What I Did To Prep This Week: August 30th – September 5th 2020

Hello Pack. We welcomed a new tribe member into the fold this week. The hard working bundle of furry cuteness featured above is Bear.

He was not our puppy initially, but since he kept sleeping on the patio at our back door, eating at our house, and curling up in our lap every time we hopped onto an ATV, he became ours. And I am so glad he did!

One would not think that a Rottweiler would make a superb livestock guardian dog – but apparently they would be wrong, at least in Bear’s case. He is the best behaved dog on our hill, and was the quickest learned when it came to barnyard etiquette.

He reminds me of my Chow dog, Fluffy that lived to the ripe old age of 16 and a half. I gave Fluff rabies shots but that was it. All of his doctoring beyond that was conducted by me and done 100 percent naturally.

Bear’s coloring is nothing like Fluffy’s, he was blonde. Fluff was part Chow part cute, I used to say – I have no idea what else he was, perhaps Rottweiler due to the little similarity in each dog’s little oval shaped “spots” around the eye area – but Fluffy’s were darker.

Anyway, Bear is going to be huge like Fluffy, fluffy like fluffy, smart like fluffy, sweet like Fluffy … get the picture. This little dog that I didn’t really want around that adopted us has already become a beloved member of our survival homestead.

I wish I would have gotten to name him, he really seems like a Duke to me, but he already knows his name so it is too late now to change it.

Bear learned rapidly that the ducks, chickens, guineas, goats, and the pig were definitely neither chew toys, nor a snack. He helps to round up wayward chickens that fly into my apothecary patch without harming them at all, and does equally well with the goat kids.

This little four month old puppy is just as good at guarding the homestead as he is working it. Having more dogs around the better both now and during a survival situation. We are well stocked on dog food and all of our canine pack members are great hunters of small game in their own right.

In other preps this week, we harvested wheat and did some seed preservation of both it and seeds from other traditional garden crops. Our son-in-law has now shown a keen interest in gardening since he has made some healthy eating dietary changes.

Adding more skilled labor and not just strong young backs to the gardening projects is always welcome.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. Do you keep dogs to work or protect your livestock and your home? If so, what breeds, and why?
  2. What do you see as your prepping strong points at this moment in time?
  3. If the country goes pear shaped after the election – riots, etc. how are you prepared to respond and survive?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. Hello from Douglasville,

    Busy week, found we had fleas in the back yard. Put out diatamsomething or other dirt in the back and spread it around inside. Wasn’t happy with the results so got some beneficial nematodes and put them out last night. 5 million or so of the little guys. I hope they work.

    Put up more canned goods, checked the larder, rotated everything so that I and DW were happy.

    Redistributed ammo in various sites around the home place so if I get cornered and low on ammo there is more at hand for anything I’m using at the time. Not a lot but breather material.

    We have two dogs, both rescues and getting older. We went to get one, his buddy wanted to go too so we got both of them quite a few years back. They will bark at anything that moves and are not aggressive so no they don’t tend cattle or sheep or chickens but maybe the odd leaf or butterfly.

    Our preps are good and I’m comfortable. If stuff happens before or after the election we are comfortable to settle in and protect the homestead.

    Prep wise we made a major Sam’s Club run and got a lot of stuff. There was extra in my paycheck this time so we put it all towards that and didn’t pick up any PM since the premium is too high to buy now.

    Be safe, smile but remember they can’t see you smile behind the mask.


    • In the back of my mind, just a short distance, comes the memory that walnut repels fleas . Get some green walnut leaves and scatter around the area.

      • Fixit,
        Help need answer…on this one unable to find.
        I know olive oil can be frozen and used very well. Do you have any knowledge re: Grape seed oil, or Sunfower oil… Can. they be frozen, thawed and used successfully?
        My use for sunflower is primarily to make my sun butter, can substitute Grapeseed in recipe for good product, but do not like Olive oil in my eggs, or in every vegetable we cook… prefer the lighter tastes of butter/Ghee i get with sunbutter/grapeseedbutter.

    • CID, 7 dust works the best for fleas outside, but you need to keep your pup’s away from it for I believe 3 days but read the label warnings. Inside I vacuumed, steam cleaned and sprayed Sargent’s flea spray. That stuff works.

      • IN Hawaii we had a flea problem year round. Finally used the Sargent’s liquid in a carpet cleaner. It got rid of the fleas and eggs inside. Then the cat didn’t go out anymore.

        • JP,

          Question: What kind of homestead would $200,000 get near Billings, Montana? I am not sure I would ever leave Florida but my dh is getting older and I have family there.

          • Bam Bam:

            Billings is out on the plains in east-central Montana. Colder winters and hotter summers than SW Montana. I would check on Zillo for properties in your price range, as I am not familiar with that area’s pricing.

          • Just for fun I researched homes in Yellowstone County (Billings is the county seat). Some nice homes in the $150,000 to $200,000 price range but they are on 80×80 ft lots.

    • Cliff, DE works but slowly, if applied correctly . you will need to apply anything to catch the next larvae hatch cycle/ 14 -21 days… make sure when you apply the area is damp, grass is damp. so it sticks to foliage. apply heavily and try to stay out of area. I reapply at 2 week intervals unless rain washes it away..and do that 3 times, then am done. On humans…. peppermint, lemongrass, eucalyptus, citronella and tea tree repel on humans. In 2 oz spray bottle i fill 3/4 full with very warm water and alcohol..(vodka will work.a half water half alcohol mixture..), add a teaspoon of cooking oil liquid, add 10-12 drops of any of the above oils… lid and shake vigorously… spray on pants cuffs, legs for personal repellant… lemongrass citronell and tea tree are esp effective- also the most scent-u-ous… i add peppermint… or orange oil… for improved following. LOL
      . I used it successfully for deer tick when we moved in our property… they were so bad they were crawling up the outside of a tin building..
      IT will not harm any of your pets.. I get food grade DE from Tractor supply. I de worm chickens with it.. i put it in their cooked food, and dust in their pellets. also works and safe for dogs, cats, goats, cows, sheep and humans… is a ground up sea creature and works by drying up the insides of unwanted critters.Kills roaches, ticks fleas, spider mites,..

  2. I did my grocery shopping twice this week and added to my food stash.

    Picked up some more PM for the Ex and me. Also got silver for the grands. We give our grands silver on their birthday. #2 GD is getting some Year of the Rat rounds, #1 is getting regular rounds (she already has Year of the Monkey stuff). Of course, they get a toy, book, or some clothes also. I have a box full of Dr. Suess books for #2. My son has already been reading to her for short periods. I told him at this stage he could read anything, child or adult level. The important thing is the baby sees the book and hears your voice.

    #2 granddaughter is doing very well. She’s gained about 9-oz over her birth weight in the past week and is generally well-behaved. She has the newborn routine down pat: eat, sleep, poop, repeat. I told my son to wait until she starts moving around the house before he mentions her good behavior. #1 granddaughter can’t wait to meet her new cousin. #1 wants to teach her cousin “everything!” (oh oh). We were joking around a little about the baby having long toes like her abuela. I told my Ex to go practice climbing coconut trees, so she’ll be back in shape to teach the baby. She started laughing and was trying to tell me to do something anatomically impossible in between laughs. ?

    I’ve been seeing more reports of Antifa/BLM dirtballs getting themselves shot, beat up, and/or arrested on federal charges. Always warms my heart.

    Of course, I’m keeping an eye on things going on around Orlando, but for the most part things are quiet. Most protests (when there are any) are small and “mostly peaceful” for real. The professional rioters have pretty much been put on notice that the Orlando PD and Orange County Sheriff won’t play games like in Portland or elsewhere. The Polk County Sheriff, Grady Judd, has the kind of tough on crime reputation that may cause them to fear ending up in a swamp as alligator food. He’s the kind of boss I’d love to work for.

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. Do you keep dogs to work or protect your livestock and your home? If so, what breeds, and why?

    No, I don’t keep dogs anymore. When I did they were mainly companion animals but also had a use as decent watchdogs (Chihuahuas).

    2. What do you see as your prepping strong points at this moment in time?

    Hard to pinpoint. I’m pretty well stocked and equipped for food and water. Easily over a year’s worth of food. Same with firearms and ammo. Miscellaneous gear is well stocked, plus I have a good supply of ready cash and PM available.

    3. If the country goes pear shaped after the election – riots, etc. how are you prepared to respond and survive?

    I intend to bunker down, at least initially. If rioters try to attack my building with deadly force (firebombs, firearms, etc), I will respond in a like fashion. If I am left alone, I will not be wandering around town like I were patrolling Fallujah. That is inviting trouble. I may leave to obtain additional water supplies, but that would be it.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

  3. 1. Do you keep dogs to work or protect your livestock and your home? If so, what breeds, and why?
    I had a male LGD, but he became very aggressive towards the other dogs. So, he had to go.
    2. What do you see as your prepping strong points at this moment in time?
    Seed storage, sustainability, and some friends who are like-minded.
    3. If the country goes pear shaped after the election – riots, etc. how are you prepared to respond and survive?
    I’m praying that I do the right thing.

    Input please:
    1. For those of you who attend church, what is the status of your church services? Mine is limiting the number attending (There is an online sign-up sheet for the two services on Sunday morning.), requiring masks, and social distancing. Anyone with any symptoms of illness is asked to stay home. I have allergies and mild asthma, but wearing a mask for any length of time makes me cough. Therefore, I can’t attend church. I listen on the radio. (If it takes me too long in the grocery store, I begin coughing due to wearing a mask. I’m tired of being looked at like I have the plague.)
    2. #1DS told me of an interesting meeting this week. His best friend was invited to a meeting and told to invite anyone who has their concealed carry permit. The person who invited him attends his church and works for the FBI. The purpose of the meeting was to form a group of trained individuals to help law enforcement in the event of civil unrest reaching our small, rural area. How would you respond to this? (I did not go, but got information from DS about what happened.)

    This week:
    -Some of the young hens are starting to lay.

    -I’m planning a small fall garden.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: vitamin supplements,

    -We’re camping at a campground near our home. Even though it’s not a big trip, but I’m happy to be out of the house. The only time I leave the house is to go to the grocery store, and that doesn’t take long. I’m enjoying hiking, kayaking, and just relaxing.

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    • 1. Although we have spaced out the seating, we are down in attendance anyway, so no additional measures except masks.

      2. Having spent 20 years in the service of government intelligence services, I’m a bit leery of the FBI asking to make lists of CCW holders willing to back up Federal LEOs. Now if the Sheriff asked, that’s different, at least to me.

      • Only one local LEO and the one FBI were there leading the meeting. From what I was told, they just asked that anyone with a CC who was willing to support LEO if violence was in our area to sign up. The volunteers were told to not tell about the group for fear of being labeled as a majority race superiority group. The entire meeting only lasted thirty minutes.

        • PG:

          From what you say, it sounds okay. I was not there so the other indicators (body language, vocal inflection, etc.) are not something I can evaluate from here. I would hope that it would be on the up-and-up.

          • I hope so, but I’m extremely skeptical. The LEO involved is towards the bottom of the totem pole, and people who would seemingly be involved (both LEO and typical citizens) weren’t. It’s WAY too fishy for my liking.

    • PG,
      (1) Our church is holding regular services but they’ve removed every other row of seating in the sanctuary for social distancing. Masks are allowed but not required.Hand sanitizer in the lobby. On line services are available for those who choose to stay home. In children’s church, they take temperatures before kids enter. Not sure what else they are doing in that area.

      (2) I am reluctant to “join” anything at all these days. The less people know about me and mine, the better.

    • PG,
      Our congregation, has plenty room to spread out , family groups sit together…and everyone tries to abide by the 6 ft.”guidelines.” .There is room to add another 35 people if is family units. Have just restarted classes for the younger on mid week service. Our attendance is down overall- several have new and serious complications of “other illnesses and injury” broken hips, rehab,surgery, rehab, ..
      Those who are sick stay home,If anyone has any indication they may be exposed they stay home…precautionary to protect the entire group.. Those with new symptoms, changing conditions..etc.
      we have several asthmatics and several who can NOT wear masks.Those that can- do .. and those that can not don’t…OUr rules involve NEW symptoms.. someone with a chronic cough who is not running fever or having any change in symptoms come.They are several.. and they are attending…also bringing their rescue meds… try essential peppermint oil for inhalation… cup hand around top of bottle and take a good deep even breath., blow out evenly..(one Great great grandma has come off all her asthma meds by using this-over 2 months with assistance of her DR/FNP)…Neither DH nor myself can wear a mask for more than 2-3 minutes.can not wear one with ambulation..we also self isolate all but the required trips for re supply. they are monthly..usually 2 days… and worship services- one hour. We also have on line services if unable to attend.with 2 ways…to do that…

    • PG, I havent been to church in two months, just after two couples were diagnosed with C-19. Now, that said, i have my doubts on the reliability of the testing and research, but hubby has made it clear he wants me to e careful where I go, so i wont bring it back to him, since he is one with a compromised immune system. So i stopped going, two weeks after they opened back up. The husband of one of the couples died a couple of weeks back. So i am waiting til the all clear is given. We do have Sunday School by Zoom meetings. So we shall see.

    • This week

      1. Do you keep dogs to work or protect your livestock and your home? If so, what breeds, and why? None currently as we have four indoor cats and multiple outdoor feral cats. We have had Heinz 57 dogs in the past. My favorite was taken from my mom’s back yard after finding him on the side of the road in South Georgia. He was a chow mix but he was still a little fluff ball puppy when he went missing so I don’t know how well he would have done as an adult dog. Our smartest dog (when I was a child) was a Corkie/Collie/Shepherd mix. Your new baby is adorable.
      2. What do you see as your prepping strong points at this moment in time? Canning and canning supplies. I still have to can meat but that will happen when it’s cooler. I’m also a pretty good shot with a rifle.
      3. If the country goes pear shaped after the election – riots, etc. how are you prepared to respond and survive? We won’t go looking for trouble but will defend our family and property from trouble makers by any means necessary. While not 100% confirmed, we have neighbors who seem to be of the same mindset as some of the closest are known gun owners.
      4. What did you do to prep this week? Not much. Received the black bean burger mix, colloidal silver, butter powder, blood clot powder and cold packs. Ordered more GF pastas that came back in stock. 

Spent lots of time walking and swimming in the last week. Unplugged from reality for a few days but continued my health and fitness program. Still doing my run/walks every other day and slowly increasing the mileage naturally as the run sessions get longer. Running on flat land is vastly different from running near my house but the weather at home has cooled significantly and made today’s run (Sunday) quite marvelous compared to those from the past week on flat ground.

      Thor’s questions from last week

      1. Do you think China and Russia are going to attack America? Only if a clear opportunity arises and there is no current indication of a clear opportunity.
      2. Should people sue BLM and Antifa for property damage? If a clearly defined organization with an FEIN, yes.
      3. With more meat processing plants and farms being shutdown, are you upping your prepping level? Always doing that anyway.
      4. With all the riots are you upping your security level? That’s always a work in progress too.

      Thor – prayers for the Son-in-law. When is the grand baby due?

      Thor’s questions from this week

      1. If ‪antifa.com‬ takes you to Joe Biden’s website, do you think Democrats are tied to the riots? Yes
      2. Have you heard of Bill Gates vaccinations in Africa on little black children causing polio? No
      3. Have you heard of blue cities stacking food to the rafters in Warehouses? Only from this site.
      4. Is food being intentionally destroyed? Not sure.

      Prepared Grammy – I too have asthma and remove my mask as often as possible, even in locations where it is supposedly required. I have been many places in the last week where there will be a sign posted that masks are required but very few people were wearing masks. My first priority is my health and a mask can actually get me sick, so I don’t wear one very often.

        • Thor1 – make sure no one in the family tries to combine birthday and Christmas presents for that baby. We have several birthdays in our family that fall in December and early January. Those that have been around a while say that was always an issue growing up.

          • Ga Red:
            You are so right! We all have birthdays between Christmas and the end of January. Lots of family members felt birthdays could be skipped for our kids.

  4. 1. Do you keep dogs to work or protect your livestock and your home? If so, what breeds, and why?
    I have one noisy yapper that let’s me know when people, dogs, or coyotes come visiting. I’d love a bigger dog but can’t buy one. Haven’t seen a good free one.

    2. What do you see as your prepping strong points at this moment in time?
    Lots of critter feed and human food stored. Living without power seems to have cecome a way of life.

    3. If the country goes pear shaped after the election – riots, etc. how are you prepared to respond and survive? Wouldn’t change much except where a loaded weapon might spend the day. This is an open carry state.

    What did you do to prep this week?
    I bought a few more arrows and found an online site to buy new bow strings and more arrows.
    At Savers I bought a nice used small water bath canner. Perfect for small batches. It was $5.99. I also bought a like new Foley mill packed with a few spoons and a whisk, 4 books by favorite authors, and a mediun weight blanket for our queen size bed. I took advantage of a 20% discount on it all.

  5. Bear, is certainly a cutie.
    Question 1. I had a Boarder Collie, they are very smart dog’s, good companions, but they need to be working all the time, or they will get into trouble. Our dog, came by people dumping them off at various home’s, I now wished my parents would have rehome him, he turned into biting people, because he had been abused and no amount of loving him training him changed his mind so he had to go to the humane society, this was long before rescuers groups were around since 1988, I’ve stuck with cat’s.

    Question 2. Prepping Strong points being able to can, and now pressure canning. Being able to work with various herbs.

    Question 3. If the country go coo coo, after the Election, just stay close to home and protect it and hopefully our neighbors, will help too if need be. We are getting 3 new neighbors, so I won’t have time to get to know them when the rainy weather sets in we stay in.

    Since summer, is late this year we are finally getting our outdoor project going. I started painting the house, the back of the house is the worst being weathered so badly. This week we are working a bit on our other property, so next week I’ll really jump in and get painting, my daughter wants to help so hopefully it will go a little quicker. I Thompson water sealed our railing on our deck, and redid the playhouse roof with it too. I also spray painted, our railing on the front porch. I also bought some cement sealer, and a paint sample, hopefully we like the color, I want to get the front porch finished first and then get going on the house.

    We did a small Costco run, we got a 5 pack of 1 pound frozen hamburger, that was really good, and cheaper it was $15.99 instead of $30.00 for the fresh ready to go and it cooked up nice its 85/15 so no worse than the fresh and $15.00 cheaper. Got some butter, and creamer, 2 gallons of milk, a flat of water, for hubby’s s work van.

    Had my birthday, this week I can’t believe we are into September, where did August go.?? The weather is cooperating so I hope we will have a nice fall into October, would be great. I’ve been thrift shopping for canning jars, so far I’ve been able to buy 10 in the last two weeks, to keep me going along I believe my canning day’s will be drying up soon. I may and can a case of peaches, Elberta, should be coming into our Country farm store soon. I may do apple pie filling tooI have enough Quart jars, to do peaches, and pie filling it’s the pint jars that are getting harder to find.

    Our neighbors Hops, are ready to pick since they are never here at hop season, I pick a couple of Quart full the rest go to waste, and I’ve asked friends if they want them for tinctures, or to make dream pillows, out of them of course its great when you give it to them but they don’t want to make it themselves. It’s sad to see the hops get wasted I can only take so much but they are a beautiful vine I trim and take care of it on my side.

    Well, everyone have a blessed Labor day, take care.

  6. Do you keep dogs to work or protect your livestock and your home? If so, what breeds, and why? No dogs.

    What do you see as your prepping strong points at this moment in time? Location, food storage, and self defense items.

    If the country goes pear shaped after the election – riots, etc. how are you prepared to respond and survive? I will stay away from any trouble spots.

    What did you do to prep this week? Added to my food preps. The DW arranged all the food stores so we can see exactly what we have and pulled out a box of items that are about out of date so we can eat them soon.

  7. This Week’s Questions:

    1. Do you keep dogs to work or protect your livestock and your home? If so, what breeds, and why? Our dogs our our kids. They alert when we have visitors, and watch out for us on the road and camping.

    2. What do you see as your prepping strong points at this moment in time? We are stocked up on just about everything I can think of, but resupply is going to be an issue where we live. We need to move.

    3. If the country goes pear shaped after the election – riots, etc. how are you prepared to respond and survive? They need to keep their bad selves away from me and mine. I can avoid what I can and put rounds on target when I can’t.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well…

    Road trip on Saturday. The van will go 400 road miles, at 65 mph, on a load of fuel, easy. Good to know info.

    Dehydrated/freeze dried foods that have been on back order for up to 8 weeks arrived this week.

    Made a Costco/WinCo run. Replaced the home office printer with an HP LaserJet 283cdw. It does everything we want a printer to do, and for under $300 a deal in our book. Now the b&w one has found a new home.

    Supply Run: pasta; ammo; CD’s; printer; storage tubs; canned chicken; fruit spread; instant rice; canned meals; canned turkey; footlocker; wm canning jars; canned fruit; ATV covers; storage crates; plastic storage “footlockers”.

    Received: VKP250 Sauce makes/food strainer; LDS dehy carrots; AF scam. eggs; AF tomato powder;

  8. Requesting prayers for DS in-laws Father who recently passed. Sad he didn’t get to meet his soon to be first grandson.

    Puppy has been on edge lately, something in the air……..

    Shot the G22 again. Practiced triple tap. I put 2 in the chest and 1 right between the eyes….LOL ? I’m ready!!!
    Shot a fully automatic MP5 very fun. ?
    Bought 40 rnds of 7.62 x 39 frangible ammo.
    Added more force multipliers to the fence.

    Bought more lifeboat food. Great to have in your vehicle.
    Bought 20 lbs of rice
    Bought 10 lbs of pasta
    Bought more meat.

    Freeze dryer
    2 trays of chilli, 2 trays of mashed potatoes,2 trays of milk (1/2 gallon) and 2 trays of strawberries.
    Filtered 2 quarts of vacuum pump oil.

    4 qts of pickles
    6 pints of peppers

    Heavy workouts including heavy bag and speed bag. Lost 5 more lbs.
    2 miles a day on the treadmill.
    2 mile walk with puppy wearing plate carrier.

    Yard work
    Cut grass and hedges

    Bought 5 new work pants
    Bought 3 new work shirts
    Bought 1 pair of tactical pants
    Bought 2 tactical shirts

    Got a haircut

    Thor’s questions

    1. If antifa.com takes you to Joe Biden’s website, do you think Democrats are tied to the riots?

    2. Have you heard of Bill Gates vaccinations in Africa on little black children causing polio?

    3. Have you heard of blue cities stacking food to the rafters in Warehouses?

    4. Is food being intentionally destroyed?

    • Tara’s questions

      1. Do you keep dogs to work or protect your livestock and your home? If so, what breeds, and why?
      Yes, GSD, intelligent, trainability, fearless and loyalty.
      2. What do you see as your prepping strong points at this moment in time?
      Food and water, security, medical and skills
      3.If the country goes pear shaped after the election – riots, etc. how are you prepared to respond and survive? Lethal and non-lethal force. What ever it takes to protect me and mine…..

    • Thor’s questions

      1. If antifa.com takes you to Joe Biden’s website, do you think Democrats are tied to the riots?
      It isn’t difficult to cause a website to direct you to another. So, Antifa could do this without Biden’s Campaign knowing (at least until someone told them). However, in this case, I think Biden’s Campaign knows, doesn’t care, and is likely complicit in the link being on the Antifa’s site. I’m sure the demoncrats are connected. However, there are some Demoncrat controlled cities that are not putting up with the crap like in Portland, Kenosha, Minneapolis, etc. Orlando and (oddly) Detroit are a couple.

      2. Have you heard of Bill Gates vaccinations in Africa on little black children causing polio?

      No, I have not.

      3. Have you heard of blue cities stacking food to the rafters in Warehouses?

      No, I have not. I don’t think those cities would be that concerned about the hoi polloi. Perhaps they would store some food for a minor disaster so they could claim preparedness, but for long term survival, no. Except for the elites, but in that case the food would be hidden better.

      4. Is food being intentionally destroyed?

      I have heard rumors that this is the case. No proof, just scuttlebutt.

    • Thor’s questions

      1. If antifa.com takes you to Joe Biden’s website, do you think Democrats are tied to the riots? I already have all the proof I need.

      2. Have you heard of Bill Gates vaccinations in Africa on little black children causing polio? No.

      3. Have you heard of blue cities stacking food to the rafters in Warehouses? I have heard of some recent reports. The COG has been stockpiling food, ammo, and materials for years. Why would I be surprised that States are now doing this?

      4. Is food being intentionally destroyed? It at least seems so. It seems to be a knee-jerk reaction, as they had no plan for the backlog of food, now that they shut down the outlets. I did hear of many a “work-around” where meats, dairy, and produce went directly to the consumer (the farmer actually made the money instead of the middle men).

    • Thor 1 please take this as light teasing but may I suggest you watch John Wayne’s Hellfighters. Particularly the last oil well fire they put out. John Wayne reminded the men that when the practise runs were perfectly synced every time not just once they would be ready to put out the 3 fires at the same time.

      • SQ, practice makes perfect. It’s called muscle memory. When you can catch an arrow let me know … While I loved John Wayne movies in my youth, I am more of a John Wick.

          • SQ,

            John Wick is a character played by Keanu Reeves in (so far) three John Wick movies. He plays a professional assassin who retired then was dragged back into the business. Lots and lots of killing.

            Keanu Reeves really works out prepping for these movies as there is a lot of gun work and he actually reloads his weapons and doesn’t use a million round magazine. He is a skilled gun aficionado and got into martial arts heavy starting with the Matrix trilogy.

          • Zulu 3-6 I’ll have to see if I can find one of the movies on DVD. I can’t remember the last time I was in a theater even before the quarantine.

          • SQ,

            Yeah, the John Wick movies are out on DVD. They show them on cable movie channels too. John Wick makes Neo look like a punk in a fight.

    • Thor1 yes to all, every state is stacking food to rafters.. so they can control who gets to eat once the stores shut down. say they are going to pass thru food banks. is not just the blue ones…

  9. Thor 1
    I will start with your questions first then reply to Tara’s.

    1)You linked the two together, the answer would be a simple–yes. Do I believe they are working in conjunction with each other-yes. Money is being funneled into those groups which plan on destroying America, one way or another.
    2)Gates Foundation: There are news paper articles I read some while back on this subject. Believe used them as test subjects, only time will tell how extensive the damage was done to their DNA sequencing. This is what one gets when their families are tied to the G. S o r o s . Gates dad worked for him and their children are close…leave the rest up to you to figure out.
    3) Seattle, I believe was the city shown in the news paper article “The Seattle Times”. The FEMA director said it was for the ‘food pantries’. Right!!! snarky
    4)YES—Control the water, you control the people. Control the food, you control the people. Per Henry Kissinger. Other comments regarding him shall be left in my mind.

  10. (1) I have 2 livestock guardians, a Great Pyrenees and an Anatolian Shepherd. They work the night shift around here, protecting goats and chickens.
    (2) My strong suit is my ability to grow and preserve food. With over a decade of learning homesteading skills and gathering manual gadgets, I feel that I can keep us in good groceries for a long time.
    (3) Our location is better than most for hunkering down if things get hairy after the election. Plenty of food, water, ammo. Our place is surrounded by canals—you can only drive onto our land through 1 gate; entering on foot would require getting quite wet. Nearest neighbor is 50 acres to our east. No one to the north, west, or south. Dead end dirt road. We’ll be good.
    (4) Preps this week include garden prep for fall planting, which will take place in 2 weeks. One seed order is on its way. No canning this week—and I’m happy for the break! My new rooster finally started crowing and his voice was SO hideous that I named him, “Jake, Jake from State Farm!” LOL That’s it for me this week.

  11. Tara’s questions:
    1) Dogs- We have one rescued from the pound. Rottweiler, spoiled baby! She is really smart and loves to go with me when walking the property or in the pickup truck setting in the passengers seat until I get out then she thinks it is her turn to drive. When time comes will find another dog an rescue it from the pound.
    We have had different breeds of dogs, mostly Heinz 57 variety packs. Not a one of them was a livestock dog but good watch dogs.
    2) Prepping-Hoping that what I have put away will suffice us for sometime. Finally the sibling has discovered life as she grew up with is no longer a given.
    3)If it goes sideways, hoping that what we have put away will take care of the rodent infestation. Unfortunately they outlawed Chlordane years ago.

    4)Received my back vacuum sealer, replacement phone for the Ooma unit(computer phone), found movies for dh to watch since he is homebound. TV can be rather boring when one sees the same shows every few weeks. Since he can not go outside do to all the smoke in the air(hard to breathe), find little things to make life a little more enjoyable.
    Cleaning up the outside grounds, raking all the debris from weed eating. It has been a few years since a major dead plant removal had been done. It is amazing how much is on the ground around ones home until you start cleaning it up and shipping it off to the land. We have barely removed quarter of an acre, and made two trips to the dump. Normally would put it in a round fenced area to break down but fire danger is higher this year so it is goes off site. It looks better around here with that material gone, who would have known, or maybe it is just in the eye of the beholder..me.

  12. Tara, Bear is SO cute. Good addition. Hey, what are your thoughts re DeWine signing for FEMA quarantines?

    1. Do you keep dogs to work or protect your livestock and your home? If so, what breeds, and why?
    No pets here.

    2. What do you see as your prepping strong points at this moment in time?
    Food, supplies, defense.

    3. If the country goes pear shaped after the election – riots, etc. how are you prepared to respond and survive?
    Hunker down until the idiots wander down our road wreaking havoc. Then it’s defense. Now perhaps others can understand why I requested comments re vests of the resistant variety.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    Picking off what little is left of the garden. Can’t do fall planting due to almost total lack of sun where I need it. Property not conducive to much gardening.
    Tomorrow will be another shopping day to hit some sales. Maybe one of those 4-pint hot water bath pots that I can use next year for berries; don’t have any cukes to make pickles.

  13. Thor’s questions

    1. If antifa.com takes you to Joe Biden’s website, do you think Democrats are tied to the riots? DNC sure doesn’t seen to be upset by it. Dems are doing nothing to discourage riots.

    2. Have you heard of Bill Gates vaccinations in Africa on little black children causing polio? Yes. Nothing new with Gates and friends (incl Fauci) running bad experiments in Africa.

    3. Have you heard of blue cities stacking food to the rafters in Warehouses? Yes, mostly to do with WA state. Food going in, but nothing coming out.

    4. Is food being intentionally destroyed? Probably, but after certain state gov’t stashes are full up. Food prices up way too high for any other reasons. Who controls the food, controls the people. There’s a certain political party that certainly seems to want everybody below controlled elite to be on their plantation.

      • Thor, no doubt in my mind. I’m south NJ. Canned peaches and pears are really obvious, and fresh are in real short supply, too. Not many orchards left in this area. Canned veggies (esp potatoes and green beans) disappear real fast, and not too many there to begin with.

        While I’m thinking of it, has anyone else noticed over the last few years that germination rate of OP seed from previous year is way down? Bad enough that OP seeds disappearing from many catalogs.

        • Ive noticed it, and have been saving my own seeds now for several years. Since you are in South Jersey, you can relate to this I think. My nephew, his wife and kids live in Millville. The rest of his family(mother, siblings, etc) live in Newport. Ive been helping them see benefits of leaving there and come down our way, but they dont want to leave the rest of the family. Theyve stayed here, theyve toured Nashville, and know that its a LOT cheaper living here than where they are. I hope if they do decide to become pioneers for their family,(thats how I presented it) that they dont wait too long.

          • Babycatcher, what a very small world. We maybe need to have a chat somewhere. NJ getting worse as it is, and I’ve gone blue in the face to talk the DP into getting the heck out of here. I had suggested White or Putnam counties in TN.

          • Mari
            Now there you go trying to send people to the wrong part of Tennessee. Lewis and Perry counties are so much better.?

  14. Hello Pack,
    Have not posted in several weeks. been packing and stacking.
    Purchases made and each one secured..using various means. Found a few holes.. and filled them . Rotated and took stock of certain grouped items.
    Ever notice how much baking soda you use? and how many things used for.. ditto vinegar, bleach,corn starch./go down the list!.. the item we found lacking in size needed( was not out- just wrong size- we added more of that item/size.
    Put out word to family members and as a result have another “lot” of canning jars coming my way. We have acquired several buckets(food grade)
    Rotated out small container water supply ….emptied out the water catchment and refilled.
    Have bred rabbits and expect kits in a couple weeks.Did a trial feed of fresh Kudzu vines to the rabbits. they love the stuff. so will be attempting to get some prepared for winter mineral supplement.
    acquired the fencing for doing a chicken run. Some needed tools and supplies were purchased from one of the tool company stores. Minimized the stores entered in this month.
    planned new hen house for white chickens.. out of 11 chicks we hatched here… from Americana and Columbian Wyandot roo..only one has enough coloring on (it) to identify as a Americana. The New American roo ,and two hens will be going to the main coop soon.. Those roos started out with weak crows a s well. but a little practice is helping them…will leave 4 hens and 2 production blues- in the chicken tractor… DH worked on getting truck up.. electrical issue. not yet…

    • Tara’s questions… and my comments.., Your bear looks like a cute pup, and sounds like he is especially smart too. We got a Rotty mix one time, he was a smart older dog…had him for about 3 years and he went back to his orig. owner. He wanted him and they loved each other- I kinda stepped in as an Aunt… we have an ancient Jack Russell. who will bite your ankles, but won’t hurt you unless you give him a bath. and a Border collie/Blue heeler mix. He is about 2 and finally getting to be trainable… They alert us to critters, are not animal protectors yet… They do give protection by marking territory..They were both rescues….#2. Our strong points. ability to make do, and adjust to “curve balls” #3If world goes upside down, we will self isolate..and protect ourselves and animals . Have a couple of neighbors that will do in a pinch…#4 preps above.

  15. I only glanced through the comments. I will read them tomorrow. My dh and I have been preparing for the wedding shower. I am hosting the event and serving a massive antipasti platter. My daughter’s aunt is bringing the wine. We are still two weeks away. But I have everything except the deli meat, veggies and fruit. We are kicking the men out for 2-3 hours. My dh was clueless in terms of what to do with future son-in-law. I rolled my eyes and had him take me to Outback for steak dinner. (We do this only once a month.) Then I had him take me to World of Beer. Our future son-in-law is a beer aficionado. My dh loves having a plan.

    With the wedding coming up we really haven’t done any out-of-the-ordinary preps. We continue to stock food and medical supplies.

    That’s it for me. Prayers out for the pack.

  16. People I do not say this lightly but, this is not going to be a civil war of right verses left but more as good against evil.
    Get into the best physical shape you can get in.

    Why did Democratic run cities start releasing inmates from prisons?
    Answer….They gained protestors (soldiers), they saved money(they are already bankrupt), they gained voters (most states have an allowance for felons and other criminals to vote if they are pardoned or have finished their sentences) All in the name of Kung Flu.

    The Democrats already know they can’t legitimately win the election so they are creating chaos. Biden asked for Chinese help being his ties to that country. Amazing after Kung Flu was released by them.

    We have groups such as Antifa and BLM running around burning American flags and chanting “Death to America”
    We have a food shortage coming.
    We have a plan-dem-ic.
    We have an economic crash coming.
    We have a homeless problem. (So let’s release the criminals ” sarcasm”)
    We have a war problem that is a button push away.

    This will not end well if WE let it.

    Get in shape and pray to GOD.

    End of rant.

    • One thing that triggered this rant was a woman who worked in a grocery store after she saw my amount of food being purchased and said to the cashier, is he one of the crazy ones? The cashier said oh no he is not one of the crazy ones. Did the woman mean preppers? So I asked her if she thought a civil war was coming after the election. She said if Trump wins. I said I think it will happen either way. We cannot have our rights stripped from us or we will end up looking like Venezuela and eating dogs,cats and rats or Australia, who arrested a pregnant woman in front of her kids for organizing a protest on social media and an old woman beaten for not wearing a mask. As usual, progressive Communists don’t like FACTS and she walked away.

    • Are we heading into a civil war? I think so. Actually I think it has started . This will not be a war of massive armies moving up and down the land . It will look more like ” The Troubles” of Ireland or Serbia .

    • Thor, oh yeah, major trouble coming. Did you see the article re 9/1 test of 5G in Mexico, which included info re N Korean satellite that passes over center of US 2x a day?

  17. We(Joe c/AA/&myself) have noticed that ‘SAGE’ has not posted in the last couple of weeks. Joe c sent me an email asking if I had had contact with her. I have no contact information on her.

    My question to all of you that read & post here, have any of you seen a recent posting or been in contact with her lately. It is odd for her not to post weekly stating what all she had done.


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