What I Did To Prep This Week: January 19th – 25th 2020

Hello Pack. We had one heck of a prepping week. There is nothing better to test your preps than a short-term disaster situation. I KNEW that when I said out loud to myself and the Blue Heelers trailing along with me when out riding the fence line that it was such a glorious day that I had likely jinxed it.

Just a few short hours later we went from 70 degree weather in January to a storm that included some intensely high wind. I knew we would pay for the two straight days of warm weather and brief breaks in the rain, but really thought it would be a hard February or a few extra days of winter April.

There were several thousands of homes without power in our region of Appalachia for 24 hours. That is a short amount of time for most of us, but to an unprepared person on oxygen or without a woodstove or even a fireplace, it can feel like an eternity.

In my rural area, having not only a wood stove but a huge propane tank to fuel wall mount heaters and stoves is fairly commonplace. We were plenty warm, could cook, and keep our food from spoiling – we were sitting pretty, right?

Well, our most valued tribe member was out of commission, meaning our family had to figure everything out for ourselves. Since this was just a little seasonal storm, our entire tribe did not converge on our survival homestead, there was no need and they too were dealing with the same weather and outages.

Bobby caught this awful stomach bug that has been going around, and was sound asleep in bed when the power went out Saturday afternoon.

I saw no need in waking him and getting the generator going, and all of the other typical storm supplies out without him was a good dry run for how our immediate family would react on our own should something more serious happen.

It was also a great training exercise for the seven grandchildren who were here at the time, ranging from age two to a few days shy of 11 years old.

The first hiccup in our disaster routine came right at the beginning – getting the massive generator out. Never, ever, should the generator be blocked by anything, but oh it was. It took me five minutes to move a lot of heavy stuff on my own to be able to move it from just inside the garage door to the patio outside.

Bobby recently closed his office in town to semi-retire and work from home. Some of the teenagers in our tribe did the heavy lifting during the move, and piled some heavy oak cabinets in the path of the generator. Yes, there was cursing when I saw how blocked in the generator was.

I tasked a 20 something tribe member with starting the multi-fuel massive genie because he has never done it before. He passed with flying colors. I showed him where the emergency generator fuel was stored so he did not use the everyday farm fuel cans.

The grandchildren had to learn how to hook onto the generator and exactly how much power it would give. I had them prioritize what should be hooked up and for how long if anything needed to be rotated on and off – such as the multiple refrigerators and deep freezes.

Nothing was cooling in the butcher shop walk-in this weekend, but we went over that as well. Once there was a bit of free time, I read the children a book that included how pioneers built ice houses, and showed them the simple way we constructed one so the walk-in could be taken off grid as necessary. This turned into a whole science lesson about perishables, food storage temperatures, foodborne illness, and root cellars.

The older children had to figure out a way to transfer some 5-gallon jugs of water into the two houses without dropping and busting them – a great teamwork exercise.

We have a pond, creek, and a manual well dipper so we are set for long-term water in a SHTF scenario, but I had a major oops at the grocery store the night before.

I made the mistake of taking two children with me, and the cart got to overflowing so quickly I skipped getting the standard two cases of water.

Normally that would not have run us short on bottled water, but a lot of tribe members being over later for work details drained our supply a bit.

We had only two and a half cases of single bottles on hand – that is not a lot for drinking, cooking, and hand washing 11 people for a little over 24 hours. Prepping fail on my part.

The next issue in what should have been an easy roll out even without our fearless leader involved off grid bathroom issues. When the power went out I was running the washer and our daughter was bathing some of the kids at her cabin next door.

The well bladder and hot water tank was drained at the worst possible time. We can usually count on having multiple flushes in the commodes.

Now, in a long-term SHTF scenario, there are buckets set aside for gathering water from the hot tub, pond, and creek to use. The old diesel tractors can haul a trailer full of water buckets even if the inciting event is an EMP or no more store bought diesel fuel is available.

But, being just a day or so issue I did not think we needed to do all of that bucketing. Getting water to flush from the hot tub would have been an easy and short walk from the bathroom – if it did not have some type of issue with a heater line the day prior and we drained it to prepare for the service call.

I decided I would just get the composting toilet out of one of the campers and the potty bucket that has a fairly comfortable seat, out of the storage area by the butcher shop.

Having a stomach flu, I knew Bobby was going to need one all to himself. Well, who ever used the camper last did not drain the composting commode. It was way too heavy to move without being drained, and because it sat so long dirty needed a thorough disinfecting. Yep, there was more cursing, fellow preppers.

Ok, that left one shared bucket potty, which was not ideal at all since Bobby was sick. So, I went to the spot where it is stored and it was not there! Again I was wasting time moving stuff to find it and never did.

More cursing ensued. Bobby since found it not far from where it was supposed to be, but well hidden and in a spot that getting a ladder to easily – which I would have needed, was not feasible.

To take care of number two issues, I got a bucket with a lid and cut apart a cute decorative fairy wreath from the playroom because it was made with a foam pool noodle. I slid the noodle down the middle to create a slit that would fit around the bucket lid. I lined the bucket with two trash bags and put on my makeshift lid and bathroom issues were finally taken care of.

Those were a whole lot of stumbling blocks that never should have happened. I would not have believed that essential and even immediately needed preps would have been left dirty, blocked in, or moved from their assigned spot on our survival homestead, but they sure were.

I believe the tirade I went on will negate that from ever happening again in the future. We were among the last three properties in our county to get power back around dark on Sunday night.

I was at the barn selling two wethers when the power company finally rolled up our hill. The tree down on the power line had already been cut and removed before they got here, so the hardest part of their job was already done.

I hope your weekend went far smoother than mine, fellow preppers. But, I will put a positive spin on the whole ordeal because it is better to have found the mistakes during a simple storm rather than in a more critical situation.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. What has been your biggest prepping fail?
  2. When was the last time you had to put any of your preps to the test?
  3. Do you train for a disaster by removing any vital family or tribe members from the equation?

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    • Puppy put on a show nosing a tennis ball on the floor back and forth with my #2 Son rolling the ball to him. LOL cute. He also almost got hurt in a tree playing ball gun. Thank goodness he’s OK.

      I went to the doctors office for a regular appointment. With all the flu and corona virus’s going around, I wore an N95 mask and surgical gloves. I got strange looks apon entering by staff and patients. Some who were coughing and sneezing. The receptionist said she had been sick for 2 weeks and asked me if I was sick. I said no and I want to keep it that way. The Dr. Said what I did was very smart.

      Bought a box of 15 N95 masks
      Bought a box of surgical gloves.

      Bought 2 large plastic storage boxes at bogo free. These are great for storing freeze dried food in mylar bags.

      Pulled a bicep doing heavy curls so have been taking it easy.

      Freeze drying
      Freeze dried steaks, hamburger, chicken,mashed potatoes and green beans.

      Ate a spaghetti MRE for fun. Not bad

      Indoor garden
      Lettuce and spinach are doing great

      Outdoor garden
      Carrots and onions doing great

      Made a pandemic kit for the Jeep.

      Thor’s questions

      1. I asked this last week but are you more worried now about the Chinese corona virus?

      2. Do you think the Chinese Flu will gain traction in the US?

      3. Should we close all borders to all outside countries?

      4. Are you taking precautions against being infected and building up your immune system?

      5. What do you keep in your vehicle for survival?





      • Tara’s questions

        1.What has been your biggest prepping fail?
        2.When was the last time you had to put any of your preps to the test?
        3. Do you train for a disaster by removing any vital family or tribe members from the equation?

        1. No livestock as of yet, no effect.
        2. Used my Kodiak solar generator last power outage and ate an MRE this week.
        3. No, but good question.

      • Thor’s questions

        1. I asked this last week but are you more worried now about the Chinese corona virus?

        Worried? It depends on how you want to define worried. Concerned? Yeah, somewhat.

        2. Do you think the Chinese Flu will gain traction in the US?

        It seems to be showing up a little bit in a couple of places. We’ll have to see how it goes.

        3. Should we close all borders to all outside countries?

        No. China should, probably.

        4. Are you taking precautions against being infected and building up your immune system?

        I’m not taking any unusual precautions. I’m not wearing an N-95 and nitrile gloves yet (which is not a criticism of your doing so, especially since your doctor thinks it’s a good idea). I do have those items available as part of my routine preps. I spent enough time in Japan and Okinawa to not think wearing a mask around is unusual during cold and flu season. In fact, I’ve done it in Japan myself (mainly to keep from getting dirty looks in crowded places).

        As far as my immune system is concerned, it’s already compromised fighting off whatever crud I’ve enjoyed for the past week. I do take elderberry syrup.

        5. What do you keep in your vehicle for survival?

        Nothing special. I have a small first aid and trauma kit in the SUV, plus the vest I wear all of the time with my EDC stuff. I do live in a big city and survival stuff can be limited to what I have. My trauma kit is personally built, so it has the stuff I feel I might most need for a short time or for helping out at a car crash or something similar. I do not like buying pre-built medical kits as they rarely have what I want or believe I’ll need. The bag itself is another matter. There are some out there that are very good.

        • Tara,

          Thor1 works his preps hard during the week, no doubt. But on weekends after posting, he loves to keep the rest of us on our toes. 🙂

  1. It has been a regular week for us. DW and I are both fighting a cold and eating elderberry gummies daily but we will just have to wait it through.

    We are closely watching the news about the coronavirus from China. Atlanta airport is not that far from us and they are a central hub for flights coming in from overseas. We have a friend that depends on us to drop her off and help her with her luggage and then pick her back up and take her home after her trips to California to see her grandkids. I am not overly comfortable about taking her this time since she’ll be going out on the 2/15 which is just 3 weeks away. If this thing is still running wild we will all wear mask and bring along our gallon of hand sanitizer. Just one of the things we do for friends.

    We’ve been prepping the church a bit over the last week or so. We don’t have much in the way of outside lighting for the parking lot and the entrance to the mail lot is off a fairly busy road and it’s very dark and difficult the see the entrance. First I went and got a couple dozen reflectors on metal sticks from Home Depot and put them all long the entrance and on the way to it but, if you are coming from the opposite direction your head lights won’t reflect off them so I ordered some solar lights from Amazon and we put 16 of them along each side of the entrance driveway and while they don’t put out a lot of light, they do mark the way and will be of help if the power goes off so I could that as a prep. We also took stock of our on hand toilet paper and upped that by 20 extra industrial rolls. We are talking about handling water storage and have not come to a consensus yet. We have extra food on hand for the food pantry but not enough to sustain a crowd of a couple hundred in case something happens and we can’t get home during a service. More to consider and how to fund extra food is on the elder agenda. I’m not an elder so I just give suggestions, provide extra cash and gently guide them to my way of thinking.

    Am considering on rainwater catchement for stuff coming off the roof but am concerned about plastic barrels or even metal barrels half full of water freezing since we still have more cold weather to come. Would be interesting in hearing what you are doing in that arena.

    I am a member of an online group of outdoor traders where we swap stories, guns and anything else that strikes our fancy. The owner of the group, in celebration of our 10th year is setting up a gunshow for members and guest only in May. I have a table and will be selling some excess weapons (things outside my primary calibers and guns that I don’t like to shoot any longer) along with some silver, reloading stuff and maybe some excess knives. Being able to do that for the 20 dollar cost of the table and no tax or fees is a pretty good deal I think.

    The HAM bands still are not very good for long distance conversation and I’ve talked about all I’m going to talk with the local folks. So, nothing happening in the world of radio.

    That’s all for this week for me. I will probably go shopping at Harbor Freight in a little while to see what makes me smile.

    Have a good week. Pray for a quick end to this impeachment thing, an end to the corronavirus thing and peace world wide. Keep smiling, make them wonder what you are up to.


    p.s. I got extra solar lights to help light up the sides of our driveway. They aren’t lit in the morning when DW leaves for work, so I’ve picked up the pieces of 3 of them and moved the rest way on out of the way. DW didn’t even know she’d flattened them.

  2. Hello,

    Biggest prepping fail? No back up power. We’ve lost power here only once in eight years when an osprey nest atop a pole caught fire. I’d like to get a propane generator but I’m so punched out of Marxachusetts it’ll have to wait until we buy a house in Tennessee.
    During that outage, eight hours, I was able to get the family together and keep them focused on light and getting ice bags into the refrigerator from the gas station. Unity is key in an emergency.
    I hate to think about losing a family member in a SHTF situation. The boys are autistic. Mrs. Overwatch takes care of the inside world and I got the outside world.
    This week, I worked on the road but managed to get some PM’s in the form of Morgan dollars from 1921 and 9mm ammunition (1000 rds. 115 gr ball). I got some more shirts from Omar the tent maker too ( I’m a big guy). Stocked up on kibble for Eva. She’s getting big and she’s super protective of Mrs. Overwatch and the boys. Smart girl too.
    Cleaned the Glock 17 after a range trip. Very accurate piece. Ordered a DeSantis leather holster with a thumb break for it. I don’t trust tension screws.
    Talking to a broker in Tennessee. He can make my numbers work and get me prequalified soon.
    Doing a Trump 2020 standout this week too. Can’t wait.

  3. I did my low-carb grocery shopping this week. Added a little to my stash as usual. Did some weekly cooking.

    This has been a rather bad month for people that I know dying. First TOP, then my old Cub Scout (heart attack at 24), the wife of an old Air Guard unit member, #2 daughter’s first boyfriend (a suicide, sadly). Ah, well. We all have to go sometime.

    I spent last weekend and all of this week sick as a dog. A cold, I think. I had to skip babysitting granddaughter on Monday and Tuesday. I was a little concerned it might develop into pneumonia, but I missed that bullet it seems. I haven’t been this sick in years. I know I had the flu a few weeks ago, but that was a relatively mild case. This one was a butt-kicker. I’m still feeling sick, but whatever it is, it is going away. Just too slowly to make me happy. I haven’t started speaking Chinese, so its unlikely to be that crud from China.

    Thor1 has been all over that creeping crud from China. Most medical articles I read are not calling it a pandemic but are calling it an epidemic. We’ll see what goes on as far as the US is concerned.

    Received the Jackery 100-watt solar panel. Nice piece of electronics. But FedEx was supposed to deliver the power unit on Friday but didn’t. Their tracking now shows delivery on Monday. I am not amused. When I get it, I’m going to test it and see how many nights running my CPAP I can get out of it in one charge. Most reviews say 3-5 nights on one charge depending on the CPAP model and not using the humidifier and heating elements (which I don’t anyway). Of course, in a real power-out event, I would be solar charging the unit as much as possible every day.

    The weather has been wonky here. We had some pretty chilly days and nights for Florida, but things are improving a little into the 70s and high 60s daytime and mostly sunny. We did get a little rain, but nothing worth bragging, or complaining, about.

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. What has been your biggest prepping fail?

    Recently, since I started seriously prepping? None.

    2. When was the last time you had to put any of your preps to the test?

    A couple of years ago during hurricanes. Even then, they were relatively minor tests as I was without power for only a fairly short time, and I only had me to entertain. A battery powered AM/FM/WX radio, ham handi-talkies, and my library and Kindles took care of entertainment. Battery powered lanterns and headlamps took care of nighttime visibility issues. I only had to use my backup propane camp stove to cook one meal. Also had a couple of very short power outages that battery lanterns, headlamps, and Kindle couldn’t handle.

    3. Do you train for a disaster by removing any vital family or tribe members from the equation?

    That would be difficult since it’s only me to remove. However, it is an excellent idea for groups to do. We did that all of the time in the military and it can be an eye-opener, not to mention a great learning opportunity for the more junior leaders. It sounds like in your case, Tara, it wasn’t a huge problem as you were more than capable of sorting out the issues and getting them solved being already so familiar with your preps and how to make backups quickly. A pain in the patootie, yes, but more than controllable. Next time, you need to go snuggle up with Bobby and let someone else handle the problems. ?

    • I’m so sorry for Zulu, for your loss, suicide sucks, and I can’t even imagine dealing with that death, is hard enough when people, just die of natural causes, or know they are going to pass away. We had a family friend just pass away too and we can’t go to her funeral, it’s in California. I hate to wish death on anyone but I hoping my mother in law, goes peacefully, with her dementia.

      • mom of three,

        Thanks for the condolences. I didn’t know the boy very well, as #2 daughter was living with her mom in another town at the time. They had an amicable breakup a number of years ago, but #2 was still pretty upset.

        My mother had dementia for quite a few years. One of my sisters took charge of her care and did a fantastic job, as did her husband in helping out. Mom did go peacefully at the end and my sister was laying in bed with her at the time, so she did not go alone.

    • Z36, sorry for your losses.

      The Chinese Flu (CF) is much more serious than it is being reported. China doesn’t want to admit one of its bioweapons got out. The people you see in pictures wearing surgical masks are idiots. That just prevents a Dr./nurse from infecting a patient during surgery.

      I’m telling you this is serious. It mutates quickly…… Thus no vaccine……

      The Chinese are trying to blame the US for it.

      They are now dumping dirt for roadblocks on all roads out of Wuhan. Soldiers have orders to shoot anyone trying to escape.

      Its out of control………

      • Thor1, et al

        I have been thinking about this Chinese flu that is out and about. For the sake of argument, I am accepting that it was created as a bio-weapon and/or a population control device.

        What I find difficult to accept, however, is it seems to have escaped or been intentionally released from the only Class 4 bio-hazard research facility the Chinese have in operation (several more are under construction). Especially one located in a very large city of Han Chinese, furthermore located in a highly Han populated part of the country. As we are seeing, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is having a hell of a time controlling things. Not only the course of the disease, but movement of people, release of information, etc. If you were going to develop a bio-weapon/population control device of this magnitude, it doesn’t make sense to test it out in a large city, with multiple ingress and egress points, both by land and air. Particularly testing it in a city populated mostly by the largest ethnic group in the country (Han) and having your only Class 4 research facility. The CCP is not being pro-active, it is very much reactive, and poorly reactive at that.

        OK, having said that, what do I think is the danger to the US? Based on what little (and really it is only a little) information we have, it is hard to say how badly this could affect us. If this virus is as virulent as some say, we could be in line for a serious medical ass-kicking. How wide-spread? Way to early to say.

        Were I a Chinese CCP population killer going to develop something like this and wanted a large scale test, I’d want to test it on a group I didn’t like. For the Chinese this can mean the Uyghurs or some other Muslim ethnic minorities the Han don’t get along with well and already do mean things to. The main Uyghur cities are in the far western part of China and with a little planning, the CCP could have sealed off the area of the selected city with troops, cut off all communications, controlled the media information, and dropped their little bug bomb to see what happens under some semblance of scientific study the whole time.

        The way the bug was released was totally uncontrolled and impossible to properly watch and see how it propagates and mutates. The Chinese started off with a lot of people sick at once in the epicenter. So far, it seems we in the US have only a few known infections. Only time will tell. Take epidemic precautions if you want. Can’t hurt.

        Plus, if I were going to run a controlled test of something like this in China, I would not do it during the Chinese New Year. It is the most popular holiday in the country and even the CCP in their worst days, allowed it. Population control would be hideously difficult once folks started moving around the country to visit family. It is very similar to how we go visiting kin during Thanksgiving, only bigger.

        • Zulu 3-6:

          1. I agree that if this was a weapon, the release was not intentional.

          2. Not sure there is much more I can do at this time. We have supplies, etc. that will keep us out of the stores for a while.

          3. Glad I live in “fly-over” country. Plus with the current cold temps, this will help keep down the spread, at least from what I know about viruses.

          • Z36 and JP, this could be the UN depopulation agenda for 2030….it was supposed to be 2021…..hmmmm

            I’m glad we are talking about this but…….its bad !!!

          • AT:

            I’ll try again.

            Huey’s are UH-1 utility helicopters, been around since “Nam. Currently only used by USMC and some reserve units. The Ranger is a light observation helicopter. The only ones I know of are US Army.

            Of course they could be civilian.

          • Thanks JP.

            Does them flying as Thor mentioned mean anything? As in something to do with the Embassy in Iraq? On alert or something like that?

          • AT:

            Since I don’t know where he lives…Probably not. 4 helicopters could just be a flight training/formation mission. I doubt that it has anything to do with the Middle East.

  4. Tara, if you have the room, and extra jars, lids and rings, to water bath your own water, that way you have extras on hand and your not having to worry about grabbing water each time you go to town. I have 12, 1 gallon water in the plastic jugs, but I have around 3 gallons of water in jars, as soon as I use a jug, I replace it with four more QT jars of water, so I can stop buying so much of my water and I have a britta filter that I filter my city’s water through just a thought I know grabbing cases of water is way easier but for me the long run is not to worry about water and be able to recycle my jars, though I do need to stock up on canning lids.

    I just cleaned out my pantry and moved my food to the lazy Susan, I have a list on my phone for when I do shop I can grab stuff when I see it on sale, I started to get good out of the big freezer to eat and I don’t have a lot left so that’s good as well. I do have 6 gallons of water, I put into those 1 gallon water jugs, that I have frozen so that’s an extra area I have water stored.

    Question 1 Not having enough Cat food on hand this cat, is a huge eater because of her breed. Mainecoon

    Question 2 When hubby, lost his job and before we started our own Electrical Company 18 year’s ago this March. 2011, when hubby, had neck surgery we had to save and did a large Costco run before the surgery.
    Question 3 Its just the four of us, I would stay at my parents, to help them they still have the farm, we can hook our travel trailer and we have several ways to get there so no freeway driving. My family knows what I do and because I don’t talk about it all the time or make myself look crazy many of my family members are starting in baby steps to do better for their family.

  5. HI ALL ,,,,, ,,am hearing the virus is a GMO from a weapons lab that got away ,is airborne. Some times things backfire ,
    Are you ready to hunker down for two or three months,??????? Or will you just have to go to town for some thing you can’t live without ,??????
    Guess we will find out who the real prepper is ,
    When you have gridpower folks tend to get sloppy about there power situation,life is easy that way ,
    Remember one is none with generators too ,
    Cows are calling
    More later

  6. This Week’s Questions:

    1. What has been your biggest prepping fail? So far, we have not needed to touch our preps. But the time is coming!

    2. When was the last time you had to put any of your preps to the test? See above.

    3. Do you train for a disaster by removing any vital family or tribe members from the equation? Just the 2 of us, so no.

    This week….

    Not much really, although I stayed busy, continuing some projects that we started and still not finished.

    Vehicle maintenance: LOF, and replaced the oil sending unit. Done!

    “Hail and Farewell” dinner for our outgoing senior Teaching Leader of our Men’s Bible Study Fellowship Tuesday. Usually a 5-year term, he did it for 7+. He will be greatly missed.

    Supply Run (3!): ammo; Meprolight night sights on S&W 69; bucket lids; coffee; wheat; rice; canned chicken;

    Received: pet supplies; vitamins;

  7. Dh’s visit to doctor didn’t go well. His prostate is fine. It’s his bladder. When he was in the hospital for the heart attack they let his bladder get hyper-extended. (He peed out three liters of urine.) They have a second test scheduled for Tuesday. This one is invasive. They stick cameras and sensors in both exit-only openings to get a better understanding of what is going on. It will take up to three weeks to evaluate the findings. So more waiting.

    I really can’t say that I’ve ever had a major prepping fail. I live in Florida and we have hurricanes. I’ve always had extra food and water on hand–flashlights and extra batters and so forth–even back when I was in school. I guess that’s from being raised in a military family.

    I am keeping a close eye on the corona virus in China. There’s no way to trust the information provided by the Chinese government. I am actually surprised that China has taken aggressive steps to quarantine the outbreak. But even though the steps are fairly aggressive, they are much too late. Given the holiday, the virus will spread like wildfire. I am waiting for reliable information on the morbidity and mortality of the virus.

  8. What is worse then being lazy all of the time? Being lazy most of the time. Time is short, summer is coming and being in Florida that is soon. To get a head start….I got new mower! With this climate change thing my grass has not stopped growing but my old mower did. I have been babying that thing for 10 years. The compression relief is broken so the only way to start it was to open the hood and muscle the engine through the compression strokes so the starter could spin it. The fuel tank is cracked and water gets into it and I have to clean the carburetor to get to run. The right side tires go flat and have to pumped up every time I use it.

    The wife said the words every man wants to hear, get a new one. An hour later we were at Lowe’s to order one. Yesterday it arrived, a John Deere E130, 22 hp of mowing goodness. I am going to take very good care of this one. I will not leave it out in the rain. I will wash off the mower deck after every time I mow. Maybe it will last longer then the 20 years the last one did. It was a John Deere D111. I keep my machines a lone time. I have lived on the same land for over 48 years and ave had 3 mowers, a used Snapper rider, a John Deere 160, and the D111.

    With the removal of five large oaks my yard is now more then an acre. I told my wife I either have too much yard or not enough livestock. I did get a start on my projects. With a working mower I mowed everything and then decided to clean up the spot when i had my container plants last year. When it got hot I just abandoned it so the grass and weeds took over. I started moving the containers over to a mowed spot and raking up the one year ground cover I had used. I had to drag out two bags of compost and pull up the electric fence wire I had put up to keep out raccoons. I had got the garage mostly cleaned out and the things I want to keep stacked up the day before. I used my new mower to tow the Kubota up to the garage. I then pushed it the rest of the way in. Remember what I said about not being lazy all of the time? Now my back has a catch in it. No more work for the next two days.

    I did get a start on my summer garden. I have ten 12 cell seed starter trays sitting on heat mats in front of my west facing sliding glass door. Last year the strawberry plants I ordered came to late to make much and I just left them in the pots over the summer. Thirty of them survived so the other day there was a chance of frost so I moved them into my greenhouse. One even had a strawberry on it. In a few weeks I can move the back out and this time they will have enough time to make. As a bonus many of them had sent down runners to the ground. I got about 50 small plants to put some place. I just happened to have ordered a roll of plastic mulch. As soon as my back is up to it those will go into the garden.

    I am lucky my generator hooks up to the power pole panel my trailer hooks to. My new 9500 watt generator can pull the well pump and other needed loads at the same time. I have an aerator for my home water and can unplug the house supply pump and cross connect the well line and use both pressure tanks. That way I could have running water for a good while after the generator is turned off I am saving gas.

    What has been your biggest prepping fail? Not making sure my generator was ready before a hurricane. I had done something stupid with it. It did not seem damaged and worked for several years afterward. I even tested it with a small grinder and it worked. However after the storm when I hooked it to a larger load a capacitor that had been stressed blew out.

    When was the last time you had to put any of your preps to the test?
    Last year when maria threatened Florida. I filled all my gasoline containers, my 3 30 lb LPG tanks and my 50 gal LPG tank.

    Do you train for a disaster by removing any vital family or tribe members from the equation? NO

    So I just took time to catch up on other people’s comments. For me I will seriously start stocking up on food items this week. I have one neighbor 200 yds away and over a mile to the next one. Panic now, avoid the rush.

  9. Bam Bam ,,,,am hearing from sorses that thousands may have died , and died quickly , and was on the wire that US gov is removing all US personal on special airplanes from affected area ,don’t know how true but ,reports of people dieing in the streets ,
    Have seen report of 12,000 dead to as high as 18,000 dead and mass graves ,that info came out the back door ,expect to hear reports from all major cities in US , know folks from over there ,
    Got to wonder the how and why ,remember there is nothing to see here ,move along
    On Wednesday one case in US on Thursday two cases on Friday 64 cases in 11 different places ??????and in France too ,,,,wonder about things ,like China is having trouble feeding it people i know this for fact ,and Mao starved millions to death that he could not feed to retain control ,and as bonus clean out millions in the US and weaking a potential adversary ,,fight a war with out firing a shot ,in the days of Mao the ultimate goal was to rule the world ,i don’t think that has changed , my first wife was half Chinese ,real Chinese ,the time with her I learned some of how things are looked at ,thousands of years ago they were top dog and have never forgotten ,my comments are based on that ,
    ,,,,,interesting times ,
    So can you cut your self off from the outside world till this passes by ?my guess two or three months??remember no outside contact ,’0′ none ,not even a sick brother or sister ,,,,

    Some thing I haven’t seen in days is out the SUN , as in sunshine ,,,im out of here ,by

    • Old Homesteader,

      I haven’t heard any reports of thousands of people dying. With social media it would be difficult to cover up so many deaths. Think about the whistle blower in 2003 with SARS. I do think they are underestimating the number of infected and the number of deaths. We will know more in a few days.

      To answer your question, yes, we can shut the gate and be okay for the next two or three months. The only issue is prescription medication.

      • BAM BAM ,,,,,,,will stand by previous post ,,have been staying on this ,W.H.O.has projected 50k dead before it’s over , IF trend continues ,
        Story comminng out is bioweapons lab was using animal testing , dead test subjects were supposed to be incinerated,but some were taken for meat and sold in the public market ,,go figure ,,,first cases were tyed to the market ,

        Think back ,have you ever seen government panic like this before?
        Of course everything is fine ,nothing to see here ,move along,,
        I’m a high risk ,if things continue we will bug in ,
        This is not a act of God , in the usual sense ,
        A question for you ,,,,what are the four horsemen ? You know behold a pale horse,
        What is the mark on your door post ?
        Tea and chocolate

        • Old Homesteader Bam Bam and others,…
          This is posted tonight on another site… this is the complete post. except identity and site name….If you think this hasn’t gotten “REAL” read this one….. This IS the INSIDE scoop.

          01/27/2020 at 8:46 PM

          I have been talking with two friends in different parts of China today via WeChat. It seems this situation has grown well beyond the control of the CCP censors; they aren’t even trying anymore; they are hiding. I’ve got screenshots of local news over there which essentially corroborates what we are hearing in the US. That’s as novel as the virus itself.

          Our main factory is closed at least an additional week after LNY ends. That news came from my boss today. On Friday he was of the impression that a big deal was being made of it by the media. Something happened over the weekend which radically changed his mind.

  10. Some of you may remember me from about 6 years ago. I recently got an email from another prepper (also from the wolf pack) who sent me an article, she said was sent from Worrisome with this link:

    https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 Johns Hopkins won’t traffic in fear, they will deliver facts.

    Since I wanted to respond back to her, and had to type this long paragraph with big words, thought I’d send it far and wide rather than type it a bunch of times.

    If you haven’t bought it before, Herbal Antivirals by Stephen Harrod Buhner is an excellent book, and you NEED to include it into your medical library. On page 160 he talks about Elder and what is is good for.

    “The compounds in elder are particularly active against enveloped viruses. These include the influenza viruses, herpesviruses, pox viruses (shingles/chicken pox), hepatitis B and D, the flavivruses (West Nile, dengue, tick-borne encephalitis, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, and so on), coronaviruses (upper respiratory and GI tract infections and SARS), paramyxoviruses (mumps, measles, respiratory syncytial virus, parainfluenza), rhabdovviruses (vesicular stomatitis virus) bunyaviruses (hantavirus), filoviruses (Ebola, Marburg), and retroviruses (HIV). Various parts of the plant have been tested against some of the viruses in these groups and have been found active against them. Further, historical use in a number of cultures includes some of these categories. It seems as if the plant may in fact be a broad-spectrum antiviral for all enveloped viruses.

    • Elderberry tincture works by inhibiting the replication process of the virus. I looked at the graph in the link you posted. There’s a clear spike in number of cases. We don’t know if this is because the virus is spreading more rapidly or if they are doing a better job of monitoring–likely both. We still need to keep this in perspective. The flu kills more people each year than such novel viruses.

      The one thing that has me concerned, however, is the vast quarantine area–35 million is a lot of people.

      • Bam Bam, Do NOT forget this is a biological weapons lab with ties/ scientists kicked out of virus lab/in Canada. Virus’ vials stolen from the lab. This not a routine viral. is mutating quickly. Things we use as anti virals work. On other blog one who works in China said co workers confirmed this began in MID NOvember. Covered until it could not be smothered.
        Michele Got the message. Thanks for making the extra effort.to get the word out.

    • I learned so much from you and Bam Bam, over the year’s you two ladies, got me into doing my own tinctures, and growing herbs.

      • mom of three,

        I use the recipe for elderberry syrup and tincture I got from Bam Bam a couple of years ago. The syrup is very popular in my family, except for SIL who prefers the tincture in coffee or orange juice. Granddaughter does not hesitate to take the syrup when offered.

        Speaking of syrup, it’s time to make a new batch. I already have two-pounds of dried berries ready, but I won’t use all of that in one go.

    • Michele
      Sent the posting out as we discussed to those in my email & acdh’s(hubby). Order two of his books today so that I would have mine before they sold out.
      Delivered the message to our df ‘worrisome’, she probably will not see it until work tomorrow.
      Stay safe & well

      • BamBam
        Worrisome would probably post but she is working long hours at the business owned by family. She retired so she could retire.. which we laugh about. She is doing fine, staying out of trouble thank goodness. Her dog Hope is doing well from our last conversation, as is all the family.

        Will pass on your request for her post her on the new revised site.

  11. Good afternoon,
    I am feeling happy today because the clouds went away and the sun came out for a change. It is amazing how much a bright sunny day helps to improve one’s mood. I am really hoping for the ground to dry up a bit this week. Tired of tracking in mud and water.

    Didn’t do much this week, as I went with a friend to Cape Coral, Fla. last week and only got back this past Wednesday. I had never been to west Fla. before. It was very nice. Ann’s niece and husband drove us over to Ft. Myers to a bacon festival. We also spent a day at Sanibel Island. Last day there, it turned cold and was very windy, but back home again.

    1. My biggest prepping fail…’Check your equipment & preps periodically! I grabbed my camping gear when going out of town to spend weekend with friends only to find out my tent poles were not in the bag! Since this tent is part of my preps, I should have made sure everything was put away properly and all items together.

    2. Putting my preps to a test came a couple of winters ago when we lost electricity due to a big storm. It was miserably cold. I had an alternate heat source, but needed extra lantern fuel. Lesson learned.

    3. Nope. Just me, but I am trying to help my friend become a prepper. She’s willing, but needs to work on getting more skills.

    Regarding the Chinese Corona Virus, I’m not all that worried at the moment, but I am watching the handful of cases that have made it to U.S. soil. I think China would be wise to close their borders until they get handle on this virus. As for myself, I try to stay away from crowds (like the airport), and public places where their are lots of crowds. I have an issue with my lungs on a good day. If I get a bug and get sick, it usually leads to bronchitis, so I try to be smart.

    Take care of each other this week!

  12. Michele,,,, are you referring to Elder, the tree or Elderberry?

    I too believe that we are fed skewed numbers on infection in China. Governments tend to play down health issues historically. Whether by plan or accidentally the realities are devastating.
    Me, I ordered more nitrate gloves to join the ones I have and 100 more masks to join the ones I have. Remember that the mail carried the flu of 1911. If you stay home, self quarantined. Do not go to the mailbox.
    Tara, I read your post, life always looks crazy when in crisis. I have never seen a time when our expectations of well thought out survival protocol went off without a hitch. Yours read like mine would too. Hope you are having a better day now and Dan is on the mend.
    1. Find holes in my preps, sufficient fuels, till I switched to 55 gallon drums.
    2. During a power outage, I plumbed a second water supply from the gravity fed spring to a second shower head in bathroom.
    3. No

    Praying we are all sufficient to the upcoming challenges.

    • Yes, elderberries. To make the syrup take 1/2c dried elderberries (1c fresh) and add to 3 cups water. Bring to a boil, cover and reduce heat to simmer for 20 minutes. Strain our berries (reserving the liquid of course) and add 3/4 to 1 cup of sugar or honey. Keep refrigerated and take 1TBL per day as a preventative, or 1TBL every 4 hours at the first sign of a cold or flu.

      Children can take 1 tsp – but remember, it’s OK to take more, there is elderberry syrup for pancakes and elderberry jelly, etc. Everyone can take more than the listed dose HOWEVER, if you use honey, do not give it to babies under 1 year or someone with a compromised immune system.

      • Michele, does the sugar/honey get added to the drained-off liquid? Or to the drained berries? Or do you mix it all together – liquid, berries, sweetener?

        • Two Shoes
          The honey goes into the liquid you drain off. You will dispose of the berries, her recipe can be found on an old posting at Mr. Rawles pages, around Oct/Nov of last year. JIC you need to copy it.
          Usually do not mention any other places but since this is needed recipe is why I shared it.

        • TwoShoes,

          You add the sugar or honey to the liquid. You throw out the spent berries (or let them dry and feed them to the birds). Make sure you keep elderberry syrup in the frig. I prefer to make elderberry tincture–it’s easier and lasts much, much longer. Just add a cup or so dried elderberries to a quart jar and then top with 100 proof vodka. (The 100 proof is important–that means it has less water and so the elderberries won’t mold.) Shake the elderberry/vodka mixture once a day (or when you remember) and let sit for two weeks or so. Strain the elderberries and you have elderberry tincture. (This is actually the same way you make vanilla extract, except you use vanilla beans cut lengthwise.)

          • Lost my whole elderberry crop last year thanx to tent caterpillar infestation thru the whole neighborhood. Rats! All I have from previous year are 5 jars of juice in the freezer. And a bottle of Sambucol. I’ll have to check Wally’s tomorrow. At least I have plenty of honey, especially those 3 new bottles of local honey that I got for Christmas.

  13. This week I talked to several of my siblings about a pandemic plan for the family. I have five siblings within easy driving distance. I found out that two are far better prepared than I had thought, which is nice. If there’s a quarantine Dad and I will be making the rounds to the rest with a water barrel for them to fill and a week’s worth of food.

    1. What has been your biggest prepping fail? Don’t know yet.

    2. When was the last time you had to put any of your preps to the test? When Dad and I traveled to Kansas a few years ago to take my sister back home after Mom’s funeral. We ended up driving through a blizzard, were about 200 miles from my brother’s house and going maybe 5 miles an hour. We decided to pull over at a rest stop. Woke up to three feet of snow on the car, but I’m really glad we had those “unnecessary” sleeping bags!

    3. Do you train for a disaster by removing any vital family or tribe members from the equation? Nope

  14. I can envision the air around Tara’s head turning blue as she had to dig out the generator and the porta-potty! DH has turned our garage into an episode of “Hoarders.” It’s Job #1 when the weather gets warmer — EVERYTHING comes out, and we sort, sell, donate and discard.

    Last big survival episode, the power went out on Dec. 23, about four or five years ago. We were scheduled to meet family in a neighboring state for the holiday but had to stay home to keep the generator running so the pipes wouldn’t freeze. Luckily, the hotel manager where we were to stay was very understanding and didn’t ding us for missed nights. Power came back on around 4pm on Christmas Day, just after we got back from ordering Chinese food at a restaurant in the neighboring town (the restaurant was a madhouse, being one of the few open on the holiday). We made it through okay, thanks to the genny. Which reminds me, I need to have DH show me how to hook it up and get it started. Thanks for the reminder.

    Discovered a big hole in our preps recently, one I’m not sure how to resolve. We don’t eat much prepared food. I prefer to cook from scratch as much as possible. So, to test the storage theory, we spent a week eating from the canned goods stash, and really didn’t enjoy it. Actually felt kind of yucky at the end of the week. We have a lot of freeze-dried stuff stored up, but I’m not sure what to do with all this beefaroni, spam etc that’s about to expire. I guess I could make a “survival” meal one night a week, but it was really an eye-opener about how we eat in real life vs how we might be forced to eat if SHTF. I guess I’d eat anything if I were hungry enough, but one of the mantras of prep is, store what you eat, and we eat fresh. I guess I need to rethink my storage options.

    • Hello Two Shoes… I had to comment as I can relate to your storage theory. I also prefer scratch cooking as much as possible, to which is hard when one is attempting to prep food items (such as canned goods). While sustainable, canned goods often are loaded with sodium, yet I have canned goods in my stash. The problem for me comes in when ‘Use by date’ gets close, or has expired. I hate to spend money on food, only to lose it because it has expired, or just doesn’t taste great because fresh is better. I like the idea of one meal with prepped canned goods once a week, for sake of rotation/close to expire date. Think I will give that a try. I’ll add that in a SHTF situation, I would use all my food preps before I would do without (reason I continue to stock them).

    • TwoShoes,

      Your comments about cooking with stored foods was really funny to me – only because I discovered the same thing. Last summer, DH and I went camping in our new trailer. I took only fresh goat milk and eggs, and all the rest of the food came from our preps. The first night I made cream of chicken soup with some of my SOS and some chicken I had canned. That was yummy! I was totally baffled about the rest of the meals, and we ate some very marginal meals the rest of the time. I usually cook from scratch with fresh foods – and cooking from our preps was certainly an eye opener. As soon as I got back home, I looked for recipes for canned foods. I’m a bit more confident now – but next trip – well, we’ll see.

    • Complicating matters is that my husband’s doctor recently put him on a low-carb diet. Not no-carb, low carb, within a range of 20-30g carbs per meal. Wow, we split a small can of baked beans with ribs the other night, and today I looked at the label — serving size 1 (we split the can, which is enough for us), but it was something like 78 carbs for the whole can, so 39 carbs per serving. Ouch! That makes beefaroni and such even more problematic. I guess I need to step back and re-think this whole thing. As I said, if faced with starvation, we’d probably eat anything available, and I’m not a big fan of canned vegetables. But I could throw together a soup with canned beef and canned veg-all, with some tomatoes and barley. Hmmmmm.

      • TwoShoes, Same here . My Carbs are prescribed at 50 Gram/day …as veggies get close to expire i dehydrate ones that we prefer. we will eat string beans, tomatoes, corn from commercial canned. i took some beets and pickled 10 pints.
        We are eating 3 veggies a week from commercial canned and replacing w/ fresh of things we prefer. Spam can be sliced thin and served for breakfast meat. i coat in flour. brown/heat thoroughly. I am replacing with another product.
        Ravoli i drain dice and dehydrate .c an put hot water on and let sit til soft. Use fruit leather tray.
        We don’t like vegall /mixed veggies. I dehydrate frozen vegs for soups. A pint jar will hold many cans of green beans from commercial canned. About 2.5 lbs from frozen.goes a long way when making soups. Some of my veggies , are not bad but we would ONLY eat if starving. rotating out as chicken feed…in cornbread w/protein and calcium citrate.

    • TwoShoes
      While he teaching you the running phase of your generator also have him explain where and how to change the oil on your unit.

      Some of the generators do not have an oil filters, the oil will probably require changing more often then on with an oil filter. Have that specific oil set aside with the items for changing it. Better yet have him show you how it is done, or have you do it while he supervises.

      Write on a calendar as a reminder to run it for a few minutes to keep the battery charged.

      • Mari I had some fruit i lost in non tab opening cans… fruit cocktail mostly.. rotating out all of/ preparing a nother way… everything we do not currently use.. taste changes and diet changes,, . have been in cool dry storage, If not done soon they will be un- useable…some best use is animal feed. clearing to make room for currently needed/desired items. they were insurance for a significant time. when purchased we were using,

        • I’ve noticed that store-bought canned fruit, especially store brand, turns the fastest. Looking at those cans, it looks like inferior physical cans. Everything else I’ve bought, tended to last 2 years past exp date b4 losing flavor. In any case, I follow 1st in / 1st out.

  15. People, this if true is incredibly bad… R0 value of China Flu is 3.8, the Spanish Flu of 1918 was R0 1.8. The China Flu has more than 2X the infection rate……..?

    • Thor,

      I hope these numbers are wrong. An R0 factor over 1.5 with a 3 percent mortality rate . . .

      I think the guy in the link you posted is being a bit alarmist. We have no evidence that people are shedding the virus while asymptomatic. Here’s a link to a very well written article the virus.


      There is a report of a 10-year-old girl who tested positive for the virus but who did not have a fever. This case merits following. But we must first asked whether this was this a false positive? Was the girl actively shedding the virus? Those are two key questions we need answered before we can say people are contagious while asymptomatic. (This would be a novel feature for a corona virus–neither SARS nor MERS were contagious until after the onset of symptoms.)

    • Thor1,

      If the R0 rate stays at 3.8 that will not be a good thing – at all. But I believe, like in many things, a fast start does not reflect the probable long term rate. Remember, the R0 rate only reflects people infected by a particular disease and the potential spread rate, not the mortality rate.

      Also, comparing a current influenza strain to a different historical strain is like apples and oranges. Most of the time, the true killer from influenza is a secondary infection of bacterial pneumonia. There was no effective treatment for bacterial pneumonia in 1918 due to lack of antibiotics. Another secondary illness in 1918 was dehydration, and IV therapy was very much in it’s infancy then. So if the patient was not capable of maintaining their own airway, they weren’t capable of drinking fluids either. However, endotracheal tubes, ventilators, and IV fluids make a big difference these days, not to mention the antibiotics.

      These days as well, if someone is hospitalized with the flu, an IV for fluid therapy is one of the very first things done, followed by chest x-rays and blood workups for pneumonia and infection detection. These were not available in 1918.

      • Zulu,

        We also need to factor in that medical professionals in Wuhan didn’t know what they were dealing with for much of December. The symptoms of 2019nCOR could easily be mistaken for flu/pneumonia. Now that the news is out, nurses will get a travel history to go with the list of presenting symptoms. I doubt this virus will spread as readily in developed countries as it has in China. What is your take on this?

        • Bam Bam,

          I don’t think it will spread as rapidly in the developed world. The main reason is we got a bit of a heads-up. As you say, nurses will be adding travel to their workup histories, which also helps.

          Not all international airports are screening, and the ones that are, tend to use ineffective methods for this bug. Sure if a particular traveler has a fever they pickup on thermal imaging or hand-held thermometers, they might catch a few. But if the reports that this virus is infectious pre-symptomatic are true, temperature screening at travel hubs isn’t going to catch that many. Of course, doing something is better than doing nothing at all.

          The Michael Yon video I watched last night in which he summarizes a conversation he had with a Thai epidemiologist, the doctor says Chinese travelers have already learned some dirty tricks to reduce their fever if they have one, long enough to get through screening checkpoints. Yon says he knows what the tricks are, but won’t reveal it. People will have to figure it out on their own, if they can.

          Personally, I think travel from Asia, China in particular, needs to be cut off, period. Once things settle down and some reliable information is available, then perhaps travel restrictions can be eased. If US citizens get caught up and not able to get home, well, thems the breaks.

          I did read somewhere that some journalists tried to enter an area cut off by the CCP. The police officers politely told them they could go in, but would not be allowed to leave. Evidently, the CCP is not shooting everyone on sight trying to get in or out, unless they catch you trying to sneak out through unapproved egress points. They will simply turn you away if you try to get out through a normal egress point and do not have official permission.

          I trust nothing that comes out of WHO. I’d rather trust technical disease info from a Boy Scout with a first aid merit badge. The number one concern of WHO is how this is going to hurt world trade. That should not be their concern at all. But with all things UN, money is always the concern.

          • Z36,

            I heard that one of the confirmed cases in the US, flew to Mexico, and then to the US, so they aren’t catching everyone that could potentially spread the virus. I agree, they need to close all flights from China, and for at least the next 2-3 weeks, any flight that originated from China, but coming in from another country. Not sure how logistically these people could be tracked, but surely they can, just like there are people on the “no fly” list… I heard or read that there are around 1000 Americans there. Not sure if this is correct. These people will need to be quarantined for at least 2 weeks to make sure they don’t come down with anything.

            Also, I believe the death rate is much higher. There were many people falling out in the streets that were scooped up by the white suits. And with the morgues overloaded, I seriously doubt all these were tested before they were buried/cremated.

    • Thor1, IT is bad. anytime they shut down whole cities then the nations border …and people Doctors and scientists are dying from exposure and exhaustion it is horrific… described” as GRAVE situation” By Chinese head of state( did not catch which one if minister or XI ?. with the excavator work pictured i would not describe it that way.Could be taken literally.

  16. Picked up another 15 N95 masks, a few Tyvec suits, 100 pack of latex gloves and a few pairs of chemical rubber gloves.

    On a side note, my oldest son and his wife traveled from Boston to the Everglades for a week of fishing. They traveled through Logan and Ft Lauderdale on their way. The day after arriving, he come down with the flu. After a night of high fever he went to a local care facility where he was given IV fluids and then sent home. No questions as to his recent travel, no blood tests, etc. Just shows how few precautions are being taken….just in case.

    Stopped by Home Depot again today to pick up food for the birds and squirrels. Thought I’d check out the N95 mask stock. Same as yesterday! So far, no run on protective items here in VA Beach.

    • Aegis,

      Couple of reasons why those protective items are still there…

      1. People are still asleep
      2. People don’t go to brick and mortar anymore…

      I just checked Amazon, and sure enough, most N95’s are sold out… And not all N95’s are the same, and people need to know what size they wear…

        • I grabbed another 6 N95 plus 100 pk gloves yesterday at Harbor Freight. I haven’t checked for stock online, but I used to order a lot of such things from Magid Glove and Arbill. Just use those company names + .com for their websites.

  17. Hi everyone,

    Went to a soap making class yesterday with our prep group, and was catching up on all the news about food shortages and of course the corona virus…

    Today is another dreary day here, cold, and periods of slight rain, few snowflakes… Staying toasty warm inside. Evidently, my heat pump must of had issues for a while because it is keeping up so far, keeping it a toasty 68 degrees inside. Glad it is fixed so I can save my propane.

    Soap making class was fun, and learned it is fairly easy to make it. Of course, there are different oils that can be used, that I am sure affect the color and consistency, but the soap we made was by the hot method and it turned out great. Lemongrass essential oils were added. We all got some to take home from the batch the instructor had made the day before.

    Stopped at my favorite thrift store on the way home and found a few things. Lodge loaf pan, PVC pipe, a couple of really cool shot glasses, and a few more things.

    Went to TSC on Friday and found a few tools on clearance that I didn’t have like a pair of tin snips, 10 pk of scissors (can never have enough of those), pk of button batteries, and a few more things.

    So much going on with this coronavirus. Suggest you check out Steve Quayle alerts. It’s much worse than is being reported. With an incubation period of 14 days, and the experts (NOT) not closing our borders and all flights from China, it’s going to get worse over here. Russia has already closed their borders and any flights from China are banned. We should be wiser.

    I need to stock up on some more food.

    Tara’s questions:
    What has been your biggest prepping fail? That I don’t have everything in place yet.. Constantly working on all of them.
    When was the last time you had to put any of your preps to the test? I think flashlights would be mine. Finding them with dead batteries…
    Do you train for a disaster by removing any vital family or tribe members from the equation? I’m it… If I don’t know it or can do it, it will really be a disaster…

    Prayers for those needing healing, for unspoken needs, that we all stay well, for The President and for America.

    Wash your hands, wash your grocery carts, cover your sneeze into the crook of your elbow, cover your cough with a sleeve, try to stay away from people. Have a great week everyone.

    • AT,

      I have a bunch of N95 masks as part of my standard preps, plus tons of nitrile gloves (mostly for my medical preps). For the heck of it, I ordered 10 more N-95 masks. Since I have over 2,000 nitrile gloves, I gave a fresh order a pass right now. I also have a couple of pairs of goggles that are suitable for use. Also in my medical preps are a couple of Tyvek suits and splash shields. So unless I plan to open a pandemic hospital, I should be OK. I’m good for food and water for quite awhile, so I don’t even have to leave here if I don’t want to. However, at this point I’m still obligated to care for my granddaughter.

      • Z36,

        Heard that it’s spread quite a bit via eyes because most people forget to cover those. Any mucous membrane is a host. Goggles are a good thing to have. To clean them, do you have any of the heavy duty cleaner? There is a peroxide wipe/gallon jug out there called Optim1 that is a tuberculocidal, virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, and broad-spectrum non-food contact sanitizer, it doesn’t bleach your clothes and it dries quickly and without a film. Would consider buying some disposable goggles, impermeable isolation gowns. Would be good to have some pedialyte, ginger ale, sprite, crackers, chicken noodle soup on hand too. I need to get some more of the food stuff and some more disposable goggles. I have also heard there is a run on N95 masks.

        • AT,

          I already have some goggles suitable for protection of this sort along with the gloves, Tyvek suits, masks, and splash shields. I did some research on that Optim1 cleaner you mentioned and decided to order a gallon. It’s a bit expensive, but buying it by the gallon seems to be the most economical way to go. Also, one’s health shouldn’t ride on “cheapest.”

    • AT ,,,,,CHINA is now saying 1 to 14 days for transmission now ,day one you don’t have a clue your sick
      Talk of RO jumping to 7 or 8 ,,,virus may live on surfaces 96 hrs ,there is some question that common hand sanitizer are not effective ,,,,,,,,,,,,,saw that on Chinese TV an hour ago ,

      I do not speak Chinese but do understand it some and can read some of it , had a Chinese wife and girl friend for a time
      This is bad ,, we are not being told the truth,chinese New year’s celebration was canceled ,that’s more than a big thing ,

    • AT, price of N95 masks in China are up 700%….

      I have a great shot glass collection…. My favorite is Central Intoxication Agent…?

      The virus is way worse than most think……. I don’t scare easy……

      Captain Trips comes to mind……,

      • Many of the masks I see on people in the videos and pictures have on surgical masks. Does not protect…

        These shot glasses are pretty cool looking… says “BULLEIT Frontier Whiskey”. Only had 2 and I got both of them.

        Captain Trips must have been before my time. 🙂

          • AT, scary is an understatement….. Did you know China ran a drill one week before this showed up?

            Just a cover story for an actual event.

            Flight traffic is all over China, any of our airports are just checking temperatures and maybe coughs…… Money is more important than lives evidently or its the UN depopulation agenda.

          • Hi Thor1,

            Yes, been watching/reading all day for the most part.

            Yep, money. Factories closed over there.

            Did you read SQ’s update?

        • AT, Stephen King book, mini series…. The Stand… I read the book and watched the mini series. Excellent.

          I have another shot glass from Cape Canaveral….. Its a lunar shot….has an astronaut hanging on the side….. LOL

        • AT,

          Surgical masks do have some use. They help protect other people from your crud.

          There is some evidence that this Chinese flu is also spread through large respiratory droplets. The kind generated when you cough or sneeze. Small droplets are formed through normal breathing. Surgical masks do help keep large droplets under control, but the mask must be replaced frequently. Which leads to the question, if you are that sick, why in hell are you out in public?

          When I had the recent cold, I stayed inside for almost five days. Granted, I am retired and have more flexibility in my schedule than others, but I also skipped babysitting granddaughter for two of those days when I was the sickest.

          Some scientific studies are indicating that washing hands with plain soap and warm water does a much better disinfecting job than hand sanitizer.

          • Z36, you are correct sir. Surgical masks protect other people from you and hand sanitizer is alcohol based and has not much effect on viruses. Bacteria yes…..

          • Thor1, et al,

            This morning, after I went to the chiropractor, I started feeling crappier again. It got to the point where I had to cancel picking up granddaughter from school and go take a three-hour nap. I feel a little bit better.

            I can’t get a VA PCP appointment earlier than Thursday morning, If I don’t noticeably improve overnight, I’m going to an urgent care clinic #1 daughter recommends. I have the medical insurance to cover that. #1 daughter already made arraignments for granddaughter to go to school tomorrow (she normally doesn’t go on Tuesdays).

            At least I’m not feverish.

            I’m certain that I don’t have the new Chinese crud, just some old fashioned crud I probably haven’t had since I was a little kid, so my immunity is low.

    • THOR 1 ,I was just going to turn off the Lights and count sheep ,how much coincidence to all the going on , this will take the impeachment off the news and while we’re at it the china virus too ,,,,convenient ,will keep updating as I can ,,,,stay tunned.

    • Interestingly enough, 2 of the US’s most populated cities have a confirmed infected case. LA and Chicago. If New York gets one, its planned……

  18. Thor1, et al,

    I was watching a video by Michael Yon about the Chinese flu and how it is affecting Thailand. He’s back in Thailand now after spending several months reporting on the Hong Kong protests and riots.


    He spoke with a Thai doctor friend, who happens to be an epidemiologist. Thailand is a very popular tourist destination for Chinese. He is reporting that there are quite a few suspected Chinese flu patients who are Chinese, so much so that all of the hospital quarantine rooms in Bangkok are in full use. Now, if people go to their hotel rooms and report sick, or the hotel staff thinks they’re sick, the Thai government requires the hotel to turn the room into a epidemic room and the occupants are ordered to remain inside. There is a system worked out to safely deliver room service to those people. Up until today, all of the suspected patients, Chinese and Thai, are first generation, meaning they probably got the illness in China. The doctor and Thai government expect a large increase in second generation patients starting in the first or second week of February, and most of those will be Thai or people who were exposed in Thailand.

    This doctor actually goes to the hotels maintaining sick rooms to examine people. Most are not very sick, yet.

    This doctor says this disease has a very high likelihood of becoming a global pandemic due to ineffective border controls on the part of many countries, not just China and Thailand.

    He says the disease is causing more fatalities at this time (in China) to older people, 60+. The reason being is they have less effective respiratory systems due to their age. But that doesn’t mean younger people won’t start dying once the disease catches up to them and has a better chance of compromising them too.

    The doctor does say that N-95 masks are not necessary, but good quality surgical masks should be used. Also frequent hand-washing, a minimum of 20-seconds with soap and warm water, and keeping your hands away from your face.

    • Z36,

      希望你感觉好一点……..大声笑 ..

      Xīwàng nǐ gǎnjué hǎo yīdiǎn……Dàshēng xiào

      hope you feel better……LOL

    • Thanks for the update Z36. Good information.

      I would have no problem wearing a surgical mask…. They are way more comfortable. My issue with the surgical masks is that not everyone would wear one to protect ME from THEM. A friend of mine has a roommate that had the flu last week. I am positive my friend, nor the roommate, took the necessary precautions in her own home while helping her while she was sick. Now, she has type B. And she is a nurse. One would think that people would use precautions in their own home… But maybe not. I know I would.

      If I recall, I’ve seen the Chinese wear these a lot of the time because of air pollution, and would think nothing of wearing them, regular dress, but maybe I am making an assumption. Would this be correct?

      Here in the States, people wouldn’t do that unless mandated and then probably still wouldn’t unless policed.


      • AT,

        I’m not certain how much the Chinese like to wear surgical masks. I know that some do. However, I am much more familiar with the Japanese, and they wear masks during cold and flu season habitually, or whenever they themselves are ill. It is the highlight of poor manners to not wear a mask in public if you are sick, especially. I got into the habit of wearing a mask too during the cold and flu season. I didn’t get dirty looks that way.

  19. Anyone remember “The Stand”? What did US operatives do once it was realized there was no controlling CAPT Tripps? ….sent them to other countries to ensure no other counties survived if the US didn’t. With the current Wuhan virus creating so much havoc in China and decimating their economy while they are trying to compete with the US, could the virus be dispersed here just to ensure our economy suffers as well?

  20. Hi all!
    Tara, it seems you had things well in hand, consideriding Bobby was down for the count. I think our biggest issue would also be things not being where they should be (think shifting household as kids move in/out). We have had various reasons to use our preps thru the years (water/sewer being shut off due to blockage, thank goodness for camp potties!). Our biggest challenge has been rebuilding stores between job loss and the kids moving in/out. And I honestly could not even to begin thinking about doing this all without DH…we each have our ‘roles’, if you will. I have ‘learned’ how to run the gennie, but that’s ‘his’ job, that kind of thing.
    The coronavirus has me concerned. All the info shared here is appreciated. I am not in panic mode by any means, but have been diffusing essential oils, using my small crockpot with cinnamon, clove, bay leaf, rosemary (which I normally do during the winter anyhow, to add moisture to the house, plus all the healthful benefits). I work with the public, but wear gloves most of the time. Change them frequently, wash my hands often, and am using hand sanitizer more often that I normally do. Wearing a mask would be ‘wierd’ at this point, and goggles even stranger. Upping vitamin supplements, and taking my elderberry. What I haven’t seen anyone mention is Thieves vinegar or Fire Cider.
    My big concern is how to figure out when it is time to ‘pull the plug’ and quit interacting with society. We live paycheck to paycheck, DH has been laid off and just gotten back to work (so prepping has been put on the back burner for a bit). To top that off, our landlord just informed us he wants to sell our house this spring (so I can’t put in the garden I wanted to, it will be all containers this year) (The upside is, this forces us to downsize/get our preps in better order)(Sure wish I had TOP to bounce this all off of)
    Love and prayers for all!

  21. People, here is a thought…. We know of at least one infected person in California that caught a connecting flight in Mexico. What if he infected immigrants who are trying to cross the border? The perfect storm. Trump needs and now has the absolute authority to close the border.

  22. And now for something completely different:

    The county I used to live in here in Florida (Putnam) just declared themselves a 2A sanctuary county last night. I’m not surprised. Funny thing is the county politicians are mostly Democrats. More like DINOs. I knew the last sheriff pretty well. He flat out told me the only reason he was a registered Democrat was he couldn’t get elected sheriff otherwise. Everything he did in two terms was conservative. He would have been elected to a third term, but he decided he had enough of police work and politics. Funny county. Local politics are Democrat, but federal politics are Republican.

    However, the county I live in now (Orange) is more likely to declare themselves an anti-2A county if they could get away with it. A former police chief of Orlando is one of the Dems impeachment managers right now (Val Demings). Her husband is the current Orange County mayor and the immediate past sheriff.

    Florida is a weird state.

      • Thor1,

        I didn’t feel anything, but then I was taking a nap at the time. #1 daughter, however, said she felt it at work, but no one else did. She said it was a weird vibration in her right foot and for some reason she looked at her watch. Turned out to be the same time the quake happened when she saw the news.

        I sent her the link for the Beach Boys “Good Vibrations.” Yes, my whole family is full of smart asses, including granddaughter.

        • 乙36

          Thats what makes the world go round. Its better than being a dumb a$$..LOL

          乙 (Thats Chinese for Z) I heard its utter chaos in China. People fighting for food and masks.

          Trying to escape quarantine by river, DR’s being shot for releasing info. People attacking police. Its bad.

          • Thor1,

            I can’t really see the CCP shooting doctors out of hand for speaking out of turn. I can see them locking them up. They need all the docs they can get. They’ll shoot them later.

            I can see people going into panic mode though. Especially at the lack of food, followed by lack of masks (which really won’t do a whole lot of good now). The great unwashed fighting police makes sense too. But, realistically, it won’t do any good in the long run. The cops can’t magic food and masks or a miracle cure. But I suppose they are the most easily reached symbol of the government.

          • Thor1,

            That’s true. I suspect there may be more fatalities from food riots than from the flu. Food riots can be worse than riots by any other cause.

  23. Just read that Netflex has a series called ” Pandemic”,
    Released at same time as Coronavirus revealed. This is being sponsored by Obama, Soros and Gates.
    So much to read out there, where is truth?

    • I’d like to know how many Chinese left Wuhan and headed to US casinos. Many Chinese come here to Vegas, Philly, and Atlantic City. I’m concerned as I’m close to the last two, and I know that many fly into JFK and end up down here. Thousands of people in my area work at the casinos. If any cases pop up in my area, our house gets locked down and I don’t give a hoot how p-o’d the other half gets. I do know two head nurses close by and I’ll no doubt hear something.

  24. 1) What has been your biggest prepping fail? Electronics. Have various lights (& candles), batteries, chargers, solar charger, but the stupid portable radio is junk.

    2) When was the last time you had to put any of your preps to the test? A few years ago around 4th of July when we lost power for a week due to derrechio.

    3) Do you train for a disaster by removing any vital family or tribe members from the equation? No, it’s only the 2 of us. I’m the prepared one.

  25. Thor’s questions
    1. I asked this last week but are you more worried now about the Chinese corona virus? Somewhat more so, but waiting to get more details.

    2. Do you think the Chinese Flu will gain traction in the US? I’d bet on more cases, especially with how many came in from China and headed for cities and casinos.

    3. Should we close all borders to all outside countries? Only if the virus cases increase or proves to be truly nasty.

    4. Are you taking precautions against being infected and building up your immune system? I’m in NJ and lots of people around here travel to work at casinos in Philly or Atlantic City. I have some masks and plenty of vinyl gloves. Good on scripts for quite some time. Somewhat good on food for awhile (ha ha, the other half might have to eat some beans or lentils). Have some elderberry. I’m doing some shopping tomorrow. Due to meds & infusions, I only have underlying immunity. If virus hits around here, the doors get shut and we go into lockdown whether the other half likes it or not.

    5. What do you keep in your vehicle for survival? An empty backpack, a large fleece blanket, a medium stadium blanket (water resistant on one side). Everything else disappears whenever the other half touches my car.

  26. Just read several accounts of coronavirus origins, thru tainted meat and snake meat. Which jogged my memory. While teaching at a seminary in Mexico, a few years ago, I had studied what I was teaching for the day, had my second cup of coffee since 4AM, I heard screaming and seminary students, whose turn it was to cook for us in the kitchen that week ( they took turns cooking); all screaming and running out the kitchen door. I ran to them and went into the kitchen to see what was wrong. There on the kitchen floor was a huge snake ( bigger than any in my state). Being a farm girl, I looked around for a way to kill it. All I saw was a broom to hold it down and the biggest butcher knife to kill it, so I did. Cut off it’s head.
    Then I stood there watching it die and grabbed by the tail and drug it outside.
    Things I learned in 3rd world countries, get rid of it, or it could be the mystery meat in your rice and beans for supper
    Drug it down the road and hid it in a ditch.
    Poor folks view any available meat as edible. That is what we are seeing in China.

  27. 100% confirmed The Flu is a bioweapon made in China. Basically a combination of swine flu ad SARS. It can live on surfaces for up to 28 days. 15% mortality rate and an 83% infection rate. If you do not have high end hospital care the mortality rate increases to 65-70%. At the end it will turn hemorrhagic…

    Some of this may explain why pigs were dying in China 66%….

    Pandora’s box has been opened. The perfect bioweapon.

    It almost seems like they tried to incorporate Ebola into it too.

    • elderberry is effective against both of those… preventative dose daily. .. will be our preference. rural. is a good thing…

        • Thor1,

          A Global Emergency! Really! What makes them say that?

          Chine is the big hero in this too? Wow!

          Please note the extensive use of sarcasm.

          • Just saw a meme: “Are you worried about the Wuhan virus? No, it won’t last long – it’s made in China.”

          • Z36 and all, something nobody is taking about,.. Imports from China and the Kung Flu. If the virus can live on a surface for up to 28 days and you just bought a new TV or whatever and brought it in your house are you now infected?

            Scary thought but true.

            Wow, if other people think about this China’s economy is toast.

            Shipping containers………

          • Thor1,

            Of course, that assumes at least one of the factory workers, dockyard folks, customs officers, etc, was infected. Plus a lot of stuff from China comes across by slow boat too, not to mention time possibly spent in a packed shipping container before being loaded on the ship (via a container crane).

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