What I Did To Prep These Past Two Weeks: June 13th – June 26th, 2021

Hey, pack! Hope you had a safe and productive few weeks. 

Time to talk about killing time. Or rather occupying your mind during the long boring hours. 

The past six weeks have had a lot of body-busy time that has also been downtime for the noggin. That being said, I have a hard time with too much time in my own mind. 

A good part of my 9-5 is pretty heavy thinking. In the off-hours, I do a bunch of writing (which I hope you appreciate my articles). This can also require a bit of thought. 

The next largest portion of my day is driving. I spent about 3 hours a day commuting. On the weekends, especially at our off-grid place, I log a lot of hours mowing. On top of this daily cadence my work travel has found me in a car or flying… A lot.. 20 hours this week. Over 30 hours two weeks ago.

While these require concentration, we’re not talking Mensa-level thought. 

This brings me around to survival situations. I know all the prepper books out there paint a fast-paced picture; I feel reality will be very different. 

Survival is a lot of mundane, boring stuff. Cutting wood, hunting, etc. all require a lot of time. The question is. How do you pass that time? 

As I said, I’m not so good during the quiet hours. I need something to keep the brain occupied. 

Enter podcasts and audiobooks!!

I grew up listening to old-time radio. I’m not that old. I caught the second wave. 

There is nothing like getting an education or disappearing into a fantasy world while your body is on autopilot. Audio books are even better. I once spent almost two years listening to the complete series for Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Steven King’s Dark Tower.

I’ve mentioned in more than a few articles that one of the most important preps in my BOB is an MP3 player and 1500 hours of old radio plays. I’ll have a long walk home if things come to a sudden stop and I plan to be occupied. 

During emergencies, your brain can get going on questions that you just can’t answer. What is the family doing? Have I done enough to prepare them for this? I choose to have one earbud in keeping that part of the brain occupied and my blood pressure down. 

It’s not all entertainment though. There’s a great deal to learn via audio. To fill my driving and mowing time, I listen to a lot of prepper podcasts. PrepperNet, Prepper Broadcasting Network (Hi James), Forward Observer, Survival Preppers, Prepping 2.0, Prepper Recon. And the list goes on. 

I’ve been listening for years. Ever since Jack Spirko was recorded from his Jetta. There’s been a lot of knowledge that’s passed between my ears over that time. Prepping podcasts are a great way to absorb mountains of information. Food storage? There’s a podcast for that. EMP survival? There’s a podcast for that.

So, think about how you will keep yourself entertained and occupied during the down hours of a crisis. For me it’s an audio activity and I have prepared accordingly!

Questions for you this week.

  1. How do you do with being alone, inside your own head?
  2. Do you find you need to seek out this time or does it find you?
  3. What do you do to occupy your brain?
  4. What, if any, podcasts or audiobooks do you listen to?

M. I. Grey

Thanks for joining me on this prepper’s journey. I hope to see you in the comments section!

62 thoughts on “What I Did To Prep These Past Two Weeks: June 13th – June 26th, 2021”

  1. (1) How do you do with being alone, inside your own head? I learned a very long time ago that life is lived between your ears. The first time in my life that I lived by myself (33 years old), I went through months of nervous, anxiety-filled loneliness until I adapted to having NO one else in my little world. Now, in my 60s, I spent 95% of my time alone—even though I’m married! I prefer being alone, living inside my own head.
    (2) Alone time found ME. That’s when I began developing my little farm. Now I average 4 hours each day working outside with plants and/or animals. Another 2-4 hours a day are spent inside, canning or dehydrating what I’ve grown. I make yogurt and cheese and soap with the milk from my goats—alone. There’s 30-45 minutes a day that I exercise—by myself (unless you count the spectating CAT!)
    (3) What do I do to occupy my brain? LOL! My brain works harder than my body most of the time. I pray. I sing. I meditate. I commune with nature; I listen to music. I read; I follow a few homesteading You Tube channels; I listen to Prophecy Update videos while working in the kitchen. I don’t do Brain Dead.
    (4) I watch Deep South Homestead and Hoss Tools YouTube channels—they help me with stuff specific to growing in the South. I listen to JDFarag.org and Fellowship Bible Church’s weekly Bible Prophecy Updates. It keeps me in touch with what’s going on in our crazy world, but keeps it in a biblical perspective.

    As far as what I’ve done this week: I got to use my double wheel hoe for the first time this week! I planted 175 row feet of red ripper peas in a new patch of ground I had covered for a month with a silage tarp. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I’ve been canning myself crazy; just pulled banana puree from the water bath canner. I made fig preserves, salsa, canned whole figs, dehydrated more herbs, pulled up the last of the tomato plants and replanted pink eye purple hull peas in their place. Harvested a few pineapples and the last few squash for this season. Chèvre Cheese is dripping right now over the sink and will be rolled in herbs in another hour or two. Life is good on the farm!

    • Questions for you this week.
      1. How do you do with being alone, inside your own head?
      Mostly fine – I tend to be there a lot and almost always have. Even though I was one of four children, I often spent a lot of time playing alone after the age of about 8, as my siblings were older. I am also an extreme introvert.

      2. Do you find you need to seek out this time or does it find you?
      Generally speaking, I don’t have to seek it out but occasionally do. I’m not a morning person but the DH tends to be and likes to talk in the morning.

      3. What do you do to occupy your brain?
      I write and do some reading. As I do more writing, I also do more research and often find myself in rabbit holes, especially with genealogical research.

      I also listen to a few podcasts as background noise when I’m alone and/or gardening sometimes. I spend time in the garden when it’s not raining and just let my mind wander. My brain flits from one idea to another and back a lot. Ideas must be written or notated in my phone if I don’t want to forget them as fast as they came to me. I’m very comfortable not talking for hours at a time.

      I learned a long time ago that if I want to stop my brain from going off in dark directions, I can do a form of meditation where I count my breaths or heartbeat – something rhythmic.

      4. What, if any, podcasts or audio books do you listen to?
      The DH and I listen to Red Pilled America, some Newt’s World and most of Dennis Prager’s Fireside Chats when we are riding in the car together. Most of these are 30-45 minutes long but can take us upwards of an hour or more to listen to them. Often, something will be said that sparks and idea with one of us, so the pause button gets hit and we will discuss the thought.

      I also listen to Melissa K Norris on gardening while I’m gardening or in the car by myself. Food 360, Hell and Gone, On Life and Land, and Hit Man are also on my list. I don’t think I have ever listened to an audio book but would be willing to try. I used to do a lot more driving on a daily basis and would call my siblings to keep in touch (and stay awake). Podcasts can help me stay off the phone.

      Thor’s questions
      1. Do you think blackouts are coming?
      It would not surprise me.

      2. Are you prepared for blackouts with generators, fuel and batteries?
      Yes, as much as possible at this time.

      3. Do you think the food and water crisis was man(government) made?
      Food – lots of different factors involved, but human interference is likely. Water – it’s rare (if ever) that I’ve seen the government do anything with a positive outcome. “Navigable waters” issues come to mind where government interference can make things worse. Also, Florida and Georgia have been in legal battles over water for years.

      4. What do you think of Biden’s gun control (We have F15’s and nukes to protect the government) statement? (Look there is a sniper on the roof in DC, better nuke the city to make sure you get him LOL)
      Biden is exhibiting his incompetence on a regular basis – so much so that the US is a laughing-stock to the rest of the world.

      5. Since the government has F15’S and nukes, why would the care if we had AR 15’s?
      Interesting question.

      6. What are your thoughts on Covid vaccines?
      If it’s so great, why are they 1) pushing it so hard and 2) ignoring/down-playing the side effects? Beyond that, if you want to get the vaccine, that’s your business not mine. Just don’t expect me to be a lab rat for a vaccine that’s supposed to be for a virus I’ve already had and don’t tell me I have to be vaccinated to either work for you or benefit from your services.

  2. Got my twice weekly shopping done. Adding some extra canned goods every week now, two or three per trip.

    #1 granddaughter was over all this week. On Monday, she was looking over my collection of battery-powered lanterns. She complained that her lantern at home was very small, and dim and she wanted a brighter one. So, she picked out the Suboos lantern I have as it is bright and very easy for her to operate. I ordered a new one from Amazon for her and had it shipped to her house in her name. Its hard to tell what excites her more. Getting a new lantern or getting “mail” of her very own. She’s smart enough to know she needs a decent lantern in case power goes out, so she is deserving enough to have one. My little prepper. 😊

    #1 daughter had a hysterectomy this week, on Tuesday. Laparoscopic. All went well. It’s too bad she had to get one, but after all of the miscarriages she had, she just doesn’t want to go through the emotional turmoil anymore. She is very happy with the little girl she does have and we’re glad to have her too. The one good thing about this hysterectomy (good according to #1) is she can skip taking the next physical fitness test at her unit as she won’t be able to workout for six-weeks. My Ex is spending the week at #1 daughter’s house to help care for her during the day when #1GD is at my place and hubby is at work. I asked why #1GD wasn’t staying at home if Abuela was around, and #1 said she could only handle one child at a time. 😮 #1GD is a very well-behaved girl, but she is active as all get out and will likely pester her mom to go for walks, etc.

    We’ve had some decent rain here in Central Florida every day this week. Really well needed. The folks up in the Northwest could use some of it. We went from fire warnings to flood warnings within two days. No tropical weather issues to worry about right now.

    Precious metals spot prices have been zig-zagging up and down all week. Nothing drastic. As I write this (Thursday morning), prices are down a little. But not enough to rend my clothes wishing for more money to buy, buy, buy.

    Poor #1GD came over on Thursday. She was not feeling very well but was still fairly cheerful. While watching TV from my couch, she suddenly stood and said “Grandpa, I’m gonna…” and then she projectile vomited all over my carpet, three times, before I could do anything. She felt warm and all four of the battery powered thermometers I had were giving me weird readings, much too low for how she felt. They also gave the same readings for me. While waiting for #1GD’s dad to come and get her, I ordered four old school style glass thermometers and an infrared forehead thermometer that uses AAA batteries instead of some goofy type of hearing aid sized battery. I used all of the thermometers I had in my medical stash, so they were of no use. The old-fashioned kind are better for prepping use I think since batteries are not required. The type I bought today can also be used as rectal thermometers if necessary. Live and learn, I guess. The lesson here is avoiding technology as much as possible, especially where electrical power is necessary. The infrared thermometer is basically for “everyday” use. The best part is the new thermometers didn’t cost me anything out of pocket as the Amazon gift card my son gave me for Father’s Day covered the cost. 😊

    #1GD got better quickly after her little vomiting episode. She was well enough to go to her karate lesson that evening, but got stubborn about doing one simple technique, so she didn’t get promoted. She did all of the hardest stuff just fine but go figure. The sensei was nice enough to let her go home, demonstrate the technique for her parents to video and he would promote her after he reviewed the video, and if her moves were satisfactory. She’s one of his youngest students, so he’s being understanding. #1GD and I have been drilling the technique today (Friday).

    Learned on Thursday that my apartment complex has been sold to a new management company. Other than some minor inconveniences (mostly no online rent paying until August), the only major change has been the manager quitting and moving to Atlanta for a new job. The assistant got promoted and the new assistant is a young lady who seems to be liked by #1GD. Of course, giving GD some candy doesn’t hurt the popularity.

    #1GD had another karate lesson Friday night. She did a very good job on the one technique, using good power. She earned her green belt. 😊

    Questions for you this week.

    1. How do you do with being alone, inside your own head?

    I do just fine, I believe. I don’t pay attention to the voices in there. I dream about being the emperor of the world (oh, wait, that’s Kamala Harris). I’m an introverted person. An odd thing for an ex-cop and military NCO to be, but there it is. I like being alone. I don’t like crowds (part of that is PTSD, I think).

    2. Do you find you need to seek out this time or does it find you?

    It finds me, but I also do not seek alone time. I live by myself, and while I babysit my #1 granddaughter a lot, and she is very entertaining, I still have plenty of alone time. I’m not especially fond of driving, or long-distance travel by any conveyance for that matter.

    3. What do you do to occupy your brain?

    I read, a lot. Always have. I have a significant library of real books, many of them prepper related (especially medical and firearms associated). I also have a crap ton of Kindle books. Well over 2,000. I do have the means to keep the Kindles charged in a grid down situation.

    My interests are history, biographies, science fiction, and prepping related material. More recently I’ve been beating up the Internet on precious metals and the economy.

    In season, I like to watch college football (Univ of Michigan) and pro hockey (Red Wings). Pro football can take a flying leap and baseball lost my interest years ago. Basketball is a guaranteed sleeping pill for me. Also, oddly, I like to watch Japanese sumo wrestling tourneys (a hold over from my military time in Japan). Unfortunately, they aren’t on TV much here in the States. I just realized that I tend to like violent sports. Maybe growing up in Detroit contributes to that? 😊

    I also go to the range periodically and keep my hand in on pistol and rifle shooting. I tinker with my firearms and teach my son some tricks of the armorer’s trade.

    4. What, if any, podcasts or audiobooks do you listen to?

    Oddly, I am not fond of audiobooks. They don’t keep my brain occupied at a fast enough pace. I am a very fast reader and audiobooks can’t keep up. I’m also a strongly visual learner. I’d much rather listen to music (rock oldies, bagpipes, British military bands. I’m a weirdo and a traitor as I think the Royal Marines bands are much better all around than US Marine bands). I don’t hunt down podcasts either, although I do listen to some on medical topics (the Alton’s and a few others). YouTube vids on my interests are better. More things going on at once to keep my brain working fast enough.

    • Zulu 3-6 – I used to be exhausted when I got home from work. After doing a personality assessment for work, it was confirmed that I’m a super introvert but the job I was doing required me to change my natural self which is what was leading to the exhaustion. Too much external stimuli. Working from home has cut down on that a lot.

      • GA Red,

        I never knew I was an introverted personality for many years. I felt I was, but no confirmation. Until I went to a police executive course and we were given the Myers-Briggs instrument. I came out as an ISTJ. Out of the whole class of police lieutenants and sergeants (I was a lieutenant at the time), I was the only introvert in the whole class of 25 people. The instructor said I was a rare bird for police officers as almost everyone he ever assessed was an extrovert.

        • That probably explains why you seem to be so level-headed. I’ve taken the online version of that test a few times and it always comes out slightly different but it is always high on the introversion and intuition. Today, it’s INFJ-A and before it was INFJ-T (Advocates). My assertiveness (the last part) is usually around mid-range and probably why it changes. I have also come out as an INFP-T (Mediator). I “identify” with the advocate more based on this – “Insight of the Day – Advocates are the most likely personality type to proofread their writing 3 times or more.” I proofread the articles I write way more than 3 times.

  3. 1. How do you do with being alone, inside your own head?
    I’m always planning how to accomplish things with the least time on my feet. I may work too hard starting out but from then on it will be easier because I planned it that way. Pain and exhaustion are my constant companions.
    2. Do you find you need to seek out this time or does it find you?
    I live in my head… I learned to I do that long ago. I like my company thank you.
    3. What do you do to occupy your brain?
    I think, plan ahead, and learn by doing or reading.
    4. What, if any, podcasts or audiobooks do you listen to? I don’t. I tried some but I prefere a book in hand. When I used to drive a lot I tried audio books from the library. I prefered talk radio if I needed a background noise.

    When I was 21 I was on the run to stay hidden from my husband and the gang he had joined. I went to the only place I could think of where I wouldn’t be found. I’d run those hills and canyons when I was 11 to 13. It was an unused old ranch. No buildings, just grazing country. A tiny stream flowed through from a higher up spring. I ended up there for 10 months alone foraging for survival. As a kid I’d earned badges from a church group in tracking, camp craft, knots, learned my directions to 16 points. And much more. Mom was a lover of wild foods and medicines. I’d often gone foraging with her for our dinner. I was more afraid of being found than of starving to death. I’d left with one change of clothing in a paper grocery sack and the content of my pockets. It took three nights of walking to reach that place. I had a pocket knife and half a book of matches. I was there from early March to late November. It was a mild climate but there were nights below freezing and summer days above 100°. Survival took up my daytime. After dark I quickly learned to avoid sad, or angry thoughts. To do that I quoted memorized Bible verses, sang softly to myself, planned different shelters for different weather knowing I’d have to move often or use up everything edible in an area. I found a soup can in someones roadside garbage dump. That became my prized possession. I cooked in it. Later I found a 1 lb coffee can and that became my cooking pot. I could drop a few stones into and they stirred the soups for me while I set snares and foraged for more food. Food and saving hot coals to start a new fire were my consuming daytime thought and activity. My first filling meal was a cache of seeds robbed from a pack rats nest. I washed them and ate them handful by handful. I drank pollywoggs from a slow part of the stream. I washed under a low waterfall by sitting in the worn depression below it. Eventually I became ok at trapping birds using a small rock and the wornout elastic pulled from the top band of my underwear. I braided the strands together and laid it out on a tree branch. When you rock fell it entangled the birds feet. Little birds aren’t much for meat but they flavored soups OK. I kept my mind busy on food, and how to do things. I made a willow basket. A willow whistle like Dad had made for me when I was little. I carved a wooden spoon and a sort of spatula to use when i cooked on a flat rock in the fire.

    Thinking and planning ahead have become an ingrained habit. I’m happy with my own company or with other people. I’m not a recluse but I could be and still be content. My mind is always busy. Currently it’s trippling my desert garden and reading about solar instalation so I can build my new replacement solar array. I recently purchased a manual winch to install at my second well that is currently unused. Standing water in the well is just 38 ft down. That means I have 27 ft of water in the well. It’s a constantly flowing underground river. Wonderfully cool mountain water. I’ve learned to weld -arch-enough to get by. My new set up is oxy acetylene. I’ll need to practice with that. I’ve done some cutting so far. I do ok wood working and cabinet building for myown needs. I raise chickens, ducks, and rabbits. At 74 I’ve outlived 2 husbands and I’m caretaker for my third husband. I can and sun dry food to last from harvest to harvest. I enjoy books. I’ve been approached about writing one. I used to write political opinion pieces. I’ve had short stories and articles printed. Inother words, I don’t need to be entertained to keep my mind busy. It stays busy. Ever learning and figuring out ways to accomplish more as the body can do less. When I unwind its with my feet up in a recliner because I can’t stand to take another step. Then I read or watch TV. Usually something out of doors involving horses or learning to do something new for a project I’m planning.

    • Clergylady
      Wow. I have not posted here in a long time, but I am just awe struck at what you went through and how you made it work. I also had an abusive husband, but nothing like what you went through.
      So impressed by your grit.

      • Patti… I had to make it. I had two little boys who were with my parents. I couldn’t go there. It could have cost them all their lives.
        I’m sorry you also suffered from abuse. That shouldn’t happen to anyone..
        Getting through that time made me stronger and more determined. I believe it was an experience that helped me in very positive ways. I’d been terribly allergic to soaps. A drop of dish soap in a sink full of water could make my skin peel, crack and bIeed. I’d never sweated one drop … couldnt. I suffered from low blood sugar. Many health problems that all disappeared or began changing for the better at that time. My health was much better after that. I’d been half starved for the last two years before that. My husband didn’t work and would buy himself food but gave me nothing. I’d get so desperate I’d ask strangers for something to eat. It was terrifying but also embarrassing.
        I gained 10 lbs foraging. After that I’d said said I’d never date or marry again. Lol. A man I’d met once, searched for my parents when he heard my husband had died in an accident with his girlfriend. He met my parents and my boys and was determined to marry me. I’d gone to my parents to let them know I was alive but was going to stay hidden. Husband had been dead 2 days. Perfect timing. I went back for my other change of clothing then stayed with my boys. It wasn’t long till my boys were wanting me to marry this new man that was so good to them. He kept coming around for four months till I agreed to go out with him. We soon married. It took a loving man to change my estimation of men. We had 33 wonderful years and two more children together. He died 19 years ago. I married again 10 yearsago. But that 10 months when I was 21 changed my life. I was healthier. I was more confident. I still love food cooked outside. I still love many wild foods and have added some to my property so I have an invisible garden of “Weeds”. I still regularly eat purslane and our wild amaranth. I’ve developed fibromyalgia which is helped by avoiding processed foods. My love of wild veggies helps.
        Yesterday a friend dropped by to see my desert garden. She was shocked to see pigweed and purslane in the main garden. I save all of the purslane and some of the pig-weed carefully. I make wine from the fruit on a 200+ ft row of cactus I grow to suplimeny the fence along a dirt road to keep trespassers out. I also cook and eat young pads from that row. Amazingly the fruit and pads from the nopal cacti stabilize bloodsugar. Lambquarters and salsify are just two things usually found growing here. I actually bought plantain, Yarrow, and other seed this year to add them to the wild garden.
        When i came back from that ten months I could talk to anyone. Before I was a shy bookworm, only child. I spent most of my adult life as a co-pastor or full lead pastor of mostly Native American congregations. I just stopped full time pastoring 19 months ago so I could become my husband’s full time caregiver.
        I still love camping, only now I take a little tent, sleeping bags, and a 5 qt cast-iron pot. My 3rd husband was a motorhome or trailer camper. He played along to make me happy and slept in a sleeping bag in my little tent and ate meals cooked on a campfire. We ended up going on a lot of camping trips after that.

  4. I hope everyone, is stayng cool, the Pacific Northwest, are going to be in the high 90’s low 100 ‘s the nexr few days, I’ve been keeping my garden watered at night, and my little plants in pots in the shade. My stawberries, are slowing down, now raspberries, are kicking into gear, my Grapes, are just liitle bittys, my Elderberries are still putting out flowers, I was so bummed I lost three branches, off my big one we propped it up and I have it tied in areas to keep it from breaking anymore off.

    I’ve been finding canning lids, so I buy one of each size, to leave for others and I hope they do the same so more people, can get some too. I have my canning cupboard organized, and I have my can good, all dated, and in order, that took about 3 days it’s been helping me with shopping . I”m going to cut back again on canning, I still have quite a bit from 20, and I’m working on several jars from 19, so this year will be 6 jars of everything usually its 12 to 18 but not anymore.

    Just going to try and stay cool, these next few days, have a great weekend and be safe 🙂

  5. Puppy has been sick, diarrhea sneezing. But he’s better now. The Mrs put him on a chicken and rice diet for a week then I gave him cheesy eggs with toast mixed in and Walla regular 💩 again.
    This week he has been doing a lot of running and jumping.

    Cucumbers are growing and are picking them already.
    Tomatoes plants are taller than me and picked my first cherry tomato yesterday.
    Jalapenos are being picked everyday.
    Beans- planted more pole beans, fancy lettuce, spinach, squash and zucchini.

    Bought 2, 2packs of box traps 2 small and 2 medium.
    These could come in handy if/ when SHTF in catching squirrels, rabbits, raccoons ECT. (No noise)

    Received a battery Daddy for Father’s day. It’s pretty cool, it holds 180 batteries and has a battery tester in it. It holds D,C,AA,AAA 9V and even a place for button batteries like 2032’s 357’s. Great for grab and go. Sadly no place for 123’s.

    Bought another pack of 123’s for laser lights.

    Thor’s questions
    1. Do you think blackouts are coming?

    2. Are you prepared for blackouts with generators, fuel and batteries?

    3. Do you think the food and water crisis was man(government) made?

    4. What do you think of Biden’s gun control (We have F15’s and nukes to protect the government) statement? (Look there is a sniper on the roof in DC, better nuke the city to make sure you get him LOL)

    5. Since the government has F15’S and nukes, why would the care if we had AR 15’s ?

    6. What are your thoughts on Covid vaccines?

    • Thor’s questions
      1. Do you think blackouts are coming?
      They are always coming. We just don’t
      know when or for how long at any one.
      2. Are you prepared for blackouts with generators, fuel and batteries?
      3. Do you think the food and water crisis was man(government) made?
      Food yes. Water no. Not unless you believe the government controlls the rain.
      4. What do you think of Biden’s gun control (We have F15’s and nukes to protect the government) statement? (Look there is a sniper on the roof in DC, better nuke the city to make sure you get him LOL)
      All of Bitme’s ideas seem pretty wacky.
      5. Since the government has F15’S and nukes, why would the care if we had AR 15’s ?
      Because they are scared.
      6. What are your thoughts on Covid vaccines? I’m not infavor of being a test subject.

    • Thor’s questions
      1. Do you think blackouts are coming? Yes. And those who are planning now will be way ahead WHEN it comes to a neighborhood near you.

      2. Are you prepared for blackouts with generators, fuel and batteries? Our housing situation is still up in the air about the new house, but we will have all of the above plus solar when we are done.

      3. Do you think the food and water crisis was man(government) made? Only though incompetence. They have no common sense, they only follow what is getting attention currently/no planning ahead. Look at the national strategic reserves that are not being restocked. No one is coming to save you!

      4. What do you think of Biden’s gun control (We have F15’s and nukes to protect the government) statement? “Trump-Derangement-Syndrome” has gotten this nation the leadership we have. We are going to have to focus on the “micro” as take control of as much of our life’s needs as possible; they are not our “friends”.

      5. Since the government has F15’S and nukes, why would the care if we had AR 15’s ? They are focused on the tool, not the person using it. Fatal flaw.

      6. What are your thoughts on Covid vaccines? If these are such a panacea, why do we have to sell the “cure” so hard. And if they are “all that” why are we worried about the people who have not been “vaccinated”, the inoculated are protected – right? If you want it, get it, and be happy; just leave me to my own resources.

    • Thor 1
      1) Blackouts: yes it will be the only way to control the masses for training purposes. Making those who live just outside the city limits to move into that area where by they would be promised power at their demand.(Agenda 2021/2030)
      2) Yes, on all items.
      3) Man (gov) along with mother nature. Noticed that the suns alignment for this time of year is off. Sun is rising higher over a mountain range then years previous, and will check the sun setting this evening for that alignment.
      I would use a compass but dh & I discovered a long time ago that with my abilities on dowsing I can & do kill the magnetic field in those pieces of equipment. Unless I am wearing rubberized gloves.
      4) Lyinn B will do anything to keep his fruit loop gang happy. Even if it is trampling all over the Constitution.
      5) F R E E D O M, we will not be the boot polishers.
      6) To each his own, personally no for this household even when dh was among us.

  6. How do you do with being alone, inside your own head? As a very introverted person by choice I have always been alone. I have a big imagination, think Walter Mitty.

    Do you find you need to seek out this time or does it find you? I lived on a farm with woods and a creek behind my home. I went exploring and fishing by myself. I stayed on the farm and spent thousands of hours driving tractors and backhoes. Plenty of time to think.

    What do you do to occupy your brain? Thank God for the Internet, being disabled I spend most of my waking time online. Thank Jeff Bezos for the Kindle Unlimited plan, I read a book or two every day.

    What, if any, podcasts or audiobooks do you listen to? I only subscribe to one podcast, that by Neal Boortz, a former radio host.

    It has been a rainy week in north Florida so I haven’t attempted anything outside. If it holds off I will attempt to mow my yard. Good thing I have a 23 hp mower, it has turned into a jungle.

  7. Thor’s Questions,

    First, isn’t it a little dangerous to have a big GSD in the house with diarrhea AND sneezing at the same time?

    1. Do you think blackouts are coming?

    Hard to say at this point. They certainly are a possibility, absent natural causes.

    2. Are you prepared for blackouts with generators, fuel and batteries?

    No generators. I do have batteries, solar panels and battery banks, and cooking fuel (propane and wood).

    3. Do you think the food and water crisis was man(government) made?

    Yes, at least partially. The drought in the Northwest particularly is mostly a naturally caused problem, however, it is exacerbated by crappy water management by governments.

    4. What do you think of Biden’s gun control (We have F15’s and nukes to protect the government) statement? (Look there is a sniper on the roof in DC, better nuke the city to make sure you get him LOL)

    I doubt you’ll find an F-15 pilot (or any other pilot) willing to drop a nuke on their own country just to enforce gun control, or even to stop an insurrection. Also, there ARE snipers on rooftops in DC, including the White House (mostly Secret Service people).

    5. Since the government has F15’S and nukes, why would the care if we had AR 15’s ?

    See my answer to #4. Since no one will drop a nuke for the Prez, AR armed insurrectionists are a much bigger clear and present danger to him and other liberals/communists. Also, Biden’s statement is proof positive that HE is a clear and present danger to the People of the United States.

    6. What are your thoughts on Covid vaccines?

    You mean besides the fact that I think they’re poison?

  8. Questions for you this week.

    1. How do you do with being alone, inside your own head? *** As the oldest and only child growing up, I had to learn to entertain myself. And expected to do it quietly.

    2. Do you find you need to seek out this time or does it find you? *** I am not very “socialially dependent”. Both DW and I read a lot, listen to the radio, or watch a movie.

    3. What do you do to occupy your brain? I “build” stuff in my head. Whether walking, driving, or sitting quiet for hours. I also like to “play” “What’s going to happen next?” and try to figure out what I need to do to mitigate the impact of “bad” events that are heading my way.

    4. What, if any, podcasts or audiobooks do you listen to? I really don’t do much of either.

    June 07 – June 12: Took 2 guns to the gunsmith, one for repair, one to mount a scope. Picked up some supplies at Harbor Freight, Goodwill, and Costco.

    Got the inside-the-box side rails for my trailer; 5’ sections/2 per side. I’ll get then installed when the trailer is finished (they are severely short-handed).

    Supply Run: ammo; rice; instant rice, paper products, OTC meds; DVD’s;

    Received: AF Cheese Blend, #10; DVD; Tie down rails for inside trailer;
    June 13 – June 20: Took the DW out to family breakfast last Saturday. Sure missed the family time with the kids. Glad to be back into it and get the DW out of the house, if just for the morning.

    Boxed up some more #10 cans for the move. Glad I’ve got time on my side. Storage is still going to be an issue.

    I’ve got something going on inside my right eye; doctor’s visit will tell. Added eye drops/examined eyes. Return next week to do again. No retina damage detected.

    Friday, our “Costco Light” store (3 Bears Alaska) got in what would now be considered “a boat load” of ammo. Picked up some practice 9mm for $17/50 and some Hydra-Shocks (JHP) for $22/20. Grab-A-Gun(.com) had some SiG 124 gr V-Crowns (JHP) for $38.99/50 (last time it was $49.99). Things might be starting to a return to “normal”.

    Third try was a charm. Saturday, I bought a 7’W x 12’L x 6’H double-axel covered cargo trailer w/rear ramp. We’ll meet at DMV on Monday and finish the paperwork and get plates for it. One more step in the move down!

    Supply Run: plastic .30 cal. cans; bullets to load for .357 Mag, 10mm, and #4 Buck for the 20 gauge; ammo; 12’ covered cargo trailer

    Received: Medical Kit, tumbler (for reloading brass); AF Black Bean Burger Mix; MH FD Meals; Book: Long-term survival guide;

  9. I know everybody here is squared away on AR magazines but as an FYI, Rainer Arms has a sale on groups of Mag-Pul Gen 2 (black) mags for under $9 each (I ordered 10 and it was $93.85 shipped for 10).

  10. Hi all ,,,,,,,,,,lots going on ,,,,,crops are getting Sun and heat burned,,111f to day ,air is bad ,,talk of 117 f tomorrow ,,my contacts tell me most of the wheat crop is in trouble,
    In the 40 years I have been involved with ranching and farming I have never seen things like now ,,,,two years store bought canned goods. Do it now,,,,,
    ,,questions, I’m.use to being alone ,use to sail open ocean solo,one trip was 90days. Lots of 30day trips that changed some with a good wife and partner,,,,
    I like the quite time to think,have had the radio on two times in the last year,haven’t had a TV since I came home from nam ,don’t do social media
    Unless you count blog sites ,have never bought any thing on line ,
    I did participate in upper.management of a large food store chain. I still refuse to pack a cell phone that use to really PO some people off infact if you come to my ranches your smart phone goes in a lock box till you leave , but a dumb phone is ok ,kids have a hard time with that , but at the big lonely ranch theres no cell service ,it’s a 35mile drive to nearest cell ,,
    Blackouts ,,,,,well both ranches are off grid ,, we run off generators,,a power line is out of the question on the valley ranch (big lonely) and the retirement place I never bothered to run power in ,tryed solar for a time. Didn’t feel like it was as good as it’s talked up to be , and took down the panels,on all But the electric fence system it’s remote in places ,kept the battery and inverters and charge with diesel gen set

    Having to work to keep live stock dogs from dieing in the heat ,,
    Time for ice lemonade ,

    • Hi OH,
      I just stumbled onto this site and see your handle… are you a regular here and will I find others from the other site here as well? Perhaps I need to be spending some time here?

      • So Cal Gal
        Actually this was our original go to site.
        Hello & Good morning to you. You will find TOJS, Tmac & OH here sometimes other pop in now and then.
        Our go to person is GA Red, the holder of our contact data if you should wish to place you name in that arena. You will find mine with her.

  11. We’ve been unseasonably hot with at or near 100° for several weeks. Husband with alzheimers had an infection and had to be hospitalized. No house power currently so its hot inside. He’s now in rehab working on getting stronger before coming home.
    The heat predicted to hit the pacific northwest is terrible. I work inside sheds or carrying things out to sheds when it’s too hot. As it cools toward sunset I plant, water, and work outside. I hope everyone up there stays safe.

  12. Questions for you this week.
    1. How do you do with being alone, inside your own head?
    I’m okay at times, and other times I’m not.

    2. Do you find you need to seek out this time or does it find you?
    I have time at home by myself on a regular basis.

    3. What do you do to occupy your brain?
    I stay busy.

    4. What, if any, podcasts or audiobooks do you listen to?

    This Week:
    -Milking is going great! Thanks for the advice, Goatlover.
    -I gave lots of eggs to a friend. She’ll share them with family and neighbors.

    -Tomatoes needed some calcium.

    -Nothing this week.

    *Prepping purchases/added to the stockpile: plastic wrap, cups, and spoons; juice boxes; 2 sizes of disposable aluminum pans; paper plates; cupcake papers (Grandkids love cupcakes. Is that a prepping item?);

    -We had Grandbaby#7’s baby shower on Saturday. Entire families were invited, not just women. We had a cookout and played outside games. (Cornhole, washers, lawn darts, bubbles for the little ones.)
    -MRI of foot came back with nothing wrong. Now the doctor suspects arthritis or a nerve issue, possibly from my back problems.
    -Went to Field Day after the baby shower on Saturday. I was disappointed. I don’t know how much more I’m going to try to break in to the “old boys club” of the local Ham club. DH and I have tried, but we don’t feel welcome. I’m FAR less welcome than he is. For a group that complains about needing and wanting new members, they sure don’t act like they want any. By the way, we’re not the only ones who have had this experience with them. Any advice about how to break the clique would be greatly appreciated.

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    • So glad to hear your milking is going well! I milk two Nigerian Dwarf does every evening—it’s my favorite part of the day. My yearling doe went into heat a week ago, and so she had her first breeding experience. Little Feller, my blue-eyed polled black buck, was a sweet gentleman—but got the job done several times in about 30 minutes!

  13. A up date on the heat ,,117 f yesterday ,, the broiler farm we own ,(we own the land I have as little as I can do with the birds) had full barns of ready to ship birds ,about one million birds ,,lost half of the birds to heat ,,,the ship day is tonight ,,birds start to die at 104f ,our mist cooling system cools about 10 to maybe 15 f,will be plowing birds in to the hay field as soon as possible ,think big stink ,,,,,,,this just reinforced my decision to take down the barns this fall ,glad I’m not invested in the chickens ,,birds were for 4th of July holiday market. ,, we shall see if there any birds left after to day ,forcast is for possible 122f this afternoon. ,,,,,so what is GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM ,,,?? why is this happening? ,,,do you have two years food supply? In wet pack ? You no longer have time to can your self ,if the garden growers?,,, dryed food is fine and dandy BUT it’s not much use with out water,what if your well dryed up , or city water stops ??? Have you ever thought about wet packing cooked rice ?we did that on the bush homestead ,,,open jar ,add can of soup ,eat,,,,

    Getting hot again ,,,wonder how things will turn out today,,

    Ice tea and frozen tapioca with rhubarb

    • That happened to Georgia chicken farmers in the late 1970s or early 1980s. We had record high temps and chickens were dying in the chicken houses. I do believe that is what led a lot of farms to turn to corporate chicken farming. Nearly every chicken house we pass has a corporate farm name now – Hillsdale, Pilgrim’s Pride, etc.

      • GA RED ,,,,,,,,,,,105 as I type this ,,last night we could smell the birds and our cabin is a mile and a half away ,i bought the place from a bankruptcy with other plans for the place ,will take full possession in November ,,has 7 barns 44 side by 770 long ,7 million birds a year when things go right. ,,,that’s a lot of Sunday dinners ,,,,feed cost and taxes and electricity and environmental issues have killed the farm ,also lost are 10 jobs on the farm and work in the processing plant ,,any thing FOOD has a down side ,smell ,,dust,,noise,,hard work,,time pressure,, the weather,,too hot ,,too cold ,,too wet ,,too dry ,
        Can you blame folks for saying enough,,, I’m still considering what to do with the place,,at this point it looks like I will subdivide it in to building lots , not what I really want. ,,,,,,

        107 now ,,,,ice tea and sit by the fan

    • I hate to hear so many birds are dying. Thats a hardship on owners and workers.
      Its been about 100° for most of the last 6 weeks. Were cooling and a chance we of rain and the northwest is heating up. High mountain desert here at 6,280 ft elevation. Its been hot enough that when my husband had a UTI his body couldn’t regulate heat and with a fe c er of 104.6f he’s been hospitalized. Now in rehab working t o get stronger and come home.

  14. 111f. Still climbing. ,,,, just received word that rest of the birds are lost , all seven barns , about a million birds ,,,just too hot , my Anatolian is still alive but in ruff shape ,is in the kitchen with a fan ,,keeping a eye on the cows ,,told possible to see118 f this afternoon. You know now all we need now is a snowstorm ,ha ha ha ,saw a thing about the total loss of red raspberries for the year ,berries cooking on the bush , think we will pick up a lot of raspberry preserves when next in town ,,,
    ,,you know all that’s happing is like it’s planed ,like what could happen next ? Sure nuff there it is ,right on schedule

    Two years food !! Do it now ,,what about water???
    I don’t believe what I’m seeing ,,

    • Good Morning oldhomesteader –

      I cannot imagine one million live chickens, let alone that number of dead. How do you even begin to deal with that? Front end loader? Fire? I don’t believe what I’m seeing either, from a more urban point of view. People are insane; homicidal and suicidal at once. Just the freeway vehicular assaults and menacing drivers are routine now. I expect 3 or more unpleasant and unsafe encounters in a ten mile commute.

      This looks like a good site. Looks like people are allowed to discuss various topics and issues related to the reasons we prepare, including societal shifts,… without drawing the capricious hostility and nuclear ban-hammer of the unstable site owner. How refreshing. Looks like a couple of other familiar folks are here too.

      Take care of yourself. Weather seems to be lifting in your AO.

      • T Mac ,,yes ,,,,looks like about 850k dead ,the troops were not able to deal with the temps ,will compost birds and bedding in out side piles big stink ! For about ten days ,srape clean with loader,disinfect,reload birds in two weeks ,have heard two other farms had some problems too ,i am so glad I’m not a chicken farmer ,i bought a chicken farm years ago ,sold it after a year ,, it took me ten months to find a buyer

        In other thoughts you nailed it about the unstable person some place else ,,,hope stardust will come over here ,,

      • Tmcg,
        Aha… another name I know. Thinking I need to be stopping by here regularly now that I know some familiar folks are here. I tried to get in touch with you through the other site, but my request was ignored… never acknowledged.

        • So cal gal ,,,,,,i have t Mac info ,i saw your post on the other place ,can fwd,to you ,so can AC,and if t Mac links up with GA RED. Ask her ,
          I’m tired of having people trying to set my hair on fire some place else. We are not alone ,,
          Ice tea and rhubarb pie

  15. 1. How do you do with being alone, inside your own head?
    I’m fine all by myself, and I actually get far more done when I’m alone. Inside me? I think, about anything actually. Like some others here, I’m an introvert. Can’t stand large crowds. It was amusing when the double team of HR teachers in ’05 stood awed in front of me when passing out scores announced that I was a protector. Maybe they needed to get out more.

    2. Do you find you need to seek out this time or does it find you?
    It finds me, except for when the DP thinks he can micromanage.

    3. What do you do to occupy your brain?
    I read or I think.

    4. What, if any, podcasts or audiobooks do you listen to?
    No podcasts. Can’t listen to or concentrate on audiobooks.

  16. Hey all! Has anyone heard from Cliff in Douglasville? His email is getting bounced and I haven’t seen him post anything since early May.

    • GA Red
      Those of who have been in contact with each other for a while, the possibility of contact via ma bell. I would like to suggest that, so when one of us goes MIA. Those whom have this availability of contact can check in on them to make sure all is well in their households.
      It reminds of when we lost TOP, and a poster was kind enough to let us know that he had passed away. Otherwise we would all be left wondering what happened, without guessing.
      Just my thoughts on this matter.

      • AC – I have a few phone numbers but not Cliff’s. I do have his HAM radio call sign which gives me some additional information, but still no phone number. I’ll keep trying to get some info.

        • GA Red
          Not sure which section of the country Cliff is located in, but believe we have a few ham operators on this site. If you are not licensed you may ask those who have their license to give him a shout out. jic

    • I’m glad, too. GA Red has been kind enough to connect me with a couple of folks here who I know. Would like to connect with you also if that’s okay. The other place never answered my request to get your info, or send you mine, even though you had posted a note saying it was okay on a thread there. Anyway, glad to have found you here and I look forward to joining in future conversations here.

  17. 1) Being alone & living in side my mind: Time will tell, when we live with our soul mate for so many years then having lost them. Am discovering it is too quiet for me, so I read a lot. Talk to the animals, family & friends more since his passing. Working on projects that had to be set aside, keeps the mind busy.
    2) No comment
    3) Work
    4) Paperwork, for my dh’s retirement.


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