What I Did To Prep This Week: Mar 29th – April 4th 2020

Hello Pack, hope everyone is healthy and busy prepping. Now that spring is finally here it is time to really get cracking on all those projects we have been daydreaming about doing all winter. I cannot hardly wait to get the gardening season fully underway.

In addition to our standard crops this year we are going to be planting food plots for the duck and chicken flocks. Some of the plants will be aquatic, and others will be ground plots.

Every year I like to grow one or two new plants that I have spent time learning about over the winter months, but this year I have an entire list of new crops I want to try to put in.

Some are strictly for their medicinal value, but others are being cultivated to bolster our stockpile of both human and livestock food.

It took me far longer to get the duckweed and fairy moss to grow in the pond than I figured it would because all of the suppliers on Amazon were outside of the United States and shipping from their countries was a no-go becaue of the virus.

I am going to keep the aquatic plants growing through the winter months in the greenhouse or our garage so I can continue to have a free and sustainable source of food for the flocks. I have never dehydrated aquatic crops, but you are supposed to be able to do that, so I am going to give that a try, as well.

This week we planted two new peach trees, a crab apple tree, a few raspberry bushes, and three grape bushes.

I also bought a lilac bush to plant. It felt so wrong spending money on a plant that will not produce either food or medicine, but I decided lilac is an excellent pollinator attractor so putting one of my favorite plants along the fruit grove might just be a prep afterall.

Our ducks are back up to their regular egg producing strength. We are getting two dozen eggs per day from the seven females. I am releasing the ducklings in the indoor brooder this weekend.

Well, at least the Pekin ducklings are going into the poultry coop. The Khaki Campbell ducklings have not grown as quickly, so I may keep them safely tucked away in the brooder with the banty chicks a little while longer.

We are on whelping watch right now. Jovie is about to have her first litter of pups. We have jokingly said that she is eating for 17, but it sure does look like she has a whole lot of puppies in there.

I may keep one female pup, but I am not sure yet. I would love to keep her line going on forever, but she is a mighty jealous sort, and I am not sure that she will like having a human that now has to try to love two dogs evenly.

The money made from selling the blue heeler pups is going to be funneled right back into our survival homestead.

In other news this week, there is a new pig on the farm. Buddy is his name.

He is a teacup pig my daughter drug home as a pet – so he will not become bacon unless we are down to desperate during a long-term disaster. Or, possibly, if he keeps wandering into the garage and then into my beloved’s office if the door is not completely shut.

Buddy follows around our daughter’s pit bull puppy everywhere it goes – until the pit bull that is exactly the same color as the pig, tries to mate with it … then the pig squeals and waddles off.

Buddy seems to love chicken, if he cannot be located outside all you have to do is yell that you have chicken and the pig comes running – seriously, running.

Since we are finally out of winter, I have been taking the grandkiddos into the woods for forest schooling again. I tasked Auddie, who just turned four, with teaching her sister Ariyah (2 ½) trail safety rules, and how to find her way both to where we are hiking and her way back out.

This reinforces Auddie’s comprehension and critical thinking skills, while Ariyah learns to be more independent in the woods.

We spotted the first snake of the year in the woods today. A tribe member’s 11-year-old son happened to be standing on it while waiting for some of the little ones to catch up while hiking up a steep trail behind our house.

It was just a little garter snake, so nothing to worry about, and it was released unharmed. One of the girls cried because she was scared – we have to work on that whole crying thing in general, and the snake phobia.

As long as the snakes are not venomous and stay in their habitat in the woods we get along just fine. When they keep coming into the people living area we have a problem, but that is rare.

This black racer snake kept encroaching upon the people area so I stopped the 4-wheeler one day and we had a chat. That breed can be aggressive, but it is not common.

Still, there are too many little ones up here whose actions could be considered startling or threatening to the race, prompting it to react accordingly even if no harm is really intended.

I have never eaten snake, but some of our tribe members have and really like it – easy to skin, that’s for sure.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. How are your spring growing projects coming along?
  2. Do you produce anything on your survival homestead, prepper retreat, or bugin location that makes money you use to further your self-reliance efforts?
  3. Have you ever grown food plots for your ducks and chickens? What did you grow and how did you preserve it?
  4. Have you ever eaten snake? Did you like it?
  5. What did you do to prep this week?

90 thoughts on “What I Did To Prep This Week: Mar 29th – April 4th 2020”

  1. Happy Saturday to All

    Georgia is on lockdown but you wouldn’t know it by the traffic outside. Wish people would just get serious and quit spreading this stuff around.

    Yesterday I got out the leaf blower and blew off the carport and driveway. DW came out and then she spent the rest of the evening coughing and sneezing with runny nose and itchy eyes. Huge clouds of yellow pollen were flying everywhere.

    She didn’t argue this morning when I went out back and cut the grass in the backyard. That chore is done and the front yard can wait for another day.

    We are doing good on supplies. DW ordered some groceries from Kroger, they came yesterday and was about half the order and the eggs were among the missing. I made a grocery order off Amazon and that is supposed to come this evening. None of the stuff is critical, more of a trial of the system. So far it is mediocre at best but they are dealing with more business than they can handle so I can’t fault them that much.

    I do see we are getting low on paper towel so I’ve ordered some of that from Amazon and it should be here next week.

    So, that’s all my prepping as we continue to shelter in place. Work continues for DW and myself. Her work makes sanitizing and cleaning products for big grocery store chains and they are going as hard and as fast as they can. My company, Sign language interpreting, has slowed way down and we may have to go to the government bail out money to keep paying the payroll without having to furlough or let people go. Maybe things will pick up soon, maybe not, it’s not for me to decide.

    The pop up ads today are causing my cursor to go all over the screen and it soon to be a curse-er if I don’t wrap up.

    Stay safe, keep praying, stay home.

    • Cliff,

      Traffic here in Orlando (especially near the attractions) can be horrible. It almost reminds me of traffic in downtown Saigon during the war (almost, nothing is as bad as Saigon was). When the stay at home orders hit, traffic congestion in Orlando and environs has been drastically reduced. It’s almost pleasant to drive places when you need to.

    • I’m with you Cliff. Over in my neck of the woods, you can tell there is much less traffic, but still way too much for a shelter at home order. I think that had this order been given let’s say 2 weeks ago, people would have adhered to it much better, but now with the weather quite nice (except for the pollen, and having kids at home 2 weeks is a BIG catalyst for people to get out somewhere, even if for awhile.
      I have a friend in Columbia, SC that is a long haul truck driver and he is on the road all the time now, as he brings in materials to produce toilet paper at one of the factories up that way. He laughs about it saying that If people on the road knew what critical cargo he had, they would pull aside to let him pass on by like they do for ambulances and such. Stay say, and hope this pollen is done soon.

    • Hey Cliff – as much as I didn’t want to, we finally resorted to going into Kroger for supplies. Nothing we had to have but things to make hunkering down easier. I am in a more populated part of the metro than you and it’s eerie to see empty parking lots, but agree that there are still many people on the road.

    • Ads do help pay for the site but an add-on to your browser (uBlock) will stop them. Free and very easy to install.

  2. Tara, Oh am i first? wow… #1 slowly, but coming.along..#2-#3, not yet…just yard grass for rabbits, was able to have enough to last 90 days… dd reduce the amount of hay and feed required. #4 Yes, larger ones cut across the back look and can be fixed similar to pork chops and seasoned similarly taste like those.. generally it tastes like chicken.. BTW, “Buddy” must think his name is “Chicken” LOL.
    #5 tooo wet to do much on outside things, last minute garden planning adjustments made…potatoes are planted.sweetpotato slips are almost ready…feed is rotated out. rabbits are growing an a new litter since last post.Grass is almost ready to cut.
    I got another “day older” that marked a years milestone…

  3. I’m just doing day to day stuff laundry, dishes, that never ends. We are starting to have nice day’s, in the PNW, mowing the lawn, and I will put the tent over my greenhouse, today. Hubby, can still work but one job canceled on Thursday, not sure how many more will cancel on us just taking it one day at a time. I did can up 3 jars of applesauce, and I have a bunch of lemons, so making lemon water, to drink found a lemon cookie recipe I want to try too. Gas is down to $1 89 at Costco, filled our car up and had a few minutes to run around Costco, so we got TP, and two cherry danishes, 1 apple pies like Mc Donald’s has they are pretty good, I think we were in their about 10 minutes.. Costco, closed at 6:30, we didn’t know that.

    Question 1 Growing herbs, and tomatoes, lettuce starts.
    Question 2, 3, 4 are all no….

  4. How are your spring growing projects coming along?
    I’m ready for things to dry up a little to get more done.

    Do you produce anything on your survival homestead, prepper retreat, or bugin location that makes money you use to further your self-reliance efforts?
    I sell very little. I get enough from selling eggs to buy most of the chicken feed we use.

    Have you ever grown food plots for your ducks and chickens? What did you grow and how did you preserve it?

    Have you ever eaten snake? Did you like it?
    No, and I would have to be pretty hungry to do so.

    What did you do to prep this week?

    This week:

    -Got five chicks from the eggs I donated to the local high school.

    -Worked up the garden. Hoping for everything to be dry enough to plant soon.
    -Planted another plum tree.
    -Many of the seeds I started in the greenhouse have germinated, but I’m having trouble with the peppers and tomatoes.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: batteries,

    -Diverticulitis flared up. I’m thankful for having access to a tele-doctor and a pharmacy.

    -I’m still learning to grow plants in the greenhouse.

    Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    • PG, as a fellow “divertuculant”, NO NUTS, NO CORN, NO SEEDS WHATSOEVER NO MATTER WHAT THE DOCTOR SAYS. I’ve had it since 2011 and haven’t had a flare up in four years. Why? I follow the rule religiously. Resection surgery is painful. I don’t want to do it electively nor mandatorily. You’d be surprised what’s off limits. Oh, the doctor will say the new thinking is that a moderate amount of seeds is ok. Bravo Sierra!! Mrs. Overwatch watches everything I eat. I do too. V8 juice is a huge no-no. One brand of tomato sauce is safe- Testa’s from CT. When in doubt, don’t eat it.

  5. This Week’s Questions:

    1. How are your spring growing projects coming along? Spring? It has to quit snowing first.

    2. Do you produce anything on your survival homestead, prepper retreat, or bugin location that makes money you use to further your self-reliance efforts? Not as of yet.

    3. Have you ever grown food plots for your ducks and chickens? What did you grow and how did you preserve it? Nope, we don’t have any.

    4. Have you ever eaten snake? Did you like it? A long time ago, cocked over an open fire on a stick. Tasted like snake.

    5. What did you do to prep this week? Since
    you asked…

    Montana has almost 300 cases. Our most “contaminated” county has 10 times the number of cases as ours. They also have a lot of upscale housing in the ski resort area that brought a lot of people from “outside” in; guess what they brought with them.

    Wal-Mart here has finally got to 200 customers, then 5 at a time. 5 out, 5 in. I knew it was coming. Glad that while I was shopping for garden supplies that was not going on. But then I don’t think there was 200 people in the store either.

    The NG is doing health screening at the International Airport in Billings. I have not heard, but I suspect, they are also are, or are going to be, at Bozeman, our most contaminated county, Billings is #2.

    Finally got my SoClean2 machine for my CPAP mask up and running. It really helps my sleep. It has the plus of being like a low-grade ventilator if we need one. The maintenance parts I ordered for it came in Friday.

    Ordered 2 ½-gallon pump sprayers from Harbor Freight after watching a regularly viewed YouTube channel where they use them for showering and as a bidet. For $6 one will be used for disinfectant spray (incoming boxes) and the other for the deep preps if we lose water.

    Got the refund for the DW’s replacement tablet. They were quick. Snug-Max (Vankyo tablet) has been VERY good in dealing with us.

    I’ve now had 2 people that I tried to talk preparedness with who are seeing the light, good! Here, supplies and availability are returning to “normal” but that could change fast.

    Brought the last of the canned goods into the house. They were stored in an unheated garage this winter. We did lose 2 cases of canned green beans. DW used all 6 storage crates I ordered. Another 6 are on order.

    Supplies we ordered are starting to come in. Shipping delays everywhere.

    Wal-Mart (the store) is well stocked (topped off dairy), but almost no one in there (Wed). Based upon what Vermont did with making stores that were open stop selling “non-essential” items, I went out and bought more soil, tools, and seeds (on Friday); now if it will warm up and stop snowing.

    The ’06 Dodge diesel ¾ ton was due for it’s plates. This year I finally went with permanent ones, since we are not looking to get rid of the truck. It was about 3 times the cost of annual plates. Still not sure on my ’06 van.

    Got in our digital converter/tuner for the TV, to go with the digital antenna. We’ll see how that goes.

    Got the contractor scheduled to come over and do the additions/upgrades to the porch, for our “porch garden” starting Wednesday. I hope the virus and the government will let that happen.

    Talked with DD#1. Both she and hubby are still working. GS#2 (still at home) is working part time and doing HS on-line. DW got her “essential personnel” travel papers Friday (no need as of yet, though); she works from home but has to go into the office on occasion.

    Supply Run: grocery top off; garden tools; Turkey SPAM; a Warren hoe; garden soil; top soil; 91% isopropyl alcohol; Band-Aids; green beans; powdered milk; isopropyl alcohol; band-aids; garden edging; seeds;

    Received: Indoor plant light; PM’s; window fans; Book: The Constitution of the United States of America and Selected Writings of the Founding Fathers; storage crates; movies; DW’s slippers; storage cover for lawn mower (it now goes outside so we can grow food inside); telescoping sprinklers; SoClean2 replacement pasts; pain relief products; digital TV tuner/converter; hobby parts;

  6. I did my low-carb grocery shopping this week. Added more to my stash on a moderate level. Did some weekly cooking.

    All is OK on my home front. Everybody seems healthy.

    #1 daughter is doing a decent business with her face mask making. She made one for me out of the recently obsolescent Air Force camo fabric (the ABU stuff). If anyone is interested in looking at what she does, check her Facebook site Made by Cristina. No obligation to buy.

    I miss granddaughter terribly, but she is being very well behaved for her parents and is working hard on her homeschool lessons (mostly reading and some writing). She knows something bad is happening in the world and that is why she can’t see her grandparents except on Face Time. She doesn’t like it, but quietly accepts it. She has her own face mask to wear now too.

    As far as prepping is concerned, I am mainly keeping my pantry stash at somewhat normal levels, but I am trying to add to it a little bit each week. As long as grocery stores are still open, no sense not adding to the pantry at least a little after replacing what was used.

    My nearby Publix is mostly well stocked. No TP or paper towels, short on some meats though. I was able to get ground turkey this week. Every time I’ve been in there over the past few weeks, they’ve always had a stocker keeping the canned goods mostly up to snuff.

    I did order and receive a Petzl headlamp. They are good lamps. This one I mounted on my ACH Kevlar helmet.
    Due to my isolation, I finished three books yesterday. Believe me, that is a LOT of coloring. ?

    All joking aside, I have been reading a lot of books. I just ordered ten more Kindle books this morning (Friday). I need to order more.

    My Ex has been driving me crazy with all of the stuff about 5G she is sending me (yeah, I know, it’s a short drive). I don’t know about this 5G scare. I know as a HAM radio operator that RF waves can cause harm if one is overexposed, particularly to high power waves. I also learned in the Marines that being too close for too long to a powerful radar antenna can cook you like a microwave oven (learned that from the electronics and radar wonks). But I don’t know about 5G. According to these people, 5G exposure is what is “really” causing this Wu Flu, or making it worse. Who knows with all the BS floating around out there. One of the photos the Ex sent purported to be protesters in Hong Kong cutting down and torching a “5G tower” except it was too short to be a cell tower and was actually a facial recognition camera. It might have had 5G technology, but that isn’t why the protesters were destroying it. Fake News all over.

    Had a video doctor’s appointment with my VA doc. He had consulted with an endocrinologist about my Vitamin D deficiency and my blood sugar levels. I’ve been taking 2,000IU of VitD for a few months, but the level is still too low (but not as bad as it was), so he wants me on 4,000IU per day. I take two 1,000mg of metformin daily for my blood sugar, but now he’s adding glipizide 5mg daily. The metformin acts on the liver to keep it from making glucose while the glipizide acts on the pancreas to make more insulin. I need to keep glucose tablets handy just in case the two meds work better than expected together and put me into a hypoglycemic state.

    I talked with the doctor’s nurse first so she could do the usual nurse’s interrogation. She asked (as always) if I was thinking about killing someone or myself. I couldn’t resist. I told her “Not today, but it’s on my schedule for tomorrow.” She laughed and said if she didn’t know me better, she’d think I was serious. Which, of course, I’m not. Nobody showed up with a red flag warrant, so I guess she really did know I was horsing around. If it was any other nurse other than that one, I would have kept my smart assed mouth shut.

    We finally had some rain here in Central Florida earlier in the week. Not a whole lot, just enough to water the grass. We need more. Not a hurricane’s worth at one time though.

    Which reminds me. Hurricane season in due in a couple of months. The so-called experts (based in Colorado of all places) are predicting a more active season than normal. What is a normal season? According to their predictions and subsequent end of season data, we haven’t had a “normal” season in a while.

    I just came home before posting this from Publix. They had a reasonable stock of TP, but not the brand I like (oh sure, be picky in a shortage).Since I’m already well stocked, I skipped for now (ration was one pack per customer anyway). Otherwise, they were mostly full up, except in the reefer case where they had some blank spots. It wasn’t very busy either and I had a chat with the cashier and the next lady in line about things.

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. How are your spring growing projects coming along?

    Sadly, nothing growing at all. No place for it.

    2. Do you produce anything on your survival homestead, prepper retreat, or bugin location that makes money you use to further your self-reliance efforts?

    No, not unless WROL comes in, then I could pull some holdups (just kidding).

    Have you ever grown food plots for your ducks and chickens? What did you grow and how did you preserve it?

    Nope. No chickens or ducks.

    3. Have you ever eaten snake? Did you like it?

    Yes, I have. Western Diamondback a couple of times when I was at 29 Palms, CA playing Marine. It was OK, kind of tasted like chicken (no joke). Have to be careful with those as they are really dangerous. While I was at 29 Stumps, a Navy Corpsman was bitten in the neck by a big one. He died in the medivac helo on the way to the field hospital, and the helo was flying above his unit when he was bitten. They had him aboard within minutes and the field hospital wasn’t very far away. I was working as an MP near the field hospital and I saw the corpsman when they took him off the helo. His whole neck and head was purple. The snake did not survive either.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

  7. I have the pipe frame moved in place and anchored. It was once one of those cheap garages with a cover about like a tarp. The cover tore and it was given to me. I will try to get it covered in the next week or two. It’s still a few weeks until last normal frost date here. I have the thin wall pipe to set up for ebb and flow hydroponics. Just hope to have the frame covered to work inside. I’m going to get the pipes cut and get it layed out to measure for the support structure to put the pipes at a comfortable work height for me. Then that structure has to be leveled. My land has a slight slope from north to south.
    I have plants well started for the garden. A few more to get going then the rest will be direct sown. Last fall I planted several globe artichokes. They’re still covered under 3 ft of newspapers and fine tree branches. The cover was really for strawberries planted nearby. I need to get the area uncovered and see what I have left alive. It was a cold winter but nothing extreme.
    I have two new to me hydroponic strands. A base where the water collects after watering the 5 layers of three growing sections that stack up. They won’t be growing anything too big but could grow lettuce, spinach, and perhaps chard. I’ll see how they do next to my bigger hydroponics setup. Just a place to experiment in. If the stands work ok I’ll try them inside the living room in winter. Most a plan to keep busy right now. If the ebb and flow system isn’t to my liking I’ll find or make different ends for the sections and change how it waters plants.
    In looking forward to garden planting time. A few hearty things can go in now. My herbs from last year are mostly coming back from the roots. That’s always encouraging. I love playing in the dirt!

  8. (1) My spring garden is nearly done being planted! Lots of green beans have germinated (I planted about 250 seeds), tomatoes from seed are still tiny, but the seedling I bought are already in flower. My asparagus beans are growing faster than the regular green beans; okra is coming along nicely; pumpkin plants are just starting. Love the garden! My avocado tree has tiny fruit starting; mulberry trees have struggled this year because it’s been unusually dry. More bananas on the porch needing to be cut off of the stalk. Good week overall.
    (2) I used to sell veggies at a small farmer’s market; I also used to sell eggs and raw milk and I had a goat’s milk soap business for about 4 years. I stopped all over that several years ago so I could go “grey”. Didn’t want people to remember me when times get really tough!
    (3) I weed my garden and tote 5-gallon buckets of weeds to my chickens. They also get any garden plants that have bolted, like lettuce or mustard or collard greens. I’ve grown pigeon peas for my animals in the past and just planted a small plot of them again this spring. Even my goats like those.
    (4) Prepping this week included lots of time in the garden, a quick trip to the feed store to get enough feed to last at least a month. Tried to make bread again, but still not happy with the results…edible but too dense. Will keep trying!
    Anyone else here thinking that this situation we find ourselves in may well permanently alter our lives? I’m thinking we may never fully resume what most call “normal” living. Time will tell…

    • I gotta say it has crossed my mind more than once. I think some businesses will never recover, and I think there will be all kinds of government mandates put in place for future situations that will cost us billions, and taxes will continue to creep up. One good thing that could happen out of this would be a clear picture of why we need border walls!

  9. Tara’s Questions:
    1)Spring fever hit yesterday found more plants to bring home for the tiny garden which will have to be expanded now.
    2)We are retired, a few years ago we raised black baldy cattle(Hereford/angus X)for beef. Sold it to friends and family until hay was so expensive we sold the lot off.
    3)Fodder for raising chickens & ducks no, we never got into that living here.
    4) Dh has eaten snake in Nam & here in the states. ME, no way!

  10. taras questions
    1 still have patches of snow in shady places

    2 my only income comes from my homestead, firewood, chicks, produce, sheds, etc.

    3 i just give them the surplus

    4 nope, garter snakes are all i ever see and they are too small to bother with

    5 cut lots more firewood, burned slash, just sold my surplus buff orpingtons (half the flock, reducing the flock since the coop was crowded and i kept the broodies who will just be refilling the coop themselves, got $25 per hen and gave the extra rooster for free with them). online at neighbors to pull chicken add from craigslist). general cleanup since the snow is gone, built some fish traps and set them out and made plans to dry them as catfood. a few rain days so not as much done.

    • an addition, the saturday i made my comment from my neighbors house (they got hughsnet so i can go there now) they paid towards that huge debt they owed and i ran to town for a 200 day supply of food for my dogs, barn cats, and some luxuries i ran out of long ago (ketchup).

      also would like to share some more ny state bs, chairman cum-o has been gutting upstate hospitals for supplies for the city, confiscating resperators and the like. same as usual, the rest of the state is bled for resources to support the city.

  11. We have been hit pretty hard here in Georgia with the virus. Just before everything went sideways, there were two funerals in Albany, Ga that were well attended by relatives and long time friends, and that became an epicenter that has overwhelmed the hospital so much that National Guard and FEMA has come in to set up field hospitals and such. Our capital (Atlanta) is also not a place to be with this virus. People are just not taking this shelter inside and social distancing to heart. Guess they think it would happen to someone else instead of them. I do have to wonder if we can flatten the curve in the next two weeks? Time will tell. I’ve become very bored at home, and I actually had a craving for Mexican food and Fried Rice (go figure). This eating healthy is getting to me!
    I really worry about my place of worship. I miss going to services and interfacing with folks that are my extended family. I get it that it is necessary to stay home, but financially, it is a big hurt. We do congregate online weekly which helps somewhat.
    Regarding Tara’s questions, I can say no to all except the snake question. I have ate rattlesnake once. Can’t remember how it tasted because. It was breaded, and I think I did one quick chew on it before washing it down with a coke. Maybe Snakes do go better with Coke. I have been running errands for my neighbors who are elderly and afraid, or unable to get out much. I have a little extra money, so I am happy to help as I can. Georgia has mandated that everyone wear a covering if out in public, regardless if N95 or not. Stay safe my friends, and don’t become a statistic! We can all learn to like SPAM.

  12. Hello,

    1-4 Nope!
    5- Went to Wally World and bought allergy and heartburn pills. Saw a lady clutching TP (it was 2:00) and made a beeline for that aisle. Got one package of 12 rolls.
    Went to Hannaford’s the next day after Mrs. Overwatch read some Bravo Sierra about the lockdown being 100%. I couldn’t say no to those pretty blue eyes so I made another non-perishable run and even scored more TP. Grabbed some tonic water with quinine and started drinking Tanqueray and Tonics for medicinal purposes. It is true that the British figured that out 150 years ago. I told my doctor the next day and he said it sounded like a good idea. It’s only 20mg per glass but if you drink ten, you’re in therapeutic territory, lol.
    Work is slow but there’s a little. I’m giving the guys a bit extra to help out. I may bite the bullet and take an SBA loan for their sakes.

    • OW,

      Ten Tanks and Gin put you into the anesthesia zone, not the therapeutic zone. 🙂 That was my cocktail of preference in my drinking days. BTDT.

        • Roger that, Z36! I’m still ok after 14 beers but ten T & T would put this old grunt on the ground.

          My doc mentioned the 20mg thing and that chloroquine is given at 200mg so we had a good laugh but it does build up and has a prophylactic effect. He’s more of a scotch man.

    • Overwatch – thank you for verifying what I was thinking about Tonic Water. I do already have some but probably need more. I’ve been relying on elderberry and vitamin C along with staying home more.

  13. All,

    I was just talking with #1 daughter. The Air Force Reserve is now cutting activation orders for some parts of medical units and for individuals. One of the individuals is #1 daughter’s unit’s XO. She is a colonel and a critical care nurse. Another nurse in their unit was also activated.So far.

    At this time, they only know to report to the base tomorrow by 6:00pm. No information yet on what uniforms and equipment they need to bring, where they are going, and how they are getting there, do they need vaccinations? Etc.

    #1 daughter is concerned for her XO. Despite their large rank difference, they have been friends since both joined the unit at the same time about 15 or so years ago. #1 was fresh out of basic training and tech school, and the XO just freshly direct commissioned as a captain. #1 had to teach her boss how to wear her uniforms, pin on insignia, etc. I’ve met her XO several times and she is a very nice person and knows her medical stuff too. She spent a lot of time during the Afghan War as a critical care nurse on aeromedical evacuation flights between the sandbox, Germany, and the US. Tough job.

    Hope everything goes well for her and the other Reservists being called up.

  14. All,

    I know the topic of martial law has been discussed here and elsewhere. Today I found an excellent article on the topic and I find it is very accurate as to the state of law and affairs as it applies to martial law. This is very well worth the read as it clears up a lot of BS that is floating around out there. It is very much in line with my training and research on the subject.


  15. We continue to self isolate. I went out once this week to Publix for fresh fruit and vegetables. They are limiting the number of customers who can be inside at one time. So they have employees posted at the entrance and exit counting people leaving and allowing people inside. The line was all the way down the block but it moved quickly. People stood a safe six feet apart. The shelves were still empty–no eggs, no toilet paper (or other paper products). The canned foods isle was well picked over. I got the last five cans of corn. They had creamed corn and no salt added corn, but that was the last of the regular corn. We don’t eat a lot of canned vegetables but we like corn with kielbasa and potatoes.

    Dh’s daughter is sewing face masks and selling them for only $6. She is swamped with orders. She has plenty of fabric but is having trouble finding 1/16th elastic. I was able to find some for her. I ordered the last 100 foot roll from Amazon–the only color they had left in stock was pink. She has sold out of the pink flamingo masks. LOL

    That’s it for me. I saw a funny meme on Facebook–the coronavirus is trying to turn me into a democrat, I’m stayin’ at home, not working, complaining while waiting on my check.

  16. How are your spring growing projects coming along?

    Being that in Florida we went from Fall straight to Spring I planted my garden February. Plants have built in calendars so nothing grew much until a week or so ago even though we had six or seven record high days in March including the all time record high for that month. Of course the heat brought blight and my peas quickly succumbed as did half the tomato plants I had no yet set out.

    Do you produce anything on your survival homestead, prepper retreat, or bugin location that makes money you use to further your self-reliance efforts? No.

    Have you ever grown food plots for your ducks and chickens? What did you grow and how did you preserve it? No.

    Have you ever eaten snake? Did you like it? No.

    What did you do to prep this week?

    Well, not much. I am not blind but, just like the person on the TV ad about a certain drug, I have non-24. For the last week I have been 12 hours out, go to sleep around noon and wake up at 7:00 PM. This is part of my disability, trying to work a day job and not sleeping at night made me psychotic and seriously injured my health. For years I took Ambien to get to sleep but that had its own problems so my doctor told me to just sleep when I could.

    The last week has been cool, perfect for weeding in the garden but I am inside asleep. I did get my peppers and eggplant transplants set out Thursday morning. I just have to force myself to get out and do some work as soon as it gets light before my wife gets home. She works nights so early morning is the only time I can talk to her. While I do get 8 hours of sleep day sleeping is not as refreshing so I do no feel like working at night. Looks like this might go on for a while so I guess I can set up all my lights and start tearing down the engine in my Kubota. I want it finished for my fall garden and my brother came and got his backhoe and the 3020 so I need my own tractor.

    While my county only has 15 Covid cases I am self isolating. My wife has to go to work so I will have her do what shopping we need. As a nurse she is equipped to protect herself.

    • You hang in there Daddio7. Hope this sleep thing works itself out. I used to work a 10 days on, 4 days off night shift thing. All I wanted to do was sleep all the time, and eat. Hated it! Never felt good. Always tired and sluggish.

    • Daddio, I second what Jean says… sleep disorders are tough. I have a DU with severe sleep disorder, 2-3 hours of sleep is ususal..tired all the time also messes with weight.. too much cortizol causes stress and weight gain… in some of the time you must be quiet… look for ways to reduce cortizol (stress hormone) . It can be a sign of adrenal fatigue…
      . I also worked a swing shift..mostly 3-12 and 11pm- 7 am…was very hard to then go in and work a 7-3… was a relief nurse. Much of my working life was spent doing 3p-7a on some schedule.. I still do not do mornings and go to sleep at odd hours.. Do all you can to stabilize your hours, and do not beat yourself up over what you can not do while catching 3-5 hours of sleep.
      . You might investigate adaptogenic herbs. there are several each effective in multiple areas.. DO NOT take these if you are having a fever…
      another thing you MIGHT try is programmed relaxation or “self hypnosis”.
      .. you find a comfortable sitting position and a time when you can do it uninterrupted… lean back and do isometrics to make muscle groups tired, take deep even breaths… and tell yourself you have one hour( or 2-3) to rest…when that time is over, the alarm sounds, you will awake refreshed and alert… set an alarm for the time…allotted. the rest you do get is multiplied several times over..
      .I use this when sleep is interrupted or have had long period without any sleep…emergency trip to hospital and i must be alert… i use this for recovery… IF it does NOT work at first for you keep trying , you get better with practice.. and the worst thing you will accomplish is an allotted time of rest. Just try it.. might help and will not hurt. I really hope it helps you like has me…

  17. Puppy had a puppy day. He had bacon and eggs for breakfast, played Frisbee and ball gun. Helped carry firewood up to the fire pit and had a steak bone with meat on it for dinner. LOL

    Son raked the garden out after a severe storm hit. I thought one of the beef steak tomato plants was done for, but it’s making à come back.

    Rest of the garden is doing great.

    Cherry tomato plants have sprouted.

    Herbs are coming up.

    Fruit trees
    105 peaches on the peach tree
    21 plums on new plum tree
    Cut a tree blocking sun light from new apple tree.

    House repairs
    New AC unit and furnace installed.
    Put mulch around front trees
    Son put weed and feed on front yard
    Çut some dead trees near fence line so puppy could chase rabbits better.

    Freeze dry
    Freeze dried eggs, strawberries, apples, Serrano and jalapeño peppers.

    Went to store, 90% of people were wearing masks including my son and I
    No TP or paper towels

    Bought another 5 gallon gas can and filled, filled 6 1/2 gallon can too. Get it while its cheap…..
    Topped off Jeep

    Heavy workouts and heavy bag.

    Thor’s questions

    1. Is war with IRAN and China imminent?

    2. How bad will crime get during the coming depression?

    3. How bad will the food shortage be?

    Tara’s questions

    1 How are your spring growing projects coming along?
    2.Do you produce anything on your survival homestead, prepper retreat, or bugin location that makes money you use to further your self-reliance efforts?
    3.Have you ever grown food plots for your ducks and chickens? What did you grow and how did you preserve it?
    4.Have you ever eaten snake? Did you like it?

    1. Excellent
    2… No but I could. Freeze dry, can or things grown.
    3. No free range ducks and geese near by.
    4. No snake but alligator… Tasted like chicken.

    • Thor’s questions
      1. Is war with IRAN and China imminent?

      I would think a shooting war with Iran is more likely right now than with China. Iran is having a really bad time with Kung flu and they don’t have the population to absorb disease casualties like China and prayers to Allah don’t seem to be helping much. They need a distraction for their populace. However, if Iran and proxies keep shooting at US troops in Iraq (a behavior which has slowed down for some reason), it could get ugly for Iran and they could have the B-2 flu as well. We are in a war with China now. An economic war and China is taking a beating. We (the US) must increase the economic pressure on China and destroy the CCP. The Chinese people will see to that eventually. Take anything said by the CCP with a great big chunk of salt, not just a grain.

      2. How bad will crime get during the coming depression?

      Well, if this Wu flu continues much longer (and it will unfortunately), an economic depression seems almost inevitable. Crime levels will mostly depend on the availability of food. A lot of cities are reporting a drop in many crimes right now because of the Wu flu and stay at home orders. Businesses are closed, particularly the stop ‘n robs at night, and bad guys stick out like sore thumbs at night while prowling around. People are at home and that reduces B&E targets. Domestic violence is increasing, which is not surprising really given people are being forced into closer and longer contact with family members they may not like. Lacking stay at home orders, a lot of folks would just go elsewhere for periods of time to decompress, like they used to. Liquor stores still being open doesn’t help much. Ornery people will sit around the house getting drunk and hating their relatives even more.

      3. How bad will the food shortage be?

      I really don’t know. A lot will depend on what the federal and state governments can and will do. As much as I hate to depend on government, what they do will have a strong effect. Keep prepping.

      • Thor1 and All.

        Regarding Q1 about war with Iran and China. I have researched this question a little further and have decided that a shooting war with China is highly likely. Possibly even more so than with Iran. As I said, Iran still has a case of the a** with us, but the Wu flu is hurting them a lot more than it is hurting China.

        China has taken a beating from the Wu flu too, but they have more population and territory to spare than Iran does. But the wu flu is just one weapon China has. Certain China experts don’t believe that Wu flu was released as a weapon, however, but was an accident. However, China has taken advantage and has weaponized Wu flu since the release.

        I also listened to a live stream of Maura Monynihan. She is the daughter of the former US Senator and ambassador to India, Daniel Monynihan. He was a Democrat, but far from being a Democrat of today. She is positive China is after the US. She thinks that Gov Cuomo of New York is a dyed in the wool Chinese Communist. She also thinks he is hiding right now as he hasn’t been seen live in public for some time.(She lives in New York). She also thinks he’s scared to show his face, especially in NY City, because the people are likely to come after him with torches and pitchforks (her words). She has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. She also has a 23 year old niece in California with the Wu Flu and described her as one of those stupid young people who were convinced that the Wu flu didn’t affect young people.

        She strongly recommends reading the book Unrestricted Warfare https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074V69MWM/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1 It was written by two Chinese Peoples Army colonels in 2004 on how to fight enemies of China, in particular the US, using unrestricted asymmetric warfare. I’ve downloaded it and will start reading it soon.

        I also pay close attention to Michael Yon. He is a former Green Beret. He also was a correspondent in Iraq and Afghanistan and is famous for many photos he took and his dispatches. He called Iraq’s civil war a civil war before the US government would admit it. In Afghanistan he was instrumental in getting two incompetent generals fired, a Canadian brigadier and an American four-star, Stanley McCrystal who was the top general in-charge at the time.

        More recently he has been involved in the protests in Hong Kong until the Chinese government refused to let him back in after a short absence. He lives in Thailand and has been studying the Wu flu (or as he calls it, “Xi’s Disease.” He was telling people on his web pages that the Wu Flu was serious business and to start prepping for it since January. He runs a daily streaming video on Facebook and simultaneously on YouTube. He has the ability for guests he invites to call in and give their two-cents worth (like he did with Maura Monynihan today.

        • Z36, Iran has put missile launchers all over the straight of Hormuz…. Could be an açt of war.

          China has a warship in the area.

          • Thor1,

            Iran is not liked by most of its neighbors. Partially it is a longstanding Sunni v. Shiite thing, partially a really longstanding Arab v. Persian thing, and partially because Iran is run by a bunch of a-holes.

            My thought is this: I know the US has at least one attack sub in the area. If Iran closes the Straight of Hormuz and most especially if they shoot at any vessels, commercial or warship, the US and allies should bomb the crap out of Iran’s missile launchers, then the attack boat should quietly torpedo the Chinese warship while the missile launcher attacks are underway. Trump should then, when China complains, just shrug his shoulders and say “I dunno. Maybe somebody missed shooting at the launchers.”

            However, the US should be prepared for some kind of retaliation from China.

  18. Well our refrigerator sounds like it is giving up the ghost. We known for 18 months that we would need to replace it. Home Depot had the module we like for $400 less than Lowes and they offered free delivery and installation. Win. Win. We are in no-man’s-land. I bought this house in 2004. Even though I refinanced during the recession I still have 9 years left. I sure would have liked to pay off the house before the appliances started crapping out. But that’s not realistic. So far we have replaced the dish washer, the washer and dryer and not the refrigerator. The gas hot water tank is next. We had the sense to but money back because we knew these costs were coming. But still; it hurts during the pandemic. I spent a ton of money early in the year on food and supplies.

    • Bam Bam – to extend the life of your hot water heater, a whole house water filter helps. It’s also good for making the water taste better.

  19. Hi Everyone,

    This week we had more rain, but yesterday was perfect sunshine.

    Ventured out to Lowe’s and WM yesterday morning…

    Lowe’s – Many people, many people with their kids, many people not wearing a mask. They had blue X’s on the floor at the checkouts for people to keep their distance. They also had a nice vertical Plexiglas barrier wall at the register for the cashier to be protected. I thought that was a genius idea. I had to get some #12 wire, copper stranded, to make an antenna for my SW radio. They stopped selling it by the foot, so I had to buy 50ft when I only needed 20. Oh well. Will have some to spare. I wore my mask and gloves. Used my own wipes for the cart.

    WM – They had you go in one way and out the other, making aisles with carts and the police were there with the lady that was sitting there. I don’t know if they were counting or not. They were out of paper towels for the cleaner, so I had to use my own wipes for the cart. There weren’t that many people in there, which was great. Everyone kept their distance until I got over to the meat section to check out their meat. They did have some hamburger 90/10 1lb packages, which I got a few of. Before I took my turn looking, someone totally oblivious, reading something on their cell phone, just walked right up to the person before me and I backed away. Of course, they had no mask or gloves on, head down, picked up some hamburger and walked away. I’m glad I wasn’t there first or she would have gotten a little talking to. At this point, I don’t care if I make someone mad. Get back people! I was able to get my dry cat food that I needed, yogurt, tea bags (There’s going to be a tea leaf shortage, so if you need tea bags, best to get them now), bread, beef smoked sausage (last 2 packs), sour cream. When I went to check out, I went to the self check-out and was the only 1 in that area. GREAT!

    Tara’s questions:
    1 How are your spring growing projects coming along?

    Well, I was going to put up concrete block raised beds, but has decided to do a regular garden after watching Ice Age Farmer’s latest video, and just get it done. Building raised beds will take help, and I shouldn’t be lifting heavy things as I decide when to have hernia surgery. Will call the guy that tilled it last year to do it again. We can’t plant yet since we keep getting frost. After April 15th, hoping to be good to go.

    2.Do you produce anything on your survival homestead, prepper retreat, or bugin location that makes money you use to further your self-reliance efforts?

    I can sew if I need to. Also can can food for barter.

    3.Have you ever grown food plots for your ducks and chickens? What did you grow and how did you preserve it? No ducks or chickens

    4.Have you ever eaten snake? Did you like it? NO!

    Prayers for the pack, for The President and for America. Stay safe… Keep calm and wash your hands.

    • Next fall, pile up leaves as deep as you can. Dig a trench around the spot of your desired garden and throw the dirt over the top. Layer with more leaves or woodchips. Cover with a large piece of chain link to hold it in place. In the spring, plant through the top layer of leaves into the soil below. You’ve just started your raised garden. If you want to do borders, use logs in the trench.

      • For clarity, I have not done this precise thing. Mine included leaves, woodchips and layered sod placed upside down.

  20. The Mrs. Talked to a friend in Wisconsin who said she had o seeds for lettuce and also some local ATMs were down. They are starting to restrict seeds so they can control with food.

      • Unlike some politicians I prepared for the pandemic. Park Seeds had a sale where you got ten small seed packs for $10. I made three different orders in January. I already have on hand three “Survival seed” long term seed collections in my refrigerator. I am good for a year.

  21. How are your spring growing projects coming along?Water catchment is in train. One section done, four to go. One of the big tanks is leaking. If it can’t be repaired I’ll get another one and cut this one in half for planting.
    Have you ever grown food plots for your ducks and chickens? What did you grow and how did you preserve it?No chickens yet. Dad’s a 1940s farmboy and doesn’t like them. Still planning on doing a rotation when I do get them–four sections, they’ll clean up after the early season, mid season and late season crops, then overwinter in the 4th section while section 1 is seeded with cover crops for spring.
    What did you do to prep this week?I decided to plant everything in the greenhouse this year to get a headstart. It looks VERY full, but I realized that it’s all main garden stuff–I have little or nothing planted for the rest of the yard. I never realized just how much we plant until I saw most of it in one place. So more pumpkins, watermelons and tomatoes planted for the parkstrips (open forage for the neighbors). I planted the in-ground tomatoes in the greenhouse. I’m still deciding what else I want in there this year. I’m not sure how well green beans will do. I don’t want to do potatoes or sweet potatoes in there this year–digging them last year was a pain.

    I won’t be doing nearly as many special projects this year, as my brother and his family are planning to move in some time in late May or early June.

  22. Hi all ,,,,,must be quick,, Sun is out,,, some strang things happening ,
    Egg farm was looking for a place to dump fresh eggs ,dump truck loads yes loads. To be spread in fields and disc in. ,,going to guess about a million eggs per load 14yard dump,,
    In a separate event ,,,,,,,,

    Hatchery for broiler chickens turned off incubators on 500,000 eggs last week at day 14.
    Three weeks time to hatch .add 7 weeks to grow out ,in 10weeks that’s a lot of chicken dinners not happening

    Have you seen the picture of milk trucks dumping milk? Even if you don’t ship the cow because you can’t afford to feed it ,it takes 9 to 12 months to resume milk production ,

    I was planning on shipping steers about this time , price is so low that’s not going to happen

    The worst is yet to come ,,,food crash has started

    • Americans may have their food choices limited but no one is going to starve. As it is most Americans eat 25% or more calories then they need, I know I did. I was using 4 lbs of sugar and a quart of heavy whipping cream a week in my morning coffee. I cut back to two table spoons of sugar and non dairy creamer and lost 15 lbs. I am still 20 lbs over weight.

      • Daddio7, I pray you are right and no one here starves..Unfortunately the support systems in our neck of the woods are already screaming..Just glad we are not needing their services….
        2 tbsp sugar is 1/8th cup….cut to no sugar , no creamer and only one or two cups,coffee. Use plenty fresh filtered water. and UNSWEET tea….will loose even more. last 20 lbs will melt away… 2 of us use one cup of sugar or less per week for all needs.

        • Hey, let’s not get crazy here! That is my one vice, no beer, wine, ice cream, candy. One, nice, OK cup of coffee a day. 195 is not too much for a 6 ft tall man.

  23. OHS, yeah it seems to be the plan of the globalists…, 90% depopulation… Lack of food….. As it gets thrown away.

    I bet the lab grown meat is from aborted babies….EVIL PEOPLE

    • Thor ,,,,,how long can you stay in the cattle biz if you have the pay some one to take your steers so you can quit paying to feed them ?lots of folks sell some this time of year to pay properly taxs ,some folks only have cattle for that reason ,it’s costing me over 500dollars a month for silage right now due to the poor hay crop larst year , we will survive this down turn only because we have no debt and we have a out side income , we are some of the few that will ,,, but many more will not ,many that are just hanging on will be gone this year ,

      This causes some hardship for even us , but we will come through this , My move is on a temporary hold ,was planing on a farm action this spring. Things don’t look so good for that now ,if Washington wasn’t so screwed up I would buy more land not be selling ,and voting with my feet ,, who is John Galt ?and why ? Who was Ellis Wyatt ? How far can a person be pushed?

      Tea is over ,back to the shop

  24. Greetings to Tribe, garden plants growing good, whether indoors or outside
    Have been picking up items to set up hydroponics, I see value, as indoors can not be as readily stolen, locusts and bugs can not eat the plants, no weeding, no plowing, no tilling. Would miss the outdoors though.
    Tara’s question. 2-4. No
    5 worked at home all week, trees in bloom, pears, plums and peach. Rhubarb, picked first batch for desserts. Moved 30′ of barrels of strawberries to new location. Need to move manure around rhubarb and coffee grounds around blueberries. Two new goats born this morning. God sure does bless us. Until we turn the news on or leave home, the world seems perfect. Away from home, all of Matthew 24 is breaking loose. Pestilence, here, war, on the horizon and a world power inflicted food shortage helped along by bad weather and locust. Watch the most recent Iceage Farmer.
    Notice that we have been so spoiled as a society that we can not just sit at home and do without our every whim. I saw one post, I think it was Lauren, that had a leaky IBC tank and suggested cutting it in half. One of my nine is leaking and I thought the same thing, cut in half, in the green house, fill with good dirt and plant both halves. Have each of us considered how we will live, if this collapses? Perhaps each family need to have this conversation soon.
    God promises He will never leave us or forsake us. This we can feel assured of. Paul went to prison, was ship wrecked, bitten by a viper, beaten, but God never left him, nor will He leave you or me. We can stand on His promises when the earth as we know it is shaking.

  25. Hello everyone
    I spent the weekend expanding the garden area. This included adding more deer fencing. Planning on growing edibles instead of a mixture of flowers and veggies. I am concerned about the distribution system going forward. We have five to six more weeks of below freezing temperatures. Reached the upper teens Friday morning so only plants covered outside for now. But a lot of seeds started indoors this year. Maybe four times the usual amount.
    I don’t sell anything. I do barter.
    Had rattlesnake growing up in Florida, smothered with ketchup.

    Our county still has no official cases of Covid-19. I’m staying home- plenty to do between quilting and gardening. DH is an essential employee but things controlled at work.

    DIL has aunt in Georgia diagnosed with virus. Early 50s and quite ill but still at home.

    Hated spending Palm Sunday at home. Always enjoyed the children marching through sanctuary waving palms.

    Stay Safe and Healthy everyone!

  26. When it too late to tell my brother to come get me? I am really pissed! And I have a truck load of shit go go with me.

  27. Getting a little jealous hearing about everyone’s gardens. Northern Michigan here and won’t dare put anything into the ground until the first week of June. I did get some garden prep work done this week, raked out the raspberry patch, put fertilizer spikes around the new apple trees, and added pine mulch to my blueberry patch.

  28. All,

    Talked with #1 daughter today. Her unit’s XO (a critical care nurse), a physicians assistant, several other nurses, and three respiratory therapists were activated and are going to New York City. Exactly where in the city, she doesn’t know. Last she knew, they were staging at McGuire AFB, New Jersey. #1 thinks a few more people will be activated within the next few days.

    I actually went to #1 daughter’s house to talk with her and pickup a mask she had made for me. I got to see granddaughter and she was thrilled to see me too. We went outside wearing masks to visit. Granddaughter is very good about wearing her mask when required. I got out of there just in time to avoid having to unload a couple of industrial sewing machines the Ex was bring over to speed up mask sewing. Those things are HEAVY and my back can’t handle them anymore.

    • Lol Zulu good escape.I have a commercial machine forleather garment sewing. The sewing head and motor came in separate boxes it is so heavy. I still need to make or buy a very heavy table for it. Then I need to find some strong men to help put it all together. 🙂

      • Clergylady,

        I have moved or helped move the industrial machines my Ex (or mom-in-law) owns for decades, literally. Worse, when we lived in Michigan she set up her sewing area in the basements of our homes, so that meant up and down stairs with those heavy things, Not just the machine heads, but the tables that came with them.

        So it was a no brainier to get outta Dodge when I learned she was on the way to #1 daughter’s house. No basement to worry about, but my back won’t take that stuff anymore.

        • I have a 12×24 building across the Driveway. That is where I have the machine. Also where I plan to set it up for use. It is by far the heaviest of my 7 different sewing machines. I’m rebuilding the drawer supports on a century plus treadle machine. Good shape mechanically. Will look great when I’m done with repairs. Mechanically its almost identical to an early 1930s electric machine in a lovely old cabinet. It came with a double set of all the attachments. I was adamant I wanted the attachments. They sold a lot of older machines. So they threw in a drawer of attachments. It was every attachment like I grew up with but doubled.
          I repair a lot of sewing machines and reset timing. Often free machines that won’t even turn. A but of oil and cleaning is all most need. My neighbor teaches young women to sew. Those who finish the classes I try to provide each one a working machine. Often the same machine they used in class so they are very familiar with it.

          • Clergylady,

            My Ex is a professional seamstress and quilt maker. She has a big arm quilt machine (computerized). #1 daughter is a very skilled seamstress and quilt maker too. Both the Ex and #1 each have an old treadle machine in excellent working order as grid down backups. The Ex tuned them both up.

            #1 daughter posted a photo of a cute quilt she did on her Facebook page Made by Cristina if you are interested. It was a gift for a niece (her name is on the lowest right hand square). #1’s hubby is holding it up. Useful to have a 6’4″ husband sometimes.

            Granddaughter loves to watch her mom sew and gets a chance to help sometimes. She’ll be sewing right along when she’s big enough to reach the pedal.

            #2 daughter is a proficient sewer on a Bernina home machine. She can do repairs and simple alterations easily enough, but she isn’t pro level like her mom or sister.

  29. How many of you have gone to the local big box stores to pick organic seeds for your garden. Actually any garden seeds that you may have run out of or decided to finally try that special vegetable or fruit. Did you find that area coordinated off where you were not allow to enter, as it was considered ‘NON essential products’ for you to purchase?
    Well, yes I did at Home Depot, at store a several miles from where we reside. The organic seeds were within easy reach less than 15 inches, so I helped myself. Posting just made me all the more, kiss my duckies back side as I helped myself.

    We are in mist of a so called pandemic, yes, I am starting to have misgivings on the true purpose, of our being locked in our homes. What that is…well, who knows, we are being kept in the dark like mushrooms. It will only fly so long, before those of us who use their brains will start to questions the gov’s true motivations. mho

    Back to seeds, found what I was searching for at Burpee. Just about everything else was sold out an there were waiting lists there, along a few other seed companies. FYI

    • My nearest Wal-Mart garden center was open and racks of seeds full in that end I’d the store. Nothing off limits. Same at a big supercenter Wal-Mart in Albuquerque. The only thing closed was the tire and Auto supplies area. I guess tires and windshield wipers or oil aren’t important right now.

  30. Finally had our new well pump system installed, at a cost of $4800 – less than we expected. It is good to finally get that problem behind us. All of our fruit trees are either budding or starting to put on blossoms. Except one of our apple trees, which may be the smartest of all, as we usually have a late freeze. Hopefully not this year.

    Yes, I have eaten snake, only rattlesnake. It is better wrapped around a stick cooked over an open fire. If you fry it, it tends to be greasy. It is protein, so don’t sneer at it in a SHTF situation.

  31. HEADS UP ,,,,memo from corporate headquarters ,,,,,,, reduce inventory in all dept ,,,,,,return stock to distribution center if possible,,,,,looting is expected ,,,,,and more ,,

    From a major grocery chain management ,

    Hope to explain more on weekend


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