What I Did To Prep This Week: September 20th– September 26th 2020

Hello Pack, I hope you all have had a productive and enlightening week of prepping. This week we have had a host of good and bad things happen on our survival homestead.

Tallulah, one of our Pygora fiber goats (in the center of the three white goats in the photo above) broke her leg. I am not sure how, and when, but sometime between turn out in the morning, and when I decided to lounge in the hot tub in the early afternoon, she limped over to find me.

It looks to me that she caught her hoof on something when jumping, and it broke too badly for a splint we could have put on, to work – it is too distorted.

We did not put her down. I am sure it hurts, but she is getting around alright on three legs, just like the goat herd leader Pearl has had for over two years after surviving a dog attack.

We are continuing to keep an eye on the leg and Tallulah, but so far it seems to be an injury that she is going to be able to live with.

She jumped up into the side-by-side, then onto the seat, and into the back of the buggy in search of any leavings from the feed bags that were in there earlier.

Thankfully, after I put her in a stall to rest, Pearl is being very kind to Tallulah and hanging out with her. It was like she instantly knew Tallulah was hurt and needed her, so she didn’t not ram her or horn her to run the young goat out of her way.

Pearl is not a very magnanimous herd leader, she even runs the horses of their feed – would be shocked at how fast our original three-legged goat can run and how strong she is… both physically and mentally.

Tallulah and Pearl chilled out in the stall for most of the day after she was injured. But come evening when the rest of the horse, mini donkey, and goat herds headed down to the side pasture to graze, Pearl and Tallulah did their own thing and grazed around by the barn.

Pearl is very pregnant at the moment, the only time she does not roam about and forage as much becauses the extra weight is hard on her three legs, I figure.

This morning, Tallulah was the first goat to meet me at the chicken coop for feed, and once again hopped into the side-by-side in search of crumbs.

I hate that she got injured, but am very happy that she did not have to be put down. I am keeping extra hay in the stall for her to eat and rest upon; she likes to lean when she naps now, and must be more comfortable.

Tallulah is also pregnant for the first time, but thankfully will have a while yet before she puts any real extra weight on to worry about balancing. Counting Tallulah and Pearl, we have three pregnant goats at the moment, so there will be lots of milking, cheesemaking, and soap-making in my future.

On the positive side, one of our young Bantam hens sat and hatched her first clutch of eggs. I love our banty hens, they are always the best layers and sitters out of any breed we have ever kept – and don’t mind adopting eggs of lazy hens.

I believe the banty breed is the best chicken option for any prepper. Sure, you will have to keep a lot more of them to garner the amount of meat you will need to feed and put up for your family during a SHTF scenario, but they take up only half the space of standard size chicken breeds to raise.

They are exceptionally farm smart when free ranging, hot and cold weather hardy, and excellent sitters so you never have to worry about an incubator or a way to power it to make a flock sustainable.

We are in the midst of getting ready to leave for Prepper Camp now. It sold out once again. I am incredibly excited to be going again this year. There are more than 50 classes offered every hour, including the homesteading homeschool course I will be instructing.

The tomahawk throwing and machete combat classes are high on my to do list, along with some herbal remedies and wild food gardening classes. My beloved is most excited about the beekeeping and blacksmithing classes.

This Week’s Questions

  1. What chicken breeds do you keep, and why?
  2. Do you keep or want to keep goats as part of your survival livestock? Why or why not?
  3. What is your favorite survival homesteading – prepper event to attend, or you would like to attend?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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    • Had to put puppy in his holding area while the air conditioning repairman from the company that I bought the air conditioners from was preforming routine warranty maintenance. I showed him the fence preps so he wouldn’t get injured. He liked the preparations. I had a G17 strapped on and asked him what he thought about the current riot situations. He said he thought there will be a civil war coming soon. He showed me his recently purchased G19 and said it was his first handgun purchased this year and told me his wife had a .40 Cal and had recently scored 1,000 rounds of .40 Cal from a friend who sold his .40 Cal. He said he is trying to buy an AR15 but having a hard time finding one.After he left puppy was let out and immediately went to the air conditioners where the man was. What a nose!!!

      Started deploying barbed wire on fence.
      Bought 4 Magpul gen 2 mags and 2 G17 mags
      Loaded 6 new mags.
      Practiced response plans to attack scenarios/ home invasions, fire drills.
      Purchased a new gun safe. Main use is a giant door stop with guns and armor inside.?
      Purchased diamond aluminum for lower level front window protection. ( With Molotov cocktails being used in riots, it seems to be a better idea than plywood.)

      Picked a few more peppers
      I have some volunteers growing of cucumbers, zucchini or squash growing.

      20 lbs of rice
      10 lbs of pasta
      More meat
      More dog food ?

      Freeze dryer
      Freeze dried 2 trays of hamburger, 1 tray of steak and 1 tray of chicken.
      Freeze dried 2 trays of soup, 2 trays of milk.
      Filtered 2 qts of vacuum pump oil.

      Bought 4 cases of water.

      Charged Kodiak solar generator
      Charged portable comms.

      Thor’s questions
      1. Will they rioting ever stop?

      2. Will Trump deploy the Marines after the election?

      3. Do you think the announcement at 5 EST, of the SCOTUS pick will set off more riots by the left?

      4. Was Amy the best pick?

      5. Have you practiced responses to being attacked at your home?

      • Thor’s questions

        1. Will they rioting ever stop?

        Eventually it will. How it is caused to stop is up in the air right now.

        2. Will Trump deploy the Marines after the election?

        I don’t think Marines will necessarily be his first, or only, pick. Technically, using the Marines does not trigger the Posse Comitatus Act as the Corps and Navy are not affected by the Act. But, if Trump invokes the Insurrection Act, active duty Army and Air Force troops could be deployed. The Air Force is limited as to how many people they could activate as the majority are not trained in infantry or riot control tactics. Moreover, the Security Forces, who are trained, will be needed to guard and protect Air Force bases and assets. I don’t think he will deploy any active duty troops unless National Guard troops are overwhelmed or ineffective. The National Guard is more effective these days because many were deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan and are more experienced as a result. Plus, many former active duty troops often join the Guard and bring their experience with them. Additionally, many Army Guard units have been training in riot control lately. Marine infantry units train in riot control normally as part of their workups for Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) deployments.

        3. Do you think the announcement at 5 EST, of the SCOTUS pick will set off more riots by the left?
        Count on it. If they don’t start sooner.

        4. Was Amy the best pick?

        I think she is a good pick.

        5. Have you practiced responses to being attacked at your home?

        Yes. As I mentioned in my response to Tara’s post, I’ve been reconning the area examining approach routes, ranges, dead space, etc. I don’t plan to do any shooting unless I am directly affected by lethal force. If that occurs, somebody will likely get hurt other than me.

      • Thor1:

        Thor’s questions
        1. Will they rioting ever stop? It will eventually stop. The reason for them stopping depends upon the election.

        2. Will Trump deploy the Marines after the election? He could, and may be setting some cities up by declaring them “in rebellion”. The Dept of the Navy (which includes the Marines) is NOT subject to Posse Comitatus. It only only applied to the Army (and the Air Force because they came from the Army). The DON has stated that they will follow the dictates of PC, but are not legally required to.

        3. Do you think the announcement at 5 EST, of the SCOTUS pick will set off more riots by the left? Has the world ended yet? I chuckle when they rant about her being a Catholic; like Biden and Pelosi.

        4. Was Amy the best pick? I think they will have a real problem NOT getting her in.

        5. Have you practiced responses to being attacked at your home? Mentally, always. Physically, not so much.

        • JP, Yes how far does their hypocrisy go…….

          Even the Pope is a hypocrite…….he went to the UN …..and basically gave Christianity up.

      • Thor’s questions:
        1)Rioting: Not according to K Harris until we are totally under a socialist dictatorship.
        2) Deploying the military-that will be hard to say. Unless it is for the protection of Washington DC.
        3) Now anything that President Trump does up until the election will bring about rioting.
        It is, paid for, how else are they so organized. It only takes a certain persons money which has been filtered through certain non profit organizations to be used for the brainless minions to show up for work.
        4) Actually acdh like the other lady that was in the selection process for the position. She was of Latin descent, her record for court cases must have passed his ok approval.
        5) NO, we live on a dead end road & there is not much which goes by that we are not aware of. Yes, we should be up on defending ourselves. Hard when one of you is the chef of everything because the other is disabled. He could still take down the bad guys but the run-dive stuff he could do when he was in the military is off the agenda now.

  1. This Week’s Questions

    1. What chicken breeds do you keep, and why? Our 8×14′ back yard barely supports our Chawinnie.

    2. Do you keep or want to keep goats as part of your survival livestock? Why or why not? The jury is still out on goat in our future.

    3/ What is your favorite survival homesteading – prepper event to attend, or you would like to attend? We have managed to attend one fair, in Spokane. But just getting there and back is an all day affair.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well…

    Had a gun show over the last weekend. Good time for us. Took and sold a lot of 5.56 62 gr LAP that I was planning to divest myself of anyway, at killer prices ($.75/round). Started pairing down our 115 gr 9mm (as we are going to use 124 gr), it’s going for $20/box for FMJ and $40/box for JHP. Bought 3 hand guns and sold 1, along with a shotgun I took with us. Found some old military 30-06 AP. Used the proceeds to kill off another CC.

    Our ranch supply store got in a load of ammo this week. Picked up .223, 9mm, 45 ACP, and 7.62×51. My observation is the stores are still getting their regular shipments. The issue is with those who are buying more than usual, even with purchase limits.

    We finally got rain! Saturday, we had rain off and on all day. Cleared out a lot of smoke! Sunday was clear and cool!

    One of our “local” grocery stores is back to carrying some Augason Farms cans and buckets!

    My “base line” source for pasta has gone up over 10%, @ to $.89/lb. This week the local grocery has it on sale for $.75.

    My SIL and I have the same birthday. One of the better restaurants in town gives you a discount on your birthday equal to your age. So, we feed 4 people for the price of 3!

    Supply Run: UHT milk; canned meals; pasta; ammo; pantry stuff; sugar; AF Cheese blend; AF Black Bean burger mix;

    Received: MIRA Safety Geiger-1 Portable Dosimeter/Geiger Counter; AF scrabbled egg mix; Book: Contact by Max Velocity; AF fruit bucket; AF peanut butter powder; Thyrosafe (Iodine), 20/box @ 65 mg;

  2. Good morning everyone. I have gotten a good amount of rain down my way, which was much needed. Prior to the rain, I spent time cleaning out the small garden I had, composting and all that kind of stuff. Getting ready for fall. I went to Cabela’s last Sunday and they had certainly been cleaned out of ammo and handguns. Thanks to lessons I have learned from this site, I have plenty on hand of both.

    I had plans to go to Prepper Camp this weekend, but it didn’t workout, so will definitely do it next year. I really enjoyed the Appalachian Homesteading Conference in Cookeville, Tn. I’ve been to that one twice. Lots of good information and demonstrations.

    Fall is definitely on the way and I am happy to give my air conditioner a rest! Just hoping I don’t have to switch to heat too soon! Getting ready to go to the beach next week for a late vacation in S. Carolina.

    I think I will be glad when 2020 is over! So sick of this virus/pandemic thing, and all the media chatter. The media has worn out their welcome in my home, so I don’t listen to it, if I can help it.

    If a virus med is approved before years end, anyone in this group willing to get it? Not me!

    Have a great week

  3. I did my grocery shopping twice this week and added to my food stash. No PM this week.

    #2 GD has gained a lot of weight since birth (nearly three pounds) and she is sleeping through a large part of the night too. Not bad for an almost one month old. She has already outgrown the preemie clothes she first wore. Cute as a button too.

    #1 GD finally got to meet her new cuz. My son came over last Sunday with his troupe. #1 GD was a little disappointed she couldn’t play with her cousin like she expected. She’s starting to understand that a newborn just isn’t strong enough to play like an active four-year old. We told her that #2 will be able to play a little more when she’s about six-months old and can sit up. #1 got to hold her cousin and was very gentle and loving.

    Also, #1 GD seems to have accepted the death of one of their cats rather well. Better than her mom did.
    I was reading an article the other day that reported the feds have charged over 300 people with crimes related to rioting, etc. Makes my heart soar like a hawk (to quote Old Lodge Skins from “Little Big Man.”) They need to charge more dirtbags.

    I don’t know how many of you know of the war correspondent Michael Yon. He is an ex-Green Beret and spent a lot of time reporting as an independent in Iraq and Afghanistan. He knows his war business, particularly insurgencies as that is what Green Berets specialize in. He was reporting on the insurgency in Hong Kong until February when the ChiComs kicked him out. He had been living in Thailand before and after Hong Kong and reported on riots and such in that country several years ago. Anyway, he has just come back to the States to work the problems going on here. He is originally from Florida and still considers Winter Haven, FL his hometown. However, he is in Oregon right now.

    He thinks Portland and Seattle have become third-world cities. He has been applying some of his knowledge on insurgencies and one of the first things he’s done was read the graffiti. He says the crap written up on walls in Portland and Seattle is 6th-grade level writing, or worse, and is very vague and imprecise in the demands. He compared it to the graffiti he saw in Hong Kong, Bagdad, and Bangkok and thinks it is very poorly done. No graffiti in Afghanistan he said. There people either smile at you or shoot at you.

    I think Yon is an important person to have back in the States looking at the crap going on. He is honest and to the point. In Iraq and Afghanistan, he had no problems pointing out where things were going good and bad and who was responsible. In fact, he was instrumental in two allied generals getting fired from their commands in Afghanistan. US General Stanley McCrystal (who was the top general in Afghanistan) and Canadian Brigadier General Daniel Menard. McCrystal was just fired and retired. Menard was court-martialed, reduced to colonel, then retired (but he had also violated some regs aside from being incompetent). Yon was viewed as a rock star by the troops, particularly US and British troops as he went on patrols with them all of the time, unlike most journalists and reporters. Once, in Iraq, he armed himself during a firefight and did some shooting. The Army was upset with him, but the troops loved it.

    He has been kicked off Facebook and Twitter because he is not nice about Communist China and liberal politicians (he also slams conservative politicians when required. Trump is not his favorite Republican). So, he is primarily posting his “dispatches” on Patreon now.

    The link to Yon’s Patreon account: https://www.patreon.com/MichaelYon His dispatches are a little short these days as he is busy trying to research what is going on, who the players are, etc. He is also trying to get himself re-equipped as he lost a lot of stuff when deported from Hong Kong. I contribute money to him periodically.

    I have been doing some recon around my apartment complex. Just trying to get a good grip on the terrain, directions of approach, ranges, dead space, etc. Good excuse for a walk too. I have a handheld laser rangefinder and a handheld thermal imager. The rangefinder is pretty good, but the imager is inexpensive and as a result not that great. #1 GD loves to look through the imager when it’s set for full color spectrum. I’d love to have a military grade thermal imager, but we’re talking really big bucks, same with mil grade night vision.

    It’s autumn in Florida. Which makes absolutely no difference as the temperatures are still in the 90s. A little short on rain lately too.

    This Week’s Questions

    1. What chicken breeds do you keep, and why?

    No chickens. My son has two, a roo and a hen, but I don’t know what breed. He had more hens, but something has been killing them off.

    2. Do you keep or want to keep goats as part of your survival livestock? Why or why not?

    No goats and no place to keep them.

    3. What is your favorite survival homesteading – prepper event to attend, or you would like to attend?

    I’ve always been interested in medical matters.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    • Zulu, fun to hear about your GDs. The little one will grow like a weed, so it won’t be long until playtime. Interesting link re Michael Yon. I’ll keep an eye on that, and thanks for the link. And I’m another one who wishes she had really good thermals.

  4. It’s fall in Florida. We had temperatures in the 70s one day this week. Now it’s back up to the low 90s. SEC football starts today. I am so excited I can barely contain myself.

    Thor’s questions

    1. Will they rioting ever stop?

    Yes. Trump has deemed ANTIFA and the KKK domestic terrorists.

    2. Will Trump deploy the Marines after the election?

    He will invoke the Insurrection Act after the election.

    3. Do you think the announcement at 5 EST, of the SCOTUS pick will set off more riots by the left?


    4. Was Amy the best pick?

    Yes. I am really happy with his pick.

    5. Have you practiced responses to being attacked at your home?

    No, but I keep my G-19 on my nightstand and the Wolffeman will let us know if anyone steps on the property.

      • Zulu,

        I think both Ohio State and Penn State have excellent shots at the college football playoffs, especially now that LSU and Oklahoma have a loss. I don’t expect Georgia to be as good as they usually are this year, after settling on their fourth string quarterback. I think the SEC championship will be Florida vs. Alabama. I am hoping that either the Irish or Miami knocks off Clemson.

    • And right on time, an Antifa leader got caught embezzling at least $200K. I’m guessing DJT didn’t also name BLM for 2 reasons: 1) to not antagonize blacks, 2) gives donors the hint to stop donating. RICO anyone?

      • Mari,

        I saw that guy was named as a BLM leader on Fox News yesterday, He’s white, so it’s a good chance he is also Antifa since both groups are joined at the hip.

        • Zulu,

          The problem with BLM so far has been the lack of centralized leadership. I have many students and friends who support BLM. I cannot support them until they condemn the violence (which many have) and they set out clear demands for change. I do think changes need to be made. I support equal funding (adjusted for cost of living) for all children, regardless of which public school the child attends. Note that whites escaped to suburbia during the 1950s. The feds bankrolled the loans to construct massive suburbs. The feds demanded deed restrictions be placed on the new homes such that no person of African descent could purchase or rent a home in federally subsidized areas. I would also like to point out that black WWII veterans earned the G.I. Bill but were not able to use it because colleges were still segregated. There are two primary policies that created the white middle class: (1) Federally funded construction of the suburbs which caused “white flight” from the inner cities (and prevented blacks with financial means to do the same) and (2) The fact that black veterans could not use the G.I. bill to go to college or purchase a home with a V.A. loan.

          The problem in our country, at least as I see it, is that so many whites think, “Hey, I was never a slave holder and you were never a slave. You need to get over it. The U.S. is the land of opportunity. If you don’t succeed, the fault is yours.” But when you look at history, federal policy has disadvantaged blacks, especially black males. Nixon was even caught on tape saying, “We can’t call them niggers anymore.” He invented the War on Drugs to mass incarcerate blacks. Even the Democrats have played along. Jimmy Carter singed a bill passed by a Republican Congress that said, “If there is an able bodied man in that household, there is no reason the woman is drawing a welfare check. He needs to get his ass out there and get a job. The problem was that the U.S. was in a massive recession during the mid-70s when OPEC turned off the tap. The first jobs to be lost during a recession are blue collar jobs–jobs that black males were likely to have. You can’t tell a man he is wrong from not working if there are no jobs to be had. Women were forced to make a choice between the checks that fed their children or their husbands, who were now labeled loafers. Of course, the women chose to provide for their children and kicked out their husbands. I content this is a perversion: the man should be the head of household. As a result of the perversion of the black family, we saw an explosion of gang violence in the early 1980s along with a disturbing increase in teen pregnancy–fatherless girls went looking for daddy in another boy’s arms and got pregnant. If the feds had just included a clause that said, “The man has to attend trade school and/or apply for jobs” our society would be totally different today.

          • Hi, Bam Bam. I remember the garbage of throwing out the male whether he was the breadwinner or not. I was a youngling then (’60s), and I asked a friend how come so & so’s father had to leave. When she told me, the first thing out of my mouth was “Well, THAT’S stupid!” Not much in DC ever happens without it being planned. Talk about putting millions of women (black or white) & children on a plantation and keeping them there. So many kids 5th – 7th grade have been yanked by the gangs. Low-skilled mom off at low-paying job not home to help prevent this. Sharpton types and politicians holding back many who should be in charter schools, going to college, opening a business (gov’t preference is women and minority), etc. Then we have the teen mothers who convince their friends that they should do the same. I lived in low-mid income apt from ’74 – ’84 and things just got worse & worse in our small city, especially when they dragged people from inner cities to our area. What a nightmare. Hope DJT gets a 2nd term and really start whacking at these nasty games. Time for NAACP and other groups to stop playing stupid and help do something useful.

            Meanwhile, I’ve known so many who jumped the plantation and worked their butts off to achieve a good life. I applaud them all. It was nice in some rural areas where people worked together regardless of what race. Back in the day, it was great plopping down at a picnic table and snapping beans with the older ladies (black) & listening to great stories and almost risque jokes.

          • Bam Bam,

            It’s true that BLM doesn’t seem to have centralized leadership. However, the founders are avowed and trained Marxists. They proudly and loudly admit it. As a result, I have no faith or favor in BLM as anything other than an organization that advocates sedition and anarchy against the United States. Anyone who supports BLM has not been doing their homework, or has done their homework, and still prefers Marxism, sedition, and anarchy. With luck, BLM will be declared a terrorist organization along with Antifa and the KKK. I have never been fond of the KKK and developed a serious dislike for them while an MP in the Marines. I would rather deal with Black Panthers (who I was wasn’t fond of either).

            I am also a believer that as I have never owned slaves of any race, nor have any member of my family owned slaves that I can trace, I have no requirement to support any sort of reparations to people who have never been slaves either. Perhaps some of their ancestors were, but that is ancient history as far as I am concerned.

            I had some ancestors that were involuntary indentured servants. Arrested in Scotland for supposedly (probably) participating in the ’45 (a rising against England in 1745), they were shipped to the Americas and sold into servitude with English settlers. I don’t expect reparations for that. Also, ancient history.

            I knew the crap going on with welfare was coming when I was a teenager. My mother was a social worker in Wayne County, MI (Detroit’s county) and she told me what was coming and why. It started in the mid-1960s after LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act into law. Admittedly, the Republicans forced that law through, but things did get worse when the Dems decided they would pander to blacks and make Republicans look like the racists.

            Speaking of pandering to blacks, somewhat recently Pelosi and her ilk were posing with African scarves trying to prove their solidarity. The problem was the scarf pattern was of the Ashanti tribe. The Ashanti tribe was known to be the most active in capturing other Africans and selling them off to be slaves in the New World. Moreover, the Ashanti tribe is still in the habit of keeping black slaves for themselves.

            I suggest that you read some of the books written by Walter Williams (84) and particularly Thomas Sowell (90). Both are black, grew up in poor neighborhoods way back when, and still managed to get PhDs in economics and become well known professors at major universities. Both are very conservative in their politics. Sowell, in particular, is hard hitting at blacks who refuse to work to upgrade their economic conditions.

          • Zulu, sadly many libraries, such as here in NJ, have gotten rid of most conservative books. At my library’s catalog, there is 1 book by Sowell available in one library in central NJ. Maybe 3 or 4 conservative books in my library. Can’t even get books from next town over, which does has some, but have to live in that city. I commented to the clerk and he just kind of hemmed & hawed and agreed. Gets expensive to buy new hard copy or even on Kindle. Ranch Hope at Cowtown NJ used to have thousands of books for sale. I’m going to have to contact them. Sorry state of affairs.

  5. Hi from Douglasville,

    Not much I am willing to talk about today.

    Questions: No chickens in my yard.

    No goats, no livestock, just a couple of rescue dogs.

    I don’t attend any prepper social or teaching events. While I like to be around like minded people I am very particular about the ones I will spend any time with. A social event would not allow that luxury.

    Prepping this week consist of picking up some older electronic bits from an estate sale. Useful for tube testing and checking on CB signals so I’ve added those to my work bench. Picked up some stuff that might be a bit edgy for some, but if the grid goes down and we lose the net, one of the most frequently visited area of the net will be gone. I found a hoard of vintage erotica (or porn) magazines that might be useful for trading material she the stuff does hit the fan. In the meantime it is all in sealed boxes behind other junk in a place that no kids or innocents will be subjected to it. As for me, at almost 70 the whole thing is “meh” to me but I do see it having it’s place for barter.


    Oh, I put up a new 10 meter dipole. At some point 10 meters is going to come back and be very useful for long haul communications.

  6. 1. I have Rhode Island Reds, ISA Browns, Whiting True Blues, Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, and a couple of banties. I just added additional breeds this year. I’m wanting to see how they produce and tolerate our weather.
    2. I have dairy goats for milk. Their milk makes the best ice cream and cheese.
    3. I have never attended one, but I would like to. I’m especially interested in how others raise small animals, garden, cheese making, and communication.
    4. We are still camping. So, no preps except to get recharged and eliminate stress.

    I ordered more supplies for my nieces. Delivery is today and Monday. It’s their Christmas presents, but I’m having it sent early in case of another hurricane.

    Get ready. It’s going to get much worse. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    • I forgot to ask. When will more chapters of the book be posted? It’s been a long time since we’ve had one. Have I missed it somewhere?

      • Funny you should mention the book. I was reading a Backwood magazine yesterday and lamenting that we all got left hanging all those months ago. It was a great read while it was going and I always enjoyed having a new installment pop up.

  7. (1) I’ve purchased many different breeds of chickens over the years and I also hatch out fertile eggs on occasion, so my flock is a melting pot of breeds! “Yard bird” is my favorite breed, I guess….the cross-bred ones seem to be the prettiest ones to me. Barred rocks seem to be most calm; Rhode Island Reds are most aggressive, especially the Roos.
    (2) As my name reveals, I am a lover of goats–Nigerian Dwarf Goats in particular. I like their smaller, more manageable size. Their milk is the sweetest IMO. I’ve owned them for over 12 years now and just bought a new buckling last week to use as a future herd sire. I’ve used goat’s milk for everything from yogurt to cheese to kefir to soap. Their poop is like a slow-release fertilizer for my garden, too. I feel that Goats and chickens are the two animals that can provide you with the most variety of food for the least amount of land. I can feed them from my garden and bring them “browse” material from surrounding properties. They are a critical part of my self sufficiency.
    (3) I’m more likely to be asked to teach others than to attend an event. I keep a low profile, but I do have some friends and acquaintances who contact me with questions on preparedness and homesteading. I’d like to get better trained with some of our self defense items……nuff said.
    (4) Preps this week included planted the second raised bed with bush-style green beans, receiving in yet another order of seeds; making and freezing several meals of eggplant parmesan using those eggplants I grew (delicious!) and receiving in an order of goat supplies from Jeffers Livestock.

      • Needles/syringes for giving shots; Valbazen and Ivermectin for deworming; CDT vaccines; Fight-Bac teat spray for after milking; plenty of loose goat minerals in an air-tight dog food container (My girls prefer Purina Brand minerals). Scour halt; Banamine (Rx from a vet) Name-brand Pepto Bismol for occasional loose stools; probiotics, Pro-Pen antibiotics; Ammonium chloride crystals for bucks to prevent urinary calculi…..those are my “basics”. Oh yeah, a bag or two of IV fluids if you have medical connections.

  8. No farm animals of any kind – no room and the town officials have outlawed all farm animals except chickens. I would love to attend a prepped type event but they are usually too far or this year cancelled.
    The state has had rain a couple of times which help with the fires but it will be awhile until all the fires are out.
    Picked up some split peas, navy beans, a case of tomato juice as well as some odds and ends. Now to get them in the house and secured.
    Did something wrong this week and am dealing with some bone deep pain in the shoulders and one hip. Consequently this weekend looks like it is going to be a quiet weekend.

      • I’ll look into it. I’ve joked with a couple of friends that I may need to become a snow bird. Summers at home and winters in Arizona. I hadn’t planned to be crippled up with arthritis for at least another 30 or 40 years.

        • Suzy q, yeah I hoped the same thing. Stuck w/rheumatoid & osteoarthritis, and am on methotrexate plus Remicade infusions. Damp or changing weather hurts. The DP claims Australian Dream helps when he gets a bout of arthritis.

          • Mari and Suzy Q, + ALL> Moringa is available at our local wal mart store. It and a multi type collagen is helping my ligament injury and arthritic pain. I also have Rheum. and Osteo. (benefit of )having Lyme disease 20+ yrs ago
            There is a post on the other blog on shortages..one post is info, there is more…. from old homesteader. here is part you need to know now.
            “Was in a conversation today am told FEMA wants building for offices and food distribution. Need check it out more , But a question ?will FEMA take products that were intended for stores and use controls to see that the right people get what they need ?
            If and when I find out more will update”

            I have Americana, Some Americana -Columbian Wyandot cross, some Production Blues and a single RIR hen..The Americana are very good foragers., they are very alert to all surroundings. the Columbian roo i had was an extremely good protector. The Columbian hens were big, sweet and very slow… makes it hard to free range unless. you have some other protection for them… I got the Production Blues to add to my laying flock for longer egg production thru this winter. They are just beginning to lay. I got them early May.with a different line of Americana. I got 3 with hopes of a Americana Roo and did get one. and two beautiful hens.. No milking animals of any kind. don’t care for the goat milk i have tried, Fresh is too expensive here.Arthritic hands – naw i am not into goats. and cows milk is off the table.unless pre treated with enzyme
            .I do have rabbit. Rabbits are considered a pet…One would not need to tell anyone else you are raising them for meat… another case of harvest, eat , enjoy..and close yap.
            we do not travel, camp etc. and Sundays are already taken.so nothing additional is scheduled EVER for that day….. We are home, leaving for even overnight is very hard….and would need to depend on others who are already busy…. Any group info would need to be online., cheap and recorded so i can hit replay for …”He said what? or I did not hear all of that….type moments.
            so Are guinea pigs(cuy) they are a delicacy in Peru.. each animal is enough for a family. They require stable temp. can be fed with herbicide free grass./weeds, and are prolific.
            Preps for last 2 week included topping off perceived needs.. body wash,dish soap,tp, pt. bleach, vinegar, baking soda, razors. assessing needs securing what is in hand.

          • AA,

            Coincidentally, my Ex brought me a new pack of moringa to go along with the turmeric she also got me a week or so ago. I’ll try it out starting tomorrow (Sat). I’ve been taking the turmeric for over a week, but haven’t really noticed a difference yet.

          • AA, I never even gave Moringa a thought. I’ve tried Devil’s Claw, Boswellia, Ashwaganda, Turmeric, but none made much difference. One of the few I haven’t tried is Chuchuwasi (spelling is wrong), but not recommended due to the Remicade. What multi-collagen do you use?

  9. Hi everyone,

    This week has been still kinda slow, but my sister and I managed to get the kitchen straightened out. I bought another wire shelf to put implements that aren’t used regularly on. Canning pots are there, as well as choppers, dicers, slicers, etc. I went thru things as we put stuff up and I am getting ready to take some stuff the to thrift store in a few minutes. Thinking about having another yard sale the middle of October.

    We managed to eat out only 3 times while she was here for the 2 1/2 weeks. We made roast with carrots, potatoes, onions and diced canned tomatoes. Ate on that one day, then made veggie beef soup, adding green beans and corn and ate on that at least 3 more times. We made a pot of beans with ham and cornbread and ate that for 3 more meals. She made kale soup yesterday, and we ate it for lunch and supper. It’s so good. I have some left over for supper tonight and then still a little I could freeze. Glad to get some of the extra food and older canned food eaten on to make room for more. Thursday was my 60th B-day, and we went to a tea room for lunch. It was really good.

    I have apples and pears to work on tomorrow. Bought 72 eggs will pick up tomorrow as well. Going to try my hand at the lyme water like AA does. Maybe pickle some of them too.

    Nothing purchased recently, but my sister did like the Long Lost Remedies book I had. She left today, and took with her some furniture my cousin had bought, leaving me a little room in the shed. She was absolutely dreading leaving, and finally left at 12:30, heading to North Carolina with a rental car that we had to figure out… She wouldn’t leave until her phone GPS was working. We had to call Verizon and get some things cleared out and reset, and then it finally picked up her current location. WAY too tech dependent…. She is really directionally challenged. She used to use the Tom-tom… I think she was a little sad to leave too. I think she really likes the peace and quiet here. And we didn’t have to go anywhere much and my kitty liked her brushing him every day. We will miss her for sure.

    That’s it for now. Headed out the door.

    Prayers for the pack, for those with unspoken requests, for The President and for America. The debate should be interesting. i hope Sleepy Joe doesn’t get sick or anything like that. I saw a pic with him having a “hearing piece”, but not sure if it was a hearing aid or was a wired piece that someone could talk to him on…. Makes me wonder.

    Have a great week ya’ll.

  10. Hello, it’s been a very busy week actually a busy month and were almost finished with September, yikes. We are finishing up on paperwork for my mother in law, move to Sacramento , she will be closer to all her family and easier for us when we drive or my husband, has to fly in. I worked on more apple’s, canned up 7 more Quarts, you can’t beat homemade pie, in the winter month’s. We’ve had so much rain the last 5 day’s, and next week we are supposed to have 5 days of warm weather, so I’m going to keep painting our house, it’s not a Prepping thing but my house looks so much better. Right now we will be getting the house, yard, and the camper, all winterized, buy the middle of October, I’m hoping we will have a great October, it’s been a long time since we’ve had a really nice fall.

    Take care all and have a great weekend.

    Questions 1&2&3 No animals, any longer but we had Milking Shorthorn, and lambs, as a FFA project.

  11. 1. What chicken breeds do you keep, and why? No chickens and not really anyplace to put them if I did.

    2. Do you keep or want to keep goats as part of your survival livestock? Why or why not? No goats, but I’d love to have a dwarf or two if I could have some.

    3. What is your favorite survival homesteading – prepper event to attend, or you would like to attend? No events anywhere near us.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Put a few more foodstuffs away. Almost out of room. Picked a few more frying peppers. Made banana-nut bread (yeah, I know, it ain’t prepping but it tastes good). Twisted lower back so that gets added to the boo-boo right arm & shoulder. Bought enough apples to make & can applesauce hopefully tomorrow. Hope I can stand up long enough, especially when working backwards at the stove due to one untrustworthy burner.

    DP getting it re riot violence. He told me that he saw a guy in one of the riots on TV with a long stick (broom handle?) with a big knife taped to the top. He actually said, “Don’t take a knife to a gunfight.” I smiled & patted him on the shoulder. Yeah, he’s a work in progress. Today, he even told me there was another shooting in town. No nasty looks anymore if talk about defense, except for when I described how to make toe poppers. Got lots of rebar pieces, but he’d likely choke if I asked him if he could borrow a bigger grinder. LOL. Maybe I should put him in charge of helping peel apples.

  12. Thor’s questions
    1. Will they rioting ever stop? Only when totally beaten down, and even then they’ll sneak around later and maybe join in with jihadis.

    2. Will Trump deploy the Marines after the election? Only if BLM doesn’t lay off using people for their purposes. If National Guard, Feds, and groups such as NAACP can’t stop it (and conservatives start to rock & roll), then he’ll have to declare National Emergency or Insurrection and bring in Marines. Problem is, I’m hearing from Marine step-GD that many/most have pledged not to fire on citizens. Well, bring a good baton instead for starters. Radical left sure wouldn’t like USUCMJ or Obama’s EO #13603.

    3. Do you think the announcement at 5 EST, of the SCOTUS pick will set off more riots by the left? Just another excuse for riots.

    4. Was Amy the best pick? Probably. She’s fine by me.

    5. Have you practiced responses to being attacked at your home? No physical practice. But putting tactical in my brain. Not a very defensible property so all would depend on how many attackers and their weaponry. One huge problem is that DP doesn’t hear very well even with hearing aids, so he’s going to have to watch for hand signals. Old dogs, new tricks.

    • Mari,

      Most Marines I have contact with are willing to participate in riot control and knocking Antifa for a loop. What they are not willing to do is what they will be unlikely to be ordered to do – fire on crowds of lawfully protesting citizens. People shooting at them are dead meat as they are not lawfully protesting. They will follow their rules of engagement as long as they are legal.

      • Zulu, that’s pretty much my opinion too. Truly hope it doesn’t come to that, but . . .
        I posted a link down below re Rev 2020. The BS has gone so far in especially the last 12 years, and so many have bought into it hook, line & sinker. So sad.

  13. 1. What chicken breeds do you keep, and why?
    Ans: I like Australarps or mixes with Australarp. Good natured and heard. 1/2 Australarp and 1/2 Rhode Island Reds are a pretty blue gray chicken.
    2. Do you keep or want to keep goats as part of your survival livestock? Why or why not?
    Ans: more than I’m up to. I’d like the milk source and like goats.
    3. What is your favorite survival homesteading – prepper event to attend, or you would like to attend?
    Ans: never have attended so don’t know.
    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    Ans: I bought 26, 1/2 – 3/4 grown pullets. Working as fast as the body will allow to get a chicken coop finished up. For the moment I have 7 dog crates stacked in the laundry toom, full of chicks and 2 more in the front yard with my new ducks in them. Neighbor had planned to help but is suddenly busy so I’m working as fast as I can. Carrying materials to site then I’ll start assembling it. I grew up doing construction but the pain is really slowing me down. I’m defiantly still healing but its way too slow to make me happy.

  14. Taras comments

    i also keep bantams, they brood anything i give them and would even raise turkeys if i gave them the chicks, in my experience they only eat 1/3 the feed of a full size chicken and their prolific eggs are half the size of a regular hens by weight. i don’t bother butchering for meat, i kill the young roosters if i have too many, too much work for so little and the feed saved is more valuable elsewhere. i also keep buff orpingtons, they brood and i give their eggs to bantams to hatch, the hens go for $30 each at local auctions and the roosters when full size are meaty. i keep about a dozen hens at any time and up to 2 roosters, i got an unrelated rooster chick this spring and he is just full size now (genetic diversity). with al the auctions in a slump this year i only allowed the flocks to hatch what i need to replace birds that die in winter (or get frostbit toes and hobble on stumps), mostly all i got were roosters this year from the buffs so they will all go in the canner in november leavign the old one and the unrelated one who will be switched out in spring (bantams in coop 1, the old rooster and hens in coop 2, the young ones no longer tended by a hen in coop 3, the unrelated rooster tagged on the leg).

    yes but not at this time, my neighbors daughter keeps goats and paid me to build her an 11×20 goat barn this spring. i want them for butter and cheese so i don’t have to buy it in town 15 miles away when i have to walk, bike, or get a ride. this year has been very bad financially, no expansions, half the area is still unemployed so nobody is really buying anything i have to sell, i sold a shed a few weeks ago, had $20 to my name when i did, then i refilled my chicken feed supply, dog and cat food, paid down the stump pulling debt and had a couple bucks left over for tractor gas. then was broke again all month till i built a cabinette for my neighbors kitchen on friday, and then the money was gone again by saturday morning buying more supplies i was out of. its just not the right time to get goats as i can’t aford that expansion and its not good for me or them to attempt it.

    i don’t go to anywhere anymore, in fact its rare that i even go into town anymore, maybe once a month with a list of critical supplies.

    what i did this month? since the last time i was here i put a lot more work into revisions for my book it has a lot of don’t tread on me meets for your own good (a real life experience) rural vs suburban mindsets, homesteading and self reliance, world famous mathematical pysicists, king tuts curse, james bond wannabees who sell homemade machineguns on the street, nothing in it is fiction and thats all the stuff i talk about from before i graduated high school! broke i was barelly able to keep any gas in the tractor so i been working on the book in the down time. i cut fence posts to sell, moved firewood out to the roadside to sell, i sold 3 full cords for $500 but imediatly used it to pay down my stump debt, still owe the guy $600. i used some of the lumber i had milled earlier in the year and all my remaining roofing metal (seconds, used, stuff i traded firewood for, etc) and built a 20×10 polebarn woodshed then filled it. i didn’t do the taller wall yet with siding becasue i hope to sell more wood and pay off my debt, then buy roofing and double the woodshed as an A frame roof, then i will be able to get other stuff squared away and with luck have a little cash to spare over winter for a prepaid cell with teather for internet.

    my blue heeler was stolen friday while i was working on the porch making the cabinette, he bolted off after something on the far side of the field like he frequently does, then he didn’t come back, i went looking for him, and spent all day looking, then yesterday i heard from a guy at a camp 2 miles south that someone he knows picked up a dog like mine near my farm and thought he belonged to soemone else on the far side of town, picked him up and dumped him off over there. thats where my investigation ended and i sent word out, my neighbors made fliers and posted on facebook, i went and talked to the idiot who picked him up and called him and idiot, then i contacted the shelters and animal control and told them his dog tag number and his description and sent them a picture.

    then last night at 10pm i woke to a car pull up and a door open and close, i barelly got out of bed with a flasholight as they pulled away, i went to the door and my heeler jumped on the porch and then jumped up on me. i don’t know who found him and brought him back, maybe someone who saw a flier or on facebook, maybe the idiot who picked him up felt like and idiot and went out and got him. just wasn’t the same without him.

    uploading 2 pictures, 1 of me in the fall with my heeler when we walked 7 miles north to get a breakfast sandwich in the fall for me and some deli meat ends for him from a truck stop then walked back. then the other is my woodshed 4 days after i built it and started filling it



    i was only online again yesterday to email pictures to animal control and the shelter, then i went back out today to tell them he was found last night, if not for that i might not have been here

    also, sorry to hear about your goats leg Tarra, i don’t recall if you said you were going to splint it but that seems like a good idea for medical practice

    • nemoseto:

      Glad to hear from you. Sad and happy about your dog’s adventures. It would be nice if he learned, but dogs learn different things from the same experience. At least he’s home and happy.

      Glad you are able to turn down the debt and still get things done at home. We had a “revenue positive” month in September. I would be real nice for a second one in October. The way things are shaping up, being out from under a debt obligation and having a full pantry are looking like a real good plan.

  15. Sorry to hear about your goat being injured before you leave for your Preppers Camp.
    Tara’s questions:
    1) We had chickens years ago, but they were dh’s project to keep him busy while I was working. As to the breed, I have no idea except we had fresh eggs.
    2) We had goats but got rid of them because of the damage they did to dh’s rose bushes. They were not same breed you have in the photo, these were the larger meat goats for this area.
    3) We do not live in area conducive to learning old fashion knowledge any longer. When the outlanders moved in to this area they shoved the forestry workers, ranchers out of the area.
    Doom & Bloom on their medical training programs.

  16. i’m still behind on buying boots, though i think my current pair can last a few more months…


    jk, these are the boots i had until mid 2017 and what they looked like before i tossed them and got new ones, $120 timberland hiking boots after only a year, wallmart boots look like that after only 4 months, my current pair are talking/flapping at the toes on one but nowhere as bad as my pair last i took a picture

    • nemoseto, glad to see you made back. Nice on the shed, and you’re probably the best wood stacker. Ummm, hope you’re planning on an extra pair of boots unless you’re into cobbling a rawhide pair.

      • lol, these were an old pair i wore in 2017, then replaced just when that picture was taken (about a year of use out of them), then the replacement pair wore out and themselves were replaced in january of 2018, the current pair would be more wore out than those but i wore out a pair of muds over winter then this year there wasn’t anywhere to go so i hardly left the farm.

        i mentioned wearing out my boots in a year before, i found the pictures of an old pair on my computer and decided to show off what i mean by “i probably wear my boots out longer than anyone else does”

        • LOL, nemo, yeah I figured they were your old ones. I thought I was tuff on shoes & boots. Ya got me beat by a whole lot of miles.

  17. Thor1:

    We are planning on getting a freeze drier. Do you mind telling me which size and pump you got, and what would you change if you were to do it again?

    • JP, sure….It is the medium with 4 trays. They had a special deal when I bought mine so I got it in stainless steel for the price of a regular one. The pump was called the eliminator I believe. It uses oil which I have a local source for. It’s a vacuum pump used in air-conditioning maintenance. You have to filter the oil to make it clear again as the cost of the oil is not cheap. I have purchased 3 gallons from the local store. They did send 1 quart with the purchase. They now have oiless pumps which would make for less maintenance.
      Get the mylar sealer as well, it makes it easy. Oxygen absorbers and different sized mylar bags. It is heavy and bulky and you will need 2 people to put it on a cart or stand. I have mine on a Milwaukee tool rollaway with a surge protector built in. It’s in the garage as it makes a good deal of noise when the pump is running.

      It also uses a good bit of power. A 20 amp circuit is recommended by me.

      I think they also may have changed the way the programmer is located to the top. But I love mine and it’s great for leftovers. It is expensive but being able to make your own freeze dried food is priceless.

      • Thor1:

        Thanks for the info. They now have an intermediate one with a quieter pump that goes longer on an “oil change” but uses special oil that is about $75/case on Amazon. I looked at the time to process a load of 20-40 hours, which may make me spend the extra $700 and get the large one.

        Again, thanks for the info. It is a significant expense so we are talking to anyone and everyone we know who has one.

    • PS, they had a filtering setup that I also purchased at the time. It is 2 containers on top of each other with a cotton type filter in between.


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