What I Did To Prep This Week: October 18th 2020 – October 24th 2020

Hello Pack. Once again I hope you all have had a productive and informative week of prepping. We had three new additions to our survival homestead this week: the Guernsey bull calf shown in the feature photo above, and a breeding pair of mini donkeys.

Guernseys are an excellent dairy cow breed. Chevy, as my daughter named him (I would have preferred Dodge if we were naming him in honor of the best trucks on our hill) follows everyone around like a puppy and loves receiving affection.

Our hope is to leave him intact for breeding purposes. But, I am NOT going to deal with an aggressive bull on our survival homestead and deal with copious amounts of additional fence repairs or safety concerns once he matures. Time will tell what his future holds, at this point.

The miniature donkeys shown in the photo below have not yet melded into our existing herd of little donkeys. The calf instantly made friends with one mini Jennie and a miniature gelding horse. The new mini donkeys are quite tame and seem to trust us, but are keeping to themselves thus far. The Jennie has been bred, but is not due until late spring.

mini donkeys

I consider the miniature donkeys valuable preps because they kick and chase coyotes for sport. Protecting our meat, egg, and work livestock from predators both now and during a SHTF is always a top priority.

Miniature donkeys are quite popular in our region, both due to their predator thwarting abilities and as farm pets because they are pretty dang cute. Selling offspring is a good side hustle that will generate extra income that can be used for preps or funneled back into ongoing projects on the survival homestead.

As we are inching closer to election day, I am sure what type of chaos may occur in the aftermath is weighing on our minds and influencing our preps.

The pandemic has turned into a highly political issue, and will likely remain so until at least election day. There is a plethora of speculation about how the intensity of media coverage and pontificating by liberal politicians will wane or increase after the outcome of the presidential election is known.

Our governor just recently declared that his offices will remain closed in Ohio until May, and other elected officials are starting to follow suit. Now, while I feel the people are best served with as little intrusion as possible by the government, those public servants we are paying should not be huddled away at home, and giving us virtually no effort for our tax dollars.

Democrats in Ohio have been eagerly embracing Mike DeWine, while Republicans and Constitutional Libertarians like myself who voted for him are counting down the days until he is out of office. Despite the decree from Governor DeWine, I have never worn a mask to walk in anywhere, and will continue to use common sense and not panic to guide my efforts to remain healthy.

There are about 25 total cases of Covid 19 in my county where the vast majority of the population has not worn a mask. Yet, in an adjacent county, where mask wearing by almost everyone for months has been the norm, they are at a “level 3” for cases and climbing.

Sure doesn’t sound like that thin layer of fabric works out as well as liberal politicians that slip off their face covering when they think we aren’t looking, think.

A recall petition to get rid of DeWine early over his pandemic shutdown and reopening policies is currently in circulation. As I noted, the pandemic has become a starkly dividing issue around the country.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. How do you work to keep your livestock safe from predators now and plan to keep them safe when depending upon them to feed your family during a long-term disaster?
  2. What do you think will happen post election if President Trump wins re-election from a rioting and pandemic perspective?
  3. What do you think will happen in the country and to the country if Joe Biden wins the presidential election?

126 thoughts on “What I Did To Prep This Week: October 18th 2020 – October 24th 2020”

    • Puppy loves his play time and actually wines at the time we normally play when I come home from work. The other day I was late coming home due to an accident that had a fatality so I called the Mrs. so she wouldn’t worry as the road was shut down. She had her phone on speaker and puppy heard me and started howling.
      I think he could hear the stress in my voice. He’s a good boy.

      Cut and split a cord of wood.

      Cleaned the fireplace

      Home improvements
      Put concrete pads down by the gate where I got the 4X4 truck stuck.
      Mowed the yard and trimmed trees and bushes.
      Steam cleaned the den.
      Keeping everything clean as the power might go out.

      Bought 2 turkeys to freeze
      Bought a ham
      Bought more meat to freeze
      (The Mrs. Loves the new freezer)

      The lettuce is coming in amazingly.
      More peppers to pickle.

      Fruit trees
      The avocado tree is almost dead…so sad I grew it from a seed. It was an experiment.
      The lemon tree is covered in fruit and new blossoms.

      Cleaned and lubed some firearms.
      Target practiced with the new steel targets.

      Thor’s questions
      1. Have you heard of a lettuce shortage in California due to a lettuce virus?

      2. Have you heard of the coming meat shortage?

      3. What did you think of Biden’s mentioning of a ” Coming dark winter” ? It was also a pandemic military drill back in 2001.

      4. Do you think Biden should drop out of the race with all the money he was getting from China?
      (You know the people who brought us this pandemic and face diapers!!!)

      • Thor’s questions
        1. Have you heard of a lettuce shortage in California due to a lettuce virus? No, but CA foods will be in short supply for a while. With the fires, lack of rain, poor leadership, increased taxes, and people leaving they are on the down hill slope.

        2. Have you heard of the coming meat shortage? No, but all of our freezers are full. I found my favorite ice cream on sale and had a hard time rearranging the freezer space to put 2 1.5 qt containers. A problem I don’t mind having. Also picked up $1/# chicken and $1.75/# hamburger in the last couple of weeks.

        3. What did you think of Biden’s mentioning of a ” Coming dark winter” ? It was also a pandemic military drill back in 2001. I think he has a vision of things going dark without Democratic leadership. I think he truly believes the nonsense he is putting out. I don’t believe he has ever been an original thinker.

        4. Do you think Biden should drop out of the race with all the money he was getting from China? No, he should finish the race. 3rd place is a good showing for him.
        (You know the people who brought us this pandemic and face diapers!!!)

        • Thor’s questions

          1. Have you heard of a lettuce shortage in California due to a lettuce virus?

          I’ve heard of a lettuce shortage, but not that there was a lettuce virus involved.

          2. Have you heard of the coming meat shortage?

          Yes, I have heard of a potential meat shortage. My Ex says she read that meat producers are feeding meat stock metal shavings with their food to kill them. I’m not too willing to lend that particular rumor much credence. Nasty way to kill something.

          3. What did you think of Biden’s mentioning of a ” Coming dark winter” ? It was also a pandemic military drill back in 2001.

          Biden and his ilk are dangerous to Americans.

          4. Do you think Biden should drop out of the race with all the money he was getting from China?

          I think Biden should drop out of the race for a number of reasons, China money just being one.

          • Z36,

            1. Yes, Wendy’s and other hamburger joints are no longer offering lettuce on their burgers report says.

            2. I have heard of people, Antifa maybe….putting bolts and metal in corn fields. One it contaminates the corn 2 it damages harvest equipment.

      • Tara’s questions

        1. How do you work to keep your livestock safe from predators now and plan to keep them safe when depending upon them to feed your family during a long-term disaster?I don’t have any at this time but a chicken coop is on the list. Puppy would be an excellent guard if he doesn’t eat them. He loves chicken.

        2.What do you think will happen post election if President Trump wins re-election from a rioting and pandemic perspective? Rioters will burn things and other things but it will be short as Trump will call in the National Guard to stop it. Pandemic, not sure? But there will be a lot of Democrats having meltdowns.

        3.What do you think will happen in the country and to the country if Joe Biden wins the presidential election?
        Civil war. He could only win by voter fraud so it wouldn’t be legit.
        How could anyone win on…. I’m going to raise taxes, kill industries such as oil, coal and firearms. Everyone’s cars and guns taken and make us eat bugs instead of steak. Look at Venezuela, it was a beta test.

      • Thor’s questions

        nope, then again i rarelly buy lettuce, i grow it sometimes for salads but other than thats its maybe 2 small heads a year and only if i crave a loaded deli style sandwich.

        not planned, but the markets suck right now, and they closed down processing facilities in the spring, might happen again.

        never heard of it

        heard nothing about it

  1. This Week’s Questions:

    1. How do you work to keep your livestock safe from predators now and plan to keep them safe when depending upon them to feed your family during a long-term disaster? None.

    2. What do you think will happen post election if President Trump wins re-election from a rioting and pandemic perspective? It will be a mess; I think more of the same with “snowflake melting” as a side show.

    3. What do you think will happen in the country and to the country if Joe Biden wins the presidential election? It will be a combination of the worst of Obama mixed with an even more evil Hillary.

    This week:

    Got new “shoes” put on the EDV (everyday vehicle). Priced locally against Costco (75 miles away). Costco does not do alignments, I would have to make 2 trips (one to order and one to install) and the price would be within $50 (don’t know for sure because Costco was out of stock, so no price listed). Plus, we got snow Wednesday and there is a new weather band just to the north of us on Saturday. I sent the paperwork in for the $70 rebate (4-6 weeks).

    Worked on moving/sorting/inventorying canned foods in the basement. Several cases got up against the wall and had moisture damage. Lost 25% in each of the affected cases (not really that many, but it irritated me).

    I have an issue working in our basement, it has a dirt floor and after about 15 minutes I start sneezing and coughing. I have tried a bunch of masks, including “dust masks” with external filters. Saturday, I used a KN95 mask. I know they are not up to the medical specs of an N95, but they worked excellent for the basement dust.

    Last Tuesday, we lost the ballast in the light in the DW’s office. I have a ceiling fan/light for there but the suspended ceiling put that on hold. Now that the light fixture is in the trash and the suspended ceiling is not more, I need to get the fixture out and see what else we need to install it.

    Hamburger, 80/20 in 10# packages: $1.75/#. Went to the next town over and got some for 3 families. $.75/# less than the same thing on sale locally.

    New treat from the kitchen, last Sunday night – Potato/leek/pear soup! Sounds weird but actually, quite good.

    Supply Run: KN95 masks; van tires; granulated garlic; creamy wheat cereal; ammo; canning lids; hamburger;

    Received: Book: Spiritual Warfare in the End Times; AF, Cheese Blend; Coffee, Folger’s instant (180);

    • Just came in from our first real snow fall. It’s 12 degrees outside and has been snowing since last night. Right now we have about 8 inches. More due in all day and some tomorrow.

      I felt we needed to get the van dug out incase we need to got somewhere. I got milk, bread, and produce refills on Friday, but we have long-term stocks to get us through anything that the weather might throw at us.

      The pilot light has gone out in our gas heater a couple of times lately. I think it is a bubble in the gas line. All I’ve had to do is go down and relight it. It was nice to get up to a warm house this morning!

      • JP, I’m glad I don’t live up north anymore although I love driving in the snow.

        It might be time to get a new furnace. I had that problem at a house I was renting, but I moved. The newer ones have electric ignition and are more fuel efficient and less dangerous. Now would be a good time before SHTF.

        I heard that spiritual book is a good read, let me know.

        IDK why it printed it down further.

      • JP,

        My cousin lives in Billings. She reported that it was snowing. I let her know that it is 85 degrees and sunny here in Florida.

      • You may want to check your Thermocouple. I had the same issue and that was the problem. they are relatively cheap so now I keep a spare on hand.

        • Bob:

          Thanks for the thought, but I have replaced it. I also have another ready to go in, because it will got out when the store is closed and it’s cold.

  2. 1. How do you work to keep your livestock safe from predators now and plan to keep them safe when depending upon them to feed your family during a long-term disaster?
    The chickens are in good coops with fencing under two of the coops and all three are covered. The goats are within site of both my house and #2DS’s houses.
    2. What do you think will happen post election if President Trump wins re-election from a rioting and pandemic perspective?
    There will be lots of civil unrest.
    3. What do you think will happen in the country and to the country if Joe Biden wins the presidential election?
    We will be on a downward slope into socialism.

    In my state, Supreme Leader JBP (our governor) sent a decree to his loyal subjects that we may not sit down and partake of prepared foods in eating establishments. However, he didn’t count on the lack of loyalty from the lowly people. MANY restaurants are refusing to close. This is new territory for people I know, and they’re afraid of losing their businesses if they close. Their employees suffered during the last round of closings and may not make it through another. However, they’re also afraid of what’s going to happen by staying open to indoor dining. In the end, attorneys will be the ones to prosper the most.
    Has your governor issued “orders” that the citizens are refusing to follow? What repercussions were there?

    This week:
    -Broody hen only had two of the eggs that formed a chick, and they didn’t hatch before dying. So, I bought ten chicks at the local farm store and placed them under the hen. She is doing a great job caring for them. I have been wanting some Sapphire Gems, and the store finally got some. So, I bought four Sapphire Gems, four Barred Rocks, and two Ameraucanas.

    -I really need to clean out the greenhouse, but I’ve kept my two-year-old grandson for a week while his parents and big sister were in Florida. So, I’m tired.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: got 8 pair of socks (I love Wright Socks. They’re anti-blister. I’m still wearing some that I bought well over 12 years ago, and I wear them ALL OF THE TIME. The only thing that lets me know that they’re old is a little pilling on the heels and the color isn’t as white any more. They’re expensive, but the absolute best socks I’ve ever had.); got a new regulator for our smallest gas grill; batteries; canned beans, peas, and oranges; maraschino cherries; brown, powdered, and granulated sugar; 7-Up for Christmas punch; wet wipes; vitamins D and B Complex; Epsom salt; disinfecting cleaner; TP; paper towels, plates and napkins; LOTS of chicken feed, barn lime, and an extra bag of dog food; shortening; salt; peanut butter; spices; Velveeta; crackers; white and apple cider vinegar; small, metal projectiles (Limit of 4 boxes, so I bought 4) and 10 boxes of slugs; another large tarp;

    -Grandson #2 loves camo overalls. (Plain overalls. Not insulated.) I’ve been looking for some since July (I discovered that they’re no longer being made.) and finally found some online this week. We get him a pair for Christmas every year. So, I ordered a pair in the next three sizes for him. Can you say “shopping ahead?”

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    • emperor cuomo, need i say more? the city people generally fall in line and everyone else mostly tell him to suck it, though there are a lot of coerceions, the state is flat broke so they use failure to comply as a way to shake down everyone they can for money “fines” anyone that gets some kind of government aid will loose it and they are looking for justification to cut funding to save money.

      another thing i heard is that anyone on heap will be denied unless they agree to vocational training, my neighbors are being denied heap because they won’t take classes that they have to pay for (they are in their 50s, and are both technically disabled)

      • nemoseto:

        People in the cities are extremely dependent upon the local government to keep supplies they need flowing. They are also of the “normality” mindset. All these problems will go away if we just obey the government, then return to normal. They really don’t (and mentally can’t) believe that things are not going to get better. Many feel that they have no other choice. They are wrong, but can’t get past their fear and admit it.

    • Everything is fully open here in Florida. Our governor refuses to even consider school closures. The data supports keeping schools open. The county I live in has mandated masks when entering public places. Compliance is very high. The U.S. is now clearly in the third wave which is expected to be worse than the first two in terms of number of people infected.

  3. Taras questions

    I have only chickens at the moment, and they are in very secure coops, locked in at night only a bear could possibly get in (i did have a baby coon get in a gap over summer but thats since been covered), i scavange old grill grates and stuff like them to cover the windows. generally anything bothering livestock is trapped and or shot.

    as per pandemic, i don’t think it will be any different than a biden win would be, the virus doesn’t care who wins, there won’t be much difference. as per riots they will probably escilate from leftists angry about a trump win

    like i said, biden won’t make much of a difference per the pandemic, as per riots they will escalate from people thinking they can get away with more now that their guys in office.

    this week: shortly after i went home last saturday from poking in here my lab ran into me, chrashed into my left leg from the side at full speed like an idiot and dislocated my knee, he then lost an ass kicking contest to a man on only one leg. been wearing a brace for it. sunday morning it started raining and been raining all week, so i been inside doing nothing for the most part. pulled all the turnips from the places i broadcast seed, got 60lbs of rutabega size turnips all together. coming week still calls for rain, so i won’t be doing much of anything this week either (bum knee, and bad weather, plus flat broke and all my chainsaws are down for repair), if i do anything it will be canning projects.

    so my questions

    does anyone else use a ration system for food? my A rations are fresh food (will go bad in days), my B rations are shelf stable fresh stuff (will last several weeks at least), my C rations are shelf stable but temperature sensative (canned rations), and my D rations are generally stuff that could go into a cashe barrel (dried so its not affected by temperature and can last many years).

    has anyone tried making deli meat jerky? i used to dry deli meat so i could add it to rice and noodles and other stuff when on hiking trails, someone gave me 5lbs of turkey deli meat so i am thinking of making some since i cannot eat that much before it turns and its not something suited to canning.

    thinking back to my hiking days has anyone made dried tomato sauce? this is something i did in advance for trails. i would open and dry cans of pasta sauce into fruit leather, then break it up into bits, to use it i would use fast cooking pasta like angel hair spagetti, then pour out most of the water, but then stir in the dried sauce and let it sit covered for 5 minutes so the dried sauce could soak up the remaining water and rehydrate. takes a lot less room and weight (5 quarts sauce can fit into a singe quart jar when dry and weigh almost nothing), was a trick i used on week long trips, and then when i was in my tiny cabin and had extremly limited space for things that couldn’t freeze. these days if i get cans of sauce really cheap or free i dry it and fill a mason jar or something and others with dried noodles for cashe barrels.

    • nemoseto:

      I don’t have a formal system like yours, but I do keep foods separate but their “longevity”. Kitchen, pantry, deep pantry, bulk storage is a system that works for me.

    • nemoseto’s questions

      1. does anyone else use a ration system for food? Yes it’s more of what gets used first.

      2. has anyone tried making deli meat jerky? No just regular jerky. Usually beef. But you could freeze it.

      3. has anyone made dried tomato sauce? I have made canned tomato sauce and freeze dried spaghetti for camping and long term. I have dehydrated tomato skins and ground them up after removing skin for canning. Then grind up the dehydrated skins for tomato paste powder.

      Hope your knee gets better , I know how puppies can run in front of you and jam your knees.

      I have 2 chainsaws, one needs a lost carburetor and the other is fairly new.

    • DW and I are doing research on dehydrating eggs and tomato sauce/paste. I think we found a way to make it work. If it does, we’ll add it to our weekly report.

      • JP i have dehydrated eggs…use a dry non stick skillet, cook them fully as scrambled… dice them small and put on tray/ i use a mesh one with extra mesh ( like is used for plastic canvas needlework). They work well for adding protein to a meal, for scrambled eggs for breakfast. The benefits in baking don’t always com across- beats no eggs…They need to be rock hard.. then after dehydrating i run mine thru a blender to powder. one tablespoon to 2 tablespoons water rehydrates one medium egg.store with oxygen absorber.in glass.
        I have never done tomato products successfully. just make a mess, akin to cheese or banana’s..
        agree with others postings on questions.
        Could get dicey no matter who wins election… duration of unrest depends on if election is stolen.

    • I haven’t opened cans if tomato sauce to dry but I have certainly dried a lot of fresh sauce after letting it drain excess liquid in cheese cloth in a colander. We drank the juice. Made like any other fruit leather in process. I have also made tomato paste in a wooden bowl in the sun. Stir it now and then. Sundried tomatoes in olive oil are nice also. They take up less room than canned tomatoes but I do enjoy a lot of canned tomatoes at home.

    • I have dried tomatoes and tomato skins then ground them into a powder for making paste or anything else rehydrated like soup. I have yet to use it but my hiking enthusiast daughter wants to try some on one of her hikes.

      • Mari:

        It will also last longer, require no electricity to keep, be ready in a short time, and require less space to store the same amount (assuming you have a plentiful/renewable water source.

      • i only did it in winter, wood heat plus naturally low air humidity (under 10% humidity in my cabin), i just poured it onto cookie sheets and left it on the counter, it was dry in less than 24 hours. i also used apple sauce to make fruit leather like that. basically i had a lot of jars of apple sauce and then someone gave me like 50 cans of cheap tomato sauce (food pantry gives them away, but most people here don’t eat anything but the meat and cheese and many just let the canned and dried stuff build up, then they put them in boxes on the curb for trash, a few put the boxes out when their town has a townwide yardsale, nobody takes it then, but that year i shuttled back and forth with my bike trailer taking it all, so i had lots to experiment with.

        in my hiking days i just dried a couple cans of hunts brand sauce for hiking trips, but cashe supplies i made a lot (and paired it with several half gallon jars of angle hair noodles that were also free).

        they take up less space, and dried it lasts indefinatly as long as the container is sealed, its also unaffected by heat or cold (when i only had a tiny 10×14 cabin heated space was too limited, but i could keep jars of dried sauce outside in a shed

        • Nemo, wow, 10% humidity. Surprised you haven’t mummified. No wonder the sauce dried in 24 hours. I’ve thought about doing it, but just haven’t gotten into leathers yet. Small house with not too many places to keep a dehydrator going the way I’d like. A big “yes” on the angel hair pasta as it cooks so quick. Our local stores rarely have it anymore. They’ve even dropped my fave brand that always had the skinny stuff.

          I almost moved up into NY back in the mid 80’s. Armed with United and Stroud catalogs, I was seriously considering two places with existing larger cabins, one with 12 acres and the other with 20 acres. Only reason I didn’t was my barely teen daughter. Should have. Oh well.

  4. Happy Saturday from Douglasville,

    Just got back home from getting my drivers license renewed. Had an appointment at 9am and was walking out of there $32 lighter but had a temporary license in my hand at 9:05. I love efficient people.

    We are planning a road trip to Kentucky to see the Ark and the Creation Museum on November 4th, provided the country is not in flames at that point. We are only gone from Wednesday to Saturday and SIL will stay at the house and take care of the dogs.

    I was needing some .38 special and not finding nay on line or local. I was rooting around in the basement and found a cache of stuff I’d forgotten about and there were 2 boxes of 50 rounds in the box. So, one is close by and the other one stays in the box and I have made a note to myself that it is there.

    Got in an order of seeds from the LDS folks. Very reasonably priced for what it is but I’m always happy to add more seeds to the larder. Ordered some other stuff from them but not sure when it will show up.

    We have friends coming down for the day and then going out with other friends to celebrate a birthday. Church tomorrow and Church Trunk or Treat on Friday evening. Always doing something.

    Stay safe, say your prayers, and be good to other people.

    • You may find the ammo in Kentucky. I was in Madisonville this week and found one of the three kinds I was looking for.

      We enjoyed seeing the Ark, but didn’t make it to the Creation Museum due to time constraints. I wish we had. My friend’s husband painted the murals for it. ?

      • PG:

        We still get “regularly priced” ammo, but it does not stay on the shelves long. I’ve been trying to time the day of delivery but it keeps changing. It’s the same quantities that they usually get, so there’s no shortage from the supplier. It’s just that people are buying more than normal.

  5. I’ve been rearranging my cupboards, and getting rid of anything that’s getting old
    I tossed out 6 spice bottles most had nothing really in it and got rid of 4 cans of food that were from 2017, I’m not going to use and put those plastic liners on each shelf and just gave my cupboards a good wiping down. I have my baking cupboards to clean out today I’m very pleased with my self that the wasted food is very minimal. I went back to Costco, and got a few things like pancake syrup, and some string cheese, I also made a great bean soup normally my soups don’t turn out very well but this batch I was actually pleased so I froze it. I did fine more canning jars, at Goodwill, very surprised at the least and at Walmart, I did find my bleach tablets, so I bought 2 bottles. Rain and wind in our forecast, so glad I put the foam blocks in last week around the house and I mowed the lawn for the last time for the year. Hubby, has been busy putting in the last of the 5 Generator that were ordered this spring by our Generator company, they are 14 weeks out to even get one and most people, don’t want to put $5000.00 deposit down and wait almost 4 months to get one.

    Question 1 No more live stock, we had a beautiful bull named Joe, he was a Shorthorn, such a beautiful breed I don’t see Shorthorn breed hardly any longer he was like Ferdinand the bull, such a big good boy, my dad sold him for breeding because he was very sweet nature guy.
    Question 2 and 3 I can only imagine what will happen after election day it will be a roller coaster ride for sure ? .

    Take care and have a great weekend ?

  6. I did my grocery shopping twice this week and added a little more than usual to my food stash. Bought a couple more #10 cans of MH freeze-dried food. Hey, why not? No PM this week.

    The Ex spent a few more days here this past week. She went to get eye surgery at the VA and I took care of her dog. The surgery went well, and she had a noticeable improvement in her vision very quickly (left eye only, the right eye gets done in two weeks). She had cataract and astigmatism correction.

    #1GD had a great 4th birthday party. She was so happy and was buried in presents. She is a popular little girl in the family. Speaking of #1GD, she and her parents are going on a vacation and will be out of town for nearly two-weeks. I’m going to be bummed out not seeing the little monster. We will FaceTime a few times.

    The Ex and I also made some chicken jerky that came out well. She loved the dehydrated tomato and onion slices I did for her last week. No, we are not getting remarried or moving back in with one another full time. Simply being friends again is enough. Our kids are very happy with that.

    I did not watch the Presidential debate. It’s a waste of my intellectual time, especially when Biden is talking. I’m informed that Trump did pretty well.

    I don’t know why I waited this long, but I ordered a Level IIIA vest. I can get hard plates for it later if I want. I know there is a guy out there that recommends not getting a vest as most folks have no business getting involved in things that require a vest. He’s right, but I’m not most folks. I already have a IIIA vest, but it is quite old, and I wore it for some years on the job.

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. How do you work to keep your livestock safe from predators now and plan to keep them safe when depending upon them to feed your family during a long-term disaster?

    I have no livestock. My son has a few chickens and has reinforced his coop to prevent as many smaller predators as possible out. His roo is mean as a snake and does what he can.

    2. What do you think will happen post election if President Trump wins re-election from a rioting and pandemic perspective?

    The sore liberal/socialist/fascist/communist losers will cause a lot of trouble as though they can riot their way into getting the government they want.

    3. What do you think will happen in the country and to the country if Joe Biden wins the presidential election?
    There will still be trouble. Perhaps not at the same level as that if Trump wins. We’ll have to see and be prepared either way.

    • Z36, IDK I hear wedding bells. Those that dehydrate together stay together……?

      Trump had me in tears laughing at Biden.

      It’s good you bought a new vest. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.?

      • Thor,

        No wedding bells, I assure you. I mentioned your post above to the Ex and she spent quite awhile laughing.

        She was very interested in nemoseto’s dehydrated pasta sauce suggestion, however.

          • Thor 1,

            I don’t bloody think so. Associating on a friendly basis is one thing. Like a friend told me, “Why get married and ruin a perfectly good friendship?” He was right. Once is enough.

          • What were we doing? Babysitting #1 GD of course. She wouldn’t put up with us disappearing into a locked bedroom for any length of time. 🙂

        • Thanks, Zulu. I hadn’t heard of them before. Plain vest would probably be my best bet, with small mag holders on belt. NJ, ya know. Wish there was at least one place in southern NJ where I could shop in person for try-on.

  7. Bonus questions

    1. Have you heard of double lightning strikes hitting the Trump hotel in Chicago? It formed a V for victory.

    2. Have you heard of an asteroid strike hitting the US on November 2. It’s only 6 feet in diameter per NASA.

    • Thor’s Bonus Questions:

      1, I heard there were three nearly simultaneous strikes. However, one was the main strike and the other two seemed to be what are called “stepped leaders” common secondary strikes that follow the first.

      2. Yes, I have heard that Neil de Grasse Tyson has been predicting a strike on Nov 2, but that it is just a small one and will mostly burn up on the way down.

    • Thor,

      I found this on the web. According to NASA, 2018VP1 poses “no threat” to Earth. NASA calculates the asteroid has a 0.41% chance of entering Earth’s atmosphere but, given its “very small” size, it would disintegrate before it hit the planet.

  8. (1) I have two livestock guardian dogs that protect my goats and chickens. They are 5 years apart in age. When the older dog dies, I get a new pup that then gets trained by the older dog.
    (2) If Trump wins, riots will increase…..
    (3) If they try to tell us that Biden won, well, it will get ugly in a different kind of way. Bullets may fly.
    My preps this week include $700 in meat packed into ever nook and cranny of our freezers. A second young buck has been added to the farm for genetic diversity in my goat herd. DH bought a Big Berkey water purification system. My DH and his crew tore down my old nasty buck house, shooting rats along the way! They are now unloading the materials to building a 16×20 pole barn for the bucks that will have a safe room in the middle for getting away from blowing rains. This Crazy Goat Lady is HAPPY! More seeds were ordered this week; bananas canned and dehydrated. Bone broth is a weekly thing made and canned around here, too. I also requested a few bantam chicks from my friend who owns the local feed store. They set on eggs better than the larger breeds. Just counting down the days until the election…praying lots, and stocking up on everything possible.

  9. JP, I’m glad I don’t live up north anymore although I love driving in the snow.

    It might be time to get a new furnace. I had that problem at a house I was renting, but I moved. The newer ones have electric ignition and are more fuel efficient and less dangerous. Now would be a good time before SHTF.

    I heard that spiritual book is a good read, let me know.

    • Our heater is older than the house. It’s a converted coal burner. It is on the list if we stay here, but that’s not the master plan.

      • JP, we had a heater that the plot blew out when winds shifted from a certain direction.Checking your vent exhaust and shielding it a little more might stop that issue. temporarily.

        • AA:

          That’s along the lines I was thinking. The pilot goes out in our trailer’s hot water tank when It’s windy and blowing along the length of the trailer.

    • Thor1,

      I hated driving in snow, among other things to do with winter. Driving through snow in police cars and ambulances sucked any potential fun out of it. Then there was shoveling the damned stuff.

      • Z36, aww come on man…….?

        Doing doughnuts in a parking lot is fun. Doing doughnuts in a parking lot in a police car with the lights on and maybe some sprinkles is even funner… ?…… ??

        • Thor1,

          Right after I got out of the Marine Corps, I got a job as a security officer at the big office/hotel complex in downtown Detroit called the Reconnaissance Center. One night in January, it was snowing to beat hell and I was on vehicle patrol in the parking lots facing the Detroit River. In the distance I saw a car in the Ford Company’s lot doing donuts. I went to check and it was a State Police car spinning around in the otherwise vacant lot.

          I chatted with the troopers. They had been patrolling the nearby freeways, but things were pretty slow out there and they were bored. I told them to have fun and not to smack into the light poles as we would all have trouble explaining that away.

          • Z36, when I lived in Pittsburgh, that was the first thing we did after the first heavy enough snow. It got you used to how your car would react.

          • Thor1,

            Oh, yeah. I did go spinning donuts and other things to get used to how the car handled. Every day I was on patrol and there was snow/slush/whatever on the ground, I did some speed stopping tests so I knew what my car could do in the road conditions and what I could stop people for. In Michigan speed limits are absolute and also prime facie. If the limit was 40mph, but my stopping tests told me that anything above 25mph was not safe, I could stop people for 25 in a 40 and cite for unsafe speed. Not that I did that all of the time, but it was an arrow in the quiver if needed.

            Then came anti-lock braking and when they were on scout cars, I couldn’t get an accurate safe braking test. I could use my experience, but the judges much preferred the old way where we actually tested safe braking speeds.

          • Here in southern middle Tennessee it’s not so much snow as ice. Responding to a chest pain call at 1 am with a inch of ice on all road was never fun.

  10. 1. Building a new stronger coop/run for chickens and ducks. Right by home when j can see into it from my bedroom window and front porch. Porch would allow shooting down rather that at my neighbors homes.
    2 riots and violence
    3 government strangulation of the American people
    Constitution’s Article V, Convention of States.

    • Neighbor who has helped us so very much the past few years is in the hospital with covid. Dr expects his death soon. Kidneys failing. I’m praying for life knowing I have to accept whatever comes. He’s about 55. I’ve know both of them since they were teens. She has it but is out of the hospital and getting better.
      I had it back in April/May. Still rebuilding strength and stamina. I lost over 30lb and my hair was falling out so bad I chopped it off short. It is finally regrowing.
      Neighbor behind us has stage 4 cancer. Looks bad. It’s a hard year in this neighborhood.
      Started for town a few days ago the truck started sounding bad as so drove home. No one here now that can work on it. Nearby garage closed a few months ago. Guess I’ll try to check it out. New adventure for great grandma. 50+ yearsago I rebuilt my Harleys from the 40s, but never a more modern truck. Not new but quite different from the simple mechanics of WWII era motorcycles. 03 Ford super duty 4×4 crew cab my husband had when we married in 2010. Alzheimers has removed him from repair duties. Maybe I need a book.
      I used to keep two well used cars on the road using the Chilton books. 88 Toyota Turcell and 88 Subaru wagon. Both were priced right. Toy was free. Subaru newly serviced and new tires was $1000. Fix one drive the other so I always had something on the road. Commuted 130 miles a day to work back then. Eventually my assistant pastor took over the repairs. He’s the one in the hospital with covid now. I haven’t turned a wrench on a car in 14 years.

  11. Not much going on prep buying wise at the moment. Trying to find places to put everything away still.
    Back to looking for a vehicle as the CRV was sold. I figure there is another vehicle out there just have to keep looking.

  12. It has been a busy week for this old gal but mostly cleaning so it’s challenging to remember what prepping I’ve done. I did make green tomato salsa and red tomato jam, an appetizing condiment with lime juice, spices and red pepper flakes. Smelling it in the crockpot made me want to cook a pork roast just so I could eat it! Canned more milk and bought more chicken thighs to can up.
    Our bovines pretty much take care of their own offspring. We have never had mountain lion issues with the calves even though they were prowling the river.
    I predict chaos regardless of who wins the election. I am determined to be as far from it as possible. Very few trips to town after election day.
    Had our first few fires in the fireplace this week. Have not had one in the woodstove, but rain might be coming our way finally next week to the high desert bringing cooler temps with it. Cannot relate to 8″ of snow already, JP. Burr!

  13. Tara, congrats on the bull calf and the mini donkeys. Donkeys have kinda been on my bad guy list since I was 5 and I got kicked bad as I was almost in the saddle. Wow, did that hurt, and it permanently frewed up my leg. Almost feel sorry for the coyotes. Almost.

  14. 1. How do you work to keep your livestock safe from predators now and plan to keep them safe when depending upon them to feed your family during a long-term disaster? No animals here.

    2. What do you think will happen post election if President Trump wins re-election from a rioting and pandemic perspective? Lots of potential rioting and bad deed doing if Antifa/BLM do what promised. US Marshals and other feds will be in position. It’ll be nasty. Amazing how so many liberals are caught up in all this being fine. Clueless.

    3. What do you think will happen in the country and to the country if Joe Biden wins the presidential election? It would be interesting to see what Antifa/BLM would be allowed to continue to do. We’ll likely have inflation next year as it is, but radical Dem policies could totally wreck our economy. Media will be pleased, as will their CCP $ partners. Fed mask mandate, illegal unless National Emergency complete with martial law. Come for the guns? Ruh roh. Massive potential for crime with no way of defense. No thank you.

  15. How do you work to keep your livestock safe from predators now and plan to keep them safe when depending upon them to feed your family during a long-term disaster? No livestock, coyotes and raccoons will be trouble if I get any.

    What do you think will happen post election if President Trump wins re-election from a rioting and pandemic perspective? The usual suspects will burn down their own neighborhoods. The pandemic will continue as it has.

    What do you think will happen in the country and to the country if Joe Biden wins the presidential election? Less riots, more looting at first. Biden will follow his version of Science and completely wreak the economy.

  16. I’ve been meaning to ask this for a few weeks. Does anyone know of any good American history books? I’m wanting to study the history of our country again as an adult. ?? ?

    • PG,

      I don’t know any specific books that cover the subject in one volume. Most books by David McCullough are good, but he deals in biographies and specific time periods. Stephen Ambrose is (was) good. He passed on a few years ago. Thomas Sowell will give you good overviews on race issues and on economics, Victor Davis Hansen is also good and he sometimes gets into generalities.

      You still need to be careful as some of the well known authors are socialists and liberals. Their writing reflects this.

      Basically, you have to carefully select your topic and author, using good sense as to the subject matter they’re presenting. Some authors paint Abraham Lincoln as a miracle making politician and emancipator of slaves, when he really wasn’t so wonderful.

    • PG:

      For the American history buff: Hit the used book stores. Look the Encyclopedia Britannica’s Annals of America. It is an encyclopedic book set but what makes it special is they are the original documents, letters, etc. as written by their authors. Want to know what Jefferson actually said about “Separation of Church and State”, it’s in there. It’s by year, so there’s lots of reference material there. It was last printed in the 80’s, but I found 2 sets in large used bookstores when I was in OK visiting family for $40 for the set. I would have bought a second set, but I literally did not have room in the car.

      Other than that, I avoid books published after 1964. Revisionist history really hit hard starting in 1965.

  17. We have COVID in the extended family. One of the workers at a friend’s small security alarm business caught it (it was really only a matter of time considering the number of homes and businesses they are in). She gave it to her daughter, who shared it with the other home-schooled kids, about 4. So now 4 homes are in quarantine, one with seniors with potential health issues. If you are of a mind, they could use your prayers.

  18. The kids were over yesterday for dinner. DD2 is really starting to show. We did some Christmas shopping online. She needs maternity clothes. Graco is having a 25 percent off sale across their entire website. I ordered a $299 car seat/stroller combination for $168. I wanted to make sure that they had the top rated car seat on the market (Graco SungRide.)

    I am concerned that Biden could carry Texas. That would give him enough electoral points to win. China has been spending millions funding voter registration drives in key left-leaning counties. Note that after Hurricane Katrina, massive numbers of poor people were bused from New Orleans to Houston. They never returned home. This could be enough to turn Texas blue.

    I do think the democrats will buy the election. But I don’t think this will stop the violence. If Trump does win, there will be mass riots. But I think he will invoke the Insurrection Act and quell the riots very quickly. I seriously doubt we will have a clear winner on election night. At the very least, the election will be contested.

  19. Ughhhh. Your refusal to wear a mask means you’re putting ME at risk. So thank you very much for disrespecting my health and safety, and the health and safety of my family. All that matters is YOU, just like your failed president.

    • This is probably pointless, but I’d like to add – my health is my priority. Wearing a mask puts my health at risk, therefore I do my best to NOT wear one. If you really want to protect your health, then do what YOU need to do to protect it without expecting anyone else to do it for you.

    • Do you really believe the rest of us should put ourselves at risk to protect you?

      You need to be responsible for protecting yourself.

  20. Jones,

    You seem to have the ME, ME, ME attitude. If things aren’t done your way, you’re being disrespected, etc.

    Lets agree that I disrespect you and your demands and we’ll carry-on from there. A great big don’t GAF about your issues.

    • The biggest outbreak (percentage of people infected per number in the group) in my area has been at a doctors’ office. Everyone there had the best PPEs available, proper training on how to use them, and used them. If masks are the answer, these people would not have contracted the virus.

    • Anything specific? The confirmation?

      From what I am seeing, too many on the Left fell if they don’t get their way, life is over and no longer worth living, for themselves or others (the part that worries me).

      • Massive TDS in her area, incl her DH (fed). It’s been coming. I could see it. Today she bashed conservatives in FL as dumb stupid rednecks re “mah freedom.” “To h3ll with their freedoms.” Wow, and when she first went to that area a decade ago, the guy feds thought she was great ’cause she was funny & nice & not a gold digger. From what I’ve seen, way too many politicians & b’crats in DC hate our guts. Intel Comm very interesting.

      • Re your 2d paragraph, it’s unbelievable what the “kids” have gotten themselves into. Indoctrination in school and sometimes at home, participation trophies, coddled & helicoptered, everything given to them. Good is bad and bad is good. Clueless as to how anything works. Everybody lumped into groups and whites are to be hated; lots of self hatred in that one. What they’ve been taught to believe vs how to think is out of this world. No wonder so much drug use and self-destructive behavior. Time for those who will at least listen to be told what happens during and after Bolshevik-style revolutions. This is all far worse than late 60’s/early 70’s.

        • Mari:

          Satan is at work, all the time. Unfortunately most don’t recognize it or simply ignore the possibility.

          I am fortunate that as my Grandson’s are becoming young adults, they got enough knowledge early, that it is helping them make quality decisions. For that I am extremely grateful.

          I didn’t come to a saving grace until later in life. My daughters only saw the beginning of my change, and my youngest does not have fond memories of those days. I was confused, angry, and looking. They saw the confusion and the anger, but not the desire for real knowledge. 20+ years later it is just coming to fruition in my life. I am a lot different, mentally, than I was before.

          It try to grant them the grace I was given, and pray that the hunger for the truth with overcome their desire to be accepted by the world. But, we don’t always get what we want. I am leaning to accept that.

          • Satan / Evil absolutely extremely hard at work. I find a lot of solace on this website, often in how families interact (children or grands how to do things or learn). No, we don’t always get what we want. It can be a long road to figure out what’s maybe best for us. Knowledge and truth are part of the path.

    • Mari,

      So far I am very pleased that my kids are avoiding the communist way of things. It helps that their mother grew up in a communist country and can speak from personal experience.

      One of my nieces, who had been quite conservative suddenly decided Biden and crew were the way to go. Her parents are flabbergasted. She won’t talk or text with me. I’m the enemy now it seems. I told her that if the commies get their way, I hope she enjoys her stay at the DNC Gulag which she will go to having been a conservative at one point in her life. The died-in-the-wool commies won’t trust her nor will they like her book collection.

      • Zulu, yeah, it’s a real shocker when they flip on a dime. My DD was a staunch conservative with a pretty good handle on right v wrong. We lived in places where she could see things, and same with where she worked (many years as part time or full time flower farm). Her flip is entirely due to SIL and her pals where she lives. Guess we know where we stand to “professional” people.

        • Mari,

          Hard to tell where these kids get these stupid ideas in their heads. My niece’s father has a masters degree in IT and is an IT security executive for a major corporation. He also spent eight years in the Army as an IT specialist. Her mom, my sister, doesn’t work currently, but does have a bachelors degree in literature. Hardly unprofessional people.

          I think part of the problem, even though my niece can and has talked with my Ex about the “joys” of communism, is many of them have been convinced that communism hasn’t been done the “right way” and their current heroes know the secret to running the perfect utopia.

          • That theme of “we’ll do it right this time” has been around for awhile. Years of indoctrination. By pro people, I’m referring to DC employees. A lot of TDS.

  21. Finally getting around to this…

    Clergylady – prayers for you, your neighbor and family.

    JP in MT – prayers for those in your extended family.

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. How do you work to keep your livestock safe from predators now and plan to keep them safe when depending upon them to feed your family during a long-term disaster? No livestock, but the coyotes threaten our feral fur butts so we don’t leave food outside after dark and don’t put it out in the morning until the sun starts to come up. Raccoons and possums are obnoxious but don’t harm the kitties. Our domesticated fur butts stay inside 100% of the time now – previously, they were always brought inside at night. We also have some hawks and owls in the area that are a threat to the small cats. There’s just so much we can do to protect the ferals.

    2. What do you think will happen post-election if President Trump wins re-election from a rioting and pandemic perspective? Either way, there will likely be rioting and looting.

    3. What do you think will happen in the country and to the country if Joe Biden wins the presidential election? General upheaval and socialism.

    Thor’s questions

    1. Have you heard of a lettuce shortage in California due to a lettuce virus? Nothing about a virus, but do know that some restaurants no longer have iceberg lettuce for their salads.

    2. Have you heard of the coming meat shortage? Only on here. We paid a deposit for a half cow that we are to pick up the beginning of December. No meat shortage for us – I’m still trying to figure out where we will put it all.

    3. What did you think of Biden’s mentioning of a “Coming dark winter”? It was also a pandemic military drill back in 2001. Scare tactics abound.

    4. Do you think Biden should drop out of the race with all the money he was getting from China? (You know the people who brought us this pandemic and face diapers!!!) Biden should never have been allowed in the race.

    Bonus questions
    1. Have you heard of double lightning strikes hitting the Trump hotel in Chicago? It formed a V for victory. Only on here.

    2. Have you heard of an asteroid strike hitting the US on November 2. It’s only 6 feet in diameter per NASA. Only on here. If it is truly only 6 feet in diameter, there won’t be much left after going through the atmosphere.

    This week’s prepping –

    Continuing to clean and organize the house. If we don’t move, we will do renovations. Either way, the cleaning and organizing needs to be done. I took two loads to the thrift store over the weekend and packed up a bunch of #3 daughter’s books. I found sheets for a size bed we no longer have, but will store those as we will eventually have that size mattress in the house again. Also, daughters 2 and 3 still have beds that size.

    #1 daughter is returning to the east coast and is considering a move to Florida where she will work for her uncle. She will stay with us for a few days while she visits family and friends, then will live with her uncle until she can find a place of her own (if she decides to stay). In the meantime, her stuff will be parked at our house as there isn’t enough room at her uncle’s.

    Physical fitness continues with 3 days of run/walks for just over 2 miles, then 3-4 days of just walking for just over a mile. I can run for 26 minutes straight without totally dying. Still doing some strength training at least one day a week and working toward 2 days a week. I exercise for my health and because I like to eat. In other words, little to no weight loss as yet. Just getting stronger.

    Food storage is a matter of reorganizing and making sure we have what we need. DD#2 is to bring me some eggs from her brother-in-law’s that has chickens. I hate running out of eggs but don’t have a way to have chickens yet and I’m avoiding going to the store. I may be canning chicken soon to make room for the beef. The chicken we bought earlier in the year has not been used quite as quickly as anticipated.

    Garden is still growing and I need to make pepper jelly from the Carolina Reapers that have ripened. I still have pepper jelly from years past, so I don’t need to make much. I’ll probably make some cowboy candy with the jalapenos soon – it makes great gifts. I need to put stuff in the freezer to prepare later, but I need to clean out the freezer to have room for the beef. Too much to do and not enough time to do it all.

    I talked to someone in our HR department today. We employee more than 100 people and HR has been tracking those who have had to get tested. Per her analysis of the data, there is no rhyme or reason as to who does or does not get sick. She also notes that if it is truly as contagious as “they” make it out to be, then everyone in our industry would have had it by now, which is totally not the case. People who work closely together every day are not transmitting it to each other, much less their families and not everyone wears masks. In recent weeks, all those tested have come back negative. Many people are getting sick but not with THE virus and Georgia’s numbers are trending downward. Praying that it continues the trend.

    • GA Red:

      We were talking about this contagion at the Men’s Breakfast this morning. A couple of examples: 1). Husband gets sick a lot, wife and 3 kids home with COVID, he doesn’t get it. 2). In another family husband, who works all over, is fine, wife and 2 kids are sick. 3). Mother daughter go on short vacation. Daughter gets it, mom’s fine; spreads to at least 2 other kids, then a third, none of the parents get it.

      And these are just cases we “cooks” know about, personally. I think there are variations (mutations) of this. Some spread easy then have either severe cases of light symptoms. Some get it out of the blue, partner does not, but puts them down for 7-10 days, hard. Then there are those who don’t even know they have it unless they are tested, because they have no symptoms. I also think it “adds on” if you have other “issues” that are already attacking you respiratory system, these folks will have it the worst.

      I have not heard and “expert” yet who makes any sense. It’s like they are guessing and looking for their 15 minutes of fame and a life time of grants.

      I am hoping for an effective treatment not a vaccine. Too many people want a “silver bullet” so they can go on with their self-destructive life styles, with having to be responsible to others.


      • JP in MT – I personally know only a handful of people who have had it. One had it pretty severely and his wife never got it. Another had a mild case and neither her husband nor her sons living at home contracted it – she also has no idea how she got it because she was being super careful as she is immunocompromised. Third person had it and stayed quarantined with his significant other for two weeks. The S.O. never got it. Number 4 and 5 are father and daughter, but wife doesn’t have it.

        It’s a virus and I learned a lot (first hand) about viruses as a senior in high school. The #1 thing to know is you can never get the exact same virus twice (although you may have recurrent symptoms – think Chicken Pox). You might get a different strain of the virus, but you definitely won’t get the same strain again.

        Currently, I’m thrilled I haven’t had it, but I’m also thrilled that there are viable treatments available, contrary to what the media is telling everyone.

      • My DP’s nephew has an HVAC construction company of 34 who are in NJ, Philly area, & DE. They are tested frequently. Only one had COVID and he caught it while in the hospital for surgery. These people are in close contact with about 1,000 others (very few wear masks) who are also tested frequently. The nephew talks with the owners of those other companies every day. Not one other person has tested positive, nor has anyone in their families. Go figure.

        I’m another one who’s interested in remedies, good ones that are given immediately, not after they go to hospital & tested positive & told to come back, only to be extremely sick the next day and put on a ventilator.

  22. To All,

    I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about this. I’m such a professional asshole.

    I went to vote on Thursday. There was quite a long line, always is at this place. Of course, there were bunches of people handing out candidate literature. One lady wanted to give me some Biden propaganda and I politely declined. But she kept at it, trying to tell me how wonderful a Biden presidency would be, etc. I couldn’t resist. I told her I was not a member of the communist party and wasn’t interested. She acted like I had spit in her face. All of her companions looked at me like I was some kind of horrible creature. One guy in line just ahead of me turned around and had a big grin on his face. I used to pass out candidate literature when I was a teenager and know the rules. When someone declines, that’s it. Forcing the issue doesn’t help your candidate.

    I was kind of surprised she didn’t call the police on me. Nothing would have happened to me, but I was sort of looking forward to the conversation.

    I told my Ex what I did and after she stopped laughing, she called me an asshole (a term of endearment between us) and said she was very proud of me.

    • I feel like I am in good company. LOL

      One time many years ago, one of my neighbors emailed me privately after a group email about trying to get speed humps put in the neighborhood and said, “You my dear are a bitch.” All I did was say, “If you can’t watch your children and you can’t trust them to not run into the street, you should only allow them outside to play in a fenced back yard.”

    • Z36, ?

      I voted on Thursday too. There were trees down all over the place from the hurricane/ tropical storm that came in. The parking lot was full of Jeeps. It was like a Jeeps for Trump rally. Power had gone out so they opened late. I had almost no wait at all. ?


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