What I Did To Prep This Week: October 25th 2020 – October 31th 2020

Hello Pack. It is supposed to be fall, right? Weird Ohio weather has been at it once again. We have had spring, winter, and fall on our survival homestead this week. It feels like we are once again in the midst of a rainy season – turning our rural farm into a mud pit.

We are still in nut collection mode around here. We are filling buckets with hickory nuts, acorns, and walnuts. A beechnut tree appears to be dead, I am not sure what happened to it. We are drying the last of seeds harvested from garden produce to put them up for planting next spring.

Our annual prepper inventory is still going on. I would like to say we are nearing the end of recording everything, inspecting containers and dates, and jotting down what needs to be added to each category of preps – but alas we are probably only in the middle of the inventory stage at this point.

I am still getting used to the sound of a bull calf mooing around the house. He keeps wandering to the back door, wanting snacks or petting. While this behavior is kind of cute now, it sure will not be when he weighs 1,500 after reaching maturity, especially since he really wants to climb into the side by side and curl up on our laps.

The mini donkeys are acclimating well. They seem to prefer hanging out in the upper pasture, which is a great coyote deterrent. But, the jack does not seem taken with any of our ladies, only the one he came with that he already bred.

I am hoping our girls are just playing hard to get, and roaming away from him, they tend to be a bit high strung. He is not going to be of a lot of use to me if he winds up monogamous.

In other preps this week, we worked on our muddy farm road, and will be doing so again on a regular basis this time a year to keep it passable. The deer are making a mess of the fencing in two different pastures.

While we have ample barbed wire to do patching, my hands are already sore from all of the stretching and affixing of the fencing – and from replacing several rotted fence posts.

Thankfully, we have many locust trees on our property and steadily harvest them to make posts to have at the ready when needed. Blocking our road with logs, barbed wire, and other handy supplies would be part of our plan during a SHTF scenario.

The only way into the property is from the creek crossing at the front by vehicle.

An ATV could get in on the other three sides, but doing so would be a lot of work, and reconfiguring a path several times because of the terrain and ravines – which would be noticeable by LP/OPs on the survival homestead.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. What plans and supplies do you have to solidify the private or public road to your farm, prepper retreat, or other style of home?
  2. What is the most troubling weather issue or natural disaster your region is prone to and how does it impact your prepping?
  3. What did you do to prep this week?

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    • This week

      Prepared for Zeta then cleaned up after. No power loss but many in the area did.

      DD#1 has moved back to the east coast from New Mexico. She is spending about a week with us so we had to make the guest room habitable again. We bought a dehumidifier and the DH spent quite a bit of time trying to stop water from getting into our basement. After the rain from Zeta, it seems it’s been stopped.

      Making jelly today so gotta get back to it.

      This Week’s Questions:
      1. What plans and supplies do you have to solidify the private or public road to your farm, prepper retreat, or other style of home? Not much we can do because we are not rural. We will just have to wait to see what happens.
      2. What is the most troubling weather issue or natural disaster your region is prone to and how does it impact your prepping? Tornadoes and high winds taking down power lines. We have a generator.
      3. What did you do to prep this week? See above.

  1. This Week’s Questions:

    1. What plans and supplies do you have to solidify the private or public road to your farm, prepper retreat, or other style of home? We live in town, so this is difficult for us.
    2. What is the most troubling weather issue or natural disaster your region is prone to and how does it impact your prepping? Snow and bitter cold. We insulate, gather and use alternate heating sources, keep our supplies stocked.
    3. What did you do to prep this week? Well…

    Last Saturday the temperature didn’t break 15 degrees; AM: 12 (-7 w/wind), light snow). Sunday, AM 2 (-3 w/wind) w/light snow) high of 15. Monday AM -9. Night temps were -9 & -11. Should be back above freezing on Tuesday. We went nowhere, except to church on Sunday morning. Pretty much took Saturday off; breakfast at home (Saturday AM we usually go out for breakfast). Sunday afternoon, 12 degrees and the sun is so bright we have the door to the glassed-in front porch open to heat the house!

    Our church’s children Sunday School leader is under quarantine for the next 2 weeks. DW was scheduled to teach next weekend and will cover this weekend.

    DW needed a new computer. Hers still works but parts of it don’t work well, and as our accountant, this year’s software will not work on her current system. It came in Thursday. We have an IT friend who I want her to get to come over and transfer the files, software, and information to the new computer. On the 5th, Costco is having 2 TB portable hard drives on sale for $60. I’m getting one for each laptop; then the appropriate software set up to back everything up once a month.

    Got the 1st coat of poly on the basement wall. I’m using a water-based triple-coat, thinned 50-50. It took a pint can to put the 1st coat on. And I want at least 2, probably 3, before I put on the Kiltz.

    Did a little vehicle maintenance to the EDV. I replaced the cabin air filter. Not real complicated but I’m guessing that it has not been inspected much. Dust rhino’s and leaves, plus the pins were REAL tight.

    A guy who I have been attending a once-a-week bible study with for 5+ years came to me this week. He knows how I feel about preparedness and he is a scoffer. Now it seems he wants ammo for him and his wife; not much just an extra box or 2. And guess what? 5 days before the election he can’t find any! What a surprise! And I don’t shoot what he “wants”; so sad.

    Supply Run: Instant rice; spaghetti noodles; instant coffee; ammo; creamy wheat breakfast cereal;

    Received: Mags: AR, steel, 30-round; Hogue rubber grips & spring kit for SP-101; AF: Cheese Blend, #10; DW’s computer; ammo;

    • JP,

      Why do you live where it gets so cold? It is not quite midnight and we have the windows open–probably 72 degrees outside. If the grid goes down, will it be possible to live in such cold temperatures? I am genuinely asking.

      • Bam Bam:

        Short answer: It is easier for me to add more clothing. I can only take off so much, and at my age, that’s less and less.

        I actually prefer the high desert. The problem is this is where we “landed” when I retired and my DW still had 4 years of service left. I also enjoy the lack of people. Montana is the 4th largest state but we only have just over a million people here.

        In the location where we live, sub-zero weather is actually a rarity. It does get cold, and we do get snow, but it’s really not as bad as, say, upper NY by the lakes. We usually don’t get the wind where I am. Worst Winter we’ve had was just after we moved here, 1996. It gets “bad” for a week or two, then “warms up”. I go out in the mid-40’s in a t-shirt, jacket is in the car. You acclimate after a while, but I prefer being cold to being hot. I grew up in Oregon, where you were wet all the time (156 days out of 365).

        The cold and snow I talked about is all gone as of this afternoon. Roads are dry and clear. Actually washed the EDV today.

        • star lake area in the adirondacks has recorded temperatures as low as -105 F. in the seaway valley as far upstate as it gets we don’t get the lake snow but we do get it down to -40 F sometimes, last 15 years have been fairly mild though (except the winter of 14-15).

          I thought about going to Montana myself, but land prices were well out of my reach when i was looking

    • After digging to a depth of 10 feet last year outside Buffalo,
      New York, scientists found traces of copper cable dating back 100 years. They came to the conclusion that their ancestorsalready had a telephone network more than 100 years ago.

      Not to be outdone by the New Yorkers, in the weeks that
      followed, a Los Angeles, California archaeologist dug to a depth of 20 feet somewhere just outside Oceanside. Shortly afterward, a story in the LA Times read, “California archaeologists,
      reporting a finding of 200 year old copper cable, have concluded hat their ancestors already had an advanced high-tech
      communications network a hundred years earlier than the New Yorkers.”

      One week later, a local newspaper in Butte, Montana reported, “After digging 30 feet deep in his pasture near the community of Bozeman, Montana, Caleb Olson, a heck of an engineer and a self-taught archaeologist, reported that he found absolutely nothing. Caleb has therefore concluded that 300 years ago, Montana had already gone wireless.”

      Just makes a person proud to be from Montana ..

  2. Hazelnuts are still a bit green here and we don’t have much of a nut crop of anything else this year . Nannyberries are ready to pick. Cutting more firewood today. Had a hickory that had snapped off back in the summer so will use it all. Small twigs cut to 3 inches for the smoker . Thumb to 2 inch size cut to cookstove length . Anything bigger to heater length.
    Making mozzarella cheese and starting summer sausage this weekend. There goes some of that smoking wood,
    Oh and made sure all propane tanks were topped off before the election.

  3. 1. What plans and supplies do you have to solidify the private or public road to your farm, prepper retreat, or other style of home?
    #2DS has heavy equipment, and he lives next door. We can move dirt from a huge stockpile and lots of trees that we’ve downed.
    2. What is the most troubling weather issue or natural disaster your region is prone to and how does it impact your prepping?
    We’re in an area that has the potential for some big earthquakes. I need to secure more items, but I haven’t done it. That To-Do list is never-ending.
    3. What did you do to prep this week?

    Give me some advice, please:
    1. The school where DD teaches provides take-home meals to every child in the district, and she’s bringing home meals for her kids. (They are remote learning.) There are things they get that none of them will eat or too many that she doesn’t want to store. (She’s very limited on space.) She gives these things to me. Other grandkids eat some of the foods, but I still have more than we can eat now. I have lots of individual packages of flavored craisins and flavored raisins. They’re not something that we eat a lot of, and the expiration dates are late March of 2021. How would you store them? Do you have any recipes for them?
    2. We have a few hundred dollars left in our health flex account. It must be used by the end of the year or we will lose it. I’m making plans to spend it on supplies. Does anyone have any suggestions? Do you have links for anything? (I’m thinking a really good trauma/first aid kit. We already have kits, but another is always good.)
    *JP in MT, How are your family and friends recovering?

    This week:
    -Brought the goats home from being bred. #3 grandson is glad they’re home. He loves giving them treats.
    -Put a new tarp on top of the chicken coop. The henhouse is fine, but all of the rain makes their outdoor area a sloppy mess.
    -Put a deposit down on a puppy. He will come home in about three weeks. I can’t wait to have him here.

    -Worked on raised garden beds.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: finally found some smoked paprika, sealed and froze candy, a pound of yeast, more metal projectiles to connect with deer (limit of four boxes), a couple of extra bags of goat feed,
    -Was given half a grocery bag of individual packages of craisins, several individual containers of vegetables and fruit, and a grocery bag of individual ranch dressing containers (the kind for dipping).
    -Bought 2 bushel of apples from a local orchard. Canned: 23 pints and 11 quarts of applesauce. I’m still canning and should be done tomorrow or Monday.

    -Camper is winterized.

    *For Others:
    -Found some metal projectiles for #1DS. There was a limit, but it’s more than he had last week.

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    • PG:

      Thanks for your thoughts. Everyone is still under quarantine as of Saturday. GD1 and Fiancee will know Monday (?), her uncle has it.

    • PG – I keep craisins and raisins in the refrigerator normally but mine are usually open. I might try vacuum sealing them in a mason jar to extend the life. I like having them for a quick snack with a bit of cheese – especially when they are already in single serve sizes.

    • Prepared Grammy:
      I put both craisins and raisins in homemade granola. Add them after cooking the oats and nuts and the dried fruit won’t get rock hard. You can dry can in the oven.
      Do you have splints, braces or slings on hand? I think the flex account can be spent on those. Crutches are a good item to have on hand if you have the space.

      • Those are all great ideas. I do have them because of past injuries within the family. I even have crutches for myself (5’5”) and my son (6’5”).

    • PG,

      I prefer to put my own medical kits together. However, I was a paramedic and I know what I want and need.

      Without that knowledge, you’re kind of stuck having to buy pre-packaged kits, but there are a few companies out there with decent kits.

      Check Doom and Bloom (Dr Alton and Nurse Amy) and Skinny Medic (who is a paramedic and is skinny). 🙂

      • I don’t have EMT training. I have advanced first aid training (several years ago), and a doctor, pharmacist, and nurses as neighbors. I feel like I can get assistance with my weak areas if I have the supplies.

        • PG, I just moved a selection of supplies… all of these will not be on the list you can purchase… here is my list of absolute needs for a family… this is off top of my head…

          In that case suture kits, sterile dressings, wound wash/or make own…blood clotting substance… ( can use cayenne pepper)
          …. tampons and feminine pads( individually wrapped are sterile and work well as absorbent dressings.You will need different sizes and absorbency’s to use these most prudently..
          You will need LOTS of tape for any injury or wound….there may be areas unable to be wrapped with vet wrap. get paper tape and at least one other kind..

          .Epsom salts for magnesium for ppl /foot soaks/muscle strain/muscle cramps… and garden.
          ..Essential oils… peppermint , oil of oregano, frankinsence,lavender ( for poison ivy) sweet orange, tea tree, (+others that repel insects) you may need print outs on what each is used for, and how to use most efficiently..
          .. Olive oil,Honey( both in small container to faciltate administration of meds/essential ois. )
          .stomach meds for laxative and for diarrhea. for all ages who will be present…. any sinus, allergy,.. think anaphylactic, it does not get worse than that.. liquid benadryl,+ some kind of 12 hour (for men with prostate allegra has less impact than any others.).a topical anti itch..bnadryl, cortizone topicals +. vagisil in generic works well….mixed 1/3 of each for a topical.as does lavender oil…. and a powdered benadryl that can be put in honey and put under tongue for quick absorption. extra respiratory inhailers- mentholatum, vicks, albuterol , primatene etc..
          .Nausea medications… nausene is one..milk of magnesia.
          …multiples of eye /saline wash, 90% alcohol. peroxide, tools to crush medications and cut tablets precicely, thermometer, and sheaths + fingercots can be used for that as well… standard thermometer.s. standard blood pressure kit, good quality stethoscope extra Pulse/ oxygen sensor in a faraday… w/ batteries and light bulbs. penlight ( used for neurochecks.) A good heating pad with several heat settings.( will stop severe muscle cramps when used with milk of magnesia.
          charcoal , Meds to induce vomiting, Vivactiv- in generic. ( can be used for accidental overdose of coumadin)
          NAC (can be used for overdose of tylenol to protect liver.)milk thistle liver and kidney cleanse.
          Hardcopies fo nursing manuals or medication guides.
          Pain meds..all ages.. I include moringa and collagen… empty capsules to enapsulate. very helpful to use for giving liver to someone who does not care for the flavor and anemic.
          Hope these lists give you some ideas..

          • Thank you! There are a few things on the list that I don’t have.

            Allergy meds are big for me. I have a severe food allergy and carry four epi-pens at all times. I go to great lengths to avoid my allergen, but things happen.

  4. 1. What plans and supplies do you have to solidify the private or public road to your farm, prepper retreat, or other style of home?…….. public road on Southside of I roperty… setting motion detectors as a start.
    2. What is the most troubling weather issue or natural disaster your region is prone to and how does it impact your prepping? Drought .. it’s high mountain desert.
    3. What did you do to prep this week? Didn’t. Lost my helpful neighbor to covid and burried him Tuesday. I’ve know them most of rheir lives so it feels like family. Trying to help his wife navigate all the things a new widow needs to do. No insurance so its a real hard time getting the death certificates, navigating Social Security, He’s a Navy vet so paper work…. town is over an hour away. Hard crazy week.

  5. Snow started the week and a balmy low seventies ushered it out. I took Halloween candy to the neighboring kids and relatives. The Covid-19 virus is hitting our town hard right now. Just 16 days ago we were in the mid-80s with only 2 new cases in 3 weeks. Now we are over 200 and seven deaths. Positivity rate in double digits.
    Plan to drive over to the Wal-mart early,early in the morning for one last time before tightening up the hatches. Although our county is largely Republican in voter registration, anything could happen.

    Stay safe everyone.

  6. I did my grocery shopping twice this week and added a little more than usual to my food stash. Bought another #10 can of MH freeze-dried food. No PM this week, although the Ex and I have been looking at prices. She wants to pick up a few grand worth. We went to the store again today (Sat) and then made a stop at the gas station to top off. Want to make certain I’m as ready as possible for any election day shenanigans.

    Checked over my long guns and pistols this week. Just some minor lubing and wiping with Tuf Cloth needed.

    My Ex wanted to know if I was going to board up my windows. I’m not for a few reasons. One, I don’t have the stuff to do the job. Second, my lease contract doesn’t allow that. Third, I live on the second floor, so access is a little harder. Fourth, if someone wants to break in through my balcony doors, they will likely take a trip right back out with 12 pellets from a 12ga 3-inch magnum. Homey don’t play ‘dat.

    My Ex also does not believe in wearing face masks. She wants to know why I do. Simple. There are a lot of idiots out there who think they are in charge of face mask wearing and some have a distressing tendency to hit people who aren’t wearing a mask. I do not take being assaulted with good grace, so it is very possible that someone, other than me, will be making a trip to the ER. I may end up in jail. So, its just easier on me to wear a mask and save myself a trip to the lockup.

    My right knee has started acting up. Very painful and hard to stand up from sitting. Hard to sit back down, but not as badly. Started using my thistle cane again and that helps a little. Makes for a nice impact weapon too. Not as good as a hickory ax handle, but still useful. As an ex-police impact weapon instructor, I can make it work quite well. But in the meantime, I need it more to keep from falling down on my keester. ?

    Not getting any rain lately. Don’t want it badly enough to hope for a tropical storm or hurricane. Supposed to get some today (Sunday).

    #1GD is having a blast up in the Chattanooga area with her parents. She is a perpetual motion machine and is so happy sounding whenever I talk with her on the phone. They are staying on the farm of a friend of #1 daughter, so #1GD has had a lot of contact with farm animals and loving it. I can’t wait for her to get back here. They will be home on Tuesday before the polls close. They went to a place called the Devil’s Hole in the Lost Sea Cave. My SIL said that supposedly you can see the devil if you look in. He said he looked and saw Hillary Clinton. Yeah, the whole family, both sides, is full of assholes ?

    I’m trying out nemosto’s suggestion on dehydrating spaghetti sauce as leathers, then cook a fast pasta, like angel hair, leave some water after draining, throw in some pieces of sauce, stir, and eat. The sauce is in the dehydrator as I write this, so we shall see. Just got back from a third trip to the grocery store for the week. Some is for the stash, some is for my Ex to cook up for suppers, etc. I do eat better when she visits. Cuban food!

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. What plans and supplies do you have to solidify the private or public road to your farm, prepper retreat, or other style of home?

    None. I have no legal control over any of the roads, private or public in my area. I have no gear to blockade roads and my neighbors probably wouldn’t enjoy my doing that even if I were physically fit enough.

    2. What is the most troubling weather issue or natural disaster your region is prone to and how does it impact your prepping?

    Living in Florida, hurricanes with their attendant storm surge flooding and power outages are probably the most troubling weather/natural disaster that we are prone to. They have a major impact on prepping as one must expect to have at least one pay a visit every year. They may not, but you would be stupid not to prep for them. In the Central Florida area, we have had no tropical cyclone visits this year (yet, the season isn’t quite over). But the folks in the Louisiana/Alabama/Mississippi area of the Gulf have taken a beating with at least four big storms coming through. Here in Florida, in 1994, we had four storms come through although where I lived at the time we only had the joy of experiencing three of them. One of them beat Orlando up pretty badly.

    3. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    • Z36, rest that knee, it might get crazy after the election. ICE…ice, compression and elevation. I also read an article of using horny goat weed to rebuild cartilage. ? It also may have side effects on old goats.?

      • Thor1,

        I guess I’m one of those horny goats. 🙂

        I’ve been taking turmeric lately and that seems to have helped a lot. The knee doesn’t hurt as much.

          • Mari,

            Osteoarthritis in knees. hips, and lumbar spine. All gifts from military and police service added to old age.

          • Zulu, ouch. I get hyalgan oil needles, series of 5 a week apart, thanks to rheumatoid. Had to do it because the pain from grinding was just too much. Hope you don’t get that issue.

        • Zulu Moringa is avail at most wal marts Plus a multiple collagen. the one i have has 5 types.. it is helping my ligament heal. glad the tumeric..is helpng..

        • Zulu, I too hope you don’t have to get those knee injections. They hurt, but they sure help. I’m another one who hates needles. Took two grown men to hold me down when I was five. Hated needles ever since.

  7. Puppy doesn’t like windy storms. Too many things moving and sound we can only imagine if we we’re dogs.

    Had a large tropical storm come through and it knocked down a lot of trees. Some people suffered damage to roofs and one house had a trampoline go over the roof and land in the front yard. Power was knocked out for about an hour. I had some branches and a ton of leaves in the yard which some branches have already been burned in the fireplace.?

    The new freezer is great. I’ve frozen a lot of bread, meat and veggies.

    Pulled out the gas generator and fired it up and changed oil
    Topped off the solar generator
    Bought 2 more AA rechargeable batteries packs of 4 each.

    Been pulling leaves off of the lettuce for blts and salads. I have them in 2 long planters one in romaine and one in green leaf. There are 8 plants in each and my plan is to replace with new seeds as used. I can bring them in in the winter using grow lights. Same for some of the pepper plants and the lemon tree which is doing awesome.

    Voting is a very important prep. It comes down to freedom or communism of the NWO.
    I voted for 4 more years ? !!!!

    Loaded all mags.
    Target practiced with the 22s
    Target practiced with the compound bow and crossbow.

    Thor’s questions
    1. Are you ready for the aftermath of the election?

    2. Is Donald J. Trump the best person to get us out of the mess we are in with Kung Flu and the crashing economy due to the virus?

    3. Can Joe Biden count to 10?

    4. Have you honed your skills,got in shape and prepped for what is coming?

    • Tara’s questions

      1.What plans and supplies do you have to solidify the private or public road to your farm, prepper retreat, or other style of home? It depends on how bad things get.

      2.What is the most troubling weather issue or natural disaster your region is prone to and how does it impact your prepping? Tropical storms and ice storms. I have a solar generator with 400W of panels and a gas generator, fireplace and a kerosene heater, gas grill ,charcoal grill ,wood burning fire pit with grill , a solo stove and an electric burner and a small elecric fan to keep thing cool. I have used it with the solar generator.

    • Thor’s questions

      meh, its going to suck either way, i don’t see any way it will directly affect me

      out of all the people campaigning (i hear there are like 20 more 3rd party write ins as well) he is the best of them, not likely the best possible person for the job, just the most competant of the current people who are running

      sure probably

      meh, i don’t see much changing locally no matter what happens, i’m in upstate ny and the simpsons describe it best https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYTg4GY9SA4 as homer describes in the video “were going to the one place that can never decline, because it was never that great… upstate ny!” really this area sucks so bad already and has since the 60s ended

    • Thor’s questions

      1. Are you ready for the aftermath of the election?

      I’m ready as much as possible. The main problem is knowing what will happen, not just guessing.

      2. Is Donald J. Trump the best person to get us out of the mess we are in with Kung Flu and the crashing economy due to the virus?

      Yes, he is. Biden and his cabal certainly are not.

      4. Can Joe Biden count to 10?

      10? That much?

      5. Have you honed your skills,got in shape and prepped for what is coming?

      Everything is as ready for a gimped up 67-year old as possible.

    • Thor’s questions
      1. Are you ready for the aftermath of the election? As ready as I can anticipate needing to be.

      2. Is Donald J. Trump the best person to get us out of the mess we are in with Kung Flu and the crashing economy due to the virus? With Biden as my other choice? There isn’t one.

      3. Can Joe Biden count to 10?

      4. Have you honed your skills,got in shape and prepped for what is coming? Again, as ready as I can be. And round is a shape!

    • Thor’s questions
      1. Are you ready for the aftermath of the election? As ready as I can be considering where I live.
      2. Is Donald J. Trump the best person to get us out of the mess we are in with Kung Flu and the crashing economy due to the virus? Best we can expect.
      3. Can Joe Biden count to 10? Don’t know. Don’t care.
      4. Have you honed your skills, gotten in shape and prepped for what is coming? Could be better but I’m doing what I can as I can. Run/walks 2-3 days a week along with just walking 3-4 days a week and strength training 1-2 days a week are part of my routine.

  8. Taras questions

    fences, barricades, ditches, lots of physical barriers except at gates

    ice storms, and they dont affect me personally

    this week, i sent some stuff to a huge farm consignment auction, waiting for a good size check (was a huge annual auction organized by the mennonites, lots of farm equipment and tools). canned 8 pints of chicken. peeled and gathered all the cedar i had all over, putting them into several large stacks, most are mill size logs, though i use as is for pole construction. i hauled a load of logs out to be milled, finally sent my chainsaws to the repair shop to get a lot of work done (i have 3 identical saws and after several years i could no longer canabalize parts to keep any going, so they all went for work). cleaned up and organized the barn. in addition to all that i also split and stacked 2 full cords into my woodshed, and now i have 12 full cords in the shed, enough to last about 5 years. i also framed in the remaining woodshed walls and doorways but i have to wait until the load of logs is milled before i have siding to cover them. knee still in a brace but not as bad now.

    nemoseto questions:

    has anyone tried making dehydrated turnips? i have a lot of them and don’t want to use up my canning jar lids with them so scarce. since the weather is cold now in the 20s outside i am running the woodstove and its very low humidity inside, so i am cutting them in disks, poke a hole in the middle of each and run them on a dowel like how i dry apples and pumpkins.

    • nemoseto,

      I tried out your suggestion on dehydrating spaghetti sauce and chunking it up. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I did not have any pasta. Oh well. The dehydrating into leathers and chunking up parts went very well. I haven’t eaten any of the sauce, but the Ex’s dog got a chance at a piece I dropped and he gave it his vote of approval. 🙂

      Five jars of fresh sauce dried up to about four jars of chunks.

      Tomorrow morning I’ll go to Publix and get some angel hair pasta and do a full try out. I expect it will work exactly as you describe.

    • nemoseto – never dehydrated turnips but they keep pretty well in a cool area – I keep them refrigerated for a few weeks at a time. Of course, where I live, we can grow them through the winter a lot of the time so storage isn’t much of an issue.

  9. Thor’s bonus questions

    1. Have you heard of Russia shooting down Chinese missiles at the Russian border?

    2. Is China about to get it’s butt kicked by Russia, India, Japan and Taiwan? Could that start WW3?
    America just sold 400 harpoon missiles to Taiwan. Japan has orders to sink fishing boats in their economic zone. India has tanks at elevated areas 400M from Chinese tanks.

    • Thor’s bonus questions

      1. Have you heard of Russia shooting down Chinese missiles at the Russian border?

      No, I haven’t heard that.

      2. Is China about to get it’s butt kicked by Russia, India, Japan and Taiwan? Could that start WW3?
      America just sold 400 harpoon missiles to Taiwan. Japan has orders to sink fishing boats in their economic zone. India has tanks at elevated areas 400M from Chinese tanks.

      China has been acting the fool lately. They won’t like 400 Harpoon missiles in Taiwan, Japan could sink those fishing boats but it would be a bit hypocritical of them seeing as Japan likes to fish in other country’s waters (like the US). China and India have been bumping heads lately way up in the Himalayas. The problem China has is their troops and equipment are not acclimated, trained, or equipped to fight at those altitudes, whereas India has been for many years considering their head bumping with Pakistan at high altitude. China has already had their butts kicked in some relatively minor incidents recently, including fist fights between Chinese and Indian troops. The Indians are well acclimated to high altitude hijinks.

      • Z36,

        China can’t feed it’s people so it’s fishing ? in Japan’s waters. China is about to get slammed by a typhoon rated at a cat 5. Their dam will fail and Chinese people are running to Vietnam for food. It’s bad.

        • Thor1,

          China has always been fishing, like Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, and others. Nothing new there, except China needs more from fishing now than before.

          I don’t see anything about a typhoon about to hit China now.

          I don’t know how much succor the Chinese will get from the Vietnamese. No love lost there.

  10. What plans and supplies do you have to solidify the private or public road to your farm, prepper retreat, or other style of home? My home sits alongside a fifty acre field, no way to secure that.

    What is the most troubling weather issue or natural disaster your region is prone to and how does it impact your prepping? In Florida it is loss of power from hurricanes. I have two generators and a propane stove.

    What did you do to prep this week? Spent my week being sick and recovering from that and dealing with two expensive issues. We keep our granddaughter Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week. This week on Tuesday my wife had an out of town doctor’s appointment so we did not keep her that day. Wednesday night my wife went to put something in our small chest freezer and everything was warm. I remembered that my granddaughter is a button pushing, knob turning menace. Yep, she had turned it off the week before. Fifty pounds of hamburger, sliced ham, pork chops, and bacon, gone.

    I have ordered a freezer alarm, something people with larger freezers should definitely have.

    Thursday my wife was getting exhausted dealing with the child and decided to take her to the park. On the way she stopped at the Dollar General to get some snacks. Wheeling into the outside parking spot she slammed the front tire of her car into the curb, tearing a hole in the side wall of the front tire. I had just rotated the best tires from the back so now I had to replace all of them, $862. The tires would have need replacing next year anyway so I can call new ones a prep. Who knows if any will be available then.

    • Daddio7:
      Sounds like a really tough week. The tires are definitely a good prep, a premium item during the 30s.
      I have never heard of a freezer alarm, I will investigate further. Thanks for the idea.

    • Daddio, sorry to hear about your freezer issue. Twice upon a time, a nephew-in-law didn’t shut my freezer door. All he had to do was shut & lock it. Talk about being up all night cooking & roasting to save as much as I could. Yep, time to get a freezer alarm.

  11. Tara’s Q. We are located at the end of a road through a small neighborhood of small ranchettes. Our favorite neighbor is near the beginning and I would not wish to cross his path if I had mal intent in mind. A sizable river surrounds our property on 3 sides. I figure in the day, most smart people will follow that river looking to camp or rustle or livestock. I have been collecting rolls of barbed wire to secure our artesian well and the borders of our immediate yard. The livestock need to eat grass so the only protection for them is a 24/7 well armed guard as they graze. Wanting to get a tree stand in one of the big trees overlooking the river.
    The biggest weather challenge we have against our stockpiles is excessive, unrelenting heat in summer months which makes us right now dependent on A/C. In an emergency where we have no electricity, I would need to put the most important food and meds into a waterproof case and dunk it into out 40 degree pond. This year we are experiencing a severe drought, so we are extra cautious about NO fires and having extinguishers in every house and outbuilding.
    This week’s preps included canning more cream cheese, milk, chicken, hamburgers. Doing this now to avoid the marathon canning session if the power goes out for more than a few days. Also bought more bleach, antibacterial wipes at a terrible price from Amazon. Now that Halloween is over, its time to buy candy and light sticks.
    We are splitting the Aspen some friends of ours gifted us with because DH cannot safely cut firewood anymore. However, the burn factor isn’t too good, so somehow we need to supplement it with ash and alder from our property for nighttime burning since this is how we heat our home.
    As I sit here looking over our small ponds watching the breeze blow these golden leaves into the water, the migrating ducks dipping and diving, it’s hard to imagine that it could all be lost someday if powerful people make laws to further squeeze out the little business owners.
    I want to hold onto this peace for as long as I have it.

  12. I’ve been reading online–D.C. is boarding up. They fear both rioting and civil unrest. The photographs are eerie–like the beginning of a civil war. I seriously doubt we will have a clear winner on election night. If the recounting lasts for weeks (and possibly months, if the Supreme Court is forced to intervene), I fear we will descend into a full-blown civil war. With businesses boarded up, people will not have access to supplies. That will only exacerbate the problem. I do hope the chaos is limited to D.C. and other major cities.

    • Desert Dove, Bam Bam, and others,

      One thing that has to be borne in mind assuming Trump loses the election is he is STILL president until Inauguration Day in January.

      Another thing is the military has no authority to remove Trump from the White House, even on Inauguration Day. That is a civilian law enforcement matter. Assuming Trump loses the election and refuses to leave the White House as scheduled, it is the duty of the Secret Service to remove him as a trespasser. Biden could give that order as the new president.

      Assuming still further, the Secret Service refuses to remove Trump, Biden would need to go to Federal Court and obtain an order to remove him him by a federal law enforcement agency as determined by the court. That would probably be the US Marshal’s Service. I imagine some Secret Service agents would probably get thrown out of t he building too.

      Do I think Trump would behave like that if he had been voted out? No, I don’t. If he has proof the Dems fudged the election, Trump could take the matter to court. It would probably have to go all the way to the Supreme Court and their decision would be final. If the Supremes saw it Trump’s way, they could declare the election results null and void. Not likely unless the proof was incontrovertible.

    • Desertdove and others,

      If federal workers shut down the government after the election and before inauguration day, they could find themselves fired and possibly arrested. Ask the former members of the air traffic controllers union about that.

      • I did not think the crazies would succeed in their plan. Just warning anyone in the DC area as well as big Dem cities. The White House will be quite the fortress after the fence is done today and the 250 Nat guard troops are posted.

        • DD,

          Antifa/BLM/others, would be wasting their time trying to attack the White House. There are probably more cops inside than we or the media knows. They can stack them up in the tunnel from the Treasury building.

          Personally, if they do attack the WH, the cops and NG should be ruthless about arresting them.

    • I already heard about one of those groups. Seems NWO is infiltrated throughout our country, especially DC, state, and yes even the military. The good guys have plans also to evacuate the big guy and family should it be necessary.
      Anyone who acts against the WH should be grabbed and charged with sedition, and then all others charged with conspiracy. Use RICO for the many barely-behind-the-scenes financiers.

    • Desertdove, Antifa has lots of plans. If Trump loses, there are only 2 months to make a dent in arrests. And then the charges will disappear. There’s some real scary stuff going on. The belly of the beast has been exposed, but I don’t know about it being gutted.

  13. Mari,

    As I wrote last night, regardless of election outcome, Trump is still president until at least January 20, 2021.

    Any military people who try to remove Trump before January 20, 2021, is committing a mutiny. Any civilians who try to do so are committing sedition, possibly attempted kidnapping, and a few other odds and sods of crimes.

    There are not enough military people willing to allow a mutiny to spread unchecked. I know a lot of retired military people who have significant contacts still on active duty. There is a greater chance of a mutiny against Biden than against Trump, although even that is low probability.

    • Z3-6, yep, I agree. I doubt the seditionists would have much luck in trying to yank DJT out of the WH. Any hint of major trouble, and the SS would have him & family out of there in a NY heartbeat.

  14. All,

    Despite the crap going on in the world, I was able to get a few happy, feel good moments today. #1GD went pony riding today for the first time in her life and her dad sent some photos. She was so happy looking, calm, collected, and obviously not afraid of the pony at all. She also seemed to have a good time brushing the pony down afterward. She had a big grin on her face. Evidently she was sending good vibes to the pony as the critter seemed just as calm and happy. 🙂

    • Zulu 3-6:

      Outside of the “non-prepper” who is now in a mild panic over ammo, MOnday is a top-off day. Fuel, dairy, vegi’s, cash, etc.

      • JP,

        Nice day here in Orlando too. Sunny, temps about 75, and breezy. Also a final top off day. Went to Publix again, mainly to get some stuff for the Ex who is going back to her place and needed a few things. I did get angel hair pasta for my supper tonight trying out nemoseto’s recipe. I’m personally good for everything else.

      • Mari,

        #1GD hasn’t asked for a pony yet, but she has talked a lot about how much fun she had. 🙂 #1 daughter thinks she is just mulling her chances and will ask if she thinks she could get one. No chance, but hey, if you don’t ask?

  15. 1. What plans and supplies do you have to solidify the private or public road to your farm, prepper retreat, or other style of home?
    Can’t block the well-traveled county road. Unfenced home with 2 sheds. Not much I can do other than existing security lights on house & big shed. Anybody running thru our sparsely wooded lot at night would likely break their neck. If things were to get nasty, I can add some trip hazards, nail boards, etc. Yes, I can play too.

    2. What is the most troubling weather issue or natural disaster your region is prone to and how does it impact your prepping?
    Hurricanes, derrechios, ice storms. We’re set.

    3. What did you do to prep this week?
    Car gassed, more food & OTC for rotation, finally found my nasal spray (whew), sling & swivels, no new ammo, afternoon at range (cool, a nice guy showed me his Sigs w/ interchangeable upper & insisted that I fire plenty of rounds). All I really need to get tomorrow is milk, chips, Pepsi (DP couldn’t survive w/o Pepsi).

    • Mari – the DH drinks Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi. It’s been harder to find lately as it sells out faster than any other type at the store. It always has but worse now. Fortunately, he will supplement with tea sweetened with Splenda.

      • GA Red, LOL, the DP would spit it out so fast. I’ll give him a pass as it’s the only junk stuff he does other than a small piece of crumb cake. At least he only drinks two very small glasses a day. Yep, I’ve noticed, too, that certain varieties are usually low stock.

  16. Thor’s questions
    1. Are you ready for the aftermath of the election? Yes.

    2. Is Donald J. Trump the best person to get us out of the mess we are in with Kung Flu and the crashing economy due to the virus? Yes. He’s done what can be done. People need to be a lot smarter. A Biden lockdown would = mass mayhem.

    3. Can Joe Biden count to 10? Probably not. He’d get confused at 6 and 7.

    4. Have you honed your skills, got in shape and prepped for what is coming? Skills & preps will have to suffice. The DP is questionable at defense, being almost deaf even w/hearing aids makes things worse, but he can be creative at repairs and such. He’s slow at it, but he now knows how to load mags. I’m out of shape and not much I can do about it with destroyed back, re-torn rotator cuff, splintered leg. Prepped far far far more than sheeple.

  17. Well, here comes the aftermath of the election. After stopping the vote counting the Democratic party had 200,000 absentee ballots come in at 4am in Michigan and 138,000 absentee ballots come into Wisconsin. Strange all for Biden. I mean at least 1 could have been for Trump if it wasn’t CHEATING.

    I heard Biden is going to ban online ammo and have Bedo come to take your arms. If elected.

    Taxes will be raised in the middle of a Depression, jobs will be cut from vital companies such as oil, fracking,coal, airlines,trucking companies and the gun industry.

    We will eat bugs and like it while the Democrats eat steak and lobster just like Venezuela.

    They vote themselves raises while Americans are living in tents.

    China has won.

    But I won’t surrender ever.

    • Thor,

      See the comment I just posted. I think both will end up with 269 electoral votes to set up a contested election–even with Biden willing Wisconsin and Michigan.

    • Thor1 and all,

      “Do not fear an army of lions led by a sheep. Fear an army of sheep led by a lion.”
      -Alexander the Great, 326BC

    • Thor, yep, I agree there must be tons of phony ballots. Poll watchers not allowed to watch in Detroit, prevented entry in Philly by a committeewoman. If this were normal voting, DJT would win handily. Guess Gates and his “prediction” of pandemic in 2020 was well planned.

      Yeah, the elites will dine as usual. One look at Pelosi & ilk, tells us how much they hate us. Now some of the more moderate Dems want to replace Pelosi as Speaker. Hakeem suggested but he said no. He’s an idiot, and I’d hate to see him as Speaker.

      Even Hillary would put up a fight against China as she would go ballistic if anything tried to take away her queendom. Creepy & Hunter would be business as usual, Commie-La the doped-up contact would play along. If they can’t get us into some conflicts somewhere or another, they’d be happy to finish defunding the military and selling off equipment. Bases available for UN to move on in.

      Nope, I won’t surrender either. Regroup as necessary.

  18. I have done the math and I think I have figured out how this election is going to turn out. I think Biden takes Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. These are obvious. I think he sweeps both Wisconsin and Michigan. Trump takes Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina. Note that both Nebraska and Maine have split votes. Trump has won all five of Nebraska’s votes. I project that Trump has won one of four votes in Maine. That means both Biden and Trump will be at 269. To win, a candidate must reach 270.

    If no candidate reaches 270, the House chooses the President and the Senate chooses the Vice President. This is good news for Trump. Votes in a contested election are not like votes for bills. In a contested election, each state gets one vote. So even though California has 55 electoral votes, the state gets only one vote in the House for President. Given that there are more red states than blue states, Trump wins a contested election. And that’s even with Biden winning both Wisconsin and Michigan.

    Please let me know if you see any flaws in my logic. If Trump does win a contested election where Biden wins the popular vote (very likely), I think we will see rioting like we have never seen before.

    • Bam Bam, BLM ambushed & sliced/stabbed 4 people last night in DC. Enrique & 2 other Proud Boys who were with Bevelyn Beatty (All Lives Matter). Antifa kinda quiet. They’re waiting. If Trump manages to win, riots will go full-on if Feds haven’t been busy rounding up Antifa.

  19. Thor’s question

    1. With voter fraud and a criminal element so evident, while Democrats line their pockets with our tax money and kickbacks from China, is a civil war inevitable?

    I have heard that Biden’s site says he will tax each firearm and MAGAzine $200 each. Good luck with that.

    • Thor1,

      Biden can say he will tax firearms, etc, but it still requires an act of Congress to even try it. If the Republicans hold even one House, that issue will be dead on arrival.

      Civil War inevitability? We shall see.

  20. Thor’s question

    2. I just thought of something, if all the rioting stops after they declare Biden the victor, what then???

    It will show without a shadow of a doubt that the Democrats used them to create chaos.

    • Thor1,

      I don’t think the rioting will stop. Antifa and BLM will want more and more and the Dims will want to try to get there pet terrorists under control. Clashing wants means more riots. They will probably want Trump et al all put in prison, and that doesn’t happen with the snap of a finger (yet).

      • Unless feds can shut down Antifa within next 2 months (yes, they’ve infiltrated), then they’re going to be around for quite some time. No doubt they have plenty of grand plans and Nancy can’t tell them to be quiet. Since some of Antifa trained with ISIS et als, who knows how many came back here instead of Europe.

  21. Thor1,

    I didn’t think I would get excessively wound up over this election crap, but I guess I was wrong.

    For the past week my blood sugar has been high (almost 200 in the morning) and my blood pressure has been high (for me). This morning was 139/67. Normally I’m in the 120s/60. My blood sugar was down to 170 this morning at least.

    • Zulu 3-6 – my blood sugar has been OK but on election day, my anxiety and pissiness were off the charts. First we got misinformation as to where our polling location was to be and then when we finally got to the right place, someone asked if I wanted a mask. My emphatic no response took the poll worker off guard and my DH is still laughing about the look on the woman’s face. I’m just so over everything.

    • Z36,

      Take it easy. Venting helps…. I think I will take the flyers that I got in my mail box for this election and use them as stress relievers at the range. Haha I bet they didn’t think they were sending out free targets.?

  22. God bless President Trump. He is the best President this country has ever had. He should get 8 more years for all the attacks he has endured from the Communist left. Makes you wonder why he even wants to be there. I mean he’s a billionaire, he doesn’t have to work and put up with this crap. He doesn’t even take a paycheck. He is the Biggest Patriot alive today. His patriotic stand and intestinal fortitude has not gone unnoticed.

    The Democrats aren’t even trying to hide the voter fraud and their intentions anymore. States need to secede if they don’t follow voting laws and honest voting.

    Ban Democrats and abortion not guns.

  23. The Associated Press has posted incorrect information. They have Biden at 264 electoral votes. They show him winning the state of Maine. The state of Maine has split votes. Biden won three of the state’s four electoral votes. Trump won one. Biden is actually at 263. I project that he will win Nevada which has six electoral votes. This will only bring him to 269. I find it suspect that the AP hasn’t called Alaska. Trump has twice as many votes as Biden in Alaska. The AP should also call Georgia for Trump–he is winning by 2 points with 99 percent of the vote in. I fully expect Trump to win North Carolina and Pennsylvania. As a former journalist I can say that this is not a mere oversight. They are trying to make it look like Biden won. He has not won. Even if he wins Nevada, he will be one vote short.

    • I figured out the problem–Trump only won four out of five of Nebraska’s electoral votes. So if Biden takes Nevada, he will reach 270. Unless Trump’s lawsuits reveal clear voting fraud, Biden will be the next President of the United States.

      • Bam, it’s already clear voter fraud. They wouldn’t even let Democratic pole watchers see. Whistle blower !!!! USPS said they post marked votes to 11/03/20 even though they weren’t mailed. Another state had 100,000 more votes than registered voters. This is not over!!!!

        • Thor1,

          No, it isn’t over, but the Black Robe Society is starting to stick their noses in and summarily dismissing suits without even preliminary hearings.Some of those may be kicked back to the trial judges by the appellate courts with directions to hold evidentiary hearings. We’ll see.

          • Z36 and all,

            Trump has setup the Democrat voter fraud machine with watermarked encrypted ballots in a sting operation. National Guard being sent to 12 states and arrests are coming.

            I would never want to play President Trump in chess. ???

          • Thor1,

            Why the National Guard for voter fraud? That would involve the Federal Election Commission and the FBI.

            If Trump pulled a legal switcheroo on the Dims, great!

          • Thor,

            Each state develops its own ballot and has an independent printer print the ballots. The federal government does not oversee or print ballots.

        • The fraud vids online would be hilarious if this was a movie. Like the young guy in Detroit flipping the bird at a Trump vote multiple times, then crumbling it and tossing it. It’s like unlayering an onion. Possibly CIA’s Scorecard program or something like it used in Michigan? Even Rod (Chicago) ratting how things work.


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