What I Did To Prep This Week: October 4nd 2020 – October 10th 2020

Hello Pack. It has been a busy week here on our survival homestead once again. As you can see in the adorable photo above, my guineas have now outgrown my Banty chickens. In spite of their small stature, I still firmly believe they are the best survival chicken breed on the planet.

You will have to keep a lot more of them to use them as meat birds, but they are year round layers who always (in my experience) sit their own eggs, and are excellent momma hens.

Each year I think spring is the busiest time on the farm, as we prepare to get the garden in, and tend to newborn critters in the barnyard. But, then summer comes, and I think summer is the busiest time on the farm as we work the garden and bale hay.

Then fall comes along and I think finally, a little break from all of the necessary manual labor. Why I continue to think this year after year I will never know.

When the leaves start to turn color and the temperature drops it is time to finish harvesting the garden, put up the groceries that we grew, preserve the herbs from the apothecary patch, fruit from the orchard, and finish up any firewood chores that should have been all completed by now but typically are not.

I used to almost look forward to winter – except that I loathe when the temperature gets cold enough that I have to wear sleeves … or worse yet, pants. But the first few years on our survival homestead I nearly did grow eager for winter. I thought that then the workload would slow down a bit.

But alas, not if you want to make good use of the cold weather “down time” and process wax from the beehives, turn all of the preserved herbs and foraged plants into medicines, tap trees for syrup, and catch up on all the book learning you were excited about when stumbling across cool prepper books and articles throughout the year.

So, this fall I have vowed to never think any season on a survival homestead is going to be a leisurely one – at least not if you want it to be a sustainable one operated by self-reliant folks.

In other preps this week, we are starting to prepare the beehives for winter. At Prepper Camp a beekeeper shared her bee pollen patty recipe to help ensure they will have enough food for the winter.

Thankfully, I had a healthy crop of spearmint this year because it is among fall and winter snacks the woman suggested – and the bees seem to love it.

The grandkiddos were sad when berry picking season was over, but they are now overjoyed that it is nut picking time. We are keeping buckets in the back of the side-by-side so we can collect acorns, hickory nuts, walnuts, and beechnuts.

I am hoping to collect enough walnuts this year that I can also use some of them to naturally tan hides. I am very much done with making lye with wood ash to tan hides.

No matter what gloves I wear and how careful that I am – while working in an open space, my hands are always burnt and my lungs hurt once I am done. Brain tanning is how I am going to go when tanning hides come spring… after the winter “slow season” is over!

This Week’s Questions:

  1. What are your most important fall preps?
  2. How do you use winter “down time” to improve your preps?
  3. What do you forage in the fall?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. To what you listed as fall nut harvest let me add hazelnuts . Also on my fall harvest list is staghorn sumac ,black haw berries and American beauty berries.

  2. This Week’s Questions:

    1. What are your most important fall preps? For us it’s winterizing our camping equipment. It would take about 3 hours for us to get it ready if we needed to evac, but if we don’t pipes will freeze. We do make sure our “cold and flu” season OTC meds are ready.

    2. How do you use winter “down time” to improve your preps? Since we really don’t “garden” there’s not much difference between seasons for us.

    3. What do you forage in the fall? No.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well…

    Saturday was a general house cleanup day. Put food in buckets, cleaned the front porch & bathroom. Dehydrated kale/chard/Parmesan chips (interesting – they melt in your mouth AND your hand, with a hint of flavor).

    Browned 5 pounds of 80% hamburger for freeze drying/dehydrating. Currently in the freezer.

    Put my new TLR6 weapons light on my Glock 43X, set up the Alien Gear IWB holster. I think I finally found the combo I’ve been looking for.

    Supply Run: ammo; creamy wheat; granulated garlic; discount DVD’s/CD’s; 2.0-gal bucket & lids; instant oatmeal;

    Received: Side saddle, 20 ga., Remington; Alien Gear holster for G43X w/TR6; 3.0-gal buckets; Zinc tablets, 240 count; Instant coffee; AF Peanut Butter powder

    • JP,

      Did you get your freeze dryer yet? (Hint, do not freeze dry meat that is more than 1/2 inch thick. Basically the thickness of the pan is Max.

      Does the alien gear holster accommodate a weapon light?

      I watched a video on freeze drying kale. Blend it to a liquid then freeze drying.

      • Thor1:

        No on the freeze drier. We have figured out what we want and where it will go; we now have to build a cabinet and have the 20A circuit put in. Really looks like it will be late next month.

        The Alien Gear holster does accommodate the TLR6 weapons light. I like the package, I’m still adjusting it to fit where and how I want it (it’s off just a little).

        DW got the kale and stuff on her weekly order of local produce. I’ll pass on any further sampling of it.

        • Unless you’re getting Harvest Right’s biggest model, it’ll run on a 15A circuit, as long as it’s just about the only thing on it. Actually, I’ve run mine on a 15A circuit that has a freezer and fridge on it! Cue up the washer though, and that’s all she wrote. ‘Damned house was owned by an electrician, and the whole garage was on one breaker! Go figure! I’ve since put in a dedicated circuit for the drier…

          I ran into the same trouble with thickness when freeze-drying. Better to break the meat, or whatever, into smaller pieces, and leave a little space between them to maximize surface area. And don’t go any thicker than the pan, or you’ll still be drying the load when the Second Coming happens!

  3. Taras Questions:

    refill supplies, i usually have enough firewood, but fall is when i resupply the pantry with whatever i can get, buying if i couldn’t grow it or shoot it, making sure all feed bins are full, since once winter starts i basically don’t go off the farm till spring and live entirely off the supplies i stocked.

    i usually cut more firewood, fence posts, logs, etc, i read a lot, sometimes do crafts like baskets, bows, snowshoes, etc if i need something, in 2013 i got a planet jr in bad shape and spent the winter making new handles, another year i tinkered with various junk and made a matchlock shotgun. also do some trapping and tanning.

    whatever i can get, apples, roots, acorns, butternuts, raccoons, skunks, etc

    this past week i got enough roofing metal together so i built onto my woodshed, finishing it, i added more wood to the shed, picked up 300lbs of winter wheat that i paid for last week. i’m flat broke once again after the metal. on wednesday we had heavy rains through the day so i finished part 3 of my book and started on part 4. my last saw chain has 2 broken links, the chain was cobbed together from left overs at a shop and the links that broke are the ones where the sections were rivited together. it still works but will break sooner rather than later, the clutch (its not a sprocket saw) is also worn out and near the breaking point, i had one break already in february and then put a used one on this saw, i am out of broken saws with parts to canabalize, so i figure i only have a few hours i can do sawing then i’m done. i will probably finish the book this month, because when that chain breaks i will have absolutly nothing better to do, until i sell a shed or 10 face cords of hardwood or something.

  4. I did my grocery shopping twice this week and added to my food stash. Ordered some ¼-oz silver rounds this week.

    Made more beef jerky. Love the stuff. Taught the Ex how to make it. Also dehydrated some tomatoes, ginger, onion slices, and something else for the Ex I can’t remember the name of.

    Things are generally going ok around here. #1GD has been a little crabby, which is unusual for her. She is good with me, but crabby with her mom and Abuela. #2GD is growing like a weed and she is able to hold her head up now. #1 GD came over Friday wearing a dress and a hat that made her look like Cyndi Lauper, minus the pink hair. Very cute. She ruled out the pink hair idea though. She wants to keep her blond hair or maybe blue hair like one of her favorite movie characters, Joy, from the flick “Inside Out.”

    #1GD is thrilled with the progress her apple tree sprouts are making. We had to fix up two more cans due to need for more growing space. The first can was out of space in less than a week. That scrounged flower bed soil is potent stuff.

    The Ex is still having grief with her condo board and some legal issues another resident is causing. The Ex wanted to send letters to the three judges involved and I strongly urged her to be short, to the point, and polite. Everything her neighbor is not. I told the Ex she will be dealing mainly with the judge’s clerks and secretaries and by all means keep them on her side as they have more influence with their judge than most people know. Thursday she got an email from one of the clerks about attending a hearing on Zoom. The clerk was very nice and even somewhat humorous. The poor woman must tear her hair out when she gets letters and pleadings from the neighbor. My Ex downloads copies and I read them. Even I pull my hair out (what little I have left). The guy is a total mental case and has been declared a vexatious litigant in Montana, Texas, and Georgia (including a federal court district). He is about to add Florida to that list.

    I did not watch the VP debate. Reading a few newspaper articles the next day provided all of the entertainment and BS I needed. As expected, Harris made a fool out of herself by making up history. Now Pelosi is dredging up the 25th Amendment foolishness again. Too bad it doesn’t apply to her as the Speaker of the House. She ain’t right in the head herself.

    #1 daughter cut my hair and I cut my beard off. It was getting unruly. I have naturally curly hair and both beard and head hair get ridiculous after a while.

    I did buy a new anatomy book. Something simpler than the one I had. #1GD likes the new book better.

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. What are your most important fall preps?

    Being a specifically Florida-based apartment dwelling city boy I don’t have a lot to prep for fall. I will check over the fairly limited amount of cold weather gear I might need for winter. Also, I’ll check my non-electric heat producing devices since y’never know. It does occasionally get nippy here and sometimes the power takes a dump.

    2. How do you use winter “down time” to improve your preps?

    Well, being an apartment dwelling city boy, I don’t have a lot of preps needing special improvements. I will pull out all of my firearms and go over them, cleaning and lubing as necessary. Same thing with checking ammo, battle rattle, and first aid stuff.

    3. What do you forage in the fall?

    Nothing I need to forage.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above

    • This Week’s Questions:
      1. What are your most important fall preps? Normally, it’s plant some fall garden plants and pull out the dead summer garden plants that get frost killed. We also bring all the potted plants inside that don’t tolerate cold weather at the first sign of frost. This includes avocado trees, a lemon tree, ginger, turmeric, various house plants, and some potted herbs. If our firewood is running low on our patio storage area, we bring some up from the wood pile (if not done earlier in the year like this year). The DH makes sure all the leaves and tree debris is blown or mowed. This year we are doing all that and preparing to move when everything comes together with finding a house and selling our current house. We also start seeds in January and February for our summer garden – it takes a LONG time to get my tomatoes and peppers ready to plant outside. The tomatoes I started in February did fine, but my peppers needed to be started in early January. I’m still learning.

      2. How do you use winter “down time” to improve your preps? I do a lot more cleaning and organizing in the winter plus finish processing things that I didn’t get done during regular canning season. I often have a lot of apples and pears stored in the refrigerator that becomes applesauce or apple butter in early December. Two of our daughters gift apple butter to coworkers and help with the processing.

      3. What do you forage in the fall? Nothing unless the squirrels don’t steal all of our pecans.

      4. What did you do to prep this week? We drove by three houses yesterday and actually looked at one of them. It turned out to be a big disappointment – pictures can be very deceiving as to the actual size of rooms. I also wish every house listed came with a floor plan. I do prefer to look at houses that are empty – it’s easier for me to visualize my furniture in them. Depending on where you’re looking in Georgia, property can be way overpriced. Patience is key. We nearly criss-crossed the northern half of Georgia yesterday and watched a tornado form as we were driving back toward home.

      Physical fitness is ongoing. I did two run/walks and two walking days, plus one strength training session. The running is getting easier and I know I need to add more strength training but keeping up the cardio regularity is more important to me right now.

      Food – it’s hard but we are doing our best to limit purchases to things we have to have until we do get moved. It’s a delicate balance. I’m trying to eat through some things that I don’t want to move and probably won’t purchase or make again, even after moving. I have a LOT of jams and jellies in the refrigerator. The DH doesn’t eat them and I don’t eat a lot of sugar anyway, so it’s going to take a while for me to finish them. I hate throwing away food. We do have a LOT of #10 cans of freeze dried food for long term storage and home canned items for mid-term storage.

      Garden – picked radishes – YUM!

      Thor’s questions:
      1. Do you think China will invade Taiwan? No idea really as I’m avoiding all news.

      2. Do you think Hillary, Obama and Brennan will be indicted before or after the election? That may depend entirely on who gets elected. I don’t think it will happen before and it definitely won’t happen after if Biden wins.

      3. Will Biden be indicted for crimes in the Ukraine before the Election? Doubtful

      4. How long do you think shortages of food and products be after December? There are seeming shortages now. I usually order my laundry detergent by the case online through subscribe and save. I can now only get one box at a time through subscribe and save. I can still order a case, but the price is ridiculous.

      5. Have you heard of “protestors” attacking suburban homes with rocks thrown through windows and how would you react? I heard about the possibility of this a while back with the protests in Atlanta. Fortunately, I have not heard of it happening anywhere near me. We will defend our property – don’t mess with me and I won’t mess with you.

  5. 1. What are your most important fall preps?
    Adding 4 ducks and 25 pullets this year. Pullets ar a nearly grown.
    2. How do you use winter “down time” to improve your preps?
    I build as weather permits.
    3. What do you forage in the fall? Seeds. Most years a pint or more lambsquarter seeds for winter sprouts or micrgreens. Others as available. I let many thIngs in the garden go to seed to save seeds. I pot up jalapeno pepper plants and cherry tomatos plants to bring in for the winter. Most years i get a sample of all the herbs and some medicinal plants to grow in small pots in the kitchen window.
    4. What did you do to prep this week? Still working slowly but working on the new fowel house and pen. Found a nice recliner so husband can have a comfortable place to relax. Bought more 50 lb bags of grain. 2 Wheat, 1 millet, 1 barley, and 1 oats. Some for us and some for birds.

    I’m definitely getting some strength back. I can now hug a 50lb bag and carry it to where i need it. You’d laugh if you saw me struggling so to pour grain into barrels for feeding the ducks and chickens. But I’m doing it.
    I’ve been struggling to drive to the little town 15 miles from home, do a bit of shopping, buy us a meal and sit in the truck to eat and rest a bit, then drive home. Yesterday I drove over an hour to the city. Took care of some banking business, picked up my younger son, stopped at Harbor Freight, filled the truck gas tank, drove almost to the reservation south of town to the feed mill, then back into town to buy lunch, stopped for a bag of ice for my daughter in law then to their apartment to eat and nap. After 5 pm took son to meet up with the gal advertising a nice recliner on craigslist. Bought the recliner in perfect condition for $30 then 15 miles back to sons place. Then over an hour back home. Around 160 miles total. Arrived exhausted but I did it. Last year at this time I was driving over 200 miles round trip every Sunday to pastor a little country church. It felt like nothing.
    Life sure can change in a hurry. The lingering weakness and lack of stamina have been driving me crazy. I’m used to working hard and building anything I can gather up material to do. I’m still slow, rest often, but things are finally getting done. It feels good!

  6. They day has come! DD2 is getting married today. I am really excited for her and son-in-law. DD1 and other son-in-law suffered through their fourth hurricane of the season. They live just outside Lake Charles, LA. What a mess. DS1 got in Thursday from Los Angeles. I made a Thanksgiving dinner for him yesterday. I made chicken in the instant pot instead of turkey. We actually like chicken better. The chicken took 7 minutes. Then I put in the stuffing for another 2 minutes. I love my instant pot! Did quite a bit of grocery shopping this week–filled in some holes.

  7. Well, the rain is back for the next 5 days so all out door, work is done for the time being. So I made 8 QT of Chili, it turned out pretty well for my first batch of pressure can Chili. I started to clean out our down spouts and gutters, I have one more to get to some time after the rain stops. Hubby, and I put the cover on our travel trailer, I’m so glad we did and we pretty much have put our second property to sleep for the Winter.

    Now I started to paint the Wainscoting, in my Son’s room if we decided to sell our main home next spring then I want the house, to be in the best shape as possible to get top Dollar for our sweet little Craftsman Bungalow. When we build we are going to take many of the craftsman bungalow pieces put it in our new build since we also have furniture and decor that will fits into a new build.

    Question 1 Whats important on fall preps? Getting our 2nd property shut down for the winter, and winterizing our main house putting in the foam blocks, and doing the down spouts, getting my greenhouse, to sleep too.

    Question 2 Down time in Winter, doing organization, and going through clothing to be ready for Spring.

    Question 3 I don’t forage anymore we used to pick.up Walnuts, and pick Apples, but I don’t do it anymore.

  8. -Praying for everyone affected by Delta.

    -This is not prepper related, but I have a question. I have an old, worn quilt that my grandma made for me when I was a baby. It’s of no use as a quilt, but I would like to repurpose it. I was thinking about cutting it apart and making something for the grandkids. Does anyone have any ideas? I have a few, but maybe some of you can think of something better. The pattern is Dutch doll, so it has dolls that are about ten inches tall all over it.

    What are your most important fall preps?
    Getting stocked for winter, especially for the animals.

    How do you use winter “down time” to improve your preps?
    I do a lot of research and print valuable information. It goes into the binder for that subject matter. I usually order seeds then, but I’ve already done that. I was concerned that if I waited I wouldn’t get them. I also crochet. I have yarn and patterns for several projects.

    What do you forage in the fall?
    Nothing that I can think of.

    What did you do to prep this week?
    This week:
    -Gave five roosters to a like-minded friend.
    -Broody hen is still sitting on eggs. They should start hatching any day.

    -Turnips are coming up.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: was gifted a grocery bag full of individual ranch dressings, toothbrushes, extra mop and two more mop heads,
    -Found #1 granddaughter a very nice winter coat at the thrift store for only $6. It’s big enough that she should get to wear it for two years.
    -Got #2 granddaughter a lot of shoes, boots, and clothes from a former coworker.

    -More cleaning and organizing. Does it ever end?
    -Cleaned out pond on farm, seeded bank and overflow, and covered with straw. Also mowed to get rid of weeds and bushes.
    -Did third cutting of hay this week. I don’t have a count on how many bales we got.
    – Being focused on nothing but doom-and-gloom has been my new normal. I’ve been doing absolutely nothing other than needs for several months. I realize that this focus has caused some mild depression. So, this week I got a new shower curtain and rugs for the bathroom (I don’t do ‘retail therapy’ to feel good, but the bathroom rugs and curtain were very worn.), and I did some fall decorating both inside and outside my house. (Just a bale of straw, some pumpkins, a fall wreath on clearance at the grocery store, and some dollar store finds. Nothing expensive at all.) Doing something small, yet frivolous, was nice. This has improved my mood greatly. I need to stay more in tune to my mood.

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    • PG,

      If you have a quilt shop nearby, take the quilt in and talk to the owner about it. They may be able to put you in touch with someone who can repurpose the quilt into smaller wall hangings or pillows….If it’s really old and fragile, it may need to be cut, hemmed, put under glass and made into wall art. Good luck!!

    • You can also make(or have made) a wall art piece to go above the bed. My grandmother gave me a large bag containing all my grandfathers old ties(all silk from the 1930#-70s) some jacquard and satin scraps from dresses she had made, and some silks. I took some corduroy scraps from the first suit i made for my husband, and made two 20 inch round crazy quilt circles that they hung over their beds (they slept in twin beds in the same room). She gave them back to me on my last trip up there (along with all the geneology info) and several of her most prized possessions, which I still have. I think she knew i wouldn’t see her again. Those wall pieces are priceless to me.

        • PG,

          These are a couple of suggestions from my Ex:

          That sounds like a nice idea. Maybe some child sized pillows. Try using the quilt as an appliqué on fabric to make small pillows. If the fabric is very thin and worn this might be a nice decoration accessory for a child. Might also make some small doll bedding items.

  9. PG,

    I sent your old quilt question to my Ex for suggestions. I don’t know anyone else with more quilting experience than her. I don’t know how quickly she will reply as I don’t know her schedule for today.

  10. Prepared Grammy:
    Three things to repurpose quilt- Make into Christmas Stockings, make small doll quilts, frame with a quilt saying. Will try to send a picture of the third.

    Good to freshen up the bath now with an uncertain future.

      • You might also want to record who made the quilt, if framed could be done on frame, if not framed could be Painted on a pc of ribbon, would work for one of Grandma’s favorite sayings… My DGM also did quilting extensively, the dutch girl was one of her favorites..I have been planning on trying my hand at one. similar to hers.. i have quilting frames… and will hand quilt it.. that is one of my winter pet projects i wish to do…It may well take me much of the winter.to get it ready to quilt..

        • Great idea! I’m going to see if I can find something with my grandma’s signature on it and put it on a quilt block for framing.

  11. What are your most important fall preps? Getting the garden going.

    How do you use winter “down time” to improve your preps? Winter is go time in Florida.

    What do you forage in the fall? I do not forage.

    What did you do to prep this week? The wife likes that I am canning so to help she searched out some jars. She came home this morning with 110 pint jars. A woman had to close her catering business and was selling all her fixtures. She has a line on 20 quart jars she is picking up this afternoon.

  12. Hello everyone,

    I continue to can from the garden, everything but the cantaloupe. Next chance of freeze is the 18th-20th. Most of the fall preps are completed, gutters cleaned out, garage cleaned out, closets organized and rotated food in GHB and BOB. Filters were replaced at the equinox.

    Anxious for the freeze so I can concentrate on quilting. Second grandchild due late winter. I have not even started on a quilt.

    Not much foraging this year. Area is in a deep drought. Usually can gather sand hill plums, late asparagus (along the ditch banks) and nuts.

    Stay safe everyone.

    • MOE< If you have a good sweet cantaloupe it makes a good Jam…fruit preserve. look up recipe online.. i have not found the one i used. in a notebook somewhere… taste. test it for sweetness. and my recipe did call for vanilla.extract…i think i followed basic recipe on sure jell.

  13. Another week has flown by! (1) Since I am in Florida, there is no “fall”, but it is my busiest gardening season! Green bean plants are 3 weeks old now and are climbing up the tomato cages I planted them near. All of my greens will be planted next weekend, along with broccoli and maybe some brussel sprouts.
    (2) I don’t forage much. In May/June I forage elderberries. That’s it.
    (3) Since I have no real cold weather, I plan instead for indoor projects on the many rainy days we get. I quilt and make soap. And I love to read!
    (4) Preps this week: pulled up the old eggplant bushes and prepped that area of the garden for planting next weekend. I weeded and mulched around the pigeon peas, cleaned up a couple of goat pens, and harvested okra. I picked up 50 pounds of lard, and ordered several essential oils and 2 gallons of castor oil on line for soap making. I canned another 4 quarts of bone broth for the farm doggies. Quilting projects filled in any of my free time.

  14. Puppy had a puppy day. I went to the tractor supply company and got him some pig ears. He loves them. He crunched on one until it was gone.

    Bought pig ears
    Bought treat biscuits for hips and joints. They’re made from beef,sweet potato and peas.
    Bought 2 8packs of canned dog food from blue Buffalo.

    Bought steel targets for practice
    Bought a Coldwell bench rifle holder.
    Did some 22lr gonging..LOL

    Scored 2 12packs of standard rings and lids.

    Bought an oil change kit for the Cub cadet 50XT1

    Heavy workouts, it free.

    Thor’s question

    1. Do you think China will invade Taiwan?

    2. Do you think Hillary, Obama and Brennan will be indicted before or after the election?

    3. Will Biden be indicted for crimes in the Ukraine before the Election?

    4. How long do you think shortages of food and products be after December?

    5. Have you heard of “protestors attacking suburban homes with rocks thrown through windows and how would you react?

    • Tara’s questions

      1.What are your most important fall preps? Leaves, firewood and composting the main garden.

      2. How do you use winter “down time” to improve your preps? Exercise, food preservation

      3.What do you forage in the fall? Whatever is in the store when necessary. Especially beer/alcohol.

    • Thor’s question
      1. Do you think China will invade Taiwan?

      Yes, if they think they can get away with it. However, I don’t think they will. The US and Japan will be on China like stink on poop. A lot of people don’t know it, but Japan and Formosa (aka: Taiwan) were friendly allies during and before WWII.

      2. Do you think Hillary, Obama and Brennan will be indicted before or after the election?

      Before the elections, no. It would be very nice, however.

      3. Will Biden be indicted for crimes in the Ukraine before the Election?

      Before the elections, no. As much as the Ukrainians may want to, they won’t before the elections so as not to be accused of interfering.

      4. How long do you think shortages of food and products be after December?

      Are you asking how long after December before food shortages rear their ugly heads? It depends on who gets elected.

      5. Have you heard of “protestors attacking suburban homes with rocks thrown through windows and how would you react?

      Yes, I have heard of this. If they throw rocks at my crib, I would be throwing rocks back. If they chose to up the ante in retaliation, then so be it. I have other things to throw back.

      • Z36, I heard Biden-Harris had zero supporters show up in Phoenix AZ. and Biden said if you win Florida you win. Soon after mobs of Latino’s for Trump showed up in Miami. ?

        • Thor 1,

          I heard about that in Phoenix too. I saw a media vid with absolutely no one but a police scout car in the distance and the talking head wandering around trying to figure out what she should do.

          Snort, giggle, snort.

          • Thor 1,

            I should have added this sooner.

            My Ex is a nervous wreck over this election. She has absolutely no desire to live under another communist government and is scared that so many Americans have no sense about what misery a communist government brings. That is a reason she is spending so much time at my place lately. She knows I am anti-communist (and why I should be) and my attitudes make her feel a little better. My #1 daughter works for a Russian lady at her civilian job who grew up in the Soviet Union. She is also worried sick.

          • Zulu, I remember the reaction from my friend/co-worker (immigrated from Russia) when BO (and his “fundamentally change America”) was elected. She was just about foaming at the mouth and remarking that what the heck happened to Americans that they should get so stupid.

    • Thor’s question

      1. Do you think China will invade Taiwan? I don’t think it is a matter of if, but of when. Right now they are posturing, getting themselves and their population ready.

      2. Do you think Hillary, Obama and Brennan will be indicted before or after the election? First will come the evidence. I am looking forward to it’s release. I want to see what their reactions will be. I’m sure that both Hillary and Obama have places set up for them to go to outside the US. I’m okay with that too.

      3. Will Biden be indicted for crimes in the Ukraine before the Election? Not sure there is enough hard evidence for that right now. I also don’t like to think of the long term consequences of a charge like that right before an election. Besides, I don’t think he would outlive a trial; now his son????

      4. How long do you think shortages of food and products be after December? For those who have been paying attention there has been flooding in SE Asia, China, and Nigeria that has destroyed millions of tons of rice. We had our corn crop his hard. CA is still on fire, and what I’m hearing from the wholesalers here, that means crops of fruits and vegetables are light and picked early. Between the fire, the smoke, and the loss of sunlight… Someone here mentioned sugar price increases. Canning supplies are still in short supply. The main-stream consumer is firmly entrenched in normalcy bias, believing any food shortages will be short lived and covered by increase government provision. I think we will start seeing shortages soon, slowly at first. China is spending huge amounts of money on food and raw materials; what are they stocking up for: war or world wide shortages – or both?

      5. Have you heard of “protestors attacking suburban homes with rocks thrown through windows and how would you react? We live by the saying “Don’t start nothing, there won’t be nothing!” Right now, for us, there are too many variables for a direct, definitive answer. But, the bullets have already started flying.

      • Ga Red

        I had 2 but one died, the other is still in a large pot that I bring in during winter. I also have a lemon tree I bring in during winter. It’s covered in lemons now. It produces lemons twice a year and is self pollinating.

        • I also have a Meyer lemon tree and it blooms at least twice every year – once before it goes back outside in the spring and once after. I picked a lemon ? in the last few weeks.

          I’m worried that I need a larger pot and/or a greenhouse for the avocados ?. They are obnoxious on my sun porch each winter as they drop so many leaves and I had to top them because the ceiling is so low. They are quite healthy though.

          Thanks for the info. One day.

    • Thor’s question

      doubt it, they need their military to maintain order in their own country, they really are a paper tiger and not really in a possition to march out



      i think its already been going on regionally

      nope, i would react by shooting them, but then i’m not in the suburbs, i’m in a semi fortified homestead in the middle of nowhere

      • Z36, I’m wondering if it’s a 22lr model or airsoft…. LOL ?

        I like the Gerber machete with the scarf on it. I have one hanging on my bed post minus the scarf….?

      • Zulu, of course that’s how they’re supposed to go. Hope he hustles out to help his buddies set up the same way. Yeah, I did a snort too when I saw the vid.

  15. 1. What are your most important fall preps? Putting garden to bed.

    2. How do you use winter “down time” to improve your preps? Straightening out shelved items, seed ordering, garden planning.

    3. What do you forage in the fall? Not much to forage in my area except acorns, which I haven’t bothered with. Even the eleagnus berries are nonexistant this year.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Bought more foodstuffs for rotation, canned another 4 pints applesauce, bought 6# frozen corn that probably won’t get dehydrated for another week, grabbed a small stack of old firewood & got into a trash can b4 it rains. Seems my shoulder and upper arm pain is likely because I re-injured my old torn rotator cuff. Way to go!! Tore the right one mid-80’s and the left one early 2000’s. No surgery. Aaaargh. And the DP better get his latest batch of hemorrhoids removed very soon. Docs disappearing left & right around here.


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