What I Did To Prep This Week: Feb 2nd – 8th 2020

Hello Pack, I hope you are not dealing with the same amount of rain and mud that we still are around here. The constant rain and mud have truly curtailed some of our outdoors prepping plans. So it goes in Ohio in January.

Although it is a little earlier than normal, this crazy weather we are getting has started the sap from maple trees to run a bit earlier than normal. In-between the rains we were able to get some taps set up over the weekend.

The grandkiddos really love helping find the proper trees and setting up the taps – which I consider great self-reliance training.

Shown in the feature photo is one of the many bargain preps I own on that online auction I keep urging y’all to check out. The Swiss army knife style cutlery set is very durable and includes a fork, spoon, and bottle opener.

I won a dozen of them for $.05 each. The little set they came in also included a small emergency blanket. I consider them quite the bargain. This week I also won a mikhouse heat and more toys to put back for birthdays and Christmas.

I paid half price for a big Lego set but all the rest of my finds were 75 to 90 percent off list. I still think of these purchases as a prep because getting the quality toys for such a bargain price I will spend far less on special occasions gifts and can funnel the money I would have spent back into our survival homestead.

My indoor garden is thriving, except for some pear seeds we planted that a fellow survival homestead gave to us. They developed damping off disease and got really tall and spindly, so I am in the midst of attempting to remedy that issue now, and save as many as I can.

Our young goji bushes are coming along fine, and should be a nice robust size by the time we need to harden them off to relocate outside. I am still not having much luck with dwarf moringa trees.

I have done a good bit of research to troubleshoot the dying off that happens and apparently that is common and these little versions of the “tree of life” are hard to get started.

Moringa trees in general are very sensitive to fluctuations in temperature, and have ultra specific humidity requirements. I may start some outside this summer or late spring and see if that helps, instead of starting them indoors during the winter months.

The walnut and pecan trees we started indoors during the early fall are also coming along – well all except the ones that one of our dogs dumped over – and cause a significant amount of cursing.

My Jovie is finally “with puppy.” She and her nephew, Henry, mated over the weekend. She was not initially pleased … at all. They quickly became dog knotted and Jovie kept trying to kill Henry the entire time.

I had to hold my spunky beast to keep her head away from Henry while they were stuck together and Bobby had to keep a hold of Henry (who is not nearly as large or strong as Jovie) to protect him from her wrath, and being drug across the floor as she tried to get free of him.

It felt like they were going to be stuck together forever. It was quite a workout trying to prevent Jovie from slaying poor Henry.

I am going to keep one of the Blue Heeler and Australian Heeler mix puppies and sell the rest as part of our farm business as we have in the past with Ruger’s pups – Jovie’s brother and Henry’s daddy.

Ruger keeps trying to mate with his sister but she violently warns him that attempting to mount her will be a very bad proposition for her. After she finishes nursing her puppies I am going to get her fixed. I never ever want to go through another season in heat with her again.

A friend that owns a local gun range who spearheaded the Second Amendment Sanctuary measure, our county’s board of commissioner’s just passed, is going to host a gun safety and archery training for homeschooled children in our tri-county region for me in a few weeks.

The kids and the moms and grandma’s who will be taking them are equally excited. I love being able to either teach or organize self-reliance prepping training for the youth in our community and not just our survival tribe.

Many of the kids age 10 and up are already squirrel and deer hunters so they will be participating in a more advanced gun safety and shooting course during the event.

This Week’s Question:

  1. Do you tap trees for syrup? Please share our favorite syrup recipe if you do or have.
  2. Do (or did) you teach your children to shoot? At what age?
  3. Please share with the Pack any ways you are earning morning as a part of your prepping lifestyle to further your self-reliance efforts – or would like to.
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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    • Poor puppy, I felt so bad, I was outside playing ball gun with him and when we were done I went down to the woodpile to get a load of firewood to take to the house. He snuck up behind me and got a log right in the head and yiped. He’s OK but was mad at me. We had steak for dinner so he got a T-bone with meat on it so he forgave me.

      Bought clorox and clorox wipes.
      Steam cleaned the carpet in the den and sprayed spray 9 on it which kills viruses and bacteria.

      Freeze Dried
      Freeze dried steak, hamburger, pork chops,chicken,eggs, mashed potatoes, strawberries, bananas, green beans, leftover spaghetti, hamburger helper.

      Bought the following:
      10 cans of green beans
      2 bags of black eyed peas
      2 bags of 15 bean soup
      20 lbs rice
      40 lbs dog food
      10 lbs blue Buffalo dog food

      Case of water x 2

      Bought 4 one gallon storage bags bogo
      Bought 4 one gallon storage bags bogo

      Bought b12, tumeric and zinc

      Changed the Kodiak solar generator
      Charged 8 AA batteries

      Charged 6 handheld transceivers.

      Bicep healed, back to workouts today

      Thor’s questions

      1. Does the Democrats reps and senators look like comic book villains from Batman?
      Nancy Pelosi reminds me of the Joker….LOL

      2.Have you heard about the 400 billion locusts eating everything in Africa and the Middle East?
      Pakistan has lost 50% of it’s crops.

      3.Do you think its possible China released the Kung Flu on purpose because it couldn’t feed it’s own people?
      Checkout Ice Age Farmer

      4. Have Democrats lost what little minds they have on immigration? During a pandemic?

      5. Is the WHO the UN?

      • Tara’s questions

        1.Do you tap trees for syrup? Please share our favorite syrup recipe if you do or have.

        2.Do (or did) you teach your children to shoot? At what age?

        3.Please share with the Pack any ways you are earning morning as a part of your prepping lifestyle to further your self-reliance efforts – or would like to.

        1.Not yet, I’m tapped out.
        2. Yes, 8 to 10. Pellet gun,then 22lr bolt action,then SKS, then 12ga.
        3. Coffee is great in the morning….?

      • Thor’s questions

        1. Does the Democrats reps and senators look like comic book villains from Batman?
        Nancy Pelosi reminds me of the Joker….LOL

        I wouldn’t give them that much credit. They are corrupt and communist. Evil clowns.

        2.Have you heard about the 400 billion locusts eating everything in Africa and the Middle East?Pakistan has lost 50% of it’s crops.

        Yes I have. Unfortunately, locusts are a real problem occasionally, especially in that part of the world.

        3.Do you think its possible China released the Kung Flu on purpose because it couldn’t feed it’s own people?

        No, I don’t think they did release it on purpose. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the CCP is a racist organization along with everything else they are. To them, if you ain’t Han, you ain’t s**t. If they were going to start a population reduction, they would do it someplace else to begin, like among the ethnic minorities in the western part of the country. They get a bonus if they start there. Some population reduction, elimination of Muslims, and elimination of non-Han Chinese. Plus, it would be easier to control the spread of the disease there.

        Furthermore, biological warfare is well known to be a crap shoot anyway. Germs don’t always spread the way you would like them to. The release in Wuhan is too close to the elites in Beijing. Not to mention smack in the middle of one of China’s major economic areas in a time where their economy is hurting (mainly thanks to President Trump and his tariffs).

        4. Have Democrats lost what little minds they have on immigration? During a pandemic?

        The Democraps have no minds. They want power but are failing spectacularly to get it, so they are grasping at whatever straws they can get. This is desperation in progress.

        5. Is the WHO the UN?

        Absolutely. They are an agency of the UN.

      • Thor1:

        1. They have definitely “come out of the closet”. Their true colors are showing. Their idea of compromise or fair/competent leadership is “Shut up and do it my way!”

        2. I heard it was 600 Million. Africa had this happen all the time, same with Asia Minor (although not as well reported). I will say this seems bigger, but is in keeping with the overall plan.

        3. No I don’t. I think, if fully investigated, we will find that someone got lazy and didn’t follow correct procedures completely.

        4. On just immigration?

        5. It is under the UN umbrella (therefore probably corrupt – unfortunately).

          • Thor1:

            Would that be the one outside of Ennis. Nope, I know nothing! (with my best German accent.)

            Montana is the 4th largest state in the union, with just over 1 million people. Good road capable of handling large farm/ranch loads. It’s not to hard to build major things here without drawing a lot of attention.

        • JP, how far is that biolab from you? You say you got the sniffles?

          I don’t believe the Chinese statistics on this pandemic. So far they say 725 deaths and 35,000 infections. Doesn’t sound like something you would block roads off for. The entire country of China is on lockdown. It has to be way worse than SARS. Incubation is up to 14 days and an R0 of 4.10 ???

          • Thor1,

            Remember what I wrote about China’s tendencies to fudge their stats, 10% either way, depending on how they want to look. In this case, I would multiply everything they say by 10% (minimum). So, if the CCP is claiming 750 dead, they probably really mean 7,500 (that they know of). How many people got sick in their homes and just died and no one knows (until the stink comes out).

            And in the famous words of the old British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli: “There are three kinds of lies. Lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

          • Thor1:

            We are not all that close. It’s a complicated trip that would take a couple of hours just to get to town.

            I, we, have got my bi-annual sinus infection. Takes me out for 7-10 days. Now on day 6. We have already had the type A flu and a cold here. Just normal stuff. Mostly self quarantine and symptom relief.

      • Thor1, you know the rules… Where did you find the deal on the bogo 1 gallon storage bags? Lol And are these the ziploc kind?

          • Thor1,

            I was just at Publix today. I meant to look at the freezer bags but forgot. It’s even dumber on my part seeing as I was right next to them getting some 13-gal trash bags. I’m mostly OK on freezer bags, but I wouldn’t pass up a bogo on 2-gallon bags.

          • I tested the new menu item from Mountain House, the Curried Rice w/chicken, and I promised a review.

            Well, it definitely tastes like curried rice. Not too spicy, but enough bite to let you know it’s there. I’m not going to call this my favorite from Mountain House (Italian Style Pepper Steak has that honor). I don’t know if I’m going to buy anymore of this item. It’s OK, but not spectacular.

      • 1. Yes
        2. Yes
        3. Possible but SARS got away from the Bejing labs at least 4 times. It seems to have been careless accident.
        4. yes
        5. Yes
        The response of the communist government shows the calous disregard for life and humanity when you don’t believe in the sanctity of life.
        This is the same attitude too many college students are learning from communist professors. Or they learn socialism which will bankrupt any nation and leave the populace without resources or recourse for survival if they stay there.

        • Clergylady, If it did not get out by accident …and was on purpose …they will still lay this much damage to their economy and their population.. someone will get put on the sacrificial altar… agree on all points.

  1. I did my low-carb grocery shopping this week. Added a little to my stash as usual. Did some weekly cooking.

    As I mentioned last week, I finally got over the cold I had. However, within a day or so, I started coughing very heavily. I didn’t feel sick like I did the week before, but the coughing fits were really heavy duty. My ears also clogged up. I had a pair of extremely heavy coughing bouts on Tuesday morning, so nasty that my cleaning lady came from the other side of my apartment to see if I was OK, both times (very nice of her). #1 daughter told me to go to urgent care since the VA wouldn’t be able to see me until the end of the week. She gave me the info on a specific one as the VA now pays for urgent care visits to qualifying veterans (of which I am one being 100% disabled). I went on Tuesday afternoon and was in and out within 45-minutes. The PA said I have a nasty URI and the coughing was my body simply doing a good job of keeping the bacterial crud out of my lungs (which at my age might mean pneumonia). He prescribed Amoxicillin 500mg twice per day and an antihistamine syrup. So far things are improving nicely. I still have a mild and infrequent cough and my ears are still clogged a little. Better living through modern chemistry. ?

    I ordered and received my monthly order of freeze-dried food pouches. I didn’t go overboard, just eight, although I have ordered them earlier in the month than normal. Two of the pouches included a new Mountain Home menu item, a curried rice dish, I will taste test one later today and report on the results. I did post on last week’s blog in a back and forth with JP in MT, Almost There, and others about shortages in the prepper related food provider community. I figured I should get my monthly order in now while supplies lasted. Freeze-dried food is a backup food source for me. If events force me to eat only out of my stash, I plan on eating one or two freeze-dried pouches per week as a change of pace. I don’t consider the meals in my BOB to be part of the house stash. I have about 80 pouches in my house stash and five in my BOB.

    As part of that back and forth last week, I also mentioned a live stream vid by Michael Yon, where he was stressing to people all over the world to stock up on groceries and water as the Kung flu did have a high possibility of spreading further and more virulently than it has (or has been reported). Friends still in Hong Kong have told him about and sent him photos of stores completely cleaned out, including toilet paper (which is no surprise to an experienced prepper).

    A few days ago, I watched a YouTube vid about the Kung flu spread and some of data involved. I can’t remember who it was, but he said that in his experience with the Chinese Communists, they have a habit of screwing with their stats in a funny way. Depending on how they are trying to portray themselves, the CCP habitually tends to either inflate or deflate their stats by 10%, no more, no less. So, he suggests multiplying whatever the CCP says their Kung flu data is by 10% and we’d probably have a much more accurate idea of the true numbers. This guy reports the CCP numbers as given, but he does qualify them with his 10% suspicions.

    Weather here has been cool and windy. Had some rain the other night, about one-inch in my neck of the woods. But being a city boy, not much mud to have to deal with as long as I stay on the sidewalk. ?

    This Week’s Question:

    1. Do you tap trees for syrup? Please share our favorite syrup recipe if you do or have.

    No tapping for me.

    2. Do (or did) you teach your children to shoot? At what age?

    #1 daughter first fired a gun at 4-years old (a real Rumanian AKM rifle, full auto). She only fired one shot and was happy with that. My old Guard unit had a good collection of Soviet bloc weapons for training. But otherwise, yes I did teach all three of my kids to shoot, although I do not recall their exact ages. #2 daughter carries concealed. #1 daughter has fired a lot of different guns with me and in the military. My son enjoys shooting, but only owns a Remington 870 that he keeps at my place as he doesn’t trust his neighbors. Granddaughter knows what firearms are and has been taught gun safety, but for the most part she doesn’t seem especially interested right now. She has a Crickett .22 bolt action rifle that her mother and I will train her on in a year or so.

    3. Please share with the Pack any ways you are earning morning as a part of your prepping lifestyle to further your self-reliance efforts – or would like to.

    I am assuming you mean earning money. I am not doing anything special on the side to further my prepping. My current income streams are sufficient, sometimes with a little saving for a couple of months for a specific item.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    • Z36, my first actual firearm was an H&R pioneer 22LR single shot bolt action and I won several competitions with it. What was yours?

      • Thor1,

        My first personally owned firearm was a Smith and Wesson Model 10, 4″ light bbl, .38 special. I would carry one of those in Vietnam when I was driving off-base, They were the issue weapon for the pilots and I would borrow one and the shoulder holster. Easier to shoot if I had to while driving a 6x. They had .38 spcl tracers in them.

        I enjoyed shooting them, so when I could legally buy one, I did.

  2. This Week’s Question:

    1. Do you tap trees for syrup? no
    2. Do (or did) you teach your children to shoot? I started them at about 8 (familiarization – point at the hill and pull the trigger.)
    3. Please share with the Pack any ways you are earning morning as a part of your prepping lifestyle to further your self-reliance efforts – or would like to. I take my love of guns, look for bargains, and pass them on.
    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well, since you asked…

    First large shopping trip of the month. Bulk supplies and stuff I can’t get in town (WinCo, Harbor Freight, and Costco) and a rifle from the gunsmith.

    Home with a sinus infection since Tuesday. Caught the symptoms early so not as sever as normal (I get this every 15-24 months). Still, too susceptible to other things to go out much.

    Brad @ BCTruck is putting the final touches on a Cado knife he is making for me. We’ve known each other from the other blog and go back a number of years. I’m glad I can support his “hobby” plus gain another beautiful knife. Pictures will be on his YouTube channel.

    My Walmart.com order of AF/EE #10 cans came. Glad it’s here. Next weekend is a local gun show, so hopefully an increase in cash. Then back to filling buckets!

    Supply Run: disinfectant wipes, rice, canned chicken, TP, paper towels; bucket lids; tools and parts (Harbor Freight); stamps; razor blades; sugar; bottled water;

    Received: AR 2-point slings; Rapid Deployment Pack; Book: 613 Commands of God; bucket; WalMart.com/AF order, #10 cans; 3.5-gal buckets;

  3. Hi gang,

    Yes, it has done nothing but rain here in Middle TN. Yesterday morning woke up to a little snow on the ground. Soggy, soggy, soggy. The sun is shining today, and I was going to call into work to see if they needed me, but decided last night I needed another day off of my regularly scheduled 4 day weekend. Probably will be needed tomorrow, and I signed up for OT, so will most likely will be going in tomorrow.

    This week has been crazy trying to keep up with everything news wise. The President’s speech was the best I’ve ever heard.

    Purchases were:

    Ebay – More N95 masks, Burn and Wound Ointment (it’s the Amish version that the guy that wrote “Comfort for the Burned and Wounded” makes) and good stuff from the reviews, Book – Resilient Gardener : Food Production and Self-reliance in Uncertain Times (recommended by Ice Age Farmer)

    Bulk Co-op purchase – Bushel of Gala apples, 3lbs walnuts, 1 gallon fresh apple cider.

    River Hill Harvest – 9 Elderberry trees/bushes cuttings.

    Piping Rock – 2lbs dried Elderberries

    Dr Christopher’s – Liver Transition

    Heading out today to buy more food (including for the furry baby).

    Tara’s questions:

    Do you tap trees for syrup? Please share our favorite syrup recipe if you do or have. – No trees

    Do (or did) you teach your children to shoot? At what age? Nope, no kids

    Please share with the Pack any ways you are earning morning as a part of your prepping lifestyle to further your self-reliance efforts – or would like to. – Not sure if Tara meant “learning more” or “early morning”. Must of not had her morning coffee yet… Lol, so will go with “learning more”…. Watched the “every HOMESTEADER should GROW this berry! Elderberry” YT video from “Off grid with Doug and Stacy”

    That’s about it for me.

    Prayers for those needing healing, for unspoken requests, for The President and for America.

    Have a great week everyone, and stay dry.

  4. Good morning ya’ll! It’s snowing in my neck of the woods this morning! I post this only because we rarely get snow. Looks like a pot of chili, of chicken & dumplings kind of day. With all the rain this week, I am pleased that the water diversion system I rigged in the backyard worked very nicely. My back yard has a slope, and when I get lots of rain, it runs to my foundation. Problem solved with wall pavers (built this summer). Now water runoff goes away from house – Thumbs up!

    Regarding Thor’s questions, if anyone watched the State of the Union, it is so plain to see that the Dem party has reached a new low. Sad really to see how divided this country has become. Pelosi has lost her mind. What an embarrassment to the entire country. ‘A house divided can not stand.’

    Locusts in Africa – been listening to, and reading about this. Reminds me of the pre-exodus of the Israelites in Egypt. Anyone think this could be coincidence?

    Corona outbreak – Intentional? There are lots of varying ideas floating around on this very subject. I personally wouldn’t put it past Chinese Govt. Could this even be a diversion to direct our eyes away from something else going on in the world? Either way, I’ve upped my viral preps Just in case. U.S. is not home free yet. Watched the 2011 movie, Contagion this week. Really brings it home for me. Viral masks are scarce if not available at all for the moment.

    Pandemic or not, we as a nation have a right for the citizens of our country to secure our borders. This is a no brainer! As Reagan would have said, ‘Trump. Build that wall!’

    I have no input as to whether WHO is a part of the UN. Open to your thoughts on the subject.

    Prep well this week my friends. This stuff is going to get worse before it gets better! Hunker down and be prepared! Prayers to all of youth is week.

  5. 1) Do you tap trees for syrup? Please share our favorite syrup recipe if you do or have. nope
    2) Do (or did) you teach your children to shoot? At what age? No Children
    3) Please share with the Pack any ways you are earning morning as a part of your prepping lifestyle to further your self-reliance efforts – or would like to. I assume you mean earning more. I’m basically working on downsizing and minimizing expenses rather than earning more.
    4) What did you do to prep this week? Have 19 tomato seedlings, 9 potato seedlings, still only 4 sweet potatoes. I emptied the 2nd bin and will be putting everything out in the greenhouse once it’s been repotted the first time. The clear bins create another growing zone of protection. Last week it was 8 degrees outside, 27 inside the greenhouse and the sweet potato in the bin finally keeled over. I doubt it will get that cold again, so on March 1 the greenhouse will go into full operation for the season.

  6. Good Afternoon from West Georgia.

    Got up at 5am and had a light dusting of snow on the ground. It was gone by 8am and then the rain started. North Georgia got 3 to 4 inches but it’s rapidly melting. We have had so much rain that a lot of trees are falling. Had one come down on a major interstate yesterday and barely missed some cars. Guy had his car cam working and got it all for the news. Nothing really close to the house that can hurt it unless the power poles go down.

    Just got home from getting my taxes done. I have gone to the same folks for 23 years. My taxes are a bit complicated so it wouldn’t pay to go to someone closer. They are an hour drive away but it’s worth it and it’s old home week when I come in. Had a new prepared today, husband of the lady that has done mine for 20+ years. She retired and I got her husband. Found out today he is a Traveling Man and we sat and talked about Lodge stuff for a little bit and both came to the conclusion that since we are both late 60s early 70s that when we go to Lodge and see that we are the youngest people there that it might be time to find something else to do with our time.

    For prepping I picked up a couple more 17 gallon water containers and found some Mountain House food in stock at Mountain House at a good price and some at TruPrep at a good price and some at Amazon at not so good a price but I picked it up anyway just to top off the stacks. DW and I are going shopping for food when she comes in from shopping for what ever DW’s shop for and I’ll top off some more canned good stuff.

    Missing talking to TOP a lot.

    Hope yall have a good week, keep smiling, keep praying, the world seems to be on a downhill slide.


          • True. Life’s short so we should exchange real contact info too. Babycatcher and Almost There have mine if you guys want it.

          • Miss TOP too.he told me about this group.
            He also helped on ideas for things I was working on.
            Her put me in contact with someone that was wanting an older cast iron frying pan. The guy didn’t follow through. Was going to pass in one I’d gotten in a sale grouping. I done kneed that pan. Was going to give it away for just postage.
            Top was a good friend to all of us.

          • Overwatch and All,

            I miss TOP as well. He had everyone’s personal email and would always put people in touch when asked. I sure would like to create an email list so we can all stay in touch. Folks wouldn’t need to use their actual names; an alias email would work fine.

  7. Questions:
    1- No but it’s a huge industry in the western part of my state, known as the 413. It’s big in northern New England too. I love it with French toast and sausage links.

    2- At about 10 or 12, I took ODS into the backyard and started teaching him on a red Ryder. Any mistake you make on the fundamentals is accentuated down range. The two most important lessons were always fundamentals and safety. On his 18th birthday, I took him to the range and showed him how to shoot a 22.
    At about 10 or 12, I took ODS into the backyard and started teaching him on a red Ryder. Any mistake you make on the fundamentals is accentuated down range. The two most important lessons were always fundamentals and safety. On his 18th birthday, I took him to the range and showed him how to shoot a 22.

    3- A Lodge brother and I periodically teach firearms safety courses and raise money for the building fund and our charitable giving.

    4- Bought some surgical masks and Large latex gloves. Gauze and Coban was also on sale so I got some of that. I don’t trust the Bravo Sierra coming from either the Chicoms or the UN. This is a deliberate attempt to destabilize the world economy in order to get people clamoring for a big Government solution and away from the nationalist/populist movement spreading worldwide.

    I also picked up extra canned goods and peanut butter and crackers this week. Getting ready to get an order of FD foods together from Ready Made Resources this week. I have a couple of contractor friends coming on Tuesday to gut and remodel the upstairs bathroom. I’m getting the friend price but we’re going to do a first class job and not just slap stuff together to get the house sold. It’s an investment like anything else. One more step toward Tennessee. The guy said the job would take about a solid week so I want the large order to come after that.

  8. I have been following news about the coronavirus. I am stunned that the mainstream media trusts the official numbers released by the Chinese communist government. The number of new cases reported increases by 3000 each day. I think this represents the maximum testing capacity (the number of test kits available) and not the actual number of infected persons. Hospitals lack sufficient test kits to positively confirm cases of the virus. People are being turned away from hospitals because there simply is not enough room.

    Videos smuggled out of Wuhan are disturbing. Officials are going door-to-door and checking temperatures. Anyone who is positive is sent to a detention center. The government is urging people to turn in their family members and neighbors who show symptoms. Last week someone mentioned that the new field hospitals China is putting up so quickly had bars on the windows. The only way to construct a 1000 bed “hospital” in a fortnight is to use pre-fabricated materials. That means the government had the pre-fab materials in storage. Why the bars? These “hospitals” were not originally designed as hospitals but as detention centers in case of social unrest.

    The WHO continues to praise China’s containment efforts. I am rolling my eyes as I type this. If the government had listened to doctors like Li Wenliang, the coronavirus would likely be contained by now. The WHO is under the umbrella of the U.N. And it’s clear they have an agenda. The WHO is criticizing the U.S. for imposing travel restrictions, saying that such measures will not prevent the virus from getting in. This is stupid. The point of travel restriction is to limit the number of cases so that the medical system is not overwhelmed. This is all part of Trump’s America First attitude. That’s what the WHO and UN hate. They want to be the leaders of a one-world government. The point is that people in Wuhan are not dying because of the virus; they are dying because hospitals are overrun and cannot provide critical care to every patient. There simply are not enough beds and the make-shift hospitals do not have electricity and so do not have oxygen. These are not hospitals; they are detention centers.

    I do think the coronavirus will become a pandemic–more severe than the 2009 H1N1 but nowhere near as lethal as the Spanish Flu or SARS. I have upped my game this week. I have finished doing a complete inventory. I had some OTC meds that needed to be replaced. I got that done. I brought up pet supplies to four months–can be extended to six months with a bit of rationing. (Less canned food; more dry food.) We did several trips to Walmart: water, paper products, hygiene products, OTC medications, and more food for the short term pantry. My long-term pantry is silly deep. Still, I put in another order with the LDS Online Store. That order has shipped. I needed more onions and black beans. I was able to put in a six-month supply of prescription medications.

    I have perfected my recipe for Cuban black beans. I got an Instant Pot for Christmas and so have been developing recipes for it. Take 3 cups black beans soaked overnight, soaked and rinsed. Saute an onion and some bell peppers in olive oil. Add garlic, cumin, paprika, seasoned pepper and birds eye pepper. Add half a can of chipolte pepper in adobo and half a link of chorizo. (I use the plant-based chorizo from Trader Joe’s.) Add a carton of chicken stock and two cups of water. Dump in beans. Set Instant Pot for six minutes and do a 10 minute natural release. I serve this with rice and rosemary-garlic bread. I like to add guacamole and mango chutney. We like this so much I brought our capacity up to 20 pots. (One pot makes 6-8 meals.)

    I am trying an experiment. I purchased 50 lbs. of potatoes and. 20 lbs. of sweet potatoes. I put them in a single layer in ventilated cardboard boxes, and put them in a cool dark place. I want to see if they will last for a few months. I will check them every few days and use what I need.

    • Bam Bam,

      I love Cuban black beans. Of course, having been married to a Cuban for almost 29 years had something to do with that. The Ex, her now departed mom, and her oldest sister could really whip it out. The oldest sister is a maestro at making congri (it’s tough to get the moisture content just right, but Maria Julia does it every time).

      • Zulu,

        We have a large Cuban population here in Florida and they can really cook. I love making any kind of international food. Tonight I am cooking Indian food (red dot, not woowoo)

        • Bam Bam,

          Oh, yeah I know that. My Ex lives in Putnam County and Lake County (she owns two cribs, trying to sell one) and her sister is in Orlando. Both of our daughters learned well from their mom how to whip up a good Cuban meal.

    • Bam bam ,,,was watching new post by ICE AGE FARMER on you tube this am about virus , and the shut down of meds and antibiotics coming to the US that only China produces, some thing like 97% of comes from China ,
      Not so funny thing happened in the middle of the vid the screen went black with the caption “no longer available ”
      Tryed to bring it back up and it’s gone ,no luck ,
      Some thing to think about ,we(US)no longer produce antibiotics , we repackage them ,same for heparin needed for some procedures China is the sole supplier in the world , same for insulin we re package it , and the list goes on and on,
      A week or so ago my post about goings on in China were right on ,

      Tea and blueberries

      • Oldhomesteader,

        China is cracking down on social media reports, even more than usual. It would seem that youtube and other platforms are doing their bidding. I suspect China has told them that if they post “sensitive” material, they will but shut out of the Chinese market. I have read about the reliance on Chinese ingredients for antibiotics and other medications. Some companies tried to diversify by setting up production in India. The problem is that India imports ingredients from China. I have a good supply of antibiotics for my fish for precisely this reason.

      • Bam bam ,okie girl ,,,,,look at week end post of Jan 19 to 25 and following week , I have no way to cut and paste,
        Just saw that 14 days is now 24 days ,and that carriers that don’t show sick have been found to be spreading it ,a large food store company is prepping for the worst. I dare not say more ,corporate offices get inside info , there were sat. photos of bulldozer pushing bodies in pits , that there was to many to creamate the normal way ,
        Would love to spill the beans but can’t

        Herb tea

    • Bam Bam:

      Actually the media going along with the “official” numbers and position is quite understandable. First, I think they have lost the ability to be “investigative reporters” and have turned into “teleprompter readers”. They might say something that will run afoul of a SJW and lose their job, then what would they be qualified to do?

      The second reason is that they are all worn out from running around with their hair on fire over the impeachment. You just have to be in a special bubble to put out what they do and not question any of it.

    • Bam, they are not detention centers, they are hospice…. with bars on the windows…..if no AC…..

      My Mrs. Makes great beans and rice. The 15 bean Cajun soup will go great with SPAM or the canned hams I bought. I’m ready to lockdown at a moments notice. I heard there was a slipup at the health dept. Anounçement, the guy said don’t use your N95 masks now you will need them later………

      • Thor,

        It’s winter in China. The main concern is heat and the lack of negative air pressure. If they don’t enter with the coronavirus, they will get it there. You are right–China is just leaving these folks to die.

          • Thor 1
            They will be out of luck trying to enter Hong Kong, it has shut down at it’s border crossing from the main land. Even Tawain has stopped all enteries into that section from either Hong Kong or mainland China. If you want to enter you have to obtain special permission by containing some ministry for a special visa.

            This was in the South China Morning Post a few days ago. I have been reading that paper and watching the video’s which have been transferred out on the net.
            Saw one where it appears that the police who pulled a women out of her vehicle killed her. Then put her body into a police van to get it off the street from prying eyes. Then the one where they are welding shut a door to what appears to be an apartment building.

    • BamBam
      Keep the potatoes separated so that they do not touch each other. They require room for the gases to leave the box or container. Make sure you do not have onions in the same area, it will cause the potatoes to rot.
      You can use crumpled up news paper to create a separation of the potatoes, I would tell you to use straw, but the straw raised back when my dad used it and now are probably two different products.

      Can you put in a vegetable closet in your home?

      That is where the air comes up through the floor, do to the air space under the homes foundation. The cool air rises up into the closet which has vented shelving. Then the cool air continues to rise up through shelving into the attic of the home. It keep the vegetables cool without refrigeration, prolongs the viability of the produce.

      Saw this in a home which was being restored on tv. It was 1920-40’s bungalow/craftsman home, when the restorer discovered it had been covered over. He restored it in the home for a young couple who have a large garden an no place to keep the vegetable fresh.

      • I lived in a home built 1930 in California. I knew it kept vegetables cool even in hot summer but didn’t entirely understand how it worked. I’ve never lived with anything so practical again. I’d love one if those again.

        • The house I lived in when I was in England had a cooling closet in the kitchen. It was vented from below and to the outside and it was usually quite a few degrees cooler than the rest of the house. The English used it as a place to store fresh vegetables and meats and it kept them very well.

          • A cooling closet may work in California or England but for those of us who live in the South it would just be an easy way for bugs to get into our homes and little else. By the time summer fruits and vegetables are ready highs are above 90F and night time lows do not get much below 80F.

          • No space to build a cooling closet here but it’s the seed of an idea for something in an out building. I live in high mountain desert country. Day to night differences often more than 30°- 40° cooler at night. A 3 ft deep pit under a screened closet could create a cooler space for vegetables that I want handy or fresh and cool to take to a farmers market. Loose leaf lettuce could be evening cut and washed then placed on a screen shelf to dry but stay crisp and ready. Moisture adding to the keeping quality.
            Thanks for the lovely reminder. I left that home 52 years ago.

          • Mesh shelves. Vented from under the house into the attic. It was next to the kitchen sink. I just know it kept veggies in better shape than the refrigerator.

      • AC,

        Daddio is totally right about storing in Florida. We don’t have space under our homes. I would be happy if the potatoes last two months. By then we will be getting in summer veggies. I always find it interesting to hear about other people’s homes–home they can store stuff.

        • BamBam
          You do not store under the house.
          Think spare closet with opening into the sub floor with a screen mesh over the opening to keep the vermin out. Then as you look into the closet you will see removeable frame slates. They they remind me of mini pallets which set on side boards screwed into the walls. The pallets have a 1-2 inch openings between the boards for air flow.
          Cool air rises up through this closet into the attic space, with a mesh screen to keep out insects.

        • Bam Bam the sweetpotatoes last 2x as long as the other potatoes here. the sweetpotatoes will start to sprout.. mine already are that i got in just before frost… if you need to use those,… put the 3-6 inch sprouts that develop off,put in water until they get the beginning of a root… then stick in soil water, fertilize lightly ..cover all but top 2 sets of leaves..they will root at each leaf joint…
          Best way to intentionally sprout is to cover the entire potato with fertile soil and water in well.. takes several weeks ….so time to do that for own sweetpotato slips is NOW .in your area.. they will produce several slips in flushes several times.. keep them watered.. under a grow light. once they put up shoots.
          we do not have anything we can store in but a cooler closet…..on a slab…too wet to dig under it.
          You have my address.

  9. Do you tap trees for syrup? Please share our favorite syrup recipe if you do or have. my trees are not quite big enough. I think the first one will be big enough within 5 years, but yes, i plan on tapping. Just made FrenchToast this morning with my homemade bread. We aren’t buying storebought anymore, now that i know how to make it. Hubby is pleased.
    Do (or did) you teach your children to shoot? At what age? I didn’t, but the military did. Daughter1 was in the Army for a few years, son was a SpecOps for the Navy, and Daughter2 just learned with her hubby, who is an avid outdoorsman. She is learning to hunt!
    Please share with the Pack any ways you are earning money as a part of your prepping lifestyle to further your self-reliance efforts – or would like to. Im sewing again, making bowl cozies, dogsitting, and of course, midwifery. My January client is doing great and this was her easiest, fastest birth! Baby was 1.5 lbs bigger than her previous peanuts, and she rocked it!
    What did you do to prep this week?With all this rain, we’ve had some flooding in the Mts, so I helped man the radio at the EOC for a few hours. We were fine but the water in the pond was going over the dam, not thru the outlet, at its worst. Gotta fix that. Made bread, cooked soup, sang a lot(getting my voice back after an early winter cold, and being off for 5 months!) bought some food, but trying to use up whats in the freezer. Thats all. It snowed here this morning. We are expecting more rain Monday and with the ground satuated, anything could happen. As long as we don’t get high winds, we should be ok. Prayers for the Pack.

    • I recently had the opportunity to watch a good friend of mine deliver her 11th baby at home in a birthing pool. It was absolutely the most amazing experience; my utmost respect and awe for midwives!

  10. 1. Nothing to tap here in NM high mountain
    2. Taught all 4 to shoot. 2 have CC. Three sons
    when in military were all marksman or
    better. Daughter was truly way better.
    3. I planned to sell rabbits and open a
    secondhand store here. Dogs wipped out
    that plan.. They killed 20 of 23 rabbits we
    had. I bought 8 this week from three
    sources. Lady I bought 3 from said she
    makes dog food from the bones and
    trimmings from rabbits.
    1/3 meat scraps ,
    1/3 cooked rice,
    1/3 diced cook vegetables
    Mix well and store in the refrigerator.
    I laughed. Add onion, salt and. pepper.
    and I’d eat it.
    4. 20 lb rice
    20 lb pinto beans
    2 long lighters
    7 bars Cells Naptha
    2 jars bleach tablets
    Baking powder
    Knife and fire starter on sale $8
    Coffee.. Ground and instant
    Extra large powdered creamer
    Black pepper
    Garlic granules
    Survival medicine book
    Another wild foods and medicines book for
    my library.
    Another life straw
    Hack saw blades
    Dust masks for shop
    Assorted containers of nut, bolts and
    screws in commonly used sizes.
    Found several used books on Forraging and
    a book of women’s recollections of
    westward travel. Written about travel in
    covered. wagon days. Interesting old time
    8 rabbits
    2 cages
    Used canning jars with rings. $.25 each at
    3, 12 ft camo cloth for shad for critters on.
    sale $5 each
    2 silver tarps
    Ordered 100 shiny survival blankets
    3 all natural ingredients body wash
    Carrots and celery to dry
    10, 4 gal buckets and lids from a bakery

    • CY, nice list…. We all need to turn up our preps. Hey get Black to come back on here, as a friend of TOPs, he has prestige like you….

  11. HI ALL. ,,,, preps this week , “new “truck was delivered ,been waiting since August. 96 GMC diesel , 4×4 ,New trans and drive train ,brakes ,pretty much every thing but the body and frame ,,EMP proofed,38 gal. tank giong to add a 110 gal bed tank ,(gets 22mpg) can run homemade fuel (veg oil) the wish list is run flat tires , there is a fix some of you that are handy can do to protect from EMP ,wrap the wire bundles with copper fly screen ,maybe later I can go into details of how and why ,aand which cars and trucks to do it to ,

    Rain and mud this week the pasture is a lake , the road off the ranch is underwater ,
    More new calfs ,
    Pay attention to the virus and the world economy things are inter connected
    ,if you can’t feed your self your in trouble,you can’t store enough to feed your self indefinitely,and you can’t learn to produce food from a book ,you have to get dirt under your finger nails,how about a tomato in a pot in a sunny window ?
    A good source of info is ice age farmer,

    • 0ldhomesteader,

      Tell me more on the fly screen when you have time.

      You are right on the food growing. I’ve also heard that due to weather issues coming, need to be able to grow indoors or have greenhouses/gardens that can withstand the weather events. Have heirloom seeds and know how to seed save…

      I planned on doing raised beds this year. I’m still a green horn when it comes to gardening… After hearing about having the need to grow indoors, was thinking about putting a “lid”, like a metal roof, with hinges on it, and let it be open until it needs to be closed… Time to buy some grow lights.

      Seems the list is getting longer, when I thought I had caught up pretty good.

      • A T ,,,,COPPER fly screen cut in strips ,(1 1/2 inch wide ) can be wrapped in a spiral over wire bundels, needs two layers wrap in opposite direction tack down with supper glue often,then wrap with a good electrical tape to prevent it from grounding ,contrary to what most think don’t ground it , the purposes is to shield the wires , Not to conduct voltages ,in a CME grounding will start a fire , most automotive computers have steel case and don’t need any thing else ,what we are doing is keeping the wires from being a antenna , the screen MUST BE copper ,aluminium will not work ,every wire must be shielded even ground wires ,a very big job to do right ,if you start to do this lets talk on the phone first there some tricks to know about,

      • Anything that you harvest ripe (winter squash, tomatoes, dry beans, etc) you can just keep the seeds you take out of the fruit. If you harvest anything unripe (if you can say “it’s too old to eat”) let one ripen until the plant itself dies. This would be green beans, cucumbers, peppers, and many others. Greens, for example, will often seed after they’re too “bitter” to eat.

        Other plants are biannuals. For onions, beets, and others in this class, you can either leave them in the ground if you have a mild winter, or pull, store, and replant in early spring.

  12. Well, I am too tired to think about answering questions so no comment on them.

    What did I to prep, glad you asked. I am getting all kinds of things done. Going medication free is great. I apologize to any persons I (not any one in particular) who I thought bad things about when they preached eating a healthy diet. Also constantly hydrating myself helps a lot, part of my blood pressure problem was it was too thick. I am using water flavor enhancers, peach tea is my favorite. They contain PROPYLNE GLYCOL as a sweeter. My digestive system is having difficult time adjusting to it but hopefully it will soon.

    I purchased more shelving and plan on obtaining more non perishable foods. I am going to see what the Sav-a-Lot store has. I think prepers keep Walmart cleaned out of some things. Sav-a-Lot has a more diverse clientele who do not think that way. The surveyor came and I showed him where I wanted the new property line to be. I will use some of the money for a major purchase and save the rest for the uncertain future.

    My seed starts are doing well in the greenhouse. Two trays did not sprout, the hybrid green tomatoes and the white eggplant. I only planted half the seed in each pack so I have replanted those and added cilantro and thyme. In my outside planters I planted leeks, chives, oregano, and dill. I also put some okra in 4 inch biodegradable pots as an experiment.

    Last week I found a plant sale at Tractor Supply. I got 5 blackberries, three dewberries, four figs, two pomegranate, two hazelnut, two blueberry and four pecan. Last year I got a few blackberries and a fig but my mower need work and the heat got me so the weeds choked them out. Not this time. I bought some 25 year ground cover to put under my strawberry pots and I cut 16 in squares of it and after snipping a small hole slipped one over each plant. Lowe’s had some damaged mulch bags that they sold cheap. I am going to place that over the cover squares. The pecans are just cuttings that haven’t even rooted yet so I used a rooting solution and place them in two gallon pots of potting soil. Now I have to figure where I am going to put four trees that get 100 ft tall. I hope to live long enough to eat some nuts off of them. If the sale is still on I plan on getting some other trees. Last week I was in a hurry and couldn’t keep shopping…….

    Pause for trip to town.

    OK, back from trip, it’s only 10 miles. The last three coming back took 20 minutes, traffic was backed up to the first light on my side of the river so I took the side road to take the back way to my home. So did several hundred other people. I imagine there was an accident at the intersection where a state road joins the main road south. I had to cross that road and few were turning to go that way.

    Sav-a-Lot carries off brands but hopefully they are good. I got 8 boxes of scalloped potato mix. While the dehydrated potatoes in them won’t last for 20 years they should be good in storage for a few. I got four pounds of dried lima beans and black-eye peas, Walmart is always sold out. I then went to Tractor Supply and found the trees I wanted. I got four three foot tall peach trees and two six foot tall apple trees, all rated for zone 9. I saved $13 each by getting the three foot trees. Probably should have just spent the money and had peaches two years sooner. I need some pears, my other two drowned when I had the drainage stopped up a few years ago.

    I want to thin my blueberries but they have already started blooming. No help for it now, next year probably will be just as warm. A farmer has planted 80 acres of dwarf citrus trees four miles from my home so I guess he thinks so. Those things are only six feet apart in the row but I do not know exactly what they are. Citrus Greening killed the six citrus trees I had. He kept fine nets over his for two years to keep the insect that carries the virus off of them. I guess I will try and find some citrus trees. Lowe’s moved most of theirs out, maybe a local nursery might have some.

    It has taken me three years to get my land into shape and I must say I am proud of how it looks now. My wife wasn’t sure I could do it but my health and mood have improved greatly since then. It may be that I will need my strength to help my family in the coming years.

    • Daddio7,
      It sounds like you are making wonderful progress.! Hang in there… stay with your plan.
      Sav-a-lot has their own store brands.. the store nearest me is 70 miles away..now…We used to eat their things all the time-when we had a store very close… and it was rare we got anything we just did not like. Their boxed rice mixes, cajun style- we liked.
      Drop multiples of the potato mixes..(l pack like together. if not label flavors) down in a mylar bag( or a bigg mouth gallon jug, w/tight fitting lid.( i remove from box and put cut out inftructions inside the container w/ products… and add an oxygen absorber, seal ..store in tub or bucket. Just allow plenty of time for rehydration on those potato slices…
      Okra is one of easiest things to transplant , very hardy.. year before last i thought my seed were too old and planted them expecting a <50% germination… got loser to 100%.I soak my seed in warm water or buttermilk for a couple of hours minimum… I have Texas Hill country to plant this year. tried Burgundy , (did ok)and clemson spineless last year.( got a late harvest off it.). want one more squat to dehydrate for frying.we also crumble and add to rice mixes. Too soon to begin thinking about planting here…may be Mothers day before we can put frost tender stuff in ground…. If temp swings continue like did last year.
      Try a slice of lemon or slice of orange for water… that glycol stuff they can easily get mixed up with radiator fluid.. was done and poisoned a bunch of dogs and cats..w/ animal foods from ..Ch__a. I like peach tea as well. sometimes will make plain tea unsweet and add a few ounces of peach soda to it. 20 oz glass, filled with ice.. 3/4 tea and about 3-4 o peach soda. Yes i get regular soda. can not use any of the commercial sweetners they add to diet drinks.. HFCS, is the least of my worries since this is not a routine for me. I can use pyure Stevia and very limited cane sugar.I jut drink my tea completely unsweetened most of the time.Filtered water is my usual. with plenty of ice.

  13. Greetings!
    First time posting here but have enjoyed reading and learning from everyone for quite some time.
    1. I do not have any trees to tap.
    2. My children are both under 4 but they do both have rubber band guns that they practice their shooting skills with! They will start with a single shot .22 as their first actual firearm. They both “practice” and/or pretend to hunt the elk and deer around here.
    3. I currently do not do anything extra to earn extra money for preps, but do work diligently to not spend unnecessarily and find ways to make our budget stretch so I can spend extra money on preps.
    4. What did I do to prep this week? I have been prepping for about 10 years or so, however I was raised in a self-reliant/prepper/gardening/hunting/preserving/making your dollar stretch family so it has always been a part of who I am but I never really put a name to it until about 10 or so years ago. As a mom with young children I have an even more sense of urgency to store up, be self-reliant and to make sure we can protect and provide for our children needs. In the last 3 months I have had an even more heightened sense of time seems to be getting short to get everything in order. This week I received an order from Amazon with, laundry detergent, garbage bags, salt, Turmeric, wide mouth canning lids, reduced sugar instant oatmeal & 6 cans tomato soup. I prefer not to drag my children out to the nearest cities to grocery shop so I do a lot of ordering online. The cardboard boxes I get in shipments make for great weed suppression in my gardens. I also had an opportunity to go to town by myself yesterday for a quick appointment and stopped at a Grocery Outlet I passed by so I stopped. I was able to get some more children’s liquid benadryl, children’s tylenol, children’s cough and cold medicine, a 2 pack of vicks vaporub, 10 lbs of flour, 2 bags of brown sugar, 6 cans of chili, 6 cans of vegetable beef soup and 2 bags of rice. I also got 3 more bags of dried beans.
    I really like to take the dried beans and can them up to keep on my shelves that way they are already cooked and just need heated.
    I have been actively working with my 2 littles to practice good hygiene, washing hands for a full minute, front and back, not touching surfaces when we do have to go out in public, coughing into elbows, we throw our tissues in the woodstove after use instead of letting the tissues sit in the garbage with germs on them. Not saying anybody is going to sign through the garbage however I want to minimize how many of the germs are just “hanging around” lol. I have been watching this coronavirus closely and will be ready to self-quarantine our family if need be for at least 6 months.
    Thanks for letting me post and for all the great information I glean from everybody on this site! Have a great week and keep on keeping on! I fear our time is getting shorter and shorter with every passing month!

  14. Hi all, man you guyas are busy!!! Congratulations!! I am curious about the auction site Tara mentioned here and in last weeks column. She never men tions the name. I perused several of the recent entries under “what I did to prep this week” but could not find the name mentioned. Anyone here know?

  15. Tara
    Would you be so kind as to give me that auction address you found on line again. I really like that fork/spoon set you purchased.

    Also since I am unable to receive the updating with the email I had previously used I shall be changing over to one of our other email address. Hope that does not cause a problem with your site.

  16. Hey Tribe,,,, spring has arrived early, first set of twin kids born this week. One doe and one buckling. I thank God for such beauty. They are Saanens, dairy breed. More to come yet. Goat barn 24’x24′ is getting full. If you ever wear down with hard work and bad weather, babies remind us why we do what we do.
    Tara’s questions: yes, I have huge sugar maples and taps, some years I tap, if I am really busy, some years I do not. It is a lot of work for one person. Amish keep asking when am I going to harvest those maples. They see dollar signs and I see beauty. Clearly we do not view thru same glasses.
    I have no children to teach hunting or shooting
    A few times I have sold a calf or kids, I love giving them to 4 H youth, especially if a leader say there are poor families that want children in 4H. One year I gave a young lady starting out as a vet my entire kid crop to start her out. The most I have ever had were 29 goats. They are a wonderful activity for children.
    I believe survival would be easy with rabbits, chickens and goats and a huge garden/greenhouse plus orchard and a way to defend what you have.
    Additional meds for animals and humans to run a few years also.
    Added more seeds this week, I must think whoever dies with the most seeds wins. Ordered copper wire and additional supplies ie. Super glue, electrical tape etc. to start prep to harden an old truck from EMP OR CME. Still looking for that old truck. If anything were easy I would faint. I give all needs to God, trusting He will meet ALL my needs according to his riches and glory. Ask and you shall receive, shaken down, good measure, He will open a window in heaven and pour out a blessing. You have not, because you ask not. Those are all God’s promises, not mine, but I claim them! So can you.

    • Sage, et. al.

      Since you brought up CME/EMP does anyone have any experience with a device call EMP Shield? It is supposed to protect your vehicle and is supposedly endorsed by the US Government/Military.

      They are several hundred dollars, but might be worth it if they work.

      • JP. ,,,,WE TESTED THEM ,,,,JUNK ,,,JUNK ,,,,JUNK ,,,
        Waste of money ,,,,,, scam ,,,,
        Oh I better stop before I get sued like others have been for telling the truth ,

      • JP ,,,years ago (1970s)I worked in a related field ,to EMP ,i think I have good handle on EMP protection ,of greater concern to me is CME ,,, if I can help ,ASK. No question is a dum question , there is a lot of misinformation out there

    • Thor:
      Thank you for the update and links. I pulled up his tweets- a deluge in the last few hours. Dr. Tedros calls for calm but sounded panicked to both me and DH.

      Stay safe and God Bless.

    • Thor1 and everyone else,

      I really think the Chinese thought they were being clever developing the Kung flu as a biological weapon. Surprise! It works! Unfortunately, I don’t think they were ready for prime time yet and somehow (probably loose discipline with the hot rooms and waste products) let the virus out in a location they wouldn’t have preferred to let it loose (i.e., their major manufacturing areas).

      This disease is going to cause a lot of economic troubles worldwide, no doubt. Already has. But it is going to absolutely destroy China’s economy. Once things settle down a bit, other countries, including the US, are going to be forced to redevelop many industries that had been essentially given over to the Chinese to produce for us. Many of those redeveloped industries will not be going back to China. In a perverse way, I think it will be much better for us to rebuild and maintain certain industries (i.e. pharmaceuticals, electronics, etc). We should never have lost control of them in the first place. But, water under the bridge.

      Soon, I think, the general Chinese population, along with the Chinese military, are going to decide the CCP has outlived it’s usefulness (which they probably already have decided, but are kind of busy staying alive) and do something about making it go away. Unfortunately for China, with the culture and history it has, it will fall into civil war over who is going to control the country, with every Zhang, Li, and Chen trying to set themselves up as warlords and fight to become the next Emperor.

      You can bet that the ethnic minorities in western China will try hard to breakaway. The Muslim Chinese will probably get support, military and financial, from other Muslim countries. You know, moderate Islamic countries like Iran.

      This too will adversely affect the rest of the world as I suspect larger nations that had been getting certain materials only found in China, will want to control those materials, either by occupying the places they are found, or supporting a Chinese warlord they think will deal with them fairly. Unfortunately, history teaches there was no such thing in China as a fair dealing warlord and I have no reason to believe that tendency will change just because it’s the 21st Century. This might force war on us too, but not fighting people in man-dresses and sandals, but armies closer to being our peers.

      Mao is probably rolling over in his grave. Which is fine as he deserves it.

    • Thor1,

      The likelihood that we in the US will see UN troops patrolling our land is less than slim to none.

      First, I doubt seriously that President Trump will allow it.

      Second, where is the UN going to get the troops to do that work even if Trump allows it? Methinks they will have enough problems patrolling their own countries. If anything, the UN will be begging the US for troops to work in other countries. Hopefully, Trump will turn them down.

      Just because those flakes at WHO and the rest of the UN say it, doesn’t make it so.

      • Z36, the Democraps have been paving the way for the coming collapse. While I agree China’s demise will help companies in the US to get stronger eventually, we also will initially suffer from lack of parts. Did you know China makes the majority of antibiotics and insulin?

        Some of my fears are what if they put it in products shipped here. Such as toothpaste, dog food and kids toys? Years ago they put antifreeze in toothpaste, cyanide in dog food and lead paint in kids toys. The Chinese government is cruel and ruthless and wouldn’t bat an eye. Heck the lockup anyone who disagree with them and harvest their organs while they are alive.

        Did you know that 16 military bases are setting up quarantine facilities in the US….What could possibly go wrong ???……….Wuhan, coming to a city near you…….

        • Thor1,

          Yeah, I’m well aware that China makes, or at least supplies ingredients, for many of our pharmaceuticals. Some types are already in short supply because of the new strain of swine flu killing the pigs in China. One med is Heparin, a blood thinner used in surgeries, particularly heart surgeries. Made from pig’s intestines. A US doctor was quoted in an article as saying if we run out of China-supplied Heparin, heart surgeries and many other surgeries will have to stop. Hospitals will keep their stocks for emergencies only, no electives. I know I got Heparin after my gall bladder surgery back in 2009.

          I’m not too surprised the military is being asked to provide quarantine facilities. Actually, I think it’s a smart thing to do. With the exception of a few bases near major airports, the others are only being tasked with preparing for 20 or so patients at a time as tertiary facilities. The military has the infrastructure to provide these kinds of temporary facilities, so why not use them?

          • Zulu 3-6:

            I see all the “new” concern about decreased imports from China, and it reminds me of the ammo, especially 22LR, shortages after Sandy Hook. We have become so dependent on other people, using their money and space, to store our future needs that we go into AOF mode when something, anything, endangers our JIT method of resupply.

            For me, that’s one of the BIG advantages to prepping. I made money during the 22 LR/AR/Magazine panic BECAUSE I had been prepping and had more than enough to see me through and sell off the surplus at ridiculous (to me) prices. And they were lining up to pay them!

            OTC meds last 2-3 years at full potency. Why are you letting WalMart dictate what is available to your family. Rice, beans, pasta, and wheat, in dry bulk, stored properly last 20+ years, hot or cold, I know this for a personal fact. Other items last 5+ years, usually longer. Why are people, especially ones we have talked with FOR YEARS, in panic mode?

            Prescription meds are another story, but there are ways to increase your supply. I have a 6 month reserve at full strength, on hand, at a minimum. You just can’t do it overnight.

            Although I am following what is going on, I am not personally panicked. I continue to make my period stash replacements. I review what I have, and maybe find holes that need filling.

            Based upon what is going on locally, will determine when I “bar the door” and go into hibernation. I refuse to be sent there by external forces (especially media induced panic).

            I agree with others that our 2 most important problems with a crisis are starvation and people behaving badly. I just intend not to personally fall into either category. Prep with a plan, write it down, stick with it as best you can. Stuff will happen to put a wiggle in it, but Keep On, Keepin’ On!

          • JP,

            I absolutely agree with you. I am well stocked on food to last at least six-months. Water, not that much, but I have multiple methods of filtering and purifying more from local sources. Meds, I have a goodly supply of OTC, and prescription, including meds for my fish and birds.

            I don’t feel the need to panic, although I am working on adding to my stash while stocks in stores remain available. I keep pestering my kids and Ex to add more to their stocks too and they say they are, except my son who doesn’t really have a clue, sad to say.

          • Zulu 3-6:

            I am in, and will probably stay, the same way with water until we move. City water, one lot, no way to have a well. I’ll do water catchment if we don’t move and the roof is ready to be redone.

  17. HI ALL ,,,,,GO BACK AND READ MY POST ON 1/25 and 1/26. And last week ,,about the virus ,
    We are going into hunker down mode ,before things blowup. I have good info , not just the web , in the bible who was it that said get ready ? What happened to those that just went there merry way ? When this blows up it will be to late to get ready , there are sat.photos of piles of bodys being burned, the backdoor talk is over a million sick with 50k dead
    I will stand by my past posts , if we somehow luck out with the virus ,the economic crash that has to happen will be a nightmare. Just think about going toWM and nothing from China ,,,,or no electronics ,no replacement car parts , no antibiotics 97% of come from China ,or what about insulin ,and how much of OTC meds ,don’t forget John Deere tractor parts

    Back at ranch ,,,,we had rain and flooding again this week ,,road under water ,prepping to lock down , more diesel fuel , more sugar ,rice,beans ,cheese ,powdered milk ,soap ,critter feed ,,,,,can’t move till spring ,snow in the mt pass ,ranch road to soft to run trucks now ,sort and pack lots of stuff
    In all my years it’s like the world has gone mad, wish I could tell you all more. Read between the lines ,and hope I’m wrong ,,do you remember the scene in the first star wars when the walls were closing in. In the trash compactor,are we living it ?
    Think I’ll go have a herb tea

    • Hey Old Homesteader, Went looking for your posts on 1/25 and 1/26. Could not find any with that date on them. Were they under this topic? Looked at both the week before and the week after, but did not see them. Am I blind? Or not looking in the correct place? Please advise!

  18. Tara’s questions:
    1)We do not have trees that can be tapped
    2) No children in the household
    3)Dowser; attended beginning & advanced training in this field. Am now what one would refer to as a master in this field. As I have been doing this for over 18 years, learning is an on going process. Discoveries which I have made should be written up for articles in the Society Of American Dowers. Just unable to fit it in to the work schedule here at our place.
    My sister wants me to put together baby bedding ensembles together for sale, the sewing part is no problem. It is the attending the fairs for selling which I am unable to do. Family obligations keep me close to home.

    Decided to do a quick once over the foods we use on a daily bases for acdh’s meals. Coming up short, so whether I wish to or not I will be going into the lions den of germs aka the grocery store(s). It will require several different stores to fill in the required specialized items I use every day to go over 90 days.

  19. JP ,,,years ago (1970s)I worked in a related field ,to EMP ,i think I have good handle on EMP protection ,of greater concern to me is CME ,,, if I can help ,ASK. No question is a dum question , there is a lot of misinformation out there

  20. Bam bam ,okie girl ,,,,,look at week end post of Jan 19 to 25 and following week , I have no way to cut and paste,
    Just saw that 14 days is now 24 days ,and that carriers that don’t show sick have been found to be spreading it ,a large food store company is prepping for the worst. I dare not say more ,corporate offices get inside info , there were sat. photos of bulldozer pushing bodies in pits , that there was to many to creamate the normal way ,
    Would love to spill the beans but can’t

    Herb tea

    • Oldhomesteader and everyone else,

      I saw an article the other day about a big increase in sulfur dioxide (SO2) levels seen in sat photos of Huwei. SO2 is a common emission seen in the burning of organic waste, including cremations of people. However, it could also be from burning of medical waste as well. The sat photo shows a hell of a good sized plume.

      I found an article from the Taiwan News about this with photos:


        • Lol… You crack me up Thor1…

          Now they’re saying it’s traveling through the poop pipes in apartment complexes… going airborne…

          And, even though a person test’s positive, but has no symptoms, they are allowing them to go free and not be on isolation… New name Covid-19, so they can be politically correct with the name so people are scared.

          Watch latest Peak Prosperity video from today. Read some of the comments. One was from a DNP in China…

          • AT, if what I just heard is true, the SHTF….. 1,000+ Kung Flu cases in the US in 32 states and the CDC is only reporting 15. Prepare like your life depends on it. Just spent $400+ in the grocery store for the 2nd week straight.

            We face a disease, food shortage and financial collapse.

          • Today. 2/14/2020. NY Times
            More Americans could be tested for coronavirus.
            Health officials in the United States will begin testing some people with flulike symptoms for infection with the coronavirus.

            Patients in five cities will be tested if their flu tests are negative, Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said at a news briefing on Friday.Health officials will use a nationwide surveillance network already set up to track influenza, she said.

            ___Health officials will use a nationwide surveillance network already set up to track influenza, she said. The five cities are Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Seattle.___

          • Thor1,

            They are not telling, just like China is not telling… And knowing that it can now be spread for 24 days, letting the people in quarantine out after just 14 days, heard of 2 confirmed cases in NJ a couple of days ago, but the medical staff was told to be quiet, and it went unreported…. And on and on and on.

            I just bought more N95’s, KC A35’s, googles, portable nebulizer, getting my CS maker up and running, meds. I think we are in for a long haul, and we may never recover…. I am glad I am now able to work from home if I need to. Thank the Lord for that. If nothing happens, then we will be prepared for the next round.

            Mike Adams has a lot of good info, as well as 0ldhomsteader, ,SQ, your guy Peak Prosperity, IAF and a few others. Thankful for these people that are willing to share. God Bless and Protect them.

  21. WOW, This popped up on a site I was checking on for supplies..
    “Due to concerns about the coronavirus we will be restricting new or increased business on related products.”

    When the supply is gone, it’s gone for a while… Maybe never to return. China has 0% production right now on anything… We all need to think about that for a minute… and prepare as best you can. One good thing, changing our habits doesn’t cost us anything.

    • AT & All,I heard they were beating dogs to death because they could be carriers. Then it dawned on me, the dogs are eating the dead people in the streets and homes. How horrific, Stephen King stuff……..


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