What I Did To Prep This Week: Apr 12th – 18th 2020

Hello Pack. It has been an exciting and productive week here on our survival homestead. There are many downsides to having a lack of work because of the ongoing disaster, but that does leave more time for on the farm work that ramps up this time of year anyway.

Thanks to the extra time off and good weather, we did copious amount of forest schooling lessons with the grandkiddos this week.

The pandemic shutdown was extended in Ohio until the beginning of May, which means store shelves are still fairly bare on some days and a host of new rules have been put into place when you venture into any store.

At our local grocery, there is now a rule for only one cart per person rule. That makes it hard for a woman with children out of school who has a husband still working and parents in the “vulnerable” age group, and cannot help out with babysitting.

Many folks around here are venturing to the next county over where there is both a Kroger and a Walmart, and taking advantage of the order online and pick up in car option.

Bobby and I do not shop at either store because they chose to exercise their First Amendment rights to encourage the taking away of our Second Amendment rights.

I fully embrace their ability to make anti-gun statements, I simply will not longer give them another dime of my hard-earned money because of it.

We were without a grocery store in our county for almost three years after a bad regional storm took out the power for over a week about nine years ago.

I sure would hate to see so many people opt to shop out of the county for safety or because of the recently initiated social distancing shopping rules that we end up not having a grocery store again.

While we are still working toward our 100 percent food self-sufficiency plan and are making substantial strides in the right direction, we do still go to the store for odds and ends.

This too shall pass, and our county has so far been spared a single case. There have now been three cases and one death in an adjacent county where my family lives, and one case in another adjacent county.

Hopefully our economy will not suffer from the nearly nationwide stay at home order for very long. It is one heck of a good time to have a businessman in the White House, that’s for sure.

The pandemic stimulus check we will receive is likely going to be filtered into an ongoing workshop construction project. Bobby is going to pour a concrete pad, and then place shipping containers on either side of it.

They as well as the open area in between will be covered in a roof. One side will be an equipment shed that houses tools, the welder, and farm implements.

The open space in the middle on the concrete pad will be used to park some of the tractors, and offer a covered space to work on them, as well.

The other shipping container will be used as a blacksmith shop, a reloading shed, and the porch that will stretch across the front of the entire structure will house the DIY manual pottery kick wheel that a tribe member helped me make my beloved for Christmas.

We have spent some time this week measuring out the space available next to the woodshed where he wants to locate the workshop because it will be easy to tie it into our electric from there, and working on our design sketch.

The sketch is a simple one, but Bobby can render it more like an architecture drawing so it is to scale with his real estate appraisal software.

By placing several simple elements inside of the sketch, like work tables and cabinets, we can get a better idea of both where and how everything will fit.

This week’s many preps on our survival homestead included tearing off all the boards on the hay wagon, some were in worse shape than others but none of them were going to last another baling season.

There were two holes in the boards that were all walked around last year – trust me that was neither an ideal or safe situation when you are tired and slinging around 50 pound bales of hay.

A member of our tribe set up a trade for a few truck loads of good pressure treated lumber for a fairly new John Deere riding mower of ours that we never use.

When you have free ranging goats, horses, ponies, and other critters a mower is something you will never need to waste gas on.

My duckweed is growing well, and all of our poultry birds enjoy eating it. The duckweed and a handful of other varieties of aquatic plants are going to not only be a money saver, but help us create a sustainable food source for the meat and eggs birds during a long-term disaster.

We had a sick pig this week, but he has recovered now. I am still not sure what caused him to catch a slight fever, stop eating, drinking, and to become constipated.

But, between my amateur herbalist skills and a tribe member’s knowledge stemming from years raising hogs, we nursed him back to health.

One of the preps that I am most proud of this week involves two of the three youngest grandkiddos.

Colt (just turned 5) and Auddie (just turned 4) can now work the two step latches and chains on all of our gates, and get them pushed open to where they do not fall back into place.

Only two of the latches on all of our gates are the same, so they had to figure out how each worked, with me giving as little guidance as possible, and then use their tiny hands to work the hardware.

Cognitive skills, intuitiveness, and independence are some of the primary focuses in their homeschooling / forest schooling here on our survival homestead.

While millions of little ones are stuck in small chairs at equally small tables all day at preschool (when there is a global pandemic, of course) being told exactly what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and have their every move be adult guided and supervised, my little grandkiddos are free to explore and adventure and learn through doing.

They know their colors, shapes, can count, and do some interactive learning activities to begin recognizing letters, but all other formal types of learning are going to wait until age 6, just as my favorite child education and wellness guru, Charlotte Mason staunchly recommended.

Even then, these kids will never spend more than an hour or two a day – at different times, doing seat work. Learning should be an adventure, and there are far better ways to learn and discover than being chained to a desk.

One day, I will finally have a hands-on self-reliance homeschooling curriculum finished for preschool through senior year. When I do, all pack members are welcome to a free PDF version of it.

Even if you children or grandchildren are not homeschooled, the lessons and activities will still be highly beneficial and anticipated by the children when they are allowed to come home from government school and be with their family.

If any of you are struggling with ways to continue your child’s learning at home, consider using this time to use common everyday things as true learning experiences.

In the photo below you will see my beloved teaching Colt how to use manual tools to assemble a little chair for the playroom:

grandfather teaching newphew how to assemble a chair

Not only did he gain more self-reliance knowledge about tools, he honed his listening skills, answered questions about the process while anticipating what came next, learned some new vocabulary words (thankfully no 4-letter ones, lol), and garnered a sense of pride and accomplishment in a job well done.

I used snack time as a learning experience with the grandkiddos. I bought some coffee mug treat cakes, I am not sure what they are actually called. But you make a little individual cake and icing to go on it in a coffee cup using the microwave.

They again had to listen, remember, and follow directions, measured wet and dry ingredients, and practiced their number recognition by pressing the buttons on the microwave.

It was a simple and short lesson, but it puts academic skills into practical practice – which is one of my favorite learning outcomes. Knowing what you are learning is useful makes an impact on the desire to master it – in my personal experience.

We are still living like someone left the gate open here on our survival homestead. I cannot imagine how awful it would be to be cramped inside of an in town house or apartment right now. Just thinking about it hits my claustrophobic button, hard.

Stay safe everyone. We are Americans, I have no doubt we will get through this pandemic, and any economic turmoil that is caused and come out not only victorious, but better for it.

I have no doubt that the number of newbie preppers in the United States is in the midst of growing by leaps and bounds.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. What would your dream workshop look like and how would you use it?
  2. Has living through this pandemic changed how your prep?
  3. Will living through this pandemic prompt you to move, if you are not a rural prepper already?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. This Week’s Questions:

    1. What would your dream workshop look like and how would you use it? I wish we had the space to put storage sheds. I need 2 x 40′ and 2 x 20′ at a minimum!

    2. Has living through this pandemic changed how your prep? Looking at food production, what we can do.

    3. Will living through this pandemic prompt you to move, if you are not a rural prepper already? We are at the edge of town. I would like a bigger “plot”, and about 10-15+ miles farther removed.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Since you asked…

    Finished up with the contractor on the front porch; now we are going to putty, caulk, and paint it.

    Got our “stimulus check” on Wednesday, and we’re going to run out and stimulate the most important economy – mine! Payed off a credit card and payed for the porch upgrade.

    Thursday, a drop off run for the mechanic; stops at two grocery’s that I have not shopped for 6 weeks now. WinCo was well stocked, low traffic; Costco was well stocked (plenty of paper products, rice, and 2L hand sanitizer, with limits). The only thing I noticed was that eggs were about $2.50/dozen at WinCo, usually under $1.

    Supply Run: More gardening supplies (glad a lot of this is durable); grocery top-off; TP; hand sanitizer; bucket lids; turkey SPAM; canned chicken; canned corn; canned green beans; sea salt; Himalayan salt; coffee (K-cups); rice; drinks; steak sauce; yeast; wood working/painting supplies; Our Wal-Mart still looks picked over, but since the grocery section is the only place locals can go other than Safeway, I’m not overly surprised.

    Received: Saucer plates (for planters); AR15 sight adjustment tool; Black Berkey water filters; dog meds; Keymod rail sections (3); Ho-Mi tool; AR parts; AF Strawberries; turkey SPAM; Stir fry vegetables; dog food; AF FD Chicken; Olight PL-2; wool beanie; 45-degree Keymod rails;

    • JP,
      Do you use your Berkey all of the time? I just bought one, but it’s still in the box. I don’t plan on using it until the water supply isn’t safe. Should I test it now to be sure it works? Can I box it up after that and it will be okay?

      • Prepared Grammy:

        No, our Berkey is in stores for an EMP type emergency. We have an AC powered eSpring in the house’s kitchen, and an non-AC one on the faucet of the camp trailer. We can no longer get replacement filters for the non-AC one, so when it is done we will replace it with a Travel Berkey. I have several accessories for mine (glass water level, stand, etc.) and I noticed when I ordered filters this time, they have a priming pump for the filter elements. So I will add that next time I order filters (whenever I can catch them on sale). The last pair were $99 vs. $139.

        • Have you tested it? If I do test mine, can I let it dry, pack it back up, and it will be okay for long-term storage?

          • PG:

            No I have not (suppose I should test it out). One the list, but has not perked up to “get it done” yet.

          • Prepared Grammy
            Prep your filters by running water through them so they have been primed, rinsing off any charcoal residue. Then let them dry out fully, place themback into storage. It will help you when you need them, by skipping the pre-filtering before using.

      • Prepared Grammy – I have an Alexapure that I use all the time because I don’t trust our county and we have had several major line breaks in the last few years. Considering that most of the water lines date backs to the 1950s, it’s amazing there haven’t been more. Besides, the water tastes better when filtered and the chlorine and sulfur odors are pretty much gone.

          • PG – the water I put in the Alexapure goes through three other filters first. It may be overkill, but the Alexapure prevents me from needing to follow boil water advisories that I often don’t know about until it’s too late.

        • GA Red:

          When we got here we were told “The water is fine. They took the boil order off in 1989.” We immediately went to bottled drinking water. We now have a heater/cooler and a filter.

          Since I’ve been here (since 1995) they replaced the water lines coming from the reservoir to town. Seems the wood pipes just didn’t last (ya think?).

  2. Good Morning and Happy Saturday

    I got out and cut the grass in the front and back yards yesterday evening. Still working as is DW and we are both working from home (I have been doing that for about 23 years now, it’s a new thing for DW).

    We did not venture out at all outside of the yard this last week. Ordered a few things from QVC and Amazon. Did not bid on anything on ebay but am actively bidding on some lots in the REA 2020 Spring Auction. I’ve sent in my max bids and won’t look at it again until I either get an invoice or notification that I didn’t win anything.

    A bunch of people are planning to go down to the State Capitol without mask and gloves to try to force the state to reopen soon. I consider them a special kind of dumb.

    I am building a list now of things I will resupply heavily when this is over with. I was woefully low on hand sanitizer and N95 mask as well as gloves. I will stock those items deep when we are ready to go again. Food stuff, water, and first aid stuff are working well and we are good for many more months. That stuff will need to be topped off in the near future.

    Enjoy the weekend. They are predicting more storms to hit Georgia tomorrow.

    Keep praying, stay safe and keep prepping.


    • Hey Cliff – I’m avoiding the news and had not heard of those “special” folks. I’m avoiding downtown but headed to Carrollton for the freezer. At least traffic will be light.

      Not looking forward to the storms. We didn’t sleep well last Sunday either.

    • As for you (Cliff) and Ga Red, I also worried about the storms last week, and felt blessed that I dodged a BIG bullet. Now comes round two, and I pray that these will not be as destructive to lives and property.

      Don’t know if you have noticed, but I have seen increased traffic in and about on the roads. It is moderately approaching normal traffic patterns again. People are setting cabin fever with the nice sunshine and warmer temps now, so we will see how long before Kemp loosens the restrictions. So many have lost their livelihoods. My prayers go out to this nation.

      • Jean – my drive to Carrollton and back looked much like any other Saturday except for the parking lots of shopping areas unless there was a grocery store or Home Depot.

    • Cliff,

      I totally agree with you about the protestors; how many medical professionals will die because they elected to go out without masks? That is a special kind of stupid.

    • Cliff, while I can appreciate the protesters doing their thing, it really pees me off that most don’t wear masks. There they are, getting in each other’s faces, with no common courtesy of a mask while we’re in the midst of a nasty virus. A few of those older folks in the crowd won’t be too happy if they catch it. The other half and I would be in real doo doo if we caught it.

    • Cliff, GA Red, Jean and any others with severe weather threat today- I am keeping all in my prayers. Stay alert and stay safe.

      • Good Morning Moe,

        It’s about 8:30am, it has been doing the thunder thing for the last half hour or so and it’s very dark outside. All the lawn stuff is still put up from last week so we are as set as we can be.

        I hope it’s nothing more than some light rain and then goine.

        Enjoy your day.
        Stay Safe
        Keep Praying


        • JP,

          I worked with a guy who was well decorated during his two tours in Vietnam as a green beanie. He often said exactly that, there is a fine line between bravery and stupidity and he wasn’t certain which side of the line he was on when he earned his medals. Except one. That one he was certain he had been on the stupid side.

  3. Hello everyone-
    The weather this week has been more winter-like than spring. Next ten days should be better. Almost time to start the cucumbers and beans.
    Since the various governments have decided masks were essential, I spent two days making masks for all the offspring. The trip to the post office was the first to town in 3 weeks. Not much traffic out and about. We have not been to the grocery store in over three weeks now and would like to make it at least one more. The preps have held up well although there are areas that will need to be re-stocked. Liquid dairy is gone so making milk from powder and from oats. Have good supply of both.

    Fresh eggs from the niece and good supply of meats in the freezers. May need to acquire a taste for goat milk since there are plenty grazing within a mile.

    The feedlots are becoming stressed due to the closing of processing plants. I truly think the supply chain disruption will become critical before the fall. Not sure the Keynesian intervention efforts have been targeted in the right directions.

    Answer to Tara’s questions:
    1. I would love to have a greenhouse for my workshop.
    2. There are a few changes I might make to my preps because of this experience with the pandemic. In the past I only kept food goods on excel sheets. I might add some non-essential goods as well. My favorite method of de-stressing is a hot bubble bath. I am almost out of store bought bubbles.
    3. We live in a very rural, quite isolated locale. This pandemic reinforces our decision to make a life here. It was a bit of an adjustment for me since I grew up on the East Coast, but after 30 years I would not want to move back to the city.
    4. See above.

  4. Good morning, this has been a rough 1 month, we still are working, but for how long we don’t know. I called the bank about mortgage relief if we don’t get people, back to work we may have to extend the payments of the mortgage. A friend did more digging on this government stimulus package, were going to have to pay it back if we get a return they are going to deduct it and those who don’t will have to pay it back, that’s what he found out. We did pay our taxes on our second property because we don’t have a dwelling on it our taxes, are $775.00 a year, so its paid up our other house taxes are paid through our mortgage. It’s getting warmer and nice out to get planting, which I’ve done a lot of container gardening, with larger containers. Our local Grocer store, is carrying organic soil, and starter plants, seeds, and flowers, which is great since many places in the country aren’t allowing it because it’s not essential??? Planting season is in full swing, in many places. I’m not buying much food we’re doing fine now the first of the month, I’ll do a refrigerator run for cream, milk, cheese, all the dairy. We do have a local farmers market, to get fresh fruits and vegetables, they just opened to a large crowd on Monday, I’ll probably, go next week let the crowds die down.

    Question 1 I don’t have a dream work shop yet if we ever do build we are doing a garage, and hubby will get his area to have his tools out.

    Question 2 Having more masks and gloves, we had some but not in the amount that we should had. I was working on my medical preps, before this started will continue when we get back to normal?? Will we have a normal again???

    Question 3 We were getting plans, and a bank loan when this all started so yes, if we get back to normal, we would like to push forward with it. Hubby, now regrets, not doing this a few year’s ago when I tried to get him to get started on this he always had an excuse now this shook him up and realized we need to push forward.

    Question 4 Just buying plant’s, and soil , beauty bark .

    Stay positive, and have a great weekend 😉

  5. I did my grocery shopping this week. Went to the store once.

    I suppose that some of us have seen the Alton’s have published a new book. This one the Pandemic Preparedness Guide. I bought a copy and I’m slowly reading through it. So far so good.

    #1 daughter gave me a report on how things are going with her XO in NYC. She reports that people are dying left and right, and the hospital morgue is too small to handle the load (most hospital morgues are not very large anyway). They have a big bread truck out on the loading dock where they take the bodies until they can be otherwise disposed of. She says not to believe any BS from the NYC mayor or NY governor about the death rate leveling out. If anything, it’s getting worse. Plus, they are not well stocked with PPE. Moreover, the city is being overrun by rats, according to the NYC residents they work with. The XO has seen a lot of rats when they walk to and from the hotel to the hospital and back. The New Yorkers say they always have some rats around, but not this many. Sound like NYC needs the Pied Piper to visit and help out. Hope they don’t get a breakout of plague too.

    I had guessed the Navy probably put some Marines on their two hospital ships for security. Evidently they didn’t just put “some” on, they put a whole infantry company on each ship. Probably 150 Marines or more per ship. No horsing around. The Marines on the Comfort, in New York, evidently came in handy the other day when a whole convoy of ambulances bringing patients to the Comfort showed up unannounced and rigs started running out of oxygen while waiting their turn to deliver patients. The Marines reported the problem and were given O2 tanks by the Navy staff and the Marines were physically running them up and down the ½-mile long pier to the ambulances that needed them. No officer made that decision, just some enlisted corpsmen and the sergeant in charge of the squad on the pier. Who needs an officer when you’ve got a good NCO?

    I read later that the leftist governor decided facts were indeed against him and decided the NY stay at home order needed to be continued.

    #1 daughter called me Thursday to tell me that one of her bridesmaids who had moved up to Tennessee with her hubby and kids several years ago, were slap in the path of those big tornados that went through the other night. Something told her to stay up and watch the radar. At another point she decided she better get her tribe into their basement safe-room. She said the tornado hit their house about one minute after they shut the door of the room. The whole house was wiped clean out along with their three cars (a stepson owned one). Only the safe-room made it through intact. Her whole neighborhood was wiped out too and surprisingly only minor injuries were involved. They bought the house mainly because of that safe-room. Sirens didn’t go off until after the tornado had gone through. Not very helpful, that. Intuition worked better. A safe-room in a tornado zone is a very good prep.

    It also sounds like people in Michigan are ready to tar and feather the governor and run her out of town on a rail. She has been really tyrannical with her stay at home orders. She’s one of those governors who prohibited food plant seed sales as “non-essential” along with some other stuff that really has little to do with this pandemic. Plus, citizens are really upset because she ran on a platform to repair roads and she has done little or nothing to that end in the past year. There was a big protest in Lansing, the capital, the other day. It started out as a massive vehicle protest, but the roads couldn’t handle the traffic volume, so people got out and started protesting on foot. The police did nothing except keep things as orderly as possible and prevent property damage (of which there was none that I heard of). A recall election petition is being organized now. Four sheriffs in farming counties signed a joint letter that they will not enforce the governors blanket decrees willy-nilly. They will look at each violation on a case-by-case basis using common sense, which the governor hasn’t used.

    Went to the bank on Friday and pulled some cash out. I haven’t received the stimulus check yet. They have the cashiers behind sneeze glass now and wearing surgical masks and Nitrile gloves.

    Went to Publix after the bank. It was well stocked except for TP, which was at zero. Paper towels were in stock, but low. Snot rags were in good supply. Bleach is low, mostly a few small containers, no gallon sizes. Water was probably at about 80%. I didn’t need any. The staff seemed to have good morale. I teased the young cashier about looking like a salad bar behind the sneeze glass with their green aprons. She and the bagger thought that was pretty funny. Might as well have a laugh when you can.

    We finally got some decent levels of rain this week. Nothing really heavy, but steady over a period of time. However, “they” are predicting some possible heavy storms for this afternoon (Sat). In fact, before posting this I looked outside and it is raining, but not anything torrential.

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. What would your dream workshop look like and how would you use it?

    I don’t really have need for a workshop any longer. Years ago, when I lived in Michigan and was a police armorer, I had a nice gun repair setup in my basement. Don’t need it now.

    2. Has living through this pandemic changed how your prep?

    Not really. I still primarily continue to stash groceries, first aid stuff, reading material (printed and electronic), some ammo (not so much ammo anymore as it’s hard to get) as I did before.

    3. Will living through this pandemic prompt you to move, if you are not a rural prepper already?

    No, as of this moment, I see no need for me to move. I’m a city boy. If I had the income, I might think about moving into a 4-bedroom apartment in this same complex, so I have more storage space (I’m in a three-bedroom apartment now). I like this complex, management is nice and competent, it’s close to grocery stores, my bank, a good car mechanic shop, and crime is low. The police and fire/EMS people are good and respond quickly (yes, I’ve had to call 911 for both while I’ve lived here).

    I’m an introverted person, so hanging out indoors does not bother me much. I can always lounge on my balcony if I want, wander in the back-parking lot (with a mask on), and even go visit #1 daughter looking through their windows like they are critters in a zoo. ?

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    • Zulu 3-6:
      Do either you or your daughter know anything about the Joint Task Force National Capital Region report in Newsweek? Please thank her for the reports from NYC. I hope Orlando doesn’t get that bad.

      • Moe,

        I don’t think Orlando will be as bad as NYC. NYC is really packed with full-time residents, while Orlando isn’t that populated. Plus all of the attractions are shut down, thus keeping the tourist population much lower than normal.

        Newsweek is mistaken in their description of the Joint Task Force National Capital Region. That organization is not secret and the headquarters operates full time. All of the units assigned to it may not work for the JTF full time, but many do. Besides having defense and homeland security responsibilities, the JFT also coordinates large scale ceremonies (inaugurations, state funerals, etc).

        Newsweek is making it sound like the whole capital region is about to go under martial law. That is quite unlikely at this time.

        • Moe,

          I should add that it is simply good planning to have the JTF at least partially manned and ready at this time. Many JTF units are already based in the D.C area as they do their full time duties. The 3rd Infantry Regiment is the main unit of the JTF, but only the ceremonial units are stationed at Ft Meyers, near DC. The one battalion that is not ceremonial is stationed at Fort Lewis, WA as a regular infantry battalion. The other battalions have the ceremonial bands, Tomb Guards, and funeral burial parties. The non-band units are trained infantry.

          The Marine Barracks, Washington DC, provides the ceremonial troops and bands for the Marine Corps. However, except for the President’s Own band, all Marines at the Barracks are trained at least as basic infantrymen. All Marines assigned under the aegis of the Barracks (marching companies, Drum and Bugle Corps, Security Company (which guards Camp David), and the odds and sods can form an infantry battalion if needed. A point of historical fact, the current location of the Marine Barracks was specifically selected in 1801 by President Jefferson and the Commandant at the time, LtCol Burrows, as it was within easy marching distance of the White House and the Naval Yard. Another point of historical fact: The Marine Band (aka: The President’s Own) is the ONLY military unit the president has direct authority over. The MC Band has to get the presidents personal permission to move as a unit outside of the Washington Military District. No other military units require his personal permission to move in or out of the WMD. Also, the Marine Band members are not trained Marines (except for the drum majors).They are contracted as musicians only

          There are other JTF tasked units that have full-time and well known duties. VMX-1, the Marine unit that flies the presidential helicopters, 89th ALW, the Air Force unit that flies the presidential fixed-wing aircraft, such as AF-1.

          • Future SIL auditioned for the marine corps band, went to basic and infantry training. From there, musicians are picked for the president’s own band. He did not make it but is currently in San Diego.

          • GA Red,

            Your future SIL probably auditioned for the Drum and Bugle Corps if he went to boot camp and infantry training. President’s Own are hired in on contract and do not go to either boot camp or infantry school. Is he going to be in one of the field bands then?

            I went to boot camp with a guy who was going to be assigned to the Drum and Bugle Corps at DC as a percussionist. The drill instructors borrowed a snare drum from the depot band and made him play to prove he was a drummer. He did quite well as one would expect from someone going to the DBC.

            The field bands belong to various major commands, like the Marine Divisions, the Air Wings, and different bases like the boot camps at San Diego and Parris Island, Quantico (officer training), Albany, GA, The bands assigned to the Divisions and Wings can, and have, deployed to combat zones. Their main job is being the HQ Security unit for whichever unit they are assigned to so they have to keep their infantry skills up to snuff, particularly machine guns.

            When I was in the 1st Marine Division MP Company, we had barracks right next door to the division band. It was cool to be able to listen to them and watch them march as they used the same parade deck for practice as we did.

          • He’s been assigned to the band in Dan Diego. He plays trumpet and graduated from college with a Music Education degree in late 2018. He’s a good guy and seems to be good for my daughter too. She is working on her Master’s degree and he’s been very supportive of her career decisions and choices. They have been going through all the questions from a book recommended by another marine that was suggested for couples considering marriage when one is a marine.

      • PG,

        Thanks. I really look forward to reading everyone’s posts. I learn a lot from everyone and I try to pass on what I learned in return.

        • Zulu 3-6:

          I also enjoy the information that gets shared here and how it gets shared. Uplifting and helpful, not condescending. To me it amazing how much of this information becomes a conversation starter with others.

          • JP,

            Very true about the conversation starters. To me that is one of the best parts of this blog along with the learning.

  6. This Week’s Questions:

    What would your dream workshop look like and how would you use it? Need a barn/workspace on a concrete slab.

    Has living through this pandemic changed how your prep? Ramped up meat purchases

    Will living through this pandemic prompt you to move, if you are not a rural prepper already? We have wanted to move for years – just not at a point where we can.

    What did you do to prep this week? Ordered a freezer and on the way to get it.

  7. What would your dream workshop look like and how would you use it?
    I mostly have it, what I “need” is a like minded person to clean it out and put all the tools where they belong. Every time I pull out a tool to do a job I do not put it back and now all my special tools are tossed into totes or piled on top of the work bench.

    Has living through this pandemic changed how your prep?
    Being the stores are still open and mostly stocked we have not ran out of anything. I do see that I need more variety of stored foods, plenty of beans and rice and a smaller amount of dried pasta. After things sort out many people will be doing that. I wonder if Augason Farms will go public?

    Will living through this pandemic prompt you to move, if you are not a rural prepper already?

    Already in rural area with 2 acres of cleared land around my home.

    What did you do to prep this week?

    Mostly took the week off, did plant some more sweet corn, squash, and melons. Also planted 50 sunflower seeds along one side of my garden. Got my first harvest of squash, green onions, and cucumbers.

    The contractor prepped the spot where my carport pad is going but needed a load of dirt. That will be delivered Monday and then he pour the concrete. He also set the forms for a sidewalk from my ramp to the carport so my wife won’t be tracking dirt into her car. With a little forethought I could have scrapped off the grass and built up the spot with my backhoe while I had it. I will spend a few hours tidying up around the homestead. The work will have to be inspected and I do not know how noisy the building inspector will be. On top of that I am selling ten acres of woods land that is located in front of my neighbors land to him. It has to be surveyed to cut out my home site out. I thought they would cut the wood land out. That means all the improvements on my home site have to be listed. The wood land is taxed as agricultural, I do not know how the county will tax just my home site. My father in law has a mobile home similar to mine on a two acre rural site and he pays $2000 more a year then me. I think I might have opened a can of worms.

  8. Hi Everyone,

    We have had frost most nights this week, and of course rain a couple of days. Today, I may be able to get the garden planted. I’m glad I didn’t get my plants I bought at Lowe’s in the ground yet. Our last frost date is April 15th. My neighbor didn’t fare so well. He put grocery bags over his plants, and, of course, they didn’t make it. I covered my peach and apple trees. My peach tree has small peaches on it, and I hope by covering protected them enough. The apple tree didn’t have any apples yet, but lots of tender blooms, so I think they made it through. I have some potatoes to get planted as well.

    I went to WM this week to check out the meat section, based upon IAF’s and 0ldhomesteader’s advice. Found hardly anyone wearing masks and more people in the store than I would have liked. I wore both. Still no TP or paper towels, which I don’t understand. I didn’t check the seed section, but I don’t think any store in our state has them roped off. I bought some frozen lima’s and spinach. They didn’t have much to choose from either. They only had 5 of the smaller bags of lima’s which I bought. I bought some frozen Lime and Lemon ades, case of canned white kernel corn, canned chicken, canned beef, canned fruit, 1 can of Spam (it was all they had), some canned cherry and blueberry pie filling.

    Have noticed that PM’s spot price was low, but the price was even higher than a few months ago. I hear it’s because a couple of the mines have closed down for now.

    Tara’s questions:

    What would your dream workshop look like and how would you use it? BIG and BIG to make all kinds of things and be able to store supplies. I still need to go down to FL and pick up my dad’s tools. The next door neighbor said her brother will be coming to hook up her She Shed with electricity and said he could do mine as well. That would be an excellent idea. Then I could set up a bench in there for my dad’s electric tools. I wish I had bought as big of a shed as TOP had bought. One can never have enough storage/work shop space.

    Has living through this pandemic changed how your prep? I find myself able to stay home and have everything I need. Always hated going to the grocery store anyway. I think I will need to be creative to make things from what I have in stock and try out some of the tools I bought for situations like this. Still need to figure out how to live without electricity. Don’t think that will happen unless I move or win the lottery to get a solar set up, and a backup to the solar.

    Will living through this pandemic prompt you to move, if you are not a rural prepper already? I’m in the country. The only way I would move would to be to a better location and be able to do a better set up.

    Prayers for unspoken requests, for The President and for America. Be safe everyone.

    • Almost There:

      On PM’s, I was looking at American Silver Eagles. Spot was about $15.50 and the Eagles were $25.50, a $10 mark up. I remember talking to a local guy who was in the PM business in a smaller way, talking about a $2 premium on AE’s. Early on I bought some silver, then the price dropped another $2 so I got some more. It was still down when I looked a week later, but the premium brought the AE’s to more than I paid at $14.50 per. I did hear the the mint that puts out the silver and gold US eagles was shut down, which MY be part of the reason.

      • JP,

        I heard the the Mexico and one other mine south of the border were closed, so no supply. I think they supply 30% of the world’s silver. Not sure if they are closed because of CV, but I do also know that the supply is drying up.

        • Almost There:

          Now that you mention it, I think I saw something similar in passing.

          For me to get PM’s: #1 the price (delivered w/markup) has to be in my “buy” range. #2 – nothing else major is needed or about to take place.

          It’s a place for me to park money for future wealth preservation, not short term gain. It’s easy to pass on to others (Here’s the box Dad left for you) in the future. There are many months that go by without me even looking at the spot prices because other things (like food, ammo, car repairs/upgrades, home repair) are either a better buy or needed more.

  9. taras questions

    1 i have no prefrences, my workshop has a main room 14×20 with a 14×10 side room, and then there is an 8 foot deep covered porch off the yard side and a smaller 3rd room. not much in it, a few kero lanterns and some 12 volt dec lights, lots of hand tools like axes, scythes, shingle froe, wheelhoes, hand crank grinding wheel, traps and stretching boards, normal stuff for the 1800s.

    2 it has not made any difference in my living, i was already booted from the only 2 places with wifi in 15 miles well before the pandemic, i am only online cause my neighbor lets me use theirs now. otherwise i was already isolated from society.

    3 i was already considering moving, ny

    4 burned a few slash piles, cut more firewood, stacked 3 full cords, got a ride into town with my neighbor and his truck and got 3000lbs of lime, then i limed the garden finally. also refilled a few propane tanks. and 5 healthy buff orpington chicks hatched out, had a 6th but it was weak. still snow falling, had an inch overnight on 2 nights, a few rain days intermixed with sleet. usual northern weather slowed a few projects.

    • been trying to upload my book to the internet but can’t, file size is 40mb and the free sites limit it to under 5mb per file, and i refuse to use a site that charges me or readers, i want the book available for free to read, places like amazon are not something i will use. spent much of the winter working on it, mentioned it when i first came back online. can’t do much, my laptop battery has only about an hour charge so my time online is limited.

      books 314 pages long with a few old pictures in it, my life story and how i ended up a messed up hermit hiding in the woods, the book is really messed up in a few places

    • took pictue of my wokshop this morning before walking up to the neighbors to check my email

      i answered the questions before but forgot to mention its built from roughcut lumber that came from my own tees and a mix of used metal roofing and seconds (stuff left over and odd sizes bought cheap). built incrementally as i had materials so oveall cost under $1200 to build but took a year.


      yeah our weather isn’t very warm, that was just this morning

  10. What would your dream workshop look like and how would you use it?
    We have a shop that we can do mechanics, metal work, and woodworking.

    Has living through this pandemic changed how your prep?
    I am striving to raise and preserve even more of my own food.

    Will living through this pandemic prompt you to move, if you are not a rural prepper already?
    I’m content where I am.

    What did you do to prep this week?

    This week:
    -Moved the chicks outside. Their chirping and smell were getting difficult to deal with.

    -Got several tomato plants, flowers, ferns, and spider plants from the local FFA. They delivered them to my house.
    -Beets and cabbages are doing well.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: 6 lbs. sliced mushrooms (Dehydrated them.), pasta, rice, spaghetti sauce, cornbread mix, canned fruit, kitchen wipes, Lysol spray, pectin, canner rack (I seem to have misplaced one of mine.), canning jars and lids, canned soup, condiments, Velveeta, chicken stock, canned vegetables, vegetable oil,

    -Took snack/comfort foods, pasta and sauce, instant potatoes, condiments, canned vegetables, butter, yogurt, cereal, TP, paper products to adult kids and grandkids houses.
    -#2 Son and DIL live next door, but have been staying with us for the last week. They got a new mobile home this week. DIL is excited to have a large kitchen and pantry so she can start canning. I gave her one of my pressure canners and bought her a housewarming gift. The gift is a water bath canner with rack, jelly strainer with 2 bags, four boxes of canning jars, six extra boxes of lids, funnel, jar lifter, and Ball canning book. Everything she needs to get started.

    -I haven’t dehydrated much, but I’m learning. I’m so glad that I invested in my Excalibur. Dehydrated 6lbs. of sliced mushrooms.
    -Tried a new sourdough bread recipe.
    -I’m still searching for a good, SOFT, sandwich bread recipe. Sourdough or yeast bread will be fine. DOES ANYONE HAVE A GOOD SOFT BREAD RECIPE?

    Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

  11. Haven’t commented in the last few weeks but some preps were completed and some things added to the stockpile.
    If I had the room I would love to have a canning kitchen where I could not only do the canning but also store it and have a freezer. The old house had room for a freezer and I took the freezer with me but just cannot come up with a place in the new house for it. It will sit in storage until I either sell it or give it away.

    Every time I go out I try to pick up a few things for the stockpile – nothing that makes it look like I’m hoarding food. since a lot of the stores have empty spots I pick up just one or two of each item that I’m interested in.

    I live in a really small town so at this point not planning on moving to be more rural. The nearest urban area of 30,000 or more is thirty minutes away (25 miles) and we have not had any reported covid-19 cases in the general population in this county (the only confirmed case was of a prisoner transferred in to a minimum security facility that turned up sick but he was quickly transferred to a facility with a hospital out of the county).

    What I did in the last few weeks to continue to prep was filling in some soft spots in the grocery side of things, replacement light fixtures have been received (hoping to get them installed this weekend), replacement mail box, starting to look for a newer vehicle (hoping the current one holds up a little longer so I see what kind of incentives the car dealers will put forward), got the laptop set up so I can more easily surf the web and comment here, and the best was got confirmation that my social security disability was approved. Hopefully I will now be able to prevent further damage to my joints – knees are shot and one shoulder and the neck have issues.

    • Suzyq-
      I think the car dealers will have a lot of inventory left and new cars arriving this summer so maybe you can get a good deal. But I do think there will be quite a bit of inflation as the year goes on.

    • Suzy Q: LOL!!! I have also been limiting my purchases, so I won’t look like I am hoarding!! I do try to replace what frozen vegetables we have used up that month, but usually try to leave a few on the shelf. (We usually only shop once a month.) Sometimes that is hard to do!! But we do have two grocery stores, each an hour away, one to the north, and one to the south. We are very rural. Keep going, girl!! Glad to hear about your disability claim being approved!!!

  12. Good afternoon all,

    1- Dream workshop? I already had the beginning of it laid out in my garage. A regular workbench, a reloading bench, and a fishing bench with all tools hung up. Now the stuff is piled in there, waiting for the move to Tennessee.
    2- We buy more TP now but we should have been doing it all along. Other than that, we always buy extra non-perishables when we shop. Extra canned meat lately due to what the next manufactured crisis will be: a meat shortage, blamed on a coronavirus outbreak at the Smithfield pork plant. We also buy extra rice, ramen, oats, etc.
    3- Our move to Tennessee was going to happen either way. It may be held up a bit due to the plandemic but it’s happening. If I won Powerball, it would happen tomorrow. Of course, I’d keep Mrs. Overwatch in the dark about the money, otherwise I’d have millions of dollars worth of Billy Jacobs paintings and primitive decorations.
    4- No major preps this week, only the aforementioned extra groceries from my friend’s mini- supermarket. RINO Governor closed the gunstores after consulting with the commie AG. He’s being sued. If I need ammunition or accessories, I can still get them nearby.

    I work for free as a bodyguard for conservative political figures in Massachusetts. The other night I was called by one to watch over (get it?) a Facebook live broadcast investigating a nearby dangerous city’s pandemic response. Supposedly there are 1200 cases and tents are set up for the overflow. Guess what? No tents and very few real cases despite the hype. The ER at the hospital was DEAD! Usually, we’d see OD cases, stabbing victims, shootings, etc. Zilch! Zero! Zip! Nada! This is a manufactured crisis designed to crash the President’s economy when impeachment failed. There are a few real cases but this is nothing compared to even the 1918 Spanish Flu. The numbers are about on par with any average flu season. The globalists have used the Chicoms to manufacture this crisis to institute the NWO. That’s the real problem. Who was it that said it? “I’ll take dangerous freedom over safe tyranny.”

    • Overwatch,
      You said it. I have come to the same conclusion with time. We began with aa shutdown prompted by people within the deep state as necessary. it has been proven who pays them and whom they worked for and agenda they push.. the only problem for them it is exposing the butt wipes the nation over as draconian methods are implimented. Now they have done a 180 from “masks don’t wOrk” .. because they did not want everyone to go purchase available stock…. they should have just stuck with that..
      If’n was a betting woman i would bet that every person who gets ANY of the cv strains from the common cold thru the flu….are ALL deficient in zinc. and probably K2 as well.I have worked in nursing homes and have looked at the drug regimines. they are basic and often do not address immunity but are maintenance drugs for existing conditions… and if anyone gets sick they just pile on more and more.
      From what i have found this virus is definitely a weapon, and intentionally released to damage the world and America for the long term. Having a strategist and Patriot in the main office of the White House has saved our bacon… but not necessarily our food supply.. I did read that tho our farmers are killing milk cows and beef cows and burying them, we are shipping in beef from other countries and I am not a fan of that garbage. WE must take care of those farmers and NOT thru big ag. need to LOose Big AG> it is the problem. we need to go back to community sourcing. growing and bartering for our own in every way we can..
      I am taking the supplements i need to take AND am not cowering behind a mask being compliant….
      I received a message from someone in the mitten this week.. a 80 year old sick mennonite man, had been sick a long time and they put on his death certificate covid, same for the two mennonite teens who died in a car crash…. normal surgery suites are shut down, same day surgery are shut down Hospitals closing out nursing positions/support personell for those areas….. but don’t stop that woman from murdering her baby… that would not be right…. .according to recent federal judge over Tn. How many people would take that baby.?.. I know of some and thought i was thru raising babies.
      Anti-Virals are common in the plant world. Many substances have antiviral properties… Quercetin is another that works similar to Zinc….from information scoured.
      more on preps later..

      • I wish we had a “like” button. Lol. You are in a position to know more than most people about this stuff. I know you’re a good researcher, having read you here and at SHTFplan. The false projections lead to the tents. The tents are now dismantled and somehow a 216 bed hospital is taking care of “1200 active cases”. In the meantime, the hospital is laying off staff because everything else is now considered elective. So much Bravo Sierra!

  13. I am not an electrician and am having some electrical issues in my shop. There is an unused dust collector in one portion that kicks on when I turn on the lights in the middle section of the building. Last week the overhead lights quit working completely and the dust collector isn’t kicking on. The wall outlets in that room all work. There is a main fuse box coming into the building with service for 110 and 220 v and they seem to be working OK as the outer room overhead lights (on a different set of switches from the inner room) work fine. There is a fuse box above these and I checked and it was tripped to the off position and this was the first time I’ve opened that box so I don’t know what it is normally set to. I flipped it to on and nothing happened. There are also two other boxes that I haven’t opened as they have a solid panel in front with a handle. The dust collector also has a distribution box in the room it is in. This is all very strange to me as the guy who owned this house before me build the shed and did all sorts of wood working in it and it appears he did all his own wiring to it.

    When we did the preinspection there were no ground fault outlets in the house and the 2 panels in the utility room had no cover plates and the wiring was “unusual” to say the least plus there are old style screw in fuses and regular flip switches. They came out and put in some ground faults and some rooms have grounded outlets and some rooms don’t. The guy is dead as is his wife and his son, when I talked to him, has no idea what his dad did as far as wiring things.

    Anyway, that is my electrical woes for the time being.

    On a side subject, one of the news groups I belong to had planned a gun show for members only in June. I have bought a table and admissions for DW and I but it looks like they are going to put it off for a few months as none of us feel we will be enough in the safe zone by them to gather in a big group. I plan to sell off some of my military rifles and ammo and some of the extra pistols and rifles and associated ammo along with my reloading equipment (all still in the original boxes). I know that ammo is getting hard to find now but I seem to have excess in a lot of calibers so I’m looking forward to the time that we do have the sale. I used to post things on the board and then would go and meet people at service stations and buy, sale and trade guns. Would love to still be able to do that but just not secure enough to go out and about to do much of any business.

  14. When it comes to precious metals, I always buy from http://www.moneymetals.com. I have found them to have the lowest premium, they are honest, and have a variety of options, including junk silver, and a bargain bin for tarnished coins or otherwise not perfect coins. Hope that helps someone!! I have been a customer of theirs for over 10 years!

    • Thanks for the tip Okie Farm Girl.. I usually buy from JM Bullion. And recently found silver-eagle-coins a good place. Seems each has different stock these days.

  15. This pandemic has just re-awakened my preparedness. We live on 5 acres and have a great workshop. I’ve added a few more fruit trees to my permaculture this week, as well as planted more luffa seeds and watermelon. Since I’ve been into self-sufficiency and preparedness for about a decade, there is no reason for us to move. We do have a BOL less than 3 hours from here, just in case we need to evacuate for some reason. I have added propolis to my medical preps this week, canned yet more bananas, fertilized by tomato and jalapeño plants, received in a large order of batting for my quilting habit, and did some home-canned-goods rotation. This pandemic has served to justify my “What-If” mentality in the eyes of my family. Several of them have had to tap my storage for various items from Lysol to peroxide to toilet paper and navy beans. I just chuckle and tell them that’s why I put things aside….hoping that if we get a reprieve, I can talk more seriously to family members about doing their part to prepare!

    Oh yeah, my nephew was finally able to “harvest” a gator from our back pond this morning—it was over six feet long and was becoming a threat to the ducks. He’s supposed to call us when the grease is hot so we can come taste a bit of tail….LOL

    • Goatlover,
      I only had one goat bred this year, and she miscarried. So, no milk. One is none. DIL’s sister said she would sell me a Saanen she has that’s in milk now. I’m waiting for more information on the goat before I decide on buying. I feel the need to get a milk source for my family. I believe the coronavirus will be back/still active this fall or winter and supplies will be limited. If I continue milking her daily, how long should I expect her to produce? I have always given my goats a rest before I had them bred. I’m thinking of continuing to milk her and have the others bred. Then let her rest while I’m milking them. Continually having milk. Does this make sense? Will it work? (I have one other Saanen and two Alpines.) Thanks for all of your help. I still consider myself a novice after three (?) years of goats.

      • Length of lactation varies from goat to goat. I’ve had some who quit at 7 months; others went strong for over 2 years. Yes, rotating your does breeding makes sense and gives the girls time to recover from the strain of pregnancy, delivery, and producing milk. Once your goat’s milk production drops to less than 50% of her maximum, consider drying her up. I dry mine off slowly, usually taking 2 months to do it. I just milk out about half of what she has each day for a week or two, then milk out half just every other day. Again, it’s a goat-by-goat thing. you will get to know your girls over time and know what works best for each one. Good luck!!

    • Goatlover: When family members come by to “tap” your supplies, do they offer to pay you for them? I have a family member that I will help out and have never asked him to contribute before, because I basically know he’s broke, and he only asks for things (not many) when he can’t afford to go buy it. However lately, I feel a bit “put out” by not being offered SOMETHING! After all, this stuff does cost money, and it now costs even more to replace those items. But at the same time, I know he’s doing the best he can with what income he gets. And I believe it’s his “better half” (NOT!!!) that spends more than she brings in. And she doesn’t work for her money, she gets paid by Uncle Sam to stay home and “live” on Facebook, and is a drain on working society. He works his butt off for every dime he gets. Just feeling frustrated and wondering how others deal with that type of situation. Thanks for any advice!

      • PS> He can’t even come over to help us with projects any more because she is terrified we are going to get him sick. Yeah, I didn’t mind helping him out if he was over here helping us out with physical labor. But she throw’s a fit if he even thinks about coming over. There are NO cases of Covid in our county, nor in most of the counties surrounding us. He works at a retail store, so is more likely to get sick from customers coming in, but then again, he cannot quit his day job. But I say nothing to him about it. I don’t want to create problems for him at home. It’s already tough enough for him to live with her.

      • Okie Farm Girl:

        My oldest grandson is out on his own now. He has accepted “product” from me, because it was something he needed, I had, and I was not going to be without. He is appreciative but he does not ask for help, unless he REALLY needs it (once so far and I initiated the offer). I helped the oldest A LOT when she was a single mom, and we got her out of debt, but only received money when she had “extra”. So, she has gotten her help. The youngest has her mom living with her, and on the right coast, by choice, as is too far to really help. The youngest grandson is still at home and going to school. His turn my come, but unlike his brother, has always been reluctant to help us.

        • Thanks JP. I really enjoy your posts!! It’s so hard to know what is best for our children at times, is But thanks for letting me know what you have done!n’t it?

      • I don’t get paid for what I give my family members, but then again, my family situation is different than the one you are describing! If you are feeling put out by that family’s actions, just be ready with a response the next time they ask you for something…..without lying, you can say that you don’t have such-and-such to spare at the moment. Not a lie, you just don’t have it to spare!

        I long ago culled out the using family members from my life. They don’t even bother calling me any more! LOL Those who are left are the ones who we can call on if we ever need a hand, or anything else for that matter. Our kids and grand kids and my Mom are welcome to whatever we have and I have prepared to help provide for all of them over the years. Good luck! If things get really bad, we will all have to learn how to say NO firmly to those who come knocking…

        • Thanks, Goatlover, I appreciate the advice. Real problem is, he married the wrong woman. We were living in big city Texas, and we moved to rural Oklahoma after we retired. We wanted our son close by, so we bought him a house, after he said yes, he would be happy living up here in the boonies. However, SHE would not move with him unless he married her, so, he did. And as I said, she is the wrong woman for him. She weighed 300 lbs, and wanted one of those weight loss surgeries, where they band your stomach so you can’t eat as much. And right away she is eating things she shouldn’t. I knew it wasn’t going to last right then and there. She has regained to nearly 300 pounds again. She is a liberal, and has had her back surgery, and as far as I can tell, has no disability at all. But, she still won’t get a job, lives on Facebook, won’t save “her” money to pay off all her tickets from Texas so she could get a driver’s license here, and now, he won’t leave her because she is pregnant. She lost her other Fetus, and I don’t believe she really wants a baby, because if she has a baby, she won’t BE the baby anymore. Oh, and she KNOWS everything. I have a really hard time being around her and holding my tongue. And now she is trying to keep my son away from me. She has been suggesting we need to sign the house over to him, so they can get a homestead exemption. Well, that won’t happen unless they actually PAY for the house. I won’t let my son starve, but I might be encouraging him to divorce the stone around his neck. They have different politacl views, different religious views, not sure what they have in COMMON!!

  16. We have been planting our garden, doing a few yard projects we had been wishing for time to do . It is spring time in central Texas it came early this year with no typical Easter frost. Our business is still running though we have had about a 25 percent drop as clients have closed or cut back their working days. We have also had some calls and gotten some new clients because God is always on time. We have found commercial cleaning to be a pretty stable industry. We started building our business in 2007 and it never realized we were in a recession .We have 6 employees with families to feed, I am so grateful that we are holding steady.
    There have been four cases in our rural county and all were picked up through travel. Regardless we are under stay at home rule allowing only for essential errands.. I have made a couple of grocery store runs and a few grocery pick ups, some fresh items and always a little to rebuild the pantry stores. The first 2 weeks people were pretty good about staying home but the last 2 weeks our streets in our little town have been busy . Wally world is packed with cars as is our only other grocery store . Home Depot and Lowes are busy most of the time . But so many of our little local business are closed up and many will not survive .
    I am in the camp that believes all this has been blown way out of proportion, I just can’t comprehend how the numbers we are seeing have been allowed to result in the devastation of this country’s economy. Instead of compromised people staying home and taking precautions and the other 98.999 percent being allowed to continue carry on and work. It is hard to fathom the loss of freedoms and restrictions placed on people across this country for any illness that has a death rate in the single percentage points. But maybe that is just me , I am from a ” pull ’em up and get to work” family.
    Good luck to all and stay healthy . God is always in charge .

    • Hi Nell, Don’t know if you have noticed, but the number of deaths from pneumonia, have seriously dropped this year. Every death from pneumonia is now due to Covid-19. I am guessing that my husband’s mother, who died on Feb. 29, I would bet they counted that as Covid, in spite of her being 99 years old, and weakened condition from a stomach virus! I would also bet that people who die in a car crash are also labeled as a Covid victim!!! They will do anything to keep those numbers high! A fearful people are a compliant people.

      • OFG,
        I have no doubt that they are using that as the cause of death for everyone they can , especially since they will get federal money allotted to them in accordance with the patient count . There was only one way to have a chance to flip the Nov election and that was to destroy our economy and EVERYONE knows that. Between that and half the damn country turning into socialist crybabies all it took was a few weeks of brainwashing and everyone just lined up and handed over their freedoms and their livelihood. Just crazy times….

  17. What would your dream workshop look like and how would you use it?
    My dream workshop would actually be two separate workshops. One for wood and another for metalworking. The woodshop would be able to cater to both handtool use and power tools. The metalworking would have an outdoor area for a forge but the interior could be used for anything from gunsmithing to armor building (it’s a hobby of mine).

    Has living through this pandemic changed how your prep?
    Well, it’s convinced my wife that maybe I wasn’t crazy to want to prep for all these years. After all, this isn’t the first disaster we’ve dealt with, but it’s the first on-going one and it has her freaked, so there’s that.

    Will living through this pandemic prompt you to move, if you are not a rural prepper already?
    It won’t really prompt me to because that was part of the plan already.

    What did you do to prep this week?
    Well, my plan has mostly been to water the hell out of the garden and hope things sprout. My previous planting of pole beans didn’t come up, so I’ve been anxious all week. Then, today, I got beans and tomato sprouts!

    The tomatoes are kind of bunched up at the moment, so they might need to be split up (I’ve only got sprouts at one spot right now), but I hope they just need to be thinned because I have enough already.

    Since I have a bad feeling that there will be significant food shortages in our near future, this is a big thing for me. So much so that I teared up at the sight of the sprouts since they represent food. The garden isn’t big, but here in Southwest Georgia, we have a really long growing season, so I have that working for me. I’m also planning a couple more beds to plant in later this summer when a few more things can be planted.

    For the first time since my town became something of an epicenter for COVID-19, I’m actually feeling fairly optimistic.

    • Hi Tom – I have family in Terrell County and visit a few graves in Randolph County. I know that sandy soil well. I also worked with several from Bainbridge many years ago.

  18. IF you violate the rules for having kids, you and the kids suffer badly. the rule is 1/4 mill well invest for each kid, and 100k of gross income before having one kid and 50k more for each subsequent kid. You can’t teach what you dont know and few parents know enough to give a kid what passes for an 5th grade education today. Most can’t even divide or do percentages or decimals properly, dont know any history, economics, or science. They can’t read a map, follow instructions and get a truck driven to a given location in a decent time frame, and then they wonder what nobody will pay them more than $10 an hour! Public shooling is WELFARE people. Taxes are taken at the point of a gun and used to pay for your kid’s education. You CHOOSE to have the kids, so YOU should pay for their education. ALL of it.

    • Ok, so why the rant. Fwiw, I’m of the “children are a gift from God, and if he wants you to have them you will, and if he doesn’t you won’t, so don’t try to prevent them! “ And they are our future taxpayers, and they will(or should, if possible) keep you put of a nursing home. So, the more, the merrier! Btw, it does not cost 250k to raise good children to adulthood. They can be taught to work small jobs around the house, learning responsibility, neatness, and punctuality, so by the time they are 16, they can work an outside job, and save up for college. There are also ways for the children to work their way thru school. Ive not had to pay for any of my childrens’ college education. They did it on their own. so I call bs on your assumption.

        • Almost There
          I would like to see historical data. I was making $5000 a year in 1972 when my first child was born. By 1980 I was making $30.000. That stayed flat until 1995 when it dropped to $20,000 and slowly climbed to $40,000 by 2000. I had three more children, youngest born in 1991. My family income up to 1972 to 2009 was about 1.4 million total.

          Every one of my children had a car at 16, nothing new but reliable. No vacations, lived in, and still do, a mobile home. Most people would not live in a smaller home without children but you can so housing is not really a child care cost.

  19. Workshop: already on the desired list. needs to have rodent proof storage and feed room. Place for many tools to be separated by use. by DH, ..a nice insulated cover and raised on a concrete pad…. with electric., place to park the outside equipment… . also want a bunny barn – cooled for summer production,…and bigger chicken coop and enclosed run for the girls.
    Changes to plans? I have encouraged others to get more meats and long term foods in,…for myself… Not really except to increase meats., was already working on it slowly…. Like some other have expressed, expect the meat situation to get very hairy in the fall…
    Don’t plan to move or bug out .
    our nearest town is about 500-600. ..and the county mayor has determined what he thinks is best for 7 cases of virus.. 3 are dead? supposedly. I did not know any….and of course they can’t release names or locations because of Privacy laws.so for 4 people that could not remain at home and had to go get exposed to some area? or recieve a tainted test?.. i am supposed to go thru this crap. I take MY antivirals and do not need intervention from the government. I have enough sense to take care of self. those who do not – may want/need the intervention.
    we did not get plants put out, was to be too cold. down below freezing. am hardening off some plants.. and growing some additional tomatoes. rained last night and to be more storms, mostly to our south….
    I cook most of our foods from basic staples. rarely use a mix. Have another rabbit ready to kindle..need to go check to see what kind of mom she is to be… have 12 ready to go to camp…
    Have a good week pack, get to preparing the garden and grow areas.. am in zone 7. later

    • Addum, Midnight has a litter of 6 and all have full bellies on evening check… She was too busy to get attention this morning… I did not know rabbits could GROWL…Looks like will be a good mommy. This is good for her, means we go to worst case senario of 6 Doe. and 2 Bucks…to carry ice bottles for summer.

  20. The new refrigerator arrived this week. The guys who delivered were wearing masks and gloves. Unfortunately, the ice maker did not work. The repair guy was out Friday (wearing a mask and gloves as well). He had to order two parts and will be out next week to install them.

    We got an estimate for the gas water heater. We went with the 12 year model. The estimate was $1,800. That is in the range folks here mentioned. Thank you all for the suggestions. We opted for the Rheem. We will get that ordered next week.

    I finished our income taxes. We are getting almost $200 back this year. I am so happy we don’t have to pay like we did last year. I still can’t get any information about our stimulus check. My dh is on Social Security disability; the IRS website said those deposits will not be added to the system for another week.

    We ordered 160 lbs. of dog food last week in three different orders. Walmart sent 80 lbs. of the wrong kind of dog food. It took two calls to their help desk to get the matter fixed. The first guy emailed us labels and wanted us to take the incorrect order to the post office. Dh complained to management. They scheduled a pick up and placed an order for the correct kind of dog food.

    We drove out to the country Sunday to drop off Easter dinner to an elderly friend, someone I’ve known for more than half my life. We stopped by the Walmart there and found toilet paper, paper towels, ramen, cases of water. We live in the more affluent suburbs; I think folks here have been panic buying and that’s why the shelves at Publix have been wiped clean. Folks in the country know to keep a stockpile on hand.

    This Week’s Questions:

    [1] What would your dream workshop look like and how would you use it?

    We have everything we need. I had a workbench built when I bought this house that runs almost the full length of the garage. We have all gardening, car maintenance and wood working tools we need. We also has a friend who runs the wood/metal shop at the local university. If we need big projects done, he does much of the big cutting for us.

    [2] Has living through this pandemic changed how your prep?

    Not really–we don’t have any plans on moving anytime soon. It only takes me five minutes to drive to work–when I actually have to go in. I really saw this pandemic coming by the beginning of January–as soon as the commies shut down Wuhan, I knew we were in trouble. I stocked up big time. It is nice to be able to go to the store and buy dairy and fresh produce. But we could go a year without stepping outside the house, provided we had electricity. It would be tough. But we would survive.

    [3] Will living through this pandemic prompt you to move, if you are not a rural prepper already?

    No, my brother has a 30 acre hobby farm two hours north of us. If we need fresh produce, eggs or chicken we can trade with him.

    [4] What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    I have a question for the Pack: I fully expect this situation to drag on for another 18-24 months. I don’t think we will be in continuous lock down but I do think we are not going to “return to normal” for a while. Do you all think that large scale items (like freezers and water heaters) will become unavailable? I am actually considering getting a chest freezer and filling it with meat. We already have the new inside refrigerator/freezer, a garage refrigerator/freezer and a garage freezer. But all are completely stuffed. I had the foresight to have four GF electric outlets installed in the garage when I had the house built.

    • Bam Bam:

      When things are flowing regularly, we shoot for plus or minus $300 between state and federal taxes. With my DA/VA checks we usually owe the state and get money back on the federal. It works for us. Too much of a return means someone else gets to use my money, owing means I need to replan that balancing act. The DW is really good at this.

    • Bam Bam:

      I forgot. My handyman, and prepper friend, lost their refer just after he got back from Vegas (he winter works there). He found a used one, right size and color, 80 miles away, used, for $150, last Thursday. He lives higher than I do and was keeping some of his refrigerated items on the porch – they froze. I do need to ask how he found it; I assume it was on Craig’s List, but I want to confirm.

      • JP,

        Our old inside refrigerator still worked. But it was 16 years old. I thought about selling it but my dh didn’t want to deal with people coming to the house to look at it. (He is high risk.) I didn’t want to hang on to it and fill it up because it was no longer dependable.

        • One our freezers is almost as old as I am. It’s been an excellent freezer. We will keep it as long as we can continue to find parts for it.

    • Bam Bam – freezers are already difficult to find. The place where we picked ours up was surprised we actually got one as fast as we did since most models are back ordered until May 7th.

      • GA Red,

        Oh, I looked the week before last and everything was in stock. I figured I should replace the inside frig and water heater before looking much further into a chest freezer. Dang. I do wonder if other appliances are going to be hard to find with all the factories shut down and/or repurposed for making ventilators.

    • Bam Bam. Why not can part of what you have in one of the freezers now…If you use electric and do not have a lot of power replacement you could loose it all in hurricane . diversify. Nothing freezer burns when in jars properly processes. Meats keep years. Butter keeps years- as ghee..
      Dehydrate veggies. Pick and choose which ones are easier.. string beans from frozen are easy put on tray and turn it on. mixed veggies are easy… same carrots and celery from fresh produce are easy just clean, cut even and dehydrate til crispy.. seal in ajar with oxygen absorber.

      • AA,

        I have an All American and an Excalibur. Maybe I should pull them off the shelf and put them to use. Thanks for the idea. We do have a lot of frozen veggies. My dh doesn’t care for canned chicken.

        • Canned meats is not our favorite thing, but it certaintly beats NO chicken. it can be used in recipes. much depends on what you do to it when you can it… I add a few spices to mine… sometimes bullion and sometimes poblano pepper. and a teaspoon of salt per pint…. raw pack is much easier to do than hot pack and takes less time from fresh.. I use hot pack if need to thaw…not necessarily fully cooked but cut in pcs of size to get in jars. I use regular mouth for most things.If is thawed fully i add a little liquid maybe 2- 3 tablespoons with the spices i decide to use. I prefer my meat to have liquid over it. yet it not boil over. be sure to clean the rims with hot water then vinegar. and heating the flats in water with 1 teaspoon of baking soda ..made a vast difference in sealing for me. consider taking fully cooked chicken, cutting it uniformly as possible and dehydrating… use highest setting ..155-160 degrees. for meats.. the more uniform it is cut, the quicker it will dehydrate and rehydrate. can season it if yu want.. use any jerky seasoning or favorite seasoning.. for at least a 2 hour soak / or can sprinkle with choice dry powdered .
          Even canned vegetables, if they are close to date- i dehydrate.. to save them… usually they begin with a little discoloration on the surface of rims.. once they get there. i remove from can and re package either as dehydrated or can in glass jars.. alot of commercially canned string beans will fit in a pint jar.. 12 cans depending if you pack them or cut them short. mixed veggies do really well for soups and stews.
          Frozen broccoli- is ready for dehydration if you get fresh do lightly blanch it. ditto for cauliflower.
          Mushrooms wash, slice and put in dehydrator. when i take them out i crush many of mine.to use in pasta sauce and other recipes.I keep about a pint just sliced they take more than normal time to rehydrate and sometimes are tough… crushed/powdered.-they rehydrate quickly and i don’t need to worry about them getting tender.
          tomatoes… i do re-can in hot water bath… i drain almost all of juice off of them and do it separately.- so get 2 products..a more concentrated diced tomato and a juice to drink or use in soups. I use the dice tomato concentrate in gren chili and in making pasta sauce, with spices… I did not like the process of peeling tomato paste off of trays of either kind….so would gladly purchase tomato powder.

          • AA: I LOVE broccoli!! I am wondering, though, does dehydrating alter the taste at all? Also, how do you re-hydrate? Boiling water? For how long? Thanks in advance!!

          • Okie Farm Girl,,
            How you do the dehydrated veggies to use- depends on how you want to use them… If you just want some veggies/snack,,,- they can all be eaten dry as crunchies.after dehydration they are cooked.. DH loves Okra that way… I keep my open jar put out of sight so it is not a temptation-because he must limit all Vitamin K1 foods.
            Broccoil: To use with cheese sauce….Put very warm, but not boiling water over and let it sit for 30-45 min. check and see if tender as you desire….if not try 15 more minutes. re use the liquid in another recipe. to retain the vitamins.
            …..if putting (dehydrated veggies,or meats )in a soup- Just need to put in the simmering water first 10-15 min, then put the remainder of ingredients in and continue with recipe.It may need exra simmer time to fully rehydrate, the smaller the pieces the easier they will dehydrate- some meat chunks need to be broken up.

          • Okie, ADDUM: dehydrating intensifies the flavors, while dehydrated…so as crunchies they are wonderful…

  21. suzy q

    Congratulations on getting disability started. If you don’t mind how long did it take? I was out of work for two years getting medical treatment before I gave up and applied. It only took a month to then be approved. I was happy to find out they used my medical records to determine I was eligible nine months before I applied so I got nine months back payments.

    At the same time my daughter’s father in law moved in with us. She and her husband had moved in with us to save money to buy their own place. He had become disabled and had been a live in camp manager. It took him three years to get his started. That was after the mandatory one year wait. He was awarded two whole years in back payments. He used part of that for the down payment for a home for them to move into. Hallelujah! It had taken five years total for them to all move out.

    • Daddio,

      My dh got approved on the first round–it took about three months. He was awarded back-pay like you–much more than three months.

    • Daddio I started filling out the paperwork in September. Filed in January and received approval in April. I received back payments for 3 months but I am happy. This was on the first attempt.

      • suzy q,
        I know that comes as a great relief . getting it thru on first try is not usual- it is the thorough answering of all questions that gets it done.Good Job!
        My DH had to wait a long almost 2 years. SIL waited almost 4 years( he was very ill on many levels) Getting thru on first try is highly unusual..My sis in law is trying now and has already been refused.has been 2 years, hearing soon.

        • My wife filled out the forms for me. She interviewed me for answers to the questions and filled in her observations of me. I think having a close, caring person who knows you well helping you to answer all the questions gives the auditors better information.

          I tried to fill out the forms and go so disgusted I threw them in the trash. After a few days I regretted that and called to get more forms. I talked to a very understanding lady and she sent me another set. My medications at the time did affect my thinking so having her help fill them out was one of my better decisions.

  22. Tom

    Soak all your large seeds, corn, beans, okra and others overnight before you plant them. Have the soil watered before you plant. Okra, sweet corn and sunflowers I planted four days ago are already three inches high. (North Florida)

    • I’ve never needed to do that to get things to sprout before, but since the sweet corn hasn’t popped up yet, I’ll probably give that a try for the next go around. I didn’t have enough of it planted anyway, so I need to dig another bed or two. I still should have time to plant more before it’s too late in the season for them.

      Good Lord knows I need all the help I can get. 😉

  23. JP,

    I don’t hold a lot in PM, just some silver. However, I do buy some silver every year for my granddaughter’s birthday. I forget off hand how much she has now, not a huge amount, maybe $400 worth.

    She’s too young yet to understand what the rounds are, except the one bunch I got her which were for the Year of the Monkey. Those she thought were pretty cute.

  24. GA Red,

    Your future SIL will be kept busy at San Diego. They do a formal parade every Friday for the recruit graduation ceremony, plus they perform locally for civilian parades. I’m certain there are other things they do. As a trumpet player, he may take his turn performing at morning and evening colors as the “field music.” I think MCRDSD still holds formal colors every day.

    When I was a sergeant of the guard for the 14 Area Guard at Camp Pendleton, we held formal colors for the 1st Marine Division HQ, morning and evening. The band provided a field music twice a day. On Friday mornings, the whole division band played the National Anthem at colors and the whole HQ staff, including the general, fell out on the front parade deck, to render honors. The Marine Corps is serious as a heart attack about pulling colors properly.

  25. Hello Everyone,

    I found you a few weeks ago, on old site I was “West of the Big Chicken” but since I moved to the country I am south of the Big Chicken. If you know American history, Little White House area.

    1. Actually planning for shop, virus has shut down all spending for a while.
    2. There will changes in several areas that I am short on, virus has been learning moment.
    3. No to move, I am where I need to be.
    4. Cutting brush back alone roads on property.

    If down south, keep your head low, started 7 AM and lightning has been bad. Heavy rain also, will be going out pond spillway before day is over.

    • Hello South of the Big Chicken – are you a native? We used to call Pine Mountain the gnat line. Unfortunately I think the gnats have migrated somewhat north now. Storms are supposed to be worse down your way. Stay safe!

        • SBC
          I’m very familiar with the Big Chicken. I was born in Atlanta at Crawford Long Hospital in December of 1950, lived on Center Hill Avenue until 1960 when we moved to Mableton (then called Harmony Leland Community). Graduated High School at Pebblebrook High School in 1968, attended Southern Technical Institute until 1970 when I joined the Air Force where I stayed until the end of 1992. Now live in Douglasville, so I was born and raised partially and then finally raised all over the world.

          Glad to meet you.

  26. Greetings from Ohio farm, temps below normal here, started turning the big garden this week. Added wood ash, fertilize and manure. Got the tiller out to check it over, covered many items to protect from frost. Planted more seed in greenhouse. Ordered and received another truck load of firewood. Trying to build till next winters wood is here, yet using some to heat the house also. Went to town and added two more cases of spicy black beans and peaches also. Swung by Tractor Supply and picked up two more apple trees to border big garden on South side. Macintosh and Jonathan. That will make 4 apples trees, plum and pear bordering big garden, plus 3 concord grapes. My logic says buy full size trees, not dwarf or semi dwarf., bigger the tree the more apples, more apples feed more people. So they were planted Friday morning and rain moved in before evening chores. perfect. They are beginning to bloom, hope they do not get hard frost out there.
    In deep thought while planting trees, God made the seeds, which planted the first garden, Eden. Now who can estimate how many apples a single seed planted can create? That is why we witness about our faith, who can estimate, when a seed is planted in due season, how many lives can be touched? Apple trees or family of faith, infinite possibilities of crop.
    Tara’s questuons:
    1. Basement under two story house is my shop with sliding door, table saws, jig, circular, air compressor, all the stuff to keep everything mechanical going. Wish I was more of a mechanic than I am. Deficiency is not tools, but know how.
    2. Virus has taught me to add to medical stores
    3. Never has occurred to me to desire a move.
    4. See above

    May God keep us all

  27. OK. Now I am worried about Thor1…. It’s Sunday evening and the last word from him was last Friday on last week’s blog. Thor1, I hope you are okay.

    • Almost There

      This is to let all those who are asking about Thor 1. I along with AA have been checking with all the contacts that we have available to us to see if any one had his address.
      OUR host-Dan and the Saturday hostess Tara have both been trying to get a hold of him. I am sad to say
      that as of this posting we have no contact with Thor 1.

      Which is troubling after losing TOP, and if it were not for his friend Black(I believe)who let us know he has left us. I have someone from the old site, he is trying to see if an old poster may have contact with him. Yet, this person has not responded, which is another person that has me concerned.
      As AA said to me, we need to pray for him and his family until we know what is going on with him.

  28. My workshop is a single car garage, although much longer than the normal size garage – goes from the front of the house to the back. Anyway, It contains most of the tools I will ever need. Two work benches, long tools stored along one side. Grain mill, drill press, racks containing air compressor, battery charger, etc. on the other wall, along with the workbench holding the vice, 6″ belt/ disc sander combo, anvil and a drawer for welding wire, sanding belts, etc. The forge and welder are mounted on a steel service cart so it can be taken outside for use. Roll -around tool chest sits next to workbench at back end of room. Next to that are four golf cart batteries, invertor, charge controller, monitor, switches from each solar panel. It is as complete as it will probably ever be – although if I want a tool, all I need do is mention it to DW and she will immediately buy it! In return, I do all the work she could need!

    This is our BOL also, to which I hope to return in a few days – sandwiched between doctor appointments. We have yet to plant any part of our gardens. The low up there two days ago was 23 degrees. However, when we return, will plant potatoes and onions right away. More tender plants will have to wait – can’t plant tomatoes before June 1 and expect them to survive.
    Canned some salsa. Made a visit to the local grocery store during “senior” shopping hour – 6-7 AM. I arrived early and there were already 25 or 30 people in line. I was able to get everything except Dairy Pure milk. Shelf was bare. I still need to recycle our yeast. I didn’t do it last year, so our yeast is more than a year old and questionable. It is kept in a freezer, so will hopefully still be useful.

    Cottontail rabbits had a plethora of babies. There were two trapped in our back yard. Owls got one of them last night. Coyotes and owls should have a fat year around here!

      • He has a problem common among transplant patients – fluid buildup around his lungs. When they do the surgery, they place four chest tubes to drain the liquid, with a drain pump to remove it and two tanks to measure the rate of drainage. This normally is a self-correcting problem as the healing process begins. Faster with some, slower with others. Jerry’s fluid problem is worse than normal, so they still have him on a ventilator, still sedated. I had the same problem, not as bad. They eventually did another operation on me to seal the cavity. Prior to the second operation, they drained one side of my chest cavity 4 times, the other 3, using a long needle and vacuum bottles. Not pleasant, but all part of the deal. Anyway, I am confident the surgeon will do whatever is necessary. I will keep you posted.

        • Tina texted me right after the foregoing post – Jerry is now awake, off the ventilator and breathing on his own. Tina was able to see him on her computer, said he looks good and is in good spirits. Of course, he’s on an epidural with fentenal, in conjunction with another drug unfamiliar to me. They will leave him on that for seven days max. But for now, looks like he is on the road to recovery.

          • Great News on your Friend! Will continue to keep you both in prayer. know that things happen as result of some meds required. had a friend survived 20+years post heart replacement.

  29. I’m hoping a lot of you see this. I am in desperate need of people to pray.

    Please pray for Baby L. She was born yesterday. Half of her heart is not working correctly. She was flown to St. Louis where the specialists have done everything they can. They are letting the parents hold her and are waiting for her to pass. Please join me in asking for a miraculous healing of Baby L’s heart.

    I am good friends with both sets of grandparents and taught Baby L’s mom in kindergarten. L’s mom and grandparents came here for Sunday dinner every week after church for years. We camped together and have shared the highs and lows of our lives with each other. I go to church with Baby L’s other grandparents. Their 22 year old daughter was killed in a tornado several years ago. L is named after their daughter. I can’t imagine what this family is going through.


  30. Another update for the PACK,
    After Almost There’s post on Thor1, no one has heard anything… from him since his post last week on this weekly prep series… several have expressed concern.
    I asked Tara to see if her OR Dan could make contact with him… Dan has not gotten a response yet.as of a little after 11 this morning.. We do not have any idea what is going on in his life or that of his family… Lets remember him and his family in prayer- even tho we don’t know their needs we have someone we can call on who does…. and knows them intimately… Please Pray for Thor1 and his family in addition to Baby L.

      • Thor1 – happy to see you are OK.

        My email is [email protected] in case you’re interested in joining the list I’m keeping (sorta like TOP did). I’m working on setting it so you’ll be able to click a link associated with my avatar.

      • Thor1,

        Everyone was really worried about puppy. 🙂 I was going to call a friend in the FBI to track you down so we could learn if Puppy was OK.

    • Thor1,

      To the corner for time out.

      GA Red is collecting e-mail addresses if you are so inclined. I consider us all family and OPSEC would be of paramount with me.

    • Thor 1
      We had the entire patrol out looking for you. It was coming down the dog with the whiskey barrel under it’s
      neck to track you down. Whew…thankful it was only your computer. It was AA that caught you not posting, she contacted me and we went to the host & hostess.

      YOU’s in such do do…rowl

      Happy to hear you are alright. If you happen to notice GA Red has taken up the gauntlet of being our contact person.

      • AT called it to my attention and i went back to see if i could find anything anywhere…. so glad it was just your computer… ..after I realized there was 4-5 days without any posts.Was really concerned… Give that Puppy a hug. Yours is about a year older than mine.. sounds like yours is still really atheletic.. My grand dawg is a jumper too.

    • Thor, glad you and puppy are alive and well!! I was thinking, if you are having posting issues with your tablet, perhaps you could type up your posting in a document, saving it frequently, and when you are finished with it, just copy and paste? Maybe that would help? Just a thought.

      • OFG and Thor1,

        The periodic logging as the week goes on in a document file is a good idea. I do that every week since I lost a couple of posts.

        Either that or get Puppy to type it all in for you 🙂

  31. Dh & I discussed another freezer for the place as a back up to what we have. Now to get the BIL to pick up the table saw dh gifted him I will have room to put the freezer in there. Which arrives today, it will have to set outside in the box until everything is rearranged. The original was unit was back ordered until August(chest freezer), they said they had an upright in which we took. As the chances of a chest freezer right now are slim, especially for them arriving when the business have deemed.
    Took the green house down to the baby sisters finally! It was one thing after another, but she gets to put it together…or I should say her dh after she breaks the news to him. lol Another item off the TO DO LIST. yah

    Still packing up the house for storage, not sure if we stay here or move. It will depend on the next few months but either way trying to down size the property so it is easier for me to manage.

    IF the antique stores ever open back up, it is time for items to go.

  32. Thank your beloved orange crush *President* for the situation we’re in now. “I didn’t want to alarm the people, Chloroquine will heal it, open up by Easter.” This moron has no idea what he’s talking about. Follow him at your own peril.

    • Jane:

      Who’s suggestions and solutions should we follow then? Who has positive things to say, possible solutions, not just negative, whinny, snowflake reactions?

      He may not be right, he may not be polite, but he has offered more hope and more solutions that the other side. Them and their supporters have tried to block him, degrade him, and insult him at every turn. His “opponents” have stopped progress, and in the process spent millions and accomplished NOTHING.

      Every 2, 4, or 6 years we get to decide if we like the job our elected official(s) have done. If you don’t like it, vote for someone else. But after the election, stop fighting the last one and GET TO WORK. Offer solutions instead of complaints.

      • OK Jane, if you contract the disease, you are free to decline hydroxychloroquine. Hopefully, you are young and can fight it off without any effective treatment. The only effective treatments so far are the hydroxy and antibodies from a recovered patient. For those such as myself, 80 years old, supressed immune system, medically induced diabetes, hypertension, medically induced kidney disease, believe me when I tell you, if I should become ill with the disease, the first thing I will demand, as early as possible, is the entire regimen of hydroxy/Z pack/zinc. Otherwise, I will surely be dead within a week.
        That is what the history of treatment for this virus shows. The record of recovery if the medication is administered early is in excess of 99%

    • Jane ,,,,your out of line ,,,,,,chill ,,,,,be nice,,,,
      Looks like DW and I have had it ,the effects are still with me three weeks later ,tired , tired and more tired ,but hey we woke up looking down on green grass ,
      DW and I both have medical experience ,RN ,volunteer FD EMT , ranch DVM, and more
      Chloroquine works ,its cheep ,and that’s the problem big farma can’t make money off it ,in fact Chris Martinson at peak prosperity . com today did a interesting report about the lies being spread about it ,
      Your wrong in your conclusion ,

      • Want to add ,,I posted on 4.. 18 on Jim Rawles ,second page ,,about it ,,it’s not the flu ,,,,wanted to sleep,tired ,sores on toes, cough, upset stomach,, the runs,,,tryed to keep working , OBTW I’m 75 ,with lung damage ,
        Chloroquine works ,,,,,,,,,,

    • Jane, Tell that to the lady representative from Michigan who was getting progressively, worse and took it and recovered. Tell that to the many physicians who give it at the FIRST sign of flu and it puts them back on their feet before they go to the hospital… Th study you Cited, only gave the drug to the ones who were at deaths door, so they could document its failure… Of course that and zinc, a z-pack ALL can be adminsitered for less than 1$ a day…. so no new medication is required… did that mess with your money?
      It takes one “Moron “to know another be careful what names you fling., it COULD come back home to bite you in the sitting down place.
      Oh, I forgot you are the same one who says only Pharma works… guess i know who pays you.

      • Tell it to the younger guy in FL who had said his goodbyes to his family when they gave it to him, who LIVED TO TELL US ABOUT IT!!!

        Tell it to the NY doctor who has treated over 600 OUT patients, who had the symptoms, but who had NO hospital admissions and NO DEATHS in only 8 days of treating his patients.

        There are plenty of success stories IF YOU ONLY CARED TO LOOK. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TRUMP.



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