What I Did To Prep This Week: Feb 16th – 22nd 2020

Hello Pack. Damned if winter did not rear its cold, miserable, and ugly head one more time. The three inches of snow that fell totally messed up some exciting prepping plans I had this week.

Several of my tribe members worked to create a gun safety and .22 rifle shooting class and archery class for 59 area self-reliant homeschooled children.

Unfortunately, the tribe member’s gun range, as awesome as it is, is outdoors. The indoor portion of the building has a plethora of space for the extension activities we had planned, but getting to the range and then out to the nice covered shooting area was a bit much with all of the snow and cold.

So, we nixed the highly educational and fun training, and scheduled a make up date.

Our other preps this week were mostly routine maintenance related. Fences needed mending in several spots since deer had run through them, our private farm road also needed grading, and we planted some more seeds for the garden.

My cherry tomatoes are coming up nicely, as is my calendula, echinacea, marshmallow, and mullein.

Soon, the trees were ordered from the county’s soil and water agency will arrive. I am really excited about getting the new fruit trees in the ground.

We also ordered a wildlife food plot mix that I am going to plant to help make our meat and egg bird flocks more sustainable. My goal is to completely do away with store-bought chicken feed by next fall.

We got a pretty good deal on the food plot mix – 25 pounds for a $55 bag. The mix contains sorghum, millet, soybeans, and a plethora of other nutrient rich plants that our plant can garner most of their dietary needs from. The bugs they eat when free ranging should finish off their protein needs.

I am going to plant the food plot mixture in a series so I always have some ready to mature and preserve. This, in addition to what I will grow in our greenhouse, should have us commercial feed free by my self-imposed deadline.

Being reliant upon bags of feed is simply not a sustainable plan for survival livestock. The Jerusalem artichoke plants, among others, will also help supplement the nutritional needs of not just the poultry birds, but of the other barnyard inhabitants, as well.

The same county department is also doing some soil testing for us before we reseed a few of the hay fields. The tests only cost $15 for a good number of samples, and comes complete with some tips for the best types of seed to use, etc.

It is doubtful that I can get Bobby on board with the idea, but I have become intrigued with the prospect of buying miniature Jersey cows. While we have 56 acres, we still need to be to make sure we have enough grazing space and hayfields to feed the animals if left solely to our own devices to do so.

The mini Jerseys should provide all the milk we need without requiring as much space or feed as a standard size dairy cow.

This Week’s Questions

  1. Do you grow any of your own feed for your survival livestock?
  2. Do you (or would you like to) use a greenhouse to start seeds or extend your growing season? If so, why or why not?
  3. If you were suddenly quarantined due to an epidemic or pandemic like the Coronavirus, how would your preps hold up?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. We did our monthly grocery shopping. I ordered some extra vitamins, mostly zinc and some extra Vitamin D. Tara’s questions, 4. What I did to prep this week, see above. 3. How would my preps hold up if we were suddenly quarentined? I have enough food for US for about a year, for dogs / cats, about 6 months. For cows, about 1 month. For chickens, about 2 weeks. Don’t know what we would do for them at this point. 2. No, we do not use a greenhouse and have no plans to do so. 1. No, we do not grow feed for our animals, but it would be nice to be able to.

  2. I did my low-carb grocery shopping this week. Added more to my stash than usual, canned veggies, chicken, tuna, sauerkraut. Did some weekly cooking. I thought I was well stocked until the Kung flu reared its ugly head. I suppose “well stocked” is just a subjective thing until faced with the potential extensive use of it.

    I’ve been buying canned sauerkraut lately. I was reading some history of the British Royal Navy and their struggle with scurvy among the crews. They initially found a cure and preventative in citrus fruits (lemons and limes were best, and hence the source for the slang term for a Brit “Limey.” However, they could not store enough of the citrus on ships and keep it fresh enough. A little more experimenting revealed that sauerkraut was every bit as good as citrus and could keep much better in barrels. So the jacktars started getting some sauerkraut at least once daily with their meals. The German’s beat the Brits to the punch using sauerkraut as a vitamin supplement for ship’s crews and soldiers, so they got to be known as “Krauts.”

    I also bought 2lbs more of dried elderberries to replace what I used this week to make syrup. Bought six pint sized purple tinted mason jars for the syrup. The syrup passed the quality control department (granddaughter). ?

    Found myself with some extra cash, so I ordered six more pouches of freeze-dried food (Beef Stroganoff).

    Dehydrated six big mangoes. Filled up two, quart sized freezer zip locks. These are for #1 daughter. Granddaughter tried one and didn’t care for it. She does like fresh mango, however.

    Also got eight 1-lb tanks of propane for my backup camping stove (2-burner) (my apartment is electric everything). I’m thinking of buying either a single burner or maybe another two-burner stove as a backup to the backup. I have other backup stoves, but they are really more suited to backpacking type uses, and one Esbit stove plus hexamine fuel tabs are in my BOB (the Esbit stove was my favorite for going in the field with the military). I do not like using Sterno (not hot enough). Having also served during the time of C-Rats, I’m well versed in making stoves out of cans, or rocks. I’ve already got a bunch of 1-lb tanks, but I felt a few more wouldn’t go wrong (unless the place catches on fire, in which case NASA could use it for a satellite launch vehicle).

    Last weekend I bought some 20 Mule Team borax. I used some in boiling water to pour in my kitchen sink drains as they were backing up a bit. Worked like a charm. Let it sit for 30-minutes before running the faucet and no backup issues since. I remember their commercials on the old Death Valley Days TV show (with Ronald Reagan). God, I’m old.

    Doomsday Rations report. Well, for me, these crackers just didn’t come out well overall. The pieces that weren’t burnt, tasted just fine. Chewy, but that is probably intentional, so a survivor feels like they’re eating more than they are. Even the pieces that were just a little overdone tasted OK. I mixed some overdone pieces in with a bowl of chili and that worked out fine. But, I have a hard time getting the mixture right for proper rolling and cutting. I was starving to death as a professional baker when I was younger. ?

    (2) cups bulgur wheat flour
    (1) Cup water
    (2) Teaspoons salt. I cut this down to (1) tsp as (2) tsp made it too salty for my taste.

    Pre-heat oven to 375-degrees.

    Mix dry ingredients in a bowl, then add water a little at a time while stirring mixture with a spoon. After all the water is mixed in, knead the dough by hand. It will be sticky at first, If the stickiness doesn’t go away, add a little bulgur flour at a time until dough is not sticky.

    Prepare to roll dough by sprinkling a little bulgur flour on countertop or waxed paper to keep dough from sticking to surface. Using a rolling pin, roll out dough to no greater than ½-inch thick. ¼-inch is the preferred thickness. Use a sharp knife to cut the flat dough into roughly 2×2 inch squares. Using a drinking straw or a clean nail, punch four holes in each square.

    Put the flattened dough on a baking sheet pre-sprinkled with some bulgur flour.

    Bake one side for 30-minutes. Remove from oven and carefully turn dough over and bake again for 30-minutes more.

    Remove from oven and allow to cool on baking pan. Store in zip-locks or vacuum pack.

    I never could get the flattened dough onto the pan neatly. When I flipped the crackers after the first baking, I had to flip each cracker individually. Keep the rolled-out dough as far from the edges of the baking pan as possible to avoid scorching. You may need to adjust baking temp and/or time on subsequent batches depending on your oven.

    Good luck.

    This Week’s Questions

    1. Do you grow any of your own feed for your survival livestock?

    Nope. No livestock to feed. My son lives on his own now. ?

    2. Do you (or would you like to) use a greenhouse to start seeds or extend your growing season? If so, why or why not?

    No. No place to put one.

    3. If you were suddenly quarantined due to an epidemic or pandemic like the Coronavirus, how would your preps hold up?

    My preps should easily do OK for over six-months, so sweat, except for water. If city water continues, I have multiple filtering/purifying methods, so I would be fine. I would also fill my WaterBOB. If city water did not continue for long, I would probably have to make some surreptitious, nocturnal water supply raids on the swimming pool, or close-by lakes, after three months or so.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

        • I love watching Rifleman reruns on AMC on Saturday mornings. We get the INSP channel and I flip it on at 10 am everyday to watch Big Valley. I actually caught a few episodes I somehow missed watching reruns of it as a little girl. Heath was great and all, but as a little girl I so had a crush on Nick!

      • Z3-6, hesh yor mouth about being old! I remember watching it too! I didn’t know that about the borax, and we have some! will have to remember that trick!

        • BC,

          OK, I’ll watch myself. How many remember the original Mickey Mouse Club and how many guys had a crush on Annette? (I confess, I did).

          The mix is 1/8 cup of borax to 1 cup of boiling water. Double the mix if you have a big sink. Still working like a charm here.

          • I remember Death Valley, Rifleman, Wagon Trail, but I was VERY young… Lol. Don’t remember the original MM club.

            I LOVED Gunsmoke and Bonanza though. Still watch them.

        • Yowza, Tara. My first step-grandmother ran stills back in the day. I tasted her dandelion wine back in early ’70s. Wow, that was good. Considering how many dandelions I get in the yard . . .

        • Tara,

          I had some dandelion wine when I was in the Marines stationed with a medical school in North Carolina. One of the chief petty officers made wine as a hobby and that was one of the kinds he made. Not bad, not great, but I could drink it. His moonshine, on the other hand, was deadly (metaphorically speaking).

          • Oh dear Lord, Z 3-6, somebody once handed me a big glass of what I thought was water. Thought I was on fire when I chugged that.

  3. Hello,

    No livestock or greenhouse. My preparations would last a while. Hunting (poaching) and fishing would supplement our stocks. I’m not averse to eating “beach chicken” (sea gulls) or pigeons if things go upside down.

    I didn’t prep a lot this week other than buying a couple of cases of military grade 12 gauge 00 Buck at my LGS. They’ve given me more territory (northern New England) so I’ve been attending to that. Should hire another technician.

  4. We had three days of sunshine, and now back to rain for another week, I got outside, and started to clean up the yard and I put all my indoor plant’s out for a good dose of sunshine. My niece gave birth last Sunday, to a health 8 pound 5 oz. Boy, I’m an Aunt to 10 great niece’s and nephews, I’m only 50 , I was young when my sister and brother, started to have children, it’s fun to watch these kid’s grow. Today, is my youngest son birthday, he is 16 going on 30, some day’s, we have a small birthday party, for him today.

    We have to get going on our building the house, getting the information to the bank for a construction loan, the State, is changing building code July 1st in Washington state. So I’m not going to do any gardening this year just take care of what’s in the ground, I’ll start taking some cuttings of plant’s, and we have our punch list to do some cleaning and repairing. painting, before we list our house. Our taxes went up by $232.00 this year oh boy we now going to pay $3500.00 give or take a few dollars. I’m not doing much shopping right now except for the every day items, or if I see a great deal on canned foods.

    1. No we don’t have livestock
    2 I do have a green house, we will set it up for later this year, and get some plant’s going for the winter time.
    3.There are 750 people, right now being watched by the health department, we could stay in for a while and I do have seeds to plant, were very close to stores, I could get to very easily, but hopefully we wouldn’t want to.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. This Week’s Questions

    1. Do you grow any of your own feed for your survival livestock? no livestock – no feed
    2. Do you (or would you like to) use a greenhouse to start seeds or extend your growing season? If so, why or why not? Converting the south-facing front porch to a “greenhouse” this year.
    3. If you were suddenly quarantined due to an epidemic or pandemic like the Coronavirus, how would your preps hold up? We’re good.
    4. What did you do to prep this week? Since you asked…

    The gun show (last weekend) went well for us. Sold some before the show, some at the show, and got one being held for pick-up next week. Traded off some stuff I didn’t need for stuff I could use. Bought very little and nothing I didn’t have a pressing need for. Cash went into the bank (the accounts really need it after January!). Good time was had by all.

    Got my Cado from BCTruck. What a piece of work, and this is a “factory second”!

    Bear Creek soup mixes were on sale at the grocery. $2.00 is a really good price.

    Cut the cable on Friday. That should save us $110+/month. We don’t use the entertainment; the information is bad/biased at best.

    Supply Run: Soup mix; Thrift Shop music CD’s; specialty teas (2); 2-qt feed scoop

    Received: 3.5-gal buckets; Cado knife; book (fiction); Signs: “Quarantine Area” (black on yellow, plastic, 7×10”); AR rifle sights

  6. Do you grow any of your own feed for your survival livestock?

    I do not have any livestock but I do have plenty of grass. My back yard is solid Pensacola Bahia. A very tough and fast growing pasture grass, it takes a powerful mower to cut it and lots of gas.

    Do you (or would you like to) use a greenhouse to start seeds or extend your growing season? If so, why or why not?

    I use mine to keep plants in until danger of frost is past. I got a mini green house to put next to the sliding glass door in my home, easier to keep warm.

    If you were suddenly quarantined due to an epidemic or pandemic like the Coronavirus, how would your preps hold up?

    I have enough for a few weeks but I am constantly adding.

    What did you do to prep this week?

    Well, my wife has started to get concerned. She has started making a list of what we still need. She organized our panty drawers so it will be easier to keep inventory. I bought more oatmeal, canned meats, brown sugar, dehydrated potatoes, dried white beans (wife is allergic to red beans), and pasta.

    All the hot days prompted me to plant my summer garden. I put in my sweet potato cuttings, some sweet corn is up, beans and cow peas, watermelon, cantaloupe, carrots, onions and garlic. Now it looks like one more chance for a frost. I have plenty of old blankets and some rolls of bubble wrap type insulation.

    Walmart had good prices on plants so I got two blue berries, two different potted blackberries, and six blackberry rooted cuttings. I also got two 3 gal potted pear trees. I then went to Lowe’s and got six small citrus trees, two oranges, two lemons, a lime, and a red grapefruit. I ordered insect netting bags to cover them.

    My wife is helping me plan and ask about dehydrating foods. I showed her dehydrators on Amazon and she agreed an Excalibur 2900EB would be good. She also wanted a solar cellphone charger. She had read about a person using freeze dried sausage crumbles so I ordered a #10 can by Nutristore. I also got a 1000 ft roll of drip tape and 5/8 in fittings.

    I was watching a video (Hoss Tools dream garden) about planting blackberries. The man is in Georgia and gets his plants from Ison’s Nursery and Vineyards, also located in Georgia. They have a wide selection of blackberries and fruit and nut trees at good prices. I might be getting enough plants to fill my just cleared half acre plot. Hopefully my wife can talk me out of it.

    • Daddo7:

      Glad the wife is on board. It has sure been a help that mine has been from the 1st, I just plan it out, and she seems to be happy that we have most of the stuff for the latest “cray-cray” covered.

  7. tara,,I did mini jerseys ,was breeding them and selling them ,for over twenty years some of the seed stock out there is from my work ,I would recommend you look else ware ,i love jerseys but ,, will not recommend the mini for a home cow for a number of reasons ,first is the cost ,second is breeding it’s hard to AI let alone find GOOD semen ,and most mini bulls carry a recessive gene to a full size ,that WILL kill the cow in calving not worth the trouble,
    Best thing I have found for a home cow is a Jersey /Angus cross or for a more mellow ,a jersey/herford cross (F1)
    But be ware of the volume of milk 6 gal is not uncommon per day with 10 gal at first freshing,,and then there is udder care , most folks get in trouble with that ,
    I would suggest a couple of saanen or Nubian goats for a year milk supply breeding off set
    With a cow you need to rest the cow from milking as good practise
    One other thing is teat size can be a problem with the mini(to small) hard to milk by hand in the long term
    Tea and blueberries

  8. Puppy is so fast. I shoot 3 tennis balls out of the nerf ball gun as fast I can at the ground and he nails them as soon as they come off the ground. Wow.

    Ordered tactical parts
    A double tactical gun rack that fits between the rollbars
    A double storage pack for the tailgate
    A fire extinguisher mount for the rear rollbar
    A Puppy/ cargo net to separate puppy from front seat and keep him from going through the windshield.

    Weapon training
    Took the AR and G22 to the range and practiced weapon transition in body armor.
    Practiced magazine changes.

    Freeze dryer
    Italian steak..( Just in case I run into Z36 in SHTF) LOL

    Made 2 lbs of London broil jerky
    Made 1 lb of sirloin hamburger Jerky standard. Its like slim jims

    4 cases

    Heavy workouts again yay !!!

    Thor’s questions
    1. Do you think its the beginning of end of days?

    2.How bad do you think the food shortage will be?

    3.How bad do you think the pandemic will get here?

    4. Are you prepared for the depression caused by the pandemic?

    5. Did Mike Bloomburg get beat up by a fake Indian? LOL

    • Tara’s questions

      1.Do you grow any of your own feed for your survival livestock?

      2.Do you (or would you like to) use a greenhouse to start seeds or extend your growing season? If so, why or why not?
      3. If you were suddenly quarantined due to an epidemic or pandemic like the Coronavirus, how would your preps hold up?

      1. I grow beans,peas and carrots forr puppy but he’s not livestock…
      2 Definitely addition this year.
      3. Yes, Wife’s meds would be the only weakness otherwise 2 years. Looking into alternative medication that can be grown.

    • Thor’s questions

      1. Do you think its the beginning of end of days?

      I don’t think so. If it is, then it is too early to say with certainty.

      2.How bad do you think the food shortage will be?

      Could be pretty ugly IF the Kung flu really gets going here in the US.

      3.How bad do you think the pandemic will get here?

      Can’t say with certainty. WHO, CDC, and HHS are not being truthful with what information and stats they have. Without accurate information, I can’t make even a reasonably accurate assessment.

      4. Are you prepared for the depression caused by the pandemic?

      Economic or emotional? Or all of the above?

      5. Did Mike Bloomburg get beat up by a fake Indian? LOL

      It would seem that he did. But I am not surprised.

      • Thor1,

        I should have included in my answer to Q2 about food shortages: We can always get Bloomberg to farm some veggies for us on his estates. After all, according to him, it doesn’t take much intelligence to farm.

      • Question — Along politician lines, could Trump be guilty of getting laundered Russian money to get elected? I keep hearing this from persons who are sure of this, and everybody is afraid to pursue it because DJT the authoritarian dictator will shut them down.

        • Mari:

          Possible? Well in modern politics anything is possible.

          My question would be why? It’s not like he’s in the personal financial state that most candidates are. It’s not like the Clinton’s, who’s money came from their political connections, not from business.

          I don’t see him knowingly taking the chance.

          • My thoughts, too, JP. There are those in DC who are convinced, though, and the hatred is rampant. One of these days we need to get the fed cut way back. I can dream.

  9. No gardens here.

    Weather has been bad, snow up in North Georgia but just rain and cold in West Georgia. Some reports of black ice but it’s not being much of an issue. Most of the schools had late start on Friday.

    I have sufficient food and water on hand for DW and I and the dogs and at least 4 other people for 2 months. Longer if I mill some wheat and grain that I have stored.

    Preps this week are slim. Did buy a practice key for Morse Code. I have a bug and a keyer but have not used a straight key in a lot of years. I suck pretty badly sending but with practice I’ll get back to where I used to be. The key can come off the practice pad and be wired to the radio transceiver and I can use that if I need to.

    Tried to talk to people at church about the virus. Got the church to adopt a new plan for distributing the wafer with communion that will eliminate multiple hands pawing through the communion plate. Most people don’t want to hear about illness some where else. Maybe got through to a few. We will see how it works out.

    Have a good week. Keep smiling, keep praying.


  10. Tara and Dan,
    Everything Oldhomesteader told you is true. He is a veteran at cattle, me I only have 50 years this year in cattle, the two crosses he mentioned would make nice calves and plenty of milk. Crosses have advantages. When the bottom goes, so will most cows. His suggestion of goats is true. I have 14 Sannen, in hard times, I hope to keep maybe 4 and a buck. That would serve your tribe with milk/ meat and be much less upkeep. The bottom line, is what can we afford to keep thru a depression of huge magnitude. Remember, to put them out to pasture, cows require large pasture and larger area to guard them, goats take small pasture and easier to guard them close to the house. These are not normal times we are moving into.
    Yesterday I had flatbed truck deliver hay and also a truckload of firewood, so as to keep continual replenishment of resources. No time to run short on any necessities, including items for pandemic.
    So far, twenty tomatoes are up under grow lights, open pollinated, so as to save seeds. cabbage are up, around 18 so far, for fresh and four crocks of sauerkraut, our immune system needs a healthy gut. Swiss chard is breaking ground. Will put up more grow lites and start a couple of hundred plants. Never started seed this early, but should pandemic hit and quarantine. Grocery would be closed, no one traveling anywhere, so. …..earlier than usual salad garden might come in real handy. Also set eggs this week for a March 9th hatch, never set eggs that early either, if things were looking bad, for a multitude of reasons, it would be good to start eggs now, so they could be ready to lay in October. Sooner could be better than later. If I were the enemy of USA, I would wait till they were in crisis, like coronavirus, then I would hit them with an EMP while they are down, just food for thought. No time like now to pray and prepare!

  11. Hi Everyone,

    Rain and clouds, and more rain, and clouds and cold this week. Sun did shine Thursday, and today. Still cold though.

    Had a medical scare this morning. Got up around 7am, didn’t feel right, so sat on couch for a few minutes.. My heart was racing like crazy… Sat for a few more minutes, and it wasn’t letting up. Got out my Oxygen sensor, and my heart rate was 199-206 range.. I’m not one to run to the ED… But… I just didn’t feel right and my arms felt like bricks, and was short of breath a little bit… Didn’t know what was going on, so I gathered up a few clothes, phone charger, trash, and headed to the ED. Dumped trash on the way because who knows if they are going to make you stay… Have to think that I may not be coming back to my house. Called a friend on the way, just to let her know what was going on, fed the cat, had food and water for a while. Finally got to ED, and HR still around 200. They had me do some Vagal nerve stimulation, which is bearing down, and still was high.. Finally had to give me some IV med, and it put my heart back into regular rhythm.. Gave me some fluids, and potassium too. Was diagnosed with Supraventricular Tachycardia. Can be brought on by stress, lack of sleep, and some other things I don’t partake in. I took some new herbals that I was going to try for the ringing in my ear… Took one dose last night… Doc looked at label, and nothing stood out, and told her I didn’t get much sleep last night…. One of the nurses was an EMT, and he said he doesn’t see this very often at least where it was being monitored where he could watch… and he told me to blow really hard thru a straw. So I have 2 options that I can do myself… I mention all this because, what if SHTF, and there was no ED… And if after doing that, I would need more intensive care, if there is any available. The ED doc said that if something wasn’t done, it would have probably continued like that and damaged my heart. I’m good now, and feel a lot better… But have to follow-up with other docs next week… Pretty scary…

    Stopped by Kroger on the way home from ED… Had canning lids and bands, canning jars and my kind of tooth paste on clearance. Bought some frozen broccoli and mixed veggies to put in dehydrator tomorrow. Bottled water, blueberries, a few frozen meals in case I don’t feel like cooking.

    Cooked in my sun oven on Thursday. Didn’t get the beans cooked all the way. Should have put it out sooner. lessons being learned. Need to learn how to use the stuff I have.

    Bought a case of Barley Beef stew from company called Aftershock Preparedness. Their stuff doesn’t have junk in it. I tasted the Barley Beef stew when I went to a homesteading conference, and it was good. Met the owner at the conference. She is particular what goes in their stuff. They just moved from out west to east Tennessee, huge freeze dryers and all. The serving sizes are bigger, so their pouches cost a little more, and they have one flat shipping price. I plan on getting more from them. Good people. Here’s their website if anyone is interested. aftershockpreparedness.com

    Heading to a Medicine in austere class in a few.

    Prayers for the pack, unspoken requests, for The President and for America.

    Have a great week everyone.

    • AT,

      Glad you came out OK. When I was a paramedic I saw a number of V-Tach episodes and we were trained to have the patient do exactly what they did with you, although the technical name is the Valsalva Maneuver. Out on the street, if the VM didn’t work, or the patient was unconscious, we would administer an appropriate dose of Valium IV and then hit them with our defibrillator which had settings for shocking someone in V-Tach. 95% of the time, we could get the patient ticking properly with one of them.

      I also learned in paramedic school that anyone with heart trouble should not strain while pooping because that is essentially a Valsalva Maneuver and could shut them off with a way-low heart rate. While doing clinicals in the intensive care units, nurses would have us supervise patients when they were sitting on the can to make sure they didn’t strain.

      As a paramedic and police officer, I responded to a number of cases of people dead sitting on their toilets.

    • Oh my gosh girl! So glad you are ok. Not sure if I am in agreement with you driving yourself to the ED, or stopping in route to dump trash? If you had passed out, you could have hurt yourself or someone else, but I know sometimes you do what is needed in the moment. Glad you are better. Glad you are doing a follow up next week. Stay hydrated!

  12. I continue to keep a close eye on the coronavirus. There is now sustained person-to-person transmission outside China. South Korea, Japan, Italy and Iran are all at serious risk. This meets the WHO’s definition of a pandemic. The WHO can’t put off declaring a pandemic much longer. I expect stock markets to tank Monday.

    I am very much disturbed that only three states in the U.S. have the capacity to test for coronavirus. Officials in Hawaii keep saying no one has tested positive in the state. That’s because no one is getting tested. (They have to send samples to the CDC in Atlanta and that takes at least five days.) The CDC’s protocol is to test people who have returned from China in the past 14 days and people who have had close contact with confirmed cases. They are not spreading the net wide enough to catch community-based cases. That’s why they can say there are no cases of community-based transmission in the U.S.

    Another strange event–a city in California has sued the federal government in federal court and a judge has issued an order blocking the federal government from relocating coronavirus patients from Travis Air Base to a rehab facility in their town (Costa Mesa, which is 40 miles outside LA). The lawsuit claims the federal government reached the decision to relocate 50-70 confirmed cases without input from local officials. They also claim the rehab facility is not suitable. Why would the feds need to move coronavirus patients from a secured location on a military base to a non secured location in a populated area? It would seem there are more cases than the feds want us to believe. I am now wondering if the story line about non working test kits is a coverup. If you say the test kits don’t work you get a few more days until the scope of the outbreak becomes clear to the general population. If Iran, Israel, Lebanon and Italy all have cases, it would stand to reason that the U.S. has more cases. There are 360,000 Chinese students enrolled in colleges and universities in the U.S.

    I went out yesterday and purchased a few luxury items, mostly chocolate. We have enough food stored in the house to last us at least 18 months. But the good stuff (fresh meat, sauces to make food better) would run out unless rationed in 6 months. After that we would be eating plain oatmeal, rice and wheat gruel. I can’t help but think that if we run out of food, the 99 percent of non preppers will be in big trouble. I fear the desperate, hungry masses.

    I think the coronavirus will push us into a world depression. Japan is clearly headed for a recession. China’s economy is 90 percent shut down. I do think the U.S. will come out of this much stronger. We have become too reliant on cheap Chinese labor in critical areas such as the production of medications including antibiotics.

    • Bam Bam,

      I fear I must concur with your theory of the government trying to kill off a few days before making any kind of definitive announcement. Someone on another blog posited that the true reason for delay is to allow certain people to dump their stocks while prices are still up. That is probably very correct.

      I don’t understand why stock prices have held firm over the past week regardless of official stats. Well, I can understand actually. If the market was left alone, prices would have gone down much sooner, if not fully crashed. But the governments involved are probably artificially propping up the markets. That cannot last long and won’t.

      • Zulu 3-6 & Bam Bam:

        As I used to work for the government, abet in uniform, I still trust them implicitly; about as far as I can pitch a Buick. They ALWAYS hedge their bets! And of late (last 15+ years or so) they are always more concerned about their “friends” and special interests than they are the general population. And it has become blatant! People that believe that the government is going to put their health and welfare ahead of COG or special interests, has either been into way to much Kool-aid or simply not paying attention.

        Looking at FEMA and Katrina should tell you what to expect.

        What they are up to right now, is a matter of speculation (and there is plenty out there). But we are their last concern. IMO.

      • Zulu,

        That thought occurred to me as well. I dumped some stocks a week and a half a go. When the folks “in the know” start dumping stocks, it will be too late for the ordinary citizen. JP is absolutely correct–the government only cares about its own.

        • I dumped some today in my IRA & 401(k), but not thrilled where I had to put. Oh well, I’m still diversified. It was nice with 15 and 22% increases.

          • Mari,

            It’s tough to go from talking about the potential economic impacts of the coronavirus to actually doing things such as selling stocks. I sold off last week. It was tough to see the stocks I sold keep going up and up. Today they finally started to go down.

    • Well Bam Bam you were right on the stock market blip today. 1,000 points is quite a drop. Kind of goes to the thinking I have had for a very long time. That being, that we should not be dependent on any other nation for our basic supply chain…and yet, here we are.

      Costa Mesa is going to lose this contest. Because, on an emergency basis, the Feds will walk on through them if they deem it necessary. The question will be, is it necessary.

      I understand from other sources that the military bases are rethinking these quarantines on base.
      1. Because they still have to take patients off base for treatment. At Travis AFB they now have confirmed cases in several local hospitals. One being a Napa hospital that has only two isolation rooms for this type of patient.
      2. Cleaning and disinfecting bunkers for these isolated folks is not working out as expected. No facilities for the kind of laundry, bath facilities etc. And yet, they are discussing 1,000 incoming for each of 14 bases across the country that have been designated.
      3. No one wants the proximity to military ops for a myriad of reasons, snoopy civilians to exposure for the troops.

      One confirmed patient made it from the San Francisco Airport 5 hours north to close to the Oregon border, another person with him also sick, but not confirmed, the last I heard, accompanied him/her from the airport. Think of all the stops along the way they made…restaurants, grocery shopping, stop at Target and Costco, you name it as they traversed north….yes CDC is following up, but good luck.

      There are some 5,000 – 7,000 people that are presently in “self isolation” around California right now. No present or active disease but are sheltering at home or apartments or whatever. I don’t believe that there is enough CDC to monitor them and I would imagine that easily 50% of them have stepped out now and again to stock up on supplies as they are still “just fine”……. IN another case, CDC, San Diego found their test kits faulty and let one patient loose because the test came up negative…that person was retrieved, but who knows who all they came in contact with while running amok.

      We are in Northern Nevada and have installed some reasonable procedures so far and haven’t yet closed down our operations, but will do so should there be a case discovered anywhere in this vicinity. We have urged our staffs to stay out of crowded areas *casinos, sports arenas, etc) pending more information; installed some modifications to processes and such. Had a nurse come in and go over hygienes, etc.

      But in our case, we will close down as soon as it is prudent to do so and send our crews home to safety. We also stopped all incoming shipments from outside the US as soon as we heard about this. When we run out of inventory, that will just have to be the way it is. And so, with that statement, we too will and are going to feel the financial “burn”.
      AND we have taken our own precautions as relates to incoming mail to minimize a random germ on an envelope. Glad that we are well advanced as a digital business, as it makes this much much easier.

      I have been going through the stashes of what we have gathered over the years. We have most everything we need both at the homestead and the shop to work from. It was just a matter of pulling it together so everyone can get what they need.

      Good Luck everyone. We will get through this. Thank God for early prepping!

      • Worrisome and All,

        My dh and I just got back from Walmart. He gets his check the last Wednesday of every month. We were hoping to put off going to Walmart until tomorrow. But given the news, we went tonight to pick up his PX. Walmart must have been given the heads up what’s coming. They were stocked for a pandemic–pallets of baby wipes, toilet paper, and non perishable foods stacked to the ceiling and all over the middle of isles. They are expecting panic shoppers tomorrow. I have never seen so many Walmart employees actually working.

        We were looking in people’s carts to see what they were buying. One guy had a cart full of beans and rice. He was in his 30s. All the carts were full. The store was not overly full–but then again it was 9 p.m. on a Tuesday night. People were there to get ahead of the masses. I have never seen Walmart that stocked up. Usually there are places on the shelves where stuff hasn’t been restocked yet. Not tonight. (And this was not contingent on the time we went shopping. I prefer to shop at odd hours in order to avoid the crowds.

        We have stocked up on everything we can think of. I even got stuff for dh’s birthday at the end of March and Easter Baskets for April. (One can never have enough chocolate when sheltering in place due to a pandemic.)

        • Bam Bam:

          I went to our (probably smaller than yours) tonight (about 7:30 PM local). Ours was not overstocked; I did notice a shortage of Isopropyl Alcohol and sugar (of all things). Traffic was light. SS comes tomorrow for many (mine was in the bank today) and Friday is EOM payday and also DW bi-weekly payday, so I expect more traffic.

          I will be going to a larger town Friday to get a month+ food for our men’s breakfast group. I will report in on store conditions then.

          • JP,

            I have four income streams that come spread through the month.

            I don’t know how the Kung flu will affect these income streams, except I’m sure if the stock market really crashes hard, my police retirement will take a hit. It is the only one dependent on stocks and mutual funds. I have no clue how the other three will be affected as they all come from the federal government.

            My savings is in pretty good shape, in cash, and some silver, where I can easily get at it. Only enough stays in the bank to pay anticipated bills, grocery shopping, and some prepping purchase money. I do the majority of my banking online or with debit cards. I carry some cash, enough to tank up in an emergency if the gas stations aren’t taking electronic (like what happened to Bam Bam before the last hurricane here in Florida).

          • Zulu 3-6:

            I am in a very similar situation. I do most of my banking on-line. I do have one local account that I use for cash flow, so I can order on-line. We have some cash, but with a pandemic, it may just be back-up. As I look around the house now, stuff is stacked everywhere (which is good). DW is happy and not worried. I think I’m as ready as I can get for where we are physically located.

          • JP,

            I’ve got a lot of crap stacked all over too. I try to keep my living room free of preps so granddaughter has a place to play. I’ve got to move stuff around on my dining room table so she has a place to eat and for me to have a place to sit and keep her company.

          • Zulu 3-6:

            For those who, in the past laughed, I just look at them and say “Looks like rain.” Some are starting to get it.

          • Zulu 3-6:

            I have 2 friends that also have police retirements, on is out of California. I worry about both, but they are in a good state of affairs.

            I saw a YouTube comment this morning where the guy says that he has been the “black sheep” of the family for years because he’s a prepper. They are now calling him to ask advice. I hope it is not too late for them.

          • I have stuff stacked from one end of the house to the other, in the garage, and in the shed… It doesn’t help with having moved 2 storage units to the house, along with trying to add more to the holes. I’m off this Fri, Sat and Sun… Serious organizing is going to be going on. Hoping to get rid of more stuff that I don’t need/want/or won’t use. You might even hear me all the way up there in MT JP. Lol.

            Sent the next door neighbors, young couple with a 1 1/2 yr old, a text with the link to the CDC message from yesterday. I’ve tried over the last 2 years to get them to get more stuff, as they do put out a very small garden (tomatoes, peppers) and when I talk to them, they seem to understand prepping. They said they were going to get some elderberry, food and colloidal silver this weekend. All they said they have is gloves and bleach… 🙁

          • AT:

            We do what we can, those with ears will listen.

            I was listening to a blog this morning, the guy says he’s been the “black sheep” of the family for years. They are now calling him asking advise. I find this humorous.

          • Dh’s daughter called tonight to say that “she was prepped”! We called her last night and told her about an article in the NY Times (a newspaper she respects). The article quoted a CDC official who said families should have two weeks of food, medications and other essential supplies in case they are unable to travel even short distances.

            Sometimes people do wake up. Her guy asked dh for permission to marry her last week. Of course dh said “yes”. We like him. He is a republican and has a concealed carry license (and he is well armed). He told dh he put off dating anyone for years and said he would not date until he met a righteous woman.

  13. HI ALL,,,,,,,,,,,,,the week that was ,,,,,,,we started to lock down ,was going to ship steers ,have decided to hold tight ,ordered a truck load of silage bales as a backup just in case of a slow spring start to the grass ,

    Washington state senate let most new gun control bills die in committee
    The next battle is over water and water rights

    Tara’s questions ,,,one, the ranch is big enough to feed the livestock most of the time , we have to balance the livestock numbers to the weather , last year was as ruff year to make hay ,and I expect more of the same this year we are down to 20 head of cattle ,am going to cut back to 12 , in the past had up to 40 and a horse and 20 goats ,
    My 20ac hay field in a good year will make 55 -60 one ton round bales of very good quality hay ,,last year was a hay season from hell , we had 23 of so so feed value ,we have supplemented hay with used deep fryer oil on the hay , that works good as long as you don’t over do it ,also helps to have grass that never stopped growing all winter on the 32 ac pasture
    Q2 the food shortages,,,,being part of the food supply chain both growing and the supply chain ,things are fragile at best
    I personally have farmed a 1,000 ac. Now 32ac home place and 20ac hay field the rest sit and have gone to weeds and woodies I do it for the fun if it, ,,it must be for the fun of it , it cost money from other sources to keep going
    Soooo this food shortages looks bad ,
    You are growing your own ?

    3 we are NOT being told the truth !!!!!!!! I have friends I have know since 3rd grade ,i know I know a long time ago that are in or were in big pharma and will tell me like it really is
    We are in deep do do ,every thing I have posted in the last couple of weeks is spot on ,,,,
    Tara would be willing to talk about Jerseys on the phone ,

    Cows are calling ,,, moo to you
    Tea and blueberries

    • Back again ,,,had to castrate a bull ,greenhouse question we have three ,two 20× 100 ft 1 11ft high 1 8ft high and one 20×50ft 11 ft high ,high tunnels you can grow food to feed a army ,sweet corn in March, tomatoes year round with a little extra work ,chickens free range (sort of) ,almost year round eggs , my son starts 100,000 onion sets in the winter for planting in May( in Alaska) his greenhouse is40 w×147L he also starts and grows strawberrys ,cucumbers ,zucchini ,winter squash,
      His father in law has three 40×300 for starting potatos
      The main problem we have is STUFF that ends up in the green house’s ,,you know STUFF and more STUFF now it’s good stuff but ?
      Have to go I’m working posting in with chores, the genteel farm life you know,

  14. All news pipelining has been blacked out…..

    02/27/2020 SHTF

    CDC worker says prepare for school closing, business closings……

    I’m going shopping tomorrow… Extra FOOD

    • Thor1, Have you seen anything else re: this ? any other info, location or source…Link? there is a segment of people that get paid on 4th wed. . some of those will not be slack in getting going that day.

      • All,

        I’ve been watching a number of videos (including from Michael Yon who is currently at his home in Thailand). They are all saying much the same thing. The Kung flu is serious as a heart attack and just about every government screwed up their initial handling of the illness. Some are doing better now, but essentially its a matter of too little too late. Yon is predicting Prime Minister Abe of Japan will be losing his job soon.

        Yon gives no credence to Chinese data, or to the CDC, or WHO (which is a Chinese puppet anyway and has been). I don’t believe them either. When the CDC and state health boards start hiding behind HIPPA as an excuse to not release data (which can’t be traced to individuals, by name, anyway), I know they are hiding information of importance to citizens and which will make them look like the incompetents they are.

        The recent incident involving 14 positive Kung flu victims traveling on an aircraft with a bunch of others testing negative, against CDC advice, and which supposedly made Trump plenty upset. Evidently the State Department, who was paying for the flight, decided it would be financially responsible to only have to pay for one plane, instead of two. Trump should make certain anyone involved in that fiasco is fired. The Deep State hard at work.

          • And the planes from Asia continue to land in DC, with many people from China taking multiple flights to get here and then they go on to flights to NYC.

          • Yep they are playing ostrich… they think we are all stupid.. t there was the super bowl at miami now the marta gras at new orleans… lots of people travlng from everywhere.. and they do not know they are sick.. and spreading what ever.. everyone needs antivirals until this thing is gone… need them daily. will stop cytokine storm.. when one stops replication it stops the cytokine storm.

        • I suspect that when DJT gets done in India that’s he gonna have a fit about all the flights coming in from Asia. My guess is a big crackdown on int’l incoming flights.

        • Zulu, yep all those who can need to be taking antivirals now… and just take a daily… i plan to rotate.. already on one.. see post below.. re : options.

        • Bam Bam, does pharmacy have a drive thru window.?
          I hope he has 3 month prescriptions… and that there is something you can use for his problems- in the natural realm.. blood pressure and blood sugar can be modulated with huckleberry tea twice a day… 3 tbsp of leaves, twigs steeped for 30 min.. hot or cold .it modulates… both.cousin to blueberry.. herbalist said would need to modify the amount of material not quite as strong as the huckleberry. IT takes 21 days for it to be evident./ effective. so if meds are going to run out…must start it early!
          that is DH’s payday as well.take elderberry or sweetgum daily.. and get plenty in… we will be needing it for at least 2 years…this is not the only time we will be on pins and needles…Lomatium and oil of oregano., are highly antiviral.. . Men need selenium and it is antiviral..- you should also make sure you are getting the right amount of iodine. sea kelp is a good source. Colloidal silver is also antibacterial and antiviral.
          the real problem is going to be the medication resupply in 3-6 months. Factories are shut down.. many of them… they have other focus. they are not/ may not be. interested in making sure our sick have meds….they have a crisis now… by April or may we will have the same thing here… because they are handling it irresponsibility.. those people in quarantine… they are not getting any antivirals., they are just waiting to get sick… also get a diffuser and run antivirals in it..

  15. (1) My livestock currently gets food from my garden, plus I pull weeds for the chickens and cut pine, palm, and Brazilian Pepper limbs for the goats. It’s important to know what grows around you naturally to help keep the critters fed.
    (2) I have started seeds in trays on my screened porch in the past, but given our location, I can direct seed 90% of what we grow.
    (3) Long term food storage here can last us a couple of years. Protein would be the biggest challenge, once we eat all of the fish in our pond! Also, we live in the deep south and can grow food year round on our little hobby farm. Our seed bank is extensive and we know how to save seeds from what we already grow. I feel pretty good about of food situation.
    (4) Preps for the week included ordering a few more bottle of fish/bird antibiotics and having my sugar cane cut, crushed, and cooked down into a few gallons of cane syrup. While cleaning the barn, I noticed that one of my goats was developing an udder even though I had not bred her lately. I’m suspecting a fence line breeding may have occurred! Time will tell, but for now, I have cleaned out my second goat stall in case she goes into a surprise labor. GOAT MILK! The only other prep was making 4 more half pint jars of elderberry syrup. That was the last of my dehydrated elderberries from last year, but the plants are already in bloom around here, so we’ll hopefully stock up again in a month or so….keep prepping folks. Things are looking mighty shaky.

  16. Hey gang. Weather has been absolutely crummy this week with rain, and more rain! Prayers for the family of Eddie Noonkester (62) an Appalachian Thru-hiker that started his walk to Maine this past Wednesday from Amicalola State Park in N. Georgia. He became disoriented on the trail, called 911 for help, but was not found until Friday. The constant rain, snow and freezing temps hindered volunteer efforts to find him. Authorities have ruled out foul play. They believe he had some sort of medical event on trail.
    For Tara’s questions this week, (1) I do not have a place To keep livestock, (2) Nor do I have a greenhouse, but if I did have one I would certainly use it to start seedlings. I love to grow thinks. 3) If my areaBecame quarantined, I would be ok for about 4 months, but with this virus thing, I’ve been adding to my stash – I think it would be foolish not to do so! (4) This weeks preps have been a concentration of Lysol, Clorox, wet wipes and such. I ordered eye protection goggles, but had to return them. The box was crushed, so replacement is on the way.

    Thor’s questions were interesting this week:
    I do not believe we have entered into the End of Days. My personal belief is that we have been in the end of days for a very long time. Nor do I know how bad food shortages will be, but with all the weather conditions we had this past year there will be shortages. To what extent, I haven’t a clue, but glad I prep. I also am of the belief that we are not being told everything about Pandemic situation and I think we are not prepared to keep it at bay very long. BamBam’s post is very close to my way of thinking. And lastly…Bloomberg got his clocked cleaned in the debate. I heard his coaches had a script for him to follow, but he went rogue and the rest is as they say, ‘history’.

    Have a great week

    • Jean, my questions are always interesting….. LOL

      Rotting corn, pigs dying, chickens dying, pig carcasses from America left on a Chinese dock to be processed and sent back to America. Farmers being run out of business by banks.Locust, floods, diseases. All we need is giant meteor.,…

      Preppers make up about 10% of the population, governments included.

  17. Back again ,,,had to castrate a bull ,greenhouse question we have three ,two 20× 100 ft 1 11ft high 1 8ft high and one 20×50ft 11 ft high ,high tunnels you can grow food to feed a army ,sweet corn in March, tomatoes year round with a little extra work ,chickens free range (sort of) ,almost year round eggs , my son starts 100,000 onion sets in the winter for planting in May( in Alaska) his greenhouse is40 w×147L he also starts and grows strawberrys ,cucumbers ,zucchini ,winter squash,
    His father in law has three 40×300 for starting potatos
    The main problem we have is STUFF that ends up in the green house’s ,,you know STUFF and more STUFF now it’s good stuff but ?
    Have to go I’m working posting in with chores, the genteel farm life you know,

  18. AT I have been wanting to go to one of those classes for a while…
    Glad you are better and know what to do to try to correct it. Also check your neck alignment. IF you have a chiropractor you trust go see them asap…. last year.. suddenly… i had a fib? develop… like you rapid heart rate o2 sat dropped, short of breathdid not feel like sitting up…HR my normal 55 , was in low 100’s.. 120.. weak… had my c-5-6 out of place. i put arms resting forearms on high dresser and slowly rotated head. it popped back in. no trouble since…
    . Cliff, Good job.. everyone here thinks he virus will not affect them… until it does.
    Daddio7, Good job… glad DW on board and taking a good hand in this…. will help so much..
    I have spent several hours trying to determine top side from bottom..of the almost here pandemic… time is getting real close to shut the gate…The numbers do not add up and someone thinks we all went to school at po-dunk high school and graduated at age 25. . I have been double checking my supplies, meds , supplements..things we take on a regular and irregular basis… once LCE begins.. we will reduce these to minimums to maintain normals for longer… re supply can take a very long time on pharma, otc’s or herbals.. Conversely.certain things , antivirals will be increased and will be rotated.I have little tolerance for some, some taste nasty to me and DH says others are intolerable to him…..for first strike at any nastys we contact.
    Lists/cost estimates and limits are set. are made and will be purchased this week. I went out and picked up some freshly fallen caltrops from the sweetgum tree… want to know what they look like… just look at one of those Virus pictures.. heading the you tube video’s.. poured up the sweetgum tincture…
    . ADD to your supplements mag. citrate.. zinc lozenges. vitamin A echinasea, K2 and K7,D3 10K daily, MVI’s.. for a year.. and take every other day…. and setting priorities…. and balancing things with $$ incoming. Med refills done for 3 months and limit on those . I do have some backups for the one medication rx’d.. will not try it until routine meds no longer avail…
    worked between rain and cold( lows to 22) events on moving garden soil to needed places( rabbit compost).Sick rabbit was returned to cage after hair re grew on his face. His brothers and sisters were glad to see him., they were busy grooming him…Lomatium , oil of oregano and peppermint essential oils does wonders for nest box eye followed via wheezing… .. called him(it) Edgar.. will now be called Supper. we separated the rabbits .. moved some into different cages… too soon to sex them… to take load off the cage…11 in one cage is hard to keep clean and heavy… as they grow… should have enough cool manure for string beans, and tomatoes. Okra bed is filled , potato and sweetpotato b ed’s filled. Have another one 4×8 + one other to build…( too wet, shoveling mud does not get us anywhere).
    Shipping will take a long time to normalize… and i doubt it will go back- to where it was 2 months ago… Baltic dry index went negative… for first time…Ships can not empty. Many containers are setting in china on the dock not being emptied- pork that is sent there for processing will not be returned…food/ many loads of fresh veggies including cherries.. are rottening… in stacks on dock./they are plugged in…
    Also have begun working more with puppy, was a year in July and finally is beginning to figure out what we want.. worked on no again today.. for a while he has thought his name is “No ! Down!” sleeps by foot of bed..wakes us up pawing at feet to go out…Loving pup.blue heeler and border collie… pink lips.LOL
    WE have had sinus issues once again this week and have both taken extra supplements to knock the symptoms back… rained 2 days and more coming…

    Listened last night to Dr Paul Cottrell interview someone wanted to be known as Brother… this psychologist has many sources from various places including China, Canada and US. It is a full interview. I actually slowed it down to listen to it…backed it up several times to catch what he was saying. He thinks this illness will explode between the 24th and 29th..He says to get a freezer and fill it with frozen veggies and fruit, protein bars , protein powders.. everything HIGH quality. one year of meds and fill all possible make sure refills so do not need to return to drs office…He said stocks will tank mon. will be a warning to 2-5% of investors and they will do final sell offs. CDC is calling the shots on not releasing the numbers…… He says the governments are doing a good job at a very tough thing to manage this balloon drop into a slow descent instead of a big crash….. He stresses loving yourself and taking care of self first so we are able to assist others..H thinks it will peak here between early april and mid may. says this is on the 3rd phase now… Virus.has already mutated. He says it has been here and manifesting as sudden pneumonia’s and sepsis…they were tracking as symptoms..before this event …

    I have a back up plan for feeding a few chickens and the rabbits.. from the land we have. will be putting up much more grass for hay this coming year. we bought a large bale this year and were not pleased with the quality…has too much sage grass in it…..fescue, bermuda, and crabgrass is good for rabbits. they also love honeysuckle and wild lettuce., sorrel, plantain and clover.
    We have a greenhouse, have not gotten it up yet… too wet…. it is supposed to have a 7 ft ceiling in center.. are going to give it a better foundation and make it taller… and give it better support. I also have a few plants.. already have sweetpotato plants…. still have not gotten them in dirt but must…
    I am not sure how long supplies would last, should we no longer be able to get incoming needs. Have been working on boosting proteins, flours, grains. and rotating out older vegetables and replacing with fresher in date items..
    . we have 14 grow out rabbits that will be read for harvest in approx. 7 weeks… should be between 50-60 lbs of meat… about 25 quart jars. Another litter or two will be born in aprox 31 days… and 2 more within a week of that. 2 young Doe are on trial.. breeding at same time as the older Doe…each one paired so kindling should be very close… foster may be possible depending on number dropped….. no good Mom, and they will get a chance to be invited to Supper. replacements will be kept from the 14 we have on hand.
    Thors questions… we have been in the last days sine AD33 per Acts 2:16-17. I don’t know how bad the food supply will get…It depends on how many people are successful at growing their own gardens ..and the barter of veggies for meats/ from those who are able to have bigger livestock… Ben watching the Kung Flu. it looks bad not only for China, but for many others Italy, S Korea, Japan, Taiwan. US, Mexico, and Canada… all will be hit hard because of the stealth spreaders… many of whom do not know they are ill …and the ignorance of some in positions, like they think it will go away IF they just ignore it… I agree with Bam Bam assessment.. . The best way to avoid this Kung flu is to take antivirals… those with the highest antiviral properties.. like elderberry, tamiflu ( sweetgum tincture) oil of oregano and lomatium… They need to be in your system when you are exposed so they can kick the monster virus out before it gets sit down…it stops the cytokine storm … cytokine storm is worse when there are many viral cells being replicated. these interfere with replication and block it… no toe hold.With this virus spreading by stealth before known illness is present and some people shed virus 10 days or more after the symptoms abate.It lays dormant for up to 90 days…after a light illness. then returns. 2 different forms are being tracked in one country-forgot which one. that means mutation .
    Problems Never go away with them being ignored..we need to try to be prepared for 15 months.. feb2020- july- August 2021 ( when garden would come in for following year.) Everything we are able to provide for self and for close ones….will help relieve the stress (of even more limitations,,).. for those who have made few preps. Those who raise lettuce and carrots will not need to purchase those)
    Yes the world will be dealing with this for a while…
    Depression?… we already live below poverty level…we have chickens, rabbits. and can raise some food. Have doubled the raised growing beds for this year and are adding in ground rows on a high spot. .changing varieties of some things for higher production.. I have several big tubs will be using those for wicking beds this time.. must re work them from last years experiment..May be able to get greenhouse up and vamped up before fall.. would plant to plant greens/ seeds for chickens and rabbits.. Mental depression., Nah.. Not going there. Not doing it. will be too busy to be depressed.
    Hope bloomwerg gets hungry because his corn does not come up. and he does not tend it…
    Prayers for the Country , POTUS and all who work with him…The poor and distressed in all the diseased areas.Prayers for everyone who preps.
    Take care,.each one… consider: how you use supplies now and how you can reduce needs…with using alternates.. like using family wipes for urine…and TP for all else.
    .. stack it deep, tight, and quietly..go to different stores for repeat purchases… Be sure to get splurge items, SUGAR, honey, chocolate, hard candies, cough drops, vitamin c drops, special things to make cookies/special recipes.,…, treat items and space those out.. extra cooking oil more than you think you will need.Gravy and biscuits takes a lot of flour and oil….. Keep on keeping on…

  19. Just a quickie ,, Just off phone with a friend in Portland Oregon , His DD works in a elder care ,she called to tell him she was in lock down quarantine ,,, till results come back from CDC ,about sick residents , Two died last week ,might be just flu , but ??

  20. Dog kennel is now our new garden space to keep the deer from eating my trees I purchased. Last years trees look like twigs that we planted. Setting up pots, planters for greens, potatoes(hopefully), will see how I do this is first garden in many years.

    Ordering oils for this virus, as it has no bounds where it will spread. Since we are older dh has health issues I have to think of what we need, over what we would like to have at this point of time.
    Preparing to go into lock down, and still require a few items for dh. Will have to venture into town hopefully one last time until we know how this all falls out. If possible will not venture into town until April or May if we have enough supplies.

    Tara’s questions
    1)Animal feed- no it would have required irrigation for the pastures. Our area is consider a form of high desert
    2) Green house-purchase one but where we live at it would blow down the hill. We are giving it to my sister
    so she can start the seedlings. Her area is protected from the higher winds we deal with in this area.
    3) Self quarantine- We are in the stage of doing that at this time. How long will what we have hold up? That is the real question. Since we have never had to go through this type of medical catastrophe in our life times. It will be different for each different household, hoping that this does not come in waves like the Spanish Flu. Yet, from all the data I have gathered we are all in for a really long testing period for our very survival.

  21. Tara’s questions:
    Do you grow any of your own feed for your survival livestock? No, dont have enough acreage. In the event of shtf, will have to hide the horses.
    Do you (or would you like to) use a greenhouse to start seeds or extend your growing season? If so, why or why not? I have one thats been inthe box for 5 years- my hubby and i dont have the physical capacity to create the necessary fondation that will withstand 60mph straight line winds. We know what we NEED to do, but need help doing it!
    If you were suddenly quarantined due to an epidemic or pandemic like the Coronavirus, how would your preps hold up? No problem. We have been blessed.
    What did you do to prep this week? Radio preps, mostly. Getting ready to put up two more antennas and test our field gear with a trip in the spring.

  22. Thor’s questions
    1. Do you think its the beginning of end of days?
    Don’t know, but it looks like at least a SHTF against evil.

    2.How bad do you think the food shortage will be?
    Tucker showed the empty Italian shelves tonight, so now the idea is planted in American’s heads. It could get bad here if the virus spreads and farms/warehouses/truckers slow down.

    3.How bad do you think the pandemic will get here?
    It will get worse with all the planes from Asia still coming in. Air China still coming in. Chinese taking multiple flights to get here, breeze thru customs or get on other flights to NYC. It doesn’t appear that testing is being done as much as it should in hospitals & nursing homes. So, yes, I think it will get worse here. Too many Americans are very lackadaisical about the virus.

    4. Are you prepared for the depression caused by the pandemic?
    About as well as I can. I’ll get more food, supplies, ammo. Unfortunately, I live in a sanctuary state which will frew the citizens as best it can in any way it can.

    5. Did Mike Bloomburg get beat up by a fake Indian? LOL
    Yes, he sure did. Loved the deer in the headlights look. He should have listened to his coaches. Be funny if nobody wants him, but enough just might out of desperation due to Bernie. His massive $ for Dem ads might turn some votes to the party. I can’t stand the authoritarian little jerk.

  23. Tara’s questions:
    1. Do you grow any of your own feed for your survival livestock?
    No livestock.

    2. Do you (or would you like to) use a greenhouse to start seeds or extend your growing season? If so, why or why not?
    No greenhouse, no place to put one. If I had one, it would likely get destroyed by falling branches that really blow around here as they fall. When I feel like it, I can cover my 3×8 raised bed with Remay or start seeds in that bed & cover w/cut-off green soda bottle.

    3. If you were suddenly quarantined due to an epidemic or pandemic like the Coronavirus, how would your preps hold up?
    Maybe two months for food, longer if can get garden going. Too bad the DP can’t eat rice & beans. Oh well.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    Food, OTC stuff, TP, ammo box, pop-up lantern, cheapo flashlight. Wally’s was real light on pain relievers (surprise). I overslept this today so next two days will be very busy with bloodwork, doctor, bank, gas, food, Wally’s, Harbor Freight, Home Dopey for some seeds, BJs for coffee & cereal, more ammo, etc. I don’t know how much more food I can bring in and have room to stash, all while the DP not having a fit. Hard to keep smuggling in. BTW, small plastic shoe boxes can corral 10 flat cello packs of spaghetti.

  24. Heads Up: Be careful when placing orders from Amazon. With China shut down, Amazon is sourcing from other countries. I placed an order for EmergenC and it won’t be delivered for another six weeks. It’s coming from Germany. I noticed as soon as I hit “enter”. But they listed it as “already shipped” instantly so I couldn’t cancel the order. Check the delivery dates before purchasing anything.

    • BamBam
      Did you get hit with limits on the amount you could purchase on certain items? I wanted a certain amount and it blocked my order for a lower amount.

        • BamBam
          I wanted to order Pasta Roni, and they had 12 boxes left. I marked 12 and it popped up that I could only have 3. OK, then I figured I would order 3 more then look in town for this flavor as it appears to have had a run on it.
          NO, would not let me have any more, so I cancelled the order. Peeved me off.

      • Almost There,

        Thanks for the info. I had a gift card for Amazon that I wanted to use up. I don’t really “need” the items. I just would not have ordered them if I had known about the “extended delivery dates”–to use Amazon’s new jargon.

  25. Salem Oregon ,,,,74 positive ,,,,san Fran ,under health emergence ,, ect,ect ,,,,sandpoint Idaho also but sent home with. “flu” (no test kit) Pullman WA. WSU 5 possible ,no test kit,

  26. Went to WM at 0430 this morning on my way to work… Shelves pretty empty after being stocked… Asked a stocker why and he said that they were not putting out anymore stuff until after they did inventory on Thursday… I thought inventories were done in January… Said come back Friday and it should be back to normal. He didn’t know if that all WM’s were doing this…

    At least they had what I wanted to get this go round.. The bleach shelf was pretty bare. The low-splash bleach, Clorox brand, didn’t have the ingredients on it like the regular bleach did.

    Also, friend told me that the House just passed a bill that will remove requirement of “place of origin” on our meat. Better get with our Senators so this one doesn’t pass there. That would be BAD.

    • AT,,,,,cattle market tanked this week ,,,HUM ,JBS BRAZIL is shipping beef Destin for China. To the US????? All my lands are free and clear so we can ride it out BUT those with a chain around there neck to the bank are in trouble,
      it cost more to produce beef than the maket will pay ,coountry of origin labeling is a big issue,cattle producers want it ,the packers on the other hand don’t ,,,so you know who has the money to pay off the politicians
      Have info that will have to wait till sat. need to check on it

  27. Oh lucky me. My pain doc just changed me to something that I can only get every 7 days thanks to insurance company new rules. Fortunately, his office frewed up and also renewed another one for 30 day fill (and I probably have 20 days stashed). Doc appt lost me the whole afternoon, so I couldn’t get to stores for thinking-ahead supplies. At least the DP is starting to appreciate what preps I’ve done; and he doesn’t realize the extent.

    • Mari,

      If it’s a narcotic, it’s not about insurance rules. The “industry” changed how they dispense them and only give a little at a time, and you have to have a new hard copy of a prescription. It’s to cut down on addiction and alot of states have a database that the docs have to go to and register, along with the patient’s info so people can’t doctor shop and get more pills than they should.

  28. Hey, all.
    I am new here and trying to feel the flow of commenting, so bare with my mistakes.
    Any redirection and guidance will be appreciated.

    I, recently, came off a prepairedness blog and I am really missing the contact of like-minded people..
    Some may know me, but most not. I’m not really sure I need and am prepaired to do this commenting idea once again.

    But for what it’s worth…..here i am.
    Thanks and Hello

    • Joe2C:

      Welcome. We all try to help each other, be uplifting, and not overly critical. Yep, we disagree sometimes, but it usually comes down to a matter of personal choice.

      Comment as you feel you have something to contribute. Don’t feel you have a need to, it’s just an option.

    • Welcome Joe2c.

      We usually post our week’s adventures, preps, questions on Saturday mornings, once Tara has posted the first one. You can find all the previous week’s under the home page/weekly prep series. We share info and everyone enjoys reading what each person did. As JP said, comment if you feel like it, ask us anything.

      Glad to have you here.

    • Joe2c
      Took you long enough to get back into the saddle.?
      How is that Sadie girl treating you, any stepping on the feet lately?
      PS: Thor1-JS-OH, along with a host of others post over here.

      • AC
        Yes I made it.
        I couldn’t resist. I figured you selected email friends had about enough of me, and I should go elsewhere.
        I’m glad to be onboard with several longtime friends!!
        Missed you all.

      • PS
        Sadie Mae has been treating me well.
        Almost an understanding between the two of us.
        She spooked me as I had my back turned, fixing fence…..and I hear a moooo from behind me.

        Say Hi to Mr. for me.


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