What I Did To Prep This Week: December 27th 2020 – January 2nd 2021

Happy New Year Pack! I hope you all have enjoyed putting 2020 to bed and welcomed the new year surrounded by loved ones. All of the holiday rushing around and family gatherings (yes, we ignored Governor DeWine’s order and celebrated Christmas as we normally would … to no ill consequences) are behind us now, allowing us to more intensely focus on what 2021 may bring.

It would be both naive and foolish to think there is no way 2021 could end up being worse than 2020 …. especially with Joe Biden assuming the Oval Office seeming more and more likely. We must merely continue on preparing as we always do, and keeping eyes and ears keen about what is going on in our world.

During the past week, the weather has been outright nasty. Sure, it was nice to have a white Christmas for the first time in about a decade, but the snow and rain and freezing rain since have left us with an incredibly muddy survival homestead.

Most of our prepping has been conducted indoors as of late. The 10 foot by 4 foot table my Bobby and some tribe members made turned out beautifully. I had dust all over the Christmas presents from chainsaws being used inside my house, but in the end, all of the mess was more than worth it.

All of the barnwood used in the table grew and was milled on our land generations ago. There is not a single screw or nail in the entire table. The dowels made to put the top together and to connect it to the base were also made from our salvaged barnwood. The table weighs about 500 pounds so it definitely had to be assembled in place.

It is large enough to seat 12 comfortably, which makes it a superb “war room” table for the leaders of our tribe during a SHTF scenario – as well as during big holiday meals. The guys drew up some chair ideas for me to look over and I decided on one that will incorporate the same hand hewn timber beam pieces we used as legs on the table.

In other preps this week, we added about six more survival, homesteading, or bushcraft experts to the presenter lineup for the Old School Survival Boot Camp. Ticket sales went live on January 1. There are still more presenters in animal husbandry that will be added in the coming next week or so.

There has definitely never been an event like this one in Ohio. This is the first survival or prepper event that I know of that includes live weapons training. Not only will there be pistol and rifle training courses, trained expert instructors will also be teaching archery, knife fighting, stick fighting, sword throwing atlatl, machete fighting, and axe fighting, as well.

Wishing all of you a year filled with good health, memories made with loved ones, and the preservation of our great republic for the sake of us all.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. What are your prepping resolutions for the new year?
  2. Do you think that we are doomed to see a Joe Biden presidency – and what would that look like in the year to come?
  3. What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. This Week’s Questions:

    1. What are your prepping resolutions for the new year? Top off what we have and continue to look for a new place while upgrading our current homes.

    2. Do you think that we are doomed to see a Joe Biden presidency – and what would that look like in the year to come? I put it in the high 80% bracket. There’s a lot of TALK out there, let’s see what comes of it.

    3. What did you do to prep this week? Well…

    Dog training continues. She gets better each day. Monday was our 1st day without the DW around until evening. 3 short trips in the car; now there’s no struggle to get her in, she even got up in the front seat. Thursday she was back to skittish around the house w/me. However, there are fireworks tonight so we’ll see how that goes; actually, not bad while she was in the house. Friday night she actually got up on the couch with the DW (which she really likes) and snuggled with her. We can no longer see the ribs and back bones as prominently as before; I think she was burning up a lot of calories with nerves.

    With all the angst out there surrounding Jan 6th and the 21st, I have started looking at what I might want to get that may soon be unavailable, either because of political reasons or demand. Right now, I don’t trust either “side” to act rationally in the near term.

    Thursday, went shopping for our EOY OTC medical supplies. We had some money left over in our medical savings account so it went to 1sr aid kits and OTC meds.

    Friday (and the rest of the weekend) is finishing the cleaning/sorting/disposal of stuff in the living room and the garage. It’s nice having the house back.

    Supply Run: cotton gun-cleaning patches; ammo; general foods; canning lids; primers; OTC meds;

    Received: 6” x 8.5” sealed bubble wrap bags; barrel clamps (3-slot rail & sling stud); hobby stuff; storage boxes

    • Agreed that neither side will act rationally. I have not seen lids since may, i just plan to dry everything i can instead, i also plan to reuse lids for lower priority stuff like apples, 50/50 seal rates so only suited for what i can loose

      • Nemoseto:

        I have gotten several sets of regular sized lids, but by the evidence of an empty carton, just missed any wide mouth ones. I continue to stock up on them as I find them, along with WM pint jars (these suit our small family best, for now).

      • If you have a supply of sulfur you can take apples slice them put In a jar. Take a cotton ball and rub it with the sulfur. Put it in top of jar and lite it . Put lid on tight. The burning sulfer will use up the oxygen and make a vacuum . Apples will stay fresh . Lid can be used multiple times.

      • PG:

        1st sorry for your loss.

        Stocking up. More plastic storage tubs along with “cheap” items that come from China and that area. (When we had potlucks, I got Dollar Store serving utensils in case they didn’t make it back). I bought a 6-shot revolver (has been hard to find, and may be more so with restrictions on semi-auto’s). Furniture – we are replacing our daily use living room furniture. Vehicle upgrades/maintenance: Many of the parts for cars come from overseas, and as such may be difficult in times of foreign aggression. Books in printed format and supplies to print them off: As revisionists gain power, some books will be changed/unavailable. Construction consumables: nails, screws, sand paper, tool batteries, generators (and parts), etc.

        These are just a few of the things we are looking at. Our goal is to be as independent of outside sources of supply as possible and be able to pass this on to future generations. My ultimate goal is to have my great-great-great-grandchildren look around the homestead and think grampa was just nuts.

        • JP in MT:
          Thank you for sharing your list- I did not have sandpaper nor furniture on mine. Hope it is not too late to order some good Amish made pieces.

      • PG & Moe:

        Another thing I just thought of is coffee (mostly because I’m always buying more). That I know of none is grown in the US and if our new leaders start some international issue coffee could really become an issue. I get freeze dried instant and whole bean in sealed mylar bags. Tea and cocoa would also fall under this heading.

  2. Happy New Year everyone. Here’s hoping 2021 is better than 2020. Anything has to be better.

    I did my grocery shopping twice again this week and keep adding a little more to my food stock. Got to get that stash a little deeper.

    That is a heck of a table, Tara. Looks very nice. You know it has to be sturdy when chainsaws are needed to construct it. ?

    Did a little chatting of sorts this past week with Thor1 about alternative power means in the event of a “Dark Winter” or other loss of infrastructure type of event. While I mostly feel prepared enough in that infrastructure loss being a Floridian (artificial winter-time heat not being crucial the vast majority of the time as clothing and blankets can generally do the job well enough for the fairly short periods of uncomfortably cold weather). Of course, summer weather is another matter here, but some people like me have grown up or otherwise extensively lived-in hot weather climates with little or no air conditioning to speak of and have learned to deal with it. Even growing up in Detroit, MI like I did, it got very hot and humid in the summer and we did not have AC at home and I had outside jobs. Military service also provided much experience in hot weather living, particularly Vietnam, Okinawa, and several desert excursions.

    We discussed alternative cooking methods (my home appliances being electric). I think I’m in pretty good shape there with two, two-burner propane camp stoves (pretty fair stock of 16-oz propane tanks), a rocket stove (with adequate supplies of rocket stove suitable wood around my apartment complex), and two Esbit stoves and a bag full of hexamine tablets. Hexamine cooks up a canteen cup full of water pretty fast. C-4 explosive is better, but harder to get when not in the military. Darn.

    Power for lighting and other important electrical items (such as a CPAP machine), is available by battery banks and rechargeable batteries. I have a Jackery 500W battery bank/power supply that can be solar charged and it will run my CPAP for a little over three nights without topping it off. I have a number of portable solar panels including a 100W panel designed for the 500W Jackery battery bank. I am thinking of buying a Jackery 1000W battery bank that will run my CPAP for about 6-7 nights and an additional 100W panel. The 1000W bank is capable of having two 100W panels attached at once during charging. The 500W and 1000W banks can also be charged by 110v outlets and via 12v automobile outlets. They can provide 110v power and can recharge battery packs via USB ports. The problem is they are a bit expensive.
    #1GD received a late Christmas gift from me and she is happy as a pig in mud. When she is here at my place, everyday she steals my desk calculator and plays with it. Always gentle with it though. So, it occurred to me, I should have gotten a calculator for her at Christmas. I ordered one the other day and had it sent to her house. #1 daughter sent me photos of the happiest little girl opening the box and playing with the calculator. ?

    #1GD is also an extremely active girl as I’ve mentioned before. The other evening, she over did it and ran nose first into her bedroom wall chair rail while jumping around. She managed to avoid breaking her nose, but it was all swollen and had some bleeding. She also developed a nice set of racoon eyes. Looked like she went a bad round or two with Rhonda Rousey. Poor thing was a sobbing mess (I got the photos and videos). The next morning, she came here and except for the racoon eyes, she acted like nothing had happened. However, she bragged about her racoon eyes. Little snot. ?

    My SIL’s Kung flu test came back negative and he never had any symptoms. So #1daughter let him out of jail. They had kept most of #1GD’s Christmas gifts aside so she could open them with her daddy there. She had a great time and was very happy to have daddy around again. SIL’s mom and grandfather are doing OK from their bouts with Kung flu. They both actually had positive tests for Kung flu, whereas SIL did not.
    The weather has improved around Central Florida. We’ve had mid-80s temps for the past few days and are predicted to have a few more before the temps drop into the 60s. It’s been very sunny and dry. Need rain though and might get some tomorrow.

    I also added to my medical stash. Dressings, bandages, Israeli battle dressings, suturing material I really need to find a source for Lidocaine injectable anesthesia as it is prescription only and my #2 daughter says each bottle or package is now required to be serialized by federal law that took effect in late October 2020. She is a sales manager for a medical supply company in Jacksonville, FL and knows these things. Human and vet suppliers are stuck with the same regs.

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. What are your prepping resolutions for the new year?

    My main resolution is to keep adding to the food and medical stashes.

    2. Do you think that we are doomed to see a Joe Biden presidency – and what would that look like in the year to come?

    I’m afraid we might well have to suffer a Biden presidency. How long he will actually be president before his own people cast him aside is another matter.

    3. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    • Z36, I’m glad you are increasing your power out put. If nothing else it will come in handy during a hurricane and the power goes out.

      What I see coming is far worse then a hurricane. This New year is going to make 2020 look like a cake walk with the food shortages, ammo shortages,pandemics, wars, political and civil unrest, homelessness, earthquakes and volcanoes ect.

      God bless America

    • Zulu 3-6:

      It was suggested to me that getting one of the smaller car starters works for CPAP machines. My travel machine I bought because it could use batteries, but the 16-hour ones are around $300. If I/we can find one that will keep the machine going for 10-11 hours it would be significantly cheaper.

      • JP in MT,

        My CPAP runs on 110v and it is issued to me by the VA. So far I have not had to use my Jackery power bank in a real power outage, just once for three full nights to test it and there was enough power left over for another 3 or 4 hours of CPAP time. That was the 500W unit. The 1000W unit should do double that. I did not use the humidifier unit during the test as I don’t use it anyway.

        I just got done ordering the 1000W unit and a new 100W solar panel to go with it. When I get it, I will max charge it from a wall outlet and test it for as many nights as it will run my CPAP. I’ll see and make a report here.

        I also just received a new Opolar rechargable desk fan. I already have one and it works well in tests and in real power outages. I decided I needed another Opolar. One is none, etc.

        • Zulu 3-6:

          I look forward to the report for the CPAP. I know there are others here that use them also. On DC my CPAP’s don’t run the humidifier, so that saves a lot of power.

          • JP,

            Yeah, the humidifier unit would suck up a lot of juice (in more ways than one). 🙂

            I won’t be getting the 1000W power unit until later in January, so there will be a bit of delay in the performance report.

  3. Prepping resolutions for 2021 are to develop a bantam flock for future egg incubation of full size birds and ramping up my dairy goat activities.
    Politically speaking, I don’t see either side going quietly…
    Preps this week included dehydrating bananas, and drying chicken liver treats for the dog. I harvested, dehydrated, and powdered my first little turmeric crop. It worked very well so I will plant again this spring. I am harvesting mustard greens weekly. Just keeping to myself and living off the land as much as possible!

      • I have been growing both turmeric and ginger in flower pots but have yet to harvest any. The oddity of the plants is that they die off in the winter, even inside and take a LONG time to come back in the Spring. I have also read that the ginger will bloom but mine has not, even after two years.

        • GA Red:
          I don’t know how far north you are, but my Dad in the Orlando area has blooming ginger in late fall every year. He would let members from his church harvest between Thanksgiving and Christmas…..Dad is not much of a cook.


    Puppy wanted to vote too but the Democrats wouldn’t let him they sent him a ballot but then they found out he was a conservative gsd and tore up his vote. He started a Biting Biden campaign with other dogs. Remember when Biden’s own dog hurt him…….

    Practiced with pellet guns
    Found boxes of ammo I forgot I had, 1 box of 9mm HST 50 rounds, a box of .40 Starfire and a box of .40 HST (I love when that happens

    Froze hamburger.
    Froze prime rib.
    Bought lots of canned goods
    Bought 5 lbs of pasta
    Bought garlic powder,salt and raw.

    Took puppy on a 2 mile hike with him in his body armor and me in my plate carrier and G17 with extra mags. Puppy’s is also Mollie gear so he carried extra mags,a medical kit, water and food/ treats. (Those 3+ plates give you a workout. Puppy is glad his is soft level 3A armor)

    Heavy workouts, weights and heavy bag.
    I am now down to 250 lbs.

    Thor’s questions

    1. Do you have any gear you have not practiced with?

    2. Do you believe that our elections have been compromised by the Chinese or the Russians? (Follow the money)

    3. Have you heard of the gas sabotage in Colorado and do you think more attacks on our infrastructure will occur in future months?

    4. Do you think America will rise up from the voter fraud?

    • Thor’s questions

      1. Do you have any gear you have not practiced with? Unfortunately, yes.

      2. Do you believe that our elections have been compromised by the Chinese or the Russians? (Follow the money). Money is the key word; so yes, I think money, especially Chinese money, has seriously compromised our elections.

      3. Have you heard of the gas sabotage in Colorado and do you think more attacks on our infrastructure will occur in future months? No, but it does show how vulnerable our infrastructure is. Another reason I turned down a property, it was grid electric and natural gas. Not good for rural property IMO.

      4. Do you think America will rise up from the voter fraud? Unfortunately NO. I think, as a group, we are too soft to even contemplate living without our luxuries.

    • Thor’s questions

      1. Do you have any gear you have not practiced with?

      Nope. Most of my stuff I have extensive experience with between Uncle Sam and police work (and paramedic work).

      2. Do you believe that our elections have been compromised by the Chinese or the Russians? (Follow the money)

      The follow the money statement pretty much sums it up.

      3. Have you heard of the gas sabotage in Colorado and do you think more attacks on our infrastructure will occur in future months?

      I’m afraid we will have more infrastructure attacks over time. I think the perpetrators must be found and shot resisting assault, I mean, resisting arrest.

      4. Do you think America will rise up from the voter fraud?

      I don’t think voter fraud by itself will cause a rising. It will strongly contribute towards one.

    • Tara’s questions

      1. What are your prepping resolutions for the new year?

      Better bug out plans. Loose more weight.

      2.Do you think that we are doomed to see a Joe Biden presidency – and what would that look like in the year to come?

      No the evidence of voter fraud is overwhelming.

    • Thors questions. 1 nope, i have very few gadgets just a few basic tools and i know all of them, im not a gearhead. 2 tnlikely beyond ads and media funding to spread misinformation. 3 heard nothing of it. 4 i am going to refrain from this one

    • 1. Only one item, and I really need to practice…..
      2. Georgia in particular looked hinky to me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the money came from inside the US or Europe. We have plenty of billionaires that espouse socialism—as long as they are exempt.
      3. Yes and I was surprised by the target. Aspen is not conservative. I constantly worry about attacks on infrastructure. We are very vulnerable as a nation.
      4. Time will tell.

    • 1)nope, but i need to!
      2) chinese and italians!!
      3) nope probably the chinese attempt to weaken our infrastructure
      4) thats hard to say. I hope theres more of us than them(dishonest people).

  5. Happy New Year !!!!! Hubby bought us a new washer, so I’ve been getting clothes, caught up. We tried to find anything for after Christmas sales, nothing to be found all the stores were boxing everything up except food, candy item’s so I couldn’t get anything I love to buy candles cheaply, but it was all packed away. The stores are into Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s day item’s, now. I was able to get two 5 pounds of King Author Flour, for .99 cent’s no limit good by date July 21.

    Question 1 Just keeping everything topped up. Because of our homeless camps there are no Green Canisters of propane fuel to be had, it’s been all bought up at all stores, I called 2 and went to 3, to look thankfully we can drive 20 minutes away to get some.

    Question 2 . I can’t even imagine what the next president administration, is going to do it will be a very bumpy ride.

    Question 3. Not a lot right now but will keep my eyes open for Sales.

    • I see a lot of emphasis here on those little green lp tanks, i wouldnt waste money on them, they are expensive for what they hold and 1 time use. Spend 20 bucks on a hose adaptor and use refillable 20lb grill tanks. For camp stoves a tank will last a long time. I use them to run my regular kitchen range and used with ventless heaters and lp high btu asphaul torches. Much more fuel per dollars spent

  6. What are your prepping resolutions for the new year?
    I hope to expand my chicken coops and goat pasture.

    Do you think that we are doomed to see a Joe Biden presidency – and what would that look like in the year to come?

    Biden is probably going to be president, and I think it’s going to be bad.
    What did you do to prep this week?
    We went camping, but came back early. My dad was taken from the nursing home to the hospital. He died on New Years Day just before I got there. We’re meeting in about an hour to make arrangements. In my opinion, he died WITH Covid, not FROM Covid. Cancer killed him. Covid just kicked him while he was down. For those of you who believe in prayer, please lift up my family.

  7. Nothing spectacular this past week. A new to me rim and spare tire were supposed to be Thursday and this coming Tuesday. The rim didn’t make it so I’ll be checking on that. It may just have missed getting put on the right truck. If necessary I’ll go get it and brave the big city for another costco run.
    Some extra items were purchased and organizing continued. Rent paid for the year. Electric has a credit balance that should last til April or May. Nice feeling not to have to worry about those items.

  8. 1. What are your prepping resolutions for the new year?
    Order berries to plant. Very little fruit is available in this area.

    2. Do you think that we are doomed to see a Joe Biden presidency – and what would that look like in the year to come?
    It looks more and more likely Biden is in. Still holding out hope ….

    3. What did you do to prep this week?
    Found a source of fruits, nuts, and berries that will mostly grow here. Now to come up with the money.

  9. Happy New Year!

    I fear this year is going to be much worse than 2020. The mutant strain of COVID-19 has been detected in three states so far, including Florida. The new strain is 70 percent more contagious. This will cripple our already over stressed medical system. DS1 lives in L.A. He has a terrible hernia. He can’t get in for surgery because all the beds are filled with COVID patients. EMS is over stressed as well. The EMTs have to remain with the patient until a nurse signs off; there are not enough nurses, so EMTs are waiting in hospitals for hours. Calls are going unanswered. This is already happening.

    The weather here in Florida has returned to normal after last week’s low of 25 degrees. (It was so cold I had to wear socks with my flip flops.) We’ve had weather in the low 80s most of the week. It is 75 degrees out as I write this post.

    We received our stimulus money. I feel conflicted over the payouts. From a moral standpoint, I think the funds should have gone to families in need–to working people who lost their jobs because of the pandemic. I find it ironic that my stimulus check will just about cover the taxes we owe in April.

    I think there is no doubt the Democrats will pick up the two seats in Georgia. There are plenty of families that are hurting right now–behind in rent with little food in the pantry. The Republicans are now the people who don’t care about the working man. I say this and yet I think McConnell is right–the checks should have gone to the people who really needed them. Still, calling the stimulus checks “socialism for the rich” doesn’t go over well to families with hungry children. The Democrats will pick up the two seats in Georgia. There will be more handouts.

    [1] What are your prepping resolutions for the new year?

    I plan to keep stocking up on the essentials and to keep saving money for the rainy days ahead.

    [2] Do you think that we are doomed to see a Joe Biden presidency – and what would that look like in the year to come?

    No, I think most of our problems are the result of our own bad decisions and not the government.

    [3] What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    • Bam, evidently you didn’t see the evidence of voter fraud with Biden. Approximately 30,000 in Georgia. Biden will not be President. Over 200,000 in Pennsylvania…..Trump will explain on the 6th.

        • Bam

          207,000 votes in Pennsylvania were in excess of the registered voters in that state. All voted for Biden. These people think they can’t be caught that’s why they teach common core math. LOL

          In Georgia, Trump had a lead on Biden. It was 29,000 to 17,000. 8 minutes later it was reversed. That was one county. Not to mention the ballots under the tables in suit cases after they stopped the count and sent poll workers and watchers home. Then resumed counting at which time Biden’s lead increased as almost all votes we’re for him and it’s videos. Some ballots we’re run in the machines several times. Also The machines weren’t supposed to be connected to the internet and it was on wifi and hacked in the middle of the investigation on live TV. LOL

          The Truth is being exposed by God.

          • The RNC was also only allowed one watcher per 10 tables during the recount.

            We have been watching and listening to all the evidence.

            After a long discussion with our oldest daughter, we don’t believe she voted for Biden but also don’t think she voted for Trump. She also believes that there was a lot of voter fraud in this election.

            I’m just sick of all the commercials – on TV, on billboards, on YouTube – just about anywhere you look. I didn’t get the heart wrenching Publix commercials – didn’t feel like the holidays.

    • Bam Bam:

      A word of caution. There is a lot being said about this new mutation of C-19 being more contagious, but nothing being said if it is more, less, or the same in it’s deadliness. All viruses mutate. That does not mean that the mutation is bad. There are a lot of people that got the “original” C-19 and came away with little or no effects. Personally, I am waiting on more information before I worry about the new mutation.

      • JP, I have been following the research. You are correct. It is not more lethal; it is more contagious. That means more people are going to get it and hence more people are going to die.

        • Bam Bam – as I remember the science of viruses, as they mutate, they become more infectious but also less deadly.

          Everyone – fear is probably the world’s most deadly weapon. Back in June, we decided that we would not allow fear to drive our actions and activities.

    • I am almost certain myself that the Dims will win Georgia. God help us all. We as sound minded, thinking individuals are becoming a minority in the country our forefathers built.

  10. This weeks questions answered on flip phone. 1 none really, just regular plans for work on my farm. 2 biden won the election so he will be sworn into office. Too many variables to speculate on. This week i cut 8 full cords of wood and wrote a few articles to send to magazines. I put up the last of the squash to dry for long term storage. I also pulled my ads to sell stuff locally, had 8 inches of snow fall so nothing can be reached, and i wont shovel out

    • Bam Bam, I too saw that. Should be interesting when the people have no way to power their phones. Oh, wait, that’s when money can be devalued or taken. Pelosi tried to push that here but was immediately stopped in her tracks. Somebody up high told her to shut up.

  11. Hello everyone- a bit late for the formal posting but is has been a full week. Tara’s questions first:
    1. 2021 goals are to expand the raised row garden, add to the raised bed area and put in a greenhouse/garden shed.
    2. I really can’t predict the future. Just try to prepare for any outcome.
    3. This was a really good prep week.
    Added both hand and machine needles to the supply as well as blades for rotary cutter.
    I was gifted a copper fruit strainer with large pestle. The strainer is coned shaped and old but in very good shape. I will put it to good use next summer.
    I added canned goods and water to storage. Also did my quarterly rotation of goods.
    Found a few holes in medical supplies when I wrenched my knee. Used up quite a bit of Vicks and Icy hot and need to re-stock.
    I was gifted large amount of flour and oats by my farmer niece.

    Best part of all, saw my oldest had a well prepped basement pantry.

    Keep prepping everyone!

  12. Tara
    That is one beautiful dinning table, they did a wonderful job on its creation. High five to those gentleman.

  13. Mari’s Question: What is your preferred, time-tested method of winterizing a rototiller? Totally drain including valve from carb; or filling tank w/gas & adding stabilizer, putting oil into spark plug hole?

    • Completely empty the gas tank- the additives in it(if its ethanol fuel) can eat the seals over time. We had to rebuild all of our two-stroke carb engines, a total of 12. We run the engine til its empty, clean and oil the blades(if any) and wipe down/ spray bath the outside, then store in the barn, carport, or if its a hand held device( weedeater, etc) it goes in the basement in controlled temps. We dont worry about changing oil til spring, but you could do it now, if you wanted to. Hope this helps.

      • Thanks, Babycatcher. My preference, too, to avoid gumming up carb & lines. The DP already had to take the snowblower in, and the problems were due to the ethanol’d gas. Now he believes me and is on a mission to help me with my tiller.

  14. 1)
    Prepping resolutions:
    Getting my family to realize the world they grew up in no longer exists except in fairytales.
    2) Biden Presidency:
    Caucus, famine, riot’s, criminals given a free pass while the working class suffers more to support those who refuse to take care of their own. The producers will be servants to the non producers.
    3) Prepping for the past week:
    Grocery shopping replacing what we had used over the holiday. Turning off the tv and watching our dvd movies in the evening with dh. Giving us a mental break from the turmoil which at this time we have zero control over.

    • IF biden gets in- (I highly doubt it) then it might be as you have thought. But i dont think he’s getting in. Grab the popcorn, watch the show. Its gonna be Yuge!

  15. 1. What are your prepping resolutions for the new year?
    Lose weight, get in better shape, do more gardening than last year, and keep stocking up.

    2. Do you think that we are doomed to see a Joe Biden presidency – and what would that look like in the year to come?
    Probably, and it will be ugly especially as Harris is pushed forward. The radical left, regardless of who wins, will become even nuttier.

    3. What did you do to prep this week?
    Bought batteries, perused first three seed catalogs, shopped to keep rotation going.

  16. Howdy Folks,
    First, Prepared Grammy I offer my sincere condolences for the loss of Dad and lift your entire family to the Creator.

    Not much prepping done the last couple weeks with holidays and such. Did purchase a few more medical supplies.

    Finally got a diagnosis for the room spinning (for almost 3 months now). I have crystals in my right ear. I’ve had the third treatment now and this one seems to be holding.

    I don’t care to even think about politics, let alone discuss the subject.

    Someone mentioned coffee (life’s elixir). I get mine from Community Coffee in Louisiana when they offer me 25 to 30 % off and free shipping. I get the dark roast 16oz vac. Sealed brick 10 at the time. I currently have 100 # put back. Can only get 9 into a 5gal bucket so only have 5 buckets, but put the rest into tubs/totes. I really like the taste.

    May we all bathe in the Living Waters of God’s Grace until we stand before him.
    With a brother’s love,

    • Mari:

      I was stationed on the East coast for a number of years, in MA, and saw what it was like in the 70’s and 80’s. This does not surprise me. The west coast will be following along soon. Glad I live in “fly-over” country!

      Thanks for the links. I sent them to scoffers.

      • JP, NJ and the rest of the mid-Atlantic & NE states will probably follow right along, if Biden/Harris don’t beat ’em to the punch.

        Question for anyone, esp Zulu, how much “wiggle” room is there w/armor? I’m just at (almost just above) the measurements for my height & weight, but, oh yes, I will be losing some weight. I’m likely going to order for myself tomorrow, the DP is kinda iffy on it for himself. Snooze, ya looze.

        • Mari:

          Remember there is a difference between the plates and the plate carrier. They are separate. You can get other carriers for your plates, it’s the plates that are hard to get, expensive, and heavy.

          My carriers have about 4+” of play in the adjustment for me, a little more for my DW.

          • Thank you, JP. Yep, already understand the first part. I’m going with IIIA from either Gladiator or Vet Mfg. I can’t go with heavier plates thanks to bum leg.

        • Mari,

          Wiggle room in armor? You don’t want a lot, especially with soft concealable armor. However, that is why they come with adjustable velcro straps. A reasonably firm fit is needed as you want the armor to be where you need it if you get shot.

          Overt armor, like the military and many police wear also need a firm fit because of any gear/ammo you carry on molle fixtures. Like covert armor, there are velcro straps to allow some adjustment.

          You don’t want it wobbling around while you move. It throws your balance off (particularly if you have junk hung off molle straps).

          • I should add that you need to expect about eight weeks delivery delay for any armor you order. More if you have any custom modifications done.

          • Zulu, thank you. Yes, I understand good fit. I’m just a bit over the max for one size, and the gut don’t help. It’ll be motivation for losing some weight. Ordering tonight, and hopefully NJ or Biden doesn’t suddenly forbid b4 order ships. Imagine that, protection unlawful.

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