What I Did To Prep This Week: September 13th 2020 – September 19th 2020

Hello Pack. We are in excited preparation for our trip to North Carolina to attend Prepper Camp. Our plan had been to go only as eager attendees, but that all changed last week.

My prepping mentor, Rick Austin, who hosts Prepper Camp along with his lovely and prepper phenom of a wife Jane, invited me to be a presenter.

I was a class presenter during the first Prepper Camp way in 2014, and it was an incredible experience.

Sharing knowledge with other preppers, learning new skills and getting to introduce Bill Forstchen (One Second After author) on stage were only part of why making the eight hour drive South was worth it … even after breaking down in the mountains on a very rainy night.

Rick thought my Homestead Homeschool curriculum would be a timely and informative addition to the stellar line up of the 56 to 64 classes each day of the weekend long event.

I am incredibly honored to be asked to present again, and am looking forward to sharing the experience and photos here with each of you afterwards.

Tickets sold out earlier than usual this year. I hope all of the Pack members get to attend at least once, it is worth the trip no matter where you are from, as the event attracts survival homesteading types from across the country.

The change in travel from straight leisure to a working vacation is going to keep me very busy between now and when we load up the truck, and start traveling down the highway.

No more beautiful homemade Christmas dolls, like the one I was working on in the feature photo, until after we get back from camp. I need to finish converting my homeschool curriculum for self-reliance families from a massive book into more easy to maneuver study units.

The Homestead Homeschool curriculum book was turning into a set of encyclopedias. Separating the chapters out into homeschool theme units make it far easier to manage for myself and homeschooling parents.

Since I am always working on new hands-on study units, making learning bundles will be the easiest way to frequently update the curriculum.

I start my Christmas shopping and homemade gift creating early to space out the cost and crafting time. I love thinking about the holiday all year long – so picking up great gifts at bargain prices and presents for loved ones helps me do just that.

Currently I am browsing for a gift that is outside of my knowledge zone. I want to get our son-in-law a small safe to keep his everyday carry weapons in. I think a biometric gun safe – fingerprint safe is the best way to go for quick yet secure access. So Pack, what are your thoughts on the best biometric gun safes on the market?

This Week’s Questions

  1. As a prepper, are you considering homeschooling? Why or why not?
  2. What type of features would you want in a biometric gun safe?
  3. Is there anything either presidential candidate could say or do at this point to change the way you plan on voting in November – why or why not?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. Hey From Douglasville

    As a prepper, are you considering homeschooling? Why or why not? I’m 70 nobody here to school.

    What type of features would you want in a biometric gun safe? Have all the safes I need, don’t want another one
    Is there anything either presidential candidate could say or do at this point to change the way you plan on voting in November – why or why not? Everything that needs to be said has already been said. My vote is locked in as far as I am concerned.

    What did you do to prep this week? Bought more canned good. Starting to prep for Halloween, getting the candy in, not sure it will last until the event so I’ll get extra.


    • You sound like me when I start stocking up candy for Halloween. I buy early, and also get what I like, but by the time Halloween gets closer, I have to get more! Out of sight, out of mind.

    • We’re headed to Colorado to camp (I desperately needed a getaway.) and had a little surprise. At one of our fuel stops, we discovered Frank, one of our barn cats, had decided to stowaway in the camper. So, he’s going camping.

      Our first surprise of the week was a check for $2300+ from the estate of someone in DH’s family. He has no idea who she is, but her last name is the same as his great-grandfather.

      Stepdad is doing MUCH better. Praise God!

      Another praise is that my two nieces in Gulf Shores are safe and had no property damage. They’re young and weren’t nearly as prepared as they should have been. But they’ve learned a lot. I sent them a waterbob, solar cell phone charger/flashlight, two 7-gallon water jugs, and another water bottle with filter. I just got a text that Amazon has delivered everything.

      -We planted turnips.
      -The does were taken to be bred.
      -Maintenance and repairs were done on both trucks, and we bought new tires for DH’s truck before our trip to Colorado.
      -I’m taking an antibiotic for an ear infection. Does anyone know some natural remedies?
      -No kids at home to homeschool.
      -I like my push-button handgun safe.
      -I’m not changing my mind about who I’m voting for.

      • Prepared Grammy,

        Hope the camping trip goes well. Watch out for fires if you go to the northern mountains. A new one exploded in Larimer County today. That is near Fort Collins.

      • Glad to hear your nieces are ok. A friend of mine who lives in Pensacola evacuated to Georgia after their house filled with 2 ft of water, and power grid down. DH stayed behind to handle water issue and he had his generator. He also wanted to make sure looters thought better than to drop by his house. Everyone ok in area, just lots of water and trees down.

        Have fun on that camping trip. I just got back from one myself and it was absolutely delightful!

  2. I did my grocery shopping twice this week and added to my food stash.

    Got some more silver. The price per ounce went down 54-cents, so I picked up some more 1/10th ounce rounds. I think they will be handier in case of a need to use silver to purchase necessities in the event of a total currency collapse. Rounds are more easily clipped if required than bars.

    The Granddaughters are doing great. #1 GD is really bugging her mom and dad to take her to see her new cousin. Photos aren’t getting it anymore. She wants live and in color. ? #2 GD packed on another 6oz this past week. #1 GD has been a perpetual motion machine this week and has been wearing me out wanting to play. She just doesn’t understand what arthritis in the knees and back does to an old man. She’s my little drill instructor. Pain is weakness leaving the body.

    I’ve noticed that the feds are cracking down a bit harder on the Antifa criminals. Also, they scared the crap out of Dimocrat politicians by threatening to go after them for failing to control their cities and states, or by prohibiting their police from doing their jobs. This would be a good thing to have happen.

    I’m pretty well set for preps, food, water, ammo, etc. As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m too old to go play militiaman and wander about the town looking for trouble. However, I am quite capable of dealing with trouble if it comes to me.

    Weather is cooling down slightly here in Central Florida. Mostly highs in the 80s, some rain.

    Well, things are going to get interesting in DC now that Ginsberg has died. I think Trump will nominate someone pretty fast and McConnell will be quick getting the confirmation process going. Hopefully, he will also make it difficult for the Dims to get into character assassination mode. You know they’ll try.

    This Week’s Questions

    1. As a prepper, are you considering homeschooling? Why or why not?

    No kids to homeschool. I do work with #1 GD a little on reading and vocabulary. The kid has always been quite skilled at correctly pronouncing most new words the first time she says them. Her mom is homeschooling her more formally with a Pre-School curriculum.

    2. What type of features would you want in a biometric gun safe?

    A 50,000V, high amp, electric shock feature for anyone who tries to break into it. I’ll call it “The Green Mile.” ? I’m kind of sick, ain’t I? I haven’t really looked closely at biometric safes, so I don’t know what is available. I have two safes, neither is biometric (one a regular dial combination, and the other an electronic combination).

    3. Is there anything either presidential candidate could say or do at this point to change the way you plan on voting in November – why or why not?

    Nope. Nada. Zip. There is no way Biden could get me to vote for him, even if he paid me really big bucks. Trump would have to do something REALLY stupid, like nuke Orlando. Nuking Portland would be OK. Not Chicago, my favorite sister lives near there.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above

    • #1 daughter had to euthanize one of her cats today. Unfortunately, of the three cats, this one was #1 granddaughter’s favorite. So far, she’s taking it well but I don’t think it has fully sunk in yet.

        • Moe,

          Hugs she’ll get. I’m trying to leave the explanations to her parents so they’re consistent. I do know they’re sticking close to the truth. They aren’t saying the vet gave the cat a shot (GD is very good about getting shots at the doctor) and they aren’t saying the cat was put to sleep. As of the last text (about 30-minutes ago) things were OK.

          Considering my background, I’m a real softy when it comes to putting my pets to sleep.

      • Bam Bam,

        Sadly, due to their severe hypocritical nature, a woman being nominated won’t slow the Dims down a whit. Trump is hinting strongly that he will nominate a woman. She needs to be prepared to be called a whore and worse by Senators, not just the rabble and media (but I repeat myself).

    • Zulu, I have begun to get good healing from using Moringa and multi collagen formula for a ligament injury in my back… I got them because i also have some serious arthritis symptoms..I do feel better as long as i don’t skip whole days..
      Sorry about the Grand-Kitty. just keep te explainations the same and she will adjust fine… ..
      agree with your answers on Q’s, no children or grands here, ability to open any locked box with a KEY, electronics may go wonky… nothing to change mind on election… preps in general securing what we have for best protection..

          • Mari,

            No, I haven’t tried turmeric in capsule form. I might do that when I use up the pound of powder I have now. It does taste nasty when mixed with water, but a good slug of plain cold water afterward takes care of the aftertaste just fine.

          • Zulu, encapsulators are not very expensive… and are well worth the money… get capsues and unit… easy peasy. save an empty bottle to put them in… saves a lot of money onseveral supplmets by buying powder and encapsulating self. I do not tolerate tumeric well, got sick on it a few years ago..

  3. Picked up sugar then some more sugar and finally some more sugar. While the usual brand was not available in white the store brand was also cane sugar so felt ok about that. The brown sugar was the usual brand.

    • This Week’s Questions
      1. As a prepper, are you considering homeschooling? Why or why not? No – no school-age children. Also have two adult daughters that are teachers.
      2. What type of features would you want in a biometric gun safe? Key or mechanical lock back-up of some sort. There is one that is set up so that the person using the safe wears a ring (or something similar) that actually unlocks the safe. I saw it one day and thought it was interesting.
      3. Is there anything either presidential candidate could say or do at this point to change the way you plan on voting in November – why or why not? No – dems have devolved to far to the left.
      4. What did you do to prep this week? Taking a serious look at what we need to do to our current house in order to be prepared to move if a good opportunity becomes available. Also tweaking my workouts to include strength training on a regular basis along with walking on the days I don’t do my run/walks. My running intervals are becoming longer, as per the plan I’m using.

  4. Good morning, The smoke, is already clearing off we’re supposed to be getting rain soon. I have two day’s of 70 degree weather I’m going to get another gallon of paint for the house and get two more sections finished before we get rained out towards the end of the week.

    I pressure canned some Ham, and the crab ? ?. This weekend is the last for crabbing, I don’t know if our friends will go out or not.

    Hubby, worked for a farmer who gave him a box of apples ?, so I started yesterday morning peeling and cutting them up I have a apple slicer, that I use it makes doing easier and I canned 7 Quarts of pie filling and he came home yesterday afternoon and brought me a bucket full so now I have to get more jars from storage, I’m running low on jars now.

    I have my running list it’s getting smaller by the week I want to be able not to have to go out after the Election week and several weeks after to get any supplies, and if I do I will stay close by and if I have to walk it’s not a long walk and our store, also has a pharmacy if we need to use it.

    Question 1. I do regret not homeschooling my kid’s, my daughter has a few test and a couple of classes to finish, my son has 2 year’s left, online schooling is not very engaging.

    Question 2. My father in law, had an in floor safe, that he used. We have fire safety boxes to keep important paperwork in. I don’t know about the fingerprint safe, can you have more then one fingerprint ? I know that my husband, would want me to be able get in it to retrieve items, so for us a number code safe would work better for us.

    Question 3 No, I believe that most people, know whom they will vote for in the upcoming election.

    Be safe out there have a nice weekend ?.

    • MoT,

      I homeschooled my son all of the way through high school on a computer based curriculum. He liked it as he’s a bit of a computer nerd and did well. He was doing terrible in regular school and he begged to be homeschooled. He hated the teachers and a lot of the kids too. He actually had to start 9th grade over again, but graduated on schedule. A benefit to computer-based learning.He usually knocked out a full weeks worth of work in three days.

      • My kid’s did really well, in grade school, it’s when they started middle school, when everything went down hill for both kid’s unfortunately.

      • Zulu,

        I have an advanced degree. I teach at the college level. Looking back, the overwhelming majority of my teachers in junior high and high school were utterly incompetent. I could have completed high school in a single year if there were an online option. To tell you the truth, I am stunned by the incompetence I see around myself, even in college!

        • Bam Bam,

          I’ve got two masters degrees myself, one in training and performance improvement. I agree that even back in the late 1960s, most of my HS teachers were incompetent. I did have an American history teacher who was great as well as a civics teacher who was probably better, a science teacher was pretty good too.

          A second American history teacher was a dismal failure and a vindictive SOB if you had the nerve to correct his inaccuracies (which I did). He got to meet my father (who had a degree in history) in the principal’s office for an unpleasant meeting because he screwed with my grades in retribution. Every kid hated that guy.

          • Zulu,

            I was the problem student too–I felt the need to correct my teachers. I just could not believe how incompetent they were. TYW, I went all the way to Ph.D.

          • Bam Bam,

            I really did like my civics teacher. A lot of other kids didn’t, but that was because he taught using the Socratic method and it made you have to think. Still remember his name, Max Mazur. Sadly, long passed on now.

          • Zulu,

            Funny story. My grandfather was a cabinet maker back in the day before Home Depot and Lowes. He grew up rough. He watched his entire family get murdered by the commies in the Bolshevik Revolution. He came to the U.S. and had to learn English as a teen. The stories he told were horrific–eating crab apples just to fill your belly only to have the shits later. He started his own business, a wood shop specializing in custom cabinet making. Then he had two sons. By the age of 12 my father was an expert woodworker and cabinet maker. He and his older brother (class valedictorian Annapolis) worked installing custom cabinets since they were 10 years old. So, when my father brought home a progress report saying he was failing wood shop, my grandfather went in to the teacher-parent conference with both barrels loaded, ready to rip apart the wood shop teacher. The teacher diffused the situation. “Sir, your son is an expert wood worker. If he would only do his own projects instead of helping all the pretty girls, he would have an ‘A’ in the course.” Someone got an talking to behind the woodpile that night.

  5. Hello everyone,
    Continue harvesting and canning. I did pick up two more cases of jars. No lids to be had in town so I am glad I am stocked up. Only two cases of quart jars and three cases of pints. I took one of each.

    Harvested half the potato crop. Waiting on the sweet potatoes and peanuts until just before a freeze. The cucumbers have slowed down on blooms as have the eggplant. Still lots of tomatoes.

    Dismantled the raised box the potatoes were growing in, made repairs to the corners and reassembled. The original posts had little heft.

    I agree with Zulu 3-6 with regards to Justice Ginsberg’s replacement. I think this election will be a key test to the separation of powers. An even number of Justices could create chaos if multiple states have contested elections.

  6. Homeschooling: We have no little ones here but sent the ‘how to learn cursive writing for teens’ to my nephew. He thrilled about having a book that they can make copies from to each his & hers how to write & read this new language to the teenagers. (sad but very true) For the great niece, when it is time she will have her book which I purchased at the same time.

    Biometric gun safe: I have looked at them but honestly could not give a recommendation.

    Presidential Candidates: NO. A friend sent me a posting on why to vote for a president who will honor the Constitution of the United States. I do not know how to link it over to your site so will try to ship via email for you to read, and if you so choose can share it with the group.

    Preparing this week:
    Checking supplies to see what we have used up and hopefully will be able to replace when I shop next week. The past few weeks was bust for shopping did not feel safe to leave dh by himself. Now that his foot is healing(finally)and with the proper footwear? that will not cause ulcers on his feet. I should be able to leave him with out to many concerns in order to resupply our pantry.

    Family member is helping with the yard clean up & removal of years worth of dead debris on this place. While he is doing that I have been cleaning out the carport, unload the vehicle of supplies, then come back to take care of it when time allowed. Which had been on the short supply around here(time). Found my missing canning lids-happy dance. They are all sorted in their proper containers for future canning. What a relief that was, as I could not figure out what I had done with them. Especially since they are in short supply, because of the low production due to metal shortage. According to the rumor mill.?

  7. Puppy went into defense mode this morning about 6 am along with the front perimeter alarm. I also heard a noise from the “DE-FENCE” system I have partially installed and heard someone say they’re up. I scanned the front yard with the .40 Cal with the light/laser combo with a 22 rnd mag loaded with 180grn hydra-shock and the Mrs grabbed her .357 Magnum and puppy and started to check the back. I finished my scan and went to the backyard to complete that. No signs of blood on the fence so no one climbed over it?

    Cleaned the G22
    Cleaned the SKS (smooth)
    Made more force multipliers for the fence
    Installed more force multipliers on the fence

    Charged 3 AAA batteries for the EDC flashlight
    Bought a 4 AA & 4 AAA rechargeable batteries.

    Bought 20 lbs of rice
    Bought 10 lbs of pasta
    Bought more meat. ( The Mrs said no more meat, the freezers are full. I said that’s why we have a freeze dryer) ?

    Freeze dryer
    Freeze dried 2 trays of lean steaks cooked, 2 trays of scrambled eggs. 2 trays of mozzarella shredded cheese, 2 trays 1/2 milk.
    Filtered 2 qts of vacuum pump oil

    Heavy work outs (lost 9 lbs in 2 weeks) (cardio)
    Took puppy for 2 mile hike

    Thor’s questions
    1. With the death of Ruth Ginsburg, do you think it will energize both bases or one?

    2. Do you think Trump will nominate a replacement for Ginsburg?

    3. Have you heard of 2 natural gas pipelines being attacked?

    4. Are you ready for all that is headed our way? Physically, mentally and tactically?

    • Tara’s questions

      1. As a prepper, are you considering homeschooling? Why or why not?
      Kids are older. 22 is the youngest.

      2. What type of features would you want in a biometric gun safe?
      None mechanical is better in an EMP.

      3.Is there anything either presidential candidate could say or do at this point to change the way you plan on voting in November – why or why not?
      No, Biden is evil/not capable of leadership, hence Demoncraps.

    • Thor’s questions:
      1. With the death of Ruth Ginsburg, do you think it will energize both bases or one?

      If there is a quick nominee both sides will get busier.

      2. Do you think Trump will nominate a replacement for Ginsburg?


      3. Have you heard of 2 natural gas pipelines being attacked?

      I’ve heard of 4 but found no news coverage on the 4 different explosions. Odd!
      I believe the source was true.

      4. Are you ready for all that is headed our way? Physically, mentally and tactically?

      Working on it. Being so sick has destroyed my stamina and physical strength. Not being able to eat much didnt make for a good recovery. It been almost 4 month since I ended being sick. This is the first week I’ve actually felt a bit hungry and most foods are finally going down ok. For a long while there was little I could swallow. Even after chewing it up I couldn’t swallow it. I still eat smaller portions but I seem to be able to eat a better variety. Having lost over thirty pounds when I was so sick was both good and bad. Another 30, but slowly, would be OK. I lost 6 numbers in clothing size. A new wardrobe is fun but an unplanned expense. I buy at Savers. Used but clean and only thing still nice. I’ve found a few things on clearance racks in Walmart.
      I’ve recently add a 22 rifle with 5 shot clip and a 410 shotgun and a second 40 lb long bow in perfect condition but it should have a new bow string soon and a few to put back. I added a 25 pack of crossbow bolts and more arrow tips. Bought up what ammo I could find for things we have
      Food storage is full. Even the hall to the bedroom isn’t much more than 2 ft wide to walk in. I will be moving the empty canning jars and supplies out to a shed I rearranged gardening supplies and tools in. That will free up floor space where 8 cases of food are stacked and make room to can some whole young chickens soon.
      Canning supplies in stores are getting scarse. Yarn area at walMart is staying thin and most things aren’t being restocked. Some areas in the grocery section are sparse as well. Shortages are showing. I’m sure it will get worse.

      • clergylady,
        I didn’t know you were sick, but it sounds like you are recovering. I will pray for you.

        Sounds like you are getting as prepared as you can.

    • Thor:
      What do you think of the intercepted ricin at the WH? How often does this occur?

      Which De-Fence system do you use?

      I am having a tough time getting mentally prepared for the next few months. The replacement process for Justice Ginsburg will be contentious. I do not like the division in this country—-United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

      • Moe,

        I’ve been reading about comments made by politicians, celebrities, etc, about RBG’s death and what to do. Lots of them are threatening to burn the Capital if they try to confirm a nominee before the election. One of them was the Dimocrat chairman of the Wisconsin Ethics Committee. That tells you a lot.

        • Zulu 3-6:
          What is with this desire to burn and destroy everything? Have they never worked to build something themselves? The saying Idle hands are the Devil’s play comes to mind whenever I see the large groups of protesters/rioters. It will be decades before the areas with the largest riots recover. Decades. This will only get worse with a guaranteed income for all.

          • Moe,

            Beats the hell out of me. Personally, I think any “protester” who throws a Molotov cocktail should be shot. However, seeing as how the goofy commies in prosecutor jobs behave, the cops would be on the way to jail instead.

            I think if Trump gets re-elected, he will have the DOJ going after those politicians who are not controlling the riotors, like in Portland.

          • Using a Molotov cocktail is a felony as usage is not the intended use of the fuel and turning it into a weapon of mass destruction and arson.

      • Moe, the ricin is just a theatrical show by the leftists. They know it would never get to the President.

        DE-FENCE is what you make it. I have recently added galvanized steel plumber strap that is cut at angles making it like razor wire. You can get it at any hardware store in 100′ sections and then cut it with aviation snips or tin snips and has pre-drilled holes for screws. There are a few other things with rat traps and motion detectors from Bunker Hill. Got to be ready for the golden horde.

        • Thor1,

          I like that plumbers strap idea. Cheaper than real razor wire.

          However, there are a number of tricks an attacker can use to circumvent barbed wire, razor wire, and other sharp barriers. Ladders, boards, heavy rugs, etc. Not to mention the old time-tested bangalore torpedo 🙂 Or the other time-tested method: throwing a shit-bird private on top of the wire and walking over him. Oh, I’m so terrible.

          • Z36, true but layers are there. They also need to know it’s there or maybe there trigger fingers get cut. After they get over the fence a motion detector is waiting for them making it like shooting fish in a barrel…..?

            I also have sharpened rebar and 1500′ of barbed wire that hasn’t been deployed yet.

            I guess I’m going in defcon stages…..?

          • Thor1,

            Layers of security are crucial in a defensive situation. You can’t depend on just one thing (like barbed/razor wire) doing the complete job especially against people who know what they’re doing. I’ve defeated razor wire easily during field exercises and once defeated triple-C with an extension ladder to get inside a perimeter to render first aid to a guy who had heat stroke (I was part of the opposing forces and he was a defender).

    • Thor’s question:
      1) Hard to say what will occur until after the funeral service is complete.

      2) He had a list prepared about a month ago, so he must have known she was not doing well

      3) Heard that there 4 explosion OK-TX-CO & ?? forgot which state

      4) NO, still working on it.

    • Thor’s questions
      1. With the death of Ruth Ginsburg, do you think it will energize both bases or one? I think it will be one more reason for them to burn and loot.

      2. Do you think Trump will nominate a replacement for Ginsburg? Yes, I think he will have 4 years to do it in too.

      3. Have you heard of 2 natural gas pipelines being attacked? Nope.

      4. Are you ready for all that is headed our way? Physically, mentally and tactically? Who can really be ready. I’m in a better place than I was in 2016, 2012, and 2001.

  8. Thor’s questions

    1. With the death of Ruth Ginsburg, do you think it will energize both bases or one?

    I think it will energize the Republican side more. The Commies know they’re behind the 8-ball on this one and that is demoralizing.

    2. Do you think Trump will nominate a replacement for Ginsburg?

    Absolutely. He recently released a list with 20 names he had in mind for SCOTUS. He already said he wants his nomination to get through the Senate pronto, and McConnell said he was going to.

    3. Have you heard of 2 natural gas pipelines being attacked?

    Attacked? No. I have heard of a couple that caught on fire. What the cause was, I don’t know.

    4.Are you ready for all that is headed our way? Physically, mentally and tactically?

    As much as I can be. I wish I was physically more like I was at 35 and on a SWAT team. However, mentally and tactically I am 100%.

  9. 1. As a prepper, are you considering homeschooling? Why or why not?

    Ans: kids are grown and gone. I did homeschool for a year then opened a school at the mission church we pastured. Ran the school and taught where needed year to year for 22.5 school years.

    2 . What type of features would you want in a biometric gun safe?

    Ans: i really don’t know much about that kind of safe.

    3. Is there anything either presidential candidate could say or do at this point to change the way you plan on voting in November – why or why not?

    Ans: No! If the one i plan to vote for were to say I quit. Then I’d gave to see who replaced him in the running. Thats a situation I can’t imagine actually happening.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    Ans: I made the trip to the city twice this week. Wednesday and Friday. Had a list of things to do and a to buy things list. It took two days to get it done. I now have 14 new nearly grown pullets, 6 beautiful new ducks to add to the flock, 250 lb of chicken scratch, 250 lb of cracked corn, and 50 lb of food quality wheat seeds. I bought a new- better quality cutoff tool and packs of blades, 2 new hatchets- one to replace the old one for butchering smaller critters and one for the camping kit. I bought two new 96 amh batteries just to test my array that hasn’t worked since the last snow storm. If it works great. If not then I start replacing parts till its working again and I bought a new framing hammer-22 oz, my favorite weight. I bought 5 lb of 2 1/2″ framing screws and 5lb of 3″ framing screws. I priced 2×4 studs and decided I’ll look for used lumber. A few cents under $6 each was mire than I can spend on building all new housing for chickens, rabbits, ducks, and a greenhouse. I need 2x4s to frame in a door and for trusses on the greenhouse. I have almost all of the 2×3 framing and other sizes from a mobile home we tore down. Ill be pulling nails ot cutting off nails to clean up the lumber for recycling into new critter housing. One section of wall 8 ft tall and 10 ft long will be used as is. Used T-111 siding and 1/2″ plywood will cover the back walls. Used corrugated metal will the the roof over it all except the greenhouse. The greenhouse roof will have used corrugated geeenhouse panels. The south and east walls will be double paned glass doors framed in. The east side of the row house for critters will be a chainlink fenced open area for each group. Each pen area will share side walls with the neighboring pens. This way I can move them all where I can see them and they will be easier for me to care for. Each group can be closed in for the night then allowed back out in their part of the pen for the day. Ducks will have an above ground pond with a built up dirt ramp. This will allow for easier cleaning and fresh water often. The fowels will all get mats of wheat “grass” to eat along with grain. A good part of the year alfalfa grows along an irrigation ditch that cuts through the corner of the land. That will be shared with all but will be fed mostly to the rabbits. There will be chicken wire over the top of all pens and chicken wire buried along the perimeter areas. Inside near the nesting boxes will be a couple of big hardware cloth pens for broody hens with young chicks. The lower part of the chainlink fencing will have a row of hardware cloth to discourage snakes entering or small getting out. There will be just one outside door to the pen area then inside doors from pen to pen. The greenhouse will have black barrels of water along the solid west wall with a shelf on top. The east wall and down the center will be rows of hydroponics and a raised growing bed along the south wall. The east end will have a potting bench and outside door into my back yard. The rest of the yard will be a pallet fence topped with 4×4 welded field fencing. North and South gates, wide enough for the tractor to go through to the garden area and east edge of the property if needed. Most of the materials are here. I’ll be cleaning up the wood to reuse it and looking for a few 2x4s to frame in doors. Arrangements are made for 12 more straight run chicks a few months old to be delivered later this week. I figure on canning any roos.
    I have 5 pretty chicks running free from a nest a hen hid out. If i can catch them they will be a gift to my neighbor. He loves the critters but has none. My old pen is by his residence here on my property. He can use that pen. I figure cracked corn in a dog crate and let them get used to it will be the easiest way to catch them. Chicks and a bag of cracked corn to start with. I have a 35 gallon barrel with removable lid he can have for feed.
    I have a 55 gallon barrel and a big trash can that I use to store grain. Rabbit pellets once opened go in 40 gallon barrels and one is kept full of water to refill bottles from.
    Each area for critters has an internal motion detector light with an external solar panel. Walk in, wave hand, have light. Repeat as needed. I have new lights for two new coops and I’ll move two that won’t be needed where they are.
    Building all new critter homes with shared walls will save materials and work for this great grandma. I’ll be glad to have them closer where I can see them.
    The greenhouse will have solar power to circulate the water on a timer, for grow lights over part of the hydroponics set up, and a small 12v heater to supplement heat storage in the coldest part of the winter. That is ready to install as quickly as I can build it all.
    I’m only able to work in short sessions but I’m starting anyway. Good way to rebuild some stamina and strength. Thats why I’m starting with cutting off more nails than I pull. I can’t pull a lot of them since covid. I’ll be building with screws instead of nails. And reusing the piles of stuff I’ve collected.
    A double thick row of bricks will be the base to build it all on. I salvaged three rooms of brick floor. I still have most of it. I figure untreated wood will last longer off the ground. I have most of 5 gallons of silver sage color exterior paint. The outside of the whole setup will get painted. Any wood exposed outside that isn’t painted will get stained to help protect it. I have redwood or walnut to choose from. I think walnut will be my choice. The wire will all get a quick coat of black spray paint on the outside. My choice. It makes seeing the critters easier from a distance. A week after the paint and stain I hope to get all the critters moved in. There is a well nearby that’s set up to use manually. As a backup to the well we still have on grid. Water is below 27 ft of dirt and 27 ft of lava. There is 36 ft of flowing water in an underground river from the mountain above us. It comes to us at 38° so nothing has been found growing it in. State and county tests all show it to be good drinking water with a hint of gold in it.
    With the materials mostly here and the critters all here
    by the end of the week its time to get busy. The weather looks to be good until November. I may sneak in some unusual fall garden this year. We usually have frosts by this time. We’re having days in the 70s and 80s now and that’s predicted to hold till November. Glad for the reprieve so I can work. Much of this year was lost to covid 19. I still work a bit, rest awhile, then do it again. I have always worked all day if there were something to do.
    It’s a strange year.

    • Clergylady, I remember working all day long to revive this property when we moved here. Now, at 70, I’m good for 2 hours, rest or do office work, then maybe 2 more hours of outside jobs. As I read of the temp of the water flowing by your place, 38 degrees, I thought it a great place to use as a refrigerator in a pinch if you had a waterproof case to store RX and dairy products. I bought a couple to use from an on line army surplus store to use in the day, to tie a rope to and sink in our deep pond that is usually 40 degrees. In 110 degree temps, it seems a safe place to store things needing to be chilled.

    • Clergylady:
      I like both the set-up for the animals and the greenhouse. Is there anyone nearby that can lend you a hand? Even just one other person would cut the work time in half.

  10. (1) My kids are around 40! LOL Can’t teach them a thing. LOL
    (2) Haven’t looked into biometric safes. We have 2 digital safes that have key backups, plus another incognito gun safe and another hidden, disguised cash box. Enough I think.
    (3) I doubt many people haven’t made up their minds by now!
    (4) Just got back from a four-hour round trip to buy a young buck to have as a stud on my farm. Very excited. After I finish this lunch, I’m headed to the garden to plant pole beans and bush beans. Then over to the second garden area to pull weeds and prep another bed. Harvested 4 egg plants this morning and will make eggplant parmesan later. Made an appointment with a farm-hand construction fellow to give me a price on a new buck house this coming week.
    Received a large order of cleaning supplies to add to my stockpile; I’m putting together a rather long list of more edibles to top off my supplies…..less than 2 months until the election so I’m working extra hard on that.

  11. As a prepper, are you considering homeschooling? Why or why not?

    Twenty five years ago my wife home-schooled our daughter through third grade and our son, who is four years younger, was given work to do also. Now we are keeping our four year old granddaughter three days a week. She was too unruly to attend Pre-K so we are trying to get her ready for kindergarten next year. She is very aptly named Bea as she buzzes from thing to thing never staying still.

    I got her a Chrome book with a touch screen. I put the “ABC Mouse” program on it. She does not take instruction well but she will listen if it will allow her to do what she wants. Some parts of the program do not respond to the touch screen so the child has to use the mouse to drag objects to their place. It is very satisfying to see her calmly hold down the button and carefully move the mouse.

    What type of features would you want in a biometric gun safe? No experience with gun safes

    Is there anything either presidential candidate could say or do at this point to change the way you plan on voting in November – why or why not? Nothing, the president is little more then a figurehead. The other elected officials of the same party actually make and implement laws.

    What did you do to prep this week? I added more canned foods and rice to my stash. My local grocery store uses low meat prices to get people into the store. They had a very good sale on roasts and stew meat. I plan to make jerky out of the roasts. I am thinking of getting all the stew meat they have and pressure canning it.

    I also got snacks and packaged lunch foods to take to Prepper Camp. It is great that Tara will be teaching a class. We will be sure to attend that one.

    For us it will be a nice vacation. My wife needs the rest and I feel good enough to enjoy myself. I was able to talk my specialist into giving me a testosterone prescription. He did not want to because a blood test showed I was low but still on the lower limit. He said extra would not do me any good. I had to give him a very emotional response on how that extra saved me from a very dark time in my life. He relented and gave me a 10 week supply. Two days after my first injection I am ready to take on the world again. Helps that my wife is a nurse so I do not have to drop trou for a 20 year old first year nurse.

    • Ah, ya seen one booty, ya seen them all! But i have to admit, even as a divorced 40 yr old nursing student, i got embarrassed (still do sometimes) when people have to disrobe for some reason (i still do some home health care). I always want to give them privacy. Then i remember the reason I’m there, is cuz they *can’t* do their own self care anymore!) talk about a reality check!

  12. I spent most of my week preparing one of our pastures for a small wedding; mowing weed whacking, removing tree limbs. Wedding is tomorrow. The cows will be quite happy to return to that dinner table.
    Canned more whole milk, chicken, half and half, Mexican tomato juice. I doubt I can do sour cream, I sure do eat a lot of it., farmgirl that I am.
    Now that the weather isn’t so miserably hot, my women’s shooting class is planning to return to an outdoor range for some badly needed practice.
    I’m lusting for a Hellcat 9mm. It’s a lighter weight than my SA XD and I can conceal carry better. My 380 requires me to be an amazing shot with just 6 in the clip plus an extra clip of 6 in my holster. I’m not that amazing but on my 5’4″ stature, it’s small enough to carry in my waist holster. My situational awareness has already increased as we have returned to church and I don’t recognize some of the new faces. I regularly question one of our security guys who is also one of our pod members.
    Cleaning out my pantry to move it to a dark closet in the house that isn’t near a hot clothes dryer. Food should stay cooler that way. DH must build more shelves for that one. The Honeydo list never ends around here. Once that wall in the laundry/ pantry is empty, then I can move my sewing off the diningroom table into that room. Of course, right now it is covered in canning jars. I’m so glad I bought a case of large mouth and small mouth Ball jar lids 2 years ago for storage. Trying not to touch them…
    Hope everyone has a productive prepping week and all of you going to prepper camp have a ton if fun. I’m jealous!

    • Desertdove,

      How long does the canned milk last? I buy the shelf stable milk, but if canned lasts at least 2 years, it may be something I need to do.

        • Thanks AA. I bought either evaporated or condensed, and it went bad within a year after the exp date. It could very well had been the condensed kind.

      • AT,
        I have heard different lengths of time; 1-2 years. I store all my canned goods in a chilled room that does not get above 60 degrees, so I’m counting on it lasting longer. I live where summer heat exceeds 110 for weeks at a time, so this is important. Should I need to store food during a prolonged power outage, I will use watertight containers submerged in our 40 degree pond.
        My neighbor has been canning his goat milk also.

  13. Hello,

    We don’t have much choice but to home school our little guy. He’s ten, autistic, and non-verbal so remote learning won’t help. We might bring him in for one or two special classes but those won’t kick off for weeks. Our state government and the teachers union are making it so we have to do all the work and pay their salaries at the same time. Massachusetts sucks. Can’t wait to get out.

    We use safes with keys. Electronics can fail.

    There’s nothing Joe Biden can say that would cause me to vote for him. He’s a doddering old fart, a liar, a traitor, a globalist, a diddler, and he’s senile. This is why we have Trump standouts every week. About eighty people showed up to our standout this morning. All kinds of support from passers by and only one middle finger. Our people told them where that could go.

    This week’s prepping included a case of freeze dried food by Mountain House direct from their site. It arrived within 48 hours. Excellent service. We’re going to buy more this week. We also bought the usual extra groceries.

    Some ammunition was available on target sports this week. It was hit or miss but I did manage to get 1000 rounds of 5.56, and 200 each of the .44, .40, and 9mm hollow points. You just have to check the site every day. It was expensive but I felt like we were low in protective ammo and really, do we ever have enough rifle ammo?

  14. This Week’s Questions

    1. As a prepper, are you considering homeschooling? Why or why not? We are getting ready to HOme-school our great-great grandchildren.

    2. What type of features would you want in a biometric gun safe? Manual key backup.

    3. Is there anything either presidential candidate could say or do at this point to change the way you plan on voting in November – why or why not? No, Biden is an idiot. A physical and mental wreck.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well,

    We’re late because we are out of town during the day doing a gun show. Report on that next week, but so far it is great for us.

    Garage cleaning. Organized canning supplies. Consolidated Xmas boxes. Prep for gun show. Gathered items for the Thrift Store.

    Small groups are starting at our church. This is another way things are getting back to “normal”.

    Made a supply run to “the big city” for supplies for our Men’s Breakfast Group at church. Stopped by the ranch supply store and found .223 for $.38/round. 5.56×45 was $.44/round. The girl at the counter said “We’re the last place people look.” For me they are one of the first, I guess because everybody else is at the other stores.

    Supply Run: Canned meals; pasta; ammo;

    Received: Burn Jel packets;

  15. The bridal shower was a complete success. I asked her aunt to co-host the event. I am good at planning and organizing. I planned all the food. Daughter’s aunt is really the socialite. I put her in charge of games. She did great. My daughter got so many wonderful gifts. My dh took our future son-in-law to Outback for a steak dinner and then to World of Beer. Son-in-law got three sheets to the wind. He was funny. A good time was had by all.

    I am so glad the shower is done with. My dh and I did a deep clean. We had our adopted sons over to clean up the yard. Everyone worked hard to make this happen.

    My preps this week: Got a son-in-law with an AR-15!

    Re: Ginsburg: Trump needs a quick appointment. Strategically, he should appoint a woman. There are several qualified candidates. Trump needs to side step the bullshit and get the job done. The main reason my husband and I voted for Trump in 2016 was to secure the Supreme Court (and Benghazi). If we get a 6-3 majority, even if Biden won he would not be able to ram through his gun control agenda.

  16. Hi everyone,

    I haven’t posted in a few weeks due to getting ready for surgery and then having it on 9/11. Will be off for 2 weeks from work. All went well and didn’t have to be admitted. Can’t lift things for a little while. Sister is here with me until next Saturday. We are working on getting the kitchen organized. Word of advice… It’s good to have Miralax around. I’ve needed to use it with the pain medication I was on. Totally ticked off at Kroger, and called corporate, told off the pharmacist over the phone, and my sister complained to the store manager. I still need to call the district manager and complain. After I got out of surgery had to stop and get pain medication filled. Pain was off the charts. They told me I had to wait for 2 hours before my prescription would be ready…. Talk about blowing a gasket… Per sister who went in to get it filled for me, no one was waiting in the waiting area. So, obviously there was no one sick enough that couldn’t wait for a few minutes. They’ve also done that to me when I came straight from a doc in the box, knowingly SICK, and needing antibiotics. This is ridiculous and I may change because of it. If I had gone in there, it would have not been a pretty sight… You just don’t do that to someone. It’s not acceptable in the hospital and it shouldn’t be acceptable after an outpatient procedure to make someone wait for pain medication. Off rant.

    Managed to dry can 1/2 gallons of 9-grain – 2 50lb bags from Honeyville that had been sitting for a while. Canned 6 quarts of tomatoes, 16 pints of sweet pickles, put corn and oatmeal in juice jugs. Dumped out some old home canned potatoes and got the jars in the dishwasher yesterday. Made some homemade veggie beef soup using up some canned diced tomatoes from 2016, green beans from 2015, corn from 2017. Sister loved it. Made pinto beans a couple of days ago and used up a ham bone that still had some meat on it that a friend had given me. So glad to get some stuff rotated out. Also froze some corn and purple hull peas until I can get them canned. Bought more hamburger and a couple of ribeyes.

    Ordered and received – more rechargeable batteries, candle oil and wicks, bought some older oil lamps that needed burners and I have some spare chimney’s already, laser light, pea huller off of FB MP should arrive next week as it took all day to shell 1/2 a bushel of peas, tennis shoes, found another pair of my favorite Skecher sandals.

    Will vote for who I voted for last time, no kids to home school, if I had a safe, it would have a manual key and possibly push button combo. We are in a world of hurt if we don’t get the RBG replacement in there asap. Also, you might want to check out the scumbags at shutdowndc.org so you will be aware of what they are up to. BAD stuff.

    Wanted to go to Prepper Camp, but glad I didn’t get a ticket and then not be able to go. Maybe next year, if there is a next year.

    Prayers for the pack, for The President and for America.

    Stay well everyone. Have a great week.

    • Almost There:
      What you had to go through after the surgical procedure is terrible. You might let the doc know at the post check up. Make sure you don’t overdue during this recovery time.

      Like you I am very concerned about the depth of organization these anarchists have. Maybe I am the one out of line, but the renaming of military posts, monuments (which haven’t been torn down and mountains is revisionist history. The peaceful protests have become a cover for the rioting anarchists.

      Keep prepping–just take it easy while your body heals.

      • Moe,

        I plan on letting him know… I go back next Wednesday for a check up. I should have been given at least a couple of day’s worth of pain meds to go home on… Good grief… My sister said he was going to give me a few, but somewhere along the way, I never received any. It was terrible. I will also let the hospital know on their survey how Kroger acted.

        This is just in.. A-n-t-i-f-a intends to overthrow the gov’t. It’s going to get bad. REALLY bad. They should have shut down day one in Portland and Seattle.


        • Hope that pain is going away. Nasty how Kroger acted.

          The radical left is infiltrated all thru US — gov’t, military, education, etc. This is going to get very very ugly, especially if election results tied up (which they will be). If Trump declares martial law, the left will go nuts. If Trump dragged out of WH w/o declaring martial law, the Dems will and it’ll be game on. I don’t trust much of the gov’t. Soros got plenty of commies in as prosecutors.
          Pentagon infiltrated, say they don’t want to play, but some appear to want to yank Trump out. Mil/Ind complex bent out of shape. CCP pulling strings. Oh my, what could possibly go wrong (/sarc).

  17. 1. As a prepper, are you considering homeschooling? Why or why not?
    Kids long grown and gone.

    2. What type of features would you want in a biometric gun safe?
    Too many movies — I don’t want some jerk cutting off a finger or pulling out an eyeball. Yuck. Max would be electronic with key bypass.

    3. Is there anything either presidential candidate could say or do at this point to change the way you plan on voting in November – why or why not?
    Nope. Harris/Biden (snicker) ticket leads to radical left collectivism and I ain’t going there.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    Not what I planned as now I have a painful right arm & shoulder. Have to be careful how I move it. I think it might be from how I sleep on left side and put arm over too far and high to left. Arthritis getting worse and getting pain in hands & wrists (weather change doesn’t help). Hurts, darn it. I did manage to buy a few food stuffs and store most of what I’ve bought in the last few weeks. Seriously running out of storage shelves.

    • Mari,

      Hope your pain goes away… Not a good time for any of us to be slowed down by pain. Got too much to get done.

      My sister is here… She’s not a prepper… Last week, she was complaining about how much/how many and why do you need of this or that… I used “Jean’s” advice and told her “That we each have our different focus”, along with some other responses, and now she’s more accepting and doesn’t make anymore comments for the most part. She’s telling me she needs to get back home to continue getting rid of stuff and organizing at her house, but it’s not along those prep lines. I was surprised to learn that she has a whole house, natural gas generator and changed out all her appliances and water heater to gas. Smart move, but it’s not like having an oil lamp in case the gas supply line gets damaged…

      • Thank you, AT. Yeah, it’s getting to be a bit much trying to work around. The brain is willing but the body having a tuff time keeping up.

        I emphasize re your sister. Nice move to gas, but it won’t be so nice if gas lines compromised and then power transformers shot out. Have you ever given her a short list of critical items? My DD and SIL down between Baltimore and DC will likely discover that mommy ain’t so stupid after all. There’s a huge power station not far from them and they have the dumb idea that they will never have a problem due to underground lines to their area. They have end unit condo about 200 yards across the power line right of way to low income housing that’s already been giving them problems (keyed cars, busted apart playground, smashed bottles, etc).

        Stay safe.

          • Hi Mari,

            No, not going there. She doesn’t think there’s going to be a famine either. Been trying for years, so has my brother. We’re done.

        • Hi, AT. Frustrating when loved ones don’t want to pay more attention. I have a boomer friend from HS in OH who’s convinced they’ll be fine with a full freezer. And feels safe because a police station is a block away. We can lead them to water, but . . .

          Here I am annoyed with myself for not ordering newer OP seed.

  18. Thor’s questions
    1. With the death of Ruth Ginsburg, do you think it will energize both bases or one?
    The left will go nuts. The right will push back and go ahead with nomination.

    2. Do you think Trump will nominate a replacement for Ginsburg?
    Yes. He really needs to get someone confirmed especially with election fraud lawsuits coming.

    3. Have you heard of 2 natural gas pipelines being attacked?
    I heard of first one and that it was “accidental.” Heard of second one but nothing about it. If there are four, then there’s something going on. Sign of things to come?

    4. Are you ready for all that is headed our way? Physically, mentally and tactically?
    Not great for physically. Mentally okay and can adjust however needed. Tactically, it’s just me as can’t count on DP. Best move for DP’s local family is to head to one place that is better for defense.

    • AT,

      Sadly, this does not surprise me in the least. Probably all those off-duty officers have are their service pistols and issued ammo load. They are allowed to carry concealed off-duty in NYC, but otherwise have to follow the firearms laws 100%


    • Insurrection as expected. The NYPD guys have been seeking for awhile, quietly. And people ignore me when I ask for comments re vests. I wasn’t joking. Here in NJ, few are wasting ammo at the range except for zeroing in hunting firearms.


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