What I Did to Prep This Week

What I Did To Prep This Week: Feb 23rd – 29th 2020

brand new ATV

Hello Pack. It has been an exciting week of prepping purchases here on our survival homestead. Our 4-wheeler bit the dust a year ago and our Polaris Ranger isn’t ready to become a parts donor yet, but sure does not run like it used to.

I knew Bobby was going to get a new or newish side-by-side and put a motor from two parts donor golf carts in his junque pile into the Ranger, but I had no idea he was also going to surprise me with a new 4-wheeler, as well.

I drove him down to the bottom of our property to pick up the delivery, and saw a wheeler on the rollback but didn’t pay a lot of attention. I just figured that was a delivery for his next stop.

Talk about an awesome surprise – and yes, I sure do consider the wheeler a prep. A fun prep, but a prep all the same.

It has a lot more power than our old one, and I have to admit I was a bit intimidated at first, but then had a blast riding it up our half mile dirt (think mud bog, at the moment) private farm road.

Neither the Kubota side by side or the Honda wheeler are brand new, but they look and function perfectly with new tires. Highest sticker price preps we have purchased since the last time Bobby bought those cool old tractors.

The Kubota is a diesel, which was what Bobby wanted. Learning how to make biodiesel fuel has been on my to do list for a while.

A tribe member knows how, and I hope to hit him up for a training session as soon as this nasty weather breaks.

My Bobby also got our tickets for Prepper Camp and surprised me with them – I simply cannot hardly wait to go back again. Recreating that magic from the first year it began in 2014 doesn’t seem like it is possible, but each year it happens again.

Even though I consider myself good with words, it is still hard to describe how incredible the feeling is to be fully immersed 24/7 for three days with just your “own kind.” Everyone you see or hear is a prepper, off grid liver, or survival homesteader.

The instant comradery is felt by everyone there, you share, you learn, and you laugh for 36 straight hours – no one ever wants to leave, seriously.VBRWek740

During the inaugural year of Prepper Camp, I had just published my first book and was a presenter. The affection shared between each presenter and audience member was beyond heartwarming and inspiring.

I ordered a few cases of my books through the publisher at the writer discounted rate to take with me and sell.

Didn’t want to spend too much money buying a lot of cases because I had no idea if a single person would actually want to buy the thing. I sold out in my first class.

Being a clever girl, I created bookmarks on cardstock paper with a special 3-day coupon code to hand out and ended up selling far more books that way.

My book sales ended up more than paying for our entire trip down to Saluda, North Carolina and back.

Truth be told, I would have paid triple the cost of going and staying there just to be a part of the hands-on survival homesteading training and to hear the patriot speakers. The sense of community created in such a short amount of time is truly a wonderous thing.

I have been to lots of prepper expos, and Prepper Camp is nothing like that at all. Those are merely survival shopping malls with some hopefully interesting and knowledgeable speakers scattered about amid the vendor booths.

At Camp, you see, hear, and actually DO during the training presentations. Yes, you can shop and the vendors there are specifically selected to participate, and do not merely pay a fee and inundate the outdoor table browsing area with a myriad of questionable quality gear.

Folks from all around the country and from all walks of life converge on the Orchard Lake Campground every September for the survivalist event.

If you want to take your prepping up another notch, make some awesome self-reliance connections, and take a long weekend getaway with a beloved prepper in your life, I simply cannot recommend working Prepper Camp tickets into your survival plan budget.

In other preps this week I scored 10 packets of organic pumpkin seeds for $.15 each on that Bid Fast Track Auction website I keep mentioning.

I am also winning another grow light on there for less than $5, and bidding on a handful of other prepping items that if they do not go much higher will be purchased for no more than 75% off the retail price.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. If you could buy one high sticker price item prep this year, what would it be and why?
  2. If you could attend one class at a prepper event, what would you like the presenter to teach you and why?
  3. How are your spring garden – growing preps coming along?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?
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171 thoughts on “What I Did To Prep This Week: Feb 23rd – 29th 2020

  1. I did my low-carb grocery shopping this week. Added more to my stash than usual. Did some weekly cooking.

    Bought a 12-lb tub of raw honey for various uses, including making elderberry syrup.

    #1 daughter told me that her MIL must have gone on one of her periodic mental vacations this past month. She sent #1 a screenshot from The Daily Mail and mentioned that she thought they were making up the Kung flu numbers and that things couldn’t possibly be that serious. #1 told her she was right, the numbers were wrong, they need to be higher. She also told her MIL to get prepped with food, etc. Suggested prepping like it was for a hurricane, except for three or four weeks (or more) instead of three or four days. Her FIL isn’t exactly a strategical thinker about these matters either. I know that both of my daughters have been prepping as has my Ex. My son is also not a strategical thinker. He probably doesn’t even have enough prepped for a couple of days, though, oddly, he was well aware of the Kung flu and that it was “supposedly” spreading. He’s another sad case of normalcy bias.

    #1 daughter and I discussed the Kung flu and what she has done to prep for it. I recommended she get some more water, TP, paper towels, and baby wipes (for everyone’s body washing if water is cut off). Otherwise, she seems to have covered the bases well. I also told her that when it becomes obvious that quarantine is necessary, they should fill their WaterBOB, their DIY Berkey, plus their other water buckets. I plan to do the same. I also suggested she get recipes for cooking cat dishes in case they run low on food and their three cats start looking tempting. I won’t repeat what she called me. But just remember she is a senior NCO so it shouldn’t take much imagination. 😊

    Went to the VA to have my hearing aids checked (all OK). Also, to have my right ear checked for wax blockage. Nice clump in there and got that washed out. The audiologist suggested I get an ear wash kit since my right ear is notorious for wax build up. I ordered a kit from Amazon and it was delivered. I should have done that sooner for my preps but didn’t think about it. Ordered a resupply of hearing aid batteries from the VA too.

    Also bought a 48-pack of microfiber cleaning cloths. Great stuff for general cleaning and great for use on guns too. This pack is going into the general preps stash as I have enough for the time being for my household and gun needs.

    I forget where I learned about bleach tablets, but I decided to buy two bottles from Amazon. I just bought a fresh liquid gallon last week, but the tablets are a good idea, especially since their shelf life is much longer than liquid, not to mention much more convenient to pack a few in a small zip lock and put in my BOB.
    My son-in-law’s birthday is on Leap Day, the 29th. That means he is only 10 years old. 😊 I bought him two gifts, one suitable for a 10-year-old (Hot Wheels trucks) and one suitable for a 40-year-old (a hardcover book he wants). #1 daughter suggested the Hot Wheels as they won’t go to waste since Granddaughter loves playing with her cousin’s Hot Wheels. Got to have fun where you can.

    However, SIL’s birthday party is cancelled as SIL, Granddaughter, and now it seems #1 daughter are all coming down with something. Granddaughter went to the pediatrician Friday morning. She hasn’t spiked a fever and the doc thinks she just has the plain old flu virus going around. SIL, same thing. #1 is holding off for now as her signs and symptoms are not as bad. Possibly the same flu bug I had a few weeks ago.

    Watched Michael Yon’s streaming FB video Friday and Saturday. He is really pounding on the necessity to prep for this Kung flu. Food, water, etc. He’s been showing off his Katadyn water filter that he has been using since before he went to the wars. It’s the one that costs abut $369 now. He also points out (rightly) that he has been telling people to get face masks since January and now they are almost impossible to get. Food is still reasonably available, and now is the time to get it. He defines preppers as people who think well ahead about catastrophic events and prepare for them with food and water stockpiling, equipment, planning, etc. Next in line, he calls hoarders. They’re the ones who realize the S is about to HTF real soon and run out to the stores and buy up as much of everything they can. Last category, he calls “the hungry people,” and they are the reason preppers stockpile ammunition (so true). He recommends people get on YouTube as there are a bunch of knowledgeable preppers there who have already thought through much of what needs to be done. He also recommends that folks look for preppers who live in their general vicinity, or at least in their own state or country, as foods and other important items often differ.

    We’ve got a red flag fire warning all around Orlando. While we haven’t had very high temperatures, the humidity has been low, no significant rain recently, and its sunny and windy.

    I really enjoy this blog as not only do we have a group of truly knowledgeable preppers, but the same bunch have very broad and extensive skills in various occupations, education, and even hobbies with strong application to survival. Oh, yeah, and it has a bunch of smart alecs also. A well-developed sense of humor goes a long way toward getting through a nasty event. Yes, I’m thinking of you Thor1. 😊
    I truly hope that everyone here, and their families, get past this Kung flu event OK and without illness.

    Tara’s Questions

    1. If you could buy one high sticker price item prep this year, what would it be and why?

    I really don’t know. Being an urban prepper in an apartment, I’m pretty much all set.

    2. If you could attend one class at a prepper event, what would you like the presenter to teach you and

    This is another question I don’t know how to answer.

    3. How are your spring garden – growing preps coming along?

    No garden.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above

    1. Zulu 3-6:

      This week (next weeks report) I picked up some bleach alternatives. I talked breafly about the tablets I got (for Amazon) but I orders 4-1# bottles of powdered “bleach”. It will definitely keep longer than liquid (as I found out in the past). It will go well with the pool shock I put up before (that store has since closed).

      Speaking of Leap Year, I have a friend who’s step-daughter #3 is getting married today. She says now they will only have to celebrate every 4 years. Personally, with her track record, I don’t thing she’ll make it to #1. But the guy is a Christian, so maybe he can turn her around (I hope so).

      PS: I like it here too!

    2. Love the birthday gift for the Leap Year son in law, I am going to copy your example when Auddie is older!

  2. Puppy found 3 free tennis balls in the woods thàt were like brand new. They were right behind the tennis courts so they were OK for him. The Mrs had a client over so I had to keep puppy busy this morning. She’s an accountant. Hey she made $175 in one hour of work,

    Received most of my tactical parts, just lacking the tailgate storage bags.

    4×4 truck
    Bought antifreeze

    Gas generator
    Bought 5 quarts of oil.

    Bought 4 large bags of miracle grow dirt for raised beds and planters.
    Bought Pete Moss and potting soil.
    Bought 2 bottles of Ortho garden bug spray. (No gallon size available maybe something to do with locusts)
    Bought more seeds. Hey Brussels sprouts this year.

    Bought canned cans…..LOL
    Whole ham

    Freeze dried
    Bananas and strawberries
    Red beans & rice

    2 cases

    Cut 2 fingers on añ opened can of tomato sauce. Bled pretty bad and the one probably needed stitches but I didn’t want to go to a hospital with Kung Flu running around so I used povidone-iodine and tear strips, a gauze pad, stretch rap and medical tape. It looks like it won’t leave a scar. 😁

    Thor’s questions

    1. Do you think will eventually spread in the US on a major scale ?

    2. Do you have Kung Flu ? How do you know since it lays dormant for up to 28 days and there is only 300 test kits in the US and they’re not reliable?

    3. Are college kids in danger in spring break?

    4. Should we lockdown our borders completely for a month or two?

    5. Do you think we might have a bank holiday?

    1. Tara’s questions

      1. If you could buy one high sticker price item prep this year, what would it be and why?
      A full bomb shelter with a NBC filter system. War and Kung Flu

      2. If you could attend one class at a prepper event, what would you like the presenter to teach you and
      why? Ham radio use. I have radios.

      3. How are your spring garden – growing preps coming along?
      Great but had to stop due to injury to fingers, Was going to till this weekend but…..🖐🖖

    2. Thor1 Questions:

      1. Do you think will eventually spread in the US on a major scale ? The indications I’m getting is we have not been agressively testing like S. Korea and Italy are now. I think once we do, things will get “spicey”.

      2. Do you have Kung Flu ? How do you know since it lays dormant for up to 28 days and there is only 300 test kits in the US and they’re not reliable? No symptoms or symptoms present in people I regularly associate with.

      3. Are college kids in danger in spring break? Some are in danger now. Do they think about it? I don’t think they will until the treat becomes institionalized.

      4. Should we lockdown our borders completely for a month or two? 4-6 months is more-better. Then have the checks in place so that we are able and ready to deal with immigration and visitation.

      5. Do you think we might have a bank holiday? It is a definite possibility. I think we are going to have goods-supply and distribution problems before the banks.

      And another thought – it is now in Oregon (about 20 miles from Portland – I used to live near there) along with CA and WA. If this gets loose in the homeless population…

      1. JP, the 3 western states would be up a creek w/o a paddle if the virus gets into the homeless population. That would be an absolute nightmare, and it’s probably only a matter of time.

        1. Mari,

          Boy, ain’t you on the money with that. So many cities on the left coast are like 3rd or 4th world countries (have to invent worse than 3rd world).

          A note for everyone: I’ve recently started reading “Three Seconds Until Midnight” by Dr. Steven Hatfill and two other disease experts. The title is a play on the nuclear war Doomsday Clock. The book came out last year and is hitting right on the target about this Kung flu mess.

          Also Dr Hatfill was the scientist accused by the government of releasing anthrax back in 2001 – very falsely accused. They needed a scapegoat and he was picked since he was working with the stuff at the Army’s Natick Labs. He ended up settling a lawsuit with the feds for over $5 million and a couple of others with some media outlets for undisclosed sums.

    3. Thor1’s questions

      1. Do you think will eventually spread in the US on a major scale ?

      It’s hard to predict given the piss poor release of accurate data to the public.

      2. Do you have Kung Flu ? How do you know since it lays dormant for up to 28 days and there is only
      300 test kits in the US and they’re not reliable?

      I guess I don’t know.

      3. Are college kids in danger in spring break?

      Probably if they insist on travelling. Maybe if the stay home (but that depends on where home is).
      4. Should we lockdown our borders completely for a month or two?


      5. Do you think we might have a bank holiday?

      It depends on how the markets go. I think the gov’t will avoid doing that if at all possible.

        1. Shoot fire Thor1. Be careful!!!!

          My mom knew a baker that cut his artery at his wrist. The blood was shooting all over the place, on the walls, etc. He immediately put cayenne pepper on it and it stopped the bleeding.

        2. You be careful young man. I cut that deep could be dangerous. Sounds like you are keeping it clean, but let it completely heal so that you don’t reopen the wound. Can cuts are painful. Every now and then, I will jab my hand with tip of a knife getting it out of dishwasher…then I remember whyI place them in tip first!

  3. HI ALL ,,,,My this week went fast ,had spring weather grass is coming on ,cows are gaining weight ,new calfs are looking good ,working in the orchard. We have over 60 trees ,Plums and pears are starting to bud up. Lost two nectarines will replace with cots ,time for magnesium sulfate to go down ,found 10 sweet wild cherry starts ,have some idea from what tree , will pot up for a couple of years ,the orchard is my stress reliever , and yes I do talk to the trees and they talk back

    was staying on top of “the market” and the virus , and the supply chain ,,the market will sort things out , and it may take some time but that’s what it does ,been through it before , been in the market 45+years ,just the way it is ,,
    The virus !!! We are being lied too ,simple as that ,one of my degrees is in vet med( bovine sciences) there is as lot I don’t know about. But I can sill walk and chew gum. What are the motives behind this virus??? I have some guesses ,
    #1 make people accept more government control over there life ? #2 as a control of population numbers ? #3 away to fight a war without firing a shot, or all of the above ?
    The MARKET !!!!most folks don’t understand the how’s and whys , What happen this week was a leveling out , and a shearing of sheep ,those of us that know THE MARKET saw it coming and acted accordingly ,I’m all ways amazed that people will take hard earned money and trust someone they have never met with it to make decisions for them

    Tara’s question? #1 I have a mini excavator on the wish list ,well not too mini ,something in the 12 to 14,000 lb size

    #2 haven’t given that any thought , will give a look see ,

    #3 time to go over the the seeds ,was doing that this week with DW ,think time in the orchard should count

    #4 more of the same and see above ,ranch life is preping on a daily basis

    Tea and blueberries

  4. This Week’s Questions:

    1. If you could buy one high sticker price item prep this year, what would it be and why? After a new home, it would be a tractor to do the things on the new homestead.

    2. If you could attend one class at a prepper event, what would you like the presenter to teach you and why? Commo. Because I know virtually nothing. I have equipment, that’s just a matter of cash. Training is coming but not here yet.

    3. How are your spring garden – growing preps coming along? The porch garden is in the concept stage only. My construction guy won’t be back until May, I hope to have the money together by then.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well, since you asked…

    This month was another cash-out heavy month. Closed some holes in our preps, some were fairly expensive (deals on new guns, gas masks, etc.) but they were in the plan, just the current “state of affairs pushed them to the present. Next month’s (March) cash flow is already looking good.

    DW got the InstaPot out and made yogurt again. Good practice.

    Van went in for its preventative pump (PS & water) replacement. Should be good for quite some time now.

    It’s taken years but we are starting to hit our food storage goals; broken down into 21 different categories. Level 1 is us 2, Level 2 is for 10 people (max we plan for), Level 3 is for 20. An “a” is 3.5 years, “b” is 7, “c” is 10+. We hit Level 1a in 20 of the 21 areas, in December. Now this happens (the Mexican Beer Flu). Glad we prep and have for quite a while.

    Picked up some sweet deals on guns & gear: a used (?) Rock Island 1911 45 ACP w/adjustable sights, a used Glock 19X, a used (?) stainless steel Bearcat (22 LR), a new Mossberg 590, and a set of CTC laser grips.

    Got our Costco rebate check in last Sunday. Made a run for supplies. Nice to get $200+ added to your preps with no money out of the budget.

    My order of a full-face dust mask for my hobby area, it got cancelled; it was from China. This is my shocked face! The SGE 400/3 masks are due today (Saturday).

    BCTruck has finished my 2nd knife, a high-gloss Dinner Skinner with Maple Beryl handles. It is on his Feb 25 video “Knife chatter…lots of it”.

    I order a bottle of Trifectant-brand broad spectrum disinfectant tablets from Amazon. Kind of expensive, but shelf stable. For a 1% solution add one pill to one pint of water (50 pills per jar).

    My EOM money came in on Thursday so I went shopping early, to avoid the EOM/1st OM/Friday/bi-weekly payday rush. WinCo was well stocked, prices up a little (normal fluctuation), Costco was stocked. The Wal-Mart there was well stocked. Our Wal-Mart had a few shortages of things I normally buy, but nothing extraordinary. Traffic in the store was light. What I saw in the carts was pretty normal stuff.

    Supply Run: wheat; lids; farina (creamy wheat cereal); rice, Sunny-D drink; bottled water; TP; gallon zip lock bags; canned chicken; hand sanitizer, sm./lg./refill; sinus OTC; duct tape, 6 mil plastic sheeting; storage tubs; vitamins and supplements; Hydrogen Peroxide; alcohol; bleach; trash bags;

    Received: New shotgun, stock, side carrier, and sling attachment; AR mags; Book: The Fourth Turning, Trifectant disinfectant tablets; SGE 400/3 masks; G48 mags; nylon mag pouch; 1911 grips;

    1. JP in MT:

      I watch BC’s channel all the time and his knives are so beautiful. I’m thinking about ordering a nice knife from him for DH.

      1. Terra:

        His satin blade finishes are nice, the latest one I paid extra to get the high-gloss shine. I like the handles buffed out vs. tru-oiled, but that is a personal preference. And if the wood is oily, buffing is the only way to go.

    1. JP, it was quite the surprise and already putting it to good work around the homestead. I would LOVE to have one of those small round balers designed to be towed by an ATV for hayfield baling later this year.

  5. (1) I would like enough solar power to at least keep a refrigerator and a window unit air conditioner running! Living in the south, those two items are what I would miss the most in a long-term power outage.
    (2) My weakest area of preparedness is in the medical field. Would enjoy a weekend workshop of soup-to-nuts medical preparedness training.
    (3) My spring garden planning is pretty much done. I’ve started my potato patch already and just finished pulling up my mustard green patch. That spot will be used for green beans and a few tomato plants. My extra large raised bed will also have green beans on the east half, then some peppers and a few more tomatoes on the west half.
    (4) I did manage to get my grape vines pruned back last weekend. My DH ran some fresh fencing wire across the top of my grape arbor bracing because the old stuff was about rusted to pieces. I restocked my inventory of empty mason jars–back up to 15 cases. Harvested yet another stalk of bananas, started picking mulberries and figs. Today we bottled a case of mulberry mead that we had started last fall. Sampled some and it is tasty! Will start planting the beans perhaps tomorrow after church. Lovely weather for it. That’s it for me. God Bless!

    1. Goatlover, I think the Skinny Medic is presenting at Prepper Camp again this year but you would have to click the link and look at the list of presenters to make sure – I am not sure they are all posted yet. In the meantime, you could check out some Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy videos and their class schedule to see if one is close to you. Joe and Amy are fabulous human beings, skilled medical experts, and accomplished preppers, I could not recommend them more highly.

  6. Tara’s questions:
    1. If you could buy one high sticker price item prep this year, what would it be and why?
    Remote 50 acres in a solid red state to include a partially underground hidden home with an underground shelter plus 2 nasty dogs that otherwise like me and any small livestock that I might like to have. Failing that, how ’bout night vision and body armor.

    2. If you could attend one class at a prepper event, what would you like the presenter to teach you and why?
    First Aid or Tactical Defense or Butchering Small Livestock (rusty on that). Good to have choices, and final pick depending on what offered.

    3. How are your spring garden – growing preps coming along?
    Nothing yet, too cold. Will add media to small bed and maybe just plant mesclun and radishes. Trip in late April messes up everything, and don’t have anyone to add water. Aaaargh.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    Bought bandanas, ammo box, ammo, flashlight, freebie HF light, paper towels, certain vitamins & elderberry capsules, personal hygiene, food. Filled up gas tank in car and I’ll need to fill it again this week. Can’t convince the DP to fill his truck at 1/2 tank, but he doesn’t listen. Moved some stocks to bonds, but it puts a 30-day lock on some in my 401(k).
    I’ve got to check my battery stash and a few solar lights and batteries. Methinks somebody stored w/o pulling out the batteries. Need to add a few more things, i.e. yeast, Pepsi for the DP, powdered milk (DP will flip with that), radio that takes AA batteries (yep, have previous leads here). I’m tempted to get another pair of my fave boots from Amazon.

    COVID-19 spreading fast and still no one will positively ID as natural or lab created. Makes me extra cautious. People not being checked as they fly in, even those who came from China and thru other countries to get here. The panic buyers are starting to hit the stores. Wally’s very light on OTC pain relievers.

    1. Girrrrl! You got the maximum from Tara’s question on a big ticket item, ‘Remote 50 acres, solid red state (I like it), included a partial underground home with shelter and 2 nasty dogs.’ Now, that’s what I call a wish list! Go big, or go home I always say!

    1. Yeah, I’ve been watching that stuff too. So sad when any flu gets into a nursing home. Whether it’s Kung flu or regular flu, those poor souls have little to no strength to fight it off. Some will recover, others won’t. I’ll be sure to say a prayer for them.

      1. Yes, that will be sad… And they are at someone else’s mercy. Hoping they give them some extra vit C.

  7. Hey gang,

    Finally sunshine today. Cold, but as long as the sun is shining, I’ll take it. Hoping to get to work in the shed tomorrow. More rain next week, 4″- 6″ from Monday thru Wednesday.

    Went to heart doc yesterday for follow-up visit. Wore monitor until this afternoon. More tests on Friday. Based on current information, he said he’s not worried, thinking it’s a misfire and is pretty common. With the diagnosis being what it is, and can be caused by stress and not getting enough sleep, it seems logical to me based upon happenings that week. One of the tests is the cardiac calcium CT, which I’ve wanted to do for a while, just to see if there was anything I need to address, so glad it will be done. Insurance doesn’t pay for this one, but it’s only $72, and worth it to me. He did order some Metoprolol and told me to take one if I felt my heart go wacky again. And then if it keeps up, ablation is in order, barring nothing else is going on. Relieved for sure for now.

    Been cleaning out the freezer.

    As reported earlier in the week, local WM was doing inventory, but I was able to get what I need. TP, a bunch of canned kitty food, bleach, ACV, 91% alcohol, peanut butter, spaghetti sauces, mayo, white vinegar, peroxide, mayocoba beans, lentils, cat litter, lotramin foot powder.

    Kroger visit a couple of times – Armor sliced beef in a jar, chuck roasts, London broil, bunch of sirloin steaks, yellow rice, water, pork chops, turkey tenderloin, and I don’t know what’s going on with the toothpaste, but they had Burt’s Bees toothpaste on clearance, so got a few of those, 90 day prescription.

    DT – Mango juice, shelf stable milk, pizza crust, HUGE bottles of ginger ale, Vit C, pepper, black olives, Manwich, and I can’t remember what else.

    Other purchases that came in – N95 masks, tyvek suits

    Aftershock Preparedness – case of Barley Beef Stew

    PetSmart – Kitty treats, dry kitty food

    Tara’s questions:
    1. If you could buy one high sticker price item prep this year, what would it be and why? A new place with land, creek, secluded. Second item would be a truck.

    2. If you could attend one class at a prepper event, what would you like the presenter to teach you and why? Making herbal stuff.

    3. How are your spring garden – growing preps coming along? Going great. Building my raised beds is all done and ready to go in my head… 

    Thor’s questions:

    1. Do you think will eventually spread in the US on a major scale ? Yes.

    2. Do you have Kung Flu ? How do you know since it lays dormant for up to 28 days and there is only 300 test kits in the US and they’re not reliable? I have no idea. And that’s your point correct?

    3. Are college kids in danger in spring break? Probably. They are always in danger from excessive drinking….. Oh, do you mean Kung Flu?

    4. Should we lockdown our borders completely for a month or two? Lock them down forever. America is full. Only allow

    5. Do you think we might have a bank holiday? Not sure… Highly likely.

    Prayers for the pack, for The President and for America.

    Now to get the meat in their Food Saver bags and in the freezer. A prepper’s work is never done.

    Have a great week everyone.

    1. AT, you need to take it easy.

      2.Yes that’s the point.

      3. Yes AT, I heard a lot of Chinese students came in from China to a University….. There is the possibility of so many infections…. It’s a horror movie that came to life.

    2. AT:
      My Dad takes Metoprolol on an as needed basis. It works quickly but you might want to keep track of blood pressure daily so you know what is your normal. Only side effect is an almost too low level on rare occasions.
      I am glad you had all these tests run. The next few weeks could cause some severe mental stresses. Remember you are well prepared!
      Take Care.

      1. Thanks Moe. Yes, the pharmacist warned me about low BP, lightheadedness. I might start with a 1/2 of one if I have to take it to see how I will react. Never heard of it being ordered like this before. Usually it is a maintenance drug.

        1. AT as little as 1/4 a tab can be effective for some people.( toprol) various forms and mg sizes .as little as 1.5 mg are effective for some people… …. IF you need to take one, s\you should have someone check on you in 30-45 min… max..especially for first dose… ablation i not fun… as long as 1-2 places… not terribly bad.. DH had 8 fixed.. finally getting strength up.. recovery IS long…but better than the alternative… of no recovery…

          1. Thanks AA… I asked if those dose I was getting was the lowest, and she said yes.. Could take a 1/4 instead. Can always go up. Maybe it was a fluke thing. Praying it was, but prepared if not.

          2. AT did you check the alignment of your neck vertebrae? when my c 5-6 was out i was one sick puppy… did not go to dr. fixed it myself..

  8. More good news ,(sic) just saw on utube about people being put in body bags before they die and sent to the crematory
    To make room in the “hospital” ,,grim ,,

    Has the world gone mad ?

    Out break only 100 miles north of me ,one dead more than 150 exposed or infected it took the death to get the testing done ,like in the God father movie time to hit the mattress,,,have had word of out breaks in Pullman wa (4),deer park wa,(2), sand point id (3) ,north Portland OR , ( over 100) in a nursing home again ,and the band plays on ,some times it’s a drag to have to make decisions that affect the lives of so many,
    Have word of talk of closing all stores of a major grocery chain
    in inflected areas ,if employees are told To come in and something bad happens the lawyers would have a ball with it ,
    To hole up may be a life or death choice, can you watch paint dry ?
    Have family that if you hit them with a brick you could not get them to prep, or cancel get togethers
    I do have a chain and lock for the ranch gate
    You know a farmer or rancher almost always can see away to make the best of things , like in Paul harvey’s SO GOD MADE A FARMER.
    cows are calling

    Tea and cantaloupe

    1. 0H,

      I would LOVE to watch paint dry, as long as I got paid. I am glad that I can work from home now if I want to except 2 days in a 2 week period, that are required to go in. My “want to” is really becoming a “need to”.
      Need to start bringing my work cell phone home with me so I can stay home if I need to.

      Couldn’t even get my sister to carry a mask and gloves on the plane… She’s in Israel right now, coming home Tuesday. Lots of things could change between now and then.

      I LOVED Paul Harvey’s So God Made a Farmer.

    2. I’ve been stocking up on supplies this week and in doing so, wanted to report in my area that stores are full. Who know for how long? Only scarce items I’m seeing are with N95 masks, wet wipes (Lysol & Clorox), and as someone else mentioned, OTC pain meds. It is flu season (2nd strain is making its rounds), so this fact and the Covid-19 virus within our borders now, It’s totally understandable to see OTC type drugs flying off the shelves. N95 masks are avail. You just gotta know where to look.
      The thing that would benefit all of us (and I am seeing this with all of you, my fellow Prepper), is to not panic, vet sources as much as possible, and continue to prepare for the worst, pray for the best.

  9. Another week of feeling good. My wife calls it my manic phase, I feel like I can take on the world and do all kinds of things. Unfortunately usually just as I get everything well started the opposite phase starts and I can hardly pull myself out of bed mentally and thinking hurts. Until it does I am getting worlds of stuff done. My father in law came by and remarked that my place looked good. One agervation is the numbness in the fingers of my left hand. I could not make the doctors understand the problem gets worse if I build up my bicep. The more I work the worse it gets. If I stop using my arm some feeling eventually comes back.

    I can grasp a hoe or hammer but fine things like using zip ties is aggravating. I was repairing the deer fence around my garden and fastening the fencing mesh to the support poles. Me being frugal, OK, cheap, I was using thin six inch ties. Trying to bend it around the pole by sticking one finger of my right hand, the one that works, through the mesh, while holding the big end of the tie with the left and then after getting the end close actually get the tip through the slot before I fumble it and have to start all over again. Fortunately my wife brought our granddaughter out so they could help. Things went a whole lot faster, I love my granddaughter but it will be nice to have my wife to myself after we get her into school next September.

    If you could buy one high sticker price item prep this year, what would it be and why?

    An off the grid solar system, Oh wait, I can buy it. This week I am going to finalize my needs and put together a system. I can then order the parts and start the ground mount installation.

    If you could attend one class at a prepper event, what would you like the presenter to teach you and why?

    This is not simple, I know how to do so many things the few I do not know how to do I do not feel like learning or I am incapable of doing anyway. I would love to attend the

    How are your spring garden – growing preps coming along?

    My garden is going great, not only is it all planted I ran out of room. I am going to enclose an area with deer fence in my new cleared land and plant some more. All my beans and peas came up. My onion sets are growing. The sweet corn and okra are spotty. The melons and squash are up. I transplanted all my turnip and mustard from my seed bed. No idea what I am going to do with that many greens (several hundred plants). I did almost drown it. Thursday night the low was predicted to be around 32F. I have drip tape along the top of each row so I left the water on all night. The next morning I was lazing around drinking coffee waiting for it to warm up a bit when I remembered the water was running. I had not allowed for any drainage so the low end was half under water. As a farmer I have plenty of practice shoveling mud to get water out of a field. I have a ditch dug around the garden but the turn row is higher then the planted part. No harm done, it has been so dry it was dried up in a few hours. Now all my seed should sprout.

    What did you do to prep this week?

    I am getting prepared for when my garden comes in. I plan on dehydrating some of it so I bought what most consider the best one, an Excalibur. I eagerly awaited the arrival from Amazon. I open the box and after taking it out I think it is not very well put together. Actually it was before something smashed it. My first return to Amazon ever. So I had to reorder, well, why not step up to the better model. The new one is not smashed and I like the see through door and digital controls. My wife wants to buy some stuff to dehydrate. I think a batch of jerky is in order.

    My new well has good water but needs a submersible pump, I kept my old well because I can use a pitcher pump. However if that well is not constantly pumped the water gets nasty with iron. I ordered two 4.5 x 20 filter housings and an iron removal cartridge and carbon block cartridge. I plan to fasten them to a 5 gal bucket to make a giant taste filter. With a 6 kWh solar array I should always have enough power to run the submersible pump but two is one and one is none.

    I went to Dollar General to get some milk and a few food items. They had just restocked so I filled my buggy. Dried great northern beans and black eyed peas, canned ham, chicken breast, and tuna. Coffee creamer, peanut butter, corn meal, cooking oil. I ask my wife to think about other things beyond the basics to get while she has free time tonight at work. She likes the nighttime shift because her patient usually is asleep. At least until his usual 4:30 am wake up time.

    Other purchases this week, a small, four panel solar cell phone charger battery bank, nitrile gloves, 4 battery powered stick up lights, a portable enclosed car shelter for my truck. We plan on having a two car shelter put on a concrete slab for the car and Jeep. My father in law has two portable shelters he no longer uses. I will use on for my boat and take the frame of one and put shade cloth over it to protect tomatoes and lettuce from the sun and extend the season for them.

    For years I hated to spend money, usually because I did not have much to begin with. Last year our income was twice what I made at my last good job. Spending money is always fun but buying needed stuff eases the guilt. My spendable income went up $600 a month this year because I paid off the student loan we had for our daughter and we cut off my youngest son. I am proud to say he now has what could be a really good job.

    He went for the interview and after he said the name of town he was from the man interviewing him ask if he knew a certain pastor. My son answered he not only knew him, he grew up in the man’s church. Turns out the interviewer is from St. Augustine but moved to Orlando for work. I am sure he also ask my son what his father did, which was run a farm. My son now works for RingPower, the Caterpillar dealership in Orlando in the parts division. We have been praying for him to find a job but I didn’t think attending church would help. After his second interview with the four men he would be working under as soon as he got home the man called him and told him he had the job. He told him after he left one of them said we need to hire this guy right now.

    I do hope we are all preparing for nothing. Probably not but until the worse happens we must also go about our daily lives. Of course right now my life is all about fixing and preparing for an uncertain future. As long as my mania holds I am having a whale of a time.

    1. Daddio ,,,,in a earlier life I worked better part of year part time for a welldriller to pay off a well ,one of the things I did was clean out wells with iron water , some times the cause is bacteria that turns the water dark or red ,in those cases we put pool shock down the hole and let it work a day or two then we would pump it hard to flush it for a day or two and some times a week , and repeat a time or two if need be , this did not remove the iron but the water would run clear ,and stop the staining

  10. What did I do to Prep this Week?

    I have been so sick for the past two weeks from pneumonia. I’ve never had it before and I can honestly say that I’ve never been sicker. I went to the doctor with a stabbing pain in my lung and he put me on very strong antibiotics. He said they were as strong as the IV antibiotics. Well, I just took the last one today (10 day supply) and today is the first day that I woke up with no fever. I have been waking up in a pool of sweat everyday and it is a horrible feeling.

    Three days ago I went to the ER because I kept running a high fever. The ER doc asked me if I had traveled outside the country….No….and I told her I haven’t eaten any bat soup either LOL. They gave me an xray and they said they can see “resolving pneumonia”. They did not admit me, but yesterday the doctor called me to see if I was getting any better. The day after I went to the ER the news came out about the case in California with no known origin, so I think they were worried and wanted to be sure I didn’t have the virus. My DH said I chose a very bad time to get pneumonia. Yeah, I agree.

    She also said that the CDC does not let the hospitals perform the test. They have to send it to the CDC instead, so many days can be lost waiting for a result. I think they need to rethink that strategy.

    I’m taking another week to do absolutely nothing but resting and drinking lots of fluids. I’ve been drinking my homemade chicken stock, and I think I will make some more elderberry syrup this week for us to take each day.

    DH went to Lowes and bought some really good face masks. I don’t know what they are called but they have filters on the side and you look like a bug when you wear it. I was glad we can add to the stash just in case.

    I told my two adult sons that if there is a quarantine and we cannot leave our homes, they need to come here because we have plenty of food, water, bandaids and bullets. I always try to think of every scenerio and we may get to a point that it would happen. They could say everyone stay in for a month….I can tell you that they don’t have supplies for a month, so they need to bring themselves and their families. Momma will always be there to make sure we eat and are safe.

    1. Gosh Terra,

      I am sorry to hear you have been so sick.. I am glad you are finally on the mend. It’s also good to hear from you. You may want to eat some raw garlic if you can tolerate it. I manage to get a few niblets down. It’s really too hot for me to eat much of raw. I want to make some infused with honey. Old Alabama Gardener has a good video on how to make it. He eats some everyday he said. It takes about 6 weeks to make up and infuse well.

      You are correct about the tests. And is why there hasn’t been much testing going on. I think that is about to change though where we can be tested at Point of Contact (POC) and the tests are sent to local health departments. Crazy that the CDC didn’t do this long ago.

      How is your grandson (I think that’s correct) doing that was diagnosed with type 1 DM?

      1. Almost There:

        Thanks for the recommendation on garlic. Frankly I’ve never tried it so I will do so. I’ll look up Old Alabama Gardener who is one of my favorites on YouTube. My grandson is doing great. He is on an insulin pump and feels like a new person. He was taking 5 shots per day plus sticking his finger that often. He hates having Type I diabetes, but being on the pump with a blood glucose monitor almost makes him feel normal. He is really good about not snacking without counting carbs. For a 15 year old, he is quite responsible for his health. The doctors are really happy with how well he is managing it. Hugs

        1. Terra,

          That is really good to hear. I had a friend that really needed a pump. She was diagnosed with type 1 when she was 4. She had had 2 kidney transplants, and was never receptive to it. She was always having “insulin reactions” because she was giving herself too much insulin, mostly when she went to bed. A pump is a really good thing to have.

        1. Mari,

          I am spending the next week just resting. I’m out of antibiotics and woke up with a fever and drenched in sweat. I’m trying to beat this but it’s really bad. Hugs

      1. Thor1,

        You and Almost There have mentioned garlic. Do you just eat it raw? I’m going to look into that for sure. Hugs

        1. Terra,

          Yes, if you can eat a raw clove a few times a day, that would be good. If you have Elderberry syrup, that is also good. Have someone get you some from the drug store if you don’t have any. Not sure if they have the gummies.

        2. Terra, you shell it by hand, hit it, cut it up and put it in filtered water. Juice glass. Add 1 tablespoon of honey, dash of Cinnamon, cayenne pepper ginger and oregano and stir. It must be consumed within 15 minutes or the key med will disappear from the garlic. Its best to chew the garlic.

          Disclaimer I’m not a DR.

  11. Tired of the cold and wind here. Warm days (50’s) on the horizon.
    Most of garden seeds are in soil only half up so far. Eggs in incubator for early hatch, just in case quarantine would prohibit picking up chicks in May. Started thinking of how to store extra feed, if we got shut down. I have 6 new galvanized, 30 gallon trash cans full of cracked corn, 6 Rubbermaid new trash cans full of rabbit feed etc and this week received first new steel barrels with lids and lock rings for big animal food, ordered another load. I never have addressed critter food storage, till now. Our living food supply and horses need prepped too. Next month I will stock up trace mineral blocks too. Now, there is another prepper side of things.
    TSB family, stay warm, safe and healthy because God loves each of you.

  12. Infections in the USA are now up to 70 with 1 death.

    The world is going to change here in the next 30 days. They are finally starting to test people.

    Be ready to be locked down and grab some extra cash. California has also organized a gun confiscation team.
    That won’t go over well.

    When you need them the most for defending yourself, family and supplies from roving gangs in search of food, they will try to take them.

    1. Add 3 more infections in the US……73 1 death……3000 world wide dead…doesn’t look good.

      R0 now at 4.7 to 7.0…… 73 x 7= 511/ 511 x7=3577/ 3577 x 7= ? And so on…..

      1. 81 cases + 2 deaths now. Here it comes…..maybe Israel found a vaccine…… Hope.

        Hmmm could you picture Iran begging for the vaccine?

        1. Iran has already lost 2 of its officials, at least by what’s reported: ambassador to Vatican, and the dear leader’s top aide.

    2. Gun confiscation team? Ruh roh.
      And now Greece has more problems. Erdogan opened the gates; 30K headed to Greece of which 18K hit the border.
      I’d say the world is in full-blown chaos mode and the fit is hitting the shan.

    3. Whoa, I just caught that gun confiscation thing over on HuffPost. They’re gonna spend a fortune on tracking back thru records. No warrant, LE comes in, owner charged if gun is found. What could possibly go wrong. Yeah, right.

      1. Mari:

        Thanks for saying where the article was.

        #1. 40,000 guns sounds like a lot, but it’s not.

        #2. Why did these people loose the “right” to have a gun? Perhaps because they are now criminals? If so, I’m sure they are now ready to be good citizens and comply with all the laws and break no more.

        I agree, what could possibly go wrong with this?

          1. JP, yeah, I just double-chkd Huff also. That article was 2013. NRA-ILA has an article from 10/2019 about same problem. Considering CA’s crazy laws that nobody even knows which ones are correct, it wouldn’t take much to arrest anybody with a gun. I’ll poke at issue again when I have some spare minutes.

          2. JP, its on ZeroHedge.com……..02/29/2020

            Its got a copyright so I can’t post it……

            The van picture is funny though in a sad way……

  13. Two of my cousins (TN & FL) have a trip planned for Taiwan in April. They will be gone most of the month. I questioned them both as to whether this was a good idea with the Virus outbreak and all, to which they feel things will be ok by then. I think that is their ‘desire for things to be ok and their wallet speaking). Things maybe, and they may not. I guess the husbands have no sayin the matter. The reason for the trip is to visit a daughter who has lived there 2 years now. She is on a work visa, teaching English. She has told them both there is nothing to worry about. Again, I think that’s daughters desire speaking! I would not for a single minute Think that the air (recirculated) on a 12 plus hour flight wouldn’t harbor virus germs. Don’t even get me started on seats, armrests and toilets! Just not good in my opinion.

    1. Just like my sister who didn’t even take a mask with her to Israel. Can only mention something so many times. Then I am done. Let the chips fall where they may and pray against this virus.

  14. Washington State, had their first person die, from this nasty virus, yesterday the 29th.

    On Thursday, I took my son for a med check and they have a stands throughout the three floor’s so roughly 12 with hand sanitizer, Kleenex, and adult & children masks, the nurse said on Monday when they opened all 1500 masks were literally stolen by two people, and the sad part they are the paper type, so they are not going to do much at all to combat this virus. We did an extra Costco run, for water and toilet paper, I also bought some bleach tablets from Walmart, called Evolve, 32 tabs in each bottle they come in several scents and just plain bleach smell, so I grabbed two more for my stash, and bought 1 lemon counter spray , 1 large carton of laundry soap with bleach, extra cat food, 1 package of 10 gloves. They also had a ok price on Nalleys Chili, so bought 12 more.

    I went to drop off the rest of the paperwork to the bank, on Friday, I hope everything keeps going and we get this construction loan. We met with our accountant, we had everything done for personal and business taxes so she’ll be getting that taken care of in the next few weeks.

    Tara’s questions
    1. One large purchase, was a propane heater, from Home Depot , that hubby uses on Job sights, that doesn’t have heat yet, it looks like a small jet engine when it runs.

    2. I’ve taken classes in the past on being a cottage home canner, it’s a lot of work and not a lot of things I could sell, so I didn’t go on to the other 2 classes.

    3. No garden, just a few plant’s in pots, I can take along when we move I’m sad I’ll have to leave my grapes vine, I don’t know if it’s worth trying to dig it out I hope who ever buys our house will enjoy it and not rip it up.

  15. Ok, To Taras questions this week, I’ve not done too much with all the rain, but it’s always good to inventory and fill in the gaps.

    1. High dollar item? A new home designed with air & water filtration systems, spot heating/cooling zones, security video camera’s and a greenhouse attached to side of house. House would also include a whole house generator, alternate heating sources and automatic hurricane shades that would be lowered for incumbent weather.

    2. One class? Raising and care of small farm animals.

    Thor’s questions:
    1. Coved virus is already here in U.S. We can’t depend on the govt. to contain this thing. We have to be smart and do what we can individually to stay healthy.

    2. Not likely this week.
    3 Young people are breeders of all kinds of things!
    4. Of course our borders should be locked down. Anyone with a brain sees the logic in this item in today’s society, yet, Trump has been criticized, mocked, every single day in office for trying to do what is right for this country. Put up that wall America!
    5. I can’t speak of a bank holiday. Not sure I know what it involves at the moment!

    Have a better week than last week! Stay safe, watch the crowds, stay informed, vet what you can, and be prepared!

  16. A high ticket item I would love to have is a newer car and/or pickup complete with house and garage to park them in. Not happening right now so I’ll keep the 12 year old car going.
    I’m not too worried about the corona virus going around. The plus is I live in a very small coastal Oregon town. The bad news is I live in a very small coastal Oregon town which means there is a nearly 6 hour drive to Portland and the major hospitals.
    In the meantime I went to the storage unit and brought back the rest of the alcohol and several more cases of empty jars. Unpacked some more boxes and located more hand sanitizer in the boxes. Picked up another sack of cat food and 2 more containers of litter. Still waiting for word on disability so a lot of things are on hold.
    At the moment the cat and I are sitting on the front porch watching the world go by.

  17. Tara’s question
    1) Different property location to move to asap.
    2) How to use a pressure canner with hands on teaching
    3)Garden-have everything ready for planting but mother nature is hot then cold which is hard on plants
    4) Prepping for past week:
    Replacing food items we used in the past, had them shipped into the place so I could avoid crowds at those stores.
    Did venture into to Cash & Carry(Smartfoods, Inc)for sale items. Yikes,,,the shelves were stripped of all the sale items on my list and it was still at the beginning of the sales ad. Frozen vegetables on sale lucked out, found one mixed vege along with one white sweet corn. Otherwise looked like “Old Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard”, BARE!! Cold storage vegetables reminded me of Labor Day, trucks not delivering because of the holiday.

    Everything ordered on line has set outside doing a preventive germ removal by the sunlight. Dh has health issues so have to be extra careful for him.
    Cleaned out the back of the truck’s bed so could load the green house to deliver to my sisters place. Typical ranch truck had everything and anything in there..lol

  18. Interestingly over heard a conversation between a customer and a Public manager. The customer asked about a product that wasn’t on the shelf, the manager stated that somethings have been allocated and they couldn’t get any at this time.,….Hmmmm

      1. This morning I went shopping at my local Publix where I mostly do my grocery shopping. I didn’t notice any shortages, although, as normal, they were doing some stocking in various locations. I got everything on my list OK.

        Before shopping, I went to my bank to get cash. The place was very busy. I asked the teller if they were having a twofer deal on money today. She thought that was funny. Unfortunately, they weren’t having a twofer. 🙁

  19. Not much to report here. We’ve been stocking up big time for the past month. We have food/medications/cleaning supplies stacked up to the roof. I watched some videos on youtube–it seems panic buying has started. Now it’s time to sit back and watch the panicked masses try to get supplies.

        1. Bam Bam,

          Not in all cases. If they’re outside shooting in, they’re fair game. Also, remember, if they get in, you shoot them and they manage to get out of the house and die on your front lawn, that’s OK. Legally it matters what location they get shot, not where they die.

          That is assuming ROL still exists.

        2. Bam Bam, that’s pretty much how it is here in NJ. And we have to at least make an attempt to leave the home first. I’ll leave it to your imagination what I’m thinking.

  20. Just ordered hiking boots, emergency radio (Kaito), plus hearing aid batteries for the DP. Hopefully my blood work comes back tomorrow so I can get a 3-mo supply of my only real important script b4 issues with it. Yep, I already have a stash. Not really much else I need and a short run could take care of it.

    Thor’s questions:
    1. Do you think will eventually spread in the US on a major scale ?

    2. Do you have Kung Flu ? How do you know since it lays dormant for up to 28 days and there is only 300 test kits in the US and they’re not reliable?
    I doubt it. If it gets to south Jersey, the doors get locked.

    3. Are college kids in danger in spring break?
    Oh yeah, most of them aren’t bright enough to take a hint.

    4. Should we lockdown our borders completely for a month or two?
    If somebody can tell the truth about this virus, then probably yes.

    5. Do you think we might have a bank holiday?
    Possibly, and hopefully the panicked don’t force a run. I’ll ensure that we have cash. Stock market will possibly close to prevent downturn shock.

    1. Mari, New York has its first confirmed case…….. I’m scared now…..its going to go full blown pandemic in days…

      1. Thor1:

        Or full-blown stupid/panic. Glad we are where we are, geographically and preparedness wise.

        Might be time to clear some space on the porch for the rocking chair (it is still a little cold though).

        1. Biggest problem here in south Jersey would be casinos and the huge number of employees scattered around. All I need to be good for awhile would be powdered milk.

      2. It was just a matter of days for it to get loose there. It’ll likely spread pretty fast. New Yorkers are packed in like sardines, don’t have the brains or will to prep at all, only have small corner grocers, and they don’t cook so I wonder how many will keep going to restaurants.

  21. More fun and games ,,,,,,US postal service main distribution center for western Washington is closed for cleaning after a employee was sick and tested positive ,almost all mail for western and parts of central Washington comes or goes through that facility ,,,,,,,,

    Kind of like a bad movie don’t you think ?

  22. Z36, Bam and Goatlover….. 2cases in Florida……..

    1 in Manhattan New York was released to home quarantine….. Insane !!!

    This is by design not released by error. The bioweapon.

    1. Wait until the kids get back from Spring Break. Then it will really spread. We should see exponential growth in the number of cases due to increased testing. The coronavirus is already here. We just need to detect and isolate those who test positive. Given asymptomatic spread, this may be virtually impossible.

      1. Need is to cancel “Spring Break” and all travel to vacation areas..where the overgrown,unfettered petri dishes congregate.. this morning was awakened early am by severe thunderstorm line.. and Nashville area s hit by tornado..

        1. AA,

          I agree that cancelling Spring Break is a good idea. Of course all of the entitled brats will be upset and convinced that they are immune.

          1. Zulu 3-6:

            ‘Course we could always close the border 2 days AFTER Spring Break starts, for a year. That might solve 2 problems.

        2. Saw the aftermath of Nashville tornado online and on TV. One drone flew the length of the damage. It was bad. My sympathies and prayers for all those affected.

          Canceling Spring Break trips would be a fantabulous idea. If they go out of country, yep, don’t let them back for a couple of months. Means fewer snowflakes for awhile. They think they’re invulnerable even if stay in country to have big gatherings. They would be the least sick but would spread the virus.

          1. AT,

            Those numbers can’t be right. We’ll have to wait for the CDC to finish testing first to know for certain that tornadoes are capable of such high R0 numbers. That should be sometime next month.

      2. Bam Bam how about all those exposed in the big football event in Florida and the marti gras. numbers will be climbing soon… and no one will know where they got the bug..

        1. AA,

          Yep. It will take two to three weeks for the testing to catch up. After that . . . it’s just listening to the fat lady sing.

  23. On the Georgia front we woke up to the news that there are 2 confirmed coronavirus cases here in Georgia. The couple had traveled overseas, when they felt sick the called the hospital and made arrangements to come in a side door away from the waiting rooms and a lot of the staff. Adult action on their part.

    Much wringing of hands on the parts of government officials but they keep chanting, “be calm, nothing to see here” while they look for an exit.

    On the work side, had a major customer call to cancel a big group meeting we were going to interpret at the end of the month. My contact said their National Headquarters sent down an edict to cancel all group meetings (more than 10 people) for the immediate future. Large companies seem to be making plans for some part.


    1. Cliff,

      Yes, that was an intelligent action on the part of those two folks, and the hospital.

      I’ve been reading the book “Three Minutes Until Midnight” by Dr Steven Hatfill. It came out last year, but it reads EXACTLY what is taking place now as far as how governments, WHO, CDC, etc, are acting. It is not a novel, but a history and a discourse on handling pandemic diseases. Highly recommended reading.

      However, some here have complained about people being sent home for isolation, but Dr. Hatfill points out that if those patients don’t need critical care, they can be handled at home as well as anywhere else and free up a bed for a critically ill person. Yes, it can be a pain in the butt for the family, however, that’s the way things go. It isn’t like home care is a new thing, especially in a pandemic.

      1. Unless those people self isolating have family that are still out and about 🙁 this is a mess all the way around

  24. Hi Pack, I am late to the party, Have had time to read at intervals and brief responses to a few…
    Now i will try to answer what of the questions i can.. already typed in a long answer will keep brief this time,..lost that response.
    First Thor’s… The Virus in question is already here in communities. The evidence – testing for virus and coming back with non A an Non B types.. source is unknown, No patient Zero….community spread is evident in Washington state in nursing homes, with people who have not traveled.. Florida , Georgia, both have 2 cases… popped up in last 2 days…another one in Maryland? Insufficient quarantines re done…with shedding and exposure of many people before any symptoms are experienced.
    I suspect the pneumonias that are happening with the weakest of our society are multi- drug resistant forms. Those getting these may have already fought these bacteria before and bacteria went into hiding- underground– much like syphillus and Lyme do… Multi drug resistant forms will need treatment with herbals in addition. I have fought these before in several forms… the last one was serratia marcens. It took doxi, oil of oregano , pippisisswea, Usnea and lomatium ALL to beat it…and 24 days total of antibiotics.. DH had a fever for 14 days then i added herbals- lengthened antibiotics, and it kicked the fever in 36 hours back to a normal temp…about the time he got better then i took it. i was on ABT and herbals for 21 days. even knowing what i was facing -i was down completely for 4 days….
    Do I have Kung Flu ? Do not think so… sinus issues have been going on for months… about 6… well before the incidence of the release of this bacteria… we avoided the seasonal flu by self isolation… only going out on certain days for certain items… There is no test unless one goes thru the “3 letter agency” that controls the money, tests and has a patent on any treatment.
    Are college kids in danger… absolutely. They will travel on spring break and go into places they have not been , rub elbows and be around those who are ill and shedding virus’ of all kinds.. The best way to keep them safe s to confine them at home, for the spring break….
    Border Lockdown? should be done for a minimum of one year. complete. no admittance.. as in live fire on the border…Most will not try to enter with machine gun spray and live training exercises in view. and active. No petitions. only US citizens allowed back in… We area melting pot of nations. Already! It is not racist to protect our own borders… Our laws are too lenient…
    Bank Holiday? Only if it helps the most wealthy. ,.and does the most damage to the poor and working poor of society.
    Tara’s questions.
    #1 I have too many things that are on my want list to narrow to one. generally finish the construction phase inside and outside our home with storage and other needs included…outside..
    #2 No Prepper event… Not a good way for me to learn…
    #3 Spring garden… coming along.. a little too early to plant most things with temperature swings from well below freezing to low 60’s…at least 1 time a week… working on garden beds…
    #4 This past week we topped off the things we could. Dog and chicken food .. Rabbit food was not available in quantity we desired…. for feeding out of ones in grow out pen now. cooking oil , canned meats,flour,coffee, seasonings-added,Filled some holes of processed meats – items used for meal extenders..polish sausage..sausage,bacon.. Specialized drink wants filled. dry foods secured. Bread secured.( 4-6 week supply) We rotated some foods out, secured a few more rolls of TP. Gathered in some herbal needs.. Ordered part for incubator..EDA by 5th.
    Taking turns nursing-waiting on each other with sinus s/sx and allergies. Necessary trip/items all taken care of in one day..Bills, feed, groceries, assorted needs. was a LOOONNNNG day. Will remain home except for worship services as we are able.. for now… no cases advertised in our state…of new virus… will continue to top off needed items, as funds available and no longer a viable option.
    Prayers for our Prepping Pack and Family, for POTUS and all that support his efforts .

  25. FYI…

    I just got back from Helena, MT shopping. WinCo, Wal-Mart, and Costco. Normal to low traffic. Stores were well stocked except for no hand sanitizer, very little Isopropyl Alcohol, and no bulk beans (?) (25# bags). I found the beans strange as there was plenty – normal stockage of everything else. I even got some extra cans of beans that we normally use because they were on sale (usually why I buy more). It was early AM (9 – 10:30 AM) which might account for the shelf levels, but they were also not that busy.

    I love fly-over country!

    1. JP,

      I mentioned yesterday that I went to my local Publix. Everything was in stock that I could see. Certainly everything on my shopping list was.

      I’ll be making another trip there tomorrow morning after I see the back cracker. I figure if the stuff is still in stock, I might as well add to my stash.

      1. Zulu 3-6:
        Keep your distance from people or wear a mask. It isn’t that far from the cases on the West Coast of Florida to Orlando.

        1. Moe,

          That’s true. Rumor has it that one of the patients infected is at the VA hospital in Tampa. I don’t go there, but employees run errands between hospitals all of the time (my Ex used to work at the Gainesville VA hospital, so I know about the errand running).

  26. Somebody mentioned last week that they bought a quarantine sign. It tickled me, so I ordered one for myself and it came today.

    When #1 daughter texted that she was en route to get Granddaughter, I taped the sign to my front door. I knew she was here because I could hear her laughing her butt off from the back of my apartment.

    I took the sign down for the time being so my neighbors didn’t freak out earlier than they needed to. 🙂

      1. Mari,

        I’m not so bad. 🙂 I knew my daughter would laugh as soon as she saw it. She has the same sick sense of humor her father and mother have (thank the military for all three of us).

          1. Thor1,

            I think you’re right about JP getting a quarantine sign.

            I don’t know that you’re that bad of an in-flu-ence on me. I’m pretty capable of getting involved in all sorts of nasty crap on my own. 🙂

          2. Zulu 3-6:

            I’m not sure if I was 1st, but I did mention that I got 2. One for the back fence (to keep looters out of the yard from the alley) and one for the front.

            I was thinking of them as a deterrent when they start quarantines. Keeping the bad (or self-appointed) people out and the government types thinking they have already been here.

          3. JP,

            If you are going to self-isolate, It’s a good idea to have at least one for the front door (like me as that is all I have for normal entry).

            I can’t just take it on myself to self-isolate as I have Granddaughter to consider. I have discussed this issue with #1 daughter and we’ll have to address it if things start getting bad around my neighborhood. If they decide to self-isolate, it simplifies my situation as I won’t have responsibility for the little princess and I can self-isolate whenever I feel the need.

  27. I have been busy and away for a few weeks. I have missed the interaction with everyone.

    1. If you could buy one high sticker price item prep this year, what would it be and why?
    I would get an off grid tiny house and put it on our farm ground. It would be great for bug out.
    2. If you could attend one class at a prepper event, what would you like the presenter to teach you and why?
    I would like to learn more advanced first aid and medical treatment.
    3. How are your spring garden – growing preps coming along?
    I have started some things in the greenhouse. They’re going well, but the cabbages haven’t germinated yet.
    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    This week (and last week):

    -I think I’m going to have the doe who miscarried bred in a couple of months.
    -LGD is going to live with a family off-grid in Arkansas.
    -We’ve been without a barn cat for about 4 months, and mice are evident. I got a full-grown cat. I hope she stays and is a good mouser.
    -Got a new Basset Hound.

    -Started cabbage, two lettuces, and spinach in the greenhouse.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: granola bars, protein bars, laundry detergent (buy one, get two free), 2 boxes nitrile gloves, 5 boxes surgical face masks, 8 packs of dust masks, box of N-95 masks, trash bags, bleach, condiments, Kleenex, paper towels, paper plates, Styrofoam bowls, magic erasers, disposable aluminum pans, vitamin supplements, clothesline,

    -The whole-home LP generator is installed, and we got an extended warranty! We now have a ten-year warranty. It’s such a nice feeling to know that during a power outage the food in the freezers will be okay, and I can continue to have power without moving a portable generator.
    -Did more organizing. Completely organized medicine cabinet and another cabinet. I need to be keeping better records. There are some things that I have an overabundance of. I guess that’s not a bad problem.
    -Got a new and larger camper.
    -Ordered a Berkey and extra filters.

    -I’m doing online research on gardening. There’s always something to learn, and I’m determined to have a successful strawberry patch.

    Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    1. PG: We have a tiny house down the street from us for sale. A retired couple from Oregon moved here last year and converted a two car garage into a home. Now they have decided the area is just too remote!

      Since I am thinking you are East of the big river, you would have to move 700-800 miles west though!

      1. We’re in the southernmost part of Illinois. (Shawnee National Forest area) I think that we will eventually build a tiny house/small cabin. It will be a good place to relax when working or hunting.

  28. All,

    I just got back from my local Publix. They are well stocked except for rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer – all out. One of the managers says they expect a restock by tomorrow, if not this afternoon.

  29. According to the John Hopkins site the number of US cases just went up by 25%. This AM it was 162. As of 2:50 MST is is 213. Might be time to speak with your significant others, at your location or not, and update your plan.

        1. Thor1,

          Like I posted last week (when I was the FIRST poster 🙂 ) I mentioned that Michael Yon defined three categories of people who get ready for disasters. The third was “Hungry People” and they are the reason Preppers (first category) stockpile ammunition.

  30. Years ago a posted share a recipe for FREEZER cole slaw. I am hoping that someone still has their copy handy and can share it once again by posting it here for all.
    I looked for a copy thinking I had it. NO, and I have the slaw to make this dish. Thank you ahead of time.

    1. Thor1,

      Where is this information found? While US troops are stationed near hotspots in S. Korea and Italy, and it is inevitable that some will get sick I haven’t heard anything about this level of illness. I talked with #1 daughter, who is on orders now at Langley AFB, VA and her reply was “Beats me. I haven’t heard anything about it.”

        1. The NY Times had it…they may have pulled it.But what if?

          There was a soldier in South Korea that was positive. Barracks,mess halls ect…..

          What if?

          1. Thor1,

            An infected naval crew would not be good if it was a surface vessel. A submarine would be a nightmare.

    1. Oh my, small plastic water bottles too. So much for ranting about green nouveau deal.

      TP always in stock on the home front. Even the DP approves of most of what we have. Of course he doesn’t know about what he can’t see.

      1. I was at Costco on Monday, at least in Montana, and there was plenty then. I’ll be they could have gotten some then too! So much for depending upon “Just-in-time” delivery!

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