What I Did To Prep This Week: November 8th 2020 – November 14th 2020

Hello Pack. I hope you all are weathering the political upheaval in our great nation well. Odds are we will be sitting on pins and needles possibly through at least the beginning of December.

Until all the legal challengers to uncover and prove election fraud are done, the presidential election results cannot be certified. Fingers crossed there is enough proof to bolster the legal challenges and enough Americans who actually love our country voted, and we will be saved from a disastrous fate.

We got a lot of prepping done this week with the continued good weather. This is the first time in several years I think we actually had more than a week of fall in our region. We had been going from summer almost straight into winter – with massive amounts of rain in between.

Expanding one of our ponds finally made it to the top of our survival homesteading “to do” chapter book of a list. My beautiful and willful mare, Ruby, loves to play in the water – as you can see in the feature photo.

The old backhoe in the back of the image is not a looker, but it runs more often than not, and I hope to have a deep and large pond between the barn and the chicken coop very soon.

We are blessed with natural water sources on our homestead, a must for a self-reliance minded family that does not want to be left at the mercy of municipal utilities during a long – or even a short, termed disaster.

We have the woodshed completely full, and a massive amount of chunks cut from trees the gas company cut down, all heaped by the splitter in front of the woodshed to replenish as we the firewood this winter.

The electric furnace was only two years old when we bought this place, and has only been turned on twice – once when the former owner put it in when prepping the place to sell and as a test and once by us for the same reason.

There are two wood stoves here and several wall mount gas heaters connected to the extra large tank we have filled twice a year. We do not have central air, and that thrills me. Living in air conditioning makes you soft.

The concrete floors, poured concrete walls, and the positioning of our house in-between the hills on two sides keeps it naturally cool even during the hottest months of the summer.

I have always preferred windows and doors open and fresh air flowing in to air conditioning – much better for your immune system too, I figure.

The butcher shop cleaning and organizing project is still underway. I will hopefully never have to hear again, “… somewhere in the butcher shop” when I ask where a needed supply is. We are finally almost done with all of the prepper inventories we started.

The “Stop The Tires” trucker strike is getting a lot of folks around here nervous about supplies, and hitting the store shelves pretty hard … but they all still support the efforts of the truckers to make an anti-Biden statement over fracking, oil prices, and insane regulations placed upon their industry.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. How long do you think it will take to investigate and hear the legal challenges to the election and certify the results – and how will it impact the nation?
  2. If Biden gets into the Oval Office, what do you think will happen to our country and economy in just a single year?
  3. How will you heat and cool your home during a long-term disaster?
  4. What do you think of the trucker strike?

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  1. This Week’s Questions:

    1. How long do you think it will take to investigate and hear the legal challenges to the election and certify the results – and how will it impact the nation? Too Long. Then it gets buried.
    2. If Biden gets into the Oval Office, what do you think will happen to our country and economy in just a single year? New President, chaos, indecision, hasty decisions, dis-unity, confusion.
    3. How will you heat and cool your home during a long-term disaster? Same as we do now; natural ventilation.
    4. What do you think of the trucker strike? I just don’t know the purpose behind it.

    • This week:

      Looked at a different house, one more in line with our needs/wants in a smaller town (like 200% smaller). I now have a good mental picture of what I’m looking for; plus, someone made an offer on this one while we were looking at it. The search continues! On the 15th, we are looking at another property that is west of us. 30 minutes from work, good access, ½ acre, outside of town.

      Our “local” ranch supply store has 10/15% off sale for veteran’s through the 11th. Stock-up time. Got mags, ammo, and AR parts.

      Between Saturday and Monday, I noticed AR mags have gone up around $2 each, both on-line and in stores. They are still available, but based upon past experience, if you need them you better start looking/getting now.

      Thursday, our county imposed group size and operating hour restrictions on some businesses; back to 25-50 people groups, 10 PM closings, and 50% operating capacity. Our church is going back to on-line only for 3 weeks then re-eval.

      Friday, I had my 7.62×51 ammo order cancelled. They were selling it faster than the inventory clerk could keep up and over sold. Nuts!

      Found a product I didn’t know about, FoodSaver Easy Meal bags. They have a pleated bottom and are 8x4x9.5, holding a quart. I’m thinking homemade meal pouches.

      Supply Run: AF Cheese Blend, #10; instant oatmeal; 91% alcohol; Mag-Pul magazines; MOE fore grips; canned chicken: turkey SPAM; rolled oats; pearl barley; Dinty Moore Chicken & Dumplings; ammo; FoodSaver bags;

      Received: External 2TB drives; Black Bean burger mix, #10; G43X holster; Books: The Day Approaching, New Babylon Rising, The End Times in Chronological Order, Earth’s Last Empire; Backpacker’s Pantry-potato/gravy/beef FD meals; MH Biscuits & Gravy meals;
      Coffee: Folger’s Instant, 180; Immune Support Zinc Gummies;

  2. 1. How long do you think it will take to investigate and hear the legal challenges to the election and certify the results – and how will it impact the nation?
    Who knows?
    2. If Biden gets into the Oval Office, what do you think will happen to our country and economy in just a single year?
    Can you say “Venezuela?”
    3. How will you heat and cool your home during a long-term disaster?
    I open the windows and doors in the summer. I have a whole-home LP generator for winter. I’m looking into getting a wood-burning stove.
    4. What do you think of the trucker strike?
    I don’t quite understand the purpose, and I’m not sure if anything will materialize with it.

    **Well, I’ve been put in timeout. #1DS tested positive for C-19, and I had been around him in my home and his. The local health department called yesterday and said that I have to “quarantine for 14 days” They told me that I “can’t go outside the doors” of my house, and I “must wear a mask the entire time” I’m inside my house to prevent my husband from catching it. (Interestingly, DH isn’t quarantined.) I will stay home, but I told them that I wouldn’t do either of those things. I live in a rural area, with no neighbors right next to my house, and I have animals to care for. I also have mild asthma. Wearing a mask for extended periods of time makes me cough. (Yes, I wear a mask when I’m in a store. But the longer I wear it, the more I cough. This brings a lot of scared and dirty looks from other shoppers.) DS said that all of the fellow employees in his group tested positive, except one who had been off work for the last two weeks, and only one is showing any symptoms. (The one who’s sick prompted the employer to have the others get tested.) DS said that he doubts the results of the test. The swab wasn’t even inserted in his nose. They only touched the outside edge of his nostril.
    Yes, I’m taking the virus seriously. No, I will not knowingly put others at risk. And no, I will not let the government tell me to stay inside my house and wear a mask the entire time.

    **In other news, a relative who works for the health department in my state said the employees received an email that indicates that our governor is going to do a “hard shutdown” (her words) of our state from November 23 through the beginning of January. The people in our state are about to make a great big glass of tea. (Think December of 1773.)

    This week:
    -Bought 6 more chicks.

    -Pulled the last of the tomato plants.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: TP, canned chicken, seasoning, dishwasher detergent, paper plates, paper napkins, plastic cups, dish soap, household cleaners, sugar, canned beans, paper towels, ordered limit of metal projectiles (Overpriced, in my opinion, but I found some. So, I got it.), bought limit of metal projectiles locally (One kind overpriced, but I got it anyway. Other was a great price. I’m getting what I can, when I can. It may not be available later.), holder for metal projectiles,
    -Was given a half a shopping bag of fruits and vegetables in plastic, ready-to-eat packages.

    -Did a little cleaning and organizing of the basement.
    *For Others:
    -Jigsaw puzzles for the grandkids. These really help with long days inside during the winter. (#3 Grandson, age two, found one puzzle that I mistakenly left out. He was so excited and wanted to work the “pretzel.” Yep. I let him have it.)

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.



    • Prepared Grammy:
      Food for thought- a gal I know attended a church luncheon. Even though she wore a mask when not actively eating she was near a super spreader and came down with it. Had a couple of lousy days but totally over it by the time 14 days passed. But she gave it to her husband and he is very very ill.
      Instead of wearing a mask in your own home, maybe just keep apart for a week or so?

    • PG – I wear a mask only when absolutely necessary. They will make me cough and wheeze then sometimes run a low grade fever after. For me, the mask puts my health at risk so it’s a no go.

      I’ll double-check when I get to my computer, but I don’t believe I have Goatlover’s email.

    • PG’s questions

      1. I would ask if we could reschedule the meeting.

      2. Injuring or harm to anyone in my family, taxation without representation and trying to confiscate firearms,bank accounts and property.

  3. DD#1 has moved to Florida where she is working with her uncle. Once she saves enough money, she will rent an apartment and come get her belongings. That will free up some space for us.

    While we still want to move, plans are nearly stagnant. There’s not much (nothing really) in our price range that’s right. This gives us more time to clear the clutter and junk so we don’t take it with us.

    In keeping with cleaning and organizing, I have spent time organizing recipes and other things I’ve printed. I’ve used new and old notebooks. I have an entire notebook on dehydrating and another on canning. I have five notebooks devoted to just recipes and another on natural remedies. Doing this a little each day has been making a big difference in my office.

    In another area of life, I’ve been working on my Etsy shop and a family cookbook. My goal is to do a little each week to promote the shop while adding different items to inventory. The cookbook is wrapped into it as a possible income steam. I scanned the recipes from my mom’s recipe box more than 10 years ago in order to share them with the family – it’s a slow process to organize them. I also have to decipher handwriting and cryptic notes.

    In health and fitness, my knees have decreed that running is a no. I’m alternating between walking and cycling – either of which can be done indoors or outdoors. Cycling inside also provides an opportunity for me to read or crochet and crocheting allows me to work on items to sell. As a matter of fact, I’m getting my sweat on as I type this.

    As far as food goes, we are still working on finding enough space in the freezers for the half cow. DD #2 will help by taking some chicken to her small freezers but I need to get the tomatoes out and canned. Slowly but surely, we will be ready although it feels like I’m in a race against time – we are supposed to get the beef the week after Thanksgiving.

    More later.

    • DD #2’s school went to all virtual learning until tomorrow due to a large outbreak among students. So far, she is fine.

      Logically speaking, we should be seeing a spike in cases right now because it’s two weeks after Halloween and many people celebrated – any excuse for a party. It’s also nearly two weeks after the election and many voted in person – like the DH and me. So far, we are fine.

    • Last weekend, the DH and I located a case of projectiles for a couple of his hunting aids and mags for one of mine. The mags are the same price this weekend and the projectiles were sold out (they only had 2 cases last weekend). AR15 mags ranged from 12.99 for 30 round to 19.99 for 40 round types depending on if they had a window or not. AR10 kinds were 21.99 to 24.99 depending on how much they held.

  4. Hello everyone,
    I have been busy the last two weeks working on Christmas presents. I did plant the last of my garlic. I like staggering the plantings as that usually staggers the harvest. We have had a couple of haboobs come through making life a bit unpleasant.
    Additionally, our rural area has been hit hard by the virus. We have gone from the mid 80s less than a month ago to mid 300s as of today. Choppers flying in and out, night and day because our little hospital can’t handle the numbers. Pretty ugly here, but our local governmental officials are going for herd immunity I think. Other than to encourage masks-the state level is leaving most of the decisions to local areas. I do agree with that decision. I just wish people around here would be a little more sensible and stop throwing large parties.
    The last Trump parade was on election day. No post election violence, I think the virus is overshadowing everything. Schools are still operating but have allowed kids the option of staying home and learning online. Not sure how that is working.

    Stay safe everyone!

  5. I think the election results will be fought over tell the last minute. Then one of two thinks happen . It land in the House of Representatives where each state gets one vote or goes to the SCOTUS for rulings. If it lands in the House Trump should win as republicans hold the majority in more state event though Dems have more members.
    If Biden wins 3rd world country here we come and we will never have the appearance of an honest election again.
    Want change things as far as heating and cooling as I have been off grid 25 years.
    This week has been about firewood and cured meat making.

  6. How long do you think it will take to investigate and hear the legal challenges to the election and certify the results – and how will it impact the nation? Two or three weeks. No impact on the nation, the press and the Left will be apoplectic but what else is new.

    If Biden gets into the Oval Office, what do you think will happen to our country and economy in just a single year? Things will be about as well as they have been. The economy will improve, how could it not with five or six more trillion dollars poured into it.

    How will you heat and cool your home during a long-term disaster? Florida, heating is not a priority. Cooling would be so I better order my solar system soon.

    What do you think of the trucker strike? What strike? No sign of one here.

    I haven’t felt good for the last several weeks so just been staying home and resting. I did make a short trip Walmart, they finally had canned tomatoes back in stock.

    It does look like hurricane season is at last over, the next 10 days look clear and cool. Will be able to mow the yard for hopefully the last time this year. Then I can run the new wire to my new deep well. They spiced into the buried wire that went to my old shallow well and it shorted out. I have a temporary wire run on top of the ground but have the wire and conduit to bury a new one.

      • Too bad there’s no transcript. 15-min vid by Yugoslavian woman warning us about Antifa and how they operate and countries are taken over. Don’t believe the goal is socialism, it’s communism / totalitarianism. Don’t give up 1A & 2A. Stop it all b4 it takes us over.

        • Thank you. I feel like I miss so much by not being able to watch many videos.

          She’s right. I’m concerned for my kids and grandkids. ?

          • One thing many in other countries are worried about is if US falls. We’re the last of the free countries, well, free if we can get rid of what’s trying to drag us down.

  7. Last weekend I made a run to Costco. Picked up more tuna, flour, salmon, applesauce. Picked up a battery pack that will charge my electronics but most important came with jumper cables. My car has developed the nasty habit of having a dead battery if it sets for more than 3 or 4 days.
    This house is strictly heated by electricity but I’m considering getting a Mr Buddy with the adapter. I love air conditioning but fans work well and you can find battery operated fans.
    Starting next week we are entering a two week pause. Restaurants will be open for take out only. It will be interesting to see how fast the shelves are cleared.

    • Second major storm of the season hitting now. Tuesday’s storm had gusts up to 65 mph. Today’s storm will probably be the same. As a child I loved the storms – as an adult responsible for things like roofs I dont love the storms as much.

  8. 1. How long do you think it will take to investigate and hear the legal challenges to the election and certify the results – and how will it impact the nation?
    Early December….
    2. If Biden gets into the Oval Office, what do you think will happen to our country and economy in just a single year?
    Bankruptcy of bug loans from China.
    3. How will you heat and cool your home during a long-term disaster?
    Wood chips, or sticks and not too big chunks in my rocket stove that also has a pellet gravity fed hopper.
    4. What do you think of the trucker strike?
    More power to anyone making a x statement to the Dems.

    As of Monday, NM is going back back on a strict 2 week lock down. Not happy with the Dem governor but ill not be hunting trouble. I still have some work to do on the new coop. That will keep me busy as weather permits.

  9. Good Morning from Douglasvlle,

    Interesting weekend so far. Some ne’er do wells broke in to the local sporting goods store on Thursday night. They stole a large U haul truck and backed it in to the side wall 3 times before the breached the wall. Six of them ran into the store (at least 3 were black guys since they did a full face the camera pose) and stole a total of 36 guns in about 3 minutes and were gone before the police got there. They had good plans or else cased the place as they went right to the AR15s and semi-auctomatic handguns, smashing the handgun cases and plucking the ARs off the rack. They dumped the truck about 3 miles down the road and there was a large box truck seen in the area. This is my favorite gun store as I’ve purchased many pistols, rifles, bows, arrows and ammo from the over the 28 years I’ve lived here. I went down yesterday and spent a lot of money (could ill afford it right now but it went to keeping them in business so it was well spent and I can always use a lot more arrows and .410 ammo and stuff like that.

    Spent most of the rest of Saturday at the funeral home. Niece’s mother passed from Covid-19 while in a nursing home. She was 84. Her sister, 86 died the following day, same illness. The funeral home said no more than 50 people at a time inside and even though several hundred people came there was never more than 30 or 40 inside at any one time. I wore a mask most of the time but abandoned it when it was time to eat and never really put it back on.

    DW took me for supper at our favorite BBQ house for my Veterans Day supper. It was a very nice large Delmonico steak with baked potato, Texas toast, a big side salad and all the sweet tea I could drink. We didn’t get to go out to eat on Veteran’s Day since we had people drop in and out most of that day.

    Preps stay topped off. I did have some electrical issues around the house and got a friend from church to come look at them. Got a new outside light for the carport, got a GFI outlet that went bad replaced and he got part of the lights working again in the shop. I’ve got a short in the motor that powers the sawdust vacuum (which I no longer use) so I’ll spend some time trying to figure out how to unwire that without getting shocked in the process. Also worked on the lawn tractor (it hasn’t been cranked in almost a year since I have someone cut the grass now) and I was going to mulch a bunch of leaves in the yard but it wouldn’t start. I sprayed starter fluid in the carb and it cranked but wouldn’t keep running. I think the gas has gone bad and when I have time I’ll drain it and see what happens.

    Meantime, go to church, say your prayers and wear your mask when it is practical.


    • CID,

      Could be a fuel filter or gas hardening up in the carb. If there is a float in the carb the float valve won’t open. I had that problem with a pressure washer once, my buddy forgot to shut off the fuel flow valve.

  10. I did my grocery shopping twice this week and added a little more than usual to my food stash. Trying to get the food stash a little deeper. Bought some more TP and snot rags. Publix is fully stocked with paper products right now. Bought some silver bars for the Ex, nothing for me.

    TS Eta missed me. It tracked well north of me (but pretty much right over Bam Bam, #2 daughter, and maybe Daddio 7). We did get rain and some wind in Orlando, but nothing extreme.

    The election fraud stuff is nothing short of astounding. We’ll have to be patient and Trump needs to be gutsy. Hopefully, the DOJ will track some of the fraudsters down quickly and deal with them properly. Sadly, hanging, drawing, and quartering is not on the sentencing menu anymore.

    I was sitting on my balcony Wednesday with the Ex and #1 GD when there was a nasty traffic crash just up the road. I thought it sounded like a mortar shell going off. Can you say PTSD? No one killed thanks to airbags. We took #1GD down to the crash so she could watch the police, fire, and EMS doing their thing. A little educational experience so she knows part of what they do. She thought it was “cool.”

    My blood sugar is down closer to normal. Just got to stay away from the carbs.

    My Ex sent me a very interesting link from an organization called Before Its News about an Executive Order signed by Trump in September 2018 that declared a national emergency over unauthorized accessing of election and campaign information. Here is that link. I recommend you read it. It isn’t terribly long.


    The EO mentioned in the article DOES exist and it is on the Whitehouse.gov web site.


    I noted that the EO refers to “blocking” assets of involved entities and individuals, not “seizing” them. In effect, the assets are seized temporarily pending court proceedings. Blocking prevents selling, transferring, etc, of those assets. I also noted that the government agencies doing the blocking are not to give warnings of pending blocks. Just do them once they have enough evidence.

    The article also mentions that US military assets assisted German authorities in seizing the server farms of a digital election machine company. They suspect this use of DoD assets may have been the reason former SecDef Esper got fired. I thought it odd that he was flat out fired by Trump. Normally they are allowed to resign. Esper may have been refusing to allow use of DoD assets. I guess he just learned what “Commander-in-Chief” means. You may also notice, there hasn’t been much heard from Esper since his firing. I suspect he’s under a really strict “Keep your flippin’ mouth shut or else” order.

    This EO is very interesting. As the article stated, the EO was never secret, but also got no media coverage. The White House didn’t give it any rah-rah either. This could be very interesting.

    The protest and riot in DC yesterday was very interesting. A lot of pro-Trump people showed up.

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. How long do you think it will take to investigate and hear the legal challenges to the election and certify the results – and how will it impact the nation?

    Technically there is a time limit on the Presidential election. Election disputes are supposed to be concluded by December 8, 2020. I doubt that will happen. The states are supposed to have their Electoral College votes submitted to the President of the Senate by December 14, 2020. I doubt that will happen. On January 6, 2021, in Joint Session, the new Congress is supposed to open the votes, count them, and declare a President/VP. I doubt that will happen either. Where to from there? As the Constitution sets January 20 as inauguration day, and the way things are going now, I don’t think the results will be settled by then, I think the Supreme Court may have to throw it over to Congress under the 12th Amendment. If the Executive Order I posted about above is creating political holy hell, who knows what will happen.

    2. If Biden gets into the Oval Office, what do you think will happen to our country and economy in just a single year?

    Biden won’t last a year. But, our economy will be rapidly headed for the outhouse. I suspect there will be more riots, probably more violent riots.

    3. How will you heat and cool your home during a long-term disaster?

    Heat – Extra blankets and/or wear heavier clothing. This is Florida after all.
    Cool – Open the windows, run fans if power still exists, otherwise deal with the heat. Stay hydrated and out of the sun as much as possible. I’ve done it before and grew up in houses without A/C, not to mention no A/C in many military buildings I worked and lived in. I have several battery powered fans I can solar recharge.

    4. What do you think of the trucker strike?

    Inevitable. Things like this just reinforce the likelihood of a stolen election.

    • Zulu,

      The storm passed directly over us between 5-6 a.m. Dh and I both slept through it. There was barely any impact. The storm came ashore in Cedar Key. My Godson was scheduled to perform there. (He is a singer.) They didn’t have any significant damage there either and his gig went on as scheduled.

    • Zulu, it’ll be interesting to see the outcome of the Scytl raid in Frankfurt. Hope we got the goods and not the CIA. Couple of good articles out on the web that explain, guess you’ve seen at least one.

      • Mari,

        Supposedly the CIA was kept totally out of the loop and still is. According to info I read, the German police actually raided and seized the server farm, however, some US Army intelligence people were along as observers and may have been given custody of those servers following the raid. That situation makes sense to me as I don’t see the Germans willingly allowing US troops to conduct what are essentially police operations on their soil without their permission and participation. The German police have the skilled officers capable of conducting such a raid.

        • Zulu 3-6 and Mari:

          What you are describing is not a one-off operation. Similar things have happened in the past. They rarely make the news.

          • JP,

            That is true. They often don’t make the news because the other country wants the info kept on the down low for home politics reasons. Our MSM could care less what our government wants, but other countries threaten to jail their reporters or ban them from entry. That scares them into compliance and silence.

        • PG,Mari and Zulu,
          I don’t have a link. I did see the picture..It has been covered on other news sites.
          To be sure it had to be done after Nov 3rd…
          oann .. and Dinesh DSousa both covered it on 11/19 / and in news conference the Lawyer team covered it.. also a cincinnati democrat was arrested for taking bribes for votes…

      • Mari,

        Things are at a point that it is so darned difficult to separate the chaff from the wheat.I don’t know 100% when or even if, such a raid took place, but I am certain that US troops would not have been involved as the primary raid force. Germany would not allow that kind of violation of their sovereignty. Germany might allow some US observers as German police did the deed, but that would be it.

        • No, no, US troops were NOT primary. At most, they were observers or to accompany whoever rec’d the server(s) after the Germans went in. Anyway, latest story says this was back in July re US police matter.

  11. SuzyQ,
    There is a short in the car electrical system.
    Your garage should find it quickly.
    Now is not the time for unreliable transportation.

    • Tango that’s the same thought my cousin in law/favorite tow truck driver expressed. The car has over 193,000 miles on it and has several mechanical issues. I have ordered a code reader but honestly I’m on the look out for a different vehicle asap. I had the oil changed last month and the car has only been driven about 60 miles since.

  12. We were in the path of Tropical Storm Eta this week. I got the day off of work. But the storm did very little. I am concerned for the folks in Central America. They are projected to get hit with another major hurricane–Iota. This will make the second major storm in the past 10 days. They are ill prepared.

    I am not all that concerned with Biden. I have yet to see any evidence of significant voter fraud. I am more concerned with the runoff races in Georgia. If Democrats pick up these two seats, we will lose control of the Senate. (If the Senate is evenly divided, the VP is the tie breaker.) My concern is that Democrats could have both the White House and Congress.

    I read this article in The Atlantic. UCon Professor Peter Turchin has applied the scientific method to history. He predicted 10 years ago that 2020 would be an “age of discord”. I find his analysis fascinating (and scary).


    • Bam Bam – we too are extremely concerned with the run-off and special election here. Osoff reminds me of a sleazy used car dealer. Warnock is worse as he is a preacher. Interesting to note that the left doesn’t believe in religion but chose a “religious leader” to do their bidding. Of course, it’s not uncommon since they’ve used the tactic before. Isn’t the left all about separation of church and state?

      • GA Red,

        I would say that right now the runoff in Georgia is more significant than the presidential election. If we retain the Senate, we can stop Biden from packing the Supreme Court. If we lose the Senate, there is nothing to prevent the Democrats from implementing their socialist agenda.

  13. Alert, read an article about blood clots connected to the Covid. Could be a new disease though…

    Puppy got sick the other day but is fine now. I don’t know what he got into but he threw up.

    Bought a new vacuum cleaner. ( If things are getting old or going bad replace them now if you can afford to as you soon may not be able to get it)

    Cleaned the Baretta 84bb, its a nice shooting .380.
    Sharpened a toner fixed blade and a stiletto.

    Bought lots of meat.
    Bought 5lbs of pasta
    Bought 10lbs of rice

    Bought 2 cases

    The Mrs ordered a new pair of shoes for her and I.

    Watched a video on how to make wine out of juice.

    Thor’s questions

    1. Which party has been more divisive?

    2. What will happen when Trump wins the election?

    3. Could China have released a new disease upon us without us knowing? Is it the dark winter?

    4. Is there a militia in your area?

    • Tara’s questions

      1.How long do you think it will take to investigate and hear the legal challenges to the election and certify the results – and how will it impact the nation?

      Ask long as it takes. I mean if the Democrats can attack him for years without evidence of any wrong doing…President Trump will win and it would be great for the nation.

      2.If Biden gets into the Oval Office, what do you think will happen to our country and economy in just a single year?
      We will be a 3rd world country serving China.

      3.How will you heat and cool your home during a long-term disaster?
      Fireplace, fans.

      4.What do you think of the trucker strike?
      It could be a good thing to a point. But due to the railroad labor act who knows.

    • Thor’s questions

      1. Which party has been more divisive? IMO – Dems, “Agree with us or we will do bad things to you!”

      2. What will happen when Trump wins the election? Dem’s “will loose their mind”.

      3. Could China have released a new disease upon us without us knowing? Is it the dark winter? 1. I think we are seeing a mutation of the COVID virus, easier to catch/less debilitating (people I know here are taking 2-3 days to get over it.”

      4. Is there a militia in your area? That information is not available at this time.

    • Thor’s questions

      1. Which party has been more divisive?

      No question, the Dimocrats.

      2. What will happen when Trump wins the election?

      The Dims will go ballistic, unless that Executive Order is being enforced in which case many of the elite members will be unavailable for comment or afraid to comment. Lower level scum (Blantifa, etc), will likely go crazy.

      3. Could China have released a new disease upon us without us knowing? Is it the dark winter?

      China could have. Dark winter? Maybe.

      4. Is there a militia in your area?

      Probably there is one not far away, but none I know of close.

    • Thor, good advice on replacing things now. That’s the #1 advice a friend of mine (immigrant from Russia) says to do with ones rubles b4 rubles crash. (PMs help, too.) She’s been there & done that.

    • Thor’s questions
      1) Dem’s
      2) IF he is placed back into the office he should have legal received to begin with. The Blm’s Anifatus will do what they do best, burn–loot–mayhem and death.
      3) It is not a disease, but from what I am hearing an attach on the cyber world & possible the electrical system. That way they bring us down, including the digital system which many use for monetary purposes. No saying that the green back will hold out very long afterwards but it just my hypothesis at this point in time.
      4) yes there are actually several from what I have heard.

    • Thor-
      Hope you see this as it is late in the week. Flyers showed up this week in our town promoting patriotism. The group taking credit is Patriot Front. Have you hard of them? If so, what are your thoughts?

  14. Tara’s questions:
    1)According to the rules the electoral college must vote. IF they do not it will go to the Congress for a one state vote for the next president. Since I am not a Constitutional scholar, this is what I have read. Keep praying for our current administration to be in place come the next 4 year term.
    2)We will make the other countries who were taken over by Marxists look like paradise! Next question are you sure ol B will still be around for a full year? The vibe that is coming from the female side of that party, he is just a figurehead and will be toast. One way or the other….
    3) We would not be able to cool the place but heat it yes. Reason we have been searching for another place to call ours. This place after it is fixed/repaired will sell because of the land that comes with it.
    4) It is the independent truckers. I feel for those hard working men & women, not sure they can pull it off because so many trucking firms are now owned by corporations. Similar to what the Big A is doing to by pass UPS/FED EX, and US PS. The little guy will suffer the worst on this situation, but they have the right to not haul freight.

  15. Food preservation continues around here…green beans are being canned; I’ve also been dehydrating persimmons from a friend’s farm, and more of my bananas. Holiday soap sales are coming along nicely, with about 1/3 of my inventory already spoken for. A few people have also ordered some of my elderberry syrup, which I make up in small batches as sales come in.

    I ordered more farming T-shirts from All American Clothing Company. The fabric is lighter and more breathable, which helps the sweat evaporate more quickly. The chicks I bought in the Spring have started laying eggs, which means I will need to find a couple of people to buy a dozen or two each week.

    Regarding this week’s questions: Our nation is divided; the election was fraudulent; sinister forces are at work. BUT GOD…..is still in charge and will only allow what works together for the good of His Kingdom. Sometimes, He closes the mouths of lions; other times, He protects His children in the midst of the fire. Time will tell how this whole election mess will pan out.


  16. I don’t know how to make this show up.

    United Soldiers and Sailors of America – Usasoa
    is asking for donations.
    YtSeisterciudayfgg afeponts clauo9:0ru9rah incPdieMd ·
    USASOA Concert and Fundraiser: Enjoy the terrific music of Anna White Hodges and Reggie Stacie from Cedar Keys, Florida. Visit our website http://www.USASOA.org to donate and learn more about our all-volunteer, nonprofit military and veteran service organization.

  17. 1. How long do you think it will take to investigate and hear the legal challenges to the election and certify the results – and how will it impact the nation? Likely to come to a head sometime in December. Might come down to House & Senate. The radical left will go flipping nuts, including those in Congress.

    2. If Biden gets into the Oval Office, what do you think will happen to our country and economy in just a single year? His aides & transition team putting together their wish list, making enemies (incl Bolsinaro) as they go. Hard to tell yet if Biden to be kept in for long, maybe as a figurehead for awhile, until Harris & Obama dump him. A disaster in the making. When the end goal is communism / totalitarianism, well . . .

    3. How will you heat and cool your home during a long-term disaster? To cool, open the windows. To heat, warm clothing, better cover for the windows, genny to run electric heaters for awhile. Can’t use fireplace due to cracked blocks.

    4. What do you think of the trucker strike? It’ll likely happen, even if cut short. Might wake a few people up.

    Last week: Covered small raised bed and cleaned up most of big garden. Should be frost this week so I can clean out more. Leaves taking up much too much time. Ordered & rec’d 4 mags. Shopped for rotation. Bought a few OTC items, i.e. peroxide, Betadine, Advil. The DP’s DD thought it would be nice to send us an early Christmas gift — a Fire Smart TV for the bedroom, complete with (drum roll please) Alexa. Oh dear Lord.

  18. It is with sadness that one of our own has gone home to be with Our Lord and Savior she was known as oakie farmgirl, not on here to often but none the less one of us. She had another stroke on Oct. 11 and went home to be back in the arms of Jesus. We had become pen pals on the internet and I’m going to miss her; living here in the mountains I have few friends other then reading this blog I have little contact with the outside world, if it wasn’t for you guys I would have no idea what is really going on these days. MSM lies so. I spend my days caring for my husband who has been bed ridden almost 2 years and with the help of his personal aid I see very few people so having OFG to write back and forth to was a blessing.

    Be looking forward to next weeks news.


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