What I Did To Prep This Week: September 27th– October 2nd 2020

Hello Pack. We had one heck of a great week of prepping. Bobby and I (and our two blue heelers) just got back from Prepper Camp in Saluda, North Carolina. Once again the three day hands-on self-reliance camp did not disappoint.

We learned new skills, honed existing once, embraced old prepping pals, and made new ones. The atmosphere at Prepper Camp is so very welcoming that no one ever wants to leave when it’s all over – even if it pours down the rain for hours.

The feature photo above is the cabin we stayed in at the Cabin Fever campground a few miles from the event – we were not quick enough clicking on my laptop keyboard to get a cabin or tent space on-site at the event.

It was an amazing cabin and the rustic homemade playground the couple who owns the place built would be every child’s dream – even those who have been allowed to become addicted to electronic screen time.

I was both an instructor and a student at Prepper Camp this year. I officially taught a homesteading homeschool class and shared the self-reliance skills based curriculum that I wrote to grow with children from preschool through senior year. I am in the process of posting all of the theme unit studies to my ETSY shop now.

The photo below shows just a few of the class tents as attendees started to arrive for the first learning experience of the day:

tents at prepper camp

Unofficially, I also taught a class about poultry bird breeds with a side of chicken eggs vs duck eggs. A dozen or so of the folks stayed at the same tent from one class to the next one, and had 15 minutes to kill before the next course started.

One wife laughing at her husband’s misfortune the first time that he attempted to make cheese – the hands-on lesson with Grannie Pam from the prior class. The mush he ended up with was fed to the chickens, hence the impromptu lesson about poultry birds.

Grammie Pam

Grannie Pam making 30-minute mozzarella cheese below. I love her Cooking With Big Flavors recipe book. We all got to taste a piece and it was amazing. I was excited to try Pam’s new powdered vinegar making recipe as soon as we got home.

It would be hard for anyone who attended this potentially life changing and life saving event to pick a favorite class – even those of us blessed enough to be asked to teach by the primary event organizer Rick Austin and his lovely wife, Survivor Jane.

In the photo below is Survivor Jane teaching about basic preparedness skills, needs, and mindset. Her inexpensive “portable bidet” simply has to be the best DIY prepper project ever made.

There will be no need to rush out and buy copious amounts of toilet paper if you make one of these handy little things with an agricultural sprayer.

SJ welcoming students as they start to file into her prepper basics class.

I of course had to hit the “prepper mall” a few times while at camp. I bought and then bartered with Jordan Smith for some manual handheld spinning wheels so that I can make my own yarn from wool and mohair.

They were beautifully and very reasonably priced works of art. In the photo below you will see how easy Jordan makes spinning on a more substantial spinning wheel look easy.

woman showcasing a spinning wheel

The Grumpy Smith offered an introduction in blacksmithing class that helped guide my Bobby and hundreds of others on their quest to work a forge to make tools and weapons. He was as entertaining as he was informative.

the grumpy smith

Getting to spend some time with Chief Joseph and Dr. Laralynn Riverwind was such an unexpected treat. Laralynn started out her college learning at a traditional medical school, but decided that rat race was not for her and became a master herbalist and doctor of naturopathy instead.

I would not dare to attempt to list all of her training and certifications here because I did not write them down and they were lengthy. Their vast array of tinctures and the handmade bead jewelry by her fathers were my most extensive shopping at camp.

Chief Joseph, an Army veteran, was equally impressive both in his activism and the tomahawk throwing class.

Chief Joseph and Dr. Laralynn Riverwind

Hakim Isler was also one of my favorite instructors at Prepper Camp. Isler, a combat veteran and 4th degree ninja blackbelt , is known as “The Black MacGyver.”

I was prepared to be totally unimpressed by him because he was a reality show star – Naked and Afraid, but, I got to know him and a bunch of other people in a long line at a food truck.

Because of the virus, some of the vendors had gone out of business, and the wait for food at lunch was a bit lengthy this year.

Isler is so far more than some muscular guy who did well on a reality show. He is as intelligent as he is brawny, super friendly, and truly motivated to educate and help others.

Hakim Isler started the SOIL (Seeds of Indigenous Learning) Foundation to help youth, veterans, and civil servants to reconnect with nature to find both strength and peace, while overcoming traumatic experiences.

Hakim Isler taught the psychological warfare, machete combat techniques, and the (walking) stick combat classes.

Hakim Isler
Hakim Isler

Suzanne Upton from Birch Water Botanicals taught some intriguing classes about wild food gardening. Even an experienced forager had something to learn from Upton.

The photo below is of “cross weed.” I hope it grows or can grow in Ohio, having an all natural energy booster source at my disposal both now and during a SHTF event will be quite beneficial.

cross vine Bignonia capreolata

Mary from the Wild Abundance school’s vibrant personality drew folks to her booth – even if you were not initially interested in hide tanning and the many classes the school offers.

I do not think I have ever met a friendly or more kind person in my life – and yes, I did learn some handy new hide tanning tips too.

Mary from the Wild Abundance

Taking classes from Richard Clevelend, the owner of the Earth School was another highlight from this year’s Prepper Camp. What I learned about the potential of dandelion root to help treat cancer naturally was worth the seven hour plus drive to Saluda, alone.

I did have an extremely proud grandma moment when multiple adults could not identify commonly growing plants that my 2 ¾, 4, and 5 year old grandkiddos can. The phrase, “raise them up in the way you want them to go” was never more present in my mind.

The adults that were newbie foragers left with a whole new appreciation and excitement about edible and medicinal plants thanks to Richard’s excellent and inspiring teaching skills.

I also had the distinct pleasure to meet and become friends with the Facebook famous “AlphaSixx” Suz Gasaway. She and my beloved have been social media pals for quite a while and he frequently showed me some of her posts.

Digging into what is really going on in America, doing the painstaking research to see the documents referenced on television (as well as the ones that aren’t and should be) so you can actually read them for yourself is just one of Suz’s top skills.

AlphaSixx will not know this until she reads this post, but I really did not think I would like her. Bobby was looking forward to meeting a couple of online buddies and introducing me to them, but I was not sure Suz’s personality and mine would mix.

She seems like she might be a little too intense and fussy, but boy howdy was I wrong. It took all of about five seconds to think yet, definite new best buddy potential.

AlphaSixx can be a part of our survival tribe anytime – I am sure any of you that start following her posts or joined her SHTF preparedness group or SHTF ladies only group, will think the exact same thing.

Those are just the highlights from my Prepper Camp experience this year. There were many more incredible instructors and moments.

Even after having some serious surgeries this year, my prepping mentor Rick Austin was still able to pull off the best self-reliance event in the country during a pandemic … and thousands of folks are so glad he did.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. Which one of my favorite Prepper Camp classes sound like the most useful or interesting to you and why?
  2. Has the pandemic prompted you to decide to homeschool or at least prep for having to teach your children at home during a SHTF event like so many of the attendees to my classes – why or why not?
  3. What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. 1. Which one of my favorite Prepper Camp classes sound like the most useful or interesting to you and why? I would like to take a survival medicine class, self-defense, and a class on tanning animal hides.
    2. Has the pandemic prompted you to decide to homeschool or at least prep for having to teach your children at home during a SHTF event like so many of the attendees to my classes – why or why not? No kids at home.
    3. What did you do to prep this week?

    Tara (or anyone else who may know), I asked last week, but didn’t get a definitive answer. What’s going on with the book by Megan Stewart? We haven’t had any new chapters in several months. Has she abandoned the book, or was it published?

    Moe, thanks for thinking of us. It’s good to know that this group is here for each other.

    I didn’t get to write much last week because we were so busy unpacking from our eight-day camping trip, but we had a little surprise. When we were too far from home to return, we discovered one of our barn cats hiding in the camper. So, he went to Colorado. Our family joked that he was going to forget how to catch mice, but he didn’t. After being home less than twelve hours, he left a half-eaten mouse and a dead mole at the back door.

    This week:
    -I have a hen who’s broody. I’m going to let her sit on some eggs, even though it’s not the time of year that I prefer.
    -DH did something for me that’s better than getting flowers or jewelry. He cleaned out the goat barn and pasture. He used #2DS’s heavy equipment to make the job easier and to improve water drainage.

    -Greenhouse is producing tomatoes well.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: cheeses; butter; onions; isopropyl alcohol; kitchen wipes; wet wipes; hand cream; dish detergent; shelf stable milk; trash bags; sugar; big coupons for the following- 15 large bottles of laundry detergent, 5 large boxes of dryer sheets (I have enough laundry supplies to last for well over 2 years.), dishwasher detergent, bottled water, cereal, cheese Pringles (DH’s favorite), canned beans, elderberry supplements, toothpaste, canned tuna, tea, razor blades, crackers, brownie mixes, cake mixes, dog food (5lb. bag free with coupon),
    -Got a Coleman two-burner LP camping stove for someone as a gift several years ago for them to use when the power goes out. They never used it, and said they didn’t think they ever would. So, they gave it back to me. Now I have two of them, a larger Camp Chef, and two large fish cookers.

    -Lots of organizing.
    -Began fall cleaning. I don’t typically spring clean. We’re in a rural area with crops and hay fields around us. The dust from harvest and cutting/baling hay makes for a lot of dust. So, I do deep cleaning this time of year.
    -Torn meniscus seems to be doing VERY well. I was able to do a moderate hike (3.6+ miles) when we went camping, and have begun walking with a friend at home. I need to get off the weight that I’ve gained since being down. It’s not a big amount, but it’s enough that I don’t feel up to par.

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

      • Yes, Megan had some family issues early this year, and I haven’t spoken to her in a while, so I’m not sure if and when she’ll be back writing fiction or even regular articles..

    • Prepared Grammy:
      You are welcome! I like to have contacts when I travel across the country.
      Regarding your question about Megan- if you do a search with her name followed by “writes” you will be able to navigate through her site for direct contact. I have not reached out to her but reading between the lines I think she is optimizing her income stream right now which is quite understandable.

      • I completely understand. She has bills to pay, just like we do. I wish her well in it. I have several friends and former coworkers encouraging me to write a book. I’m considering it, but I haven’t made it a priority. Right now I feel that my homesteading and prepping are more important.

    • This Week’s Questions:
      1. Which one of my favorite Prepper Camp classes sound like the most useful or interesting to you and why? I read the article Friday so I don’t remember exactly, but anything on self-defense, herbal medicines and food preservation would be of interest to me.
      2. Has the pandemic prompted you to decide to homeschool or at least prep for having to teach your children at home during a SHTF event like so many of the attendees to my classes – why or why not? No children at home to homeschool, but I fully understand why many parents are choosing to do so or finding alternative education resources.
      3. What did you do to prep this week?
      General: House hunting is exhausting, but I keep reminding myself that we looked at several houses before we found our current house. We have looked at 3 houses and one piece of property with some buildings on it so far.

      The land was nice with a creek and some excellent flat areas, but we would have to build and we’re not sure we want to take on building a house at this point. The giant copperhead wasn’t very inviting either. The barn was built as a horse barn which is of no interest to us but would have been useable with minor modifications.

      The first house was weird and needed too much work – the roof on the house and the roof on the barn weren’t installed properly. The HVAC had major problems and the kitchen was marginal (tiny) – definitely not a kitchen for regular use.

      The second house was huge with a good kitchen but flawed – the dishwasher was nowhere near where you would want to put your dishes and glasses. There were very few upper cabinets in the main part of the kitchen. The pantry was across and down the hall. On a positive note – LOTS of storage throughout the house. The basement was partially finished but the gas leak was a little frightening.

      The third house would have needed some renovating but would have been useable during renovations. The biggest drawbacks were the inability to get reliable internet and no place for a garden – essentially on the top of a mountain. Good house – wrong location.

      Other general – cleaning and organizing in anticipation of an eventual move. I’ve burned three boxes of old papers so far and have another one ready to go. We have also filled our recycling bin and trash can to overflowing each week. There is a growing pile of items to donate somewhere. The DH brings boxes upstairs from the basement so I can go through them where the air is fresher.

      Garden and food: Picked the last of the tomatoes and pulled out the plants. Picked a lot of Asian eggplant, some peppers and one lemon. The peas, potatoes, radishes and broccoli (one plant) are doing well. Doing our best to avoid buying anything in anticipation of moving but trying to keep a good supply of food. We do need to clean out the freezers some to have room for the beef we have coming.

      I feel like Waffle House has browns – scattered, covered and smothered. Too much to do and not enough time to do it all while still working full time.

        • Thanks Moe – the fact that house prices have jumped in the area we want doesn’t help for looking, not to mention all the Floridians deciding to become Georgians. If we cross into North Carolina, the house prices are better, but we don’t care for their politics.

    • GA Red
      Are you up sizing or down sizing on a place where you have opportunities for expansion on being self reliant?
      Wishing you best of luck on a new home to you.

      • AC – we are trying to stay about the same due to each of us needing an office and wanting to have at least one guest room. Four new(to us) houses were listed today. None of them are telling us “this is the one” like our current house did. We are still researching internet at the house we saw Saturday to see if there is something workable as we both like the house and it wouldn’t need much for us to be happy with it. The trees we would want cut would provide firewood for a long time.

  2. Taras questions

    That psycologic warfare, machette and staff class sounds like something i might teach lol, i spent years training myself with a machette and it would be interesting to get anothers perspective, not sure about the tp sprayer class, i went 6 months without tp once and its not an essential in any way, not when an outhouse is all you have, no need to worry about what you use when it can’t clog

    no kids so i don’t have that issue, and if i did they would be home schooled anyway, i have serious issues with the public education system

    what i did this week? made a minor firewood sale and was able to pay off my stump clearing debt, the guy with excavator plans to come back to do more just before the ground freezes if he has time to do it, i continued working on my book and its at the half way point, i split a little more wood for the shed, its been raining so not much else going on and i was flat broke all week, all the money i made on the sale finished the debt. not a lot going on, checking weather today and looks like more rain later and cloud cover, but 3 days after will be good so will be back out building onto woodshed to make it 20×24 (a small barn, or a very large woodshed)

    i did however find a place i think i can upload my book for free if anyone wants to see it, though i warn everyone its very dark and disturbing, 100% true but 150% messed up. its got a lot of rural mindset vs city mindset, social classes, dysfuncional personalities, the fucked up nature of society, what happens when don’t tread on me meets for your own good, legalized slavery today in america, and lots of backwoods adventuring and survival against all ods. i redacted no names, its only a draft version of the book. part one is my childhood and teen years, part 2 is my time in college and my time enslaved, part 3 is my time working as a tribal forestera nd fighting on too many fronts, and part 4 is after i reached fuckit and ran off to hide in the woods for 10 years


    i don’t care to make money for the book, i just want the truth to be out there

  3. This Week’s Questions:

    1. Which one of my favorite Prepper Camp classes sound like the most useful or interesting to you and why?
    2. Has the pandemic prompted you to decide to homeschool or at least prep for having to teach your children at home during a SHTF event like so many of the attendees to my classes – why or why not? Since we currently have no school age children at home, we do not. However, we are looking at being ready for the next generation.
    3. What did you do to prep this week? Well…

    We stopped at the Farmer’s Market last Saturday. DW got some vegetables (including Kohlrabi) and more of a different kind of tomato and is making up marinara sauce!

    Gathered up my radiological supplies and put them up together. Hope these never get needed.

    Got my new CPAP machine installed in the bedroom. Also inventoried my mask parts, I’ve got enough stuff to clean and refurbish 5 masks, plus 3 new ones in the package. The old machine still works after 15 years, so it will go into storage as a backup.

    One of the guys from church got a new pistol. I was able to find him some ammo! The more armed Christian fathers I can help the better.

    My order of beef bacon is in, $5.39/lb. It was 2 weeks longer than originally planned, but it’s here.

    I found out we will be having our 1st gun show in town in 9 months in town. Looking forward to it.

    Supply Run: UHT milk; hand sanitizer; ammo; beef bacon; AF Peas; AF Corn: AF Onions: AF Black Bean Burger mix; spaghetti seasoning mix; AF Cheese Blend; Sunny D; Velveeta; instant rice; dehy. shreds; canned chicken;

    Received: AF Chicken; AF Cheese Blend; TLR 6 weapons light; labels & 3×5 cards for shows;

    • I have a lot of UHT milk stored, but haven’t tried any yet. I put a quart of two different brands in the refrigerator yesterday to try. How are they? Do you have a favorite brand? I have bought it at Dollar Tree and got Gossner and Parmalat.

      • PG:

        I got hooked on this in the mid-80’s in Europe. We lived out in a small town (12 buildings) and went shopping once a month. We’d buy a case and it would last. I get mine at Dollar Tree. I prefer the taste and it’s only $1. At Wal-Mart they are about $2.50 and at Safeway it’s $3.25-$4 per carton.

        It can be an acquired taste. It does taste different. But it has a shelf life of 9+ months.

      • I get the Gossner milk, when opened it lasts 14 day’s, usually we drink it up within a week, haven’t had an issue . I keep a couple in my cupboard, in my travel trailer they fit nicely in the refrigerator door too.

  4. I did my grocery shopping twice this week and added to my food stash. No PM this week.

    The Ex spent most of the week here at my place. She enjoyed spending time with #1 granddaughter, who also enjoyed her time with Abuela as always. The Ex is studying to take the exams for Ham radio. She wants to take all three and get her Amateur Extra ticket. Hope she gets it. We also talked about prepping and politics. She watched the debate, but I didn’t. I knew what was going to happen and I was not disappointed.

    We teamed up to dehydrate a mess of apple slices and make some applesauce. This weekend I’m going to make some beef jerky.

    I did spend time this week helping #1GD with her pre-school homework. As long as she remembers to hold the pencil correctly and rest her wrist properly, she can write pretty well for an almost four-year old. She can recite the alphabet completely (and has for well over a year), but is still working on writing all the letters from memory. She can easily spell her first name orally and can read it. She is also counting very well, getting up to 110 (at which point she usually stops because she is bored). The little stinker can also recite the alphabet backwards to U consistently, and sometimes remembers T is next. She doesn’t have to learn them backwards; she just wants to. Whatever blows her skirt up, I guess. It’s a good memory exercise. Abuela is also trying to teach her how to say some words in Spanish.

    #2GD is also doing very well. She is still gaining weight and is more alert. She is smiling in some photos now and likes to poke her mom’s nose for fun. My son sent some photos with the baby trying to rip one of his nipples off. I suspect he teased her with a phony nursing attempt, and she got mad. ? BTDT.

    The weather is being a bit weird here in Central Florida. The temperature has gone down into the 70s for a couple of days, but mostly is in the low 80s. We also had some well needed rainstorms earlier this week.

    Interesting mid-air collision this week between a USMC F-35B and a KC-130 refueler. Unusual for a few reasons, one of which was a great video of the F-35B actually coming down and crashing in the desert near the Salton Sea after the pilot safely ejected. Another is photos of the KC-130 after it belly landed in a farmer’s field with both right engines (#3 and #4) all mangled, and the props destroyed. How the pilots managed to fly that thing and belly land it without killing everyone aboard is a miracle and a lot of skill. Finding a freshly plowed field to belly land in was a bonus miracle. Also unusual is nobody got killed or seriously injured. A Marine blog had a comment that the KC-130 pilot is going to get decorated for his flying skill and courage, and the F-35B pilot is going to have a long flying career ahead of him as a crop duster. The majority of mid-air collisions during a refueling event is normally the fault of the receiving pilot.

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. Which one of my favorite Prepper Camp classes sound like the most useful or interesting to you and why?

    Hard to say exactly. I think you kind of had to be there to get the full appreciation. The Black MacGyver rather interested me as did the RiverWinds.

    2. Has the pandemic prompted you to decide to homeschool or at least prep for having to teach your children at home during a SHTF event like so many of the attendees to my classes – why or why not?

    I don’t have any school aged kids of my own anymore. However, #1 daughter is homeschooling her little girl at the pre-school level and I help a little. As I mentioned above, #1GD is doing very well with her schoolwork. Right now, it’s mostly the readin’, ‘ritin, and ‘rithmatic basics. #1GD loves to help work in her mom’s garden and flower beds so she is getting some basics in getting her hands dirty. Yesterday, Abuela helped her start an apple tree in a tin can. When it gets big enough, it will be transplanted into #1 daughter’s back yard. I may live in an apartment, but the landscapers mulch the heck out of the complex’s flower beds, so there was some nice rich soil to start the apple tree sprout in.

    3. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    • Zulu 3-6 – I love hearing about your granddaughters. The DH got a chuckle out of the comment about the future crop duster. Yea had heard about the collision and is interested to see if there was a software problem with the F-35. He’s an aviation buff so he follows a lot of what happens. I do wish he could get his pilot’s license.

      • GA Red,

        I liked the crop duster comment too. Marines are not very kind to each other who screw up and endanger Marines. Both barrels. I’d bet it was another pilot who came up with that one.

        It’s hard to say at this point what the exact cause of the collision was. There is a lot of evidence available on the KC-130, not to mention eyewitnesses. but the F-35B is spread out over a nice expanse of desert and is toasted besides. At least the pilot is alive to tell his side. Actually, I think they have a pretty good idea how it happened, but like in a criminal case, knownin’ and provin’ are two different things.

        Thanks for your comments about my granddaughters. They are very precious to me. I didn’t get to enjoy my children as much while they were at these ages because of work. #1GD is a blast to be around and #2 is just getting her eyes open and realizing there is a world out there. I think she’ll be as much fun as her cousin.

  5. Puppy has killed again. He came out of the woods by the fence with half a possum. He had it hanging out of his mouth with intestines hanging out and a look of like what is something stuck on my tooth. I disposed of that half but don’t know where the other half is. I gave puppy a doggie breath mint/ teeth cleaner.

    Was gifted a crosman .357 python style pellet gun. It’s the same size as my S&W 629 so I can practice draw and shoot on the cheap from the holster.
    Changed the clip on a passport holster for Glocks to a right hand configuration.
    Added more barbed wire to the fence but had to stop short where a tree needs to come down. It will make some good firewood when I cut it down.
    Started a fighting position on the front corner of the fence.

    The lettuce is exploding
    Had to replant some cilantro that didn’t come up in a tray.
    Picked more peppers

    Fruit trees
    The lemon tree has so many lemons on it. It is in a bucket so I can bring it in in winter. It almost died but I brought it back to life and it’s thanking me with fruit.
    The avocado tree is coming back to life too growing more leaves. Also in a bucket.

    Pickled Serrano peppers
    Pickled habanero peppers
    Pickled Jalapeno peppers
    Pickled ghost peppers.

    Dehydrated red Serrano peppers for crushed red pepper.

    Freeze dryer
    Freeze dried 4 trays of cooked rice. 2 trays of white,1 tray of wild and 1 tray of brown rice.
    Freeze dried 2 trays of cooked stir fry beef and 2 trays of cooked shredded chicken breast.
    Filtered 2 quarts of vacuum pump oil

    Bought 20 lbs of rice.
    Bought 10 lbs of pasta.
    Bought more meat.

    Thor’s questions

    1. Will you be ready when bread goes to $10 or $20 a loaf?

    2. If Trump is hospitalized and the left charges Pence with a crime would you accept Pelosi as a president?

    3. Do natural cures work for covid 19? (Zink, vitamin D and C?)

    4. During the great depression, the banks paid 10 cents on the dollar. What effect would that have on you?

    5. Are you spending extra money on preps and food?

    • Thor’s questions

      1. Will you be ready when bread goes to $10 or $20 a loaf? Yep. We’ve got wheat berries, electric and manual grinders, yeast in the freezer, and lots of recipes, pans, etc.

      2. If Trump is hospitalized and the left charges Pence with a crime would you accept Pelosi as a president? Pence would have to be removed/incapacitated. Just charging him would not work.

      3. Do natural cures work for covid 19? (Zink, vitamin D and C?) Unknown, you can work on reducing the symptoms.

      4. During the great depression, the banks paid 10 cents on the dollar. What effect would that have on you? It sounds good, but what is the rate of inflation? Is there a better return on my money investing it somewhere else?

      5. Are you spending extra money on preps and food? Extra money? What’s that? Do I spend more money on food than I currently consume – yes.

      • JP, I started checking into freeze dried bread dough. I have freeze dried cooked pizza before and in it’s raw state it was like eating very hard pizza crackers.

        Extra money is anything leftover after bills…

    • Thor’s questions

      i won’t even pay $1.25 for the cheap store brand bread now, its over priced, i make my own sourdough for under 40 cents per loaf (or rather by weight, my loaves are smaller and heavier but its about 1/3 the price of store bread and i can make it in dutch oven with any campfire). i have enough flour to last about 1 and a half years at the rate i use it, and just got 5 bushels of wheat from the menonite who did my stump field, he charged $10 a bushel. i can plant it as seed in my new field and can use my hand mill, or make cream of wheat like the amish who also buy from him.

      not possible, the government doesn’t work like that, Pelosi can only take the office if Trump and Pence both die at the same time. if trump steps down Pence will temporarily take charge, if Trump dies Pence will apoint a new VP right away, and if Pence dies the new VP repeats the process. if both Trump and Pence were in a car crash and both died only then could Pelosi take the presidency as 3rd in line, its never happened like that before and the probablity is incredibly low.

      they can boost the immune system but they don’t cure or prevent anything

      it would have no effect on me, i have not had money in a bank in well over a decade, i don’t trust them

      in my cabin i have enough to last at least 14 months, i have seed to plant next year, even with no tractor fuel i still have my old planet jr push plow that i used before i got a tractor, i also have permiculture crops established, then i have maybe another year in preserved food buried out where nobody will find it. i’m sure i am set and am not worried, if i buy anything its just the usual rate

    • Thor:
      The first will not be a problem. We live in wheat territory. I think the odds of Pelosi becoming President are low. But it is 2020….. I would honor the Constitution and accept her during her short term.
      I think the natural cures are beneficial, but some cases will need more. On your fourth question, if we don’t get a handle on debt, the ten cents will look good. Last question is yes.

    • Hi Thor, am wondering how you re-hydrate the chicken, beef and rice for eating it? How does dehydrating and rehydrating alter the taste? Thanks for letting us know!!

      • Okie Farm Girl ,

        Boiling water in a bowl or even the mylar bag. The taste is mostly the same as original cooking. Now if the steak wasn’t cooked it would turn gray and you would still have to cook it so I recommend cooking it first. Plus it will take less energy when you need it the most. Hope this helps.

    • Thor #1 we will make do with what we have or get creative with gleaned seeds.. uless they do something to add to$$ coming in.. Breads not on of the heavy use things for our family.supposed to llimit carbs.. Hubs can make tortillas, and we can make biscuits, cornbread etc for a while.
      #2 Those are not proper criteria to replace a president. POTUS will be fine. Pukeosi needs to be fred by her constiuents. of course when one packs the ballots with dead voters ballots and illegal one can get any… results.
      .. #3 yes don’t forget sweetgum tincture.. poor mans tamiflu.,E derberry tincture, tea, andsyrup.,garlic, oil of oregano. other natural substanaces.. like colloidal silver and food grade peroxide, NAC all may also give benefits. specfic.. to viral, illness…
      #4 don’t keep any money in bank..social insecurity too tight to have extra
      . #5 Food is a necessity- not an extra. Often must reduce food costs to meet unexpected problems.

    • Thor 1
      Recently purchased them for zone 8/9 where they are not suppose to survive. Found out after my sister bought them for me from a H depot.

      Did you know it take two avocado trees for a good production of the product?
      Apparently it takes two trees for a avocados to produce well, which we were not aware of until lady informed my sister. Thought would pass that along to you, jic.

      • AC – I have 3 avocados in pots along with 2 or 3 growing in my compost bins. Only one of the potted ones was intentionally grown from the store bought fruit seed. The other two were volunteers. I do know that I have at least two different varieties of avocado represented and have read that it takes two different varieties for the cross pollination needed to fruit, but I’m not sure about that. Mine have never produced and I’m going on close to 10 years having 2 of the 3 potted ones.

    • Thor 1
      1) Yes, as my family will learn how to make bread the ol fashion way.

      2)Thank goodness he was in & out of the hospital. If they made up charges against Pence, hades no I would not that person as president. According to a radio program we happen to hear on C to C, majority of the ol Con critters are on meds for brain cells working on less than a normal wave length. Am I the only person who noticed a major change in her speech pattern.

      3)Natural medications must have some immune properties, as many of us who take them have been blessed to stay healthy(healthier).

      4)Reducing down our allotment in regards to that 10cent return on a dollar.

      5)Food yes–preps of course. You should see our receipt slips for water line replacements around here. Especially after I broke a water line, and went looking for the parts. Only to discover that we are short on all our water faucets that were put up, no they did not walk away on their own. Believe someone helped themselves when dh was in the hospital a few years ago. Did not notice they were missing until I needed them. Oh, we now have new pad locks for all the building.

  6. Thor’s Questions

    1. Will you be ready when bread goes to $10 or $20 a loaf?

    I don’t eat bread as a rule.

    2. If Trump is hospitalized and the left charges Pence with a crime would you accept Pelosi as a president?

    How would they magically make her president? Assuming Trump is so sick he has to pass temporary command over to Pence, doesn’t mean the Constitution comes to a screeching halt. Pence would have to be impeached and convicted in the Senate first. By then, Trump will either be better (in which case he retakes command), or he’s dead. By then, Pelosi may not even be the Speaker of the House anymore. Assuming Trump died and Pence became Prez, he then gets to nominate someone to be the new Vice President and the Senate provides advice and consent. Nixon got to do this when his VP, Spiro Agnew resigned after being criminally charged. When Nixon resigned and his appointed VP, Gerald Ford became Prez. Ford then nominated Nelson Rockefeller to be his VP.

    3. Do natural cures work for covid 19? (Zink, vitamin D and C?)

    I don’t know never having had the Kung Flu. Some people say those vitamins and minerals help. I take all three as part of my normal consumption, plus a large dose of Vit D per doctor’s prescription for another reason.

    4. During the great depression, the banks paid 10 cents on the dollar. What effect would that have on you?

    Not a lot as I keep as little cash in the bank as possible.

    5. Are you spending extra money on preps and food?

    Yes, mostly on food as I feel I’m pretty much up to snuff on prep gear.

    • Z36,

      1. No bread, ouch sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, sloppy joes…..garlic bread.?

      3. The CDC AND FDA are trying to hide natural cures.

      5. Do you live in an apartment or own a condo? That could make a difference.

      Extra question for an ex-lawman

      Do you think the de-fund the police riots are in part a way for failing Democratic cities to get out of debt by eliminating police paychecks and retirement?

      • Thor1,

        1. I like bread, but the carbs don’t like me.

        3. I have no doubt the CDC and FDA are up to dirty tricks.

        5. I live in an apartment complex. The management people have always been great, the maintenance guys too. My Ex lives in a condo and is having all sorts of legal issues. The HOA board should be drawn and quartered.

        Extra Q: I don’t think that is their primary goal, but it is likely one of the top goals (which they won’t admit publicly at this point). Having been involved in annual municipal budgeting as a deputy police chief, I know that the police/fire/EMS is almost always the most expensive part of a governmental budget. Also a huge chunk of the retirement system. The politicians will not return any savings to the taxpayers. It will go into their compensation packages.

        • Z36,

          1. I hear you on the carbs, but ouch. Most people won’t have much bread when it hits.

          3. With all the false positives and no reliable tests, will we ever know if we have or had it for sure?

          Extra Q, So you agree, these Democratic run cities can’t afford police and riots are a way out for them. I heard in NY, the Governor was calling to have the National guard in to…….take out the trash. Seriously the garbage!

          • Thor 1,

            If rent is raised 10X, good luck to them collecting it. My place is not terribly expensive, but it isn’t cheap either.

          • Thor 1,

            Too true on the false positives. Early this year, just when the first rumblings about Kung Flu were being heard, I came down with a case of flu. I think it was regular old flu anyway. I wasn’t very sick or for very long, but I rarely get the flu or a cold anymore. Maybe, it was a mild case of Kung Flu. Who could tell, especially back in early February?

            Yeah, defunding the police could be a way out for them. I can see Coumo trying to use the Guard for crap like trash collecting. Especially if he can get them federalized then the state doesn’t have to pay them. Even if the state does have to pay them, it’s probably cheaper than paying union scale plus bennies to the regular trash guys.

        • Z36, it’s such an insult to our military. Don’t control the riots which destroyed businesses and tax revenue, but take out our trash. It should be declined by the Guard CO.

          • Thor 1,

            The Guard commander (State Adjutant General) comes under the command of the Governor (State Commander in Chief). He could refuse, but the Guv can fire him. If the Guard was federalized, then the Guv has no more control and the Prez could tell the Guard they won’t pick up trash (except maybe human trash).

  7. While I did drive nine hours to attend Prepper Camp I only managed to stay the first three hours. I brought a light jacket but left it at the hotel so by noon I was thoroughly chilled and had to leave. I am not a morning person and getting up early two days in a row left me out of sorts and I did not sleep well that night and was unable to leave the room on Saturday. My wife went exploring the area by herself. We did realize that Sunday was also a full day at the camp and had not made plans to stay another night so we drove back home.

    We did learn some things about preparing for a trip. One is to make a check list. The first item on the list should be do a full walk around your home before you lock the front door. We left our food and snacks in the living room and our tickets on the dining room table. I am writing this so I can blame my wife. I handed her the tickets and she was packing the food while I loaded the truck. She locked the front door with the last load at her feet so I figured she had everything. We bought more food and the hotel had a computer available so we were able to print out our tickets. While we were not able to fully enjoy the camp my wife did enjoy the cool mountain air. Now she is looking at properties there. If I have an Internet connection I am happy, I hide inside all summer anyway. We could keep our property in Florida and become snowbirds.

    Inspired by two of the classes we did attend I canned 8 pints of beef chunks last night. I plan on keeping my pressure canner and dehydrator busy for a while. Our prepping is my responsibility, my wife has her hands full working full time and keeping our granddaughter on her three days off. The child is getting worse, not minding and doing whatever she wants. Her mother is about to have a nervous breakdown. One reason my wife wants to move is to get away from this child. She really can’t abandon our daughter but it is tempting.

    • Daddio7:
      There are a lot of positives about living in the mountains. But winter can be tough so I think your idea of being a snowbird is a good one.

      • Moe

        My uncle sold his farm here and moved to North Carolina. He stayed about 10 years but the cold finally got to him. Some church friends did the same thing but part of the reason they moved was to get out of being saddled with the grandchildren anytime the parents wanted peace and quiet.

        Being I rarely go outside the cold will not bother me much and I farmed for years and we worked in the Florida winter during the 70’s when it was unusually cold with frosts every day for the entire month of February. I know how to dress for cold weather and my wife is always hot. She rarely can wear a sweater or her thicker skirts.

        • Daddio7 and other Floridians – there are LOTS of people moving to North Georgia from Florida. Many are saying they are moving to escape the politics in Florida. Will it take one or two winters for them to go back to Florida?

      • I would have like to met you also. I didn’t feel well Saturday and my wife had to be home on Monday so we couldn’t attend Sunday. Most of the people I saw there looked like old hands at prepping but there was one young couple who had just discovered getting self sufficient and were asking basic questions. My wife said they were probably the ones driving the sports car she saw in the parking lot. I wonder if they had trouble leaving, I had to put my truck into 4WD to get out.

  8. Daddio 7,

    Several things I learned in the military. Checklists for everything. And always, regardless of the time of year and the destination, take cold weather clothing with you.

    Having been stationed in North Carolina in September, I would definitely had cold weather gear with me. Stuff I can layer, as it might not be arctic cold, but you never know. I did a trip up north in Michigan in June. It was in the 80s the first three days. After that, it crashed and we had snow and the hawk was out. Luckily, I had my cold weather stuff. A lot of guys didn’t, which was silly since almost everyone was a native Michigander and should have known better.

    • Zulu, I’m originally from NW Ohio. Went to 1-week summer camp in MI 3 times in July. I remember how cold it was for one of those weeks. We froze our little butts off at 7 a.m. while in line for the mess hall. Yowza.

  9. Hello all! Just finished making 100 bars of goat’s milk soap today—inventory was quite low and it was a good way to spend this rainy day. Other prepping things accomplished this week: DH picked up another item of personal defense this week; private purchase….nuff said on that. I transplanted a couple of avocado trees so they could join the rest of my permaculture area of the farm; green bean plants are growing nicely but I saw signs of leave damage so I dusted it all with DE. I continue to look over my inventory list of long-term food storage and other preparedness tools and equipment, trying to see what else I can do in the next month to top it off. I picked the last of my eggplant the other day; all of this rain has done the plants in and the remaining ones are rotting on the plant. Time to pull them and prepare for mid-month planting of fall crops. A friend accidentally ordered an extra pressure canner and asked if I was interested in it—-well YEAH, of course! Will pick it up from her this week. I have two, but a third is welcome.

    Every day that passes brings us one day closer to Election Day. Lord Help Us!

  10. 1. Hard to say.
    2. Kids ars grown.
    3. What did you do to prep this week? Bought 26 pullets. Started moving materials to build a new coop.

  11. I am looking for a little advice. I am canning beef and cutting cheap steak into chunks. One pint is supposed to hold 8 oz so four pounds should take 8. I only needed six for that. I am browning the chunks. I put a few table spoons of oil in a 12 in stainless steel frying pan and cook the pieces until very little liquid is left. Am I cooking them too long? My wife wants them browned but I am cooking while she is at work so I am getting no input from her.

    On my second batch one of the jars cracked open. I had put hot tap water in the canner before putting the jars in. Right,wrong?

    • Daddio7, If food is hot, jars should be warm when food is put in them. I turn on canner and heat jars and water at same time.. i take the jars out one at a time and load them and slip them back down in very warm canner.. with the meat browned. you will need to add a little liquid to them , I would put up to about 1/3 height of jar.. product will turn out more like a roast beef. more liquid wil cook out of meat…Unless you have cooked it completely. I usually just sear mine… and i pack as much as will go into each jar.- when cubed… 1/2 pint jars are 8 oz. , pints hold about a pound, sometimes slightly more…
      I put jars in canner with water in each jar to begin heating…. and heat them that way, i end up dumping water out-of first several.. and last few i put the water back in the canner./depens on typ of canner , and canner can not go dry -that will bust all your jars…this way….jars are hot from start to finish.
      something else you can do is to heat the jars with hot tap water as you load them…with food. have hot tap water in canner and do not have burner on if donig this way… be sure to wipe rims carefully use hot water on one wiping item paper towel or dedicated cloth and vinegar on final wipe before putting warm lids on jars…
      You CAN also put cold meat in cold jars and cold canner.. bring the temp up on canner slowly…
      that jar was stressed somewhere.. it may have had a hairline crack and not been easily visible,. when i find those- i take a hammer to them.. if a nick somewhere on the rim i use for refrigerator storage…i mark the with a permanent marker on the bottom..

      • Anonomo

        Thanks, I was doing the hot water way with the jars sitting in the sink full of hot water. I would dump the water out of each one to load it. I did all the jars before I put them in the canner. That might have allowed the first one to cool down. I will just sear the next batch instead of totally cooking them.

  12. Taras questions

    the machette and staff class sounds interesting, i have self trained in them for years but it would be interesting to get someone elses perspective, i am not sure of the tp bidet class, i have an outhouse and once went 6 months without tp, you can use anything since clogs are not important, even those dutch shoes will work

    i have no kids so i don’t have to worry about homeschooling, though i have strong views of public schools so if i had kids i would be homeschooling anyway

    been raining all week so besides a minor firewood sale that raised money to finish paying off my stump clearing debt i have not done much, i did pick up some additional supplies with the rest of the money but am broke again. i also hauled up cedar posts to sell, and i added onto my woodshed, though i need more roofing metal before i can finish it. most of the week i worked on my book and have it about half done

    my book is my true life story, its very dark and disturbing. i tried to post a link yesterday using my new email but it was awaiting review, don’t see it today so will coment using old email and maybe link another time.

    What did you do to prep this week?

    • nemoseto,

      Actually I rather like the homemade bidet. I have one of my own and it works well. Sure cuts down on the amount of TP necessary to get your business done. Of course, I don’t have an outhouse, so no concern about freezing cold water on my tushy. As long as my furnace works, really cold water in winter isn’t an issue especially here in Florida. If the power goes out, I guess I’ll just have to deal with it.

      • i was joking about the bidet thing, like how i will sometimes mention the time i found a wasp nest under the seat shelf in the outhouse, i guess i pissed them off and didn’t know they were there (i don’t look down the hole) and they redefined the meaning of a pain in the ass. just an attempt at humor, with all the panic buying and tp shortages in the spring i would think it would be a very practical thing, but not something i would bother with myself.

    • here is a link to my book, i am giving the book away for free, its all true stuff that happened and its also very dark and disturbing. there is a lot of rural vs city, social classes, self reliance vs socialism, legalized slavery in modern america, disfunctional families, don’t tread on me vs for your own good. its the story of how i became a hermit living off in the northwoods away from society and espousing the self reliance virtues


      read it if anyone wants, i redacted no names, everything in it no matter how messed up actually happened

  13. i know thins are going to get really bad really fast really soon. in ny in the fall Cuomo was dealing with a $9billion deficit because of poor leadership, then Kung Flu caused it to rise to $15billion, and last week they announced that its going to be $50billion now and they blame Trump for not bailing out the state and for not stopping Kung Flu before it got to the US and proclaiming the budget problem is Trumps fault not Cuomo’s. they are nooking to tax the hell out of everyone especially the rich, huge budget cuts across the board, and borrowing anywhere they can.

    i can see so many problems to arise from all directions i can’t even try to list them all

  14. Hello everyone,
    I am taking a quick break from fall cleaning. I am still harvesting tomatoes, beans and eggplant. The peanuts are not quite done but I need to finish harvesting the potatoes and sweet potatoes this week. So–much of my time is in the garden or canning in the kitchen.

    But I am working fall cleaning in as well. Most of Saturday was spent on a deep clean of the garage. We moved everything out, swept and scrubbed and threw out anything not useful before re-arranging and placing back in.

    We finished in time to buy take out and watch the Preakness. Almost There, if you missed the race, pull up a replay. One of the best races I have seen in years.

  15. I am late to the dance again. I watched football all day yesterday–Florida vs. South Carolina, Auburn vs. Georgia and Alabama vs. Texas A.M. I have been going through football withdrawal. LOL

    I cleaned and organized the pantry in the kitchen. I moved items from large pantry to kitchen pantry. I am making a list of items I need to pick up. We are in good shape. But I like to keep a lot of extra canned food in stock.

    Daughter is getting married Saturday. We picked up a few gifts for them. We are excited for the kids. Son in law is wonderful, an old-fashioned, mid-western strong morals guy. It is rare today to see a young man open a car door for his lady. When he asked dh’s permission for dd’s hand in marriage, he told dh that he hadn’t dated in over five years–that he promised himself that he would not date until he met a righteous woman. SoL was ready to propose after the third date.

  16. 1. Which one of my favorite Prepper Camp classes sound like the most useful or interesting to you and why?
    They all sound useful &/or interesting to me. Too bad no such anywhere near me.

    2. Has the pandemic prompted you to decide to homeschool or at least prep for having to teach your children at home during a SHTF event like so many of the attendees to my classes – why or why not?
    DD is long grown (and has been twisted to the non-sensical side since moved to DC area). Teaching at home wouldn’t be a problem for me now, but would have been a joke if I were still working. At least some parents (conservative) are finally finding out what kind of crap is going on in the schools.

    3. What did you do to prep this week?
    Made 4 pints applesauce, using 3# McIntosh & 1-1/4# Ginger Gold & 2# Granny Smith. Using my stick blender really helped. Got more apples (Golden Delicious & Ginger Gold) to make more sauce tomorrow.
    Picked a few more peppers and the last of the tomatoes. I need to pull most things out, till, and generally clean it up.
    Did some food shopping for rotation & filling in some holes. Need to do another Wally’s run for hoarding supplies (soaps, shampoos, etc.).
    The DP has medical issues again, which is putting a big crimp in getting things done. Aargh. At least he seems to be a bit better as to why I do what I do vs insinuating that I’m a hoarder and therefore nuts.

  17. Thor’s questions

    1. Will you be ready when bread goes to $10 or $20 a loaf?
    I’ll bake it myself. Have lots of yeast, can always make a sourdough starter, have lots of flour & sugar (and will be buying more). Need to get a Lodge dutch oven.

    2. If Trump is hospitalized and the left charges Pence with a crime would you accept Pelosi as a president?
    Fortunately, I can’t imagine Pence being charged with a crime. H3LL no, I wouldn’t want to accept Piglosi as Prez. Hateful witch is all about power & control. Did anybody else catch how she put in a bill to drop hard money and force digital on us? She jumped the gun and somebody smacked her down quick.

    3. Do natural cures work for covid 19? (Zink, vitamin D and C?)
    Can’t hurt. I take these 3 anyway, and there are others such as colloidal silver, elderberry, quercetin.

    4. During the great depression, the banks paid 10 cents on the dollar. What effect would that have on you?
    Ouch. I was poised to buy more PMs but prices suddenly went sky high. 10 cents on the dollar is what my dad got back many many years ago.

    5. Are you spending extra money on preps and food?
    Yes and that will continue.

      • Zulu, I’m still kicking myself for not ordering when prices were lower. Now the prices & fees are ouch. If we’re lucky, might see a drop so elites can profit before prices go back up. We shall see what we shall see, especially re who wins the election.

        • Mari,

          Yeah, but you can’t always predict how prices will go. You have to check them at least daily and have a broker who keeps their premiums at a reasonable level. I don’t check daily, but I should. The Ex and I got some PM when prices were lower, she noticed the drop and told me.

          • I know, Zulu. I do check the daily rate, groan, and pray for a profit dump so I can buy. Lost most of my PMs at divorce.

          • Mari,

            That’s a bummer about losing PMs in a divorce. The Ex and I didn’t have PMs when we got divorced. Although we do now, they are separate accounts. I do most of the buying, but I use a credit card of hers to buy her PM and a debit card to get mine. She actually has more PM than I do.

    • Mari
      If you are looking at purchasing sugar, please pick it up now. Dh & I watch the commodities market. Sugar has gone up from $12 to $14 in the past couple of weeks. I checked out the price for C&H in Smart Foodservice(restaurant supply house)it was $14.40 and had gone up a $1 in a weeks time frame.
      Not sure of the price in Costco, as I forgot to check it out when I was in there.

      • Thanks, AC. Yep, that’s one item I’ve been stashing. Price has been going up for awhile, and we’re being groomed to buy smaller packs.


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