What I Did To Prep This Week: January 10th 2020 – January 16th 2021

Hello Pack. I hope you all had a productive week of prepping. While working social media to promote our Old School Survival Boot Camp event, I have been astonished to see the vast – really vast, number of new preppers joining online communities for the very first time.

The number of folks across America who have been awakened about the need to become more self-reliant and to learn how to use firearms due to both the pandemic and the ongoing threats to our republic is simply astonishing.

Prepping this week on our survival homestead has involved a lot of barnyard and fencing work, learning more about herbalism, and amazing chats with prepper pals both new and old.

The mini donkeys keep finding ways to crawl under the barbed wire fencing around the livestock entrance to the barn. They never wander far when they get out, maybe down to the lower hayfield across the creek (if the water is not up very much – they do not like walking in water or mud … at all) and then back.

But, when I close them up into the barn pasture, I need to know they will stay put, and not get hurt in snapped and dangling barbed wire.

Livestock wandering down a half a mile from the house is not a big deal now, but during a SHTF event, I want all the critters securely kept in the barn pasture, out of sight and with the maximum amount of sound discipline possible.

It is only that one spot that ever poses the problem. A natural spring exists underground in that area, so the ground stays soft even during a July drought. I figure that is why the posts never secure as firmly as they should in the soil.

So, we worked for two days to remove barbed wire, and replace posts and install hog panels around that entire area. Not only can my escape artists mini donkeys no longer make an unapproved exit, the goats can no longer poke their heads onto the other side of the fence and back the horses off their feed.

Yes, you read that correctly, my miniature goats (especially the 3-legged and 1-eared little herd leader) just have to claim the feed tub from the horse and it becomes their own. Even hanging feed tubs they cannot reach become theirs.

The goats will just bump the bottom of the hanging feeder until it is knocked long enough and hard enough to give them some flying pellets or food or the entire tub falls off its respective rail.

The mild winter weather again this week has allowed the big and little herds to do a fair amount of off-season grazing. The goats will nibble all winter, but even the horses are finding grass still hanging around.

Working on the Old School Survival Boot Camp event has introduced me to some awesome new bushcraft, self-reliant preppers, and survival homesteading folks.

One woman who contacted us today about becoming a presenter runs a highly successful blog and is a traveling prepper. She and her two daughters live full-time in an RV, and she works remotely. I am very curious to learn more about both why and how her portable prepper lifestyle works.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. Is your prepping plan to bug in or bug out, and why?
  2. What do you think are the pros and cons of portable prepping in an RV or on a boat?
  3. What did you do to prep this week?

78 thoughts on “What I Did To Prep This Week: January 10th 2020 – January 16th 2021”

  1. This Week’s Questions:

    1. Is your prepping plan to bug in or bug out, and why? In. Can bug out if needed, don’t want to.

    2. What do you think are the pros and cons of portable prepping in an RV or on a boat? I have a travel trailer, but it is resource intensive. Good for 2-6 weeks, but after that you had better be able to resupply, or have a large stock of items with you.

    3 What did you do to prep this week? Well…

    New Pup: Took her to the dog park Saturday, and let her run with the other dogs; she wore 3 others out. Got to hear her bark – yep, she’s a hound! The tail was swinging wildly, so I’m quite sure she had a good time. We have gotten her out there Sunday & Monday so far also; she had a great time with the other dogs. On Tuesday she actually went over to a lady inside the grounds.

    Tried Ready Hour FD Mac & Cheese for dinner Saturday night. White cheese, was listed as 4 servings, and would be a meal for 3-4. I’ve had better, but considering I was sitting in the warm living room and not in the woods (or worse), I’d do it again. (We got it from CampingSurvival.com.)

    DW took Monday & Tuesday off: Got the “last” of the new storage cabinets assembled and up. Took boxes to the dump. Assembled new floor lamp. Too used books to the book store. Took usable items to the Thrift Shop.

    Medical biopsy on Tuesday AM. All went well, 4 hours of discomfort. All samples came back benign!

    Battery light came on in the DW’s car. Alternator is out. The good part is it went out before and a replacement is covered by the warranty. So, we are just down a car for a couple of days, versus out $250.

    “New” kitchen ceiling fan was blowing light bulbs and not working right. Repairman came over and removed the remote; all is well. Cost me 4 DVD’s that were going to the Thrift Shop anyway! Returned the replacement ceiling fan I ordered just in case.

    I heard from WonderMill. I traded up to a new one for $200 w/a 6-year warranty. Live and learn. It will be here Monday!

    Rumors abound! This coming week will be “spicey” or a “nothing burger”. Either way it will be interesting.

    Supply Run: Grocery top off; 300 cc O2 absorbers, Mylar 5.0-gal bags; instant oatmeal; 91% alcohol; 1-gal buckets w/lid; UHT milk;

    Received: Covfefe coffee (whole bean); floor lamps (one came broken); Bear IFAK minimums; hobby parts/tools/kits; holster for K6S; MTM ammo cans for AR mags; Scrabbled egg mix; black bean burger mix; Scalpicin;

  2. I spent my week adding some to the pantry. Food is not getting any cheaper, and has anyone else seen the trend of others following Burger Kings ‘Plant Based Burger?’ I tried one (by mistake). As their old logo used to say, ‘Where’s the beef?’ I like meat!
    My prepping plans are to bug in and remain in place if all possible, but I do have an alternate BOL if needed.
    Portable prepping is not bad as long as you have gasoline to go to and fro, and a place to park it. It is also subject to inspection if pulled over by so called officials, so there’s the possibility of being detained, especially if they find firearms and ammo. In a boat, can you say ‘sitting duck’? I’ll do what ever I need to do if the time comes, but for now, I will stick to one location.

  3. I did my grocery shopping twice again this week and keep adding a little more to my food stock. Got to keep on getting that stash a little deeper.

    I have a lot rattling around in my head over the Jan 6 fiasco. It doesn’t matter who was playing silly games at the capitol and are being prosecuted for it. What matters to me is WHY the people who did the exact same crap in Portland, Seattle, and other places are NOT being prosecuted for the same, similar, or even more serious crimes? Nobody committed arson in DC, but many did in Portland, Seattle, et al. Is it simply because the Capitol is different and is run by Nancy Pelosi and other Dimocrats? Also, poor AOC, the donkey, was afraid she was going to get killed by the mean old Trumpists. Scaredy cat. I have even less respect for her now than I did before, which means it’s deep in the negative numbers.

    Antifa and BLM are problem children writ large. I watched a number of videos taken at the Capitol and the tactics used were straight out of the Antifa handbook or any other communist DIY book. Unfortunately, many conservative protesters were suckered in by the Antifa agents provocateur and one got killed as a result. You may have noticed that the Capitol police have not yet released the name of the officer responsible for the shooting. A source has said that he knows the name of the officer but won’t release it at this time either. However, that source did report the officer involved is black and was a shooter in another shaky police shooting a couple of years ago (victim was a black woman). That might be the one that took place outside the Capitol and involved a car chase in 2013. I looked up photos of that incident and there is a black Capitol police officer next to the car the woman in that event was shot. So, the information on Jan 6 might have some validity to it. We’ll see. If it is the same officer, I would say there was no racist element in the shooting, just crappy judgement. Apparently the DC US Attorney thinks something was not right and is having a criminal excessive force investigation done.

    I recommend that everyone buy and read a copy of the “Antifa Handbook”, available on Amazon. You will learn their tactics and be able to pick them out on videos or if you see them live. They are not new tricks. Communists have been using them for years and years. BLM uses mostly the same tactics. The author is an Antifa organizer and I hate giving him money by purchasing his book, but one needs to know one’s enemy.

    Just because Biden and his cabal are in office now, doesn’t mean Antifa and BLM are going to retire. Quite the opposite. They will still act up whenever the police or conservatives do things they don’t like, or even if the Dims do something they don’t like. They will be used by the Dims as their Brown Shirts just as they are now. The question I have is how many more Kristallnacht events we’re going to have to endure from those scumbags. One thing they should remember is what happened to Ernst Rohm and his Brown Shirts when they decided to branch out on their own, not follow instructions from Hitler, and politically embarrassed him by continuing to smash stuff and beat people up (including foreign diplomats). They got a “night name” of their own. “Nacht der langen Messer” or “Night of the Long Knives.”

    Things are getting uglier by the day. I have my battle rattle squared away now, or at least as much as it can be at this point. I still have to load up my Camelbak, but I’m waiting on that to have water as fresh as possible. My primary stuff is set up to serve my AR-15. I do have an LBV set up for my HK-91, but it isn’t as fully equipped.

    Something occurred to me this week. I haven’t heard much of anything from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton lately. Anyone else heard from them? Seems to me they have been pushed to the side as “old news.” The younger players want in on the racist money train me thinks.

    #1GD is going back to pre-school starting next Thursday and Friday. I think that is a good idea. I’ll have to pick her up from school in the afternoon on those two days every week, but I don’t mind. She is tickled no end to be going back.

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. Is your prepping plan to bug in or bug out, and why?

    I plan to bug in. I have no place to go on a bug out, plus I am familiar with my current territory. Being in Central Florida, weather is generally favorable for survival (minus a hurricane occasionally, but everyplace has a weather issue).

    2. What do you think are the pros and cons of portable prepping in an RV or on a boat?

    Pro: Ability to move around to different locations.

    Con: Reduced storage for food and other supplies. Loss of ability to move around if fuel supplies run out. Also, depending on the weather at the location you finally have to settle down at, your ability to heat your RV or boat could be poor. Summer heat is better, but winter cold freezes everything. Neither vehicle type is well insulated.

    3. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above

  4. To your questions
    I’m a bug in type as others will buyout to me.
    Portable prepping limits your resources. In requires a heavier reliance on skills and tools . An example would be smaller pantry . This would mean a heavier reliance on plant foraging skills, fishing skills/tackle and hunting of animal/ hunting gear.
    Have seen a few boat setups that included a few hens and container gardens.

    Not much prepping this week. Added a few odds and ends to the reserve . These give my spares for my spares a spare.
    Time to rinse some meat that has been dry curing and get it in the smoker. Bacon and cured pork lion on the way.

  5. Good morning from South Carolina
    1.Probably in we’re both over 60.
    2. Saying that we do have an RV. During hurricane season it is ready to go if needed.
    3. Can’t do much. I fell during a camping trip the day after Christmas and broke my left clavicle . My arm is in a sling now. Haven’t even been able to take down the Christmas decorations.

    • Hey Mary, I haven’t seen you on here before, so I just wanted to say hello from Georgia. Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope everything heals pretty quickly. Good to read your commet

    • Hi Mary. Wow, another member of the broken left clavicle team. Sorry to hear about your fall. Plz be careful not to try doing things too soon. The decorations won’t go anywhere.

  6. Good morning Pack
    Tara so glad to see a post without political references!
    Not burying my head in the sand just looking for a break in the constant storm.
    1 We would bug in if at all possible. That being said we live in a small town in Texas and recently bout 40 acreas in the Arkansas Ozarks.
    We are going back and forth trying to get house ready to live in , sell our business and make the move. So we have all our supplies in Texas but a much better location for SHTF in another state. Makes it a tough decision.
    2 We have an RV and it would make a pretty ideal
    Bug out vehicle . Other than ours is too large to haul into an extremely rugged terrain.But you have a complete ready to go shelter with on board water, refrigeration, heat ,food ,cooking ability your clothing , bedding. And you can move it if the situation required
    3: well
    I added to grocery stash as I do each week )thanks to joining this little group 5 or 6 years ago)
    Deleted all my accounts ran by censorship Nazis ;FB, Amazon( that one hurts),
    Google,paypal, dont twitter so that wasn’t an issue. Really hoping that 75 million patriots will follow suit
    Printed out alot of the recipes and helpful articles I had store in FB
    Downloaded a huge amount of DIY prepping and survivalist manuals and articles From a survivalist vault of over 3700 articles on MEWE. Now I must get busy printing them and storing them
    No ammo to be found in our area at least not at a price We would pay. We have more than we should need in our lifetime but should and will can be two different things
    Thats about it for me, this week. Going to do some dehydrating this weekend I think. Make some freezer room and try my hand at putting together some soup starter jars.
    Have a good week and stay safe.
    Be still, God’s got this.

      • The survivalist vault. You will be amazed at how much they have to choose from
        From vet care to making bread to building from stone , wood, grass. Engineering of all kinds of things. Automobile repair
        And type battery info imaginable . And the list goes on. Its a huge wealth of info

      • The survivalist vault. You will be amazed at how much they have to choose from
        From vet care to making bread to building from stone , wood, grass. Engineering of all kinds of things. Automobile repair
        And type battery info imaginable . And the list goes on. Its a huge wealth of info

  7. Morning all! Just finished up three hours of piddling around outside on my little farm. I moved several young banana “pups” to their permanent locations along the east canal and mulched around them with weathered hay from one of my chicken yards. Gathered the first 5 eggs of the day, turned water on in the garden, and transplanted a dragon fruit that wasn’t thriving in it’s previous location.

    This week I harvested and canned mustard and collard greens, received my order from EE for more powdered shortening, placed another seed order after I planted 75 tomato seeds in expanding peat discs. Would like enough Romas to do more sauce this year. I sold my baby bucks to a local fellow prepper…they will become her herd sires next year. I started a batch of mead yesterday, utilizing all of the frozen grapes and mulberries from last year’s crops. Will be “pitching the yeast” today and adding yeast nutrient to get the fermentation process rolling. Mead is one of those things I will be glad I learned how to make in the days ahead. LOL

    We plan to bug in because I’ve spent the last decade getting this place ready for such a time as this. Plenty of free-flowing water, back up power system, lots of permaculture, and 30 farm critters. Our family will come HERE if necessary. Seven bedrooms and 6 bathrooms will be filled with children and grands. Our position is quite defensible with water on all four sides….our place is only accessible (by vehicle) through our front gate. All others will have to swim. Makes for easy target practice. There’s even a pig out back in the pen to consume the evidence! LOL

    Nuff said.

  8. 1. Is your prepping plan to bug in or bug out, and why?
    I’m staying where I am. I have a location that I feel is safe, and everything is here. I do have farm ground away from my homestead, but no structure or supplies.
    2. What do you think are the pros and cons of portable prepping in an RV or on a boat?
    Pro: You are mobile. Con: Extremely limited space and lead projectiles will do a lot of damage to the structure and the people inside.
    3. What did you do to prep this week?

    I did it! I passed the technician test for my HAM radio license. The information was completely foreign to me. I started learning/studying on Monday (I babysat four grandkids all day, too, so not much studying until I got home.), and I took the test at noon on Wednesday.
    I called someone on Tuesday night to find a place to take the test in person. A while later, I got a call from a man who said I could take it at noon on Wednesday. If I didn’t do it then it would be three to four months before it would be given again. Covid has caused local clubs to halt meetings. Three examiners were already planning to give the test to someone they knew, and they said I was welcome to come. Even though I felt completely unprepared, I did it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    I truly feel it was a God thing that everything worked out this way. If I hadn’t been forced to take the exam when I did, I think I would have procrastinated.
    I ordered some equipment on Friday. I called a supplier to ask a question, and the man commented that business had been really good and a lot of items were out of stock. I decided to order on the phone instead of online so I could check the availability of what I wanted. Thankfully, everything was available. I went with the recommendations of others. I actually had six different people recommend the same things, so that’s what I got.
    You have no idea how good this makes me feel. Communications is my least prepared area. Passing the test gave me a sense of accomplishment, even though I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with the radios. I look forward to learning through listening and doing. And I have two people who have offered to do the programming and teach me.

    This week:
    -Does anyone have guineas? I’m considering them to keep snakes away (They’re starting to be a problem.) and as a security alarm. 😉

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: water filters, sugar, Mt. Dew (Not a necessity, but it’s DH’s favorite,),

    -Started a Bible study this week with a cousin, friend, and friend’s daughter. I’m looking forward to it each week.
    -HAM license should be available in 7-10 days. Equipment is ordered.
    -Had home LP tank filled. We have enough in one tank to last us until next fall, with regular usage. We also have an additional tank full of LP.

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    • PG,

      Congrats on the HAM license exam. Hope you get your license and gear OK. My Ex is studying for her Technician’s ticket and has a test location. She already bought and received her radio gear. She only has a 19″ Nagoya whip (which is a good antenna for a whip), but I gave her a link to buy a J-Pole antenna which is a little better for a fixed location. Her radio is a mobile, but I had her buy a power converter so she can run it at home (assuming electricity works).

  9. Is your prepping plan to bug in or bug out, and why? Bug in. I will be the bug to for some of my children.

    What do you think are the pros and cons of portable prepping in an RV or on a boat? No comment.

    What did you do to prep this week? Just added to my food pantry.

    I am making my home more elderly friendly. I am having my short, self build ramp replaced with a custom built to code wooden ramp.

  10. Good Morning from Douglasville,

    It was a busy but productive week. Prepping wise I got my nephews new shooting muffs and shooting glasses. My niece bought her (finally) a 9mm Taurus pistol and a 12 gauge AR style shotgun. They went shooting and used up most of the critical defense ammo they bought. I am teaching them to use range ammo except when practicing real world situational drills when I think it is smart to practice with what you will be using.

    She bought the weapons from a pawn shop and since there is an ammo crunch going on they sold her a biggie of 9mm and a baggie of 12 gauge. They told her to go out to the van in the parking lot, knock on the door and then she could buy what she needs. She went out, knocked on the door and bought a box of 12 gauge 00 buck for 25 dollars or so and a 5 round box of 9mm critical defense. I didn’t want to ask and didn’t ask what else they were selling out of the back of that van.

    We are celebrating her birthday today and I’m giving her a box of 12 gauge heavy game load 7 1/2 shot, a 5 back of 12 gauge 00 buck and a box of 50 9mm rounds. That should give her stuff to shoot and practice with and help her stock of buck shot. As I tell her, even range ammo will KEAL.

    For This Week’s Questions:

    Is your prepping plan to bug in or bug out, and why? We are bugging in. I have everything here, including my meds for us and the extended family and everyone will be armed and fed and watered and given a place to lay their heads. I’m over 70 and there is no place I can go and thrive at this point in my life.

    What do you think are the pros and cons of portable prepping in an RV or on a boat? Both are nonplayers in my situation.

    What did you do to prep this week? Sorted ammo and found no gaps and am now able to outfit some of the family with excess. Got a battery sorting box, and went through all the batteries that were loosed in the nightstand. Found I have excess quantities in some sizes and was shocked to see that I was down to 6 C cells and 1 D cell. I have the big 6V batteries stored else where but this gave me a chance to see everything sorted and I can start work on balancing out the supply.

    We are again visiting the idea of an above ground salt water pool in the backyard. Last pool i ordered ended up being a scam on Amazon and it took quite a while to get my money back. I’m going with a reputable place and will have them install it. Contrary to popular belief the salt water is very drinking as the PPM is pretty low and can be easily filtered if necessary.

    We are back in church and it is very pleasant to be able to go and sit in God’s House even though when I’m not in the building I am still the church.

    Have a good week

    • My pastor is still requiring congregants to wear a face mask at all times while in the building, and I can’t physically do that. Due to mild asthma, I start coughing when I have a face mask on for very long. We listen to services on the radio, but it’s not the same. I did start attending a small Bible study this week. It was nice to meet with others and study the Word.

    • I may have mentioned this before, so please excuse me if I am repeating this info. My cousin (Paulding County) bought a huge above ground pool at one of those Walmart end of season deals several year ago. When he decided to replace it, he chose to go with a salt water setup on the recommendation of a friend. He built a nice deck around the above ground pool that attaches to his back deck. He said he would never go back to a chlorine pool. They absolutely love the salt water setup, and he says it is so much cheaper to operate.

  11. Puppy is so fast, he can even catch a ball out of a ball gun as soon as it bounces off the ground. It’s amazing !!!

    Bought more antishatter window film
    Bought 2 more applicator kits

    Started peppers and tomatoes
    Cleaned out large planters and buckets and amended the soil.
    Turned more compost

    Freeze dryer
    Sloppy Joe’s
    Green beans
    Mashed potatoes

    Thor’s questions

    1. If they need 25,000 troops for security at an inauguration, do you think Biden was elected by the people?

    2. Did you hear they are jamming phones and other communications in DC ?

    3. Is Bill Gates buying farmland to control or kill the people?

    4. If Biden is installed as president, how long do you think it will take America to look like Venezuela?

      • Thor1,

        Now that you mention it, my Publix was out of some SPAM. They did have Bacon flavored and I got two cans. No clue about lettuce as I wasn’t interested.

      • We’re getting SPAM back in stock pretty regular here, even my favorite Turkey. But there was a long time (3 months I think) where it was going somewhere else.

    • Thor’s questions

      1. If they need 25,000 troops for security at an inauguration, do you think Biden was elected by the people?

      If they only had 25 troops for security I wouldn’t have thought Biden was elected by The People. I’m interested in seeing if the marching troops in the parade have bolts in their rifles. They didn’t for Obama’s second inauguration but did for Trump’s. Someone scared much?

      2. Did you hear they are jamming phones and other communications in DC ?

      I heard a rumor that they are doing that, but Michael Yon says his phones are working OK (right now, anyway).

      3. Is Bill Gates buying farmland to control or kill the people?

      Control, which could easily lead to kill.

      4. If Biden is installed as president, how long do you think it will take America to look like Venezuela?

      Sadly, not long.

        • Thor1.

          A lot more troops in DC than the sand box. Somebody scared much?

          It’s not the Pro-Trump people they need to worry about. It’s the Antifa/BLM people who are pretending to be Prot-Trump. Jan 6 was a big false-flag operation run by Antifa.

    • Tara’s questions

      1.Is your prepping plan to bug in or bug out, and why?

      Bugging in if possible, more supplies better defensively.

      2.What do you think are the pros and cons of portable prepping in an RV or on a boat?
      Pros: Mobility, harder to FIND.
      Cons: limited supplies, harder to defend if attacked.
      Although the RV in private Benjamin was pretty cool.

    • (1) No
      (2) No
      (3) Kill–he wants to reduce the population after all.
      (4) Good question. Insanity is accelerating, so it’s hard to even guess!

    • Thor’s questions

      1. If they need 25,000 troops for security at an inauguration, do you think Biden was elected by the people? Yes, but what people?

      1.a. With the largest military force EVER in/to be in the capital. How many military do they think they’ll need for the rest of the major cities if things really go South or they decide to seriously clamp down?

      2. Did you hear they are jamming phones and other communications in DC ? nope

      3. Is Bill Gates buying farmland to control or kill the people? Bill might not be a guy to my liking, but he’s not stupid and he does need to do something with his money rather than count it. Agri-land is not a bad investment.

      4. If Biden is installed as president, how long do you think it will take America to look like Venezuela? IMO, it will be a slow-at-first process, Venezuela was. But once it starts to take off, you would want to be well out of the way.

    • Thor,

      I get a lot of my shelf stable groceries online from Walmart. They have spam in stock. Free shipping with orders over $35.

    • Thor 1
      1) no
      2) no
      3) B Gates is not taking NO for an answer on buying up land. He is after a large swath through Idaho, one which effects a df’s large section they have had for many years. Family does not require the $$ but the G’$ do not take NO. They are after as much land as possible which will effect all of us, so please be aware. He is not purchasing for an investment but a way to keep it from being used for grazing, farming.
      4) At the rate of demise less than two years with the munchers & crunchers headed this way.

  12. Taras Questions

    bug in i guess, i have no plans to ever leave my place nor any reasonable expectation to need to, if i leave it will be when i am sick of the police state of ny and go to maine or akaska

    i don’t think about those as anything but transporation, to get someplace, i see no real benefit in them, an rv has too many parts to break down, and takes fuel, a boat depending on type, may or may not use fuel but still has a lot that can go wrong.

    what i did this week? almost nothing, i added a few chapters to my book and wrote drafts for a few more, and paid my property taxes (in person via apointment, had to ask neighbor to take me to town hall and i insisted on riding in the bed of his truck and only talked on phone, the tax lady was behind a wall at town hall so i have not been in contact with anyone still), i also dried some more apple leather. oh i also sent a bunch of articles to that magazine i used to write for.

  13. Jean,

    Thanks for your note. We are opting for salt water for several reasons, one it is more comfortable to swim in and better for your skin and it and the chemistry is much easier to master and very much cheaper than chlorine based pools. I have requested a quote from Brown’s Pools & Spas here in Douglasville and expect to hear back from them in a few days. We tried getting a pool from them last year but with everything shut down they had none but I believe the situation has changed mightily. We will see what they say as I’d rather have a pro come in and level the ground and set it up and do all the wiring and stuff and pay the bill and be done with it and ready to swim.

    Another thing, I have friends that have been able to get their virus shots. Georgia is way behind and governor Kemp says “we have a limited supply and a huge demand” but he offers no resolution and they knew going in this was going to happen. They opened the apointment website for Douglas health clinic at 5pm yesterday. The server was immediately innudated and kept returning server busy, try later messages. I finally got on the web site about 5:30 and all appointments were taken. The TV said Publix stores were giving the shots and provided a link for appointments but as soon as I got on all appointments were taken. I guess we will just have to wait it out.

    Take care

      • Jean,

        Call me suspicious, but seeing as people need to have two Kung flu shots a month apart, but the powers that be are running out of supplies so soon after the first dose. Are they going to have enough to provide the second dose to people on schedule? Or are folks going to have to start over again? Magically, more money will be needed to start over. I wonder who gets that money?

        • A very good question, and I don’t have the answer. On tonight’s news, a local pharmacist was asked the same question, and her answer was as follows, “The recommendation is to have the injections 4 weeks apart to be effective, and week t really know how effective this would be if you were only able to get one shot, but Maybe one injection is better than nothing.” Doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy…

  14. Howdy Folks,

    1. Like Nell, I live in a small Texas town and have a place in the Arkansas Ozarks. Considering my age, physical condition and the 8-hour drive, I plan to bug in.
    2. Do not have a “store bought” RV, but do have home-made emergency evac. Trailer I built.
    3. Not a whole lot. Had some damage to the house that needs to be taken care of. Did get some map protractors and ordered some topo maps.
    Mary, I shall lift you and your left wing up in prayer.

    With a brother’s love,

    • PS: I kinda feel sorry for Biden because I personally don’t think he will be in office more than 6 months. Pelosi and Harris will have him declared unfit. Harris will be the president and Pelosi will achieve her life’s goal of getting in the White House before she die’s of old age . . .

      • CB,

        If Biden leaves the Presidency early (for whatever reason). Harris becomes president. She then selects someone to be the new Vice President, who then has to be OK’d by the Senate. If Harris does not pick Pelosi or the Senate does not OK her selection, Pelosi is SOL.

        Personally I don’t think Pelosi wants to be the VP. She has more power as the Speaker or the House. Unless she has some kind of suspicion Harris won’t be Prez for long either.

    • Texas is great, isn’t it? I am not sure for how much longer we will hold on to the
      spirit of our state.
      Because of that , We will be moving hopefully within a year if our economy can hold out that long .
      We need to finish our Ozark house , sell our place here and sell our business ,
      We have alot riding on the econmy holding out. Its not looking good …

  15. It’s been a cold and dreary week here in Florida–gray skies and temps in the 40s. It is overcast and 55 as I write this post. I have been down with a sinus infection for most of the week. I am sick of watching the news. It has been difficult to tell the true from the false.

    I read that 20 percent of people in London have the novel strain of COVID-19–that’s one in five. No wonder it’s spreading so quickly. My dh and are being extra careful since the novel strain was found in Florida. The U.S. simply isn’t doing enough genetic profiling to have reliable information. We have a friend who has COVID right now. She is in bad shape. Her fingers and toes are turning blue. We used to see her every Saturday during football season at the local watering hole. We stopped going because of the pandemic. She kept showing up at the bar, chatting it up with others who were not wearing masks. I expect a lot of our friends to come down with the disease.

    I made a new recipe this week–bacon and potato soup. It was excellent. I boiled yellow potatoes in garlic broth (Better Than Bullion). In a separate pan I cooked up the bacon, and then added butter, onions and garlic. When the potatoes were done, I partially mixed them with an immersion blender to thicken the base. Then I added the bacon-onion mix. I added cream and cream cheese. Next time I will leave out the cream cheese as it was a little rich for my taste. I will also add rosemary and thyme. I like coming up with recipes that will feed a lot of people very cheaply.

    Questions this week:

    [1] Is your prepping plan to bug in or bug out, and why? We are planning on bugging in. Home is where we have all our supplies.

    [2] What do you think are the pros and cons of portable prepping in an RV or on a boat?

    The pros are mobility. The cons are that one would be limited in the amount of supplies one could take, and one’s mobility would be contingent on the availability of fuel. And no electricity, no fuel. The cons outweigh the pros, IMO.

    [3] What did you do to prep this week?

    Not much, as I was under the weather. I did find a newly listed online position that I am researching. This is almost a “too good to be true” position. I could pay off the house in one year. But it would be a lot of work.

  16. 1. Is your prepping plan to bug in or bug out, and why?
    In as we have no BOL. Stuck in southern NJ. If true SHTF, local extended family would be wise to get to one (the best) location, combining resources. Not the greatest location but far better than most of us are now.

    2. What do you think are the pros and cons of portable prepping in an RV or on a boat?
    Either could work for short term. Lack of long-term storage in RV and they aren’t bullet-proof. Probably best for use in well-defended secluded compound. Sailboat with decent engine to get where going. Again, long-term storage an issue plus USCG, foreign navies, and pirates.

    3. What did you do to prep this week?
    Received iiia vest but too small for now thanks to upper tummy. Now need to exchange which could be 4 weeks. NY already pushing for bill to outlaw, which means Biden & team will also push for this. Means I might end up doing without if I get entangled in exchange time.
    Received 2 headlamps.
    Received new contacts. Have 2 new pairs of glasses, so I’m good there.
    Had quarterly labwork done plus had phone visit with back doc office. Up to date on prescriptions.
    Discovered why I’ve been having trouble getting budesonide nasal spray after hearing part of a Lin Wood interview. Seems some docs are using as a control against virus. Perusing several websites and message boards yields info.
    Leaves in both lots all cleaned up. Mowers & tillers put to bed. Still couldn’t find drain from carb on tiller.
    Absolutely no ammo (or certain mags) in county.
    Came close to getting staff from OpticsPlanet, but wanted to get holster too which now is gone. So I’ll keep checking.
    Been walking about 1.3 miles every day. Bad back & right leg a painful problem. Women walk from hips and men from waist. I try to at least get somewhere in between. A nearby side road at least has a surface more level to save my left hip and my back. Whew, I’m better at paths thru woods.
    The DP is now getting closer to up to speed on political (and NWO) goings on.
    We’re 1C on list for vax, which we’re apprehensive about. Local hospital workers, etc, are coming up this week on their 2nd dose of Pfizer. They say no problem with 1st dose. It’s the 2nd dose that can yield the day-long issues. Moderna is supposed to be for public here. My DD in MD got her 1st of Moderna and was the only one from her dental office who had a reaction (shortness of breath, which I think is common for her).

  17. Q # 1 we would most certainly bug in since we have so many resources here with 2 rivers of running water plus like minded neighbors, plus several places for unseen storage.
    2. It never entered my mind to try it in a mobile device. I have 2 fully packed Longhaul Bob’s at the ready in case we have to head out Xcountry. I keep a small backpack as a GHB in my car for trips less than 10 miles to return home. We have a 4 trax, but the dang thing is so noisy, we could never get outta here under cover of darkness w/o all the neighbors knowing. We are at the end of our dirt road, so that would be challenging. We have an enclosed trailer to carry supplies in, but the ATV cannot pull it. Our BOL is about 60 miles as the crow flies and a borrowed one at that. It would be quite temporary since the water sources there are not real good.
    The biggest problem bugging in, is that we know too many people who would expect us to feed and house them because they always felt safe here. It would be a rude awakening for those I warned to prepare that I’m not giving up my stores for the masses at our own expense. And I’m talking some very dear friends. There will be some seriously tough decisions in the day that happens. Our pod members who remain in our group have already stored their own supplies here and know which building they will occupy. I doubt they would be willing to share a bed…
    3.This week I finally ordered and received a jackery portable power station 240 with solar panels. Whittling down our frozen beef supply into canning jars or onto dinner plates. Rearranged storage areas to simplify as well as a big thrift store run to clean out spaces for actual important stuff. Keeping more cash in the home safe hoping it will still be worth something if a black out occurs. If we aren’t blacklisted for being Christian Trump supporters and we get another stimulus check, I plan to put it toward property taxes due May 1 ($3800) asap so that the gov. Can’t use that excuse to declare eminent domain over our nice little homestead. I would really like to get some tree stands up by the river in our huge sycamore and cottonwood trees, but that’s a man’s job… a young man’s job. That would not be one for a 70 yr old chick with a limp from stress fractures. It’s is a pain getting old.
    I’m kind of holding my breath this week. The president has been unusually quiet and there is still a chance that the rumor of him signing the insurrection act could actually be true and he is waiting to strategically put it in action at a momentous moment. Many prayers for good judgement on our part in response. Take care and stay vigilant everyone.

  18. Hi all, been lurking and not commenting much. Very much looking forward to the Bootcamp Tara is working so hard on. Hope to meet up with any of the Pack who are able to attend!
    I am not optimistic about what the next 4 yrs and beyond have in store. Y’all are much better ‘prepped’ than we are. But I do have a BOL since my DD married a good ole country boy. And our pop up camper plays a big part in that. We can pack the van as full of stuff as we can hook her up and we don’t have to inconvenience them by needing a place to stay. Not ideal but it works.
    Adding to stores as always. I like doing melt and pour soaps so stocking up on that.
    Need to find someone to help me set up my baofeng radio. TOP and I were going to work on that. Then I need to work on my license *congrats to I think it was Preppergrammy?*
    So much to do and so little time, as always. Know you are all in my heart and my prayers!


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