What I Did To Prep This Week: February 21st 2021 – February 27th 2021

Hello Pack. I hope you all have had a great week of prepping. We can now see actual land and not big mounds of snow on 85 percent of our survival homestead! We are once again living on a mud farm – but I welcome the change from snow and ice. Our private farm road is only accessible by 4-wheel drive right now, and even then just barely.

Groundwork has resumed on our daughter’s home site. There is one contractor’s truck stuck in our field after sliding past a gate, but we can deal with that later. I do not like the widening of our ultra-secluded creek entrance near the bottom of our land, but it has to be done to get Brea’s home through.

All of the digging near the creek with our backhoe did result in ripping out any dormant poison hemlock that was about to try and regrow again this year – so that is a definite plus.

The ODNR guy suggested I let our goats eat it because they are the only supposedly known creature on the planet that can consume or inhale poison hemlock spores and survive.

I nixed that idea in rapid fashion. Not only do I not trust the supposed immunity goat’s boast against poison hemlock, but my grandkiddos (alright, and me too) pet and hug on the goats. Hemlock can remain viable on a surface for up to three years.

In other preps this week we had another exciting arrival in the barnyard. Baby Zoey finally had her kids. She threw twins her first time as a nanny, which is quite unusual.

She and her kids are doing great. Our three bred mini-donkeys and three more bred goats should be delivered here on our hill in the coming weeks.

The donkeys earn their keep guarding all of our herds and flocks from coyotes. Selling the mini donkey babies is also a great way to funnel more money into our preps.

I got some seeds planted indoors this week – now it feels like spring is really and truly almost finally here.

I hope that the dwarf moringa seeds that I planted this year will do better than last – miniature versions of the “Tree of Life” are quite difficult to grow. They germinate easily but tend to dampen off even when their natural tropical environmental conditions are mimicked as closely as possible.

Planning for the Old School Survival Boot Camp continues to progress very well. We added two more presenters this week. Another local musical duo to perform after classes and an amazing rural Ohio couple.

The young couple that decided to ditch the modern world, sell their home, and live debt-free and off-grid inside of a camper on a beautiful homestead with their three sons.

Brittany and Justin are building a small home little by little to avoid having to finance the expense – and doing the work on the home themselves. When you are blessed to live in a rural area, you can do things like decide to build your own house and just walk outside on your very own land and start.

The couple has both a Honey I’m Homestead Facebook page and a YouTube channel documenting their journey, I highly suggest you check out their inspiring story.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. How are your food growing plans for this year moving along?
  2. How is the snow, freezing rain, and now mud impacting your outdoor preps?
  3. What do you think would be the most rewarding and the most challenging aspects of living completely off grid?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. Via flipphone again. 1 no progress, too much snow and below freezing. 2 see 1. 3 i am totally off grid and have been for over a decade, didnt use much power before that either. 4 i walked 64 miles with my dogs but that was all i did

  2. Greetings from Douglasville,

    It’s a pleasant day out today. Was shortsleeve weather yesterday.

    I got Hank’s ashes back from the vet yesterday. His little urn is on the mantle next to DW son’s. We feel beter now that he is back, even in this form.

    Getting ready to go to the annual blessings of the bikes at Harley Davidson of Atlanta.

    Be back later.

  3. Worked some in the garden this week, trimming back the pigeon peas, and saving some of the dried seeds. Harvested lettuce and collard greens, plus a little bit of broccoli. Dug up 20 nice potatoes from a few plants that sprouted in my compost bin. I had buried a few old potatoes along the side of my bin, just in case they wanted to sprout, and they did quite well.

    Spent some time listening to gardening podcasts and reading blogs to gain inspiration and additional knowledge for my food growing efforts.

    Made a deal with a fellow prepper who was given a bunch of beef bones for broth. She provides the jars and bones and I will make and can the broth. We’ll split the resulting broth 50/50. Canning will start in a couple of weeks as our youngest son gets married next Saturday! I just finished putting 180 wedding soaps into their organza bags as thank you gifts for the attenders. My soap factory is officially CLOSED for a while! Whew.

    I transferred my bantam biddies to the rabbit hutch on my screened porch to quiet down my house a bit. One of them had become an escape artist and I was afraid it would end up DEAD, considering I have 2 dogs and a cat in the house. The next batch of eggs will be candled next Wednesday to see how many are fertile in the incubator….

    Having been into preparedness for over a decade, my efforts are now more toward making our little farm as self sufficient as possible. That’s why so much of what I do is food related. The past year has been a GREAT opportunity to practice living off the land and has shown me where I needed to improve. Growing enough food for my goats and chickens has moved up my priority list. Adding a few young does for future milkers is happening. The bantams will be used for setting on full-sized eggs to hatch out additional protein for humans and dogs. My layer flock was expanded. At 62, I was rather hoping to scale back a bit on the farming—-but because of the state of our world, that’s not in the cards. Thankfully, I am in good health and my fitness program helps to keep me strong and limber. One day at a time, Sweet Jesus!

    • That part about DEAD cracked me up. My Grandaughter has a line from a movie that she uses all the time
      She will say to her cat”you get in that road you will end up dead ! DED! All caps ”

    • I need your advice on a buckling I have. He’s a week old. I’ve talked to two vets and got two different opinions. Something didn’t seem right about him from the very beginning, even though I couldn’t really explain it. No real visible signs of a problem, just a feeling I had. Does that make sense? When he was three days old, he had trouble walking. His legs just buckled under him. The next day, he was a little better and only seemed to have trouble with one leg. The day after that, he has had problems even standing, and it’s like his legs are really stiff and the joints don’t want to bend. One vet said to give penicillin and steroid shots every day for ten days. The other vet said to give the penicillin and wait for the BoSe shot to take effect. (My vets recommend BoSe as a preventative for all kids.) I’m having to hand feed buckling with a drencher most of the time since he’s not wanting the bottle. He does really well with feedings that way, doesn’t choke, and sucks well. He will nurse from mama for a little while if I hold him up to her. I’ve also started a tiny amount of B-Complex injectable. That seems to be giving him a bit more energy.

      Bottom line from the vets: Vet 1-An infection, a spinal compression injury, or a neurological disorder. Vet 2-Just needs a little TLC and wait for the BoSe to take effect.

      Have you had this happen before?( Mama has never had this happen in any of her kids) If so, what did you do?

      • My guess would be to agree with Vet B. Perhaps a selenium deficiency. Keeping feeding and see if the Bo-Se makes a difference. I always give that 4 weeks before kidding and never had a weak kid. I seriously doubt it’s an infection in your little guy. Follow your instincts with him and best wishes!

  4. I did my grocery shopping twice again this week and keep adding a little more to my food stock. Got to keep on getting that stash deeper.

    I was goofing around with #1GD. We were pretend punching each other in the tummy and she noticed almost right away that I was punching differently than she was being taught. She was, of course, quite correct. I punch with my fist held vertically and striking with the first set of knuckles. #1GD punches with her fist held horizontally also striking with the first set of knuckles. Very observant of her considering her age and lack of training. I told her to punch like her sensei teaches her and I’ll punch like I was taught. Different styles. Great little kid. ?

    It appears I may have to start using non-insulin injectables depending on the results of blood tests I got on Thursday. My blood sugar keeps bobbing up and down and my A1C was high on previous tests. Bother. I hate needles. However, last Saturday I got an eye exam, and the optometrist said my eyes showed no blood sugar or blood pressure issues. My blood pressure has been in good shape for some time.

    Went to VA dental for an exam/cleaning on Thursday also. Only one little cavity. I’ll get that fixed next month.

    Silver prices and supply are not in a good place right now. People who are holding paper silver are in the biggest potential trouble. If you have physical silver now, that is good as prices are forecast to go up, although prices have dribbled downward a little over the past couple of days. Paper silver is rapidly becoming worth only what it is printed on because of physical silver shortages. The brokers may end up changing the rules and just paying you off in fiat. However, trying to buy physical silver is becoming harder and more expensive. If you are holding paper gold, you might want to start thinking about converting that to physical too. Paper silver or gold is useless in a EOTWAWKI situation except as butt wipe.

    I finally got delivery of some silver I’ve had on order since early February. They say the delay was due at first to silver supply issues, then from weather related issues. Silver supply still seems to be a problem. I’m sure they are truthful about weather delays as we know they got more than an inch or two in Oklahoma and other points between there and Florida. According to the various pundits, people are buying up a lot of physical silver, as are manufacturers who need it for their products.

    The Ex gave me three buckets of kitty litter to add to my emergency toilet stocks. Her new place is smaller and has no space for the litter. I gladly took it. I don’t have much space left over either, but I’ll figure it out. Maybe I’ll give one to #1 daughter as she has cats and emergency toilets. The cats are fussy about what they like to poop in, so it may be useful as a prep stock if the cats don’t like the brand. One more reason I like dogs better. They’ll crap anywhere given half a chance.

    Weather here in Central Florida has been pretty nice this week. Sunny and warm (in the 80s). A little cool at night, but it is still February after all. Could use a little rain.

    #1 daughter has been sick. She went to the doctor and was given a Kung Flu screen even though the doctor thought she had strep throat. Test results came back today (Sat). No COVID, just strep. I asked her if she was disappointed to not be an official member of the pandemic club. Oddly enough, she wasn’t. ? Actually, she’s happy as now she can attend her sister’s bridal shower today, as is #1GD (who is the flower girl at the wedding) and has been looking forward to attending her first bridal shower.

    My blood test results came back today also. My A1C is quite high (7.7, high normal is 5.6). My triglycerides are sky high at 454 with high normal at 149. The other cholesterol counts are just a couple of points over high normal, except the “good” cholesterol, HDL. That is 11 points low. My shrink snuck a urinalysis for drugs in there. Fooled him. Everything is negative as they should be. I don’t do naughty things. I’m goofy enough on room air, don’t need chemicals.

    I suspect I’m going to end up being prescribed an injectable non-insulin diabetic med. I think it will be Ozempic if anyone cares and wants to look it up online.

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. How are your food growing plans for this year moving along?

    No food growing here.

    2. How is the snow, freezing rain, and now mud impacting your outdoor preps?

    This is Central Florida! No snow, freezing rain, or mud (in the city anyway).

    3. What do you think would be the most rewarding and the most challenging aspects of living completely off grid?

    I haven’t given this much thought. Even were the grid to take a dump on us here in the city, it would be a very different experience to that in a rural area. I’m a city boy, although I have had some rural living experience.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    • Zulu 3-6
      Have you ever requested a full & complete panel for thyroid function? It is the most ignored tell tale of why a person is having so many different issues going on in their body. (Not a doctor)
      You may require a specialist in that field. My family has a history it, yet the doctor ignores the other signs.
      I see if I can find the questionnaire page that asks questions most physicians ignore, but it is the missing piece which the body experiences when the thyroid is not working efficiently as it should. fyi

      • A family doctor can order a thyroid panel. I went for years with an undiagnosed under active thyroid. Normal TSH is between 2 and -2. Mine was over 600. You can order a thyroid home test kit from Amazon.

        • Bam Bam,

          I rechecked my labs from last week. The doctor didn’t order TSH levels this time. He did in November 2020. That level was .847. Within normal, but on the lower side according to the reference range on the lab report (0.35-4.94).

    • I fully expected my A1c to be higher based on my eating habits and lack of exercise over the last 6 months but I managed a lower number than my last test. I never know what to think anymore now.

      • GA Red:

        Something strange is taking place with my blood sugar; my daily numbers have been down over the last 3 days. That I know of, I haven’t changed anything. My A1C (tested quarterly) has been trending up this last year. Hopefully this down trend will continue. Dr. says I’m maxed out with what she can give me, not surprising since I’ve been Type 2 for 21 years now.

        • JP – I was diagnosed at 40. I’ll be 56 this year. I’ve been lucky to have never had to take meds. There is still much to be learned about Type II. I think knowing that my grandmother was diagnosed as “diabetic” in the early 1930s but refusing to use insulin, and my mom being “borderline” most of my life lends toward me being able to control most of it with diet and exercise. I just hope it stays that way.

  5. 1. How are your food growing plans for this year moving along?
    So far, I haven’t started growing anything, but the planning and gathering of supplies is going well.
    2. How is the snow, freezing rain, and now mud impacting your outdoor preps?
    Trudging through it all has my knee bothering me, and I’m having to do a lot more cleaning of the floor just inside the back door.
    3. What do you think would be the most rewarding and the most challenging aspects of living completely off grid?
    Rewarding: Being independent of the grid.
    Challenging: Keeping everything powered. I have three freezers and I enjoy air conditioning, but I can do without it.
    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    This week:
    -One buckling isn’t doing well. I don’t know if he’s going to make it.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: Nothing.

    -Studying for my HAM general exam, and DH is studying for his tech. We take the tests next week. Prayers for passing are appreciated.

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

  6. Well not much done this week. I did add chainsaw spares ( extra bar and chain ) this week.
    As far as off grid living . The most challenging aspect has been teaching visitors to turn off lights not in use. Had a guy at the feed store complaining about a $500 electric bill . Thought yea I had one of those this year when I replaced my 7 year old battery bank.

  7. Replaced my car this week. The new one is 3 years newer and has almost 155,000 fewer miles on it. While this one has a trunk instead of a hatchback the added security will outweigh that potential disadvantage.
    Our weather has been cold and wet so no seed planting.
    Was accidentally exposed twice to covid this week but only found out about it yesterday. My risk is probably extremely low as I spent time with someone who was directly exposed. I’ll keep a low profile this weekend and talk with the doctor Monday to see if I need to get a test before I deal with some medical issues this next week. The person I was with has received a negative test result but his second exposure was Wednesday and I worry that his test was done too soon.
    Keeping a low profile should give me time this weekend to work on some needed projects.

  8. Today, is the last day of the 30 degree temperatures, starting tomorrow through next Weekend, we will be in the upper 40’s, and very wet. March, will be coming in as a lion our flowering plum trees, should start to flower and that means a dry Spring/Summer this year, if they bloom in early February, we have a Wet Spring/wet cool summer. I have spent the week going through my working pantry and using up all 2020, and 2021 making sure my other pantry has foods only 2022 and 23, I did end up tossing out 4 boxes of cereal they were stale , and 6 of those trays of Chinese noodles, no one is eating them and that’s fine with me.

    I made pear bread and applesauce muffins with pear butter and apple sauce, that I had several jars, of I made them low fat (no oils) and low sugar cut 1/2 cup out and added 1/2 teaspoon extra cinnamon, my parents both gave them a thumbs up, my mom is doing so much better from her surgery 2 weeks ago, for 81 she’s bounced back from every surgery, she has had so hopefully she won’t have to have any more. My son turned 17, it’s like oh my gosh where has the time flown???
    Today, I’m checking my pressure canning foods, to move item’s around and make sure all my lids are still on tightly, last week I moved all my jams, and pickles, up in my rotation and felt all the lids everything was A OK.

    We bought a small Heater, for our travel camper, this one turns back on if we loose power, we’ve been using it for a few day’s and will work great, our other heater, stays off if we have a power outage, and it can be a few day’s before we can get out to our place to restart it up.
    We bought 4 boxes of K cups BOGO free, and two boxes of 50 pack tea bags, stash brand for $1.99 at our discount store, I also found a 25 pack of decaffeinated coffee, K cups for my dad, he’s cut out caffeinated drinks all together I didn’t realize how hard it was to find Decaffeinated K cups, Eight o clock brand has it. At my discount store I found some decaf coffee K cups made in Portland Oregon, and he likes them so I’ll buy him more next week.

    Question 1 I have bought seeds, but I can’t do anything until the middle of April, when its warm enough to start seeding.
    Question 2 We live in the city so no mud, and snow, it’s all gone it’s not impacting us at all.
    Question 3 Growing up we had a off the grid cabin it was fun for a few weeks, but modern times, are way better you can still do things that are off grid, but I love my lights, and water, I could do it I just don’t want to :).

    • Celestial Seasonings, has a Vitamin C tea, that I tried and I really like it if I feel myself getting run down I drink a cup before bed and I feel great the next morning. It was under $3.00 a box, for 20 bags, it’s nice to have on hand for those not so good day’s.

  9. It’s a beautiful day here in North Central Florida. The temperature is in the mid 80s and we’ve got sunshine. A most happy day.

    I did quite a bit of research on the best way to allocate my saved income. It wasn’t doing me any good just sitting in my savings account. So, I decided to put it into my Traditional IRA and invest in stocks. I needed the tax deduction. I invested in Becton Dickison, a corporation that makes medical supplies, including syringes to deliver the COVID vaccine. I invested in Thermo Fisher Scientific, another company that makes medical devices including diagnostic test kits. I invested in Trane Technologies. I am very happy with this investment. Yes, they make air conditioners. But they also make refrigerated trucks. They came out with a new model that allows the driver to switch between gas and diesel. With the water shortages out in California projected to get worse, I see much of the state’s agriculture business tanking. This will mean that products will have to be shipped from far away. Refrigerated trucks is the best way to keep food from spoiling. I see food waste as a pressing issue over the next 10 years. The best way to reduce food costs is to reduce food waste. That will be significant when food inflation hits.

    I also invested in AstraZeneca. The mainstream media has published a lot of negative news about their COVID vaccine. These people have backgrounds in journalism, not medicine. The fact of the matter is that vaccines work in two ways: (1) they reduce the risk of contracting the virus, and (2) if you do contract the virus, the prevent serious illness. If you get the flu shot, you can still get the flu. It’s just that your symptoms are significantly less severe. The media is saying that the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine is only 64 percent effective. It is only 64 percent effective at preventing people from getting COVID, but it is 94 percent effective at preventing serious illness, hospitalizations and death. This information is based off real-world data. Scotland has vaccinated almost half a million people over the age of 80 with the AstraZeneca vaccine. Their data showed a 94 percent reduction in hospitalizations after 28-34 days after vaccination.

    Here’s the kicker! The Pfizer vaccine requires two dose at $27 per dose. Both the Moderna and the Pfizer vaccines must be kept at sub-zero temperatures. Both have an expiration date of 30 days. The AstraZeneca vaccine requires only one dose and costs $4. It requires only normal refrigeration and has a shelf life of six months. The corporation is selling the vaccine at cost during the pandemic which explains why their stocks haven’t exploded. They project the end date of the pandemic to be in July. The U.S. has not yet approved their vaccine but Canada did so yesterday. The bottom line is that most developing countries do not have the capacity to keep the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines at the required temperature and do not have the infrastructure to get the doses into arms within 30 days of manufacture. Even if they had such capacities, the price of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines is prohibitively expensive.

    I guess I can say that my preps this week was all the research I did to preserve wealth (not that I am wealthy, per say). Keeping money in the bank at very low interest rates in the face of inevitable inflation was not an option. I am already good on food and ammo.

    I can’t imagine living off grid. That’s simply not a step I am willing to take at this point. I love what I do for a living.

  10. This Week’s Questions:

    1. How are your food growing plans for this year moving along? It was 3 this morning. We have not started anything.

    2. How is the snow, freezing rain, and now mud impacting your outdoor preps? A week of snow followed by a week of freezing temps; what outdoor preps?

    3. What do you think would be the most rewarding and the most challenging aspects of living completely off grid? Reward: being able to ignore bureaucrats and their suggestions (regulations). Challenges: it’s all up to you.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well…

    The gun show, last weekend, went well for us. It was nice to see the venue was full of vendors and a line of customers waiting for us to open. I picked up a 1911 in 10mm to be my primary carry gun in the woods (vs. a 44 Special revolver – 8 rounds vs. 5). We did well on our cash flow, enough to clear up 2 credit cards and pay off the van!

    The puppy did well, although she could not take being around that many people. The was a dog park not too far away, and after a run & play time each day (and CBD treat), she was definitely more relaxed.

    One of the guys at church approached me about learning to reload. And someone else approached me about needing a handgun and ammo.

    Supply Run: New pistol; bullets for reloading; ammo; MTM ammo crate;

    Received: DVD’s; AF, Cheese Blend, #10; Instant Coffee, Folger’s;

  11. This past week I was able to prune the trees, shrubs before they started to leaf out-yah! We are having false spring weather once again, preparing for the backward slide should mother nature decided to drop in temperatures below the 30’s for here. It is not uncommon when this weather pattern occurs.
    One shed we had built a few years back does not stay cool enough in the summer time so I am removing the insulation, to be reinstalled after I put in a pre-layer of Reflectix against the outer walls. If my idea works in this small building, shall install this material into garage to lower the summer time heat in there.
    Believe the NIL has found a second partner to help out around here. Our goal is to replace the fence posts that have been in the ground for 15+ years. Some places we will continue with the livestock fencing, we have extra on hand. On the outer fence line using a horse fence material which is sturdier than livestock, especially if I borrow the neighbors animals for grazing down the pastures this year. Seems animals like to eat the grass on the other side of one’s fence doing damage as the go. If not the neighbors animals, discussed buying a couple head of cattle for the grazing then as Swt Tator states off to freezer camp. Right now I would rather borrow the neighbors animals.

    Our dog is doing alright with the diet and natural herbals I have her on. Before we started down this wellness path she was unable to open her mouth very wide, now she can, she actually barked the other evening which she has not done in months. In treating the cancer am using Graviola, mixed with water. Like all animals in nature I started her out with one drop, now up to 5 every other day. Yesterday I noticed the growth has not progressed in size, so that is a good thing. If you are wondering she is a medium size dog in height. Chewing food is out of the question, so I have been soaking her dog food in water to make it soft. Then mixing it with ground up chicken with broth or beef which I cook in the slow cooker so enhance the moisture content & provide plenty of broth for her food when mixed together.

  12. Tara’s Questions:
    1) It is still to early for seed planting in this area although mother nature believes it is the proper time but I know better. Will have to hold off another 15-30 days before setting seeds for germination.
    2) My plants that survived the freeze we had are doing well. Used moving blankets over the plants then a large sheet of black plastic over the top to keep out moisture from our weather we had. They are doing well, the onions, strawberry plants and my come back potato plants.
    3) Off grid: If can get the solar parts on the property for install will be using it for our back up power source even though we are looking at a propane generator system. It would be the fall back to the solar for the time we have lower sun output for this area. Thinking about the rule of one, which equals zero. Since it is not a wish, but a requirement for dh’s medical needs. It pushes the need up to the top of our priority list.

  13. 1. How are your food growing plans for this year moving along?
    ANS: Planning well under way but doing is still hampered. More snow on its way.
    2. How is the snow, freezing rain, and now mud impacting your outdoor preps?
    ANS: Keeping things at a standstill.
    3. What do you think would be the most rewarding and the most challenging aspects of living completely off grid?
    ANS: Running water. It makes life so much easier. Working on solat power for a pump for the second well. It currently has a manual winch available.
    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    ANS: rearranging livingroom to set up metal shelving infront of the windows. That’s where I start the seedlings to transplant later. I have most of the materials together for two very different greenhouses. Those will come as time permits.

  14. Good afternoon everyone. I have been energized with the warmer temps last week or so. The sun just begs me to get outside and that is just what I have been doing. Getting ready to build my raised garden boxes, and start my seeds inside. It won’t be long, but I am being cautious as there is still some winter to come.
    I have also upped my food preps because with the gas prices going up (thanks Biden), everything else goes up! A friend of mine was looking for 308 ammo and found it at Cabela’s, but store limits one box per day.

    Prayers for all those Texans that endured all that snow and ice! If you need a reason to be prepared, watch the news stories on that mess. Need I say more. Stay safe and COVID free!

  15. I am retired but do 1099 work for last company, boss sent e-mail, lot of work for the next 2 months, okay with me, that money goes for extra projects.

    One thing no one ever talks about is keeping fishing gear, fish are great source for protein, I have a pond, so I am good but there are lakes, ponds, and rivers that can make a difference in survival for people without a pond. I am not a pro fisherman, I use a Zebco 33 and cheap rod and catch fish all the time, I also have bass rods but the fight with a 33 is fun. I cannot give advice about lures since stuff works different in different parts of country. YouTube.

    Also, Everyone talks about Vehicle survival list, always have matches or lighters but never fire starter, I have Pine Knot, aka fat lighter, fat wood, etc, when pine trees die or are cut down, roots still pumping life to stump, so becomes rich in rosin, strike a match and it is burning. If you have no access, use fire logs from big box stores.

    No garden this year, have big projects going on this year that are important. I am learning to can, started with water bath canning, next pressure canning venison stew and venison chili. Everything sealed fine. Kinda proud of my self. No one taught me but Ball Blue Book and YouTube.

    Shopping t Durham’s in Lagrange, GA last week, no ammo unless you needed 30-40 KRAG, 28 gage Winchester, or a few boxes of Turkey loads. 3 aisles completely empty, glad I am good.

    Do not post much, always in the background, Thanks for all the great comments.

    • I hear “Lagrange” and think “how how how” from a deep, growling voice.

      I have driven through there many times over the years.

  16. Puppy was very busy this weekend and keeping the new grandson safe. So cute how he put his nose very gently on his forehead.

    Working on garden starts
    Peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, cucumber, potatoes, onions, herbs, ECT.

    Bought tires for son in-laws truck, they were bad. $900+
    Wanted safety for daughter, son-in-law and grandson.
    The tire place took a long time so they included free windshield wipers + $40 off.

    Split more wood. I love my splitter.

    Moved old tractor on other side of the shed

    Waiting for money to buy new camping trailer.
    Made $10,000

    Freeze dryer
    Showed Son in-law freeze dryer.

    Thor’s questions
    1. Are you going to watch Trump at Cpac tomorrow?

    2. Will you comply with ANY laws the left comes up with on the 2nd amendment?

    3. Are you increasing your food production?

    4. Are you buying secondary power generators?

    • Thor’s questions
      1. Are you going to watch Trump at Cpac tomorrow? Nope.

      2. Will you comply with ANY laws the left comes up with on the 2nd amendment? I comply with all legal laws (that I can).

      3. Are you increasing your food production? Yes.

      4. Are you buying secondary power generators? Got them already.

    • Thor1
      1)Will have dh record it to be watched when we have time. In the middle of a building revamp before summer hits here big time.
      2)Why, it would be in violation of my god given rights under the Constitution & Bill of Rights.
      3)Yes, hoping to have at least two years or more. Storage space is the large key to this problem.
      4)Yes, we have two now but one needs an over haul. They other one is used for power when we are down from mother nature or the power company is being a nanny. The next one I am looking at will have an oil filter in the unit. They have longer life span than the one without, and it will also need to be a duel fuel system(gasoline/propane).
      *Note gas and propane are going to increase exponentially in pricing*

    • Thor’s questions

      1. Are you going to watch Trump at Cpac tomorrow?

      No. Political speeches bore me to tears no matter who gives them. I’ll pick up the high points later.

      2. Will you comply with ANY laws the left comes up with on the 2nd amendment?

      I’ll have to see what they come up with first.

      3. Are you increasing your food production?

      Food production, no. Food purchases, yes.

      4. Are you buying secondary power generators?

      No generators. I can’t use them where I live: violation of my lease, plus no safe place to run one or store sufficient fuel. I think I have enough solar panels to keep my battery packs up to snuff.

      • Z36,

        2. They want to impose strict gun laws and then confiscation, HR127 has $800 tax/ gun insurance, banning or registrating AR15s & AK-47 style weapons, anything over 10 round magazines or guns that can accept them. Penalties include 15 years in jail and a $75,000 dollar fine.

        This while child molesters and murderers are being released from jail and abortion ( murder of babies) is legal.

        The supreme Court not even hearing evidence of blatant voter fraud. Means WROL.

        On a lighter note, millions of Americans are living in tents and starving while our illegitiment government gives tax payers money to the Wuhan lab in China to do more experiments on bioweapons. The place that started all of this mess.

        People will turn into animals after missing 9 meals and they want us to give up or defensive tools.

  17. 1 & 2. How are your food growing plans for this year moving along? How is the snow, freezing rain, and now mud impacting your outdoor preps?
    Got most of the seeds I need. Expect more sleet & cold etc, so too early to plant anything outside in small raised bed & too wet to till the big plot.

    3. What do you think would be the most rewarding and the most challenging aspects of living completely off grid?
    Away from as much BS as possible would be rewarding, along with a feeling of accomplishment. Challenging would be warding off “Murphy” and have more than one way of doing things as possible.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    Received both seed orders and mag holder. We got vax #2 (Moderna) on Thursday, and, yes, I got side effects 24 hours later; slight chill, felt crappy, off balance. My coordination is still off. I’ve been so disgusted & down about being so locked up for a year!!!

  18. Thor’s questions
    1. Are you going to watch Trump at Cpac tomorrow?
    Yes. And I’d also like to see the Clarence Thomas documentary that Amazon the (not-) Great pulled.

    2. Will you comply with ANY laws the left comes up with on the 2nd amendment?
    No comment as I don’t want to scare my “girls” with scenario of being drowned in salt tidal water.

    3. Are you increasing your food production?
    Yes, including trying potatoes in tubs. Herbs will have to move to planters on deck rail holders. So hard to grow garden anymore due to so much darn shade. Aargh.

    4. Are you buying secondary power generators?
    Already have a gas genny, but I can see gas prices & possibility of shortages will be an issue. Too much shade on our property for much solar, other than to power AA & AAA batteries. Once upon a time (a few years ago), I saw an ad for a perfect wind gizmo but my guess it ran into BS patent issues or it got bought out by oil companies. Turn it sideways and mount properly, and it could be used to charge vehicle batteries.

  19. How are your food growing plans for this year moving along? Haven’t did anything yet.

    How is the snow, freezing rain, and now mud impacting your outdoor preps? North Florida, nice and warm. It did rain several inches but we have sandy soil and many ditches to carry away the water.

    What do you think would be the most rewarding and the most challenging aspects of living completely off grid? I live in the county so life is good. I would have to install a big solar system because I enjoy having hot running water and air conditioning.

    What did you do to prep this week? Our week was spent getting my farther in law settled in to our home. Sunday was spent waiting for him to be discharge from the UF Cardiac Health Center after having a pace maker installed and getting an iron transfusion because of a gastric bleed. My wife has spent the week feeding him up because he had lost so much weight in the last month with his stomach problem and two one week stays in the hospital. Usually I have to fend for myself when it comes to food but I am eating good because she makes enough for both of us.

    His legs are week so he uses a shower chair in our large step in shower. Even then it is very tiring for him. I am thinking of putting a walk in tub in the small bathroom next to his bedroom. Anyone have any advise on the best ones or walk in tubs in general I need to know?

    I am going to research Bam Bam’s stock, I have $50,000 from my land sale just sitting in my checking account.

    • I’ll have to ask my mom what brand they have in their home….they bought a house 2 years ago and had a company install one of those walk in bathtub/hot tub things with the jets and built in seat. They purchased it directly from the company that did the installation….not from a Big Box Store like Home Depot or Lowes. Mom said they are VERY happy with it. I’ll ask her and get back with you on that!

  20. #1 food growing plans: my prepperteen planted lettuce, mortgage buster tomato, cauliflower and broccoli seeds last week. Nights seem to be too cool yet even with grow lights and a heater. DH wants to travel 6 weeks this summer up north, so I wouldn’t be here to tend a big garden.
    2. No wet, no mud here in the high desert. Maybe we will plant spinach, kale, beets and carrots outside this week. I will be here to harvest those.
    3. Even living with solar power off grid would be challenging, having to be ever cautious of not using too many power draining machines at once and a minute more than necessary. We rented an off grid vacation home once and by week’s end I finally had a grip on a good system. All of our buildings have solar power but my bill is still $700 a month. I would think building into the side of a hill (with stream running alongside) with many north facing windows would be most practical for us here where summers are 110 degrees. A wood stove would continue to be practical for our winters. We have used wood to heat our home for 28 years.
    4. My PT, or prepperteen and I made 6 jars of ghee from Costco salt free butter. Plan on doing more this coming week.
    Met with my friend, the shooting class instructor. She is frustrated because the new students cannot find ammo to use at the range.
    Rotating foodstuff and emptying jars for more goodies to can. I met several friends for lunch or coffee. I figure if the Ugly one and the gobmnt are trying to isolate us, I will be proactive in spending time with like minded people. It’s a great encouragement to us both.
    DH began painting the new additions last week and will spend all this week doing the same unless the wind or rain interfere. Always something to work on.
    Love reading about ya’all’s week. Take care and stay alert. Blessings on all your efforts!

  21. Update after my Moderna vax #2 — symptoms started 24 hours after the vax on Thursday. Now (Tuesday nite) I’m finally feeling much better. Had severe middle of back pain, off balance, intermittent headache, some nausea, very very tired, and probably other things I forgot because I was so out of it for 3 days. Other than getting the vax, I hadn’t been anywhere. So chalk it up to my experience. My daughter and her coworkers got their 2nd vax and reported severe bone pain the next day. One of her friends had such severe side effects that she wound up in the hospital.


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