What I Did To Prep This Week: Apr 5th – 11th 2020

Hello Pack. I hope you all are surviving the pandemic just fine. My life has really not changed at all.

I work from home, prefer to spend as close to 100% of the time on our farm after years of running to coaching and community commitments for decades, and the three brick and mortar businesses I frequent (Dollar General, Tractor Supply, and Dollar Tree) are still open.

Listening to the news over the weekend it just astounded me how some cities were calling in mental health experts to help people deal with having to be “stuck at home” and to deal with spending so much time with their children and teaching them things.

I know that city people have a whole different set of priorities and habits that we country folks do by and large, but my oh my how American family life has changed in the past 30 to 50 decades that people need a psychologist to deal with actually being at home with their family and filling the minds of their children with knowledge.

This week has brought decent to awesome weather in my neck of the woods, and we have made great use of it. As you can see from the adorable feature photo, our duck flock has been joined on the pond by the “mini flock” of ducklings.

We all stood and enjoyed watching the ducklings leave the coop run for the first time, and summon the bravery to venture down the pond bank to engage in their first swing. Perhaps if city folks could enjoy these types of sights they would not need to be calling helplines to deal with that whole, “stuck at home” woes mindset.

Our ducks are laying like crazy since the temperatures have warmed up. They really, and I do mean really, love mating in the pond, so we will probably have more ducklings on the way soon.

We have been dehydrating and powdering some of the eggs and sharing the extra bounty with others who could use a little extra or simply love the taste of farm fresh duck eggs.

My Buckeye chicken hen is still barely laying any eggs. Soon, she will be joined by the three Banty hens that have been in the brooder for a while now.

They are old enough to be outside now, but since they are banties – or as some like to call them, “mini chickens” they are still small enough to get squished by one of my Jumbo Pekin ducks scrambling to catch a piece of something good at snack time during put up at dusk.

The six new Banty chicks my husband surprised me with are doing nicely. They are so tinky tiny that it is hard to believe the other Bantys looked like them just a few weeks ago.

One little chick, I am sure it is going to be a rooster, is so spunky and hilarious to watch at snack time. I call him Tenacious C – for chick. I try not to ever name the chickens, but his personality earned him a true monniker.

This batch of chicks struggled a bit with pasty butt. They so do not like it when I pick them up and clean it away, but I like to think they are secretly thanking me afterwards.

We have grown our flocks more than normal for this time of year, but that will mean more eggs and birds to eat in these uncertain times.

The truck drivers have been doing an outstanding job at keeping the food chain rolling – as have local groceries at keeping the shelves stocked with everything you really need. Hand sanitizer is still a no go here and toilet paper supplies low but steadily refilled.

The panicked buying seems to have ended here, with a vast number of people taking advantage of the drive up grocery service at Walmart and Kroger in adjacent counties – we don’t have either store in my rural county and that is just fine by me.

I do not shop at either one because they are anti-Second Amendment, so no drive up grocery getting for me now matter how big of a sale that they have or hard to find items still in stock.

The hospital folks are working diligently, as are all of the first responders, but the medical care industry was not nearly as prepared for a pandemic as the truckers or preppers were.

I simply do not understand how, after nearly two decades of planning and training for a terrorism attack – including a bio-terror one and dealing with mass causlity situations, that so many hospitals are short on masks, gloves, and ventilators.

One would think that those items would be at the top of the “must have” list for terror attack mass casualty scenarios.

The liberals who just assumed that big daddy federal government would have stockpiled these items en masse – because you know, relying on the federal government for our every need or want is exactly what the Founding Fathers intended, were definitely dealt quite a shock in the past month or so.

In our preps this week we worked hard on cutting downed trees for firewood. Thanks to the gas company crew coming through to make a temporary access road, the tree cutting chore was taken off the agenda.

All we have to do is cut up the logs and bring them down to the splitter and then stack it to cure. They also found some standing timber that was missed during a select cut a few years ago that we will run into one of the many sawmills in our county as soon as they are back up and running.

I think there will be enough money trees to cover the cost of putting down a concrete pad, and setting two shipping containers on them – connected by a roof and porch, for my Bobby to turn into an equipment shed and workshop for his blacksmithing, reloading, and pottery.

One of the more exciting events on our survival homestead this week happened at 2:30 a.m. this morning. Jovie finally had her puppies:

puppies and their mother

Three so far, but I think she is still going to have one or two more. They are white now, but their heeler colors will come in about two weeks.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. How are your prepping stockpiles and plans stacking up to the ongoing shut down of the country during the pandemic?
  2. If you had to stay in your house and not go anywhere at all until this was all over, would you make it through?
  3. What do you think of the rescue and recovery stimulus bill? And all of the pork Nancy Pelosi and her crew were allowed to add into it? I am still so angry that Republicans did not back her right into a corner and stand on principle until the bill just dealt with what it was intended and not millions for the Kennedy Center, etc.
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. Oh boy… First Thor1….

    Nice day today to work out in the yard. Headed to see what I can replenish after cleaning out some older stuff out of the smaller freezer this morning. Back soon with more.

    • The next door neighbor was so nice to plow up my garden a few days ago. He bought a new tiller and when I told him I wasn’t going to be able to put up the raised beds this go round, and then I needed to call the guy to come and plow up the garden, he offered to till it for me. Since he wouldn’t take any money or gas, I gave him one of the LyfeLite’s I had bought thanks to TOP’s suggestion. I also had bought a few extra of the atomic beam type lights and gave him one of those with batteries already put in and ready to go. Our electricity went out for 9 hours Sunday night, and the Lyfelite bulb stays on when the electricity goes out. They are really nice to have. I bought the 9w and they are LED’s so they don’t take up much electricity when being used as a regular light.

      Went to Lowe’s to see what veggie plants were available. Seeing about 50% of people wearing masks and fewer wearing gloves and masks. I wore both. I bought Bradley’s, Roma’s, pickling cukes, rosemary, sweet gem watermelon, lavender and a couple of pepper’s. Waiting to plant since we are in for a few days of frost this week. I will check my seed stash for the older seeds and plant some of those soon. Got some potatoes left over from Thanksgiving, that have been growing from the eyes. I am going to see if my neighbor wants some and will plant as soon as I can. It may be too late, but maybe not. It’s raining today, and pretty cold out there right now. Major storms starting around 2pm, with possible tornadoes.

      Went to Kroger to refill the freezer items I threw away earlier. They were out of everything except corn, brussels sprouts and broccoli. Still no TP or paper towels, bleach, wipes, cleaning supplies, spam, other canned meat, not much red meat, had hamburger though 80/20. I bought some battered fish and raw, shelled, de-veined frozen shrimp, of which I had none even prior to the clean sweep.

      We had a really bad storm on Sunday night, where the electricity went off and all I could think about was the meat in the freezer. I will be working on remedying that. I bought some Teriyaki sauce so I can dehydrate some chicken jerky… Will dehydrate some turkey and hamburger. A freeze dryer would a nice thing to have. i couldn’t justify the cost for just myself.

      Tara’s questions:

      How are your prepping stockpiles and plans stacking up to the ongoing shut down of the country during the pandemic?

      Going well. I make something to eat that lasts a few days, then freeze the leftovers.

      If you had to stay in your house and not go anywhere at all until this was all over, would you make it through? Perfectly fine.

      What do you think of the rescue and recovery stimulus bill? And all of the pork Nancy Pelosi and her crew were allowed to add into it? I am still so angry that Republicans did not back her right into a corner and stand on principle until the bill just dealt with what it was intended and not millions for the Kennedy Center, etc.

      I would agree.

      Prayers for those needing healing, unspoken requests, The President and for America.

      Happy Easter everyone. Thanking God for his Son’s resurrection.

      Have a great week everyone.

      • If you are still worried about frost it is not too late to plant potatoes. Put them about 4 inches deep and when about 20% have pushed through the soil put about 2 inches of soil on top of the whole planting.

        • I just heard Yesterday that potatoes by Good Friday was just nif you wanted summer spuds like in June/July and you have several weeks for an early fall harvest yet. She has been a “Homesteader sustanance gardner” since my wife was a little kid. We have three inches of snow this morning wouldn’t bode well for potatoes.

  2. Good Morning All,

    Attended an online Good Friday service with out preacher on Facebook last night. He’ll have a son rise service in the morning and then regular service on line. We miss being in church but this will do in the mean time.

    Wife and I got up early this morning and got ready to go to Walmart. We had a list and wore our mask and gloves. They have one entrance open and the are counting the number of people who come in and go out so that they don’t exceed the arbitrary number of people who can be in the store at one time. We found them relatively well stocked on meats, especially ground beef, and they had some lysol spray (limit 1) TP limit 2 packs, and clorox wipes (Limit 1). They also had some hand sanitizers and they were strictly limited to 1 per transaction. We topped off everything and won’t need to go out again for at least 2 weeks. We would have been find not going at all but I don’t really love powered milk or powdered eggs so it was good to get those levels back up.

    Wife and are I are both working from home. I have been doing it for 23 or 24 years. Her only 3 weeks but we work in different rooms and respect each others work space so it works out well. Her boss said it would probably be another 3 weeks for her. My work may only last another 3 weeks, depending on how fast they get the relief payroll money. We shall see. we will be fine if I don’t get paid anymore from work.

    We went and picked up honey baked hams yesterday for DW sister and her daughter. Since we can’t eat Easter dinner together we are going to drop off the hams at their houses, along with some hand sanifizer, paper towels and toilet paper and a bunch of Easter candy today.

    All preps are in place and continue to be at comfortable levels. Last night was cold and the news said to bring in plants. Today it is pretty. Sunday they are predicting heavy storms late in the evening. We won’t be going out again after we deliver the goodies.

    DD’s husband is Navy in California, He is scheduled to deploy for a year on an aircraft carrier soon. He is to report to the base for quarantine today. Not sure when they are planning on debarking. They had all of them come to the base on Tuesday but then sent all of the family guys back home until today. They are having a hard time getting the younger, single people to quit going out and about and partying. Not sure what they will do if there is an outbreak on the carrier. Scary times.

    Enjoy your Easter Weekend.
    He is Risen!

    • Cliff,

      That’s what they have to do to prevent outbreaks aboard ship while underway. The Navy has been doing the report early and quarantine for two-weeks before sailing on the nuke subs for about a month now. Crew is only allowed on deck periodically during the day or when on duty at the brow.

      We have the USS Roosevelt as an example of what can happen to a naval vessel underway. I read somewhere the other day that the USS Nimitz, in Bremerton, WA is about to deploy and has been putting crew on quarantine because a few people tested positive. Since the whole crew wasn’t aboard yet, they’re trying to keep those needing quarantine separated on the ship as Bremerton doesn’t have enough hotel space to use.

      • Zulu,

        I understand completely about the needs of the military. I know there is one other carrier that has a positive case but so far the news is pretty tight lipped about it.

        We practiced sheltering a lot in the Air Force, especially when I was stationed in Japan and the threat of chemical warfare was high. We had a 24/7 operations center that usually had about 600 people working at any one time. We have provisions for having the on duty flight in ops, and the relieving flight in places in the ops building and the other two flights sequestered in the dorms, and we would all have our training gear and spend days in MOPP 4 and had new real world chem suits, mask filters, gloves, booties and hoods for everyone stationed in both places. I’m not sure what we would do if something like this virus broke out. The base hospital could probably only treat up to about 200 severe cases at one time on a base that had our operations and 2 fighter squadrons. It would have been tight.

        I had food storage (MREs) for about 5000 meals and the flights in the dorms would have been fed by the base. We had morgue space for a little over 100 bodies, depending on how we stacked them, and if we were in a real fighting war and looked like we would be over whelmed, I had the munitions to destroy about 30 tons of classified paper work and another 60 tons of classified equipment, recording tapes, computer hard drives and all that stuff. Needless to say, when I retired, I was more than happy to give that huge hand receipt and account to some one else.

        I feel bad for SIL as they told him they would be out a year and there were no plans to port at all during that time. It’ll be a long year. I am not sure where they are headed or even the name of the carrier but I’m betting they are headed toward Iran to make sure they don’t do anything with the missile launchers they are moving around near the Strait.

        Take care, stay safe, enjoy the weekend.
        He is Risen

        • Cliff,

          God, I hated MOPP4. But what could you do?

          It will be tough being stuck on board a ship, even a carrier, for a year with no shore liberty. The escort vessels are going to have the hardest time of it. At least, modern naval vessels can make all the drinking and cooking water needed by the crew. Maybe not as much water for showers as you’d want, but enough to get a quick one. Even in the old sailing days, the crews wanted shore time and usually combined that with topping off their fresh water barrels and maybe having time to get something resembling bath.in fresh water.

          I don’t know if they’ll ever be able to pull into a port to resupply and maybe get on shore water for a nice long shower. Otherwise, they’ll be doing a lot more UNREP than usual and no long showers.

        • Bam Bam

          The USS “The Big Stick” has been having Kung flu issues for weeks. It’s tied up in Guam while they work through it. You must have missed the big kerfuffle involving the ship’s captain. He sent out an unclassified email over a non-military system to a bunch of people complaining about the Navy being too slow and providing numbers of sick crew. The SecNav ordered him relieved of command. There were videos of the captain leaving the ship and the crew cheering and chanting his name. Obviously the crew liked him.

          Then the SecNav flew out to Guam and gave a speech to the ship’s crew calling the ex-captain stupid and naive. The SecNav had to resign over that one.He was also stupid and naive.

          I think the captain was stupid for sending out that email. He had to know it was going to get leaked to the press. He violated the chain of command and OPSEC. Now he has Kung flu too.

    • Hey Cliff – I have a daughter out your way in VR. I told her to cover her garden last night and she is sure thankful she listened to me. She had frost last night. It was too warm over here but I brought all my seedlings inside and will bring them back inside tonight to stay until the storms pass. She is gardening and teaching herself to make sourdough bread. The gardening is something she has loved since childhood and am thrilled she is back to it in a bigger way this year. I just hope her plants fare well with tomorrow’s storms.

      • GA Red,

        It does look bad for tomorrow evening. Usually when they predict this stuff it doesn’t happen but this feels like the real thing. Pop up tornadoes are really likely and win gust over 60 MPH can happen easily. I’ve got everything nailed down that I can secure but am wary of a couple of dead trees that I haven’t been able to take down yet due to proximity of my storage building and the neighbors fence. We’ll see how it shakes out.

        No garden for me. Too much shade in the back yard and the well is no longer viable so can’t really afford to water things. DW and myself are rapidly approaching 70 and I’ve never really been a gardener or farmer. Actually most things, other the crabgrass, that I touch tend to turn brown and die.

        Stay safe and good luck to DD in VR with her garden and the storm.

        I think it’s about nap time for me.
        Happy Easter
        He is Risen!

  3. taras questions

    1 no real change, but then i make most of my own stuff, ran out of chainsaw gas weeks ago and till i got more i just worked with an ax and handsaw churning out firewood, been getting the fields read to plow, got 4 or 5 potential revenue sources to come up with the funds for lime, otherwise everything all set to grow what i need to refill what i used over winter.

    2 most likely, i went months without leaving my farm over winter and even now i am only going half a mile up to my neighbors since he got hughsnet and lets me use his internet.

    3 heard nothing about it till now, don’t think the stim will help anything in the long run

    stacked 5 face cords, burned a slash pile, graded part of the yard, made 10lbs of roadkill jerky (dog treats), had 5 buff orpington chicks hatch out (under bantam hen). a few rainy days so i only did a little this week.

    heard the state cannot afford to pay all the unemployment claims that are in, the food pantries are shutting down since they got nothing to give out and grocery store supplies running low, and all the local hospitals lost half their resperators (whatever they are called) because cum-o had the state police confiscate them and ship them down to the city.

  4. I did my grocery shopping this week. I’ve actually added quite a bit to my pantry stash since the Kung flu alert Thor1 put out several months ago, and still more since this stay at home business started. At least over a month’s worth of food added to the stash. Plus, my everyday pantry is up to snuff as well.

    Went to my local Publix twice this week. They have sneeze glass up for the cashiers and arrows on the floor for one-way aisles. No big deal to me. The one-way aisle thing is sometimes a bit inconvenient, but all-in-all, who cares? I’m retired. What else do I have to do with my time when out of the house but follow aisle arrows?
    The store was out of TP today (Friday), but they were doing pretty well in other areas. I got a hankering for kielbasa and sauerkraut today, and Publix had what I wanted. Cool beans.

    Went to #1 daughter’s house twice this week. Hard to tell who was more excited, me or granddaughter. ? Got my camo face mask on Monday. #1, granddaughter, and I went for a short walk around their neighborhood wearing our masks. On Friday, I went over to deliver some 550 and 750 cord so #1 could use them as ties on her masks. Once again the three of us masked up and went for a longer walk this time so granddaughter could go crazy in the nearby park and burn up some energy. She has been a spectacularly good girl for her parents during this stay at home period especially since they have to do their jobs from home and mommy is doing a lot of mask sewing too.
    The people from #1’s Reserve unit who were activated are all up in New York City. They’ve been split up to work in different places. The XO and one other nurse are working at a hospital in the Bronx. She says the hospital is pretty busy, but with the activated reservists helping out, the working hours and patient load for the staff has been reduced and that is a big help. The XO says the hospital is loaded with Kung flu patients.

    The Ex is still driving me crazy with 5G stuff. Email, text, and phone calls. Admittedly, it is a short drive, but still. I just can’t see any correlation between Kung flu and 5G.

    My son called Friday. He bought a Taurus G-2 9mm pistol from some friend several weeks ago. The first few magazines he shot went OK, but today he started having extraction issues. He sent me pictures, at my request, of several of the shells that failed to extract, and photos of the bolt face. Near as I can tell, everything looks OK in the photos, but I really need to see them up close and personal. I suggested he do a very good cleaning of the chamber, bolt face, and around the extractor, then try shooting again. If it still fails to extract, I’ll have to look at it live and in color. I would have advised him not to buy a Taurus if he had asked me first. Hopefully, it’s just a cleaning problem.

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. How are your prepping stockpiles and plans stacking up to the ongoing shut down of the country during the pandemic?

    I mentioned above that my pantry stash is doing just fine. As long as the grocery stores stay open, I will be adding to the pile.

    2. If you had to stay in your house and not go anywhere at all until this was all over, would you make it through?
    Sure, I’d be just fine. There are advantages to being an introvert. Odd that I am an introvert considering the occupations I’ve had (military, police, paramedic). I have lots of books, guns to tinker with, DVDs to watch (assuming the grid stays up), I have a nice balcony to sit on and watch the world not go by, talk, text, or Face Time with my kids and granddaughter (again, assuming the grid stays up), or chat on ham radio with folks in my radio club or other folks out there on the airwaves. Maybe my CB radio too.

    3. What do you think of the rescue and recovery stimulus bill? And all of the pork Nancy Pelosi and her crew were allowed to add into it? I am still so angry that Republicans did not back her right into a corner and stand on principle until the bill just dealt with what it was intended and not millions for the Kennedy Center, etc.

    We didn’t need that bill at all. All it was meant to do was make it look like Congress was doing something useful. Maybe if they kept it to a clean bill, just money to the people and no pork, I might have been reluctantly OK with it. But all of that pork ruined it. Trump should have vetoed it if the Congressional GOP wouldn’t fix it. Now that they are finding out large segments of the American people are very upset with the added pork, they’re kind of in a panic how to not upset their financiers and yet not upset the voters. I say, screw the lobbyists. Revoke the existing bill except for the $1,200 to the people and absolutely nothing to illegals and non-citizens. Only citizens and legal residents should rate.

    I personally do not desperately need that $1,200 payment. I’m thinking about giving it to my kids who can use it more than I do.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    See above.

    • Zulu 3-6:

      I tell everyone who has or is going to buy a Taurus semi-auto to get ready to run 100-200 rounds through the gun. WHEN it messes up, send it back in to Taurus, they’ll fix it for free. It will not fail again. Something about their QA for finished guns is lacking, they take care of it with the Warranty, but it is a pain. That is the difference between a $250 gun and a $550 gun (Taurus vs. Glock) you get what you pay for.

      Taurus just moved (over the holidays) their facilities. They are currently backlogged on repairs. Normally it is 2-3 weeks, now more like 12.

      • JP,

        I know. I would have advised him to save his money and buy a Glock, or really save his money and buy a Sig. #2 daughter got a Glock and the Ex got a Sig. #1 daughter has my old Beretta 92SB I gave her when she enlisted in the AF Reserves since it is the daddy of the M-9 pistol. .

        He did clean the Taurus carefully and got about a mag and half through it before it started failing to extract again. I’m going to look at it and maybe we will send it back to Taurus. He isn’t the original owner though, if that makes a difference.

        • Zulu 3-6:

          It does not matter. They will stand behind their product, it’s just right now, with everything going on, to have to send a firearm back to the manufacturer for “adjustment” (I currently have a revolver there) irritates me to no end. Hence the propensity of Glocks, S&W’s, Rugers, and Kimbers at my house.

        • Zulu 3-6 – the DH has always said that the Taurus products are not good because the machining is bad. He has an extensive background as a machinist so he should know. He also had a thing for Berettas.

          As for being an introvert, it sure makes this shelter in place thing pretty easy for me. I’m loving working from home.

          • GA Red,

            I’ve never been fond of Taurus firearms. I won’t own one. I prefer Sig Sauers for semi-autos, and S&W for revolvers,

          • DH had a Sig but did not like the sights so he traded it. S&W are among the few brands he does like. He loves his Berettas.

        • They fixed a revolver for me with no problem. Only took a couple of weeks and came back looking brand new.

          Smith & Wesson did the same thing for me. Free fix, back home perfectly functioning in no time. Gun companies have great customer service.

    • I own 3 Taurus Autos and a Rossi wheelgun. The only issue I have ever had is my 1911 doesn’t like hollow points. The little Rossi 38 is actually one of my favorite hand guns to shoot. Finish on Taurus is not good but I have never had a fail to function issue. Mine are older guns so may predate the issues with newer guns.

      • I owned a Taurus 38 years ago. I bought it used, over 30 years ago. It was a great revolver, traded it off in a fit of stupid. I got a used 92 about 20 years ago. One day it failed, 2 weeks later I had it back, fixed, with no further problems. The fit/finish on the internals is not what it should be. But then we are talking about guns in the $250 range, the cost savings has to come somewhere. The Taurus 92 and the newer 357 are the only guns I’ve had to send in for repair in over 50 years of firearms ownership/shooting. With as many as have passed through my hands, new and used, I guess that’s really pretty good.

      • Go to a good gunsmith and ask for a throat and polish on that 1911. It’ll feed Speer 200 grain flying ashtrays after that.

        • Thanks for the info, I have heard this elsewhere also. It is something I need done. While on the subject I have a couple of the Mossberg 702 Plinksters that like to shave rounds off. I ended up with both of them when my dad passed I have no idea how he came by them. With a bunch of boys around I can make use of them but they seem to not feed well.

  5. This Week’s Questions:

    1. How are your prepping stockpiles and plans stacking up to the ongoing shut down of the country during the pandemic? Our supplies are doing well. We are able to top off our grocery perishables (dairy and produce) and still eating out of the kitchen stocks. No deep pantry raids.

    2. If you had to stay in your house and not go anywhere at all until this was all over, would you make it through? Yes. I would like to go out and shoot some, not that it’s warming up.

    3. What do you think of the rescue and recovery stimulus bill? And all of the pork Nancy Pelosi and her crew were allowed to add into it? I am still so angry that Republicans did not back her right into a corner and stand on principle until the bill just dealt with what it was intended and not millions for the Kennedy Center, etc. I think all of it is going to add to inflation, add to the debt, and increase the likelihood and severity of the depression that is coming. No income/more outgo is ALWAYS bad polity, for governments or individuals.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well…

    I found out last Saturday that I have a friend with COVID-19. He’s recovering, but after 1 ½ weeks of having it “knocked in the dirt”. He’s my age, but in better condition. His partner has also been sick, but not as bad. I found I know 3 others, all survived, but were VERY sick.

    Last Saturday, DW set all the seeds into starters, in the window, under the grow light. “Spare” seeds are in a labeled container for later. We have started the garden, I’m joyful about that. Addition: our starts are taking off. DW is astonished at the growth rate and worried the ground won’t be ready when they are.

    The “porch project” continues. Right now, we are continuing to sort through the accumulation of stuff out there with extra runs to the dump to get rid of the unusable stuff, that will be done this weekend. The contractor will start soon; 24” shelving for 26 linear feet, install 2 lighted ceiling fans (already on hand) and replacing 2 of the side window panes with bi-directional window fans with built in thermostats (on hand) and maybe a couple of AC receptacles (currently we bring in AC for Xmas lights and such through a window but it’s going away). Should work out pretty nice. A plus is that I can still store stuff that does not need to be “in the house” under the shelf. Bulky and non-temperature sensitive stuff.

    Getting some small things done; DW is cleaning out her “office” here at the house. It’s also been the product storage room for our Amway business (found some hand sanitizer we don’t even sell anymore). Boxes of papers into the shredder (since 1997). Stuff like that.

    Don’t stop putting up what you can. I know supplies are limited. Jobs are closing down with 10% of the US population out of work. Food banks running out of food. Government handout won’t help, they will just cause inflation. You need to do what you can, at the individual level, to set your family up for prosperity. Focus on what you CAN do.

    Supply Run: Grocery top-off; Velveeta; UHT milk; green beans; NFD milk; instant potatoes;

    Received: Milk crates; Turkey SPAM; AR mags; AF FD Scrambled Eggs; PMs;

  6. There was no bread to be found in this county or the one above us or below us, nor to the side of us. So, I was making a no-knead peasant bread for us, which I believe I read about on here, from some one commenting, so I looked up the recipe and it is SIMPLE and DELICIOUS!!! I have made it many, many times now!! And I LOVE it!! But, I began to run low on flour, so, we went to town and had to go to 3 different stores for stuff we wanted / needed, and bought 2 — 5 lb bags at each store, hubby got 1 and I got 1. Also got a big bag of yeast, as I was getting low on that as well.So, we are good on flour for a little while. I also bought some hamburger meat at each store, and replaced a few things we had used up. We bought a bigger bag of rice at two different stores, as we were low on that as well. I would have had plenty, but I was trying to make some rice bag heating pads for folks at Christmas, and had used up a 20 lb bag trying to do that. I had sewing machine issues, and ran out of time, so I put the rice I had set aside for those projects back into 1/2 gallon sized jars to use for cooking, and recovered 4 jars plus a quart jar of rice for eating. So, I felt better about our rice situation. But, from what I have been reading, food shortages are going to be the new norm for awhile. So, every time we go to the store, I will be buying a bag of rice, a bag or two of flour, sugar, hamburger meat, and some hot tea. All the stores we hit had toilet paper, at least some. There were limits of two packages per person, but we are not low, so we did not buy any.
    Tara’s questions:
    1. Our stock piles are doing quite well for the time being. Since I have been able to replenish my rice and flour, I have not had to dip into any long-term food storage. I have realized I need more rice and flour than I had been keeping, so will up my storage of those items.
    2. If we had to just stay at home, there are things we would run out of. We cook all our dinner meals from scratch, so having to go without fresh onions, garlic, zuchini, potatoes, and the like, would hurt. But we could work around it. We have animals (cows and chickens), so no matter what the weather, we have to get outside and feed them. We are really home bodies, so we don’t get off the farm much anyway.
    3. What did we think of the stimulus bill? We were very angry and extremely disappointed that Trump signed that *** bill. If he hadn’t signed it, it would have all been Pelosi’s fault, because she added all that pork. That plus the Fed doling out trillions in overnight bank loans, we added like 8 trillion dollars to the debt in less than a weeks time. Infuriating. And not a single Republican voted against it. In my opinion, every single person on the hill needs to be replaced. I just keep prepping, cause the economy is going to really take a nose dive now. So buckle up me hardies! And get ready for the ride!!! It’s going to be long and nasty.
    4. What did I do to prep? See above. This week, I am canning up more potatoes, carrots, and dried lima, pinto, and navy beans. Just waiting on new jars to arrive! (I have used up all my pint jars.) May resort to using quart jars, but my supply of those is also really low! Take care everyone!!

    • Okie Farm Girl:

      Remember that flour does not have a long shelf life (in most locations). That is why wheat berries and a good grinder are an important prep item. I have 2 good manual grinders ($400 and a $250 one) and an electric which I will use until we have no more electricity. I have a tendency to make a mess when I grind flour, but the DW doesn’t mind because she likes the results!

      • Thanks for the reminder, JP!! I have a grinder and some wheat berries, but I have arthritis real bad in my upper back, so doing nearly anything with my arms, gets me in real bad back pain. I could ask hubby to grind it for me, but since we are not yet at a point where that is necessary, I hate to ask him to do anything additional. But it is nice to be reminded I need to get more wheat berries!! So, thanks!!! Have a blessed Easter!

      • JP,

        I have never made flour from freshly milled wheat berries. We have 600+ lbs. of wheat (red and white) from the LDS Online Store but I have never used it. Do you have to add salt and baking powder? Can I use my regular recipe? (We have both the electric Wondermill and the hand-crank mill–thanks to the writing contests of our previous host.)

        • Bam Bam:

          I use unsalted butter, then salt to taste. I use yeast & dough enhancer. Honey vs. sugar. No baking soda or powder in my regular bread. It’s called Amish Bread (with my changes). The recipe says all-purpose flour, but it works fine with just “ground wheat berries”. I do use the pastry setting (I have a Wondermill too). It seems to take a longer while to rise, but it is colder here than where you are, so you shouldn’t have to wait as long as I do.

          • Thanks J.P., I have a case of dough enhancer. So I’ll use that. It only takes 15-20 minutes for dough to rise here with the high temperatures and high humidity.

          • J.P.,

            Will you post your recipe? I want to play around with making bread from milled flour before I actually need to.

          • JP’s Amish White Bread
            • 1 ¼ cups warm tap water (Let your wrist tell you the temp. It needs to be like a very warm baby bottle.)
            • 3 Tablespoons dry yeast plus 1 Tablespoon of Dough Enhancer (optional)
            • 2/3 cup Honey
            • 3/4 teaspoon salt
            • 1/3 stick unsalted butter
            • 4 cups whole wheat flour
            • ½ cup protein powder (optional)
            1. In a small bowl to proof yeast, add 1 cup water, yeast, and 1 tsp of the sugar. Let sit 10 minutes while mixing dry ingredients.
            2. Add butter (melted), honey, and salt to mixing bowl.
            3. Add flour
            4. After yeast has proofed, add it.
            5. Mix with a dough hook on 3-4 speed for 8 minutes (by hand knead for 10 minutes) Add more flour if dough is too sticky a little at a time.
            6. Put in a lightly greased bowl, cover with greased plastic wrap and a towel, then set aside in a warm spot to rise for 1 to 2 hours, until double in size. Twice. (Note: dough needs to be moist to rise; if using honey, it will be sticky.)
            7. Punch down dough, then divide in half, squeeze dough well and roll into shapes of loaves.
            8. Place in 10-12 greased biscuit rings on a greased cookie sheet or in a greased loaf pan, and let rise 60+ minutes.
            9. Turn oven on to 325 degrees, put pans in and bake for 43 minutes.
            10. Remove from oven and turn out loaves. Thump on bottom. Hollow sound means they are done.
            11. Cool on rack. Serve warm.
            Makes one loaf or 10-12 biscuits.
            Note: It rises faster when it’s warmer. Place the covered bowl in the sun or a warmed (not on) oven.
            Note 2: I use English Muffin rings for my biscuits. (Fox Run sells them on Amazon, a set of 4 for $6.25.) I roll the dough into a 3.6 oz. ball, flatten, then push into the ring. I use butter flavored Crisco to grease the inside of the rings.

          • Bam Bam:

            Just remember that home ground flour does not make “Wonder Bread”. It will be a “heavier” than store bought. As you play with it, you might want to increase it’s “fluffiness”, I prefer mine a little thicker.

  7. Good day all! Currently baking cookies for my personal Cookie Monster. He does live my chocolate chip cookies.

    Our supplies are holding up so far and for those items we can’t store for long, we have been able to find locally. We are looking to purchase another freezer to add additional storage but we are having issues finding one that is big enough and a reputable brand. We will NOT get a chest freezer as we have both had bad experiences with them.

    If we couldn’t go anywhere, we would be fine. The DH and I are both enjoying working from home and wish it could last.

    The DH has been working on our garage all week while on a temporary furlough. He’s been busy and productive.

    I unburied my sewing machine last weekend and made a mask. I’ll make another few tomorrow.

    Time to read what everyone else has been doing. Stay safe.

  8. 1. How are your prepping stockpiles and plans stacking up to the ongoing shut down of the country during the pandemic?
    We’re doing very well.
    2. If you had to stay in your house and not go anywhere at all until this was all over, would you make it through?
    We would, barring any medical emergency.
    3. What do you think of the rescue and recovery stimulus bill? And all of the pork Nancy Pelosi and her crew were allowed to add into it? I am still so angry that Republicans did not back her right into a corner and stand on principle until the bill just dealt with what it was intended and not millions for the Kennedy Center, etc.
    It’s politics as usual. Very sad.
    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    This week:
    ☹WHAT A TIME FOR MY FREEZER TO STOP WORKING! We had a VERY difficult time getting one. It seems many people now see a need to stock up on food. Why didn’t we think of that?
    So, today is organizing the new freezer and pantry. (We had to remove a lot of stuff to get the new freezer in.)
    -Got five chicks from the eggs I donated to the local high school. Hatched out several more. Didn’t have a good hatch rate.

    -Worked up a new strawberry patch. Received 100 strawberries and 5 elderberries to plant.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: batteries,

    -Finished Rx yesterday. Hoping to have side effects from meds done soon.

    -I’m still learning to grow plants in the greenhouse.
    -Foraged violets. Made syrup.
    -Reading about more things to forage and make meds/supplements.

    Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    • I forgot to add that I bought several vegetable and herb plants and seeds for myself and adult kids. I also picked up some diat. earth and chem. for tomatoes.

    • Prepared Grammy,

      Our inside refrigerator started making strange sounds so we ordered a new one last week. The model we ordered was $400 off at Home Depot. We also need to order a new water heater.

      • Might I suggest a Rheem Hybrid water heater. I installed one on March 15, since then I have used 34 kWh of electricity (1.4 kWh a day for two adults). It connects to your phone through your WiFi and you can see usage statistics and adjust the water temp. On top of that it blows cool air into the room it is in. I had to put it in my extra side room because it was too large for the small area my old mobile home heater is in. It doesn’t run enough to make it very cool but it will lower the humidity. I do not have a air conditioner in the room.

          • Bam Bam

            No, electric only. Natural gas is cheap so if you have that it is not worth the extra cost ($1300 for my 50 gal). It has 5000 watt elements for quick recovery if needed so requires a 220v on a 30 amp breaker. I read where you can get a 120v one that only has the heat pump but no store near me had one. Got mine at Home Depot.

          • I didn’t read your whole post. Home Depot and Lowe’s offer installation services. You could call them for a quote. I am very handy, 25 years of owning a farm and ten more as a maintenance man at produce packing plant taught me a lot. I am able to do my own electrical and plumbing work so I save tons of money, I live in the country, no inspection needed. I did get my very strong son in law and his brother to tote mine from the garage to where I needed it.

          • Daddio,

            The one we want (A.O. Smith, 12 year) is available at Lowes but they don’t have installation at the moment. (When you buy something online they usually give you the option to have it installed. Lowes does not have that option right now.) Oh, I just checked. Home Depot has Rheem and installation. Could you please look at this link and advise me?


            I really know nothing about replacing water heaters.

          • Bam Bam

            All I have installed are electric heaters but Rheem has a good name. The last heater I installed, a Richmond I got from Home Depot that I put in 20 years ago is still working. I just wanted to start saving money and preparing to run off of solar power. I looked it up and Richmond is just a rebranded Rheem. I would think a Rheem would be a good one to buy.

            The only think I know about gas heaters you might not want to hear. This was about 20 years ago my best friends parents garage was burned up by a malfunctioning gas water heater. Shortly after the new garage was built with a new gas heater in it that one burned down the entire house. New house built with electric water heater.

          • That almost had to have been a poor install on an older natural draft unit. Probably improper space between vent pipe and combustibles Iike roof trusses. Gas appliances are very safe and most now are PVC vented with rollout and overheat safetys. If properly installed Gas water heaters or furnaces are far superior to electric in operation costs and recovery times

        • Daddio,

          I am a girl. I have no idea what 34 kWh of electricity means. I just want to make sure we have hot water. I think it is going to be difficult in the coming weeks and months to get appliances. Hence the need to order ASAP.

          I bought this house in 2004 and had an upgraded A.O.Smith installed. It still works but I have to turn up the water heater to get the same water temperature in the shower. That suggest the heater is going out.

          I trust the folks here. I just want to get the best water heater I can for the price. I just have no background to make an informed decision. That’s why I log on here each week–to seek the expertise of my fellow preppers.

          • Bam Bam

            Electricity is measured by the kWh (kilo watt hour). Look at your power bill, I have FPL and pay about $.10 per kWh, so a months worth of hot water will only cost me $4.20. If you already have a gas heater it would be expensive to put in an electric because an electrician would have to run the #10 wire to provide electricity to it.

            The one you picked out seems to be a good one. You might look at the Energy Star model. For $60 more it will save about $18 a year. That would be for four people, if it just the two of you that would be less. The sales person at Home Depot could give you better advice. If you are “turning up” the old one that sounds dangerous, get a new soon.

          • Bam Bam, its possible you only need the heating elements replaced. I think you live in Florida, and isnt water very high in calcium there?(if its like ours in East TN). There are these curved sticks inside the water heater that heats the water. Those elements get crusty over time with lime on them, and dont heat the water like it should. So if its only the element, replacing them is sure a lot cheaper than getting a whole new water heater. However, if your heater is more than 10 years old, it might be less expensive in the long run to get a new one. Cost-benefit ratio, and all that stuff. Just some ideas.

          • Bam Bam, it could just mean the thermostat is worn, however it would mean having the entire gasvalve/Tstat assembly replaced and if you can not or will not do that yourself you will have a 500 plus service call essentially half the price of a new system for an old water heater. probably does not make sense. I noted in my area a new heater is about a thousand most likely closer to 12-1400 looking at the priceing on the home depot unit after install. I have not replaced a gas heater in a while and prices have certainly gone up some. Good rule of thumb heater price×2 you should be close!

    • PG, Murphy’s law always wins. I just replaced my fridge not to long ago. Then the air conditioner #2. Glad I got it fixed while it was still possible though…..

      • My dh has a friend who owns his own AC repair company–one man job type thing. Our AC went out last year. (Again, home purchased in 2004). He fixed the AC by wielding a small part. The friend said that given the age of the unit and the pain-in-the-ass needed repair, most would have told us it couldn’t be fixed. We didn’t have the cash at the time to replace the unit. He said the welding job could last 6 months or 6 years.

        I feel like I am rolling the dice on getting stuff fixed. Fortunately we are preppers and have put back cash to get stuff repaired. Still, if this epidemic is prolonged . . . will whole house units be available?

        • Bam Bam

          Me again, when my central unit went out eight years I got four window units for my double wide mobile home. $700 instead of $5000. I only run the ones in rooms I am using. Usually only one at a time. My power bill was cut in half.

          They are noisier but my wife likes noise in the bed room and being able to get the right temperature in there is a plus. With the central unit cooking in the evening meant the bedroom was over-cooled trying to cool the kitchen.

          • I called a friend who owns the local mom and pop appliance store. I wanted him to meet me at the store at night as soon as I discovered my freezer was out so I could get a new one. His words were, “Good luck finding one. There aren’t any.” He said that people who never had a freezer before, bought one and stocked it with food. That caused a shortage. He also said that he has no idea when he’s going to get any. All of the parts of American made freezers are made in America…except the doors. The insulation in the doors can’t be made in the US because of EPA guidelines. He believes we’re going to have many more shortages for the same reason. We all knew it. I just didn’t think it would affect me this soon.

            I actually got the floor model at Home Depot two counties over. The person who brought it to our truck couldn’t believe the manager sold me the store model. She said, “He NEVER does that. I just can’t believe he did it. You don’t understand. He really never does this.” I was desperate and pleaded with him. I told him that I had a freezer full of food that was spoiling. I think he felt sorry for me. I didn’t even barter on the price because of the tiny scratch on the door. I don’t care. I have food that’s frozen.

        • Yes plan on replacement if you bought in 04 most likely an R22 unit and 22 was essentially outmoded think old R12 car ac’s. R22 went from 7 bucks a pound to well I quit buying and told people to replace systems when I had to chsrge 70 a pound to make any money. I would guess it is asight higher now.

  9. Hello all,

    1 & 2: My stockpiles are holding up fine. I’ve been shopping at my friend’s grocery store. It’s smaller and a little more expensive but he has everything. No crowds, no herding, nice deli and butchers section. I go in every few days to top off the fresh stuff, Nice people too. My only real complaint about being locked down is cabin fever.
    3: I like that I can get a loan and pay the guys for a while. The individual payouts should help them and they’ll get mine. As far as the pork, I expected no less from these globalists. Democrats don’t want to help Americans, they want to tear down the country. They’re asking for checks for illegals now. There’s proof enough.

    4: Not much in the way of preps this week. I did manage to get out and do some work near NYC. Eerie traveling down 95 and hitting no traffic. One of my techs joined me and we managed to make a few bucks with no exposure to anyone. It was also the first nice day in a while so getting out reminded us of that scene in the Wizard of Oz where everything goes into color and the Munchkins are singing that happy little song. On the way home, we were obligated to stop at a checkpoint in RI. The signs said all non RI passenger vehicles had to stop at the rest area. The young MP Sergeant asked as we rolled up, “just passing through?”. We said yes and I spoke with him for a couple of minutes, having served in his unit almost thirty years ago. I reminded him of his oath and told him to think about it as he went about his job. We exchanged contact info and plan to get together for a few beers when this plandemic abates. The mustard seed parable comes to mind.

  10. Good afternoon everyone-
    I spent my morning getting the garden ready for the wicked cold spell coming our way. Hoping for the best but vegetation doesn’t handle the extreme temperature swings well.

    Our stockpile is being depleted since we are limiting grocery runs to one a month. But we are still in good shape. Taking action early has been worth it. Our county had its first official case of Covid-19 but I still don’t see many of my neighbors taking precautions. On the other hand DH and I hope to stay completely out of the grocery store during the month of May.

    For those of you in cities- I am seeing the potential for major supply shocks from an agriculture stand point. Over in Northern Colorado they are having virus outbreaks at the packing plants. This is beginning to trickle out to the feedlots.
    Most of the crops around here are grains, but to the south are large onion farms that rely on laborers. Also lots of melons and peppers. If/when there is an outbreak in these areas there will be shortages. Plus, the grain mills in the area are getting international orders on a more frequent basis. It all adds up to pressure on food supplies.

    I am so busy gardening outside on good days, coaxing indoor seedlings (definitely not as easy as it seems) and quilting that the isolation hasn’t been too bad. I do belong to a woman’s club and we are going to have an online meeting next week via Zoom. DH still works daily.

    We are not getting together with family for Easter-quite a few family members fall into a risk category. But we are sharing food by leaving on porches etc. If we have to have a separate Easter it is just as well that the weather is slated to be nasty.

    Stay safe everybody and make sure to stop gap any holes in your food preps.

  11. I am so happy! I was under the Impression that
    “What did you so this week”‘ was going away so I stopped following that blog. Just today I ran across this and so many same people here contributing .
    When I started prepping three or four years ago
    I learned so much from this weekly discussion from Zulu and Prepared Grammy , Overwatch and Others. So glad to find you all

    • Nell,

      So glad you’re back 🙂

      I hate to have to tell you this, but The Ohio Prepper (aka: TOP) passed away late last year. Personally, I think he would have been great chipping in on things these days.

      • Thank you, Babycatcher. I am reading all the comments as they come in , thinking “oh I remember her or I had remember that name “ I feel like I am at a family reunion. Lol we are great down here in Texas. I don’t, prepare as hard as I could but thanks to you guys and MD Creekmore ,when this all started I wasn’t waiting in line at the grocery store; the bank or anywhere else. We still work, we own an essential business, but alot of our part of that is from home, so we have hunkered down mostly and only make trips out to replenish fresh food stock or buy for the garden . We raise a 9 year old granddaughter so we have had to learn how to homeschool her on virtual learning program. That’s been fun …
        Our business is hurting ,but not as bad as some ;and we hope for full recovery for everyone from this insane mess as soon as possible
        Thank you for welcoming me back
        Happy Easter ,

      • Oh No, that’s is too bad. I always enjoyed his input and looked forward to his opinions on topics.
        Well I am sure he is better off and doesn’t have to watch this world getting crazier and crazier,

    • Welcome back, Nell! Most of us are Hale and Hearty, and a couple have moved to Glory. Looking forward to hering how youve been!

      • Thank you, Babycatcher. I am reading all the comments as they come in , thinking “oh I remember her or I had remember that name “ I feel like I am at a family reunion. Lol we are great down here in Texas. I don’t, prepare as hard as I could but thanks to you guys and MD Creekmore ,when this all started I wasn’t waiting in line at the grocery store; the bank or anywhere else. We still work, we own an essential business, but alot of our part of that is from home, so we have hunkered down mostly and only make trips out to replenish fresh food stock or buy for the garden . We raise a 9 year old granddaughter so we have had to learn how to homeschool her on virtual learning program. That’s been fun …
        Our business is hurting ,but not as bad as some ;and we hope for full recovery for everyone from this insane mess as soon as possible
        Thank you for welcoming me back
        Happy Easter ,

  12. After a good start with prepping a couple of years ago, I let way too much go to pot. My wife really didn’t see the need for it and you know what they say about “happy wife, happy life.”

    Anyway, over the last few weeks, she kind of woke up about this. I mean, weeks and weeks of empty spots on store shelves can have that effect on a person. So, we’ve been grabbing a few extra items when we make our runs out to the grocery store or place orders for grocery delivery (I live in a MAJOR hotspot, so going out is not a good idea). We’ve actually managed to put aside a couple additional weeks worth of food that we could stretch if needed.

    Today, I got seeds in the ground for the garden, so here’s hoping those come up.

    And I’ve done a fair bit of kicking myself for ever letting it get to this point, even if the wife was less than pleased with things.

    • Tom,

      Glad you’re back in the prepping fold. Your wife should be happy too. A full tummy does that.

      Don’t forget, if you have questions or need advice, there are a bunch of folks here with the answers.

    • Tom:

      Don’t kick yourself for what you didn’t do, congratulations on what you are doing and where your going. It helps when the spouse sees the need too (I was lucky, mine has always been on board with this).

      “Constant forward motion!” You are better off today than you were 3 weeks ago. Imagine where you’ll be in 3 months. What if the economic issues go on threw the Winter. There will be many bemoaning the fact they didn’t start when you did!

    • Tom, Don’t kick yourself, there are plenty who will do that.
      Do preps in stealth…
      Just remember… steadily adding -really adds up if done continually… If we ever get where the gro stores are open without restrictions..( it may be necessary to go to multiple stores and purchase needs, to have enough)…adding canned goods that are complete meals, or things that can be used with a single side…for a meal.. One of my favorites is ravoil and french cut string beans.. ..I buy 3 cans of each for a complete filling meal for 1.(DH does not care for it) and purchase him another selection of something he prefers… kipper, sardines…cottage cheese…The canned soup/beef stew-meals are another option…Just make sure you like the ones purchased.
      We use these once or twice a week if we are very busy… and having it stretches the things we use for our Main meals…so a sly way of adding meals- uncounted in traditional stores. for a month of lunch and supper- that is 60 meals… Purchase extra size meat servings one week.( purchase 4.5 lbs and divide it into 6 meals- )… and extra pasta by 2-5 lbs the next time with tomato products and spices to make sauce..
      Can be un settling to realize there is no extra…I think we may have a short period where we have opportunity to add….including the garden..I am guessing it will hit within a week or so of first frost…. grow and secure as much as you can in as many ways as you will eat it… Consider: dehydration- reduces the appearance in volume. Cutting string beans short and and dehydrating can make a lot of servings fit in a pint( so it appears as less on the shelf, takes less jars and oxygen absorbers- to secure it)…it is one of the vegetables that serving size is one cup… so only 2 in a pint normally!I routinely prepare us 3 -15 oz cans of commercially prepared..Canned sweet corn ( whole kernel volume will be greatly reduced) for highest nutrients the frozen veggies can be dehydrated for shelf stability and ( appearance of less volume..store in smaller spaces.Do need extra water to prepare them so up your water supply….) Hang in there.It could be a truly long hard winter without adequate stores…My gauge is to determine- from end of one harvest to beginning of next harvest…then to consider if my crops get damaged in whole or in part-will I have enough of x-y-z..til i can grow, or purchase more. with meat packing/processors closing for short times(?) it is highlighting for me what i need to do. Take care of yourself and Just do what you need to do.

  13. How are your prepping stockpiles and plans stacking up to the ongoing shut down of the country during the pandemic?
    I could have bought a little more, I am short of comfort items and junk food. Other then that the only item I think I am short of is catsup. I like it with my beans and rice.

    If you had to stay in your house and not go anywhere at all until this was all over, would you make it through? Define all over. One month sure, two would be tight.

    What do you think of the rescue and recovery stimulus bill? And all of the pork Nancy Pelosi and her crew were allowed to add into it? I am still so angry that Republicans did not back her right into a corner and stand on principle until the bill just dealt with what it was intended and not millions for the Kennedy Center, etc.
    The Republicans did not want the grief the news-media would have given them for holding up help for Americans. So they just loaded it with cooperate welfare knowing the Democrats couldn’t say anything about it. Everyone of them loaded pork in.

    What did you do to prep this week? Did not do too much, I was stuck in my sleep all day mode. Fortunately I worked my way around to being able to stay up until 10:00 PM and sleep until 6:00. Plenty of time to drink my coffee and watch the morning news. I enjoy watching Morning Joe and see Joe and Mika getting choked up at how people are suffering and dying because Trump isn’t moving Heaven and Earth to provide PPE and tests. Then they immediately cheer up when talking to someone they like. Friday thru Monday mornings I wait until my wife gets home so we can have some time together. After I get her to bed I do a little outside work but come in at 2:00 to get her dinner ready because she has been starting her shifts at 5:00 and has an hour commute. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings I have honey-do tasks while she is home.

    We went and ordered a 21×24 car port cover. We have to get a building permit for the concrete base and of course we did not have all the necessary information to give to the permit office. Will have to go back Monday morning. You have to wait out on the sidewalk and a very nervous black clerk reaches waaaay out to hand you paperwork. We plan on parking the Buick and Jeep under the shelter and I bought a portable cover for my truck. My father in law has two older portable ones so we are going to go get those, one for my boat and I will put shade cloth over one to protect my tomatoes this summer.

    About 25 years ago I bought a used Taurus .38 special. I have only put about a half box of shells through it. I got it for my wife because she does not trust a semi automatic. It has gone bang every time I have pulled the trigger so I imagine it will the next time.

    My garden finally started growing. I planted most of it back in late January. Even though Febuary was very warm and March had five or six record hot days with one the hotest March day on record. For north Florida that meant 85 to 90 degrees but nope, the plants just sat there. The days finally got long enough so they knew it was time to grow. Got my first squash yesterday and a cucumber will be ready tomorrow, The sweet corn should be ready by the end of the week. The okra grew six inches and the old mustard bolted. If I can keep the worms at bay I should have fresh mustard for another week or two from my late planting and my turnips should be sized up by then.

    Looks like this coming storm will drop some rain so I need to get outside and plant some empty spots. Stay safe people.

    • Daddio7 – I planted my turnips last fall and finally pulled the last of them about a month ago. I still have one turnip in the fridge and gifted all the greens to A couple of the DH’s coworkers. I love the roots but only tolerate the greens.

  14. Being a stay at home mom, I’m amazed at how parents, are literally having a cow taking care of THEIR children, is blowing my mind, and our school district, is still handing out a meal box each Monday, for the week, I don’t know what they are giving, but we’re not taking a box. My main issue is getting my son, to do his school work and they are still grading their work. Hubby, is still working, which is wonderful, we just got a letter that first Quarter taxes, are not due till June 30th, that gives us breathing room to have the money. We were able to get a smaller P.O Box, too. I’ve got seeds going in the green house, been cleaning the yard up raking leaves, and mowing, I hate the shaggy grass, it has to be cut short . I’ve been working on project’s, and making sure neighbors are doing fine. Took paperwork out to our trailer, at our other property, just to show we own it and to keep it on the property, and hubby, has his business information showing this is our 2nd business office, in case anything else should go sideways. Been reading magazines, getting ideas trying new recipes, and loving the tried and true.

    Question 1 It’s going as well as I imagine it would.
    Question 2. We would be fine, as long as we can move around, the kid’s might go stir crazy, but I do find thing’s for them to do.
    Question 3. Well, does it matter what the American people, say they will do whatever it is to promote their agenda.
    Congratulations on your new litter of puppies.

  15. HI ALL ,,,, the week went so fast ,,poof ,, bunch of stuff to report back about ,

    Tried to order some food products for back stock for the trading post. ,a long list but not to be ,,,,
    The gal I order with was unhappy about goings on and spilled some beans ,things are being pulled back in the inventory ,if 100 is ordered 25 is sent , thinking is it’s better to be short a little than be long ,if the shelves are full order less
    I’m walking a thin line talking about this ,much more I would like to say ,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Next ,,animal feed ,,,talk is ,,shortage in feed stock to mills ahead ,first to go will be rabbit and chicken and horse feed
    Now you say I better go stock up now ,,, NOT SO FAST ,, the feed value goes down when grain is ground ,and pressed. And baked ,,when I had the broiler farm we could not use feed over 3 months old ,had to dump it ,,,cows did ok with some added to their feed , but not chickens. ,will kill chickens I lost 15,000 birds that way in 1 hour ,,rabbits will go off feed or abort litters ,mycotoxin development takes place over time

    More good news ,,,,,,,,starting to look like there is no long term immunity from having the virus ,that folks that have had it can get it again ,and again

    Saw a report about a dairy farm unable to sell its milk and unable to ship or sell the cows so was forced to kill and bury the herd
    Hard to see that but I do understand ,,,,,,

    Had to buy more silage ,ran out this am ,,, not enough grass yet ,cost more to feed than the cows are bringing a the sale barn,,
    Hard times now ,, and hard times ahead

    Truck’s here ,got go unload

  16. Puppy had a puppy day. Hotdogs for lunch and played frisbee and ball gun.

    Bought and installed heavy duty latches and locks on 2 personnel gates and a vehicle gate.
    Scored 10 AR15 mags from a buddy who owed me some money. Bartering works…..LOL
    Loaded 10 new AR mags.

    brought the trays back in due to a frost advisory
    covered plants in main garden and raised beds all plants and trees are OK now just need to prepare for strong storms on Sunday.
    Planted more Basil,Sage,
    The cherry tomato plants are in the window getting a sun tan…LOL

    Garden supplies
    Bought 6 bags of garden soil
    Bought 3 large containers for potatoes and winter squash
    Bought 1 long container for garlic

    Charged battery in the Vet
    Added a sawyer mini filter to the Jeep.
    Added more survival food.

    Heavy workouts.
    Running on treadmill
    Hiking with plate carrier with puppy.

    Thor’s Questions

    1. Do you think the food banks will run out of food for the poor and laid off workers?
    2. Do you think we are in a Depression?
    3.What do you think about seeds being deemed non-essential in several states during the current crises?
    4. Do you think the deep state, the Democrats and China are all out to destroy the USA?
    %. Should we stop funding the UN and the WHO?

    • Yes to all five. One caveat… they weren’t counting on chloroquine and they’re underestimating our President. He’ll bring the economy roaring back- AGAIN!

    • Thor’s Questions

      1. Do you think the food banks will run out of food for the poor and laid off workers? Out? No, it would lead directly to rioting, and the PTB don’t want that (yet?).

      2. Do you think we are in a Depression? Both technically and realistically – Yes! And it is going to get much worse before it starts to get better.

      3.What do you think about seeds being deemed non-essential in several states during the current crises? I think these decisions were based upon thinking “Lawn and Garden” meant grass and petunias. I don’t think they were thinking gardening and growing food. Now they are stuck. To reverse their position will show it was not well thought out. Keeping up the facade, will only cost them at election time (and maybe people will forget).

      4. Do you think the deep state, the Democrats and China are all out to destroy the USA? As the DW and I were discussing today, this would be a great plan, if they were smart enough to think of it. I can’t give them that much credit. The Chinese are trying to save face, and the Dems are trying to take advantage of the chaos. And both with both of them their masks are slipping.

      5. Should we stop funding the UN and the WHO? Yes, but a better way would be to average what the other G20 are giving and “fall in line” with them. One of the few times I agree that we should “be like them”.

    • Thor’s Questions

      1. Do you think the food banks will run out of food for the poor and laid off workers?

      They already are. There are a couple here in the Orlando area I’ve heard of running out.

      2. Do you think we are in a Depression?

      Not yet. More of a recession at this point.

      3.What do you think about seeds being deemed non-essential in several states during the current crises?

      Politicians can be so amazingly stupid. I suppose non-food or non-medicinal producing seeds aren’t so critical, but even then they give people something to do, and provide bright, cheery colored flowers.

      4. Do you think the deep state, the Democrats and China are all out to destroy the USA?

      Yes, they are out to destroy the US. Without a doubt.

      5. Should we stop funding the UN and the WHO?

      Absolutely we need to stop funding the UN and any UN related organization, which includes WHO. Moreover, if the UN wants to stay in New York, they need to pay rent for the land they’re on and pay for their parking tickets.

  17. I have decided to stop doing business with Amazon. I REFUSE to loan them my money, interest free, for 30 days while they SIT on my items, deem them frivolous, and not ship them for 30 days. There are plenty of other places to shop where they don’t presume to know your needs better than you do. Of course, that fits right in with Bezos politics: All socialists, especially bureaucrats think they know what you need better than you do!! Chewy had no problem shipping my order as soon as I paid for it. TCM shipped out my DVD order within a day of my paying for it. Perhaps Jeff thinks all his customers need to help him pay for all the money he is tossing around.during this crisis to help himself look better. (Personally, I don’t like his looks. His biggest attraction is his money, but even that isn’t enough.) I will do most of my shopping from other places, and as local as I can. I have found many of the subscribe and save items at the stores I frequent. So, thanks Jeff, for proving to me I can use other companies and get better service!! Maybe not cheaper prices, but better service is a valuable item

    • Okie Farm Girl:

      One of the things I have started doing, after getting caught in the same situation, is looking at the “due” date for shipping. If it is more than a week, it usually means it’s coming from somewhere like China. I immediately cancel the order “it will not get here in time” and look for another product or source. Saving $3 but waiting a month is not worth it to me.

    • Okie Farm Girl,

      I have not had any problems from Amazon at all. I have one thing that is taking a while to get as it is on backorder. Most of my summer clothes are needing to be replaced. This is the first time I have ever ordered clothes from Amazon but it arrived quickly. I have another order from a different company that I am waiting on.

      • No real problems with Amazon for me either. I’ve actually been able to find inexpensive clothing made in the USA on Amazon too.

        • I was trying to order some movies and seeds. And since Amazon deemed them a frivolous item, (not necessary in their opinion), they were not going to ship them until the END of May! I feel like they wanted to use my money, while not supplying my goods, and that was just unacceptable. If I pay for an item you say is IN STOCK and usually ships within a day, I don’t expect you to say, “We do not feel that is a necessary item, and we are going to wait awhile to ship that item out to you. Have a nice day.”. I think they feel like they are so big, they can do anything they want, and people will accept it. Well, I just do not accept that behavior. There are plenty of other stores who will be happy to accept my money and eager to ship out any items I wish to purchase, regardless of whether they think it is necessary or not. Geez, can you imagine going to the grocery store and having the cashier stop when she gets to the HoHo’s and say, “Honey, do you really NEED these?” Would you accept that behavior? I sure wouldn’t. I’d be shopping at a new store, and maybe even complaining to management. Why are we accepting it from Amazon?

          • Farm Girl

            Order something essential along with the other items. I ordered a case of Ensure nutritional drink for my father in law. I also ordered a small screw extractor set. The screw extractor set was tossed in the larger box the Ensure was shipped in.

          • You might want to verify that it was sold and shipped by Amazon. When we look at things on Amazon, we always get items shipped by Amazon faster than those shipped by Amazon sellers.

  18. Tara, I had to use my base computer instead of my tablet because of the popup adds….it has made my tablet almost unusable on this site.

    • Thor1:

      Try uBlock. I think it was Cliff that suggested it for the computer (not sure on a tablet). It works great. I had one site that was mad I was using an add blocker, so I no longer do business with them.

  19. I can understand how some people are going crazy being forced to stay at home with their own children–they are extroverts. Most folks here get their identity through their relationship with Christ; their self-worth is based largely on integrity and self-reliance–things that do not require others. In contrast, most of these folks who are going crazy get their identity from the occupations; they get their self-worth by means of social approval. They are experiencing a radical shift. One of dh’s friends from church (they do a ministry together helping parents who have lost children) is going nuts. She is one of those “do-everything” people at church. She is on just about every committee. The church can’t run without folks like this. So I am not knocking her. But she doesn’t know what to do with herself when she isn’t ordering people around.

    Tara’s Questions:

    [1] How are your prepping stockpiles and plans stacking up to the ongoing shut down of the country during the pandemic?

    We could make it for over a year, provided gasoline was still available. My brother has a 30-acre hobby farm about two hours away. He’s been setting in extra supplies since the end of December. He ordered an extra 60 meat chickens. They will be ready for the freezer in a few weeks. He ordered two years of heirloom seeds. I have enough staples to last four people for a year. So we plan on trading if/when things get really bad. He doesn’t have the inside space to store a lot of staples; I don’t have the outside space to grow a garden. (Our lot is mostly shaded–good for Florida, bad for gardening.)

    [2] If you had to stay in your house and not go anywhere at all until this was all over, would you make it through?

    See above. It would be tough to do without fresh fruits and vegetables. But we would have enough staples to get through.

    [3] What do you think of the rescue and recovery stimulus bill? And all of the pork Nancy Pelosi and her crew were allowed to add into it? I am still so angry that Republicans did not back her right into a corner and stand on principle until the bill just dealt with what it was intended and not millions for the Kennedy Center, etc.

    I am of a different opinion that most folks here. I don’t think Trump had a choice. Without the stimulus, we would see rioting in the streets and ordinary people breaking into stores and homes. The news coverage of hungry children in the United States would enrage the country. Democracy is ugly. No one side gets everything it wants. The pork was necessary to get the Democrats to sign on.

    [4] What did you do to prep this week?

    The stores around here are empty. I went to Publix yesterday. I got there 20 minutes before they opened. The line had already stretched down the block. The shelves were empty–no paper products, no cleaning products as usual. Meat and canned goods were well picked over. There were a few bags of rice. I got the last four bags of red beans and the last four bags of black beans. (My brother is short on beans.) What surprised me is that they were out of flour. I wanted to pick up more flour as I really don’t want to bust into my wheat berries until necessary.

    The kids are coming over tomorrow to pick up their Easter baskets and Easter dinner. We will leave everything on the front porch so we don’t have any face-to-face contact. My (future) son-in-law’s job requires that he is out and about. My dh is in a high risk category. So we don’t want to chance it. I read this week that COVID-19 is now the leading cause of death in the U.S. It overtook heart disease last week. The kids are going to stop by the store to see if they can find flour. They will drop it off when they come to pick up their Easter goodies.

    I had a hard time finding dog food. We have 80 lbs. in stock but this will only last two months. We bought the last two 40 lb. bags online from Walmart. They had it back in stock at Chewy but there was a limit of one per order. So I got another 40 lb. bag. A few days later Walmart had it back in stock with a limit of one per order. So I was able to order four 40 lb. bags of dog food. That will bring us up to a six month supply. We will need to find more dry cat food and more cat litter within the next two months.

    Happy Easter to All!

    Christ is Risen!

      • Damn, Thor! I didn’t even think about that. The good news is that since insurance companies are required to fund birth control at no additional cost, the number of abortions in the U.S. is at an all time low. I do think abortion should be available if the mother’s life is at risk, in the case of rape and if the fetus is not viable or severely impaired (as in the fetus does not have a brain).

        • Bam Bam:

          That would fall under the category of “a valid medical reason” rather than “a choice”.

          I am less opposed to have an abortion than I am mandating that medical professional are required to perform one. And, like breast augmentation, you pay for it – after all it’s “all about me” anyway.

          Then it’s a moral question for which you WILL have to answer. We will ALL stand in judgement. Too many people don’t understand that.

          • JP,

            Medical professionals are not “required” to perform elective abortions. If individual doctors have moral problems with abortion, they are not required by law to perform them. The only condition under which doctors are required by law and medical ethics to perform abortions is if the mother’s life is in danger–tubal pregnancy or sepsis. (Please note that in such cases not only will the mother die, but the fetus will not be viable.)

          • Bam Bam:

            I may be misinformed (I have no first hand knowledge). I was under the impression that there were states where they did not have the option if they wanted to be able to practice in that state.

          • Bam Bam and JP, Tubal pregnancy can be rescued if it is found in time….and the baby can be placed in the womb, most of the time the hormones are right and the baby WILL be viable.. It is done in INDIA. a friend had a tubal and they were able to save the child he is 6.

  20. Hey Pack started a post this morning and didn’t hit submit!

    1. So far we are doing just fine I am seeing a few holes but over all really we are GTG.
    2.Honestly it depends we are more than good for 90 days at 180 days we would be really stretching it. I know my preps are not what they were 4 years ago Obama made me prepper hyperdrive and I relaxed under the new administration. I have been very busy with new job responsibilities and school and I have let somethings slide. This event if nothing has served as the reminder you never know when!
    3.The stimulus bill pisses me off in general, and the pork to the point of actual rage. I understand the purpose and I also understand it probably needed to be done to some level but it is a touch too close to universal income to me. With that said I also know I will spend it so I am openly being a hypocrite! And Tara to your point too many RINO’s not enough conservatives.

    This week we took a trip up to the Lake and it was depressing, so much water and muck from the snow melt. We have a plan to improve the situation but it takes time and money. Going back in a couple weeks for several days so I can get a start on the clean up and just getting things prepped for a structure build.
    We went to the FIL’s today took advantage of the ice weather and finally sighted in the reflex sight on the wife’s AR I gave her for Christmas and she finally had a chance to shoot it! Honestly, there is nothing sexier than your lady putting lead down range and on target!
    Other than that we have been laying low finishing up a few home construction projects and planning the cabin build. We will do the work ourselves mostly can’t afford to pay someone else or at least I won’t afford it! I have a few HVAC side jobs to finish up but can not really do them under current circumstances. That will be all mad money maybe a new gun. I hope everyone is well and staying Salty out there this to shall pass.

  21. So let me open up this topic for general discussion. I am really good at food storage, cooking and self-defense. I have no knowledge about home repairs. I need to replace my gas water heater. Daddio added a lot of useful information. I feel like my position here in the Wolfpack is that I have a lot of information about food storage and cooking. I need help selecting a gas water heater. I need help figuring out how much I should pay.

    Is this a good one?


    Please help me make a good choice.

    • Bam Bam honestly in my ever so humble opinion the best thing you can do with a gas water heater is buy based on tank warrenty. They are very cheaply built anymore brand means little as they are all produced on one of about 3 assembly lines and have name tags smacked on them! I replaced an40 gallon electric with a tankless On Demand LP unit and would never go back. But I can do the maintenance myself. Tankless requires a lot more hands on as you need to run vinegar thru them every so often to remove scale.

      I hope this helps but honestly I think warrenty means more than anything else because water heaters are built to fail. on average I would say 7-10 years and they are junk.

      • my four sons,

        Thanks for your input. I am looking at the 12 year models. The water heater I have now is 16 years old. I am hoping the new one will last 16 years.

          • GA Red that is an absolute outlier situation, and good for you! I have often wondered about the water filters being worth it or not and 26 years is impressive. Is it electric or gas?

          • my 4 sons – it is gas. We change the filter pretty regularly because the county water system is rather aged and we get brown water a lot.

          • GA Red,

            Our water heater is 16 years old. The best designed are only expected to last 12 years. We want to replace the unit while we still can.

          • Bam Bam:

            I was just thinking about our water heater. It was relatively new when we moved in, in 1996! Still running strong. It’s natural gas, although I don’t think that’s the reason.

    • Sorry I forgot about cost. The actual price of a heater look at menards, Lowe’s etc. what does a 40 gallon Gas heater cost? Mind you brands from companies vary but it gives u a rough idea. Installed prices will vary by region. around here I would think installed under a thousand.

      • My Four Sons,

        Ugg. I messed up and didn’t hit the “select install” button when I ordered the frig. Delivery is tomorrow. Do ya’ll think the guys will take $20 a piece to hook it up. (We have put out masks and gloves in a paper bag for them to put on.) The coronavirus has me being stupid. Don’t they just have to hook up the frig to the ice maker?

        • All I can say is if it were me yes. But these days who the hell knows! If not get a crescent wrench ask Tara for my email and we will figure it out!

        • Bam,

          The delivery people are probably not the same folks as the installation people. But you’ve probably already taken care of the problem by the time this is posted.

    • Bam Bam to the larger point I think this would be an awesome post for the pack “What are your skills” and open it up to share so if there are open questions out there we can direct questions to answers. Thoughts?

      I know JP is a “Gun Guy” lots of years shooting fixing and reloading.
      I know you are a food preservation library amongst the other skills you listed.
      In the Old Days B.C. Truck could build about anything.

      There are a lot of new names here since my being a regular here. And I am happy to be an open book to share what ever I know a lot about or even a little that may help.

      • Perhaps we could do that in a new posting? Have a little introduction by Tara and just let folks list their skills? Rather than listing them here.

        • I think thats exactly what we need Maybe on a Saturday since WDYDTPTW seems to draw the most traffic?
          Tara is that something you could work out for us?

          • Yes, someone will have to email Tara and ask about this. The advertising could be good for the site. We are a group of about 100 families and we trust each other.

          • Does anyone have a relationship there? I find myself after being a fixture under the hvaczach moniker and later as My 4 Sons for several years as a newbie here. I am really enjoying the interaction again!

        • I looked up BC on line a couple weeks ago and he had some links to Videos that were new just a few days before. He still has content out there.

          • Thanks for the update on BC Truck. Last I remember, Penrod was looking at moving to Georgia or somewhere around here. I hope he and his wife are well.

          • I will ask BC to post here again. He grew up one town over from my family. I think he was put off by the former administration.

        • GA Red,

          BC Truck checked in a couple of weeks ago. I follow him on his you tube channel where he is making custom knives.

          Hope you and yours weathered the storm well last night. There were tornadoes above and below Douglasville around 2am or so. Lots of heavy rain here but no trees down in our vicinity.

          Not a night of rest at all.

          Take care,

          • Hey Cliff – good to hear. We are all fine (for those already awake). The DH is sleepy because he was up during the night with the storms. There was a tornado warning for our county, but it was on the south side of the county. It’s going to be a gorgeous, clear day but breezy.

          • Everything ok in this neck of the woods. Dodged a BIG one last night. I have a huge oak tree in back yard, and neighbor has several pine trees that have worried me for years, especially with strong winds! God is Good.

      • My Four Sons,

        You are so correct! Tara should totally list this! My skills are cooking and food storage. I know you are good at installing things. (I am not. I will pay someone hundreds of dollars to install my water heater.) J.P and a few others are good at gun stuff. (All my gun purchases have been based on what folks here have to say–Glock 19, Ruger 10/22 and Mossy 12 gauge.) Cooking and food storage are my areas of expertise. I have listened to ya’ll for the rest.

  22. How are your prepping stockpiles and plans stacking up to the ongoing shut down of the country during the pandemic? We are doing fine. Havent been to a store in two weeks, and hubby wants to make it a third. Now that i can successfully make bread, all is right with the world. If we run out of dog food, she eats what we eat. ?
    f you had to stay in your house and not go anywhere at all until this was all over, would you make it through?Sure! I have sewing to do, computer classes I’m taking(non-credit, basically a continuation of my BS in Computer Information Systems), we have Ham radio stuff(I’m the new assistant Emergency Coordinator for our county), and i am considered an essential worker- I’m a midwife! I’m looking for lots of new babies around fall/winter, what with all the indoor calisthenics.
    What do you think of the rescue and recovery stimulus bill? And all of the pork Nancy Pelosi and her crew were allowed to add into it? I am still so angry that Republicans did not back her right into a corner and stand on principle until the bill just dealt with what it was intended and not millions for the Kennedy Center, etc. What Bam Bam said. But, like others said, maybe some compromise was needed to move forward.
    What did you do to prep this week?Worked in the yard, getting garden cleaned and planted, seeing to horses’, dog’s and hubby’s welfare, and checking in with the kids and my parents. They are high risk, and dont go anywhere without mask and gloves. Thats all for this week. Staying frosty and salty is hard work!
    HappyResurrection Day! He is Risen!

  23. He is risen

    Seeds that were ordered ( 6 pounds of them) arrived this week. A lot of money for something that was once alive and can return to new life again, but then again, a high price was paid for each of us; thru the shed blood, at the cross, we get new life just like the garden seeds, we live on. So maybe we are flowers in God’s garden, some of us beautiful, some versatile, some down right ugly ( it is our choice how we are seen by God.)
    It is your gift from God, life, that is. What we do with it can be our gift back to Him!

    This week was unusual, PVC pipe out in greenhouse is not yet hooked up for hydroponic growing, can not get enough hours in my days. Also, pond pump is here and elbows etc to make connections. Mean time on a walk checking fruit trees, only lost one this winter ( out of twenty.) I looked down and there were two beautiful lemon balm plants, so on another walk, I took bucket and shovel and they now live in herb garden. God is so good, He brings us beautiful surprises, two years ago I had hoped for mullein, looked down next to my lawn chair, and there it was, big and pretty, now they grow everywhere because that plant spread seeds.
    Baby animals take a lot of time, graining, teaching them where to go and return to the barn by evening. Or not, then the rodeo is on.
    The world now, does not resemble the one we once knew. Life shall become harder for each of us. Need to incubate more eggs, plant more flowers. Ten grape vines I planted last year wintered well. Catawba and Concords.
    Rearranging chickens so roosters won’t fight.
    There are warnings of planned seed shortages, not good. Stockyards not operating or being closed down by world powers. Problem: no food, higher prices, terrible food substitutions, poorer transportation of food, longer waits, less variety. This will all add up to problems for each of us, long term.

    Tara’s questions:
    1. Supplies holding up well.
    2. Yes
    3. Stimulus bill was a sham, to much allowed to pass, neither side stood up for what was right. Ashamed of both parties.
    4. Prepared more ground to plant, planted swiss chard, but then had to cover it due to frost warnings. Onions I planted and lettuce are up under white half barrels and onions are 5″ tall already. Plus garlic and onions I planted last fall are over a foot tall. Received another flat bed truck of hay.

    Prayers to all.

  24. I am extremely alarmed at the ‘reports’ of farmers having to ‘dump’ crops/milk due to the ‘lockdown’. Alarm bells going off about rising prices at the grocery stores. DH seeing the same, was not surprised that I ‘upped; our gardening game.I just wish we could consider chickens/livestock on our small plot; while allowed, our old beagle is not compatible with such plans.
    I am also pissed off about the ‘pork’ dems have slid into the relief bills; but as others have mentioned, to not pass those bills would make ‘Orange Man Bad’ look bad.We are not relying on them; altho DH unemployment was quickly approved. /I continue to work, got $2 more an hour plus a bonus from my employer, Working 6 days a week plus extended hours, as we lost half our department d/t ‘self quarantine’ after the first confirmed case in our store. I just hope those of us who didn’t panic get an extra week of vacation once things return to whatever our ‘new normal’ is. Cuz I am one tired woman.
    As far as how long we can last, we are good for several months provided infrastucture remains intact.
    Since I work in a grocery store, things haven’t changed a whole lot. I can still shop, altho the shelves still remain slim. And to be honest, I don’t have access to anything that the public can’t access. The stores get what they get, we have little control over that right now. I ended up buying TP at the local dollar tree, because my store sells out of it so quickly.
    We eat ‘out’ once a week, trying to support ‘local’. But otherwise, I cook from our stores.
    I had a lot more to say, but I am tired, so I will end by wishing everyone a Happy Easter, He is Risen!
    I am so grateful for this community! But, boy do I miss TOP right now.

  25. It is almost 1:00am and we are under severe storm threat. DH is nervous this time, normally he doesn’t worry much.

    DH dug a shallow ditch from our rain water barrels out to the garden on Saturday. He put in PVC pipe and we have a 1/2 hp pump to move the water out to the garden. We have 5 barrels that each hold over 300 gallons. We have put all of the rabbit manure and compost on the beds and we need more garden soil. We plan to go pick up some this week.

    We went to Home Depot Saturday morning and I picked up a few more plants. They only had one entrance and we’re counting people in and out. We haven’t been grocery shopping in about two weeks. If necessary we will be fine if we don’t go shopping again. We had two deer given to us last fall. Our hens are laying about 8 to 10 eggs daily.

    DH had a torn retina just before Thanksgiving and had immediate surgery. His vision is better now. He was not allowed to do anything for a few weeks and then we have had a lot of rain so a lot of projects got delayed. Because of this virus he has not had any help but me and I am still trying to work.

    I do not like all of the pork added to the relief package. I have seen several videos where people are not allowed to buy stuff like garden supplies. No more than 2 people in a car?! Is this true, if so what states. Here in GA we have not had that problem.

  26. I had a FB alert come up on my phone today…TOP’s Birthday…I had just been thinking of him last night, as I read all your responses to this weeks post. I just could not bring myself to delete that alert. I know I am being sentimental, and I know a lot of you knew him longer than I did, I knew him online for a couple of years, and just last year, we finally met in real life. And he was the same person. Funny, TOP and I could converse for hours, his DW and my DH who are more introverts would be like, are you guys done yet? And we never were…

    Happy Birthday TOP, you are not having to deal with all this stuff you helped us get better prepared for…

    • AWWWWWWW!!!!!! Tough day for his wife I am sure. I think of him every day. We talked for hours on the phone. Never done…

      Happy Birthday TOP…

  27. Made a discovery. I always keep a few convenience items in our food (and other) storage. Anyway, I discovered in the dusty back of one of our storage bins, a gallon jar of Krusteze pancake mix. Probably at least 8 years old. Cooked some blueberry pancakes, using that mix. Turned out perfectly. No oxygen absorber, no moisture absorber, not vacuum sealed.. Jar was sealed pretty well otherwise.

    Asking for prayers for a friend who is awaiting lung transplants. He is up to 60 liters of oxygen, in the hospital, awaiting a donor. Tough proposition, because we wish for no one’s death. But they die anyway, so it would be a shame to allow perfectly good lungs to be wasted. Not as many people tearing up and down the freeways at 95 mph right now. Anyway, he will get lungs or leave the hospital at room temperature. He is a good Christian, so should have no fear.

  28. Chatter all over ………… B52s being pulled from Guam……..DC. Prepared to implement evacuation orders,..,…

    Not good….

    4 carriers down with the virus WWlll starting ????


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