What I Did to Prep This Week

What I Did To Prep This Week – Week 77: January 5th 2020 – January 11th 2020

ruby the horse playing with children

Hello Pack. I hope you all are enjoying this new year and new decade so far. Preps have been a bit slow this week, at least outdoors, due to weather. But, that has given us more time to get some inventory lists finished up, to do some canning, and to continue working on our annual Preps To Do Chapter Book for 2020.

I am pleased to say that keeping one of Pearl’s most recent kids was a wise choice. He is shaping up to be an awesome little goat that should make an excellent breeder as his poppa starts to slow down in that regard.

His personality is endearing to be sure, but he is very “farm smart” and spunky, and an excellent browser already. It is quite hilarious to watch a goat that currently stands about 12 inches tall – max, back down a horse.

My mother got me an Instant Pot for Christmas, and we are really enjoying it. A few months back Bobby surprised me with an Instant Air Fryer oven and dang if that is not handy.

I was blissfully unaware that the Instant Pot was basically a fancy pressure cooker with a ton of digital options before opening the box. I am always less than thrilled when Bobby does pressure canning, and refer to it as “playing with a bomb in the house”.

But, attempting to set my pressure cooker phobia aside, the Instant Pot is awesome. We made ham and bean soup in the pot in only an hour – with beans that had not even been soaked overnight.

I do not like ham and bean soup – or any soup for that matter, but Bobby is a huge fan and said it tastes just like when he makes it “right” on the stove for hours.

When we started the process with the Instant Pot he called it cheating but after tasting it, I seriously doubt that he will make it any other way until the SHTF and he uses cast iron Dutch oven over an open flame.

The fancy appliance might not seem like a prep, but I still think it qualifies. Anything that allows us to preserve food more often and more quickly can earn a spot in my pantry anytime.

Bobby’s DIY manual kick wheel pottery wheel is working out great. He is going to make a new set of dishes for me, I am pretty excited about that since grandkids have managed to chip most of mine.

In other preps this week my “new to the garden” list continues to grow. If I bought everything our granddaughter Auddie has marked in all the catalogs I keep getting in the mail, there would not be one inch of free space left on our survival homestead. Our little country princess sure does love to garden and forage.

I believe I am most excited to grow Jerusalem artichokes and sorghum and feverfew. Our fruit grove is going to undergo an expansion, which is also exciting.

The few elderberry trees we bought last spring are growing well, and we are going to triple the amount we are currently growing since the berries have so many medicinal uses.

We have been taking elderberry gummies for months now, and so far all of this sickness that has been going around has left our house alone.

My Ruby has enjoyed all the extra time out on the trail and snacks from the kids thanks to the unseasonably warm weather we briefly enjoyed.

Spring cannot come quickly enough to suit me!

This Weeks Questions

  1. Do you grow or use elderberries? What are you favorite healing remedies?
  2. Soon it will be tree tapping time. In addition to maple, do any of you tap other trees for syrup? I like tapping birch for the butterscotch flavor sap it produces.
  3. Have you started to plot out your growing operation for this year? What new things are you most excited about adding?
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82 thoughts on “What I Did To Prep This Week – Week 77: January 5th 2020 – January 11th 2020

    1. Puppy almost got a bunny….it was lucky and managed to get under the fence. Its lucky it only has to go about 5yrds añd has a 15yrd had start over puppy.

      10 packs instant potatoes
      10 verity packs of insta- meals
      4 pack spaghetti o’s
      4 pack chicken noodle soup
      20lbs rice

      Freeze dried
      1 tray of shredded chicken
      1 tray of 4 steaks
      2 trays of hamburger
      2 trays of mashed potatoes
      2 trays green beans

      2 cases

      B12, C, D3, Multi, Tumeric, lutein, pro biotic.

      Practiced with the 40 cal. Glock 22. Love the night sights.

      Changed oil and tire rotation.
      Rotated water from canteen.

      Martial arts
      Practiced with nunchucks.
      Practiced with a ninja key chain. Makes you wonder if it was a weapon or Count Dracula…LOL


      A lot of heavy and speed bag
      Tried a new dumbbell exercise for biceps, shoulders chest and triceps.
      Pull ups.
      4 miles a day on the treadmill.

      Thor’s questions:
      1. Do you think Iran will do terrorist attacks here? Ebola?
      2. Are you unscathed after the big storm?
      3. Have you got the Flu this year?
      4. Did you get a Flu shot?

      1. Thor1,

        Those ninja spiked key chains can definitely put a hurtin’ on someone if you can get the punch in.

        Thor’s questions:

        1. Do you think Iran will do terrorist attacks here? Ebola?

        Iran is capable of doing something stupid here in the US. Biological warfare is unlikely I think. It would be something more ‘traditional.” Mass shootings, IEDs, etc. However, I think Trump scared the bejesus out of them by whacking their head terrorist nut job. He did not look pretty after those Hellfires were done with him. I think Iran has begun to realize that Trump is a different bird than the last bunch of presidents they dealt with. He gave them a couple of chances and they took it as weakness. They learned the hard way how far Trump can be pushed. Then they learned how skillful their ground to air missile systems operators were. They can shoot bullseyes, but they can’t tell a civilian airliner leaving their airspace from a cruise missile entering their airspace.

        2. Are you unscathed after the big storm?

        What big storm? I guess my answer would then be yes.

        3. Have you got the Flu this year?

        Yes, I got one of the varieties out there. All things considered, a fairly mild dose. First time I’ve been sick in at least five years. I think my sweet little Typhoid Mary is bringing microscopic friends home from pre-school.

        4. Did you get a Flu shot?

        Not this year. Maybe I should have.

        1. Z36, yeah the ninja key chain I have is made of steel though. Its nasty and it can be used to break windows too. I used a dog food bag full of dirt for practice. Dirty fighting….😎

          I hear the Iranian protesters are up in arms as approximately 50 Iranians died I the crash.

          1. Thor1,

            Most of those protesters were ordered to participate. Iran, among other countries, is well known for staged protests. I’m sure some of those protesters were probably genuine fellow travelers, but most, no. I think the death count is up to around 60 now as people die in the hospital.

        2. I agree with you totally on question 1. Trump does not seem to fool around much. Too bad our country is so polarized that more can’t stand behind him.

        3. Zulu, Give your lirttle Typhoid Mary Elderberry Gummies.. childen love them and will build her immunity and protect the family…

          1. AA,

            My little stinker loves the syrup and takes it with no problems. I’d have to ask #1 daughter about giving her gummies.

      2. Tara’s questions:

        1.Do you grow or use elderberries? What are you favorite healing remedies?
        2.Soon it will be tree tapping time. In addition to maple, do any of you tap other trees for syrup? I like tapping birch for the butterscotch flavor sap it produces.
        3.Have you started to plot out your growing operation for this year? What new things are you most excited about adding?

        1.No, garlic, honey, tumeric, ginger and cinnamon.
        2. Mmm butterscotch,.. I’m going to have to check this out.
        3. Yes, spaghetti squash.

      3. thors questions

        1 doubtful, most likely if they do anything it will be on our allies in the region or American interests

        2 no big storm here yet, been unseasonably warm today in th 50s and raining but expected to turn cold tonight into the 20s and be freezing rain up to an inch on everything, i’m ready for it and its no big deal to me, but everyone else in the region is panicking

        3 nope, one of the perks of rarelly leaving the farm

        4 nope

        1. nemoseto,
          Glad to see you are able to post.
          .Even tho we are not as isolated as you are there are still many days we do not leave our land..If one has what they want/need no reason to leave.
          This front has taken our temps from67 to 34 a low early his morning.. We were out earlier today,did not see any storm damage. we did have some rough straight line and a tornado watch was posted as it came thru.

          1. i can post today, this is day 30 of my last 30 day phone card, was unsure what day it got used up and have to guess as the phone doesn’t track it based on when i put a card on, it tracks data usage per month and renews on the 1st regardless of what day i put a card on it. it may stop working at midnight or it may stop working at 11am (which is the time i put a card on it)

  1. Not much to report this week. I continue to improve from pneumonia. It has been a slow recovery. My dh is just having a hard time with the catheter. He’s just in so much pain especially when he tries to move. He sleeps a lot. He has a doctors appointment in a week and a half to figure out what’s going on. Then they will likely schedule surgery.

    I continue my healthy cooking. So far dh has lost 35 lbs. He really doesn’t have much of an appetite because of the pain.

    I too got an Instant Pot for Christmas and have been using it like crazy. I have made black beans, red beans, brown rice, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, banana nut quinoa (my favorite), wheat berries, lentil sloppy joes, lentil soup, whole chicken, and sugar-free cheesecake. I like to put the wheat berries on salads since we are eating mostly plant-based foods. Cooking a whole chicken in the Instant Pot really required testing quite a few recipes. This recipe is hands-down the best.


    With all the other recipes the chicken turned our mushy. With this recipe, you set the timer for one minute. (The chicken cooks during the pressure-up and depressurization process. So it actually cooks for longer than a minute. I did check it with a meat thermometer to make sure it was thoroughly cooked.) I want to try an Asian-inspired whole chicken, served with brown rice, broccoli and some Asian slaw. Yum.

    Seriously, if you don’t have an Instant Pot, you should consider getting one. I do a lot of meal prep on the weekends. That way I can just throw together some meals on the go. What I like the best is that you can just throw the stuff in the pot, set the timer and walk away–no standing at the stove stirring stuff.

    1. Bam Bam,

      I’m glad you’re improving from pneumonia. That can be a tough illness to shake.

      I also hope your hubby gets better too. Those catheters can be a real bother sometimes.

      I’ve been thinking about getting one of those Instant Pots. My Ex loves hers and so does #2 daughter. I’ll save the link for that chicken recipe you posted and send it to my Ex and #2. As a Cuban, chickens are a staple food.

      1. Zulu,

        The Instant Post really pays for itself. You will find yourself cooking more and more with staples: wheat, rice, beans, etc.

    2. Bam, is instant pot like instant potatoes ??? LOL

      I was looking at getting one of the instant pots after I watched a video of a whole chicken being cooked.

      Hope you and your husband get well soon.

    3. BamBam
      The way you are describing your dh pain, it sounds more like a kidney infection. Don’t ask how I know, but it is the one thing I remember most when the did the same thing to me as a child.

      Hope that you are both doing better since you put this posting out. Sending you wishes that you both are doing better now.

      I have an instant pot but have never used it, pulled it out the garage after your & Tara’s rave reviews. Will see how I can use it in our meals, my dh does not need to lose weight, but I do. He actually needs to put it back on after our disastrous summer.

  2. I did my low-carb grocery shopping this week. Added a little to my stash as usual. Did some weekly cooking.

    I haven’t really been hard charging in the prep department lately. Mostly just adding food to the stash. I’ve been thinking things over and I really don’t personally find a need to add much stuff at this point, except food. I did get some more freeze-dried food pouches for my monthly order.

    I have been keeping close watch on world events. I think Trump whacking that Iranian nut job was a spectacularly brilliant piece of work. Then the Iranians really screwed themselves by shooting down the Ukrainian airliner. I knew when I first heard about it, the Iranians had done it and probably by incompetence. Fools. Amazingly, after some prevarication, they actually admitted doing it by accident. I imagine the officer in charge of that missile battery is going to find out if the 72 virgins claim is legit. Maybe the whole crew.

    Granddaughter has continued to be a good girl. However, this past week has been physically kind of rough on her. A face plant from a fall off a swing at school (scrapes on upper lip and chin, but she was most upset about the mouth full of dirt and mulch), a knot on her head from tripping into a wall at my place, scuffs on her knees from tripping while running, a slight sprain to her right wrist from jumping around on my couch. The usual childhood accidents.

    It appears that #1 daughter is PG again. Needless to say, she is nervous as a cat on a hot roof as to whether this one will go through OK. The other evening, granddaughter told her parents that she had a brother and a sister, and they were in mommy’s tummy. They had not told her about mommy being PG. They asked her how she knew this, and she said, “Because they’re cute.” Go figure. The OB thinks it’s a single, but another ultrasound on Wednesday should confirm that.

    This Weeks Questions

    1. Do you grow or use elderberries? What are you favorite healing remedies?

    I use elderberries. I make both syrup and tincture. I prefer syrup, as does granddaughter and #1 daughter. My SIL prefers the tincture. I find the syrup does a great job on coughs, so does #1 daughter. My SIL has sinus issues and he finds the tincture works best on those. I also use some essential oils for different things, particularly Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil.

    2. Soon it will be tree tapping time. In addition to maple, do any of you tap other trees for syrup? I like tapping birch for the butterscotch flavor sap it produces.

    I do not tap any trees.

    3. Have you started to plot out your growing operation for this year? What new things are you most excited about adding?

    No growing to plot.

      1. AA,

        It is interesting that she seems to know. No one has said anything about it to her yet.

        I did ask her if mommy has a brother and sister for you, what would you do? “Play with them and help mommy take care of them.” Scary smart kid. 🙂

        1. Zulu,
          Sounds like she is gifted in several ways. Often small children can see and know things that adults are blocked to…Keep on encouraging her learning in as many ways as she shows interest… She would be a good child to homeschool. and or give extra tutoring. Encourage extra language skills…multiple languages early helps to develope more capacity for later learning. Public school will stifle her creativity – unless extra efforts are consistent and ongoing.

          1. AA,

            We (her parents and I mainly, but her abuela and other grandparents chip in), work on teaching her things, working on her language skills (abuela does Spanish as do I and #1 daughter, although our Spanish is limited. Abuela is completely fluent, of course as that was her first language). We work on reading, numbers, teaching what things are. When she was very young, she could point out walls, floor, ceilings, fire alarms, smoke detectors, etc. Now she knows the words herself. She likes to help her mom cook and clean. She also helps my cleaning lady (who is Colombian, and talks to granddaughter in Spanish too). Granddaughter’s English vocabulary is extensive and you can have a pretty regular conversation with her.

            Today, granddaughter’s daddy was playing various board games with her. She kept changing the rules to suit herself. 🙂 The pegs used for Battleship are the sailors according to her. Makes sense actually for a 3-year old admiral.

            She is very interested in things medical. Going to the doctor does not scare her in the least, nor does getting shots. She has a toy doctor kit she loves to play with, but can’t get their cats to sit still for a physical. We also play with her kit, but I get the real stuff out and she gets to use that too. She loves the stethoscope. I have introduced firearms to her. She knows I carry a pistol a lot and pays it no mind. If you ask her if my guns are toys, she will flatly tell you NO!

            I don’t know what her parents have in mind for school once she turns five. I know her parents are not enthused with public schools either. #1 daughter was home-schooled for a few years after we pulled her out of public school in 3rd grade. She went to private schools after home-school.

            We’ll see how things go. Granddaughter is very curious and very clever. Personally, I do everything I can to encourage that.

      2. AA, Thor1, and everyone,

        Bad news on the pregnancy front. #1 daughter miscarried again. It was only a single, so granddaughter’s premonition was a bit off.

        I had granddaughter today from school, and she was with me until her parents got done at the hospital about 8:00pm. She was tired and grumpy until I told her mom and dad were here. Total 180 attitude change. I’m glad as her happy and loving mood cheered her mom up a lot.

        As with the other miscarriages/ectopic pregnancies, we don’t plan to tell granddaughter anything. Probably when she is a teenager her mom will tell her. We are so lucky to have such a darling child.

          1. AT, Thor1, and everybody,

            Thank you for the good thoughts. Although I feel sad and a little cheated by fate, I try not to let it dominate my life. I feel very badly for my daughter and husband. #1 daughter knows that her mother and I are available anytime if she feels the need for a chat or some loving.

            When I think I’m getting down about the miscarriages, I think of Granddaughter (or hug and cuddle her if she’s with me), and I feel better. As I told my VA shrink, she is like a two-legged bottle of Zoloft to me. He has met her, so he understands how perky and loving she is.

        1. Zulu, I am so sorry for your loss for Daughter and you loss of another Grandbaby to cherish…Heartbreaking when People desire a child – so much yet can not seem to progress. My Daughter has had the same heartbreak.So I truly understand.

  3. This Weeks Questions

    1. Do you grow or use elderberries? What are you favorite healing remedies? We use elderberries, but don’t grow them.

    2. Soon it will be tree tapping time. In addition to maple, do any of you tap other trees for syrup? I like tapping birch for the butterscotch flavor sap it produces. We don’t have tree’s that are “sap-capable” here (to my knowledge).

    3. Have you started to plot out your growing operation for this year? What new things are you most excited about adding? We have very little outside space but, there are plans for what we have (potatoes in the back, berries in the front). We are going to try to clean off all the stuff off the south-facing, glassed-in front porch and turn it into some kind of green house (we will have to figure out temperature control – the high Summer heat kills things and heats the house).

    4. This week….

    Did the kerfuffle with Iran get you nervous? We were concerned about the secondary repercussions (not direct attack), but the market news is where I like it. Our material stocks are in good shape – so no emergency/panic purchases. That’s a good place to be.

    I also like how the Golden Globes increased armed physical security for the event. Who are they afraid is out to get them?

    Got the GS1 into his new-to-him vehicle. It was going to be my winter 4WD but his truck died (NRTS). So, he is going to pay me back as he can with his 2nd job. I’ll stick with my 2WD Van for a while longer.

    Our future purchases of bulk supplies are going to be greatly influenced by our remaining available storage space. Again, we need to go through the area and clean up and straighten things out. Probably dispose of some things that are no longer needed.

    Supply Run: rice; pasta; soup mix; mac & cheese; canned fried apples (excellent in baked oatmeal!); peppercorns; 5-gal bucket; condensed/canned soup; socks, gym & boot; coffee; 2.0-gal lids; 5-gal lids; beans;

    Received: AR Upper; Meprolight revolver night sights (for my Model 69 this time); 3.5-gal buckets; toner for home office;

      1. Upper and lowers were from Palmetto Armory. They still have some (green I think) for free shipping. If ordered separatly it costs $350, ordered as a complete rifle: $499. You figure it out, I couldn’t.

      2. These last ones are spares. My preferred AR’s AR Ruger Ar 556’s. Good quality, better trigger, Mag-Pul furniture. On-line for $499 + S&H + dealer Xfer, but worth it.

  4. Not much to report this week. We are sitting under a pretty major rain storm right now with some thunder and such right now. No reports of tornadoes or anything neat like that. We had plenty of warning so were just sitting around waiting for it to roll through.

    Went to Harbor Freight this morning. They have having a huge clearance sale. Got a lot of stuff for not very much money. Bunch of bungee cords, some zip ties, duct tape and package sealing tape, a cheap set of screwdrivers to keep in the truck, a pair of scissors, some battery powered lights that look like light switches and you switch them on and the leds come on, got 2 of them and they have stick velcro on the back. I put one at the top of the stairs going down to the shelter and one about half way down. Didn’t think of it before but if the power goes out and I can’t grab a flashlight these will light the way down the steps. Got some good deals on batteries, especially on AA and D cells. Changed out the D’s in several flashlights as they have been getting a bit dim over time, they are functioning well now.

    Went to Walmart later and shopped for groceries and such. Got everything in and we are going to sit down and watch some TV while the power is still on.

    Church tomorrow.

    Have a good evening

    p.s. No eldeberries here but DW read over my shoulder so we are probably going to get some gummies tomorrow. We are taking All In One Master Tonic which is based on apple cider vinegar and we take a shot glass in the morning and evening. It has helped to stabilize my diabetes for the time being. Nasty tasting stuff but it’s worth it. No extra trees planted and no garden planned for this year.

    1. Cliff in Douglasville… we got that storm before daybreak between 5-6:30,.. rained buckets! tornado watch for a short time- we slept thru that.Need to give the chickens jet ski’sor swim fins..

  5. Hello Pack,
    In the postings last week i did not post any specific preps.. will try to do better this week.In the answer of questions i can incorporate many of the things I accomplished this week.
    First Tara’s..#1 I have some elderberry capsules.I find them effective. The elderberries in our area are on roadside-in deep ditches and hard to access. The starts i began last spring were destroyed by our puppy.. My healing remedies include Plantain tincture for allergic responses- bites, sudden rash and allergy reactions. We use topically but could use internal.- Everlasting tincture and tea for gastritis, chest congestion..Sweetgum and Oil of oregano,Garlic, Colloidal silver as antivirals. Willow Bark capsules for low intensity pain/fever..NOT FOR CHILDREN!. Allergy and ear congestion is our current problems…without being diligent they block sinus and result is sinus infection and ear infection that can progress into pneumonia.
    #2 We do not tap the trees here. sweetgum could be..I hope I never get that many of those.
    #3 Growing? I ordered some seed last week and have just received them today.. The one thing i am most excited about is the Texas Hill country okra… and my winter squash varieties. We like okra fried and DH can eat it dehydrated and dry for “crunchies”. I have 2 kinds of pole beans and 3 kinds of bush beans… which will have to be planted in raised beds or tubs.The earliest is contender- There is also a red silk bean from El Salvador and a French heirloom.. I will be planting these with spacing and timing in mind to keep from them cross pollinating.. This week we have had several days warmer than normal.. wind was excessive 2 of those days…We re worked one of the 4×10 beds and added another 14 feet to it( with less depth.), The oldest of my 4×10 beds decided to fall apart. transfer of some of that soil has been transferred to the new area..Will leave part of it and use that soil in a new bed repositioned another way.I did transplant some wild onion out of that bed into another grow pot…with a few “missed potatoes which were rooted./watered them in. Last year our grow area was 161 sq ft..Hard to plan exactly when space available..is not all prepared.. I know we are going to be increasing that substantially with added compost piles in progress and rabbit manure to help in building soil quickly…
    #4 Other preps.This week i added some canned beef and frozen pork I received on deep discount.We have cooked a turkey , and day #2 is turkey soup. Bones will be cleared and bone broth will be made in the Instapot.. ( so much faster). that broth will be used to can the remainders of this turkey. Bam Bam and Tara are right is a wonderful tool.. a prep because it enables taking a frozen cut of meat and serving it in a little over an hour..If needed it will also maintain it after cooked at warm setting for up to 12 hours.
    I canned my first sweetpotatoes- this week they are certainly pretty in the jar. I did find they dehydrate- shredded quickly and are relatively easy to process…peel, shred soak for 1-2 hours , drain, rinse drain…pat dry put on dehydrator trays…
    . Last week I transferred 12 cans of tropical fruits to dehydrated. Potatoes are dehydrated and holding in plastic zip locks until the half gallon jugs are ready..
    I also rotated some dry food out of the freezer and more back into it.
    We have been over run with mice w/ weather change.. The mouser- Jack Russel has been busy and the mouse traps are busy.
    ..The chickens are beginning to lay a little more since the days are longer.They did not quit completely…had a few days spread out , received no eggs. most of time 2-4.
    ..Thor’s questions: #1 Iran.. is in several channels including Douglas Decote’ you tube.. Iranian terrorist are already on our soil… be vigilant. Only our vigilance can stop multiple attacks and injury..
    RE: E bola. per the common sense show. vetted by them. CDC owns the treatment and any/all vaccines for treatment and methods to improve health outcomes.. Bill Gates is also involved with these patents…so when it is spread who will gain from it.?. so who is promoting it? Homeland security released a warning of a suicide bomber coming in thru Mexico/Texas. from BP earthwatch. Not much info on the e bola case? , lady died in Dallas from the Congo…within 24 hours of arriving to this country.
    #2 Storm already too wet and got lots more rain, heavy wind. no immediate damage here.With the increases in wind and gusting i replaced some of the fiberglass sheeting /wind protection for the chicken run and rabbitry…I remove it when temps are nice and need air flow….
    #3-#4 NO flue and no shot. WE practice isolation and reverse isolation when known illness in the area..We have natural antivirals and use them. some routinely as food, some for “other issues”.. Biggest problem is continual allergies and ear congestion…have to be vigilant to prevent progression into infection in chest, neck and head..
    Questions: Does anyone have a favorite Radish- (I want a bigger one for baking) and Low acid tomato..( heirloom?) suggestion? I also Need a SHort day onion? for winter keeper.??? anyone had good results from something specific.

  6. Hello Everyone,
    I celebrated another Birthday this week, so I’ve had a great week! All my friends have wanted to take me out to eat to celebrate my latest trip around the son, so who am I to argue. 😊
    I haven’t prepped any this week, but that’s ok. It’s been hard having both Christmas and New Year’s Day in the middle of the week. I’ll be glad to get back on routine this next week!

    As for Tara’s questions, I have had great success with Elderberry syrup for coughs. Honey, Lemmon and ginger works best on what ails me. No tree tapping in my neck of the woods. Would love to be planning my garden, but with the house up for sale, I couldn’t stand to move and leave anything growing. May see if I can plant in one of my friends places. Fresh is best!

    Regarding Thor’s questions, I think you would be foolish to think that there are not any lone wolf groups that have been here awhile, just blending in, and waiting for something like the recent retaliations by Trump to be a reason to create a little havoc. My thing is to stay alert and weary of large events, travel hubs etc. Canada is quite irritated with Iran as about 25 passengers on the airliner shot down were Canadian citizens.

    Doing ok right now. The strong storms passing through Tenn and Ky has just hit here. It has been very muggy all morning, and now the colder weather system has hit this areas warm pocket, so hopefully this will not spawn any tornadoes! Lots of thunder and lightening however.

    I have had what I believe to have been the flu. Took the flu shot first time in about 10 years, and it will probably be my last one. Been sick since second week in Nov (2019), and still dealing with what I hope is the last of the congestion!

    Stay alert my friends, and continue to remember the family of Ohio Prepper.

    1. Small correction. My trip I made this year wan around the Sun. And apologize that 2nd questions were from Zulu (apologize Thor).

  7. 1) Elderberries: I have freeze dried to make tincture with but have never proceeded that far. Would acquire a bush but there is a possibility of not staying on this land where we are at now.
    2)Do not believe any of the trees in this area that would produce a the proper sap for processing
    3) Gardening: It will be in planters boxes on the deck to keep the deer out of the small garden.

    Grocery store had beef on sale, called to see if there would be a problem purchasing it in bulk. Especially the hamburger since it was 93/7 which we use a lot of for our meals. Hamburger, roasts, London broil, top round were on the list. Everyone else in the store appeared to be purchasing for the football games coming up or this week end. Our basket looked as if we were having a major BBQ for family and friends. lol

    Cleared out part of the horse pasture before the rains which were to hit our area. Move the muck out of the horses metal shed, along the front of her building. Then removed it up to the tree that had fallen a while back so family would not be up to their knees in horse poop getting to the tree.
    If I do not do this regularly the rain water will flood back into her building, it is on the down ward slop. Finished it just in time for the big rains which were expected,,, a big fizzle, mostly cloudy, fog and very little rain-oh well.

  8. Thor 1
    1) If you were reading the book which I chose the other night. This would be a mute point, it starts out the same way this recent event played out. The under lying hatred is hidden until it is all the parties in the play are ready for retaliation. E.M.P.: The End of the World As We Know It(All at Once Book 1) by Cal Wilson. Had to put it down and stop reading it.

    2)Storm in our area was fog with little to no rain

    3) Flu shots,,not after we learned what is included in those lovely(snarky)shots.

    4) No. We no longer receive those shots, I am very cautious about being out in public. Hand wipes and cleansers, face masks if it is required do to acdh’s health(& mine also).

    1. AC, I agree with a lot of what you say. However there are 2 missing nukes n Colorado which the drones are looking for. Scary……

      1. Thor1
        When did those two nukes disappear out of the buildings? What happened to security for these highly violetial pieces of equipment?

        Makes one wonder who assisted them out of the buildings and how much $$$$ did they collect. They simple did not get up and walk out on their own. Those involved should receive the firing squad. mho

        1. AA and Thor1,

          I have made inquiries, about a Broken Arrow incident in Colorado (Broken Arrow is mil-speak for a nuclear weapon missing, damaged, stolen or unintentionally detonated). No one I know in the biz has heard of a BA lately. The last one was quite a while ago, involved a Russian sub, and none were in Colorado.

          Colorado only has several ballistic missile silos with nukes. They are part of the Warren AFB, WY complex. They are in the northeastern part of the state.

          So I really don’t know where this missing nukes story came from as an excuse for drones flying around Colorado.

          1. Zulu, Dave Hodges addressed the Nukes again in one of his reports today. They have been missing for 9 months…He connects them with ms thirteen and the chinese groups….who only wish the American people. well.. sarcasm off.
            …. also another active shooter situation under investigation- NO injuries is report..alcoa tn.?. Just checked for further reports.. Lockdown ended. Resulted from a “misunderstanding”..

          2. AA,

            The question is, where exactly are these nukes missing from? Missile silos do not keep spare nukes. If they aren’t on top of the missile, they aren’t there. I suppose they could have gone missing from a nuke convoy, but again, no one I know in the biz is admitting to a Broken Arrow.

            There is a former nuke bomb parts plant in Colorado, but it has been shut down for a while and is a radioactive mess in the midst of a cleanup.

            Nukes are not kept in a regular building. They are kept in very strong bunkers in a heavily guarded and alarmed facility on military bases. Warren AFB, WY is the closest facility that likely stores nukes. I know what security is on them, but I’m not at liberty to discuss that. However, I can say that the guards on nukes have complete authority to use deadly force first and ask questions later and they are well armed.

  9. Tara’s questions
    1 no, in fact i made a point to cut down and destroy every elderberry on my lot, not because i hated them, but because i had 2 or 3 morons walk through my yard and wander around because “we always come here to pick them” first 2 years i was here i had so many people wander in because they were used to exploiting an absentee land owner, and my mean looks, and telling them to get lost was not enough and they would just come back hoping i wasn’t home, put up gates and fences, signs indicating tresspassers would be raped at gunpoint, and confronted anyone who showed up and ignored the gate or cae after dark with the business end of a gun, also destroyed the elderberries because thats what about 1/3 of them said they were here for.

    2 nope, only birch worth tapping in this state is yellow birch, and the only birch that grows in the lower elevations is gray birch

    3not excited, but i have a general plan set out

    heavy rain all day and expecting up to an inch of ice overnight, everyone is expecting to have power outages and several of my retard friends and associates called and askd if they could buy my generator or solar pannels, one just asked me where he could get one after every place in the area sold out (and knowing him even if he got one he would sell it a week after he no longer needed it), did a lot of chainsaw work this week and took down the last of the white pine on wednesday, all i did was cut firewood and logs and pile slash, i did not stack any wood so i probably have twice as uch on the ground for the week since there was no gathering and stacking (ran out of pallets to make racks from, my neighbor borrowed a lot to put his hay on and i got to wait till a little more hay is used up before getting some back). took the day off thursday because it was too cold to work in and got a ride to a friends place to bu off his internet for the day, and treat him and his wife to chinese takeout (and gave them 3 dozen eggs). was unsure if my last internet day would be friday saturday or sunday, since i posted this i assue its sunday. i did some sawing in the rain today, i cut a forked white pine on my neighbors lot, walked up to their farm and got perission to cut it and leave it, one fork leaned towards my cabin, the ice was a high risk with that, i cut the fork leaning away first then the one that was leaning went down at a 90 degree angle from the lean with the help of the strong wind out of the south. just dropped them so they can’t become a problem. it was the only tree left that could hit any of my buildings, well maybe a poplar can take out the outhouse but i don’t worry about that, was built fast years ago with whatever was on hand and if it gets taken out then its an excuse to make a better one.

    only other news for me is that i paid my property taxes this week, lowest in the town since i have no running water. also yesterday soeone dropped 2 boxes of food pantry stuff at the end of my driveway, i was extremly insulted by it, then called around till i found who did it, was one of my neighbors, they just dropped off the stuff they didn’t like (beans, rice, powdered milk, 2 gallons of yogurt, soymilk, and cornmeal), not as annoyed since it was stuff they got but didn’t want and it was stuff i could use, thats somewhat ok but i am offended by the idea of getting anything from the food pantry.

    not totally sure what i will be doing the rest of the month, but it will probably be like this pastweek, sawing stuff but no gathering hauling or stacking, at most making piles where i cut stuff so i can find it easier later. if the waether sucks like today i will be stuck inside going mad from sitting around. running very low on trees now. the small spruce that are left and cedar (poles 5 to 8 inch wide at the base) caused me to rough out a poleban for the spring, put in cedar poles like big posts then spruce to use as rafters, just an idea i am tinkering with, maybe 3 wall leantoo style 12×16 or an A frame 24×16, then fill it with low grade firewood as i have time to split it all summer (pine and poplar firewood).

    1. Have you considered a rocket mass heater? They apparently take as little as 1/10 the wood and radiate heat for a good portion of the day if well built. It’s one of the things I’ll be looking at if I ever have to heat with wood.

      1. i know about them but they don’t seem very practical. as it is if i just kept all the wood i have currently cut and don’t sell any of it then i would never have to cut firewood again and be set for life 2 times over. those rocket mass heaters seem suited to places where fuel is hard to find, mostly a gimic for a niche use, like how hugleculture suddenly shows up all over the place in vougue, when it was just a method for using whatever was on hand to make something grow in an otherwise useless place (russian peasants on barren wasteland soils) if you have good tillable soil there is no point to using huglecultre methods. mass heaters i could see being used in europe, or the American southwest or the plains (where bs was once used as fuel), using smaller amounts of less than ideal fuel where fuel is scarce.

          1. lol, i misunderstood what you meant, my main income comes from firewood, half my income a year is from firewood, and not all of it is high value (a full cord of split seasoned poplar brings in $130 or about, and a full cord of pine is only about $90, and that low grade wood makes about half of what i sell a year). to meet my own needs i need 3 full cords of pine a year or the equivelant, my cast iron stove is flexible about what i can burn in it and i often break up twigs to fill boxes and toss them in by the handful (if i use the worst for myself then there is more of better quality i can sell). as is if i didn’t sell any of it i have enough firewood on the ground to last my own needs for decades. i also have another 8 acres of low value scrub that won’t make anything worth selling, but can easily make what i need, plus pruning the orchard and sugarbush, i have no concern about not being able to meet my own needs, my concern is that i will run out of trees to cut to sell, and that also means i will be very bored in future winters. even if i convered the field of stumps to productive hay field and rent it out i will mostly replace the income from firewood but i won’t have anything to do over winter. even if it came down to it i could go to an amish mill and they wouuld load up my hay wagon with slab for about $20 (for the labor the kids put into loading, some give it away free if i load it myself), cut up a single wagon load of slab would meet almost a years firewood needs on my farm (though doesn’t sell for much compared to the time and costs of cutting it up), aish have no shortage of logs coming in, while i only cut logs off my own lot to take to the mill the amish buy them off loggers with bigger opperations than i can compete with (i can’t get them a tractor trailer load of logs). i misunderstood what you meant and thought you were asking if i had any experience with mass heaters and my opinion of them.

    2. i probably sound a bit irrate, had a dozen calls today from people unable to find a generator in stores and knowing i live off grid wanted to borrow or buy my system, thats about as dumb as if i started bugging them asking to borrow their water heater or refrigerator. plus the food pantry food thing, i have nothing but scorn for the food pantry and revulsion at the idea of accepting anything from it

      1. nemoseto:

        I have to admit, that is about the dumbest “request” I have heard. But it just shows the self-centeredness of people. I’m sure the idea that if you gave up you’re system, you would have nothing, didn’t even occur to them.

        It’s kind of like the people who laughed at me/us about putting up extra food and expecting me to share with them if things get bad.

        1. i should be used to dealing with morons by now since that seems to be the normal for this area, but for some reason i still have a misguided view that people are not inherintly lazy self centered jerks, then get proven wrong over and over. probably a benefit that my phone runs out of service in a few hours.

          goes back to why i hate the food pantry, well one of the reasons, when i first oved to this town i trid to get involved with community service activities, food pantry was about it and i tried to volunteer my time and strong back for loading and unloading boxes, figured it would be a good way to volunteer, the people there however told me to get lost, were quite rude to me, and tried to get me to sign up for free handouts and outright rejected my efforts to be a volunteer, i held a grudge beause of the way i was treated. plus so many people are just lazy jerks looking for free handouts to the point more than half the towns population goes there, even the amish, undr state law any family with kids under 18 that go to the food pantry has to be given enough food to feed the kids for a month, so all the amish go there, and they use a lot of what they get to make stuff to sell for a profit, whatevers left they feed the kids and the kids do all the work and get rented out for the parents profit. other people i know just take whatever they like out of what they get and just throw the rest out, others feed most of it to their dogs and keep the best for themselves, the food pantry encourages people to be lazy and self centered and expect soeone to give them whatever they need, that someone else will do everything for them. and that mentality leads to brazen stupidity with things like the people who asked to borrow my electrical system, or to buy it for next to nothing just cause they are worried their tv won’t work. back when i had an atv i had ineumerable instances when people just showed up and asked to look at it and asked how much i wanted for it, told them all they couldn’t look at it and that it wasn’t for sale but they kept pestering me to let them ride it and offering me $500 for it (was a $2500 machine i traded a lot of firewood for and used like a small tractor), they then refuted that used atvs weren’t worth more than $500 cause they could get better ones on the rez for only $500 (stolen ones from canada), then these people assert tht i am the jerk when i get tired of their stupidity and threaten to cleave them in half with a splitting maul if they don’t get off my land (i am sure that was the only reason they didn’t coe back trying to steal the atv). or the guy that drove his truck into my old place, tearing up the gardens “mud bogging” and claiming it was y fault for putting a garden where someone might accidentally drive, the guy had no reason to be there other than that he thought nobody was rround and was looking to buy a camp, i had no vehicle myself so he thought nobody was there and mistook the garden for tall brush, then when he got stuck expected me to pay for him to be towed out. the next couple days i carried rocks to make a small wall blocking off the driveway, and because it was steep driving in i used branches to fit the wall with sharpened stakes. to punch the radiator if anyone else drove in like that, and it made me look like a crazy person having a wall of spikes blocking off my driveway.

          alot of the people who asked to borrow my solar array are also the kinds who have no food at home and expect handouts when they need them and claim they would come to me if things got bad. i was thinking that out the other day while cutting firewood, i may have enough to last 2 and a half years myself, but if i had just 3 people join me then it would not last long, and 20 people would use it up in about a week. most of these people wouldn’t do any work and would be like parasites. some think they would earn their keep by looking mean to help protect what i got, but i know if things were bad and they showed up i would probably have to shoot them, if i turned them away they would come back and raid my place proclaiming it was my fault for turning them away. even if i did let 1 or 2 crash here out of lonliness or kindness they would be leeches, then when other people show up they wold be asking why i let someone else in and not them, then thy all would complain that there isn’t enough room in the cabin, that there isn’t enough power to run their video games, that they can’t take a daily hot shower, etc etc, and after the best of whats here is used up they wouldn’t help with replacing it they would wander off and look for someone else to leech off. most of the people i know would find no welcome here and i have utter distain for freeloaders. there may be a handful of people i know who have some usefull skills, but they would not share my cabin, they would most likely be allowed to stay as sharecroppers, i would help them set up a smaller heated cabin for theselves and give them some solar power for it, and the tools needed to work garden themselves, only freeloader i would be willing to take in would have to be a woman about the same age as me and she would have to take my last name.

          didn’t mean to end up ranting again, sometime today the phone will be out, was surprised it still works now, was up early, we just got sleet, no freezing rain, still suck weather so stuck indoors, made frankish toast since i had time to make it with no work to be done. besides what may sound like a rant i am not irrate and i cooled off since those bums were bugging me yesterday

          1. thinking about it more i see those freeloaders like my dogs or cats, the cats ahng around cause i feed them, if i stopped feeding the they would wander off looking for handouts elsewhere (how feral cat colonies form by someone feeling sorry for them and feeding them), same way as leeching freeloaders would be in my above tirade. my dogs have a bad habbit of eating crap (one was a shelterdog and dogs in poorly run shelters develope that trait, the other dog learned from him), despite that i feed them well, they still eat any crap they come accross (not their own however), and any dead mice the cats done eat (or mouse asses the cats didn’t want to eat). its an instinct of a scavanger/forager to eat whats available because they don’t know when food will be available again, doesn’t matter if they are hungry or not, grab up whatever free handouts are available and add it as body fat for later. so that is also human behaviour to take any free handouts. and being lazy is also human nature. like how a cat sleeps all day to conserve energy. basic nature is to survive and reproduce, being lazy conserves energy, and overeating when food is available, and taking handouts means more food and no energy to produce it so it helps with survival, unfortunatly it also leads to fat lazy people depending on handouts since they don’t have to produce for themselves, then there is also theft, back in the day when people had to work to produce food some people had a choice between working all day to make what they needed and others not wanting to work all day just took it by force from those that did, leading to the need for social order in the form of laws and someone to enforce them, but then there is also an inherint drive to be lazy and take whatever freebees people can take so that leads to police corruptions and governemnt corruption. where people have to work to survive they do, even begrudgingly, and if there is institutionalized handouts then people embrace the laws of nature and go with sitting around accepting handouts and doing as little as possible. socialism favors the lazy and unproductive, while capitalism favors initiative. anyway the point of this is the parrallels i saw in my dogs eating crap, fat barn cats sleeping all day next to the food dish, and the morons and freeloaders who piss me off all the time

      2. It’s ok..on the ranting… that is why we are here to support each other in our individual journeys.. At least your neighbor (not the food bank) gave what they would not eat to you, is not wasted… it will give you some more calories to help bridge the gap in a lack , because you Helped someone….there is no cure for stupidity… sounds like it is gone to seed. :>)

      1. told them they could have the generator, because i was tired of tinkering with it, if they were any good with engiens maybe they could get it going where i failed, sure wish it worked so i could use the washer instead of hand washing laundry.

        i played up the generator that someone else gave me after he found it in the garage of a house his son bought, it needed work and he tinkered with it and got it going, couldn’t sell it and didn’t need it so gave it to me (when i bought a table saw from his brother, needed a generator to run that, and i never used the table saw, its in the shop never having been used since the generator was such a hastle to keep running). i had it running sometimes but then it farted out and i couldn’t get it going anymore and decided it wasn’t worth the hastle and went back to hand laundry till i could get a better one.

        they thought the solar array would keep their refrigerator running and i told the how solar pannels work, my array can keep a single car battery charged, just enough for lights and an energy star laptop, they lost interest when they realized the pannels wouldn’t do them any good when they just wanted to keep their 72 inch tv working and the fridge and ligths, and video games.

        i have a second generator but its a tiny 1600 watt peak/surge one (1000 running watts) that i just use to supliment the solar array when the weather sucks (battery charger). they wanted something big to plug into their circut breakers generator plug (5000 watt or bigger), they asked how i keep my refrigerator running or a water heater, told them i don’t have any of those, easier to dispell their misunderstandings about what my system can do than argue with them all day, and they don’t bug me again when they think i am destitue (no refrigeration,no running water, just an outhouse, that barbaric!)

  10. 1) Do you grow or use elderberries? What are you favorite healing remedies? I tried growing them. Got a stem and had 28 starts in spring. Every single one died on transplant.
    2) Soon it will be tree tapping time. In addition to maple, do any of you tap other trees for syrup? I like tapping birch for the butterscotch flavor sap it produces. I’ve thought about it, but no trees to tap in my yard and I don’t think the neighbors would appreciate me climbing the fence to tap their Box Elders.
    3) Have you started to plot out your growing operation for this year? What new things are you most excited about adding?

    I gave in to the planting obsession. 13 sweet potato seeds, 5 chia and two cabbage went in the ground this week. Only two cabbage because those were my last seeds, but looking at them I’m guessing they won’t germinate. If they don’t I’ll go with broccoli.

    Also beets, carrots, and onions in the greenhouse. Tomato and pepper will go in the ground at the end of January if I have that much self control. Or next week if I don’t. I’m still trying to decide when to plant the potato seeds. Looking at the list of everything I’m planning to plant this year, I got a little overwhelmed. Most of it will have to wait simply because I don’t have room on the windowsill. But some will be plant-and-forget, letting it reseed itself for a year from now and go to weed.

    The plastic on the greenhouse roof appears to have brought the temps up far enough to easily maintain a 13 degree difference from the outside. If the same patterns continue I’ll be able to get into the mid teens before there’s any danger of freezing. I hope it works out that way. I was thinking of doing the sides but decided against it. 1) it would cut out too much sun, and 2) it would eliminate 1/4 of the waterwall.

    1. you could just ask the neighbors for perission to tap the box alder, for the most part people hate box alder and consider the a nussance/weed but leave them because there the only trees they have and they know its going to be nigh impossible to get rid of them and they just gave up. tapping doesn’t hurt the tree and the neighbors may give you permission just to see how it turns out.

  11. Ah, it’s a balmy 81 degrees outside here in north Florida. Wait, this is January, where is the cold? Climate change, no, weather. I remember planting potatoes wearing a tee shirt in 1975 at this time of year. The next year I was bundled up and the top of the rows were frozen. We had to wait until the afternoon before bringing the seed potatoes out from under the barn to keep them from freezing. At least it will not be cold tonight when I finish preparing my back deck. My sleeping disorder has me sleeping during the day time now. I have plenty of lights and will probably work until four or five am. This is a good time to clean out my garage. I plug my phone into some amplified speakers and play YouTube music.

    Tara’s questions:
    1. No
    2. I have thousands of pine trees, I don’t thinks pine sap is very tasty.
    3. Well, I have lots of plans. Park Seed has a sale where you get ten small seed packs for a dollar each. I got two orders so I will plant a few feet of each to see what grows best. I also have some long term storage “survival” seed packs. My wife suggested that I plant some to see if they grow. Those I like I will buy more of. Now is also the time to plant my orchard spot. I have room for dozens of trees. The question is what to plant and how many can I plant and take care of. My last citrus tress die from Citrus Greening so I am leery of spending hundreds of dollars for tree that might die.

    Four miles from me a grower has planted 80 acres of citrus trees. He put fine mesh white netting over the ones withing 50 ft of the drainage ditch. That was three years ago and now they have grown from knee high to head high and he took off the nets. I am thinking fruit trees that stay small but produce well. Nuts seem to be too little return for the space. I am in north Florida if anyone has any suggestions.

  12. Hi everyone,

    Worked OT yesterday, so slow start today. Have done 5 loads of clothes though. Next is dishes, and get my white beans with ham on the stove. Iron skillet cornbread will round out the meal. Yummm. It’s a nippy, cloudy day here. Storm passed through while I was at work. Came home to some things outside rearranged. Had prepped for it, so it could have been worse.

    Received the bucket of rice and pancake mix. Thanks Bam for the mention.

    Found a camo “shirt” at GW yesterday. Not sure if it’s a shirt or not. It has a zipper on the front, with velcro tabs, places to stick patches and lots of pockets. It may be a jacket. It fits well over my thin jacket. Also bought a new camo hat they had a few of.

    Not much else for prepping purchases this week, except I did buy some more seeds. Shoulder still hurting… I may end up having to get it looked at.

    Mailed TOP’s card. It sure is “quiet” without him…

    Tara’s questions:
    Do you grow or use elderberries? What are you favorite healing remedies? No, but want to. Bought some syrup, and capsules, have dried ones to make some up. Just haven’t yet.

    Soon it will be tree tapping time. In addition to maple, do any of you tap other trees for syrup? I like tapping birch for the butterscotch flavor sap it produces. No trees for tapping.

    Have you started to plot out your growing operation for this year? What new things are you most excited about adding? Yes, raised beds. Going to try planting more things, not so much of any one thing, and put up panels for the tomatoes, snow peas, cukes, so they are easier to work with and not laying on the ground.

    Thor’s questions:
    1. Do you think Iran will do terrorist attacks here? Ebola?
    1. Iran – nothing will surprise me.
    1a. Ebola – people have no clue. 25 strains now

    2. Are you unscathed after the big storm? See above
    3. Have you got the Flu this year? No
    4. Did you get a Flu shot? No

    Prayers for unspoken requests, healing, for The President and for America.

    Have a great week everyone.

    1. AT, i suggest.. plant all of boxes in snow peas. .. will only get one or two pickings off of them,( because of the heat) unless you are further north than i think you are…. when you get tomatoes and cukes put in a larger pot to get them thru early spring. Both will transplant..(.and if watered sufficiently will do well in spite of heat as long as they are not baked by the sun , like mine were last year..).. Tomatoes very well and cukes do not like roots being disturbed but i have been successful last 2 years moving some…that could be minimized via using Paper cups and tearing them away. you can improvise a drip watering system via a gallon jug , some pipe fittings to attach to the bottom and a small pc of water line or drip tape with small drilled holes spaced as your plants have need. Consult your brother…
      …. Needs a tight fitting lid to help regulate flow. would be a good way to feed plants from the bottom… I have been looking at these systems for small grow beds.. Last year we flooded until mid May, then had drought for weeks… so having a watering system in place so every drop can be used effectively really works…

      1. AT osider what companion plants you need to repel bugs. sage, oregano, basil are all possibilities to mask the smell of tomatoes and cukes..

    2. AT did you hear about the case in DALLAS lady from congo.?. Is the only one i have heard of here, but i am fairly sure more ,.(. none from the congo in our immediate area…that i know of.) just not reported… the first that will be broadly released will be the quarantine.Just my 2 c.

      1. AA,
        Thanks for all the info.

        Hadn’t heard about any cases recently… Goes to show ya… Did you read SQ’s Alert?

        I have a companion gardening book I need to study up on.

        I found this from Farmer’s Almanac handy… Did know some things should be started indoors and transplanted instead of planted in the ground from seed…


        1. AT, no will look for it.been listening to hodges. only can absorb so much. ice age farmer. adapt 2030 – Deep South Homestead.. Danny was on – Adapt 2030 this week is part of a several part series…. good listen on you tube…common sense and they know how to put it together for easy comprehension… I was thinking along same lines… but having difficulty explaining to others.

  13. Do you grow or use elderberries?;/b> Yes, i have two varieties- Wilder, and St. John. I plan on selling plants later, as well as making jam and wine.
    What are you favorite healing remedies? Elderberry, aloe, cinnamon, other herbs.
    Soon it will be tree tapping time. In addition to maple, do any of you tap other trees for syrup? No, and my two sugar maples will probably not be ready for tapping for another 20 years.
    Have you started to plot out your growing operation for this year? No, too much repair to do.
    What new things are you most excited about adding? Haven’t really thought about it.

  14. Those who garden: Note the volcanic activity that goes above 45K feet affects the global weather in COOLING. . the one in Phillipines- had an erruption to 55K and another one is expected.

    1. AA,

      Have you read the book “Dark Winter: How the sun is causing a 30-year cold spell”?

      I found it very interesting as the author says that low sunspot activity causes cold spells on earth, including full on ice ages. He admits earth has global warming spells, one of which has recently ended, but not caused by humans, but instead increased sunspot activity. All of this sunspot activity is cyclical and there are several cycles of varying length involved. The author believes we are going into a new mini-ice age that may be worse than the last one between 1400 and 1870.

      Along with the low sunspot activity causing low temps, it also causes increases in tectonic and volcanic activity due to changes in the earth’s magnetic composition. As you noted, large volcanic eruptions, with concomitant heavy ash loads high in the atmosphere, just adds to the cooling effect by blocking whatever heat the sun is providing.

      The author also states that the phony hysteria about tropical storms becoming more frequent and more powerful are nonsense as those types of storms require warm water to build and maintain their strength. Along with an atmospheric cooling period, the oceans will cool too and fail to provide the energy tropical cyclones require.

      I was and still am a non-believer in man-made climate changes. However, I do believe sunspot activity is capable of these changes.

      1. ZULU,
        I have not read that book yet…I have listened to DR Anita Bailey.. Her book is COLD TIMES, on interviews…w/ Ice Age Farmer…. Is on my want to read list along with .. Ted Koppels and a few others… Have not found them when i had $$$. More necessary to get daily/monthly needs and repairs completed….I have been following others, who have talked about it and the lessons they learned from it. BP earthwatch, Ice age farmer,Deep South Homestead, and other you tube channels. Since I am doing all I can…there is no need for me to add to my urgency… by rushing and purchasing it and several others i have not read.

        1. Hi AA,

          I check out books from the local library. The next one I am going to check out will be Atlas Shrugged, if they have it. They had One Second After, so maybe you would want to check them out.

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