What I Did to Prep This Week

What I Did To Prep This Week: August 23rd – August 29th 2020

honeybees inside beehive

Hello Pack. I hope you have all had a productive and educational week of prepping. There is so much going on in our country at this time, being prepared is even more important than ever … but I am sure y’all know that.

Thankfully, more folks are being awakened to the need to at least stockpile food, water, and other basic supplies after the pandemic panic – hopefully that habit does not become just a passing fad.

On our survival homestead this week we expanded our beehive, as shown in the photo below, Papaw had ample help assembling the new box and frames. A brood just recently hatched and the set of two deep hive boxes have gotten quite full.

grandfather and children working on a DIY project

In other preps this week, I have been able to finally harvest copious amounts of herbs and tomatoes.

I spent three hours crumbling dried ironweed, mullein, and goldenrod that I had been drying and storing it away in labeled containers. If you have never tried it, ironweed tea is quite tasty when a bit of honey is mixed in.

Firewood is an ongoing prep, as is getting the last of the hay in. We are going to go ahead and buy all the bags of grain we think will be needed for winter and stockpile them in the workshop now. That is a larger expense purchasing them all at once, but we just feel more prepared having all the feed the animals will need for the winter put up – just like we do with hay.

Soon it will be time to head South to attend Prepper Camp once again. I would once again urge all of you to go but tickets are now sold out. My beloved and I are now pouring over the plethora of classes to narrow downs which ones we are going to attend.

Typically, there are 8 classes offered at the same time during the three day even in Saluda, North Carolina. I love the way Rick and Jane Austin set the schedule so it allows you to hit as many classes that you want to experience to enhance your self-reliance skills, even if they conflict on the schedule.

This Week’s Questions

  1. If you could attend or teach one class at a self-reliance camp, what would it be and why?
  2. What is the best survival or homesteading event you have attended and why?
  3. Do you think liberals will continue pushing the pandemic fear right up through election day 2020?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?
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Tara Dodrill is a homesteading and survival journalist and author. She lives on a small ranch with her family in Appalachia. She has been both a host and frequent guest on preparedness radio shows. In addition to the publication of her first book, 'Power Grid Down: How to Prepare, Survive, and Thrive after the Lights go Out', Dodrill also travels to offer prepping tips and hands-on training and survival camps and expos.
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72 thoughts on “What I Did To Prep This Week: August 23rd – August 29th 2020

    1. Puppy is really amazing at catching frisbee. He uses his front legs like arms to catch the frisbee.

      Bought another plate carrier
      Bought 2 more 3+ plates
      Bought 1 trama pad
      Bought molle canteen holder
      Bought 2 AR15 P mags
      Broke down and checked the laser setting on the G22 at the range. It was pretty much dead on at 25yrds after I set it with a laser bore sighter.

      Heavy workouts and cardio ( lost 10 lbs)

      Got 3 months of meds

      Bought more meat ( actually found chicken wings again)
      Bought 20 lbs of rice
      Bought 10 lbs of pasta
      Bought yeast

      Bought a 7 gallon water container

      Filled vehicles
      Filled 7 gallon gas can

      Freeze dryer
      Freeze dried 2 trays of chilly
      Freeze dried 2 trays of rice and stir fry
      Filtered 2 qts of vacuum pump oil

      Peppers are growing like crazy
      Cilantro, romaine lettuce and green leaf lettuce are growing in trays

      The vet passed emissions ( it is such a fun car to drive) had to put 100 miles and 2 cool down cycles for it to reset.
      Bought all tags

      The firecracker please hotdogs I made just keep getting better. I put some in a bloody Mary. Awesome
      I have a ton of cucumbers………

      Thor’s questions

      1. Do you think China and Russia are going to attack America?

      2. Should people sue BLM and Antifa for property damage?

      3. With more meat processing plants and farms being shutdown, are you upping your prepping level?

      4. With all the riots are you upping your security level?

      1. I’ve been pressure canning meat, it seems like there not enough time, and what time we have is getting less and less.

      2. Thor’s questions

        1. Do you think China and Russia are going to attack America?

        Define “attack.” They are doing that now, just not with troops, a la “Wolverines.”

        2. Should people sue BLM and Antifa for property damage?

        That would be nice except both groups are not legal entities and cannot be sued as such. You would have to sue each individual involved in the property destruction as an individual, not a corporate group. Few lawyers would accept those cases unless you were prepared to pay them a significant retainer. Since most Antifa/BLM clowns are not very wealthy, you could not expect a significant legal award. Even if a jury gave you big bucks, good luck collecting from people who are on welfare.

        3. With more meat processing plants and farms being shutdown, are you upping your prepping level?

        Yes. Previously, I used to shop once a week. Now I am shopping at least twice per week.

        4. With all the riots are you upping your security level?

        Not significantly. I am rather well stocked in the security area and I am well trained and experienced in defense. I am a dirty, rotten fighter too. However, I am watching what is going on in the country and my area in particular. We shall see.

      3. thors questions

        1 doubtfull, they already have their hands full with a lot of other problems, a war would not end well for them, the us still has the strongest military on earth, if anything they would give the left and right in america a common cause to unite behind. so far their policies seem to be killing americas infuence in small pieces, chipping away and causing the us to retreat from meddling in global politics and having to be more concerned with domestic issues allowing them to expand into areas closer to home for them. they wouldn’t gain anything from attacking the us, they would take huge losses, and they could never win, just a matter of how much damage both sides take before a truce is called (the us couldn’t win either)

        2 good luck with that, i been railroaded and badly harmed by beuracratic systems in the past, and while the overall result was very wrong, no individual cog in the system could be identified as specifically at fault so nobody could be sued, antifa and blm are ad hoc groups, not having member lists or any serious organization, similar in a way to alquada these days, just cells largely independant of each other opperating in their own area and only really united under a common theme. can’t sue them unless you can prove who did what and when, the best you can get is if the individual who did specific damage is caught and then held accountable, but most of them have nothing to begin with and you can’t get blood from a stone, they know it so thats why they feel free to do what they do, and those individuals are not specifically typified by everyone in those groups. thats like someone asking if preppers should be held accountable for the shortages of masks because they spent years buying them before there was a demand for them (seriously i heard people make that claim, blaming preppers for shortages).

        3. nope, not a concern for me as i am a farmer, trapper, and hunter, and what i eat is game nobody else in the area really wants (most people look nausious when i talk about eating woodchuck and coon to them the only game meat is deer and turkey and maybe grouse or rabbit).

        4. nope, no need in my area, i’m already far from people, behind a fortified perimeter, having nothing anyone would really want to begin with and am heavily armed with a couple dogs to back me up.

      4. Thor’s questions

        1. Do you think China and Russia are going to attack America? AT least China, but not yet. Things are not at that point yet.

        2. Should people sue BLM and Antifa for property damage? I would try, if I had been damaged by the riots.

        3. With more meat processing plants and farms being shutdown, are you upping your prepping level? Always adding, but getting near max capacity. Just about down to replenishment and rotation.

        4. With all the riots are you upping your security level? It has not affected our area – yet.

        1. PG:

          That’s where we are. We restock the freezer with good cuts on sale, the pantry when items are on sale, and other household products when they are on sale (sometimes when they are now re-available) and can do all of this because of the depth and breadth of our storage. It’s a wonderful place to be.

          1. Friends told us about a meat market nearby (in Paducah, Kentucky) that has great meat with some great sales. That’s where I went last week to stock up.

  1. I hope and pray that none of you had any damage from Laura.

    1. If you could attend or teach one class at a self-reliance camp, what would it be and why?
    I would like to learn more about HAM radio communication.
    2. What is the best survival or homesteading event you have attended and why?
    I haven’t attended any survival events.
    3. Do you think liberals will continue pushing the pandemic fear right up through election day 2020?
    Yes, and anything else they can think of.
    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    This week:
    -Giving away three roosters tomorrow to a friend who lost nearly all of her flock.

    -Need to dig potatoes.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: kitchen wipes, flour, Mt. Dew (for DH), bacon, 25 lbs. powdered milk, 50 lbs. flour, pasta shells, gluten, spices and seasonings, candy, hamburger patties, pork burger patties, almond extract, egg noodles, cornstarch (Safe for canning.),
    *Giving to others:
    -For my parents (who eat EVERY meal out and have very little food in the house); lots of premade frozen meals (enough for about one month),
    -For friends out of state; grits, yeast, popcorn,
    -For adult kids; bacon, hamburger patties, steaks, chicken (We always give them meat for Christmas and birthdays.),

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    1. PG, onthe ham radio preparedness, look up ARRL.org. They are the premier organization for learning about and getting started in ham radio. The other thing you could do is find a local ham operator (email me thru whoever is doing the connecting here now and i can get on QRZ and find out who the closest hams are to you) and Almost there, Cliff in Douglasville and Overwatch all have my email. I am assistant EC for our area, and part of that is helping people get started in Amateur Radio. I would be happy to help.

  2. I havent posted in a couple of weeks cuz ive been in Harvest mode. Went to see my parents and family for the first time since last year, and found out my sister is selling her house and moving to TN! Yay! Got back and the weeds had taken over the garden! I was only gone 4 days! But i have zucchinis going inthe dehydrator, put up 7 more quarts of spaghetti sauce; 5 gallons of Worden, 3 gallons of Fredonia and 1 gallon of Niagara nicely percolating in their secondary fermentation, and have been making meals out of our garden. All we have had to add is a little bit of meat. Got people locally asking for help getting started in Ham radio, and some home repairs, so am making appointments for that.
    Havent ever attended a prepper event, would like to, but don’t have the time. The class i would teach(obviously) would be healthy pregnancy, and Homebirth in a grid down situation.
    I think the dims are not onlygoing to stretch this garbage out past the election, i think they are going to try to topple President Trump with it(after he’s (hopefully) reelected) and get Nancy Pelosi installed as acting Pres. Watch and pray. This is getting uglier by the minute. There IS a constitutional process if the President and VP are unable to do their duties. It will not be pretty in any case. Keep stacking! Love yall!

    1. I feel like I’m living at the grocery store, my parents 83, 81, are getting stuff put away I guess watching me and me talking to them about what’s going on has finally got them realizing they need to have more.

    1. Dehydrator has been running constantly for tomatoes and okra. Also for a small batch of cilantro.

      Added some broccoli starts to the fall garden – two of the four may survive. Not sure about the other two. Radishes have already sprouted. We’ve been wetter and cooler than normal for August, so that is helping. Trying to keep the carrot seeds moist so they will sprout. Added some sluggo to reduce the slug infestation caused by the extra rain.

      Received most recent ammo order.

      Had to buy a new battery for the car and found a broken engine mount that had to be replaced. The DH says it’s a bad design that’s bound to fail.

      Ordered some of the recommended black bean burger mix to try along with butter powder, colloidal silver, cold packs and clotting powder. Odd combination but filling holes where needed.

      Physical fitness program going albeit slowly. Doing a 2+ mile run/walk every other day. So far the knees aren’t complaining too much.

      The DH bought and installed some security cameras. We enjoy watching the critters.

      This Week’s Questions

      1. If you could attend or teach one class at a self-reliance camp, what would it be and why? I’d love to learn cheese making hands on – not by watching a video or reading a book and experimenting.
      2. What is the best survival or homesteading event you have attended and why? The closest I have come is the southeastern Ag Expo. We had many reasons for attending like more farm equipment information and seeing various vendors – both Georgia Grown items and gardening/farming tips.
      3. Do you think liberals will continue pushing the pandemic fear right up through election day 2020? Of course they will.
      4. What did you do to prep this week? See above.

      1. GA Red, Cheesemaking can be intimidating…..I stuck to making simple “farm cheese” for a couple of years before I ventured into hard cheeses like cheddar. The easiest cheese to make is Chèvre’ and the most FUN cheese to make is mozzarella in my opinion! If you can find someone in your area who has a dairy goat farm, you may luck into finding a cheese-making mentor. Good luck!

        1. Thanks Goatlover – I use a lot of soft goat cheese and mozzarella. The goat cheese is mighty tasty on grilled chicken and grilled pork chops.

  3. I’ve been doing projects around the house, I re-spray painted our railing in a flat black paint instead of the glossy black, I never really liked it now I do… I’m painting the little playhouse, and hubby and I are looking at paint color’s to repaint the concrete steps, and porch. Last weekend, we scrubed and cleaned the side patio and put Thompson water seal on it. I replanted two plant’s, and have been weeding and pruning back the Wisteria, and cutting out the dead Raspberries cane’s. Grapes, have another week to get sweet the weather, is going to be in the mid 70’s for at least 10 day’s.

    I bought 4 bags of frozen onions I dehydrated, and 6 beautiful green peppers locally grown, dehydrated too. I cleaned out two cupboards, and got 4 bags of item’s to donate, got rid of a couple of tablecloths, and place mats, I don’t use everything was in good shape so I hope someone else will enjoy it.

    My catnip plant, I took two clippings off of them they are all doing well, my Tom tomato’s. are turning red, really fast now I did trimming on it and took off several bloom’s, took off tiny tomato’s, that won’t grow and get ripe before I have to pull the plant up. My Elderberry, has 4 bunches left to pick and dehydrate I have so far 1 pint glass full and 1/4 of a second pint jar started.

    We are going out to pick up crabs from the cages. I’m along for the boat ride, I’m not a seafood lover, but hubby loves crabmeat, so if they get enough I may pressure can him some.

    Question 1. I would love to teach canning, so many people, want to learn but not enough teacher’s, to do it.

    Question 2 I haven’t been to a prepper camp, I haven’t heard of any in my area..

    Question 3 Yes, I believe this is going to continue, until the USA, is broke. I just read a few more business have closed their doors for good, I have a friend, who may get let go for good from her job, sooner then later, its not looking good.

  4. (1) I would like to attend a good medical first aid event; I would enjoy teaching a food preservation class since that seems to be what I spent half of my life doing!
    (2) The only homesteading-type gatherings I have attended were related to goat keeping. They were very helpful to me when I first got into goats over a decade ago. Now I am the local goat guru for other newbies!
    (3) Yes, the pandemic fear-generating will continue–it’s more about control than health, IMO.
    (4) Prepping this week included canning 7 quarts of spaghetti sauce, 6 pints of banana puree, dehydrating chicken livers for doggie treats, dehydrating sliced bananas for people treats, getting my livestock guardian dog groomed to help him bear this summer heat, planted another patch of pigeon peas, plus 2 small patches of sunflowers. (The goatie goats love them!) I ordered 200 more canning lids, some American-made farming clothes, and scored four more cases of quart mason jars from an out-of-the-way Ace Hardware store. I turned over the compost in my new bin using a pitch fork and was pleased to see it is doing a marvelous job decomposing all I’m adding to it. I’ll be using it in my fall planting in October. I believe we are on the verge of some serious civil unrest, so I keep preparing to survive off of our little farm…..I pray and thank God every day for His provisions as I plant, harvest, and preserve the bounty.

    Keep prepping!

    1. I went to get a few more lids from Winco, not one package left gone, I’m glad I had the foresight to buy them in July, so no one in my area has lids left. I did score 6 canning jars for .20 cents at Goodwill, I’ll go again tomorrow to see if they got any more out on the shelves.

    2. Goats sure can get addictive! We (well I, lol) am really enjoying growing our currently small herd of Pygora fiber goats. Our three legged Nigerian nanny goat Pearl is the leader of all the herds – even the horses. All of the barnyard critters are afraid of Pearl. I never thought I would see my spunky mare be afraid of anything or let another take charge in the barn, but she had … at least some of the time.

  5. Taras questions

    well, if i were to teach a class i would teach how to clean a chinmey, in the winter i hear the local fire department sirenes in the distance at least 5 times a week, and at least a dozen houses are completly destroyed every year, many more are damaged, because people just don’t know what they are doing when they run a wood stove, most often its a chimney thats been poorly installed (like the idiot who cut a hole in the wall of a rental trailer and put plain stovepipe through it) or they use wood thats not properly seasoned, or they never clean the chimney and the built up creosote burns. even some of my friends have had fires because they didn’t know what they were doing and ignored my advice when i saw the problem a year before it happened (or like my advice that a rotten old wooden door is not a good cover for an old well, i recomended my neighbor do something else for 2 years till one of their pregant goats fell through and drown before we could get it out, only after that did they do something else to cover the well). i clean my chimney yearly and have a brush for it. so yeah if i was to teach a class it would be about fire prevention and chimney cleaning. i would not attend a class as there isn’t really anything i care to learn at the moment.

    the vast majority of what i know i learned from books or self educated, often through trowel and error like how i learned to garden. most events i attended were at best a waste of time. probably the first aid cpr course was practical, but most classes i got anything out of were long and time consuming.

    i’m not going to comment on this one

    what i done this week: after last weeks hemming and hawing over putting in a shower or more shelving i put in the shelving, deep shelves made from 2x4s with half inch boards over them, took a day to build them all making them very well made and strong, then another day to gather up and sort all the various boxes of preserved food in the cabin, made an inventory of what i need to refill before winter, was barelly able to get all of it in the addition but now have a lot more free space in the cabin.

    did all the laundry by hand washing, some was still left from winter (blankets and the like), and got all the dishes done (some were also left over from winter). picked a bushel of apples off my best tree. mowed down the overgrown grasses around my buildings up to 70 feet away. fire is not a real hazard in this area except in spring, cutting the grassy stuff now its too late to regrow but still has time to rot down so there won’t be anything to burn in the spring. also burned a moderate slash piel i had been saving to chip but the 2 foot tall honet nest in it made me decide to burn it rather than pull the branches apart to chip.

    friday i went to help a friend stain his porch, his neice is getting married today and they are holding the ceremony in his yard (he has a large yard, most of the family live in run down trailers or appertments), he wanted the porch done before the ceremony and offered me $100 to help for the day, having had less than $2 for the last month i took the gig. in the distance as i was leaving (friend gave me a ride home) a lot of people were gathering, maybe 50 of them, nobody covering their faces and just standing around with a couple water traughs full of ice and beer (rez wedding), most of them fat and had no shirts on, just standing around drinking and smoking, and my friend complaining that not a single one of them had been willing to help with anything.

    this will probably be my last contribution here for a long time. cell i teather with will be out of service tuesday and i am not going to pay another $50 for another 30 day card, sank the last of the money i had a month ago to get the phone in hopes of selling some stuff and that was a total flop, nothing sold at all. got a few other things in the works to raise some cash and i anticipate refilling my supplies that i am low on in the next 2 weeks, then i’m barring the gates and not coming out again till late april or may (barring the gates involves the use of two 2x6s wrapped in barbed wire being dropped into metal brackets just inside the gate, with additional chains and locks used to secure said gate to the 2x6s, not impossible to get into, but a time consuming pain in the butt).

    1. Good luck, in the coming month’s, I hope something comes your way for a job, it’s hard. Keep well, and hopefully it won’t be a long time before we hear from you again.

      1. Not looking for a job, haven’t had one since 2013. My entire income is from working my land, have more firewood than I know (lost count at 65 full cords), several sheds built from lumber off my lot, apples, fence posts, maple syrup, eggs, etc. Nothing has sold all year, most of the farmers I know are in the same boat, nobody buying anything so nobody has any money. No jobs in the area, only business I seen all year was that porch staining gig which I would have turned down if I had just about anything else to do, also had a few people show up asking to buy or rent an acre off my farm, most I think are looking for a place to go when the eviction ban is lifted in this state. Only the one today might be ok and that’s just cause I know her and she owns a tiny lot already and has no room to garden (every square foot at her place is a garden already) and I think she is just looking for a spot to put more gardens in. In good times this area had a 20percent unemployment rate and 1/3 population in poverty (thanks Cuomo for fucking upstate to death), in the current economy there is no economy at all.

  6. I did my grocery shopping twice this week and added to my food stash. Publix is pretty well stocked in all departments, but they are still rationing purchases of many products.

    My Ex came over this week with a list of items she wants to add to her preps. I suggested some additional items and showed her some of the stuff I have. I also showed her how to make a DIY Berkey water system and gave her links to get the DIY parts and to Berkey in case she prefers the real deal. I also introduced her to some solar power systems to help keep her electronics charged and recommended she add a couple of rechargeable LED lanterns and headlamps to her stash. She intends to add these items over the coming days. I also gave her links to various prepper websites including this one. She dislikes Amazon’s owner, Jeff Bezos. But she complains about not being able to find many items anywhere else. I told her that her mission is to take care of herself, get the things she needs, and if it feeds Jeff Bezos at the same time, oh well. He will not loose any sleep if she continues to refuse to buy from Amazon unless she can get about 100 million of her closest friends to go along with her.

    I am a grandfather again. My son’s girlfriend delivered a healthy little girl on Friday the 28th. Right on the due date, good timing. 5lbs, 3oz, 19.5 inches long. He sent out a nice photo of the baby laying in her mom’s arms, just minutes after being born. A few more photos followed later. #1 granddaughter is spending the weekend at the beach with her parents and she is reported to be very pleased to be an official first cousin now.

    I’ve bought some more silver for my stash. 12 ½-oz rounds are for #2 granddaughter. I buy 6 oz of silver each year for #1 granddaughter’s birthday and I intend to continue the practice with #2 GD.

    I’ve been keeping an eye on the riots going on. The MSM is still being derelict in their duty by failing to report most of the instances of counter-protests going on and Antifa and BLM clowns getting their asses handed to them on the occasions when there are clashes. The recent shooting in Kenosha, which was reported because it fits more closely to their agenda, involved a stupid 17-year old kid. Admittedly, he did deepen the gene pool by killing two violent felons and seriously injuring a third by using an AR-15 that he was in unlawful possession of. He is a Walter Mitty wanna-be cop type. He crossed state lines in unlawful possession of the rifle which adds potential federal charges to his legal woes. There is some question about whether the shootings were self-defense, but he is dead in the water on the state and possible federal possession charges as there are very clear photos and videos of him walking around Kenosha like he was on patrol in Fallujah. To add to his stupidity, he posted a bunch of photos and statements on social media before he went to Kenosha that hand the prosecutors plenty of evidence of intent and premeditation on the murder charges. If you want to kill an Antifa member, just do it if you must, don’t announce your plans or brag later. Make the prosecutors have to work to prove their case, don’t hand it to them on a silver platter like our junior Walter Mitty did.

    This Week’s Questions

    1. If you could attend or teach one class at a self-reliance camp, what would it be and why?

    Teach: How not to be a stupid gun owner.

    2. What is the best survival or homesteading event you have attended and why?

    Marine Corps boot camp and infantry training regiment followed by nine months of practical application in Vietnam. Mountain Warfare School was good too. Can’t beat the Marine Corps for teaching you how to take care of yourself in a dangerous environment.

    3. Do you think liberals will continue pushing the pandemic fear right up through election day 2020?
    Of course, they will. It suits their purpose to try and make Trump look weak on public health.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above

    1. i tried amazon once, i dislike their policies and their business practices and won’t deal with them, if i can’t find it locally then i probably didn’t need it to begin with. but then i live by the standards of the 1800s.

      1. We have a family cabin , built in 1932, but it looked like it came out of the late 1890’s I learned how to cook on a wood stove, and haul water from the running very cold river water, but now they plumbed it for propane stove, still have to haul water, but most family members bring water along, and they rebuilt the outhouse, so it’s not so awful to use I haven’t been up there in 12 year’s, but we learned what it was like back then.

    2. Z36, congrats on the new little one.

      These riots are only going to get worse as the election nears. I heard one group wants to storm the White House and remove Trump from office before the election via force, aka revolution. I predict the secret service, national guard and Marines may have something to say about that…..🤣😎

      1. Thor1,

        Well, there was a reason President Jefferson selected the location of Marine Barracks, Washington DC where he did. Specifically, within easy marching distance of the White House.

        We learned these things in boot camp.

  7. Greetings from Douglasvile,

    Absolutely nothing happened as far as prepping is concerned last week.

    Just trying to get through the days.

    Stay safe,

  8. 1. If you could attend or teach one class at a self-reliance camp, what would it be and why?
    Perhaps Ham Radio. Would be good to learn and get basic radio and a good antenna. I used to have a big CB home base and mammoth antenna. Had CBs in all the vehicles.
    2. What is the best survival or homesteading event you have attended and why?
    Nothing official but when I was 21 is spent 10 months alone in the woods. All I had was a pocket knife 10 paper matches in an advertizing pack of matches., and 1 change of clothing. It was terrifying at first but after awhile I fell into a rhythm of snares and foraging. My prized posession for a long time was a soup can found in a pile of trash dumped along a dirt road.
    It taught me a lot about myself and made me stronger and more independent. It also left me somewhat food insecure. My cabinets always had to be full. It was easy to add to that over the last few years. Were ok for over a year and critters have close to 6 months of food put away. I have a manual winch for my unused 2nd well. Stepson stole and sold the pump and pressure tank. I’ve priced a well bucket and will order it soon.
    3. Do you think liberals will continue pushing the pandemic fear right up through election day 2020?
    They will milk it for all its worth as long as they can.
    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    I bought some herb starts to help out a friend and will get them set up on metal shelves in front of the big kitchen window. I’ll soon start trays of micro greens for winter salads and trays of edibles for the chickens and rabbits. They also enjoy fresh green food through the winter.

    1. Same here with food insecurity thanks to hubby #1’s activities that left our cupboards bare. That aside, the DP is finally figuring out that I’m not wrong in getting the food in here.

  9. If you could attend or teach one class at a self-reliance camp, what would it be and why?
    It just so happens I am attending Prepper Camp, my wife is interested in learning more about canning. For me I know something about everything, I just do not have the energy to do much.

    What is the best survival or homesteading event you have attended and why? None yet.

    Do you think liberals will continue pushing the pandemic fear right up through election day 2020?
    That and more, it is easier to lead sheeple when they think they need what you are offering.

    What did you do to prep this week?
    Got a big order from Amazon Pantry. I just wanted to see if it was a good deal. I got spices at one third the cost of getting them in a store. Other things like powered coffee creamer and canned sardines were just a bit cheaper but I did not have to drive ten miles to Walmart, walk around for an hour gathering up what I wanted, stuff it into my car and then lug into the house. It was dropped at the top of my ramp instead, whats not to like? My next order will be for things not available locally, like powered milk.

    On the home front we had hoped the granddaughter would behave at pre-school but no, Friday, after just four days, the teacher told my daughter she would not be allowed back. So we have another year to try and civilize her. Next year the public school system will forced to deal with her, they do not have a choice.

    For anyone who is going to Prepper Camp we will be attending and staying at the Fairfield Inn in Flat Rock. I am a typical white 68 year man with a good head of short hair but my wife is almost 6 ft tall with short gray hair. I am lucky in that my son travels for work and he gets to keep any hotel points so I do not have to pay for our room plus I am driving the truck he bought for me.

  10. Hi Everyone,

    This week was so busy, I couldn’t remember what night I put the pickles in the brine… Worked OT a couple of days, stayed over work and worked on a class I am taking. It has been past crazy busy.

    This morning, I went to a prep meet up in another county. They are a close nit MAG, and I am adopted. I live too far away to be able to be part of it, but I like to go and learn and share my information with them. It was a good day.

    Stopped by TSC on the way home and picked up some corn. No limit, premium version. Should be good for corn meal.. Corn is corn right? Especially the PREMIUM corn. Thanks AA.

    Received some things that had been ordered. Aftershock order, laser light, rechargeable batteries, DripDrop (which I need to try out to see if I like it) and can’t remember what else.

    Canned tomatoes, picked up a few fresh veggies to eat on today. Had my fill of canning already… Froze the blueberries.

    Bought some Husky brand shelving off FB MP, and will work on the shed shelving tomorrow, replacing the plastic with the metal, barring rain. Hoping to get the totes that have been outside, on those shelves and sell the plastic ones. Got some other stuff to sell and/or donate. Clearing out my closet with some pictures my mom had painted. I have lots of her paintings and you can only have so many wall hangings…

    The girl that has been helping me organize is coming again tomorrow and will help me with the shelving in the shed. It’s a slow go, but progress. She will help me bottle up some wheat, the corn, and 7 grain mix. Hoping I can find a good spot for all of it.

    Tara’s questions:

    If you could attend or teach one class at a self-reliance camp, what would it be and why? Attend, learning how to make herbal remedies, hands on. Teaching, I could teach people how to make elderberry syrup or dehydrating things.

    What is the best survival or homesteading event you have attended and why? The Great Appalachian Homesteading Conference. They have lots of classes, the admission cost is reasonable, and it’s fun to get to talk to the vendors that are selling their wares… That’s how I got to taste test the Aftershock food. Beef Barley was delicious.

    Do you think liberals will continue pushing the pandemic fear right up through election day 2020? They will push until they win… Hoping and praying real hard that it won’t be this year.

    Prayers for the pack, for unspoken requests, for The President and for America. I thought Melania’s green dress was so pretty… Stunning actually. She knocked it out of the park when she had her turn. Flawless.

  11. This Week’s Questions

    1. If you could attend or teach one class at a self-reliance camp, what would it be and why? Never been to one.

    2. What is the best survival or homesteading event you have attended and why? Only been to one, in Spokane, WA. It was the closest one, learned a lot, but 5 hours each way is a long drive to sit through classes, even if you spend the night.

    3. Do you think liberals will continue pushing the pandemic fear right up through election day 2020? Yes they will because they have no other options/plans.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well..

    I think September is going to be the last month of “no panics” before mid-November. So, I am planning accordingly. Anticipating shortages to start up (especially as truckers stop delivering to “defund the police” areas. Construction projects will wither need to be finished or at least have the base materials on-site. I also plan on spending even more time in the Scriptures and related studies.

    Made a supply run for our Church’s breakfast group and us. Costco did not have the 45 qt tubs I like and Home Depot does not have the 3.5-gallon buckets I like. Others I am talking with are experiencing similar “storage container” issues. Whether it’s plastic totes, storage tubs, or canning jars, things are getting more difficult to find. As consumers (and preppers) we are going to have to “step up our game” on planning ahead for what we need/want. This shopping trip was about ½ grocery/pantry and the other was prep/food storage.

    Our 3-day weekend plans fell through, so the DW and I went grocery shopping on Friday AM. 1st off we saved 39%. Then they had closeouts of my favorite canned beans for 50% off and country grave packets for 65% off. Throw in a free 6 pack of toilet paper (remember when we couldn’t get any?) and $.60/gallon off my next gasoline purchase (up to 25 gallons). Turned out to be a good shopping run!

    My “prepper buddy”/fellow Christian/handyman came over Friday and installed a ceiling fan/light fixture in the kitchen, the last room that can put one in without major renovations. He is VERY anti-mask, so I had to run to the store for parts. Got caught up on the news; he works Winters at a major shooting range as an instructor down South of us. They have a mask policy ON THE RANGE (which is outside), he says if it stays in place, he is not going down there this year. Even the hunting guide he works for in the Fall, has had masks made up for that work (right now we are not sure how this business will be affected). For us, “the mask issue” is not a line-in-the-sand issue. It’s inconvenient and, IMO, an overreach of authority, but if the business requires it to enter, and I want to do business with them, I comply. Otherwise, I shop somewhere else. We comply at church for the sake of others. We have a very limited social life anyway.

    Supply Run: canned meat; canned meals; canned chicken; coffee; Lysol spray; white vinegar; bucket lids; pasta; sauce mixes, gravy mix; ammo; pectin; canned beans; TP; ground beef (for dehydration); sugar-free syrup;

    Received: Peas, FD, AF, #10; Fruit, FD, AF, bucket;

    Saturday: We took a road trip today. Got yelled at by a cop for having my dog in the car, alone (it was still cooler in the car from running the AC all afternoon, than it was outside). No ticket so I let it drop.

    I get home and no LDS order. I look it up and it got to Montana on Friday, it’s now on it’s way to Pennsylvania! Guess we’ll wait until Monday to find out where it really is.

  12. Tara’s Questions:
    1) Class I would attend is the instruction on learning ham radio operations. When time allows in my schedule I try to fit in something on that future skill set.
    1a) Teaching a class: Would like to instruct the proper way of dowsing. Passing it along so that a beginner has the starting knowledge of how to use this skill. This skill set can be used in & for many subjects of a persons interest, not just the proper way to locate water on a person property. There are varying degrees in this fields, it will depend on a persons interests.
    Happen to think about this, I have been doing this for so long even I would have to go back to a basic class. What I learned is second nature to me, so I would require a refresher course. lol
    2) This style of event has never been offered close enough for us to attend.
    3) Pandemic fears: Not only will they continue to push it, along with the riots(not protests)so people will beg to have it stop. Per Ms. Kamala “it is not going to stop, even after the election”. Prepare for hades as it is coming from folks who believe in this garbage.

    Sorting through our items we have presently on hand. Items were scattered in different areas, boxes, you name it. Now I am grouping it in containers so it will be easier for me to see what we have on hand, and what we are short on.
    Bolts, yes but not the large ones or short ones. Yes, the in-between size and length we are totally out of, who knew until I required one to fix the rake🤔. Have all sorts of nuts, washers but no bolts. They are on the shopping list along with other items we need. It is finding the time to drive into town to shop for these items.🙄 It is a good hour for the in & out trip to town, and that does not include the store time. Now ask me if I like going shopping…….NO!!

  13. Thor1’s Questions;
    1) Russia & China-Russia has been testing our borders again up at the Alaska line. China, they have been digging around where they do not belong. Of course past presidents/Dem’s have given them the cookie jar at their leisure until our current president.
    2) Suing BLM & Antifa is a given, they deserve to loss a few millions of someone else’s money. If they are going to destroy someone’s property they should pay for that destruction.
    3) We are lucky that a farmers market is a few miles away but it is local farm grown. Meat there is an old fashion meat market in town.
    4) Since we are rural, to an extent would love to sell & move even farther out but can not because of dh’s health issues & requirements.

  14. The heat and humidity in my neck of the woods has been extremely brutal the last few weeks. While grateful for much needed rain, I hated that it was a result of the hurricanes. Prayers to those who were affected.
    I have been to a ‘select few’ homesteading events in the last couple years. As I have been blessed with great curiosity, I have enjoyed classes. If I could teach a class, I would choose canning. It’s a good skill to know how to preserve food. I have attended a few events and have enjoyed the classes very much. I enjoyed networking even more.
    Goodness yes! The liberals will push the pandemic all the way through the election. I find it quite odd that we don’t hear much about Covid in other countries now? I have begun to hate the words, ‘We are all in this together’, and ‘welcome to the new normal’. We are not my any means together, and this is not my normal by any means! Glad I know who is really in control!
    Prayers to each of you, and your families. Prayers for our country, and for our leaders.

  15. My daughter and son-in-law lost their home to Hurricane Laura. A tree fell on their house. They live 30 miles from Lake Charles, Louisiana. Son-in-law is a handy man at a hotel/casino in Lake Charles–the one they have been showing on the news with windows blown out. The kids are keeping a positive attitude–the insurance company will buy them a new house. They won’t get electricity for an estimated two months. At least they are well stocked. They have a generator and son-in-law has the equipment necessary to clean up–chainsaws and the like. They are getting a travel trailer from a cousin to stay in while their house is rebuilt.

    his Week’s Questions

    1. If you could attend or teach one class at a self-reliance camp, what would it be and why?

    I have often thought about teaching a class on how to cook from basics. I am stunned at the number of young people who don’t know how to cook. I would like to take a class on emergency first aid. That hasn’t been a priority for us since four of our neighbors are nurses.

    2. What is the best survival or homesteading event you have attended and why?

    I have never been to one. I have been to a gun show. But that’s it.

    3. Do you think liberals will continue pushing the pandemic fear right up through election day 2020?

    I am not sure how to answer this question. I take the pandemic seriously. My dh and I wear masks when out in public. I carry hand sanitizer. I do think people need to be more cautions.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    I have been putting in 10 hour days. So no time for preps. We have been saving up to replace our AC unit. We have a friend who owns a heating and AC company. He gave us an estimate of $6000 for a Trane. Our unit is original to the house (2004). We want to switch to an energy efficient model. Our electric bill this past month was $400+. I am glad we are heading into the cooler season. Hopefully we can put off replacing the unit until next spring.

    1. Bam Bam:

      Glad to hear that the daughter will recover okay, and is prepared, mentally and physically, to rebuild. Did they evac for the storm?

      1. Yes, they evacuated. They were able to return to their property the next day. A neighbor had called them to let them know a tree fell on their home. Cell phone reception is hit and miss. When we do get through our calls are dropped within minutes. I have been waiting to ask whether the tree fell on the part of their house with the bedroom. Given Laura hit overnight . . . .

    2. My daughter just sent pictures of their home. The tree fell across their garage and onto three bedrooms. The roof collapsed and it rained inside the house. There is wet insulation everywhere. They are going to have a mold problem soon. They were able to get gasoline for the generator today. There was a national guard soldier with an automatic rifle guarding the pumps. There is no food to be found.

      1. Bam Bam,

        I’m glad your daughter and hubby are OK. Sounds like their house is done for. Very sorry to hear it. But, I’m glad to hear their insurance is on the job as are friends and family.

        BTW, all M-4 rifles carried by the National Guard and regular military are fully-auto capable.

    3. Same answer I gave on the pandemic question. I wore masks in flu season for years and have not had a cold in years, and not had flu since January 2009 (in that year I wore a mask when I had flu to avoid spreading it though was treated with distain by everyone, wearing a mask in flu season I been treated badly, and was even thrown off a public bus for it when the welfare rats were hacking and not covering their mouth as if they were trying to spread it, I find it amusing that when the pandemic started all those posers started living like me, I was doing it before it was popular). Real or not it makes no difference to me, I already wore masks to avoid regular flu and cold so wearing a mask is no issue, I’d rather wear one and not need it than have a cold for a few days

  16. Hello everyone,
    We had our second rain of the month late this week along with a brief cool down. But the weekend brought back the heat. Made a drive over to the nearest Wal-Mart. They had a few 3-packs of Lysol wipes in stock. First I have seen since March. Bought some. Also filled a few hardware holes.

    Mostly harvesting and canning. The tomatoes are starting to get into gear. Waiting on the cantaloupe to ripen. They are huge due to the heavy rain in late July but taking their time-still green. Canning lids are starting to become scarce and no pectin. Fortunately I have enough to get me through this year and into next.

    Worried about the unrest and thankful I live in flyover country.

    Prayers to all. Stay safe!

  17. I would like you opinion on this video. https://www.washingtonpost.com/video/national/tracing-kyle-rittenhouses-actions-the-night-of-the-shootings-in-kenosha-wis/2020/08/28/6c24b27c-2c5c-4dde-88f5-4d829bb3e992_video.html?utm_campaign=wp_todays_headlines&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&wpisrc=nl_headlines&fbclid=IwAR0O8YDZnlNKk33RW2WBrIKcPg1KG9Zrh_6lKpiFS9KYUlSbtW6KgGLX6aM

    Here is what one professor wrote. I am upset that I cannot speak my mind. There is no such thing as open-minded discussion in academia anymore. If I raise a stink, I will not get tenure.


    First, a warning, this video depicts among other things Kyle Rittenhouse shooting two people in Kenosha Wisconsin on August 25, and it is depressing and agonizing to watch. One of the striking things is the interactions between the police and Rittenhouse before and after the shootings. He is treated as an ally before and ignored in the immediate aftermath though he is identified as the shooter and has a rifle on a sling. Now, let’s try a thought experiment. Suppose it were a black man with a rifle walking down the middle of the street and people were yelling that he had just shot someone. What would happen? If anyone wanted a demonstration of the idiocy of letting untrained, armed self-styled “militia” show up at protests, or of the effect of racial and social profiling on police response, this is it.

    1. Bam Bam,

      First I’ll just say that professor has no idea what he/she is talking about in the first place. He/she should stick to teaching Peruvian basket weaving or whatever and keep their opinions on how the police interact with citizens to themselves. Lets have another thought experiment. Would armed black people have been as polite towards the police as these armed white people were? Politeness counts when you’re looking for civil treatment.

      Second, Kyle Rittenhouse. I’ve said this before. The kid shouldn’t have been anywhere near this protest armed. As much as a 2A proponent as I am, realistically, the kid was in violation of federal firearms laws by possessing a weapon under 18 y/o without their parent or legal guardian present. Moreover, he crossed state lines doing so. Also, he was in violation of Wisconsin gun laws for the same reason, and he evidently had been in violation of his home state’s gun laws at some point in the day, for the exact same reason.

      Rittenhouse had posted on social media in the days prior to the protest. He was obviously a cop wanna-be. He went to this protest unlawfully armed to play out his Walter Mitty fantasies. Whatever business hired or allowed him to be “security” is going to be sucking wind in civil court and possibly, criminal court.

      Whether the shootings are self-defense is up in the air at this time. That video does not show everything that went on.

      How the police treated him after the shooting is not surprising. The kid came to them immediately afterward and told them he had been in a shooting. The police did not witness the shootings. Not arresting the kid immediately is not surprising or unusual. As the police said, they needed more information before making an arrest. Evidently, they got the information they needed within a day and arrested the kid.

      As far as untrained, “self-styled militia” is concerned, our professor is seriously lacking an understanding of the 2A, but this does not surprise me. Further, for the cost of a few cell phone calls and emails, I could round up a “self-styled militia” that would be far from untrained and inexperienced. In fact, they would be quite the opposite and not a group to mess with and have the scars to prove it. Even a current Marine or Army infantry unit would have their hands full with the bunch I’m thinking of. Some of these guys are down right scary.

      My opinion, based on the military and police experience that most everyone here already knows I have, no one should leave the area of their home to participate in any militia type activity. You start to lose whatever legal protections you have when traveling away from home, getting involved in a protest, and getting into a shootout. The prosecutors, particularly in liberal areas like Kenosha, will gleefully beat you to legal death with the “Walter Mitty” argument, particularly if you have no formal training and/or experience in military or police style operations.

      Kyle Rittenhouse is toast.

      1. Agreed that the kid was over zelous and should not have been there in the first place. I have heard nothing on the radio about what happened other than that 2 are dead and 1 is in serious condition. Nothing about who started it or what the first shot was about. I heard the injury and second death was the result of a large group of protestors had persued the kid angerly after the first person what shot. If I was being chased by a large angry group I would be firing back as cover fire and to assert that the mob needs to keep back. The kid then went to the police to report what happened so he had been rational and smart about it. I would like to know what started the whole thing. Some kid alone surrounded by an angry mob would definitely have cause to fear them and if the mob was agressive he may have panicked and shot defensively. He shouldn’t have been there to begin with but he doesn’t sound like someone who started something but rather got in over his head and protected himself. Nothing in the news about what happened but given his other actions this is what is sounds like may have happened. He was no militia, just some over eager kid trying to get involved his own.

        1. nemoseto,

          I don’t care about the three imbeciles that got shot. The world is far better off without them, unfortunately one of them survived although his right arm is seriously screwed up. As I am fond of saying: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

          Sadly, the kid also played stupid games by unlawfully carrying firearms and getting involved in something he should not have. This makes me angry because his stupidity is now food for the anti-gun crowd.

          1. ZUlu 3-6:

            I might be mistaken, but I believe the law states he can’t BUY a rifle if he is under 18, not that he can’t possess one. Now, I’m talking Federal law, not mid-west state law, which I do not know. Just Montana law. As a private individual, I am not under the same restrictions as an FFL licensed dealer is, but I still (personally) won’t sell a rifle to someone under 18 (or 21 for a handgun).

          2. JP,

            Federal law prohibits the sale or transfer of any firearm to someone less than 18 (except handguns where the age is 21). Some lawyers are squawking that the kid didn’t own the rifle and didn’t bring it into Wisconsin. It belonged to a friend who lent it to him in Wisconsin. By law, this loan was a “transfer” and now the friend may be in trouble too.

            Wisconsin law prohibits the possession of a long gun by anyone under 18.

            Illinois (the kid’s home state) not only prohibits the possession under 18, but the possessor must have an Illinois issued permit as well. Being under 18, he doesn’t.

            Never mind the murder charges, he is likely toast under at least Wisconsin firearms laws. Luckily for him, that is only a Class A misdemeanor. However, if the feds get involved, it could get uglier. If it can be proven he possessed the rifle in Illinois, he will be in trouble there too.

          3. I’ve read in a few places and his attorney says the rifle didn’t come across the state line. Nothing published yet as to who’s gun it was. Attorney says Kyle was okay at 17 and open carry. I saw a few pro quality vids of the incident, including sound of pistol shots in front of the auto repair. Probably boils down to a decent young man who wound up in an incident where he shouldn’t have been. Should have gone home after helping wash off graffiti.

    2. Thanks Guys, You helped me formulate an intelligent response. The professor who posted this on Facebook was my dissertation advisor. He is brilliant. He is a really good person. But he is ignorant when it comes to the Second Amendment. Here’s the reply I posted on his Facebook page.


      I disagree with your interpretation of this video. I do think it is clear that Rittenhouse broke the law. Wisconsin law prohibits the possession of a long gun by anyone under 18. Illinois (the kid’s home state) not only prohibits the possession under 18, but the possessor must have an Illinois issued permit as well. Being under 18, he doesn’t. Further, Rittenhouse should have never been anywhere near the protest armed. This was poor judgment.

      With this said, I want to address the issue of whether Rittenhouse would have been treated differently if he were African American. I think the question of Rittenhouse’s treatment has more to do with his respectful attitude and compliant behavior than with his race. If you compare Rittenhouse’s behavior toward police to both Jacob Blake and George Floyd, you see that both Blake and Floyd resisted arrest. Rittenhouse was compliant.

      Yes, there have been too many Blacks shot at the hands of police. Breonna Taylor is a clear example of a bad shooting. The police officer who shot her has been charged with murder—rightfully so. I am in print demanding better training for police and better mental healthcare for those in poverty. I see the need for change.

      Here’s a hypothetical: Suppose Rittenhouse were of legal age to possess the rifle. Does the video show enough to convict him or is there reasonable grounds to claim self-defense? One factor that leads me to believe he is guilty is that he posted his intentions on social media. That suggests pre-meditation.

      I question your inference from this case to objecting to “untrained, armed self-styled ‘militia’” attending protests. This is contrary to the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

      I want to make two points: (1) most militia members are veterans and/or former law enforcement—they are very well trained, (2) Militia members (and every other American) have every right to protect their homes, their property and their community.

      Look at the Missouri couple who brandished guns against BLM “protestors”. The mainstream media labeled this group as “protestors”; they were actually engaged in criminal trespassing. They vandalized a gate to gain entry into a private community. The husband had every right to stand on his property with his AR-15 positioned in a non-threatening manner (standby position). The wife was shown on video pointing her handgun at the criminal trespassers. This is only warranted if she was in fear for her life. She claimed the criminal trespassers had weapons.

      Until BLM separates itself from Antifa and the criminals who vandalize private property and public buildings, BLM cannot gain respect and cannot effect reasonable change. I am stunned that no one is talking about meaningful change. If I could enact one law to equalize America I would divorce property taxes from school funding. Currently, property taxes fund local education. Rich communities have well-funded schools. Poor, inner-city, minority-majority schools are underfunded. Think about it: If every kid for the past 50 years were given a quality education, would we be stuck with a choice between Biden or Trump?

      1. IMHO, BLM and Antifa are both self-described International Marxist anarchist organizations. BLM doesn’t appear to give two hoots about black lives or any others for that matter. Both orgs are getting massive funding domestically and internationally.

  18. I am full of questions this week. I am fascinated about an article about who Jesus would vote for.


    My post:

    I find the question “Who would Jesus vote for?” intriguing. The article has some legitimate criticisms of Trump’s presidency: (1) He did separate families fleeing violence, looking for a better life, (2) He has fumbled the COVID-19 response. I would also add that he had an extra marital affair. (Remember, we are considering this issue from a Christian standpoint.) I take issue with the claim that Trump used the Bible as a photo prop. If Obama had stood for the same photo, people would be talking about his strong Christian values during a time of national emergency. I think we also need to examine Biden’s character from a Christian standpoint. Biden is Catholic. He has said that his Catholic faith is his “moral compass”. Biden supports elective abortion. The Catholic Church opposes abortion. Indeed, anyone who is so far outside Church doctrine stands to be excommunicated. We also need to examine reports that Biden sexually assaulted an aid and the University of Delaware refused to release his congressional record before the election. We also need to consider that Biden sided with the white segregationists–he voted against federally mandated busing. (Supporting integration was not politically expedient back then.)

    1. Pastor’s Reply:

      Interesting article and question. I think that this question presumes two things. One, that Jesus would have voted. In His wisdom, God chose to send Jesus into an oppressed people group who had no vote concerning how they were governed, yet He changed the world. Two, that Jesus would have communicated how to vote in His teachings. The Jews were desperately looking for a political savior which Jesus refused to be. Jesus explicitly taught that His followers were not to fight for the kingdoms of this world, and Paul reiterated that followers of Christ should not entangle themselves with the affairs of this life (John 18:36 and 2 Timothy 2:4.) Jesus quickly turned all political question He was asked into opportunities to share the Gospel.

      All this does not mean that Christians in America should not vote. It means that we are not following the example of Jesus and the Apostles when we waste so much time on seeking change through political or governmental means. The Kingdom of God has never advanced that way. This does not mean that political engagement is forbidden. Christians have always spoken the truth to power as John did to Herod or Christ to Pilot, and the people of God have served faithfully in government positions as Daniel and Mordecai did. I believe that Christians should vote, but it is such an important part of the Christian life that literally not a single word of the New Testament is devoted to it

      That being said, the Bible clearly lays out qualifications for civil magistrates in Deuteronomy 17 and a few other minor passages. Jesus would never have broken God’s Laws or contradicted them. As such I believe Jesus would only have voted for someone who fit those qualifications. Based upon my understanding of Deuteronomy 17 and other passages, I personally believe both Biden and Trump to be unqualified for office. Their policies and rhetoric aside, both do not have the character to serve in our government in any capacity. Great question! Hope you are well.

      1. Bam Bam

        The president is nothing like a magistrate or judge, he (or she) is the head of their respective party. The character of the candidate has nothing to do with how they will govern. It is the platform and other elected and non elected officials of the party that we are actually voting for. They determine what laws are passed and how the military is used.

        Being nice is fine for a person or family but nations can not be nice or they will become bankrupt and overrun with needed people. Prepping is about survival and comfort of you and your family. What the Democrats plan for this country lowers the survival chances and comfort levels for most Americans.

      2. You know if you are going to hold the president to the biblical standard of the civil magistrate then you must also hold the government to the biblical standard for what it should be.
        So let’s get it out of any and all welfare programs . Cut out all regulatory agencies. No invovalment in education. The list is endless.
        All you would have left is punish the evil doers and national defense. A good book to read on that if you can find a copy would be
        The Christian and Civil Government by John Weaver

  19. 1. If you could attend or teach one class at a self-reliance camp, what would it be and why? None in my area.

    2. What is the best survival or homesteading event you have attended and why? None in my area.

    3. Do you think liberals will continue pushing the pandemic fear right up through election day 2020? Of course they will.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Took the DP to the range for rifle instruction. He listened better than for pistol. Actually hit the target board 2 out of 5 at 50 yards. Then he stopped because he said he felt dizzy. He agrees our property isn’t very defensible. No kidding Sherlock. Plus he didn’t get upset when I mentioned bullet-proof vests. Hmm. I’ve looked at a few online. Probably best for a plain jane and get a non-tactical-looking shooting vest. Any comments here would be welcomed.

    Received vitamin order. Should have gotten Quercetin, too, but I forgot. Filled in a bit on rotation items, but I’ll have to keep at it for a few more weeks. Got another plastic shoe box, which is great for corralling flat cello packs of spaghetti. Running out of room as it is, and I don’t have a stand-alone freezer.

  20. Thor’s questions

    1. Do you think China and Russia are going to attack America? Not Russia. China intent on taking over Pacific first, and they’re in long game. If we were to go to war with China, it’d be best sooner rather than later. The bigger they get and the better armed (thanks greatly to their stealing so much tech & weapons plans) the worse it will be.

    2. Should people sue BLM and Antifa for property damage? Absolutely! FBI & DOJ should have shut Antifa down a long time ago.

    3. With more meat processing plants and farms being shutdown, are you upping your prepping level? No freezer, so doing what I can.

    4. With all the riots are you upping your security level? Yep.

    1. Mari, if you are able to get your hands on a pressure canner, meats can be pressure canned. I raw pack cut up chicken breasts, (makes great chicken salad or chicken pot pies) and I brown and drain ground beef and can it in wide mount pint jars. Great for chili, tacos or to add to pasta sauces.

      1. Wish I had a pressure canner, which is one of the few things I don’t have. And, yep, if I were to do meat, it would be chicken and ground beef. The DP would likely draw the line at a pressure cooker since it’s something not used daily. That and he flips over the jars that I have (light weight, not good for canning). Oh well, maybe when he’s not looking. Hee Hee. At least I have a dehydrator.

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