What I Did To Prep This Week: Feb 9th – 15th 2020

Hello Pack. It has been a weird week here on our survival homesteading retreat. I think we have had three seasons of weather in just one week – fall, winter, and spring. Which is kinda commonplace for Ohio, but still weird.

The day we went from rain to freezing rain, and back again twice was probably the least productive day of our week.

It is looking awfully green for this time of year in Appalachia. The possibility for a little early grazing by our horses, mini donkeys, pony, and goats has really helped us conserve on hay bale use.

There surely is not enough growing outside yet to sustain them, but being able to do some early year nibbling is definitely a plus.

This week’s preps included more seed planting to get ready for when spring does arrive and stay. I was able to save some calendula, mullein, and echinacea plants from damping off, but not all. I am currently winning two good grow lights on that bidfta.com website I have mentioned a few times.

If any of you have tried the website and scored some great preps and awesome prices, please share your finds in the comments section. I am bidding on several other prepping related items now, but will have to scale back my purchases after that with a granddaughter’s birthday coming up.

Our pear, chokecherry, and apple seeds are coming along nicely. Only two of our harvested apple seeds have germinated so far, but that is two more trees we can add to our fruit grove that did not cost us a dime:

fruit tree seeds in indoor containers

I love the fact that one day the seeds our grandchildren helped to cultivate will bear fruit that they and their own children will be feasting upon.

My Bobby ordered an “edibles” live tree group from our local Water and Soil Conservation Agency. They have a tree sale once a year and this year the selection was quite large.

We will be adding more apple, cherry, elderberry, and peach trees to our growing orchard for a fraction of what it would have cost to but the same young live trees from a nursery. I believe there were one or two other varieties in the same group but cannot recall exactly.

The fruit grove had to be moved due to a gas pipeline project, and we worked on that this week also. They paid handsomely for the temporary space to park vehicles and to put in a gravel access road to the existing lease, so I am really not complaining.

They are going to scoop the gravel up and put it in a pile at our request, so it can be used as part of our ongoing maintenance of our half mile farm road. The cleared dirt road will be a perfect trail to use for ATVs, horses, and foraging hikes once the project is complete in a few months.

They paid for the potential loss of the trees we relocated. They are still young, and I think they will recover from the shock of the relocation, hopefully. The spot they are in now is actually going to be a lot better but was not usable when we first bought the farm and planted them.

In other preps this week, we harvested seeds from our water dipper gourds and will be planting them and make use of the gourds they came from for actual water dipping and for some art projects.

gourd seeds
Gourd seeds

One gourd will be turned into a birdfeeder for a cardinal that attached itself to use nine months ago and comes to our window daily – multiple times, to say hello and get a bit of feed. We call him Matty – after our tribe member who passed away, that you may remember me mentioning.

A cardinal coming to call is supposed to be a visit from a lost loved one. Since Matty started the gourd growing on the farm, it is only right that his namesake gets one to call his very own.

Bobby is finishing up his browsing for a new side-by-side ATV. Our Polaris Ranger may have finally bit the dust. I drove it down to check the side pasture gate before doing morning turnout the other day and when I drove back up our hill by the house, may a quarter mile stretch uphill, it seemed to have an odd smell.

I decided to go on to the chicken coop and see if it had gotten overheated – which would be odd after only a short drive.

Well, as I pulled up the knoll where the chicken coop is, barely more than a good softball throw away on level ground. First smoke then fire came out from under the hood. I ran back the yard to my truck and got a fire extinguisher and put it out.

As I type, a tribe member is here to look at the Ranger and see if he can tweak things and get a little more life out of it, but I think this time it is really finally done. I have been missing the winch on it more than anything this week when we did some repairs to the pond fence, and another section of fence by the barn.

The grandkids missed it during the unseasonably warm weather simply because hitting the trails on it is fun.

If you are going to live on large acreage, having a way to get around anywhere you need to and do so quickly is a must – even before the SHTF. Our horses will always be a mode of transportation during a survival situation, but the mud bog we have been living in could be dangerous to them on some of the steep trails and I see no need in risking them unless it is an absolute must.

Our tree tapping is coming along well, excited to see how much sap we collect to make syrup from this year. The next big project on our agenda is getting a hog breeding pair, and perhaps adding some more beef cattle to our list of survival livestock.

I also did some clean up and rearranging of my apothecary patch, and mapped out a planned addition to the growing space that I am extremely excited about starting in the coming weeks.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. How are your garden preparations coming along?
  2. Do you have a perimeter hardiness and patrol plan for your bug in location or bugout retreat?
  3. With all the Coronavirus reports on the news. Have you reviewed your pandemic preparation plan or started one? How would you ride out a pandemic in the United States?

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          • Thor1,

            I’ve worn and used facial armor shields as a SWAT officer. They were rated Level IIIA too. The only time I actually wore one on a call-out was when I had to go up a ladder and poke my head up into an attic where we knew the bad guy was. I needed to get an eyeball on where exactly he was so I could nail him with a king-sized can of pepper spray. It worked, he came down like a blind good boy.

            Unlike the dummy in the video, this dummy (me) was wearing body armor that included neck protection so a bullet strike low on the face shield couldn’t create spalling that would hurt me.

        • Thor1,

          I don’t think very highly of Ice Age Farmer. He keeps beating the Posse Comitatus Act over our heads like it is the most horrible thing the government can do to us. He obviously does not know what the PCA is and what it controls.

          First, the PCA, as a law, only affects the Army and the Air Force. The Navy and Marine Corps only follow the PCA as a matter of Department of the Navy POLICY.

          Secondly, there are so many legal exceptions to the PCA that I don’t know why Ice Age Farmer even brings it up. If serious civil disorders break out, the president can invoke his authority under the Insurrection Act and deploy Army and Air Force units. Of course, he doesn’t even need to invoke that authority to deploy Marines or sailors. The Coast Guard is totally exempt from the PCA as it is considered a federal law enforcement agency anyway.

          In 1992, President Bush, the Elder, invoked the Insurrection Act due to the LA Rodney King riots. Units of both the US Army and US Marines were sent to LA to assist the police and National Guard in restoring order. I personally know that President Johnson invoked the Insurrection Act in 1967 and sent US Army troops from the 82d Airborne to Detroit because of the riots there. I lived there and talked with the paratroopers several times (they were always nice and polite). They mainly manned important road intersections and did traffic control to release Michigan Army Guard and Detroit police for more of the hands-on work.

          • Z36, I think the ice age farmer is fairly intelligent but we all have our limitations.

            Clint Eastwood said it best….a man’s got to know his limitations…..?

    • 1. Planning and prepping some new ground for garden beds
      2. Patrol plans yes
      3. Reviewed and fairly well prepped if we face pandemic here.

      2/16/2020 NY TIMES early am update
      After hundreds of passengers were allowed to disembark from a cruise ship in Cambodia, an American tested positive for coronavirus.
      Sunday, February 16, 2020 4:12 AM EST
      Officials said that more than 140 other passengers had flown to Kuala Lumpur and that most had been allowed to continue to destinations in the United States, the Netherlands and Australia.

      After hundreds disembarked from a cruise ship, an American tested positive for coronavirus.
      An American woman who disembarked from a cruise ship in Cambodia last week has tested positive twice for the coronavirus since flying on to Malaysia, officials in that country said on Sunday.

      Officials also said that more than 140 other passengers from the ship, the Westerdam — which Cambodia allowed to dock after five other countries turned it away over concerns about the coronavirus — had flown from Cambodia to the airport in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital, and that all but eight had been allowed to continue to their destinations, including airports in the United States, the Netherlands and Australia.

      Six of the passengers were in Malaysia under surveillance awaiting results of coronavirus tests, officials said.

      Eyal Leshem, the director of the Center for Travel Medicine and Tropical Diseases at the Sheba Medical Center in Israel, called the disclosures “extremely concerning” and said the flights taken by the passengers from Kuala Lumpur substantially increased the risk of a global pandemic. “We may end up with three or four countries with sustained transmission of the virus,” he said.

      “It may be more and more difficult to make sure this outbreak is contained only within China,” Dr. Leshem said.

      The Westerdam, carrying 2,257 passengers and crew, departed from Hong Kong on Feb. 1 and was at sea for nearly 14 days, the time frame that is believed to be the maximum incubation period for the highly transmissible virus.

      More cases are reported on the cruise ship docked in Japan, as Americans’ departure nears.American passengers on Sunday frantically prepared to evacuate a cruise ship that has been quarantined for more than a week in the Japanese port city of Yokohama, after hundreds of people on board fell ill with the coronavirus.
      As the Americans scrambled to pack their bags and prepare their own meals for a chartered flight to the United States, Japanese health officials saidthe number of confirmed coronavirus cases found on the ship, the Diamond Princess, had grown by 70, to 355.

      The United States embassy in Japan had previously recommended that American citizens stay aboard the ship during a 14-day quarantine period. But it suddenly changed course on Saturday, citing “a rapidly evolving situation” as conditions appeared to worsen.

      American passengers said they were told to prepare to leave the ship at 9 p.m. local time. Their flight was scheduled to depart Haneda airport in Tokyo at 3 a.m. on Monday. Officials said they would be taken to one of two military air bases in the United States.

      The American Embassy in Tokyo said those with coronavirus infections or symptoms would not be allowed to take the chartered flight.

      Once in the United States the passengers will be required to undergo a two-week quarantine at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California or Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio, Texas.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    This week has also been weather events from rain to flooding, from storms to tornadoes to freezing cold, to snow….

    It’s been hard to keep up with all the happenings…. Trying to stay afloat both literally and figuratively.

    Purchased and received nebulizer… If anyone is interested, here’s the one I got and from this company as everyone is getting low on this kind of thing too. https://helpmedicalsupplies.com/products/veridian-vh-sonicmist-ultrasonic-nebulizer

    Bought some more N95’s, Kimberly Clark’s A35’s.

    Elderberry cuttings came in. Since Monday is a holiday for me and I was going to be off Friday anyway, I took off work this next week to get stuff organized, so I will get them in the ground sometime.

    Refilled my prescription meds, ordered additional, including silver nitrate for wounds.

    Tara’s Questions:
    How are your garden preparations coming along? Slow. Wet weather and cold hampering effort.

    Do you have a perimeter hardiness and patrol plan for your bug in location or bugout retreat? I have a plan as best I can, can only do what I can do. Hard to find LMI’s to join up with. Many are in denial.

    With all the Coronavirus reports on the news. Have you reviewed your pandemic preparation plan or started one? How would you ride out a pandemic in the United States? Yes, constantly, changing plans as needed. It depends on what restrictions would be in place at the time. I can work from home, have supplies.

    Question for the pack – Has anyone noticed their ears ringing more or started ringing? Mine have been ringing really bad lately… Wondering if all the seismic activity is causing this.

    Prayers for the pack, for The President and for America.

    Have a great week everyone.

        • Thor1,

          We don’t have 5G out here in the country where I live…. yet. My ears are ringing really loud, pretty much constantly lately, and I notice it more while sitting on the couch reading stuff off the internet. No TV turned on. We’ve had a lot of small earthquakes all over TN lately… I read where this is happening all over… It has me concerned, and I need to figure out what is going on… We did get 5G in the city I noticed recently. I am a LONG way from the city. From my understanding, the 5G towers must be 2 miles apart. Heck, I barely have cell service out here. They say I’m “on the fringe” of service. I’d say I’m on the fringe of a lot things… But don’t tell anyone… Lol.

    • AT/Moe/Jean,

      That is an interesting physical phenomenon and a seismic source is possible. I can’t say my tinnitus is new though. I’ve had it for years and its one of those gifts that keep on giving from the military. I do get disability for it (10% of my 100%).

      • AT/Moe/Jean/ and all you other people, 🙂

        I talked with #1 daughter. She said she has been having ringing in her ears, off and on, for the last month too. So has her hubby. They live here in the Orlando area.

        I can’t ask my Ex as she has ear problems worse than me, and tinnitus is part of it. I’ll try to get hold of #2 daughter, and ask her and her boyfriend. They live in Jacksonville.

        This is an intriguing matter.

    • I’ve tracked my ears ringing, and sometimes it does coincide with the larger earthquakes across the world. Not an exact correlation, not enough to say anything is proven, but earthquakes 4+ within 1000 miles or 3+ within 500 miles do seem to correlate.

      The more obvious correlation appears to be with sun activity. If I’m within range of the aurora borealis, my ears ring. If it’s strong, I can actually hear harmony with every sound. It’s fascinating and cool, but distracting.

      • Lauren,

        Well, many scientists are saying we are in a solar minimum, which means reduced sunspot activity. Solar minimums also include global cooling (and potential mini ice-ages), along with increased seismic and volcanic activity. However, a solar minimum also reduces the aurora borealis and the aurora australis. It also screws up radio wave propagation which does not amuse ham radio operators.

        We were in a global warming phase up until a couple of years ago, but the onset of the cyclical solar minimum put paid to that for the time being. None of this solar activity has any human causation or human affect good or bad. In other words, the human caused global climate change hoaxers can all take a flying leap.

    • I haven’t noticed what I’d call “ringing” in my ears. What I do get sometimes, especially when I go into kitchen between fridge & wall phone, is a loud humming buzz that goes in one ear & slams thru my brain & then to other ear. Doesn’t last long. For all I know, I’m headed for a stroke?

      I’ve FB’d a few people in NW Ohio asking if they’ve noticed anything. Awaiting responses.

  2. I did my low-carb grocery shopping this week. Added more to my stash than usual, canned veggies, chicken, tuna. Did some weekly cooking. I also bought some bulgur wheat flour to bake some “Doomsday Rations.” They’re similar to the old infamous hardtack, but not baked as many times (just once vs. 3 or 4 times), and they taste better and have more nutrients (and you don’t need a hammer and chisel to break them up). They still last a long time if reasonably packaged (a zip lock works OK). I will provide a taste test report after I bake some and they cool. They were developed in the 1950s to provide an emergency food stock for all of the fallout shelters around the US. They are still finding them, and testing shows they are still quite edible and retain their nutrients even after all these years.

    I might be a grandfather again. This time from my son’s ex-girlfriend. He is reasonably certain the baby is his, but agrees that a DNA paternity test is in order to nail it down 100% Due date is in August, but he needs to talk her into getting a blood draw so he can get a non-invasive paternal DNA test done ASAP. She can either cooperate now or be forced to cooperate by the welfare people when my son challenges the paternity. Dummy. I don’t know how many times I warned him about birth control. My Ex and both of my daughters are madder than wet hens at the ex-girlfriend for her method of announcing her pregnancy. She put a public Facebook post up about it and #2 daughter happened to see it first. #1 daughter was distraught when she found out, especially considering her baby issues. I’m not happy either, but I take these life events a little more calmly. If she had called or even texted each of us, they wouldn’t be nearly as upset. If the baby is my son’s, the baby will be welcome in our hearts, but our homes only if my son brings the baby over for visits. The ex-girlfriend (who was never liked by any of the females in my family), can suck eggs as far as they are concerned (I’m being very polite to blog members by not stating my feelings).

    Anyway, the Kung flu progresses. Unfortunately. It appears that China is being a tad more truthful about their stats than they had been, but I’m certain they are still grossly understating them. Economists seem pretty depressed about the potential for the global economy to go four paws up. From my point of view and education in economics, I tend to agree with them.

    The bad part of this Kung flu (which the scientists insist is NOT an influenza variant, but its own viral infection class), is the most effective way to stop it, is for every country to lock themselves down, prohibit internal travel as well as external travel, require people to quarantine themselves at home unless they get sick, and to do this for a minimum of 30 days. Of course, that isn’t going to happen for many reasons. In the US those reasons exceed 310 million stubborn people.

    A very recent study (they admittedly did their study mostly on data as reported by various countries) says the Kung flu is incredibly contagious and they give it, currently, an R0 factor of possibly as high as 6.6, which is extremely high. The R0 factor needs to get below 1.0 to stop the contagion.

    Another study on the probable bodily receptor for the virus is the ACE2. In initial infections it is present in the lungs, small intestines, the linings of the arteries and veins, brain, and a couple of other places, but not the heart. Not so coincidently, the ACE2 locations reflect the symptoms people have, coughing, abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, etc.

    However, and most significantly, it appears that the body does NOT build a permanent (or at least lengthy) immunity to the virus and you can get it again. It is suspected a second infection will be worse than the first and will affect the heart more than the other locations, resulting in heart failure. Loverly.

    North Korea is reporting no cases at all (which few people believe), but they have admitted quarantining citizens who have recently returned from China as a precaution (OK, good idea). Officially, the NORKS haven’t admitted executing a citizen who was supposed to be quarantined but broke it and went to a public bath. But several sources say he was dragged off and shot by the secret police. Interestingly, the NORKS don’t deny it either. I believe this probably happened. The victim was not known to be infected, just under precautionary quarantine. But, if he broke quarantine in THAT country, then he was probably too stupid to live anyway.

    I have made a couple of more shopping trips to add some specific food items to my pantry and will probably make a few more in the days to come.

    This Week’s Questions:
    1. How are your garden preparations coming along?

    No garden.

    2. Do you have a perimeter hardiness and patrol plan for your bug in location or bugout retreat?

    Of a sort. Since I lease an apartment, I am limited as to what I can do. However, I do have the materials to do some things. Such as heavy black plastic to cover windows.

    3. With all the Coronavirus reports on the news. Have you reviewed your pandemic preparation plan or started one? How would you ride out a pandemic in the United States?

    Yes, I’ve added to my epidemic preps, including meds, masks, etc. I can self-quarantine myself for a significant period, although I am very concerned about my kids and granddaughter. I’m seriously thinking about inviting #1 daughter and her family to come live with me if things start to really go downhill. They have a food stash, including freeze dried stuff, which we would have to bring over too.

    • Z36, you may want to consider living with one of your family members who have a house. An apartment or condominium while good for a hurricane because of modern construction may not be good for a pandemic due to population of the building. In China, they barricaded people in and welded fire escapes.

      • Thor1,

        Well, I’m not certain I’d want to move away from my preps (i.e., firearms and medical stuff). Each of the apartments are physically isolated and do not share common vents and ducts.

        The powers that be would have to secure all of my windows and balcony doors to keep me in, and unless they used steel barriers, they may not work against me. I have a fire escape ladder I can attach to my windows. But, given that I plan to self-quarantine anyway if it comes to that, I’m not worried of that occurring.

        • Z36, I’m not saying leave your preps, take them with you of course… Load up that Cadillac SUV and go to a house…..less people around when SHTF…

          I saw pictures of people jumping out of apartments añd being burned alive after being barricaded in…..China.

          • Thor1,

            You’re talking about one hell of a lot more than one SUV load. I couldn’t even move my medical preps in one trip. Food too. The firearms themselves, yes, but not all of the necessary accessories (you know, those pesky necessities like ammo). 🙂

    • To everyone,

      I cooked up a test batch of those Doomsday Rations. I wish I had an official one to compare against.

      The batch I cooked up is a bit crumbly, and a touch salty. I’m going to cook up a second test batch, reduce the added salt a bit, and probably add a little more water.

        • AT,

          The second test batch came out better. I cut the salt in half and that was quite noticeable. The cracker was better tasting. However, the edges were still crumbly and overcooked a bit.

          #1 daughter suggested cutting the batch in two, and bake the separate rolled-out pieces in the center of their own pan. This makes sense as a rolled out full batch usually took up most of a whole pan. I will try that later today.

          • Z36,


            Please post final recipe. I need to make some of these up.

            Wondering if adding any dried fruit would change the outcome. Dried blueberries, cranberries. or use their juice instead of water to add flavor?

          • AT,

            Yes, I will post the final recipe.

            The theory behind these crackers is to provide a short-term (14-days or less) survival ration that added with a sugary candy-like carbohydrate ration, and some potable water, would provide enough to keep you alive through the estimated 14-day fallout period after a nuclear attack. The intended daily caloric allowance was 700 calories per person per day (six, 2-inch square crackers). That was assuming a full shelter and no food stashes people brought along. What they expected folks to eat later on to regain their strength was beyond me. Even though I grew up in those days, I was too young to know all the details.

            However, the cracker had to last for a long time in storage. They did wrap them in cellophane, then in a sealed square can. If they added fruits, etc, they would reduce the storage time drastically from mold, etc. They did want to make a cracker than was an improvement over the old hardtack. Easier to eat and higher in calories and protein. Hardtack was a made from regular wheat flour, salt, and water, then baked three times (the Royal Navy recipe) or sometimes four times. I’ve tried hardtack, and if you don’t have something to soak it in for awhile (coffee, tea, water, beer, grog, soup, etc), it was really tough to eat. It could cause teeth to break. Soldiers would have to smash them with their rifle butts to make small enough pieces to put in their mouth or soup to soften.

          • Zulu 3-6
            I have some of the CD crackers still in the original cans. They taste like Wheat Thins without the added salt. Still good from the late 60’s. I even got 2 1/2-pint jars of the survival carbohydrate supplements. Yellow and red. Look like the old powder coated candies.

            They opened a bunker at one of the colleges and let the word out to a few people. I asked for 6, got 14 cases with 2 cans per case. We opened the worst looking one, everything looked fine. The wrapping was more like the wax paper that soda crackers come (or came) in.

          • JP in MT,

            I did some research into the CD supplies. They said that the Office of Civil Defense recommended disposing of the carbohydrate supplements because a dye used in the red candies was later determined to be carcinogenic. Probably by California as everything in that state is carcinogenic.

            I was going to make more test batches of the cracker yesterday, but life got in the way. I’m going to try again today. I will post the recipe that I find works best when I determine what that is. I think it’s mostly figuring out baking techniques, temperatures in my oven, and baking time. I already learned that the recipe is much too salty. Anyone who tries the recipe may have to play with their oven temps and times too.

          • AT,

            Doomsday Ration recipe. I’m having a tough time getting this stuff to come out right. I’m not a baker by any stretch of the imagination. I wish my younger brother lived near me (he’s in Wisconsin). He was a baker in the Marine Corps and a chef afterwards. The guy can cook and bake like nobody’s business.

            I’m going to try a few more test batches and regardless of outcome I will post the recipe on the next installment of Tara’s blog. Maybe someone with more baking experience can get this to work OK.

      • My comment got stuck in moderation. Let me try again.


        Not enough is known about the Wu Flu to say a second infection may be lethal. This possibility rests on problems scientists encountered trying to develop a vaccine for SARS. They created the vaccine just fine, tested it on animals, rats, if I recall correctly, and the vaccine did its job–the rats created antibodies. But when the rats were exposed to SARS a second time their immune systems overreacted. The rats died. Right now the Chinese are having success treating severe patients with antibodies from the plasma of individuals who survived the virus. We don’t know how their immune system will react if they are exposed to the virus again.

        It occurred to me today that one reason China was rounding up those who had been exposed was to use them as lab rats. They’ve got to get the plasma from somewhere. Surely, if plasma from recovered patients works they want to have enough on hand to treat the ruling elite.

        • Bam Bam,

          That’s true, not enough is known for certain yet on the Kung flu.

          I’d say that positive results from at least 1,000 people would be necessary to even say the blood plasma theory appears to work. We would also need to know how many it didn’t work on. Plus the variables are many (age, gender, overall health, etc). Even 1,000 is pushing the lower limit of a satisfactory sample population.

          I did note that most of the people on the chain gang being led off appeared to be fairly young. Maybe there is a fountain of youth theory at work too. Younger = hopefully more effective.

          Of course the CCP elite will be taken care of first. Once they have a large enough supply, then the hoi polloi will be taken care of of, maybe.

        • Bam Bam same thing happened in FIP/Cats . Vaccinated cats had 100% mortality when infected with virus, they later developed one for nose drops, and eye drops have been used successfully.

    • Zulu,

      Not enough is known about the Wu Flu to say a second infection may be lethal. This possibility rests on problems scientists encountered trying to develop a vaccine for SARS. They created the vaccine just fine, tested it on animals, rats, if I recall correctly, and the vaccine did its job–the rats created antibodies. But when the rats were exposed to SARS a second time their immune systems overreacted. The rats died. Right now the Chinese are having success treating severe patients with antibodies from the plasma of individuals who survived the virus. We don’t know how their immune system will react if they are exposed to the virus again.

      It occurred to me today that one reason China was rounding up those who had been exposed was to use them as lab rats. They’ve got to get the plasma from somewhere. Surely, if plasma from recovered patients works they want to have enough on hand to treat the ruling elite.

  3. I have been slipping and sliding in all the mud from the rain this week. I’m certainly glad I didn’t lose any trees, and all my family and friends are safe. Since I got my car bumped at a red light just before Christmas by some idiot reading text messages behind me, I’ve noticed a nervousness in driving in all this rain as idiots continue to drive way too fast for conditions and usually around me! I will certainly be glad to get out of this Atlanta traffic!

    1. At the moment, I could easily bug in, and have an alternate plan close by. My offsite location is doable, but needs some priority.

    2. Being prepared for Corona is coming along. I would do well, but take extra precautions because My respiratory system is not the best. I get bronchitis at least once a year!

    3. Weird you should mention ear ringing. I have noticed that! Odd indeed!

    Have a safe, and ‘dry week. Stay safe! Stay healthy!

  4. Pray for my two cousins. They have purchased (months ago), tickets to go visit a niece currently living in Taiwan. We think they should cancel. They are a little afraid, but are justifying the visit due to cost spent on airline tickets. I did mention a penalty for rescheduling later in year is cheaper than a funeral. They didn’t find the humor in my comment. I wouldn’t risk it now. The air in the airlines are bad enough on a good day!

    • Jean,

      Agree with your humor and recommendations…. 🙂

      My sister is traveling to Israel on the 18th and will be gone for 2 weeks, coming back Mar 3… It’s with a church group of 78 people. Of course I recommended she “gown” up for the plane ride, which is 11 hours. She will hear nothing of it. Has bought bleach wipes to wipe down everything. Doubt she is even taking something with her other than the wipes… With the way this thing is going, she could be quarantined when she gets back…

      • I would definitely recommend she pack N95 mask and goggles. Airplane air is notorious for being rotten! Never know who cleans (I say that tongue & cheek). Everybody is BIG on contracting things out like those who would clean the plane, so you don’t have a clue of their standards. It used to be that the seats had little Velcro’s covers for your head rest. Now, your so cramped in the seat you are definitely in someone else’s air space!

        • Jean,

          She’s not having anything of it… And she used to be an airline stewardess… so she knows how it is as a passenger and behind the scenes. Haven’t heard of any cases in Israel, but did just here they have reported 1 case in Africa… You know that is a lie… Many from China live there. And they have cities just like China, and even worse for sanitation.

    • Jean,

      My neighbor is currently on a cruise to Australia and New Zealand. She left over a week ago. She’s a nurse so she should know better. I cautioned her twice. But she said she couldn’t worry about the virus. She scheduled the cruise with his sisters after losing their dad last year. She took care of him in his final years. Hew as a WWII fighter pilot. He flew a corsiar in the Pacific Theater, was shot down and was a Japanese POW for over a year. I really felt bad for her and her sisters. Their dad recognized my dh and I in his final days but not them. We always keep an eye on her place when she is out of town and pick up her packages. My dh asked, “What are we going to do when she gets back in town and wants to come over and pick up her stuff?” Ugg. You have to be in the situation to think about stuff like this.

      I have made another four quarts of elderberry tincture. I will pick up stuff this week to make another four quarts. I have started taking it with my tea to improve my immune system. Elderberry tincture works (against the flu) by inhibiting the replication process of the flu virus. At this point I am thinking it may inhibit the replication practice in the Wu Flu.

      I am making a final list of items we may need before shutting the gate. Most of these are nice-nice items–things that are good to have but not really necessary, things like dark chocolate.

      I have been following the news on the coronavirus very carefully. I have come to a couple of conclusions. First, the virus is significantly more contagious than most think. We can’t really pin point an R0 value. This value is not intrinsic to a virus. The R0 of a virus is contingent on both the microbiology of the virus and the human response to contain it–do nothing and the virus spreads naturally, impose the strictest quarantine measures in the history of humankind and the virus has an R0 of between 2 and 3. When the medical facilities are totally overrun like in Wuhan, the coronavirus has an R0 of 6-8. Beijin is requiring everyone coming in from another province to quarantine for 12 days. That is telling.

      I read the most intelligent thing this week. The best way we can prepare for the virus is to keep a close eye on Singapore and Japan. Both countries have topnotch medical systems, significantly better than China. Both report information in real time. Singapore has been very open. The PM there is saying that we need to be prepared for human-to-human spread, at some point contract tracing will become pointless and our economy may be headed for a recession. The key fact we need to keep an eye on, I think, is how quickly the virus spreads. This will give us reliable information. Japan is already concerned about “stealth transmission”. I thought that was a good term. The U.S. is rolling out pandemic preparedness in phases. So far five cities have been given the call: LA, Seattle, San Fransisco, Chicago and NY (if memory serves me correctly). Anyone who presents with flu-like symptoms but who tests negative for the flu will be tested for the Wu Flu. The CDC was very clear on the reason for the tests: to give us some forewarning about stealth spreading in the U.S. (The U.S. does not have the capacity to test in very city and state like they are testing in these five areas. They will roll out more testing as the need presents itself.)

      Much discussion this week has focused on the question of whether we can trust the numbers coming out of China. I like to watch the videos by Dr. John Campell out of the UK.


      His take is that the numbers coming out are simply the best we have available (for now–new data will emerge as the virus spreads in Singapore and Japan). His take is that the Chinese medical professionals on the front line are doing the best job they possibly can given the circumstances. He said that he doubted the UK could do better if their medical system was overwhelmed. I grant his claim. But there are still mathematical models that suggest the virus started spreading in November which suggests that Chinese officials only started releasing numbers after the Chinese whistle blower blew the story wide open.

      The U.S. is evacuating Americans on the cruise ship docked in Japan. I think it is clear that the virus is spreading on the ship, even though folks are locked to their cabins. There are two possible routs of transmission: food deliveries and the air circulation system. The evidence suggests that passengers are being infected by both modes of transmission–cf., family of nine who spread the disease by sharing a hotpot and the building in Hong Kong where someone caught the disease 10 floors down by exposed pipes.

      I am surprised that the U.S. stock market is still up. I dropped shares of Apple, Disney and Starbucks this week expecting a sharp drop. These corporations are heavily exposed to China. Manufacturing in China is shut down. Hence these companies are going to take a hit. Yet stocks are up. From the reading I’ve down the reason as that federal banks have been propping up their stock markets for a while now. I do not have the background knowledge to understand or assess this claim. I just don’t get what is going on.

      Back to prepping (not that we ever left), I have continued to fill in some holes in my preps. I am now thinking we have another two weeks before panic sets in with the American public. The government (and the media) is doing a great job downplaying the virus: the flu is more of a threat right now than the corona virus, we are rolling out testing “out of an abundance of caution”, etc. I don’t know what it is going to take for the lid to come off. I can say, given the delay in the incubation period, that we have at least another week to prepare–depending on what happens in Singapore and Japan.

      I’ll post more later.

      • BamBam
        All of your neighbors mail should be sprayed with a solution of bleach water(6%bleach)1/4c bleach to 1 gallon water, or 70% Isopropyl with a misting spray bottle for coverage(jic) then placed into a seperate container.

        Plastic bag, cardboard box, plastic storage container, all which should have been previously treated before mail is placed inside. Mail should be sterilized before it even enters into your storage container for the neighbor or your area of living space.

        Be it your garage, car, think in terms of Level 4 containment area. Since you do not know who or what has touch that paper/box??? Why am I being so methotical, the sharing from other knowledgable folks who have done a work around, where by giving a solution to lower the exposure to any pathagen that may or could still be on those pieces of mail. Not just your neighbors think of your household also.

        This is also including any and all products purchased in the next few days to weeks-they will require a containment unit, then sterilizing before they can enter into the home. If you have a pickup the stuff goes into the back with a car/suv, you will have to figure that one out as I am doing right now.

        Some of this is from my discussions with worrisome and reading others knowledge.
        Shoes–sterlized stay in containers outside the home–NO street shoes in the house. Clothing, should be removed and placed into the washing machine, person should do a scrub down. Then exit to put on fresh clothing, and do not forget your hair is a magnet for pathagens. Think of a seperate room for striping–cleaning–exit to clean enviroment. All because it is air born, attaches to stuff we use daily. I have masks and nitrile gloves for when I have no choice but to venture into town for dh.
        Rough estimation time line is 24 days from on set to symptoms.

        • AC,

          All good things to think about..

          Reading that the Clorox bleach (6% sodium hypochlorite) to water ratio should be 10% bleach to 90% water. And make sure it’s Clorox. I checked the Kroger brands and none of them had a list of ingredients on them… Amazing what they are doing with labels these days…

          So, if 16 cups are in a gallon, the bleach amount would need to be 1.6 cups per gallon of water. Does anyone else have any information on the ratio to compare with with our 2 suggestions?

          Reading Alcohol will not kill viruses, only bacteria.

          • ALL RE: Bleach strength.. all bleach used to be 6%, then they released concentrated bleach with a concentration of 8%.
            NOW all those bleaches are listed as the same strength… ie concentrated bleach is actually only 6% on MOST brands.. Narrow that to only plain unscented and chances get less that any will be ultra and 8%…. and some of the cheaper brands are only 2%
            Info coming I’m hearing… says 1% is requires to decontaminate. these virals. 1/4 cup per 1 gallon of water of the 6% strength.

    • Jean, yep, I’ll pray for your cousins, Such a bad time for that trip, and you’re right about delaying.

      The DP and I have a trip to TX in late April, which I’m a bit concerned about as the virus might still be active then. Plus I have a trip to NW Ohio in September. Oh my.

  5. Hope everyone has a Happy Valentines. DW and I went to the church last night to decorate a table for a Prom Night/Date Night event tonight where you come as your favorite decade. We put down gold records (albums we bought from GoodWill painted gold) for chargers and decorated the table with 45’s and 8 tracks from the 70’s along with a bottle of Boones Farm Strawberry Hill. The event is tonight and while DW wanted me to wear my Air Force Mess Dress uniform I don’t think it is appropriate and will be wearing a white shirt and tie with black pants and I’m really not sure what she is wearing. I know there will be leisure suits and platform shoes in excess. One table had an Atari Game set up (sans TV) with multiple games sitting around it. Should be a fun evening.

    Receive a rather large order from Mountain House early Friday and added that to the inventory. Have some Wise foods ordered, found on special on Facebook, and ordered an excessive amount for low prices to add to the stores.

    Had to take a friend to the Atlanta airport this morning. Did see any/many people wearing mask but noticed most of the employees (other than the Baggage drop/Ticketing people with mask attached to their epaulets so they can don them if necessary. At least they have them with them as they scurry around the grounds and such so they can don if and when needed. No one that I saw was wearing gloves as they handled luggage or even the money at the exit to the parking lots. Not sure that means anything other than a complacency about the whole flu situation. I don’t trust any of the news that is hitting the streets about the number of cases or the number of deaths.

    Weather here in West Georgia is really messed up. More rain than we can deal with. Cold one day and tee shirt weather the next.

    DW did get me a lot of chocolate for VD and I am guilty of eating more than I should. Not sure I even want to check my sugar.

    Yall take care. Keep smiling and don’t let them know what you are up to.


    • Hello Cliff. I’m in the same boat with all the rain! Regarding your comments, what part of the body is the ‘eqaulet’? Never heard that one before.

      • Jean,

        Sorry, spellchecker changed epaulet to eqaulet for me.

        I had mask in the truck but we didn’t wear them in. Traffic is a nightmare around Hartsfield Jackson airport as they are doing major construction on the bridge over 285. In an emergency that would be a serious choke point. I have to go back down there next Sunday to pick her up. Hopefully we won’t have to make that trip again any time soon.


    • Weather here has been odd as well. We’ve been near 80 degrees for much of the week. Sure, this is Florida. But we should have temperatures in the 60s in mid-February. We will probably get a freeze the first week in March. We’ve only had a handful of cold days so far this winter. I’ve got all my plants outside in the sun. I can have the kids bring them in if it looks like we are going to get a spell of cold weather.

      • Bam Bam,

        Got a pretty good dose of rain here in Orlando late yesterday afternoon into the evening. The Daytona 500 had to be postponed until today because of it. I don’t know if you guys got as much.

  6. We are having ringing in our ears too and we are out West, how interesting… It’s still to wet to even think about a garden this year and I won’t plant anything this year, if everything goes as planned we will start our building this summer. I did buy a catnip plant, it’s doing well and the kitty puts her face in it it’s just stinky to me 🙂 I’m just going to buy what we normally eat and not add on to much I’ve got a punch list of stuff we need to do in the house, to get the most bang out of it when it goes up for sell. Spring, is starting the little blue bells are poking their head’s up nice to see spring springing, well take care we have a long weekend since school, is off on Monday.

  7. 1. How are your garden preparations coming along? I have it almost all planted. Okra, collards, mustard, spinach, lettuce, onions, garlic, lima beans, cow peas, garden peas, cantaloupes, watermelons, carrots, squash, sweet corn, radish, peppers, tomatoes, and some different herbs. I have been very busy.

    I also started my orchard. four peach trees, two apple trees, two hazel nut, four pecan. I also planted four fig trees, six blackberries, and three dewberries. Now the hard part, keeping them all growing.

    2. Do you have a perimeter hardiness and patrol plan for your bug in location or bugout retreat? I live in rural area but my home is visible from the paved road from one side, as long as the farmer keeps it tilled. In the summer the weeds quickly grow high enough to hide my place. My neighbor’s large home and green houses are hidden behind mine. He and his wife have been very friendly lately and he commented that they worry about me getting overheated when they see me working outside. I have balance problems and a bad hip so I stumble around all the time but it does get more pronounced when I get tired. I am sure he will check with me if things star getting bad. He is very well off off and has a large extended family.

    3. With all the Coronavirus reports on the news. Have you reviewed your pandemic preparation plan or started one? How would you ride out a pandemic in the United States?

    Nothing beyond what I have already been doing. Just keep adding to my stash and tending my garden.

    I have a very good week, changing my diet, stopping the statins and blood pressure medication has made me a new man. Working outside helps and feeling better makes it easier to do. I have lost 15 pounds so far.

    Yesterday my wife finally got time to try out her crossbow. I got her one with a cranking device to cock it. Neither her or I are strong enough to use a pull rope. She read the instructions and I helped her understand how to do it. Very easy, just slow. I setup the special crossbow target on the seat of our picnick table in the side yard, nothing but three miles of pine woods behind it. We got back 25 yds and she took her first shot. Bullseye! OK, she reloaded and tried again, one inch from her first shot. The zombies are in trouble now.

    My turn, I carefully take aim and place my finger on the trigger trying to hold still. Twang, the bolt disappears into the woods. That thing has a hair trigger. No finding the bolt so I get another one and very carefully take aim before touching the trigger. I have the target centered in the scope. Twang, another bolt disappears into the woods over the target. How, I had it aimed just right? I then look through the scope and realize I was using the lowest of the range lines, not the cross hairs. Once more, get another bolt. This time I was just six inches to the right of the bullseye.

    We step back 25 more yds and my wife uses the small marks on the cross hair to aim higher and hits the very bottom of the target. She tries another going down one more mark and the bolt hits an inch above the first. I tell her use the first solid range line. Bullseye. All her shots were center line of the target, she has very steady hands. The crossbow is heavy and has no more kick then a .22 and only a click when it fires. She loves it. She is very eager to get a deer now.

    • Just curious,did you stop your statins and bp meds with doctors blessing, or did your new diet and lifestyle change warrant it? You know how those doctors are pressured to push those pharmaceuticals!

      • Jean,

        Regardless, he’s better getting off them now seeing as China produces most of our pharmaceuticals and/or ingredients for them.

        My VA PCP jumped through all kinds of hoops trying to get me back on statins. I had severe flank pain as a side effect from them. Turns out, my Vitamin D2 levels were nearly at zero (low normal being 60). I had to take large doses of D2 for eight weeks just to get it back to almost 60. Not to mention spending at least twenty minutes per day in the sun. I now take D3 daily and still have to sun myself. I’m back on the statins and no flank pain. I’ll be getting labs done next month prior to my PCP visit and I’ll see how my Vit D is doing along with my cholesterol.

      • Actually, no. He did say hold off on the medications if my pressure stayed low. I quit the statins on my on. My wife is a nurse and looked up all the bad side effects of them and said I was showing signs of that. I feel much better now. Next month I will have my quarterly blood work and see if my cholesterol levels are down.

        I had been taking a low dose of one blood pressure medication for a few years but it needed to be increased and then about a year ago I had a sudden swelling in my left leg. I went the doctor the next day and my pressure was over 200. They got very concerned and gave me strong medication to get it down before I could leave. I was given two more medications to control it. At the same time my triglycerides were very high so I was taking the maximum medication for that.

        About two months ago two days before my scheduled doctor appointment I felt light headed and used my Omron home blood pressure monitor and my pressure was 98 over 45. It stayed low so the next day I stopped taking two of the medications. It still was low so I stopped all of them.
        I am 67. Just now at 1:00 pm it was 123 over 69, pulse 57. I slept late and just finished my cup of coffee. I stopped putting a pile of sugar and three oz of heavy whipping cream in my morning coffee and started eating oatmeal for breakfast. I have lost 15 lbs so far. I also do the shopping and cooking so I quit buying high cholesterol meats and junk food. I am getting a lot of exercise working in my yard and garden and that helps keep the blood pressure low.

        • Daddio7,

          That’s a good BP for an old man (I’m 66 and my BP runs about the same, my pulse about 62). That’s one reason I stopped taking my BP meds. I also, at one time, started feeling faint and my BP was stupid low for my age and size). I’ve got other issues though and I wish I could stop taking those meds too, but they actually do work to keep my blood sugar in range, and I think my cholesterol. I’ll know next month at the VA.

          I am due for a colonoscopy. I had three at the Gainesville VA, but this one should be at the Orlando VA. I know a little trick to intentionally drop my heart rate and set off the alarms on the monitors. I did that on my first colonoscopy at G-ville before they medicated me. The nurses went freaky. Time to freak the Orlando staff. 🙂

          • Z36, what do you do, slow your breathing down to very slow so your hr drops? I do that, just because i can. I like to mess with the machines!

          • BC,

            Pretty much what I do. Its a relaxation technique we learned on the police department. You can do it before doing something high stress (like crashing a door) to lower your HR and BP, or something you can do at home just to settle down from the day.

  8. Puppy had his annual checkup and rabies shot. He passed with flying colors and they stated how fit he looked. I told them how much I run, walk and play with him.

    Bought tons of meat
    London broil, bottom round steak, top round, 6 lbs hamburger, 2 six packs of chicken
    Frozen veggies

    Made 4 lbs jerky

    Freeze dryer
    Chicken, swiss steak,hamburger
    Apples, strawberries, bananas

    2 cases

    2 packs of hamburger buns and 2 packs of hotdog buns

    Mrs. Made 2 loafs of homemade bread from scratch. Mmmm

    Bought more seeds
    Starts in mini green house trays

    Bought duct tape and plastic rolls

    Thor’s questions
    1. If Blomberg won the presidential election, what do you think America would look like?

    2. How many cases of corona virus do you think exists in China ? America ?

    3. They say the virus has more bad effects oñ people who smoke or have diabetes. Do you have these issues?

    4. Will we look like China in 30 days, 60 days?

    5. Do you think China will invade the US and use an EMP for self preservation?

    • Thor’s questions

      1. If Blomberg won the presidential election, what do you think America would look like?

      New York City, Venezuela.

      2. How many cases of corona virus do you think exists in China ? America ?

      For China? Couldn’t begin to give an accurate guess. At least 10x more than they are admitting to. Here in the US? Also, couldn’t guess. Not nearly as much as China.

      3. They say the virus has more bad effects oñ people who smoke or have diabetes. Do you have these issues?

      I have Type II Diabetes, but I don’t smoke and haven’t since 1991.

      4. Will we look like China in 30 days, 60 days?

      I doubt it. Personally, I do not have epithelial folds around my eyes so I know I won’t look Chinese. ?

      5. Do you think China will invade the US and use an EMP for self preservation?

      No. First they need to get through the Kung flu and count how many soldiers they have left. Second, if they have any sense, they will read what Japanese Admiral Yamamoto said about Japan invading the US after Pearl Harbor. That hasn’t changed yet, despite the effort of our homegrown communists aka: democrats.

      If they pop an EMP on us and we can trace it to them, the Kung flu will be the least of their problems.

      • Z36, great answers……in 2005 a Chinese General laid out his plan to attack America using a bioweapon. The timing on its release was suspect to infect the world during Chinese new year and 5 million people escaping from Wuhan. (The art of war)

        Blomberg…, I think a civil war would ensue due to attempted gun confiscations and anti constitutional laws.

        There is evidence of over 1,000 infected in the USA

        • Thor1 Where did you hear those numbers / evidence of over 1000 here.? Thought i was on top of the info and i heard of several individual but no numbers and not that many.

    • Thor’s questions

      1. If Blomberg won the presidential election, what do you think America would look like?

      If Blomberg won and we retained control of the Senate, not much would change. I read today that he was considering Clinton as a running mate.

      2. How many cases of corona virus do you think exists in China ? America ? It is impossible to calculate the number of cases in China. We know the disease is mild in about 80 percent of cases. Only those who had severe symptoms would venture out to the hospital. There are likely some stealth spreaders already in the U.S. One good thing as that no one has yet to test positive who doesn’t have known contact with another case.

      3. They say the virus has more bad effects oñ people who smoke or have diabetes. Do you have these issues? Nope.

      4. Will we look like China in 30 days, 60 days? No. The difference between the U.S. and China is that we know what is coming and have already made preparations.

      5. Do you think China will invade the US and use an EMP for self preservation? What would ever incline you to contemplate this question? China and the U.S. are better off working as trade partners than invading one another. That would be a long and bloody war. How would China even get troops to our shores? I do not see an invasion from China as a logistical possibility. If China wanted to attack the U.S., an EMP would make more sense.

      • Bam,for 5…..Red Dawn…..the UN is already here. Venezuela…. Via Mexico for armor.

        …in 2005 a Chinese General laid out his plan to attack America using a bioweapon. The timing on its release was suspect to infect the world during Chinese new year and 5 million people escaping from Wuhan. (The art of war)

        • China already has trained individuals here they are installing wind farms and maintaining …and securing those… all their youth are trained…they already have a standing army here…

      • Bam Bam, for #1, his lordship would have to fulfill his obligations to the gun control crowd. Could get ugly real fast. I don’t trust him or HRC at all, not one tiny little bit.

        • Mari,

          I think if Bloomberg gets the communist nomination and picks Hillary as his VP, he will absolutely guarantee Trump’s re-election. Moreover, I think enough demos dislike HRC now that they will jump ship and vote for Trump, or just sit out.

  9. To All,

    I spoke with my #2 daughter. She has tinnitus, but has noticed a significant decrease in ringing over the past month or so. #1 daughter called me, and she said that now that I had brought it up, she has noticed a decrease in her tinnitus too over the past month. I can’t say I have noticed any differences as the URI I had, clogged my ears up and my overall hearing is worse than normal.

    #2 daughter works in sales for a major medical supplier, which includes medications. She says that supplies in the US seem to be OK for now, she estimates 4-6 months supply of most drugs. However, her company is not selling to re-sellers of drugs right now because they will hoard meds and increase prices. Her company only sells direct to physicians and pharmacies at this time. Re-sellers are pissed.

    The hurricane that nailed Puerto Rico a couple of years ago, put their drug manufacturing out of action for awhile. PR mostly makes IV solutions, injectable meds, and some other types of meds. However, most of the ingredients come from – ta-da! China. But the re-sellers bought as much stuff as they could and jacked up prices. This behavior hurt #2 daughter’s company, because people thought they raised prices, when they did not. So, re-sellers are getting it jabbed to them now by the top tier suppliers. Screw with our reputations will you! Eat this!

  10. First off thank you Terra for posting the site for bidding again for those of us who forgot to add it to our taskbar.?
    1) Gardening
    Will be using planter boxes for small yield crops. We never restored the fencing around the garden after the wild fires destroy it, to many other projects back then kept us hopping.
    2)Harding around the place.
    Presently we live in a large private ranching subdivision. Our place will be receiving new horse fencing along the parameter of the road way. We resided on a dead end road way, so we know who belongs & who does not.
    3)Corona virus preparations.
    Started gathering and going over what we had and would need for a minimum of 90 days or more for total isolation.
    Like Thor 1, have been researching every piece of data for the WuFlu that is available on the internet via newspaper reports, videos, any medium that provides a good description of what was occurring or could possible occur. Balancing that with common sense. Having a good BP(bull pucky)meter does not hurt when the bobble heads deliver what they classify as news, to the layperson or zombie brigade

    celery/lettuce/cottage cheese/Hebrew hotdogs/grated cheese
    lunch meat/peach/pears/storage bins/frozen vegetables
    pasta/special storage containers

    Harbor Freight
    Dust masks/Nitrile gloves/sump pump

    Day old Bakery
    C o o k I e s-lol/bread/rolls/muffins/sourdough bread/French bread

    Health food store
    protein powder/colloidal silver/Zinc/B-12-5000mg/elderberries/star anise

    The elderberries were $54.00 per lb and the star anise were $$38.00 per lb..yikes!! If I did not need these right away would have ordered them on line. Prices have gone up 3 to 4 times what they were last time I purchased them. By the way “elderberries” STINK” major.. pee U.?

    Ordering extra diffusers for the home and for the bil business for the Wu Flu. Old poster Country Vet & another mentioned that Myrrh/Frankincense/Lomatium(stinks) should help with the Wu Flu with combating the virus from taking hold of the body’s respiratory system. As these are anti virials, which should do well for the body—-we can only hope.
    One can use a cover scent if they use Lomatium, I am going to try the orange first.

    • A.C.,

      This is when having Amazon Prime really comes in handy. They still have organic elderberries (Starwest and Frontier) for a reasonable price. I have four quarts of elderberry tincture finished and another four quarts in the works. I have enough elderberries to make another four quarts. I just need to pick up some more 100 proof vodka.

      • Bam Bam and AC,

        I get my elderberries (Frontier usually) from Amazon also. I’ve got two pounds now and I will be making some more syrup when my honey order get here. #1 daughter made several quarts of syrup yesterday. She knows exactly how much syrup to put in with her biological testing device I call a granddaughter. 🙂 #1 adds honey until the little girl says it tastes good. I usually follow the recipe (Bam Bam’s) and it’s sweet enough.

        I’ve got quite a bit of tincture as I don’t use it frequently because of the alcohol content. I don’t drink and I generally stay away from stuff with high alcohol contents.

        • Zulu, Because of intestinal surgery i do not tolerate alcohol. To de-inebriate the tinctures. place in a like amount of really warm water..in a cup so you can stir it vigorously… allow it to sit out for 20-30 min.
          another way is to put dose in open cup, with a little warm water… and let sit overnight. There are some people who are allergic to alcohol.. they should not attempt this.

          • AA,

            My body can tolerate alcohol, it is my ability to resist it if I start consuming larger amounts. Alcoholism is like smoking or crack. It doesn’t take much to fall off the wagon, so I try to avoid it as completely as possible. I have done so successfully since 1992 and don’t want to start up again. I quit smoking in 1991, and the funny thing is, when under stress, I get more of a desire for a smoke than a drink. Nicotine is a powerful drug.

  11. Hello everybody,
    Slow week here for us as we all got a bout of a cold virus. I did work on a quilt I am making for our bed as well as made 6 more rice heating pads with lavender essential oil on the rice for my family. I also sewed up 4 salt socks for my 2 littles who had ear aches this week. The salt socks work great on an ear ache and the rice packs work well for a sick child who has chest congestion. The lavender sure helps soothe them. I also made up a batch of a garlic salve for our chest and feet to help fight this cold.

    This Week’s Questions:

    1.How are your garden preparations coming along?
    We have all our seeds ordered, will start our seed starts next month! We had a nice week of weather so spent time putting rabbit manure on my gardens, spreading wood chips in the orchard and around my blueberry plants and dreaming of the days of my hands in the warm garden soil ?

    Do you have a perimeter hardiness and patrol plan for your bug in location or bugout retreat?

    We live in a rural area, we do plan on having 1 adult son bug out to our location and his family. We plan on having a rotating patrol schedule for all adults. We all shoot well and practice regularly. We have a pretty big parameter but most of it is fenced and barbed wire, which will mean nothing for someone with wire cutters. We do need to work on a gate at the beginning of our driveway.

    With all the Coronavirus reports on the news. Have you reviewed your pandemic preparation plan or started one? How would you ride out a pandemic in the United States?

    I have been reading daily on the Coronavirus and have been increasing the amount of pandemic preps we have in place. I have been keeping everything well stocked and adding more to our preps just in case we have to self-quarantine. I pray we won’t have to but we are ready in case we do. I guess one good thing is spring is coming so being able to walk out our back door and forage in the woods and meadows for wild edibles will be happening shortly and will have little chance of seeing anybody. Foraging for wild edibles will help extend our food preps out as well as add more nutritional value to our diets.
    I have 2 small children so my concern is keeping them busy and entertained during a quarantine, let alone keep myself from going stir crazy. An advantage of living rural on acreage is we will still be able to go outside without the fear of coming into contact with people, unless they are trespassing and well then they won’t be trespassing for long.

    I hope everyone has a great week and stays healthy, happy and productive!

  12. Thor1
    1) Bloomburg; America would eventually look the story by Ayn Rand ” Atlas Shrugged”. Look at the major metropolitan areas now, slums, down trodden, no hope, living on someone else money. Yes, if he won the sign America died on this date would be written.

    2) Coronavirus numbers add on a couple of zeros for China.

    The USA not holding the possible infected for additional days in isolation will be the undoing of this country. As BamBam stated it is the RO factor which predicts the outcome. Turning a person loose because they have not fully “”bloomed”” with the infection, but yet are still shedding the virus through skin cells via breathe, touching objects. Think of how many they come in contact with, then that person comes in contact with X amount, and X comes in contact with 4X, and the virus is a happy little shedding vermin. Those that survive it from what I have read IF they contract it again will be their undoing. The body will go into over load and shut down killing the person. So we are DAMED if we do and DAMED if we don’t metaphor.

    3) Health issues: yes & no the the question at large

    4) China in 30 to 60 days, it is the other nations I would be more concerned about.
    Especially Africa where the Chinese gov has taken over large segments of land for their burdening population has moved into cities designed by the Chinese gov.

    The gov of China has destroyed their lands in so many ways–food production, breathable air, water quality is non existent, so they are ‘moving into areas’ where they think other nations will over look their slow migration. Then they will incorporate these nations into their homeland through attrition.

    Why in the world would they have been acquiring meat(herd animals) from these countries, basically stripping the shelves bare of food. Be it in any form, now the locusts are stripping the vegetation so that there will no food for anyone in that section of the world.

    This Wu Flu, has now made the Chinese people a pariah to other nations people,, since they are the original carrier of this coronavirus.

    News outlets are trying their best to down play this medical fact, that these people through no fault of their own should be embraced. I feel sorry for these people, but do not brow beat me in to kissing China’s behind because they did it to their own–again. But this time they got caught red handed with their virus in the cookie jar. mo

  13. This Week’s Questions:

    1. How are your garden preparations coming along? no garden.
    2. Do you have a perimeter hardiness and patrol plan for your bug in location or bugout retreat? no
    3. With all the Coronavirus reports on the news. Have you reviewed your pandemic preparation plan or started one? How would you ride out a pandemic in the United States? – Reviewed our plan for any such outbreak, rechecked our OTC supplies (replaced as necessary). Informed the DW’s boss of the potential that she would be working from home in the event. The 2 biggest issues will be starvation and people behaving badly – prepped for both issues.

    This week:

    Brad @ BCTruck is putting the final touches on a Cado knife he is making for me. Pictures will be on his YouTube channel (Saturday thing 88). The wood has some “defects” that I would not have known about had he not shown them, so I got it at the “factory second” price, nice! Beautiful work!

    DW went to the grocery Saturday to “top off” the OTC meds we’ve been using and add some perishables. We will probably keep this type of shopping going, no bucket stuff until after the gun show (I need to refill some savings after January’s budget busting).

    Shopping Monday at the out-of-town, big box store. Crowds were pleasant, lines short; could be because it was Monday (I usually go on Wednesday).

    In keeping with the current political climate as it relates to prepping, we now have 2 new board games: Monopoly for Socialists and Monopoly for Millennials.

    The van is in the shop. We found out what the squealing noise is when the engine is hot from a 45 minute+ drive (going on for about a year+ now). So, she’s getting a new power steering pump and a rack and pinion bar. The only thing then we haven’t replaced is the water pump; and since you have to take the PS pump off to get to it, we’re going it this trip. This trip will cost about what a payment on a 5-year loan on a new one would, so I’m not unhappy. Plus, we will have replaced just about everything you can on one, so I don’t anticipate any major expenses in the near future! Thursday we we only able to get the rack and pinion done, the reset will be on the 25th.

    Supply Run: OTC meds; 5-gal buckets; sugar; lids; farina (creamy wheat cereal); coffee; rice, canned chicken; bottled drinks; storage boxes; Colt Steel Walking Stick, ammo, AR rifle case. 

    Received: Monopoly game.

  14. HI ALL ,,,,,word I’m getting about virus is not good. Told 340,000 new cases today ,what I posted in past weeks was correct ,starting to get hard to get info out of China from the back door ,have close folks here with ties to big pharma telling me like it is ,making decisions for myself and DW based on that , I’m high risk ,70 ++something ,40%lung funcion ,
    So we are going to hunker down awhile , no visitors , no town trips , no family visits,after next week , have load of cows to get rid of ,and one supply load to pick up then going to lock the ranch gates ,till this blows over,till June if need be or longer ,
    Last week three town trips to larder up for us and critters and extra fuel ,,should be normal life for us except mail till September maybe longer ,i’ll just look at it as more time to sort and pack for the move to the other place

    More stuff , the gal at the feed store tells me her doctor gave her a stack of 95 masks and told her to use them and wash her hands often
    Amazon let 1200 delivery drivers go ,down turn in traffic?Bezos sold 900,000 shares last week of Amazon,how much of Amazon is China JUNK?
    Watch what Bezos and Amazon do as a bellwether for the economy ,
    If you use Amazon are you the problem??

    I have NO good news on business or the market ,not what I want to say,just is ,,,

    I find what happens in Atlas shrugged the book a lot like the world we now live in. But then the ending is ok
    So who is John Galt?

  15. An observation during today’s trip to Walmart. I heard several men talking in Chinese. I looked and saw three tall Chinese men, all 6′ 3″ or taller. Trim, well built. Not the usual, small, jovial Chinese buffet workers, more like PLA storm troopers. They were disagreeing about what to buy with the two tallest deferring to a slightly older man, mid thirtys or so. They only had ten or so items and were picking over some fresh produce. Yes, everyone was giving them wide berth.

    No idea why such men would be in my small rural town and buying food like they will be here for a while. The local power plant is closing one of its coal fired unites and they will be installing a GE gas co-generating unit. They may have been electrical engineers, who knows.

  16. Mud here almost dried up but another round of snow due in around Tuesday. Days will be in the 30s again.
    Bought some prepared elderberry infusion. Local rural folks here are keeping med items pretty well out of stock they are buying up so much. There were so many complaints about the beans and rice being in which short stock that my nearest Wal-Mart has filled the shelves and even ran a sale. Its crazy trying to prep when all the area seems to have the same idea. I picked up more canned meats, beans and rice, sinus meds, masks, another box of 100 nitril gloves et. My order of 4 lb dried mixed veggies came. I picked up more yeast, flour, a case of canned chili, a case of stewed tomatoes, a few more cans of pasta sauce, salsa, dry red chili pods, lbs of salt, and 6 LG cans crushed tomatoes. I picked up some hard candies and gum, instant coffee and creamer, 2 more bottles of vanilla extract, 4 more containers of dried diced onion, and another bag of powdered milk. I picked up several of those cheap sets of nail clippers and emery boards, more of my usual vitamins, another pack of warm socks, and another pocket knife and a skinning knife. That about it for the two of us. No more room to store anything.

  17. Buffalo NY has 6 reported cases of Kung Flu. The fire dept., health workers and police given gag orders just like China did…..we know how that went.

    UN being called in soon to disarm and quarantine AMERICANS !!!

    • Thor1,

      I’ve asked this before. WHERE is the UN going to get the people to try and do these things in America? Pakistan? I’d like to see videos of that in some neighborhoods I can think of. They’ll be picking up dead bodies of UN people all over the place (and stripped of any valuables they might have had on their persons).

      • Mari,

        I agree. I know people who would not have any problems torching the UN HQ in NY if it came to that. And torching anyone who got in the way.

        The way the NYPD cops are talking lately, I wouldn’t count on them if I were the UN.

        • If NYPD cops had any brains, they’d get the heck out of there in the first place. I won’t be going back anytime soon. What’s guarding the UN is already loaded with SWAT & military types. Happened to see that once when Hillary or a diplomat had to be rushed to hospital. Whoa!!! All avenues were blocked off for the nightmare rolling down the street Talking multiple armored SUVs and all personnel loaded for bear with heavy body armor and military arms.

      • They would if they could, but they can’t so they won’t. At least not until NWO and China/Russia mess up the rest of the world that hates us anyway. So many good & wonderful things to be done, yet overlords want their own way.

      • Bam think about the food chain, if a part is removed…….

        China’s supply’s are shut down. The financial world will soon be in meltdown mode.

        Money won’t mean a thing, so why wouldn’t the UN help destroy America? Especially after Obama gave them the green light to do so.

      • Bam Bam, They already are. every “law ” they enact is directed at rich nations of the world to bring them to 3rd class status and lower. To take from the rich…and that means even the poorest people in US…because we are rich compared to those who make only 5 cents.. equivalent per day….. who and cdc are just part of the same poop on a different day..Both are PRIVATELY owned. not government agencies.. like the federal reserve is neither federal nor reserve.owned by banksters from other countries.

    • Thor1:

      I don’t know about where you live, but out here Blue Helmets stick out in a crowd and attract “golden BB’s”.

      Your mileage may very, but I’m sure they have no plans for this part of “fly-over” country.

  18. 1. How are your garden preparations coming along?
    Haven’t even ordered seeds yet. I have plenty but I know some are old. Some, like mesclun, I need. Problems this year with trip to TX just when I’d have seeds in starter mix plus would be just into spring harvest. Rats. Big garden probably have to cut in half due to shade. Nope, can’t whack trees that aren’t ours to east / southeast; and ours are on edge of field bed.

    2. Do you have a perimeter hardiness and patrol plan for your bug in location or bugout retreat?
    Not a very defensible property. It’d be on me.

    3. With all the Coronavirus reports on the news. Have you reviewed your pandemic preparation plan or started one? How would you ride out a pandemic in the United States?
    Need more food; would have water as long as we have power or gas for genny; my meds (except for infusions) are ok for almost a year, the DP could have a problem. Only have 12 masks & 6 tight safety glasses. Will add more ammo. Keeping way ahead on paper products. Need more OTC items. Food is a real issue with the DP as he has tummy issues; sux to be him. If virus comes near our area, the doors get shut and neither of us will be going off the property.

  19. A few months ago, I finally got the ok from the DP for a rifle. Next day I picked out a Marlin 795 (.22 hi-v). Of course the NICS came back good 5 minutes after I left so I had to make a trip back. I’ve run a few hundred rounds and methinks it’s time to take apart and clean assembly. I don’t know how well the DP will take it when I disassemble at the kitchen table. LOL. I suspect he’s seen it as it was locked up but put back wrong. Must have taken him years to figure out the combination for the locks. Not a very good double-naught spy.

    Personally, I think the back iron sight is off just a bit. After 40 years of not having a rifle, I did quite well on the range at 25 & 50 yards. Time to switch to white targets tho. At least blue better than black. Maybe go for a Tech Sight (peep hole) and get on the 100 yard range. Right now, I don’t remember if there’s a drilled hole on top. In the meantime, good using iron sights to get the hang of it.

    • Mari,

      I agree about the iron sights. I’m a big believer in learning to shoot a rifle well with irons before moving to a scope or red dots or holographics.

      I’m a member of a couple of Marine Corps forums/blogs. You should hear the old timers complain about how the Corps is teaching rifle shooting in boot camp now. The recruits still have to shoot iron sights initially on the old known distance course. I believe that is called Table One now. Then they shoot Table Two which uses the Trijicon red dot scope. All the rest of their shooting training in boot camp and infantry training is done with the Trijicon. As the rifles are equipped with flip up iron sights as backup, at least the recruits have a basic idea what to do with them.

      When I was in the Marines and later the Air Guard (as a security policeman), we never had anything but irons, except for those trained and assigned as scout-snipers or designated marksmen. In Desert Storm my unit had one guy who was a killer with an M-14 rifle. He was issued three rifles. An M-16, a match-grade M-14 with a day scope, and a match-grade M-14 with a night vision scope. He worked for me on the night shift, so he ended up with all three rifles since we often had daylight on the ends of our shifts (not my idea for him to bring an M-16, the M-14s would have been enough). He did work out of a fixed position, so he didn’t have to drag the three of them around all night.

      • For pistol, I need a big former Marine to straighten me out. Old eyes, ya know. Maybe down in TX in late April I’ll have the DP’s Marine security granddaughter at the range. Skinny lil thing but bad arse. And some AR practice, too. Yep, I’m grinning already.

    • Mari:

      Out standing!

      Ammo for that is very reasonable right now. 500+ round bricks for under $10 in some places (for plinking stuff). Good time to add one to your regular shopping list.

      • JP, .22 hi-velocity, not .22 standard. Best round seems to be CCI mini-mags at $8.99/100 or $7.99/100 online. I’ve been warned against the Federal rounds at $23/325 as they’re filthy. I might try a box of Rem GoldenBullet hi-vel but hard to get around here and I’m trying to stay off radar online. Oh, I tend to take a lock box and say “fill it up please, cash.”

        Gotta get the DP to the range w/this vs pistol. He was pretty bad at that.

        • Mari:

          Based on what you are saying, it’d also recommend Winchester Power Point. It’s a 40 gr HP and up here they ALWAYS do the job on small game if you do your part (bullet on target). It’s my “go to” round.

          I was looking to see if someone I know makes a good peep sight for your rifle. So far, no go, sorry.

          • Thanks, JP. I haven’t seen the PP round around here, so I’ll have to poke around at a shop further away. For peep sight, it’s Tech Sights. I even watched vid to see how to install. Rear sight can stay on, but front sight has to be changed. I sure do hope the hole already exists, but with my luck . . .

  20. Z 3-6, I’m a firm believer in learning to shoot well w/iron sights. Helps correct the start of bad habits and sometimes faster to get on target. I really should have gotten the Ruger, but maybe later. Two is one & one is none. Now if I can avoid getting busted on the range for mini-mags.

  21. Tribe, ,,,, it was a week of mud and ice. Everyday, I come thru chores muddy.
    Wonderful week, 5 more kids born, two an hour ago. Life is so beautiful, why would anyone want to ever take a life?
    Tara’s questions:
    1. Seeds are in potting soil, cabbage and tomatoes are up. Nothing else thru the ground yet. Need to pick up a couple of more grow lights.
    2. 500′ of razor wire is here and Dakota alert to put up and 8 security cameras.
    3. Usual, 1500 mg. Vitamin C, multiple vitamins, elderberry syrup, oregano oil, need to pick up zinc and silver before I self quarantine.At a certain point that may become necessary. Avoid your mail, set up bills to be paid automatically. Need a years supply of firewood kept stocked and food enough for yourself and critters. Should this come in waves as did 1918 flu, when you think it is over, it restarts. It killed millions here in each wave (3). Took a year to recover. Do not underestimate this thing.
    Prepare, work smart and pray.

  22. Reading that a gag order has been placed on all New York police, fire and medical people that they aren’t allowed to say anything about Covid-19 cases. The FB post was captured, but has been since been removed.

    We will never know the truth until it is too late.

  23. Pack/Tribe/Mob/Gang/Herd,

    I read on FoxNews that three guys robbed a delivery driver at knife point in Hong Kong, stealing 160 rolls of toilet paper. Not surprisingly, TP is running a little short in HK and the rest of China. Apparently the cops caught two of the holdup men and recovered the TP.

    I think this is a good example why also stockpiling TP with your stash is a good idea.

  24. It’s coming… and they are saying it will be here for a while


    I am going to start making my own colloidal silver with this machine. I just got off the phone with the guy that makes these. There are so many machines out there, and so much misinformation, and this is the one I would highly recommend if you are going to make your own. He said that 5ppm is what will kill viruses like the cornonavirus… Must drink on an empty stomach. https://lifeforcecolloidalsilver.com/

    • Disclaimer – Of course, disclaimer for his product is that it is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease and you need to consult your own medical provider, so do your own research. And, I am no doctor either and don’t claim to be one on tv either.

    • AT, When we used CS for infection,( respiratory+UTI+wound.)we got best results holding sublingual and buccal a 20ppm solution for 3-5 minutes. then swallowing. Gastric secretions destroy part of effects.. when used for wound care..we cleaned the lesion, with sterile saline then sterile water. sprayed colloidal silver on let stand open to air up to 8 minutes. patted dry and applied silvadene cream… could make your own if you have a generator.. have not studied what to use as a base, would need to be food grade…and non toxic. sweetgum tincture. is bitter but works , double tincture is taken same as directions for tamiflu liquid. q4hours worked for dh in 2018.for 3 days then just while awake… He was better after 2nd dose and much better after 3rd.. I am not a doctor nor do i play one on tv. but have had exensive experience because of taking care of others who required hourly care….

  25. Hello Pack,
    Zulu, saw your response and sugar would be the least of worries under that circumstance. You are making a good choice for YOU. One of my concerns is the elderberry syrup does not last as long on the shelf as the tincture. as long as one is making small syrup batches and has materials for small batches..that is a good plan….I do watch sugar…and all carbs…severe reactive hypoglycemia. Not crazy about the flavor of tinctures, and in my case can not handle sugar…Once sugar goes wonky takes about 2 days to get it leveled out again.That is a good reminder for me to go back on bitter melon again.
    AT, look at using distilled and structured water to make your silver solution… would purchase as distilled and pour over cleaned and rinsed marbles in a cleaned and rinsed funnel to structure.. needs to be run thru 5 -7 times.It only takes a few minutes to do this…Makes the water wetter, taste sweeter. mimics the effect of water going over rocks in nature… Just an idea.
    WE re still struggling with various health issues… lots of allergy and sinus issues.., still working to rest ligaments in shoulder…. trying to build strength while preventing further injury..
    Gardening nil this week too wet. too cold. Rabbits are doing well growing like little weeds.Chickens are giving a few more eggs over the week.. close to enough to provide all our personal needs.As light increases..this should as well. Have increased their calcium intake from citrate forms for easier absorption…
    cages and hen house cleaned. awaiting parts for truck repair..
    We have a dog who barks at everything and we frequently check to see which awful thing he is barking at the calves frolicking in the neighbors pasture, the cows at their feeder 2 tenths mile away or the tiny finches landing, or the chickens just out of reach… He is our best alarm system.for now.
    I have been reviewing our supplies: basic and cleaning needs, seed, feeds,medications, supplements and natural remedies of several classes. I have watched numerous video’s on presentations to make “different” antiviral solutions… herbal and natural. slowly getting supplies needed for those. Sometimes it is harder to get the things needed because of limitations. Knowing needs and prioritizing those is truly a challenge. Have definite orders ready to go…and those lists are in flux as we discuss and make decisions based on changing information.
    A good friend sent us a start into the Ham radio realm of preparedness. DH has located the nearest 2-3 “clubs”. He has not located repeaters near us, yet… He has a brother off into this area-pretty deeply…is distant from our location.
    Thor1, q #1..not saying what i think here…Each person must evaluate this individual by merits or not and any choice he makes will speak volumes. the fact he would consider- named person -speaks volumes. I was taught you can not say something good. Keep your yap shut.
    #2 The Kung Flu…been gathering as much info as i can ..data is changing. Ro for quarantined people seems to be around 2.0 or a little more. for those not contained.. is much greater…range i saw was 6.4- 6.8. This is something that is passed from person to person and also may have aerosol tendencies… latest i saw today said on surfaces for at least 9 days. They will have to test all people who have had 14 day quarantine…or illness. to make sure they are not shedding virus…and the tests are not always accurate for either positive or negative . .I do not see this happening.
    The tests are limited,As a result, we will be looking at measures we choose to put in place for a good while…Whether it is full quarantine and/or using antivirals on a routine basis with (or without )very limited contacts..with strict decontamination measures… for any breaks in our daily routines that we choose as self containment.. The Spanish flu passed for 2 years….that would be a good goal to stretch for, I am not there…
    There are many numbers floating around.When the earths population is recounted then we will have an idea of the extent of this Virus, and the backlash against humanity for all the reasons of those in control..have…I do not have either of the conditions mentioned.. ..specifically.
    Regardless of who /how this was released, China has a Huge problem…and only they know/have any idea of how big it is….Their response of shutting down and how quickly other cities were added to the quarantines is one indication of the extent…We will watch the evidence become discovery.
    This Virus is loose and is quietly spreading worldwide… Look at the timing how many left the infected area before the lockdown was completed.?.. where did they go?…and what has been the results..?.quietly-until the numbers get large enough it can NOT be hidden, it WILL be swept under the rug. Caregivers will be threatened with releasing info…Posts will be removed from social media. Case numbers will be skewed because no new ones will be released.Numbers will be stagnant… excuses will be made for each flare of cases. The economy will continue to be more important to the banksters than people. The attempt will be made to keep things seeming normal for as long as possible. we can help this somewhat by making careful choices… in the way we purchase, and what we purchase.. Using the shopping apps that enable us to place orders and pickup without leaving the car… could become very useful… and placing those items in “time out” once they are home, and decontaminating them carefully can make a huge difference in our safety as we bridge the span between limited engagements and full isolation.
    What business will be affected as people stay home? local eatery’s, entertainment outlets movie theaters, travel…trucking..moving of all kinds of goods.
    Meinwhile it kills off those sick, immune compromised, lung compromised and experienced individuals….. Who makes up the voting block of POTUS supporters? What do those demographics look like? Conversely what do the “other party demographics look like..?
    I find it disturbing that the body is not known to build resistance to this and if immune system kicks in the second time can have deadly consequences of ACute MI,. This would lead me to believe the white blood cell escalates so rapidly they can not flow easily through blood vessels, that may be narrowed.? stopping this process must be done from before one is aware of an exposure ..once disease process begins it is too late to prevent… Just my thoughts.. based on info gathered…these are the lines..of supplies…will be required…elderberry, tamiflu, star anise or sweetgum tincture, oil of oregano , garlic, ginger.colloidal silver,FG hydrogen peroxide. distilled water, 9 volt batteries, hydrogen peroxide( common drug store variety) bleach , borax, soaps, moisturizers,surgical antibacterial and antiviral blends used commercially..all OTC’s you need now or anticipate…mucinex.. alternates for prescription blood pressure and blood sugar controls..get those started 4 weeks before supply of current is gone… they modulate, and effect becomes evident within that time frame…..gloves, garbage bags(all sizes), incineration, buckets, extra trashcans,more food and oils than one thinks….for man and any animals. Parts for what you have… nails, screws,power options, communications options,plastic, sunshade for high intensity grow areas. This is the shortlist. The closer we are to it’s completion -the easier it will be for us to make transition.
    For now, we will maintain the limited contact we have been doing with each known outbreak-illness.Do what we can to increase sustainability in any areas we find lacking. We will be increasing the decontamination measures know to use that are effective against many agents. maintain our antivirals on a daily basis.
    Prayers for our nation, POTUS and those that assist him,Those who prepare for the hard things of life… may each of us be able to stand. and The Chinese people who are between a rock and a hard place.

    • People in Indianapolis dying, too many bodies for the coroner to handle. Bodies being put in the university for storage. What could possibly go wrong?

          • Okie Farm Girl,
            Weapons are objects they are not violent. It only takes an irresponsible thug to pull a trigger .. and bullets have no destination written on them. Now we know where the thugs are… lk en the cities that ban weapons. only the thugs have them…and they have no fear
            Weapons in well trained hands save lives.

          • OFG,

            Lack of morgue space is not necessarily due to gun violence. You can add all other kinds of violence in there too, plus people who died unattended, probably due to natural causes, suicides, or accidents. Then comes the real reason. No one claims the bodies.

            If people die from a suspected case of Kung flu, in a hospital, autopsies can be done by the hospital pathology department since the patients didn’t die unattended and don’t require a medical examiner to do the job, unless that state’s law requires it.

            The article you cite includes another reason for overloaded morgues: staffiing shortages.

            Most states require a medical examiner to view a body and conduct an autopsy under most circumstances of death except patients under the current care of a physician unless that death resulted from unlawful violence or violence from an accident and a forensic autopsy is requested by investigating officials.

            If you go into a morgue (and I have been in several), you will find most bodies awaiting autopsy are from many more suspected causes of death than gun shot wounds, even a morgue like the Wayne County, Mich ME (Detroit’s ME office).

          • You people do not need to jump down my throat, I was only quoting what the article said, and pointing out that it was NOT due to the corona virus that they were running out of room in the morgue. I am a multi gun owner and know guns do not kill people, people do!! And pencils do not misspell words either!! So, thank you for the education — NOT!!

  26. info on Florida cases channel shrimp zoo in you tube… they have removed some of the content on this channel -about new york cases and his tie to the hospital network there.and threatening of the ems workers… must be on target.so better check it out soon….

  27. To All:

    If you are in the market for a Mossberg 590; 12 gauge, 8-shot, 20″ barrel, tri-rail forend. Grab-a-gun.com. $234.99 w/free shipping (regular around $450).

  28. 7500+ Americans in self quarantine…… Out breaks in Iran and Japan….. 10,000+ Chinese crossing into Vietnam…… We have days to prepare… Take heed…..


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