What I Did To Prep This Week: March 29th – April 3rd 2021

Hello Pack. I appreciate all of you who reached out to make sure me and mine were doing alright since there hadn’t been a column for a while. Although I did have a health issue that had me nearly sidelined for a few weeks, all is well. We are only going to do these columns twice a month for the time being.

On our survival retreat this week we have been quite busy getting ready for spring planting, doing seasonal fence repairs, tending to all of our sprouting seeds, and welcoming some new critters to the farm.

Brea got a new horse, a wonderful palomino Tennessee Walker. While we could use some more pulling horses and hopefully will be investing in some soon, Walkers are my favorite breed. There is virtually no hill they cannot climb or terrain too rocky to traverse.

During a long-term SHTF scenario, a Tennessee Walker will be excellent for perimeter patrols, hunting, and getting around all of these beautiful hills in Appalachia to avoid roadways.

His name is Parker, and he came from just a mile or two down the road, so he is already used to our terrain and weather fluctuations.

Our banty chicks are doing well, and so are the mature hens I got from an Amish acquaintance. The goat kids just seem to keep on coming. We are probably going to have about six more and then the spring kidding will be complete.

Our ducks are starting to lay copious amounts of eggs, and the new hens are chipping in pretty well too. I expect to be dehydrating excess eggs in the very near future.

In my personal experience dehydrated eggs taste as good as the real thing when using them within two years to scramble, cook, or bake with in the kitchen … or over an open flame.

I have been working on a gardening homesteading homeschool set of lessons with the grandkiddos for weeks now. Part of the lessons included getting some caterpillars and ladybug larvae to hatch – since they are helpful to growing crops.

Both the children and the adults have had a great time watching the process unfold and successfully helping to bring five new butterflies and seven ladybugs into the world.

Our maple tree tapping season was a complete bust. The weather was just not with us this year since you need temperatures above freezing during the daytime and below at night to get the sap flowing.

We did manage to harvest a decent amount of honey, and a lot of wax from my Bobby’s beehives. In late May, we can pick up another NUC of honeybees to add into the new hives, and increase our yield and crop pollination.

The search for more Mason jars, lids, and rings is about as crazy as it was when looking for rubbing alcohol late last year. If, and that is a big if, you can find any, expect sticker shock to ensue.

I got to meet Joe Blystone who is running against Mike DeWine in the GOP primary for governor. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and he is going to come to the Old School Survival Boot Camp in May to address the crowd from the stage on Friday evening.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. Are you having a difficult time finding canning supplies where you live?
  2. What are your favorite foods to dehydrate and how long do you store them before eating?
  3. Are you all in on getting the pandemic vaccine or deciding to skip the whole ordeal and why?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. Nice to see the colume back.
    Canning supplies while short are steady . As for dehydration I like to dehydrate strawberries and tomato skins.
    No vaccine for me . 1 it is not fully tested and long term effects are not known. 2 it is not a vaccine it is gene modification through the RNA .
    Added more shelf stable food.

    • This Week’s Questions:
      1) Are you having a difficult time finding canning supplies where you live? Haven’t really tried as I have plenty at the moment. I bought a sleeve of lids from Lehman’s a while back and have been gifted with many jars over the years along with ones I have purchased here and there.
      2) What are your favorite foods to dehydrate and how long do you store them before eating? Just got started dehydrating in the last few years. Okra is my favorite and it’s eaten pretty quickly as a crunchy snack. I have dehydrated quite a few things just to make extra room in my freezer but haven’t had the opportunity to use them yet.
      3) Are you all in on getting the pandemic vaccine or deciding to skip the whole ordeal and why? No. If you’d already had polio, would you get the vaccine? If you’d already had the measles, would you get that vaccine. I’ve had the virus – I don’t need their so-called vaccine. We are referring to it as immunotherapy. That said, two of three daughters are NOT getting it either – both have had the virus. Of those two, one has said she wants to give it several years before even considering it since it is still in the testing phase. The other is trying to get pregnant and has been advised to avoid it by her doctor. The daughter that is getting it is married to the marine whose parents are both doctors and she has not had the virus.
      4) What did you do to prep this week? Not much except getting some seedlings to plant in our garden and helping the DH with tree trimming. I’ve also been working on some side projects that have been rather time-consuming. My personal blog needs attention now along with the cookbook I’m writing for my family and my Etsy shop.

      Happy Easter!

        • Thanks for the interest Moe – the cookbook has been a work in progress for more than 10 years. I do think I’ve made more progress in the last few months than most of the last 8 or 9 years. I’ll let you know if I ever get to publication phase – it’s a collection of recipes from my mom’s recipe box.

    • Thor’s questions
      1. Are you better off now with Biden then you were with Trump , gas, taxes,food prices ECT. ? Not really but we have taken advantage of some of things like cashing out some of our 401k to pay off our house.
      2. Have you heard of internment camps in Canada coming to a town near you? No, but I have heard of camps in China where they are holding muslims.
      3. Do you think China will attack Taiwan soon and Russia will attack Ukraine starting WW3? Someone’s going to start WW3 – just not sure who.
      4. Should we all boycott Baseball, Coke, Delta and American Airlines do to their involvement in politics on voter ID? Businesses get involved in politics because they try to get laws passed that are beneficial to them. For example, when the Atlanta Braves built their new stadium, they got a special pass for sales tax – no sales taxes were paid on anything for the new stadium. Doesn’t make it right – just is. Besides, the state and county make a boatload of money off the vending and ticket sales through taxes. I’m not a sports fan, but the DH used to be – note the past tense of that. He’s pissed with the MLB and has been for years. He dumped NASCAR too.

      • GA Red,

        The Chinese have had issues with the Uyghurs (their muslims) for a very long time. For that matter, the Han Chinese (the majority) have issues with anyone who is not Han.

        • Not surprising. What was surprising was the young girl telling us about it that referenced the Nazi camps. She said her boyfriend is from China.

          • GA Red,

            If our SJW are looking for true systemic racism, they need look no further than the Chinese government and most Han Chinese (in China). Essentially, they’ve believed for centuries that if you ain’t Han, you ain’t shit.

  2. Glad to see you back Tara.

    We are busy as beavers preparing for Easter Sunday dinner with the family. We will have everyone in and I’m excited to be able to spend the day with them.

    Same prepping stuff going on. Seeking out ammo, not looking for canning supplies. I have quite a few jars and lids put up but nothing to put in them at this time.

    Take care, enjoy the weekend.
    Jesus is risen!

  3. Happy Resurrection Day to everyone!

    1. Are you having a difficult time finding canning supplies where you live?
    I don’t need any canning supplies, but I have been looking when I’m out. It seems that jars are available, but boxes of lids aren’t stocked.
    2. What are your favorite foods to dehydrate and how long do you store them before eating?
    I’ve only started dehydrating a few years ago. My favorite thing to dehydrate is mushrooms. I love buying them on sale and having them when I need them, especially in the middle of a snow storm when I want beef stew.
    3. Are you all in on getting the pandemic vaccine or deciding to skip the whole ordeal and why?
    I’m not taking it. I am in the group who should not get it. (Severe allergy.)
    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    Please pray for my DD, SIL, and Grands to have safe travels. They are spending the week at the beach in Florida. I’m concerned about possible rioting when the verdict is announced in the Chauvin trial. They don’t keep up with the news and are unaware of their surroundings, despite me telling them to watch out.

    Since my last post:
    -One chicken died. One rooster is going to die. He’s started eating eggs.
    -Older doe is having some trouble keeping weight on. I thought I was supplementing enough, but I’m adding more feed. Kids are growing well.

    -Picked up a couple of herb plants and some seed.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: paper towels,

    -We’re listening on the Ham radios a lot and talking a little. I feel more comfortable with them.
    -I’m going to the gym on weekdays, and I’ve already noticed a difference. I’m able to do much more already. (I’m also happy that the women who are at the gym when I’m there actually look like me. Normal women in sweatpants and t-shirts who actually sweat when they work out. I hate being next to what I refer to as “Buffy and Bunny Spandex.” You know who I’m talking about- Young women who don’t actually work out. They’re just looking for a man.)
    -DH overheard a conversation on the Ham radio about us. We joined the local club’s Facebook group (Club meetings haven’t happened since Covid restrictions.), and an officer in the club was questioning allowing new people into the group. The conversation went on for a while and honestly made me not want to join. I already feel intimidated enough being one of the few women in the area with a Ham license, and I was hoping to learn from the club members. But if he wants it to be an exclusive club (I was discussed more than DH.), so be it.

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    • PG, dont let their ignorance deter you. We need and want more ladies in ham radio, and there are still some old school farts that think it is a man’s hobby. Im the METERS secretary, a local Volunteer Examiner(help grade the tests) and am active in ARES, and also studying to be a CL(Communications leader). DH and i are also active in our county group, Sevier County Amateur Radio Society, and last Saturday had our spring Hamfest. The secretary of that group is also a lady and is originally from New Hampshire. She doesn’t let anything stop her! Lol. I get calls all the time from women wanting to know how to become hams. Ham radio is for anyone interested in communication, and you and I definitely qualify! Talk on!

      • Thank you.

        And I have a cousin who lives in your area. She’s married to a man from the UK who broadcasts a weekly Elvis internet show. They love your area of the country.

    • Prepared Grammy
      Found a site that has a lot of basic information for beginning ham operators. Those us who need all the help we can get, like myself on learning this subject prior to taking the exam. If you search out ‘Ham radio prepper”, it may help you. Although nothing has been posted since April of last year, it still is a wealth of knowledge.

    • PG,

      Its a shame that some people don’t seem to want women in their groups. My HAM club has quite a few ladies. In fact, the immediate past club treasurer held that job for years and she just retired from it this past election. Had she run again, she would have been reelected.

      We also have a family of HAMs, including the mom and two incredibly intelligent daughters. Their oldest girl had been the youngest amateur extra in the country for a couple of years until her sister took it away. Now that they’re older, others have taken their place. Dad is an electrical engineer working in the TV industry. Their son is equally smart as his sisters and he’s big into working satellites. The kids are quite popular in the club as their HAM and electronics knowledge is extensive. Mom is only a technician. She got a license just to have a chance to keep up with her kids.

  4. Glad to see you back. I think everyone really looks forward to this gathering each week. I know I do.
    We have jars here locally. Price is about a dollar higher than last year . I am not having a garden this year due to constant travel between the current home and the new homestead .
    Its hard to take care of one when we are gone 3-4 weeks at a time. I have added heavily to my food storage hoping to offset the danger of not having food growing this season. And I have added some jars because I don’t expect this to get better.
    No one in our house is taking the vaccine.
    I have only been dehydrating for about a year. I love it. My fav is apples and bananas and they don’t last well in storage because we eat them. Lol
    I also do soup veggie mixes and celery (since my family wont eat it fresh) but have no idea how long a shelf life I will get. I read that it is years if they are dried completeley and stored in jars with the air removed.
    Blessed Easter everyone

    • Nell , I also dry mushrooms and powder them for using in stir fry, spaghetti and other dishes.. the smaller they are crushed- the easier they rehydrate..
      All veggies must be crispy dry. some things like squash store about 5-6 months dehydrated if very dry and put in a glass jar w/ tight lid.if you place in a desiccant /silica pack- from pharma product.. and an oxygen absorber can extend that to 18 months easily. I have not gone beyond that. Okra stores wonderfully for years., as does celery in all forms powdered and small pcs., leaves..
      I try to keep a 4 oz jar open and use from that and quarts/or pints of powders or small pcs. in celery and mushroom… celery has not been being grown here… am trying to change that this year.. have 5 stalks in kitchen window from rooting and re growth…i cut back all the bigger stalks and leave the core leaves to regrow, put in shallow cup of water.. and roots will come out in 2-3 days.. allow those to remain wet and re grow and pot…guessing will take high nitrogen since is green tops. can gather the outside leaves and use from windowsill or plant n soil…To dehydrate celery stalks i split each stalk the length several times and make small dices. for the smaller pcs.

      • Thank you, I will try that.
        I loved dried onion but haven’t had the heart to put up with the smell but I have alot of extra right now I may take the leap on that

  5. Well, I’m glad your doing fine health wise Tara, to many people, I know are getting sick this year after they have taken the shot, so I keep them in my prayers. I just ordered seeds, I’m so late doing it I bought some but the few I needed were online, I’m thankful they still had them. Started to work on yard cleanup going slow the rain and sun are competing who’s number 1 🙂 .

    I did a stock up on cat food, I’m going to order online, many products are not showing up on the stores shelves. We did a small Costco run, to keep up on refrigerator foods, and bought more masks now that my son is allowed to go to school, 4 day’s a week many students are still wanting to do learning online, but he needs to be in the school system, and I need him to toss his masks so I needed more.

    Question 1 Canning supplies are starting to come in but not the lids yet, I bought another 10 jars at Goodwill for. 20 cent’s, I did alot of pressure canning, so I’m getting low…

    Question 2. I dehydrate onions, and herbs, and use them up.within 6 month’s.
    Question 3. It’s a personal choice on taking the shot. I know many who are and many who aren’t yet.

    • Mom of three,

      I’m Dad of Three :-).

      #1 daughter got the vaccine through the military. She got pretty sick after both doses, especially the second. She’s much better now. The doctors kept trying to write off her illness to pollen allergies, but that is BS. She’s had pollen allergies since she was a kid and never had anything worse than a snotty nose and a mild periodic cough. They finally nailed at least part of her problem down to strep throat. THAT she has a tendency to get periodically.

      • We have a friend who’s son was disabled in an accident 25+ years ago (he’s basically a 35 year old 11 year old). After his second shot he was complaining he had trouble swallowing. The inside of his throat was raw and bleeding. It was from the shot.

        Otherwise, it’s been a day or two of weakness and arm pain. DW is the only one in her office that has not had the shot. I won’t either (for my own reasons). I am glad that those who have wanted the shot have gotten or are getting them, just not for us.

      • Zulu 3-6 – the hubby used to get strep a lot until he was at the doctor’s office with his now ex. The doctor looked at her throat and figured out that she was a carrier. Once she got treated, the hubby quit getting strep.

    • Goodwills jars here are 75c -1$ each get them while you can at 20 c. if using for dry storage. can get the refrigerator lids that are plastic. to keep the items sealed tightly.

  6. This Week’s Questions:

    1. Are you having a difficult time finding canning supplies where you live? We only have a few outlets that sell them, and since it’s not canning season here, they don’t have much. I pick some up when I go out of town.

    2. What are your favorite foods to dehydrate and how long do you store them before eating? We are now working on eggs, but have done vegetables (for soups and stews) and ground beef and diced chicken. Have not had any go bad as of yet.

    3. Are you all in on getting the pandemic vaccine or deciding to skip the whole ordeal and why? Not getting them until the results are in. Phase 3 testing is being done on the general population. With the survival rate lower than the flu and pneumonia for my age group I see no reason to get the shot(s).

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well…

    March 13th thru March 27th

    Hit our overall, Level 1, saving goal this week. This allows more focus on debt. *** Well, that didn’t last. DW is finished with the taxes. Turns out we miscalculated the required payroll deductions, so…

    Went and looked at another property. We found out where Sanford and Son went after they went off the air. They wanted $200K for it. I said if they hauled off all the crap (rotting wood, junk metal, etc.), I’d give them $45K, if they took payments. It would take an ambitious family a year to get the place livable. At least I got an answer on my preapproval, it’s a go. Now just to find the right place.

    Took on a delivery job this week. Not much but some additional income.

    Still concerned about food supplies. Most of our major needs are met now, filling in some gaps and taking advantage of sales. But I am concerned about the “unprepared”. I don’t think they can actually imagine a time when they will have long-term empty shelves and no money to buy anything anyway.

    More medical stuff came in. I ordered a Bear Independent Slim IFAK which is basically an Individual First Aid Kit without a case (come in a vacuum sealed clear bag). A good option if you want/need the stuff but not a case for it – saves you money.

    Big monthly out-of-town shopping tip for April. Garden preps came in (starters and cages), found some jars at Wal-Mart and Target (about the same price as last year).

    Got invited to a Passover dinner. It was good; good food and conversation. Great worship time and some of the best lamb I’ve ever had!

    Supply Run: SPAM, BiC lighters; canned chicken; hard candy; batteries; canned beans; pint & quart w/m canning jars; AF scrabbled egg mix;

    Received: Mag loader for G43X/48; Book: Foraging the Rocky Moun27 Mar to 03 Apr: Put together sufficient funds this week to cover our shortage in tax payments. Did not end up dipping into our saving to do it! Changes made to the deductions so, barring a huge tax increase (which I expect), we should be good next year. Back to clawing my way out of debt.

    Market reports have a shortage of 20# (the most common size) of propane tanks. Both US and Chinese manufacture. Costco has the 30# on sale on line (my camper uses this size), so I ordered a couple for spares. Something to think about.

    Things appear to be heating up in the Crimea between Russia and Ukraine. Something else to watch.

    Supply Run: UHT milk; SPAM; Coffee (ground); CR123 batteries;

    Received: Wooden grips for N-frame round butt; Stoeger shotgun O/U 20 ga.; Propane Tanks, 30#;
    ; FD Mozzarella cheese, #10; Gloves, w/knuckle and finger protection, blk; folding tomato cages; DVD’s; gun parts;

  7. Glad you are doing better.
    The new to me car is doing well which is great since I had a couple of medical procedures – one that required that I go to the next city over. I also am helping a friend get ready for knee replacement surgery.
    The old car is being sold today so I have spent most of this week, when time was available cleaning it out and getting a tire checked that was low. Found so much stuff I didnt remember. Now to find new homes for things.
    Got my second covid shot yesterday. Since I have immuno compromised friends that I help i felt it was important thing to do.
    Off to do the paperwork for the car. Have a good day.

  8. Hi everyone, been offline a while

    week of March 18 I was out sawing every day sunup to sundown, had to walk 14 miles with a wheelbarrow on the 13th to get a couple gas cans filled. anyway I was also walking the dogs regularly.

    all this was until the 18th around 5pm when a large tree fell on me, I didn’t even see it and it was a complete surprise. shattered my hardhat and I was barelly able to move, my back muscles destroyed. despite that and the pain I crawled my way out from under it and got on top of it and within view of the road. I made a flag on the end of a stick from the remnants of my hardhat and waved it as cars passed.

    2 cars went by a green pickup and a white minivan, they both slowed down, looked at me, then sped away. the third one going by was close to dark and was a mennonite buggy, they saw the flag and stopped. saw me and asked if I had a phone, I told them it didn’t get a signal at that part of my property (barelly get 2 bars at the cabin due to signal ampliflied off the reflection of the barn roof, in the field there is no signal at all and I was south of the field.

    he raced up to my neighbors who called 911 then got his tractor to push slash and debris out of the way so the emts could reach me.

    they had to put a brace on me and then put tubes in my lungs becase I was filling up with blood. because of internal bleeding I couldn’t be given pain killers. I was rushed 15 miles to a small rural airport then airlifted to burlington vermont which was the closest hospital with the resources to deal with my injury.

    all my ribs were broken, my spine was fractured in several places, my heart was bruised, both lungs were punctured, I had large lacerations down the top of my head. I barelly made it to the hospital and was gasping for air, they got an IV in me and more lung tubes to drain the blood.

    fast forward and they fused several vertibrae together, fortunatly these were the ones that don’t move much, I had trouble at the hospital because they didn’t give me anywhere near enough pain medication and I was often left screaming and a few burned out C**T nurses went out of there way to make my stay more miserable (grabbing the tube draining my lung and jerking it side to side while having some students change the bandage, ignoring when I said I couldn’t breathe when they rolled me onto my side putting all my weight on that tube and making it hurt more, she refused to move me off it because drs orders said I had to be moved every 2 hours, didn’t matter that on my left i was scraming in pain and barelly able to breath, I asked her to get the dr to address it but she refused, when the dr heard me screaming he asked why and gave her orders to shift me every 2 hours but never onto my left side. the rest were ok though many were student nurses or other staff not really capable of doing anything.

    took a week until I could barelly move my head again, all my back muscles were destroyed, took 2 weeks until they healed enough I could even sit up, and now here it is 3 weeks later and I can walk with the aid of a cane for balance. the speed of my recovery impressed the drs and many said it was nothing short of miraculous. though it cost me my freakishly large muscles as my body scavanged from them to rebuild my back. I’m only above average in muscle now and on a high protein diet.

    all my farm work plans are on hold for the year, or I made arrangements to have my neighbor do the important ones or arrange someone to do them. clean up the firewood in the field and pile it in the orchard or sugarbush, then he is going to work the field for spring and winter wheat and straw crops. going to hire him to skid all the remaining logs and hire an on site miller to do them all in 2 days (rather than me skidding and loading them in 14 wagon loads over the summer to have the amish mill in smaller 700 board foot batches). also to pile the slash in a single location and stack the lumber elsewhere with spacers so its good until next year. neighbors are watching my dogs, cats, chickens, etc.

    many projects like sugaring, the garden, construction projects, etc are out for the year

    I have enough food to last 2 years, firewood for 5 years, solar power and well water, and going on disability (will use to pay for the critical work, those logs need to be done before they are full of rot and pine sawyer beetles, as boards and 2x4s, etc with spacers they will be fine a few years). most of the spring and summer I will be focused on recovery (drs orders not to lift more than 8lbs for another 5 weeks and bones have to heal) then I’ll be working out to regain my shape and should be back to my normal shape by late summer, in time to split and stack all that firewood (neighbor needs to move out out of the field, I piled the slash already, he is just going to hire some amish and use the tractor and wagon to move it out and pile it for me to process when I can, otherwise its in the way of the field being used.

    by the time I’m back in shape it will be too late to run the garden or do much of anything else (unless I want to hire someone to finish readying the garden then plant it and come by once a week to weed it, even then I was planning much of it to sell or trade, so I may just have someone come ready it then just plant a cover crop of beans or something just to maintain the soil).

    anyway, I shouldn’t have any range of motion lost because of the spine fusing (the bones fractured were in the rib cage and not flexible to begin with), eventually I will regain all my muscle, and I got a huge scar down my face.

    the story went around the small town already and several towns over, I had a lot more people coverned than I thought, and the story about how I dragged myself out to summon aid in that shape has impressed everyone, I’m regarded the toughest badass in town now, and I was told after I recover women would find my scars hot (biologically studies have shown that women love scars, they indicate good genetics, stong characteristics to survive terrible injury).

    I’ve also never felt so at peace, I have no desire, ambition, fear, or hate anymore, jsut an overwhelming feeling of contentment, so this whole ordeal may be good for me in the long run. though my last thoughts when I saw the tree out of the corner of my eye were “oh shit, how will all my work get done now?” most people in that situation think of loved ones, or things they wish they did or regrets, my thoughts reveiled all I thought of was work, and not even for any particular gain (wasn’t interested in money and much of my huge multi day projects accomplished nothing but some cosmetic feature on my farm. I decided to take it easy more from here on out.

    also I am officially retiring from logging and plan to sell most of my saws. I don’t have many trees left on my farm as is and the small 5 acre wodlot I have left is enough to harvest personal firewood and a little more every year indefinatly with just a small light saw or hand saw, plus minor construction materials and other resources. its too rocky to clear it out for field. I was planning to clear much of it and hope to raise funds to buy more land then keep sawing a few years and had a few potential plans in mind but I am scrapping them. just keeping the small woodlot and sticking to smaller wood harvesting, farming, and etc.

    so thats my news

    Taras questions

    1: I was but have more pressing concerns at the moment, will likely not look for them for a while and going to buy canned food if I need anything I don’t have.

    2: I dry everything, apples, cabbage, turnips, potatoes, carrots, onions, blueberries, cherries, broccolii, beans, green beans, anything really. I use it when I need it, some suff doesn’t last more than a couple years, the oldest is some apples I dried 10 years ago.

    3: I was going to get a vaccine eventually, before my injury I rarelly saw people and was isolated so was at low risk and wore an N95 when I did see people, after my injury its become more likely I will take a vaccine sooner simply because I will have to be around people more often and because my immune system is somewhat compromised during my recovery.

    4: what did I do this week? see above

    • Wow! You should consider yourself lucky to be alive! Glad you made it, but sounds like a hard road ahead for you. Prayers for your recovery and to get your strength back.

    • nemoseto,

      Wow! What an adventure. I don’t know what else to call it. Good thing that Mennonite guy was paying attention, and your neighbor was a good neighbor too. That one nurse should lose her license. Won’t happen, but one can hope. She knew exactly what she was doing would cause you problems. I was a paramedic and I know it would cause problems. Don’t need an RN at the end of your name to know that.

      Something like that would probably have killed anyone smaller than you. Glad you were wearing your hard hat. Your size, strength, and that hat saved you. Still, events like that often put life in perspective for you. I hope everything works out.

    • nemoseto:

      In the mid-1980’s I got smacked by a truck hit by a train and ended up face up in the ditch with a concussion, a head laceration needing 8 stitches (I think), and 5 broken ribs. Yours was much worse than mine was, but I do understand the pain and what you will be going through during recovery. Where it took 20 minutes for the guys to walk from the company to the shop, it took me 45.

      Your accident is a good (?) example of why we prep. Things happen other than the end of (everybody’s) world. A personal SHTF.

    • Nemoseto,

      How dreadful it is that this happened to you. I am glad you are prepared with food and wood for the fire. Prayers out for you, my friend.

    • nemoseto,

      You are very lucky. I read recently that a couple was smashed by a falling redwood tree. They were parents of 5 children. Very sad.
      Hope you heal quickly.

    • Praise the Lord, you are still here! What an ordeal!! And good that you prepped!! Your physical conditioning from logging was probably a huge reason you survived. Irks me though that cars passed you and never stopped. That Amish guy saved your life, but it sounded close. Prayers for speedy recovery. Trees can sneak up on you, they dont call some of the widowmakers for nothing! My ex husband was hit in the head by one he was cutting in the pasture and it left him with a mental deficiency. He still works, but his son said. “daddy hasn’t ever been the same”. Hugs to you.

    • nemoseto
      Sorry to hear what happened to you, but such a blessing to have the Mennonites stop to assist you. Please in the future have someone you trust step in to protect you from such dismal care. You need an advocate that you trust to keep the wolves at bay.

      Other item if a medical provider paid for any care you received, notify them of the conditions you placed under. Discovered that if a medical staff/hospital abuses a patient, they can be turned into Medicare/medical provider. Medicare can and will if enough complaints issued deny payment or drop said provider from their roster. Since they seem to be the cash cow for many of those businesses,,, the hospitals are not happy when nasty reports are coming to fruition on their care & service.

      Had to be the wolf for dh when he was receiving shoddy medical care a while back. Said facility made sure he was well enough to leave before they lost their license. Yes, I was that angry!

    • Nemoseto, just reading your ordeal made me wince over and over. I’m so glad you are ok now, but the pain sounds excruciating. Be kind to yourself, take some bone knit and calcium. When I broke my ribs, I had to sleep in a recliner. I learned that by doing so, I could get up and actually walk across the room without struggle; a new experience as I have no disc between the 2 lowest vertebra. The difference is amazing. I hope you have one. Take care. I pray you get all the help you need from your neighbors.

    • Wow, nemo, what a horrific accident to experience. Really pushing the envelope on “that which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.” You’re coming thru with a great attitude and outlook on life. I wish you well in your recovery.

  9. Glad to see the blog back today. I was wondering what was going on…so I am glad that you are back and feeling better. Hate the blog will be every other week now, but I can adapt. There are lots going on now, and I would rather hear from everyone every two weeks as opposed to not at all.

    Hoping this most recent cold snap will be the last for the sake of me getting my garden started this month. We had about 4 inches of rain last week, with lots of strong winds, and a tornado touched down about 10-12 miles from us.

    1. Canning supplies were very scarce around here. The local store had some kind of brand I never heard of before. I think they were from Korea. The following week, they had Ball jars stocked, so I bought those as they are tried and true. No extra lids and rings available yet, but I keep looking!
    2. I love dehydrating strawberries, mushrooms and tomatoes.
    3. I originally opted not to get the vaccine simply because I don’t trust Fauci, and all those so called experts. Having said that, I do have issues with asthma on occasion, so for that reason, I tried twice to get the vaccine. The first time, I wasn’t eligible in Tenn because they were only vaccinating those 70 and older. I was told to come back the following week. When I showed up, they had run out of the vaccine and asked me to drive another 70 miles two days later. It was at that point that I comfortably decided karma was trying to tell me something, so I am opting now to not get it. It hasn’t been properly tested, and Wright or wrong, I think it is a way to control people, and see how far we as a free country can be pushed before pushing back. I am more afraid of random violence than I am contracting the virus.
    This week: I have had a lot of expenses this month, home owners insurance, car insurance, gas prices going up and food prices are crazy. Someone posted on our neighborhood fab page that our Taco Bell had to close last week because they were unable to get a meat delivery due to the container ship that blocked the strait in Central America. Ammo is hard to come by. My neighbor and his wife go daily to Cabelas and Academy Sports when they open and get their limits.
    Take care. Wishing everyone a Blessed Easter. He is still in control.

      • JP,

        Strawberry picking time here. The Number Ones also picked a bunch of pecks of strawberries at the same nursery they got flowers at. #1GD loves them and she’s been stuffing them down her neck like they’re going out of style (I guess technically they are soon for a while). 🙂

    • Jean – I know someone from Atlanta that drove to Clarkesville to get the vaccine. He said it was administered by the National Guard and was very well managed.

  10. I did my grocery shopping twice again this week and will keep adding more to my food stocks.

    Glad you’re back. Tara, and all is in reasonably good shape.

    Received the stimulus check this past week. Better called the inflation causer check. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it. I want to buy more silver, but prices are higher than I like. I’ll probably just put it in with the rest of my cash stash and use it for silver if prices drop.

    I did notice that the precious metal dealer APMEX has a new notice posted that they will only accept orders over $299 due to high order volume (now down to $149 minimum order as of Friday 3/26). They’ve had one up for a few weeks now that order processing is delayed 1-3 days due to high order volumes. Many of their products are out of stock and on back order. Normally, APMEX rarely has a product on backorder and their processing and shipping is fast and no minimum orders (except for free shipping).

    Obviously, silver is low on the supply side, yet prices are not as high as one might expect. Silver spot price is running around a little over $26. With tight supplies, one would expect something closer to $50 or more. Many silver pundits have been claiming silver is undervalued for some time and prices should be closer to $100, or even more. They smell manipulation again. Not as bad as the Hunt Brothers in 1980, but someone is playing games (JPMorgan is one of the prime suspects – again).

    #2 daughter got married this past Saturday. She figured shacking up for ten years was long enough and time to make it official. They already own a house together. Her hubby is a nice guy even if he is a tad on the liberal side. He is into prepping and shooting with #2 daughter so that forgives some sins. #1 daughter hosted the wedding in her backyard. I paid for tents and the Ex paid for catering (she got the slightly cheaper end of that deal)?. #1 GD wasn’t that excited about the wedding except for the fact she saw her little cuz and got to play with her and a guest brought a little girl the same age as #1GD and they ran around like maniacs and had a lot of fun. #2 daughter decided to keep the whole thing fairly informal, so no tuxedos or even suits. I did walk her down the aisle. Had a very good time.

    When I arrived at #1 daughter’s house, I was greeted by #1GD holding a Cyalume toy sword. She called it “the wedding sword.” I immediately thought of Monty Python’s Holy Grail movie and the skit of John Cleese as a knight running rampant through a wedding impaling everyone in sight with a sword. I found it quite funny (both the movie and GD).

    Not much super special done on the prepping front other than reading various articles on-line and adding to the food pantry. Wondering when Biden is going to take a real tumble on the steps into AF One. Some funny memes out there.

    I am not happy with the gun control crap going on in Congress. I’ll just tell anyone who comes calling for assault rifles that my rifles self-identify as Brown Bess flint-lock muzzle loaders, so they’re out of luck.

    Some interesting news out there. Reports that TP might be headed for another shortage. This time the causative effect is a shortage of shipping containers to bring wood pulp from Brazil where much of it is produced. Supposedly, China is hogging up the shipping containers. That big container ship that managed to run aground and block the Suez Canal isn’t helping the shipping situation either. I’m sure the Egyptians were not amused as the canal provides big time hard money for them. At least they managed to unstick the thing.

    I did note that the price of silver dropped below $25/oz. I bought some rounds and I also bought a precious metals testing kit. I read an interesting article on SurvivalBlog.com about silver and gold taking over their historical place as money in the even of a TEOTWAWKI event. Read the first part of the two-part article here: https://survivalblog.com/2021/03/24/post-collapse-barter-value-silver-part-1-dr-derek-king/ and part 2 here: https://survivalblog.com/2021/03/25/post-collapse-barter-value-silver-part-2-dr-derek-king/

    After reading this article, I decided to buy a precious metals testing kit. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08TRW9PXR/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    Remember that fiat currency isn’t money.

    I went to Publix again. Aside from some food, I decided to pickup a pack of TP and of paper towels. I’m well stocked on both, but no sense playing around.

    The weather here in central Florida is being goofy. It was in the 90s for a while, then dropped into the low 70s, with 40s at night. Still no rain worth mentioning around Orlando.

    Now, on March 30, at 3:00pm, silver spot price is down to $24.04. I don’t know if it will drop more. We’ll see. I did get some more rounds. Luckily, just before I posted this novel, spot price was back up to $25.14.

    #1GD loves butterflies. She also loves flowers. Her mom took her to a nursery the other day and GD got to pick out all of the flowers she wanted to plant in her newly designated flower garden. #1 daughter said she made very good selections and worked hard yesterday (Friday) planting everything and did an excellent job with very little help (except for some digging). She’s a great kid for her age.

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. Are you having a difficult time finding canning supplies where you live?

    I don’t can, so, no. My Ex and #1 daughter are complaining about a lack of

    2. What are your favorite foods to dehydrate and how long do you store them before eating?

    My favorites are beef jerky, apples, and various other fruits for #1GD and her mom. I don’t know how long #1 daughter keeps her fruits. My beef jerky doesn’t last long enough to worry about long term storage. ?

    3. Are you all in on getting the pandemic vaccine or deciding to skip the whole ordeal and why?

    Not getting the vaccine. There is not enough testing or experience with them yet to make me happy.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    • Zulu 3-6:

      I may have beat around the bush too much, but our stimulus check was $13 more than our taxes owed. Sure glad I didn’t run out and buy a new TV or something. Still trying to save up for a freeze-drier.

    • Zulu,

      I am looking to sell a few tubes of silver American Eagles but local dealers are only offering a few dollars over spot. What do you think is a fair price for a tube?

      • Bam Bam,

        You don’t have to answer this question to me, but why do you want to sell those Silver Eagles right now? Depending on when you bought them and what spot was at the time (which can be easily researched if you no longer have your receipts), plus the premium you paid, a few dollars over current spot may be profit to you. Spot is $25.14 as I write this and I find it odd that spot has held to the same amount for about 24-hours now. Most unusual.

        I believe, as do people much smarter and knowledgeable than me, silver spot will be going up, possibly quite significantly (triple digits). Most of the experts say silver is grossly undervalued right now. It is not obeying the economic law of supply and demand. Demand is high, supply is low (for various reasons including mining issues and probable manipulation) and yet price is also low .

        I also believe that fiat currency is on its way out. We’re going to get stuck with electronic money, like it or not, and the government will be able to track all of your transactions including every bottle of Diet Pepsi I buy. If S really HTF, any “government backed” currency or money is toast. Our economic system will revert to the olde tyme methods of barter and coins in precious metals, of which silver was always number one. Gold, bronze, and copper also played their parts.

        Anyway, after all of that drivel, I suggest you keep your silver unless you absolutely need cash desperately.

        • Zulu,

          I am weighing gains from my stocks versus gains from silver. I will do more research. I have no idea how to get a fair value. The local dealer wants to give me $3 over spot. I laughed at him and hung up.

          • Bam Bam,

            Silver is not a short term investment for profit. It is a form of wealth storage, as is gold. You won’t be able to pull profits like you can from the stock market. Day traders, who know what they’re doing with stocks, can make good money. There is no way you can make that kind of money from precious metals. Just the other day, silver had the same spot price for over a day. Can’t day trade like that.

            PMs are a long term investment. People buy silver (as I do) as a hedge against fiat currency going to hell in a hand basket. Any investment on paper (stocks, bonds, or even PMs bought on contract) is in high danger of going the way of a crashing currency. Save those contracts though as they can be used for TP or fire starters.

            It is a distinct possibility of physical PMs returning to their historical place as money (fiat currency is not money). You can’t do that with paper in any form. Moreover, should there be a large EMP or CME, electronic/digital currency will be even more useless than paper currency. Can’t wipe with a plastic electronic transfer card.

            Why silver and not gold? Silver has always been the cheaper precious metal and the most flexible when used as money.

          • Bam Bam:

            Before all of the current craziness, dealers bought at 1-2 points under spot, and sold 1 over spot (2 for Silver Eagles). That’s how they make money. If you really want to sell them, $3 over spot is not that bad (it’s more than they are technically worth). The only way you will do better is to sell to a private party who is willing to pay the current premium.

        • Bam Bam, stocks are just paper..those can go worthless in an hour. PM’s not so much.. silver and gold is projected to escalate.dramatically.will it? no guarantee. it will not go to worthless- silver mines would be my only investment in stock…rest would be in what i can hold in my hand…

      • BamBam
        A poster on another site in the LA area, arrived at the silver gold store shortly after it opened. Many are trading in their green backs for PM’s, and they were running out of pre-1965 90% coinage along with silver eagles. When they prepared to exit the business there were people in line outside the door wishing to pick up eagles or any PM that this business still had in stock. Man who waited on the poster said it had been like this every morning at this business. Sometimes they have to wait days before receiving another shipment.

        I concur with Zulu on the digital “1’s & 0’s” as money. Business are pushing/shoving us down that rabbit hole, one which no one wishes to be dumped into. Rather than play their game many are converting back to the true money of the USA.

        If the computer systems go down by any cause, never to be revitalized. Your digital age money of “1’s & 0’s” is gone. You are flat broke! Remember what they give you, they can erase……mho

        • AC,

          One thing that really upsets me about being forced into a digital currency, is paper currency will be outlawed. Any cash you have stashed away will have to be turned in to get credit for it on your digital account. After a deadline date, paper currency will be of no more use except as TP or fire starter. The deadline date won’t be a long period of time either, probably a couple of months, at best, to get converted.

          Gold became illegal to own, except for very small amounts, mostly in jewelry, on April 5, 1933. People had only until May 1, 1933 to turn in their gold at a bank and were reimbursed at $20.67 per troy ounce. As soon as May 1st passed, a law was enacted to fix gold prices at $35.00 per troy ounce and it stayed at that level until the 1970s when President Ford signed a law repealing that executive order and statutes. Gold prices have gone up since then.

      • Thor1,

        I know I’m preaching to the choir on this, but I do not own any assault rifles as properly defined. I have a battle rifles which are not fully automatic and semi-auto hunting rifles. Assault rifles are selectable between semi and full auto.

        But of course, the commies don’t care. If it looks scary, it must be an assault rifle.

        I have a British Martini-Henry Mk I (lever operated, single shot) and a German Mauser 98k. (bolt action, five-round internal magazine). They were the “assault rifles” of their day as you could put a bayonet on them. And the MH had a real bayonet, about an 18″ blade. Even scared the Zulus when on the end of a MH (used by a man with guts behind it).

  11. (1) Haven’t looked for canning supplies since I’m a mason jar-aholic and hide them everywhere! LOL
    (2) My favorite thing to dehydrate would be sliced bananas. But that’s because I grow over 1,000 of those rascals every year and need to do lots of different things with them!
    (3) No Shot for Me.
    (4) Prepping this week: chickens are hatching in the kitchen as I type. Cheese making has become a weekly thing for me now that the goat’s milk is flowing around here. So far, I’ve done 2 pounds of chèvre, 2 1/2 pounds of cheddar, and 1 pound of mozzarella. Our chicken coop is completely rebuilt, thank goodness and my dear husband. Plenty of room, lots of shade, and easy walk-in access to the laying boxes. Good thing, as I’m up to about 30 birds and counting! I received another pair of sneakers from OrthoFeet today. Got another seed order in, too. Sold some soap, and have some of my cane syrup and elderberry syrup for sale on consignment at a nearby produce market. I bottled a little over 3 gallons of mead yesterday. Mulched all the fruit trees and starting to pick mulberries and a few figs. Spring garden is coming along nicely with peas, beans, okra, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes up and growing. Gosh, it’s been a busy time!
    Happy Resurrection Day!

      • Nell,

        Have your husband go to Walmart. By the pharmacy there is a machine the measures feet and suggests orthodics. It’s free.

        • We used that and the inserts it is selling are good , I loved mine , but they aren’t enough for his problems.
          He has plantar facitis. And a heel and ankle issue also .
          Thank you for the advice though !

          • Nell
            In the vitamin section of the pharmacy area look for Boron. If you are curious check what it does for the human body.
            We use to receive in our vegetables, fruits but with the poor soil conditions now a days we are missing this ingredient in our diets.
            See if this helps your dh with the bones in his feet, it also could be his shoes. I had the same condition, which was rectified when I went with American made shoes(tennis shoes by New B). Hope this helps him been in the same discomfort.

      • They made a big difference for me. My feet are wide and I have lots of calluses from wearing boots doing my farm work. Regular shoes HURT! I would suggest trying a pair to see. (I’ve got MOST of their styles now and am quite happy with them.) At over $100 a pair, I “splurge” every few months and add another pair.

        • Thank you. His feet are really wide also and finding wide shoes is hard in our small town. Guess we will give them a try.

    • Goatlover my chicks are a week behind yours hatched 21 .pleased with the incubator.. nothing but potatoes in ground here.. the potatoes were bit back and have not come out again yet… i do have some plants in the window.. and wicking pots are in progress.

  12. I received my first dose of the Moderna vaccine last Tuesday. I was glad to get it. I had some pain at the point of injection and I have experienced fatigue. My mother had polio as a child and had to spend a whole year in an isolation ward. I am counting down the days to when my vaccine starts kicking in. It takes two weeks to start building immunity. One is not fully immune until three weeks after the second dose. I hear people say things like what good is the vaccine if I still have to wear a mask? These people do not understand that it takes the body time to respond to the vaccine and to start building antibodies. I would have to say that vaccines are the single most important medical intervention in the history of medicine. Perhaps the only rival was the discovery that germs cause disease.

    I have had a great week. I was able to take dh out to dinner for his birthday. We went to a cajun restaurant and had etouffee–I got the shrimp etouffee and he got the mud bug etouffee. We had a grand time.

    I accepted a job offer to edit a couple of chapters in a forthcoming textbook. I accepted. This will be a public domain textbook, so students don’t have to pay for the book. I got paid and was able to make our June mortgage and June car payment. I had an editorial accepted for publication.

    A blogger that I follow from the UK asked me to develop a report on the WHO team that was sent in to discover the source of COVID-19; I have solid evidence for the claim that the team was compromised. If you would like to see my research, please contact GA Red. She has taken over for OP as the Pack’s contact person.

    I think it is okay to share her email since she has volunteered to be the Pack’s go-between–[email protected]. There are a couple of prominent blog members that we don’t want to lose contact with–especially J.P., Fixit, Thor, Prepared Grammy, Nell, Suzy Q, and Jean. We have developed an email community so we can talk more frequently. Most of us are already in the loop. If you want to stay in touch with the Pack and communicate more frequently, email GA Red.

    I am excited that the kids are coming over for Easter. I have Easter baskets ready for everyone, including the baby who is expected to arrive at the end of April. I asked the kids if they wanted a traditional Easter dinner or steak–my son-in-law overwhelming picked a steak dinner. He is a steak and potatoes man. He has an AR-15 to protected my daughter and soon-to-arrive granddaughter, so it is steak and potatoes. He is a hard working, salt of the earth type man. He drives a trash truck for the city. DD was worried we would “look down on him” when they first started dating. Instead, we fell in love with him right off the bat. Good people are good people. I would rather have my daughter marry a good man than a rich man.

    For Easter dinner I am making steak, baked potatoes and grilled veggies. Not traditional but it’s what the family wants.

    Be sure to email GA Red if you want to be kept in the loop–[email protected]

    • “Good people are good people. I would rather have my daughter marry a good man than a rich man.”

      We raised two daughters and the only
      criteria we ever had was
      1 That he isn’t afraid of work
      2,That he think our daughter is the most awesome woman on earth

      • Nell,

        You speak the truth! My daughter briefly dated a doctor who drove a Porsche. My husband and I didn’t like him. He was arrogant and condescending. (This is odd since I have a Ph.D.) She brought home a trash man and we loved him from the first 10 minutes. He came into the house, flicked off his flip flops and gave me a big hug. We took notice that he opened car door for our daughter. Good people are good people.

      • This report presents evidence for the claim that Peter Daszak, a member of the WHO joint team sent in to investigate the origins of COVID-19, was compromised. Daszak was affiliated with the lab in Wuhan. The lab was engaged in gain of function research on samples of coronavirus obtained from bats. In an article published in February 2020, Daszak refers to the lab leak hypothesis as a “conspiracy theory”. He praises Chinese scientists for their cooperation and transparency.

        [1] An article in Nature dated August 21, 2020 discusses Peter Daszak’s involvement with the lab in Wuhan. The NIH (National Institute of Health) reinstated EcoHealth Alliance’s multimillion-dollar grant to study how the coronavirus moves from bats to people. Daszak claims the NIH imposed “absurd conditions” on how the grant money could be used. Daszak is President of EcoHealth Alliance.

        “EcoHealth Alliance and Daszak have been working with Shi Zhengli, a virologist at the WIV, for more than 15 years. Since 2014, an NIH grant has funded EcoHealth’s research in China, which involves collecting faeces and other samples from bats, and blood samples from people at risk of infection from bat-origin viruses.”

        Source: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-02473-4

        [2] In an article published in The Lancet dated February 19, 2020 Peter Daszak et al. praises scientists in China for their transparency in sharing information about COVID-19. They condemn “conspiracy theories” that suggest the virus “does not have a natural origin”. This shows that Daszak had rejected the lab leak hypothesis over a year ago—he had his mind made up before conducting the investigation.

        “We have watched as the scientists, public health professionals, and medical professionals of China, in particular, have worked diligently and effectively to rapidly identify the pathogen behind this outbreak, put in place significant measures to reduce its impact, and share their results transparently with the global health community. This effort has been remarkable.”

        “The rapid, open, and transparent sharing of data on this outbreak is now being threatened by rumours and misinformation around its origins. We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin.”

        Source: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(20)30418-9/fulltext

        [3] A 2015 article published in Nature shows Chinese scientists were genetically modifying coronavirus samples. The quote from Daszak seems to suggest he thinks such work is necessary in order to identify possible viruses that could cause future pandemics. This would permit scientist to develop vaccines and treatments before such pandemics arise. The downside to creating mutant strains, of course, is the possibility of lab escape.

        “In an article published in Nature Medicine1 on 9 November, scientists investigated a virus called SHC014, which is found in horseshoe bats in China. The researchers created a chimaeric virus, made up of a surface protein of SHC014 and the backbone of a SARS virus that had been adapted to grow in mice and to mimic human disease. The chimaera infected human airway cells — proving that the surface protein of SHC014 has the necessary structure to bind to a key receptor on the cells and to infect them. It also caused disease in mice, but did not kill them.”

        “The study findings “move this virus from a candidate emerging pathogen to a clear and present danger”, says Peter Daszak, who co-authored the 2013 paper. Daszak is president of the EcoHealth Alliance, an international network of scientists, headquartered in New York City, that samples viruses from animals and people in emerging-diseases hotspots across the globe.”

        Source: https://www.nature.com/news/engineered-bat-virus-stirs-debate-over-risky-research-%201.18787

        [3] In a 2015 article published in Nature reporter Declan Butler refers to the gain of function research on coronavirus as “risky research”.

        “But other virologists question whether the information gleaned from the experiment justifies the potential risk. Although the extent of any risk is difficult to assess, Simon Wain-Hobson, a virologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, points out that the researchers have created a novel virus that “grows remarkably well” in human cells. “If the virus escaped, nobody could predict the trajectory,” he says.”
        “The argument is essentially a rerun of the debate over whether to allow lab research that increases the virulence, ease of spread or host range of dangerous pathogens — what is known as ‘gain-of-function’ research. In October 2014, the US government imposed a moratorium on federal funding of such research on the viruses that cause SARS, influenza and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome, a deadly disease caused by a virus that sporadically jumps from camels to people).”
        “The latest study was already under way before the US moratorium began, and the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) allowed it to proceed while it was under review by the agency, says Ralph Baric, an infectious-disease researcher at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a co-author of the study. The NIH eventually concluded that the work was not so risky as to fall under the moratorium, he says.”
        Source: https://www.nature.com/news/engineered-bat-virus-stirs-debate-over-risky-research-%201.18787

        [4] An open letter signed by 26 scientists details how the WHO team was sent to China to investigate the source of the pandemic and was compromised by the limitations imposed by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). The investigation “falls short of the mark”

        Source: https://int.nyt.com/data/documenttools/covid-origins-letter/5c9743168205f926/full.pdf

        [5] On January 15, 2021 the State Department released a fact sheet on the origins of COVID-19. The U.S. government acknowledges the possibility that the virus jumped to humans from bats but noted there is also reason to suspect a leak from the lab in Wuhan. Here are some of the relevant points.

        Quoted in Full

        1. Illnesses inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV):
        • The U.S. government has reason to believe that several researchers inside the WIV became sick in autumn 2019, before the first identified case of the outbreak, with symptoms consistent with both COVID-19 and common seasonal illnesses. This raises questions about the credibility of WIV senior researcher Shi Zhengli’s public claim that there was “zero infection” among the WIV’s staff and students of SARS-CoV-2 or SARS-related viruses.
        • Accidental infections in labs have caused several previous virus outbreaks in China and elsewhere, including a 2004 SARS outbreak in Beijing that infected nine people, killing one.
        • The CCP has prevented independent journalists, investigators, and global health authorities from interviewing researchers at the WIV, including those who were ill in the fall of 2019. Any credible inquiry into the origin of the virus must include interviews with these researchers and a full accounting of their previously unreported illness.
        2. Research at the WIV:
        • Starting in at least 2016 – and with no indication of a stop prior to the COVID-19 outbreak – WIV researchers conducted experiments involving RaTG13, the bat coronavirus identified by the WIV in January 2020 as its closest sample to SARS-CoV-2 (96.2% similar). The WIV became a focal point for international coronavirus research after the 2003 SARS outbreak and has since studied animals including mice, bats, and pangolins.
        • The WIV has a published record of conducting “gain-of-function” research to engineer chimeric viruses. But the WIV has not been transparent or consistent about its record of studying viruses most similar to the COVID-19 virus, including “RaTG13,” which it sampled from a cave in Yunnan Province in 2013 after several miners died of SARS-like illness.
        • WHO investigators must have access to the records of the WIV’s work on bat and other coronaviruses before the COVID-19 outbreak. As part of a thorough inquiry, they must have a full accounting of why the WIV altered and then removed online records of its work with RaTG13 and other viruses.
        Source: https://2017-2021.state.gov/fact-sheet-activity-at-the-wuhan-institute-of-virology/index.html

  13. Are you having a difficult time finding canning supplies where you live? Not looking, my wife found all we need.

    What are your favorite foods to dehydrate and how long do you store them before eating? Beef jerky, only last a week before we eat it all.

    Are you all in on getting the pandemic vaccine or deciding to skip the whole ordeal and why? I have both Moderna shots. My arm was sore for three days after the first shot. Not very sore after the second but I felt off for a week after. My wife had the same experience except she felt worse and still had to keep our granddaughter.

    What did you do to prep this week? I have felt low all winter and am just not doing anything. I have been helping my father in law get settled in. He is 83 and has been living alone for six years after his wife passed away. He got too weak to fully take care of himself so my wife moved him in with us. When our daughter got married they and her father in law moved in with us and stayed five years so I am used to having other people living with me. I did enjoy the six years with just my wife after they moved out though.

    We did get some help with my GD, My wife put her foot down after they tried to put her out of the public pre-K my daughter got her into. An aide was assigned to her to help out the teacher. My wife still has to pick her up at 11:00 but she is getting used to a controlled environment. They had an egg hunt Thursday afternoon so she was allowed to stay the entire day. The teacher said she had to be “diverted” by the aide several times when she got unruly but no meltdown so progress is being made.

  14. Tara
    Good to hear that all is well at your homestead. Whatever works for you on posting the blog, am sure the others will agree. Working on a farm, trying to publish every week can be challenging. Understand we have had live stock in the past on a 13 acre property. It is a lot of work, for those who have never done this you do not get days off. One is on call 24-7-365, and holidays make for even more work.
    Thank you for the time you given on this site it appreciated.

  15. Puppy has been training extra hard in preparation for what’s ahead. That boy amazes me. He could be 25 yards away and hit before you could pull a trigger.

    Tomato and pepper plants are about 3″ inside with grow lights.

    I’m going to get my son to buy a Small greenhouse from Amazon, he gets a discount.

    I covered the lettuce, cilantro and one potato pot with plastic to protect from frost.

    The brussel sprouts are flowering and the oregano is growing like crazy.

    Fruit trees
    Worried about the plum and peach trees from the frost.
    The pear trees should be ok as they are tough trees.

    Bought 2 more blueberry bush starts. I put 2 liter bottles over them with holes drilled in them for frost. They are in big pots.

    Charged multiple 12 volt batteries.

    Cleaned cutting deck and cut front 40.

    Potato buckets
    Dumped old dirt into garden to be tilled soon. Maybe tomorrow.

    Bought 100 feet of 4′ livestock fence.

    Filled all gas cans and vehicles.

    Freezers and fridges are all full.

    Labeled the rest of ammo cans as what they are.

    Thor’s questions

    1. Are you better off now with Biden then you were with Trump , gas, taxes,food prices ECT. ?

    2. Have you heard of internment camps in Canada coming to a town near you?

    3. Do you think China will attack Taiwan soon and Russia will attack Ukraine starting WW3 ?

    4. Should we all boycott Baseball,Coke,Delta and American airlines do to their involvement in politics on voter ID?

    Funny video


    • Tara’s questions

      1.Are you having a difficult time finding canning supplies where you live? No

      2.What are your favorite foods to dehydrate and how long do you store them before eating?
      Jerky ,refrigerator, they don’t last long.

      3.Are you all in on getting the pandemic vaccine or deciding to skip the whole ordeal and why?
      He77 No… Don’t get it you will die with in 2 years. There is the Ex-president of planned Parenthood , (Chinese woman) in a higher up position on vaccinations. If that tells you anything.

    • Thor’s questions

      1. Are you better off now with Biden then you were with Trump , gas, taxes,food prices ECT. ? Gas costs more, I buy for our breakfast group and prices for those items are up 20+%.

      2. Have you heard of internment camps in Canada coming to a town near you? No.

      3. Do you think China will attack Taiwan soon and Russia will attack Ukraine starting WW3 ? Russia attacks Ukraine. US throws support to NATO and Ukraine. US looking to eastern Asia, China attacks Taiwan. US in a 2-front war without the resources/leadership to fight one.

      4. Should we all boycott Baseball,Coke,Delta and American airlines do to their involvement in politics on voter ID? Already do, including NASCAR and the NFL.

    • 1. Better off? ?
      2. I haven’t heard anything about it.
      3. It’s a concern. In fact, I was just discussing it with a friend. She’s willing to bet that it’s going to happen.
      4. I am.

    • Thor’s questions

      1. Are you better off now with Biden then you were with Trump , gas, taxes,food prices ECT. ?

      No. Prices has definitely gone up. The Southern border has gotten much worse, and certain countries are taking aim at the US because Biden and his ilk are weak.

      2. Have you heard of internment camps in Canada coming to a town near you?


      3. Do you think China will attack Taiwan soon and Russia will attack Ukraine starting WW3 ?

      There isn’t much we can do to stop Russia with Biden as Prez. Putin has his number. I think we should back Taiwan 100% and we have the capability to make any military move by China a very expensive move for them. Taiwan is militarily better than the Ukraine and China will get hurt even if the US doesn’t get involved. Also, from a terrain perspective, Taiwan is easier to defend by a country with a capable navy, like we have. Ukraine is harder to get to for US forces.

      4. Should we all boycott Baseball,Coke,Delta and American airlines do to their involvement in politics on voter ID?

      Yes. It isn’t their concern as corporations. They’re just scared the commies will call for boycotts on them if they don’t play “woke.” In reality, a boycott from conservatives could be economically harder on them.

    • Thor 1,

      A big, well trained dog is a vicious weapon indeed and a force multiplier. I did a lot of training with police K-9s and MWD. One AF Base even had a male Rottweiler and we trained with it. What a strong dog. He chased and grabbed his target by the arm, planted his legs, twisted his head and did a full judo throw with a 180lb man (in full protective pads adding more weight). The landing was hard (on a concrete hangar apron). Being a good guy, the handler ran up and called the dog off immediately. If it had been a bad guy, the handler would probably have let the dog play with his new chew toy.

    • Thor 1
      1) NO way…… My bill at Costco has gone up by a minimum of $100.00 each time I shop there. OUCH!!
      2) Not Canada, but govvs ol “com u know”, is setting them up outside of NY to put the un clean according to his rules. Was either on Gateway pundit or Rantlingly news site.
      3) When they think everyone is looking the other way of course they will. Since we have a puddit & hyena setting the old poop house.
      4) Why not, they do not give a darn about us. I do not require their services. Oh, one exception coke does make a great drain cleaner for clogged pipes. Wonder what it does to the human body….hummm

  16. Tara’s Questions:
    1) Canning supplies: Lucked out a couple of weeks ago with a listing on line, purchased 15 boxes regular jars. No lids or rings, so I have been purchasing them via an auction site. Last I heard the supplies not being available until the year 2022, and that is with a company building another processing plant.
    2) Dehydrating: It use to be beef jerky, since that does not last very long not sure how it would store for any period of time. Mostly frozen vegetables that are then packed into glass baby food jars, lids on lightly placed into vacuum bags for processing giving a longer time from of freshness when rehydrated. The 4oz jar holds 1/2 cup dry which measured out equals 2 cups rehydrated when I did a test on different vegetables. It will depend on the type of vegetable but I used mixed veges, corn, corn & peas. Packing them this way I hope to get them up to 7-10 years but they will most likely be used up before that time frame.
    3) Shall not be acquiring the “shot’. Read many different opinions that this is not a vaccine. It is also not FDA approved, even it if was no thankyou. For those who wish to take it, it is their decision, but for our household we shall pass.

  17. Well I just sold my 1997 Ford Ranger to my son-in-law for $1,000. The AC doesn’t work, it needs a new driver’s side tire and a front alignment. He is mechanically intelligent and has all the tools to fix up the truck. I purchased the truck as a repo in 1998 for $9,000. I have certainly gotten my use out of the truck. We just don’t drive it and we are paying for insurance and tags.

    Dh’s daughter gave him a 1995 Ford Escort station wagon for free several years ago. When we purchased our new car they gave us $1,000 for trade in. We thought it was only fair that we passed that savings on to the kids.

    My son-in-law has been pricing trucks for several months. This is a great deal for the kids. My dh showed him the maintenance book. The truck has been well maintained. Son-in-law talked about the maintenance book all the way back to Jax. He is excited that he is getting a $2,000 truck for $1,000.

    I am happy he can restore the truck.

    • I am experiencing irrational separation emotions. I have had Baby Truck for half of my life. (I guess I am not one to go out and get a new vehicle every four or five years. I paid it off at $135.86 per month for five years. I have had a free title for 20+ years.) We just don’t drive the truck enough to justify paying insurance and tags. The battery keeps dying because we don’t drive it enough. Our adopted sons just purchased a truck and they already to much of the yard work. There is no reason for us to keep the truck. I know the truck will go to good home. Son is perfectly capable of restoring the truck back to good shape. I am a bit surprised by my feelings of loss. He is excited because having a truck will allow him to do so many more projects around the house.

      • Bam Bam – the DH believes every homeowner should have a truck. That said, even our truck isn’t getting driven very much. We haven’t put gas in it since December. We sold his daily driver because he’s not going into the office anymore – he’s gone to the office only a handful of times in the last year and only for computer issues. We kept the truck because we have a house and it’s the only thing that can pull a trailer.

      • Bam Bam:

        To keep the battery up on an idle vehicle (like my 3/4 ton) I got a 18W solar panel with overcharge protection, plugged into the power port (not the cigarette lighter port) and put it on the dash. Replacing batteries in my diesel is about $250 and I was doing that every 2-3 years. The current set has been good now for 5.

        I got mine at Harbor Freight and on Amazon.

      • In 2004 my wife bought a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis to replace her 1988 Ford mini van. She paid $8000 cash from money we had made working two jobs apiece. Three years ago she was driving 100 miles a day for her home care nursing job and wanted a more fuel efficient car. The Mercury was in perfect condition but had no trade in value so I parked it and decided to find a deserving person to give it to. A month or so later I was leaving my doctor’s office and I held the door for a hobbling Vietnam vet (he had one of those hats on). We started talking about our service time (Navy for me). He said he hurt his back jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. He then complained that he had lost his car and had to take public transportation to the doctor. I then told him I have a good car and will give it to you. He broke down crying.

        We got in my truck and I took him to my home and let him drive it around a bit. He said he wanted it and I took him back to the doctor’s. Next day he had a friend bring him and his wife to pick it up. I signed the title over to them and he got into the passenger seat and his wife drove him away with a huge smile on his face.

  18. Are you having a difficult time finding canning supplies where you live? I stocked up several years ago. I even sent lids to my mom in VA.
    What are your favorite foods to dehydrate and how long do you store them before eating? Potatoes, herbs, and fruit.
    Are you all in on getting the pandemic vaccine or deciding to skip the whole ordeal and why? Hubby cant take them (previous adverse reaction) and neither of us would take it on principle. I did the research when it first came out. Kudos to those of you who were brave enough. Im chicken.
    What did you do to prep this week? Caught another baby, started working in the yard, getting ready to have fence work done. My client load has picked up so much we are hiring a local company to do the job. We already have most of the materials. We just need the man-power.

  19. Tara, glad you’ve recovered. Don’t blame you a bit for changing this section to every 2 weeks.

    1. Are you having a difficult time finding canning supplies where you live?
    It’s hit or miss. Sometimes there’s a pack or two of jars. Lids almost nonexistent. I’ll have to start buying what I can find, piecemeal.

    2. What are your favorite foods to dehydrate and how long do you store them before eating?
    Every time I dehydrate jerky or bananas, something dumb happens. The fridge went out and the jerky gets tossed by the uninformed. The MIL opened the seal on the bananas and didn’t say anything. I’ll have to fire it up again this year (against the DP’s protests) to dry more than herbs, i.e. berries, store-bought frozen veggies, meat.

    3. Are you all in on getting the pandemic vaccine or deciding to skip the whole ordeal and why?
    We got both doses of Moderna. I was down & felt crappy for 5-6 days after 2nd vax. The DP was fine. He wouldn’t survive the virus, and I have rheumatoid, so we got the vax even tho we weren’t thrilled about it. Many of his sister’s grown step-sons and their families just got the virus. They’ve gone maskless this whole time and have gone everywhere. Sounds like their cases aren’t serious.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    I’m way way way behind in my gardening. Lost several weeks due to getting ready for guests and then they were here, including a misbehaving no-manners German Shephard. The DP was scared of him. But I did get the Marine step-GD to demo a certain stance. Yay.

    Per the DP, putting MossAway (done) and lime (maybe tomorrow) down seems to have priority. Got the big garden thru 1st till, but didn’t get any spring stuff plated b4 it rained again. Uncovered raised bed and maybe I can add compost & fertilizer tomorrow and get something planted. Haven’t even started tomato & pepper seedlings yet. My back hurts so bad that I really don’t know if I can do a huge garden. Too much shade hitting there now anyway.

    Someone was asking me about next higher caliber for rifle from .22 Hi-V. Guess I’m not the only one with wrecked shoulders. What say you guys? How ’bout lever action?

    • My favorite long gun is the “dreaded” AR-15. Easiest gun for me to shoot. You just have to be careful that it doesn’t jump out of the gun safe and assault anyone… ; )

      • Goatlover & Prepared Grammy, yeah, there have been rumors from the left that those little critters are capable of that. About as believable as the gingerbread man tearing around. LOL.

    • A .223/5.56 rifle has very little recoil. Adding a Michalek compensator to a threaded barrel deduces it even farther. Ruger makes a bolt-action Ranch Rifle that is light, uses AR15 magazines, and is (for the current times) relatively inexpensive. It works well with 55 and 69 grain loads.

      I have a friend with a VA-rebuilt (70’s version) shoulder who is recoil sensitive. He found my M1A SOCOM (.308 Win) rifle to be very easy on his shoulder. But they are expensive ($15-1800) and relatively heavy.

      • Thanx, JP. It was on the tip of my tongue that .223/5.56 would be next up and relatively soft on shoulders. I’ve heard .223 shoots pretty flat but has a bit more oomph than 5.56. Right now in NJ, one can have 2 out of 3 “bad” features. Always like to get good info from you guys. Thanx again.

  20. Thor’s questions
    1. Are you better off now with Biden then you were with Trump , gas, taxes,food prices ECT. ?
    Nope, worse off. Gas & food prices way up. Starting to see shortages in stores again. Things will get far worse in many ways.

    2. Have you heard of internment camps in Canada coming to a town near you?
    No. Guess NJ is too far south.

    3. Do you think China will attack Taiwan soon and Russia will attack Ukraine starting WW3 ?
    Somethin’ is coming. I can feel it in my bones. Russia might just be feeling things out for now. Wouldn’t be surprised if China goes after Taiwan now b4 we get our Marines all changed up to more amphibious. They might just wait a bit longer for when our economy collapses.

    4. Should we all boycott Baseball,Coke,Delta and American airlines do to their involvement in politics on voter ID?
    I say YES, and add MLB to the mix. Figures I have my once every five years visit to midwest coming up in Sept, and I still have American credit and redated car insurance from last year’s fiasco. With the violence and other BS coming, this could be another cancellation. Unfortunately, I have a very frail aunt in a nursing home, and who knows when a trip will be needed.

  21. To All,

    Here is a link to a YouTube video by Neil McCoy Ward (a British financial advisor) and Lynette Zang (Chief of Market Analysis, ITM Trading) about Central Bank Digital Currency. Zang is obviously a prepper based on some of the statements she makes during the video. I encourage everyone to watch this vid.



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