What I Did To Prep This Week: April 25th – May 1st 2021

Hey folks, just wanted to take a few minutes to check in with you all – even though you are in great hands with James. I will connect with you all again in a couple of months once we are past the Old School Survival Boot Camp event.

I hope you are all doing well. In spite of the ever changing spring weather – with it sometimes feeling like winter still, all is going well here on our survival homestead. A lot of new additions have been happening and one more to come very soon.

We acquired more meat rabbits to add to our cache of survival livestock. Two Pygora babies were born, and our wonderful new Pygora Billy goat is thriving in his new environment. It took him a while to learn how to truly be a goat – he had been kept more like a pet inside of a small fence.

One of our mini donkey, Jennies, will be giving birth soon – with two more to follow in about six months. These will be the first mini donkeys born on our survival homestead, so I am very excited.

With the roaming group of coyotes that keep paying us an unwanted visit, the more donkeys the better. They love kicking the stuffing out of coyotes for sport, making them superb livestock guardians of our growing goat herd.

Our gardening efforts are coming along nicely, and I still have seeds starting indoors. These dang noisy Banty hens are going to the outside brooder after it warms up in a few days, they are the noisiest chicks we have ever had and I am ready for some peace and quiet at bedtime.

We canned some milk and butter this past week, along with more chili and vegetable soup. We are making a big effort to not only grow and raise more of what we eat, but also to get into the habit of canning year round to stockpile more shelf-stable foods of all types.

A lot of our time has been spent working on the Old School Survival Boot Camp event – May 14 through 16 is just around the corner. Working the event has been massively time consuming to make sure it is pulled off flawlessly and it is well attended, but our efforts will be worth it.

Over 1,2000 folks to date will become far better prepared for disasters both large and small as well as being more self-reliant and less dependent upon stores, on a daily basis.

Here is a video preview of the event from our YouTube page to check out, I hope you enjoy it.

Old School Survival Boot Camp 2021 Preview

This Week’s Questions

  1. How are you preparing for a time when going to a grocery store is not possible – for either a short time or an extended period of time?
  2. Do you keep livestock as part of your food assurance preps – why or why not?
  3. Have pandemic restrictions loosened where you live, and are people still following the mandates?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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    • Puppy killed a king snake again. What a good guard dog.

      Planted red onions, white onions, garlic, pole beans, bush beans, dill , thyme and put tomatoes in the ground.
      The lettuce is doing great and the cilantro too.
      Peppers are starting to get flowers on the plants I saved from last year.
      Cucumbers are coming up.

      Water catchment system.
      With the water catchment system coming off the shed it really makes the garden look professional.

      Volunteer plants
      Found 2 cucumber plants growing at the edge of the garden.

      Made a new compost bin.

      Rebuilt the carburetor on the old tractor.
      Bought a new dump cart and it sure makes it easier moving soil, compost and firewood rounds around.

      Log splitter
      Going to move the log splitter next to the firewood stacks permanently. Less traveling. 😁

      Thor’s questions

      1. Do you think the government will try to make vaccinations mandatory?

      2. With the situation in India with the pandemic getting apocalyptic, do you think we are headed for more lockdowns in the future?

      3. Have you increased your preps at a higher level?

      4. Have you heard of industries being told of shutdowns in June and July?

      • Tara’s questions

        1.How are you preparing for a time when going to a grocery store is not possible – for either a short time or an extended period of time?
        Stacking and growing food.

        2.Do you keep livestock as part of your food assurance preps – why or why not?

        Not at present but looking into chickens.
        Also put a bird feeder out to attract birds and squirrels if worst comes to worst….

        3.Have pandemic restrictions loosened where you live, and are people still following the mandates?
        1. Yes 2. No got a haircut and even though the sign said mask required there was a person not wearing one.

      • Thor’s questions

        1. Do you think the government will try to make vaccinations mandatory? They will try, mostly through media and peer pressure. But the harder they try, the more hypocritical it shows their “solutions” to the problem.

        2. With the situation in India with the pandemic getting apocalyptic, do you think we are headed for more lockdowns in the future? India, like China and Pakistan, have people piled upon people. When you do that, any communicable disease runs rampant. Add in poor sanitation and water quality…

        3. Have you increased your preps at a higher level? Without relocating, I’ve pretty well done what I can.

        4. Have you heard of industries being told of shutdowns in June and July? With the “stimulus” checks, there are less people applying for jobs. Less workers compiled with backlogs of supplies means components for construction are in short supply (simple stuff). We are now feeling the effects of the months of shutting down industry and failing to produce and distribute what is needed father down the production line. Look at truck drives. Restricted travel reduced the need for fuel truck drivers. Reduced production reduced the number of OTR drivers. If a panic starts over fuel, we will see a compounding effect – especially with the Summer months upon us. It may get to food or fuel deliveries, because there are not enough trained drivers to do both.

        • JP, excellent point on truckers. When the food shortages hit because of growing season screwed up last year, fuel shortages and less drivers, it’s going to be the wild west out there. Mad Max.

          The rest were spot on too.

        • JP,

          The June/July industry shutdowns AKA airlines/Gas delivery, coincides with the recall of Americans from Russia and vice versa.

          Things may get crazy really soon.

        • Actually, I think that if able-bodied Americans are too lazy to work, Biden should give temporary work visas for people coming across the border. If the trucks do stop rolling, state governors will call up the National Guard.

          • Bam Bam,

            One problem with calling out the National Guard. Who is going to pay them?

            If the state governor calls out the Guard as State Troops, then the state is responsible for paying those troops and all other expenses involved. This is one big reason governors try to get federal states of emergencies declared, or for the Prez to callup the Guard. In those cases, the federal government picks up the tab.

            There are times when the governor calls out the Guard before a federal state of emergency is declared (like before a hurricane hits). Yes, the state is on the hook for pay, bennies, etc, but once the feds declare an emergency, the state can send the retroactive bill to the Feds and get reimbursed.

            If the governor calls up the Guard against the advice of the Prez, the state will not get reimbursed. So, if the Feds don’t want trucks rolling, the state governors can use the Guard all they want, the Feds won’t reimburse them. That is a lot of money.

            Moreover, all of the equipment used by the Guard belongs to the US military, not the state. So the Prez can say, “Go ahead and callup your Guard. Use someone else’s motor transport.”

            The National Guard is organized like it is because of the Civil War. State volunteer militia regiments were unformed and equipped in all kinds of ways, not all of them good. Different uniforms, different weapons (with attendant different kinds of ammunition), etc. Training was a mixed bag. The first couple of years of the war were a real logistical nightmare for the US military. For the Confederacy too. Once most things got standardized, logistics smoothed out a bit. Remember the old military saying: Amateur’s talk tactics, Professionals talk logistics.

            After the war, it was decided that state militias would be uniformed, armed, and equipped in a standardized manner. Due to finances, they weren’t necessarily equipped just like the regular military, but there was some standardization among the militias. Eventually, militias became the National Guard (and still later, an Air Guard). All Guard enlistees started going to the same basic training and schools as regular troops. However, the Guard didn’t necessarily have the latest and greatest in equipment. Still don’t in all aspects.

          • Zulu,

            I can’t imagine Biden opposing governors calling up the National Guard in order to keep the trucks running. That would intentionally amount to starving the people. This might be an oversimplification but I am inclined to think that hunger has been the cause of every uprising against governments throughout history. China is buying up farmland and food production facilities like crazy out of fear it will not be able to feed its people. Like California, they are running out of potable water.

          • Bam Bam,

            Hunger has been a driver for a lot of revolutions throughout history. The supposed Marie Antoinette quote, “Let them eat cake” comes to mind.

          • Bam Bam:

            Calling up the NG sounds good, but it takes a lot of skill, built with training and over time, to drive and OTR rig. Not sure that the NG has that many trained drivers that are not already employed in that industry, at least not enough to make a difference.

        • Funny you should say fuel .. May 11 th and the hacked pipeline on the East Coast 😱 SC seeing shortage at the pump with rising prices .. Did you speak a Pandora leak 🤔

          • Wolfman:

            Not intentionally, but my nature is to look at what is happening today, see what might be coming down the road, then what can I do to mitigate the impact on myself and my family. Sometimes, I get prompted to share what I think with others. It does not mean I’m happy when bad things come to pass.

            I do tell people “My advise is worth every penny I charge for it.”

          • JP I have watched your advise and comments thru the years even when MD had this blog .. I have gleaned a lot from your words .. Thankyou ..

      • Thor’s questions
        1. Do you think the government will try to make vaccinations mandatory?

        I think they are trying to do that via end-arounds. Instead of just ordering it, they are slowly making inoculations a requirement to do things. Eventually, almost everything will require a vaccine.

        2. With the situation in India with the pandemic getting apocalyptic, do you think we are headed for more lockdowns in the future?

        It is possible with the fools running D.C. right now.

        3. Have you increased your preps at a higher level?

        I’m pretty much as high as I can get at this point. I continue to add to my food stash and don’t plan to stop doing that until other circumstance force me to stop. I also plan to continue acquiring precious metals as long as I can afford to do so. I continue to inform myself on world events.

        4. Have you heard of industries being told of shutdowns in June and July?

        I did not hear June and July specifically mentioned as target dates. I have heard some economic wonks predicting the US (via the Fed and the liberals) is getting rid of our manufacturing-based economy and moving to an electronic based one instead. This is foolish beyond belief. Where are the electronics going to come from? Why, China of course. God only knows how we can run an economy without a manufacturing base.

        • We need manufacturing to keep the economy growing. We need our own oil also but that’s about whipped out. Electric cars for everyone by 2030. Thats the aim anyway. Our Democrat governor already signed us up for that insanity. Mine is the second poorest state in the nation. Most rural folks heat with wood and cook with propane. Those are going away also.
          We’re watching the murder of our dear old Uncle Sam and few seem to notice. They love the free money, free education, free Healthcare, free food, living rent free, and so on. While workers who do work loose those “benefits” and employers can’t find folks to hire.
          It’s not the world I grew up in. Iv we watched the slide for most of mm y 74 years but 2020-2021 is a cliff jumper time and doesn’t seem to be slowing down a bit. … Not a slide it’s a suiside jump. And the crazy thing is watching the fools sign on to join the jump.

          • Clergylady,

            I misspoke in a previous post about the US economy switching from a manufacturing based economy. I said it was going to an electronic economy. Actually, the PTB are trying to make us into a service-based economy.

            That may well end up being an electronically driven service-based economy. Personally, I can’t see how that would work and be successful enough.

          • We’ve been largely a service based nation for some time. It worled until we needed meds and supplies China was supplying and they choose to withhold them when Covid first hit here. We need to be supplying things we are dependant on.

          • As I recall it was Clinton era that they said we are moving to a service based economy instead of that dirt old manufacturing economy.

          • Fixit: that sounds about right but I’m not positive how long ago it was.
            I still remember Detroit as a prosperous car making center. Lol.

  1. Hi Tara,
    Good to “see” you again.
    Everything is fine here in Douglasville.
    You wouldn’t think there is a pandemic going on. Most restaurants are open full bore with people not even bothering to wear a mask in or out. If you wear one in, as soon as you are seated it comes off.

    We are continuing to prep. No farm animals, just a couple of dogs, one really old and one a yippy youngster. The youngster keeps the old man hopping and playing so that is a good thing.

    Making a food run this afternoon to Sam’s. Followed by a birthday party for sis-in-laws father-in-law (not sure if that makes us related or not). He’s 84 and spry as can be. Taking him and 15 or 16 other family members to Hudson’s BBQ in Douglasville for lunch. We’ll probably get the back room with that large of group but I am sure there will be no mask involved except for the servers.

    Sold off a bunch of gold coin jewelry and reinvested in silver coin and used the left over for more ammo. I figure in the long run silver coin will be easier to buy and barter with and it is in small enough increments that I can buy smaller items.

    Have a good week.

    • Cliff,

      Based on my studies on the economy and precious metals, that was a good move on your part. Gold and silver have a loooong historical use as money. I agree that fractional rounds and bars are better for trading and bartering purposes. Silver is best, I think, as more people will have a better idea of the true value of a silver coin than that of gold. I also have a set of clippers so I can make a silver round into a lower value round if necessary.

      In the olden, moldy days, gold was the money of kings or very rich people. Silver was money for commoners (although in some places, like the Roman Empire, bronze and copper coins were also used as low denomination coinage). The average shop keeper didn’t have enough silver, bronze, or copper coins to make change for a gold coin. Clipping coins to lower their value was usually a capital offense (it was in Rome, often by crucifixion). I’m not too worried about getting nailed to a tree these days.

      I watched an episode of the old British archeology TV program, Time Team. They were excavating a middle-ages castle and one of their metal detectorists found a gold coin, known as a Noble. It had Henry V on it. The value at the time they found it (late 1990s, early 2000s) was 3,500 pounds sterling. At the time it was minted, it could have paid for the construction of one of the wings of the castle.

      • Cliff and others,

        I’ve noticed that the spot price on silver and gold have gone up some. Silver is up $1.13/oz to $27.06 and gold is up $28.00/oz to $1,804. 70. Neither price jump is really spectacular at this point, but the silver jump is larger than seen recently. Time will tell if prices go higher.

  2. (1) I’ve used this past year of the “Pandemic” as a dress rehearsal for when we can’t obtain food from a grocery store. The only weak link is meat for DH; I would be happy with eggs from my chickens and fish from the pond, along with dairy items from my goats.
    (2) My livestock includes dairy goats and chickens, along with livestock guardian dogs for protection. Right now I am getting a quart of milk and about a dozen eggs a day. As long as the Good Lord provides me with health and strength, I’ll keep up with my critters—they’re a blessing in more ways than just providing food.
    (3) I’m fortunate enough to live in FLORIDA, where we have more freedom from Covid Restrictions than most other states. We’ve been to 2 events in the past week where 90% of the attenders were mask-free. Such a refreshing sight!
    (4) DH connected a water catchment system to the gutter on my new chicken coop and ran some PVC pipe with a hose bib over to one of my gardens so I can use the water there. A friend of mine gave me a 4×8′ aquaponics table on wheels. I reorganized the screened porch that I use for seedlings and other farm-related stuff so I can use this table as a seed-starting table. It has a plastic insert that will work perfectly for keeping everything moist and drawing up water from the table into the seedling pots. This morning, I transplanted pumpkin, squash, peppers, and herbs. I placed an order for more cheese making supplies since I’m using a lot of that lately. I am picking and freezing mulberries from my tree. Oh I almost forgot! I found an Ace Hardware store with a LOT of canning jars for sale. I added some quarts to my stash and hope to go back with more money soon! LOL Yesterday I moved the first 3 chicks from the brooder out to the bantam side of my chicken coops. So far, their “parents” aren’t picking on them which is good. The remaining 5 chickens will need another month before being moved out there….they were just born on Easter and aren’t big enough yet.

    Blessings to all!

    • weak link is feed..herbals, wormers, minerals…for goats, dogs, chickens. w/ your location will/may last longer than many..just a observation. protecting dog from 2legged varmits- another issue..if they are coming for your goats/chickens will have no problem taking dog out.. .i have been working toward these issues too…

      • Providing for my livestock has become a major focus for me lately. I have several years worth of herbal wormer in my deep freeze for the goats and another small refrigerator filled with all manner of animal medications/wormers, etc. I’ve been growing extra food for them, too. Pigeon peas, okra, sunflowers mainly. Plus, goats love Brazilian Pepper leaves, fresh Pine branches, and green palm fronds. Plenty of that around here. I’ve been researching something to grow for them in the resting pasture….I swap pastures for my herd every six months, so I would have 1/2 acre to plant stuff for them to graze on when I switch them over. It’s a work in progress for sure.

        As far as shooting my dogs goes, there’s always a chance of someone doing such things BUT our location is better than most. It’s a lonnnng way from the street to my barn and the rest of our land is surrounded by water…just caught a gator in one of our ponds Thursday. You can’t see my livestock unless you’re trespassing, so we’ll deal with that if the situation presents itself!!!

      • AA,

        Dog can be eaten too. I had dog stew in Vietnam and it wasn’t bad. I didn’t know it was dog until after supper. I never, ever, saw a cat when I was in Vietnam. Our hooch girls said cats had no useful function other than as food. Dogs could do everything a cat could do and made a much better watch animal. Vietnamese dogs were all brown and cousins. Dogs became dinner when they got old. Water buffalo too. Water boo was rather tough to chew, however. After a lifetime of plowing rice paddies, I’m not surprised at that.

        • I’m thinking planting peas as a garden cover crop late in the season. A chicken tunnel and making the garden a temp cage could b e an answer.et chicken out there in day and coop at night. The beds would get enriched by droppings and any plants left as mulch. That could provide feed in the early part of the winter. Hot mm Andre would naturally compost or water into the ground over winter.

  3. 1. How are you preparing for a time when going to a grocery store is not possible – for either a short time or an extended period of time?
    Ans: canning more. Preparing beds and seedlings for a far bigger garden and adding 50 strawberries, 10 blackberries, 10 ft row of raspberries and starting some other fruits from seeds. They will take more time but thats OK. I also have live plants,,, 3 elderberries, 2 new apple trees, 1 Quince, a pea sbrub that had edible pods when immature but seeds are for chicken feed, 3 hazelnuts, and I bought 4 young dwarf black mulberry trees but it looks like just 2 are surviving. Thats plenty. But it may be a few years till they are old enough to bear fruit. i also have seed for an array of edibles that grow wild. I’ll be planting them soon and getting started they will be watered. I’m hoping they will naturalize and keep going. That will give us another less obvious source of food. If I have to I’ll continue to water them.. were in the 10 th year of drought here. My area is severe drought but I’m surrounded by areas of extreme drought. Water table has dropped 12 ft. I’m blessed I hit an underground river with both wells. I still have 38 ft of water in the wells. Many nearby have drilled 300 ft or more to get nothing. I’ve picked the drilling spot for a well where I first lived here then 2 on my property. We hit that river all three times.

    2. Do you keep livestock as part of your food assurance preps – why or why not?
    Ans: I have a few chickens but want more, have ducks and rabbits as well. I’m not up to carrying for my husband with alzheimers and adding goats. I wanted milk and meat goats.

    3. Have pandemic restrictions loosened where you live, and are people still following the mandates?
    Ans: masks yes. Businesses are finally opening up again but only 25% or some 50% of capacity. Case numbers continue to drop. % wise my state is mostly getting vaccinated. Yes folks are following the mandates.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    Ans: working on quadrupling the size of my garden. I have 17 flats of seedlings started and I want to add about 5 more. Then the rest of the seed will be direct sown.
    A 3’x4′ container I planted with old seed that I found that had gotten wet and dried to the paper packages… is coming up thick with 1 inch tall red leaf lettuce, radishes, carrots, chives, green onions, et. And some sort of cucurbert. Not sure what it is. Cucumber, Mellon, mystery plant. It’s just breaking ground. I may add some peas along the two long edges. The container sits on a small table on my front porch. Peas could just hang over the sides. I might tuck in some marigold seed as well. I have lots of flowers to tuck into the garden. I love having them everywhere and they help draw the bees.
    I’m considering trying bees here. No one keeps bees in this area. So we must have wild bees somewhere close. We certainly get bees when the trees and garden are in bloom.

  4. This Week’s Questions

    1. How are you preparing for a time when going to a grocery store is not possible – for either a short time or an extended period of time? Piling and planting. Doing what we can.

    2. Do you keep livestock as part of your food assurance preps – why or why not? No room.

    3. Have pandemic restrictions loosened where you live, and are people still following the mandates? Down to only needing a mask at the Doctor and grocery.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well…

    24 Apr – 30 Apr: Got inside the house on 2-acres. Currently a rental; they want too much money for what there is; it needs too much repair. I did like the area.

    Good week to find ammo I use. Not so good on prices; 5.56 was double what I paid 6 months ago; hunting ammo is up 50%.

    Got in my laser/weapons light from Olight; one in black, one in coyote. Finally, a combination where the laser is inside the light reflector! My Glocks will be happy!

    Regular gas went up another $.10/gal Friday. Getting close to $3/gal. Not unexpected with what’s going on.

    Supply Run: Reloading powder; ammo; AR magazine unloader; canned meat;

    Delivered: Olight: i1R2 EOS & i5T EOS flashlights; Olight Baldr RL weapons light/laser; Rossi R92 parts; 10mm brass; ammo; Book: Apocrypha, KJV; first aid kit (in a pouch); HKS mag loader (941);

    • JP, I checked cheaper than dirt for ammo. No 300 WM and 5 rounds of 12ga 00 buck for $25 “bucks” !!!

      Hey is Z36 OK?

      • Thor1:

        As far as I know, Zulu is okay, he may just be busy this morning. If we don’t hear from him, I’ll send him something personal.

        I was selling 00 for $30/box (25) and had a guy buy me out at the last show. I go looking 3-4 times a week; I found one box of Winchester 5.56/62 gr locally for $104 (last time I bought them they were $54). 9mm is very rare, I did get some with a gun purchase for $14/50 and later some steel for $18/50. I’ve found 40 S&W and 45 ACP for sale once since January, 300 WM occasionally (I don’t shoot one, but I have friends that do) . I shoot 44 Special 200gr Cowboy loads and have added some twice. Remington .308/243/30-30 just showed up ($30/24/24), along with Winchester .30-06 for $20. Still 2 box limits and most dealers are only getting 20 box cases in, one at a time. Primers are worse than 9mm; I sold the last of the ones I am willing to part with for $125/1000 (turns out I had the lowest price at the show) and they lasted less than an hour on the table before they were all gone. Our Wal-Mart only carries a little shotgun ammo now, I’m not sure if they are even ordering any – the long gun rack is full though.

        I’m seeing an uptick of availability, but the prices are going up to match, in most places. I have 2 retailers that are not doing that, and they sell out quick.

          • Good to know. Serously, after TOP’s passing, i get a little paranoid if we dont hear from some of us each week or two. And a couple hours ago, just found out my neighbor died in his sleep a month ago, and no one told us! We were wondering why he wasnt coming over giving snacks to the horses!

      • Thor1:

        A hint about Cheaper Than Dirt – they are one of the worst price gougers on the internet. They have some algorithm for setting their prices, which is why they have had $20 magazines priced at $100! Most of the folks I deal with won’t buy from them anymore, good times or bad.

  5. How are you preparing for a time when going to a grocery store is not possible – for either a short time or an extended period of time? Short time, all the staples I can cram into our storage space. If I want more i will have to air condition my extra rooms. Long term, no comment.

    Do you keep livestock as part of your food assurance preps – why or why not? No, too much work.

    Have pandemic restrictions loosened where you live, and are people still following the mandates? Florida, so yes. Most businesses still request that all patrons, even if vaccinated wear mask and most people do.

    What did you do to prep this week? Finally got the father in law fully set up. He needed an electric wheel chair to get around when he wanted to go out. He got a Hoveround FWD and a lift for his car. The chair came in a few days (the factory is in Florida) but the lift was delayed. He needed a swing-away arm to allow the hatchback on his car to open but that was a subcontractor part that was delayed in shipping. Finally got that and I did the install. Puzzling things out and lifting heavy parts is getting more difficult for me but I got it done. This morning he loaded the chair up and is out enjoying his new freedom.

    The bathroom remodel took longer then expected but for the price we did not complain. $2800 labor and fixtures included to widen the door, install 48 in shower, chair height toilet, new vanity top and faucets, paint the ceiling.

  6. Pandemic restrictions have been lifted for Georgia but some of the cities have extended theirs to the end of May.

    • GA Red:

      The Daily Mail said TSA is requiring mask on buses and plane through Sept 13th. Even those who are vaccinated. Guess the vaccine works great for prevention.

      • JP – we’ve gotten to where we won’t go places that require a mask. They don’t get my money anymore. There is one BBQ place we might consider but we are taking a break from it for now.

        • GA Red:

          All of our restaurants and bars are fully open and maskless. It just seems to be the grocery and Wal-Mart that still do for some reason. The masks are still “required” in the grocery stores in the adjacent cities, so I have one in my vest pocket as they are still a necessity for us.

    • And Epoch News is reporting 9,245 have contracted C-19 after getting the shots, with 132 having died. And they wonder why I’m not a fan.

      • Watched an interview with a guy this morning that had the virus in March 2020. He said he won’t be getting the shot either and his blood work shows he still has antibodies. Since I’ve had the virus, I’m not getting the shot. It’s nothing more than a glorified flu shot anyway.

          • AA, I’m concerned about that too. The gov’t (whoever is pulling the strings) doing everything it can to force on children and anyone in child bearing years even if they’ve already had Covid. I ain’t liking this. Odd (yeah, right) that issues with women didn’t get reported in the trials.

      • Th clincher is pregnant women who are associates-breathe same office air..may spontaneously abort during any part of pregnancy, some have had birth defects. ( from pfizer documents)shot interferes with placenta formation and babies die in utero.80%.. Another study,CDC 3900 pregnant ladies- 800 delivered healthy children They consider that an acceptable risk ad encourage inj……80+ year olds have begun having heavy clots/menses.

          • I know… every age woman who has the fixture..in place.
            . Men are also having huge swellings below the beltline.There has been Leukemia and brain cancer.Many blood clots .. this on button -increases inflammation in entire body- some young never before sick are falling over dead with heart attacks . and stroke.

        • When i see articles encouraging pregnant women to get the jab, i internally scream!! What kind of demented medical protocol would use pregnant women as guinea pigs! Watch over the next two years. I believe we will start seeing people who have had the jab, fall over from heart attacks, strokes,and other clot related disorders. But, like someone said, you cant undo it. My respectful apologies to those here who felt it was necessary to take it. Prayers for perfect health for those folks.

          • Our youngest took the vaccine. Our other two had the virus. I’m actually more worried about the youngest one but can only pray that she remains healthy. Fortunately, she has not plans to have children over the next few years.

            We have one pregnant neighbor who works in the medical field and got the vaccine about half way through her pregnancy. I pray mom and baby are OK, but only time will tell and there just hasn’t been enough time to study the long-term effects of the vaccine or the virus.

      • #1 daughter took the two-shot series from the Air Force. She wasn’t required to take them, but decided she would.

        She was sick for several days after the first shot. Arm ache, fever, cough. She was laid up for a couple of days and missed work. After the second shot, she just had arm soreness for a couple of days and no other issues. So far, so good.

        As I mentioned, my VA doctor tried hard to talk me into getting the shot. I told him the various brands had a poor track record based on my observations and research. I was not confident in them until the drug companies worked out the bugs (pun intended).

        • Zulu 3-6:

          I do find it interesting that members of the military are allowed a choice of not getting the C-19 “vaccine”. I, too, remember that during my tour (1975-1995) shots were NOT an option, their “need” was determined by the command. I’m not up on the current policies and wonder if this is an option for all shots, or just this one. If it is just this one, makes me wonder why.

          • JP,

            Coincidently, I was talking with #1 daughter when your post and question came in. She says only the Covid 19 vaccine is optional. Everything else is still mandatory. She says the C-19 shot is optional because it isn’t fully FDA approved. If it ever becomes approved, then it will be mandatory.

          • I may need to ask my SIL about the choice issue but I do understand that while they are given a choice, their activities are limited if they don’t have the vaccine, thereby bribing them into getting the vaccine.

            My other issue is why are they so bent on vaccinating people who have already had the virus. There is NO PROOF that you aren’t protected against it once you’ve had it. The interview with the guy who has it in March 2020 and was hospitalized mentioned that he still shows antibodies more than a year later. Not sure if it was that interview or another one but people who had SARS are still showing antibodies and I think it’s now been 19 or so years since that outbreak.

      • JP,

        More than a billion doses of the COVID vaccine have been administered worldwide. [1] 132 deaths out of 1.13 billion doses is as good as one could hope for.

        Note that no vaccine is 100 percent effective; no medical intervention is 100 percent effective. The main purpose of the COVID vaccine is to prevent serious illness, hospitalizations and death.

        I wrote an editorial two months ago calculating that the U.S. would very likely reach herd immunity in early May. [2] If India had the same rate of vaccinations that the U.S., Israel or the U.K. has, the infection rate and death rate would be vastly lower.

        My dh watched a video of a middle-aged son driving around his father in India looking for oxygen. The man drove from hospital to hospital, looked on the black market but couldn’t find any oxygen. His father suffocated in the back seat of his car while his son was driving around desperately looking for oxygen. I didn’t have the heart to watch the video myself.

        The sad thing is that India is the largest manufacturer of vaccines in the world. The world’s largest vaccine factory, located in India, is capable of producing nearly 100 million doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine each month. [3] I am stunned that the government in India continues to export the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine while its own people are dying. [4]

        (I have added references in case anyone is interested in researching this further.)

        [1] https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/world/covid-vaccinations-tracker.html

        [2] https://www.gainesville.com/story/opinion/2021/02/15/shelby-havens-and-gayle-horton-race-against-time/4404399001/

        [3] https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2021/03/18/978065736/indias-role-in-covid-19-vaccine-production-is-getting-even-bigger

        [4] https://scroll.in/article/993293/modi-government-exported-vaccines-to-boost-its-global-image-amidst-covid-19-but-at-what-cost

        • I understand that nothing is 100%. My issue, if it is such, is the hypocrisy of the reporting. If there is a genuine concern about safety, there are issues with a much higher death rate than C-19. India has a lot of issues, including a caste system, water (both quantity and quality), living conditions, a lot of people living in a small space, and availability of medical care. I would not choose to live there, but many do not have the choice.

          I choose not to get the vaccine. Since a vaccine is designed to protect the individual that gets it, if you feel the need, get it (assuming you are given an option). However, In My Opinion, my getting a vaccine does not protect someone else, and if the vaccine is the answer, the vaccinated individual should be covered. Why impose it on someone who does not want it? I may get it (C-19), I may die (or suffer long-term effects) from it, but that is my choice, not someone else’s (note: my Primary Care Physician and I have different opinions on this too, not just on C-19 vaccines either).

          I do not want anyone to think I am trying to put anyone down who has gotten or who plans to get the C-19 vaccine. My issue is that others feel the need to impose their will on me, for nothing other than to make themselves feel better about a situation they cannot control (contracting C-19). Personally, have have gotten more shots over they years than most civilians will ever get, due to my military service. To date I have only had bad reactions to the flu shots. On this issue, I do not feel threatened by C-19, nor do I feel getting vaccinated will help others, so I assume my place in the Control Group of non-vaccinated individuals.

          Thank you for the information and your concern.

    • Now that I’m not typing from my phone, I can respond more easily. 1) How are you preparing for a time when going to a grocery store is not possible – for either a short time or an extended period of time? We garden and preserve. We also keep supplies on hand as much as possible – we have learned to rotate certain things more quickly and expect to live without them if necessary but still enjoy them now. Cheese is something I’d like to learn to make but would need the proper raw materials and it’s not realistic to keep livestock where we are located.
      2) Do you keep livestock as part of your food assurance preps – why or why not? Only if you consider cats livestock – the outdoor ferals do reduce the number of chipmunks and other critters that eat from our garden. We just don’t have the room on our approximate 2/3 acre.
      3) Have pandemic restrictions loosened where you live, and are people still following the mandates? As mentioned, the governor has lifted all restrictions and is leaving decisions related to mask wearing and distancing up to businesses and individuals. On the other hand, the City of Atlanta (and probably others) have extended restrictions through the end of May. As restrictions have been lifted gradually over the last few weeks, Georgia’s numbers are going down. (Reminds me of Texas – no restrictions and the numbers are going down.) As far as people following mandates, that depends on where they live – we see a lot more wearing masks in the cities and urban areas. As an observation, it seems that those in their 20s have no problem wearing masks, while those in their 40s and 50s are more likely to call BS and ditch the mask.
      4) What did you do to prep this week? Started planting my garden. Bought a pig for the freezer.

      • Chickens or rabbits don’t take a lot of space and are pretty easy to care for. Rabbits are quietest if that’s an issue.
        I have fruit trees, work sheds, a big intensively planted style garden, an arbor with grapes and more to plant where some old ones have died out. I have a new 10×20 pen for the chickens and ducks and a 6’x10′ dog run that will soon be home to the rabbits. (They are inside a shed currently.) I have elderberries, blackberries, raspberries and hazelnuts beside the main garden. I have an old apple tree, 2 new ones to plant and wild plums, ancient aprocot tree, and a Quince to plant soon, all near the grapes. Wild yellow roses and gooseberries are also near the grapes. There are wild, tiny black sour cherry trees by a shed.
        I have 3 acres but I actually live on less than 3/4 of an acre. You can put a lot on 3/4 of an acre.

        • We do have lots of fruit trees, but I also can’t convince the DH to get chickens. Besides the abundant racoons, we have a coyote that is coming around way more often than I like. It was here this morning at 5:32am. He was here March 9th too. I’m pretty sure he was around about two weeks ago, as well.

          • We have ringrailed cars.. related to racoons actually, coyotes, skunks, other peoples dogs, and more rarely a bobcat or hungry bear will come down off of the mountain. Then prairie rattlers will come in after eggs. A pen for chickens here isn’t made of chicken wire!
            The new pen I’m putting together is a metal framed parking structure with a silver tarp covered pitched roof. Outside on the ground around the edges is chicken wire to discourage digging. The first row around the outside is 2″x4″ welded wire field fencing 4′ high. Inside is a row of 18″ high 1″x1″ hardware cloth that is actually cage wire. I’m in need of help putting up the next row that is another row of the 2″x4″ field fencing. That covers 3 sides. The 4th is an end filled in with pallets with a wooden screen door I made. I’m repressing that door. Covering it with hardwarecloth and pallet boards every 6″ up the door. It will have a hook and eye closure down low and a hasp at a standard door height. I’ll hang a padlock in the hasp but probably not lock it. If a rare racoon comes down i may wish I’d locked it. The peak ends will be enclosed with chicken wire. I’ll keep the tarp roof for now. It can be replaced for around $40 on ebay. It’s a 12’x20″ tarp. The 4’x 8′ coop will be inside the pen and 3’x3′ by 6′ long shipping crate will be the ducks shelter. I will divide up the space inside with chicken wire. The chickens will have access to a run going under a room I’m building to house batteries and controls for my new solar panels. That run will lead to my front deck. They will have the 8×8 space under the deck. I’m skirting that area with the Hardware cloth left from the pen and covering that with white plastic lattice. The ducks will have a larger share of the pen and a little pool. Foe cleaning the pool there will be a drain out to a damed in area in the garden beside the pen. You don’t waste water in the desert. I’ll plant on the berm around that water. No swimming part of the year and no garden at the same time. I have seed for wild cattails that could be planted there or a water planted rice. Both are edibles. I have two smalI formed black ponds that will catch runoff from part of the home roof. I’ll plant those with aquatic edibles also. A Bush in the pea family will be planted by a corner of the pen. Pods are edible when young and seeds are chicken food. I’ll be planting Fall cover crops on some areas of the garden. Peas and red clover. If the peas actually make seed pods I’ll be canning peas. Then I’ll temporarily fence the area and let the chickens feast there when I can be outside with them. The droppings can age there over the winter. The clover I’ll harvest and dry for tea and feed some to the critters. When it freezes I’ll hoe the area to cut off the clover at ground level and leave the plants there. The peas I’ll just cut off at ground level and leave in place as well. I’ve expanded the garden area so I’m planting garden but also working to build up the soil.
            My husband is calling the new pen the Chicken Fort. If by chance a snake is in there getting eggs he won’t get out alive. No hoIes big enough for an egg to go through.
            When we first moved to the land in 1981 there were lots of rattlesnakes. I have just seen one since I moved back 4 yearsago.

  7. Hey folks. Good to see everyone checking in today. Glad to have Tara back with us today. I know Old School Survival Camp is just around the corner, and I can only imagine the hours she has put into this event.

    Get ready folks, food prices are about to jump 22%. My week has been filled with cutting grass & weeds, and planting. Everything is looking good, so I am happy. We had another cold snap last week and I of course went camping and just about drowned with 3 days of heavy rain in middle Tenn. of course the day I go home, the sun comes out, and temps warm up. Oh well, Murphy’s law at work I guess.

    Hope each of you have a great week and stay safe!

    • Jean, that’s the kind of luck every time I took my daughter camping. Weatherman did all but guarantee a week of solid sun & clear skies. A thunderstorm would roll in as I pounded in the last tent stake. Every time.

  8. Well late to the party today . Spent the day at a preparedness expo in Murfreesboro Tn. Looked at all the stuff I didn’t need,want or couldn’t afford.😊 . Set through the classes.
    New wood heater is here so I can install it and take the old one to use as a firebox for a smokehouse.
    Have 20 lbs of ground pork that I will turned into cured country sausage tomorrow. Should have been done to day but ….
    As far as the questions
    Food is not an issue although I still increase my supply and selection on a regular basis . One of the feed stores have barley pearls for $18 dollars a 50# bag . Looks like a way to extend soups to me.
    No livestock this year . That may change this fall when other start looking at the cost of wintering over excess livestock.
    Tha tha that’s all folks.

  9. 1. How are you preparing for a time when going to a grocery store is not possible – for either a short time or an extended period of time?
    Stocking up as best I can. Only freezer is what’s with the fridge. Limited garden space.

    2. Do you keep livestock as part of your food assurance preps – why or why not?
    No, no room.

    3. Have pandemic restrictions loosened where you live, and are people still following the mandates?
    What stores & restaurants that are left are open, but masks required. People abiding.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    Bought a dozen 1/2-pint canning jars. Wally’s only had one pack, but did have quarts; no lids or bands.
    Minor grocery store run.
    Limited work in small raised bed, which had crappy germination.
    I’ll have to get tomato & pepper plants at nearby nursery.
    We had a major wind storm that lasted 18 hours. Lost all 3 branches on one elderberry bush. The other bush lost branches last year. Rats!
    No ammo in south Jersey. Mags in extremely short supply also. Can’t get my rotary mags.

    • Oh, and my knees are going again, especially the right one. And I had just been to the rheum guy. To get hyalgan inj, I would have to endure 12 visits PT first, then wait months for doc to get report to request okay from Medicare. Somebody’s freaking idea a couple of years ago. Damn lobbyists. This is a serious issue, especially as corticosteroids are only short-term relief whereas the hyalgan is good for at least a year.

    • Mari:

      What magazines do you need? I can’t really help with ammo, but as long as there are no ownership restrictions for you, I may be able to help you. Go through GA Red to contact me.

  10. Thor’s questions

    1. Do you think the government will try to make vaccinations mandatory?
    They’d like to try. Somebody has the bright idea to force it on the 40% of military who refused.

    2. With the situation in India with the pandemic getting apocalyptic, do you think we are headed for more lockdowns in the future?
    Of course, whether we need them or not.

    3. Have you increased your preps at a higher level?
    Only slightly.

    4. Have you heard of industries being told of shutdowns in June and July?
    Nothing firm, but something is coming. I can feel it.

    • Mari,

      In the past, vaccinations in the military were mandatory. Zero choice unless you were allergic and it was in your med record.

      In the late 1970s, Swine Flu was the disease du jour. I was still in the Marines and everyone was marched (literally) to sickbay and got the vaccine, like it or not. Funny thing. Normal flu shots made me sick, but the Swine Flu shot did nothing. Other guys in the company were sicker than dogs and normally they didn’t react to regular flu shots. Go figure.

      Vaccines were still mandatory in 1992 when I retired from the Air Guard. Things have obviously changed.

      • Zulu,

        I was telling the story of the swine flu shot to some folks in church today. I think it was 1972 or may have been 1973, just can’t remember for sure. We were coming off a mid shift and were all marched to the day room, told to take off our fatigue shirts and roll up both tee shirt sleeves. Guns at the ready you stepped up, got shot in the left arm, step up, shot in the right arm, step up, another shot in the left arm. Not sure which shot was swing flu and what other flu the other 2 were for.

        I didn’t have any reaction, they told us to take a tylenol (which they were handing out) and hit the bunks. I was fine but I did see two of my co-workers hit the floor and get violently sick (we had no women working our in our flights at this time. Next shift I heard a lot of grumbling about sore arms. I told them to grab that dial and start spinning and grinning and find those targets.

        As a GI you never knew when you were going to get shots and there was no passing it up. Step up, get a shot (kind of like Project GoldenFlow, step up Sarge, your next to pee in the bottle).

      • Zulu, oh yeah, I know about the mandatory vaxes. Hubby #1 was a pincushion at NG basic back in the 70’s. So far, the 40% current unvaxed seem to be holding steady but I’m hearing blocked leave, etc. Who knows how that will work out with an emergency use vax.

      • I still remember getting vaccinated for everything under the sun when my father got stationed in Scotland. The doctor was really old and his hands were shaking so badly that my mom, who was in her final year of nursing school, grabbed the needle and gave my brother and I the shots.

  11. How are you preparing for a time when going to a grocery store is not possible – for either a short time or an extended period of time? Growing as much as i can with my practice growing so fast. Its exploded!
    Do you keep livestock as part of your food assurance preps – why or why not? Not right now, we need help finishing our fencing, and finding reasonable help to do the job. The original plan was to do it all ourselves, but hubby doesn’t have the health, and i dont have the time!
    Have pandemic restrictions loosened where you live, and are people still following the mandates? Fortunately Sevier County finally dropped all pretense at mandating anything. For one thing, people just ignored it. For another, this is a tourist area, and if Nashville wants tax dollars(we send more money to Nashville than any other county of the state), they need toget out of our businesses and let us make money! Poor people dont pay taxes!!

  12. We drove down to Cedar Key today for a day trip. This is our first day trip since the pandemic began. Both dh and I are fully immunized. Our Godson is a singer–a black county, gospel and blues singer. I want to say good people come in all races.

    My dh and I had a wonderful time. If I figure our how to share the video I took tonight, I will share it with you.

    Here is one of my son’s early videos.


    When I figure out how to transfer the video from my phone to the computer, I will post Reggie’s most recent work.

    Bam Bam

  13. Thor’s questions

    1. Do you think the government will try to make vaccinations mandatory? Try – yes. Succeed – not so easy. It’s not a true vaccine and if there are going to be constant “boosters” then it’s going to lose traction with the public. Annual flu shots aren’t required, but encouraged. Not sure they’ll succeed with annual Covid shots.

    2. With the situation in India with the pandemic getting apocalyptic, do you think we are headed for more lockdowns in the future? Again, possibly try, but as long as the numbers are defying the “talking heads” and we finally start putting things we are told through the BS filter meters, logic dictates that they won’t succeed. The problem is too many don’t have BS filters or use logic to make decisions.

    3. Have you increased your preps at a higher level? Yes and no – always evaluating things we need to add and things we need to decrease.

    4. Have you heard of industries being told of shutdowns in June and July? Only through you guys. I know there are a LOT of shortages due to freak happenings combined with man made problems. For example, epoxy is hard to come by because the power grid problems in TX during the big snow storm messed up the machinery. Fire damaged one of two chip manufacturing plants in the US and something happened to another one. (The news has only this past week started talking about chip shortages and I’ve known about it for a couple of months.)

  14. Got my twice weekly shopping done.

    Received my last silver and gold orders for the time being. Need to save my pennies and aluminum cans so I can buy more. We’ll see if the precious metals markets start a new silver squeeze this weekend as many pundits have been predicting.

    I hit the big 6-8 today (Sunday). Getting old. Saw my VA doctor in a live visit this week. He really twisted my arm to get a Kung Flu vaccine. I declined. He also wanted me to get an EKG as I haven’t had one in quite a while. I agreed that was due. He said it looked like a teenager’s EKG it was so good. The nurse gave me a copy of the EKG since I know how to read them, and I agree with the doctor’s interpretation (I’m sure he feels happy about that 😊). Well, at least my heart is good. My knees, hips, and back say I am not a teenager anymore.

    #1GD and I were goofing around, and I told her to give me a punch in the gut. Luckily, I tightened up my muscles as she laid a good one on me. The kid is getting good at that karate stuff. It was a hell of a punch for a 4-1/2 year old. Lesson learned. Stop tempting the kid. We have been watching the old Coyote and Road Runner Looney Tunes. The girl absolutely loves them and laughs her tail off. She also likes the ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. She fell off my lap laughing so hard at his one puppet, Peanut. The guy is good.

    Other than food stash additions and some PM acquisitions, my prepping has been minimal. Reading articles and blogs, keeping up with the news. Amazing myself with how stupid some people are (although I’ve been well aware of that for many years, I still get amazed at the trick stupid people keep coming up with). Also, how determined some people are to insist there are all kinds of conspiracies out there despite evidence to the contrary. Sure, I’m certain there are legitimate conspiracies out there, but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar (with thanks to Dr. Freud).

    The one that really lit me off this week was the sinking of that Indonesian submarine. One commenter on a FoxNews article was a retired US Navy submarine officer and he explained the “invisible wave” the Indonesian Navy suspects may have sunk the boat. He explained that it is indeed a wave and is indeed invisible to the eye (although they can be detected by salinity levels, water temperature, and known locations susceptible to them – one of which was where the Indonesian boat went down). Certain satellites are capable of sensing the conditions present and the US scanned the area and provided the results to the Indonesians. Those conditions were present. His comments were well presented and non-technical. Based on my studies of submarine operations, he was spot-on.

    The commenter stated that he had been a fully qualified diving officer of the watch, was trained in looking out for these waves (on instruments and the feel of the boat) and has experienced several. Of course, existence of facts never slows down a conspiracy nut.

    This Week’s Questions

    1. How are you preparing for a time when going to a grocery store is not possible – for either a short time or an extended period of time?

    My food stash is adequate for well over six-months of no shopping, possibly close to a year. I would have no NEED to go to a grocery store.

    2. Do you keep livestock as part of your food assurance preps – why or why not?

    Nope. Lease restrictions. Also keeping goats and chickens in my apartment would be tough on all of us.

    3. Have pandemic restrictions loosened where you live, and are people still following the mandates?

    I’m in Florida and Governor DeSantis is not a fan of lockdowns and masks. He is slowly eliminating lockdowns and mask requirements.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

  15. Been working on our property, now that several properties, are becoming full time residents instead of the summer cottages so more people, we have to listen and deal with some are nice other’s have a stick stuck up their behind not being very nice:( they are moving from the larger cities, but bringing their nasty ways with them 🙁 . But I will paint my picnic table, and two fences today, bought some large cans of spray paint at Home Depot, to redo my metal chair’s too. I’ve started to paint our main home, it’s going slow but that’s okay it will get finished .

    All my plants are doing good the starts are growing by leaps and bounds, I’m starting a ginger root, that is sprouting so read up on how to work with it. Going to get more rain next week so I’ll do some canning too. I did find a nice big aluminum bowl, and a bigger canner, and 11 jars, at the Goodwill so I will clean those up and get everything into my rotation. Have a great weekend..

    Question 1 I’m getting food each week looking for sale, and deals, doing a bit of freezing, but mostly canning, and rotate and buying again, when the stores close hope for the best prepare for our worst.

    Question 2 No livestock, but have friends we will help because they do.
    Question 3 Our state 12 counties, will be rolling back to phase 2 this coming Friday, just in time to mess up Mothers day, for the restaurant industry, our county, so far our covid numbers are within the range to staying in phase 3.

  16. Tara’s Questions

    [1] How are you preparing for a time when going to a grocery store is not possible – for either a short time or an extended period of time?

    We are good for a year on food. I am reluctant to purchase much more–we are at the point where we can’t rotate it quickly enough before it goes bad. I do want to order several more cases of beans and rice. I just need to figure out where I can store them. All of our closets are stacked to the brim with #10 cans full of food.

    [2] Do you keep livestock as part of your food assurance preps – why or why not?

    No, not enough land.

    [3] Have pandemic restrictions loosened where you live, and are people still following the mandates?

    I live in Florida. There are still stores that require masks. I comply–I think individual stores have a right to mandate masks, just like “No shirts. No shoes. No service.” I fully support people’s decision not to shop at such stores.

    My dh and I drove to Cedar Key, a quaint fishing town/art colony on the West coast. Our adopted son is a singer and was performing at an open air venue. No one was wearing a mask, even in the inside bar. Now that dh and I are both fully vaccinated, we only wear masks when asked to do so. The concert was great. Dh and I had dinner on the waterfront–shrimp po’boys. This was our first date since the pandemic started. It was a bit surreal to see hundreds of people without masks.

    [4] What did you do to prep this week?

    I took stock of our medical supplies and ordered a few things. I found a deal on non stick 3×4 gauze pads–100 for $13.99. If you are interested go to Amazon and put in “Dealmed Sterile Non-Adherent 3″ x 4″ Gauze Pads, 100/Box | Non-Adhesive Wound Dressing, Highly Absorbent & Non-Stick, Painless Removal-Switch, Individually Wrapped for Extra Protection”.

  17. Thor’s Questions:

    [1] Do you think the government will try to make vaccinations mandatory? No, not for the general public. Some colleges and universities are making the vaccine mandatory in order to register for in-person classes. I do support making the vaccine mandatory for active duty military who are forced to live in close quarters–e.g., sailors on subs.

    [2] With the situation in India with the pandemic getting apocalyptic, do you think we are headed for more lockdowns in the future?

    No, I wrote an editorial a couple of months ago calculating that the U.S. would reach herd immunity in early May. (I have a reply to J.P. with the link to the editorial. My comment is stuck in moderation at the moment.) The problem in India is the result of bad government. India is the world’s largest producer of vaccines; yet only 1.7 percent of the population in India is fully vaccinated. The Modi government has opted to export almost all of its vaccines in order to “look good” on the world stage. Now they are blaming the rest of the world, especially the U.S., for not acting quickly enough to help out. The largest factory in India is capable of manufacturing nearly a million doses of the Oxford/AstraZinica vaccine per month.

    3. Have you increased your preps at a higher level?

    Yes. We are running out of room to store food.

    4. Have you heard of industries being told of shutdowns in June and July?

    I’ve heard of expected gas shortages because there aren’t enough truck drivers to transport it. As I mentioned earlier, when push comes to shove state governors will call up the National Guard to drive the trucks. If the Biden administration had an ounce of wisdom they would start training more National Guard troops to drive semis. The training takes 10 weeks. Another option would be to give temporary work visas to truck drivers from Mexico.

        • There are plenty of trucks around Atlanta too.

          On a side note, my brother that has his CDL is planning to retire later this year.

          • GA Red,

            My son is learning to drive semis from his employer, but he won’t be a long-haul trucker. He’ll be hauling heavy machinery and oil rig parts mostly between Jacksonville’s port and his employer’s place in Palatka, FL and back again.

            But, with a little extra training, after he gets his CDL, he could haul other stuff.

          • My son in law was a long haul trucker. When they moved to Jacksonville, FL he took a shorter haul route to mostly GA and NC, sometimes Tennesse and home after 3 days on the road then two days in the warehouse and two days off.. He retired last year.

          • Daddio 7,

            Palatka has had some ship and barge building facilities for quite some time. My son’s employer is moving his operations from St. Croix, Virgin Islands, to Palatka. The company is National Industrial Services. They do a lot of construction and repair work on oil rigs. They have been moving gear into Palatka for some time now. My son started as a part-time wage slave, but worked hard and the owner likes him, so he is getting trained for bigger and better and is full-time now. He’s pretty much in-charge of running one of their big equipment storage warehouses, keeping it organized, clean, etc. Plus he’s training on welding, operating large forklifts, and some other industrial level stuff. His boss just had him apply for a passport as he might be doing some travelling in the future (probably to the Bahamas). He doesn’t have his CDL yet, but drives all of the semis and heavy equipment the company has around their yard for practice and to get things organized. He has the permit he needs to gain unescorted access to the port in Jacksonville so he can go there on errands and assist other employees in unloading gear out of shipping containers.

            This job, and having a baby, has really brought a big change in him. He works hard, lots of hours, quit smoking and drinking, and has lost weight. Now I just need to talk him into getting his hair cut. 🙂

          • Zulu

            Well good for him, I know it makes you feel better. My youngest son will be 30 in July, just last year he finally got a steady job. Before that he was a professional student, living with his brother in Orlando and sponging off of me for his car and living expenses. He had just got engaged (her parents had moved to Orlando from Alaska she was and attending UCF) and I think his fiancee did not want to live with a loser.

            Funny about the Palatka connection, for a while her great grandmother was living with her family and my son and his fiancee drove to Palatka to get some things from the great grandmother’s house her.

          • Daddio 7,

            Yeah, I am feeling much better about how my son is directing his life. He’s only 23, but I was starting to get worried. I tend to compare myself at his age and I was a sergeant of MPs in the Marines when I was 23. But as long as he keeps going like he is, no more worries. He’s a good dad and loves his little girl and she loves him.

  18. truck traffic down by 3/4/ on nearby east west us Highway.. short responses post but one i typed in gives error 500. internet issue? storms in area.. am ok..doing all i can . have rabbits, chickens.. because i like eggs and meat.and can not eat many foods normal ppl eat.. litter of kits early this am.

  19. going to try to post in parts..
    Hi Pack..
    Jean,on gro… i heard 30% within 5 weeks., west of you.abt 130 miles., thereabouts…
    . what am i doing… nothing different..all i can.short term staples., canned goods.. buying what able, doing lot of infrastructure. , securing all possible to not require freezer. still fighting the freezer being full. 3 steps forward and 2 back..food in it is a good problem to have. rotation rotation.rotation. water filters cleaned again… adding xtra water storage..
    Garden: season too wonky, cold temps down to frost after usual time we plant.. i did not rush it this year… allergic to crop loss LOL, too cold , ground temps not warm yet.potatoes have been bit back two times all way and once again got light frost.. Have compost ordered .almost every grow area will be raised in some manner.. wicking pots are in progress..exception have a squash that can be used small like summer squash and older like winter squash, keep very well.one that does not hurt stomach.. called tatuma. a runner… will go to the state line and cross next county, if i do not keep it turned..Have a morning sun, afternoon shade place i am gong to put those.
    … 2×4’s in 12 ft not available from major supply found some used and got required. cleaned them up and are ready for the next project. must still find the floor and lathing for roof materials.made deal on fencing and metals for another project.. will pick up middle of month.we cut grass first time this season/week.
    . not had a chance to check for more canning lids.. were not local last week.. not been to commerce centers we usually check- for anything.. Not desperate have a few …and i re use many, have for about 3 years…i also have begun using veg spray on paper towel to wipe all surfaces of lids after the jars are washed, labeled and prepared for storage area.. this retards rust.sealing air from metal.don’t remember where i got the tip, .

    • I have seed for tatuma. Good to know it’s an aggressive runner. I’ll plant with that in mind. I’m planting a lot of things to climb up rather than sprawl. I may see if it will climb a tall pool lader with a bit of training. I’m doing a lot of trellising this year. I have 2 pool laders, an old wooden painters ladder, the metal pipe frame from an above ground pool, and some old beat up fencing and tee posts. Tree branches and growing corn will carry the runner beans.
      Planting time is getting close. I was ready weeksago but the cold ground tells me to wait. I have 17 flats about ready and 5 more to start. I’m starting seedlings for my garden, a neighbors garden plus extras to trade or give away. The Tatuma is new to me. I’ve more than trippled my garden for this year plus adding new fruit trees and berries. Fruit is hard to get fresh. The price of canned fruits doubled so I’ll grow my own. I’m growing more squash, both summer and winter varities.
      I didn’t garden last year. I had seedling up and nearly ready to plant when covid stopped me in my tracks. I spent April and May running fevers and mostIy too weak to walk much. I ate little for two weeks then nothing for two weeks. I lost all the seedlings and every house plant when I couldn’t even take care of myself.
      A neighbor took over care of my critters then every three days he took a grocery order by phone, picked up the cash my husband set at the front door. He’d go shopping, then set everything just inside the door and leave. I’d tell my husband where to put each thing. Every day I’d remind my husband to get one of the sub sanwhiches and he’d eat on that all day. I’d ask him to get bottles of cold water for us or put more in the fridge each evening. He isn’t capable of that much this year. He has Alzheimers. I’m still recuperating but definitely 40 lbs lighter and getting stronger.
      The neighbor caught covid in late September and died the first week of October. That’s a neighbor we all miss. His wife had covid and spent three days in the hospital. She’s raising three grandchildren children alone now. The oldest is just 5. She shares extras from the food friends are still giving them and I try to give her some gas money each week.
      With everything closed from covid she hasn’t even able to get her social security started by phone. She runs out of minutes on the phone or hits closing time after several hours on hold and they hang up the calls. The two older kids go to preschool. It was online for a while but now back in the classroom. Its 24 miles each way 5 days a week getting them to and from classes.
      She’s weaker since covid but stronger than I am now. When I get propane bottles filled she and I lift them out of the trunk of my car then she carries them to the shed and I put them away. When I see she’s too exhausted I go get dinner for us all from McDs. Not ideal but baskets of fries for $3 are filling so 4 of those, 3 green chili cheese burgers and 20 chicken nuggets. Feeds 3 little kids and 3 adults. We drink water usually. Our evening snack is a shared can of fruit. I still just cook simple fast meals for us. I get too tired working very long or standing very long. In light of that, the critters are getting moved closer, the garden is getting soaker hoses everywhere. They will all be on regular hoses in y sets with many turn off and on points. No pulling hoses or standing to water. Planting fairly close and interplanting to save water and work. I’m also planting, mostly from seed, a lot of wild edibles and medicinals that I’ll water whiIe they are getting established. Then I hope they will naturalize and take only minimal care.
      I’m hoping by canning time I’ll be even stronger. If necessary I can do a lot of the prep work sitting down. But I am gardening and canning this year. I may hire a neighbor to help plant trees.

      • Clergylady…I tried to trellis tatuma… up,, ..it needs the ground…. it puts roots out at each joint so the tatuma is drought and bug resistant.. because it has many roots.. plant flowers and herbs around to help disguise it…from bugs.. they hit the other squash and had them destroyed before the tatuma was affected.
        ..the georgia baker should be planted if you want/need a climber. it only knows up.. requires a longer growing season.. a winter squash.
        i did not get anything in ground except sweet potatoes , potatoes, and onion last year. had tear of a ligament.. recovering finally.i dehydrated some stuff from frozen…

        • Thank you for the growing tip. Its just barely planting time here. So things start going in the ground in the next 10 days. I love gardening. I have 17 flats of seedings and lots to direct sow. Torn ligaments are slowing me down but I work then rest two days then work again. I’ve finished clearing two years of weeds. Ready to prepare the new bed.
          I’ll plant that one squash off to a side where there will be lots of room to sprawl.

  20. cont. Got a cousin into a young laying flock…and hatched off a brooder full of chicks.. for them… They are Americana/Columbian blends and Americana/RIR blend..
    yes i have chickens because i have a prescribed diet of 100 grams protein and no more than 50 grams Carbs.w/ low tolerance for legumes.+ no nuts, soy, milk, cheese,or brassica’s.no artificial sweetners or MSG by any name.
    I have them because i like to eat;dislike being hungry. I had a time when i did not know where my next meal was coming from. I do NOT intend to go back there. This is one way to mitigate that. NO BUTT WIPE will change my diet.
    Animals,Yes they are work, No they are not free.Eggs are not cheap but are nutritious.I eat 4-5 a day depending on size. I chose rabbits and chickens because i can forage food for them thru most of the year. they would produce something. i would find it necessary to reduce numbers…in time…secure what needs i can for me and them..health needs, calcium, medical supplies. wormers. feeders/waters, hay untrated for selected hay crop.

    • Even when I pop out of this blog for a long bit and then pop back in .. You never cease to amaze me with your strength and resolve and vast knowledge .. Again my hats off to you 😉

  21. cont… state is trying to relax rules but corporate mandates are still in place. go to wally world no mask.. has a poster. if medically- unable- exempt. Any place who still insists I mask – we spend no money there. and that will be extended beyond reopening. .Eaterys are the worst. We have now excluded mcd,wendy, burger king, hardees, taco bell , KFC ,coke and pepsi from having to handle our money. Waffle house is open..experienced this also in North Ms., went for load of materials could not find a place to eat.drive thru -only and long lines on order and receiving.
    chickens hatched in nov. and dec. gave me young hens to replace sluggish layers.. will give them time to recover…
    2 roos that are pure Americana, and 5 RIR roo/blends for harvest.( they have been a little too rough on hens.Only RIR left is one young hen and her Mom..)
    Rabbits growing like little weeds.yep cute factor in full force…have 3 doe ready to kindle soon. will be last kits til fall. due to extreme heat..
    comments on Thor q’s// mandates- they can shove them where sun does not shine. injectons they can have mine. is a death shot. to person recievng and any unborn children which has close contact with jabbed person.
    .CDC study of 3900 pregnant women..took jab… . 800 had full term babies, some were abnormal. they encourage women to get material which causes 3/4’s to abort.
    media coverage of india is from old chemical leak 2 or more years ago..

  22. Guys and Gals, I haven’t posted here for a while, and came to download the ground beef recipes.
    I did a control F search on this page and don’t see any reference to ivermectin.
    Is everybody here up to speed on the fact that it saves lives?
    Does Jessie from az still post here

  23. ALERT


    There is a report out from 2012 on the research that was done in a bioweapons Dept. at the University of Texas. The mice that we’re tested died 100%. Some within a day some 5 weeks later. This has been verified. This is ALL of the vaccines dealing with Covid. It has to do with proteins and autoimmune problems. Causes strokes, heart attacks and hemorrhaging. Bleeding out. No joke !!! It can’t be reversed.

    • Thor 1
      Could you provide the article or where this information came from so we can read it. Would like to pass it along to family who need to understand this not a shot worth taking. mho

      • AC,

        I would if I could, the site will not load anymore.

        In 2012, SARS and MERS were introduced and TU worked on finding a cure then, this is the same “vaccinations” that were tested then. This is how they got them so quickly only problem was they were deemed too dangerous and testing was discontinued because the mice died. This is why the FDA has not given it’s approval for these drugs.

        They new it was DEADLY !!!

        I went to the Publix today and it was packed for a Friday. I saw an acquaintance who was the butcher there. He told me he just got his 2nd shot. I told him I was sorry for him. He said Publix gave him $300 to get the shots. I said wow your life is worth only $300. Told him what I knew. He went back and said about SARS, which I told him the vax was based on. I heard him tell a coworker and they laughed, it’s not SARS he said. But it’s related because they’re both COVIDS….

        NOTE this is why they are volunteered shots in the military. Because the FDA has not approved it for humans. No entity can force anyone to take these shots because YOU are the mice and we know how that turned out. If your employer fires you because you won’t take the jab, you have a law suit.

    • Thor April 30th study by salk.instute. re “spike protein.plays additional key”…. search with duck duck.If it does not come up i have a copy saved in my drafts..

  24. Next on the list

    I figured out how the government will confiscate everyone’s property. If the food prices are exploding upwards up to 10X of what it was, rent/morgage going up as well. If you have paid off your morgage, they will raise your yearly taxes 10X. So if you are paying say $5,000 a year think $50,000 a year… Hmm

    People will eat bugs due to the rising cost of food and farms and animal raising for meat ECT. is made illegal. Note Oregon.

    People to be forced to switch to electric vehicles due to lack of gasoline/ diesel.

    Thoughts ???

    • Thor 1,

      I don’t think that kind of silly tx game on the part of the government would go over well. I foresee great violence.

      If people are going to have to eat bugs, this is the year to get out there and collect cicadas. I don’t know if they can be preserved very long, but they are eaten in some places (not my place).

      I really don’t think electric vehicles will become that pervasive. People will start to wake up to the fact that gasoline and diesel is still in heavy use to run generators. The goofy Green Clowns will not like nuclear energy.

      • The lefties are already coming out of the woodwork against nuclear. If Trump were in, we’d probably be talking about the Navy’s mini fusion reactors.

    • Thor1:

      You only need to look at Scripture to see what people will do to eat. Genesis 47: 13-26.

      Short Version: There was a predicted famine in Egypt and the surrounding territory. Egypt stored up grain (food) during the “fat” times and sold it during the lean times. The Egyptians first used up their money (wealth: cash, stocks, bitcoins, PM’s), then traded their livestock (businesses, cars, “toys”, tools), then their property, then sold themselves into slavery FOR FOOD!

      We are headed to the same end. We look to the government to provide for us and they do (to a limited extent) but they take everything including our freedom and means to earn a living on our own. They make it so we can’t do, and are totally dependent upon them.

      If this scares people – good, do something/everything you can to make yourselves independent of the system. If it doesn’t – this is your future if you do nothing to stop it.

        • Thor1:

          Me too. You might be surprised at how many “church people” reject the lesson in Genesis. 89 versus talk about “famine”. It’s a pretty prominent situation. I have a friend who said if God says it, you should pay attention. If he says it twice, you should really pay attention. 89 references has my attention. And it is something that we can do something about, especially short term.

    • Our lovely governor in New Mexico was the first to sign onto the proposed plan to get rid of gas vehicles, natural gas and propane heating and cooking, and wood burning for heat. That gets the most of us in this state. 2nd poorest state in the union and supposed to be all electric homes and vehicles by 2030.

        • Yeah. Electric did Texas real well.
          I have solar I’m working on, not one neighbor does. But not enough power for heating.
          State has ditched several coal fired power plants. They bought a mine, built a RR spur, and built a newer power plant. Now abandoning them for acres and acres of solar panels. I guess the investments don’t matter. New field of solar panels going in within a mile from here.

    • Thor 1
      Happening now to friends who own land in another state that went up. Then they received the tax bill for their small parcel less than 50 acres. So, yes the gov man is coming for anything he can take from you, and you should be very happy and grateful–snarkey.

  25. I found what I believe Thor 1 was warning us about, a lady posted it on another site about the Covid-19 shot.
    Look up the “Salk Institute”, you are searching for the article written for April 30, 2021.


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