What I Did to Prep This Week

What I Did To Prep This Week: September 6th 2020 – September 12th 2020

man wearing leather work gloves

Hello Pack. We have been making the most of the late summer cooler weather, and getting a lot of fence mending, firewood splitting, and other typical homesteading chores accomplished this week.

We had to make our annual multiple pairs of work gloves purchase at Tractor Supply early this year. Either the gloves are less hardy than they used to be, or we worked extra hard prepping this year, and each went through our typical four pairs of leather work gloves.

I hope you all live far away from all of the rioting going on in the cities across America. I was not shocked to hear on the news this morning that it is impossible to rent a Uhaul in New York City because so many folks are now finally grasping it is not a safe or viable place to call home.

The riots will surely continue on at least through the presidential election. It will be a Katie bar the door moment after President Trump wins re-election, that’s when the already out of control looting and violence – and threats of violence will truly amp out beyond anything we have ever before experienced in the United States.

I had personal protection and self-defense on my mind a lot this week – plenty of time to think when doing manual labor – survival homesteading fall chores in preparation for the cold months ahead.

Earlier this week, my beloved attended a counter protest to stand up the far-left loons who are terrorizing our great nation. I thought of self-defense then when Bobby was nearly an hour from our homestead, and again when I went to renew my CCW permit at our local sheriff’s office.

In our region, more and more people are engaging in open carry instead of concealed carry, even if they have a CCW. The gun range in our region is doing over the top business, especially with women and in their advanced tactical training courses.

Both got me to pondering about concealed carry insurance. I had never really thought such a thing was needed since the law would be on our side when defending either ourselves or our home.

But, after Mark and Patricia McCloskey found themselves and not the rioters threatening them in St. Louis in trouble with the law, I decided such insurance was worth a second look.

From my time spent researching it appears USCAA and the CCW offer the most comprehensive type of concealed carry insurance.

Both of the legal help for gun owners associations have comparable monthly fees, and allow members to pick their own attorneys, but there are also some significant differences between the two groups.

This Week’s Questions

  1. Do you have CCW insurance, or think it might be a good idea to get a plan in our current environment?
  2. If you do not have a CCW, is getting one something you are considering and why?
  3. What major fall chores have you completed or are tackling at the moment?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?
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76 thoughts on “What I Did To Prep This Week: September 6th 2020 – September 12th 2020

    1. Puppy came in from outside with the Mrs a saw I was awake in my recliner chair. He laid his head on my chest and hugged me over and over again. Nice that he left me sleep after dinner watching the news.

      Put a new stock on the SKS, it’s adjustable and has a saw pistol grip. I had to do a little tweaking on the gas cylinder for a perfect fit using a Jewelers file.

      Took to SKS to the range to test functionality. Flawless.

      Scored 2 25 round boxes of 00 buckshot (expensive more than a buck around no pun intended)😎

      They had no 22lr, 9mm,.40 Cal, .45, .556/.223, .300 wm.

      More force multipliers on the fence.

      Bought 20 lbs of rice
      Bought 10 lbs of pasta
      Bought more meat

      Freeze dryer
      Freeze dried 2 trays of green beans, 2 trays of mashed potatoes, 2 trays of hamburger and 2 trays of milk.
      Filtered 2 qts of vacuum pump oil.

      Cleaned out the main garden
      Making more compost
      The peppers are still coming in good and one ghost pepper is starting to turn orange/red.
      The fresh lettuce and cilantro is doing great.
      Planted more seasonings and spices indoors. I love the smell of fresh basil and cilantro.

      Dehydrated some cayenne pepper.

      Thor’s questions

      1. What is up with banning all international seeds in your opinion?

      2. What are ammo prices in your area and what is unattainable?

      3. Could “Hiden Biden” run a paper route?

      4. What do you think the election results will be?

      5. Do you think you may have to kill protestors in your yard after the November election?

      6. How many fire extinguishers do you own?

      1. Tara’s questions

        1.Do you have CCW insurance, or think it might be a good idea to get a plan in our current environment?
        I have a prepaid legal service.

        2.If you do not have a CCW, is getting one something you are considering and why?
        Have one for self-defense and the defense of my loved ones including puppy.😎

        3.What major fall chores have you completed or are tackling at the moment?
        Cleaning the main garden and making compost.

      2. Thor’s questions

        1. What is up with banning all international seeds in your opinion?

        I have no idea. I don’t buy seeds and so I don’t pay attention.

        2. What are ammo prices in your area and what is unattainable?

        I don’t buy ammo locally, I get it online. However, I have looked at local dealers and they are short on all common calibers.

        3. Could “Hiden Biden” run a paper route?

        Never could in my opinion and is even less likely capable these days.

        4. What do you think the election results will be?

        I think Trump will win. The Dems and their commie friends will go ballistic.

        5. Do you think you may have to kill protestors in your yard after the November election?

        I don’t think so, but in the famous words of an old sheriff’s deputy friend, “Y’never know.”

        6. How many fire extinguishers do you own?

        Four. One Kidde 5lb dry chemical, three Tundra 14oz dry chemical.

      3. Thor’s questions

        1. What is up with banning all international seeds in your opinion?

        2. What are ammo prices in your area and what is unattainable? Gun show price for 9mm: $.50/rnd. 223/5.56: $1. If you can catch it at the store: 9mm $.34/rnd, 223 $.43.

        3. Could “Hiden Biden” run a paper route? I don’t think he can run, period.

        4. What do you think the election results will be? Trump, then close, then ???

        5. Do you think you may have to kill protestors in your yard after the November election? Nope.

        6. How many fire extinguishers do you own? 3 – front, back, kitchen.

      4. Thor’s questions

        1. What is up with banning all international seeds in your opinion? Ans: control

        2. What are ammo prices in your area and what is unattainable? Ans: my last 410 ga shells were 5 in a box $8. 45cal 50 in box $34 Evertything getting hard to find.

        3. Could “Hiden Biden” run a paper route? Ans: no.

        4. What do you think the election results will be? Ans: praying for Trump. Knowing if he gets it more He’ll will break loose.

        5. Do you think you may have to kill protestors in your yard after the November election? Ans:
        Not too likely. I live an hour away from the city with a Demwit mayor and 20 minutes from a small town with a mayor that defies our Demwit governor.
        Shooting folks on my land isn’t likely unless they steal, destroy or come after us. Then it depends on what i gave in my hand that day. I open carry often. Mostly for rattle snakes or I have the long bow if I’ve been practicing. I have both target arrows and hunting arrows in the quiver. Less often I have a smaller 50lb crossbow and some bolts. I practice with it on object around the property. Somedays I carry a machette when I’m working on the big used lumber pile. Rattlers love it.
        6. How many fire extinguishers do you own? Ans: just one at present.

      5. Thor’s questions:
        Well, my state governor thought it wise to shut down ALL gardening supplies, including seed purchases, with the Vid shutdown, while remaining store purchases were allowed.
        What’s that tell ya?

        Haven’t been desperate to be searching/looking at ammo.
        Nuff said.

        Biden can’t run an election, without his support making excuses for his incompetence.

        As what the alternative sites claim. It will look like a win for Trump. The mail in ballots will be falsified by the demicraps, for a Biden win. Which we all know will be BS.

        My plan is not to kill anyone…
        But if the time comes…..Lord have Mercy on the wrong doer.

        Whew….lots of questions….
        I have at least three in the house. Kitchen, basement doorway, up stairs.
        One in each horse trailer.
        One in the barn.
        One on the old Ford tractor, that has self ignited a few times.
        Fun times

      6. Thor’s questions

        1. What is up with banning all international seeds in your opinion?
        Probably planned starvation.
        2. What are ammo prices in your area and what is unattainable?
        I have no idea, hubby keeps up with that. 😉
        3. Could “Hiden Biden” run a paper route?
        He’s doing good just to run to the bathroom in time, so i have read! Its the reason he cut out from answering questions after announcing KH as running mate. This was from a post by one of the former staff members(who had ultimately left when he saw how decrepit Joe really was.
        4. What do you think the election results will be?
        Incumbent winning, losing side having a cow and being a poor loser.
        5.Do you think you may have to kill protestors in your yard after the November election? No.

        6.How many fire extinguishers do you own? At least 7.

  1. Do you have CCW insurance, or think it might be a good idea to get a plan in our current environment?

    I despise paying insurance premiums. I don’t plan on getting any now.
    If you do not have a CCW, is getting one something you are considering and why?

    I have my CC permit.
    What major fall chores have you completed or are tackling at the moment?

    I’m getting the garden ready for fall planting, hauling hay for the goats, getting the goats bred, and (if you consider it fall prep) I have all birthday presents bought for the grandkids.
    What did you do to prep this week?

    What a week! Stepdad (who raised me) went to the ER. He’s now in a nursing home. It’s been a stressful week.

    This week:
    -I’m taking the does to be bred next week.

    -Garden plowed, but nothing else done because of family responsibilities.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: nuts, lots of canned fruit and tomato sauce, granola bars, TP, paper towels, condiments, salt, chicken stock, paper, mechanical pencils,

    -Lots of organizing of my stockpiles.

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    1. Prepared Grammy ,

      Your not kidding, the perfect storm is heading our way. Depression, homeless, pandemic,food shortages, riots, election, wars and rumors of wars, pole shift, solar minimum, ice age, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, locusts and Democrats…..😎

    2. I am sorry to hear your stepdad had to go into a nursing home. As hard as it is on our heart strings, sometimes we don’t have too much of a choice. Especially when we know we can’t provide the amount of care needed for our loved one. Thinking of you and prayers to you.

      1. Thank you for the prayers. I need them. Everything has been my mom’s decision since she is listed first on his medical POA. It’s been awful. He needs far more physical and medical care than any of us can give him at home. (One of my sisters wants him to move in to my house and have me take care of him since I’m retired. Because of my knee injury and back problems, I can’t do it.) And one of the worst things is that because of COVID, we can only visit with him through the window. He can’t hear well, so this will only frustrate him further.

        1. Prayers for you. But know that you are doing the best you can for him in this situation. Not everyone is capable/physically able to take care of a loved one at home. Hugs to you!

        2. Hugs and prayers for you and your family regarding your step-dad. It’s never easy with older family. All you can do is your best.

  2. I did my grocery shopping twice this week and added to my food stash.

    Visited with #2 granddaughter on Wednesday along with the Ex. The little stinker slept the whole time we were there, three hours. She’s gained a pound since birth, two weeks now. Pretty good gain. I delivered some children’s books that #1 GD helped me choose. #1 GD can’t wait to meet her new cousin.

    Temperatures have gone down slightly this week. Low 90s, high 80s. Getting some rain too, which we needed. The Orlando area is not in any danger from tropical systems right now. Southern Florida and the Keys are getting a tropical depression or possibly a trop storm this weekend. Orlando may get some rain from the northern edge of that depression. All the hurricanes are making northward turns while still in the mid-Atlantic. Fine by me.

    Bought some more PM for the Ex and I. Took delivery of the PM we bought for the granddaughters.

    I see the scum of the earth are still at it in Portland and other communist enclaves. The feds are starting to crack down on them. Not hard enough in my opinion. I think Trump is waiting until the election is over and if these communists are still rioting, (which they will be if he wins) he will invoke the Insurrection Act. This will allow him to use active duty Army (and Marine) troops if he feels the need, but it also allows the federal government to use their own law enforcement officers and every idiot they arrest can be charged under federal law. Note that using troops under the Insurrection Act is not martial law. The soldiers and Marines will work under the direction of local and/or federal LE officers and anyone they arrest will go though a civilian court system. But a bunch of Blantifa rioters would not enjoy a battalion of Marine infantry coming down on them in riot control mode. I, on the other hand, would enjoy watching that very much. I did once in a unit of Marines marching down on a bunch of protestors blocking the Main Gate at Camp Pendleton, CA. It was funny to watch them run like scared rabbits when they realized we weren’t stopping.

    Did you guys see the video of the Antifa idiot who was playing with Molotov cocktails and set his feet on fire? There has to be at least a dozen YouTube videos out there with his dancing and prancing set to various songs. “Cotton Eye Joe,” Billy Joel’s “We didn’t start the fire,” “Walking on sunshine,” and others. Funny as hell.

    This Week’s Questions

    1. Do you have CCW insurance, or think it might be a good idea to get a plan in our current environment?

    Yes, I do have CCW insurance. USCCA. Can’t hurt. Lawyers are expensive.

    2. If you do not have a CCW, is getting one something you are considering and why?

    I’ve carried CCW since at least 1978 when I first became a civilian police officer.

    3. What major fall chores have you completed or are tackling at the moment?

    Being an apartment dweller, I don’t have a lot of fall chores.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above

    1. Z36,

      I would pay money to watch the ” peaceful protestors” run from Marines…. 🤣

      I though of Elvis blue suede shoes or Jim Morrison come on baby light my fire….shoes 😃

      1. Thor1,

        It was great at Pendleton. We were all formed up in perfect ranks. The incident commander announced the protest had been declared a riot. He said, “The Marines have their orders and they will not stop. Forward, MARCH.” We marched at them in perfect step and perfect ranks. It was beautiful. It is really tough to stand against that kind of discipline and they couldn’t. We walked all over the ones who couldn’t get away fast enough.

    2. Pentagon seems to want to refuse troops hitting the streets, which I could understand if it were just protesters. This could get interesting with extremely violent Marxists and Maoists at play. Globalist infiltration didn’t hit just the gov’t, methinks it hit the military too under BO. How far will this cultural revolution crap go b4 citizens have had enough.

      1. Mari,

        I can understand the Pentagon being reluctant to deploy troops for truly peaceful protestors. In fact, there would be no legal basis to do so. However, if things get really violent, the President can invoke the Insurrection Act and order deployment of active duty troops to assist law enforcement (not replace, but assist). Any general officer who doesn;t want to obey a deployment order under the Insurrection Act will likely find him/herself fired if Trump is president. They can’t claim it’s an unlawful order when it stems directly from a federal statute.

        Of course, I’m sure Trump would require a large activation of National Guard troops within the affected states before federal troops are sent.

        The base my old Air Guard unit is stationed just had a major exercise this past weekend. They said it was primarily a nuclear, biological, chemical exercise, but that was not entirely accurate. It was primarily a security exercise with a view toward defending the base in the event of riots, antifa attacks, etc. Not so coincidentally, the base was also hosting many of the Air Force’s demonstration teams (T-Birds, F-16 demo, A-10 demo, F-35 and F-22 demo). They were all flying at the London, Ontario Air Show and staging out of my old base. It was a handy excuse to bring in all the security forces and give them a work out.

        1. Zulu, could get nastier in DC. We shall see what we shall see. Lots of years of indoctrination; I saw it back in HS in ’69. I do like your comment re marching; it actually came out of my mouth here on the home front awhile ago. Many troops have promised not to fire on Americans; and arms not always necessary. Howsomever, the anarchists might go full-on nuts when Trump wins.

          Ooooh, air show! Two jobs ago, I was honored to hostess the Blue Angels. Loved watching the practice runs of all the participants right out my office window over the field every year. Snow Birds are great, too, as are the Thunderbirds (I like better than the Angels). I’m partial to the F4U Corsair, which we actually had at one of the last shows.

          1. Mari,

            I’ve worked a lot of airshows as a security policeman and been to some others as a spectator. Seen the T-Birds a lot. However, I am a bit partial to the Blue Angels as I think they fly tighter formations than the T-Birds. I’ve had the chance to see all kinds of old and famous aircraft and have met some old and famous pilots.

            I know most military will not fire on unarmed citizens (some might, there is always that 10%). I would not have. But if they are armed and threatening those troops, they will be in danger of being shot. When we did the big protest at Camp Pendleton, we were armed with riot batons. Those of us who were military police, were also armed with our .45 pistols. The infantry troops backing us up only had riot batons except for their officers and Staff NCOs who also had pistols. Some MP Staff NCOs had shotguns. No protesters were shot, some got clubbed, some got walked over, and some got arrested.

            Military troops deployed under the Insurrection Act may be required to shoot American citizens under certain restricted circumstances. Most will do so, those who refuse a lawful order will be in trouble for disobeying orders.

            Most military people are very well aware of their oath of enlistment or commission. The oath requires us to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign AND domestic. There is nothing in there about supporting and defending Congress, the President, etc. Although there is a requirement to obey the lawful orders of those officers placed above us. The President is in the chain of command so he can give lawful orders. Congress is not.

            Most Marine veterans (and guys from my Air Guard unit) I know, including myself, do not feel our oath is void upon our discharge as there is no expiration date on the oath. I won’t go hunting for domestic enemies as I am a bit old and decrepit, but if any appear on my doorstep, say hello to Jesus.

  3. Good Morning from Douglasville,

    It’s a pleasant but a little bit rainy day today.

    We are heading out to a car show. I’m looking for a new hot rod. I had sights on 2 that I wanted to go look at but both have sold already.

    I am packing my .45 I have CCW and I don’t leave home without it. I could never forgive myself if I needed it and didn’t have it and someone threatened the love of my life.

    I don’t have special CCW insurance and I carry every where I can. I do not open carry. That is just a plain silly thing to do.

    We cleaned all the leaves and branches off the roof of the shop and it looks much better. Got more shelving in to the spare room and got more of the cans organized. Did a big inventory in the cellar and was suprised that I had gaps in the #10 cans of storage stuff where I thought we were better supplied. I’ll take care of that this week.

    Have a good week.
    Keep smiling, even if they can’t see it through the mask

  4. Good morning, its very smokey out we are getting all the smoke from Eastern Washington, today Saturday is the worst day yet. I started on the front of our house painting its actually going very well, but I have a feeling my days of painting will be numbered ( no pun intended) just because the paint can’t properly dry. Next week we’re supposed to have two partial days of rain and then warm up. I did pick my grapes 🍇 yesterday, they are so sweet im going to put them through the juicer and freeze it until I can get to them later in the fall. I did hit up my Salvation Army store they had 13 pint size jars, I was so 😊 happy this should do it for me on jars my friends, are giving me back my jars, they all realize they are hard to find. and I won’t share any more goodies with them until I get them back. I didn’t really do any shopping, I did get 6 Apple cider juice, so i can make my Apple pie moonshine. This past week has been to painting, and doing yard work, I’m getting ready for the rainy season. Going crabbing today, our friends can’t eat 10 crabs, so they give hubby 4 crabs, I have enough to pressure can him 3 pints. Hubby, needs to get in the first of next month and get his tooth fixed, and ill get couple more boxes of contacts for my daughter and hubby, I will get my son eye checked too. We have 7 weeks to get stuff put up and put away before the election keep on stacking up. Have a great weekend…

    1. Quick comment on foreign seeds – agree that it’s a control issue but also understand that some seeds can bring disease or invasive that we don’t need. I just have to think about kudzu to remember that.

      1. GA Red

        I read that it is part of an online marketing scheme. An online seller will use publicly available information to sign up hundreds of people and then place fake orders from them. A real product is sent and the recipient is under no obligation to send it back or pay anything for it. The seller then writes glowing reviews to himself to improve their Google search rating.

        1. That’s what I figured, too. Previously, the deal was only that int’l seeds had to go thru licensed vendor. So no tomato seeds from grandma in Italy.

    2. This Week’s Questions
      1. Do you have CCW insurance, or think it might be a good idea to get a plan in our current environment? Maybe – there’s supposed to be some sort of insurance included with a certain lifetime membership that the DH has.
      2. If you do not have a CCW, is getting one something you are considering and why? Have had one for several years now.
      3. What major fall chores have you completed or are tackling at the moment? Getting the Fall/winter garden started. Radishes, peas, potatoes and turnips germinated well. Carrots did nothing but the seeds were older, so I wasn’t expecting much but it would have been nice to have had at least one or two germinate.
      4. What did you do to prep this week? Still picking tomatoes, okra, peppers and eggplant. Made more tomato powder, dehydrated the okra and gifted a LOT of eggplant and peppers. Also started another batch of tomato sauce that is now in the freezer for later processing.

      Looked at a piece or property we were considering purchasing. Will reconsider it next spring if it is still available. There are good and bad things about it. While it has water, there are some rather marshy areas that would need work that we would not be able to do at this point. We are also reconsidering where we want to be.

      Added more canned potatoes to the rotation and received my GF pasta order.

      Thor’s questions
      1. What is up with banning all international seeds in your opinion? Control, but also (this is from a farmer standpoint) keeping diseases and invasive plant varieties out of the US. Kudzu was brought to the US intentionally as feed for cows but turned into a mess and the cows didn’t eat it.
      2. What are ammo prices in your area and what is unattainable? No idea but we talked to someone yesterday (Sunday) that was asking us the best place to buy ammo. We were only able to recommend some online places to check daily. Anything for a handgun is hard to find and local stores sell out almost as fast as they receive it.
      3. Could “Hiden Biden” run a paper route? LOL
      4. What do you think the election results will be? No idea but praying hard for the reelection of Trump. Based on the ultra-liberal/leftist yard signs in my area, you’d think he’s going to lose. On the other hand, outside of the cities, Trump would win hands down. Now we just need to get all the Trump supporters to actually vote.
      5. Do you think you may have to kill protestors in your yard after the November election? Only if they truly threaten me or mine.
      6. How many fire extinguishers do you own? Not enough.

  5. We have been doing a deep clean this week in preparation for daughter’s wedding shower I am hosting. My adopted sons are coming over Wednesday to clean up the yard and put down new pine straw. My dh had dental surgery; he has been in a lot of pain. He just doesn’t feel up to doing yard work. We are driving up to Jax to visit daughter and soon-to-be son in law. The topics are getting active. We haven’t had any serious storms since 2004 when we had two strong tropical storms come through within 10 days of each other. We lost electricity in both storms and lost everything in the refrigerator. We have a generator now. The funny thing is, is that we haven’t used it even once. Still, with two refrigerators and a full-sized freezer, I don’t want to chance loosing that much food.

    I have been reading about all the rioting. I felt zero sympathy when the idiot Antifa guy caught himself on fire. It serves the little shit right. I agree that if Trump wins in November there will be even more riots and that he will invoke the Insurrection Act. The riots will be brought under control quickly.

    This week’s questions:

    [1] Do you have CCW insurance, or think it might be a good idea to get a plan in our current environment?

    No. I didn’t even know there was such a thing.

    [2] If you do not have a CCW, is getting one something you are considering and why?

    I have completed the gun safety course and qualify for a CCW. But I haven’t gotten one yet.

    [3] What major fall chores have you completed or are tackling at the moment?

    We are doing a fall cleaning, both inside and outside.

    [4] What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

  6. 1. Do you have CCW insurance, or think it might be a good idea to get a plan in our current environment?
    Ans. I a letigious society it is probably wise to be covered.

    2. If you do not have a CCW, is getting one something you are considering and why?
    Ans. Social security income has o room in budgeting for anither monthly bill.

    3. What major fall chores have you completed or are tackling at the moment?
    4. Tackling… a fenced in backyard with new homes for the chickens, ducks, rabbits, and a greenhouse as part of the west side fence. Moving critters and greenhouse close enough for me to care for them. Cleaning up a big pile of wood and a pile of used corrugated metal roofing so spending as little as possible. I have a pile of greenhouse clear roofing panels from an 8’x20′ leanto greenhouse that were free for hauling them off. I have 5 sets of glass patio doors that will be reframed for side walls as needed and 5 exterior doors with thick glass that will part of be the south wall. The glass doors were used for my hot beds where I started the garden plants before I moved back. They let in lots of light and heat. There are 5 black metal 55 gallon drums to fill with water as a heat bank and other barrels for watering from with a pond pump and solar power. Also a small 12v heater that can be used in extreme weather. Most of it free or cheap.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    Ans. Settled on the plan for the critters. Added to canned goods. Picked up another free 10 drawer cabinet for the shop free from craigslist when i was in town anyway.

  7. This Week’s Questions

    1. Do you have CCW insurance, or think it might be a good idea to get a plan in our current environment? Not specifically. I have an additional umbrella policy.

    2. If you do not have a CCW, is getting one something you are considering and why? Had mine for about 20 years.

    3. What major fall chores have you completed or are tackling at the moment? Garage is next.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well…

    Started the winter prep for the camping trailer; water, antifreeze, removing “wet” foods, empty and air out the fridge.

    DW used her VKP250 for the 1st time. Preparing our (very) small tomato harvest for spaghetti sauce. We bought the one without the motor. It’s our first use of one, and we are only planning on small batches. If things change, we may get a second one, this one with the motor.

    Activated a free 3-month subscription to Sirius satellite radio, got the offer when I had my car serviced. I already have a portable unit, but since we “cut-the-cable” it stays in the house.

    Labor Day Weekend weather. We start on Saturday with a wild fire alert, Sunday was nice, Monday – well it was a Monday. DW and I went to breakfast at 0900 and it was cloudy and 57. AT 1000 it was 46 and raining (brought the last of the tomato plants onto the enclosed porch). At 1300 it was 37 and “snow-balling” (turned the porch heat on). The line at the camper “dump site” was around the block at 1300 and had been since 0830; guess people gave up on the weather. AT 1430, snow. Below freezing by morning.

    Stopped at the Thrift Store and found 2 working portable CD players for $1 each. No AC supplies but that’s not how they will get used; they work just fine with headphones and 2 AA batteries.

    DW made her first fried eggplant with her home-made marinara sauce for us and company. I could skip the eggplant, but the sauce was killer! Her 1st try with that too, and it was a resounding success!

    Stumbled across some .223 55 gr FMJ Thursday. I got them for about $.43/round. Not bad for these days. AT the gun show this weekend it’s selling for around $1/round.

    DW has a co-worker who bought 2 bags of flour. 40# instead of 20#. He offered so I sent a 2-gallon and a 3.5-gallon bucket for him to fill with flour.

    Safeway has a “Friday Sampler” here. On Friday they offer something for free so people can try it. This week it was a large box of Cinnamon Cheerios, reg. $4.95!

    Supply Run: canned meat; canned meals; storage crates and “footlockers”; canning jars: w-m quart canning jars; movies; CD players; creamy wheat; ammo

    Received: Spartan AR550 10×12 plates (upgrade from AR500); toner cartridges for new printer; “dress” hat for church (I usually wear a ball cap daily); vacuum sealer bags; AF FD peas; AF Tomato Powder

          1. I have a similar one, a food mill and an attachment for my kitchen aid. I’m still not sure which one I prefer except that the kitchen aid works without cooking the tomatoes first – the downfall is that it requires cleaning after about 2-3 pounds of tomatoes so you don’t end up with skins/seeds in your sauce. I have been freezing a lot of my tomatoes because I’ve already don’t at least two batches of sauce and I’m trying to wait for cooler weather to process more.

  8. (1) I’m not big on insurance…..so I’ve never looked into that.
    (2) I’ve had my CC permit long enough to have it renewed once so far. My little friend lives in my Gun Toting Mamas hand-tooled leather purse……heavy, but worth it.
    (3) Fall plans continue around here. Will be planting next weekend. Raise bed prepping MAY happen this evening if the rain lets up. My first compost bin is ready to be utilized, Yay!
    (4) Preps this week include restocking feed for farm animals; ordered 4 more pounds of yeast for bread making; washing and sorting my sweet potato crop now that they’ve set for a few weeks. I’ve had a few heart-to-heart talks with people I care about to stockpile 3 months worth of food as soon as possible. I’m currently stalking the latest alligator to invade our pond/canal system. Somebody crank up the deep fryer, okay? LOL I also received in my order of 20 pillow forms—my hope is to make 20 quilted pillow covers in various patterns and colors for a local nursing home that takes Medicaid residents. Needless to say, they run a shoestring operation, so any support is appreciated. I love those old folks! Blessings to all.

  9. We have had a 350 acre fire about 5 miles from us as the crow flies. It’s been interesting to see how people have reacted and the rumors that have flown. Very few people were evacuated and the fire is, at least 30% contained at last report. It was first reported as having been started by overhead wires but I believe they are going to be doing an investigation. The smoke has been bad but we have also been getting smoke from east of us. The county just to the east has been under a county wide “READY” order with several areas totally evacuated. Counties northeast and Southeast have had towns burned and people missing. Oregon is very dry but some rain is due next week and the weather has cooled down along the coast. A friend works at a pharmacy in an up state coastal town and posted that one of her patrons was picking up a prescription and got notification that his security system went into battery mode. He checked his camera and watched his house burn down. It can happen just that quick.

    For me I’m continuing to organize and store things. Stacking what I can. Helping friends out where I can. Discovered flashlights with dead batteries so will be checking the flashlights. Storing batteries in the flashlights can be problematic but not being able to grab a flashlight that works can also be problematic.

  10. Do you have CCW insurance, or think it might be a good idea to get a plan in our current environment? No CCW.

    If you do not have a CCW, is getting one something you are considering and why? Yes. I am too slow and bumbly to regularly carry but I want to be able to legally have a gun with me if things get unpleasant.

    What major fall chores have you completed or are tackling at the moment? None. Heat and humidity are keeping me inside.

    What did you do to prep this week? Added more to my food storage.

  11. For those of you who don’t know USCCA also covers you at home. If you have to defend you or others from a home invasion they pay the legal bills.
    I have never joined but I have friends with backhoes.

    1. Tara’s questions:
      Yes, we have a CCW insurance carrier.
      USLawshield based out of Texas. (Not a promoter, nor do I have any affiliation with this company. Just a member.)
      I signed us both up last year. The other half thought I was nutts, but….
      unfortunately, I believe it is a must for every g u n owner, that wishes to defend themselves. I hope I never have to use them.
      The laws, politics, media, and dumb minded all work against us.
      The name Kyle ring a bell??

      I’ve had my CCW for…? a decade plus, maybe two.
      As soon as my state allowed such a license, I applied. When I worked for the police/deputy reserves, I still wasn’t able to get one, as per strict state law. Not even to pass my own Sheriff, I worked for.
      My other half has had hers for serval years also.
      Fall preps:
      Still canning and freezing as I type.
      Fallen wood needs to be cut out of the fields and stacked on the deck. Need to put my arse in high gear within these coming months, as uncertainty of our future is sure to come.

    2. Down South, we use Well-Jail method, abandoned well, throw in culprits, couple rabid raccoons, bobcat or 2, vicious ex(wife or husband, your life, Your choice), and one crazy Democrat, let the party begin.

      Please view as twisted humor.

  12. Good afternoon everyone. Hope all are doing well and getting things in order for the change of seasons. Last weekend, I went camping for several days. It was hot and humid during the day, but the nights were cooler and it sure felt good to be able to throw some light cover over my shoulders. It was also nice to have a campfire each night. I love being outside in nature. State parks In my neck of the woods have been thriving during this Covid pandemic event. I have also heard that RV purchases are up as folks have decided they can bunker down in a camper just as easily as they do at home.

    Tara’s questions this week:
    1. Never heard of a CCW insurance carrier? Will check it out.
    2. I have had my CC permit for almost a decade. I don’t leave home without it, or my weapon. No need to carry my weapon for others to see. I have it, and that’s all that matters to me.
    3. Fall preparation is a little behind due to my move this year. Having to build more raised beds, construct new compost bin etc. etc. Working on it steady, but a little slow due to humidity.
    4. Stocking has been a bit slow this week. Hard to find many good food deals as everything is more expensive, but still able to add to stash pretty easily, so I’m moving forward! Locked and Loaded!
    Thor’s questions:
    1. Banning of International seeds. I agree with whom ever said ‘control’.
    2. Haven’t checked ammo prices lately (I am beyond well stocked for the moment). I do know that at my gun range, they have plenty of range ammo, but advertise quantities of regular ammo is low. Haven’t checked prices lately.
    3. Hiden Biden couldn’t run a ring around a toilet bowl!
    4. I am praying that he will get a second term! We must all go out and vote! I expect the protests, destruction and hatred for our police forces to continue to Election Day, and I also believe that this election will be different than any in history in that the winner will not be announced at the end of the night as there will be a big to do about mail-in ballots…and we thought chards were irritating enough. We must not let evil win!
    5. I am ashamed to say I do not have one fire extinisher in the house or car at the moment. I know! I know!

    Have a good week. I hope each of you took a moment to remember the 9/11 anniversary. God bless each of you this week.

    1. I camped close to home from Wednesday to Labor Day. I can’t tell you how much I needed it. And we had to cancel two camping trips (One because of COVID, the other because of harvesting corn from the garden.), so we’re taking a camping trip to Kansas and Colorado on Saturday. We’re planning to be gone a week or so. I look forward to it, but I’m ready to change plans because of Dad or situations in our country if needed.

  13. Hello everyone!!!!

    Sorry for being out of pocket for so long. Old Overwatch has been busy. First trying to get ready for the move to Tennessee then putting that on hold for a few months. Anyone who knows me can DM me on LinkedIn or text or email for further details.

    Here goes… I’m the chairman of the Republican Town Committee. I decided to start doing standouts to show support for the President and Backing the Blue. The first attracted twenty people. This past Sunday, we had 400!!! Our numbers are growing exponentially. The support is through the roof even here in all these crappy liberal states. I’m going to keep it up through the election. Afterward, I’ll try to get the family out of here or hunker down for the winter.

    I was thinking about CCW insurance. I’ve had the permit for thirty five years. Might as well. Heard NRA has it and I’m leaning towards USCCA. I never leave the house without packing heat.

    Prepping… more FD foods straight from Mountain House is arriving this week. Always buying extra groceries. Building my network through my political activity too. It’s good to have friends.
    Finally found a 4” Smith & Wesson Model 13 , .357 magnum. Wanted one for years. It’s a little rough looking but it’s smooth as silk.

    Nice to see you all. God bless

      1. It was available, brother. Lol. Honestly, you were the first person I thought of as I filled out the paperwork. It’s the square butt 4”. Original stocks too. Uses the same speedloaders as my model 10’s and fits in my GI shoulder holster for my (pre war) Victory Model. That one has cartridge loops on the chest strap.

        Regarding the ammo questions posed by Thor, I was able to get everything I wanted. It was a bit more expensive but it was available. I grabbed 720 rounds of .30 carbine on stripper clips, two boxes of 125 grain Hornady JHP, 200 rounds of .38 special (CorBon 110 gr. JHP), and a 500 round box of 9mm Fiocchi 115 gr. JHP. I think my total was about $700.

  14. Well Fall weather has finally followed our 105 temps as summer tried to refuse to leave this high desert!
    Ever since a got my CC card 5 years ago I have had USCCA insurance. What I like so much is all the training videos they produce and send weekly improving reaction time and situational awareness. I’ve learned a lot from them.
    Our two big chores left on the list are getting our massive firewood supply, split that a friend gave us and getting hay purchased for the bovine herd.
    What has kept me busy is canning. Something every day; pork, chicken, milk, pickled jalapenos, 1/2+1/2, mozerella. Also making fruit leather. This week will work on longhorn cheese and more Ghee. Putting the summer garden to bed soon.
    And, Thor, I have a fire extinguisher in every kitchen on the property as well as DH shop and barns. I think 6 altogether. Me thinks I Should get more for storage since all of our buildings are wood construction. Green pastures prevent grass fires from getting to the houses, but the barns are more vulnerable.
    Hope everyone has a productive week.

  15. Hello everyone-
    Long week. We drove 15 hours in order to get back home the day before the big cool down. Then 12 hours in the garden getting everything close to ready, picked. Of course the temperature stuck at 33 so no freeze. I have been canning ever since. Beets,pickles, green beans, salsa, spaghetti sauce, grape jelly and my first attempt at ketchup. The last is still on the stove top. I have near depleted my stock of jars so will make a trip over to the TSC tomorrow.

    Also did my monthly grocery trip. Many empty shelves. Spices, cleaning supplies and canned goods are among the biggest gaps. Meat is ok and dairy is hit and miss.

    Tried to order a jacket from LL Bean. It was in the catalog but I could not find it online. The chat help reported that the vendor is behind on the delivery.

    Prepared Grammy you live in a very pretty part of the country. I hope you enjoy your upcoming camping trip.

    Stay safe and alert everyone. The unrest in parts of this country has me cringing. So glad I am not only rural but pretty isolated as well.

      1. Prepared Grammy:
        No travel problems at all. But DH fell in love with the area around Hoosier National Forest- a bit to the East of you I believe. He brought it up as a retirement potential, but it is too close to major cities for my liking.

  16. 1. Do you have CCW insurance, or think it might be a good idea to get a plan in our current environment?
    Have U.S. LawShield as non-CC.

    2. If you do not have a CCW, is getting one something you are considering and why?
    Not allowed in NJ unless one is very well connected and probably wealthy. Castle Doctrine pretty much guarantees can’t stop molotov cocktail wielders swarmed around the house to prevent retreat. Unh hunh.

    3. What major fall chores have you completed or are tackling at the moment?
    Cleaning out garden as much as possible this week. Bean plants, cherry tomatoes, and 3 tomatoes are out. Trimmed 5 other tomato plants but we’re going to get cold weather so that might be it especially now very little sun hits them.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    Filled some holes in food rotation and need to keep it up to fill more holes. Seriously running out of room on shelves. Bought a small water bath canner for 4 pint jars, and bought the last dozen pint regular mouth jars at Wally’s. Of course, just to make life more difficult, the big front burner on our flat-top stove is acting up big time. I’ll have to work arse-backwards and try not to get burnt if I can manage to make some applesauce. Need to go thru supplies stash to check batteries, flashlights, yard solar lights (possibly have batteries in them that may have leaked).

    Wish list:
    Bullet-proof (yeah, right) vest. I’m thinking plain jane. Comments welcome.
    Tac or “travel” vest.
    Another backpack, i.e. 3-day assault.
    Sling, holster, bi- or tri-pod.
    A better solar charger for AA & AAA batteries.
    Another headlamp or two.
    Night vision. I looked at a few online for under $400. Comments welcome.

  17. Thor’s questions

    1. What is up with banning all international seeds in your opinion? Somebody’s worried about something other than those unordered seeds being sent to people? Some seed companies (ie Stokes) will be in deep doo-doo as they get a lot of seed from other countries. Or we could be looking at gov’t or other players who want to control the food supply. Too bad I couldn’t get around to ordering more seed earlier (but things sold out, and some of my seed had no germination).

    2. What are ammo prices in your area and what is unattainable?
    No idea as to price, probably much higher. I happened to walk thru Dick’s and took a look at very low stock (not much if any pistol calibers).

    3. Could “Hiden Biden” run a paper route?
    Not a snowball’s chance in the bad place. Loved the comment about his not being able to run a ring around the toilet bowl.

    4. What do you think the election results will be?
    Trump will “win” on 11/3, then the BS will start with the mail-in phony ballots. NJ won’t be done counting until at least mid-Nov, but it’ll go Dem as usual. If Trump still “wins,” Biden won’t concede and things will get very nasty. May God help us if Senate flips.

    5. Do you think you may have to kill protestors in your yard after the November election?
    Hope it doesn’t come to that. But the small cities’ rioters might get knocked down in town and decide to hit suburbia. We’re on a fairly well known shortcut road and the property isn’t very defensible. In any case, this is NJ, and I’d wind up in prison for 20 years for self-defense.

    6. How many fire extinguishers do you own?
    Only one. Need to get two more (smaller ones for upstairs and car).

  18. My daughter and son-in-law are in danger again from another hurricane. Hurricane Laura destroyed their home. Now Hurricane Sally is slated to hit. The National Guard has shut down traffic in and out of the area. We can’t get in. The kids are on their own. Fortunately, they are prepared. Please say a prayer for my daughter and her husband.

    1. Bam Bam,

      I hope Trump has the guts to nominate someone immediately (he does have a list) and I hope Sen. McConnell has the guts to push a confirmation vote quickly. Now is the time for a couple of reasons. First, the new Supreme Court term is about to begin (First Monday in October, Oct 5), and elections are due soon afterward.

      Technically, even if Trump loses the election and the Republicans lose the Senate majority, they can still nominate and confirm until the new Congress begins and the new President is sworn in, both in January. Nothing the Dims can do about it except scream and cry about how unfair it is. McConnell also has to set rules to keep the Dims from turning the confirmation hearings into a character assassination charade.

    2. Bam Bam:

      I’m glad she is gone. She was a one-sided obstructionist, IMO.

      The Supreme Court is supposed to rule on whether a law is “legal” under the Constitution. I really don’t want a left or right leaning judge, just one that knows and understands what the Constitution SAYS (not what it would mean in today’s society) are make a ruling appropriately.

      If people don’t like what the Constitution says, there is a process (purposefully long) to change it. Advocacy “from the bench” should be a condition of having a justice impeached and removed from their duties.

  19. Fixit,

    The President has the authority to nominate anyone at anytime when there is a vacancy. The tricky bit is whether the Senate will expedite confirmation hearings or not. McConnell says he will expedite this nominee, which is also within his authority.

    I think the faster it gets done, the better.

    1. Zulu
      I know he can and I know the senate could rush through the confirmation but think back 4 years when Mitch and the boys refused to let President appointment be heard because it was to close to the election .
      The fact that the next President will get to pick a SCJ is factored in to this election already but if you try to rush it through now after waiting 4 years ago then the stink might flip some seats in the senate.

      1. Fixit,

        The stink might cause issues, but I don’t think it will cause much grief if it gets presented properly. That being, the Republican Senate was looking out for the welfare of America in both cases.

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