but have no need of that, he was trying to tow it without plates to his daughters to use as a shed but the hitch broke half way and he needed to get it off the road fast, they were cose to my place so took it here and gave it to me rather than risk legal trouble towing it with a broken hitch. not sure what i will use it for but it makes an ok shed i may have that menonite with the excavator bury it into the side of my hill with the door facing out as a root cellar. other than that i been doing canning, butchered some chickens and made 14 quarts chicken soup, then my neighbor was given stuff from someone else that went to the food pantry, they didn’t want it either so gave it to me (2lbs pork loin chop, 2lb cheap ground beef, 5lb sweet potatos, 2lbs ham, all expired and had been frozen then thawed at food pantry before being given away) this morning i started another massive canning project to make 10 or more quarts chilli, 7 quarts that have a chop in each plus potatos and sweet potatos and pineapple (replicating a hawian bake i do over winter as a single serve canned ration), and then probably use the deli ham to make pork and beans (modified to use kidney beans and cider vinegar). only have $1.85 to my name right now and no prospects for making any more for a while (pissed away $90 to get a prepaid phone with a 30 day card counting on selling stuff locally, but that was a flop for so many reasons i won’t get into and now i wish i still had that money ather than this useless phone). also canned up jalipino peppers and tomato slices in cider vinegar in pints to use as winter pizza toppings, i have those plants doing ok this year in containers even though the base of every container has a hornet or wasp nest in it and i can only water or pick at night.

    plans for the coming week are to keep stockpiling firewood, can whatever i can get my hands on (probably something with apples because a lot are turning ripe now, maybe use the $1.85 to get a head of cabbage and can shredded cabbage and apples in vinegar), might also build another shed to try selling, limited by how many cans of gas i have left for the saw or tractor and when they run out everythign runs to a standstill (or close to it since its 2/5 mile walk by wheelbarrow to haul firewood up without tractor and a long time sawing with a bucksaw)

    also dogs been gorging themselves on some marrow bones that also came from the pile of stuff i got 3rd hand from the food pantry and the chicken waste from butchering, and eggs, and drop apples, they are getting to be fat dogs.

    • picture of the mini cabin i built to sell. built in about 25 hours with $450 worth of materials. 8×8 room with 2 windows, has a 3×8 mini porch, overlapping boards so there are no gaps, tar paper condensation barrier under the roofing. i added a hasp and wooden latch to the door after the picture was taken. built on cedar 4x4s. i’m considering installing 12 volt lights and a ventless propane heater since i have them then adding to the price to sell it as a camp building. no local interest after a week of trying, not even the usual douchebags who ask if i’ll sell it for $300.


  9. I did my grocery shopping twice this week and added to my food stash. Since the Kung flu business started I have significantly expanded my food stash. For lack of anyplace else to store it all, I fill up reusable shopping bags and put them on my spare bed. Publix still has restrictions on how much you can buy of particular items. However, the shelves seem to be mostly well stocked including the refrigerated meat products. TP and other paper products are pretty much at 100%.

    Granddaughter is such an imaginative kid. She likes to pretend she is a dog and named herself “Cinnamon.” This week, she decided to be a cat instead, but couldn’t think of a name. Jokingly, I suggested “Basil.” She wanted to know what that was, so I got a bottle of it out of the cupboard. She looked at it, wanted to smell it, and said, “OK. Basil.” So now she is kitty Basil. 😊 I love being around her.

    My son and his girlfriend’s baby is due on August 28th. A little girl they plan to name Evelyn Mae. Probably Evy for short. So, I’ll be writing about #1 and #2 granddaughters. They didn’t have a baby shower because of Kung flu. I sent them some money and I’m in the process of shopping for baby books. My son says he is really looking forward to reading to his little girl because he remembered how much he enjoyed his mom and dad reading to him. I told him, when she is essentially still a newborn, he could even read adult books aloud. The trick is the baby will see the books and hear the words.

    #1 granddaughter is very curious about the human body and often wants to sit with me and look through my anatomy books. She loves x-rays and CAT scan images. This week she asked to look and when I asked what part of the body she was interested in, she said “The penis.” (!!!) So, we looked. Like all of my kids, #1 GD is taught to use proper anatomical terms. I was able to steer her over to the lady parts after a bit as I think her parents should teach her the birds and the bees. My Ex and I taught our kids as soon as they could understand. I told #1 daughter and after she stopped laughing she agreed they should handle that part of anatomy and would now that they knew there was an interest. #1 daughter has taken anatomy and physiology courses as part of her bachelors degree in medical admin, so she can easily handle it.

    There is a lot of crap going on in this country and the world. I’m not certain where it is all going to end up. It will probably be ugly anyway you look at it.

    This Week’s Questions

    1. Do you forage or grow ironweed and how do you use it?

    No, I don’t.

    2. Do you think food prices will continue to rise because of the pandemic panic and riots?

    Food prices will go up and not just due to the pandemic and riots. Weather events, such as the recent derecho in Iowa and Indiana won’t help.

    3. Could you live for three months only on what you have on hand right now?

    Yes, easily.

    4. What improvements to your food security plan are needed so you can do so?

    None really. I have close to, if not more, than a year’s supply. If someone tries to rob me, and I’m home, there will be a gunfight. I have the skills and experience to be a nasty customer.

    5. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    • Z36, Publix has their own livestock for meat as a butcher told me. Thus also why Publix milk is the best

      Watch that video link I posted. It’s a little long, about 1 hr 20 minutes but worth the watch. It explains a lot of what’s going on.

  10. Finally got the call to pick up Cucumbers on Monday, I’m getting all my jars washed and ready. Picked black berries, yesterday we got over 2 gallons picked I decided to do some blackberry liquor so 2 months of it sitting on the counter. Little tomatoes, are coming off we’ve just been eating them but I have a few I’m going to save seeds from. I made up Self rising flour, its 4 cups all purpose flour, 2 TBSP Baking powder, 1 tsp of salt, whisk together. I have it in an airtight container it’s good for up.to a year.. I also bought lots of food for the cat, I plan on ordering more from Chewy.com, our Petsmart, was very low and has been since the shutdown started, they definitely are not getting their shipment in the shelves are very scarce or empty. Also if you find it the August/September issue of Mary Jane’s farm, she has 40 pages of Getting started on bulk buying, pickling, probiotics, DIY Vinegars, , sprouting, dry it, can it, freeze it, this is a really great issue and I’m learning new thing’s from it.
    It’s going to be warm in our area, next week after pickles are done then I’m starting to clean and reseal the patio, and I will start painting the house, I have the rafters to finish up from last year, so I’ll start the body of the house this year, I’m hoping for a good dry September, since we had a very wet, cool summer this year.

    Question 1 No to ironweed
    Question 2 Yes, prices are going to keep going up.
    Question 3 yes we could live off our stores for 3 months.
    Question 4 For improving I’m reading and trying new recipes, that use less ingredients. Today I made banana bread, using my self rising flour, condensed sweetened milk, and bananas, it looks good next is the taste test.

    Have a productive weekend and take some time to just enjoy the beauty around you:)

  11. Working at stocking. They say some items will be low or nonexistent at the stores for a few months at least due to the virus. Those items are higher on the list of things to get when I see them. In the meantime it is same old same old. Prices will continue to go up.

  12. Thor’s questions
    1. Have you heard about Millie from INFO WARS and her husband being arrested in Ohio for exposing shadowgate?

    I have heard about it, but I have little other information.

    2. Do you believe the Ukraine have Hillary’s e-mails?

    I wouldn’t be surprised. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of countries have her emails. Everyone except the American people.

    3. Have you watched the shadowgate video that was exposed by NSA whistle blowers? Thoughts if you watched it?

    No, I have not watched it yet.

    4. Are Patriots and preppers the only hope for our country

    It is becoming increasingly clear that may be so.

    • Z36, I looked up bail for Millie Weaver, she has no bond setup yet and has to wait till Monday to see a judge.
      They say it was a secret grand jury indictment…..NWO….. Obstruction.

      She has been to the Whitehouse ,Trump needs to step in and rescue this journalist in order to save America.

      • I just read that it is standard practice in Ohio to keep the warrant sealed until the accused has been arrested and gone before a judge. So the warrant should be release Monday.

        • Bam Bam,

          Perhaps a Grand Jury indictment may be sealed for a time, but I can’t see a plain jane arrest warrant being sealed until the subject is arrested. They could never enter a sealed warrant into the law enforcement information systems or into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database unless it was public. If the subject had moved or was hiding out, the average street cop who might run into the subject would never know to arrest him/her on the warrant.

    • she and her husband were arrested for a local robbery charge and domestic violence complaint, she used her phone to record and directly upload the arrest as it happened and claimed she had no idea why and that she was being silenced becasue she was about to release a documentary. the arrest had nothing to do with the documentary but has if nothing else created a huge amount of publicity for it, and she may have staged everything just to get the attention for it. i elaborate more in a reply to my reply to Thors questions post

      • nemoseto

        It almost sounds like you are doing damage control. Check my response to your post of the arrest. I will make it easy for you.

        They were trying to throw a burglary charge at them. I saw the arrest on her phone cam. The one deputy said it was a secret indictment by a grand jury. To have them arrested for domestic violence would have only required a judge to sign a warrant. This is way bigger. Look at the veterans in her documentary. She also did a trailer before the arrest….

        • PS

          Someone else released the video anyway.

          I believe the person who released the video has a kill switch protection with really big stuff.

        • i did read your reply, as i described i have seen plenty of these things before and i don’t get too excited about them.

          i myself have been arrested and held but with no arrest record. my crime was wearing a kilt when i lived in massena ny over a decade ago. i have plenty of exerience with cops and how they do things, in my case the big arrest came when i was kept awake by the sounds from a bar 2 blocks away at 2am, the cops never responded to my complaints and after many nights of no sleep i walked down looking like shit and didn’t bother to put a shirt on or shoes just a pair of pants and i walked up to a group of drunks (many of them involved in drug dealing and were arrsted under opperation gravey train years later) and asked them to turn down the music because people were trying to sleep, a few of them grabbed me and there were more than i could fight, they threw me to the ground over some broken glass (many of them smashed beer bottles in the street and some pissed in the street, it was a slum part of town), i ended up all cut up by the glass and walked home bleeding from over a dozen cuts, dripping blood on the sidewalk as i went. anyone deprived of sleep for 5 days begins to look like someone who is scitz, and looks bad, i stumbled my way home and went back to bed throwing a blanket over my head to muffle the sound from the bar and the noise of them laughing at me.

          i lived next to an assisted living facility and someone called the cops saying a mental patient from the facility wandered to the bar and attacked the patrons, the cops went there and they told them i was the guy living next door, i ansered the door and was still covered in blood, told them i hadn’t slept in days because of the noise from that bar which was so loud my house was vibrating 2 blocks away (i was a hero to half the neighborhood for trying to do something about it, and was the only one with the balls to walk up to a dozen drunken gang members like that). the cops already had the mental illness thing in their heads since the call indicated the facility next door, i was put in cuffs and dragged to the hospital after being strip and cavity searched on the sidewalk with many neighbors taking cell pictures and laughing. i was released a few hours later and not charged with anything, then on i was harrassed by those drug dealers and gang members and in a bitter feud with the scum ellements of the town, i was taken in cuffs a few times more based on bs complaints (the craziest was that someone anonamously called the cops and told them i was seen standing on top of a 30′ light post waving my dick at passing cars and crowing like a rooster, cops kicked the door into my house and took me in cuffs to the hospital again where i was released 20 minutes later after the complaint they acted on was found to be 100% bullcrap). i had racked up $20k in medical debt from all that bs (which ay be why the annonamous calls were made besides the obvious use the cops to harrass someone thing) and eventually abandoned the house to the bank and fled to another county to hide in the woods with severe ptsd.

          point is that its alot about controling the narrative, first impression is the only one that counts. if planned it could be a great affect to gain attention to the documentary, and the system works in a lot of bs ways, cops are rarelly concerned about anything and just don’t give a damn unless they have proof of something. in my case they had a call against me from someone anonamous, i had injuries but the drunks said i did it to myself and denied throwing me onto the pavement and broken glass, i looked like shit from lack of sleep for days (slurred speech, bloodshot eyes), i wore a kilt around town and the police were first told that i was at the facility next door to my house since the people who called them didn’t know where i was going and assumed it was to that place.

          what i am trying to get at is that things are usually simple, the massive amount of effort that it would take to pull of anything like the conspiacy types are describing would require every person involved to be dedicated with a cult like ideology and never make a single mistake ever, even the nazis couldn’t pull off something like that at the height of their power in germany, tons of nazis helped the jews because they felt what they were doing was wrong, and many only went along because they didn’t want to get on the wrong side of the party but like most of my past co-workers only did enough to not get in trouble with their boss and otherwise dicked around doing as little as possible. alluding to secret goernment documents has about as much basis as mccarthys list, he never showed it to anyone, never verified it, people never questioned it because he could claim they were on it, and later he himself admitted it was all a bluff knowing nobody would call him on it.

          the story of the arrest being about the video has so many holes in it and requires an impossible level of effort that flies in the face of human nature, everyone involved would have to be a mindless robot or like a faceless video game npc.

          really it all reminds me of my uncle who was a scitz, he worked for the cia in the 80s in greenland (tully airforce base where he listened to satelite communications), he went nuts in 89, and among his conspiracy theories were his beleif that my sister was born a boy and the “colonel” (the villan in the james bond movie from russia with love, he saw spy movies and afterwards couldn’t recall if what he saw was from a movie or his own life) had the delivery doctor do a sex change, keeping it all secret from my mother and fooling her when she went home days later and having it done for some neffarious goal that couldn’t be explained, then when the doctor died in a plane crash a few years later he said it was proof that the colonel did it to silence the doctor so he couldn’t talk about the sex change, and the 180 or whatever other passangers killed were collateral damage. or the time an old lady rear ended his car at a stop sign and he caimed she was a paid agent working for the colonel to damage his car knowing he couldn’t afford to fix or replace it (it wasn’t registered, inspected or insured, he got it at a junkyard and used stolen plates). everything to him was part of a secret plot by the colonel (after a few years he decided to call him the general) and anything that happened at any time was proof of it.

          of course the guy was clownshit crazy and he and i had a total falling out when i wouldn’t go to the cops and say my aunt (his sister) was working with the colonel and broke into a camp he had homemade explosives and illegally modified guns at, in some kind of plot to steal my grandmothers house (the local teens who actually broke in were caught a few weeks later breaking into another place after a string of camp break ins but since he couldn’t tell the cops what they stole from his place with no gate, huge windows and only a knob lock that he only visited once every 2 years he never got any of it back, he wouldn’t have anyway if he did tell them it was his stuff, would have just been charged with having it in the first place). a lot of this conspiracy stuff reminds me of my uncle and i learned to pick apart and be skeptical about a story from my experiences with him. i think he goes by the name danielle tecza these days and claims his jobs is being a wizzard

  13. 1. Q Too far southwest for ironweed.
    2. Food prices will continue to grow as demand gets greater and restaurants close one by one.
    3. We can live on what we have stored for 3 months or more.
    4. How I wish I could get a spring house built on our property that had our creek of very cold water running through it and a root cellar built into the hillside.
    5. This week tended my crabapple cider vinegar in process. Canned more spaghetti sauce from my plum tomatoes, pickled beets, potatoes, and green beans. Did a lot of yard work while I had help from the neighbor boy. My old apple tree was relieved of about 200 apples (by permission) by a neighboring family that came to pick while I was gone. I wanted the crabapple tree picked because it is making a mess in the yard…. they left that full. Communication is SO important!
    I’m struggling through a sinus infection right now so… just resting this weekend except for making 5 -1/2 pints of ghee. Outside temps today 109 so I am quite content to stay indoors. Hope everyone gets a lot done next week.

  14. We just got back from the outlet mall in St. Augustine. My daughter needed shoes for her wedding dress. She picked out a $120 pair of heels for $30. Score. My husband and future son-in-law needed appropriate wedding attire. I couldn’t believe the prices–stores were deeply discounting clothing just to get people in the door. We got a nice pair of dress pants, a dress shirt and a tie for less than $50. I picked up five long-sleeve work shirts from Eddie Bauer for $80. I will be teaching using Zoom this fall. So I have to look somewhat professional.

  15. Well Prepper Tribe, it was a week.
    I survived this week. Gate torn out, had an additional steel post, heavy and chain plus Master lock on a standard hung 12′ gate near rental house. All torn open, cow dead, rabbit building broken into, mamma goat laying dead near her twins. Sheriff called. Spiritual battle. I have never done anything to neighbors, but go help them, when they have needed help or offered them food when they have been laid off. We are moving into the days of good being called evil and evil called good. Sooo, this week I built fence and redid gate. Then fence around garden torn open, steel posts bent down, walked around the house and a dozen goats in the garden. Soooo, hired a man and rebuilt fence with wood posts ( no gate), to enter garden and house area, you have to walk thru garage now. Life is what it is. There are folks not happy, so they want to express their anger on non threatening folks. Lesson: pray for those who spitefully use you. Bind the evil one, we have power and authority.
    Canned 24 quarts of cabbage, more veggies and fruit coming on now. Shall be another week of canning coming up. God is pouring such blessings on us.
    Tara’s Q’s:
    1. Ironwood everywhere growing here, do nothing, at this point, but brush hog it down.
    2. Food prices shall escalate as supply dwindles, due to weather, pandemics, stock piling by states, in case of famine. As God’s wrath is poured out on a nation that seemingly turned their backs on Him, in order for evil to control situations, it must create life essential shortages to gain a foot hold on the population.
    3. Yes
    4. Security should include, but not limited to: motion detectors, security cameras, noisy dog, big bad bull that hates strangers, trip wires, 8′ security fence with razor wire on top, mote with gators ( woops, went crazy), courage to Stand up for what you believe in!!
    I have all of this, just not hooked up yet.
    5. Just ordered maple syrup taps too. Planted additional late foods and more onions, garlic. Turnips See above.

    Be safe Tribe, we are all we have, and the backing of a loving God that will defend us and give us a ten fold recompense for what the evil one steals. He loves us!!!

    • So sorry fir the week you’ve had, Sage. Sounds like it’s time ti get a few really mean, noisy guard dogs and have one sleep in the garden and one in the goat pen. Praying this coming week is way better. Kudos on the camping you got done in sport of it all.

    • got raided by blm nuts or just the usuall rural dickholes? i built myself a reputation in my areaa for being nuts and unpredictable so i get left alone (though its a catch 22 since all the sheds i have for sale are behind fences and locked gates with threatening signs, that may be why i don’t get many sales).

      you forgot the weaponized landscaping, nobody wants to go through a mess of stinging nettle, hawthorn, blackberries, poison ivy, and parsnip thats also mangled together with vines and punji sticks created by hacking the taller wooded stuff down in the winter with a machette to make it as dense as possible.

  16. This Week’s Questions
    1. Do you forage or grow ironweed and how do you use it? I looked at the link and I don’t think it grows here. I learned a lot about flowers/weeds from my mom and don’t remember that one.
    2. Do you think food prices will continue to rise because of the pandemic panic and riots? Food prices are always going up, not because of the panic buying or pandemic but those are adding to it. I had not heard about the corn and soy fields that were damaged – avoiding the news has good and bad points.
    3. Could you live for three months only on what you have on hand right now? Yes. The DH might have to learn to like some foods he’s never eaten or won’t eat but we would be fine.
    4. What improvements to your food security plan are needed so you can do so? Things that would make it better are learning to grow potatoes, Lima beans and peas. Having more beef on hand would be good too but not necessary.
    5. What did you do to prep this week?
    Started turnips
    Started carrots
    Amazon lost a Parmalat order of whole milk so I requested a refund and ordered more 2% milk. Received the replacement today.
    More canned potatoes and a couple of wax beans. Trying to buy larger quantities of what we both (and the adult children) will eat and only a few of what only I eat. I still have a lot of canned items that only the daughters and/or I eat, so I’m trying to concentrate on those things we all eat.
    Bought more canned chicken and a couple of cans of crabmeat.
    Case of 12 gauge
    Ordered 2 cases 762×51

    Prepared Grammy’s Questions:
    **Have you seen more people prepping/stocking up on supplies? Yes – #2 daughter is taking her gardening and preserving more seriously. For my daughter, it will last but I’m not sure about others.
    **At what point do you quit stocking up on supplies? When there is no more room? I always try to buy more than I absolutely have to have because I don’t want to be caught without any.
    **How do you store flour (It will be used within a year.), chocolate and butterscotch chips, and candy? No flour but my flour substitutes usually spend a little time in the freezer then get transferred to the Tupperware containers it stays in until used. Chocolate chips stay in the freezer. Not much candy here.

    Thor’s questions
    1. Have you heard about Millie from INFO WARS and her husband being arrested in Ohio for exposing shadowgate? No
    2. Do you believe the Ukraine have Hillary’s e-mails? Probably
    3. Have you watched the shadowgate video that was exposed by NSA whistle blowers? Thoughts if you watched it? No
    4. Are Patriots and preppers the only hope for our country? Yes
    5. Have you heard of some people in Texas luring horses and cows with food to the road, killing and dressing and quartering them on the spot and taking them home to eat? No

  17. Hi Everyone,

    Late to the party… Too much going on… Sweltering HOT and HUMID again this week. Few boughts of rain, but mostly just HOT… Wonder how long this is going to last.

    Garden is almost done. Still have a few things to gather. Not going to plant anything this fall or winter. Need to finish up my in-the-house projects.

    Still haven’t canned all the tomatoes yet. Bought some more peaches yesterday to go with the ones I had bought as I just couldn’t get them done before they went bad. Will be canning tomorrow.

    Had a couple of doctors appts this week. Surgery scheduled for 9/11. Glad they aren’t requiring the C test at the moment. Hope I can squeak by without having to have that done. Have to have surgery, so I will have to do it if they make me.

    Returned some items yesterday that didn’t fit. It’s pretty dumb to me that they won’t let you try on clothes at the store. I don’t understand that reasoning.

    Lady came over today to help me get organized. Got the wheat, flax seed and 2 bags of rice put up in juice containers along with putting up a wire shelf in my bedroom so I could put the #10’s on, along with my enamelware and cast iron enamel coated, Tupperware bowls, and all the wheat, flax seed and rice fit nicely.

    Made room in the garage for the distilled water and vinegar.

    Dehydrated some limas, green beans, mixed veggies and brocolli. Gave some food to the lady that helps me as she cleans houses for a living, and doesn’t get the unemployment, but her and her family are struggling since their business has really dropped off. Helped me out too, especially getting some things out of the freezer. 🙂

    Making a box of stuff to take to the thrift store. Still got lots to do before the surgery.

    Neighbor down the road delivered the “T” post as in ONE… HA. I thought he had 2, but guess not. I didn’t say anything. Will use it for something else.

    My mailbox got hit and I am having a dickens of a time getting it put back up. Blessed that they didn’t run over the post. They got 2 other neighbors. Must have been some farm equipment to take out all 3 of our boxes. I had to buy a new box and a new “sleeve” to go over the post because it was not repairable. The box I bought ended up being too long, and it was damaged… Go figure. So, I got the smaller size and will put up in the morning before it gets too hot.

    Tara’s questions:

    Do you forage or grow ironweed and how do you use it? no.
    Do you think food prices will continue to rise because of the pandemic panic and riots? yes.
    Could you live for three months only on what you have on hand right now? yes
    What improvements to your food security plan are needed so you can do so? Wanted to check into getting a well dug. Called the one guy back, but he never called back. I think he got scared off when I told him I wanted to use a solar pump, as he commented that he’s never done that before, but could figure it out since he’s a licensed plumber and electrician. May call one more place just to see what the base figure is. Decided that if I did it, I would just have a hand pump on it. My yard guy is a journeyman for the local electric company and asks me prep things. He said he seriously doubts we will ever be without electric. They are able to build transformers there on site. I made the comment, you have to have the parts. He didn’t say anything.

    Prayers for the pack, for unspoken requests, The President and for America.

    BTW, LatterRain333, on YT, has a little info on the peace treaty if you care to listen (audio only). She’s a prophetess, so if you’re not into that, you may not want to listen.

    Have a great week everyone.

    • AT, sorry to hear about your surgery. Couldn’t they pick a better date?

      I think they will definitely be testing you for C as they even do that at the dentist.

      Did you watch the video? The one contractor in the video is heading up from Texas to Ohio. There were actually 3 people arrested. Millie’s brother too.

      I have gotten gotten Government contracting coins before but not as cool looking as the Shadow coin.

      • Thor1,

        I had to schedule within 30 days of the consult and wanted to have as much time before then as I could.

        No, they don’t test… I asked. Even if I end up having to go in the hospital. It’s supposed to be outpatient, but I seriously doubt it will stay that way.

        My brother sent me the video when it came out. You, he and I get our stuff from the same places. Haven’t had time to listen yet. Tomorrow.

  18. Hi Pack, I am late to the party have read comments mostly earlier on weekend. will go back and read the other questions after i do my Preps… .. too much on the do list and still must be careful not to strain injured areas- or i will be on heating pad for 5-7 days and then ability to lift 5 lbs… just don’t want to go there. Tara’s questions, and my comments.#1 don’t have ironweed., mullein is sparse this year… have purslane seeds to try to establish. #2-3. Food will continue to be short supply and price will increase.. it is planned event.. go back to” 201″ event. 3 months won’t get you nowhere but middle of winter and we don’t grow crops in January unless in house… 9 months will get me from first Frost to July, when most gardens begin to come in… suspect Mike Adams, natural news is right and we truly need 18 months.. Not where i want to be but am coming along with small pcs here and there…securing what i do have against everything that wants to eat it… whether it be the chickens and rabbits from predators or the bag of flour or cornmeal from bugs or mice. purchasing bg cans and breaking them down, into dehydrated. for soups and stews.
    . .. have been working toward all of the above this week.. harvest of few rabbits and canning those today.
    …. 15 baby chicks hatched out from our flock are doing well.. the teenagers i purchased this spring are maturing and almost ready to begin laying..out of 9 have 3 roos… so one may be a taste tester. ….Peppers are finally blooming… sweetpotatoes got their inch of rain… pulling meat from freezer and securing in jars. temps are finally breaking…below 90 so will not be long before our rabbits can begin to do what rabbits do.
    ….securing yard grass crabgrass/fescue for forage for rabbits for winter… was gifted some grains, and peaches those are secured.. Have ordered some meds thru a friend. trying to get car for DD ready to go to her and it is one step forward and 2 backward… first could not get fan on defrost/air to work, now fan on motor will not run, windows down , one will not roll up., jumped track and no noise so DH is thoroughly disgusted with trying to trace the issues.. have replaced alternator, oxyg. sensors hvac fan and actuator, radiator, hoses… intake gaskets., checked plugs and wires, .. now this.
    I have heard about the kidnapping of Millie weaver and her children husband and boyfriend..That they are keeping the pod where she is lit and opening and closing doors every hour to prevent deep sleep….- part of CIA tactics to stress and make one break under questioning.- according to those whoknow about such thigs..
    I believe everyone who wanted the e-mails of HRC has them and has since they were sent. server was open with no password. no excuse for anyone who wanted them not to have.. and Obummer had the e mail account under anothrer fake name , sent e mail t her so he knew as well.
    I have listened to most of the shadow gate video… I have not heard about the rustlng of horses or cows in Texas, but have heard about the disappearance of sheep… yes Patriots in and out fo the military are this nations only hope because we are and have been in an uncivil war for some time..
    the vaccine that will attempt to be forced on all of us. will cause sterility and a data change in your DNA. it is a slow death sentence, and is suicide by injection to agree to take it. The developers have said it is their goal to eliminate humanity… think about it. before you volunteer yourself for that experiment or your precious babies… Many 5-6 month old fetus. had their beating hearts removed to use to develop this vaccine…heart tissue not viable is not acceptable… so they murdered babies to produce .
    Get your preps in order . do all you can do with limited resources and stretch those dollars as far as you can… we will need every can of beans, every medication, every herbal we can procure and now how to use… take care of yourself. Your family is depending on you.

  19. Thor’s questions

    1. Have you heard about Millie from INFO WARS and her husband being arrested in Ohio for exposing shadowgate? YES.

    2. Do you believe the Ukraine have Hillary’s e-mails? YES, PROBABLY EVERYBODY BUT WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THEM.

    3. Have you watched the shadowgate video that was exposed by NSA whistle blowers? Thoughts if you watched it? YES, BUT TOUGH TO HEAR OVER THE OTHER HALF’S TV VOLUME. I’LL HAVE TO RE-WATCH.


  20. 1. Do you forage or grow ironweed and how do you use it?
    No, but I’ve at least heard of it.

    2. Do you think food prices will continue to rise because of the pandemic panic and riots?
    Yes, and not just because of pandemic and riots. Gov’t and elites likely ready to do another chunk of major buying.

    3. Could you live for three months only on what you have on hand right now?
    Yes, but not well enough. The DP would have issues even tho I’ve warned him he’d better learn to take Beano..

    4. What improvements to your food security plan are needed so you can do so?
    Fill in a few holes, i.e. dry milk, add to rotation, add more canned veg & potatoes, add to dry goods. I have a big shopping trip planned for this week, along with hopefully taking the DP to the range.

    5. What did you do to prep this week?
    Lost the week to cleaning up all the downed trees and branches from the tropical storm. Still have one massive broken tree behind our property that’s already busted down one other big tree that clipped the back corner of my garden. The DP at least saved me a very small bit of green firewood. Nope, our fireplace isn’t usable but ya never know when ya have to cook over a fire outside. Garden was a joke this year, even the spring garden that got lots of grub damage. My back hurts so bad that I might not even plant Fall stuff in the tiny raised bed. That would lose light quickly anyway by late September

    The DP is actually slowly coming on board. After all these years, he’s actually coming to believe me as to all the crap that’s going on and is yet to come. Rather obvious, after all. I mentioned vests (guess what kind !) to which he listened. We’re in NJ, so nothing over 10 round mags. As much as I like the vest that’s advertised on this site, we might be better off with plain jane and using travel vests or tac vests (more versatile use of smaller molle pouches). Any comments here?

    • Mari:

      With the 9th Circuit Court ruling in CA about magazine limitation, you guys might get lucky and have yours overturned too.

  21. CA waiting for the CA judge to remove his stay. Knowing CA, Newsome’s attorneys will rewrite the law and it’ll be another merry go round. There’s a lawsuit by NJ Rifle & Pistol, but who knows if it’ll get heard. It may have been one of the 10 that the Supreme Court wouldn’t hear. Wish Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch would come down hard on judges like they’ve said they want to. Any day now, preferably before Thomas retires. In the meantime, criminals can do whatever they want with whatever they want and just get a slap on the wrist.


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