What I Did To Prep This Week: January 31st 2021 – February 6th 2021

Hello Pack. I hope you all have had a productive week of prepping and are keeping warm. There seemed no end to the snow for a week here in southern Ohio.

It is supposed to hit 40 for the next few days – turning all of our snow and ice to mud, and giving us yet no escape from maintenance on our ½ mile farm road. It has only been accessible by 4-wheel drive for a while now.

Most of our prepping this week has been indoors. I am nearly finished with my annual seed order for the coming growing season. The selling out of seeds by some of my favorite suppliers – at least a temporary stoppage or sales, has been quite concerning … and so have the price increases across the board for vegetable seeds and fruiting plants.

We save seeds after each harvest, but always add more to both our planting plan and seed stockpile each year. In my experience, when stored properly seeds can still be viable up to three years.

In other preps this week I scored some free fabric and won two twin sheet sets of nice linen gingham fabric. Because yard sales were few and far between this year due to the pandemic panic, my opportunities to buy more super cheap clothes for the grandkiddos to grow into during a long-term disaster – as well as to keep my fabric stash stockpile prepped to overflowing.

I am in the process of turning the gingham sheet sets that I won at the Bidfta.com auction website that I have mentioned before, into six dresses, three skirts, and three boys’ shirts so far and have ample material left.

Because the weather is supposed to be above freezing this weekend during the day and below freezing at night, we are planning on tapping trees for syrup this weekend.

A few months back we bought six sets of bag hanging taps to add to our tree tapping tools this year. They are durable, and will keep rain and debris from getting into the syrup that must be strained or cooked out later.

Plastic milk jugs work alright and we will still use them, but we are very excited about using the handy bags this year, as well.

The rest of our weekly preps were heavily involved in working on the Old School Survival Boot Camp event. Having five months to plan the event seemed like a long time when we started, but we are still hustling to get everything into place to offer the 50 hands-on training courses taught by over 30 experts from around the country.

This labor of love has become at least an extra part-time job, but all the time spent working on it and connecting with other preppers from around Ohio and surrounding states is truly worth it.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. How is your spring garden prep and seed buying coming along?
  2. Do you tap trees for syrup and what tips can you offer the rest of the Pack?
  3. What did you do to prep this week?

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    • Puppy had a puppy day. I bought him 2 bags of pig ears, 2 bags of hip and joint biscuits and a 50 lb and 25 lb food holder.

      I love the country line wood splitter
      I love the country pro chipper shredder
      This could be a business if SHTF

      Fixed where I got stuck with the 4×4 truck.

      Bought canned goods
      Bought meat

      Thor’s questions
      1. If the government in place is illegitimate, does that mean any laws made are null and void? WROL

      2. Did you watch Mike Lindell’s “Absolute Truth” on OAN?

      3. If law’s are made that violate the Constitution, are they null and void?

      4. If 3%ers, oath keepers, proud boys, Patriots and Christian’s are terrorist, what does that make you? What are the Democrats?

      • Thor’s questions
        1. If the government in place is illegitimate, does that mean any laws made are null and void? WROL – IMO, WROL means that the government lacks the ability to impose their will. Whether the law or government is illegitimate is really immaterial.

        2. Did you watch Mike Lindell’s “Absolute Truth” on OAN? Didn’t watch it.

        3. If law’s are made that violate the Constitution, are they null and void? See question #1.

        4. If 3%ers, oath keepers, proud boys, Patriots and Christian’s are terrorist, what does that make you? What are the Democrats? The labels are the preview of the Powers That Been; it has ever been thus.

      • Here are air times on OAN for absolute truth.
        Absolute Truth

        Air Times (EST)
        Friday, February 5
        1pm | 4pm | 7pm | Midnight

        Saturday, February 6
        8am | 11am | 3pm | 7pm

        Sunday, February 7
        1am | 4am | 7pm

        Monday, February 8
        1am | 3am

        This is a must watch.

      • Thor’s questions

        1. If the government in place is illegitimate, does that mean any laws made are null and void? WROL
        Who judges the illegitimacy of a government? Under our Constitution, that would be the Supreme Court under Article Three.

        2. Did you watch Mike Lindell’s “Absolute Truth” on OAN?

        No, didn’t watch it.

        3. If law’s are made that violate the Constitution, are they null and void?

        Who determines what laws are Constitutional? That job is assigned to the Supreme Court in Article Three.

        4. If 3%ers, oath keepers, proud boys, Patriots and Christian’s are terrorist, what does that make you?
        What are the Democrats?

        Or BLM, or Antifa, or Islam

  1. This Week’s Questions:

    1. How is your spring garden prep and seed buying coming along? Seeds bought, garden under 3″ of snow.

    2. Do you tap trees for syrup and what tips can you offer the rest of the Pack? No trees.

    3. What did you do to prep this week? Well…

    This weekend we noticed a worm in the new puppy’s stool. After 2 trips to the vet showed Ring Worm but not for Heart Worm. Thursday was a real breakthrough day for her and I. She came up to me in the kitchen after going outside in the morning. She came upstairs to the bedroom and nuzzled and licked my hand. And she came down when I called her. Greeted me on the landing with the tail in full swing! All 1st’s!

    I found a (singular) box of ammo for my .257 Wby., at the store, for $5 less than what I paid 2 years ago! I was amazed! I also got some SiG 9mm V-crown JHP’s, my preferred brand and $10/box cheaper than the on-line price I was offered. I can’t believe my favorite 22 LR ammo (Winchester Power Points) are listed at $60/100 + shipping! It’s like 2017 on steroids!

    Weather wise, we are getting our February snowfall and all next week it’s supposed to get into the negative numbers over night.

    Supply Run: Wide-mouth canning lids; regular canning lids, Chicken & Dumplings; Instant Oatmeal; ammo; pasta;

    Received: Beef, FD, Ground, #10; Cheese, FD, Mozzarella, #10; Cheese, FD, Cheddar, #10; Knee Braces: 1 pr/Lg; Glucosamine HCL Powder; mag loader for G43X;

  2. Not much to report for this week. My dh got his first dose of the COVID vaccine yesterday. He had no ill effects. We are heading up to Jax to visit the kids this afternoon. That’s always an exciting time.

    • Bam Bam,

      You go up to Jax to see kiddos, mine leave Jax to come to Orlando. 🙂

      #2 daughter is here running around with her sister. #2 is getting married next month at her sister’s house, so they’re out getting things organized. Meanwhile, I am babysitting #2 daughter’s “baby.” Her 50lb pooch. She is a pretty good dog, so I have no complaints.

  3. I did my grocery shopping twice again this week and keep adding a little more to my food stock. Got to keep on getting that stash deeper.

    Things are getting interesting in the financial markets, stocks and precious metals. As most probably know, prices for silver went up significantly last weekend. Gold went up too, but not as drastically. Prices for both have come down a bit since, but silver is still higher than I like to see. However, I have read a couple of articles that say PM prices are being manipulated for silver to stay artificially low and gold artificially high. The manipulation is being done by governments with the collusion of bullion banks (i.e. JP Morgan and some others). The reason is to bolster fiat currencies. If both gold and silver found their proper prices, fiat currencies (like the US dollar) would crash and economies would be screwed, blued, and tattooed.

    Some of the financial gurus are advocating the purchase of silver as the price is artificially low. They also report that silver supplies are low, and not artificially so. There is less silver in the ground than that of gold, and there are greater stockpiles of gold than silver. Silver is not only a currency metal, but an investment metal, and an industrial metal. Almost all electronic devices use silver to some extent. Usually very small amounts per device, but the amount is so small it isn’t worth the effort to recycle. However, so many devices use silver, the amount adds up, but the problem is most of that scrap silver ends up in the dump.

    Personally, I’m going to keep my eye on silver prices and if they come down some more, say $25 or less (I hope less), I will be buying some more silver. However, this past weekend’s PM prices were not that high. In researching prices just in the past year, prices have been in the same range several times. Much lower too. A couple of PM pundits I watched on YouTube say that if you are willing to look long term, buying silver at $30/oz is not a bad thing. If you are willing to look really long term, buying at $50/oz is reasonable. I don’t like that $50 price. $30 is pushing it. One guy admitted that the average person buying at $50 would have to be pretty gutsy unless they were only getting a few ounces.

    A number of the financial people I watched also advocated prepping food before you bother with a lot of metals. Of course, for us in the Pack, that is a given, but many people would rather buy metals ahead of food. My guess is they think food will be available by merely waving a gold or silver coin around. My viewpoint is that food in the basement is worth far more than precious metals in your safe, especially early in a TEOTWAWKI scenario. In such a situation, the only metals close to food in value is ammunition. Maybe down the road if the world starts to find its way back to something resembling normal, metals will again become a valuable trade material as currency. Metals might have more use in a situation where monetary markets crashed, but where other aspects of an economy (such as farming, etc) still maintain some viability.

    Several of the financial people also advocate keeping some cash because you never know how the monetary markets will go. True, US currency is a fiat currency, but one doesn’t know if it will maintain some value early in a monetary crisis and still have use in buying food and other staples.

    As I have a reasonable food stash, I feel I can play the metals market a little bit as a hedge against fiat currencies taking a dump. But as I report weekly in the first paragraph of this post, I’m still adding to the food pantry and I intend to continue doing so even if I have to skip investing in metals. Food is always my number one investment.

    #1GD got to visit the Orlando Fire Department’s museum. She had a great time. She is particularly interested in fire engines. I need to take her to the police department as she is getting too interested in the fireflies and hose heads. ? I think it is important to introduce little kids to firefighters early, especially when the hosers are all suited up. They can look really scary in full turn-out and wearing the SCBA. Kids are liable to run from them and hide when they actually need to run to the firefighter. #1GD thinks they look cool all geared up, but she’s seen them suited up several times. She won’t be scared of them when she needs help.
    #2GD turned five-months and she is just like #1GD was at that age. Happy, playful, and trying hard to stand up on her own. Turning over is an easy trick for her now. My son says she is also trying hard to say “mommy.” ?

    Weather has been reasonably warm and mostly sunny here in Central Florida, but that is changing today (Sat). Supposed to get rain for the next several days, which is fine as we can use it. Temps are supposed to stay warmish, which is also fine with me. My sister, who lives next to Chicago, got a pile of snow this week. Six-inches one day, and over 12-inches the next. She still insists she loves snow. I still insist she is nuts. Smart enough that she preps for that kind of weather so her and hubby don’t have to drive in it to stay fed.

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. How is your spring garden prep and seed buying coming along?

    No garden.

    2. Do you tap trees for syrup and what tips can you offer the rest of the Pack?

    No, I don’t tap either.

    3. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above

    • Zulu,

      I have been paying attention to silver. The Reddit group that bought up stocks of silver in order to punish firms that shorted the stock has now turned toward silver. A few days ago I checked several online sources and most were out of tubes of silver. I won’t pay the price they are asking right now. I purchased at $18-$20.

      • Bam Bam,

        Yeah, the Reddit attackers are finding out that stocks and precious metals are two different things and they can’t necessarily be manipulated the same way. Silver prices are not terribly out of line. Where the Game Stop stock ran up well over $300 in a day or so, silver didn’t react the same way. Yes, the price went up some, but only a few dollars over spot from the day they tried to play silly games. Most PM brokers and mints just stopped trading and selling for the weekend. They smelled a rat and got the poison out.

        Currently, they are back to selling and the price is not outrageous. Spot is still less than $30/oz. They are slowing down their deliveries to make certain they don’t run out of product. That is an advantage they have with a physical product versus a paper product. PM brokers are being very cautious with their ETF/derivatives trading.

  4. Once again on a flipphone.1 i save seed and only plant what does well favoring monocropping. As in only one type of bean a year to avoid crossing so seed is true. I plant another the next year. I also have a lot of left over clearence whateveritis seeds that i buy in bulk for next to nothing. This year i plan to not save seed so will plant a lot of them. Still 2 months until the ground thaws, we see snow in may. 2 i run a sugarbush and plan to do 80 taps this year. I use the old style metal buckets. This week i was again stuck indoors, -20f at night barelly 5 in the day and then 2 more feet of snow fell. All i did was work on more articles for magazines or sit on the couch eating chips and playing medeival 2 total wars rule britania mod

  5. Well I thought I would stop and see if this had started and it has .
    Working on 5 boxes of Roma tomatoes that were left over from the food giveaway this week . Love doing tomatoe sauce in the winter on the wood heater.
    Have another brine cured turkey in the smoker.
    Some years I tap trees and some years the weather just doesn’t get right.
    Time to get back to work.

  6. 1. How is your spring garden prep and seed buying coming along?
    It’s going really well. I actually ordered extra seeds at the end of last summer and fall.
    2. Do you tap trees for syrup and what tips can you offer the rest of the Pack?
    No, I don’t.

    3. What did you do to prep this week?

    This week:
    -We’re expecting some colder weather in the next few days, so I’m getting things ready.
    -Puppysitting #2DS and DIL’s puppy. So far, so good.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: dry ranch seasoning; paper plates and bowls; trail mix; vinegar; lots of cleaning supplies; aluminum pans; condiments; powdered lemonade mix; pasta; 2 lbs. yeast;

    -I’m wanting to get DH a night vision or heat sensing device. (I’m thinking a scope for the gun.) Does anyone have any suggestions? I don’t want to waste money on one that doesn’t work, but I do have limited funds. And it may be more than I can afford.

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

  7. Greetings from Douglasville

    Not much happening this morning. I rode all over the county yesterday looking for yard sales or estate sales (none listed on the internet) and I found none. It’s supposed to rain this morning and it’s pretty cold outside so I”m not even going looking today.

    Sam’s run for resupply is on the agenda for this afternoon.

    I don’t have any seeds and don’t plan to plant a garden this year.

    We have no sap trees to tap and I probably wouldn’t if I did.

    Prepping continues on as always. I bought a few pounds of copper rounds at below spot from a guy needing cash to add the the PM store. While copper isn’t really a PM like silver and gold it is still useful.

    Currying out some collectible stuff to take to the flea market in the next couple of weeks. Going to turn a lot over to an Ebay consignor since I’m just not going to sell there myself. I have pretty much quit buying there and my last selling days were 10 years ago with no desire to start again. Big dollar collectibles are ripe for consignments and auctions. Low dollar stuff is ripe for flea market.

    Going through guns and ammo and picking out stuff that I don’t want to own or calibers I don’t want to continue to stock. I’ll probably stick with .22, .223, 30-06, 30-30, .30 carbine, .45ACP, 9mm, 44 Rem Mag, 12 gauge and 20 gauge with a bit of .410 on the side. I will keep low levels of .243 and .22mag and probably unload all others like 7MM French and .17WRMAG, 8MM, and other calibers that are less than 100 rounds on hand along with the firearms that they feed. They’ll all go up to face to face sales while we can still do that in Georgia.

    Have a good week

  8. Hello Pack
    Hope everyone us staying warm
    I have never lived anywhere that they tapped trees, now that we are in Arkansas I will have to look into that and if it is possible here
    I won’t have a garden this year as I can’t take care of one and travel between two states like we are doing. I did order in two large batches of seeds and put them up.
    Typical Prepping has been on hold this week as we camp in our RV and work on the house on the homestead
    It’s going to be colder than this Texas girl is used to this week. We don’t do single digits where I am from. Lol
    Gotta get my long Johns ready. Guess that is this week’s prep
    Take care , Prayers for the Pack

    • This Week’s Questions:

      How is your spring garden prep and seed buying coming along? Should begin seed starting this weekend or next. I seed save and buy seeds as needed. I’ve been buying a few here and there throughout the winter. Some might say I have a seed addiction.

      Do you tap trees for syrup and what tips can you offer the rest of the Pack? No but it’s not a reliable option in Georgia unless you’re pretty far north. My dad planted a maple at his house near the North Carolina line but never got to tap it. He grew up in New Hampshire and even though I grew up in Georgia, I grew up on maple syrup. If I had to, there’s enough Sweet Gum in the area, I could learn quickly.

      What did you do to prep this week?

      Baked cookies for the DH (again) and need to do it again already.

      The DH repaired our refrigerator. Apparently the fan died that diverts cold air to the refrigerator. He temporarily replaced the fan motor with our “white noise” fan that he had made from spare parts recovered from some piece of electronic equipment years ago. That gave us time to order the correct part which has been done and is now installed. We ordered and received a second one for backup.

      Started a batch of vanilla extract.

      Still keeping an eye out for property in North Georgia.

  9. I’ve made some small freezer meal’s, for us and my parents, it’s nice they can take a meal out for their dinner, I also made muffins, for them mom is 81 dad is 83, they don’t eat a lot but to have a little snack and a dinner, makes me sleep better at night.

    Hubby, started juicing again but this time around he’s eating healthy foods, and has stopped going to Jack in the box, for a quick meal, I’m also keeping high protein foods in a lunch box, he told me this morning he’s lost 8 pounds, so hopefully this will help him and he can cut back on pain medication.

    I did get three boxes, of Devonshire English black tea Celestial Seasonings it’s very good.
    Packing up more item’s I don’t need right now still waiting on the people, to finally be out of their storage unit with the upstairs loft.

    We’re supposed to get into the low 20’s next week I’m going to cover my Rhododendrons, to keep the buds from freezing. I have to put lavender, and green onion’s in the greenhouse, so they don’t freeze.
    We have about 3 weeks until the travel trailer, is all finished being worked on can’t wait to get it back.

    Question 1. I’m going to get seeds at my favorite garden center, should do that this week.
    Question 2. No on tapping trees.

  10. Hello everyone. It is a cold and dreary day in Georgia. It’s the kind of day that makes you want to stay in your jammies, wrapped in a quilt on the couch and enjoy a nice fire. There is even snow in the forecast, so we will see if that turns into anything. Since moving a little further northwest this year, I will be curious to see what the predictions bring regarding the weather.
    A note of appreciation – I want to thank each of you on this blog. Each week, I look forward to the questions Tara posts, and each of your comments presented. I feel like I know all you regulars, and for me it’s kinda like checking in on family each week.
    So…. I have made good use of mild weather to construct some new raised beds for spring. There are some new homes being constructed nearby and the workers have been tossing pieces of lumber and bricks into a pile to be picked up each Monday and carried to the land fill, so when I go walking,
    1. I ask if I can take some of the scraps, and they don’t mind, and it is certainly cost effective to me (free). It amazes me at the amount of things tossed aside! Workers don’t care, the builder is one who purchased these things, and like everything else going up, so is lumber! I definitely consider this a prep!
    2. No tree tapping for me. That’s more of a Northern thing I believe.
    3. Not much this week as I have been absorbed in doing some quilting. I did hit one estate sale, and picked up a few tools (lopping shears, garden clippers, and some aluminum wire (like you use for a rabbit cage). Got a new Lodge cast iron griddle, skillet that I plan to use for biscuits. At $11 (including shipping) I thought it was a good price.
    That’s all for me, so stay safe everyone and continue to support Tara and Dan each week. I learn so much from all of you!

    • Jean – it was snowing as we were leaving Blairsville just before 3pm. We went by way of Brasstown Bald then through Helen. The snow stopped at the top of Unicoi Gap on the way into Helen. It’s all rain now that we are back toward the city.

    • Sounds like you hit some good steals this week. That lumber for raised beds is a blessing for sure. We spent a fortune to build three and that was before the ridiculous jump in lumber prices
      I agree about this group, it is unique and I look forward to reading about everyones week and I have learned about
      all kinds of things that weren’t on my radar before this group.

  11. (1) I managed to order and receive several packets of medicinal herb seeds last week. I’ve ordered seeds monthly over the past year and so have ample for now.
    (2) We don’t tap trees for syrup here BUT we did harvest our sugar cane this morning and I just returned home from pressing and cooking it all down into cane syrup. Such a fun day of hard work and good conversation with like-minded people. My crop netted out 5 gallons of syrup this year—a little less than last year, but it’s still more than enough for our needs.
    (3) I have been monitoring the humidity level in my incubator all week. Just 7 more days before I should be hearing that peep peep sound! Also this week, I started separating mama goat from her two babies during the day so I can start working with her on the milk stand in the evening before she returns to the baby pen. For a first-time milker, she’s great on the stanchion. Easy milker with good orifices—so I’m a happy girl.
    I canned bone broth, dehydrated sliced bananas, picked a huge papaya; and have a large amount of mustard greens to can in the next few days. Making the cane syrup was the highlight of my week…I look forward to it every year as it makes me feel like I’ve stepped back in time. The others there today got a kick out of me singing the theme to Green Acres as I drove that old tractor in circles to keep the cane press grinding those canes. (A girl’s gotta have fun, right?) I even wore my overalls to really get into the spirit! LOL

    Be blessed, and keep prepping.

  12. Tara’s questions:
    1. This will be the week I will work with my teen neighbor and show her how to start seeds in the greenhouse to plant 6-8 weeks from now in the garden. Hope to also plant root crops directly in about 2 weeks.
    2. I bought a tapping kit to draw from one of the native black walnut trees, but missed the perfect time to do that.
    3. This past week my neighbor gal learned how to can carrots and bacon. Today I canned more half and half and cream cheese. Roasting a Turkey today for dinner. Then rest of it gets canned. Time to clean out my 11 cubic ft freezer that got iced up real bad when the door didn’t close all the way. Now I have a door alarm on it. Hoping to can much of the beef in it to make room for the next slaughter the end of March. I have managed to empty one frig in the shed, so I will use that one while I defrost the bigger freezer. My biggest issue in canning so much is finding jars. So, I have been emptying as many as I can from my stash of 4 years ago. It’s working.
    I’m quite ready to part with my old car of 20 years as the A/C does not work anymore, the 4WD needs attention, windshield cracked clear across my line of vision and now I’m feeling the brakes are crunchy when I brake hard. I hesitate to acquire car payments when the economy is so scary. But we continue to shop.
    The DH worked all day yesterday and half of today with a neighbor on a searching for a clog in the irrigation pipe that carries water to 10 homesteads. They found a huge Cottonwood tree root blocking the pipe and had to chop it up with axes. It’s a bit much for 2 63 year old men… I hear him snoring in his recliner now. Rural living always provides something to repair.
    We have a couple of calves on the ground already. It amazes me how tough those little guys are.
    Finally finished the laundryroom remodel. It looks so clean with fresh paint and new cabinets storing stuff behind closed doors. A new concept for me. DH has also been replacing sun blistered siding on the house with concrete siding. It’s more durable in our hot climate.
    It’s been a busy few weeks, mostly repairs and upgrades. I guess that makes us better prepared. One day the materials won’t be available or the cost will be ridiculous.
    Take care everyone and stay safe.

  13. We are back from Jax. The weather was dreadful. We were under a tornado warning and it rained cats and dogs. We stopped by Aldi for a stock up. I love this store—49 cents for a can of corn, 85 cents for a jar of spaghetti sauce . . . You just can’t beat the prices.

      • Got up Sunday morning and found it had been snowing all night! We live on a secondary street and we had 8-10″ on the road. Coming back from church they main routes had been plowed, but their is not at least 12″ out there. I don’t remember piles like this since ’96. Must be that Global Warming I’ve heard so much about!

        And it supposed to continue to snow through Monday, then go seriously negative through Saturday. Not sure I’ve got any place I really need to go this week.

  14. Tara’s Questions:
    1)Garden Seeds- I placed orders with two different companies. Discovered some of the open pollen & Heirloom’s were sold out. I placed a notify me when they had more of them for sale. Will check other seed growers for their supplies
    2) We have never tapped trees, but it does look interesting.

  15. Thor’s Questions:
    1) Any so called pretense laws, I consider non binding.
    2)Mike Lindell’s program- I have it saved to watch when time allows which right now is not possible.
    3) If they are not written within the original guide lines of the US Constitution, then consider them non binding to be enforced.
    4) Good question, one which I do not have an answer to, but know that the others are behaving in accordance to the original principals of the U.S. Constitution.

  16. 1. How is your spring garden prep and seed buying coming along?
    Got my list of what to order, and trying to limit to 2 companies. Need to remember DE in case I have grubs again in small raised bed. Wish I had enough sun to grow wheat. I expect winter to linger here and summer to be hot & dry.

    2. Do you tap trees for syrup and what tips can you offer the rest of the Pack?

    3. What did you do to prep this week?
    Bought some food for rotation and for winter storm, and bought 2 short mags. Joined PrepperNet. Received exchanged “vest”, SafeLife did good on turnaround.

  17. This past week learning that dogs as they age can come down with cancer. Especially dogs with black marking inside their mouth area, and tongue. Most dogs contract Melanoma, but ours was diagnosed with Basel Cell Carcinoma. It is to aggressive, no surgery, or radiation treatment will work according to the vet, so they gave us pain meds & said to keep her comfortable.

    I came home contacted my friend who does alternative medications, be it for humans or animals. She is now on alternative medications and food which she will consume. Because of this unexpected turn of events, I did a lot of research on this subject matter. So that we can keep her healthy, pain free for what ever time we have with her.

    Be sure to have your dogs inner mouth examined every time you have a vet’s appointment to make sure they have not developed this issue. It usually beings around age 10 an above but can occur sooner.
    Cancer can happen in all breeds of dogs(and cats). Watch for odd behaviors that is out of the norm for your pet. Lack of eating their normal food, treats. Bleeding from the mouth is a beginning sign, if not caught by the vet, as some cancers are extremely aggressive.

    She is on Carnivora, pain medication, testing Graviola, and will be ordering mushrooms used for cancer treatment.

    That has been our week prepping for our beloved pet.

      • Prepared Grammy
        Always expected her to live to a ripe old age with few health issues. Until this, I had never heard of cancer in dogs, let alone cats.
        Wanted to share with the group so everyone pays special attention to the change in behavior in the beloved family members. They can only speak in showing us that something is wrong either not eating their favorite foods or sleeping & not wishing to go with you when you are outside.
        It will be harder on my dh, she is his baby. He found her at the pound, and asked if we could adopt her.

      • Thor1
        Thank you, yes it is.
        Will do all that is within my abilities to keep her healthy. This type of cancer is not unknown in our family, dh had it twice. I am using the same herbals he used when going through his treatment.
        Although she does not qualify for medical treatment, I believe that there are other possibilities if one truly believes in what they are doing.
        She is eating well, loves her new special diet. Mom is in the kitchen creating special meals to keep her healthy while receiving herbal medications.
        Which ever way it goes will keep the group posted so that if you come across this problem, you will be able to gain from what we have learned.

        She is a Rottweiler mix, biggest bundle of happy dog we have ever had in our family.

    • Antique Collector – we have had both dogs and cats with cancer. All we could do was keep them as comfortable as possible.

      One of the cats had been a feral but was very loving after we rescued her. We have no idea how old she was beyond the fact that she had already had two litters of kittens prior to us being able to get her inside. She was pretty scraggly when we brought her inside but she began head butting the DH and purring very loudly. We learned she had cancer after an x-ray of her lungs – she wheezed a lot. She was spoiled in her final years and died peacefully in our den, right after a final head butt to the DH.

      As our pets age, it sure is difficult on us. You are a good person and my heart goes out to you.

  18. Tara’s questions: How is your spring garden prep and seed buying coming along?Havent done any prep. Still pulling chard and carrots from the garden. This week is supposed to be cold, so i must get the rest of the orchard pruned. Last year i could only get two apples done before it warmed up too much. I have some seeds i saved, mostlt squashes, pumpkins and cukes, but my tomatoes,peppers and other warm season stuff will be bought in May.
    Do you tap trees for syrup and what tips can you offer the rest of the PackNot yet. I have two young sugar maples, about 4 years old, and i trimmed a couple small hanging branches to keep them from hitting you in the face. Then the dripping started! Oh no! I didnt realize the sap was running already! Im not going to tap for another 3-4 years!, i hope i didnt damage the tree!! I nearly killed a tulip poplar when we first moved here, pruned it in mid March, when we were told it was still safe. Nope- 1/3 of the tree died, never to return. We took it down and put a sugar maple in its place.
    What did you do to prep this week?Bought some groceries, used up some frozen stuff thats taking up room. I have to hide the labels cuz if hubby thought this stuff was more than 6 months old, he wouldnt eat it, and its perfectly fine. We are eating 4 year old stuff now. No freezer burn.

    Thor’s questions:
    1. If the government in place is illegitimate, does that mean any laws made are null and void? we shall see. Right now im playing it safe and keeping a low profile.
    2. Did you watch Mike Lindell’s “Absolute Truth” on OAN?
    Not yet, but i will. Ive been reading some other stuff that gives me a little hope. But we are looking so much like Weimar Germany right now its not funny.
    3. If law’s are made that violate the Constitution, are they null and void?Theoretically , yes. However, who’s gonna be the guinea pig(s) to test them?
    4. If 3%ers, oath keepers, proud boys, Patriots and Christian’s are terrorist, what does that make you? What are the Democrats? Im on this list arent I? Lol who knows what they are. Deceived, i guess. But as long as they are breathing, we can pray for them and share insights and ask questions so they will learn to think for themselves.

  19. Howdy everyone, first time here. I like the looks of the place.
    I have a place in southern Ohio and I don’t have enough maple trees to bother tapping but in the past I have tapped some of the many black walnut trees that we have. It was more of an experiment than anything, we just wanted to see if it worked and it did. We even made a couple videos about it.
    We save seed from our garden but mostly green bean seed, one that a friend gave me from Tennessee and another that my Grandma grew, both pole beans.
    Take care, Lem

    • Welcome Lem
      This is a great group of people , helpful, fun and knowledgeable, it’s a place you will look forward to visiting every Saturday morning.


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