What I Did to Prep This Week

What I Did To Prep This Week: Mar 1st – Mar 7th 2020

bobby shooting- long gun

Hello Pack. I hope you all have had a productive week of prepping. We hit a really cold patch this week, and had a lot of work and some doctor appointments, so not a whole lot of active prepping went on here.

This weekend, Bobby is taking a training at a local gun range that I may join in on as well. It is a CCW related class that teaches participants how to draw your gun from its open carry or concealed carry holster as quickly and safely as possible, and aiming.

Our friend Judi’s gun range has a plethora of interesting classes besides those commonly offered at similar businesses. There is a Krav Maga class coming up soon that I am particularly excited about.

I love all of the training they offer for children and women who have never held a gun before and want to learn in an environment that is not intimidating.

One of our tribe members was at an appointment at Children’s Hospital with one of her children. Medical providers are asking more and more not medical related and nosy questions.

Personally, I would just respond to each question with, “None of your damn business,” but maybe that’s just me. I haven’t been to a doctor in well over a decade, so maybe all of these intrusive and ridiculous questions are not incredibly new and I just did not know about them until now.

Anyway, the nurse asked my friend if she had firearms in their home. Instead of saying none of your damn business like I would have, she merely answered, “yes.” The nurse was more than a bit taken aback. Next she asked if the guns were loaded.

Again, my friend answered, “Yes.” Silly city person – liberal, an unloaded gun is absolutely useless. Neither the armed intruder or coyote chasing your goat pen is going to be willing to wait until you load your weapon to attack.

Next came the question that my friend thought would get the most shocking response. When asked if the guns were kept locked away so children could never reach them my friend laughed while shaking her head and said a firm, “No”.

When she followed up her brief response telling the city nurse that two of her teenage children had their own .22 rifles and had been hunting since age 10, the already distraught woman nearly fainted.

Of course the now teens were trained how to hunt and did so supervised until they hit 16, but such common sense and American country living traditions were already lost on her.

At Bobby’s appointment this week the nurse asked him if he, “liked people.” He said “What?
She responded that she knew that question followed by several similar ones was silly but that “had” to ask them.

When he asked who required them to be asked, she kept saying she did not know but they had to be asked.” She also was very cagey about where the information went and what was done with it – no matter, my Bobby would not give her any answers anyway.

When my daughter switched pediatricians a few months ago after the one she had been using retired, she too was bombarded with intrusive questions.

First, the nurse in a college town that is adjacent to our county was equally shocked and dismayed that my grandson was “exposed” to farm life on a daily basis – and gasp, that he even walked in livestock stalls and fed our livestock beasts.

Brea was given quite a lecture about germs … do these people have no clue where their food comes from or what goes into growing and raising it?

I really wish that I had been present for the next question that was asked instead of at home watching our two little granddaughters. The nurse asked what gender our then 4 year old grandson “identified as” Brea should her head and said he was a boy and when answering the follow up questions about what pronouns he preferred, noted that the appropriate masculine ones were just fine.

I would have taken her pen and written next to the line asking about gender that the patient had a penis – ‘nuff said.

I don’t care how anyone chooses to live their life as long as it causes no harm to others, I truly do not. I fully subscribe to Thomas Jefferson’s way of thinking, “If it does not break my leg or pick my pocket, what business is it of mine?!” But seriously, this over the top political correctness has to end.

Throughout the course of history the pendulum has swung far one way and then back the other. But this time, I fear that it has swung so far left the string holding the pendulum finally snapped. I used to worry about the kind of America that would be left for our grandchildren.

Now that I can fully see what the United States could end up looking like if the liberal lunacy continues at the current pace, the picture of that future keeps me up nights. God help us all if President Trump is not re-elected.

This Week’s Questions

  1. At what age did you first learn how to use firearms or teach your children – grandchildren to use them?
  2. How do you respond to all of the non-medical questions asked at doctor’s appointments?
  3. Who do you think will win the White House in 2020 and why?
  4. What do you think will happen if he or she does not win?
  5. What did you do to prep this week?
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115 thoughts on “What I Did To Prep This Week: Mar 1st – Mar 7th 2020

    1. Puppy is trying to find a girlfriend. He was marking his territory everywhere he went when I took him for a walk. He even peed in his own front yard to let the girls know where he lives. LOL I wish the wife didn’t make him get fixed he would have made some beautiful pups.

      Installed all tactical parts

      Went to range and shot the AA AR15 and Saiga 12

      Freeze dryer
      Bananas, strawberries
      Onions and green peppers

      Tilled 2 raised beds, added fresh soil too.
      Picked onion, carrots and some potatoes

      Indoor garden
      Added fertilizer
      Lettuce is growing like crazy.
      Cilantro and Serrano peppers really are taking off.
      Lemon and avocado trees are great. Added fruit fertilizer spikes

      Outdoor fruit trees
      Getting a lot of blossoms. Added fruit spikes.

      Might try this next year:


      Thor’s questions:

      1. Is TP more important than food?
      2. Is TP worth your life?
      3. How much TP do you have?
      4. Do you think we will have forced vaccinations?
      5. Do you think there will be medical martial law?
      6. Do you think there will be mandatory home quarantines for all?

      Last week the infection stat was 71 and 1 death, this week 335 infections 17 deaths,

      1. Oops forgot gym workouts again after fingers healed. Yay

        Tara’s questions:
        1.At what age did you first learn how to use firearms or teach your children – grandchildren to use them?
        2.How do you respond to all of the non-medical questions asked at doctor’s appointments?
        3.Who do you think will win the White House in 2020 and why?
        4.What do you think will happen if he or she does not win?

        1. Pellet or bb gun at 8, 22lr 10.
        2. No I’m not depressed.
        3. Hopefully Trump he tries to keep his promises.Unless mass voter fraud.
        4. Civil war maybe either way……. The good guys will win…..We are already in a cold civil war.

          1. AT, thanks, I was having fun with my supervisor and manager as it was the middle finger. I had to show it to them……LOL

            Your right, the homeless will be guinea pigs….

      2. Thor1’s questions:

        1. Is TP more important than food? No, without food, you don’t need TP.
        2. Is TP worth your life? No. Other’s life, maybe.
        3. How much TP do you have? Just about enough.
        4. Do you think we will have forced vaccinations? No, they might try though.
        5. Do you think there will be medical martial law? Panicked people do dumb things.
        6. Do you think there will be mandatory home quarantines for all? Not all, some of the elite are immune.

        1. JP,
          1. My thought exactly
          2.Nope. Its not even worth going into large crowds who may be infected.
          3. Until you run out…..
          4. Mark of the beast
          5. Yes
          6.Middle class and elites home quarantine Welfare, poor and homeless FEMA camps which could be a death sentence. Sad but true.

          1. Thor1,

            Did you read about the homeless being set up with FEMA trailers to help prevent spread? Guess who will be ginnypigs for the vaccine?

          2. AT,

            I haven’t seen anything about FEMA trailers for homeless. As far as those diseased, underfed, drug-addicted people being satisfactory guinea pigs for vax testing, I’m not so certain.

      3. Thor’s questions:

        1. Is TP more important than food?

        Nope. There are many safe ways to wipe yourself, but only a few safe ways to eat.

        2. Is TP worth your life?

        Not mine.

        3. How much TP do you have?

        Quite a bit. Easily close to a year’s worth the way I use it. (want details?)

        4. Do you think we will have forced vaccinations?

        We already have in many times and places. Some places require immunizations to go to school. Try saying “No” to getting a vax in the military and see what happens (especially in the Marine Corps).

        5. Do you think there will be medical martial law?

        There already is on the books. Most Health Departments have had the legal authority to force quarantine on sick people for many years and most courts are very happy to help enforce it.

        6. Do you think there will be mandatory home quarantines for all?

        It depends on how you define “for all.” I think requests for self-quarantine will expand significantly. Refuse, and they make it mandatory. Break that and you’ll be on a mandatory quarantine after you’re verified healthy, except then it’ll be called a jail sentence.

      4. Thor’s questions:

        1. Is TP more important than food? JP is correct. No food, No need for TP…
        2. Is TP worth your life? No..
        3. How much TP do you have? Like you Thor1, enough til I run out.
        4. Do you think we will have forced vaccinations? Yes, at some point.
        5. Do you think there will be medical martial law? Yes, people won’t comply with asking.
        6. Do you think there will be mandatory home quarantines for all? Not sure, but I’m ready. And yes, the elite will be immune.

        1. Hello Zulu,
          I am in agreement with your assessments regarding forced vaccinations already required by some organizations (school & military). I feel that specifically when a vaccination is developed for this current virus, it will not be forced on anyone, but strongly recommended as medical personal does now for yearly flu strains to those who are high risk. If we begin to see large numbers of death, there will probably be more urging and locations set up (like mobile Red Cross facilities) where people can get access to vaccinations if desired. If anyone is forced it would be our military, essential personnel (i.e political leadership – State & Federal level, as well as medical professionals).
          Also in agreement that Health Departments do already have authority to take some ‘legal actions’ to quartine folks (hospitals, nursing homes, etc.).

      5. 1.At what age did you first learn how to use firearms or teach your children – grandchildren to use them?
        I started shooting with a borrowed friends 1911. Loved it. Saved up and bought an old 2nd handed octagon barreled 22 at a pawn shop. I was 14 and dad was proud. Mom said nothing. Teens were shooting at the rural police range. In a month I was able to out shoot every policeman and sheriffs deputy in our county. I started my 4 shooting when all were preteens. 3 sons were all marksman or better in the service but my daughter could out shoot them all. I’ve been widowed twice and married three times. All gun owners.
        2. How do you respond to all of the non-medical questions asked at doctor’s appointments?
        Give them a surprised “what the Hell” look with a spoken surprised WHAT? And no answer. Figured it was stupid city folks.
        3. Who do you think will win the White House in 2020 and why? Hope its Trump cause no one else tries to keep their word or care about “us”.
        4. What do you think will happen if he or she does not win? Snowflake melt down! If he wins and civil war maybe if not. Sad our nations is so deeply divided.
        5.What did you do to prep this week? I helped a daughter with a few more things. Bought some ovc med supplies I was short on. Picked up 8 dz more canning jars. Started seeds for the beginning of this springs garden. Just getting found… Its weeks till planting time. 3 more 40 lb bags grain for the fowels. Asked a friend to drive us to husbands Dr appointment Monday. Need help with 10 bags of rabbit pellets and some other things to put back. Greatful for family and good friends who are good help.

      6. 1)No, butt it is nice to have when required.
        2) No, we have back up source material for jic
        3) More than enough rowl
        4)State of luncy(CA)they do now, as the gov knows better than the parents.
        5)It actually falls under the manitory injections, they could use it as a by pass to force one to have them.
        Of course it would be the one’s under a certain age limit. Why waste good meds on the older generation!
        6)Believe that would be called ‘Marshal Law’, 13603 and recently brought to my attention EO12656 which I am in the process of trying to read.

  1. 1. At what age did you first learn how to use firearms or teach your children – grandchildren to use them?
    I was around firearms my entire life, but didn’t actually shoot anything other than a BB gun until I was seventeen or eighteen. We taught our kids to shoot when they were young. They have always been taught about firearm safety.
    2. How do you respond to all of the non-medical questions asked at doctor’s appointments?
    I have never been asked these questions. Maybe it’s because I live in a rural area, and my doctors and nurses already know me.
    3. Who do you think will win the White House in 2020 and why?
    Trump, because he will get a majority of the electoral college votes. (I couldn’t help myself. 😊 )
    4. What do you think will happen if he or she does not win?
    Regardless of who wins, there will be controversy and some degree of unrest.
    5. What did you do to prep this week?

    This week:

    😊 We celebrated our thirty-seventh anniversary this week.

    -My fourteen-year-old dog died. It’s such a loss to our family. I know she was old, but I still can’t believe she’s gone.
    -Cleaned out two henhouses.
    -Ordered some antibiotics for the fish and birds.

    -Lettuces and spinach are growing well. Cabbage is just beginning to germinate.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: bleach, dishwasher detergent, ketchup, water, spices, TP, milk (On sale. Going in the freezer.), diapers for the grands, sugar, brown sugar, scrub pads, vinegar, frozen OJ, powdered milk, melatonin, elderberry supplements, canned tomato products, water filter and replacement cartridges,

    -Did more cleaning and organizing of supply closet.
    -The company that DH works for had a company-wide live internet broadcast this week. They told each local office to prepare to work with a “skeleton crew” due to COVID-19. DH said that workers are planning to quarantine in the local office and will only leave for an emergency call. (He works for a natural gas utility.)

    -Got two books I ordered; The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide by Alton and Alton, and The Faithful Prepper by Tate. I can’t wait to read them more fully.

    Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    1. PG, congrats on your 37th anniversary.

      Sorry for your loss of your puppy. My puppy says hugs and kisses. 14 sounds like a good long life for a bigger dog. I know how hard it is losing any family member. They are all one of a kind.

  2. This Week’s Questions

    1. At what age did you first learn how to use firearms or teach your children – grandchildren to use them? Children started at 6, grand children at 5.
    2. How do you respond to all of the non-medical questions asked at doctor’s appointments? I usually respond with something like “would you like to see it (reaching behind my hip) when asked about firearms.
    3. Who do you think will win the White House in 2020 and why? I think, given the options, Trump will win.
    4. What do you think will happen if he or she does not win? Snowflakes in the oven…
    5. What did you do to prep this week? Since you asked…

    The Plan: More food into the larder, buckets of supplies filled/labeled/stored, OTC meds sorted and stored, water storage prepped; ammo and weapons prepositioned; fuel reserves stationed; money policies in place (cash on hand, bills paid, maintain liquidity; look for financial opportunities); shelter secured; self-induced stress minimized (eye’s and ear’s open). We are in a low-stress mode because of the things we have done in the past are fitting in nicely with what’s coming.

    I did our normal EOM/1stOM shopping (done on the 27th of Feb). Deepened the larder, nothing special.

    Our current dog food delivery schedule has us with a 6-week reserve. We just bumped that up so we will have a 12-week reserve.

    I am finding a shortened supply of Isopropyl Alcohol, and hand sanitizer. Most foods are okay (even some items we use/store are on sale). When I went to the “big town stores” I found the shelves were out of 25# bags of beans, all types (interesting).

    Case lot sale at the grocery. Pre-ordered a case of 15 oz. peanut butter (12) and 2 cases of facial tissue (48).

    I saw my 1st instance of a white couple wearing a paper (not N95) masks at Wal-Mart. Interesting.

    DW’s new (Xmas) tablet stopped charging. E-mailed the company and they gave me some suggested fixes. They didn’t work, so they are sending a return sticker for it. Great, because if I try to self-quarantine my DW without her books — well, it’s just not going to go well.

    I ordered new glasses from Zenni Optical. The price has gone up since I last ordered, but it only took ten days to get them in.

    Supply Run(s): Ammo; rice; instant coffee; canned chicken; Turkey SPAM; Bear Creek Soup mix; distilled water; bottled water; Allertec OTC; farina; lids; coffee k-cups (free promo); isopropyl alcohol; paint & dust mask; spare filters; T-50 staples; 8-qt stock pot (top for distilled water setup); aspirin; D & AAA batteries; olive oil; table salt; Electrolyte powder (Propel); bay leaves; paper dust masks (50); canned chili, canned beans; ground coffee (48 oz); facial tissues;

    Received: NATO 40mm mask filters; SGE 400/3 full-face gas mask; FD Applesauce; FD Marinara sauce; front shotgun sling mount; single AR magazine holders; dog food; clear lens glasses; Dinner Skinner from Brad; Battery organizer w/tester; Electrolyte packets (30); Calcium Hypochlorite “Ca(OCI2)”;

  3. Tara, to your questions,
    1 Because we live in a Liberal area, Western Washington, we don’t talk about guns, but our son was 15, and his dad took him out to the range, they had a ( blast) no pun intended but I felt this was a good age for our son.

    2. Because our kids didn’t know about owning guns, they never lied to the nurse, or Doctors, about this issue, each family has to decide which way to handle this topic.

    3. You’d hope President Trump, but only GOD, knows.

    We did do a Costco, run before it got out of hand in Washington state, Pikes place is a ghost town now, we went in January, it was fun. My kids wash their hands, I keep my house clean I spray once a week Lysol on all door handles and light switches, and keep the kitchen clean, I wash one load of laundry a day, just my every day routine I buy the same item’s each pay period, unless I see a great deal or close out, I’m not going overboard with shopping. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend…

  4. At what age did you first learn how to use firearms or teach your children – grandchildren to use them? I first learned to shoot at the age of 8 and had my own rifle at 10 (a 22). When my daughter was born I was stationed in Japan with no opportunity to shoot or teach her. When I retired I was too busy to shoot or teach anyone since I worked hard to make a living. When my daughter married a Navy man and they were leaving for California I took them out, taught her to load, shoot and clean a Camp Pistol in .22 and gave her 500 rounds. I gave him a .38 revolver that was easily concealable and two boxes of ammo. I wanted them to be well prepared for the 3 drive cross country drive. I have his 10mm locked in my gunsafe until his return since the 15 round magazine isn’t California friends.y
    How do you respond to all of the non-medical questions asked at doctor’s appointments? Just like my medical information I tell them only what I want them to know. The answer to do I have guns, nope not a one.
    Who do you think will win the White House in 2020 and why? President Trump will still be in the White House after the election.
    What do you think will happen if he or she does not win? Won’t tell you what I don’t want you to know.
    What did you do to prep this week? More TP off of Amazon. More elderberry gummies from the same. More back up dog food for the larder. More of everything else we may need.


  5. At what age did you first learn how to use firearms or teach your children – grandchildren to use them? My dad showed my how to shoot a .410 when I was 10.

    How do you respond to all of the non-medical questions asked at doctor’s appointments? I haven’t been ask any.

    Who do you think will win the White House in 2020 and why? Well, last time I was sure Hillary was going to win so I don’t want to be wrong this time but Trump is the favorite, not with many people, this time.

    What do you think will happen if he or she does not win? We are preppers because we fear the worse so if Trump does not win the word apocalypse comes to mind.

    What did you do to prep this week? I have been working the UPS drivers overtime. I received a grafting kit, seasoning bases and textured protein bits, freeze dried mushrooms. Sprouting seeds, powered chlorine, water filter cartridges, and my new Excalibur dehydrator. I also bought more basic foods from the local discount grocery, Walmart is perpetually sold out of those.

    I told my wife about the Prepper Champ and she thought that would make a great vacation. We haven’t had a vacation in five years. She wants to start traveling so we are looking at small travel trailers. Unfortunately for now I am having trouble buying tickets, I even tried using another computer but i still get a message the PayPal is having trouble and to try later. I sent an e-mail to the host and they said they would get back to me.

    I got my son in law to come over and put my new hybrid water heater into the side rooms where I am installing it. He brought his brother with him. Good thing he did, that thing is heavy. The hardest part was lifting it up to slide the aluminum drain pan under it. Today’s task will be running the wiring and plumbing it in. It was too big to go where the old one is so that is why I am putting it in another area. the old one is 20 years old so it is on borrowed time. Nice to put in a new heater without being out of hot water. I will just cut the power and shut the valves to it and save it in case something happens to the new one.

  6. I did my low-carb grocery shopping this week. Added more to my stash than usual. Did some weekly cooking.

    #1 daughter had some outpatient surgery this week to repair a defect in her uterus that might have been causing her miscarriages by not allowing the eggs to implant properly. Time will tell. She was up and about later in the day and the next day went on a military trip to Langley AFB, VA for five days (doctor approved). Thursday was her travel day and spent a fair amount of time wandering around Washington DC playing tourist. Very few people out and about at the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, and other places.

    Central Florida had several 90-degree days this week. That is a bit warmer than normal for early March. However, there is a cold front coming in now and that means daytime temps in the low 60s.

    I’ve been watching some of the live streams out there. Michael Yon calls this “World War Virus.” He’s still pushing prepping quite hard. He also wonders if the Pope may be infected as he has been publicly ill, and now is cancelling all of his events. However, the Vatican is being cagy about what he is sick with. One source says he just has a dose of the common cold and has been tested for Kung flu, which was negative. Time will tell.

    Just got back from another trip to my local Publix. No hand purifier or rubbing alcohol in stock again. I spoke with a manager and he said they were only partially re-stocked the other day and were supposed to get another partial re-stock probably tomorrow. He said the stuff is getting harder to get even with Publix’s buying strength. Everything else I wanted or thought to simply look for was all in stock just fine, including TP and water.
    Over the past month with the Kung flu looming over us, I think I’ve managed to add about another month’s worth of food to my stash. That gives me well over seven-months, probably closer to nine-months’ worth of chow. I’m running tight for storage considering the non-food items I’ve got stuck away.

    My SIL reported that Granddaughter spiked a low-grade fever last night and wanted to sleep in his bed with him because there were “mean monsters” in her room. When she woke up, all happy and perky, she went into her room and came out saying the “mean monsters are all gone, only happy creatures are in there now.” What a kid. 😊

    Tara’s questions:

    1. At what age did you first learn how to use firearms or teach your children – grandchildren to use them?
    Well, I started handling firearms (unloaded) about five years old. My dad and mom worked on safety with me. It was uncommon for a woman to teach firearms safety back then, but mom had been a Detroit cop, so she knew. I first shot a gun (a .22 rifle) when I was about 10. I was a city boy, so there was no real rush in those days. But by then, I knew how to field strip an M-1 Garand, an old French M-16 bolt action carbine (from WWI), and a Mauser 98K. BTW, to this day I have never gotten M-1 Thumb and I shot one in competition while in the Air Guard. Dad was a good teacher about that.

    I started my kids with gun handling about three or so. They helped me clean my police firearms and learned safety at the same time. All of them got to shoot for the first time about four. I ran my department’s range, so they had easy access. Granddaughter (3 years old) owns a .22 Crickett rifle, which she has not shot yet (probably next year, not quite physically big enough). She has handled and helped clean my pistols and rifles and received safety training at the same time. I think letting kids help with the weapon maintenance is a great way to help teach safe handling.

    2. How do you respond to all of the non-medical questions asked at doctor’s appointments?

    I tell them I know there are certain questions that the American Medical Association says they are supposed to ask, but I am not going to answer them. I don’t and they don’t try to force the issue. I had a shrink at the VA who was a retired Navy captain medical officer. His last assignment was as the senior shrink for the West Coast SEAL teams. He went shooting with them all of the time and had a carry permit. So, we often talked guns more than shrink stuff.

    3. Who do you think will win the White House in 2020 and why?

    I think Trump will be re-elected. Assuming that is, he doesn’t die from Kung flu. There are no other candidates out there worthy of the job, even though he is being weak on Kung flu enforcement and control.

    4. What do you think will happen if he or she does not win?

    If one of the socialists/communists gets elected, just look at Venezuela for your answer. Or, I can hook you up with my Ex and she can explain what life under communism is like from personal experience. It’s funny listening to her go on a bi-lingual rant against Bernie Sanders (in particular).

    5. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

  7. (1) I was a teen when I first shot a long gun…handguns came later.
    (2) Don’t go to doctors much and haven’t been asked those types of questions.
    (3) Trump
    (4) Civil unrest either way
    (5) continued my typical homestead activities…picking fruit and tending to critters…quilting… nothing too spectacular to report.

    1. If people who can report things ask if I have any guns ,I say we don`t like guns we like ice cream.
      That usally stops the conversation.

  8. Hi Everyone,

    Thank the Lord.. The sun is shining today.. Got some mayocoba beans and ham cooking in the solar oven, second try. Got them started earlier, so maybe they will be done this afternoon. Been wet and dreary the rest of the week, and oh, those tornadoes… Sad for the lives lost. EF 4 in Putnam County. More rain coming Monday for a few days. Pretty soggy around here.

    Planted elderberry bushes.

    Bought another sign…

    More TP from Aldi.. Gonna try out the “Scott” type brand.

    Bought some distilled water to replace the ones I will be using to make up some more CS.

    For a treat, I saw WM had some lemon Kit Kats, so I bought a bag to try. They are really good. Was going to buy some Emergen-C chewables, but read the ingredients, and saw they had a few extra that weren’t necessary. I called the company to ask where the Acsorbic acid was sourced from: CS agent – “Good question, let me ask” Me -“Ok”, silence for a couple minutes, CS agent – Started reading a statement from the company, mentioned that they source their ingredients “globally” from reputable sources, Me – “So you can’t tell me where it comes from, or if it comes from the US”, CS agent – “No”, Me – “That is sad. Thank you”, hung up… So, I checked the ingredients on Airborne, and went with them. It has zinc and some other good vitamins in there. Looked for Vit K2, but they didn’t have it. Most of the Vit C was gone off the shelves, no matter what type or brand. I also bought the last Tea Tree Oil bottle.

    Ordered Young Living essential oils – Frankincense, Thieves, Clove, ginger cough drops.

    There is no hand sanitizer where I live. Kroger, WM, CVS, Lowe’s, Walgreen’s, Aldi, all sold out. WM sold out of 91% alcohol too. Clorox wipes sold out at Lowe’s. Didn’t check WM. They were restocking the bleach section when I was there, about midday yesterday. No one panic buying and not that many people.

    Had heart tests done. Won’t know he results until the 24th when I go back to the Dr. One test, even though the nurse is not allowed to say anything, she said it looked good. I figure if there was anything that needed immediate attention, they would have kept me there.

    Have been trying to keep up with all the videos and news this week, but haven’t been able to. This evening will work on that.

    Tara’s questions:

    At what age did you first learn how to use firearms or teach your children – grandchildren to use them? Me – 2014, and only my one firearm. Still not comfortable with them. No grandchildren.

    How do you respond to all of the non-medical questions asked at doctor’s appointments? Haven’t been asked, but will tell them MYOB.

    Who do you think will win the White House in 2020 and why? Praying the Trump wins.

    What do you think will happen if he or she does not win? Will be a different country, for the worse, if the other side wins. We also need to take back the House, and keep the Senate.

    Prayers for the pack, for unspoken requests, for The President and for America.

    Have a great week everyone.

      1. I just dug my hole twice the size of the root ball, I probably added worm juice and covered them, they are starting to bud for this year’s crop.

      2. PG,

        I got cuttings. They are about 8″ long. The instructions said to plant 2″ in the dirt, spacing 8′ -12′ apart. I dug a hole with the post hole digger using the digger diameter for the size. I’ve been having to cover them up with the hard freezes we’ve been having, so if they have any new leaves on them, you might want to wait until the night time temps are staying about freezing.

  9. Yes I shoot, No I don’t give up information to providers.

    What is on my mind at the moment is being seen from our front row seat on Covid19.

    I have received notice from Sutter Medical that they are cancelling my appointment mid month and giving me a video appointment instead. i am considered a high risk patient and I am older.

    I received a call from the rehab unit (Sutter) telling that rehabbing my knee is off until at least mid April, they also don’t want me exposed.

    Reno got it’s first Covid patent this week.The patient is off the Mexican Cruise ship now floating around SF Bay with 19 crew members and 2 guests infected. Coast Guard is ferrying supplies and test kits to them. Eventually they will find land based facilities to isolate them. My daughter has friends on that boat. Will be interesting to see the updates.

    One guest off that ship died at a hospital in the Sacramento area. The police are blocking entrance and exit out of his neighborhood with a helicopter flying over telling people to stay inside for the next 14 days at least……hope they have food…….

    If you are yet to have this virus anywhere near you and you do not have shelf stable food, cleaning supplies, toilet paper and otc meds, get them now. Costco in Nor Cal is out of toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning supplies. Walmart and Amazon are already in trouble with the State of California for boosting prices on cleaning supplies and other items. Walmart’s 2 day delivery service website is pretty much down. People are fighting over Toilet paper, Kleenex and such and the police are being called to Costcos.

    If you need fragile foods, green vegies, fruit etc, get it now, take it home put a few drops of bleach in a dishpan of cold water and soak it and put it away. If you are heavy egg users buy now, cheese the same way. You do not want to be in a position to have to choose whether you need something you eat regularly or risk dying. Hate to be that adamant, but people are panicking, panic early!

    The CDC is meeting this for as long as possible on a two fold basis. One getting a vaccine and/or other treatments and trying to isolate groups and areas for as long as they can. Can you just imagine when the trucks full of supplies stop rolling? they can.

    Sutter is sending employees home that have been exposed to the virus, Facebook is having their folks work from home, Lyft is doing the same, schools are beginning to close as are some small businesses, events are being cancelled. I could list them for you, but hope you are reading up for yourselves. Austin Texas is one place that has cancelled an event. Pro basketball is making plans to pay their games sans a crowd…..

    We have gone to extraordinary lengths to protect out employees using a combination of methods, Locking the front gate, fumigating the mail – burning advertisements and waiting 5 days to open everything else. Advising our employees to not use the ATM, cash is dirty, use what they have in their safes that has been in there since before this started. We are arranging living quarters and isolating groups at two locations so that we know they are well and can continue to work as they wish.
    We run a security company, The CDC wanted a list of all of our customers, while the lawyers talk about that, I have been calling the customers to give them a head’s up. The surprise is that so many of them have not given a serious thought to a business continuation plan…..when they ask what I think they should do? I told them to contact their attorneys as if they force their employees to work and they get sick? They are going to be spending a lot of time in court fighting lawsuits.

    I am going to link some utubes and a website that may help you understand. Two relate to the virus, the link relates to the best cleaning supplies to buy.




    Prepare People and Pray for those caught up in this.

    1. Worrisome glad to hear from you. I have missed your posts. I’ll be reviewing your information over the next couple days. Things are happening quickly.

    2. Worrisome,
      Good to hear from you and get your input.
      One of the cases in Tn, Shelby co. is in “Baptist East” hospital. One of our friends was supposed to go to rehab and be moved from that hospital tomoro, they moved them last night. Was related to another patients admission…
      Have made what purchases we can. We are almost ready t o pull “the gates shut..” thankfully everything is well away from us at present. they will not tell anyone where the case in Shelby co traveled but it was in the states. One in Franklin went to Boston… and became ill..
      We are minimizing contacts. have been for several months except for worship services .. We are both using antivirals routinely…with health issues already do not need any more problems.
      My preps this week centered around topping off cleaning and cold remedies. ibuprophen. started another batch of sweetgum tincture.. filtered the older batches , up that were finished.. If anyone needs supplements check Dollar general.. they had a fair stock of several common needs today. The store looked like a whirlwind had caught it. Tp was down to 1/4 supply, laundry detergent , other paper products were also down. Had someone stocking and trying to build an endcap display and items kept disappearing off it. store was not that busy…steady. not overwhelmed.

  10. Pulling more items from storage – things like as much of the food, empty jars and tp that I can reach. Hoping to pick up chicken at the store to can and while there check on the beef prices.
    Went to Wal-Mart to get jars $120 later I had 5 dozen jars, Velveeta, canned cat food, contact solution and items for the house.
    One thing about moving is that as I unpack boxes I keep finding things I forgot about – things like flashlights and hand sanitizer.
    My dad had both a hand gun and a rifle but I was never particularly interested in them.
    Questionnaires at doctors offices and hospitals are terrible. Questions like are you more tired than normal, are you sleeping more can indicate a number of issues besides mental health. In my case I was anemic which made me tired and I wanted to sleep more. Or how about the one on if you ever have an alcoholic drink. It seems if you are honest and say an occasional drink they think you drink regularly and probably to excess. I learned quickly to tell them only the things they absolutely needed to know and the rest is none of their business.

  11. I ordered a few things from Amazon–Gatorade powder and OTC medications. We’ve stayed home the whole week–if I haven’t gotten my weeks messed up. I work from home and dh is retired, so that’s easy. We have enough toilet paper to last us for a year. We’ve stocked up on paper products, cleaning products, food, medicines, etc. We are ready. We are just waiting for the Wu Flu to hit the exponential growth upswing. Given the lack of test kits, the number of new cases is probably already growing exponentially. I am wu’ed out.

    Tara’s questions: My brother had a pellet gun. He shot me in the leg. My sister used a knife to get the pellet out before mom got home. (Brother was holding me down.) He was 12 then. (I was 8.) He got a shotgun the following year. I had no interest in guns until I started prepping. (My dh had guns but I had no interest.) I took a woman only gun class. Now I enjoy shooting.

    It’s illegal in the state of Florida for medical professionals to ask about guns. Our primary care physician is one of dh’s friends. He’s part of a man group that meets on Saturday mornings. There is one liberal guy who shows up and talks about the need for gun control. Everyone just kinds of rolls their eyes. The vibe is “do not engage”. They just change the subject. The guy seems to think everyone in the group thinks the same way he does. Wouldn’t he be surprised to learn how many of the guys carry concealed.

    1. Bam Bam,

      All of my doctors, and staff, know I carry a gun. Even my VA docs know despite not being allowed to carry any weapons in a VA facility. I don’t bother removing my pistol holster. None of them seem to care if I pack heat or not.

      It may be against the law in Florida, but that doesn’t apply to the VA as they are federal facilities with their own police department. I was asked once many years ago in a VA facility, and never since.

  12. I haven’t been to a doctor for more than 15 years, so their questions are moot. That time it was a paper-cutter accident so I went to urgent care and then right back home. Before that I was about 20.

    The whole CV thing became more real this morning, when I got a business call from a panicked 90 year old man who only received part of the order of medications he was expecting. If you have medical needs, I hope you’re stocked up, because India and China are both banning exports of medicines and base components for those medicines. Trump’s fault, of course. SMH

    Dad and I have talked about it. Neither of us have medical problems that would put us in the “at risk” population (although Dad is over 70) so we’re just playing it by ear at this point. Careful about decontamination, avoiding contact with people outside of the home, washing hands regularly. We do have masks if we feel that becomes necessary (and no, I didn’t buy them within the last month). No medications either, although I have a stock of those he was taking before we weaned him off them.

    What gets me is the number of people saying it will never affect them. Even if the death rate is in reality only 1%, that’s one out of every 100 people dead. If it really takes off, which is very likely, everyone will know someone who died from this.

  13. Hello everyone-
    Sharing some responses and thoughts.
    A new patient software used around here requires a photo to continue processing a patient in order to check-in for appointment or admittance. Our work around is to refuse and have the receptionist take a picture of a piece of paper stating patient refuses. A picture has to be taken or the software will not advance.

    I am not sharing private info. This started back in 1988 when the hospital wanted to know the ethnicity of the baby. Since much of my family arrived prior to the revolution it is impossible to tell. Nor do I discuss guns, vehicles, education level or income level.

    My boys are ready as can be for a work disruption. Extra diapers on hand. 3 month supply of necessities. Limiting exposure as much as possible. DIL is now working from home. Report from FL is Publix is wiping everything down at checkout between customers, Report from Front Range is mass amount of cars in parking lot at Costco. Both are glad I sounded the alarm back in January. Both limiting exposure as much as possible. However one is in the service industry.

    The girls are another matter. One can only pray at this point,

    I have not been to a grocery store in 2 weeks. There is a person in our town that thinks she could have it, but can’t be tested because of the criteria. She is not self isolating. She does not understand my unwillingness to socialize. We may be left with a world of introverts.

    Finally, our first female president could very well be Nancy Pelosi. Neither Trump nor Pence have been in isolation, Of course Pelosi could have been exposed due to the AIPAC conference in D.C. This is not far-fetched and is happening in other countries.

    Stay safe everyone and prayers for all.

    1. AT,

      As I posted above, Michael Yon (a famous Iraq and Afghanistan war correspondent, cannibal hunter, and Floridian), says this Kung flu is World War Virus.

      Yon has streaming videos daily on Facebook and YouTube from his current home in Thailand. He’s an ex-Green Beret too.

  14. Pray for the hundreds of people doomsday prepping at Costco, and still eating the little food samples sitting out for everyone to touch. 🙂

  15. Well Tribe we are in the book of Matthew 24 now. Described as what follows as the worst time the world has ever known. There is a way around all of this; if we confess our sins and repent, never to go back to our old ways.
    Well there was the answer.

    Prepper Grammy, so sorry for your loss, I have a 15 year dog friend, whose face has turned white, she barely can get on the foot of the bed at nite. I hate the day when I loose Maggie; I feel your pain.
    Tara’s questions:
    1. When I was 8, i got a Daisey Air Rifle for my birthday., thought i was all grownup. Loved it.
    2. I have not been to a doctor in over ten years, no meds, sooo, the last time i went, there were no unusual questions, which are non of their business.
    3. Trump, i pray he is reelected.
    4. We will all watch this country go down the tube, if we do not have a president with Godly leading.

    This week went really fast, Walmart had no bags of rice, I got the last 6 pounds of beans though. Stocked up a little more, yes I cleaned the handle on my cart with 5 wipes before I touched it. Bought extra boots and bleach too. More OTC drugs.
    Hung more grow lites and tomatoes have 7 leaves on them, some potatoes are up plus salad greens. Horseradish is 12″ in pots plus rows outside too. Fixing a cold frame for cabbages, eggs in incubator ready to hatch tomorrow and more eggs saved to set in incubator on Monday. I am considering hydroponics. Need more PVC pipe and elbows, deciding whether to set up livestock tank dug down in the ground to keep fish warm and circulating water from fish and plants up into planted PVC pipes and circulating back to tank, with the help of my smallest solar set up. This could be easy way to keep salad greens year round and some Blue Gill growing for the pond and food. I see next project on the horizon.
    Just heard 1st chick peeping out in the incubator. Wonder if it is out of shell yet? Better close here and turn on heat bulb and get everything warmed up for chicks.
    Never stop prepping your life could depend on it.
    Pray like it matters, it does.

  16. Tara’s questions:
    1) Learn to respect guns, but did not really use one or learn how until dh took me shooting. I use a pellet rifle around here, but need to attend a class for firearms.
    2)Medical questions- NONE of your D**m business, has nothing to do with my health.
    3)Whitehouse next president. It will depend on what happens in the next few months because of this virus which is attacking our nation and those who reside here. A lot of accusations will be tossed at both sides over this medical dilemma. Would like to see the current C& C retain that office for the nations sanity and health.
    4) Comes under #3. At least his president moved faster to contain this health issue, where the past one waited. We are short on medical supplies at the CDC do to past budget cuts under the BO administration from what I have gathered. If HE does not win we are looking at a socialized government, on the fringes of Venezuela started at before the major slide into anarchy.

    5)We are staying home away from businesses, only exception will be medical appts. Dh has eye appt and I go to the dentist, other than that we are pulling up the draw bridge to stay home.

  17. HI ALL ,,,,,weekend again ,much going on,,,first off DD lives in Cookeville. She and SIL and kids are ok ,her house has roof damage but still liveable ,blue tarp time ,the tornado missed them by feet ,,, but the family that was killed DH,DW ,little boy were friends , and neighbors , went to church with them ,

    Preps this week , went to town at odd hours to top off some things ,from the looks of things this could last some time , from info I’m seeing well in to summer ,I expect to lock down till June ,was looking at moving this summer ? ??????

    It’s up close and personal , the folks next ranch over may have it ,were exposed two weeks ago at the care center in Kirkland by a family member and are now very sick yet will not get tested and are out and going to church , and shopping. ,,,,
    We have a mile of open ground between us , What can you say ???????

    Heard of a person testing pos from a package from Amazon ,package came through the post office ,person was a shut in living alone ,prime package came through the post office. We Have a report of the. PO distribution center closed for cleaning do to a pos test of a employee here last week
    Keeping close eye on things ,hard to understand the denial in folks ,don’t like what your telling me so it just can’t be,

    Chickens are laying , cherrys are budding ,spring is coming ,
    Tea and chocolate

      1. Grammy ,,,,,,,stuff and more. Stuff !!! As the years fly by what you remember is people ,stuff a little but because of the people that it came from ,,

    1. Up date,,,,,,,oregon gov just called a state of emergency with 7 cases
      Saw a thing about disease transmission on packages from prime , and post office. Was on a TV news report ,,, not good,,,went back to report and was taken down ,,, had link ,came up not available
      Problem was not just outside of package but stuff inside as well ,,out side was cleaner than what was inside ,
      My thought is maybe not so good a idea to have home shipping and what are you going to do when the trucks stop running?
      Peak prosperity had a good post today about exponential growth of cases , and how long to expect things on you tube
      Gives new meaning to home sweet home don’t you think.
      Tara’s question had a bb gun at 5 , My kids started with a 22 at 5 ,moved up to ruger miny 14 as soon as were big enough to handle one that was cut down to fit them , but we lived in the Alaska bush
      I still have a 44mag hand gun I worked for all summer ,walked in the hardware store and plunked my money down and walked out with it,,,,i was 14 at the time ,took it to school to show it to teacher ,he and I took it out at lunch time and shot it in the back of the playground ,,,,,,times have changed ,,,,

  18. Gabbed some paper products Saturday night at Costco, to top off. The $10 and $15 25# bags of rice are out, and the $22 Jasmine rice they have out is about ¼ of what they would normally stock. TP was severely depleted as was facial tissue; bottled water stockage was fine. This was at closing time so things may be different on Sunday.

    1. At what age did you first learn how to use firearms or teach your children – grandchildren to use them? My dad was military, and we always had firearms in the house. But we were taught never to touch them. So we didnt. I first held an M16 at age 17, but never learned to shoot til i was 45, and that was a black powder rifle. Now i have had a couple classes and am learning more. The children have always been around firearms and have been taught to use them safely. I just found out my middle child is learning to hunt w her hubby!
      How do you respond to all of the non-medical questions asked at doctor’s appointments?
      Refuse to answer. I tell them no.
      Who do you think will win the White House in 2020 and why? Have an idea, but we shall see. Its getting crazy out there, and i dont want to jinx it!
      What do you think will happen if he or she does not win? She? There better not be a she in this race!
      What did you do to prep this week? Pruning the orchard, a multi day job. Then tackling the asparagus and blackberries.

  19. The Doctor questions, about guns I believe are for parents with young children, my doctor, hasn’t asked hubby or me, about guns. It’s to see who’s children, could have access to guns, still it’s an over reach, and very personal.

  20. PS, Costco in Knoxville was completely out of TP last week. I told hubby, worse come to worse, I’m making family cloth. He says whats that, so i told him and he said GROSS! Guess what- the next step is leaves!

    1. BC,

      The Ex said they were tickled pink to have newspaper when she was growing up in Cuba. They did have some family cloth for the womenfolk to use after a #1 session, but newspaper or leaves otherwise.

      Now, she has bidets and plenty of TP. However, our daughters and her are making some flannel family cloth for the womenfolk just in case. #1 daughter says she will provide a small supply for me in case Granddaughter needs it should things get bad.

  21. Disinfectants
    1cup bleach to 1 gal water
    Booze must be 60% alcohol for sterilization. Get some
    100%grain alcohol
    If bleach is out at store go to ace hardware, or pool supply
    Stores and get swimming pool bleach/ chlorine and dilute
    For disinfectant

  22. 531 infected 21 dead… It was only 71 infected 1 dead last Saturday……

    Bonus question…

    What will it look like in 30 or 60 days? God help us..

    1. Today is the 13th and those numbers have more than doubled and today the president declared it a national emergency.

    1. If we were blessed and exponential growth happened to be a doubling every 6 days. .the covid19 tested positive cases could fill every bed in the nations hospitals by the first week of May.
      If testing is agreassivly moved forward…

  23. The Oracle of Truth spake unto the common people: “Fear not! There will be no pestilence in the land and no shortages.” And behold the common people rejoiced, planned their Spring Break, vacations, business conferences, and cruises. Ten days later, The Oracle of Truth spoke again: “There is pestilence in the land and shortages. But fear not, those appointed over you are in control!” And behold it was so. No hand sanitizer or Isopropyl alcohol, no dried beans or lentils or rice, no bottled water (though it runs through the streets) and lo, no toilet paper (as predicted by Johnny Carson in the 1960’s). The people cried out to their leaders, there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth (at least in the Wal-Mart in Helena, MT on Sunday evening). “How could this be so? It must be the fault of ***** (blank left for you to fill in).”

    What words of wisdom will come from The Oracle of Truth in the next ten days?

      1. There’s enough “doom” out there to go around several times. Someone needs to lighten things up. Glad I could do my part.

      1. Thanks.

        It’s nice to be in a position to “watch the show”, as people run around with their pants on fire (POF mode).

    1. JPinMT
      ROWL…you are such a sweet talker. Do not let Mrs. JP find out, heard cast iron frying skillets are on sale dirt cheap this week.
      You both stay safe & healthy up there.

      1. Antique Collector:

        Thanks, the DW is very happy about our preparedness potion. Both with stuff and cash. We are as ready for something like this as we can be at our current location.

        My hope for those out there that are in denial or disbelief mode is that: Yes, this can happen and you can do something now to mitigate future problems. Most will “survive” this crisis, then go back to the old way of doing things, which is sad.

    2. JP,

      It finally got up your way! Can’t wait to see what the Oracle of Truth will have to say… Thanks for the laugh.

  24. I have said from the beginning of this virus that the virus may not be a big deal– but– the economic impact will be HUGE!
    Are you paying attention??

    1. I think I can make back everything that we’ve lost in our 401K by selling TP and hand sanitizer. Both are fully stocked in my local Kroger. 😊 (I’m joking.) The financial hit is awful and will get worse.

  25. I think we all have a GOLD mine…


    Other news:
    We only have 165 test kits here in TN!!!!! This is insane. A lady in Nashville begging to be tested because she has been sick for 5 days, saying it’s not like the flu, saying it’s in her respiratory tract, she is in a hospital, and had called the State Health Dept, CDC and 2 hospitals and they won’t test her. A Doctor, in his 30’s, perfectly healthy, I think from NY, is in serious condition, said he doesn’t know how long he’ll be around, has pneumonia in one lung already. I heard a 7 yr old has tested positive. Another story on the national news, from the nursing homes in WA, stated that the people were perfectly fine one minute, and in an hour were carting them off to the hospital in serious condition.

    This is what we are dealing with. We are on our own people. Italy, the entire country, is on lock down.

    Glad we prep. Be careful out there everyone.

    1. My state, NM only got 165 test kits also. Several have been tested here but results are all negatives so far.

    2. OMG!!! That video was hilarious!!! I laughed and laughed until I couldn’t breathe! Hubby had to come check on me and find out WHAT was so funny!! I loved it! You made my whole day!! Yes, we do have a gold mine here! Trouble is, that $20 aint gonna be worth nothing in short order!

      1. That was funny. At $20 a pop I’d have lots of green paper. Those little swatches of green paper are too small for papering the wall. So what do I do with them?

  26. The John Hopkins data site to which Bam Bam gave us a link weeks ago has changed how it is reporting its data. Instead of listing the county, the data is just the number of confirmed cases for the entire state. Does anyone know why it was changed? HIPPA Privacy? I do not like the new format.


    1. I heard that this evening. The local news anchor said that it was too easy to track people back to their county if the county was small.

      Gonna make it harder to be “on guard” more than we already are without knowing what counties are affected. Everyone will need to be considered infected especially since there are no symptoms when people are contagious before they actually have symptoms. And they are refusing to acknowledge that fact. None of us will know if we have it until there are symptoms. It’s a catch 22 and Russian Roulette to have to go somewhere that we have to go.

      Heard they were calling in all the paper money from Asian countries. Not sure how all that works… Do I hear a “paperless” society coming?

      1. This could very well be the impetus to go cashless.
        Husbands Dr changed his prescriptions today to 90 days from 30 days so we can go out less. By the time we drove an hour home I had text messages from the pharmacy. One ready and one with and one with a insurance issue. Lol. I just picked up one 4 days ago. But this pharmacy is great at moving it along. They’ve helped me get a while ahead on my prescription.
        His Dr said this is scarry. Stay home all you can.

    2. Heliotrope05,

      Shouldn’t be a HIPPA issue at all. As long as the ubiquitous “they” are not using names or other individual identifying data, if they claim HIPPA prevents them from releasing simple numbers, they are lying. Simple statistics are not prohibited from release by HIPPA or the Privacy Act as long as patient names, addresses, etc, are not part of the information release. And even then, that personal data is releasable to certain agencies under certain circumstances. The media, as much as they like to think otherwise, are not one of those agencies.

      Personally I am very frustrated by the lack of data being released. I don’t feel I have what I need to fully plan my actions to this mess.

    3. Heliotrope05:

      BNO News also has updated numbers in a different format. They also have a date-line of when new cases are reported, by country and state.

    4. I checked the BNO News site, and the old Johns Hopkins was a whole lot easier to read and know what county the cases were in. I don’t think knowing what county the cases are in is a HIPAA violation either. If South Korea can test over 80,000 people, have drive up rapid testing, why can’t we? Beyond incomprehensible IMO. They, including the CDC, don’t want us to know.

  27. Wow. Sounds like the liberal lunacy has landed in Ohio.

    Alabama ain’t there yet.

    I love my doctor. Never had any such questions asked. Eould give them a Yara answer, if they did. Oh, I’d do it with southern style, but the outcome would be the same.

    I think no matter who “wins” in 2020, all hell is going to break loose.

    Have been busy home canning meats. got some good prices, lately. Bees becoming more active. Time to start spring hatches with chickens, and start spring gardens.

    Watching Covid-19 closely, now with Covid-2, it’s mutated form, far more deadly.

    Keeping up with MeWe site. We are doing well. Some amazing talent. Relationships formed. People in generally same areas connected. That’s the whole point, right?!

    Preparing for worst. Hoping for best. It’s all good!

  28. Well, we are finally getting credit for a COVID-19 case in Montana. Now just because she in in Maryland and has not been in Montana since November gives me pause to believe these “origin” reports. But, it’s not at my house, which is what I really care about.

  29. Thor’s questions:
    1. Is TP more important than food? Nope. Nice to have tho for after effects of eating food.
    2. Is TP worth your life? Nope.
    3. How much TP do you have? Enough.
    4. Do you think we will have forced vaccinations? Probably not; I’ll be unavailable if they try it.
    5. Do you think there will be medical martial law? Possibly if very high infection rate; lefty states might try.
    6. Do you think there will be mandatory home quarantines for all? Like Italy’s closures? I doubt it.


    A friend of a friend from the Pentagon and the CDC has told me that in 48 hours to the next 2 weeks will be a full lockdown of the USA, I do not say this lightly. Get your final preps tomorrow,…..

    Love y’all, please believe me and get ready…….

    Retired extremely dangerous…..😎

    1. Thor1
      Thanks, will get the stuff together, not that it is not already there. Will pass it on to others-family.

    2. Thanks for the heads up. Planned to picked up some things at a hardware store tomorrow. Maybe 2 gallons of milk also. Have dr appointments Monday. If we’re still getting around I plan to pick up 7 plastic 30 gallon barrels and 2 metal 55 gallon drums after the Dr. Then stay home and work on stuff.
      My state has 6 confirmed cases with close to 100 tested. All were travel related. 2 to NY City and 2 to Egypt and 2 elsewhere. No community spread seen yet. Half of the state lives in one city or area around it. I live around an hour away in village with perhaps 200 if you count horses too. Always plenty to do here. Nearly 50 tomatoes broke ground 2 days ago. I’m busy starting this years garden. Living in high mountain desert at 6300 ft elevaion is an adventure. Spring arrives on its schedual, not mine. I won’t notice no travel if I can get out Monday. If not I’ll still be fine. No panic buying since I’ve been slowly doing my buying for three years since moving back home.

      1. Clergylady-
        Are your tomatoes in a greenhouse? I am thinking your are in the general area of the NM ring of fire-if the tomatoes are in the ground do you use a fabric cover? Have started my indoor seeds-no greenhouse and snow coming down.

        1. Tomatoes are in plantable pots in front of windows in my home. So are cabbages, Chinese cabbage, spinach, and some herbs. More to get started in the next week. Also have 2 doz pots of alpine strawberrys starting from seed. Lettuce, more spinach, chard and more that will stand cold will soon be in the ground. Garlic planted in a wash tub in the yard is coming up. So is a pot of yarrow. Normal planting time for the native dent corn is 1/2 done on April 1 and 1/2 done April 15th. Trying for a crop and hoping sprouting corn will just miss the freezes. High mountain desert here at close to 6,300 ft elevation. More ice than fire up here. I’m some where west of Albuquerque. But east of Gallup. Not too far from I-40. The volcanic area called valley of fire is far south of me.

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