What I Did To Prep This Week: May 10th – 16th 2020

Hello Pack. True spring weather has finally arrived in our part of Ohio. There is no guarantee it will last long, but I’m going to make the most of it while it does.

Usually we do not trust the weather not to throw down one last hard frost until Memorial Day, but we went ahead and did more planting this week.

I hope that covering crops as we have done with our blooming fruit trees is not going to be in my future this weekend. The grandkiddos are fully involved with the food and medicine growing and preservation process. We are big advocates of the farm-to-table process.

I went to our county’s farmers market and purchased several more flats of lavender, one of chamomile, a mixed flat of other medicinal herbs, two more flats of various types of tomato plants, some more broccoli and lettuce.

A couple people were wearing masks at the farmers market, but they were elderly vendors. In the next county over where I am from and my mother still lives, folks adorned with masks and gloves are commonplace at the grocery store, but we don’t really see it much here.

We are just now finishing a little off grid project to bring power to our shelter house. My beloved bought a small solar panel so that we can run my awesome new bluetooth PA speaker and several laptops as well as charge phones from it – and add a homemade rustic chandelier to the shelter house.

The battery for the solar panel was placed inside of a plastic tool box and mounted to a support beam on the shelter house to keep kids – both of the two and four legged variety, out of it.

The whole setup was rather inexpensive, so Bobby is going to replicate the project at my cool old wood barn so I can have some lights down there.

Right now I have some cheap solar lights from the Dollar Tree duct taped in several spots, a battery powered lantern, and a few wall mounted solar motion detector lights.

These lights give me enough to see by if I have to run into the barn to grab something, but definitely not enough to help a nanny goat in distress while she is kidding at 2 a.m. or to mend a wound on a horse in the early a.m.

Soon it will be hay baling time again. We are working frantically against the weather to get every other outdoor project done now before we are spending multiple days raking, conditioning, baling, and putting up our glorious organically grown hay.

This Week’s Questions

  1. How do you use solar power as part of your preps?
  2. How are your gardens growing?
  3. Are masks and gloves a way of life in public where you live?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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    • Puppy’s skills have been increasing astronomically. I read that raw meat is better and organs were for the alpha’s after a kill of Wolf’s. The vet Dr freeze dried dog food help puppies live longer and smarter. I will use it as a topper for puppy’s food.

      Added a shelf in the food storage room. Now it is stacked the rafters. LOL

      Bought a new battery for the tractor.

      Weeded and planted cherry tomatoes
      Added a row of black eyed peas

      Fruit trees
      The outdoor trees are doing great.
      Going to put the indoor/outdoor lemon tree back outside tonight as the cold spells see to be over.
      The avocado tree is regrowing new leaves. YAY

      Practiced with the pellet gun
      Practiced archery
      Cleaned the 22 pistol
      Received magazines and ammo that was ordered.

      Freeze dryer
      Freezed dried more eggs , hamburger and leftover meals

      Eggs and sausage Spicy

      Made 2 more lbs of jerky

      Heavy workouts
      Took puppy on a long walk.

      Thor’s questions:
      1) Are you afraid of the future events to come?
      2)What do you think of the Mayor of Chicago saying she wants to put people in positions who pledge allegiance to the New World Order?
      3) Do you think the US should open back up?
      4) Do not get the vaccination. Does 5G have something to do with the Kung Flu?
      5) Do Democrats seem to be intentionally destroying America?

      • Tara’s questions:

        1.How do you use solar power as part of your preps?
        For emergencies and camping. Refrigerators, lights, entertainment…ect. Security cameras
        2.How are your gardens growing?
        3.Are masks and gloves a way of life in public where you live?
        Yes work and grocery runs.

      • Thor’s questions:

        1) Are you afraid of the future events to come?

        I’m not afraid for myself. I am afraid for my kids and granddaughter.

        2)What do you think of the Mayor of Chicago saying she wants to put people in positions who pledge allegiance to the New World Order?

        She needs a pair of concrete overshoes.

        3) Do you think the US should open back up?

        Not fully, at this time. I’m not confident at this point that the Kung flu is going away.

        4) Do not get the vaccination. Does 5G have something to do with the Kung Flu?

        I don’t plan to get a Kung flu vaccination. First of all, any such vaccination would likely take much more time to develop, if at all. No, I don’t think 5G has anything to do with Kung flu.

        5) Do Democrats seem to be intentionally destroying America?

        Absolutely they are. The major Dems (Pelosi, Schumer, Soros, Obama, Clinton, et al) also need a pair of concrete overshoes.

      • Question 2. What do I think of Grand Ruler JBP? Well, let’s see. He’s making the lives of those of us in the southernmost part of the state miserable. We are not red, not blue. Unfortunately, we don’t have the numbers to turn our state that way. Look at the breakdowns on how each county votes. Our local mayors, sheriffs, and police chiefs in my part of the state are announcing that they will not be enforcing any of JBP’s “orders.” My part of the state started a separation movement to join with a neighboring state several months ago. I don’t think I will see it in my lifetime, but I’m hopeful it will eventually happen.

        So, to answer your question. I don’t agree with anything that he does.

          • JBP (JB Pritzker) is the governor of Illinois. The Chicago area is blue. The rest of the state is red, with very few exceptions. Chicago has the numbers, so they dictate the entire state, even the rural areas like mine.

        • Sorry. I’m so mad at the governor of Illinois that I misread your question. I have been away from the news for the last week, and I thought JBP had done something else. I need to read more carefully.

          • I was talking on the phone to someone while I was reading and typing. They were telling me the latest in our state. I guess I can’t multitask as well as I used to. ?

      • Thor’s questions:
        1) Are you afraid of the future events to come? Afraid, no. Concerned, yes.

        2)What do you think of the Mayor of Chicago saying she wants to put people in positions who pledge allegiance to the New World Order? I think the mayor of Chicago is having the same problem as a lot of left-leaning people in positions of power, their sheep skin has slipped and they think of themselves a rulers not public servants.

        3) Do you think the US should open back up? Yes. I also think that people need to take precautions and look out for their own safety. Use a mask, wash your hands a lot, carry.

        4) Do not get the vaccination. Does 5G have something to do with the Kung Flu? 5G – heard a lot of fear-hype, seen no facts.

        5) Do Democrats seem to be intentionally destroying America? “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

      • 1- No. maybe just for my wife and boys. I was an infantryman and an MP. I’ve been preparing for 35 years.
        2- Treason and nothing short of it. Long drop, short rope as written in the Constitution. I can’t decide whether she looks like Beetlejuice or a beardless Grady from Sanford and Son.
        3- Should never have closed in the first place. 0.0017 death rate is lower than flu.
        4- No vaccination ever. It’s the Mark of the Beast. Secondly, I don’t know but 5G seems dangerous enough on its own.
        5- Abso-friggin-lutely! Directed by the evil Soros, himself a Rothschild agent, they betray America daily.

      • Thor’s questions:

        1 not really, i am concerned over all these stim packages, like the new one thats jsut farted through eclusivly by the spendocrats, and is nothing but pork (republicans call it nothingbut a wish list of liberal spending), all the debts the feds are acruing will fuck the economy over for decades to come. other than that mess i am generally not concerned, even with this i would not really be affected personally.

        2 herd nothing about it

        3 yes, kung flu is not going to go way, its going to burn through the old and fat people with health problems, its not something that will become cyclical and even if they come up with a vaccine it will be a seasonal like the regular flu as it can cross to other species and come back regulrly, vaccines have only wiped out one thing, ever, smallpox and only because it didn’t cross species. putting everything on hold isn’t going to solve this proble and just create more.

        4 heard nothing about it

        5 no they are just disconected from reality to the point they only associate with people who agree with them and ignore anything that isn’t what they feel. my mother was a democrat, she opened a store in a small rural town specializing only in used childrens clothing. after 8 years of sinking money into it from her regular job and forcing me to sit there all day with no customers she insisted the problem wasn’t a lack of a viable market, it was that people didn’t know about it, then spent a fortune on ads and still only kept it open funneling money into it and cooking the books the wrong way (not to hide income, but to try to convince herself that things like the electric were not part of the business expenses). then she moved it from a rented garage 5 miles from town to a place in town and still never had customers, ignored any advice and kept going becasue she felt it would take off if people knew it was there, then years later moved to another town, after almost 20 years it never took off and was a catastrophy from day 1 (claiming to know all about running a business because of her time as an assistance manager of an ames store before she was fired for all the petty shoplifting). in high school i pointed out huge flaws in her business and she ignored it because it wasn’t what she wanted to hear, nobody could explain economics to her becasue she felt the business was a good idea and that everyone who gave her economic facts was “not looking at it the right way”. thats what i think of when i see dems, they base their decisions on what they feel not on actual facts, regardless of how things actually work.

      • Thor’s questions:
        Yep. Future events as of future policy/laws, further diminishing Our Constitution.
        Kinda goes along with question #2. NWO
        Yes, Open up the USA. Close the boarders and continental travel.
        That is the Demi’s whole plan. Destroy America. Blame Trump. Falsely elect a Dem Pres., and continue their electives to further destroy America. See example #2.

        Burns my…..

      • Thor’s questions:
        1) I worry about my youngest sister & her family they have a new grandbaby in the family household.
        2) She is in violation of her oath of office, and should have been removed. Any legal ramifications that could bite her in the derriere she has coming.
        3) America should have never closed down, protection protcols should have been set in place. With the shutting down of all airtraffic into the USA in the month of December from the Orient, including cruise liners docking at our ports.
        4)5G is a dangerous sound effects on the living things upon this earth. The harmonics I believe will cause damage to not only humans but animals that we require to survive. MHO
        5) Democrats, not all,, but many are out to destroy this way of life. Those who are bent on America’s destruction, give me the distinct feeling of those elitist which reined under Hitler’s time in power.
        If one were to think about it, are they the descendants of those who escaped to Argentina from Nazi Germany. Not that far fetched, per a history channel quest that proved they did & survived to propagate.
        Just a thought to consider.

        • AC
          I can’t find your tractor post, but…..fyi
          My engine swap on the car, a few years ago……?
          I was topping off the radiator……with motor oil….. ugh…
          The canisters both looked the same. I didn’t really pay attention, but wondered why the antifreeze was soo thick and pouring slowly. An awe ?hit moment.
          It took several hours and wasted time to flush that radiator…..but the cooling system was well lubercated.
          I got laughed at…..

  1. This Week’s Questions

    1. How do you use solar power as part of your preps? I have a solar generator for emergency refrigeration and a small solar set for our camp trailer’s battery charging.

    2. How are your gardens growing? The starts are good, we are still getting snow.

    3. Are masks and gloves a way of life in public where you live? Few use both, a few more use masks.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well…

    We went out for our 1st sit-down breakfast meal on Saturday. I don’t know how they expect a business to remain viable with only 50% seating, but we were there. Food was good as always. Visited with the oldest DD and hubby as they were there too.

    Used our Cabela’s points to get a folding camp kitchen and a deluxe shower tent for $16.85 w/free shipping.

    Moved buckets around in the basement, I have room for 10-12 more 3.5-gal ones. These will get dried beans. Moved other supplies to put canned meat on the shelf.

    Mailed in my absentee ballot on Tuesday. There, that’s done!

    This has been dying electronics week: coffee pot, computer hard drive, transformer for house heater, and a space heater. It is unusual for us; we usually give electronics away when they get upgraded.
    My K-cup coffee maker died; water pump went out. I bought a new Hamilton Beach that makes one cup at a time, uses regular coffee, and dispenses into my travel cup – perfect!
    The control circuit transformer for the house heat is what went bad last week, so I now have a new one and a spare thermocoupler.
    Finished the cloning and installation of the new hard drive on my laptop. All totaled it took maybe 4 hours over 2 days to complete. Definitely worth it.

    Got snow again on Friday. Outside planting put off another week.

    Supply Run: Instant potatoes; canned turkey; powdered milk; coffee maker; ammo;

    Received: SS 1Tb Hard drive; AF FD Corn, #10; AF FD Colby Cheese, #10; folding camp kitchen; deluxe folding shower house; powdered milk; helmet bags (for the travel trailer);

  2. Good Morning all!
    It’s a beautiful day here in Douglasville.
    When I got off work last night I pulled the 23 Ford T bucket out of the garage and DW and I scrubbed her down and shined her up and now she’s shines like a new penny. We will be shortly taking her down to the local classic car/hot rod dealer to put on consignment. I love the little hot rod but as I rapidly approach 70 I find that I can’t subject my body to long rides in something that rides like a buckboard with no top and the windshield only reaches as high as my chest. Time to find something else that is loud and goes fast but has opening doors and a top.

    Absolutely no prepping done this week. Just work and making plans to open the church soon (mid June is soon enough I think).

    For the questions:

    I use solar powered lightning to light up the ends of my drieveway. It’s a favorite place for cars to turn around and they have often run into my ditch. The lights, which, this time of year, stay lit most of the night show them where the edges are. I also have quite a few in the back yard and with them I can see the approach of any critter that I may need to run off. I want to get some motion activated solar lights to go around the periphery of the house.

    No gardens this year. I don’t have the stamina for it.

    I always wear a mask when I leave home. I wear gloves too and was able to get a good deal on several boxes. My daughter says I am good with the mask but gloves are not a good idea due to cross contamination. I don’t know about that so I will continue to wear them. I was at Lowe’s last weekend and the number of people wearing gloves was just me. Mask, maybe half the people there. I’m older with a compromised system so I will continue to do what I need to do to stay safe. I believe the ones who won’t take any precautions are silly and selfish and don’t mind spreading their germs around.

    Again no preps this week other than reading this blog religiously.

    Keep safe, keep praying, have a good week


    • Cliff, Your care for yourself is reasonable for you….just know ample people express opinions on the effectiveness AND RISKS of gloves and masks. Every BODY has multiple virus and bacteria inside and in respirations. ….I can’t stand masks or anything over face., have worn in past for 8 hour shift and no longer am going to. I have some medical conditions that tell me “no! you can’t breathe with that thing on.”… so ain’t happenin’ That does not mean i am complacent.. My antiviral battery is utilized daily. People who take antivirals do not need mask, and they Can NOT pass something to you -they don’t have. .Your DD is right! The immune compromised who desire to use masks should also consider the risks of both bacteria and virus on inside of masks and on outside of gloves- as going about routines.Masks concentrate what ever your body is expelling… concentrating it for you to breath your own exhaust…( try that with a car and see how it runs.)
      You can mitigate some of this by using one of the common herbal antivirals-on the interior and exterior of those masks and allowing it to dry before you utilize them.. since i am partial to oil of oregano the worst i would smell- like spaghetti! there are several antivirals..and they are not expensive, it only takes a drop or two .
      The issue with gloves- each time you touch something- to place in buggy, and must then touch your wallet/money card/money..you COULD/Will transfer those germs to the new item you touch.. It does take less hand sanitizer to cover gloves effectively than it takes for your hands…this would extend the use of your gloves, enable you to only wash hands as the gloves are removed one time… for people who have very dry skin – preventing all cracked skin is important. Hope this helps.

      • I am claustrophobic and can’t stand anything on my face either, not even my glasses, which I WILL tolerate if I am driving somewhere new, but much of the time, I do not need them. Wearing a mask? You really don ‘t want to see me lose it (emotionally). I also do not let anyone but my husband cut my hair. Can’t stand those scissors touching the back of my neck!!

    • CID, The 23 coupe is probably easier to get in though, my Vet, you fall in and roll out. But gotta love the way it runs and the drop top…..?

      • Thor1 – for me, the Vette was fall in, climb out. Absolutely nothing graceful about it, especially if I had on heels. So glad it is gone and has been replaced with a Mustang GT – just wish the Boss hadn’t been T-boned.

    • Cliff,

      I sure would like to see a photo of your 23 Ford T bucket. I went to Publix a few weeks ago. I didn’t know they were having a car show. I pulled up next to a really old model T. I got out and said, “What the heck is that?” There were other galkers. An older gentleman said, “That’s a 34 (or something); this is my (something).” I am so mad I didn’t ask if I could get in and have them take a photo. (I grew up on military bases where there wasn’t a lot of old stuff.)

      • Good Morning Bam Bam

        I have some photos on Facebook, if you want to send me a friends request you can see them as I don’t see a way to post photos here. I’m Cliff Cantrell on there. At this point in my life I don’t mind people knowing who I really am.

        I was Air Force for 23 years and lived all around the world. I spent 15 of those years in various and sundry over seas locations and didn’t get to see many hotrods (but I saw a lot of 50’s model cars in the far east, still running around.

        When I took the T to car shows the kids really enjoyed looking at it since it looks a little cartoonish compared to the modern cars and they always wanted to touch it and look at it. Their moms tried to shoo them away but I’m not one of those folks who minded kids being around and would let the parents put the kids behind the wheel and take pictures. It made everyone smile, didn’t hurt the car and gave me more people to talk to.

        I’m not sure what I’ll be getting next but we are on an active hunt now.

        Thanks for your comment.

        • Cliff,

          I am not sure if I succeeded in sending you a friend request. I did message you with my real name. I have never seen this kind of car–so very cool.

          • Hey BamBam

            I didn’t get a friends request or message but I sent pictures via GA Red to forward to you.

            The car is interesting as it was patterned after a 1923 Ford Model T that was cut down, lost the fenders and hood and top and shortened the truck bed. This body is a fiberglass replica sitting on a custom made frame. It would have originally come with a 4 cylinder flathead engine with a manual transmission. The frame for this one is made to accept a V8 engine (in this case a Chevy 350 V8 with automatic transmission). The suspension is all custom and with me aboard it only weights about 1800 pounds and packs close to 300 horse power. It has headers that originally came with built in mufflers but they deteriorated to dust in about a month so it’s very loud, flashy with all the chrome and has a painted on Rat Fink on the front axle hangar (I don’t know if you remember Ed “Big Danny” Roth from the 60’s but he built really amazing hotrods and created a whole culture around the Rat Fink). Anyway, very large back tires, very skinny front ones. Fun to drive but don’t spend more than an hour at a time as I always end up sun/wind burned and with a sore back from hitting bumps. It should be showing on Tuesday or Wednesday on the http://www.Streetsideclassics.com web site under new arrival at the Atlanta location.

            It has always been a hit with the little kids and I always let them sit in it. They like to blow the horn since it goes ahhhhhhhhhh-ogh-ga and is pretty loud too.

            Thanks for taking a look and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

            Cliff (still in Douglasville)

          • Cliff,

            Check your messages from non friends folder. I sent you a message. Ga sent me the photos. I just wish I could learn more about the old times–the cars, what folks were like, etc. When I was 12 my grandfather died and my grandmother sold the farm. They had everything–three generations grew up there. My grandfather was a jack-of-all-trades, like most farmers were back then. I sure wish I could take one more stroll through the three-story barn.

        • GA Red,

          Pictures emailed. If the 3 are too big feel free to delete the one with DW in it,

          Thanks for doing this.


          • WOW!! What a car!! I bet it wazs really fun to drive!! When you were youn ger, that is! It hurts my arthritic back just to ride in the modern car!!! But, I bet it was sure fun to drive back in the day, huh? Hubby wants to know if you did the modifications yourself, and about when? Since we know the car is older than you! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!!

          • Hey Okie Farm Girl,

            I have loved driving the T. My first hotrod, as a retired military guy (can’t count my teenage hotrods) was a 1942 Ford 4door. 1942 being the beginning of the 2nd World War, there were very few cars sold to the civilian population and Ford gave up all the 42s to the military to be used as staff cars for senior staff. I found this one in a field of old cars and they said I could walk around and look but stay away from the aluminum building over in the corner. Of course I beat feet over there and found it and bought it, got roll back to bring it home and started working on it. It didn’t take long with that one to realize I was way over my head so I enlisted the help of a local shop and that one was 5 years in the building. It turned out beautiful with a big engine, power everything and air conditioning. My ex-wife didn’t like it and only rode in it once so when we divorced I sold it and she got half the money.

            So, long story short I started looking for a new project. I found this T bucket (after buying and working on a 52 Chevy and a 72 VW, neither of which worked out) and I bought it knowing that the motor didn’t run and the frame looked a little off. Anyway, frame was trashed, I bought a new chassis, a new crate 350 engine, rebuilt the transmission and off we went. That was in 2011. It was well over a year in the building with the same shop. I’d come by once a week to pay my tab and turn some wrenches but most of the work was done by the pro that owned the shop. I got it, they said I wouldn’t like it since it rides rough, but I loved it. DW loves it too. We courted in it, went to car shows and have loved every second of it. So, no, I didn’t do all the building. It sits on a Spirit Cars rolling chassis with a Chevy rear end, 350 with an Edelbrock 4 barrel, 700R transmission and all the chrome I could hang on it. It also has the largest back tires that would fit and skinny ones in the front. We’ve been to many car shows and won a lot of trophies.

            We love to go riding but as I age, not so gracefully, it’s hard on my back. You climb in and out since the doors don’t open. You get in, seatbelt up and hit the street. It’s loud so I usually take my hearing aids out before we go. It’s incredibly fast and agile, kind of like a go cart on steroids. We have more fun in that little car than any other one we’ve owned.

            I’m almost sorry to see it go but I just can’t drive it anymore. Went out 2 weekends ago and the wind and sun did a number on my arms (DW is still peeling skin from there and laughing the whole time – she wore a long sleeve hoody). My back can’t take it now. I’m shopping for a full size car or truck now, something between a 1929 and a 1953 with V8, doors and a roof and air conditioning.

            Just goes to show, you can have anything you want as long as you are willing to pay the bills and invest the time. We have great car show friends and when we take it to church, all the kids (and a lot of the guys) all have to gather around to listen to it start up. It’s a friend finder.

          • Cliff in D
            Haha, that t bucket sounds great!!
            I always wanted to restore….. something.
            No time, money, or patience….lol
            I don’t even like changing the oil anymore.
            Too cramped a quarters on the newer models and my joints don’t bend like they used to.
            Best of luck finding your next project vehicle!

  3. I did my grocery shopping this week and added to my stash. Publix was mostly stocked as well as last week with only TP being at zero. My other preps were just reading articles and watching a couple of videos on YouTube. Nothing crazy. I did receive the 5.56mm ammo I ordered, marked the can, and put it away.

    I was able to babysit granddaughter this week on Monday and Wednesday for the first time in over two months. We had a blast together and she was exceptionally well behaved. Hopefully, I’ll have her for a couple of days next week too. I consider this a prep as she boosts my emotional health a great deal. #1 daughter sent me some photos of granddaughter jumping around in mud puddles yesterday (Friday). She had a look of absolute joy on her face. Kids have so much fun doing such simple things. Sure, she had to be hosed off before going back in the house and getting a shower, but so what? What a tiny price for giving joy to a child. She did ask for permission first (I rarely asked when I was little).

    My son had four chicken eggs brooding and three hatched on Thursday. He doesn’t think the fourth one is viable. I suggested some names for them: Baked, Fried, and Arroz con pollo. My son and daughters thought them very funny names. My Ex thought I was being a sick a-hole, but that is a term of endearment coming from her ?

    This Week’s Questions

    1. How do you use solar power as part of your preps?

    Primarily to use as backup for lighting devices, cell phone and radio charging. Also, backup charging for my large battery for my CPAP emergency power.
    2. How are your gardens growing?

    No gardens.

    3. Are masks and gloves a way of life in public where you live?

    Masks are common, but it seems not as many people are wearing them now. I wear a mask when out in public. Gloves are not as common, but not rare either. I do not wear gloves as they are more to prevent cross-contamination and if you wear a pair at the store, but do not change them every time you touch something, it’s kind of a waste of time.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    • Zulu, I raised some chickens last year the roos were named… “Supper”, “Dinner,” “Stew”, “Soup”, and “Stew Two”. We kept a RIR, and he was “Rooster Cogburn”…, he was killed by predator-. defending his ladies.The one we kept, later became” Hop-a -Long.” He is a good roo slated for replacement when these young ones are able to take over his duties.

  4. (1) I have solar lighting in several places around my little farm where there is no hard-wire electricity….sheds mostly. I also have a solar battery charger, a solar oven, and solar powered LED lanterns for seeing well in my main barn when the power is out. Been talking with my boss about a solar set up for my house….he’s a commercial electrician so it’s right up his alley.
    (2) My gardens are doing well….I added another garden area this week with hubby’s help. We converted an abandoned goat yard into a garden patch by scraping all vegetation off the top, adding a truckload of soil, mixing in composted chicken poop from the hens, and some peat moss for moisture retention. I’ve planted pigeon peas, eggplant, cucumbers, squash and zucchini there. I just started picking green beans from one of my raised beds and hope to have enough to crank up the pressure canning by Tuesday. Everything else is growing well.
    (3) YES, gloves and masks are being worn by at least 90% of people in public around here. Not me. Hand sanitizer, only touching what I want to buy, and NOT touching my face are my prevention efforts.
    (4) Prepping has been in overdrive for me lately. The chicks are 2 weeks old now and putting on feathers nicely. My new Muck boots arrived this week. Just ordered some vanilla beans so I can make my own extract. Found some overalls for sale online that are made in the USA…they should arrive in a few days. Dehydrators are being used a lot–banana slices are in there now; sliced jalapeños were the day before. Elderberry harvesting continues–they are put in the Excalibur dehydrator upstairs. Hoed and mulched my okra patch. The weeds were going nuts in that area for some reason. A weird little prep I did for my tiny dog: she is an indoor-only dog and uses Pee Pads. I bought a few extra large flannel-backed vinyl table cloths just in case I can’t get the pads. Figured I could cut up the tablecloths into 8 pads each and then wash/air dry/sun disinfect and reuse them. Gotta take care of my Sadie Girl!
    Keep prepping folks….

    • Goatlover,
      looks like we got chicks at same time..I laughed and told DH i “got an early Mother’s Day present”.. I ended up with 12 cornish, 9 others, all hens i will keep and roos of the Americana..They are flighty little things,free range so well. . rest are questionable.. want winter layers, may need to buy a sexed batch next time..LOL my other girls are getting to be 2… this fall. plan is to also add a light for 3-4 hours in the fall..

  5. Hello gang!
    Not many checking in at the moment. I feel it is because the weather is nice in most areas now, so if you are like me, I’ve really been working outside to get projects done. I’ve got what gardening I’m gonna do planted. When at the grocery, picking up extra to add to the stash.
    I don’t use solar power currently, but would like to give it a try. My garden is growing, and so far, doing well. I have a better location this year and in previous years.
    I do take a mask with me when out in public, but gloves not so much for same reasons stated by others.
    Take care folks! Stay safe out there among those pilgrims.

    • Jean – as I remember, you’re somewhere in GA too? The weather has been fantastic of late. I’m even thrilled we got rain last night.

  6. Hello everyone,

    1- I have a few solar lights outside. Thought about running our boiler and hot water heater off a couple of cells. We have the perfect roof for it. Just running those off grid would save a ton of money and be a great prep. More importantly, it’d sell the house more quickly so we can get South.

    2- Nothing but ornamental plants but they’re popping.

    3- The RINO Governor, prodded by the Democrats who handle him, ordered that we wear masks in public just a couple of weeks ago. Seeing as how executive orders don’t have the force of law, I’m not wearing one unless a business owner has a sign on the window and even then, I may “forget”. Nobody approaches me about it though, lol. I guess I can be a little intimidating looking, I don’t know.

    4- Spoke with a mortgage broker and discussed options for move to Tennessee. We gotta get outta here. I’m more convinced than ever that this situation is the globalists’ last gasp and the only way it’s going to be fixed is unfortunately going to be a civil war.

    Had my contractor over for an estimate on switching the overhead doors for a pair of swingouts on the garage. Short money so it’s being done this week. Resale value going up. I’m told I can get just shy of $300 K for the house and we only owe $100k. We should be able to afford something nice down there. Can’t wait.

    • For 200K you can get a small house and some land. I would get as much as you could, particularly if it has woods on it. The hillier, the cheaper. Everyone around here is looking for flat as possible”. But i bet you knew that already! ?

      • Sho’ nuff!

        I fell in love with a $550,000 house built in 1859. 5-6 bedrooms, 27 acres, a two bedroom house in back, pond, barns, internet, etc. Alas, sold within two weeks. There’s a ton of inventory but it disappears quickly.

        I have my eye on one in Tellico Plains now. Prepper’s paradise. Doubtful on it having high speed internet though. That’s a necessity. There’s another in Sweetwater and still a nice one in Madisonville. I’d like a view of the mountains and a rifle range too. The right thing will come along though.

        Mrs. Overwatch doesn’t look at Redfin with me anymore because she doesn’t want to get her hopes up too soon. Lol

        • that’s a nice area. There are a ton of wealthy people that live in Tellico Villiage. they even have their own woodworking club!

  7. Another week in the bag. Garden is growing gangbusters, no snow for us , temps in the 80s. I have never lived where snow was a common occurrence. I think I would like it .
    I finally finished organizing the food room and making an inventory list. Now to follow through and keep it updated!
    Husband poured some sack Crete on the bottom of the fence where the darling armadillo was coming under and then wet it down good and let it dry. No more armadillo. We have used this quick inexpensive fix to stop our dogs from digging out and other things from digging in for years and it always works like a charm.
    Our little hens are getting so big , moved them into the coop this week with the old ladies. So far so good, best part is sending my granddaughter to catch them and pen them in their little coop, each night. That provides at least half hour entertainment.
    Life is getting hectic again and we now have less time to work around the house, read my gardening books and cook. While I think the whole lockdown has been an ridiculous overreaction at best and a political stunt at worst I do miss the peace we enjoyed.
    I saw that Los Angeles County is continuing its lockdown , they have 13 deaths and a population of 10 million people, but they are refusing to allow their people to return to making a living. It is insane.
    It scares me where all this is heading and the people that not only laying down their rights willingly but screaming and cursing at others insisting that they are evil for not doing the same.
    I will just keep prepping and hope that we can hold out another few years against the Nazis in our midst.
    1 we have solar powered lights in our garden and around the barn. A panel that runs our basics in the RV , that’s about it
    2 garden is doing great
    3 lots of people here wearing gloves and masks. I don’t usually, And have quit shopping at the stores that require it to enter. We have had 8 cases in our county. 4 are recovered now. If I felt scared that I would be at risk of dying if I caught it I would stay home and take precautions if I absolutely had to go out. I wouldn’t expect everyone else to ….

  8. We got the starter replaced in the truck this week. Our adopted sons are coming back Monday to install a new solenoid. It’s a 1997 Ford Ranger that I bought as a repo in 1998. It has been a good truck. We need to replace the front tires. We also had a new battery installed in the motorcycle. It’s good to have all the vehicles running again. The boys have been a real gem. Pep Boys wanted to charge us almost $500 to install the starter in the truck. The boys did the job for $75 and were happy to get the money. It took less than an hour and part of that time was chalking the tires and seeing what else needed done on the truck.

    We have the plumber coming out Tuesday to install the new water heater and do a few other minor jobs.

    We took a trip to the west coast for a sea food dinner. We were the only ones wearing masks. (We live about an hour from either coast. This is a small artist colony/fishing town.) We had shrimp po’boys right on the waterfront. I took a couple of nice photos.

    We don’t do a lot of solar. We have solar backups for the phones and the computers.

    It looks like Publix is getting better stocked. They had plenty of meat and paper products. Fruits and vegetables were fully stocked, as were canned goods.

    • Bam Bam,

      I wonder why your local Publix was so understocked for so long? My local Publix has been pretty well stocked in most things except TP. Some meat products are rationed.

      • Zulu,

        I live in a more affluent part of town. I suspect folks around here have been stocking up like crazy. When we drove out to the country to bring dinner to my adopted mom, the Walmart out there was well stocked.

        • My Publix wanted $17 for a 12-pack of toilet paper. That’s insane. We usually get a 20-pack for $9.99 at Aldi.

          • Bam Bam,

            That’s a pretty stupid amount for something you wipe your behind with and drop in a toilet. I bought an 8-pack at Publix a few weeks ago when they actually had some in stock. I don’t remember what the price was, but it was the 2-ply store brand that I like.

        • Bam Bam,

          I don’t live in a super posh neighborhood, but folks around here are doing pretty well for themselves. The apartment complexes around here are not cheap (including mine).

        • Zulu,

          I am not super-posh either. I bought in this area 18 years ago–back when this as country. Now prices have gotten stupid. I am trying to talk dh into selling and moving further west. But we have only 10 years left on the mortgage.

  9. 1.How do you use solar power as part of your preps?…home is offgrid solar but has been out for months. May need new battery? My temporary greenhouse going in right now will be all solar powdered including water pump for the hydroponics. Rabbit room is solar motion sensor light inside and panel outside. Plenty to feed by.
    2.How are your gardens growing?…some getting going good but 8 weeks of mostly in bed or recliner ment loosing most starts. I’ll plant for fast growth and long term growth intrrspursed as I can.
    3.Are masks and gloves a way of life in public where you live?… Masks are required. Gloves optional.
    4.What did you do to prep this week?… Survived..lol. Also replanned garden. Hate the lost starts and time.

  10. 1. have a sun oven that we use semi-regularly, some solar lights
    2. container gardens are going full blast – have harvested 4 kinds of Asian greens, 2 kinds of lettuce, 2 cukes, several ‘gourmet’ sized zucchini and blossoms, green pole beans, arugula, carrot tops, rosemary, sage, swiss chard, mint. Have been drying mint, dill, basil. Three basil plants got so big they blocked the sun from the peppers so cut them down. Have 6 Roma tomatoes, 12 sweet peppers, several marigolds for edible flowers and companion plants, lemon balm growing well but not yet producing. 2 Brandywine tomatoes about 10 days away from transplanting. And, a moringa tree much closer to the house that I’ll keep at about 6 feet.
    3. Masks are being worn mostly by those of us older folks. I don’t see many gloves. We rarely go in a store and only wear them them altho if we go out for a WM pickup we take the masks with us.
    4.Preps this week are for Hurricane season which starts officially June 1st. More sprouting seeds, paper napkins, feminine products, canned soups, chili, dry beans, first aid supplies.
    As an additional prep, I decided not to buy anything, unless it was an extreme need, after Aug 1st thru Dec 31st. This is to see if we really are prepared and if not, where are the gaps. With the use of the internet for buying from Sam’s, WM and Amazon it’s just too easy. I have stocked up but I was doing that anyway. We’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out.

    • Bellen,

      I read they are expecting a busier than average hurricane season. I am so not mentally prepared for hurricane season. I bought a generator back in 2004 after we lost electricity for four days with Charlie and Fran. We haven’t used it since. LOL We did an oil change last year. We will have drag it out and give it a test run. We’ve got all the physical preps. I am just mentally exhausted.

      • Bam Bam,

        Funny you should mention a lack of motivation for hurricane season. Me too. I’m prepped for it just fine as well, but I have no desire to have to deal with them. The Kung flu kind of took the excitement out of it (so to speak). 🙁

        • Zulu,

          That’s how I feel–just kind of tired. If we get a major storm, I think folks will be totally unprepared. My sense is that people around here have nothing left to give. I am just exhausted. I got the freezers and the frig stocked. I told dh that it is his job to make sure we have electricity to keep the food. He said he changed the oil in the generator last year and all is well. I am just mentally exhausted.

          It almost seems like there is something called “prepper fatigue”. (I have prepped for 10+ years. So I am ready.) I just think the general populace is fatigued.

          • Zulu,

            Great article. Thanks for sharing. We were locked down tight for two months. The only trips we took were to grocery store or Walmart for PX and other essentials. The state of Florida has opened up a bit in the last two weeks. We have resumed Friday date night. We went out to Outback for prime rib/steak last week; this week we took a trip to Cedar Key. I think just getting out helps. The biggest thing that helped me get through the lock down was helping others–either finding jobs for my adopted sons or bringing food to my adopted mom. Now that the kids came come over (wearing masks when not six feet apart), things almost seem back to normal. The kids have set a date for the wedding. Invitations go out this week. They are planning a low key wedding–at home with just Publix platters. I tried to talk them into letting me cook. But they want their wedding to be a celebration and they don’t want family working. I have planned a great wedding gift. They don’t need anything house wise–they will be combining two houses. So they don’t have room. I am going to get my son-in-law a “get out of jail” gift basket–foot soaking stuff, massage oil, a bottle of wine, etc. We have a tradition in our family. When someone gets married we purchase a double folding frame and put in pictures of the bride and groom as children. My dh writes a message on the back–whenever you get mad at each other, you have to look at the photos and turn the frame picture side down. When one is ready to make up, that person can put the picture back up right. We remind them, when you act badly, this is who you are hurting. This sends a powerful message.

        • Bam Bam: OMG!! What a wonderful idea!!!! Because we all know, learning to live together is a process, and sometimes, it gets ugly. But, that might help it to go by quicker!! Another idea I heard years ago, is to rub your wedding ring finger, and remember WHY you fell in love. I have used that one myself!! Been married now 40 years in October!

          • Okie,

            Kids have had their way for too long–that’s why they can’t stay married. I am totally for parents saying, “If you don’t like your dinner, you don’t have to eat it–you can go to bed hungry.”

          • Or, put it in the freezer, and when they come to you whining that they are hungry, take the plate out of freezer, and say, “here, eat your dinner.” Usually puts a stop to them whining they are hungry!! And will encourage them to eat their dinner tomorrow night!! On the wedding thing, we took the “what God has joined together, let no man put assunder” (or something like that) very, VERY seriously. Divorce was not an option.

          • Farm Girl,

            When I grew up, there was none of that refusing to eat what mom cooked business either. My four sisters were the worst of the seven of us. One brother would eat anything so sometimes I could sneak bits and pieces of stuff like cauliflower (which I still don’t care for) over onto his plate. Refusing to eat was a trip to bed without supper and mom put it in the fridge for the next day. The Marine Corps really broke me of being fussy. I’d even eat cauliflower.

            When I had kids of my own, I did the same thing and my wife was 100% on my side seeing as she had grown up in Cuba on short rations. My son was like his uncle and would eat darned near anything. In fact he basically weaned himself at 3-months. Breast milk didn’t fill him up enough.

            But, overall, I was lucky. Both my mom and wife were excellent cooks.

    • Bellen, Have you considered last of the year may be time of extreme need/lack of supplies–ie.. may become evident as gardens have been nipped by frosts and usually freezes.Much of this is dependent on grow zones, personal grow situation, and availability of local products.
      I am planning the same exercise, however, will not begin it til sometime after Christmas, so as to take advantage of any sales, to top off special dietary need items.

      • AA,

        You post was cryptic. What “exercise” are you planning? I usually shop for clothes out of season. Is that the reference? I am just now getting to wear summer clothes that I purchased out of season last year.

  11. How do you use solar power as part of your preps?
    Our camper is solar ready, but we have no solar backup for it.

    How are your gardens growing?
    My garden is just starting to grow.

    Are masks and gloves a way of life in public where you live?
    Grand Ruler JBP has ordered that everyone in the kingdom must stay home except to leave for essentials. When out of the home, the subjects are to stay six feet apart and wear a mask. These orders apply to everyone except the Royal Family. They have diplomatic immunity. (I have seen anywhere from nearly everyone in a store wearing a mask, to only about 1/4 of the people wearing them.)

    What did you do to prep this week?
    I did absolutely nothing to prep. We went camping out of state and enjoyed every minute of it.

    • Hi Grammy! So glad you were able to get away and enjoyed it so much!! Wondering bout your Grand Ruler, JBP. Are you in Illinois or Colorado? Not familiar with either governor, but sounds like you have a really NICE one! NOT!!! Our governor, in Oklahoma, hasn’t been a b*st*rd or b*tch, dictator wannabe, has set pretty reasonable guidelines and I don’t think cops have been used like Gestapo, out harassing people and arresting them or fining them. So, we have been fairly happy with him. Was a little disappointed in the Texas Governor allowing all of that going on with the hair dresser just trying to feed her family and help her employees do the same. Felt he should have stepped in much sooner to stop that judge.

      • I’m in the southernmost part of Illinois. LEOs in my area are stating that they will enforce the law and what JBP is giving is orders. Orders are not the law, therefore they are not enforcing them. They’ve also stated that they don’t want anyone calling to report groups of larger than ten or people not wearing masks. My county has only had a handful of cases.

  12. Hello Pack, Hope everyone is healthier and happier than last week.
    q’s #1 solar is part of emergency lighting and motion lighting.
    #2 no real garden in yet. few plants. has been too wet/ cold/w late freezes getting peaches and late frosts would have gotten things last week… have a few tomato, pepper, flowers, but not in garden yet.#3,Store personnel are required to wear masks, many are chin guards…sneeze guards are up in all stores( grocery, dollar) We limit our outings normally. notice changes bi- weekly..and less. all stores post face masks recommended and stress social distancing. No hand sanitizer is provided.
    We have have gone out more than normal this week, (other’s needs)..No place considered non essential.
    DH informs me that a haircut is getting to be Essential.., he has already done a modification and will be pleased when he is able to see his barber once again…
    #4Preps for the week dehydrated more veggies.( things do not grow in sufficient amts., canned from freezer., (+additional meat, comfort food/sale).Harvested some volunteers. They will no longer be hungry, thirsty or frightened.Their sauna was prepared with care and housing is secure…
    Low, Slow and steady, with assistance has been the order for every thing attempted for past 2 weeks…. shoulder has complained from stress to injured area of several months ago. Heating pad and pressure have been my friends for 4 days out of 7 for last 2 weeks.. slowly gaining- 2 lbs not too heavy/ up not optional.. Ligament damage(tears) take a L-OO-OO-NN-NN-GGGG time to heal… Be careful folks… it is much easier to prevent serious problem, than to heal…stressing a old injury means additional pain and recovery time.
    I have pulled needs for close family members needs.+ re evaluated our supplies, pharma, and items for routine use-lists made for “needed -soon”and “nice to have”..
    Obtained repack boxes for selected supplies, to condense,separate for easier access+ additional boxes/cardboard for garden bed.
    Was gifted partial box of apples-plan is to dehydrate.”Onion” gift will be chopped and frozen.for daily use.. roots will be replanted.
    Our meat birds are growing like gangbusters.5-6 weeks from their harvest. The other 9 are as well, almost ready to go to protected areas.looks like there will be several more meat birds in this batch of Production Blue and Americana.. I am almost sure i got at least 2 Americana roo’s. will add a few more hens, desire for winter egg layers..have Lime’d storage eggs, and we do use those, prefer fresh for most uses.They have been used up to 18 months with very little loss( usually cracked egg)Dogs and hens get those..rotating those out now.as new bucket is filled.
    We mowed yard -3rd time /year..lettuce n’ sorell- harvested for animal, immediate use..
    Replaced some canned goods…normal rotation.w/focus on things we don’t grow/sufficient.
    Water rotation, filtered water for daily and emergency use… on going. routine.If you do not use filtered water daily, find some use and routinely use and replace in selected amounts..
    Our Virus counts have gone thru the roof this past week.. from 16/healed w/ 22 total, no deaths to 179 current count.. result from testing jail/prison and jailors… How many are false positives and how many false negatives no one is publishing. Nor do they tell who did the testing and where the kits came from… If a papaya, rabbit and goat can test positive anything can. The “Current Death Control” is on my list of less than desire-able agencies./have shown their bias recently.
    I have no confidence in manipulation by any of the agencies that say they have the answers.I will do my own treatments..thank you very much…
    Stay alert, focused on your goals for Your family for the long term… think 2 or more years. Consider local food production as your first source, every where possible… Have a balcony, or place under the sink.?.. grow microgreens or sprouts if you can eat them…sprouts come in many flavors and are packed with nutrition. Next door neighbor have hogs/beef /goats? buy or barter locally. assist as needed with process of knowing where your meat comes from…
    For the city folks who ahve never lived and worked on a farm… that meat packaged in the grocery store did not get there by osmosis… It was a living animal. It gave it’s life for its purpose.. Those animals on the farm are raised in healthy environs,with fresh pasture, care and love.. even if their names are Soup and Stew. The commercially raised ones not so much… generally.
    take care.. Prayers for our nation and POTUS. and those who are preparing for family needs and concerns.. Prayers for unvoiced needs and family members who require healing.

  13. Continue topping off the supplies. Got some additional 81% alcohol which can be hard to get.
    Solar is limited to battery backups for small electronics. It would be great to have more but the house runs north and south not east and west. The garden that is planted looks good but I need to add to it. I think I accidentally killed the aloe plants so will have to look for replacements.
    The cat seems to have decided it’s the seafood life for him so I’ll have to rework his food.
    It’s becoming more urgent that I replace my vehicle but I’m having problems pulling the trigger on that purchase.
    Was able to make appointments with my PA, the local library and the hair salon. The library is doing curbside pickups by appointment only and the barber’s/beauticans have opened. I have cut my own hair in the past but for now I let someone else do it. I’m still waiting for a new dentist to return my call. If all else fails I’ll call my old dentist, who I love but doesn’t take my insurance, and just pay out of pocket for what I can afford to have him do – I’ve done it before and at this point could probably do it again for awhile.

      • Moe I haven’t made an yet. Without being too conspiratorial I do think this could come back in the fall and people will once again be panic buying and things will be in short supply. Consequently I have store bough sanitizer and the supplies to make my own

  14. taras questions

    1 i live off grid and have not had an electric bill on over 10 years, the little power i do have comes from a small solar array, but its more of a luxury to power lights and an old laptop, and thats prettymuch it, nothing else runs on electric at my place. been thinking of getting an old microwave to store an extra laptop (old junkers are all i use) charge regulators and inverters as a mini emp safe.

    2 shot 3 more yelow bellied sap suckers off my orchard trees, planted out more turnips, radishes, etc, and the intitial plantings are just starting to pop up seedlings.

    3 sort of i guess, i don’t go out much, only half the people i see wear them, most that do pull it down to talk.

    4 lots of cleanup after that brush fire, got most of the remaining debris cleaned up and piled, and cut more trees that i was planning, and i built a gatehouse over the culvert between the orchard and the field (like a covered bridge), and had some more chickens hatch out.

  15. How do you use solar power as part of your preps? As a prep I have a book sized three panel fold out cellphone charger. I have some solar lights along the rail of my ramp and just order two solar powered security lights for my new carport. The charging panel has a 20 ft cord so you can place it in full sun.

    How are your gardens growing? Being I planted mots of mine if Feburay much of it is done for the year. I staggered my sweet corn so most of those two rows are done. Speaking of done some animal decided it likes sweet corn. It knocked over the stalks and shredded the husks to get to the corn. It did not pull the ear off or even turn it over. I picked up one ear and after stripping off the husks nibbled what was left, delicious. It was the peaches and cream two color kind, at least I know what to plant more of. What do you think, possum? I will have to start putting up the gate, it might decide it likes watermelons.

    My eggplant is doing great, something easy to grow that is supposedly a good food. My few tomatoes are just turning red and I am getting a few peppers. My later planting is only a foot high. My cantaloupes and watermelons have strong vines but only a few fruit, no bees probably. I let the crabgrass smother my onions and carrots. I did keep it out of my okra, sunflowers, and sweet potatoes. I still haven’t fixed my Kubota so I will use my lawn tractor to mow the old plantings off and use the small disc harrow I rigged up. It is a hundred year old two gang two row disc that was here when my dad bought the old farm in 1970. I took the back gang off and removed every other disc, that way my lawn tractor can pull it. It is not lack of horse power, it is traction. My new 22 hp John Deere mower has wider tires then my old one did so it might do better. I have the adapter for a water hose so I can ballast them.

    Are masks and gloves a way of life in public where you live? A few people are wearing masks, including me. I overheard a person talking to the manager of the grocery store this morning saying that was the only store she had been in where the employees are wearing masks.

    What did you do to prep this week? I bought extra canned meats at Walmart and some treats. I promised myself the treats are for later, not to be eaten right away. I finally finished wiring my garage to the power pole. I also neatened up the other wires I had running here and there by by putting them in buried conduits. There was one casualty. I had to trip the breakers and pull the wires out of the panel box to run the through conduit. I neglected to turn off the window unit ac in my bedroom. My bedroom and living room are on the same circuit so I can’t run 12,000 BTU unit I have in there and the 6000 BTU one in my bedroom at the same time. I had ran a wire straight from the box and just figured it wouldn’t hurt to just trip the breaker and it would come back on when I finished. Nope, it no longer will come on. I checked and there is power. However, two is one and one is none. Guess what I have out in my spare rooms, a new 6000 and 10,000 BTU AC. Months ago I thought the pandemic might shutdown the economy so I went ahead and got them, just in case.

    Speaking of electrical gremlins when I tried to set up the printer for my wife’s new computer I managed to delete the connection for all my computers. Nothing I did would reestablish the wireless connection. I pulled out of it’s cubby hole and hooked up a USB cable, nope, still nothing. OK, ordered a new one of those. A few days later I did more online research and decided to follow installation instructions given by the manufacture’s web site. It said use the network wizard, I had just been trying the WLAN setup instructions. OK, that was the problem. I also found out I needed to select USB port in the printer settings for that to have worked. Being I bought the 4 year protection plan for the new one it will go in place and the old one will go into storage. Laser printers do not gum up like an inkjet one would. I might just plug it in every now and then and make a few copies to keep the mechanism freed up but that is all.

    Being our daughter was home from work for the last month we had a vacation from childcare. One overnight stay a week was enough. Our granddaughter benefited from having her mother around every day. She was driving her mother crazy but she was golden when she visited us. This week hair salons could reopen so we started keeping her again. She is so much more mature. Maybe a little to much. My wife let her outside unsupervised for a few minutes, we live out in the country. When she went out to find her she called for her, our granddaughter answered, in here, which was the garage. Not thinking I had left my 6 ft aluminum ladder open where I had been putting up lights. She was standing on the top step. She did a few other things to exasperate her grandmother so at the end of the day she tried to make up for it. First she wanted to help clean the floor. We have a child sized cleaning set for her, we are not sexist, she also has a metal garden tool set. She got her small mop and a spray bottle and started spraying and mopping. She then moved her step stool over to the kitchen sink and got a scrub brush and cleaned the sink. I got a video of that.

    She does require constant stimulation, which means the TV has to tuned to the Disney channel or Nick Jr. continuously for the whole time she is here, whether or not she is watching it. Looks like I will either be spending a lot of time outside in the summer heat or have my headphones on. Problem is if I am inside my wife needs constant attention too. Every few minutes I need to answer a question or do some task so I can’t wear headphones. Hopefully school will be able to start in Sept. It’s going to be a long summer.

    • Daddio,

      I am optimistic that school will restart in August-September. The kids were over for dinner tonight. I told them when I see someone out in pubic without a mask I think to myself, “If college football is delayed, it will be because of these folks.” Go Gators! When we went to Cedar Key, no one was wearing masks except dh and I.

  16. Hello everyone,
    First to answer Tara’s questions so I don’t forget:
    1. We have solar powered security lights out back. We also have a sun oven. Just today we met with a contractor to discuss adding garden/storage shed with solar unit on roof.
    2. The cool weather crops in the garden are thriving. All the plants loved the 1/2 inch rain Thursday night. Largest rainfall of the year. Fighting off the Flea Beetles with a concoction of garlic water, dish soap and water. Still need to give the cucumber and squash starts a little time before transplant. Planted by seed an indoor herb garden. Need to harvest and dry sage, oregano. Need to harvest horehound. Not happy with the current horehound candy recipe I have.
    3. Few wear masks. But things may get different here. A travelling nurse came to work and worked full day even though she felt sick. She became our ninth positive Covid in the county.
    4. Preps include repairs to irrigation, added two drip lines, planted lots of seeds and seedlings. Cucumber trellis arrived. Also worked on quilts. Love the design process. Great for mental wellness.

    Isolating so I can help when the baby comes. But the woman’s group I belong to is having Zoom meetings and even a Zoom happy hour. Nice way to keep in touch.

    Stay healthy!

    • Tara’s questions’
      We have ALot of the solar walkway lights….the dollar store ones.
      They light the walkway, the chicken pen entrance, the rabbit hutch, and a few around the garden fence. I have a 12×12 solar panel we use on the camping trailer 12v system. It runs the few led lights and radio. And I use it for the cabin which also has 12v lights.
      But an excellent solar chandelier…..which I can’t find anymore to get another.
      I just had planted a few barrel potatoes. To give that a try. And transplanted quite a few onion starts. Hopefully next week will be the safe week to go all out.
      Masks seem more common now, out in public. Gloves, not so much.

      Making room in the freezer, we gathered several containers of last year’s tomatoes, as they didn’t come on all at once. I canned seven quarts.
      A Big Whoopie.
      The other half
      21 pints of stew meat and 9 pints of ranch beans.
      Navy beans with a dry ranch mix added.
      Ohh, my….yummy
      Got the two flags replaced
      Old Glory and the yellow with a snake.
      Mowed lawn with the newly purchased zero turn…..the boy and I went havzees on.
      All I can just say WOW. Mowing time cut in half! I didn’t want a debt, but we both needed a mower.and at zero interest.

      • A new outside chicken run fenced in.
        And filled our two additional 20# LP tanks, as per OH.
        Return to work on Monday.
        I’m not prepared to deal with the public stupidity, once again.

        A long awaited storm is a brewing…..
        It’s just a matter of time when it fully hits us.
        Things will never go back to ‘normal’.

  17. Hi Gang,

    The weather here in middle TN has been pretty awesome lately. Really nice at night, today sunny, but hot, waiting for the rain to start later on.

    Went to Lowe’s this morning to buy one of those foldable saws that will cut smaller sized branches off, and they only had one style to pick from. There were 3 or 4 the last time I was in. So, I bought one so I can cut up the honeysuckle vine that has taken over where I used to park my car. My yard guy cut down the trees that were growing in the pile, and now I need to spend time untangling the vine from the stuff that had been parked there. It will look really good once I can get it all cleaned back up again. Note to self… Pull up any vines and other stuff that tries to grow back BEFORE it gets unmanageable.

    I have 2 apples trees, one is a Honey Crisp and one is a Gala. The Honey Crisp is growing really tall and has quite a few branches on it. It’s about 15 feet tall. Some of the branches had needed cutting off a couple of years ago… Another thing I procrastinated about doing mostly because all my stuff like that was in storage. I just didn’t want to go out an buy more. So, this week, with all the rain and wind, I noticed the tree was leaning over… I went out the check on it, and it had rocked back and forth so much, it made the hole it was planted in, a little bigger. The tree was top heavy. So, I found a wood saw, and cut out the branches that needed to be cut, and have them in a bucket of water. I then cut up some garden hose that the yard guy had run over and ruined, and took some of my antenna wire and put the wire through, and had a couple of concrete blocks left over from the raised bed border. I took the wire and hose piece and wrapped it around the tree and tied the other end to the concrete block to pull it back up straight. I did that to the other tree as well. I am thinking I can trim off the apple branches and plant them with some root starter and get them to take hold and I will have more trees. I don’t know if that will work. Will read up on it first before I waste any root starter, and if any of you know if it will work, or I need to do something different to save them, please let me know. I just hate to throw them away.

    I also got my lettuce and more pickling cukes planted. While at Lowe’s today, I also found 1 little container of the Sweet Gem watermelon, which 2 of the 3 I had planted, got zapped by the last frost even though they were covered up. I bought a wooden handle to go on my pitch fork and a fig tree. I hope the fig tree makes it. This will be the third one, and if it doesn’t make it, I will be done trying to be a fig farmer… They are picky. I also bought some red, white and blue flowers to go in my front concrete flower beds that are on the porch. I also got one cayenne pepper plant. My yard guy also pulled out some pretty pitiful looking bushes from the front beds, so now I can put up my garden hose properly and get the water spigot without getting all torn up by holly.

    I went to WM after Lowe’s to get some Campbell’s chunky soup. This was the only thing I was going to stock up on this week. I don’t have any and could use some. I bought some V8 fruit juice, creamed corn, fried canned apples, Progresso Tomato Basil soup, refried black beans in a bag, already cooked. There were no green beans, very little TP, no papertowels, no beef, frozen stuff depleted, pretty much still having problems with stocking other things as well. I have a gift card for Walmart, and thought I could use it to buy some Chunky soup, but unless I want a case or 4 pack, it’s out of stock… No singles cans to be found… No spam, no vienna sausages, pretty much bare in the canned meat section. I scoured the Mexican food section, and there was no Mesa to be had, except the Gluten Free, and not much of it either. They had plenty of Mayocoba beans, lentils, black beans, red beans. I got lots of the boxes the canned veggies come in so I can use them to stack in my shelves.

    I put up my SW radio antenna outside on the roof. Need to try it out.

    How do you use solar power as part of your preps? I have a solar battery charger and phone charger.
    How are your gardens growing? Tomatoes are doing fine. Things I planted in seed, I am still waiting for them to pop their head out.
    Are masks and gloves a way of life in public where you live? Some people do and some people don’t. I think it odd that the churches were asked to do vaccinations. I hope they all tell tptb where to go.

    Not much of the day left, so will piddle putting up stuff, and unload the car.

    Prayers for unspoken requests, for OH to get better real soon, for The President and for America.

    Have a great week everyone.

    • Almost There,

      Here in Florida I have had great success propagating fig trees. I just cut off the tips in early spring before I cut them back (just when they are budding out), stick the bottoms in rooting hormone and then put them in cactus mix. I have five new starts growing. My main fig is five years old–still no fruit. I am hoping the tree will fruit this year. My property is really shady. I plan on giving the kids some trees. My future son-in-law’s property gets full sun. If I can’t grow them on my property, he will be able to grow them there. They come over for supper every weekend. So I will still get as much fruit as I want.

  18. Hi everyone.
    Tara’s Q. 1. We had professional solar panels installed on both of our houses on the property. I was quite excited about that until my husband was convinced by the owner of the company not to buy any batteries for back up since, “they only last 5 years”. I was crushed. My DH will be too in the event of a CME or EMP…sigh.
    I have solar cell phone charges, battery chargers, and motion lights.
    Q.2. My garden is not very rewarding I’m sorry to say. We would all starve if dependent on what I’m growing right now. But, I keep trying. One year just before harvest, Javelinas got under the chainlink fence and destroyed the corn, beans, cukes, tomatoes, and potatoes. The only thing they didn’t bother was jalapenos. They cannot get in now. Another year I got 12 tomatoes off 12 plants all because of one 5 inch long grasshopper. I would put chickens in there if there were not so many Ferris hawks around.
    Q.3 Half the locals here wear masks. Our counts in Az are very low for this county , consequently, many more are relaxed about it.
    Q.4 prepping involved filling in some holes like factory canned beets which I love, canning 7 qts of taco meat plus 7 qts extra beef broth from beef shank beef and neck bone beef. People could eat it, I just don’t clean off the sinew cause the dogs don’t care like I do. Made a batch of carrot cake jam with my 15 yr old neighbor girl who is learning to can and dehydrate. She is a great help as I have no other family nearby to help me.
    DH watched Cold Mountain today. Said it was very depressing. My response was, if the crazies win the next election by some fluke, we will certainly have another civil war but not between north and south…. it’s hard to say how desperate people will act.
    A few weeks back some were sharing their favorite prepper books. Mine is the series on kindle , Trekking Home, Escaping Home, Defending Home by Jeffrey Miller. It offered a good balance of people with good hearts and bad. In a civil war I would find it hard to leave my well prepared home.
    As for Thors Q…. I’m not afraid of the future because I’m prepared and part of a well formed pod, but I’m certainly not optimistic about it. I also know Who holds the future and that helps me sleep at night.
    I cannot imagine how the far out left can justify any of their actions. They are all destructive to our nation.

  19. HI ALL ,,,,,,,,,week eight with corvid 19 ,,things change almost daily ,symptoms come back ,or change to something new ,there are 21 different symptoms ,you might experience 2 or 3 or like me 8 or 10 ,all NOT FUN ,rash ,corvid toes ,chest tightness ,cough,tired ,light headed ,can’t concentrate, and that’s for a mild bout ,we took precaution ,and high dose vitamins ,D3,C,E. And minerals ,elderberry. Folks you don’t want this ,,,,,last Monday the water heater quite so I spent 3 days replacing it ,do a little and rest ,do a little more and rest ,and so on ,was 2 hr job took 3 days , was draging , but cows needed worked for turnout soooo
    ,,,,today I’m really draging ,
    WEAR a mask !!!!!! We got this at a check out line , was coughed on ,,
    Have learned a lot about the virus ,doing research while feeling punk ,
    It can be beat ,the question is ,it’s not the flu, don’t treat as such ,
    I’m tired from doing just this ,need to go , but folks we are in for a hard ride ,WEAR a mask ,things are going to get a lot harder soon,, crop shortages are all ready here for this year,,,,if you use propane get it NOW ,dont wait same for gas and diesel
    We are in the new normal,you will look back and think I wish things were still this good ,
    We have not hit hard times yet but I see it coming ,
    The long hard ride has only just begun, watch out for saddle sores

    Tea and blueberries

    • Old Homesteader,

      My dh and I have been wearing masks since the end of January. The kids came over for supper tonight. They had masks and sat 6 feet away. My daughter reminded me that I cautioned her about this outbreak at the end of January. Could you give us an update on your symptoms? (If you lived down the road, I would send the boys to keep up your place.)

      • MOE,,,,,,, the toes ,,, was the final link to what was going on ,,,feet brite red ,toes swelled up ,sores over night ,blood blisters ,,other things , chest pain ,like a bad case of heart burn but worse along with lungs hurting at the same time ,and then the rash,,like a bouth with shingles but the entire back and around to the front ,and then low blood O2 that made it hard to walk out to the greenhouse without a rest stop ,fatigue in general , never was the end of the world ,just made life hard ,,,still not back up on top of things ,started in middle of March , ,,get better then it comes back ,,, for what’s it’s worth ,I’m 75 with lung / heart problems , I think the vitamin D makes a difference ,, as will IVERMECTIN, I use 1ml per 40lbs body wt, on my self. POUR ON only
        From research I’ve done I think the biggest thing you can do to protect your self is WEAR a mask when out and about
        Hope this helps some ,
        Life can be intresting don’t you think ?

        Tea and blueberries

        • OH, ADD lots of raw garlic, ginger, ginko or hawthorn and Vitamin E, you need to thin your blood. those are symptoms of clots.

  20. Good morning all! Zulu 3-6 – I love the stories of your granddaughter. I can visualize her playing the puddles – reminds me of my childhood.

    This week’s questions:
    1. How do you use solar power as part of your preps? We don’t. I have a couple of solar battery packs for our cell phones that might be able to power a couple of other things, but the DH does not believe that solar panels are efficient enough to warrant the cost. However, if the price point were lower, we would have a small system already.
    2. How are your gardens growing? Quite well – I really need to start weeding, but I can see my green beans from my bedroom window along with the tomatoes I grew from seeds. The squash, okra, zucchini and cucumbers are coming up slowly. I did resort to purchasing all my pepper plants. The corn is still being seeded – got about 1/3 of the corn plot planted last weekend, but the DH needs to retill part of it to kill the weeds that are about to take over.
    3. Are masks and gloves a way of life in public where you live? Many people wear masks. Quite a few wear gloves. Both appear to be required in restaurants, but cross-contamination awareness is lacking in many places. I will only wear a mask in a grocery store or somewhere that I feel I can’t keep enough space between me and others. We both carry hand sanitizer and use it religiously upon returning to the car.
    4. What did you do to prep this week? We picked up and repackaged our order from The Savory Butcher. It took us a little over 2 hours to get it into zippered baggies in portion sizes we like and the freezers are approaching full. We also replaced our grill with an American made one that can be connected to a natural gas line we had placed on our patio over 10 years ago. It has a lifetime warranty and is technically portable. It will likely be something our children fight over after we pass on. We bought a couple of steaks for dinner and they were the best steaks we have had in years, including ones we have had at Longhorn’s. The DH has finished two projects around the house and started a new one this past week. He is insulating the ceiling/roof of our unfinished addition, then will start hanging sheetrock in select areas. The goal is to have the room where are freezers are located insulated and open to our laundry room to keep that room a more even temperature. We don’t have heat and air in the addition. Working from home has given us each an extra hour a day to work on projects to make our home more enjoyable.

    Thor’s questions:
    1. Are you afraid of the future events to come? Afraid, no. I do worry about what some of the PTB will decide to do once a vaccine is available – including those in the business world. Will companies require employees to be vaccinated? Can they? Can the government truly force vaccinations? I do think some vaccines are important and helpful, but I chose to NOT have my daughters vaccinated for chicken pox because the vaccine is only effective for 10 years and I didn’t want them to reach adulthood, forget to get a booster, then have it later in life. I had chicken pox when they did and I was 30-ish. The youngest experience shingles at 16.
    2. What do you think of the Mayor of Chicago saying she wants to put people in positions who pledge allegiance to the New World Order? I had not heard about that but think that mayor needs a reality check. I also like the ideas of others that involved concrete.
    3. Do you think the US should open back up? Yes, absolutely. GA is already opening and I haven’t seen a spike in the numbers. I’m a numbers nerd and have been tracking it with my own graphs. I also see people being cautious. It’s not like things opened and everyone just went back to life like it was before. The vulnerable are taking precautions IF they go out at all. Restaurants that have been given the go ahead to reopen for dine-in aren’t – some are within the guidelines but many are not. Every business we’ve visited since reopening has had hand sanitizer available and most employees wear masks.
    4. Do not get the vaccination. Does 5G have something to do with the Kung Flu? No plans here for vaccination. No, 5G has nothing to do with it. The DH is in the RF Engineering field and has had discussions with co-workers about it.
    5. Do Democrats seem to be intentionally destroying America? Yes.

    GA Red’s question – What happens when someone who has had the virus and has recovered goes out in public? Will they be required to wear a mask? How does anyone else know if those we come into contact with have or have not already had the virus? There is mounting evidence that the virus was in the US before originally thought and many were already exposed.

    Well, time to get into the garden. Prayers for all in need and our country, as always.

    • Ga. Red-
      Good questions. I have emailed those that I know have had it to see. Unfortunately, one in PA. did not make it.

  21. Happy Sunday Afternoon,

    We just got in from Publix. The parking lot was pretty full but there didn’t seem to be that many people in shopping and the checkout line had no one in front of me.

    They were pretty well stocked. We wore masks but not gloves as they are saying gloves are a big cause of cross contamination. We have our own hand sanitizer so we sanitized up before we went in and again when we got back to the truck. We got everything home and wiped it all down with clorox wipes and put it away.

    General observation, older people were wearing mask, some had on plastic bags to handle stuff with. Younger people, for the most part were not wearing mask. The motorized carts were in use by mostly older people.

    They were out of self rising flour. Younger lady stopped DW and asked her if she could make biscuits out of all purpose flour (that was the only thing on the shelves and the lady said that there was plenty of flour but no one was working on the lines to package it. DW told her what to do to make biscuits and she was good with that. Everything else was well stocked except TP and cleaning supplies. All in all people where not maintaining distances (it’s hard to glare at someone with a mask on). Traffic wasn’t bad.

    We are in for the evening enjoying free HBO for the weekend.

    Be safe, keep prepping, stay aware


  22. Tribe,,,,
    Pray you all had a healthy, eventful, prosperous week, majority of two gardens in. Potatoes up nice, onions and beets too. Staked some of the tomatoes, more to fence up, peppers looking good, horseradish blooming up and down the row,.
    The Bible says a wise person sees trouble coming and prepares. Sooo, I had just told a friend she should plant more fruit trees, bushes and increase her flock and hen house. There I went minding someone else’s business again. But I care. Then I thought it over and ask myself, should I take a spoonful of that wisdom for myself???
    Went to town, bought more fruit trees, fruitbearing bushes and bought more chicks at Tractor Supply, yesterday I planted all day. Digging holes, planting, fertilizing and watering in. The question i ask myself is not if i can sustain myself, but can I keep me and others? Now there is the question. The woman preparing the last meal for herself and her son, she shared with the prophet. The woman that prepared quarters in their home, she shared with the prophet. Joseph prepared 7 years for the famine coming and he saved himself, Egypt and Israel. Then there was Noah building a boat, when it never had rained to date, he saved himself. His household and the world’s critters.
    Sooo, maybe preparing for ourselves and others is not to crazy an idea.
    Tara’s questions:
    1. I have 6 solar panels, only two hooked up, but that was to experiment and make sure I could make this work. I have 3 solar lithium ion generators. One gas Generac.
    3.yes, masks and gloves are on when i am in public, only maybe 20% i see wearing them also. Foolish other 80%.
    4. Also stocked up on peanutbutter, cases of spicy black beans and sliced peaches. Added more charcoal. Also i add 400 foot rolls of Glad wrap monthly plus can you imagine not being able to keep food from gnats and flies in a fallen society?
    Life will be hard enough.
    Flash flood warning coming across phone for my area now.
    Just let new momma cow into nurse Iris, Fern takes this mothering thing seriously, it keeps me jumping.
    So Tribe, stock up as best you can. There is coming a day of great tribulation, be ready.

  23. Tara’s questions
    1) Solar power: Our place has solar power to feed back into the system. We did not have a choice on that by the time the permits were finalized, we were stuck with that system. Did purchase a Kodiak solar generator that can be powered by panels or household electrical depending on the what we would require. It was purchased used so if I want to use a panel we have one that was given to us. Have not hooked it up to this unit as of yet.
    2) Garden: The young deer discovered their noses were small enough to reach through the dog kennel to bite two of tomato plants off. grrr Other wise things are progressing, the potatoes require additional dirt over their stems, a chore which I have yet to take care of.
    3) Face mask & gloves: Many have decided it is better to wear them JIC. Yet I still see those without them. Because of dh’s medical issues it a fore gone conclusion that I will wear the mask. I had been wearing latex gloves for years in the stores along with using Clorox wipes to clean the baskets and items purchased because people have nasty health habits.

  24. This past week neighbor came over to help me with the tractor. I did a major NO?, put diesel into tank that smell like turpentine. Yes, dumb me. It did bring about a learning lesson 1) if the fuel does not smell correct get rid of it 2) how to drain the fuel system on our tractor with our ‘nuts & bolts’ neighbor. That is how he addressed his abilities. He would not let me pay him for helping me(us)so I found a gift he could use and ordered it for him. A gardening bench, you set on it right height for gardening or mechanical work, or flip it over for getting down on your knees with the legs as supports for getting back up. It has been a game changer for me, and I know he has back issues worse than mine. Then a gift card so he can pick up something he may want, but never felt like they could afford it. Then I found the manual on line and printed it out for this tractor. Somethings I will be able to do but not having a manual for the tractor has been the pits! At least now I will know what the marking on the different gear shifts are for and how to use them. (win-win)
    The sad thing about this adventure we discovered a quail family had set up a nest in the compartment next to the radiator. Those eggs are toast as I ran the machine without checking under the hood first before firing it up. Maintenance on these are the same as a vehicle, so ladies if you are now the proud tractor person in your household check under the hood first. ?

    Ever purchase something and know you have it but can not locate it. So you think to yourself wellll, must have used it up so, yes,,, you purchase it again. Dh & I will not be requiring certain spices for a while..rowl.
    Decided it was time to go though every nook & crammed space we had and organize our stuff. Yes, found all those missing containers that I thought we had used up. Vampires will not be coming to our house for centuries.? Will ask the baby sister if she requires any garlic, if so, will ship some down to her. Getting ready to plant this in the garden, guess one can always use a few pounds more-jic.

    Picking up where I left off last year before dh had an accident. Stuff into storage that needs to be off the property for the summer time. Figuring out what can stay & what needs to go is a work in progress.

    • AC: YES!!!! I have bought stuff and when it came time to use it, couldn’t find it, and YES!!! Went out and bought some more!! When I needed eye drops, of which I KNEW I HAD at least 4 bottles, but could not find a single one, I decided right then and there, it was definitely PAST TIME to organize!!! Took me a solid two weeks at 4 hours per day to organize all my medical preps, but got it done, and everything is LABELED!! So hubby, son, anybody can walk in there and find exactly what they need in less than a minute! Made me feel very good to get that chore done!!!

      • Farm Girl,

        I know that problem. I needed to change out my hearing aid domes. I knew I had spares, but darned if I could find them. All my other spare stuff was where I expected, but not the domes.

        I had to order new ones from the VA along with some more batteries. I got the batteries but no domes. The pair I was using was literally falling to pieces so I had to spend $10 to order one pair from Amazon so I could call the VA and complain. I got the domes from Amazon on Friday and was going to call the VA on Monday. The domes came on Saturday. Still haven’t found the others I should have. Oi.

        • Never Fear!! You WILL find them right after the order arrives and you have them installed!! At least, that’s how it usually works for me! Then I fist bump my forehead, and say, “I remember putting them there now!!” LOL!!!

      • Oh yes. And there is also the rule for tools: by the time you finish a particular job, you know what tools you should have had. Corollary, whereupon you go and purchase those tools and never do that particular job again!

  25. 1. How do you use solar power as part of your preps? As someone above mentioned, my hubby doesn’t think it is efficient enough for the prices they are asking, either, so, no solar for us either. : (

    2. How are your gardens growing? We are getting ready to actually plant the garden this week after it dries out a bit, which means probably Wednesday or Thursday. But the onions, garlic and potatoes are looking really nice!!!

    3. Are masks and gloves a way of life in public where you live? I see probably less than 50 percent wearing masks, of course I don’t get out much. Only a few wear gloves. I wear neither. But, you should do what YOU are comfortable with! Think this whole thing is way overblown. Especially dictator governors, who want to rule the world. I agree with those who said earlier, they need to be fitted with concrete overshoes. Maybe we should buy some stock in concrete companies! Because there seems to be a LOT of petty dictator wannabe’s!!

    4. What did you do to prep this week?
    We actually didn’t do much. My order for the two 25 pound bags of instant mashed potatoes came in. Bob’s Red Mill brand. They have nothing added, just straight potato flakes, nothing fake in them, no additives, no preservatives, nothing!! Only brand I will buy, cause others have mono this and tri that. Also received my bucket of hard white wheat berries. Added that to long term storage, as it is already packaged that way. Still waiting for the empty buckets with Gamma seals to arrive. Have the 25 pound bag of flour still sitting on the counter waiting for the buckets, too! We did manage to get the dog groomed last week. Last month when we took him, she was having a hard time making ends meet but was still grooming “under the radar”. This month, she is so busy, she added another day of being open so she can accommodate more clients. And I’m sure, catch up on some bills.
    We also received our order of Lindt chocolate. They were VERY fast in shipping it!! TOO bad Amazon can’t do that. They used to!! Also got our order for hatching Bresse chicken eggs, and after a 24 hour rest, put them in the incubator on Friday. We are starting to get very warm weather this week, so I put the incubator out in the coop, where hopefully, if we lose power, the eggs will still be warm enough. Last time I tried hatching these type eggs, we lost power for over 16 hours at a week and a half, during a cold spell, and didn’t get a single one to hatch. I was very disappointed.
    We moved all the baby chicks outside to what we call our mini-coop The two groups are still not associating with each other. They are only 3 weeks and a couple of days apart in age. We were hoping they would accept each other as at least friends, if not family, but it looks like its going to take some time.
    I also ordered some live plants, which have not arrived, and now they say they won’t even begin to ship them until after 6 weeks has elapsed, and THEN will only ship out seeds that have been ordered. And that it would be too difficult to refund your money and cancel the order. I would be more patient with these companies if they would at least keep you informed, but since they take your money right away and then refuse to communicate with you, except to send you a form letter reply to your inquiry as to the status of your order, I am feeling extremely cheated and ripped off. Not a good image for a company that hopes you will come back again and again. Won’t be happening from me. When I first placed my order, they said to allow 2 weeks for processing, now it is 6 weeks. So, I was patient for 4 weeks. I did not agree to give them a loan for 6 weeks, with no interest. I feel like so many people are using this virus thing to just goof off, and loaf around, virus is their excuse to NOT WORK!! But they sure are quick to take your money!!! Weren’t too sick or short handed to run that debit card, were they? Sorry, just very frustrated with people and this lockdown.
    Since Amazon didn’t want to ship stuff to me for at least 30m days, sometimes longer, I decided to try Chewy for the dog food and dog treats. They were great! I only had to wait 4 days for my items to ship, and they kept me informed the whole time!! It was a very good experience. Sometimes, I think it is very true, the little guys try harder to win your business.

    I have started some seeds in little ziplock bags, trying to get them to sprout. I have planted a lot of parsley, basil, and eggplant in the pots outside, but can’t get them to do ANYTHING, so I thought I would try getting them to germinate in a wet paper towel, in a dark, warm spot. That was 3 days ago, and so far, nothing. Still keeping fingers crossed. Hope all are well! Prayers for the pack, and those who are trying to do the right thing in these difficult times. Until next week!!

    • Okie Farm Girl,

      I started some seeds in zip loc bags and wet paper towel, but I taped them to the window that got sun for a large part of the day. It took about 9 days for them to sprout. Mostly beans worked well.

      • Almost There: That’s a good idea!! Hope it works for you!! My trouble is, they have built a HUGE porch over every window that might be able to let light in! Yep, can’t have any house plants cause NO SUN ever reaches inside. I have 3 covered porches. One 8 ft. X 12 ft, one 20 ft X 20 ft, and one 24 ft X 18 ft. Wonder if guy who originally built this place was a vampire or something? He sure didn’t seem to like the sun!! LOL!!

    • OFG, There are a lot of options for solar things, not just the big panels. there are individual entrance lights for about 18-22$. The path lights that are on stakes… anywhere from1$- check dollar tree and dollar stores… if fully charged they can be brought inside and used for a night light- or emergency light if power outage. placed in front of a mirror..a couple can make a difference in the room. Here is one example.https://www.harborfreight.com/solar-shed-light-62549.html

      • Thanks AA! I hadn’t considered that!! Since there is no wiring necessary, maybe I could install those myself!! Only trouble with the outdoor solar light stakes, is hubby keeps running over them with the lawn mower.

  26. How do you use solar power as part of your preps?
    we have 3 small panels to run our ham radios, and just cut down 3 trees in the backyard to set up a solar array. may take awhile to set it up though. the prices and availability have gone thru the roof, and most of the panels are made in China. Go figure.
    How are your gardens growing? After a muddy wet winter that wouldn’t end until last week, I was finally able to get out there and till the entire garden. we pulled out our old redwood(used to be our deck) raised beds, what was left of them, but they lasted 11 years, not including the 20 they were on the back of the house! The new beds are 2x6x 8ft long PT boards slipped into these new-fangled concrete blocks with slots on the 4 sides and a hole in the middle to put a piece of rebar to hold them up(if you are using more than1 level- we are using 3 so I don’t have to bend over so far. We isntalled the first one today, and I LOVE it! I spent yesterday getting the old dirt up(some good organic soil in there) and piling it up and bringing the area back to original grade. I am major excited! we will eventually have 12 of these beds!
    Are masks and gloves a way of life in public where you live? about 1/2 the people here don’t wear them. in the big City they do more often, which is to be expected. our Tax Preparer came by tonite for a few minutes and she didn’t have one one, nor did we expect her to. We do wear one inside the grocery store, or Lowe’s or Home Depot.
    What did you do to prep this week? Other than the garden, it was clean up week on this homestead. So many weeds, so little time. And I am starting to get calls for births this fall. it’s gonna be busy!! hugs to all and keep praying and stocking. This story aint over yet.

  27. Why does everyone want to move south? Is it just for the warmer weather? Longer growing season? Or is it politics? We lived in the DFW area for 30 years. It was not fun. We missed having actual season changes, hated having terrible heat for 9 months of the year. Concrete holds the heat for a VERY long time and builds a bubble over you that takes a GREAT AMOUNT of thunderstorm activity to break through, so even if there was a storm coming through, it usually WENT AROUND the bubble. Hot and dry! You could fry an egg on just about any car top or sidewalk or driveway, any day, early in the morning, during July and August! Just saying, be careful what you wish for. I was young back then, no health issues, but I stayed INSIDE during JULY and AUGUST! And being pregnant with my youngest through the whole summer!! OH my!!! (He was born mid October.)

    • Farm Girl,

      I grew up in the north (Detroit, Mich specifically) I hated cold weather and snow. I went in the Marines and enjoyed every warm place I was assigned (well, boot camp and Vietnam were kind of iffy in the like department, but it was HOT). Then like a dummy, I moved back after I got out of the Corps and stayed there like a moron until I retired from the military reserves and the police department.

      My wife was Cuban and wanted to move back to Florida where her family was after I retired, so we did, and here I still am. I still prefer the hot weather. Haven’t had to shovel snow once since 2000. I like that. However, hurricanes are iffy too. But, no snow. 🙂 89-degrees today and mostly sunny.

    • Texas is definitely hot! And Humid
      Lived here all my life and really think I wouldn’t mind a place with seasons. Absolutely love Colorado , and New Mexico mountains in summer
      Not a fan of the liberal governors there. Family in northern Arkansas, love the country side but humidity is hell there. May end up there someday anyway.

      • Try northern Arizona or south of it north of Phoenix. Lovely seasons in places like Prescott, Sedona, Payson without 3′ of snow.

  28. Nell, YES!!! The humidity is definitely what does you in!! We both grew up here in Oklahoma, but up in Tulsa. We retired here to Southeast Oklahoma. Weather is NOT a LOT different, but enough different to make us happy. We are usually about 5 degrees cooler, but the humidity is enough lower to make you feel better!

    ZULU: True, not sure I’d want to live with all that cold and snow, either! Very happy where we are!!!

  29. Solar :We have a smaller: 6 Watt array with RV battery for storage and small inverter to charge our rechargeable batteries and also power our auxiliary water pumps and also the water softener.

    We have a 5 panel solar system on the BOL, along with 4 golf cart batteries for storage and a 350 watt inverter, capable of running lights, ham radio, for a limited amount of time.

    Gardens are mostly planted. Premature to gage how well.

    As a lung transplant patient with chemically induced diabetes and kidney failure, as well as a depressed immune system, my doctors have advised me to wear a mask when around many people, particularly airports and hospitals. But generally around very many people.

    Weekly preps: extensive repairs to our garden/orchards. Garden planting, STAYING ALIVE!!!

    Praying for the country, virus infected people and particularly President Trump,


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