What I Did To Prep This Week: Mar 15th – 21st 2020

Hello Pack, hope you all are well and did not get trampled among the marauding hordes of the unprepared at the local Walmart. Maybe, just maybe, the panicked run on toilet paper, food, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, and diapers will actually prompt some positive results in the long run.

The unprepared now – for the first time, realize just how truly unprepared they are and get a little insight into both how quickly life as we know it can change drastically, and what society turned on its head will actually look like in terms of good availability.

The unfortunate flip side of the panicked buying by the unprepared hordes is that store shelves were emptied out of goods and food so quickly… many had to do without and the rest of use will have to dip into stockpiles for simple weekly grocery and personal care item needs.

There is not currently a single package of toilet paper left in my county. No rubbing alcohol. No hand sanitizer. No diapers. No baby food.

I make my own hand sanitizer using only potent natural ingredients, but I still looked for the hand sanitizer on store shelves just to see if there was any left or if all of the panic buying had finished off local stock.

I read an article over the weekend that included two men who did not know each other but were both Amazon affiliate sellers, one from Ohio and the other from Pennsylvania.

They both purchased 10,000 bottles of hand sanitizer in the Buckeye State to resell at the online store.

The Pennsylvania man had his account suspended for pandemic price gouging and got stuck with a lot of the product – after marking it up to $20 a bottle in some cases.

The Ohio man sold all of his for vastly inflated prices but not such a substantial mark up and made between $27,000 to $45,000 on the panic of the unprepared.

The only state in the union that does not have any cases of Coronavirus is West Virginia – at least as of this writing. The governor believes that it’s because the flu style virus swept through his state about a month ago.

That makes sense. Here in southern Ohio I know three people who experienced the exact same symptoms that our neighbors in West Virginia did, they thought they had some kind of “weird flu” and were diagnosed largely with either the flu, pneumonia, or bronchitis.

Maybe it has already been through my county. It is so hard to tell because otherwise healthy folks below the age of 70 can get through the illness without medical intervention.

Our governor, Mike DeWine, has gone over the top with precautions when only 26 known cases exist. Until two cases were found in Columbus, all the other cases were a three to four hour drive from my county but our schools, restaurants, and bars were ordered closed.

I have heard there is a recall effort now underway with strong support from a traditionally Republican county for a GOP governor.

Thankfully our school is going to deliver meals to the communities where school buildings used to exist in the county and open the doors for meals at some centrally located existing buildings.

So many of the kids in our region rely on the free and reduced breakfast and lunch at school, and on the weekly “backpack” snacks sent home with them for the weekend.

Don’t get me started on standing in line at the grocery store digging out coupons, and looking at the sale flyer to stretch our money as far as it can go while watching someone on taxpayer funded assistance fill up the card with junk food, pop, and high priced items instead of value ones of the same nutritional value and size.

A card like that will run out long before the end of the month and leave their children hungry.

The mainstream media has forgotten all about their latest “Russia, Russia, Russia” attempt to take down our president, and are knee-deep in the blame game of his response to the pandemic.

He shut down flights from infected areas quickly, something that Obama refused to do during Ebola, and told us not to panic, how to avoid getting sick, and reassured us that this too will pass while connecting with the CDC, and giving those experts free reign to do what needs to be done. How in the world could even the liberal talking heads have a problem with such actions?

In other non-pandemic news from our survival homestead this week, we purchased more ducklings and banty hens, are selling the heck out of free range farm fresh duck eggs, and getting our hayfield ready for the growing season.

Over the weekend we canned multiple gallons of bean soup, vacuum sealed sugar, salt, flour, and diatomaceous earth in Mason jars, and got more firewood in.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. How are grocery store shelves looking where you live?
  2. Are folks helping one another like they are in my rural county, or getting into near fist fights like some news coverage of city grocery stores has shown on television?
  3. Now that we are technically in the middle of a pandemic, how are your preps stacking up?
  4. What do you think of your governor’s and President Trump’s pandemic response?
  5. What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. if you aint a millionaire, you have no biz having kids in the US, cause you can’t raise them properly Public schooling is WELFARE (on top of being commie brain washing) Live in nannies cost just as much as private school. Costs double every 15 years, and it costs half a million 4 Each, in TODAY’s money to raise a kid properly. But selfish people keep on condemning their kids to poverty.

    • Bailsong, I agree on public school being indoctrination in most places, that is why homeschooling ranks are swelling. Baffled by how a live in nanny is needed to raise a child properly or needing a million dollars to raise a child properly. My grandchildren want for nothing that is actually needed and have plenty of their wants fulfilled on our daughter’s limited budget and special treats from us during Christmas and birthdays. They are raised traditionally – spending time outdoors playing and making their own fun and not indoors on any type of screen gadget or playing a single video game. When inside, they are allowed a small amount of television time but spend the bulk of their time making up their own fun, playing games they make up or board games, dress up, and with toys that 99 percent of the time do not require batteries, many of their favorites being homemade – or partially so i.e. dollhouse, dinosaur villages, etc. There is a huge difference in living in poverty and living simply with a focused on what is important in life and not materialism. We love that our daughter is raising the children in a self-reliant manner, helping to grow their own food, being excited about reading books, and looking forward to gifts that spark learning and adventure – like annual passes to a zoo or children’s museum and not smartphones and other items advertising and other children tell them they need.

      • Well put, limited screen time is important get em outdoors to get dirty use their minds and imaginations. I raise 4 boys and am nowhere near wealthy You have to prioritize what you find important. Home school is great for some not for all. If you raise your kids and don’t let the school do it for you they learn to think for themselves. 3 of 4 are in public school and I have raised an ornery bunch of constitutional conservatives! So much so my 10-year-old argues creation in science class! It is incumbent on the parent to teach the right things by example.

  2. Well hello everyone. Didn’t expect to arrive first to the party, but here I am! Guess everyone else is at the stores stocking up!

  3. We went to Publix this morning to top off supplies. Didn’t wear mask but did wear gloves so felt better about it. Saw only 4 or 5 people with mask and about twice that with gloves.

    Very little milk, some eggs, no meat except expensive steaks. No cleaning supplies at all. Two packs of paper towels and no toilet paper or clorox wipes or bleach or lysol. Everyone was friendly but kept their distance. The store had a person wiping down the handles of carts as we went in. Everything else was well stocked. We got home, left the canned goods outside to air out, brought in the frozen stuff and wiped it down with clorox wipes before putting it away. We are in good shape food wise now if we need another 2 weeks.

    Bad stuff at work. Everything has slowed down so much they are looking at furloughs or outright letting people go. We are a team of 6, we work from home, and we are probably going to lose 2 members. If things change soon then maybe they can come back to work. I’m one of the longest employed there and I make more than the new people so I am probably on the chopping block. I offered to take a paycut or go to part time if it will help save someone elses job. We are almost 70 and have savings and can get by if I don’t work but I’ve worked since I was 14 and don’t really know how not to work.

    Prayers going up for the folks here, our families and friends. Prayers for the people who have to work with the public to keep everyone going.

    Have a good week

    • Cliff: We are fortunate that the DW has worked remotely before, so transitioning to work from home is not an issue. I’m retired. My supplemental income ventures were used for extras, not everyday living costs, so that was/is a blessing.

    • Cliff, how very nice of you to offer to work less or take a cut to help others. Since I work from home and after years of running for community and sports league running/coaching commitments, I prefer to not leave our farm unless its really necessary, my daily life has not really changed at all. I worry about my husband going in and out of people’s homes on real estate appraisals though. Being semi-retired now, he can slow down his schedule if he wants to, so at least that is good.

  4. we had a month’s worth of food packed away, and I got a couple month’s more early on in the panic., then the wife went out and got the alcohol, TP, etc, a week or so ago, with her tax refund. I’ve got a bit of gold and silver. I got a months worth of cash out of the bank and will probably buy more gold if and when I get the back money VA owes me, or/and with any ‘helicopter money” we get.

    • Sounds like you are pretty well stocked. I like to keep three to six months of food on hand at all times – that really helps get us through to the next growing season if necessary. Our ducks are back to full egg production almost, so that and a nanny goat will keep us in milk and eggs.

  5. 1. How are grocery store shelves looking where you live?
    I have been told the shelves are pretty bare.
    2. Are folks helping one another like they are in my rural county, or getting into near fist fights like some news coverage of city grocery stores has shown on television?
    We’re helping each other like I have never seen. Aren’t rural communities great?
    3. Now that we are technically in the middle of a pandemic, how are your preps stacking up?
    I’m in good shape. My big loss is that my one dairy doe that we had bred miscarried. That leaves us with no milk source. One is none. Lesson learned.
    4. What do you think of your governor’s and President Trump’s pandemic response?
    I don’t know. Time will tell.
    5. What did you do to prep this week?

    What a week! There is no way to list everything I did this week. So, this is going to be a reflection of what I’ve done/learned/observed.

    I have read a great deal of survivalist/prepper fiction, and I would put myself in the characters’ shoes. I always thought that one-last-trip-to-stock-up was a stupid idea. Then it happened. I did it…three times. Granted, I live in a small, rural town. DH and I went together, then I went two more times. The last was to get medicine for a sick goat, and I made another one-last-trip-to-stock-up while I was out. Some of what I got was for others. If I don’t have it now, I don’t need it.

    The thing I found most interesting was on my last trip to the stores. There were only six or seven people in the entire store, employees included. People were extremely polite and helpful to each other, and everyone was very calm. It wasn’t what I expected. I decided to quit on a high note.

    I have had more conversations from DD and #1DS about prepping than ever before. DD called me last night to ask for advice on her grocery pick up order for tomorrow, and she actually (finally) took my advice. I told her over a month ago, and every few days since, to get ready. She didn’t see any need to “be a hoarder.” Now she realizes that she needs to stock up on some things. I hope it’s not too late to get what she wants. If so, I probably have what she needs.

    My state has issued a mandate to stay home, but people in my area have already been doing that. Illinoisans may leave their homes for groceries, fuel, pharmacy, medical, and other essentials. I don’t know how this is going to look, but people here are doing what they should, for the most part. Even though drive-throughs are open at restaurants, no one is eating out. This has been the biggest surprise. As for me, I don’t plan on leaving my home unless I absolutely must.

    Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    • Granny, absolutely, folks in rural communities are awesome! Glad you daughter finally listened. I am hoping this pandemic wakes up a lot of Americans. So sorry about your goat. Yep, two is one and one is none. We have two nannies, one is pregnant at the moment so not milking her. Planning on a trip to the next county over this week to buy two more nannies. That was on my plan for March and going to stick with it if our governor does not shut off travel completely by then. Since it is a farm activity going “goat shopping” is allowed under current order.

  6. This Week’s Questions:

    1. How are grocery store shelves looking where you live? The major panic seems to be over. We are getting resupplied, so there is food available just not in the quantities and variety of before.

    2. Are folks helping one another like they are in my rural county, or getting into near fist fights like some news coverage of city grocery stores has shown on television? No fights here. Montana is generally ranch country (except the cities) who know the value of cooperation.

    3. Now that we are technically in the middle of a pandemic, how are your preps stacking up? We are good. DW is full of praise for where we are, she was fully supportive of my efforts all along.

    4. What do you think of your governor’s and President Trump’s pandemic response? Government is always a sledge hammer when it comes to “fixing” things. I surely don’t think we would be in as good of shape if O was in charge, and God help us if Biden or Sanders is in there for something like this.

    5. What did you do to prep this week? Since you asked…

    Looking back, a lot has happened this week.

    Found out I had the wrong weekend for our “Freedom Weekend”. Got a text from them that the event, scheduled for the 21st, was canceled and we are got a refunded!

    Our business conference in Portland, OR in April has been cancelled, refunds on the way. I’m happy, I’m not of fan of Portland anymore (I was raised out there).

    Worked on my new Mossberg 590. Put a 12” LOP stock on it (needed a new bolt for the stock – off to the store), side carrier, sling, and removable sling swivel mounts. Now for a light.

    DW finished up our taxes this last weekend. We are right where I like us, +-$300. State and Federal.

    My Young Life distributor had their order come in Monday and blessed me with a .5 oz bottle of thieves’ oil.

    Had a residual from the gun show. I got a call from the brother of someone who bought a rifle from me looking for magazines (I guess they are not available locally for him). We did business over PayPal via the USPS. Works for me and I don’t have to pay for a table.

    It seems like ammo and magazines are going as fast as TP. Getting ready for “People Behaving Badly” I guess.

    I have a friend that is new to prepping (it finally sank in – he’s newly remarried (to a smart girl) and has a blended family from both sides). He started buying extra 3 weeks ago. He wanted me to sell a couple of guns for him, now we are both glad that they didn’t sell. He was asking about shotguns, he has a long single-shot, so I loaned him a Mossberg O/U, one of the short defensive ones and sent some ammo with him. I’m good, now he’s better.

    DW has been working from home since Tuesday. I’m very glad she is here. She had a 1-person office, but it doesn’t take much to get this stuff spread around.

    Friday, Montana went the way of our county, closing restaurants, gyms, bars, and casinos. Our Men’s Bible Study Fellowship closed down for the remainder of the year (7 lessons of 27 left to go); they are looking into an on-line continuation. Our church closed as of Monday, will broadcast a “canned” sermon on Sunday. I will miss our Saturday morning breakfast outing.

    Until yesterday, Montana had the second lowest infection numbers in the continental US, WV had 2 we had 15. We are at 21 this AM. The American Redoubt looked like the place to be for this, as of yesterday.

    Supply Run: UHT whole milk; Propel drink tube; oil; Propel packets; 5-gal buckets, lids; UHT 2% milk

    Received: Pistol Belts, OD; water hoses; AR slings; Electrolyte powder; large tea infuser; quick adjust rifle sling;

  7. It has certainly been a crazy week in my area. I wonder how long (if ever) the economy will ever recover from this pandemic. I am very grateful to all of you in this group that have helped me with the sharing of advice and forewarning.

    As the case everywhere I assume, store shelves are sparse. Big hitters seem to canned vegetables, soups and canned chili, along with pre packaged foods such as Raman noodles etc. Eggs are very scarce, as well as water and bread. Many places have limes quantities to all everyone to get some things. COSTCO has limited the number of people they are allowing in their stores at any given time, which as resulted in long lines outside (and NO, they are not practicing social spacing). My friend was allowed into store to pickup her glasses that were ordered, and several got mad and voiced their opinion. It’s gonna get worse.

    Many, many layoffs as stores are closing. Restaurants are struggling to stay open limiting fast food pickup to drive thru, or delivery. Pizza delivery is thriving as well as grocery stores and warehouse stores. Forget Buffets (like Golden Corral, or food courts). People are scared.

    I am pretty set, but do go out early to pick up supplies when I can. Trying to take care of two neighbors who are elderly and unable to get much done. Always fixing extra and sharing with them.

    Forget finding Ammo anywhere! All gone!

    Wonder what The Ohio Prepper would have to say about all this. May he RIP.

    Keep the faith and keep this blog going as it brings me peace to know what you guys are doing

  8. Tara,


    Your new pop-up adds this week have been causing my computer fits. When the add pops up, it sends my cursor who knows where. It has deleted comments and cause duplications. Not sure what changed.

  9. I did my low-carb grocery shopping this week. Added more to my stash than usual. Did some weekly cooking.

    I decided to buy 20 ½-ounce silver rounds. I don’t hold a lot of PM, but I felt a few more ounces were in order considering how the economy is behaving and silver is a little lower than it was. Shipping time is a little longer than usual but not ridiculously so.

    Weather here in Central Florida has been in the high 80s/low 90s and mostly sunny. No rain worth talking about, which is not good as that adds to the wildfire risk.

    Took a trip to Publix on Tuesday. I have never seen that particular store so busy in the three-plus years I’ve been shopping there, even on weekends or runs ups to hurricanes and holidays. No water when I first walked in, but a little later a guy was stocking one-gallon jugs. No TP, no paper towels. Low supply of cleaning materials, some meats were out (ground turkey and chicken). I was able to get everything on my list except ground turkey breast, so I just substituted ground beef. Still a lot of canned goods available though.

    #1 daughter, her hubby, and I had a chat about granddaughter. They both work for the same employer, who is allowing anyone who wants to work from home to do so. #1 daughter is going to do that. SIL is going to mostly work from home, but he has to go in early in the mornings to get banking done (at least for now). We decided that granddaughter will stay at home with her parents. They will adjust their working hours as necessary so granddaughter has someone paying her mind during the day, and they will homeschool her too.

    It appears granddaughter’s pre-school, although a parochial school, has to follow state guidelines on closures. #1 daughter’s AF Reserve unit has cancelled their April drill except for “essential personnel” of which my daughter is one. But she can and will skip April drill. She thinks most unit members would have to be allowed to skip anyway as they are a medical unit and loaded with people who are also civilian medical types, many ICU level.

    There is talk about activating reserve medical units to assist with the Chinese virus. But, to avoid poaching civilian medical people, they may pick and choose medical troops who are not civilian medical, troops like #1 daughter. She isn’t a medic or nurse, but she is trained in medical admin (military) and insurance billing (civilian) and has experience working in a field hospital (in Afghanistan). She is not very excited at the prospect. Nor am I.

    Technically she is not in a deployable billet any more as her primary job is no longer medical admin, but Uncle Sam can undo those technicalities very quickly when he wants to. The tricky end of this is her unit is an Air Force unit, and thus the Posse Comitatus Act may apply even though they are medical and won’t be doing law enforcement work. I don’t think it does.

    I went to a VA appointment on Thursday. The place was almost like a graveyard at night. I’ve never seen it so abandoned looking. Got a second type of pneumonia shot (the first type I got a couple of years ago). Got labs too. No China virus test as I do not have any symptoms to justify it.

    Stopped at Publix on the way home. Pretty busy (not as busy as Tuesday). They were stocked up better on bottled water, but still zero TP and most paper products. No chicken or turkey meats. I just picked up some Diet Pepsi.
    I “sold” my Colt 9mm carbine to the Ex. Turned out I had six 32-round stick mags and two 20 rounders. She shouldered it and moved around with it and likes the way it feels. She thought M-16s were OK but likes the M-4 sized rifle much better even with a loaded 32-rounder stuck in it. If this Kung flu adventure ends, she’s going to give it back to me.

    #1 daughter called me Thursday. She and her unit’s XO (a nurse colonel) have been tasked with calling unit members about potential activation. She said I pretty much guessed it right. They were primarily finding out who was actively involved with China virus mitigation, either as a medical type or otherwise so they know who not to call if an activation is ordered.

    The Navy is activating their two big hospital ships, the Mercy and Comfort, but the plan at this time is to use them primarily as floating ER/trauma hospitals (their wartime mission anyway) and relieve municipal hospitals of those types of patients. Plans are to tie one of them up at New York, the other one is homeported at San Diego, but I haven’t seen specific plans for that one yet. The Navy has essentially two crews for those ships, one is the operational crew and is made up of civilian mariners employed by the Navy. The medical crew is usually made up of doctors, nurses, and corpsmen drawn from active duty Naval hospitals, clinics, and sometimes a few Reservists.
    My guess with my daughter is any ground field hospitals will probably do the same with trauma patient types. Since the Navy doesn’t come under the Posse Comitatus Act, there are no issues with that, and if Army and Air Force medical people are activated, there should be no PCA concerns either as medics don’t do law enforcement. However, I expect if Army or AF field hospitals are activated, I imagine some MPs or infantry will have to be activated to provide site security (military facility security is a military function and does not involve the PCA). If the Navy wants security for the hospital ships, they can get Masters-at-Arms or even Marines. No PCA concerns there either

    My local sheriff’s dept (Orange County, FL) posted on Facebook that the county manager has ordered a curfew from 11:00pm to 5:00am daily until further notice. No biggie for me as I’m usually in bed during those hours. It includes the whole county including municipalities.

    Maybe I’ll hold a Plague Party instead of a Hurricane Party. #1 daughter will prepare Spam and Ramen to eat and I’ll make Kool Aid. ? Might as well laugh, crying does no good.

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. How are grocery store shelves looking where you live?

    As I reported above, my local Publix is at zero on paper products, diapers, etc. Very low on bottled water after being at zero for a day or two. No rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or hand sanitizer. Canned goods stock a little lower, but still there. I don’t go wandering around to other stores since Publix still has what I need.

    2. Are folks helping one another like they are in my rural county, or getting into near fist fights like some news coverage of city grocery stores has shown on television?

    No fist fights near me in Orlando, but people are acting a little stupider than normal. Some folks wandering around with slack facial expressions like “I’m gonna die.” There are reports in the Orlando Sentinel that there are church groups and the like trying to help sick and/or elderly people with groceries, etc. And some of those reported fist fights were not “near.” A few were real knock-down-drag-outs and the police had to get pretty nasty themselves to stop them.

    3. Now that we are technically in the middle of a pandemic, how are your preps stacking up?

    My preps are doing OK. I do continue to shop to try and keep my basics up to snuff, but I may be stopping that very soon and totally lock myself down. I’m essentially about 90% locked down now. At least I can go sit out on my balcony if I want.

    4. What do you think of your governor’s and President Trump’s pandemic response?

    I think they are doing the best they can given supplies, accurate information, and legal restrictions. People bitch and complain, but they have no idea what is involved in responding to such an event. So many folks expect the government to give them the same life they had before a pandemic arrived. Ain’t happening kids. I am sad to see so many small businesses going under because of this.

    5. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    • ZUlu 3-6:

      I ordered some silver a week ago Friday. I did it again on Monday. On Monday, the 10 oz. bars were gone. Most 1 oz coins were gone. American Eagles had a higher premium so they would have been more expensive on Monday than they were on Friday, even though the price was almost 2 points lower. Now, there are shipping delays, but I have had them before and ended up with no problem (Provident Metals).

      • JP.

        I just ordered 20 1/2-ounce rounds. Nothing special. Normally APMEX ships pretty quickly (less than five days in the past). This shipment isn’t due to ship until around 4/9 (maybe sooner), then it will depend on how efficient USPS decides to be.

      • Thor1,

        Yes, she does have a 9mm handgun. She could handle a 5.56mm AR-15, but I’m not giving up mine. So, I let her have my 9mm version. She initially asked if she could use my HK-91, but I pointed out that she hates shotguns, so no way would she like or effectively use a 7.62mm battle rifle.

    • Lol on ramen, spam and Kool Aid! I am shocked that hospitals are running out of masks and gloves so soon into this. Mass casualty drills and terrorism threat training has been going on for years – with a lot of taxpayer money poured into them, didn’t anyone think to stockpile copious amounts of basic necessities and extra generators in case of a bio-terror attack or pandemic? Having attended regional mass casualty drills and trainings and seeing what is inside the small rural county trailers, one would think hosptials and FEMA would have been better equipped.

  10. Good morning,

    Mrs. Overwatch just returned from the grocery store. In her words, it was like the evacuation of Saigon. Bare shelves abound. She managed to get everything on the list by leaving at 0645. TP, ramen, boil in a bag rice, Spaghettios, mac n cheese, etc. I’m going out every day for little things. There’s no shortage, it’s just that people wipe out the supplies as soon as they’re restocked. I managed to get quite a bit each day and she spent five hundred this morning. Glad we’ve been prepping for years. LGS had plenty of ammo so I was able to stock up after waiting in line outside for a bit. Really just buying takeout and cooking regular meals without dipping into stocks.
    People are helping each other but this is New England. Most are a bit standoffish but we’ll settle into conversation in line. A lot of people are armed and ready, which is unusual for the area. Some who called me crazy are rethinking that but I don’t give them the time of day.
    My biggest concern is as a business owner. I’m responsible for seven families. With all the lockdown orders and quarantines, there’s very little work to do. I’m keeping the crew engaged by throwing them a minimum salary for a few weeks but I can’t go too far in that direction.
    Mrs. Overwatch and I are using this opportunity to keep our boys busy, make repairs to the property, and connect with like minded neighbors. If any of my non prepared “friends” give me the “I’m coming to your house” BS, they’ll be ushered out at bayonet point. They had their chance to listen.

    God bless and protect our Republic and our President. Give him strength and wisdom to guide our nation to prosperity again.

  11. In my neck of the woods only one person, 60 year old just died on Thursday, at the Hospital, 19 other, have been tested and they have the disease. We live about a mile from the Hospital, so that’s a bit scary our neighbor, is a nurse he sent us a picture of his suit he has to wear. My niece was able to get home from Ireland, yesterday and her suitcase, is in quarantine, and my sister, who is a nurse, has her steaming in the sauna, and will keep her in her room for two weeks, maybe longer. Our stores, are slowly restocking, paper products are hit the worse of course, and many stores has loss prevention, in front of stores, and walking through aisles, that was good to see. When we saw what was going on and with the first person, in Washington we went to Costco, the next day getting a few extras, and I did a dollar tree run, a few time’s too and of course we watch California, what ever they did Oregon and Washington, was going to fall in line, they closed the Canada border, I’m shocked at how rude Washington residents are loving it that the Canadian’s, are not coming down, they are idiot’s, our Canadian’s neighbors, bring money down to spend and even live here throughout the year too and we have several friends are Canadian, whom we treasure as our extended family. I did stock up on cat food, and starting to garden, my neighbor, is getting her garden ready and making it larger than last year, good for her she’s a mom of three young girls. My parents, finally listened to me and went out and got more item’s to last at least three more weeks. We did go out yesterday to do banking, and I went to the dollar tree, getting more Kleenex, and a few bags Easter candy. I did dehydrated several onion’s, and I made 13 jars of Salsa, I don’t believe I will do much canning, but I did also can 6 more jars of water. Well, take care and i hope this virus burns itself out soon and lots of prayers for those infected and have passed away:(

  12. How are grocery store shelves looking where you live?
    My local store was fully stocked, except for no hamburger, all the steak and roasts you could want. My local DG was the same, the cooler was full of just stocked milk, whict was what I went for and I got a large bag a cat food for my feral colony.

    Are folks helping one another like they are in my rural county, or getting into near fist fights like some news coverage of city grocery stores has shown on television? I haven’t gone anywhere except the one shopping trip but people were just getting their stuff, no problems.

    Now that we are technically in the middle of a pandemic, how are your preps stacking up? I am running out of room so I just bought a few non essential “goodies” to make the situation more bearable.

    What do you think of your governor’s and President Trump’s pandemic response?

    I would hate to be in their shoes. One the one hand we have a potential deadly crisis. On the other hand preventing it will mean violating many civil liberties.

    What did you do to prep this week?

    I feel I am set for what is likely to happen. Some are preparing for the end of the world and they might be right, I am financially able to acquire more (well not now, stuff is hard to get). I just can’t go that far.

    I did my homesteading work, tending my overly large garden and newly planted trees and berries. My freezer is full of cooked greens and now I have several hundred row feet of mustard and turnip greens. I guess I will have to start leaving bunches on people’s porches.

    I got my hybrid water heater wired and plumbed. In four days it has used 5kWh of electricity heating water for the two of us. It has a fifty gal tank. One avg solar panel would be enough.

    My wife has decided to socially isolate herself and not care for our granddaughter for now. She wants our daughter to stay home with her. My wife’s agency has many unfilled shifts so she can work a few of them and then help our daughter with her bills.
    I have no other responsibilities, aside from checking on my elderly parents, 89 and 85, but they are in very good health and live in an isolated area. I spend my time when not gardening watching the news. It is hard to not get anxious about the whole thing. Living history is stressful when you are watching from the sidelines.

    • Daddio 7
      No hamburger,, ask if the butcher could grind up the cheapest roast meat into hamburger for you. Take it home an grind it yourself.
      Do you have an old fashion meat market near you where you can purchase hamburger. Not sure do a search pattern for your area.

      • For health reasons I have cut back on red meat, I have plenty of fish and chicken. I was just making the comment on the buying habits of the people in my area. I got two small roasts but I am going to slice them up and try out my new Excalibur dehydrator.

  13. My wife and I are both in the “most vulnerable” bracket because of our ages and because of some medical issues. Hers is especially concerning because the shots she gets every couple of weeks purposely suppress her immune system. So we’ve been hunkered down at home for over a week. I’ve made two or three trips out to top off some items but otherwise we’re staying put. When I do go out, I wear medical exam gloves to minimize direct contact with things like door handles, etc.

    1. How are grocery store shelves looking where you live?
    It’s been a madhouse here in NW Arkansas for the past couple of weeks. Like elsewhere there’s a run on TP, paper towels, sanitary wipes, canned goods and such. We were well stocked long before all that started so we didn’t have to fight the crowds. I think the worst of the panic buying may be over. We’ll see.

    2. Are folks helping one another like they are in my rural county, or getting into near fist fights like some news coverage of city grocery stores has shown on television?
    Folks around here are pretty well behaved and helpful. Whenever anyone asks for help on the local Facebook groups, others jump right in to help out when they can. There’s nothing unusual about that here but I’m seeing more of it now.

    3. Now that we are technically in the middle of a pandemic, how are your preps stacking up?
    We have a ton of long-term food — buckets, cans, etc. — that I’m hopeful we’ll not have to use but it’s available if/when we need it. Overall, I feel pretty good about our preps. The one weakness I see is drinking water. We have several cases of bottled water and I just refilled the 55 gallon water storage drum a few days ago but if we were to lose our public water supply, things would soon get a lot more complicated. As long as we have water and power, I don’t see any major problems at this point.

    4. What do you think of your governor’s and President Trump’s pandemic response?
    I think they’re both doing the best they can with the resources they have. I wouldn’t have either one of their jobs.

    5. What did you do to prep this week?
    Ordered additional OTC meds and sanitary wipes. I could only get three packs of the wipes and now there are none anywhere that I can find. I use them mostly to clean my CPAP mask each day — not exactly a life threatening deal. We’ll improvise and make do if necessary. I still have a fairly good supply.

  14. Puppy is having a lot of fun chasing and eating carpenter bees. Bread and circus…LOL I can’t imagine what getting stung on the tung feels like. He must BEE an addict…… LOL ?

    Fruit trees
    Bought a plum tree
    Bought a Granny Smith tree

    Bought 4 beef steaks tomato plants
    Bought 4 Roma tomato plants
    Growing cherry tomato plants

    California wonderfuls, cayenne, jalapeño, habanero, ghost peppers.

    Transplanted lettuce

    Planted potato seeds, red and Yukon gold.

    Went to a nursery and had to wait in line as a limit of only 50 people max in store allowed.
    Publix no TP, little meat, no hamburger but chuck roast so I bought 2. Its good to have a meat grinder.They did have frozen pre-made burgers so I bought a pack of 16 1/4lb ers.
    They had big Baker potatoes but no others. Milk gone, butter only whipped. Baked in store bread only. Bought bread machine yeast. All other yeast gone, flour gone.

    Interesting video


    Thor’s questions

    1) how much worse do you think it will get?
    2) will asteroids kill us first?
    3} do you know anyone infected with the Kung Flu?
    4) what will be short next? Ammo,food,TP,medicine, now…..Power, water or fuel?

    • Thor’s questions

      1) how much worse do you think it will get?

      Too early to say with certainty, but judging how things are going in other countries, probably much worse.

      2) will asteroids kill us first?

      As a global society? Probably nothing else has the capability, assuming a large enough asteroid.

      3} do you know anyone infected with the Kung Flu?

      Surprisingly not. Yet.

      4) what will be short next? Ammo,food,TP,medicine, now…..Power, water or fuel?

      If the Chinese virus behaves similarly to the three waves of Spanish flu, then probably all of the above

    • Thor’s questions

      1) how much worse do you think it will get? As long and the food is moving, abet slower and with less selection, and there is fuel, most people will be okay. Work and therefore money, will be a problem for many in a couple of weeks.
      2) will asteroids kill us first? Not unless there’s one I don’t know about.
      3} do you know anyone infected with the Kung Flu? No.
      4) what will be short next? Ammo,food,TP,medicine, now…..Power, water or fuel? Patience. People don’t have much of it to start with. Then will come the school age teens/preteens with no supervision. Then the “petty” criminals they are letting loose by the truck load. People who don’t think they have anything to fear from Granny Slicklegruber on the corner are going to get a surprise when she gets scared and starts touching off her shotgun.

        • Thor1:

          Well a big rock might solve this problem. Okay, so there would be some negative side effects, but nothing the Dems can’t fix, right?

      • My contact with a vendor I use in the Chicago market said since this has all broke out Gun sales are through the roof. He told me the gun store he frequents had an ammo sale with unlimited buy and they sold over 6 million rounds in 5 days. That is mind-boggling to me. My worry is this means a lot of untrained first time gun owners and a big chance of accidentals. I encourage everyone to own one but I prefer they know how to safely use it.

        • M4S:

          Unfortunately, some people equate ownership with proficiency. I need to get out and send a few down range, just to check things out again. Been too long.

          • I don’t disagree Thor1 I just wish they saw it coming soon enough to take one to the range and at least know how to load and unload it. I hope this changes a few perspectives on how important 2A is and what it means to be prepared for the worst while praying for the best.

      • PG, small world, I was looking for a BB bush as one of mine died iñ the winter. My plum and apple tree needed a companion as I lost 2 apple trees to grubs and the plum tree is not a self pollinator.

    • Thor1
      Interesting video…
      1) A lot worse because those who do not adhere to the stay at home policy are going to starting trouble out of boredom.
      2)Astroid would be the least of our problems, have you looked at the idiots who were elected over & over again to
      CON-de I gress.
      3) No thank goodness, but have a family in the medical field up close to these wonder socialites.
      4)Ammo is already disappearing, long with staple food supplies, medicine since Prez Clinton sent our medical over to the BIG RED C. Water has been limited before why not again! Fuel went through that during Prez Carter(remember the peanut farmer). Power been through that since we live in Communist CA under PG&EEEE an gov Grew some.
      Yes,, that asteroid is looking better all the time. Let it split an land on the sac and critters house, so that the rest of us can leave in peace?. OH,, need that cup of cream.?

  15. There has been panic, but it has passed up by. We panicked early, stocked up early, already had lots of stuff early and have been self isolated long before it was “fashionable” to do so. So us and our employees are doing well. And with employees, some have not understood our stance on staying prepped so this is validation or why we do what we do!

    As I understand it, with the exception of Costco and Walmart, the smaller markets in our area are keeping up and have, so far, avoided the idiots. They also have paid guards 24/7 watching and enforcing a bit of reality.

    As far as the areas decisions on what to do with homeless folks, they want to open the convention center and put them in there. I am glad that is not a decision I have to make. Sounds bad to me.

    Stay Safe folks, stay away from people.

    Someone helped us by dropping off a blanket wrapped around kittens down by the gate. Really hate people sometimes, truly. But we have them now, the dogs and other cats here are babysitting and when you weigh a pound a piece and have 120# GSDs guarding there is no safer place to be.

  16. Anyone else here been thinking that this is a good practice run for us to determine our prepping weak spots?

    We’re in pretty good shape except for my husband’s HUGE dog that eats raw meat. Husband had to stand on line for an hour to get inside of a store to buy more meat for him and they limited him to one package of any particular product. What in interesting conglomeration of meat he brought home! LOL I didn’t tell him that I have several cases each of canned chicken breast and ground beef in my pantry. I figure that’s for people, NOT his dog!

    Ground beef and chicken are almost impossible to find around here, along with TP, paper towels, and some breads. Folks have been polite enough—no one wants to get very close to anyone else, which helps.

    The loss of income seems to be the worst thing about this situation. One family member has been laid off and another one had her hours cut in half. Husband’s business is suffering the loss of contracts, too.

    Prepping this week — canned bananas yet again. Finished pulling up the old mustard green plants so I can plant green beans and tomatoes late next week. Dehydrated chicken livers for dog treats, and also made enough goat’s milk soap to last me more than a year. Finished one quilt and started on another. Just laid low and thanked God for our little 5-acre homestead.

    • Goatlover:

      Here, this virus is no respecter of age or finances. The rich and Joe Average are getting it. Our 2 big age groups are 50 and 20! For those of us with a spiritual bend, I think God is giving mankind another big reminder that we are not in control and to get it together, with Him. Time may be shorter than we think. Things have been happening in pretty rapid succession.

      • JP,

        I spoke with a church Elder today. We are going to have online services tomorrow. I suspect there will be a large crowd joining in online like last week. We are spreading prayer as hard and as fast as we can go.

        People are still showing a lot of patience in the stores we are visiting. We are done shopping probably for the week or 2 or 3 weeks if necessary. One thing I noticed today that I haven’t been seeing lately is the number of people who are carrying concealed in the stores has gone way up. People who don’t normally carry have a tendency to keep touching their firearm and adjusting how it rides on their belts. They also tend to print more than they think as you need to dress the part when you carry. I am more aware of it and I watch it, haven’t carried for many, many years and I’m very aware of what is going on with people around me. I just hope they don’t feel a need to feel threatened and need to pull that iron.

        Back to watching Shrek for me.
        Keep praying, keep smiling

        • Cliff:

          We just got back from a short run the the ranch supply and Wal-Mart. Gardening supply prep, as we still have snow on the ground. Traffic in the store was light, people friendly and showing some humor. I even got a bottle of hand sanitizer (they were putting out the one case they got in while I was standing there looking at soap)!

          Supplies are well picked over, but unless you are a brand snob or real picky, you won’t starve. I have stopped “stocking up”, I just replenish what we are using.

          I usually wear a vest, open in the front, which hides my gun well. I also am not carrying a large gun, it’s a Glock 43X. I have been carrying daily since mid-Fed so I now feel naked without it! When things get serious/goofy, I’ll put the 19x on the thigh holster, so there will be no doubt (I probably won’t be out then anyway).

          • I broke out the 1911 for carry today-usually a Glock 19 but I am a “Wide Body” as I have heard it termed before so conceal is not too tough LOL. I forgot how heavy an all Metal full size service pistol is and damn my hip hurts!

          • M4S:

            It took me a week+ before I was used to the weight of my little Glock.

            Federalizing nurses? Look at who was in the White House when that happened. It might give you a good idea of whether it will happen again. Trump is moving as much authority to the States as he can in this, suggesting not demanding. Unlike others in government I’ve seen.

          • JP,

            I’ve noticed that Trump has been pushing things towards the states, as he should. Who should know what they need better than local government?

            The governors need their National Guard units under their control, not federalized under the President (whether Trump or someone else). Governors have much more legal flexibility in use of their NG troops than a Prez would have. If those NG troops are federalized, then their use in law enforcement assistance now becomes affected by the Posse Comitatus Act causing both the governors and Trump (as Prez) to jump through some legal hoops that could be skipped if the governors retained control.

            If civil disorder got really bad and a governor was mishandling the use of his/her NG troops (like not using them when they should be used), Trump does have the authority to federalize those NG units needed without the governors request or approval. That isn’t something he’d want to do willy-nilly because of the political optics, but he could.

          • JP I hope your right, I don’t think it is a move Trump would make unless everyone on the team basically said they had to do something. My guess would be if anything they would incentivise hospitals in low count states to offer massive payout to nurses to go where they are needed voluntarily. Either way this is going to strain the hell out of the medical communities and they will prove the nurse and Docs deserve every dime they get and it is not enough! God Bless them all and not just because my Wife is amongst them.

  17. I was reading that the Detroit Police Department has five officers positive for the virus, plus a civilian employee, and 152 more officers in quarantine waiting for test results.

    Detroit PD is not that big and most of the officers off sick or in quarantine are from the 9th Precinct alone. #9 is also the worst precinct in the city for gangs and crime. (I used to work right across a street from #9 too when I was on the job).

    • The Detroit PD now has like 18 officers confirmed infected. Yesterday a 911 operator died from the China virus and today a captain died (head of homicide). DPD still has over 150 officers on self-isolation.

  18. How are grocery store shelves looking where you live?

    We haven’t been out this week. I hit Publix last week and it looked like a tornado hit a trailer park. They were out of a lot of products–no paper products, no milk, no eggs, no bread, very limited produce. The only meat they had were the more expensive roasts. Publix has free delivery for the next two weeks. You just have to tip the delivery driver. I think this is a promo deal. I was able to order a few things: milk, oranges, salad mix, pancake mix, ginger ale. They also had toilet paper. But we have enough TP to last a year.

    Are folks helping one another like they are in my rural county, or getting into near fist fights like some news coverage of city grocery stores has shown on television?

    We haven’t been out. But I do not expect such behavior in our part of town–at least not this early. We are prepared for when the panicked masses come to our side of town to break into homes looking for food. We got the shotguns out of the safe last night.

    Now that we are technically in the middle of a pandemic, how are your preps stacking up?

    We are good. I saw this coming six weeks ago and I have been stocking up like crazy. I did have one prepper fail–I had a case of pancake mix in number 10 cans go bad. The cans were bulging. I didn’t want to take a chance and threw them out. Our freezers are filled to the brim. I cannot fit another item in any of them. We have the inside frig/freezer, a garage frig/freezer and a garage freezer–all full. My short-term pantry is full. We’ve converted the study into a spare pantry. I have stuff stacked up. We have three closets full of cases of number 10 food–wheat, beans, rice, oatmeal, freeze dried fruits and vegetables, TVP, freeze dried cheese, milk, etc.

    What do you think of your governor’s and President Trump’s pandemic response?

    I live in Florida. I think the governor should have shut down the beaches sooner. The college kids are on spring break partying down. The beaches are now closed, as are all non essential businesses. Bars and nightclubs are closed. Restaurants are take out/delivery only. Schools and colleges have been closed for more than a week. I am concerned for the folks who have been laid off from work. I already work from home and my dh is retired. So we are good. Daughter was asked to work from home last week. Her fiance work is essential; so he will not be laid off. My son is a stay at home dad. His wife was told to work from home. They live in LA. He said there were military and police drones going up and down his street (downtown LA). We told both kids to stock up weeks ago. Daughter listened. Son waited and had trouble finding supplies.

    What did you do to prep this week?

    We haven’t really done anything this week. I have been doing an inventory of dry goods. Besides the lost case of pancake mix, all is well. We got the shotguns out of the safe. They are loaded and strategically placed. We keep our 9 mm on our nightstands. Our GSD lets us know if anyone is on his street. (He thinks he owns the entire street.)

    • My 83 year old father in law is at lose ends since his wife passed so he drives around. He made the 100 mile round trip to Daytona Beach today, he told my wife it was wall to wall kids. I guess he meant the sand.

        • Bam Bam:

          I understand your concern, but in this Republic there should not be such a mechanism.

          If you choose government regulated safety over freedom, you loose both.

          • We are going to see an explosion in cases here in Florida–mostly young people. I am so glad the state went to online education. The return of the spring breakers would spell big trouble, infecting everyone on campus.

  19. Went to Super WM for a Pick-up – out of canned black beans (I use as a back up) and was substituted 6 12oz bags dry black beans. I only eat 1/3-1/2 daily so added to my current supply I’m fine. Misc other stuff, meatless meatballs, vinegar/salt almonds for hubby’s treat. Out of eggs and ground chicken.
    Thought we’d try the neighborhood WM – no meat,fowl or fish, no eggs, no cheese, no lunch meat. This store is next to a large 55+ condo – about 350 units, rest of surrounding area is elderly, low rents, so these people depend on it. However, the produce section was well stocked and only 2 people were in it. Lots of candy too. Didn’t check anything else.
    Publix grocery chain has announced they are looking for more employees, specifically those who are recently unemployed. That chain is employee owned and has always been in the top of great companies to work for.
    My dermatology office, and my primary care physician are offering tele-medicine, my optometrist is offering curb side pick up and free mailing of things like contact lenses, OTC drops, etc. Libraries, which have been closed for over a week and not scheduled to open till at least April 12, are offering curb side pick-up of books on hold.
    Even with restaurants, gyms, movies, pools and rec centers, beaches etc closed we were surprised at the amount of traffic on the roads. We are home now for at least 2 weeks. Hoping things will settle down after this weekend and more will stay at home since there is very little open.

  20. The grocery stores in the nearest small city, Pueblo, Colorado, were in better shape on 3.20 than they were on 3/14.

    The Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers (a regional Colorado-based chain) was not in made shape, although with gaps in products like dried beans. Also no garlic. Fortunately we were already stocked up on the garlic.

    The big store across the street, King Soopers (part of Kroger’s) had some gaps here and there, but was mostly OK. And plenty of toilet paper. They were sold out on hydrogen peroxide, which some people are buying as disinfectant. Meat supplies OK, from what I saw.

    A spokesman for that chain said that they had a 20-acre warehouse full of groceries; it was just a matter of keeping the trucks rolling (as it always is). Maybe the panic-buying is slowing down?

  21. 1) Grocery shelves: Last time I was in the grocery store it looked like a hurricane hit the pasta, rice, beans. Ramen noodle lane was also hard hit, but I still found what we needed.
    2)Helping neighbors: Except for chiropractors appt, over to friends home to drop off filtered water have not seen anyone.
    3) Preps holding up, so far so good. Dh requires special diet for certain meals was able to order those so he should be good for a while.
    4) Gov of this state is a dork, thank goodness out President is a business person. We may still have a fighting chance to make it out of this mess. Understand some of us will survive, while we will lose others we cherish be it friends, acquaintances and family.
    5) Working on small garden for dh & myself. Potato’s need to be planted since we are in the dark of the moon cycle. Need to make a run to H Depot or Lowe’s for gardening soil. Because of the stupidity of governors shutting down business that take care of the truckers. We are all going be in deep kimchi, in a matter of weeks or less.

      • Here in NJ, nurseries might be shut down as part of Saturday night’s sudden shutdown. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow. Plenty of glass & plastic (think medical) prod here, but nobody knows if that’s all shut down. What ya get with a sanctuary state.

      • Thor1
        Found your posting for some reason it did not show up in the account.

        Have not been to the nursery as of yet, bsister picked up two tomatoe plants and offered one to us.

        Right now I am trying to get the bloomin potatoes in the ground. Mother nature has not been cooperating, it is either raining or burrr cold..lol. But it is the dark of the moon for plantins spuds. My seed onions are coming up which is good since the poor things were flooded from all the rain we had. Drilled holes in the boxes for additional drainage.
        Neighbor’s sister is moving an has several dog kennels, she is not taking them so I am trying to get a couple to convert into garden space. Keeps the bambi’s out of my food area, did this for my fruit trees this year since they killed off my trees from last year. Small enough they can not get in but large enough I can grow some crops for us to eat.(practice at gardening since I have not done this in years..lol)

        PS: For those who read Oldhomesteaders posting he said that this was coming over a year ago and it has come to pass. We are at the begining of the long stravation from mother nature and food control to keep us in line.

  22. Hi Gang,

    So much rain… rain, tornadoes, more rain, and more rain coming next week. I also am finding the ads messing up my posting too… Will try one of the blockers mentioned.

    Stayed at home working all week… I am very grateful to the Lord that I have a job that I can work from home. Only went outside a couple of times to get the mail… It was a good test. I do miss my coworkers though and have to remember to get up and walk around more often and eat lunch on time. At work, on site, I’m all over the place, walking here and yonder, up and down stairs. Need to definitely get more sunshine. Heard we really need Vit D to help with our immune system, so for those of us that work from home, we will want to get outside as much as possible.

    I ventured to WM this morning. Wasn’t sure what to expect. Sat in the parking lot and observed for a moment. Saw a couple people wearing gloves. I wore gloves inside. Saw one person with a mask on. Stayed away from people as it appeared others were as well. Wasn’t too crowded either. Was hoping that with them stocking overnight, that the shelves might not be bare early in the morning. SURPRISE! Wrong. No TP, No PT, No tissues, no bleach, no distilled water, very little bottled water, No dry Purina cat food, no to many, many things. Did get some more Mayocoba beans, car oil, mouse bait. I asked one of the stockers if there is a shortage or if people are still panic buying. She said that they aren’t stocking over nite much now, but rather spending a lot of time cleaning. She said they haven’t had an increase in the number of trucks, and the trucks come during the day and they stock all day instead of at night. Seems no specific time is a good time to go anymore.

    Went on to Kroger to see if they had any hamburger. Found no beef, no chicken, no fish, no pork. They didn’t even have any in the case where you pick what you want. I spoke to a guy in the meat department. He said that yesterday, the truck had 10 times the hamburger on it than they usually get in and today it is all gone. They were still waiting on the truck to come in. He said they aren’t getting any additional trucks either… Very odd that neither is getting more trucks in. But it explains the bare shelves since they now have time to stock before the doors open.

    Tara’s questions:

    How are grocery store shelves looking where you live? Bare, bare and bare

    Are folks helping one another like they are in my rural county, or getting into near fist fights like some news coverage of city grocery stores has shown on television? Didn’t go out until today, but haven’t heard of anything locally

    Now that we are technically in the middle of a pandemic, how are your preps stacking up? Doing well. Think the pandemic will last much, much longer though.

    What do you think of your governor’s and President Trump’s pandemic response? Governor doing good for now. He tends to do things conservatives don’t like, so we will see. I just feel so awful for all the folks that have to close or lose their jobs. One restaurant that has been around for 60 years, the owner was on tv almost in tears as the city mayor is making them all close. It’s not right for the gov’t to tell a private facility what to do. There needs to be a middle ground.

    Prayers for those need healing and unspoken needs, for The President and for America.

    Stay safe everyone.

    • Almost, That described our last spring the sun will come eventually! But you will have to mow more than you ever thought Possible!

  23. Hi again everyone! I was an old hand long since gone but happy to be back. Man the last 10 days have been that whirlwind. I have many an update since I was really active. The baby turns 4 in a couple weeks! His oldest brother is 13 now and becoming quite a man. He is turning into a very decent shot and an intolerable smartass. Last summer we made a choice wise or not and purchased a Lake property. It, unfortunately, meant refinancing the house and losing 14 years of equity built however it is a great Bugout spot. The largest town for 28 miles is under 300. It is a natural clear water lake and when not a SHTF plan it is my happy place. The good news is the way we financed it, it is all mine no note against it. It came with water power and septic. and my paid off RV currently resides there. Our plan is to start a storage shed cabin build this spring. I traveled there today with my BIL to scope the cabin he has access to equipment that I don’t and is willing to help.

    As far as preps I have went to the store almost everyday buying a little at a time of key items. Today a blew it out and spent almost 300 just on basics like some additional proteins and shelf stable goods. Zero TP anywhere close to my location. Other items are getting thin Bread milk and Tortillas? I suppose the bread alternative. I already work from home since being promoted so the lockdown doesn’t affect my money thank the lord. However my DW is a RN and she has me worried for her well being. My worst nightmare is the Feds pulling a Pullman Strike and federalising the nursing staff and sending her to an S-hole like NYC! This is gonna test the limits of American Liberty. All in all we are learning how to deal with all the crazy and it is eyeopening for my kids in that way it is good amongst all the bad.

  24. Toilet paper and paper towels are in short supply. Local stores stores I’ve talked to indicate if they get any in it is usually gone within an hour. My closest store got a truck in today and it seemed they had every store employee plus 2 corporate employees busy stocking the shelves.
    With the exception of some crying on local Facebook pages about not being able to get “needed” items (i.e. baby wipes ect.) I haven’t seen problems but I haven’t really looked either.
    Many are helping their neighbors find needed items.
    One of the local hospitals is asking for masks including home made. I have the pattern and the fabric but need to get pipe cleaners or the actual nose pieces (if I can figure out what they are called). While a number of people are talking about making them I figure even if the hospital ends up not needing them (not likely) friends and family may need them.
    Last I heard there were no cases diagnosed in my county but there was a back log of people who needed to be tested so that is subject to change.
    I still go out every few days so pick up items as I see a needed item. Amazon is still shipping things so have ordered and received planters, essential oils, and a case of butane. Filled my car, picked up from storage the small cans of propane, some long term food storage items and an assortment of fabric. If feed stores are closed down the storage unit will be out of reach since it is behind a locked gate when the store is closed.
    Some libraries in the county have closed totally and some are open to curb side pick up so I was able to get some books. No rush to read them as there is a 3 week initial checkout plus 2 automatic renewals and they won’t be pushing after that for returns, if things continue for an extended time, as decontamination is a hassle.
    Gardening – mint has been added to the mix. The rhubarb plant should be coming home this next week and I may order another planter or 2 so I can actually plant a couple of veggies.

    • Suzy q,

      My #1 daughter has made some face masks for her family and her husband’s family. I don’t know what she used for the nose pieces, I should ask.

      She is willing to make more for a hospital or or nursing home, but wants a specific contract with money for materials and a pattern that they prefer. She doesn’t need payment for labor, but does need either the fabric or cash to buy it.

      I gave her a 10-pack of surgical masks a couple of weeks ago and she still has some and has used those as a pattern. She also has N-95 masks, but those require filter layers you can’t just pickup at a sewing store.

      • Z36 and All, have you noticed the national guard troops in hot zones not wearing masks?

        I had a bad thought that they are trying to get our military sick and then bring in the UN.


        But what if?

        • Thor1,

          Yes, I’ve seen some photos of NG troops without masks, but I also noticed that the majority of them were not in close contact with people (directing traffic, etc). If the claims about social distance are accurate, they should be OK.

        • When the military has been used for crowd control in the past, it has not been during a pandemic. They will have their M17’s (or equivalent) but I doubt they have enough paper masks to go around right now.

          A deliberate attempt? I doubt it.

          • JP,

            The military uses an M-50 mask now. They have screw on filters that are CBRN rated and can be used in a biological environment. However, for most pandemic uses, the M-50 is kind of overkill and expensive.

            The old M-17 filters would work too, in an M-17 mask. But they are such a pain in the ass to replace as you likely know if you’ve used them. An M-50 filter takes less than a minute to remove the old one and screw on the new one. I own an M-50 and have spare filters.

          • Zulu 3-6:

            I’m glad they upgraded those masks. Yes, the M17’s are a major PIA. They have upgraded so many things in the last 25 years and I am out of touch with what’s new.

            You are right, though, whatever masks they have are built for heavy-duty NBC environments and as such are going to be very expensive.

        • Thor:
          I had to travel to Arizona for a family emergency over a week ago. Started home on Thursday. Spent the night in Lordsburg, N.M. Hotel was full with a unit normally stationed at Fort Campbell. Asked a fresh face recruit why they were there. Said deployed to help with border patrol. Perhaps.

          But not sure why they weren’t bunked down at Deming, N.M. a town a bit bigger and much closer to the border crossing if you look on a map.

          Found it interesting.

      • Suzy q,

        I talked with my daughter. She said she used pipe cleaners. But discovered that just one doesn’t seem to do the job. Two or three are much better at providing a stiff nose piece. Still easily adjustable, but provides a better seal.

        • Zulu 3-6 was she using the crafty pipe cleaners or the cleaners for actual copies. That will make a difference on what I order. Thank you.

          • Suzy q,

            I think she was using crafty types. Regular pipe cleaners come in two basic kinds. Those that are fairly smooth (usually used in gun cleaning and much like the crafty kind) and the kind with prickly thingies more for actual pipe cleaning. Those would not be fun to wear around.

          • Zulu 3-6 thank you. Obviously I haven’t been around smokers and wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to make an expensive mistake.

          • Suzy q,

            I just talked with #1 daughter. Her hubby came up with a suggestion for mask nose pieces. Aluminum baking pans with pieces cut out. She is trying that idea out right now.

    • Please let me know what is being used for the masks. I’m wanting to make some for us. I have a lot of the cheap dust masks that I use when cleaning out the chicken coops. I wonder if I could use the nose piece from them in the homemade masks?

      • The directions I have received calls for two types of fabric. A tight woven fabric for the outer layer and a flannel for the inside. I have also seen where you could add a felt layer in between the layers to make a kind of filter

        • Suzy q,

          I suppose there are a number of adequate nose piece methods out there. A matter of imagination and whatever is laying around.

          I need to check with #1 daughter to see how she is doing on mask production. She has to balance that with doing her job from home and chasing after an active toddler.

  25. A fascinating time. For the most part, I’m the only prepper in our empty nest home. My wife’s attitude varied from tolerating my prepping, to questioning it (occasionally scarcastically), & rarely supporting it. She would come along to the shooting range at times. We moved last fall, for a new job, & so had eaten about 20% of our food stores, & had to sell & give a few things away, that were not practical to move. We’re now living in a temporary rental place, in a small town, w/ much of our stuff in a storage unit.
    Reading prepper sites like this one & survivalblog alerted us early about coronavirus. So I got a few foods & OTC items, to top off supplies, & TP & Kleenex.. On Fri, my wife surprised me when she showed me a cupboard full of canned goods & freezer full of frozen foods -without mentioning it to me, she’d been making a number of trips to local stores to get things.
    This is a major change of role for her. So coronavirus has made my wife into a genuine prepper. It’s fascinating to see lists of things to buy in mainstream news media. I tend to think it’s good that unprepared saw the need & jumped into action to prepare as best as possible. Didn’t most of us want prepping to become more accepted?

    Our state is not under a shelter in place, & our governor wants to leave businesses, such as restaurants drive thru or pick up open, rather than causing more harm to our state economy. Yesterday, he reduced his max crowd from 50 to no more than 10 ppl.
    This recession may actually help us, as we sold our previous home in Jan. & interest rates are going down, & I expect to see the housing market in our new community decrease too.
    Wishing grace, peace, & kindness to everyone! Also, I hope that we’ll help & show mercy & kindness to others during this difficult time, as it has increased people’s anxiety, worry, & made ppl feel insecure. For those of us believers, loving our neighbors & serving others is part of our faith.

    • Glad to hear the wife is climbing aboard. I married the oldest of 10 from a dirt poor family of a welder and small time farmer. She grew up butchering chickens and eating pet cows. picking up the eggs and home canning. And even then she sometimes thinks I take it too far but to your point the last month and all that goes with it she sees why I am how I am.

  26. Long, wet week, Tribe.
    Much sadness and hurt in our world, but we know who shows up to lie, steal and kill. Devil is running out of time. His day is coming and he is real, going to hell and his time will soon be up. Sooo, people are suffering and dieing.
    Started to pick up fingerlings for pond, decided to not pick them up, as they were in our state capital, at a convention center. Decided I did not need that much exposure, even with mask and gloves. Health decisions are really important in the world today.
    Plants that did not start up well, have been replanted. Chicks getting wing feathers. Garlic huge and well filled out rows. Plum and peach trees have fuzzy buds changing to pink or white shades. Daffodils are budding, daylily clumps are up, rhubarb under 5 gallon buckets have huge leaves and maybe 10 leaves each. One 70 degree day this week, now 48 degrees. One nite 5″ of rain, flood warnings were in effect. Areas did flooding some places. Thank God that the flooding missed me. Hard to work outdoors with mud and water standing everywhere.
    Tara’s questions:
    1, did not go to town.
    2. Called around offering help or supplies, if anyone runs out, and I might have something to help them.
    3, OK
    4, Our leaders have their hands full, they are in uncharted waters, what might help in the past, does not necessarily fill the bill in a worldwide crisis, which is where we are. This may recur in a few months after this calms down, may gear up for another round. There are greater ramifications than meet the eye, so no easy answers or bills to pass. Leaders must consider overall answers and the blowback it may cause. Folks should not be so fast to think they know the perfect answer or act that needs to be passed. Ramifications could be next crisis. Just saw Angela Merkel exposed thru her doctor giving her a flu shot and Sen. Rand Paul now in quarantine.
    5. See above.
    You know death passed the Hewbrew people when they were obedient and covered the door posts with blood. Old and new testament says that we are to write on our doorposts: “The Lord God is one God, and we are to love Him with all our hearts, mind and soul.” That is written on the door posts around my front door on both the homes I have lived in on this farm. I take this seriously. Perhaps others should too.
    May God have mercy on us all, as He sees our repented hearts.

  27. We are so well prepared I almost feel guilty. Long time preppers,, so food, TP, water, health items were already covered. I did pick up early on, more shelf stable milk and had just bought 5 dozen eggs at COSTCO. We are both old – 77 and 79, in addition to an artificial heart valve in her situation and the lung transplant in my case. We have essentially become hermits. We don’t have any first hand knowledge of grocery shelves, but have seen all the news reports and accounts from the kids. I miss being able to shop for fresh fruit and such. After the recommended 15 day isolation period, I plan to go to a local grocery which has announced a special hour for those such as us. They disinfect everything on Tuesday night and allow only those over 65 from 5 – 6 AM, Wednesday only. I do not really trust everything to be perfectly safe, but we will practice due precautions to minimize the risk.

    Our gardens are all at the BOL and it’s still too cold to do much with them.

    Really hoping the combination of hydroxychloroquine and zrthomax are the silver bullet they appear to be.

    REALLY praying for the nation, all those afflicted and especially the president with his team.

    • AT,

      I’m not stuck at home with kids, but I do miss babysitting my granddaughter a lot. But I understand her parents wanting her at home with them in these days. We FaceTime almost daily.

      Granddaughter is active but her parents have a nice sized screened porch in the back that she calls “my porch,” plus a privacy fenced in back yard. Although #1 daughter is working from home, she finds time to take granddaughter out for stroller rides and go to grassy parks where the little princess can run around and develop a full head of steam (my equivalent is letting her run up and down the 2d floor hallway at my apartment). Plus, granddaughter has tons of toys (mostly educational types) and is fully capable of entertaining herself, including trying to read. She’s very imaginative.

      • Z36,

        There’s lots of things to do outside, like Tara’s daughter is doing with her kids… Getting sunshine is good for the immune system, and kids are so spoiled with electronic gadgets that they don’t learn things that will help them out as an adult. Your granddaughter is a princess. And I am sure it’s a reflection on how her mother was raised. 🙂

        • AT,

          Thanks. Granddaughter does have her electronic toys too (it is the 21st Century after all, and she is scary good at learning how to use them with little guidance). But her parents keep it to a minimum. #1 daughter and her hubby grew up on the cusp of the electronics age. She remembers her mom using typewriters at work, No video games for kids, even dial telephones at some older people’s homes. And no computers in the house (until her teen-aged years). #2 daughter and my son can’t remember those low-tech things. But they enjoyed playing outside and didn’t have to be forced out.

          #2 and son were both heavily involved in Scouting and my son’s favorite thing to do was skateboarding (still does it at 22), but very closely followed by video games.

    • Mari:

      Part 2. DW works for a major petroleum retailer here, so she hears more along those lines than I do. She has heard the rumor, but can’t substantiate it either.

    • That is correct, at least in Georgia. Since the rest stops are manned by state employees and since they have all be told to go home the rest stops are closed. Really bad since the truckers need a safe place to sleep and a place to shower and go to the rest room.

      Several of the big restaurants have posted on social media that they will provide food for truckers and have made their empty parking lots a place to stop and get food. But, when I asked them if the truckers can come in and use the bathroom all I get is silence. Another facebook friend posted that they have several flat acres and that truckers are welcome to park there and sleep and they will be on guard and they are welcome to come in the house and eat and use the facilities for free. There aren’t very many people that are that giving and it’s really nice to see.

      So, if they can’t sleep safe, and they can’t go to the bathroom, and they can’t get a shower, how are they supposed to keep going?

      • Cliff:

        Ours are mostly different. They are unmanned. The truck stops, with restaurants, rest rooms, and such, are private and open as essential businesses.

        • Ours on the interstate (I20) are state run and have bathrooms and vending machines. They have cleaning people on staff to keep it clean but no served food or anything like that. With the cleaning crews (and the bathrooms are normally locked up after dark) gone home they rest stops are closed at least in West Georgia.

    • Mari-
      I traveled through several states late last week. Encountered a wide variety of “rules” from none and everything open to a gas station open to pump gas and buy drinks etc. but restrooms closed to public.

    • Yes the governor of Minnesota did this in his infinite dumbassedness! I don’t live in Minnesota but it is right next door. Just another example of a big Government stooge proving he is not up to the task.

        • Yep and they multiply in cases of emergency! Look at Bill Di Bozoio he can’t avoid a camera even though it proves how stupid he is!

          • M4S, DeBlasio is so far beyond worthless that it’s beyond belief. Cuomo (whom I can’t stand either) must have made many many calls to him to get him off his butt and allow his people to order masks. Guess continuing going to the gym every day is far more urgent that listening to his public health person who must be ripping her hair out. So much for politicians for hate our guts.

    • Thank you all for your responses. The rumor started around truckers complaining that they couldn’t park to get rest or sleep. Kinda nasty when there are laws etc that require them to only drive x number of hours, then can’t go back on road for another set x of hours.

  28. And these are the state run rest stops, not just for trucks but for anyone traveling along the interstates. There is only one rest area between home and the Tennessee line with a sign just before it of the next rest stop being 47 miles away.

    There are rest stops, same situation, on I75 going north and south. They are spaced quite a ways apart and now they are closed. There aren’t very many places to get off the road that has a big truck stop with showers and food but there are some. Seems trucks don’t seem to need to stop for gas as often as cars do.

  29. We have not done anything out of the ordinary for this kung flu pandemic. We did regular grocery shopping the week of SS payday. Apparently, we regularly buy enough to put in the freezer, and have on hand, about 3 months worth of meat, mostly chicken and hamburger. We also have steaks and some sirloin, which is just normal for us. I have been a prepper for more than 10 years, so we are well stocked on most supplies. (I can’t think of anything I am low on at the moment.) I did put 24 eggs in the incubator. Candled them after a week and a half, and removed 3 which had nothing growing inside. Was hoping for more than 10 to hatch, but am happy with getting only 10 healthy chicks. The laying going on has really picked up since it is getting so much warmer. Just wish the rain would finally go away!!!! Planning to start another 24 eggs, and hoping for at least 10 more healthy chicks! We will butcher any roos coming out of both hatches when they get bigger, and will probably harvest some hens, too, as we currently have 18 hens. We will be replacing some of the older hens, so we have younger stock. Many of my hens are over 3 years, so I will check them to see if they are still viable layers. If not, they will go to freezer. If I still have over 10 good hens, will just cull the smaller ones, and replace with some of the babies. My brother lives in Tulsa and works at a big rig repair shop. They have not shut down, and I don’t believe our governor has told anyone to stay home or shelter in place. So far for us, life has not changed. I rarely go out anywhere anyway. I have always been a hermit type. I am very happy staying right here on the farm. Lately, though, only hubby goes out for supplies, and he tries not to do that more than once every couple of weeks. It works for us.
    I am starting seeds indoors right now. I have decided to try broccoli, which I love, but have never grown before. Plus the usual tomatoes, zuchini, eggplant, lima beans, pinto beans, and maybe green beans. Not as big a fan of green beans as I am zuchini and eggplant. Will also plant carrots, onions, and potatoes. I grew up a meat and potatoes type of girl. My dad was a butcher. Have really missed him. He was killed back in 1988. My youngest son never knew him. But…life goes on. Hope everyone comes through this safe!!! Prayers to all who are ill and grieving. Prayers to the President and rest of our country.

  30. Okie Girl,,,, I did the same, set 20 eggs, hatched 10, started the next batch, wonder if a third round is necessary??? Have a 22′ and a 16′ chicken house is sitting empty. We can not contemplate how severe predators will be this year ( 2 and 4 legged.)
    Hard to figure such a difficult year on hand for all of us.

    Tara, what kind of goats are you looking for? I am in S E Ohio and have 15 goats, some for sale. Saanen and Alpine. Dairy, full size. If you can travel, or we are shut down. Have folks traveling four hours for two of them.

    • It’s the two legged variety I am more concerned about!! My coop is very secure against 4 legged or winged predators. But I think if we personally have enough eggs for ourselves, reckon I wouldn’t mind too much if someone helped themselves to a few. As long as they don’t take / harm the chickens. You can’t count on that, though! But if I catch them out there, they will be sorry. Have plenty of lead stored up and know well how to use it.

  31. Just got back from a trip into town. Still no bread nor buns of any kind. Could not find any milk powder for making milk. Did not look at fresh eggs but they seemed to have enough fresh milk, butter, and cheese out. We picked up 4 packages of freshly ground (1.5 lb each) hamburger. There was no limit. Also got 2 large packages of cut up chicken thighs, bones in and skin on, but hey, we can live with it. Also no limit on that. I was only allowed to get 1 small package of rice, though. The TP aisle was bare, bread aisle was bare, and canned food aisle was severely picked over, but still had a bit out. Fruit aisle was better. Still plenty of paper cups, bowls, plates, but paper towels and napkins were gone. I am kind of surprised at the amount of empty shelves, as this is the poorest county in the state, and I had kind of assumed that many folks would not be able to afford to clean out the store! But I reckon they found a way!! Several People were in the store with their kids, guess there was no one at home to watch them. Only saw one person with gloves and mask on. There have been no reported cases in the Southeastern portion of the state, o I feel pretty good about things for now. Also got some frozen broccoli and hash brown type potatoes. No limits on that either. Glanced down cleaning supply aisle — bare shelves. Not sure how regular type folks (those that shop once a week and only get what they need for the week) are going to survive this. As for us, I am very thankful I have been a prepper for o long!! Bless you all, and Lord, please bless our nation!!

  32. 1. How are grocery store shelves looking where you live?
    Paper products wiped out at grocery & discount stores. Some stock at drug stores. Meat, both fresh & frozen, wiped out but I did find a pack of steaks for 3 meals at BJ’s. Also got 2 loaves of bread there. Bread, flour, milk, eggs, powdered milk, rice, most dry beans, gone. Last 3 items snapped up quickly by our large Hispanic population here in south Jersey.

    2. Are folks helping one another like they are in my rural county, or getting into near fist fights like some news coverage of city grocery stores has shown on television?
    Haven’t heard of any issues yet in our area. Stores had better be stocked by the time the SNAP cards are loaded, as that would be around 1/3 of our local population.

    3. Now that we are technically in the middle of a pandemic, how are your preps stacking up?
    Good except for meat thanx to no stand-alone freezer. We were out Saturday morning and the DP got an eyeful of shelves stripped bare. I would have gone out Tue morning, but the DP flat out decided “NO” as his medical issue probably wouldn’t allow him to survive a bout of coronavirus. This was after our illustrious governor decided on Saturday that we would have shutdown starting that same night for all but grocery & drug stores.

    4. What do you think of your governor’s and President Trump’s pandemic response?
    Our governor is about worthless for anything beyond sanctuary state issues. Couldn’t even be bothered to give a day’s warning of shutdown. Outside gun ranges included in shutdown even tho they are private. Yes, a suit has been filed. Trump doing quite well, especially with public-private medical supply production, encouraging use of off-label drugs. CDC/NIH/FEMA haven’t been proactive, with FEMA being a joke. Love how Trump would rather private enterprise step up. Half of Congress should be drop kicked right out of office.

    5.What did you do to prep this week?
    Received spare pair hiking boots and an emergency radio. Haven’t opened the boxes yet to check either. Too bad the other half isn’t going to the gym now so I can handle such secret things. Got a bit more ammo. Filled a few holes in the food category, another pack of lighters, foil pans, several packs of seeds, 2 planters to hang off deck rail, potting soil, cow manure for raised bed, and who knows what else that I’ve forgotten. Even convinced the DP to be sure 2 cans of gas are full. Guess it took the stripped stores to convince him. Wonder if he swapped our 2nd propane tank out for a full one. Hmm.

  33. All,

    My Ex called me last night to tell me about a rumor going around in the Mexican community in Florida (the Ex is Cuban, but has acquaintances who are Mexican).

    A text has been going viral (no pun intended) on Mexican related Facebook sites that at 11:40pm last night, five helicopters were going to be spraying a disinfectant throughout Florida to kill the China virus. The text advised everyone to stay indoors and close their door and windows.

    Needless to stay, to the best of my knowledge, no such thing happened. The Ex is really upset at these Mexican people for spreading BS around. First of all, FIVE helicopters to spray all of Florida in less than one night? But ill-educated people believe that crap is possible.

  34. Thor’s questions
    1) how much worse do you think it will get? Worse before it gets any better. Too many dopes running around, docs writing scrips for themselves & friends, probably thieves gearing up for some “fun.”

    2) will asteroids kill us first? Who knows; I still haven’t heard the trajectory of the small comet that’s headed past Mars to the sun.

    3} do you know anyone infected with the Kung Flu? No, not yet. But everything medical is secret.

    4) what will be short next? Ammo,food,TP,medicine, now…..Power, water or fuel? I’d guess medicine, food, fuel. Ammo is sold out for awhile.

  35. To All,

    Suzy q and I were discussing earlier in the week about homemade masks. #1 daughter is making masks now. Some are being donated to appropriate facilities, others she is selling to the general public. If anyone is interested, you can look at her Facebook site Made by Cristina:


    Don’t feel obligated to buy, but she would at least like folks to take a look and buy if you are interested. You can get a sorta-kinda look at my granddaughter while she is modeling a mask. 🙂

    Her masks are washable and there is no elastic, the masks have fabric ties. A washed mask can be placed on a baking sheet and baked in a 160-degree oven for 20-minutes or so to sterilize and dry. Or you can hang them out in the sun where UV light can kill germs.

    • Sent a request to join the group. She has a private group so I can’t see her mask but will look once she accepts me.

      I think it’s great she can make mask and tell people how to keep them sterile.

      • Cliff,

        Actually, the info on cleaning them comes from me. Maybe I should talk with her about posting that. She has made a number of sales already and shipped several yesterday.

      • Cliff and all,

        I did some deeper research into disinfecting DIY cloth masks. If using the oven method, the consensus recommends an oven temp at about 170-degrees F for 30-minutes. The mask should be dried first before putting it in the oven, otherwise, you may need to extend the time in the oven.

  36. Z36, I told you….,…The Roosevelt and Reagan..,.. Shutdown due to Kung Flu…… Marine Captain infected in Pentagon.

    $hit hit the fan.

    • Thor1,

      True. They are kind of shutdown, for routine operations. If the military SHTF, they will be working.

      As far as the Marine captain at the Pentagon, I hope he recovers, but officers of that rank empty the trashcans at the Pentagon, so it isn’t as crucial as crewmen aboard a nuke carrier.

      • Z36 , so that Captain would spread germs all around in an enclosed area……..

        And the carriers would look like cruise ships…….

        • Thor1,

          I’m sure the Marine officer is in quarantine or in hospital, not running loose.

          As far as the carriers are concerned, they are quarantining the entire ships. Anyone who gets the Chinese virus is being airlifted to shoreside hospitals Submarines and crews getting ready to depart on patrol are being locked down on ship for 14-days prior to departure. The crews are allowed on deck for fresh air, but no contact with yard workers or other sailors.

          • Thor1,

            I know what you meant. In the Marine Corps, it is a joke that any officer below the rank of LtCol working at the Pentagon is there to dump trash cans and fetch coffee.

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