What I Did To Prep This Week: February 7th 2021 – February 13th 2021

Hello Pack. I hope none of you are snowed in – or if you are, are enjoying the heck out of being home, and away from the rest of the world for a while. I have completely lost track of how many inches of snow we have gotten this week.

Other than plowing the driveway and daily critter chores at the barnyard, we have not done any work outside this week. Our high so far was about 28, and the wind chill made it feel so much colder. After even the briefest of outdoor chores we came back inside and hugged the woodstove.

Our daughter closes on the modular home she is putting up here on our land tomorrow, so that has been an exciting bit of news for us this week. No more living in the tiny house cabin with just 500 square feet for her and her husband and three kids. Trying to get the well and septic tank work done in this weather has been a battle.

Other than canning some chili this week and doing more garden planning, the only other self-reliance work we did was for the Old School Survival Boot Camp event.

In the feature photo you can see my beloved Bobby working hard on mapping out where all of the event tents will go, and getting the classes held partially or fully in each all figured out.

We are going to be able to put out a preliminary schedule for the event this weekend. As soon as I think there will not be anything more to add to the schedule, I am contacted by an amazing expert on a topic that we could still use – and completely mess up Bobby’s schedule.

I am about to have no choice but to stop doing that because we will be out of tent space and have bought out all of the event tents except one huge one that costs $3,000 a day, from the local rental place.

This camp is a labor of love that I cannot wait to enjoy. I have met so many amazing newbie and seasoned preppers and survival homesteaders while promoting this event and answering questions. I am very much looking forward to getting to know them all better in May.

Being so busy with Old School Survival Boot Camp planning, I have not been able to focus on the news Bobby has on television all evening.

I think my blood pressure is as close to being back normal since it has been on election night. I am so worried about the future of our great republic, and angry about what this once great nation is rapidly becoming.

This Weeks Questions:

  1. How has all this extreme winter weather impacted your preps or caused you to alter your prepping plan?
  2. What garden planning and preparations are you working on?
  3. What do you think is in store for America in the months to come?

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  1. This Weeks Questions:

    1. How has all this extreme winter weather impacted your preps or caused you to alter your prepping plan? Nothing much this week. Getting ready to be a vendor at a show next weekend.

    2. What garden planning and preparations are you working on? With a new foot on snow, no garden work.

    3. What do you think is in store for America in the months to come? More of the same. Less freedom of expression and religion, less freedom in economic choices, higher costs of fuel and food (oil).

    This week…

    My 1GS turns 21 this summer. He wants a Beretta 92 in 9mm, but is planning on buying it himself. Several years ago, I bought a pair of ATI 9mm’s that were Beretta clones (about 95+%). They had the full-sized grip frames with the compact slides (a design I personally prefer). They were great guns, DW used hers for several years until I got her into a Glock 43X which fit her hand better. Anyway, EAA has one that is very similar and about $250 less than a Beretta (the reason I bought the ATI’s years ago. Since they are currently available (and who knows what is going on in August 2021), I ordered one. We’ll see if he ends up with a gift kit (case, ammo, holster, spare mags, etc.) for his birthday.

    Found another 9mm Wednesday. SCCY brand double stack 9mm (10 round mag) for under $225. Good EDC carry gun. Nothing fancy, but those I know who have bought them like them. They do have a long double-action trigger pull.

    On Thursday, I asked my mechanic to help me find the plug-in for the engine block heater in my new-to-me van as it is going to -20 and below for the next 2 nights. Surprise! No heater. It pays to have a good friend as your mechanic as they put one in for me that day. Then Saturday morning we find someone unplugged it.

    Supply Run: SPAM; AF Scam Eggs; Mylar bags; 300cc O2 packs; roast beef; canned fruit;

    Received: MTM ammo crates, Vacuum bag rolls: 8”x50’ & 11”x50’

    • My cousin sent me a message on Facebook inviting me to visit her in Montana. Attached was a photo of current temperature–minus 11. I said, “No thanks! I think I will wait until the pandemic is over and visit in the summer.” I told her that we had the air conditioner running here in Florida.

    • JP,

      I used to own a Beretta 92SB in 9mm. It used to be a Wyoming Highway Patrol issue pistol, but I bought it from a friend. They were allowed to buy their issue pistol if they resigned or retired under honorable conditions. It is the daddy of the military M9 pistol. I gifted it to #1 daughter. Personally, I much prefer my Sig Sauer P-228.

      • Zulu 3-6:

        I had a Beretta 92 as a personal weapon when I was in the service. It was large, clunky, and double-action (I’ve always liked the 1911). But I could hit what I was aiming at better than any other 9mm I fired. DW had the same problem. Taurus fixed the safety issue with a third position so you could carry it “Condition One” which I liked when I was shooting local completion. GS1 is 6’4’/300# so it fits his hands even better.

        Right now I’m using Glocks; a G43X for EDC and a G19X for my kit. Love them both.

        • JP,

          I started with the old Colt 1911 in the Corps. Never did shoot it well. I could qualify Marksman with it, but no better on the KD course. As an MP, we shot on police combat ranges and I could do very well.

          In the Air Guard, I started with the S&W M-15 .38 spcl revolver, the standard with security police. I could shoot expert on KD courses. Then we transitioned over to the M-9. Just like the Beretta 92, it was a bit clunky, but I could shoot expert with it too. I loved my Sig Sauer P226 and P228 on the PD. I could drive tacks all day with them.

          My #1 daughter isn’t fond of the 92/M-9 because of the bulk. She’s only 5’5″ tall. Her hubby has no problems with the 92, but then he is 6’4″ and has hands like ham hocks.

        • JP and Zulu – I’ve enjoyed reading your discussion on Berettas. It reminds me of what the DH has said for years – the Beretta has always been the easiest for him to shoot and consistently hit the target. He has tried various others without the same success. While he carries a “plastic fantastic” for EDC, he periodically reminds me that in a real world, big time SHTF situation, he will carry a Beretta. He also hates the way the Sig sights.

          For me, I’ll just shoot whatever is available to the best of my ability – I’m not partial to any one brand or style, so long as I can hit the target. We even have his and hers Berettas – with mine having slimmer grips.

          • GA Red,

            Everyone has their druthers. I can handle and shoot a Barretta just fine, I just prefer Sigs. My Ex likes her Sig 365 too. My #2 daughter prefers her Glock 43 because it fits her small hand well. A comfortable grip is important for the handgunner. #1 daughter is shopping for a handgun that fits her better than the Barretta 92, but her much bigger hubby likes the Barretta just fine. I think #1 is going to end up with a Glock 43 because she really likes the feel of her sister’s pistol even though she is a little bigger than her sis.

          • Exactly – I like the feel of my Browning Hi-Power, but the DH says it’s too small for his hand. My EDC is a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. It’s small enough to carry easily – even in a purse. I’m also learning to carry it on my side and use a belly band when walking or running. The purse is SO much lighter when the EDC is on me. LOL

          • GA Red,

            My Ex and #2 daughter much prefer the belly band holsters.

            Personally, from a police officer and instructor point of view, I think keeping your EDC on your person is a far better option. If some idiot wants to snatch your purse, he can have it, but there won’t be a gun in it for him.

  2. Greetings from Douglasville

    It has rained most of the week and is raining now. Not overly cold but in general just miserable out.

    Worked on getting things ready as part of my big clean out, to sell at the flea market and ebay. We will see how that works out.

    Paper resupply at SAM’s this week. Dogfood resupply from Amazon, Chewy and Walmart.

    Medical appointments for me. I’m good for another 4 to 6 months depending on what part of my body comes up next for maintenance.

    We are ready for what ever comes and will stand our ground as best we can.


    • Cliff,
      I assume from your sign-off that you have your Ham license. Will you please reply to my questions related to Ham radios? I value your opinion.

  3. Continuing to fill in gaps when discovered. Trying to stay on top of the chores. While we have avoided snow we have gotten some serious rain storms.
    Ordered and received small binoculars and an infrared thermometer. Picked up an updated canning book. Canning lids are still mia in many stores but jars are making an appearance.
    The hunt for a different vehicle is on going

  4. Winter weather? It has been unseasonably warm and very humid here in Florida. We had to turn on the air conditioner.

    Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend. Prayers out for those who have lost their loved ones and will not have a Valentine this weekend. We are saying in. I am making an oil fondue with filet minion, shrimp and mushrooms. I love beer battered shrimp and mushrooms. I got everything to make chocolate fondue but my miniature fondue pot won’t be in until Monday. I guess I will have to wait until the next family dinner to make that.

    I am disappointed. I had a line on getting the vaccine even though I am not 65+. A church friend works at a local clinic. If they have left over doses, they would give them out to anyone. Our idiot governor has now prohibited anyone under 65 (who is not a frontline medical worker or a resident at a long-term care facility) to get the jab. Now these unsued doses will be thrown out. What I think is especially stupid is that the governor’s policy also allows people deemed at “high risk” are permitted to get the vaccine; but the state’s website does not allow at risk people to indicate they are at risk. (At least Desantis is better than his opposition, a man who was found in a hotel room with drugs and a male prostitute.)

    I came up with a new recipe this week—mango chutney pork tenderloin. This is super easy. Just brown the tenderloin in a frypan and then place in glass baking dish. In a separate bowl, prepare a sauce of one jar mango chutney, a bit of olive oil and a bit of warm water. Mix and pour over pork tenderloin. Cook at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes. Serve with rice and a green vegetable. This was super good. I used leftovers to make pork fried rice.

    Not much on the prepping front. I continue to build my pantry. The UK strain of COVID continues to spread in Florida. So, we haven’t been going out except to get groceries or prescriptions.

    I crunched some numbers this week. The mainstream media is saying we may be dealing with COVID for years to come. I think this is hogwash. I took the estimated percentage of the U.S. population (data from the CDC) and added the number of Americans who have received at least one dose of the COVID vaccine. (People who have had the vaccine have some measure of immunity; people who have had a least one dose of the vaccine also have some measure of immunity. Full immunity kicks in weeks after the second dose.) Then I took into account the number of Americans on average who get the vaccine each day (1.3 million). We need a minimum of 70 percent of the population to have either natural immunity or immunity from the vaccine to achieve herd immunity. My calculations show that we should start seeing the impacts of herd immunity by the beginning of May. The reasons the mainstream media is saying COVID could last for years is that they are not taking into account natural immunity people have once they have recovered from infection. Studies in the UK show that natural immunity lasts for at least six months. Scientists think it lasts longer than that but they don’t have the data to back this up yet. We know from the first SARS outbreak that natural immunity lasts for 18 years. (That’s all the data that is available at this point.)

    • Bam Bam,

      You can have my dose if you want it. I’m over 65 and I don’t trust the vax yet. It was developed too fast and not tested enough. Too many people are having odd reactions. I’ll just muddle through.

      • My daughter sent me a link yesterday that advises women to wait to get a mammogram after getting the vaccine. Mammograms are showing indications of breast cancer that the experts believe are false and will resolve itself given time. It’s just another concern that I have with the vaccine.

        • PG,

          A friend sent me a photo of his wife wearing a t-shirt that said: “Yes, they are fake. My real ones tried to kill me.” I thought it was rather clever.

        • PG – a friend recently experienced the mammogram issue first hand. She is high risk for breast cancer and learned about the problem before(?) her mammogram and is putting it off a couple of months now.

          • GA, I saw the article, too. I’d already put off my Oct 2020 mammogram due to Covid. My 2nd Moderna vax will likely be end of this month. So, I’ve already decided to postpone mammogram a few more months. I had a biopsy done a couple of years ago and I don’t want to give the money grubbers at the hospital an excuse to do another one.

          • Mari,
            I’m on a 6 month mammogram schedule, and I canceled my May and November appointments. I really need to get one done, but I keep putting it off.

      • Zulu 3-6 – I’m not old enough in Ga for the vaccine but I have no intention of being a guinnea pig either. Also having had the virus, I don’t need a vaccine. Small pox was way more deadly and Washington intentionally infected his troops during the revolutionary war.

  5. Nothing special this week . Had a guy on preppernet I tried to help with a battery/ inverter problem. When I told him it had me stumped he replied not to fill bad his dad couldn’t find the problem also. Then he said his dad was lead electrical engineer on IBM’s Impossible crew.
    Ice and snow missed us this time . Take care all.

  6. Got 2 medical tests completed. Saw the ophthalmologist and ordered new glasses and have an appointment for new contacts. The oral surgeon who cancelled my extractions has rescheduled to next month.

  7. I did my grocery shopping twice again this week and keep adding a little more to my food stock. Got to keep on getting that stash deeper.

    Not much going on here this week. The granddaughters are doing great. #1GD is getting signed up for a basic kid’s martial arts program. Apparently she did very well during try outs. Now she thinks she is going to learn to beat me up. She’ll also have to learn that old age and treachery will beat youth and skill every time. ? #2 GD is cutting teeth, so her parents have that joy to contend with.

    Keeping an eye on silver prices. I was reading that the silver supply might be improving now that some mines have reopened after Kung flu closings. There is a high industrial demand for that silver right now and the factories can afford to pay for large amounts at current prices better than the average stacker. So, supply and prices may not significantly improve for the investment market. There have been some minor downward price fluctuations since the mine news, but nothing spectacular. The market has recovered, and prices are back up to where they were. We’ll just have to see how things go.

    Other than keeping my food pantry filled, not a lot of prepping going on at my apartmentstead. Mostly just reading.

    Weather has warmed up here in Central Florida. It’s been in the 80s recently. Beats hell out of the nasty cold stuff folks north of Florida are getting. My sister who lives just outside of Chicago has well over 25-inches of snow in her back yard. More snow expected this weekend. She says driving isn’t too bad as Illinois tends to plow continually even while the snow is still falling. Florida doesn’t bother to plow at all even on those very rare occasions when it does snow. The Florida theory is: “If God put it there, God will take it away.” Meanwhile, rain is expected here today and for the next few days. We can use the rain. Temps are still supposed to be 80 or so.

    This Weeks Questions:

    1. How has all this extreme winter weather impacted your preps or caused you to alter your prepping plan?

    Weather hasn’t been extreme in Central Florida this winter. Of course, come hurricane season in June extreme could be possible very fast.

    2. What garden planning and preparations are you working on?

    No gardening here.

    3. What do you think is in store for America in the months to come?

    Very hard to say with any exactitude. If things continue as they are, the economy is going to take a dump.

    • Zulu,

      I remembered when it snowed here in 1989. One inch of snow shut down the Jacksonville airport. I learned to drive in Northern Virginia right outside D.C. were snow was not uncommon. I learned to drive in snow. So my brothers and I took out my VW Beetle and did circles in the Walmart parking lot. There were no other cars on the road. This was around Christmas time. We were all at my parents house. The pipes burst so we had no water and the electric went out. This was not a big deal as we had plenty of water in the pool and a camping stove to cook on. The fireplace kept us warm. All of this because of an inch of snow.

      Another cold weather story: It was October; time for the Florida-Georgia game. My brother went to Georgia. And, of course, I went to Florida. He and about two dozen of his fraternity brothers descended on my parents house, which was less than half an hour from the stadium. We had a keg party. Once everyone was good and sloshed, my brother and I took his frat brothers alligator hunting with nothing but broomsticks. My brother and I totally kept straight faces. They were totally scared but were not about to have their manhood challenged by a Florida girl. These were city boys. The had no idea gators wouldn’t be out when it was below freezing.

      • Bam Bam,

        One inch of snow wouldn’t slow anything down in Michigan. That’s just considered flurries. In fact, the plows wouldn’t even be sent out. Maybe they’d salt the roads, but I wouldn’t bet on it. I do remember the news reporting that 1989 snow in Florida. We all laughed at the crisis it caused here.

        We didn’t have alligator problems in Michigan either when the temp hit freezing. 🙂

        • We got 12 inches that year in Virginia, and i was shovelling sidewalks at 8 months pg(was groundskeeper for our small apartment complex). You should have heard the elderly hens clucking at me to be careful! I was. He was born at home 5 weeks later, hale and hearty!

  8. Good morning Pack. Hope everyone is healthy and warm.
    Tara, I know what you mean . I got off facistbook a month or so ago and don’t watch the news at all anymore and I am so much calmer and less angry. I am just as worried about our country and disgusted by the censorship and disregard for our constitution . But I can vote and I can pray andU can prep and that is all I can do and having all that rhetoric in my face all day makes me crazy.
    We are still on the new homestead in the middle of unusually icy cold weather with more to come. Trying to keep this RV from freezing has become our prep this week.
    No garden this year,
    I think America will continue to fall apart , economically and spiritually I just don’t know how far it go before we have another election

  9. 1 no change. Its not extreme its what it was before global warming bs. 2 nothing yet. 3 hard to speculate witi flipphone internet to type on 12 button keypad. 4 widtptw i didnt do anything, its -20 out and still deep snow. Going bonkers with boredom

    • Nemoseto, glad to hear from you. Got snow & sleet here in southern NJ & glad it isn’t -20. I think many of us are bored to the max just from the lockdowns. I’m not motivated enough to do much of anything. Aaargh. This too shall pass. Got your garden all planned? Pull out drafting implements. Stay warm, stay dry.

  10. 1. How has all this extreme winter weather impacted your preps or caused you to alter your prepping plan?
    I feel as if I’m on thaw-and-keep-warm mode. I’m checking all of the animals more often, giving them extra feed, and making sure their water isn’t frozen.

    2. What garden planning and preparations are you working on?
    I think I already have all of my seeds, so I’m planning where to plant everything. I’m also making a list of the fruit trees and berry bushes that I want, and where they will be planted.
    3. What do you think is in store for America in the months to come?
    I believe we’re going to experience trouble at a level that will amaze most people.

    I need some advice/opinions.
    1. I’m getting even more serious about updating packs for day hiking. What would you carry with you in a day pack for hiking in a wilderness area? We hike mountain trails and forests, and go during the late spring to early fall.
    2. How important do you think gas masks are? Should I add them to my supplies at home and take them with me when I travel?
    3. I got my handheld Ham radio programmed. (I’ll program the mobile unit as soon as time allows.) Are there any reliable solar chargers for equipment such as this? What should I use to charge it when I’m without electricity for extended periods of time?
    4. For those of you with your amateur radio license, are you part of a Ham club? Do you take part in contests? How important do you feel this is for someone like me? I’ve passed my test by simply memorizing information, but I feel that I know nothing about radio communication.
    5. I’m keeping my radio on all of the time, but I’m not hearing any talk. Is this normal?

    This week:
    -Cleaned out barn, divided stalls, put up goats that will be kidding soon, and put outside dogs in a warm area of the barn. Basically DH and I just got all of the animals ready for the really cold weather that’s coming.
    -I have two goats that are due to kid soon. I hope they don’t come during our below zero temps.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: heated buckets, feed buckets, syringes, heat bulbs, and extra feed for the animals; work gloves;

    -I got the results from my allergy tests. One of the things I’m allergic to is a preservative that’s in everything from paint to cosmetics and laundry detergent.
    -I finally got one of my Ham radios programmed. Now it’s time to actually learn. I’m concerned about making a mistake, so I’m going to do a lot of listening.
    -We’re yet again under a boil water order. This is the third one in less than three weeks. Although it’s annoying to have to boil water (I have a Berkey, but I don’t want to use it. I’m wanting to save the filters for a time when no other choice exists.), I’m thankful for running water. And honestly, I feel like it’s probably okay to drink the water anyway.
    -I bought four extra heated buckets for the animals. These were intended as extras to be stored away until needed. I’m thankful that I picked them up. It turned out that I have already had to use two of them. You never know when things will quit working.

    **I know that some of you have what I consider bitter cold on a regular basis, and you may be wondering why the rest of us are complaining. But my area is expecting much colder than normal temps and even more wintry precipitation. Right now we have ice on the ground. It’s awful. Without Yak Tracks on my boots, I do nothing but slip and slide. It’s awful here.

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    • Hi Prepared Granny,

      I’ll try to address some of your HAM radio questions.
      3. I got my handheld Ham radio programmed. (I’ll program the mobile unit as soon as time allows.) Are there any reliable solar chargers for equipment such as this? What should I use to charge it when I’m without electricity for extended periods of time?
      Good deal on getting your radio programmed. It should stay up and running on the initial charges as long as you aren’t transmitting. I had a discussion with TOP a few years back (rest his soul). One of the ladies in their HAM group was blind and was looking for a way to set up a back up battery set up so she could swap over to the batteries in case of a power outage. Being blind and having to wrestle with the different cables and such I suggested that she get a couple of UPS battery packs (uninterupptable power supplies), and run her radio through them. When the power is on they work like a power strip and when the power goes out they switch on and depending on the load they can keep radios (and computers) running for an hour or so depending on the loads. If your power goes out and they are fully charged you can recharge your radio batteries off of them. They aren’t overly expensive and they also tend to filter the charge going through so you don’t get nasty spikes and such.

      4. For those of you with your amateur radio license, are you part of a Ham club? Do you take part in contests? How important do you feel this is for someone like me? I’ve passed my test by simply memorizing information, but I feel that I know nothing about radio communication.
      I’m no longer part of a HAM club. I’m an old CW and SSB guy and not really interested in the all modern digital modes. I was a CW intercept operator in the Air Force for 23 years and that is my preferred mode along with SSB. I used to contest, especially when I was stationed on Crete in the early 80’s. At that time, and may still be, Crete was considered a separate country from Greece for the World Wide contest and since, at that time, there were only 5 or 6 active HAMs on Crete I always did really well in the contest. Contest are a lot of fun and will improve your operating skill but unless you have a mega-station or super ears and antennas you won’t be competitive. More fun is had at Field Days and operating club stations then.

      The best way to learn is turn the radio on, spin the dial and listen. You’ll hear good operating and LID operating and will able to see which why good, clean operations are always better.

      5. I’m keeping my radio on all of the time, but I’m not hearing any talk. Is this normal? Depends on what you are listening to and for. If you are on one of the popular repeaters on 2 meters and above there will be times when they are active, (driving to and from work and after supper nets mostly). I would set the radio to scan and see what you hear. The days of being able to hear the police and fire stations are pretty much gone, but there is a lot of chatter, both simplex and repeater to keep you active. Also Google local 2 meter nets and tune in to their frequency at net times and listen in. TOP had a weekly net for his area and it was on 2 meter but trunked into the net so I could log in on a website and hear what was going on. Very interesting.

      DE N5GWU

    • What Cliff said. You have my permission from whoever is keeping contact info, to have my email address. Email me and i will give you my phone number. I think you are also friends with Almost There? She also has my info. I think we are in the same state(if i remember correctly) and i can hook you up with your local people if you like.

    • PG – I wish I could put you in touch with our youngest. She is the most serious hiker I know – she has completed the GA portion of the Appalachian Trail and has made it to a pickup point near Fontana Dam in North Carolina. She is doing it in pieces because she knows she can’t take off most of a year to do it.

      The only thing I can tell you for sure is that you need to carry pepper spray – she believes it is more important than an EDC. She also has one of the Garmin devices that she can use to send an emergency signal. She does NOT carry water, but does check for water sources along the trail and checks the conditions before going on a hike – water is sometimes scarce depending on rainfall and the time of year. Lightweight foods/snacks are also a necessity and tries to be conscious of her potassium intake.

      I hope this helps.

      • GA Red,
        Would you ask her what kind of hiking boots she wears? I’m wanting to get another pair. Mine are good, but I’m wondering about other brands to try.

        • PG – from the hiking daughter – I wear trail runners to hike in now. Altra Timp. They also have a boot-style shoe called the Lone Peak Mid.

  11. PG,

    Gas masks are useful when you are being exposed to riot control agents (i.e. tear gas or pepper spray). They are also useful when exposed to military poison gases, however, the decontamination necessary is extensive and you need plenty of extra filters. Some agents also require chemical warfare suits as some of those agents can soak through your clothing and through your skin.

    Naturally, most folks that have gas masks primarily anticipate being exposed to crowd control agents. I have a military grade gas mask and extra filters mainly because I expect exposure to riot control agents, if anything. However, thanks to training in the military and police work, I can handle exposure to tear gas and pepper spray without a mask for a period of time. I won’t enjoy it, but I can get through it long enough to get out of the area.

    • PG,

      I should mention that gas masks DO NOT provide oxygen. So you don’t want to wear them in a fire or smoky situation. That’s why firefighters wear the tanks and full face masks of a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). They aren’t breathing pure O2, just plain old atmospheric air that is pumped into the tanks. Pure O2 in a fire is a bad idea.

  12. As I write Western Washington, is getting a lot of snow today and tomorrow, but by Monday, it should be gone and yes we are enjoying it this weekend. Hubby, worked a 40 hour week so he’s tired but feels great to be doing other electrical work besides putting in Generators. My mother, is in Surgery today to repair her bladder, and take 6 inches of her colon she should be out around noon it’s almost 11:00. My sweet son, is having difficulty and worried Grandma might die, since my hubby’s dad passing away in December, but with lots of hugs and my dad explaining the whole process to him he’s OK. I did get a couple of more boxes of noodles, and 3 jars of sauce that my daughter likes, and a great deal on Bacon 3 pounds for under $9.00. We did get a box of the Kodiak pancake mix at Costco, never had it before it’s not bad I added the eggs to thin the batter down but I’m going to try the muffin mix recipe to see if that’s a better use for us.
    Enjoying the snowfall, it will soon be gone.

    Question 1 Winter, hasn’t impacted us this year just snow this weekend.
    Question 2 On Gardening, just picking up different seeds, and storing them away depending on what we do on getting permits, to move forth on building, I won’t do anything except what is growing all ready mostly berries.

    Question 3 What’s in store for America ? Higher food prices, higher gas prices, lots of job loss, and knowing it will be awhile before my kid’s leave so we will build with our kids in mind dad, said , he wants them to stay as long as they can. I’m very glad my kids are good young adults, and are listening and learning which I believe we need to continue to teach them and grow skills.

  13. I have another line on the COVID vaccine. I am considered “at risk” since I have an autoimmune disease. Because both dh and I are considered high risk, we haven’t been to church since early 2020. But we watch masses online. My dh has already received his first dose. He is over 65. Our whole church is serving as vaccine lookouts. Whenever there are extra doses they contact dh. I will know in the next few hours if Publix has an extra does for me. Please keep me in your prayers.

  14. For those who wish to read about the ‘vaccine’, can check out the data on vaccine impact dot com(leave out the spaces). Found it rather informative on this mRNA.
    As always everyone must decided IF it is right for them, or not, no judgement call from me if you opt in or out of it.

    • AC,

      My mom had polio as a child. She spent all of second grade in a treatment center. She could only see her parents through glass. The polio vaccine changed lives. Vaccination is the single most significant medical intervention since the discovery of the germ theory of disease. People are saying that the COVID vaccines were developed too quickly. In fact, the science behind the current vaccines has been researched for year.

      I am praying I can get the vaccine.

      • Bam Bam,

        I remember lining up at school to get the polio vaccine. Some pink medicine on a sugar cube. I’m sure some vaccines are very good and perform exactly as intended, polio being one of them. But this Kung flu vaccine leaves me with a lot of questions.

        I hope you can get your vaccine soon as you want it and seem to be confident with it.

        • Bam Bam:

          I go along with Zulu 3-6. And spending 20 years in the Army, I’ve had plenty of shots.

          I, too, hope you get your shot soon, and it works well for you and yours.

          My oldest is in Senior Health Care, and my youngest works admin at a hospital. Both have had theirs.

          DW and I don’t feel the need, having weighed the risk and benefits for ourselves. But that’s us.

      • Bam Bam, hope you can get the vax soon if that’s your preference. Word of caution re Moderna: Be sure to move your arm around b4 you go to bed (pain next day is bad) and be aware most people (especially younger ones) complain of severe bone pain the day after the 2nd vax. Some experience feeling very ill also. No pain killers right b4 & after vax.

      • Bam Bam and anyone that wants the vaccine, I hope you are successful.

        The following information was provided by a friend who does a lot of research AFTER I made my decision to NOT get it:

        “Let’s look at the facts about the Covid vaccines. Both are approved for Emergency Use Authorization. By definition that means they are both experimental as well as the J & J vaccine be assuming it is approved for EUA, which is highly likely.

        From the documentation presented to the FDA for approval (Pfizer/Moderna), there is insufficient evidence for either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine to claim they prevent infection or transmission. The efficacy they talk about is only that it reduces mild symptoms. In addition, neither is proven to prevent severe symptoms or hospitalization. That data was compiled on roughly 200 of 35,000 to 44,000 total trial participants.

        Current reporting on the CDC Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System web site indicates 501 deaths and 10,748 injuries following the vaccines as of January 29, 2021.

        According to Worldometer there are currently 25,933,229 cases worldwide. Of those cases, 25,819,313 (99.6%) are considered mild and 105,004 (0.4%) are serious or critical.

        If you are at risk, it may be worth it to you to get the vaccine. You may want to hold out and see what the data is on J & J shot. What we are hearing is it may prevent infection and if the data supports that, that could change the risk benefit equation.

        Keep in mind that in the United States you cannot sue the manufacturers of vaccines for any death or injuries caused by their products based on the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and the follow on Supreme Court case in 2011 that eliminated the possibility of tort lawsuits.

        For me the risk benefit equation is not favorable for taking the vaccine. I keep my immune system fully supported through nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle.”

  15. (1) We had our first frost a week or two ago—it’s been about 5 years since our last one. Not to rub it in, but Florida is awesome in February. It’s God’s way of apologizing for August!
    (2) Some of my Fall Garden is winding down—the warm weather made my mustard greens bolt this week, so I harvested the last of it and canned that up yesterday. I will give that raised bed a rest for a few weeks and then plant my green beans there in March. Tomato seedlings are on the porch in 3-inch pots for transfer to the garden next month, too. Just came in from planting the top 18 inches of several sugar cane stalks that were cut down last Saturday. I am moving my sugarcane patch to the east side of my garden to take advantage of the moist soil next to the canal. Should grow some healthy cane there. All banana plants were heavily mulched today as part of my pen cleaning escapades….spent hay and goat poop do well around the bananas.
    (3) I received a case of #10 cans of veggies from Emergency Essentials this week. I had 2 bantam eggs hatch yesterday in my incubator, but I’m losing hope on the other 6 eggs. They were all fertile at 10 days, but we had some strange weather that affected the humidity levels, so perhaps it killed the rest of the chicks. I will gather a half dozen more eggs from my bantam hen/rooster pair and try again soon. The purpose of developing a bantam flock is to have hens that are more likely to go broody and sit on eggs I want them to hatch for protein or replacement egg layers. My newest goat mama has been holding back her milk from me in the evening when I try to milk her! Things should improve after the kids leave in a few weeks, but until then it will be a contest of wills….so far, I’m only squeezing out about 12 ounces from her. Fun times. Other than that, I shredded and toasted another coconut from one of our palm trees, harvested some dried pigeon peas that I left on the bushes, and pulled another papaya off of the tree.
    (3) IMO, America will see rising prices, higher unemployment, more civil unrest, and crazier junk flowing out of the cesspool in D.C. I closed my Facistbook account a month ago. My headaches went away within a matter of days. I am more productive on my farm and have more peace of mind. I can focus more on my preparedness efforts now, which is my primary activity these days!

  16. Puppy got his yearly vet visit for rabies shot, heart worm test and fecal parasite test. Good for all yay.

    Firewood and mulch
    Made mulch after cutting some low branches
    Split some more logs

    1. Pulled utility trailer behind Jeep
    2.Soon to purchase an S109 off-road camping trailer for bugout
    vehicle and weekend getaways with the kayak and fishing.

    1.Quartered some potatoes for planting.
    2. Brussel sprouts are still growing
    3. Oregano coming in strong
    4. Planted green bunching onions.

    Put new filters in the Berkey water filter system.

    Bought canned items
    Bought meat

    Food made
    Spicey pickled hotdogs 2 quarts
    Pics de Gallo
    Home made tortilla chips

    Thor’s questions
    1. Are you worried about the hacked water plant in Florida?

    2. Do you have a Berkey water filter system?

    3. Are you worried about the unconstitutional HR127 bill?

    4. Why do they want to ban AR15s that were used in less than 1% of crimes?

    5. Why do they want to ban 50 Cal rifles semi or single shot? Is it because it can penetrate body armor and light and medium armor vehicles that they might use to confiscate firearms?

    6. Are they vetting the military of concervatives, Christians and Patriots in a Nazi fashion? Does this make you Concerned?

    • Thor’s questions

      1. Are you worried about the hacked water plant in Florida?

      Not too worried as it appears the water plant shot themselves in the foot with old computers, shared passwords, and some other stupid cyber security stuff.

      2. Do you have a Berkey water filter system?

      Not a Berkey, but I do have a DIY setup that works like a Berkey.

      3. Are you worried about the unconstitutional HR127 bill?

      A little bit. It has a lot to go through yet.

      4. Why do they want to ban AR15s that were used in less than 1% of crimes?

      Simple. It’s a weapon that scares them because it allows The People to be adequately armed against them.

      5. Why do they want to ban 50 Cal rifles semi or single shot? Is it because it can penetrate body armor and light and medium armor vehicles that they might use to confiscate firearms?

      Same as with AR-15s. The second part of your question answers itself.

      6. Are they vetting the military of concervatives, Christians and Patriots in a Nazi fashion? Does this make you Concerned?

      Yes, I am concerned. They want as few conservative leaning military members as possible. However, that will also leave the military quite shorthanded (which they don’t care about).

    • Tara’s questions

      1.How has all this extreme winter weather impacted your preps or caused you to alter your prepping plan?

      Too much rain and mud interfering with outdoor work.

      2. What garden planning and preparations are you working on?

      Adding more raised beds, a greenhouse and more compost.

    • Thor’s questions
      1. Are you worried about the hacked water plant in Florida? I’m just a bit away from Florida, but the idea could spread. Our main water system is easily accessible if someone wanted to try something.

      2. Do you have a Berkey water filter system? Yes, 2 actually. A Royal for the house and a Travel for the camp trailer.

      3. Are you worried about the unconstitutional HR127 bill? Not at this time. It is a complete Progressive/Liberal dream list, and as such is too much to get in one bite. But, look for pieces in the future.

      4. Why do they want to ban AR15s that were used in less than 1% of crimes? It’s never about the facts, it’s about fear.

      5. Why do they want to ban 50 Cal rifles semi or single shot? Is it because it can penetrate body armor and light and medium armor vehicles that they might use to confiscate firearms? See #4 (not to mention the fact they are grossly expensive).

      6. Are they vetting the military of conservatives, Christians and Patriots in a Nazi fashion? They are using these things on society in general, not just the military (where the do have the control to make it happen.)

      Does this make you concerned? Just imagine if the get their wish and purge all those capable of making a decision under stress, out. Totally vegan, soft-spoken, submissive, gender neutral, soft, believers in Secular Humanism, with extreme aversion to temperature change; wet, cold, and heat. And in constant need of reassurance, counseling, and a “safe space” to take a time out in.

  17. 1. How has all this extreme winter weather impacted your preps or caused you to alter your prepping plan?
    Expecting new sno and -15° nights for the next few days. Have extra water drawn for critters and extra cardboard insulation for ducks. Regular preps in b hold till this passes.

    2. What garden planning and preparations are you working on?
    Ordering last garden items. Planning beds. Most seeds are here. Inventorying.

    3. What do you think is in store for America in the months to come?
    Hell, if Dems get their way. Looks like they hold the cards for now.

  18. Tara’s questions:
    1) Weather related prepping-Either a solar panel bank install or a combination of solar with a back up generator to run the house so when power is down we can still function without running electrical cords though the only window that give us access without freezing us to death.?
    2) Gardening: While in the True Value picking up light bulbs, a new bathroom faucet. They had their seed rack on display, oh yes!! Spoke with the young man he said it they have filled it twice already and have more seed orders coming from the company. Told him it was going to hot spot in their business in a few more days/weeks when the word is out they have seeds available.
    3) It will depend on what happens in the next few months

  19. Hi folks, There has been lots of rain this week. We lucked out by missing snow and sleet. Guess old Jack was happy to keep the salt truck in the garage. Even with rain, it doesn’t seem to keep people from driving like they are trying to qualify as a NASCAR driver. Lots of crazy wrecks on the interstates in and around Atlanta area, blocking main roads for hours.
    Not much of anything this week regarding preps, but I am am anxious to get those raised beds built and filled so That when weather does get nice, I can get busy.
    That’s all for me this week. God bless each of you.

  20. How has all this extreme winter weather impacted your preps or caused you to alter your prepping plan?
    Normal for Florida, it has been wet with more tomorrow. Peak potato planting time for the farmers (I did it for 25 years) and too much rain will cause the seed pieces to rot.

    What garden planning and preparations are you working on? Hadn’t done a thing with it this year, after a rough winter physically I have recovered some and might get something done.

    What do you think is in store for America in the months to come? Now that the Democrats last temper tantrum is over (they got spanked again) they will start trying to remake America.

    Had a very stressful week for my wife, her brother and his wife have Covid and her dad had to use his Life Alert because he got too weak to get out of his chair. The brother is lives behind his dad and is on the contact list but all he could do was stand on his porch and wait for EMS to show up. My father in law is 83 and has blocked arteries and is on blood thinners. He was diagnosed with a bleeding in his esophagus from acid reflex. After a week in the hospital he was strong enough to leave and we decided to have him come live with us from now on. Today we went and cleaned out his refrigerator and food pantry, now we are almost overstocked with food. We got some of his cloths and personal items including his firearms. Being the brother lives close we are just going to close up the house leaving most things in place.

    My wife had been very stressed worrying about him 20 miles away by himself so now she help take care of him. Me too of course because I don’t work. Fortunately we just had a nice, new wheelchair ramp built. The contractor was putting it off but I texted him saying I needed it done and in the next two days he got it finished. It is crafted out of 2×6’s, it entirely covers the new sidewalk I had put in last year, poor planning on my part. Now I have to get used to having another person in my home, no blasting old time rock and roll at two o’clock in the morning on the nights my wife works. Eleven years ago when my youngest daughter got married we let them stay with us while they saved money for a down payment on a house. A few months later her father in law became disabled with heart trouble and lost his job as a live in manager of a fishing camp. He was jobless and homeless so we took him in. His parents had gone to church with my parents so I knew him well. It was five years before they finally moved out. But, you have to take care of family. At 90 and 86 my parents still live independently and have no neighbors 30 miles from me. My brother lives four miles from me and is retiring in November, he has two homes on his place. The plan is for them to move in his extra one and then one of us can drive them around. My brother’s daughter and young son live with him so there will be plenty of people to look after them.

  21. Hopefully they have the issues with the truck fixed, so now I can use it to move stuff to storage. It is hard to set in limbo, not being able to move items we want to keep from items that need to be given/sold/donate to whomever.
    Sorting out the collectibles that need to be sold, loved my dust collectors but have reached an age that they need to be in someone else’s home.
    I did pick up seeds and peat pots for starting seeds this year, and I have three new bareroot fruit trees to add to my large flower pot collection.
    Rest of my time is fixing food for our dog who is doing ok. She is eating hamburger, chicken, all beef hotdogs, cottage cheese, yogurt. I also give her health food store CBD oil, Carnivora, liquid Graviola and her pain meds.

  22. Thor’s questions: Easy peasy — I agree with what Thor, JP, & Zulu have already posted above. One thing I’d add is that Biden’s handlers won’t waste too much time in demanding signing on to the Small Arms Treaty. No doubt the UN would like to assist.

    • Mari,

      Biden can sign on to the Small Arms Treaty all he wants. If the Senate doesn’t ratify it, it means nothing in law to us. Just like the Paris Accords and about ten others that Trump pulled the US out of. The Senate never ratified them, so it was easy to unsign.

      • I shudder to think losing R Senators, even RINOs. Is it still 2/3 of Senate to ratify treaties or did that change to simple majority? The current admin will do a lot of damage in a very short period of time.

  23. 1. How has all this extreme winter weather impacted your preps or caused you to alter your prepping plan?
    Too lethargic & bored from Covid & rotten weather to do much more than minor preps. Really need to re-organize what I have.

    2. What garden planning and preparations are you working on?
    Seed orders just about ready to go in. Probably do that tomorrow.

    3. What do you think is in store for America in the months to come?
    I expect more and more garbage from Biden (his handlers) and the rest of the dumb Dims. Cancel culture & systemic racism (etc.) are pure BS and I’m happy to see some persons / groups going at each other’s throats and hopefully self-destruct to some degree. More people better wake up to how we’re being sold down the river to the CCP. Biden’s admin & Congress hell-bent on destroying economy with $15 wages etc to destroy jobs and middle-class. Population better wake up to plans to throw everybody under elite-status onto their plantation. HR-127? Yeah, right. They’ll bust it up into small bites, which probably won’t go over too well either.

  24. This Weeks Questions:
    1. How has all this extreme winter weather impacted your preps or caused you to alter your prepping plan? Our weather is pretty normal – wet and miserable but not frozen. We generally stay inside this time of year, so our preps revolve around rotating food stores and making sure we are ready for spring and summer. We haven’t had the super cold temps here since the early 80s.

    2. What garden planning and preparations are you working on? I need to start tomato and pepper seeds if I grow any. We currently have enough tomato sauce to last most of the year based on how often we eat it and peppers are mostly for gifting. Beyond that, we won’t plant anything until we can direct sow into the garden. That won’t be until late April to mid May.

    3. What do you think is in store for America in the months to come? More BS from the current administration that continues to divide our country and kill jobs. Higher prices across the board, beginning with gasoline. Biden killed the pipeline because he is heavily invested in the rail system. He and his ilk make money off the rest of us.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Added some gluten free hamburger meal kits to the rotation and discovered some chicken versions to try. These will be used for quick meals on busy days.

    Also restocked the DH’s caffeine free Diet Pepsi supply and discovered more choices available again – cans haven’t been available for a while but are back on the shelves.

    Getting used to a four day work week and the accompanying 20% pay cut.

    Discovered an anti-gun stance from a specific service provider and spent much of the week getting that service transferred to another provider. I’m about half done with it but learned enough that the second half will go more easily.

    Started a second cat on thyroid medicine and am getting used to the new routine. With three cats with thyroid issues, two of which have FIV, one with urinary tract problems and two with arthritis, our feeding routine takes a little more thought average. Our fourth cat is healthy but obese so we have to keep him away from the thyroid meds and/or food the others eat. This isn’t easy before coffee but can be successfully completed.

    Currently making brownies for the DH and will make cookies lithos afternoon.

    Have a wonderful week!

  25. Q. 1 we have had a very cold February so I have delayed starting my seeds in the greenhouse. What’s good about the cold weather, is that all the fruit trees delay blossoming and will likely avoid blossom drop from a late frost after a few warm weeks.
    Dh is still splitting firewood every other day to keep our fannies warm.
    We will see if our hay supply lasts through mid April like we need it to.
    2. This might be the week I show my young protege how to start seeds in the greenhouse. The cold crops can handle being planted early.
    3. Don’t know if I can predict what our country will look like by the end of 2021. The big B is hurrying to undo everything Pres T accomplished before they will consider taking down the gulag barbed wire. Gonna get ugly.
    4. Got the upright freezer defrosted, cleaned, and rearranged. Found a bunch of frozen cranberries hidden in the frost.. made 6 qts of cranberry juice. Looking forward to that after 6 weeks. Have 2 empty freezer shelves and now the soonest slaughter date I can get is in April . Argh!
    Canned up my Turkey carcass plus more half and half. When I know I have enough empty jars, I will make more ghee. One outside frig almost empty. Gettin’ her done.
    Finally got all the stuff to my accountant for business and personal tax. Phew, glad that’s done.
    I have stopped ordering anything from Mr. Besos so looking at other places to order on line the few preps I dont have.
    That’s it…just trying to stay warm.
    Take care everyone.

    • Mari,

      I’m not the owner of a Cold Steel walking staff, but I’ve found Cold Steel products to be generally be good stuff. I’m sure you could find a rubber cap that will fit, but you might want to Gorilla Glue it on for security. Please don’t use Gorilla Glue on your hair or lips 🙂

      I do own a blackthorn cane (not Cold Steel) and it is sturdy and could probably put a good thump on someone’s noggin if it was necessary. It came with a rubber tip, which I did end up gluing on as it came loose after some use in the woods.

      • Zulu, thanks, Sorry, I thought it was you who had mentioned having a CS staff. Nope, I won’t use Gorilla Glue on my hair. Good God, I can’t imagine anybody spraying their hair with that stuff.

        BTW, in the 50s & 60s, I lived about 35 miles south of where you used to be a LEO.

        • Mari:

          I have the CS Blackthorn staff, a CS Blackthorn cane, and another CS cane. I will look at it and see. It comes with a plastic tip.

          • Thanks, JP. Most of my use will be on asphalt, some on dirt paths. The staff looks very tapered at bottom which made me wonder how well a rubber cap would fit even with glue.

          • Mari:

            I pulled out my staff. It does not have a tip. It does have a slight taper to it, which you might want to sand down a little to get the tip to stay on. That’s my plan, as soon as that project perks farther up the list.

          • JP and Mari,

            Gorilla Glue worked very well attaching a rubber tip to a blackthorn cane. Hasn’t come loose in over 5 years.

          • Zulu & JP, thank you for the info on the staff. Now to re-find the holster I saw on OpticsPlanet and order both items.
            Oh, and good shot on the glue spray. Geez, imagine what a mess that was.

  26. Are there any Texas preppers in this group?

    Power outages in Texas in freezing temperatures.

    Planned rolling blackouts???

    Biden’s DARK WINTER

    More southern and northern rolling blackouts coming???

    Water shut-off in Abilene Texas

    • I am a Texas prepper, although we have been at our homestead in the Ozarks through all this crazy weather.
      Texas has its own power grid, it has some issues. We sometimes experience this in extreme heat events in the summer as well.
      Not sure about the water in Abilene, I don’t watch news but normally it gets very cold there unlike most of Texas .
      I do know this , most my Texas family had no secondary source of heat when the power went out.
      These are people that grew up without heat and air in their homes. They prep for big things , they can fix anything , hunt their own food, defend their country.
      And yet the first serious ice event in 10 years has everyone scrambling to keep their family safe.
      Just goes to remind us that we should not prep just for a SHTF event but for life events.

      • Hi Nell,

        I was stationed in San Antonio from 1984 – 1986 while at HQ ESC on Kelly AFB. I rented 2 different houses while we were there. One, pretty small, about 1200 square feet and it had a fireplace. The other, about 2500 square feet and it too had a big fireplace and it kept us warm when the power went out. Last place we lived, onbase, did not have a fireplace but for that 8 months or so we didn’t have any major power outages.

        There were a few big snowstorms while we lived there and a lot of people lost power and then lost their back deck covers when the snow got too deep on top of it. I came equipped with some long poles and snow shovels and kept the snow from building up on the roof and top of the deck cover but a lot of people were not so fortunate.

        San Antonio, and I suspect a lot of the rest of Texas are not really equipped (or weren’t during that time) to clear snow. The Base Commander on Kelly called out the road graders and they just ran the roads with their blades down and cleared a lot of the now. Unfortunately they also cleared most of the cat eye reflectors from the center of the roads since the blades were too close to the ground. For the next month every pile of snow reflected lights from cars in a dazzling demonstration of multiple reflectors looking back at you.

        • That is hilarious. Beggars can’t be choosers lol
          San Antonio is definitely not prepared for snow ir Houston or any central
          Or southern part
          The Panhandle and Dallas area are a little more likely
          To see it. What makes me
          Angry is the lack of responsibility by the Electric companies and the Power grid. Why is it okay to continue to put peoples lives at risk because you are unable to meet emergency demand? So many states are having this issue.
          And nothing being done about it

          • Nell (this is not directed at you personally):

            This storm is a 100+ year even. No business builds that kind of redundancy into their everyday business model. Emergency preparedness is an individual responsibly. Expecting others to plan for your emergencies is the reason we have bought into the lie that the government and business is “there for you”. That’s why we have shortages right now. People expected the businesses to anticipate their sudden desire for more product, and they didn’t, so they are to blame for us not planning ahead. (In the same way Conservative will be blames when the Biden/Harris plans for the economy/society fail – we will be blamed.) I don’t have a personal shortage of ammo, because I looked to a future where things would be more expensive/lower availability, and took steps. I can’t, individually, fix the general public’s shortage, but I took care of mine, so I am not part of the current problem/shortage.

            This is a perfect example of “why we prep”. We don’t prep for “normal” times, we prep to “maintain normality” during exceptional times.

          • I absolutely agree with all of that. And take full responsibility for me and mine.
            I do think that these utility companies are failing to reinvest profits in to solutions and Equipment as their customer base grows and grows. While this ice storm is a rare event. Rolling blackouts in the heat of summer are not.
            Rolling black outs in california are constant In summer as they are in northern states in the winter storms EVERY year.
            We are at their mercy and cannot take out business elsewhere and I think they could do better nationwide.

          • Nell:

            Then there is CA which set the electric company up for failure, then when they followed the state guide lines, left them holding the bag and liable in lawsuits.

            I do agree that reinvestment is a requirement. If your utility company is a regulated-monopoly that is usually part of the deal. But politicians like to fix things that are not a problem (yet).

          • Sorry about the typos. We will be blamed for what is coming, like people are blaming the power companies for the storm caused problems, for the lack of vaccines, the lack of canning jar lids, etc.

            It’s been a long day for me already, and it’s only 11AM local.

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