What I Did To Prep This Week: November 1st 2020 – November 7th 2020

Hello Pack. We have not gotten a lot of prepping done this week because – like I am sure most (if not all) of you are, have been glued to the news. I am writing this column the Friday after election day, and we still do not know who truly won the race. I doubt by the time you read this over the weekend, we will still have no answer to that extremely important question.

At the beginning of each month I change the phrase on this cool little message board our daughter got for me last Christmas. I believe the notation that I made this week, as shown in the feature photo, fits how all patriots are feeling at this point in the history of our great republic.

Not only has the turmoil of the election been a bad turn of events, we have had a series of other unfortunate incidents here on our survival homestead this week. First, Bobby was doing some work on our farm road and his huge old Massey Ferguson tractor slid off the road, and went through the fence and at least 20 feet down a steep incline backwards.

Thankfully, my beloved was able to jump off the tractor and land on the road – mostly in a pile of leaves, before it went completely down the hillside.

Seeing that tractor backwards down the hill after the fact made me sick to my stomach, thinking about what could have happened.

The “tractor incident”, which it will be forever called here on our homestead (largely because Bobby is still in trouble for not being what we call ‘my degree of careful’ when working the land), followed the injuries of two goats.

Two of my Pygora goats were just fine one second, and a few feet away from me and literally a few seconds later both suffered leg injuries – and potentially a hip injury.

All I can figure is Andy (a horse) stepped back on them or kicked them as they ran about his legs during morning turn out and feed time.

Neither goat made a noise that I could hear. I did not even know anything had happened until I saw Hank (Pygora buckling) scooting down toward where I was walking down to the chickens.

I was afraid his hip or back injuries were so severe he would have to be put down. Magnolia was limping along behind them with a front leg dangling up from the ground.

I wanted to stall them right then, but they moved pretty quickly for injured goats and went up the hill with the herd. I didn’t not want to chase after them and make their injuries worse. Hank can walk with a limp for a while and then starts dragging that entire back leg again.

Eventually, Bobby and I got the goats and put them in a stall to look over their injuries further. I think Magnolia will be just fine, and maybe limp a little bit.

Hank, we are still not sure what is going on with him. He does not flinch or make a pain noise when feeling around his hip, back, or leg. I am hoping it is a tendon and muscle issue or a pinched nerve that will heal over time.

So overall, a pretty bad week here on our survival homestead – I sure hope yours was better. Though, I am not sure how anyone could have a decent week since we could lose the best United States President since I was a very young girl, and Ronald Reagan was elected.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. How long do you think it will be until there are certified election results and who do you think will be sworn into the Oval Office on January 20, 2021?
  2. Do you think election fraud is occurring in one or multiple states and why?
  3. If Trump becomes the victor, do you think there will be rioting and how is this notion impacting our preps?

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  1. First? Can’t believe it, but happy anyway.
    What a sad week for all of us. The Dems didn’t even pretend to hide the fraud that occurred this week. In Georgia, Obama himself, showed up for Dem supporters. Certain he made sure they had enough absentee ballots.

  2. This Week’s Questions:

    1. How long do you think it will be until there are certified election results and who do you think will be sworn into the Oval Office on January 20, 2021? It depends on the law suits. I think we will have a good idea by this coming Friday, but official?

    2. Do you think election fraud is occurring in one or multiple states and why? The Dems/Libs have basically said they “deserve to rule” and will do anything to achieve it. 2016 was a failed run, and they were upset. 2020 was a “better” run. 2024, for me, is a surety
    3. If Trump becomes the victor, do you think there will be rioting and how is this notion impacting our preps? If Trump is declared the winner, at first they will be anger riots, then more intense ones, until the clamp-down.

    This week…

    Monday, we topped off the fuel, cash, produce, and dairy. For us, Tuesday was a big nothing-burger, but depending upon the reactions in the cities, and the political actions taken because of it, we may face supply disruptions. As of Friday, we are still on hold.

    One of the pint jars I ordered came in broken. We decided with the difficulty of getting them, to just suck up the lost jar and keep the rest. No replacements available, they would have to refund the whole case.

    Thursday (the 1st Thursday of the month) is “Blue Hair Day” (10% off for seniors). Grabbed some Augason Farms stuff (now that they carry it again).

    Friday, I found turkey SPAM on the shelves again! Hopefully it is back regularly.

    Supply Run: Light grocery & Costco run plus fuel top-off; AF, Cheese Blend; AF, Black bean burger mix, #10; AF, FD Corn, #10; AF, FD Peas, #10; AF, Tomato Powder, #10; Turkey SPAM;

    Received: Lancer AR mags; wide-mouth pint jars (12); Lincoln II Plus Ham Radio; DW’s MS Office software; adapter cables; USB Extension (DW);

      • PG:

        Tell him that right now they are $12-15 each. After Sandy Hook I was selling them for $30-40 each! And I ran out between 1 PM and 3:30 PM on the Friday we opened. (Needless to say, I have several stored for just such a time in the future, plus they do break and if replacements are not available for sale…)

          • PG:

            I was just looking at my recent orders. In Oct I ordered some mags for $13.68 each. Friday I ordered some from another company and got 7 for the price of the 6 I ordered. TODAY, the first company is having a “sale” and those mags are now $15.38; they were #13.68 on Friday. Prices are already starting to rise.

    • Oh! I forgot to ask you this. I can get Mountain House freeze dried foods locally, but I’ve never tried them. What is your opinion of them?

      • I also like the Mountain House, although I do not have as much as others, due to the expense. My thinking is that if things really do crash hard, I don’t want to start cooking (the smell travels) for at least 30 days.

      • PG:

        I also find that the “bucket assortments” include things I do not or can not eat. The breakfast items is a waste because you can buy the meal stuff (granola and instant oatmeal) cheaper and store in a separate bucket for significantly less.

        • indeed on the oatmeal, i can get a 50lb sack of instant oatmeal for $25 or about, takes 2 and a half 5 gallon buckets to hold it all and takes me 6 months to go through it

          i miss the taste of powdered eggs but am too cheap to buy mountain house

      • Prepared Grammy
        When they turn our power off because of the wind blowing & could possible start fires. Mountain House is my go to meals with all the work I have because of dh’s health issues. Love the lasagna, but more than I can eat in one meal, only one I was not happy with is the chicken rice with sweet sauce. Then I am not person who likes meals that are sweet for dinner unless it is dessert.?

        • Thank you. I have a lot of freeze dried foods stored, but few of them are complete meals. It’s mostly ingredients (vegetables, fruits, meats, etc.) that I use for cooking, but I’ve honestly not cooked with any of it except for using potatoes one time. It’s just so expensive that I’m saving it for emergencies. The complete meals are in the BOBs and hiking packs.

      • There is absolutely nothing wrong with them. They taste decent for what they are. I did finally opt to get a home freeze dryer. Look at the calories on the mountain house. Far too low in my opinion for long term.

  3. 1. How long do you think it will be until there are certified election results and who do you think will be sworn into the Oval Office on January 20, 2021?
    I have no idea when it’s going to be over, but I suspect that Biden will be elected. Who knows?
    2. Do you think election fraud is occurring in one or multiple states and why?
    Yes, because that’s the way of some who want to win.
    3. If Trump becomes the victor, do you think there will be rioting and how is this notion impacting our preps?
    Absolutely! My preps have been amped up for some time now. I’m visiting my local farm store almost daily in hopes of getting more metal projectiles.

    Tara, I’m glad there were no injuries in the tractor incident.

    This week:
    -Bought 4 more chicks. They were only $1 and were bigger and feathered out. Mama Hen isn’t taking well to them. So, they are separated from the rest. (I just went to check them. Only one is still alive. I’m heading to town to get more.)

    -Pumpkins were only $1 at my local Kroger. So, I bought two large ones for the goats and chickens. The chickens loved it. The goats? Not so much.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: vitamin and mineral supplements, canned fruit, paper plates and carry-out containers, OTC meds, wet wipes, noodles, borax, seasonings, flavorings, juice, puppy food, chick feed, chicken scratch, tiny metal projectiles and those that slug, 6 projectile holders for large metal, another heat lamp and 2 bulbs, canned chicken, case of raman noodles, 14 quarts of shelf stable milk ($1 per quart at my local Dollar Tree), 6 lbs. pecans, foil sheets,

    -Canned the last of the apples. Got another 12 pints of applesauce.

    -DH made a ladder for ‘deer castle’ (huge, wooden, deer blind) on our farm and installed it.
    -Got some hiking poles. I could have used them last summer. So, I got some for our next adventure.
    -#1Granddaughter and #3Grandson’s little dog was run over. DGS just turned two and is too little to understand much about what’s going on, but DGD is VERY upset.
    *For Others:
    -Baked with #1 Granddaughter. She loves to cook.
    -Got a few more arts and crafts for the Grands.

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    • PG,

      Poor DGD. Not fun to lose a pet regardless of reason. #1 daughter had to put one of her cats (had three) to sleep a month ago. #1GD took it surprisingly well (better than her mom did).

      • I think she would have taken it better if she hadn’t seen the blood. Dog bit his tongue. So, it wasn’t the big injury, but it’s what she saw.

    • I saddened to hear about your pet. Hope the grands will be ok in a few days. It’s a hard lesson for a child. Still pulls at my heart strings and I am a big kid.

  4. Taras questions

    1 no idea when it will be official, as i speculated a few times on here i expected a biden win, a close one but still a biden win, close enough to be contested.

    2 no idea but i am sure its a factor

    3 there will be rioting no matter what happens, and it doesn’t affect me at all, anything i was bothered by was going on long before this, such as a canning jar shortage

    what i did this week: cleaned up the barn and workshop, did various work around the farm (like boxing in the exes on the barn, its not a problem left open so it was a low priority, i like long overhanging roofs so the eves were already sheltered by roof overhang) organized all the lumber and roofing materials i had. helped a neighbor put stuff in his barn loft, made a deal to build onto their chicken coop for a chainsaw he had no plans to use again (not with pins in his back now), got my check from the action, not as good as i hoped, but was enough to fill my propane tanks and get dogfood and catfood and some other misc like a roll of tar paper. we had snow and 10degree weather early in the week so i was stuck inside a few days, then it cleared up wednesday and i was out working again, voted trump on tuesday. and the last half of the week i was out working on my line trail (a long project to make a 14 foot wide graded trail along the property lines in the southern wooded areas, piling the slash on the line as a fence).

    up using internet before working on the coop addition.

  5. 1. How long do you think it will be until there are certified election results and who do you think will be sworn into the Oval Office on January 20, 2021?
    Who knows? But i guess by hook or by crook Biden. I’m not happy at all with this election but whoever ends up in the White House, many will be angry.

    2. Do you think election fraud is occurring in one or multiple states and why?
    It appears there has been fraud in some states. Whistle blowers have been reporting irregularities.

    3. If Trump becomes the victor, do you think there will be rioting and how is this notion impacting our preps?
    I have many things to do and not much help. That means i press on with the pressing needs. Right now its a new chicken coop and moving 2 dozen almost grown pullets out of ny laundry room. I’m demoshing part of an old building to get 2x4s for framing. My husband with alzheimers sits and watches me work. At least he’s staying close, not wondering off anymore. I seem to be his security blanket.
    I’m slowly regaining strength after covid. Still no stamina. It was all I could do yesterday to get 7, 2x4s. It was chilly and windy but I worked up a good sweat and had to go back in and sit a bit before lighting a fire. I used a 3′ heavy crow bar for knocking and prying the boards loose. The bottom few inches is rotten on most of the boards I’m getting. Who says a chicken coop needs to have 8′ walls? I’ll be glad for enough height to walk in and and use full length doors. I’ll trim the old used wood siding and plywood to fit. Then paint the sgeets before putting them up. Its too tight a fit to paint afterwards. The coop is going between the chicken pen and a porch. I’ll be using the entry wall to the pen as part of the coop. It’s pallets. I’ll frame to it and frane out the door there. Then I’m adding a framed in glass patio door in the narrow end wall for light. Where the coop extends past the porch I’ll frame in the entrance door.. its an old mobilehome door with a tall narrow glass above the handle. I won’t be using that lock. I’ll jusf add a heavy hasp. If it needs locked I’ll add a padlock. The door into the pen will also have a hasp.
    The pen is an old cheap carport with a tarp roof. A Neighbor gave it to me. One end wall is built from pallets while the rest is being wrapped with welded wire 2×4 field fencing. The bottom row is backed with 1×1 hardware cloth to keep new chicks inside. The peak ends will be filled in with recycled chicken wire. The roof this year is the original tarp style material. If i replace it eventually I’ll just cover it with chicken wire to keep hawks and owls out.
    That is my stay out of trouble plan. Stay busy here and away from the city. If it spills over to this tiny (200 population) community I’d bet on an armed army to meet them.

  6. This Week’s Questions:

    1. How long do you think it will be until there are certified election results and who do you think will be sworn into the Oval Office on January 20, 2021?

    Much too early to predict dates. Unfortunately, it will probably be Biden.

    2. Do you think election fraud is occurring in one or multiple states and why?

    Oh, hell yeah it’s all over. I’m not in the mood to describe all the reasons. I posted one of them above about a Detroit precinct.

    3. If Trump becomes the victor, do you think there will be rioting and how is this notion impacting our preps?

    I don’t think there will be riots, I know there will. It might work out to thin the herd of communists and other seditionists. As far as rioting impact, I think anyone who is well prepped for a serious SHTF event should be OK, Make sure you have ammo. Also, from personal experience look up and watch your six.

  7. Well, yahoo is just now claiming a Biden win. Puke.

    So glad I’ve been at this preparedness thing for a decade or more now….

    I’m in the process of cooking down 30 pounds of Roma tomatoes for sauce and will can it tonight, Lord willing. I’m also making another 100 bars of soap for holiday sales. The new buck house is almost done–just need to put sand down and add large stepping stones in the central area to cut down on rainy day muck. I thinned out my broccoli, mustard, and collard green plants. Started picking my green beans but am concerned that the approaching tropical system will damage much of the garden. UGH!

    Made another batch of elderberry syrup. Bought avocados and persimmons from a local farmer friend of mine; will be slicing and dehydrating the persimmons. Avocados have been mashed and frozen in ice cube trays for later use. I like buying direct from local farmers as much as possible. It may be what keeps us all alive in the not-too-distant future.

    Blessings to all.

  8. I reorganize my laundry closet, I bought containers and labels and it looks better and since I’m really the only one that uses it it should stay organized better.

    I spent $29.00 with coupons for short and long term item’s I had a $ 10.00 coupon off of $40.00 so not bad at all.

    Our health insurance, came down from $188.00 a month to $88.00 Starting January 1st.

    As far as all the questions, it’s we the people, that are being screwed over no matter who gets in people, will be angry at each candidate.

    • The house had too many problems that we just don’t want to get into – it’s on a slab and there are cracks in areas that aren’t covered by flooring so no telling what it’s like under the flooring. Also, termites are a big issue here and there’s dirt right up against the foundation in a way that would allow the termites easy access. The house hasn’t been treated. Rooms are large which is oddly both good and bad – there seemed to be a lot of wasted space. The search continues.

      This Week’s Questions:
      1. How long do you think it will be until there are certified election results and who do you think will be sworn into the Oval Office on January 20, 2021? No idea.
      2. Do you think election fraud is occurring in one or multiple states and why? Most definitely. Dead people can’t vote and mail-in ballots are often sent to people who should not be on the voter rolls anymore. Also, in Georgia, you can’t have more votes counted than they have paper ballots – there have been some word of mouth reports stating that there were 3-4 times as many electronic votes recorded in comparison to the paper ballots.
      3. If Trump becomes the victor, do you think there will be rioting and how is this notion impacting our preps? Makes no difference if he wins or loses on either front. There will be rioting and I will be prepping. One thing to note though is that the rioting will not be done by conservatives.

      • GA Red:

        We were looking at a house too. I now have a better mental picture of what we want. It was in a small town, 1/4 acre lot. But, 3-5 trees needed to come down soon, and the garage either needs to get moved and become a storage shed, then replaced, to fixed up. I figure putting another $25k into it was not worth it, but it was to someone; they put in an offer Sunday afternoon.

        • JP – we actually got to speak to the homeowners because it is a FSBO property. As we’ve been looking, we have learned that a LOT of conservatives from Florida have moved into North Georgia. In this particular area, there are a lot of Floridians that have summer homes and the population drops dramatically in the winter. The homeowners referred to those Floridians as “half backs” because many are far north transplants to Florida who have moved halfway back to this area. We have a very good idea of what we need at a minimum and so far very little has come close. Anything that comes on the market anywhere in our price range goes pretty quickly. One house we thought about was on the market 3 days before it went pending.

  9. Tara, please know that I am glad that Bobby wasn’t hurt in the tractor accident. Are ya’ll gonna be able to get the tractor out of the ditch and running again? Talk about a great farm tool! Also hope the goats heal up quickly.
    The Election – I will say that I was somewhat surprised at how the election results went. While I just knew Trump would prevail, I dare say I was not the only one blindsided by the absentee vote tally. To me, that was ground zero. It seems so clear to me now, and explains so much. Specifically, Biden will be called the winner, but there is a chance with all the lawsuits forth-coming that it could change, but while I haven’t given up hope, I I can’t quite see it happening.
    Fraud – Absolutely, especially in the key states. I expected better from my current home state (Ga), but Fulton & Dekalb counties fixed that. (Another epicenter of absentee ballot fraud).
    Rioting after the Election – Do we even need a reason anymore?

    Final thoughts – Pres. Trump is still my President. His agenda was ‘Our Country’ & ‘Us’. I have never seen a man so persecuted and tormented in any election I have witnessed in this country. In the final analysis, God still sits on the thrown, and will have the ultimate final deciding vote.

  10. The Associated Press has called the race for Biden. I have not seen evidence of any systematic vote tampering. There may have been a software error in Michigan which gave Trump votes to Biden. This is under investigation. But even if Michigan is switched to Trump, he still loses. Historically, Republicans vote in person; mail in ballots have always favored Democrats. I have read a lot of conspiracy theories which are clearly false–e.g., the Trump team secretly watermarked all legitimate ballots in order to catch the Democrats red-handed. This is clearly false–each state designs its own ballot and contracts an independent printer to print them. The federal government is not involved in the design or the printing of ballots. Personally, I am not that concerned with a Biden presidency. We still have the Senate. That means Biden will not be able to pack the Supreme Court, pass gun control laws, increase taxes or implement any other liberal agenda.

    We are driving to Jacksonville tomorrow to celebrate son-in-law’s birthday. DD2 is making spaghetti and meatballs. We always look forward to time spent with family. I may have gone a little overboard ordering baby items from Amazon. I really don’t see how people can afford to have a baby without significant help from family. Diapers are so expensive. DD2 is going with cloth diapers, the most economical option. But they still $20 for four diapers. (The new cloth diapers have snaps and “grow” with the baby.) Sill, newborns can go through a dozen diapers in one day. Dh and I are having fun suggesting a new name each day. Today’s name is Jake Finley. SiL actually liked that one. Dh is coming up with really strange names. DD2 laughs.

    That’s all for now.

    • Bam Bam,

      Enjoy your trip to Jax.

      Baby names are something else. My father used to tease my four sisters that he always wanted to name them Brunhilde, but they should be glad their mother refused to allow it. I forget what he said he was going to name us boys, but he didn’t get the same reaction out of us, so didn’t tease us as much.

      As a police officer, I came across some really bizarre names parents inflicted on their kids. I saw a Placenta, a Meconium, and all sorts of supposed “traditional” names that I think were BS. I talked with one guy who changed his name legally because of the horror his parents named him. I forget what it was, but I agreed with his desire for a name change wholeheartedly. Some European countries have laws that give the government the final say in baby names at the birth certificate level. As much as I hate that kind of governmental control, I’m sure a lot of kids were saved years of teasing as a result.

      Yeah, babies are expensive as I was recently reminded when my son and his girlfriend had their little girl. Luckily they get a lot of help from family and friends. I’m not so sure about cloth diapers. They are very labor intensive, although I readily admit in the long run they are cheaper out of pocket. My mom used cloth diapers with all seven of us, so we older kids (I’m the oldest) had plenty of experience changing and washing cloth diapers, I insisted on disposables when #1 daughter came along and got no argument from the wife.

    • My second child was due on February 2, Groundhog Day. I said that if he was a boy, I was going to name him Woodrow Charles and call him Wood Chuck. lol

  11. How long do you think it will be until there are certified election results and who do you think will be sworn into the Oval Office on January 20, 2021? Biden has been declared the winner so that is that. The Republicans will protest but all the mail in ballots are considered legal so a recount will do no good.

    Do you think election fraud is occurring in one or multiple states and why? It is almost like the Democrats developed the Covid-19 to force all mail in voting. They certainty used it to their advantage. Why do you think they freaked when the Postal Service was slowed down, they were going to use it to pump out millions of anonymous votes.

    If Trump becomes the victor, do you think there will be rioting and how is this notion impacting our prep. Moot point now.

    Got my freezer alarm, also useful to get the temperature right. My local grocery store has meat sales to draw in customers. Got some boneless skinless chicken breasts for $.98 a pound.

    Being forgetful and weak is expensive, It cost me $2300 this week. $600 for two new keys, I still have no idea where I put the first ones. $1700 for new front breaks and to replace the rear wheel bearings plus do a tune up. All things I have done before but no longer have the strength and stamina to do anymore.

  12. How long do you think it will be until there are certified election results and who do you think will be sworn into the Oval Office on January 20, 2021? From what Im reading, its not until Jan 6 that the EC gives its report and the election is finalized. (Shout here, for emphasis) ITS NOT OVER YET, FOLKS! (Ok, back to normal voice.) biden is being very careful, for once, what he is saying, because as long as HE doesn’t say he is the President Elect, then he’s in the clear. Right now, everyone else is saying it about him. If HE says it before the Electoral college does, he’s in big legal trouble, and the fraud will be exposed(its going to be, anyway).

    Do you think election fraud is occurring in one or multiple states and why? Oh, absolutely. From what i can gather, Trump had more than enough votes to win, until the polls closed and all these additional ballots were brought in. All i know, is the truth will out. Trump wWILL be vindicated.

    If Trump becomes the victor, do you think there will be rioting and how is this notion impacting our preps?Sure, because the dems are not known for being good sports. Thats alright, their hubris will get them in the end. Dont piss off the Patriots.

  13. We went and looked at a house today. First look. The house is twice the size of our current one, the lot is 2-3 times what we have now. It has a wide alley behind and a double wide road in front. A detached single car garage (MINE!). the house has a 4′ chain link fence around it, with the back yard separate and gated. The South facing front has “garden” in front of the house and all along the fence and the east (open) side of the house (garden?). There’s room to park our “camping toys” in the back with a gate already there. There’s also a side lot (currently being used but possibly for sale. The town is listed at 1,500 people, our current one is 35,000.

    So, we’ll see about financing and how the inside looks (we’ve seen pictures). We own our current house, so we would not have to move in a hurry.

    • I hope it works out in your favor, we can’t get a break in our area if a house goes up for sale there is a minimum of 10 offer’s on them and your lucky if you get a 10 minutes to see the house, inside and out its nuts in Western Washington…

    • JP in MT
      That sounds like a wonder place to put new roots down. Population is good size without being overly crowded. A heads up from what I hear many out of stators are heading’ your way in droves.

  14. Puppy and I have both been training hard. He’s sad it’s raining today. He’s been bitting Biden voodoo dolls.?

    Took the Baretta 84, Tarus ultra lite .38 special and Marlin .44 Magnum lever gun to the range.
    Worked out with nunchu
    Worked out with the katana sword cut apple and watermelon. ?
    Sparred practicing Kung Fu techniques. I

    Heavy workouts. (My biceps hurt)
    Heavy bag and speed bag.
    I have lost another 10lbs.
    Took puppy for walks while wearing level 3+ body armor plates.

    Bought 20lbs of rice
    Bought 10lbs of pasta
    Bought more meat

    Bought 2 cases of water

    Thor’s questions

    1. Who do you think really won the election?

    2. Has the Democrats comitted massive voter fraud?

    3. Have you ever seen anything like this in any election, pole workers writtng on ballots, crumpling ballots, cardboard on windows, pole watchers not allowed in, ballots in the middle of the night, sheriff not enforcing judge’s order to let pole watchers in, CIA program to alter votes (6,000 in Michigan), media lying about issues, ect. ?

    4. Are you practicing with your weapons?

    • Tara’s questions

      1.How long do you think it will be until there are certified election results and who do you think will be sworn into the Oval Office on January 20, 2021? As long as it takes to get Trump in.

      2.Do you think election fraud is occurring in one or multiple states and why? Yes. Democrats are doing the Chinese bidding. Things I’ve seen with my own eyes.

      3. If Trump becomes the victor, do you think there will be rioting and how is this notion impacting our preps?
      Yes, making security #1 food #2.

      Tara, it sounds like Good was watching over your Bobby.

    • Thor’s questions

      1. Who do you think really won the election?

      Without fraud involved: Trump
      With reality involved: Biden

      2. Has the Democrats comitted massive voter fraud?


      3. Have you ever seen anything like this in any election, pole workers writtng on ballots, crumpling ballots, cardboard on windows, pole watchers not allowed in, ballots in the middle of the night, sheriff not enforcing judge’s order to let pole watchers in, CIA program to alter votes (6,000 in Michigan), media lying about issues, ect. ?

      No, I haven’t seen such an election. I don’t know about the “CIA program.”

      4. Are you practicing with your weapons?

      I haven’t been to the range in a while, but I have been doing some drills with dummies.

    • Thor’s questions

      as i expected weeks ago it was a Biden win, i mentioned before that when the country is in the shitter the man at the top gets blamed, regardless of whether or not he could actually do anything, i mentioned before that Hoover was blamed by much of the population for the catastropgy of the great depression, he didn’t cause it, had no power to have averted it and cared very much about the plight of the common man but had little power to do anything about it (as defined by the checks and balances at the time) since he couldn’t make the problem go away somehow right away he was blamed and the shanty towns were called hoovervilles, newspapers were hoover blankets, and cardboard in a shoe was a hooversole. FDR brought in unprecidented socialism and really grabbed a lot of new power for the presidency creating a lot of future messes that hoover was not willing to do (concerned about long term impacts). so as hoover was blamed for the depressions woes, i anticipated much of the US population is blaming Trump for not preventing the Pandemic or the economic catastrophy that followed it. there really wasn’t anything he could have done. this alone was an indicator a lot of people would have voted Biden, if there was no pandemic or economic collapse then i suspect Trump would have won by a huge margin.

      2. probably not, they pushed the mail in voting since it would favor them, and they took every advantage they could with it, and even then it was still only a close win for Biden. if they committed fraud then it would have been a huge win for Biden, considering many factors i do not think there was massive fraud, thats not to say they didn’t commit some minor fraud here and there.

      3. nope but then i don’t pay much attention to it, don’t have a way to, mostly isolated on my fortified hermitage in the middle of nowhere.

      4. shot something the other day, i get plenty of practice picking off vermin with a 22

      • nemoseto,

        1. Is actually a comedy. A person who you know is collaborating with China, taking kickbacks and has dementia would not be anyone any normal person would vote for in condition our country is in now or ever.

        2. Nope, they waited till Trump was far ahead, stopped the count because then they knew how far they were behind. Then ballot dump at 4 AM.

    • Thor1
      1)Yes he won, because of the crowds of citizens who would wait hours to see him & here his uplifting speech for not just those who show up but for the nation at large.
      2) Yes, did you see my comment referring to a program written for the CIA? HAMMER
      It was borrowed(aka stolen by the dem’s)and they pulled out a section called SCORECARD. Read it the other day on a different site and then George Nory had a guest on Coast to Coast with all this information.
      3) NO. They have taken this violation to another extreme because they can not win any other way. They have told the Supreme Court to take a flying leap of a tall bridge. They do NOT have to obey those ruling or laws as they are exempt under the ‘swampy waters act’.
      4) Ammo is a precious commodity in the land of nuts & berries, guess I could us my BB gun. Get a lot more for the $$$ spent.

  15. Busy morning but now the summer sausage is hanging to bloom . Will cold smoke it tomorrow. That’s less meat to can .
    The election . Do I think Trump won? Yes and deep down I thing when all the legal efforts are done I think he will get 4 more years of being call illegitimate again.
    If they burn certain cities there is not a thing I can do one way or another. 9 years as an EMT taught me you do what you can and don’t worry about that that you can not effect.
    Stepping up preps. Not really. With 35 years of prepping and the last 25 in one place there isn’t that much to do.
    Be like the postage stamp folks. Its usefulness is in its ability to stick to one thing tell it gets were its going.

  16. I’ve been talking with my Ex. She is beside herself right now with all of the major outlets declaring Biden the winner.

    She is terrified of the US becoming a communist state like Cuba.

    • If anyone thinks socialism and communism are a good idea, they need to talk to someone who’s lived it. Your ex-wife has insight that these pie-in-the-sky people don’t have.

        • Ga Red,

          Communism will not work here. I for one have had enough of Obama crap.

          Our founding Fathers did not make so many sacrifices to give us the gift of our nation to give in to Tyranny.

          They fought in the Winter in their long johns and rags for shoes because they were starving and ate their shoes for food like jerky. That’s what they did for us.

          The people who want to take over America and rule us must go. We may need governed but not ruled.

          We are not even supposed to be taxed except if we are at war and then it’s only supposed to be 2%.

    • So am I, especially with luminaries such as AOC and Jennifer Rubin demanding lists of judges, politicians, campaign workers, etc., who supported Trump or helped him get elected. Somewhere, I saw a demand for lists of all Trump supporters. Sounds like a purge threat to me.

  17. Fox news suspended Judge Jeanine Pirro because she was going to talk about and present voter fraud evidence.

    When will Tucker, Hannity and Ingram quit. Fox is just another liberal owned fake news network.

    Enough is enough.

    • Thor1
      If we had a way to drop it & keep the business channel would do it. Dh knows if he has a channel on that ticks me of royally……he changes it or I tell him his going to be purchasing a new tv set or watch the super old one…rowl.

    • As I’ve heard it, Ingram has already “quit” as in quit being an independent thinker and is following the Republirats jumping off the Trump Ship. In I believe her most recent broadcast, she is encouraging the President to concede with grace so as to not tarnish his legacy. For me, the only folks left at FAUX are Carlson, Hannity, and of course Lou Dobbs from FAUX business news channel, and also Stu Varney. Hopefully these 4 will remain true to truth along with the Judge.

  18. NIL came over and helped me strip one of the outbuildings, removing what was in there. It was a disaster so this was a good 4-5 hour job with his assistance, or I would have been working at it all day by myself. Junk in the trash, items to be used in the future kept together or sent to the correct storage building. Trying to clean a building each week until they are nice & tidy, so I will know what we have or are short of for purchasing. Have a general knowledge of what we posses but it is nice to look & see it front of you and not digging through a box saying “I know it is here somewhere”.
    Books that will not pass on knowledge are going to the used book store, same with all the other magazines. Such as Woman’s Day, Taste of Home just more dust collectors we no longer read nor require.

    Tara’s questions:
    1) Election results: With all the skullduggery happening with the back dating of ballots, forging of ballots, voting machines that are AI, to trigger a cross over on ballots. Anyone’s good guess.
    This is not over,, so prepare as if tomorrow was your last day of freedom, as they way things are shaping up. They very well could be. Normally I am not a pessimists, but in the years I have been alive this is the most underhand in your face thievery of election tabulations every witnessed. No wonder I dislike the computerized voting, thieving at its finest!
    2) Only state without fraud from what I understand is Texas they would not allow these machines into their state because of this very complaint. Voter manipulation from the ballots being cast.
    Programs are only as good as the programmer. These programs were written under a program referred to as HAMMER, and in that program is SCORECARD. Which a certain party made sure was installed into the computing system of the machines to flip votes, not enough to create an in your face take over but enough to make it appear legitimate. Whistleblower by the last name of Montgomery for an alphabet soup agency released this information.
    Ever notice it is in the KEY states with #’s to push a candidate over the winning line???

    It makes sense to me why Tom McClintock did not win gov of CA, he was ahead then in the middle of the night, flip the switch & he loses….hummm

  19. I received an email from a retired attorney who is on a Marine Corps forum I am a member on. He says he has been consulting with other lawyers and they seem to think this whole election mess will go to the Supreme Court UNLESS Trump concedes.

    There, the legal consensus seems to be that the Supremes will do one of two things. Declare all mail-in ballots unconstitutional and invalid. Then order a nationwide recount with the mail-in ballots removed from the pile. A second option would be for the whole damned election declared invalid due to widespread voter fraud and the election kicked over to the House and Senate. I think this is the best option.

    This is not a bad thing for Republicans. Each state in the House gets one vote for President and each state in the Senate gets one vote for Vice-President. States must vote along party lines. Under these circumstances, Republicans have nearly double the votes of the Democrats.

    The whole thing hinges on two things. First, Trump NOT conceding, and second the Supremes following the 12th Amendment.

  20. A little FYI. Magazines, specifically AR magazines are going up in price. I noticed the 1st increase on Saturday over Friday, the price a one on-line retailer went up $1.80 per mag, today a physical retailer’s price went up $2. What changed over the weekend? Possible administrative change with potential regulatory changes? Just a thought to pass share.

    • Mags out everywhere. Prices online jacked up, but everything is out of stock. Rats, I could use more. Looks like nada for most things for quite some time to come.

      • Update — yaaaay me. Looks like maybe I’ve got 4 9mm mags coming. I’ll be able to use the tracking # tomorrow afternoon. Can’t get my .22 mini-mags anywhere, tho.

  21. Greetings from Douglasville,

    We drove from Douglasville to Northern Kentucky last week, stayed in a lovely Little White Cottage furnished with items from the 1950s and 2 outside kitties that rush the door for breakfast each morning. The owner of the cottage thought ahead and laid in a big bag of kittie food so they ate well while we were there.

    We visited the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. Both well worth the visit. The Ark is a life size model of Noah’s Ark but built from cedar and pine rather than gopher wood. It is huge. Everyone practiced social distancing as much as they could and most wore mask in both places. We cooked or ate fast food for our meals outside the parks as we are not convinced that in person dining is the thing to do.

    We are now back to work and hard at it. I had a friend do some electrical work here at the house that was beyond my ability and now all necessary inside and outside lights work. I still carry a pocket flashlight around just in case.

    We went heavily armed for our drive since it was the day after the election and we had no idea if the world would be in flames then. I had to disarm for both sites and also had to leave my knives at the cottage. There was ample security at both places so I felt fine. I was ready for most anything on the road but it was a peaceful drive both ways.

    Take care, say your prayers, keep your powder dry and wear your mask.


  22. For the person that was interested in my reading of “Spiritual Warfare in the End Times” by Ron Rhodes (sorry I forgot who asked):

    I found this to be an easy to read, but very educational discussion of Spiritual Warfare. If you are looking for a book to enlighten you on this seriously neglected subject, I would recommend this book as a place to start. I think it is good for individuals or small groups. It will help enlighten Christians about what is currently going on in “the world”.

    Unfortunately this subject, like the subject of idols, is not covered, unless in passing, from the pulpit. It needs more than 30 minutes of lecture to be understood. Unfortunately, this subject does not “tickle the ears” of most modern Christians, regardless of denomination, so we have to look into it ourselves. Our church has 4-5 small study groups, lasting 8 weeks, covering many subjects, but none have tackled these 2 subjects in the 7 years I have been there, much to our member’s detriment. IMO.

  23. We are square in the path of Tropical Storm Eta. We are prepared. I just hate the disruption. I really like my AC. We will survive. We could loose electric and cell phone for a few days.

  24. Thor’s questions

    1. Who do you think really won the election? Trump!

    2. Has the Democrats committed massive voter fraud? Absolutely!

    3. Have you ever seen anything like this in any election. Not to this extent nationwide. Seems even dogs voted Dem.

    4. Are you practicing with your weapons? Only once at the range in the last few weeks. Can’t replace ammo.


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