What I Did To Prep This Week: November 22nd 2020 – November 28th 2020

Hello Pack. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and spent it surrounded by loved ones and counting your blessings. I prefer to live in open rebellion to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s tyrannical edicts, so there were no masks, social distancing, or attendance limits on our homestead this holiday.

We had a busy week of prepping even with the big meal that I had to cook for the first time – our elderly parents did choose to skip the big crowd due to their age and health issues. We added some guineas to our poultry bird flock – they make excellent “guard dogs.”

The weather has been mild, so we stocked up on extra firewood and did some more garden raised beds on stilts making to prepare for the spring growing season. With everything going on in our great nation, it is hard to tell what we will be facing in 2021 once the 2020 presidential election is finally and officially decided.

I have also been steadily working on homemade Christmas gifts this week. Teaching the children the value of making things with your own hands for the people you love – and to share with others who are not as blessed, is always a true joy.

The photo below shows some one of the homemade dolls I have been creating:

homemade doll work in progress

We had to put a goat down earlier this week, that was such a heart wrenching task. I had hoped he could live with some quality of life after being injured, but it just was not meant to be.

I am still on kidding watch for my main nanny goat – Pearl. She is beyond huge at this point, I believe she is going to throw three kids this time instead of two. Three of doelings are pregnant and may kid for the first time before the end of the year.

The weather report for the coming week is fairly mild, so I doubt Pearl will bring new life until the world for a little while longer. She NEVER EVER kids during daylight hours, or when the weather is not in the midst of a horrid seasonal storm.

We have a gathering with some of our prepper tribe this weekend and target practice is at the top of the agenda. I am hoping to finally be able to outshoot my husband with a handgun, but the odds are not in my favor. Our daughter is an excellent shot as well, but prefers using a shotgun to a handgun or semi-automatic rifle.

The workshop project is slowly rolling along. I am so excited for my Bobby to finally have the kind of organized space he needs for not just mechanics, but also for his blacksmithing, reloading, and pottery making.

Honing traditional homesteading skills, like the blacksmithing, always increases the family’s overall survival abilities.

This Week’s Questions

  1. How did the 2020 pandemic impact your Thanksgiving traditions?
  2. Do you think Biden will order a nationwide shutdown (whether that is within his legal power or not) if he is allowed back inside the Oval Office?
  3. What homesteading or pioneering skills do you find the most valuable and/or want to learn – hone?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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    • Puppy scared me. He somehow hurt his wrist and wasn’t putting weight on his right front leg. I thought he had something stuck in his foot but couldn’t find anything. So I took him to the vet. After the exam, which she recommended not getting exrays, said he had a sprained wrist. Gave me some doggie pain killers/antiinflammatories which I gave him for only 3 days and he is back to his old self now.

      When we first noticed this he came limping into the den came up to me and put his hurt leg on my leg while I was sitting in my chair. Like saying, i hurt my leg Daddy help me. I also gave him a doggie pain killer then. It’s good to have extra meds for animals too. He still came upstairs to wait for me to get up in the morning even with a hurt leg. What a loyal and loving dog.?

      • Preps

        Lubed and cleaned 5 rifles
        Sharpened more knives

        Pickled 3 pints of peppers

        Picked jalapenos, Serrano and habanero peppers.
        Picked some green onions.
        Picked cilantro.
        Found 6 volunteer tomato plants growing in the main garden.(Indian summer)
        Found oregano taking over the one raised bed.

        Thor’s questions

        1. Do you have extra meds for your pets?

        2. Are you paying attention to the voter fraud news? Thoughts?

        3. Do you think that the reintroduction of hanging, electric chair and firing squads are to send the swamp a message?

        4. If Tesla introduces self-driving trucks on the road would it be to stop the truckers protest for shutting down deliveries? Would you feel safe?

        • Thor’s questions

          1. Do you have extra meds for your pets?

          I don’t have any pets. However, like for humans, I agree that spare pet meds are an excellent idea.

          2. Are you paying attention to the voter fraud news? Thoughts?

          I’m paying attention, but it seems that the powers that be and many judges are not on our side.

          3. Do you think that the reintroduction of hanging, electric chair and firing squads are to send the swamp a message?

          It may be a message if Trump was certain to remain president. However, capital offenses are not common crimes anymore. Treason is under some limited circumstances, but 1st degree murder is generally the only capital crime that has death as a somewhat regular punishment. But, if these punishments are enacted under a Biden administration, I would be worried there will be an increase in crimes that are capital punishment eligible, like being a Republican.

          4. If Tesla introduces self-driving trucks on the road would it be to stop the truckers protest for shutting down deliveries? Would you feel safe?

          No, I don’t think Tesla has enough self-driving trucks to make a difference. Also, self-driving trucks would be much easier to put out of action.

        • Tara’s questions

          1.How did the 2020 pandemic impact your Thanksgiving traditions?

          I had a fever so we cancelled it til next week and I got tested just in case.

          2.Do you think Biden will order a nationwide shutdown (whether that is within his legal power or not) if he is allowed back inside the Oval Office?

          Biden will declare martial law if he gets in. We will be in for a fight either way though……

          3.What homesteading or pioneering skills do you find the most valuable and/or want to learn – hone?

          Gardening, livestock. Everyday you learn something new……

        • I have eye drops for my cat, I need to have her teeth cleaned. I would also say have a copy of their Vet record’s, so if you have to leave your home you can show authorities they have a their shots and a clean bill of health.

          The rest Yes, yes, and No.

        • Thor’s questions

          1. Do you have extra meds for your pets? Some. Ours have not seemed to need them in 24 years.

          2. Are you paying attention to the voter fraud news? Some. Thoughts? Looking like and proving are 2 different things.

          3. Do you think that the reintroduction of hanging, electric chair and firing squads are to send the swamp a message? Nope. They don’t believe it will happen to them, even if caught.

          4. If Tesla introduces self-driving trucks on the road would it be to stop the truckers protest for shutting down deliveries? Would you feel safe? It would be about economics. Robots don’t need rest breaks; they don’t demand extra pay for different types of loads, etc. Avoiding human “shutdowns” would just be a side benefit.

  1. I did my grocery shopping twice this week and added a little more than usual to my food stash. Still working to get the food stash a little deeper.

    I had to go to the hospital on Monday morning. I was very dizzy and losing my balance while walking home from the chiropractor. It was like I was drunk with a serious portside list. Ended up stumbling out into the street before I could control myself (luckily no traffic at the time). Poor #1 GD was with me and she was quite worried. Managed to get home and called #1 daughter who took me to the hospital. I was admitted and spent the night. CT and MRI scans, gallons of blood tests. They think I have inner ear issues. I read all of the CT and MRI reports and they are pretty much normal for my age, or in some cases better for my age. I have to follow up with my VA PCP (Dec 3).
    Regarding some observations during my hospital stay. I noted that the place was not particularly busy as one might expect with the Kung Flu and the horrible news reports about massive increases in cases and deaths in Florida. The hospital I went to is considered the best in the Orlando area and I agree that the staff and their treatment of me was very good. One would expect that the best hospital in a good-sized city would be pretty busy with pandemic cases. Nope. They didn’t even test me for Kung Flu, not that I wanted them to do so. I was very tired after I got home on Tuesday, and on Wednesday. Took two long naps on both days. I’m feeling a lot better as I write this (Friday) and my night sleep has been much better than usual too.

    Had a nice turkey day dinner at #1 daughter’s house. Just a small group this year because of Kung Flu. Only five of us instead of the usual 12 or so. #1 GD was a lot of fun, playful, and loving. The food was great, as expected with #1 daughter cooking with some help from her mom.

    Ordered some Pachmayr slip-on grips for my 9mm pistol. I got two so I have a spare. The current set is starting to fray along the bottom (about 6-7 years use on an EDC pistol is pretty good value). I really like those rubberized grips and also have them on my AR-15, HK-91, and shotgun. I’ve used Pachmayr or Hogue grips on my handguns since I started in civilian policework in 1978.

    This Week’s Questions

    1. How did the 2020 pandemic impact your Thanksgiving traditions?

    As I mentioned above, we cut down the number of people attending dinner to five from 12 or more. Other than that, no changes.

    2. Do you think Biden will order a nationwide shutdown (whether that is within his legal power or not) if he is allowed back inside the Oval Office?

    Yes, I think he will. The Dims are interested in destroying the economy en route to creating a socialist/communist society.

    3. What homesteading or pioneering skills do you find the most valuable and/or want to learn – hone?
    I find my knowledge and skills with firearms (shooting and repair) to be valuable. Also, my tactical knowledge is extensive, although my age and infirmities tend to hamper those. I’m not very skilled at many homesteading things but honing them won’t be seriously possible considering my urban residence.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    • Z36,

      Yeah Pachmayr makes some good products. I have a decelerator on the Kimber police tactical .300 WM and grips on the S&W M629 .44 Magnum. It helps a lot with recoil. Dirty Harry……?

    • Glad you are feeling better. My roommates brother had the same type dizziness. It really scared him. He thought he was about to go out. His doctor diagnosed it as an inner ear issue. Seems to happen as we get a wee bit older. David used to irrigate his sinuses (due to frequent issues with them), but had quit several weeks ago. Dr. Advised him to go back to irrigation, and dizziness stopped. Dr did prescribe medicine to help with dizziness if needed.
      Glad you were OK!

    • I’m glad you’re feeling better. I had dizziness once after a chiro adjustment. I’m not sure what happened, but I took some antivert meds and got better in a few days.

      • PG and Jean,

        I’m just glad it wasn’t a stroke. I’ll say this, the hospital didn’t play any games when I came in. I was through triage in no time and got ambushed by a mob of doctors and nurses in the treatment area. I was stuck full of holes, ECG’d, x-rayed, poked, prodded, and CT scanned before I was there an hour.

        The hospital doc prescribed Meclizine (motion sickness meds for those who may not know). I haven’t felt dizzy since I got home, so I haven’t taken any. I have another chiro appointment on Monday and we’ll see how that goes.

        • That’s the same meds I took. I try to keep some on hand in case they’re needed. Several years ago, my vertigo was so bad that I went to the Shea Clinic in Memphis for an ear perfussion. It cleared it up immediately, and I didn’t have any problems until just recently. And now it’s only very mild and doesn’t last long.

          • Mari,

            Yes, the chiro neck adjustment could cause vertigo issues. My chiro says so as does a sister-in-law who is a PhD physical therapist. My chiro isn’t going to play with my neck until I can get an ENT consult. I’m seeing my PCP today as part of the hospital follow-up, so I’ll see.

  2. Good morning everyone. Hope each of you were able to enjoy some good eating this week! Weather is still very mild in my neck of the woods, but the next couple of days will bring in more seasonable weather – – I.e. cold weather!

    1. This pandemic thing is really bothersome to me! My normal ‘Thanksgiving Event’ was cancelled due to logistics mostly (son-in-law lost his mom, cousin had surgery, and another cousin lost a couple of co-workers and funerals were scheduled for the time they normally come to visit & help mom buy & fix the big meal, so host just said skip it.) Her husband is in last stage of Alzheimer’s and she was worried about us coming as we had been more exposed to anything out there – COVID, and didn’t want to take a chance. Of course the day before Thanksgiving, she had regretted her decision.
    My alternate plan was that I cooked a complete Thanksgiving meal at my house (first Thanksgiving in the new home), and that evening, I went to another relatives home and enjoyed yet another TG dinner with them. We had about a dozen guests, including college kids. No sweat about COVID with this group (oh, by the way, this is the side of the family that I get my stubbornness from).

    Do I think Biden will do a nationwide shutdown? Absolutely! How else can they destroy the economy, and bring in socialism. Obama tried it during his stay, I recall him telling workers, ‘Those jobs are gone…they are not coming back’, but Trump brought them back.

    I think there is not just one homesteading/pioneering skill that I can put above another. You are never too old to learn new skills, so I am always trying to learn new things. If I had to give a response, Firearms comes to mind, as I am darn certain that anyone who thinks they are gonna try to take what is mine had better think again! Also gardening, food preservation and such are also important skills. Can’t put my finger on one.

    WARNING, WARNING…Georgia is having a runoff vote in next couple of weeks, and Dems are pushing extremely hard, and have been slinging the mud and muck. I plan to vote in person as I did for the Pres., but I expect the same results. I hate to feel this way, but it’s what I expect.

    Regardless, have a great week. Find your happy place, keep on keeping on…. I know who is really in control! Thanksgiving blessings!

  3. Happy Saturday from Douglasville,

    It was a busy week. We had a total of 12 people in for Thanksgiving dinner. At least two of them are elderly and affirm and this might be the last time we have the opportunity to have a meal together so all in all we figured it was worth it and as of today we are all fine.

    Thursday I had to run out to all the stores looking for a new cake mixer. The old one gave out in the middle of prepping banana pudding. Finally found one at Dollar General for 5 bucks.

    Then had to run to church to drop off rolls and multiple pies for the first responder dinner that we prepared for the folks in Paulding County. It went over very well.

    One sad thing on the Thanksgiving dinner, we had an additional child, about 12 years old (son of neice’s boyfriend) and sometime during the meal when everyone else was busy preparing plates and getting ready to eat, he came back to the bedroom, looking in the nightstand, and move my pistol. I am very particular about how I sit it in the drawer and I have never had anyone even go in to our bedroom or nightstand. It was pointed in a different direction than how I sit it down. I guess it is my fault that I didn’t put it in the safe but damn, can’t you even trust family? Next time I’ll just wear it the whole time if he’s going to be here.

    We have to go out shopping today to get Christmas gifts for one of the kids we are doing shoebox gifts at church. We don’t have a limit, and only know he’s a male first grader. I suspect hotwheel cars, balsa airplanes, color pencils, crayons and some coloring books will be in order. I don’t know what size but do know he is one of 3 kids in the family. So, probably won’t get socks or stuff but will shop until I’m satisfied that the box is as full as I would like to receive it.

    I am still working on the riding mower. I have all the old gas emptied out of the tank, and getting the last out of the line after the fuel filter and have sprayed carb cleaner into the carb at least 4 times. Later today I’ll add fresh gas and hope it cranks. I have huge piles of leaves that need mulching.

    We will be voting in the run off election here in Georgia and in person too. I am so tired of the mud slinging and name calling. I still have hope that Trump will pull it back out of the fire but the time is running short. I don’t trust the counts and I don’t trust the counters but I’m not sure I trust the courts either.

    Take care, stay safe, say your prayers and get your magazines full.


    • Wow! It’s obvious the boy wasn’t taught firearm safety, or if he was, he doesn’t listen very well. I’m glad it turned out ok.

    • Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving. So glad nothing bad happened with this young dude and your gun! Glad he didn’t slip it somewhere and take it home with him! At age 12, he should have known better.

      • Jean,

        In my experience, boys and guns are like magnets and steel. They (mostly) know guns are dangerous if mishandled, but they are irresistible to most.

        My kids were continually reminded about gun safety, but my guns were always out of their reach. Still are since #1GD is around, Girls don’t seem to have the same attraction to guns, but some do, so all kids must be considered the same. I wasn’t quite as concerned about my kids, but I was worried about their friends, especially some of my son’s idiot buddies. Even he is worried about them now in their 20s. He keeps his shotgun well hidden.

  4. Our Thanksgiving was a bit smaller than usual…..22 people instead of 30+. I separated the tables by more than 6 feet, and I set up a buffet-style dinner in our large kitchen so people could pass through and then find a place to sit and eat. Prayer time before the meal was heart-felt as it has been such a challenging year. Two of our guests are battling cancer and wore masks.
    Biden will do what he’s told. Nuff said.
    Growing and preserving food always ranks high up on my list of survival skills. Most people are so disconnected from their food sources, and many eat things that are even REAL food! Self Defense is a close second.
    Preps this week: canned green beans and banana puree. Thinned my garden greens and broccoli. Cleaned goat pens and mulched around all of my fruit trees. Harvested another stalk of bananas—72 big ‘Nanners on this one. I was given a brand new canner this morning by some dear friends who are new at this preparedness stuff. I’ve shared seeds and information with them over time, but wow—a canner as a gift is awesome! They are considering the purchase of a couple of goats, so I will be mentoring them in that area as well. I made a fresh batch of body butter yesterday—farming is rough on my feet and skin–body butter helps replenish the oils . I placed yet another seed order this week, and am reading David the Good’s newest book on Florida Survival Gardening. He’s an interesting guy and I always pick up gardening pointers from his writing. That’s it for me!

  5. How did the 2020 pandemic impact your Thanksgiving traditions? We went to my youngest daughter’s home and ate in shifts, my wife and children first and my son in law’s mother, brother and sister and her two children came in just as we were ready to leave. My wife’s dad chose to stay home so we brought him a plate.

    Do you think Biden will order a nationwide shutdown (whether that is within his legal power or not) if he is allowed back inside the Oval Office? Unless he declares martial law he can’t. He can lean on state governors but first it will just be in hot spots like what California is doing now.

    What homesteading or pioneering skills do you find the most valuable and/or want to learn – hone? My knowledge and skill at fixing things.

    What did you do to prep this week? Unfortunately I am having to use my fixing skills due to not preparing properly. Last Sunday I was taking an afternoon nap when I heard some electronic beeps, the sounds my devices make when the electricity goes off and on. This happened three times in quick succession then it stayed of. After a half hour I decided to go start my generator. After lining up by beakers and putting some gas in it I fired it up. After it settled down I flipped the breaker on the generator on and the lights came back on. I went back inside and was watching my computer boot back up when it went dark again. I went out and restarted the generator and it ran a bit and stopped again. I haven’t ran one tank of fuel through it so I didn’t think it was the carburetor but being it is dual fuel I decided to run it on propane. I hooked up a tank and after a bit it fired up but shut back off. OK, not fuel related so I was going to get the manual to start troubleshooting but by the the power came back on.

    What didn’t come back on was my computer. The switch on it sticks on so as the power was surging it was starting and stopping. It is plugged into a surge protector but the Windows boot file got scrambled. At least I have several laptops that work and made a Linux boot disk and was able to get the computer working with that. I ordered a repair disk and a few days latter got Windows reinstalled but lost my document files. I did have a backup on an external hard drive but it would not run. With computers half prepared is not prepared. When I get it all working right I will make another backup and a restore point. I also bought two UPS’s (uninterruptible power sources), one for my computer and one for the satellite receiver, so power line problems will not affect my electronics.

    I still haven’t looked at my generator, I am just glad we did not have a major hurricane this year. I was relying on my new generator to work but did not run it every month to make sure it was reliable.

  6. 1. How did the 2020 pandemic impact your Thanksgiving traditions?
    We are on statewide lockdown. I was cooking a turkey for later in the day. A neighbor brought us a hugh plates of food, and foil pan of greenbean casserole, a pumpkin pie, and a dozen rolls. Lunch and dinner and pie and rolls for the next few days. I’ll make more dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, fresh orange and cranberry relish. The turkey i was cooking will mostly be canned. Well keep eating turkey for a few days..
    I started deboning it between chores yesterday. I’ll finish today and boil the carcas for bone broth to use for canning the meat. We had a bit of fresh snow last night. Not as much as predicted but enought to make roads Slippery with the freezing Temps overnight.
    At 73 and 82 we choose to stay home in the nasty weather and not have company come in. I’ve had covid. Husband hasn’t. I barely survived. It changes how you look at it.

    2. Do you think Biden will order a nationwide shutdown (whether that is within his legal power or not) if he is allowed back inside the Oval Office?
    I think Biden, if given the chance, will destroy the nation rather than help rebuild what’s been lost.

    3. What homesteading or pioneering skills do you find the most valuable and/or want to learn – hone?
    I grew up forraging, canning, gardening, building from stem wall to roofing, learing to budget and save to buy what’s was needed. I’ve added chickens, ducks, and rabbits for more food sources. I learned some blacksmithing and casting but don’t currently have a forge. The forge I built 35 years ago needs replaced. I’ve made soap and use whats available in my area in medicinal plants. I gather transplants or seed to plant areas of wild edibles. My heat is a rocket stove with a hopper for a bag of pellets to gravity feed. Take off the hopper and pellet basket and it burns small chunks or long sticks.
    I started learning archery almost 70 years ago, sling shot about the same, fire arms 60 years ago this coming January. I can make my own clothing and husband’s western shirts without patterns, I have electric and treddle sewing machines and a heavy garment to boot leather commercial sewing machine.
    I’m about to replace my old solar array with all new panels, charge controller, batteries et. Then I’ll trouble shoot the old array and decide if I want to repair it or what to do with whats useable. I’m just moving everything in closer to the home. Easier to keep an eye on things and easier to care for critters. I’m not getting younger and my husband is already unable to help me. Not sure what I’d add at this stage of life. All skills are important.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    Almost finished getting nails cleaned up on used wood for the new chicken coop. It’s a mixture of an old mobilehome we tore down here and a deck we tore down for the wood and hauled it home. Floor is pallets. Coop floor is pallets with solid plywood tops. Storage room L off of coop has regular pallets for the floor and I’m adding used 1/2″ pIywood on top. Walls will be covered with a mixture of T-111 wood siding and 1/2″ plywood. Using up what i have. A mobile home front door will be the entrance door on the store room. A Sliding patio door will open into the coop, then a homemade door will open into the 10’x20′ chichen and duck pen. The duck house is a wooden shipping crate. The pen frame is an old cheap carport with a tarp type roof ( free from a neighbor). I’ll use the old tarp for a while longer. Covering the walls with 2×4 welded field fencing, 1×1 hardware cloth inside around the bottom. Outside I attached chicken wire to burry around the bottom. Then along one long side I’m making a raised bed ontop of the chicken wire.
    Pulling nails and cutting off what I can’t pull has turned into a time consuming job. But its getting done. I’m retired so I just plod along till things are finished then I start something else. I saved the old aluminum mobilehome roof. Its rolled up out of the way. I’ll cut what I need from that in pieces I can handle. I’ll just plan overlap to seal it. When I’m done I’ll paint it with mobilehome roof paint that is silver and made to seal.

    My next project is a ramp to the front porch. I’ve saved the 2x6s that were the supports across under the floor of the torn down mobile home. I have a pile of 4′ or shorter 4×4 cutoffs and 3 sheets of 3/4″ plywood toward that project. I can plan faster than I can build these days.

  7. I’ll look at the questions shortly but for now –

    Garden – still growing but expecting lows in the 20s by Monday so the peppers and eggplant may not make it.

    Dehydrator – more pumpkin, tomato skins, collards and turnips

    Canning – tomato sauce, cowboy candy

    Freezer – took over 30 pounds of frozen tomatoes out of the freezer to make room for the half cow. Looked for a small freezer for DD #2 so she can take some chicken and beef when the beef arrives. Found a 5 cubic foot one for less than $200.

    Cleaning and organizing – more boxes from the basement emptied and trying to get the house ready for Christmas. Burned paperwork that was over 20 years old. Have more to burn.

    Spent Thanksgiving doing target practice with the EDC and sighting in the Tavor. Good time to do it as we were the only ones at the farm. The brothers went camping.

    • 1. How did the 2020 pandemic impact your Thanksgiving traditions? Not a lot personally beyond other family members not attending.
      2. Do you think Biden will order a nationwide shutdown (whether that is within his legal power or not) if he is allowed back inside the Oval Office? He’ll try.
      3. What homesteading or pioneering skills do you find the most valuable and/or want to learn – hone? Anything related to food – growing and/or preserving.
      4. What did you do to prep this week? See other post.

  8. Goatlover, Will you go to GA Red and get my email address? I’m still wanting to order some soap from you.

    1. How did the 2020 pandemic impact your Thanksgiving traditions?
    I typically host the Thanksgiving dinner for my extended family. But I canceled this year due to being quarantined. I don’t care about the government regulations, but I didn’t want to take a chance at exposing anyone to any kind of illness. (I made it through without getting C-19.) Everyone was SO upset at the cancellation and told me how much they were going to miss it. I guess it didn’t mean too much to them, because no one else stepped up to host. In fact, my mom, who eats EVERY meal out (She won’t even eat a bowl of cereal at home.), picked up free meals that a church prepared for those less fortunate. Mom, sisters, BIL, and nieces all ate the freebie meal. I still fixed a traditional meal for #1DS and his family. (They were the ones who were sick, negative now, and caused me to quarantine.) Other two adult kids had a traditional meal with other family.

    2. Do you think Biden will order a nationwide shutdown (whether that is within his legal power or not) if he is allowed back inside the Oval Office?
    I sure do.
    3. What homesteading or pioneering skills do you find the most valuable and/or want to learn – hone?
    I want to learn to tan deer hide and make buckskin moccassins. Has anyone done this? What advice do you have?
    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    This week:
    -Picked up new puppy today. I’m as excited as a kid.

    -Started the seed-saving process with some pie pumpkins I bought.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: Was gifted three jars that are one-gallon each, and one jar that’s ½ gallon. I’m going to use them for waterglassing eggs.

    DH harvested a deer during first season. We finished processing it this week. My favorite is the 23 lbs. of summer sausage that we made and smoked.

    -My first try at waterglassing eggs. I have two jars with about 2 dozen eggs in each jar. Will be doing more when I get more jars.

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

  9. My family decided to just let each family, have their Thanksgiving, so it was just my husband & I the two kid’s, we had an early Thanksgiving lunch, It was very nice my mom wasn’t feeling up to par, so I’m glad we didn’t get together she just turned 81 and is a breast cancer survivor, and dad has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. My father in law, is in the ICU, at Stanford University hospital, he had a surgery for an aneurysm by his stomach, they fixed it but his liver would not stop bleeding, they finally stopped it but he lost so much and now the liver doesn’t want to work anymore they have him comfortable but waiting for the phone call to tell us he’s passed on the Dr. Talked to hubby, and he’s come to terms with it and he’s sad he can’t be their they are only allowing 15 a day for a family member, to sit with him. My mother in law made the trip from San Francisco, to Sacramento, to her new dementia home, this is heart breaking all around for my husband ? so not alot of doing much but praying ?.

    I do need to get some shopping done next week I’ve started my list just keeping up with what I use I replace .. Next Monday, is our anniversary number 24 , we will order out and have a family dinner with the kid’s and get a cheesecake for dessert.

    Question 1 It was family, who decided not to get together.
    Question 2 Yes, I believe we will shut down for at least 6 weeks.
    Question 3 I find that canning, curing meats, gardening are very important, I’m going to order seeds, soon.

    • Thank you too this has been difficult, now they are not allowing anyone to go into the ICU, they have to do everything by online conference in California

  10. This Week’s Questions

    1. How did the 2020 pandemic impact your Thanksgiving traditions? None. Just the 2 of us.

    2. Do you think Biden will order a nationwide shutdown (whether that is within his legal power or not) if he is allowed back inside the Oval Office? Biden will do what he is told until he is no longer there.

    3. What homesteading or pioneering skills do you find the most valuable and/or want to learn – hone? We are still trying our best to make things grow. DW’s cherry tomatoes turned out more like grapes.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    More free food box delivery on Saturday morning with the church and the DW. No-contact drop off. Over 600 sets delivered between Wednesday night and Saturday mornings deliveries.

    With the major house cleaning done, we can now focus on the smaller projects. We got a lot done this last weekend.

    Sold off some more “surplus” ammo. Nice way to start the week. Bringing together the other ammo that is surplus to us, putting together a “sales list” to be able to move some of it. Then I stumbled across a case of 5.56 on Tuesday; there went the money, almost an even trade price wise.

    Started out egg dehydrating project. Joint effort. Now for the taste. 1st try is difficult to re-hydrate, still playing with it.

    Friday, I added to my 20v DeWalt tools: 4 x 5ah batteries, charger, tool bag, and a jigsaw for $179.10 (after military discount). Yes, I have to pick it up at the store, but delivery was $79 and gas costs $20.

    Saturday we went to the “big city” shopping. Got nothing at Cabela’s (you need to see their ammo section!); 6 shelves, no pistol ammo, very little other than shotgun ammo. Went to the restaurant store and Wal-Mart grocery; didn’t get much we couldn’t get here. 25# bag of beans and some band-aids our store is always out of.

    On the way home we stopped to look at a VERY rural home on 1/2 acre. Didn’t even get out of the car. “Bubba” lives in his house that is essentially the front yard, with 20+ derelict vehicles. I didn’t like it, and $240,000 for something this far from anything is outrageous. Looking at 2 places tomorrow; already drove up to one – too much $$$ for an odd shaped lot with land only good for grazing. The second one sounds hopeful.

    Supply Run: canning jars, w/m; plastic lids for jars, w/m & r/m; canning lids, r/m; ammo; DM C&D; FD Meal package; ammo; DeWalt tools/etc.; kitchen tools; spices; band-aids;

    Received: SHK Steel AR mags, 30-round;

    • Good luck on the property I told hubby, we should have done something and brought 10 year’s ago our city, is being run over by homeless camp’s now it’s not the sweet city it once was…

      • mo3:

        We looked at 2 today. The first is a no-go. It would have worked, but if we bought it in Jan and worked hard it might be ready to live in come Summer.

        The second has a lot of land, the house could be moved into soon, and renovations done as we needed. Most of our “stuff” could go into containers (plenty of land for them), then we could sell this one and use the money on the other property. Got some questions about fence lines (plus who owns what fence) and an adjacent piece of land owned by the same family (package deal?). I think we will move forward on this one.

  11. I haven’t had a chance to read all the comments. Covid-19 did not impact our Thanksgiving plans. We had the kids and our godsons over for dinner. Then we had great music. Whenever we have a family get-together we have music.

    I over did it with my torn rotor cuff injury. Dh got up at 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving to put the turkey in. We did a 22 lb. bird. The plan was that I would get up at 10 a.m. and do all the sides. With my shoulder injury, I couldn’t pick up the bird. My dh didn’t mind. He loves having family over, as so I.

    My godson who is a semi-professional singer got national attention this week. He sang for a national charity that raises funds for homeless veterans. We are hoping a recording studio took notice–it’s not too often that you have a black man singing country music in support of veterans. Please keep him in your prayers. His name is Reggie.

  12. I received word on the 21st that an aunt was placed on hospice. Monday a text was received that she had died. The sad part is she lived in the same town I do and the only reason I knew anything was because I was keeping my ears open and a friend was keeping me informed with what little she knew. I hate family drama. I’ll attend the memorial service via zoom but her daughter’s family isn’t planning to listen in.

    To happier things I ordered a small chest type freezer which arrived Monday. So far it has 2 turkeys, 4 pounds of butter, 4 pies and 2 containers of ice cream. As I find deals on meat I’ll continue to fill it. I’ll put some gallons of water in the bottom to bring the level of the food up.

    The hunt for a new vehicle is still on.

      • Thank you. Unfortunately 5 family members don’t plan to attend the memorial service which will be on zoom. Each has their own reason which I understand and respect. The drama that directly affects me I’ll try to conclude in a couple of weeks after emotions settle down. After that I’ll figure it’s other people’s issues and I’m out if things don’t improve.

  13. Hi all,

    It’s been a while since I’ve checked in. I heard about TOP and spoke with his wife. I’ve been dealing with my own SHTF stuff and still have a couple of mountains to climb.

    How is everyone else doing? I’ve missed you folks.

  14. Our Thanksgiving was very pleasant. Enjoyed being with my son and new girlfriend after not having seen him in 7 years.
    The Saturday afterwards I canned 12 pints of Turkey and 9 pints of broth. That felt better. Have another one I’ll serve at Christmas, then can up the remainder of that as well. Added to the stash here and there.
    Monday went to the big city for a medical evaluation for DH. Looking for a better drug to manage his seizures. I could not be with him during the 4 hour testing so after a Costco run, I sat in his Dodge ram in the H parking lot waiting for him. Doors locked, windows partially up. Mid afternoon 2 young males, one touting a small hand gun tried to steal the truck I was in, with seat belt holding me in the driver’s seat. Fortunately they came from my left and yelled, I want this truck. Give me your f… ing truck!
    I acted on pure instinct after being angry at too many young punks toppling statues across the nation.
    I pulled out my concealed Ruger 380 and yelled,
    “I don’t think so!… get outta here!”
    Whereupon they ran like scared rabbits. After a long interview with 2 police officers, I could tell this would not amount to an arrest since it was in a rough part of the city where it happens frequently. Once I was alone again, I questioned my response and thanked God, the one with the firearm did not get nervous and shoot me. I need feedback on this. What might you have done in my situation.?
    I hate the city….

    • Desertdove,

      I’ll give you my ex-police officer/firearms instructor opinion. Under the circumstances you described, I would say you did the right thing. Legally, you probably could have shot the clown out of hand seeing as he was waving his roscoe around. But, that makes for a lot of hassle. As long as you were mentally prepared to shoot if dummy had taken things up a step, you did just fine. After all, that’s why you carry that Ruger, right? Also, you get an A+ for situational awareness.

      I’m a big city boy (Detroit, specifically) and I policed a town right next door to the worst precinct in Detroit. Rather amazingly, I never had to bust a cap on anyone in my career (close a few times), but I was ready to do so if necessary. Still am ready (in the Orlando area).

        • After moving the truck from the employee parking lot to right in front of the doors to the hospital,
          I warned every woman that came out of ths H, what happened and to be on guard. One was lamenting the fact she could not carry as a staff person with a CCW permit in the hospital as she returns to her car after dark. I told her to have the hospital security escort her to her car and then escort her back to the front lobby (since the officer that day was a woman.) I’m hoping the camera footage in the parking lot offers a good reason to step up security in that area.

      • Thank you so much, Zulu, for this feedback. Actually, I felt I showed poor S/A that day because the punks got that close. They were short and the truck bed was high. They were obviously new at this and NEVER expected a great haired granny to present and yell at them. If it had been a seasoned Ex con, I might have reacted differently, not sure. I’ve assisted with over 25 classes for gun safety for women. I’m thinking something sunk in. The instructor happens to be my best friend and the one who processed my CCW permit is the chief of police of a nearby town… also a friend. I’ve watched several scenarios of the training sessions of the USCCA of which I am insured by, several of Car jackings.
        Your expert opinion means so much to me… and I’m glad I’m still here to read it.
        There is risk every time a firearm is involved even if it’s just a firing from nervousness.

        • Desertdove,

          My pleasure to provide some advice. I’m glad you reacted as you did and kept safe as a result. You did a very good thing in warning female employees too.

  15. I found out something tonight. DO NOT try to grind your dehydrated eggs finer in a WonderMill electric. It clogged up and I managed (through my own stupidity) to burn up the motor (like smoke coming out the sides). I’m got an email into the company about options (other than buying a new one and have a lot of spare parts).


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