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pygmy goat

Hello Pack, I hope you all have had a productive week of prepping. It has been bitterly cold here in my part of Appalachia – the payback for unseasonably warm temperatures has begun.

Every time I head down to my barn I am either sliding on ice or getting stuck in the mud as the temperature hovers just below and just above freezing.

Our newest doe, Dolly, is FINALLY finding her place in the herd. My three-legged one-eared nanny goat Pearl has stopped ramming her at feed time – so I no longer have to put Dolly in the back of the side-by-side ATV to feed her.

I doubt she and Pearl will every be chummy, but at least the sneak attacks have stopped. It is amazing to see the speed and power my physically challenged Nigerian Dwarf goat actually has when she is determined to get her in the herd.

This week I did some bargain preps shopping on the online auction website that I have mentioned to y’all before. One of my most unusual and exciting finds this week was a manual shoe repair device.

I scored the handy dandy tool that will repair shoes, tack, bags, and belts for less than $4.00 – it sells for about $158.00 on Amazon.

I also bought two dehydrators labeled as “open box” for about $1. They will probably not work, and were returns to a store for just that reason, but I only wanted them for the trays.

I do a lot of solar dehydrator and even indoor drying near our woodstove, and the stackable dehydrator trays are excellent for that purpose.

I have spent a lot of time tending to our indoor seed growing for our garden. When the seed catalogs arrive in the mail it is such an exciting time. My granddaughter, Auddie, usually snags them first and delves through each page with her nearly 4-year-old mind all excited about the plants we can grow.

I made my husband shake his head when I purchased some plantain and purslane seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds this week.

I must admit that buying something that grows wild here and most people wrongfully consider merely a weed, did feel kind of wrong. But, the goats and horses always beat me to a large portion of both plantain and purslane and they are prime ingredients for many herbal remedies I use – and I like to dehydrate some to put up with our shelf-stable food stores, as well.

Also on my seed orders were several different types of peppers so I can try my hand and making my own paprika. I am not a fan of peppers, but in the past two years I have used paprika more and more. It is not necessarily my favorite medicinal spice, but it is definitely up near the top.

We are still eagerly awaiting the temperature to rise in a couple of weeks so we can do some maple tree tapping. Other than some fence mending and work on our private farm road to keep it passable to 4-wheel drive vehicles, that is about all the prepping we accomplished this week. Well, that and some pro-Second Amendment activism, that is.

This past week our Ohio county considered a Second Amendment Sanctuary declaration that a group my husband is involved in. There was a large crowd that showed up at the courthouse to present the commissioners with the declaration – which our local sheriff fully supports.

Tomorrow we go back to the courthouse again for a vote on the resolution after the county prosecutor submits here amendments to it. It might be a cause for celebration or a cause for frustration, and more pressure to get the resolution passed, depending upon what the Democrat elected official chose to amend.

It is an election year, and her seat is up in a primarily Republican and conservation “country Democrat” county, so it would be in her best interest at the voting box not to behave like a liberal.

On another Second Amendment related note, I was very proud of all the patriots that showed up at Lobby Day in Virginia, they did our country proud.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. How is the weather in your area impacting your winter time preps?
  2. Have your ever intentionally grown “weeds”, and why?
  3. Do you infuse more spices into your food or stockpile them, for their respective possible healing properties? If so, which ones and how do you use them?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?
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Tara Dodrill is a homesteading and survival journalist and author. She lives on a small ranch with her family in Appalachia. She has been both a host and frequent guest on preparedness radio shows. In addition to the publication of her first book, 'Power Grid Down: How to Prepare, Survive, and Thrive after the Lights go Out', Dodrill also travels to offer prepping tips and hands-on training and survival camps and expos.
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152 thoughts on “WHAT I DID TO PREP THIS WEEK: JAN 26TH – FEB 1ST 2020

  1. Good morning!
    I have been busy this week getting repairs done to my house that have been put off for awhile. Odds and ends. Weather nice enough to clean yard. Trees think it is spring. Hope everyone else has had a good week.

    1. Jean:

      What did you do to poor Thor1. His ego might get severely bruised if someone gets here 1st. Must have taken the morning off; puppy training or something.

  2. I am sooooo glad that all these impeachment hearings are over. Talk about a waste of taxpayer money. Wonder what the total tab will be? I still find it odd that Polosi took the documents home with her for the holidays. I think that was her Christmas present to herself.
    The only thing that has kept me from outside prepping this winter has been all the rain! Usually, in Georgia, our winters are mild and I can get a lot done. Hate all the mush and mud! I do stock quite a few spice preps. I use them a lot in cooking. I also grow and dry fresh herbs.
    Preps this week have been to more canned goods to my stockpile. I made two batches of vegetable beef soup to eat, freeze and can. Also ordered another box of N95 masks. They were hard to get on Amazon with all this Corona virus outbreak.
    Stay safe this week. Love all you!
    Prayers to all of you this week.

    1. Jean:

      I too am going to be glad when this phase of the “Cancel the election results – get Trump out of office at any cost (even looking very partisan and unintelligent)” is over.

      1. Dont be surprised if the dims come up with something else. It ain’t over til a certain female politician is out of office.

        1. Babycatcher:

          The only thing that surprises me anymore it the level of stupidity that they assume of the American people. I’m not impressed, nor will there be an end to it until 2024 (IMO).

          Pols are only concerned with their continued survival/thriving. It is only my opinion, but it is self-evident to me.

          1. I would love nothing more than than the Repubs take back the house for the next 4 years and keep the Senate for the next 4 years… Then, they better get their butt in gear and their act together, and Katy bar the door in getting stuff done. NO EXCUSES.

        2. BC,

          I’m worried about low life Alexander voting to convict… He’s such a scum bag. Glad he will be gone soon. He’s done absolutely nothing for a very long time. Also, the other Republican from Alaska. If they vote to convict, it’s all over.. I don’t trust them one bit. I don’t think they will allow Hitlary back in.

  3. This Week’s Questions:

    1. How is the weather in your area impacting your winter time preps? Like normal; except for inside starts and stuff, nothing is going outside. True Winter has not hit us yet. Last year February was a mess.

    2. Have your ever intentionally grown “weeds”, and why? Nope.

    3. Do you infuse more spices into your food or stockpile them, for their respective possible healing properties? If so, which ones and how do you use them? Just elderberries.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well, since you asked…

    DW wants to cut the cable, and see what we can do without “regular” TV. I’m all for it. I told her if we can cut $100/month out of that budget it would be a big help. We have a satellite radio subscription we use when traveling that is getting daily use in the evenings (tired of the “shock” news with no substance), even sports has gotten into politics. And local/broadcast radio is just as bad.

    The grocery was clearing out some of their misc. teas so we grabbed and vacuum sealed a batch for storage.

    Moved more food into our “off-site” area. This “prepping lunacy” that we have been involved in for a number of years are looking better and better. We are watching but not panicked by what is going on; no so with some others who are just beginning to learn addition.

    We ordered a Mother Earth News Organic Elderberry Tincture Kit to try out (before the China issue). Good timing, although we have several bags of organic elderberries on hand.

    DW’s experiment at making yogurt in her One Pot seems to have worked out well (I don’t eat it, so I wouldn’t know personally).

    Supply Run: Tea bags; OTC Cold & Flu meds updated; CPAP Supplies;

    Received: MEN Organic Elderberry Tincture Kit; more AR parts; speed loaders; sling; small part zip-lock bags.

    1. JP the house I recently moved to is only about 700 square feet so am thinking about keeping a small storage unit for some of the overflow items. Things like the ladder, some tools and boxes marked grandma’s clothes and dishes. But since it would have to be off-site by about a mile I still haven’t made up my mind. Storing under the house isn’t really a good idea as it is gravel and I live in a very humid area. Do you think this is a viable solution or should I try something else.

      1. Suzy q would your storage unit be one of those metal kind like ‘Public Storage’ that you rent monthly. Or would it be something metal, or wood built either brought out To, carried onto your property. Reason being, it would be nice to have it close to the house so that you can run electricity to the unit. That way, on humid days, you could run a humidifier if needed. In my storage unit, constructed on site, I made sure water runoff was away from building, and I also insulated mine with R-13 for just the reason you stated, to keep humidity at bay. What you don’t want is any tools not aluminum to to rust and/or any wood items to mold. Humidifier and insulation helped gravely. You will also need some type of ventilation to circulate air. Best of luck!

      2. Suzy q:

        I am currently using an off-site storage shed rental for stuff as we remodel and rework storage. My site is more than a mile, so I don’t keep stuff I might need for quick repairs. My house is 1100 sq ft but I tell people I keep about 7500 sq ft of junk in it; seats 5 sleeps 3.

        1. PJ,,SUZY,,,,,we too suffer from storage over load ,,,our cabin is about 800 sf we have two chairs and a bed ,a desk with stuff ,a table with stuff ,and boxes and boxes of things we might need some day and let’s not for get the electronic cattle scale equipment , the kitchen is the living room as is the bed room as is the sewing room ,the bathroom is in the back room again more boxes ,we have 4. 20ft shipping cans and 2 8ft cans for over flow. DW just this morning was saying how much she would like more storage space so that I could have the use of the cattle trailers (have 2) and a16 ft you haul type box trailer ,,stuff ,stuff stuff ,
          Most of this winter so far has been spent sortting what to move to the new ranch 375 miles away ,,
          DO I (WE) REALY NEED THIS?????????BUT that’s from so and so on our anniversary way back when , you do remember don’t you ,,,,,,”yes dear” or that’s from when I went mountain climbing ,”50 yrs ago”.. “Really” or that’s my helmet from nam ,,,ok ok let’s just take it all and worry about it later ,,,,,
          Stuff , Stuff and more stuff
          The prepper delima ,,

          makes me smile.

          1. suzyq, 0ldhomsteader,

            It’s a disease called “stuffitis”. For folks like us, it is gold… 🙂

            I am still going thru all the “stuff” though and selling off, donating or throwing away all the non-prep stuff, so I can to buy more preps… 🙂 30 years of “stuff” though does take a while…

          2. It’s unfortunate in one way that the house is in a park so I can’t really add a garage but I may be able to put in a storage shed at some point. There is little storage in the house itself. Currently things are stored in a storage unit a couple miles away in a second story unit with access between 8:30 and 5:30 Monday thru Saturday. Sundays and holiday they are closed. There is an outfit about a mile away that would be accessible at all times.
            It has been interesting going thru things and consolidating.

    2. JP,

      We cut the cord years ago. We use my son’s Netflix account. I have Amazon Prime and a Hulu account. We can watch pretty much anything we want. During college football season I will add Hulu live. But that’s about it. We really don’t watch live TV.

  4. I did my low-carb grocery shopping this week. Added a little to my stash as usual. Did some weekly cooking.

    I finally got delivery of that Jackery 516W power station on Monday. I charged it up to 100% and started testing how long I could run my CPAP on one charge. Three full nights (not using the dehumidifier or heating elements). I could probably get another half night out of what was left (22% charge). One of those nights was an 11-hour, so maybe four 8-hour nights. Not too bad. The reviews had it going between 3-5 nights depending on CPAP model. Of course, as I mentioned last week, in a real power-out situation, I would be solar charging the unit daily as much as possible.

    Also finally got shed of that cold or flu, whatever it was. I still have some minor post-nasal drip coughs. Just in time to catch the Kung flu. 😊

    I love spreading conspiracy theories (not). But I read that the actual release of the Kung Flu may have been caused by low-level cleanup workers at the bio-lab, selling dead test animals to the meat market in town. The Chinese government doesn’t pay those kinds of workers beans, so I’m sure they were looking for a way to make an extra yuan or two. Either they had no clue what they were dealing with, or if they did, probably believed the blather about the animals being infected with a deadly and virulent disease was just more CCP bullcrap. Jokes on them, I guess. Investigators will probably find Patient Zero in among them if that was the cause.

    I watched part of a WHO presser. Evidently they want us to think China is a hero in all of this, somehow, because they have put such stringent quarantines of some of the more infected areas. I think China is quarantining those areas to keep it away from Beijing and the ruling CCP elite. While Han Chinese wouldn’t be their first intentional target, if it’s between the great unwashed Han and the CCP elite, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who will be protected the most.

    Granddaughter has been doing well. She told me she was happy I wasn’t sick anymore. 😊

    Weather around here has been marginally OK. Temps in the 60s, mostly sunny. However, it is raining this morning. No monsoon type rains, just a grass watering kind.

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. How is the weather in your area impacting your winter time preps?

    No impact for me.

    2. Have your ever intentionally grown “weeds”, and why?


    3. Do you infuse more spices into your food or stockpile them, for their respective possible healing properties? If so, which ones and how do you use them?

    No, I don’t do this.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    1. Zulu 3-6:

      I was, just this morning, thinking along similar lines. That this was an accidental “discharge”. The worker selling dead animals to the meat market idea fits nicely.

      1. Z,,,JP ,,,,,, I posted that very thing last week ,yes I have inside info ,,,,dead lab animals in meat market,,,just saw that the fire excape doors are being welded closed in apartment buildings to lock people in ,saw phone vid of it ,,,and that dead are being left to rot in there apartment. Heat is off to cool down and help the smell ,am told no food or water in some buildings ,
        Word is leaking out ,very grim ,,,what I posted last week is spot on ,,,

        1. All, heard China threatened people with 3 to 7 years in jail for posting stuff. Only a matter of time before their net and cellphones are shutdown.

          Heard doctors were being threatened and even shot.

        2. 0ldhomsteader:

          Sounds like fun over there. Glad I live in fly-over country! (I must have missed your comment. Probably why I was thinking along those lines, though.)

    2. My suspicion is that this is a bio weapon, accidentally (?) released. I don’t believe in coincidence. They want to reduce the world population by 90% as part of Agenda 2030. My stock in a company producing PPE has more than doubled.

      1. Overwatch, Thor1 and others interested- a friend who has more timethan i do to keep up with this stuff sent me this article, it has references after it, if you are wanting more info. China is landstarved, believe it or not. They have been buying land and starting businesses in Africa. They want America to feed its people. You watch.
        This oughta be interesting. Most Americans have forgotten that China is a Communist Country!! They should have NEVER been given Favored Nation Status.

    3. Z36, glad you and the little one is feeling better.

      Take Kung Flu lessons….. When you can snatch this corona from my hand it will be time for you to go…LOL

      Hey these elderberry gummies are good. Preventive defense….

      “Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries”

      Who do you think will win the Superbowl?

      1. Thor1,

        I have no idea who is even playing in the Super Bowl. Until the NFL makes it mandatory for all players to stand for the National Anthem (and with significant penalties for not doing so to both player and team), I won’t watch NFL games.

        I’ve generally liked college football better anyway.

  5. Good morning,

    The weather being as mild as it has been is saving our oil. It also enables me to get on the road and work more, which has now resulted in my getting more territory. This will get us to Tennessee more quickly.

    I guess I deliberately grow weeds. The front lawn (15’x55’ behind a privet hedge) is all plantains. I haven’t had to use them but I deliberately keep them there.

    We keep spices we use. I’ve found them to be cheaper in the ethnic section of the market. You need them to get through the monotony of long term storage foods.

    This week I’ve been working like crazy. We had a Republican Town Committee meeting and one of our number will run for Selectman. He’s a real conservative as we all are. I don’t allow moderates. We need such a voice to counter our local socialists, who seem to be in disarray.

    Today I’m going to our LGS to buy a Ruger PC9 carbine (takes Glock mags, which I have a dozen preban). I’ll also get 1000 rounds of Sellier & Bellot 115 grain 9mm. It’s on sale. If the coin shop is open, I’ll grab some silver too. Mrs. Overwatch grabbed extra soups and rice this week too. We had French Onion last night with seedless rye and Swiss cheese.

    Maybe if I’m promised a back rub tonight, Mrs. Overwatch and Junior will get clam chowder and clam cakes for dinner. Little Overwatch will get his BK fries as he does every day.

    1. Overwatch:

      I think you’ll enjoy the PC9 (You do have to install the included parts to convert it to use Glock mags). I have not put many rounds though mine YET, but plan to soon (ammo on hand – bad weather and time taken by other things).

      1. I can’t wait to try it. Price was good. Also buying the KelTec sub 2K during the week. I only had a little over $700 on me and I bought 1000 rounds of ammunition.

  6. Puppy has really been getting exercise, I wish I had half his energy. At the end of the day he likes to curl up in my chair and when I get up in the morning he is sitting outside of my door waiting to greet me. What a great puppy. The Mrs. has a friend whose pup just had a litter of 9 GSDs. She’s hinting she wants one.

    Bought the following supplies.
    Lysol spray X2, spray 9 and refill (this stuff is great cleans spots on carpet and walls kills germs añd viruses and contains no bleach) ZEP carpet shampoo.
    Hand soap
    Vitamins D3 & C
    Elderberry gummies and syrup
    Vick’s night time cough & flu and cough drops
    4 cans of chicken noodle soup
    Orange juice X2

    Inside garden
    Lettuce is getting big spinach is getting real leaves

    The indoor lemon tree is getting little lemons all over it. This has been a great experiment. They said it was self pollinating but I wasn’t sure if it still didn’t need Bee’s.

    Bought more steak, chicken, hamburger, London broil.
    20 lbs rice
    20 bls sugar
    2 lbs salt (finally back in store)

    Case X2

    3 fifths vodka, half gallon tequila, case of corona { trick put tequila in corona to kill viruses) LOL

    Still taking it easy with pulled bicep. Almost healed,
    Took puppy for walks

    Thor’s questions

    1. Do you think our government should be telling us more about the Kung Flu?

    2. Have on bought more supplies for the pandemic?

    3.Do you think the economy will collapse due to the virus?

    4. How many books are in your prepper library and what are your favorite 3 ?

    1. Tara’s questions

      1.How is the weather in your area impacting your winter time preps?
      2.Have your ever intentionally grown “weeds”, and why?
      3.Do you infuse more spices into your food or stockpile them, for their respective possible healing properties? If so, which ones and how do you use them?

      1. Too much rain. Temps not getting to cold has saved firewood.
      2 No its illegal… LOL
      3. Stockpile cayenne pepper for lower bp, blood stop and on food.

    2. 1,2,&3… see above. The economy may take a nosedive, true. I guess it depends on the number of casualties.

      4- hundreds. My favorites:

      First, Alas Babylon, about WWIII nuclear attack.
      Second- the first three books from the Out of the Ashes series by William L. Johnstone. Classics.
      Third- Reader’s Digest’s Back to Basics. It’s broad but nicely illustrated and really an excellent reference. I bought my copy 25 years ago at the Old North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts.

    3. Good morning bloggers! Worrisome here after a very long absence. I heard through a grapevine that stretched all the way to Australia that some folks had mentioned me last week. So thought I would bring you up to date a bit.

      Antique Collector is right, I am way busy with the family businesses and we are growing and developing a second location. Not much I can talk about there, we have a pact not to discuss it all generally. But I will share this little tidbit, we have 48 employees and then us and can you just imagine how much prepping just goes into making sure we have toilet paper??????

      Hope the Dog I saved after a guy threw her out of his truck when she was a puppy, injured and sick is still with me. She is the BEST dog! At the moment, after all these years, she is still laying right next to me with her head on my foot…which is numb most of the time because of it. This now 120# pile of white and brown fluff that sheds constantly has grown into an awesome protector and no longer shivers and shakes while enduring training nor when she has done her best to protect with that training. She is amazing! Very proud, secure and confidant puppy!

      I have had several experiences I could share, but needless to say, the dog has gone through a partly open and then broken car window to take down a guy trying to car jack us. Recently we encountered an ugly scene and she and two other dogs I live with now, put a guy on the ground and sat on him until the police arrived. The dogs treat when the incident was over was a whole sirloin stead each. And she still hates men in hats. THAT she has never gotten over.

      Hope is never far away, I live with a shadow, chuckle. If not with her head on my foot, she is within 8 feet most of the time. The only time that she breaks that connection is when I let her go to the pond. Then she forgets about me completely, runs fast, hurdles fences to be the first in, where she becomes the happiest of puppies and really lets go of being a protector. It is fun to watch.

      I have managed to injure myself over the years, knee surgery, a broken cheek and wrist, a broken arm…Hope is always right there and at night, during each incident, has snuck up on the bed, squeezed in so slow and so sneaky she doesn’t wake us up and lays her head on the pillow and watches me.

      We still prep, we have an array of farm animals, we still can, freeze dry, dehydrate, etc.. My cousin now shares the homestead with us. She owned a restaurant for many years in the Seattle area and so she has taken over the kitchen and leads the effort to turn the garden food into storable and cherished good food. That has given me the time to manage my families’ businesses, bring some organization to the chaos and keep a handle on the budget. We have done well, it has been a labor of love and much needed in order to help the huge family that is spread across the whole country.

      There is a SO in my life. Took a long time to get over the death of my husband, but life continues and he is wonderful.

      Among the family group, we now have what could only be called a pack of dogs. SO has two German shepherds, the bil has one, nephew has one, two daughters have them, and cousin has one as well some other friends. All trained at guarding and finding. I have spent a lot of time over the years being the lost soul they have to find. Hope always takes the shortest time to locate me. And I just heard we are about to acquire one more GS puppy..as our oldest is 13 and has arthritis.

      As for the questions. Yes I have tried to grow dandelions, purslane primarily, but the gardening crew usually thinks it is weed and if I don’t watch them, it gets dug up. Sigh.

      Hope you are all doing well, the reasons we prep are myriad and needful! Stay sharp folks. Good to know some folks from back in the day are still here.

      1. Glad to hear from you, Worrisome. What’s your take on the Kung Flu, as we’ve been referencing it. The idea of a low level lab worker selling meat at the market sounds reasonable. I’ve watched videos of the doors on apartments being welded shut.

        1. Bam Bam, after the arrest of the professor in Boston and the two chinese arrested, its anybody’s guess as relates to the genesis. But it is going to be ALL of our problems, all of us and very soon.

          Lots to decide.
          1. When do we each decide to isolate. In my case when do I tell 48 people to go home and stay there. When do I shut down the businesses, go home and lock the gate.
          2. We have products and inventory coming in all the time from all over the world. This thing supposedly lives a long time on surfaces…I have been consulting a nurse.
          3. We have prepped for years, I have all kinds of stuff to use, no need to look for masks now for us, etc. But at some point will need to replace.
          4. I called a meeting, briefed the staff, had the nurse in to talk to them, I gave them all a day off to go home and, using the checklist the nurse and I provided to gather things they need to be self sustaining for a month. We set up a room at the shop to handle an isolation of someone sick…if we must…same is true here at the homestead.
          5. I have family all over the place, west coast, Minnesota, Washington DC. Homeschooling is in the works for grand and now, great grandkids.

          Money makes the world go around…I, being worrisome, worry about broken contracts, deadlines being missed, crew having a tough time….my family….losing anybody, well that would break my heart….

          Still developing plans as the count increases. The fact the it is possibly manufactured is, well, a big concern. Who knows if what we are seeing now is going to continue or will it mutate into something worse.

          But I do know one thing, I am gonna give it all I got and if I know some folks on this blog…so will you.

          1. Good to hear from you, Worrisome! I left a link in my reply to Overwatch’s comment a bit ago. I believe this is a bioweapon, but we shall see. SARS was an experiment in preparation for this.

      2. Did inventory of preps this week. I am glad I did: my elderberry tincture went bad. I am not sure why. It smelled off. So I made another three quarts. I ordered another pound of organic elderberries. I need to go to the package store and pick up a few more bottles of 100 proof vodka.

        I ordered more supplies for the pets, enough to bring our supplies up to three months. We have four cats and a GSD, so that’s a lot of stuff.

        I had a terrible time with Amazon for the past week and a half. I order four cases of tea. They sent the wrong kind of tea. They issued a refund. I reordered. Again, they sent the wrong kind of tea. This time they issued a refund and put in a new order without charge. The free tea arrived–again, it was the wrong kind of tea. So now they are issuing another refund. I now have 12 cases of spiced apple tea which dh and I do not care for. Anyone like spiced apple tea? LOL I have 12 cases . . . cheap.

        I have also had a dreadful time with Walmart.com. My credit card has been cancelled three times this week! And my card company can’t say why–just that Walmart has a high score for fraud. When I try to reorder with Walmart (or Paypal) my order is cancelled again. I actually had to go to the store to stock up on some things. My card worked fine in person.

        I made a great dinner tonight in my Instant Pot–Cuban black beans and rice with plant-based chorizo and chipotle peppers in adobo. Last time I used a full link of chorizo and a whole jar of chipotle peppers. It was way too spicy for dh and I. But kids loved it. (Unfortunately, they are both not accustomed to eating beans and had “digestive issues”. My daughter now brings Beano when they come over for dinner.) This time I cut the chorizo and chipotle peppers in half and it was great. I served the black beans and rice with plant-based tacos and homemade guacamole. Yum!

        I have been following the Kung Flu closely. (I love the name. Who came up with this? Thor?) The explanation of a low-level lab worker selling tainted meat at the meat market makes sense. That would explain why the Chinese government won’t let U.S. scientists in to do research and why the Chinese government took such drastic measures. Scientists in Japan have succeeded in replicating the virus. I doubt we are getting accurate information from China. But on the bright side, none of the infected patients outside of China have died.

        1. Bam Bam… exactly why i use pure grain alcohol for all tinctures.!
          i don’t have herbals of any kind to waste. /pour out because they have not been used in a short, relatively, period of time… I know it IS insurance..so therefore not a complete waste… Yes it costs a little more. and i have to reduce the alcohol in them before i can take them.. for me an acceptable trade off.
          They do not go” bad”. we have some homemade tamiflu Bob used last year and there is enough of that batch for this year. is 5 years old. Scientists in Australia have replicated as well.. Germany has info on their first 4 cases including patient zero and 1-4.. they shed virus before and after illness… so still are infecting people after symptoms are gone… I have not heard info on how LONG after….

          1. AA,

            I wonder why the rest of the world is able to treat the virus successfully but people are dying in China. The most reasonable explanation is that hospitals in Wuhan are overrun and out of supplies. I’ve read two papers this week–scientists in Hong Kong and England say China’s numbers are off, that they are under reporting both the number of cases and the number of deaths. The Hong Kong scientists think the numbers are 100 times greater than China is reporting.


          2. Bam Bam because they are treating with same drugs to treat HIV and meds have run out… they are NOT using any common antivirals. physicians are not trained to do so. and they are not herbalists. They have been taught to “color within the lines” not to “think outside of the box” .
            If i had “only colored in the lines” i would have lost both of my parents..18 months before i did and my DH, and i would have been dead with the first resistant bacteria he picked up in the hospital…4 months later. He got it in hospital and i got it from him , picked up during his 10 days of fever.. It took everything we had to throw at it at one time..24 days of treatment for him , and 21 for me…I used very good sanitizing. washed our dishes in soap and water then rinsed and rinsed in peroxide..( serratia m. will grow in bleach.) . Look at the video by Deep South Bama with mr Tom. he did a report on the Germany cases…and a breakdown of the data… explains a lot of things.

  7. I tested and retested my sleep/shelter/clothing module for the BOB . It rarely drops below 30F here and then only in the wee hours of the Am. So have to get up at 2 am to get 6 hours of testing in, before it starts warming up for the day. I got the assembly down to 5 lbs,, beyond just normal clothing, one set of foot wraps, the cammies. I can sleep ok in the hammock down to freezing temps. Then I can handle 25F on the ground, using the hammock as part of my insulation or paddding, (as needed) by sitting on the drum liners full of dry debris leaning back on same (liners in the emptied-out packs, all without a fire. If I use the UCO lantern and beewax, I can swiftly heat the inside of the bags, close the top and be ok at 10F, for the better part of an hour. I can sleep at 10F, for 2-3 hours, if I use a discrete Dakota fire pit to heat rocks/water and take them inside of the bags. I wear 2 pairs of milsurp longjohn pants and wrap them in the bugnet bags, under my cammo pants. I can stuff dry debris between me and my camo shirt and I have the kevlar armor as padding and insulation, too. I figure to move at night, when it’s coldest/safest and hole up in the bags during the day. I have an SOL 2 person mylar bivvy, to one side of which I’ve added 2 ft wide strip of clear plastic sheeting. I have a clear plastic bag around the mylar bag. All 4 bags have full zippers, so that I can wear them as ponchos if need be. Using some sticks or my trekking poles, I can convert the bags into a Korchanski supershelter in a couple of minutes, for use with the sun’s “greenhouse effect,” making it 40F warmer in the bags at noon than it was at dawn, or for use with the projected, one-way heat of a Siberian fire lay. All of this gear is useful in hot, buggy weather too. I have a 5×6 ft muslin sheet which I pull over the 4x folded, 50×10 ft 2″ mesh monofilament net hammock, which is laid over me, to keep off the condensation that you get inside of a mylar bag.

    1. Thor 1
      Took time to watch the first video you have linked. Sent a copy of it over to worrisome to keep her up dated on what is happening. Mentioned it on the other site, since a note to JeffintheWest on what you found.
      Anyone hear from Penrod anymore?

  8. I now have four sweet potato seedlings–no bottom heat, no extra light, bad soil, and these seeds weren’t nicked. It took them three to four weeks to sprout but they emerged strong and didn’t need (much) help getting out of their seed casings. I nicked the seeds for most of the others, so they should be quicker. I’m thinking I’ll plant the two survivors from last year (the only two that bloomed), the seedlings from my own harvested seeds, and these first four seedlings in the garden, the others in another area so I can keep them separate. These first few generations I’m working for seeds that can sprout without help in bad conditions and produce blooming plants. Root development will come later.

    Two nectarine seeds sprouted so they’re out in the greenhouse. I just wish I could get seeds started for the oregon grape and serviceberry.

    1. Lauren ,,,,,is not service berry what we call huckleberry? If I’m still here this summer remind me ,also oregon grape both are wild here at the ranch ,would it be better to try plant starts ?than seeds ,

      Herb Tea and chocolate

      1. Lauren, OH,… How about rooting branches like one would do elderberry from limbs…. now would be the season NOW, and wet sand and either rooting hormone or willow water used to promote root growth
        OH those huckleberry twig, leaves and small limbs and bark is what one needs to MODULATE.(..ie lower what is too high and raise what is too low)blood pressure and blood sugar both.. make a tea from 2 Tbsp.steeped grate’d, broken leaves/twigs/bark…( do not boil water just very hot and do NOT use microwave…)be sure to take some with you if you do not have. Blueberry is in same family. Must use it for about 21 days before effects kick in fully. is 2x a day….. info from- Darryl Patten the southern herbalist on u tube.
        service berry is different/ There ARE several different varieties of Huckleberry/ Sandberry.. all have some degree of effectiveness used in this manner. May need to fine tune amounts for each person… better than missing meds and type 2’s or someone with moderately high blood pressure has stress/stroke. ideal to begin before absolutely needed. … Just lost a friend- known since i was able to know anyone… from massive stroke this week.

  9. Not much to talk about this week. With the virus spreading DW is coming more on board. She was rinsing out some tomato juice bottles and filling them with tap water to put into the shelter, it’s not great but it’s a start. She’s asking what we would do if the power went down and we talked about storing gas and what vehicle will go if we need to go somewhere. The hotrod is not dependent on any sort of computer to run and neither is the lawn tractor. One is really fast, the other isn’t but both will get you where you need to go.

    Even though PMs are going up in price I still put some more away this week. It’s savings in my eyes.

    Other than that, same old stuff. Copy canning at the store, finding a lot of stuff not on the shelves in Walmart.

    Shopping Amazon and ordered 10 more P99 mast, they are 2 weeks out for delivery but want to have them on hand to compliment the P95. Looking for a source of bodybags. Don’t need a lot but if the SHTF and we can’t be outside to bury someone then a body bag is a good way (to start) to keep them until we can do the real burial stuff.

    Yall have a good week. Keep smiling so they will think you are up to something. Oh, local police are talking to churches about how to prepare for active shooter events so they are getting serious. Our church has been serious for a while now.


    1. CID, what’s missing off the shelves in Walmart?

      Better be careful at Walmart, they have tons of Chinese goods that could be contaminated with the Kung Flu…….

      1. Thor1

        This is for the Douglasville Walmart, the only one I shopped at today. The things I noticed were no Hi-C, no big cans of Tang, the frozen food area was missing a lot of the quick breakfast things like breakfast burritos and breakfast meals ready to heat and eat. It was a general feeling as I walked pretty much all of the store and saw a lot of empty shelves in the home goods area (maybe the shipment is stuck in quarantine) and a lot of the miscellaneous items where they were holes left with no real attempt to fill them up by spacing things out (an old retail trick from my days at Toys R Us). Noticed 7 or 8 personal shoppers picking up the groceries for people to swing by and pick up. I think most carts had 12 or 16 baskets and most of them were full or heading to full. Don’t think that means anything other than a lot of people don’t want to come in and shop on their own.

        As far as Chinese goods coming over with traces of the corona, I don’t think that is a big concern unless you are getting stuff coming via plane. Anything coming by ship would have a fairly long ride across the ocean and that supposes they are packaged and shipped immediately and I don’t know about the virus survivability given some of the temperature extremes that can hit a shipping container either in the bowels of the ship or up on deck. We’ll just have to see.


    2. Never thought of body disposal… Another thing to add to my list… Will start off with just 1 though… Lord Help Us.

      1. AT and everyone else,

        If you are considering body disposal, don’t forget a goodly supply of quicklime to help the decomposition move along faster and reduce the odor. As gross as this sounds, if you can’t quickly bury or cremate an unembalmed body, you might want to think about opening the thoracic and abdominal cavities to prevent gas bloating and subsequent messy/smelly ruptures as the decomposition process moves along.

        1. Good info Z36. Also, in reading up on the different bags…. Some leak… read the reviews.. Learned that some people use these for camping and storing their supplies so they don’t get wet, as well as people that hunt and mountain retrievals for people that have died. Some had handles.. Some reported leaking… Tarp material will leak, although they may have handles.. More studying to be done. Amazon, of course, has them.

          1. AT,

            If you can get USGI body bags, they are pretty good at keeping the bits and pieces in one place. They’re also used as supply bags. They get loaded with ammo, food, medical supplies, and can be hauled off helos in a hurry. I forget what the military calls them when used in that fashion. Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan sometimes used empty ones to sleep in when rainy or snowy. Whatever works to keep you dry and reasonably warm.

        2. Great point! We had to bury my neighbors 30 year old horse thatdied last Sept, and they already had a hole dug with an excavator. The husband brought the horse out of the barn(she died of a heart attack) andgot her into the hole, then they shook two bags lime over her, then i used my front end loader to cover her up. Sbe never smeedx-

        1. ShirlGirl,

          Still checking them out. Some are on Amazon, different prices, some better than others, some are 6mil thick, some 8, checked the USGI on ebay, and they look to be the best… If there is such a thing. Just depends on how sturdy you want it.

          I like Thor’s suggestion…

          1. ShirlGirl,

            If you can get them, USGI “human remains pouches” are the best. Very thick and heavy duty. You can Google human remains pouches and there are several places out there that seem to sell the real thing.

            Civilian body bags are lighter (and thus cheaper), but they are not meant for heavy duty usage as you might find on a battlefield. If you don’t plan to haul or drag bodies for a couple of hundred yards, under fire, and load them on a helo, you probably don’t need the USGI type.

            I personally have never used a USGI bag except in training, but I have seen and handled them. They are quite thick and sturdy. However, as a paramedic, I have used the lighter weight civilian versions, which are often white to help see bits of evidence at the morgue which may have fallen off the body in transit. Civilian bags are not meant for the heavy usage military bags are subjected to. Usually, just put the body in a bag, load onto an ambulance type gurney right there and convey to the morgue where the body is moved to a morgue tray and gurney. Very little rough handling needed. Leaks of bodily fluids are the biggest concern.

            When all else fails, you can use GI ponchos as expedient body bags. This is still not uncommon in a combat zone as regular body bags may not be available as they are heavy and not usually humped out in the field if the unit is on foot.

            As I’ve said before, the US Army and Marine Corps frequently use body bags as resupply containers. A unit going into the field, will set up several different bags, and load them with different quantities of supply. They will spray paint a code letter or number on them. For instance an “A” bag may contain only MRES. A “B” bag may have a couple of thousand rounds of linked machine gun ammo, rifle ammo, and maybe some medical stuff, a “C” bag may have rifle ammo and some medical stuff, a “D” Bag mostly medical stuff, etc. That way the unit commander just has to radio back, “Send two “A” bags, three “B” bags, and one “D” bag. They get loaded on a helo and dumped off at the LZ, where the troops carry them to the distribution point. Quite clever. The supply bags can be used to store the supplies safe from rain and snow, or be used as a waterproof sleeping bag by live GIs. Few grunts get concerned they’re sleeping in a body bag when they’re warm and dry.

          2. ShirlGirl, AT, and others,

            For the life of me I couldn’t remember the nickname given to body bags used as supply containers. I finally tracked it down. “Speedball.”

            However, speedballs were not body bags in their first incarnation, but instead were sandbags loaded with some ammo, grenades, c-rats, etc, and then carried or dragged up to the front lines. Usually they were made to order for the requesting unit. As best as I could find, they originated in the Korean War, or at least, got their nickname in that war.

            In Iraq and Afghanistan, unit supply officers thought ahead and used body bags with specific contents and the bags coded as I described before. The people in the field had laminated cards with what each coded bag was loaded with and they could order what they needed.

            The Brits also adopted speedballs when they saw how handy they were.

  10. Hi everyone,

    Weather here has been cold, and gloomy, and rain… Today is no exception. I too am glad this dog and pony show is almost over. I wish they would have finished up yesterday so the President could do the SotU address with nothing still unresolved. Who knows what those Demoncrats are up to. Will be glad to see Wednesday come and go.

    Ordered and received a full face mask respirator, extra N95 filters. Brand is North, by Honeywell, and the filters will fit my half mask. It is very comfortable and has nice adjustment rigging. Also got a box of N95’s with the vent on it. They won’t get hot.

    Bought some mangoes from Aldi’s last week, and need to get them in the dehydrator today. Will also work on the Russett potatoes next.

    Been watching all the videos and reading up on the virus, trying to keep up with it all. I really like the Peak Prosperity Dr. He seems to supply the latest R0 numbers and the potential for counts to infect. Ice Age Farmer has been great to. Thanks Thor1 and 0ldhomesteader for sharing the links.

    I got an alert from Dr Christopher’s website, that their liquid Garlic is almost gone. Interesting..

    Tara’s questions:

    How is the weather in your area impacting your winter time preps?
    Doing things inside this time of year, so not affected.

    Have your ever intentionally grown “weeds”, and why?

    Do you infuse more spices into your food or stockpile them, for their respective possible healing properties? If so, which ones and how do you use them? Garlic for current use, and to stockpile. Others for stockpile.

    Thor’s questions

    1. Do you think our government should be telling us more about the Kung Flu? I think they should, but they won’t. It’s all in the plan. Look at how long it took them to declare it an emergency. Self-isolating will NEVER work. Look at the lady in Chicago that “self-isolated” Her husband now has it. And I heard the ones that came back on the plane to CA are only being required to quarantine for 72 hrs. What is wrong with these people who come up with the rules?

    2. Have on bought more supplies for the pandemic? Yes, see post.

    3.Do you think the economy will collapse due to the virus? It will take a nosedive as OW said. They’ve closed the factories over there.

    4. How many books are in your prepper library and what are your favorite 3 ? Many, many. Too many are favorites. My Bible included.

    Would be best to avoid groups of people. I don’t think they have a handle on the virus in the US. No telling how far and wide it will be.

    Prayers for those that need healing, for unspoken requests, for The President and for America.

    Have a great week everyone.

    1. AT, raw garlic is better for you and it must be eaten within 15 minutes of crushing open or the main helpful ingredient diminishes.

      1. You are correct Thor1. I have some organic bulbs. I have a hard time eating very much raw Garlic. I also have Allimax in the frig.

          1. HAHAHAHAHA…

            You think of everything Thor1….

            It just upsets my stomach, I have to be careful. It is also hot on the tongue… to me anyway… Lol..

    2. AT, combine the garlic with a little honey.. if a sore throat i add cayenne … this is the only way i can use cayenne… the honey buffers both the garlic and cayenne.eat a few crackers before using the garlic,to prevent taking on empty stomach..

    3. AT,…if you have not done russet potatoes follow Deep south Bama w/ Mr toms you tube… instructions.he does the slices… i blanched my shreds til they turned clear about 4.5 min in small batches. then chill them in ice water… immediately.. drain and put on dehydrator trays. shreds easily used for hash browns. also dehydrate quicker and more uniform….also did sweetpotatoes and then put a ziplock gallon in half gallon jug.. will have mashed sweet potato casserole. they do NOT need to be blanched. just peeled and shredded. put in ice water for1- 2 hours. then drain and put on dehydrator trays.

      1. AA,

        No, I haven’t done the potatoes yet. And I have sweet potatoes to do as well. Just got home from working OT an am pooped…. Haven’t been this tired in a long time.. 17 hr day… No wonder I am tired. Will be working on all of them this week. Got a bushel (or maybe a half bushel, not sure) of galas coming Wednesday. Will be making apple stuff with those.

    1. Thor1,

      The problem I’m having with this Kung Flu (I love that term BTW), is the lack of information I can consider reliable. I don’t believe anything the Chinese government says. Unfortunately, they are the prime source of information (accurate or not) of the disease progress in China. To me, the math doesn’t add up.

      Of course, I’m not too thrilled with the information out of the US government either. Forget anything out of WHO. I’d rather believe the Chinese than WHO.

      I was reading a response to a posting on a YouTube vid that claims there are very many deaths in China due to Kung Flu, but they are mostly being reported as due to pneumonia. Which might be actually an accurate cause of death, but what was the proximate cause?

  11. Alert

    I was wrong, these bastards mixed bat corona virus with AIDS.. Bioweapon from hell. This now makes sense why they were trying to treat it with anti- aids meds…..

    Nurses & Drs in Pittsburgh Pa. Diagnosed a patient positive for corona virus. They were threatened by Feds of nondisclosure. The patient was a business man who was doing business there for 2 weeks.

  12. Was just poking around ,some chatter about bodys being dumped out of apartment windows ,lost the link ,
    Things seem to go poof ,

    1. AT,

      Sadly, they are leaving us. Navajo Code Talkers are extremely highly regarded in the Marine Corps. My father knew several during WWII and thought they were great guys and real scrappers in a close fight. Some Japanese who manged to sneak into the 6th Marines Regimental HQ on Saipan one night ran into some Code Talkers who sliced them up like steak. Their attitude was why use bullets when a knife does just as good of a job. Rumor has it some scalping might have been done too.

      RIP Marine. Fair winds and following seas.

    1. There are currently 14,553 confirmed cases worldwide, including 304 fatalities.

      Confirmed cases have gone up a 1/3 from yesterday.

      Fatalities up by 46.

        1. Thor1, and that is just the ones they are admitting to.. not the ones they have barricaded inside their homes with insufficient supplies. and no care.. pics on you tube by various cell phones. took steel bars and blocked doors. I did hear the case in east/Tn was cleared was not Kung Flu.

  13. Picked up a half dozen 1000ML bags of sodium chloride solution as well as IV tubing and catheters at the SGK Gun Show. Handy stuff when suffering from loss of blood or dehydration! Also picked up four chest decompression needles (10 GA). Good for those pesky sucking chest wounds. Hope to never need to use them….again! Just let the oldest son know of the nearby #8 case of Wuhan virus in Boston. Again, hopefully this will end up being just topic of discussion for future preps.
    Getting the HF rig reconfigured and set up. I was just about to depart for my travel to northern Idaho when all this Wuhan stuff started and decided to delay a month to make sure things settle out. Didn’t want to leave the EX alone if the SHTF! Can’t quite bring myself to abandon he if everything goes south.

    1. Aegis,Thank you for posting that last 3 lines. Divorce is not pretty, no matter how much 2 parties agree that is what must happen. These lines speak volumes about you both. Been there.

  14. PJ,,SUZY,,,,,we too suffer from storage over load ,,,our cabin is about 800 sf we have two chairs and a bed ,a desk with stuff ,a table with stuff ,and boxes and boxes of things we might need some day and let’s not for get the electronic cattle scale equipment , the kitchen is the living room as is the bed room as is the sewing room ,the bathroom is in the back room again more boxes ,we have 4. 20ft shipping cans and 2 8ft cans for over flow. DW just this morning was saying how much she would like more storage space so that I could have the use of the cattle trailers (have 2) and a16 ft you haul type box trailer ,,stuff ,stuff stuff ,
    Most of this winter so far has been spent sortting what to move to the new ranch 375 miles away ,,
    DO I (WE) REALY NEED THIS?????????BUT that’s from so and so on our anniversary way back when , you do remember don’t you ,,,,,,”yes dear” or that’s from when I went mountain climbing ,”50 yrs ago”.. “Really” or that’s my helmet from nam ,,,ok ok let’s just take it all and worry about it later ,,,,,
    Stuff , Stuff and more stuff
    The prepper delima ,,

    makes me smile.

  15. Hi all ,,,,,don’t know how I got the double post , the week that was ,,rain and mud ,and more rain and mud ,but warm 55degrees ,grass is growing ,second new calf in a week ,a bull ,having a time with wolf’s coming right up to the cabin ,up all night some nights , the dogs are tired by morning,(two big Anatolian guard dogs )have NVG but haven’t been able to get a shot,
    Some times it feels like we are in the vortex of water headed for the drain ,with all that’s going on ,yet some don’t seam to know what’s happening ,in all my years I can’t remember anything like now , even in the 60s

    Preps this week ,,,,keeping a eye on China ,a part of me can’t help but feel sorry for the Chinese people ,all that’s happening is so unnecessary , but trained as slaves ,have we made things worst for them by buying Chinese stuff ?
    Or are we just like them , just as free as a pig in a pen ,??sucking on a pacifier of stuff ,

    Trying to pack for the move,going to leave all but one wood cook stove and one heat stove ,hope to find them a home
    So much stuff just ‘happens’ over the years, things we never use again ,need a home for two grain hammer mills,or how about some SURGE milk pots with vacuum pumps , or honey extractors and settling tanks , or a milk tank set up
    (can be used for cheese) or heating honey for bottling,, greenhouse growlights ?(corn in March )
    Selling the farm is hard ,,,,have you read Atlas shrugged yet ??

    Tea and chocolate

    1. Oldhomesteader,

      It’s been said a million times that ordinary folks in China gave up their freedom for safety and prosperity. Do you think there’s any chance we’ll see a peasant revolution? These folks have to wake up at some point and realize that the government has been lying to them.

      1. BAM BAM,,,,,,,i have spent time in the far east ,,those folks do think differently,, not a put down mind you , just things are different,,open all out rebellion i don’t ever see that ,freedom is such a unlikly thought ,born slaves for a thousand generation’s , the taste of freedom is not understood by most ,and those that dare think that are culled, but then the western world has spilled over in the culture ,how much and how deep ? What effect? ??????
        My grand son was over there two years in a row on a mission ,talks very little about what he saw ,he speaks Mongolia and mandarin ,we (family) has exchange students from over there at times ,a eye opener for all
        Glad you asked ,,,,,,
        Tea and blueberries

  16. I had a busy week prepping and working around my homestead. I typed a long post but my semi paralyzed left hand decided to hit some odd combination of keys and it disappeared into the ether. So I will make a second, shorter draft with my word processor that is better behaved.

    How is the weather in your area impacting your winter time preps? Weather is almost perfect, cool without being cold. It has been dry making yard and garden work easy.

    1. Have your ever intentionally grown “weeds”, and why? No

    2. Do you infuse more spices into your food or stockpile them, for their respective possible healing properties? If so, which ones and how do you use them? No.

    3. What did you do to prep this week?
    Well, I have been busy. I was getting sale emails from Park Seed, 10 seed packs for $10 with $2.95 shipping. I ordered three different sets, plus (as they hoped you would) I some seeds that were not on sale. To start my new seeds I got a mini indoor greenhouse and 10 12 cell seed trays and 2 heat
    mats and a thermostat controller. After just a week the tomatoes and eggplant are up and growing. I don’t have a grow light and the sunlight from the sliding glass door when the greenhouse is is too weak and the plants looked spindly. I put them out in my outdoor green house. Lately the nights have not been too chilly so I think they will do fine. Now I have to go to Lowe’s and get some more seed trays for all the other seeds I am starting.

    I was able to get the 3020 started and tilled up my garden spot. I already have a short row of collards and mustard. It is late in the season for greens but I am planting more mustard and some turnips for greens and bottoms. They should make before it gets too hot. Last year I put 50 strawberry plants in pot but the order came too late and they didn’t make before it got hot. I just abandoned them but strawberries are tough, 40 of them survived. One even had a berry on it. I moved them into the greenhouse to warm up and get ready for spring. Even better some of them put down runners that rooted into the ground. I carefully pulled those and am going to put them in the garden with some plastic mulch that I just happened to order.

    I got a big roll and plan on covering at least half my my garden with it. Weeding is what kills me so maybe I can get some food without so much work. I have my Kubota under the garage ready to repair but I will not have it done before everything get planted and I worked up the plot with my 3020 that is 80 inches wide so the rows are 40 inches. The Kubota is 33 in wide and has low clearance so I couldn’t take it into what is already growing.

    I also got my back plot smoothed off and leveled. I have to decide what fruit and nut trees I want to plant. I had five pounds of buckwheat seed I scattered on it to enrich the soil and provide some bee food. I rigged an 8 ft 2×4 behind my new mower and attached two lengths of logging chain to the board and dragged it over the plot to bury the seed. It has been fun playing farmer again. The high spots are sandy where I dragged the dirt off and new land is perfect for watermelons. I might plant some there and just hope the deer leave them alone.
    I have started started stocking up on non perishable foods. My pantries are full so now I will have to start loading the shelves in our spare rooms. I ordered dehydrated peppers, onions, and tomato powder from Augason Farms. As part of my healthy eating I got 3 lbs of pearled barley and Italian farro to try. Since Thanksgiving I have lost 12 lbs and no longer need my blood pressure medications.

    My water heater is 20 years old and still works fine but I know it’s days are numbered. In planing for the future when I install a solar power system I bought a Rheem hybrid water heater. In hybrid mode it will only use a few kWh a day. I live in a double wide and the water heater is in a closet accessible from outside the home. However the new heater is larger than the opening to the closet. But, my extra rooms are sitting just 37 inches away. I am going to put the new heater right across from where the old one is and plumb it into the pipes that run to the bathroom in extra rooms. I will just shut the valves and cut the power to the old one. The advantage of having the new heater in those rooms is that it works like an air conditioner. It will blow cold air into the room and lower the humidity. I can either pull air from the room and sacrifice some efficacy to make the room cooler or if it is too cold put a duct up into the attic space to pull in warmer air.

    I was able to get a lot done because I was mostly alone all week before. My wife had to take her dad to the hospital in Gainesville to run tests and for pre-op for a heart valve replacement he needed the first two days of the week. Thursday she took him early for the procedure and then got called into work that night. He did great and was home two days later, they put it in through an artery in his groin. They left the old one in place. She worked Friday night and her relief did not show up Saturday morning so she had to keep working. She just slept a few hours that afternoon there on the couch after the mother got home and then clocked back in to work her night shift. At least with the overtime that paycheck will pay for my new mower.

    Speaking of paying for things my neighbor wants to pay me for some of my land. Unfortunately surveyors in Florida are very busy but hopefully he can get one out next week. We had a survey done 27 years ago when he bought my farm land. All that has to be done is put the new line to where I want to keep and calculate the acreage. We have agreed on price per acre he just needs to know how many (about 10). I want to purchase all my preps as soon as possible before things become higher priced or even unavailable.

    1. Daddio7, Get one of the shop lights from wally world.. the one that has sunlight/ natural daylight bulbs. put very clse to the plan and put a light fan on them, an oscillating one if possible.

    2. Daddio ,,,,,i have access to a group of folks that know where to find parts for “new generation “John Deere parts ,10 ,20,30 ,40 series , I remember when they were new , have sn number 111, 3010 still use it ,
      John Deere green !
      Tea and chocolate

  17. Hello Pack..
    OH I have not read atlas shrugged yet, have to have a copy i can see. Grain mill. , is that household size.?
    First prep week..
    This week i have spent time searching for things i had but have not found and for something important i had lost. found the most important thing.got a substitute for the other item.. Did a lot of cleaning, moving and consolidating. still have a lot to do… but progress made.
    treating a baby rabbit with a virus/cold running eyes, irritated nose.. and wheezing.used lomatium, oil of oregano , peppermint oil and colloidal silver. no longer wheezing, nose irritations are regrowing hair and eyes are wide open and clear.Did I KNOW what i was doing? No but it worked and was better than the other option.

    also did a lot of research on this virus , from others who are posting information… heat ills the virus.. they say 75 degrees, think that is a celcius temp… so would be about the same as safe cooking temp for meats..lives on hard surfaces for 5 days and in carpet for up to 7 weeks. Is spread before people know they are sick and continues to be communicable after symptoms are past.. China is building 3 hospitals – for a highly infectious disease, near the main water supply for a major city. Antivirals are our friend.! It will be easier to prevent this mess than to treat after you are showing symptoms.
    No purchases . since last posting.
    Now for questions… Tara’s began backwards with number 4. already…
    I make garlic vinegar.process fresh cloves and put in acv. use juice.. i used 30-40 toes- about 3 cloves/bulbs, prepared for allicin release diced and put in 10-12 oz acv. dose is 8-10cc. antibiotic, decongestant. expectorant. if person is debilitated need a suction machine and suction wands and deep suctioning ability …I have the T shirt for pneumonia…. also used at same time… oil of oregano and peppermint foot rub or chest rub. adult strength is 2 tbsp olive oil. 12 drops oil of oregano and 8 of ess peppermint oil. mix well apply to feet bottoms – put on socks. put on chest and apply moist heat( a warm wet towel . protect bed with garbage bag. cover to keep it warm…a little longer.., get ready for the break up.. after cleared expect about 4-6 hours of good sleep.
    Yes i grow weeds. sorrell, 9 food for man and rabbit), wild lettuce,( treat for rabbits, sleep tincture. for human )and rabbit tobacco/ Everlasting – for asthma medicine 9 works like albuterol with 3 puffs and no jitters, and as a tea for gastric issues.. full of enzymes for gastritis and IBS.. Dandelion for greens and for kidney and liver cleanse. Purselane is wonderful with beans.. plantain powerful for bites and poison ivy..as is lavender…( i am not growing it yet.).yes we have ordered seed of these last two as well!.. several months ago..
    Weather affecting preps? Yes. having to work around the rain preparing raised gardening beds, progress made this week with a remake of a 4x 10 ft/ deep bed slated for potatoes to be planted in… yard is a lob lolly. unable to work on drainage system.. chickens still need high water waders or webbed feet they are not impressed. still have 2 beds to fill but too wet to push wheelbarrow across yard for several days… areas are 4x 15( Texas hill country okra) and 4 x 10.( sweet peas, turnips? and radish? ) .. still have another low bed to prepare for determinate and indeterminate. tomatoes .. with ability to put up shade clothe… and a space for corn… march is not possible without the greenhouse being put up yet.. will need to prepare a place . sweetpotato bed and heirloom potato beds are almost ready… really glad for rabbit and chicken poo and good earthworm population in sweetpotato and potato beds.
    Thors questions
    .. #1 probably would cause panic if they told all.
    #2 no purchases, but evaluation. need assessment. Plan of action already in progress to grow more veggies, nutrition… and calories..
    #3 If widespread and big areas of quarantine.e could collapse our economy.. that is about the study something 201 by Bill gates.. was what he wanted to know not how many could possibly die and how to prevent but how it would affect him financially. all things coming from China will be affected.. hardware, need nails, screws, washers.bungee cords, extra feeding containers for water and food for animals. extra food for critters,. plastics. big bowls , plastic dishpans(all kind of uses), oxygen saturation monitor and blood pressure kits. Think about it. Do you have one for each member of your family or persons you may need to quarantine should they appear at your door for needs and protection. would need an isolation room , /commode chair/ outside shower…..would need pen/pencil and pad for each one for symptomatic tracking to assure no infectious problem. will affect JIC freight.. fuel’s , medications 3-6 month minimum….. think needs for pneumonia, UTI, diarrhea, add baking soda and look up ways to use it…. consider if worlds population is greatly reduced…will we be able to produce enough food for those left..is this the goal of whoever released this … or is it a bad accident hidden for a time… intentional release on own people to not need to feed them.. they are protecting the elite….looks funny.
    #4 prepper library: Bible and herbal and gardening books i have several a variety that tell Where/how and what to use.. natural herbs to use and how best utilized. efficient use of. garden space.
    Take care all this week .. keep your eyes open for every clue…Prayers for the Pack and all who prep.
    Worrisome wonderful to see you post. so glad you have a SO . Knew you would not stay retired and idle ..glad you are where you want to be… take care of yourself and post now and again…
    Keep on Keeping on

    1. AA ,,,,grain mill, 10 hp 440v electric motor , will do 6k lbs hr, stands 8 ft tall ,8 ×8 foot print ,need room about the size of a two car garage, Still have grain tanks(12ton). and auger feed system for it too. Have two setups ,
      Hard to find equipment now days ,it’s like stepping back 75years ,the way granddad did things ,

      Tea and chocolate

  18. What a week, nitrate gloves arrived, N95 masks. Started taking oregano oil and getting ready to blend the 5 ingredients with ACV and jar up. : garlic, onion, jalapeno peppers, ginger and just dug the horseradish yesterday, in equal amounts in blender with ACV pour into clean peanutbutter jars because of ACV and store in refrigerator for up to 6 months, I plan to take a spoon per day thru flu season.. Star Anise and elderberry tincture made. That is it, enough.
    Bucketed up oats and raisins for longer term. Bought more buckets.
    Found more items that were stolen from my house, called sheriff to add to missing list.


    Forgot what it looks like!
    How are we going to grow plants without sun?

    Yes, i grow medicinal weeds, plantain, mullein etc. Went to bulk food store and brought home spices, a big box full. I do each year since I have been prepping. Box about the size that a coffee maker comes in.

    Maybe we should take a picture of the sun out, just to look at on the majority of the days

    If you have not watched the first 6 minutes of this video you need to know what this expert on the Spanish flu says.. site is Peak prosperity., is several days old, but had not listened to it… .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjHbogeWiXU
    . What i heard….translation…. short incubation/transmission time makes it harder to trace all contacts. and impossible to contain….. Think about it may need to do a wide window of isolation… They also have another update today #8.. I have not heard it yet.. Minute 25:50 starts info on what recommendations to keep from spread….evolutionary energy arts has a herbalist on this evening. i have not heard it yet either… be sure to read all comments. on these. usually as much info there as in presentations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8NS9le03gE&list=TLPQMDEwMjIwMjAzst8Cotsetg&index=30
    Take care and get ready to be home.. get your toys…and challenging workbooks for the children, games… things we have all put back for time killers./boredom. pencils, papers, notebooks. make sure they are now age appropriate .. take care of selves….and families.. prepare for 6 months if possible. will give season to grow more veggies.

    1. AA,

      Check out the link I posted just above your entry. Some U.S. scientists are saying that we are in for a pandemic and that the only thing they’re uncertain of at this point is how many people the virus will kill. The “good” news is that the virus has trouble living above 75 degrees. (In Florida we’ll hit that at the beginning of April at the latest. We went shopping tonight to bring all short-term supplies up to three months–more pet stuff, paper products, a variety of dried beans and canned foods, another two pack of peanut butter, more apples and citrus fruits (they last the longest), etc. We get a lot of trail mix, so we had to pick up the ingredients for that–raisins, cranberries, cashews, walnuts, almonds, dates and chocolate chips. Yum.

      We are ready to close the gate for the next 3-4 months–longer if necessary. But we’ll run out of fun stuff after four of five months. I don’t know when the full news is going to hit, but I suspect we have one or two days to complete preps before the hoards realize what’s going on. Ordinary folks in Wuhan said they didn’t understand the gravity of the situation until after the city had been locked down.

      One worrisome development–there is an outbreak of avian flu in the state next to Wuhan.

    2. AA,

      I have read John Berry’s book on the Spanish Flu–excellent. He hit on THE crucial point: if (and he was saying this Jan. 27) people are contagious before they show symptoms, there is no way to stop the spread of the disease. Scientists in Japan, Germany and the UK have (independently) confirmed this: folks are indeed shedding the virus before they become symptomatic.

      There is simply no way to stop the pandemic. That’s why the scientists interviewed in the NY Times article said the only thing that remains uncertain is how many people the virus kills.

      Quarantining people is a necessary but not sufficient condition. Quarantining will help slow down the spread of the disease but it is already hear in the U.S. and spreading. It takes at least five days from point of infection until people start getting sick. Then the number of infected will grow exponentially.

      I have a very low opinion of the media. (I worked as a reporter when I was in graduate school. And the media has gotten much worse in the past 15-20 years.) But this story has to break Monday for Tuesday’s paper. (You aren’t going to see anything in the Monday paper because the articles for Monday’s paper are written by Friday afternoon.) I really think we have one more day to get our preps in order.

  20. You know SHTF when YouTube is threatening to shutdown sites for talking about Kung Flu.

    Tara, what about your site?

    They want to keep everyone in the dark so we all die?

  21. My patriot supply long term food storage has an ominous message.

    Rising Global Concerns over the Coronavirus

    Update: 02/01/20 12:27 AM MST

    A global emergency has been declared due to the spread of the coronavirus. This has created an unprecedented need for food storage and emergency preparedness items.

    My Patriot Supply spent the last several years building the industry’s largest warehouse and delivery infrastructure with multiple warehouses and Guaranteed 2-Day Delivery. However, even with these innovations, the demand for food storage has reduced our inventory, especially of our larger food storage kits.

    Orders are being shipped on a first come, first serve basis. It is highly recommended you get your order in NOW to get into the queue for the fastest possible service.

    In quick response to this increase in orders, My Patriot Supply has already implemented the following:

    Our teams are working 16 hours a day to ship as many orders as possible daily across our multiple warehouses
    We have contacted our suppliers and have expedited future purchase orders from as far as 90 days in advance on what is needed to create more food storage kits: this includes packaging, containers, ingredients (rice, pastas, vegetables, etc.)
    We have increased our customer service hours further into the evening and on Saturdays to better serve you
    With these efforts, we have shipped over 90% of our orders on time this past week. We will strive to continue our industry-leading, fast delivery to you in the coming days.


    1. Multiple long term food storage companies are out of stock. Whether or not this is due to the corona virus, the coming food shortage or the government buying it all up.

      We all need to kick it in high gear for freeze drying, dehydrating and canning.

      NOW!!! PREPARE!!!

      1. Thor1:

        Already did the “add to the shelves” shopping. I did notice that WalMart.com was out of some of the Augason Farms items I sometimes buy, but that could just be normal stockage issues.

        1. JP, I did hear somewhere that the government was buying it up.

          I’m glad I have a freeze dryer. Real meats, no artificial stuff and you know what’s in it.

      2. Thanks for the heads up Thor1.

        Maybe if you email Dan, he would be able to give you more info on the secrecy of information for prep sites.

      3. The LDS Online Store seems to have stopped sales to the general public. You have to log in with your LDS ID in order to add items to your to you cart. I have an email into them to see if this is a glitch or if they have stopped selling to non-Mormons. If anyone has information on this, please let us know.

        1. Bam Bam said
          The LDS Online Store seems to have stopped sales to the general public. You have to log in with your LDS ID in order to add items to your to you cart.

          This is very interesting. I used to be able to read their newsgroups and was a paid subscriber until they wanted to know what Ward I belonged to and then they locked me out. Prior to and since them I had bought their starter kit boxes with the 6 number 10 cans of good stuff and grains and gave them away to people to get them interested. I also subscribed to their books and have copies of LDS Preparedness Manual for quite a few yearly copies, but stopped shopping with them a few years back.

          They may have stopped selling to the general public since it’s probably difficult if not impossible for them to keep up given the current situation.

          I’d be interested in hearing any more especially if any of our members are LDS.

          1. I just heard back from them. You have to create a new account. I was able to put in an order. Here’s what they said.

            Thank you for contacting us about this situation.
            We do still sell food storage to the general public,
            but to make a purchase you have to login with your church account.
            If you don’t have one you can easily create on on the online store website.

            If you have any other questions you can contact us again through this email
            or call 801-240-1000 and we will be happy to help you out

          1. I just heard back from them. You have to create a new account. I was able to put in an order. Here’s what they said.

            Thank you for contacting us about this situation.
            We do still sell food storage to the general public,
            but to make a purchase you have to login with your church account.
            If you don’t have one you can easily create on on the online store website.

            If you have any other questions you can contact us again through this email
            or call 801-240-1000 and we will be happy to help you out

  22. Good day all! I know I haven’t posted much in a while, but I have a question for y’all. If I were to have some extra prescription meds that I want to keep on hand for a while, what is the best way to store them to extend their useful life? I’m contemplating vacuum-sealing them in mason jars. TIA

    1. Hi Ga Red, long time no read…..

      This is what found….


      I have 2 cousins that are pharmacists, one told me before ”rule of thumb” medicine in pill form usually gets weaker over time. Liquid medicine usually wíll spoil. Such as insulin for example.

      I don’t see a disadvantage of vacuum sealing but should be kept in a dark area at room temperature (if not liquid or otherwise directed) Hope that helped.

      Ga Red, since you haven’t posted for awhile I have bad news for you, TOP passed away.

      1. And thank you for the storage information. I was given some refills on some medications that I never had to take, so I want to keep them just in case.

        1. GA RED, you should store each one separate in jar with oxy absorber and moisture absorbers.Put all down in Mylar/ sealed again w/oxy absorers. Will keep several years past any expiration. Tetracycline is one can not use way past date..

  23. More info – Coincides with some long term sites being close to sold out.. From Jan 31 on SQ site.

    God bless you always…

    1. At,

      Where is this “double brick bat” alert coming from?

      I know from watching some YouTube vids, that many people are advising folks to stock up, but nothing involving code words.

      I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow, but it is one of my regularly scheduled trips each week. I already planned to get more of somethings, but I wasn’t going to go nuts.

      1. Z36,

        I’ve gotten an e-mail from Patriot’s Supply that they were working long hours because of all the orders. Didn’t know how long his food would last, or if his supplies would have any to buy from, and now this alert from Steve Quayle’s e-mail subscription that I get. Reliable source. And Ice Age Farmer has been talking about it for weeks/months.

        1. AT,,,,,, SO HAS THAT OLDHOMESTEADER been giving a warning ,,
          You know in atlas shrugged the loss of food was one of the things that was a precursor to the crash
          In fact in every case in history of war and collapsed of a civilization, food or the lack of was the final out come ,
          You ready for the ride ?

          1. YES… FOR SURE!!!! You have been warning for many months. I don’t know what else it will take for people to believe.

            And like JP says, prepare now and avoid the panic…

            I just checked Legacy and they are also out of many of the buckets.

            I am ready as I can be.

            Just learned that Xi is no where to be found… Maybe bunkering down somewhere out of the country.

        2. AT and all,

          I checked Mountain House’s web site and, for the most part, they seem stocked up. Their one month’s supply offer is out of stock as are a few individual pouch menu items. They have introduced new menu items, however. MH doesn’t have an apocryphal marking going of the “buy us out or you’ll starve” variety.

          That said, I would agree that it is time for everyone, including dyed in the wool preppers, to top off their food supplies and make certain they have at least basic pandemic supplies (masks, gloves, anti-viral cleaners).

          I spent some time yesterday researching the Kung flu spread, R0 data, and reported numbers of cases, deaths, and their locations. The problem is I think China, especially so, is fudging the numbers. While China is admitting they have the most cases and deaths, I don’t think they are reporting true numbers. In fact, I’m sure they’re not as the CCP does not like to look bad. They look bad enough, so they’re trying to save some face.

      2. Another good reason to have sufficient of food and water stored.

        If this is true – no panic buying. Continue as normal.

        If it’s not true – no panic bought supplies.

        1. JP,

          I was watching Michael Yon’s live stream earlier. He lives in Thailand, but had spent the past several months in Hong Kong reporting on the protests and riots. He had to leave HK and go home for business, then tried to go back to HK yesterday. They refused him entry and deported him back to Thailand. He admitted the HK Customs were polite and professional with him.

          Anyway, he was talking about the Kung flu a lot. He says that friends still in HK say that stores are almost completely empty of everything. Masks are impossible to get except at exorbitant prices. He was encouraging all of his listeners, regardless of location, to get stocked up on food and water now. Even if they never have to use it because of this event, they can eat it later, or donate it, or whatever.

          He commented that “even the toilet paper is sold out” and sounded surprised. I sent him a message that toilet paper, on a true preppers list, comes in at about third in priority after water and food.

          He also discussed masks and the better types to use. He thinks the 3M 7500 series is best, for a Kung flu environment but not in a chemical environment. For tear gas, etc, he prefers his US military M-50 by Avon.

          1. Zulu 3-6:

            Talking about masks, while we were out last Saturday, the DW bought a single N95-rated mask from Harbor Freight to try. I has a different “particle value” she wanted to try to see if it keeps from getting hot (dirt floor basement work requires dust masks). It was Western Safety brand # 61434 (made in China). We also bought another 20 pack of TP ;-), just so I don’t have to hit the “stash”. (You are right about TP – when we are out of TP & Coffee, and can’t buy anymore, it is definitely SHTF.)

          2. I like vodka for a prep and I will tell you why,

            1. You can make all kinds of drinks,(Tinis, bloody Mary’s, screw drivers, cranberry vodkas,pineapple vodkas…… Ect.

            2. You can use it medically for antiseptics or pain killer and gargle for a sore throat.

            3. A weapon as a Molotov cocktail.

            4. Fuel in a generator or car, (I once did) made it home.

            5. A cleaner.


          3. I have the North version of the 3M mask. Recommended by a prep friend NBC Industrial Hygienist. He let me try the half mask on before I purchased. I have the half mask and full mask. The filters are interchangeable between the 2 masks, and has chemical, N95, Organic, particle, etc available. It is very comfortable and could be warn all day. It looks like the filters are good for 8 hrs at least. He told me for the particle (radiation) to wear it until it clogs. The “duck bill” N95’s have a fluid barrier, made by Kimberly-Clark. They slip on my hair and are tolerable. I also bought some molded N95 masks with the vent last week to try. One thing to remember is that these come in S, M, L and they need to fit very snug on your face. If you have a beard, you would need to shave it off.

  24. More food shortages… From SQ’s site. Q-Alert.



    Also read that Romania’s government has collapsed.

    1. Almost There:

      Romania has a parliamentary form of government. The Prime Minister was given a vote of no confidence after 3 months in office. These votes happen all the time, although 3 months is pretty short. It’s not as bad as it may seem from just a headline.

      God has used locusts many times. Swarms, usually very large ones, happen all the time in Africa. The fact that this one appears larger than “normal” should really surprise only those who are not looking at the direction the world is going.

      Both of these events should do nothing to over-excite preppers/homesteaders/Neo-pioneers. We all new this was coming, just not when. That’s why we do what we do.

      Keep on keepin’ on. Be aware, but not frightened.

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