What I Did To Prep This Week: January 3rd 2020 – January 9th 2021

Hello Pack. I saw one of those meme things on social media the other day that has summoned up how this week (and this year so far) is shaping up. It showed 2021 handing 2020 a bottle and saying “Hold me beer …” For those folks who might not be familiar with the phrase or the sentiment, the rest of the sentence would read, “and watch this.” Yep, sums it all up quite well.

I am not going to get into all the events and mainstream media and career politicians’ views about what happened in DC on January 21 at the moment. We all watched and likely rewatched those events unfold.

I am going to share my opinion here about what I think about all of the commentary on that rapidly unfolded from politicians and supposed journalists – please feel free to do the same in the comments section.

My two cents ….

None of the career politicians get it, from either side. They think on January 21, 2021 everything inside their powerful bubble will go back to a pre-Trump existence.

Why do they think that? Because they think Trump started this “movement.” We the People were fed up, had had more than enough, and finally stood up together in a large enough voting block to matter.

We created the scenario for a Trump win – and chose him to represent us because he actually not only realized we existed, but heard us. The deafening noise we created by putting him in office will not suddenly go quiet because DC thinks they can go deaf to us now.

The attention span of patriots is not a short one. They did not take either him or us seriously the first go round, and he was able to be elected. The fix is in now, but that needs to be looked at as a challenge we can overcome and not an insurmountable obstacle.

If you love this country, you simply have to refuse to give up, go away, and be silenced as the republic turns into a socialist state.

This week’s preps consisted of a good bit of talking about how current events and the coming two to four years were going to affect our lives both immediately and far into the future.

As you can see from the adorable feature photo, Pearl’s kids are healthy, happy, and darn right cute. Soon I will have two more doelings becoming a nanny for the first time.

Although the weather has been just as wet and muddy as the Farmer’s Almanac has predicted, the temperatures have been mild for this time of the year. The extended grazing by the goats has made a lot of difference in food consumption.

Because they eat brush and dead leaves, they can actually survive all winter long without having to eat hay, providing the ground does not remain snow covered for extended lengths. Just another great reason why goats might be the perfect prepper livestock.

The good for winter time weather has helped stretch our hay bale stockpile further. We have a lot more livestock this year than last so keeping a solid record of the hay consumed was an important prep.

In other preps this week we have continued to work on the Old School Survival Boot Camp. Tickets are moving steadily, and we keep getting more folks wanting to be involved as class presenters and vendors each week. We are well over 50 classes for the weekend and more than 30 presenters.

Next month I will create a discount code for any Pack members who want to attend – I know you will be glad you did!

This Week’s Questions:

  1. Well, what did you think about January 6 events and the future of our country?
  2. What animal do you think is the best one for preppers to keep?
  3. What class being offered at Old School Survival Boot Camp would you most like to take?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

110 thoughts on “What I Did To Prep This Week: January 3rd 2020 – January 9th 2021”

  1. Taras questions 1 i care not to comment on this one. 2 that would be chickens, rabbits, and goats, anything with a good feed to meat ratio or ease of making feed at home. 3 i am limited on a flip phone so cant see the list. 4 inclement weather has had me inside all week, nothing to do anyway up here on my farm this time of year, all i did was play medival 2 total war all week on my laptop and eating blts since i got 10 lb of bacon for 10bucks at a menonite surplus store. Also i pulled out a bad wisdom tooth with pliars an hour ago

        • I have a high pain tollerence, i have an unpleasant past that caused it. tooth was abcessed and i cant see a dentist, since obamacare they all have increased oversite, so to conform wont do anything without a patient having insurance, i cant get insurance, i tried, i was denied low income coverage because i have no electric bills which they required as standard proof of financial status, its all buracratic bs. Anyway if it was only pain i would ignore it but abcess is infection, tooth had to come out to drain it so it could heal. It was a matter of doing what had to be done to deal with infection, sure i could use fishmox but that would be temporary since with the cavity that bad it would get infected again anyway. I wish i had a better option, and it wasnt all at once, it broke into several pieces and i fished them out, root bits remain but gums will heal over like on other teeth and seal them in, the other teeth roots never got infected after being healed over. Short term intense pain to avoid months of lesser pain. If i had any other option i would have done it but thanks to that gov bs this was my only option

          • I would also like to extrapolate on my past. I was once trapped in a cycle of abuse and exploitation. To cope i became a cutter, someone so desperate they used self harm to force dopamine responces which numbed the physical pain from injury but also the emotional pain with it, from all the knife and branding irons i can ignore pain now. But thats not the only way dopamine is released, working to exhaustion does it and is called a runners high, an orgasm will release dopamine, intense fear can trigger it, drugs like morphine are an artificial form of it and it comes with intense anger and rage, thats what i see in both the left and rights protests, frustrated people embracing rage dopamine, when riots break out the people are basicaly high and getting off on it so they come to look for more reasons to be angry, get rage boners as they intentioaly get angry and they are adicts looking for a fix. Instagators will act to inflame people, they are junkies who flock to powder kegs to get high igniting them. Trump exploited it to stay popular with the righ, blm and antifa use it on the left, i learned to stay calm and be objective. I wanted to add this neutral observation as it relates to both removing my tooth this morning and taras question about the riot.

          • Nemo, yet another side effect of Obamacare besides higher premiums for most. Cash still accepted many places here in NJ, usually the cut-rate group offices. Our problem here is all privately-owned x-ray/MRI places plus numerous good docs being shoved out by gov’t/hospital shenanigans, again, thanks to Obamacare. Have to travel an hour each way to many hospital-associated common specialties.

            Hope that all heals up for you without anything working its way back up or getting infected. Shame you had to do it that way, but ya do what ya have to do sometimes.

      • It was already infected. I am unable to see a dentist and this tooth had a cavity i was unable to do anything about. It got worse and was painfull the last few days indicating an infection under it and the pressure had no place to drain. Pulling it, or rather it broke into pieces i had to clean out one at a time, alows the hole to drain so it doesnt hurt anymore and the gums will heal over and prevent future infection. This isnt the first i dealt with.

  2. I did my grocery shopping twice again this week and keep adding a little more to my food stock. Got to keep on getting that stash a little deeper.

    I love the geniuses we have in Congress (sarcasm intended). I guess we’re probably going to be expected to say Amen and Awoman after praying now. The fool Rep. Cleaver (who is supposedly a Methodist minister) used both in closing the opening prayer before Congress the other day. Sheesh. Obviously, he doesn’t know that Amen is a non-gendered Hebrew word meaning essentially “So be it.” Clown. He must be a close friend of that idiot Congressman who claimed Guam was going to capsize and sink if more military people were stationed there,

    The riot around the Capitol building was staged primarily by Antifa, particularly the invasion of the Capital Building. You can tell by their clothing and tattoos. Some other groups were involved, I’m sure, including BLM. I think the lack of security was intentional on the part of the Capital Police and I think it was at the direction of Nancy Pelosi. The police and National Guard troops available in DC were more than sufficient to secure the capital building and prevent unauthorized entry. They just weren’t properly deployed or used in a timely fashion. More were available from nearby states, and eventually police and National Guard from Maryland and Virginia were brought in. They were just not deployed at the building until the stuff really hit the fan and Nancy realized the Great Unwashed were actually getting into her office spaces, and God forbid, sitting in her desk chair. We, the taxpayers, will get to buy her a new one uncontaminated by the butt of a mere citizen.

    Without appropriate protective force levels, apparently the Congresscritters got panicky and were calling various police agencies, the Pentagon, even the White House, demanding more protection. So, Nancy’s plan to keep security to a minimum to preclude potential political problems regarding excessive police/military presence backfired on her. Of course, she is trying very hard to dump it all on Trump and others.

    Nancy’s scapegoats are getting fired. The chief of the Capitol Hill police has already resigned as has the House Sergeant of Arms. The Senate Sergeant of Arms has resigned as well. They are the three major security managers for the Capitol building and surrounds. Trump has no Constitutional authority over them. He does over the DC National Guard (as DC is not a state), but as is routine, he bumped authority down to DoD, who bumped it to the SecArmy. The Guard was ready to go and staged just outside the city limits, but the SecArmy didn’t give them a go order until late. They weren’t properly kitted out anyway.

    The woman who was shot and killed by a Capitol Hill police officer seems to have been a pro-Trump protestor. What video I have seen of the shooting indicates to me that deadly force was unnecessarily used. Further video, after the shooting, showed a couple of Capitol police officers who were in near panic mode. One was actually rather hysterical. Not very professional and not conducive to intelligent use of force. If this woman was black, I think BLM would be going nuts. But since she’s white, nary a peep.

    The Capitol police officer who died evidently was smacked with a fire extinguisher. That’ll do it. Of course, they have people in custody who sat in Nancy’s chair, stole a lectern, broke windows, etc, but no one in custody for killing a police officer. Typical Congressional priorities in action.

    More and more people are saying that Antifa was the main invader into the Capitol building and the prime destructor and thief of property. Other groups were in there, including BLM and Proud Boys, but Antifa was the worst violator. Michael Yon was not inside, but he observed that Antifa had the majority of the agents provocateur on the outside, which did not surprise him, or me.

    Yon is absolutely bamboozled as to why there was no security worth the name at the Capitol. He was predicting violence at 90%-plus the night before. I read his article. The Capital police officers initially at the scene weren’t even kitted up in riot gear (easily seen on multiple videos and photos). It’s obvious someone didn’t want them prepared. Some witnesses reported that Capitol police officers were moving barriers and opening doors for some people to enter the building.

    My new bullet resistant vest came yesterday. It’s an overt IIIA vest. My body isn’t excited about wearing rifle plates too, although the vest is capable of holding plates.. Nice vest with lots of Velcro and molle attachments. It’s from Gladiator and if you are interested in getting a vest from them, be prepared to wait awhile. Mine took ten weeks to get here. I also adjusted my IIIA helmet to fit better and added a headlamp. I’ve had the helmet for some time, but was lazy about fitting it properly.

    My gas mask is properly fitted, but it does not have eyeglasses attachments like military masks have. Luckily, my eyesight is decent enough to handle close range work. I’m not expecting to play sniper with iron sights or holographic sights while masked up. Even the Marine Corps only trains at 100-meters max while wearing a gas mask.

    My son hatched out ten chicks from his incubator the other day, although two did not survive the first night.

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. Well, what did you think about January 6 events and the future of our country?

    The Capitol invasion and poor security response was set up by liberals. Unless something occurs to eliminate or otherwise neutralize liberals and their friends (Antifa, BLM, etc), crap like that will continue.

    2. What animal do you think is the best one for preppers to keep?

    I agree that goats are probably the best although I am not experienced in caring for any farmyard animal.

    3. What class being offered at Old School Survival Boot Camp would you most like to take?

    I’m not certain yet. I’m probably not going to be able to make it (sadly).

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    • Zulu, listening to some of our Congress critters makes me feel like a genius. Between the terminally stupid and the total loons, how any of the few who have working brains can tolerate it. Kinda been there, done that; it’s tedious.

      Seems you and I saw a lot of the same stuff. Looked a lot like a set up, including the supposed Capitol police officer who opened a section of fence and waved everyone in. Wonder if they’ll ID the guy in gray who bashed in the window with a shield. Hmm, usually an Antifa tactic. Saw several Antifa-type tattoos.

      The shooting of Ashli Babbitt was totally unnecessary. Some said the shooter was a suit, but it looked like someone helmeted. It appeared he initially aimed to the right side window on the door, then re-aimed to Ashli who had one leg going thru the other window. Odd as there were several police barreling into the group. He didn’t want to hit them? Panic? Who knows. Gee, no fires lit. Had to laugh at Nancy’s office. How dare an unwashed prole sit in her chair, and horror of all horrors, put a foot up on her desk. Bet she demanded full fumigation. Her hand gestures will be chopping angles for a long time.

      • Mari,

        It is possible that a plainclothes officer shot that woman. I saw a lot of them in various videos and photos pointing guns every which way including some at each other. All of the armed staff of the two Sergeant at Arms are plainclothes. Some of the Capitol police are too.

        The situation went to hell in a hurry for them and they were not mentally prepared. Not were they properly equipped. Not having the right gear doesn’t help your mental preparedness either. As I mentioned, I saw a couple of Capitol police officers losing it, one of whom was hysterical. Sad. If one of my officers ever lost it like that, he would be looking for a new job as soon as things settled down.

        Based on what I saw on vids and photos, along with some witness statements, I’d say the dead woman had not done anything justifying use of deadly force on her.

  3. Good morning everyone. I saw a FB comment this morning that said, ‘I am through with my 2021 trial, cancel my subscription!’ If anything, I myself are glad to be done with all the political ads leading up to Senate regime change in GA!
    Not to beat an almost dead horse, does anyone beside me find it ironic that FB and Twitter both shut down Pres. Trumps accounts? Prior to this, I had been considering other platforms myself, but I thought that just summed up the hatred this country has for this man. When all the dust settles, I will still be proud to have voted for him. I do believe he loves this country, and he was certainly more qualified to lead that Obama who’s only qualification was that he ‘Spoke Pretty’.

    Celebrating my Birthday today! Another year older and feeling great, and hopefully a bit wiser! I will be celebrating Monday with friends. They want to buy me a ‘Big ole steak dinner, so who am I to argue!’

  4. This Week’s Questions:

    1. Well, what did you think about January 6 events and the future of our country? I no longer “follow” national issues. I will keep my eye on them, but I will not concern myself with them.

    2. What animal do you think is the best one for preppers to keep? Dogs.

    3. What class being offered at Old School Survival Boot Camp would you most like to take? Commo is where I’m weak, but I can’t attend anyway.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well…

    2021’s focus is on our debt. My savings is in a good place (but it’s never enough). Our major preps are in good standing too. Always looking for a deal, but I want the van paid off by EOM April. Then off with the last 2 credit cards!

    Other: we will still be adding to our food stocks too. Seems we are the only one in our family with space and funds to put up any real kind of emergency food larder. The DD has some, GS1 is just starting out. Our meds are in good shape and our equipment; a problem is that I need to put together some kit/BOBs/GHB/LBE from the parts and piece and make sure I’m ready and not missing anything.

    Talked preps/2021 with DD1 & SIL. He is focused on debt (now that they are finally making enough money for everyday stuff). Real close to getting it (except for student loans) done!

    New Pup: More progress! Saturday, was the 1st bath; it went well as she is easy to handle. Set back on Monday; evidentially she was abused by an older man with a white beard. My friend was over today and it took us over 4 hours to get her calmed back down. Having people over still gets her upset for hours. We may have to go to the “green dispensary” and get her some “medicine”. DW and the pup we playing fetch Friday morning!

    Took the old pet cages to the shelter along with an unopened 33# bag of dog food.

    Went “big city” shopping. Got 2 8# fire extinguisher & more food.

    Started having breakfast with the oldest daughter & hubby on Saturdays. Good was to keep up.

    Supply Run: UHT Milk; fire extinguishers, 8#; instant oatmeal; SPAM; kitchen grocery refill; Mylar 5-gal bags; AF FD Veggie’s; Morning Moos;

    Received: Hobby parts/supplies/kits; USB extender; handgun safe; black bean burger pouches; FD Meal; coffee; FD beef chunks; dog food (PETCO); APC UPS, 600W; DVD Cabinet (504 DVD’s); AF Scrambled eggs, #10; clip-on sunglasses (spares for the car);

      • Esined63:

        LBE: Load Bearing Equipment. In my day, it consisted of a belt, suspenders, 2x ammo pouches, 1st aid pouch (1 package), canteen (cup & cover), “butt pack” (small items like socks, food, etc w/a poucho tied on the bottom). As a squad leader I also had a squad 1st pouch. I kept silverware and other small items in my ammo pouch. Mine weighted about 21 pounds.

        My “new” set will have loaded mags in it and a water bladder on the back.

  5. Good frosty morning, it’s a chilly 32 degrees, outside lots of frost and fog. I did a small Costco run last week just went up and down the aisle, and bought only item’s we needed, got gas it went up a penny to $2.20, and then last night hubby, wanted to get a few items from Costco, he really likes the Tequila Anejo from Kirkland, it went up by $5.00 to $32.99, and I bought some skin lotion, for my daughter the Aveeno 2 pack for $11.99 , we topped up the car, gas went up to $2.25, just from Monday, to yesterday Friday, we are bringing in our Suburban today to gas her up before the prices start to climb.

    We received our Stimulus money, as soon as taxes arrive we are paying it on our second property, our house we are going to sell and live on the other property, we have two campers, and our bunkhouse to remodel, until we find a house plan to build, I can’t live in the city, anymore and the homelessness, is getting worse, and they are just nasty and mean one guy was arrested for hit the people, with a 2×4, which I don’t agree on hurting people, but because he was homeles, that didn’t make it to the news, but if it was a homeowners, doing this it would have been all over the news. The other thing they have been doing is slinging socks full of #2 at the police, and people, again no one knows about this disgusting abuse. We have a friend who’s a Sheriff, so he tells us and said get out while you can. This is happening 3 block’s from our home, and we see the bon fires, and garbage all over the front of city hall, it’s just gross.

    We are waiting on the Death certificate, so hubby can close his dad’s bank account and get in touch with Social security, to stop benefits, I’m sure he received January’s, and I’m sure he received the $600.00 too we have to see how it goes back. My mom, got very sick so dad took her to Emergency, found out she has a small tear in her bladder, its been leaking, so she’s on heavy antibiotics, and they will do surgery in 3 weeks, she doesn’t want to live with a bag hooked up to her bladder for the rest of her life, that was scary after dealing with my Father in law, but life goes on and we are taking a break from work just to have rest time.

    Question 1. I don’t have a good feeling on this next chapter, in our history.

    Question 2, I love cattle but no room for any farm animals, but I will have a larger garden beds.

    Question 3 anything to do with medical, I did an infusion for my mom, when we went to the hospital, that was neat to learn, no wonder my sister enjoys being a nurse, and natural herb medicine, I’m still learning about that subject.

    Have a good weekend:)

  6. I had a busy and productive prepping week. I ordered four more #10 cans of freeze-dried shortening powder; I ordered a subscription to Countryside Magazine, just for giggles; I ordered a jerky gun and more seasoning/curing for jerky; I made 3 batches of soap and am on my second crockpot of bone broth. My visiting cousin made me marvelous wood-framed welded wire covers for my raised garden beds. Seems that my cats think any freshly planted soil qualifies as a litter box, so this will keep them OUT. Best of all, on Wednesday, my doe successfully kidded two healthy and handsome bucks. Was hoping for teats/udders instead, but at least they are all healthy and I will be stealing some of their milk in a few weeks!
    Yesterday, my new farming/work shoes arrived from Ortho Feet. If you have “bad feet”, I highly recommend their shoes.
    You can tell from my “name” that I believe GOATS are the best animals!! I make yogurt, kefir, soap, and CHEESEs of all kinds from their wonderful milk. The probiotics in goats milk healed my digestive problems and I don’t want to ever be without it. Chickens would rank second for me and I keep about 20 laying hens plus a couple of roosters on my little farm.
    Blessings to all. Disconnect from this mess of a society as much as you can and be ready for anything.

    • Hi Goatlover – I’ve been on the lookout for some decent orthodic shoes. Thank you for mentioning Ortho Feet. They definitely have some interesting options.

      You said your farming / work shoes had arrived. Do you happen to know what the name is of their style? I’m in the market for some shoes that are heavy duty for that type of function, and it looks like there are several options at Ortho Feet.

      Thanks –

      Carrie Ann

      • I bought Delta – Brown and Sonoma Styles. I just got them, so I can’t vouch for how long they will last as farming boots. I just need a break from the Muck rubber ones because they create callouses on my feet in several places! I will still need the muck boots for rainy weather, but I am hoping these will help my feet to heal up in between rains! Good luck.

  7. 1. Well, what did you think about January 6 events and the future of our country?
    I’m sick of seeing it on tv.
    2. What animal do you think is the best one for preppers to keep?
    For me, I like having chickens and dairy goats.
    3. What class being offered at Old School Survival Boot Camp would you most like to take?
    I’m not familiar enough with what’s available.
    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    *I MAY HAVE $700 TO “DO SOMETHING FUN WITH.” MY COMMUNICATIONS ARE VERY LACKING. I DON’T HAVE MY HAM LICENSE. WOULD A FEW CB RADIOS SUFFICE? IF SO, WHICH ONES? OR SHOULD I GET HAM RADIOS? WHICH ONES? HOW DIFFICULT IS IT TO GET THE LICENSE? (We went to the local club one time a few years ago. A state LEO was the leader of the group and was way too interested in our motive for being there.)

    This week:
    -Puppy is growing and doing well with beginning training.
    -Lost one hen. She was laying huge eggs, and one was finally too big.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: a few more magazines, heat bulbs,

    -Got glasses for driving/long distances. I’m going to order a pair online as a spare.

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

  8. Well apparently I take a vastly different view of the events on Dec. 6. I see no difference between the BLM/Antifa vandals and the Trump vandals. This was not a political protest. This was vandalism. They stole and destroyed property; they defecated in offices. We are supposed to be the party of law and order. Fact: Trump asked the Supreme Court to look into voter fraud. The Court did not find sufficient evidence to back up Trump’s claim. And no one can say label the Court “anti-Trump”. The white supremacist make me sick to my stomach. This is the end of the Republican party.

    • Yeah i think thats why the police stood down, let a few instagators whip everyone into a mob then go nuts, make themselves look like jackasses and loose the moral high ground. The right memed about blm and antifa riots and now the left is doing it to the right, i see no difference in either sides, just a bunch of frustrated angry people whiped into dopamine rage frenzies which cost them suporters and make their causes much harder

    • Bam Bam – the courts never heard the evidence – they dismissed every case on technicalities.

      Fact – leftist/liberals broke into the capital during the Kavanaugh hearings and did a lot of damage too but we never heard anything about it.

      I’m not by any means defending what happened but I don’t believe it was instigated by true conservatives. I think the group was infiltrated by trouble makers. Why were the barriers removed long before Trump spoke to the crowds? Why were capitol police escorting “protesters” into the building?

      There are way too many unanswered questions surrounding this incident.

      • I know someone (a local businessman) who was there. He said those who entered and damaged government property were not part of the conservative group. According to him, those people were at the Capitol before the president’s supporters got there.

        I wasn’t there. I’m just letting you know what he said.

      • GA, What was the evidence? What technicalities? I am genuinely looking for the truth. When Trump’s own picks do not support his case, . . . .

        • Bam Bam – here in GA, when they were counting votes in Fulton Co, they stopped counting and sent everyone home stating that there was a water leak. Four women stayed behind, pulled cases of ballots out from under a table and started counting again – no reporters or poll watchers in the room at all. All this was caught on security cameras.

          Also, a forensic audit of the election showed irregularities in the count totals as they were happening. The guy who testified to the GA legislature stated that vote counts could NOT have reductions during counting without outside manipulation or programming within the software. He also stated that vote counts were reduced several times during the counting process. One of the legislators can be heard saying “wow” in the background as they were hearing the evidence. If the DH ever finds the audio/video where we heard it, I’ll post the link.

          All that is just Ga – add in similar situations in every other state that used the Dominion machines.

          • I heard the same in Georgia. They had video fro, security cameras showing those four people taking votes out of suitcases after poll workers were sent home. It that ain’t fraud, I have ocean front property in NW Ga. And…..of course they used the same Do inion voting machines in the Senate race.

          • GA,

            I appreciate the reply. Can you document this? I am really looking for evidence. I do not doubt that you believe what you say. I respect your integrity. I am searching for facts.

          • Bam Bam – I saw some of the video on the local news after it happened. Not sure where you could find it now.

          • GA,

            Here’s the info I need to overturn the Biden win. Please show me that Fulton County, Ga., was decisive in the overall election with Trump. (A few ladies putting votes in containers because of a sprinkler issue is not going to sway the whole state of Georgia.)

            The real proof that Dems have taken over in Georgia is the fact that both Dems won election.

            I actually think Newt Gingrich was right here–Republicans lost Georgia because “socialism for the rich” doesn’t help feed your kids if you are poor.

          • How about we use the Democrats excuse for losing, voter suppression. Republicans knew this was the most important election in 100 years yet the Republican turn out was less then in the general election. Did they just stay home or were some votes “lost”?

    • You see no difference between a couple dozen fringe elements out of a million protesters who trespassed and BLM/Antifa who looted stores and businesses, burned down people’s homes and businesses, beat store owners and bystanders, blinded police with lasers, shot into and pulled people from their vehicles and beat them and destroyed the lives of entire families. The few fools who entered the capital at the invitation of security who removed barricades and waved them in acted like spoiled school children. Also entering with them were BLM/Antifa agents and federal agents. One of the BLM, John Earle Sullivan, was arrested by the Metropolitan Police Dept with the other but he was released after a short detention. Sullivan was arrested last summer after shooting into a car during a BLM protest in Provo, UT. You need to look at the whole story not just a CNN “news” cast. The media is slanting the hell out of the story just like they did in their live broadcast of the “mostly peaceful protest” of the BLM when the video of the reporter panned across burning stores and businesses. Also the courts are dodging all the extremely political cases so you can’t put much value on their actions. The protest is about a stolen election. Look at some of the evidence that has been released (not on CNN). I will agree with you the Republican party is history but it is because they grandstanded for the media and joined the democrats in fighting the president from before the primary.
      Don’t compare vandalism with blackmail, robbery, arson, and murder. There is a big difference!

  9. I’ve been out of loop for the last several months. Between the numerous hunting seasons, fishing trips and some untimely medical procedures/treatments I have been out of touch and anxious to get back to this site. 1. Jan 6. I don’t believe real Americans had anything to do with the capital building it was ANTIFA.
    2. Chickens
    3. All are good
    4. I picked up a new shotgun and recurve bow. It’s been hard to find ammo in Michigan since October and I’ve been told the situation will not get any better now that the idiot biden will be in office. I have rearranged and repacked my food preps and have added at least two more months of food to my supplies.

    • Rich P:

      Sounds like good stuff! We are having our ammo issues too, but the “normal” amount is getting here, it just does not stay on the shelves very long, even with a 1-2 box limit.

      • I checked 4 stores yesterday and the only ammo I found were 4 boxes of 28ga shells. The ammo is very tight in Northern Michigan.

  10. Well, back to the night shift, my sleep pattern has me sleeping all day. Good excuse to not get anything done. I get tired just reading about how much you people do. I will say I am glad I live in Florida, no insurance but my dentist takes cash and I get a senior citizen discount.

    I think all protests are a waste of time, lawmakers just hunker down until they leave and go back to doing whatever it was that the protesters don’t like. I think chickens would be best for most people to keep. I went to the Prepper Camp in North Carolina, I lasted half a day. Walking on that hillside did me in, I had to go home. It was a nice drive from Florida to get there.

  11. 1. Well, what did you think about January 6 events and the future of our country?
    I put some comments as reply to Zulu. Something really smells about the whole thing. I’m awaiting an AAR from some who were there. The FBI is lying thru its teeth in saying no Antifa there. There’s a rumor that some laptops were scooped up by the gov’t from offices. The sell-out globalist Dems lost four years when DJT interrupted their plans. They have a lot to ram down our throats as fast as they can. It would be h3ll on earth if they could manage to pack the Supreme Court; 1A, 2A, 4A would be in severe peril more than they already are. I’m getting inklings of peeing off the military, which may be needed to save our sorry butts. One scary thing is how infiltrated the multi-sided palace has become. DC is horrifically left / globally minded and forget who they work for. Seems the majority of Fed worker bees are exuberant that Biden and people who know what they’re doing will be taking over. Looking at the Cabinet picks is enough to make me want to dig a hole and jump in to hide.

    2. What animal do you think is the best one for preppers to keep?
    I can’t pick just one. A dog & a cat or two. For food would be chickens for eggs & meat, rabbits, goats for milk.

    3. What class being offered at Old School Survival Boot Camp would you most like to take?
    I won’t be going. If I were, I’d be interested in almost all.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    Bought another plastic shoebox for storing cello pack spaghetti & linguini. Can put 8-10 packs in a box.
    Ordered two more headlamps.
    Ordered IIIA vest, which will be del’d this Wed. Murphy may strike in that it will be too small because I was lucky enough to find one in stock at SafeLife. Plain jane, can add plates. No battle rattle on me, which reminds me to get more bandanas. Oh, and I’ve always walked heel to toe. Maybe I should order more boots.
    Bought more groceries. Dear Lord, give me the strength to straighten out my inventory b4 the DP starts screaming.
    Started walking a mile a day. Rough roads out here which my back and right leg hate.

  12. Newsflash — Amazon to shut down all Parler servers tomorrow night. Parler will have to rebuild onto another platform so could be down a week. Apple will likely drop their app. Samsung will likely pick up on new phone biz.

    Mozilla making threats and people are dropping Firefox.

    Conservative websites have been scrambling for new web hosts.

  13. Late to the party again. Don’t fret Trump’s got this as you will see in the video. Watch it before it’s taken down.

    Puppy saw a squirrel on the fence and hit it hard barking, a worker on a neighbor’s house was putting a new roof on and almost fell off of the roof. The other workers were all laughing at him.

    We are under attack by the left I don’t think they comprehend 75 million angry gun owners that know there was voter fraud. They are banning conservatives from Twitter and Facebook including the POTUS.

    Bought 4 more Pmags.
    Loaded mags with a/p and tracers.
    Practiced mag changes.

    Freeze dryer
    Freeze dried zucchini and squash, spaghetti and hamburger.

    Bought canned goods

    Bought 2 cases.

    Thor’s questions

    1. Do you think all free speech sites will be shutdown?

    2. Do you think Trump will invoke the insurrection on Monday?

    3. Have you heard of the FBI destroying ballet evidence in Georgia?

    4. Are you aware of the special operation at the Capitol?
    Watch the video.


      • Thor1,

        I haven’t heard of grids going down due to frequency abnormalities.

        I am checking all of my rechargeable devices and topping them off, but that was started before your post. The crap going on in the country was enough to justify a check and top off.

    • Tara’s questions

      1.Well, what did you think about January 6 events and the future of our country?
      It will be ok after Monday.

      2.What animal do you think is the best one for preppers to keep?

      Rabbits and chickens

      3.What class being offered at Old School Survival Boot Camp would you most like to take?

      Ham radio as it will be an asset in the future. I do have 3 transceivers and an emergency receiver.

    • Thor’s questions

      1. Do you think all free speech sites will be shutdown?

      They seem to be doing a good job at it so far. There seems to be an excellent business opportunity opening up for somebody, like Trump.

      2. Do you think Trump will invoke the insurrection on Monday?

      I don’t know. I think he should do it today.

      3. Have you heard of the FBI destroying ballet evidence in Georgia?

      I have not heard this, but I am not surprised to hear it now.

      4. Are you aware of the special operation at the Capitol?
      Watch the video.

      Interesting and it makes sense. Nancy sure has been pretty hysterical since the Capitol invasion, demanding an impeachment and/or an 25A action.

      • Nancy is just a hot bag of air. I wish to goodness she would get some implants and stop those dentures of hers rolling around. Talk about an angry women, I am surprised she hasn’t had a heart attack over all her shanigan’s (not that I would seriously wish that on anyone).

    • Thor1
      Wondered where that video was located so many have been discussing. Thank you for posting it so I can share with others.
      Thor1’s Questions
      1)Free Speech sites: YES!! They are in the process of banning them, you & I very well know. If you do not walk in their “lock step”, kiss your site good bye.
      2) I am not sure, a lot is happening behind the scenes. Read that there power failures in Rome-could care less about that place(snarkey). Along with a country that was having issues. Communications being locked down may have been the issue for some plane accidents, if it is true or not I am not sure. So far it has been a working hypothesis, as it was so consequential.
      3) Saw the video of young man who was witnessing the removal of ballots from their holding storage area being sent to the sheriff’s office before he was removed from office by the new incoming sheriff. He also had tape where there was an observer stationed in a high window which appeared to have “possible” a weapon of some type, and other various stations where observers were posted. While all this nefarious behavior was occurring.
      4) Heard of it, but have not seen anything. Shall watch the video you have provided.

      Thor1 sorry that a certain party was bouncing off the walls at you. Gave him a gentle reminder to go outside & breathe as he really needed to cool down.

      • Antique Collector,

        It’s not your fault of other’s actions.

        I wasn’t sure if the Guy was a troll or un-American.

        We all need to know that America is not over yet and is worth fighting for.

        You are welcome for the link. I try to keep everyone informed and ready.

    • Thor, first time I’ve seen that vid. Thanx. Whoever they are, they move like pros. Interesting how “deplorables” were yelling and pointing at them.

    • Thor, watching now. Stories / rumors have been out all afternoon re blackout in Pakistan and Vatican, including Pope arrested. Hadn’t heard about more of Italy or of anything in France. Heard Lin Wood supposedly putting out info incl Trump utilizing military & insurrection act. Dark Winter? Or are dark forces also doing things? We shall see.

  14. Red Alert

    Apple is going to block the emergency transmission from the POTUS. Per the emergency communications by the FCC, I believe this is an illegal act.

    What don’t they want us to know?

    Some 150+ company CEOs are demanding Biden be installed now.

    United Airlines, Microsoft, Goldman and Sachs, Master card, American Express and drumroll please……..Pfizer are among them.

    • Thor1,

      Somebody is running scared big time. Otherwise, who cares when Biden gets sworn in? It only a week or so.

      Based on the info about Nancy’s laptop getting nabbed, and her sudden (and coincidental) hysterical demands for either a 25A event or an impeachment, a number of loose ends are starting to come together for me. First, all of those cabinet members resigning suddenly with only a couple of weeks left in office. A 25A event can’t be held without enough cabinet members available to vote for it. You now see Nancy et al not yelling for a 25A quite as much any more.

      If Trump invokes the Insurrection Act and certain people end up getting arrested based on info from the laptops, an impeachment will go out the window too. Trump may end up leaving office, but he’ll go on a normal departure. Nancy won’t control the exit.

      Moreover, if it turns out that military SpecOps people actually nabbed the laptops, that should send a really strong message to certain liberal elements that they are in danger and likely won’t be able to hire the skilled protection they would need. They may not get whacked, but they won’t be able to dodge an arrest under the Insurrection Act.

      Another interested thought occurs to me. What if those laptops contain significant evidence of voter fraud on the part of the Dems? I’d be in a total panic too were I Nancy.

      • Thought occurred to the DH – if the laptops were taken without a warrant, the information is not admissible in court. Not sure how that would work if the laptops were “stolen” then turned over to the authorities.

        • GA Red:

          In Intelligence work, people are less concerned with “legal evidence” than “actionable intelligence”. Intel people looking for the “who/when/where”, they leave punishing the guilty to others. Once you know who did what, it’s actually relatively easy to find “legal evidence”.

          • JP,

            “In Intelligence work, people are less concerned with “legal evidence” than “actionable intelligence”. Intel people looking for the “who/when/where”, they leave punishing the guilty to others. Once you know who did what, it’s actually relatively easy to find “legal evidence”.”

            This is true regarding intelligence. However, using that ill-gotten intel to find “legal evidence” can be tricky. Under search and seizure laws and evidentiary procedures, otherwise legal evidence gained from illegal sources is known as “the fruit of the poisonous tree” and is inadmissible in court.

            The next question is, assuming the laptop contains actionable intelligence, what action exactly can they use it for?

          • Zulu 3-6:

            I like these discussions. I have very limited experience with the legal side, but have spent a lot of time on the Intel side. Knowing something and proving something are different. But, by knowing, you have a better idea of where to look for proof.

            As to what you do with Intel that is “actionable” but “a legal non-starter” is probably best left to other venues.

        • GA Red,

          I’ve been wondering about that too. It depends on how and what they plan to use the information on the laptop. Use in a criminal prosecution would probably be a non-starter. But as simple intelligence gathering, that’s another thing.

        • GA Red
          Those pieces of equipment were not for the [lackey] courts. If you saw the video with the General, he speaks of a special operation that was embedded with certain factions. That is all I will say on that matter, so the courts are mutt at this junction from what I have gathered.

    • To leave a somewhat happier post. My son, his GF, and #2GD came over yesterday. #2GD is a happy, cheerful, laughing little baby. She has been rolling over on her own for the past week or so and is trying very hard to stand up on her own (she’s 4-months old now). A real sweetie.

      When they left my place this morning, they went to #1 daughter’s house to visit #1GD and her daddy. #1 daughter is off doing her Air Force Reserve thing this weekend so she is missing out. #1GD was not told she was getting a visitor and she was absolutely freaked out happy to see her cuz.

      SIL sent some photos of #1GD reading to #2GD who had a big grin on her face. Obviously they enjoy each other. So joyful to see. 🙂

        • GA Red,

          #1GD keeps me on an even keel. She is so much fun to be around. That and I enjoy conversations with her mom and dad as they are both well educated and very knowledgeable about the world.

  15. Interesting information. Evidently Pelosi has been trying to get General Miley, the Chief of the General Staff, to prevent Trump from having access to the nuke codes. Miley refused to get involved stating like it or not, Trump is still the Commander-in-Chief and to do anything like Pelosi wants would be a mutiny and a military coup.

    She is terrified Trump has something big on her.

  16. I do have a couple of questions.

    [1] Why was the Capitol Building so poorly defended?

    [2] We knew days ahead of time that the protest was going to get violent. Why weren’t the National Guard called in or at least sent to a staging area where they could be called upon immediately?

    [3] There were additional security officers but they were not armed. Why?

    [4] Gas masks were placed under each congress person’s seat. So they knew something was coming. ???

    My working theory is that liberals cannot support “Defund the police” and criticize Trump’s heavy handed use of the National Guard in response to BLM/Antifa riots and then call in the National Guard to protect themselves. (Note that Trump had no authority to activate the National Guard against BLM. Governors had to make this decision, not POTUS.)

    [5] If walls don’t work, why is the National Guard currently building a wall around the Capitol?

    • Bam Bam,

      [1] Why was the Capitol Building so poorly defended?

      My guess? Nancy, who as the Speaker of the House is the main person in-charge of Capitol Building operations, was politically afraid to make security look like it was being over-done and heavy-handed.

      [2] We knew days ahead of time that the protest was going to get violent. Why weren’t the National Guard called in or at least sent to a staging area where they could be called upon immediately?

      The DC Guard was on alert and staged just outside the DC city limits even though their Armory is only a few blocks from the Capitol. They were not fully kitted out in riot gear (see Q 1).

      [3] There were additional security officers but they were not armed. Why?

      See Q 1.

      [4] Gas masks were placed under each congress person’s seat. So they knew something was coming. ???
      Sure they did. But gas masks hidden under desks don’t look like excessive response. See Q 1.
      My working theory is that liberals cannot support “Defund the police” and criticize Trump’s heavy handed use of the National Guard in response to BLM/Antifa riots and then call in the National Guard to protect themselves. (Note that Trump had no authority to activate the National Guard against BLM. Governors had to make this decision, not POTUS.)

      Your working theory is mostly accurate. This brings us back to your Question #1. True, Trump has no authority to call in the National Guard of STATES under most circumstances. Washington DC is not a state and the Guard does come under the President. However, the standard routine is for the President (regardless of party) to delegate authority to the Secretary of Defense, who then bumps it down to the Secretary of the Army or Secretary of the Air Force, depending whether the units are Army or Air Guard. The SecArmy did eventually order the DC Guard to respond.

      [5] If walls don’t work, why is the National Guard currently building a wall around the Capitol?

      You and I both know walls do work, under certain conditions. Those conditions are: The entire wall must be continually under surveillance and the entire wall must have a security force available, equipped, trained, and prepared to protect that wall from intruders. This is simply a military principle in using barriers to slow or prevent enemy movement (barriers such as walls, mine fields, Hesco barriers, ditches, fallen trees, etc). Without surveillance and a defense force, the attackers have all the time in the world to defeat the barrier.

  17. Bam Bam, my guess is poorly defended on purpose. A set-up????? Capitol Police knew Antifa would be imbedded. Nancy oversees Capitol security. The National Guard was staged (sans firearms). Bowser or Nancy could have called them forth much earlier. Fingers pointed every which way after the fact. Capitol security opened and held doors for quite a few people who walked up the steps and into the rotunda. Antifa was noted by many people and reporters as working to agitate & talk people into going to windows, and Antifa may have been who were breaking those windows. I spotted many Antifa myself. There were a few vids of people who stopped others (Antifa?) on outside steps. There will be more vids at some point showing even more angles of Ashli being shot. Each congress persons’ seat has an emergency kit underneath. They’ve been there for years, I think after the Puerto Rico shooters. Yeah, walls can work. In Nancy’s case, it’s good for me but not for thee. Same as her gated home neighborhood.

    Methinks Nancy & friends engineered a lot of this for bad optics of conservatives. Hope her office still stinks from fumigation. DJT’s final words in speech were for peaceful protesting. MSM won’t say that, just that the unwashed prole conservative masses are trash, extremely violent, and need to be purged. Biden plans to declare as domestic terrorists to take one side out. We shall see what we shall see. Game on.

  18. Last Week’s Questions:
    1. What are your prepping resolutions for the new year? Working on some ideas for semi-hidden storage.
    2. Do you think that we are doomed to see a Joe Biden presidency – and what would that look like in the year to come? Unfortunately
    3. What did you do to prep this week? Cleaning and organizing the house. Bought a few fun items for rotation – Rice Krispie treats were top of the list because I can actually eat one as a snack on a diabetic diet plan.

    Thor’s questions from last week:
    1. Do you have any gear you have not practiced with? Yes, unfortunately. One is the hand-held water pump for taking rain out of a rain barrel or other water source. There are others but won’t go into detail.
    2. Do you believe that our elections have been compromised by the Chinese or the Russians? (Follow the money) I believe they have been compromised by people within our own country along with outside forces – especially in Georgia, Pennsylvania and other key states.
    3. Have you heard of the gas sabotage in Colorado and do you think more attacks on our infrastructure will occur in future months? Have not heard of that anywhere but on this site. I think attacks on the infrastructure have been happening without being reported and will continue to be.
    4. Do you think America will rise up from the voter fraud? It depends on how well those in their 20s and 30s understand what is actually happening and whether or not they have the guts and knowledge to get involved to fix the problems. There is only so much my generation can do beyond teaching our history and pushing for Civics classes to be returned to our school curriculum.

    This Week’s Questions:
    1. Well, what did you think about January 6 events and the future of our country? I think the country-loving conservatives that went there to peacefully protest were set-up and/or infiltrated by persons/groups that wanted to make conservatives look bad to the masses.
    2. What animal do you think is the best one for preppers to keep? Chickens first and goats second. Chickens are small and like a gateway to more and more. Chickens can be kept in urban areas as well, while other livestock can not.
    3. What class being offered at Old School Survival Boot Camp would you most like to take? I’d love more self-defense classes, but realistically would love to learn spinning and weaving – things I fell in love with as a child. I would also love some hands-on classes on rendering lard and tallow.
    4. What did you do to prep this week? Added a bunch of vitamins and minerals to the rotation. Continuing to get our current home more livable and getting rid of things we don’t need while organizing items we want to keep. Took a quick preliminary look at our tax return and got depressed, so it will be set aside until we actually get our W-2s.

    Thor’s questions for this week:
    1. Do you think all free speech sites will be shut down? It’s already started – Parler was shut down last night and the Walk Away Campaign’s FB page was shut down last week, around the same time Trump was banned from social media.
    2. Do you think Trump will invoke the insurrection act on Monday? Doubtful – he has no support beyond the American people.
    3. Have you heard of the FBI destroying ballot evidence in Georgia? No but the Georgia Legislature has already heard evidence of a forensic audit of the November election and is planning hearings on how to reduce the voter fraud going forward. I have no confidence that my vote was properly counted.
    4. Are you aware of the special operation at the Capitol? No
    5. Have you heard of grids going down in Pakistan, the Vatican and almost Europe due to frequency abnormalities? Only from you. I asked the DH as he keeps up with the news more than I do and he had not heard either.

      • Z36,

        Suppose he already has, operation blackout is in action.

        By the way I meant civilian court not civil. My bad.

        The military doesn’t have to follow civilian rules. I know you are retired military and police officer so you are more of an expert on this than I.

        • Thor1,

          True, the military doesn’t follow civilian rules exactly, but the UCMJ has very similar rules and the UCMJ is a set of federal laws enacted by Congress and signed into law by the President.

          If you’re curious, lookup the Manual for Courts Martial. It comes under 10 USC. The UCMJ and many of the court procedures are found there. I have a copy of the Manual for Courts Martial that came out in 1936 and modified with the inclusions of the first UCMJ which was signed into law by Harry Truman in 1950. The copy belonged to my father when he was a lieutenant in the Army Reserves Military Police Corps. Naturally, there have been many changes since 1950. Not to mention the current version is about four or five times thicker than the volume I have.

  19. What annoys me greatly is all of the people being charged with domestic terrorism related charges for acting the fool at the Capitol Building, yet all of those jerks who committed similar or more serious crimes in Portland and Seattle were charged with nothing. And those that were charged, were tagged with local misdemeanors that judges dismissed.

  20. JP in MT,

    I’d like to discuss some things with you semi-privately. Please hook up with GA Red and she can give you my email address.

      • Zulu, yep, just one of their many tactics. Wish more of my old Boomer acquaintances would figure it out.
        Oh, I tried on my new IIIA. As usual, I’m between sizes. I’ll try a few adjustments, but appears there will be a 1-1/2″ gap on each side. Aargh. Trying to drop 15 pounds, which is hard this time of year.


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