What I Did to Prep This Week

What I Did To Prep This Week: May 17th – 23rd 2020

lavender groing in indoor containers

Hello Pack. I hope you all have been enjoying some great spring weather like we have this week. The weather guy was wrong again, and we did not have horrible bouts of rain all week.

My sore body and aching muscles are a result of all the decent weather we finally had in my neck of the woods – but now we are on a flood watch. And so it goes with Ohio weather.

This week we spent a huge amount of time working on and in my apothecary patch. My survival pharmacy growing plot is now officially pig- and goat-proof – after several epic failures. We made great use of all the scrap fencing that existed in my husband’s “junque” pile.

The sides of the apothecary patch are now a mixture of livestock panel pieces, high tensile wire fencing, chicken wire, and hardware cloth. It might not be picturesque, but it definitely keeps all of the critters out.

This weekend I planted lavender, marjoram, parsely, comfrey, echinacea, multiple types of basil, tarragon, lemon balm, cilantro, chamomile, and oregano. I have not filled my expanded apothecary patch yet, but it’s getting there.

In our main ground plot growing area we planted 33 more tomato plants, broccoli, four more rows, or corn, various types of peppers, and cabbage.

I have our hot tub turned down to the perfect pool water temperature, 88, and I had a nice long soak after work detail on both Saturday and Sunday evenings.

We have a bobcat lurking in our woods again. Just like hawks, that are supposed to be in great abundance this year, you cannot legally hunt or kill them.

I think there are exceptions to the rule about shooting bobcats if you catch them in the act of killing livestock, but I am not positive about that.

Seems like that would be a logical exception, but when dealing with a government mandate made, common sense is not always a part of the equation.

There was a little parade for the graduates of the high school in our county over the weekend. Photos of all the seniors were printed and hung up on the football field gate.

I am sure the folks who lined the streets and cheered for them as the parade rolled by made the kids feel like they had really reached a milestone, but that was still nothing like the experience they would have had if prom, graduation, and graduation parties had been allowed to happen.

Apparently, it is safe for us all to go to Walmart during a pandemic but we cannot be trusted to gather together safely in many other venues.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. What predators do you have to deal with most to protect your livestock and garden crops?
  2. How are your gardens growing?
  3. What do you think about the pandemic shut down and reopening phases going on where you live … and of the omnipotence of health directors, in general?
  4. What did you do to prepare this week?
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96 thoughts on “What I Did To Prep This Week: May 17th – 23rd 2020

    1. This Week’s Questions:
      1. What predators do you have to deal with most to protect your livestock and garden crops? We have deer, coyote, fox, hawk, rabbit, racoon, chipmunk, squirrel (tree rats) and various birds in the area. So far, the deer have not been in our yard, but we think that is because we’re at the top of a hill rather than being near a creek bed, which is where they tend to be seen more. We do have opossums, but they don’t bother the garden – they (and blue jays) just eat the cat food we leave out for the feral cats. The squirrels and chipmunks may be my biggest problems, but we have a good feral that’s good at getting chipmunks.
      2. How are your gardens growing? Really well, especially after last year’s massive let down. Rain has been abundant but not awful.
      3. What do you think about the pandemic shut down and reopening phases going on where you live … and of the omnipotence of health directors, in general? There’s a reason they call it “practicing” medicine. I’m thankful we are reopening and that many businesses are making their own choices on how they reopen. Many restaurants are continuing with take-out only rather than dealing with all the rules of doing dine-in. The one thing we have noticed is that many restaurants are having problems getting specific cuts of meat. Rather than paying a premium for some items, they are taking them off the menu until the prices come down. One interesting development is that our agriculture commissioner is working with Georgia farmers through the Georgia Grown program to sell fruit/veggie boxes to the public at specified pick-up locations. Of course, you have to order and pay in advance, but it is getting fresh food direct to the consumer, helping reduce food waste. They also have cheese available.
      4. What did you do to prepare this week? The majority of what I’ve been doing is weeding and mulching the garden, along with repotting more and more items. The DH has a couple of projects going, but is focusing on getting our patio to drain and get it ready for our little above ground pool, since we’re expecting a hot summer with little to no traveling. Our big focus is getting our home more enjoyable since we’re home so much.

      Thor’s questions:
      1. If someone comes to your door and wants to put a needle in your arm what would be your response? Kiss my Grits!
      2. Is synthetic meat going to be Soylent green? No idea. I’d rather eat squirrel.
      3. How many people will be homeless and starving this year? More than last year, but hopefully families (or adopted families) will be able to look out for each other to reduce that number. My mom used to talk about her parents feeding people in return for doing work on their farm.
      4. Has crime gone up in your area? I think I talked about this a few weeks ago – murder and home invasions are down, but domestic violence is up.
      5. Should the world ban imports from China? It could jumpstart our economy. This is a tricky one, although a lot of manufacturing has moved out of China to other Asian countries, so it might not do as much harm to China as hoped. The DH and I are doing our best to research items we’re purchasing to make sure we are at least supporting US companies, even if they are sourcing parts from overseas (sometimes there is no other choice because so little is made here currently). I do think Trump is doing his best to bring a lot of manufacturing back to the US. I can say that there are still some regulations in place that require US sourcing of specific items – a job my company did was required to source steel from the US. The steel was made in Chicago, then the part was created in Texas and finally shipped to Atlanta.
      6. Should the government take control of Chinese companies’ property AKA meat processing plants as part of the retribution for the Kung Flu? I’d love to see how this would work – I don’t think the US Government should control any kind of business – they usually F it up. I do think the US Government should limit the ability of foreign entities and individuals from owning property in the US.

  1. I did my grocery shopping this week twice and added to my stash. The store’s TP supply is up to about 40%, water close to 100%, paper towels about 80%. Many meat products still being rationed, although there is a decent supply in the reefer cases.

    My Ex accepted a $220K cash offer on her house, so she’s happy. She is thinking about buying five acres with a single-wide on it for our son to live in. I’m not too certain about that, but we’ll see. I had to correct her when she wrote she was going to buy five acres to “put our son in.” 😊 He doesn’t want to move from the area they live in, and the Ex wants to leave, possibly to the Pensacola area where her brothers live. Hard to tell with her though.
    Speaking of my son, one of his newly hatched chicks died, so he’s down to two. His roo had to go to rooster jail (a dog crate) as he wouldn’t leave one hen alone. He’ll stay there until the hen’s feathers grow back then hopefully he’ll leave her alone. If not, he’ll go in the pot. I named him Soup. My son doesn’t know how to pluck and clean a chicken, but luckily his mother and her aunt do. That was a necessary skill when growing up in Cuba. They’ll teach him. I learned how to fix up a pig for a roasting session in a pit. My FIL and a BIL taught me. Another required skill for a Cuban or a white boy married to one. 😊

    We’re technically in the summer rain pattern time (afternoon rains). It’s been very dry and hot (mid-90s) and the powers-that-be are declaring burn bans along with all the other bans they’ve been imposing. The weather guessers keep saying we’ll have rain, but it doesn’t happen. We’ll see. Florida can get some pretty nasty wildfires sometimes. Where I used to live, further north in Florida, we occasionally got marsh fires. Commonly started by lightning strikes on trees causing root systems to catch fire, those are really smokey underground fires and cause road closures and car crashes due to the low visibility. Usually the only way to put them out is to hope for a tropical storm to pass through and drop enough rain to soak deep into the soil. Bam Bam and Daddio7 should know about them too.

    Granddaughter was over on Wednesday afternoon and all-day Friday. She is so much fun, and I love being with her. We’re working hard on reading skills and money.

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. What predators do you have to deal with most to protect your livestock and garden crops?
    I have no livestock or garden crops to worry about, but there are some predator animals out and about. Coyotes, raccoons, possums, and other such critters. And of course, alligators, and rarely around here, brown bears, but they do make guest appearances sometimes.

    2. How are your gardens growing?

    No gardens.

    3. What do you think about the pandemic shut down and reopening phases going on where you live … and of the omnipotence of health directors, in general?

    The shutdowns and reopening are all politically driven. What can a mom and pop store offer politicians compared to Wal-Mart? What threat can they offer compared to a Wal-Mart, Publix, etc?

    Health directors are not elected, but they are hired and fired by politicians who are. So, it comes back to what I wrote in the paragraph above. Whatever a state or county health director does or doesn’t do is a direct reflection of his/her political bosses will. Science has only as much to do with the situation as the politicians choose for it to have.

    4. What did you do to prepare this week?

    See above.

    1. We had some fires a few years ago that were so bad you really couldn’t go outside. They had 441 across the prairie shut down for weeks. There was near zero visibility.

    1. 1. What predators do you have to deal with most to protect your livestock and garden crops?
      Coyotes, foxes, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, dogs, bobcats, raccoons, deer, various birds like my garden and chickens, various insects that love my plants, and snakes love eggs and chicks.
      2. How are your gardens growing?
      Pretty well. See below for my sweet corn problem.
      3. What do you think about the pandemic shut down and reopening phases going on where you live … and of the omnipotence of health directors, in general?
      I’m ready to get things back open and let those who want to get out to be able to do so. Small businesses in my area, as many others, are suffering greatly.
      4. What did you do to prepare this week?

      This week:
      -Chicks are growing and doing well.

      -The corn seed that I ordered from Burpee didn’t germinate well. Less than ten percent came up, but the same variety bought locally did fine. I’m going to have to replant.
      -Replanted the strawberries that were dead. )Nourse sent replacements.) The grandkids, ages 4 and 1 ½, helped. It was quite an experience.

      *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: nitrile gloves, clotting spray, alcohol swabs, Kleenex, aloe gel, sunscreen, laundry detergent, hand cream, body wash, band-aids, 18 quarts of shelf-stable milk, canned vegetables, toiletries, 4 gal. vegetable oil, plastic forks and spoons, Oxi Clean, dishwasher detergent, spices, trash bags,

      -I bought three flats of fresh local strawberries. I’m going to make a lot of jam, freeze some berry puree for strawberry lemonade, and eat some fresh.
      -We left the camper to have a few repairs done on the new camper we bought.
      -Still learning about hydroponics and trying to grow in the greenhouse.

      Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

      1. How could I forget? I picked up meat from the locker for us and our adult kids. It’s their Christmas and birthday presents for the year. Now we’re eating high on the hog…and cow.

      2. Grammy

        I had trouble with my sweet corn germinating. My planting a month ago I soaked the seeks over night, 100% germination. They are also the healthiest looking stalks this year. The same with okra and melon seeds.

        1. First time I haven’t soaked my okra seeds in the last 2-3 years and my okra is germinating well. It’s also seed I saved.

  2. Happy Saturday,

    We are up and about and getting ready for a run to Lowe’s for some mulch and stuff. I talked to the guys that have my T bucket and it’s 5th in line now for photos and they suspect it’ll be online by Wednesday afternoon. That’s fine with me. I have a car I plan to go look at on Tuesday evening so we’ll see how that works out.

    I did prep stuff but it has become such a part of what I do that it doesn’t stand out any longer. We are good on everything we need and I did order some some more PMs while the premium is manageable.

    As for the questions, no predators, no garden, and I am very unhappy with President Trump trying to force the churches open. I don’t think my church will open until we are ready and as for us, we won’t go until we are convinced it’s safe to do so.

    What we did for prep is at the beginning.

    Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend and say a prayer for the ones that have made the ultimate sacrifice.


    1. Cliff,

      I don’t think Trump is trying to force churches to open. What I think he is doing is telling governors to get their noses out of church business, that it is up to the individual churches and congregations to make the open/close decisions.

      I agree with that.

      1. Zulu 3-6
        I agree with the stand of telling governors to get out of the church business. But I hear him saying we need more prayer, and yes, that we do, but it also sounds like he is pushing for churches to open. Maybe I’m hearing him wrong but neither the President or the Governor will over ride our Pastor and Elders about deciding when we will have in person services again. In the meantime, Sunday morning we are watching the Pastor and Praise Band deliver the message.

        Also, my missive was probably not the best worded effort on my part. For that I apologize.

        1. Cliff,

          No biggie. I do think it is up to the church involved to decide how to handle the Kung flu. Certain state level politicians who are not fond of religion, particularly Judaeo-Christian religions, need to bugger off.

          1. Agreed, Zulu. Different counties have different risk levels. A state-level blanket ban on church gatherings is wrong. I support Trump for telling governors to stand down. Some Democrat governors wanted to shut down gun stores, shutting ranges and churches. Trump declared church and gun stores “essential”.

          2. Bam Bam,

            I swear Biden is either just mentally retarded or he has dementia of some form. Of course he will get a pass in the end, although I’m surprised that some media and some major black figures and organizations have slapped him a little.

            I know some black folks who think Biden is a dyed in the wool racist and communist. Needless to say they must not be really black as they don’t plan to vote for him.

            I didn’t agree with busing then or now. I saw what it did to my high school and to the black students who transferred there to get away from their neighborhood schools in the years prior. As oneof the black kids on the football team said to me, “There goes the neighborhood.”

          3. Z36, Biden definitely has dementia. Both of my in-laws suffered that before they passed away.

            I have a black neighbor and we watch each other’s property. We don’t have the same political views though, he said Biden is our only hope…..I almost fainted…..he ex-military an MP for the 10th mountain infantry….go figure ???

        2. Out church opened last Sunday with requirements that all staff be masked. Congregation had the option to wear or not. The pews were taped with a big X to help with social distancing and such. While the place wasn’t full, it was good to see people there in person. The service started with a recognition of high school seniors who had graduated. They were their cap and gown and were recognized individually by our pastor (no hand shakes). Afterwards there was a reception in our fellowship room set up so that families could social distance from each other at cafe tables (food and drinks already on tables – no food lines), and there was a nice backdrop where they could have a photo opt with their parents, grandparents. Adults were so happy to have this small scale celebration for your youth. All of our Life Group classes were continued to use zoom until further notice.

    2. Unless I misunderstood, the president isn’t forcing churches to open. He’s just keeping the government from forcing them to close.

      1. PG, very major chain store is open. wally cost-bo,sums club, what has been stiffled is the small business. eateries, and homes. No school/eateries means people must cook at home. this is foreign to most. they don’t know required amounts, how to make self rising flour from plain flour, how to make anything but speciality dishes from specialized ingredients.
        As reopening has been initiated.. they have ignored peoples spiritual leanings and the supports gained there… and Bars were opened all time if their service is take out.. some states were saying gatherings of 10… not 10% capacity. not 30% capacity.. or even 50% capacity.. ALL Churches were being discriminated against because they sometimes have very large gatherings… all are not of the magnitude as what happened in SK, where one person infected 30 more …Out of a mass gathering. Each place needs to make own guidelines and do the distancing they know is appropriate… not necessarily mandated… Who ever made the term social distancing needs to be” socially distanced” to Jail..It makes me madder than 10 kinds of Hades to hear the term.
        Yes, I am angry. For our entire country to be manipulated in such a manner , just to expose corruption has me FURIOUS. AND the censorship of what one can do to combat the illness. in what ever form..whether veternairy or natural, et al….. unless it makes Pharma money it is rejected.. a drug that works in 12% of cases is considered ok to use, but not a natural item you may already have in your supplement shelf….shuuuh don’t tell anyone dewormers,mineral supplements and vitamins,or malarial drugs produced 50 years ago and more help your body rid this pathogen.
        POTUS just placed religion back in the spotlight as providing a necessary spiritual and emotional support to congregants. For some people their church services are their only regular activity other than a physicians visit… This virus will not be gone soon. corona virus have been around eons. it will mutate/change.
        AND NO I AM NOT wearing a mask. when sick i will stay home. I will take my antivirals. what i don’t have, i will make.
        The first tests on the vaccine does not look promising., 21% rate of illness that produced hospitilization….after??( see health rangers report on Fauci, is near the end of that report…. from somewhere else…( don’t remember where.) . some of the top of company officials, doing it are selling their stock… ..instead of purchasing more.
        has turned off hot. must go out and take care of bunnies, going to mist them.. 88 degrees with almost 80% humidity… already have ice bottles. and have had ice water.. will be back later to answer q’s..

        1. I agree with you. My faith is essential to me, and part of that is going to church. I’m glad the president acknowledged that. Unfortunately, in Illinois, Grand Emperor JBP is still giving “orders” to the peasants. He’s about to see an uprising.

      1. Thor1,
        True enough God IS everywhere,
        These shut downs that affect religious places – but not bars, theme parks, and opening all else up-are about keeping people disconnected.-control. Even JP Morgan says lockdowns, quarantines do not work….OBTW, China is having a resurgence in cases, in the area called the rust belt…a different form of virus, acts differently than previous one…- from that i get it has mutated.in a large area…documentation exists that says 30 different mutations…
        .There will not be an effective vaccine. There will be one developed, but it will not be to heal people.Nor will it be safe to inject into a human body…The developers and their family need to be the first recipients..of said material.the trial needs to be a minimum of 5 years so they can be monitored for health effects. This business of rushing vaccines, this one and others, to test on an unsuspecting public MUST be stopped. they do some trials-in countries where the leaders have been paid to allow it…Many of the first victims are girl children- they are expendable.Dr John Campbell has another video out on the vaccines today…

  3. In my neighborhood, both of them, Nevada and Montana, mountain lions, bears, eagles, bobcats, foxes, deer…and in Montana, Moose…hawks, wolves…

    Garden, things just coming up and looking good!

    Pandemic – we left it to our employees to decide how much exposure they wanted and they were all in on continuing our present procedures. And we have orders for production lined up to mid November and that makes us all happy! Due to more testing, there are going to be more cases, we have a lot of folks in the. over 50 column, nobody wants to die and nobody has anything that they feel the “need to do” pending whatever happens. As for omnipotence? Well we are a product of our experiences and many in the “ruling class” could have done with a lot more basic “education”, learning about the real world before they made decisions for them. And then there is Newsom, in California, when there was a first sign of a protest, he put snipers on the roof and then grabbed his family and the state jet and headed for his bunker…….in Montana! Nothing like a profligate spending coward… but what.can you expect with the same genetics of stage 4 drunk, Pelosi. Sorry if I offend anyone’s tender sensibilities here, truth hurts. I got out of California when weirdo Brown was still in office. But have family still there, and some of us over time have witnesses how ridiculous things are and how much alcohol…and drugs plays a part.

    I have spent “more” to stay in stock on items we consider necessities. Just so you know, even tech companies are beginning to move product lines away from China. Our favorite line of cameras (high focus and crystal clear) and accessories are all now being manufactured in Viet Nam and are plentiful considering all the shut downs. Bless them….as we are placing orders right now as the security business is spinning back up. Also nephew has engineered a solar motion light that will stay on longer than 30 seconds, has a bigger solar panel and a greater number of lumens. He is in the patent process. These are commercial grade, so won’t be cheap, but nobody will be sneaking up on you either.

    We are finally glad the sun is shining in Nevada…weather in Montana is stubborn at giving up winter. Fire season is just around the corner here in the Sierras. And so it is time to get out the animal trailers, line them up and stock them just in case. Checking emergency supplies in trucks and cars. Buying a few more extinguishers.

    Other than all that, we will be productive but stay out of the way of C19

    1. Worrisome-
      I would be interested in buying the longer lasting solar motion lights once they come on the market. Please share the name at that time. I hate the 30 second ones.

      1. Indeed, I will let you know. 30 Seconds is impractical for the distance where some folks need them and too far to be practical to run wire. We have done our best,, but are tired of living with a less than satisfactory solution. It will be a while, after patent, there is all the manufacturing to get set up. Guarantee it is going to be made in the USA! Probably in Montana from the way things are presently going.

  4. Received the hair cutting kit I ordered to fill one important hole. I should try to get some clippers and then that hole will be completely filled. Received a book on medicinal herbs. My local Wal-Mart is getting more dehydrated food in so I have picked up powdered butter and another potato shreds.
    Our library is doing curbside pickups again so I got some books and videos that were requested back in March. Haircuts can once again take place so got my haircut. Actually had a face to face with my new nurse practitioner. On my third medical provider at this clinic which is getting old.
    We have the standard wildlife in the town I live in although I have heard that there might be a bobcat in the gully behind my house. The garden is growing fine but need to add to it.

  5. I read that the Chinese communist government has seized control of the production of face masks in China. Experts think they are preparing for a second wave.

    Life is returning to normal here in Florida. Everything is back open–with 50 percent capacity. Publix and Aldi both had toilet paper with a limit of one per customer. We now have well over a year’s supply. Beef prices around here have increased by about 30 percent. I am glad I filled the freezer months ago.

    The university is allowing athletes back on campus June 8. That’s a sign we might see football in September, provided there’s not a second wave. I think Florida has a shot at another national title this year–fifth year senior quarterback, improved offensive line, plenty of skilled players.

    I made the most interesting dish in my crockpot–Mexican pot roast called barbacoa. This was absolutely fantastic (and very easy to make–just dump the ingredients in the crockpot and cook on high for 4-6 hours). I will definitely make this again.


    The kids are coming over for supper today. I am making homemade pizza. DD requested the strangest pizza–garlic, spinach, tomatoes and anchovies. I messaged future son-in-law’s mom (also a prepper) and asked if he was always weird or whether DD made him weird. She rolled over laughing. He was always pepperoni and cheese. LOL

    I signed up for Misfits. Our property has too much shade for a garden. I really like the company’s ideology. I did not realize that up to half of the produce grown in the U.S. is thrown out because it looks funny. Apparently, grocery stores only want produce that looks perfect. Misfits buys all the oddly shaped organic produce, puts it in a box and ships it to your door–for half the price you would pay at the grocery store.


    I am irritated by Biden’s comment that if you vote for Trump you “ain’t black”. This is such a racist comment–from a man who opposed integration and voted against busing. I think I am even more irritated that the media is giving him a pass on this and the sexual harassment allegations–“believe all women” has now become “believe all women who accuse Republicans”.

    Well that’s it from Florida.

    1. Bam Bam, that China withheld pp for their own use and wanted to corner the market is probably true…at least according to the 5 eyes investigation into why WHO was so late in declaring this a pandemic. Germany was the first to report that China “pressured” WHO to hold up the declaration while they “collected”. Also it was reported in Australian papers that China “threatened” them with economic harm if they investigated. So, on existing information, I am in the “yeah, it happened” column.

      Then, crazy California Governor ordered $1 Billion dollars of face masks from China, took delivery of about 60% of them only to find out they were not FDA approved..and were totally defective and did not work….. China’s black eye grows by the day.

      Of note, if you want to find things out, sometimes it is worth it to check out English editions of other countries’ news…lots of times it is not nearly as “controlled” as ours has become, just saying.

      1. Worrisome,

        I totally agree–if you want the real story you need to read papers from outside the U.S. I speak five languages so I read the news from a lot of different countries.

  6. Puppy and I were playing ball gun and he stopped dead in his tracks. In the weeds/blackberry bushes on the other side of a fruit tree, was a snake. How he knew it was there I don’t know but he started after it. I ID’d it, it was a gardener snake but I grabbed puppy’s tail anyway as they are good snakes.

    Freeze dryer
    Freeze dried spaghetti in meat sauce
    3 lbs of hamburger
    Cheesey eggs
    1 QT of Milk….first time for milk….now I have 1 and 1/2 gallons in the freeze dryer…that thing is awesome. After it’s dry, I put it in the Ninja food processor to powderize it. Then put it in a mylar bag with an oxygen absorber and seal. Soooo light

    Dehydrated garlic slices and powderized it for powder and garlic salt.

    Ordered stock shell holders for all shotguns.

    Tested the CB handheld radios in the neighborhood.

    Transplanted another tomato plant and some thyme.

    Stocked back up to over 100 rolls yay.

    Thor’s questions:
    1. If someone comes to your door and wants to put a needle in your arm what would be your response?
    2. Is synthetic meat going to be Soylent green?
    3. How many people will be homeless and starving this year?
    4. Has crime gone up in your area?
    5. Should the world ban imports from China? It could jumpstart our economy.
    6. Should the government take control of Chinese companies property AKA meat processing plants as part of the retribution for the Kung Flu?

    1. Tara’s questions:
      1.What predators do you have to deal with most to protect your livestock and garden crops?
      Golden eagles, Hawks, coyotes, squirrels and birds
      2.How are your gardens growing? Awesome
      3.What do you think about the pandemic shut down and reopening phases going on where you live … and of the omnipotence of health directors, in general? Idiots….more people will die from vaccinations and also more will starve to death than die from the Kung Flu

    2. Thor’s questions:

      1. If someone comes to your door and wants to put a needle in your arm what would be your response?

      I’d answer: “Sure. Can I shoot you in the back of the head with my 7.62mm rifle first?”

      2. Is synthetic meat going to be Soylent green?

      I don’t know about that. It seems a bit futuristic to me.

      3. How many people will be homeless and starving this year?

      I didn’t know how many were homeless and starving last year. However, I suspect the answer would be “More.”

      4. Has crime gone up in your area?

      No. Actually the opposite especially when it comes to home invasions.

      5. Should the world ban imports from China? It could jumpstart our economy.

      Yes, I think China should be cut off 100%. It may cause prices to increase here, but that will be fairly short term as long as companies start producing here in the US and the government stays out of the way. I would allow China to buy products from us as long as it was cash on the barrel head and didn’t involve any product that could be used to hurt us.

      6. Should the government take control of Chinese companies property AKA meat processing plants as part of the retribution for the Kung Flu?

      Retribution is the wrong word. Restitution is correct. And, hell yes the government should seize all Chinese assets in the US, nationalize the seized profit making companies (for the time being until they can be sold to American private enterprise). Plus, the Chinese government owes the US money anyway on bonds they sold to the US and other countries before the CCP took over the country in the late 1940s. International law requires successor governments to assume the lawful debts of predecessor governments. The United Kingdom demanded the CCP to redeem their bonds, or else all Chinese assets would be seized including those in Hong Kong which still was controlled by the UK then. Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister. China promptly settled up. Maggie wasn’t known as the Iron Lady for nothing.

      1. Are you forgetting the trillions of dollars we have borrowed from the Chinese? There is no way we can ever pay that back.

        1. Farm Girl,

          No I haven’t forgotten the foolish borrowing of money from the Chinese. However, in actuality, they are in more economic danger from us telling them to suck eggs then seizing all of their assets in compensation for the Kung flu and the bonds sold to us by the Kuomintang in the 1940s. The CCP will lose a heck of a lot more money than we will if we want to be real a-holes about it, which we should. Factories, sea ports, land, etc, all seized and nationalized, then sold to Americans and un-nationalized (aka: privatized). Of course, the democrats will go crazy over that.

          As I wrote in an earlier post, we can still sell stuff to the Chinese, but it must be cash on the barrel head and non-military stuff.

          Would they possibly try to start a shooting war? They might, but in reality the CCP does not have the air and naval forces to hurt us enough, although they might try to hurt Taiwan and Japan. Sadly for China, if we are there to help Taiwan and Japan, it won’t go well for them. Japan, in particular, has a decent navy.

          I have some information that the US has already parked a bunch of nuke attack subs off China. Plus there are a number of US surface vessels floating nearby and steaming around those man-made islands that the CCP claims. So if China tries to use their rather lame navy, the ocean bottom is going to be littered with Chinese ships and their precious islands in the South China Sea will be smoking ruins. The Chinese military is not that great. On land they would be a pain in the rear due to sheer numbers, but their navy and air forces are not as technologically advanced as US, Japanese, or Taiwanese militaries.

    3. Thor, No, No, as many as do not prep, no. Government does not need to ban if people will look at country of origin and not buy China. made… Yes plus all wind turbines…all the parks and other infrastructure all those deals by thiefs here should be reversed as national security threat.

    4. Thor’s questions:
      1. well they would have had to walk past the sign on the gate that tells tresspassers they will be raped, so i would just put my rifle in their face and tell them to leave or bend over for their injection

      2. no, its basically cloned meat grown in a lab setting.

      3. no idea, technically i am homeless under state criteria because my place doesn’t meet code or look like a suburban townhouse. my 20×20 (bigger with the addition and porches counted) cabin is not considered a house, just a solid wooden building thats insulated, heated, has basic essentials like power, and i sleep in it at night and sit on a couch watching dvds in bad weather and its on land i own debt free, but under state criteria its not considered a legitamate house so i am considered homeless. all kinds of crazy bs in determining what counts and what doesn’t. i do assume there will be a lot of problems and alternative housing beccoming more common.

      4. not that i noticed, but this is a bad area already, though in all fairness nobody is crazy enough to mess with my place, hard to get into, not much of value to be seen (mismatched roofing, rough cut clapboard siding, lots of scavanged materials, or stuff made log cabin style, all equipment tends to be old, worn down and repaired relics, and i am often seen standing on the porch with a rifle or with a sword on my belt, i ride my bike around wearing a kilt and sword on my belt. and the sign on the gate is very intimidating.

      5. canada was in the local news up here after buying a large supply of m95 masks from china on a bulk deal but then the masks were faulty and poorly made and would not meet the requirements, same with ventilators they got from china that came and were defective, poorly made. china doing a good job killing their overseas market on their own, the usual shoddy manufacturing they are uses to selling is really getting noticed when people are counting on it working enmass.

      6. no, despite china dropping the ball early on in the crisis confiscating companies properties for something they had nothing to do with is like all the idiots who think huge amounts of money should be given out to all black people as reparations for slavery, despite that no former slaves are left living, no slave owners are left, the people who would get hand outs and those who would have to pay have nothing to do with what happened 170 years ago. thats just scapegoating

    5. Thor,

      Since I have more time at home I have taught my GSD German: sitzen (sit), nieder (down), bleibe (stay) and most importantly, komm her, mutter ficker.

  7. Hello all,

    1 and 2- We have more pests than predators. No garden or livestock so periodically we have to get rid of pests. Fortunately, I seem to have an aptitude for killing stuff. I dispatch squirrels with my Daisy 880 from high school loaded with pointed pellets and ten pumps. Marksmanship helps make it 100% effective. I use rat and mouse poison outside. We keep an eye on the puppy to make sure she doesn’t eat anything dead. It’s very rare that we see any carcasses though. Ants usually come out this time of year but I use Terro gel. That kills the whole colony.
    3- This whole Plandemic is just a way for the NWO to keep us on lockdown. I’m not playing. I don’t wear a mask unless a store requests it. Nobody stops me to harass me about it. People are starting to rebel so that’s been a good development.
    4- My Azorean Portuguese next door neighbor scored me a case of TP. It’s the janitorial type but it’ll do. I’m sure it’s like 18 grit sandpaper but we have a lot of baby wipes so I’m sure we’ll be ok. Meanwhile I’ll use the good brands I have.

    Managed to get some work for myself and my technicians this week so things are starting to recover. Having my home improvement guys over this week to change the overhead garage door to a pair of swingouts. He’s going to install a window, fix the roof, and help me organize it too. I warned Mrs. Overwatch that, no matter how nice it gets here, we’re still moving to Tennessee ASAP.

    Cliff in Douglasville, Mrs. Overwatch hit you up with a friend request on FB. Pretty blonde from Massachusetts. Bam-Bam, I’ll ask her to find you too.

      1. Your name, I remember well, my friend. It’s funny. We’ve been like a family for years and so few of us know names or contact info. We should figure out a way to remedy that.

        1. There is a plan in the works. I’ve been here for 10+ years. I would love to connect with folks in real life–GA Red is taking over for O.P. as facilitator.

          1. I’m going to send you my info. You are more than welcome to share it with our regulars. Thank you.

          2. Claire,

            Please send Overwatch my info. Thank you for stepping in for OP. I think we need a facebook page for those of us willing to get real.

        2. GA Red/Claire,

          I would love to make friends with Zulu, Daddio and Thor in real life. If they request, please send them my information.

  8. 1. What predators do you have to deal with most to protect your livestock and garden crops?
    Free roaming neighbors dogs are the most destructive common predators.
    2. How are your gardens growing?
    Not this year. Sick 9 weeks. The last two weeks has been trying to survive a bad reaction to an antibiotic. I fight to walk on cramping legs. Bed, bathroom, living room chair. Fighting to eat a few bites of solid food and keep it down. Do that a few times a day. Drinking power aid and cold bottles of water is easy.
    3. What do you think about the pandemic shut down and reopening phases going on where you live … and of the omnipotence of health directors, in general?
    My state is partly beginning to open. 3 counties still locked down pretty tight. All of state you can get a citation if you’re out without a mask. Most officers carry extras to give rather than do that.
    Health directors seem to have powers currently up somewhere close to God. They need brought down a few pegs.
    4. What did you do to prepare this week?

    1. Clergy lady, try an epsom salt foot bath for magnesium, it ususlly stops cramps very quickly… after the 20 min foot soak rinse feet in warm water and moisturize.specific amounts are on bag of most brands. i used 1/3 cup to 1.5 gal very warm water..)

    2. Tara.s questions… #1 We have several predators. loose dogs, coon,possum,skunk, snakes(mostly rat snakes here… )I have seen a mountain lion, there are Panthers, Bob cat, Has been a good while since anyone has seen the bear we had for a while. we have squirrel that steals our fruit. and a few wild rabbits.
      #2 Garden- can’t yet call it a garden. potatoes are up knee high, watered today-now it’s raining. sweetpotato slips(about 80) went out last night and finished today., several more grow areas in process of being planted. problem late freezes and frosts and now rain. I took my excess sweetpotato slips to a near neighbor….they got a like amount.
      #3Pandemic=goverment overreach, disinformation, corruption. False information everywhere. How do i know it is false? their lips are moving-one day they say one thing the next day the opposite is true.
      They have no real information,they desire to release- Common sense solutions, wash your hands with soap and water., if you are sick stay home…use Zinc, D3 and other immune boosters.Natural antivirals work. Vaccines on corona virus are ineffective, said last flu shot was 10%..it also contained many system irritants and was injected into the weakest. Many who admit taking it this year also got sick within 2-3 days of taking the vaccine… then they returned to the doctor to get Tamiflu.
      .The medically compromised- yes they may/do get a terrible jolt-from all virus’. This one s no exception. use measures you know works,clean the shopping cart handles and use disinfectant wipes on return to car…etc. when you get home. use nasal wash/eye wash/mouth wash if incident which spreads germs=(sneeze of cough near you.)..take a bath and wash hair and use preventative herbals or colloidal silver.
      This has not greatly changed our routines. we normally go no where but feedstore, grocery store and to purchase necessary things. we are home bodies…we are continuing to do what we do. have added some meat birds(first time) and i have added a few new chickens. to expand our flock..
      #4 Preps.. gained some information on local bulk meat purchase availability., Talked with near neighbor re:her garden efforts and ours. worked on cleaning out bunny area and hen house. washed down water catchment and refilled. we did mowing and weed eating this week.. found some herbals did not know what we had.. is mugwort/wormwood. highly antiviral and anti malarial works on malaria that is resistant to quinine.is used as a deconcoction.. Shoulder is finally on way to healing again.. I have done enough am sore in last 2 days.mostly filling the next garden bed with material for planting.of more veggies…. Put away canning efforts after washing jars and labeling jars and boxes.
      Take care everyone… Do what you need to do to have food secured for your family. we use an all of the above type effort..some commercially canned foods, dry goods-pasta,rice, beans, wheat, oats, home dehydrated, staple food items. /canning/pickling items, salt,seasonings. little in freeze dry-commercial due to food intolerances. Not dislikes-intolerance.
      Don;t forget your multi use items will require larger amounts as other things become scarce… baking soda, vinegar, bleach-powder forms, peroxide powder forms.laundry options…scrub brushes for multiple applications.. bottle brushes, scrub pads in multi kinds and sizes.Do you use plastics- drinking glasses? need big bowls for processing veggies?extra buckets for picking vegetables/processing meat gathered into secure housing.
      Your family depends on your best effort.As others scramble it is so peaceful to know you have what you need..Keep on keeping on..

  9. (1). Predators include stray dogs, coyotes, possums, raccoons, and alligators.
    (2) my garden is kicking out a lot of green beans…tomatoes are forming. Vining stuff is starting to take off.
    (3) Florida is opening up. I keep to myself mostly because the sheeple bug me!
    (4). I ordered some freeze dried butter powder and shortening powder. Canning beans, dehydrating peppers and elderberries continues. Trying to transplant some small elderberry plants to our land from where I currently pick…they look terrible but I hope they recover from the shock! Ordered vanilla beans to make my own extract, and ordered some USA-made overalls. Gave hoof trimming lesson to some new goat owners….thats all I can remember !

    1. Goatlover,

      My adopted mom just got a bunch of goats–mostly to keep the vegetation down around the pond. I am excited to learn about goats.

  10. Hello everyone-
    Busy week here with a couple of high wind days. Moderate temperatures so the garden did not suffer from a double whammy.

    Problem critters around here are jackrabbits, coyotes and deer. Gardens are fenced to keep the animals at bay. The cool weather crops are going like gangbusters. Have traded some lettuce heads for eggs. Most of the seedlings have been transplanted and waiting on sweet potato slips that were shipped on Wednesday- I hope they show up today.

    The virus is just now reaching this part of flyover country. The capitol is a long way away and probably past the worst so everything opening back up. In the heart of farm country almost everything is essential so the economic distress was not great. And the kids did not seem to mind the lack of school.

    Still working on quilts when not in the garden. Grocery stores are full and DH brought home two jars of yeast today.

    I have one question, found a jar of extracted chokecherry juice in back of one of the refrigerators. Will it be ok to mix with cherry juice next month for a mixed jelly? Have a bumper crop of sour cherries coming on which will make up for the poor crop of peaches.

    Stay safe everyone.

  11. What predators do you have to deal with most to protect your livestock and garden crops? We have deer, foxes, coyotes, rabbits, raccoons, dogs , cats, woodchucks, skunks, chipmunks and squirrels AND the occasional bear! (so far he hasn’t trekked this far into the neighborhood, but I’ve seen him two streets over.
    How are your gardens growing?I’m just getting mine into the ground, because Most of the time it’s been raining, and I have to wait 3 days for it to by dry enough to work. That hasn’t happened but twice since March! We are setting records here for rainall, and only half the year is gone(well, not quite half). Tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, onions are in, as well as the first New raised bed, with two kinds of lettuces, Swiss chard, basil and cilantro. The second bed will have carrots, beets, Kale and spinach in it, the third bed will be second planting of lettuces, and a few other greens. Fourth bed, I’m not sure yet.
    What do you think about the pandemic shut down and reopening phases going on where you live … and of the omnipotence of health directors, in general? I praise God I live in TN, but I feel for those who are in “prison”, NY, CA, and NJ and PA. I have a lot of relatives in all those states. Talked to my best friend growing up in CT this week, and she is wondering if they waited too long to get out of CT. I said it isn’t too late til they start picking you up at your door! They have been exploring other options, and their children and new grandchild will be going with them. her hubby teaches at the local High School, and doesn’t want to lose his retirement at this stage. I don’t think Theres any money left to PAY retirement in that state! She is very aware of what is happening, just trying to deal with one thing at a time. She has more guts than I do. I’ve been working on her since 1973!
    What did you do to prepare this week? See above, and prayers for this country, we are gonna need it!

  12. Hey everyone. My small garden is doing extremely well. The rain and warmer weather has allowed it to take off. Predators I have to deal with are mostly squirrels, and that’s manageable this year.
    Most of everything is opening in Ga. Most retailers are hoping that Memorial weekend will see an increase in shopping as folks spend those stimulus dollars. My roommate hasn’t received her check yet. How about you guys?
    Take care and be safe!

  13. Hello, peoples
    Tara’s questions
    Although we have a coyote problem, we haven’t had any livestock issues. The racoons and possums are an issue with the chickens.
    Planning on putting the full garden in this weekend. A second rototill was finished today. The barrel tators are having green spouts coming up. The fall planted garlic is doing well.
    I could go on and on of this states lockdown and partial opening…..but I’ll keep the BP down by not going into detail.
    Our state is in stay at home, stay safe lock down, with a new order, until June 15 th now.
    These demi governors are doing all they can to bring this country/economy down.
    “We’re all in this together”….. getting screwed.

    Same ole, same ole.
    One day at a time

    1. Joe2c, that’s how we all have to do it one day at a time..
      .I have not heard when our congregational meetings resume yet.. zoom is better than nothing.. but barely. when theme parks and ohe palces are able to open with normal business and houses of worship are not….that IS discrimination…
      when we are all in this.together.. sure right. i am going to give my brothers and sisters all big HUGS and they will not be virtual.
      egyptian onions are doing well, just got them started.. shoulder is better! yeah! rabbit tobacco is seeding..

    2. Joe2c,

      Yes, those criminals aren’t hurting one bit… They are still getting paid for doing nothing. Any governor or mayor that wants to close down their state or city should not get a paycheck. Some still won’t care, but maybe they would think twice about it. Criminal behavior that they should be sued for.

  14. What predators do you have to deal with most to protect your livestock and garden crops? Deer, possums, raccoons. My neighbor told me there are even coyotes in the woods now.
    How are your gardens growing? All my cold weather crops are done except the collards and I am tired of them. I picked all my purple hulled beans. I bought a vintage sheller, “Magic Fingers”. Worked great with my drill. It is made to use with a kitchen mixer but mine goes too fast. That thing save a lot of time and my fingers. I got about 8 quarts of shelled peas. I am going to have some cantaloupes and watermelons soon. I let the crab grass over grow my carrots and onions. My garden planted eggplant and peppers are doing great. I am fighting the grass in them. My container tomatoes are bearing but still not strawberries. I really need to research to find what they need to produce.

    My neighbor planted ten quarter mile long rows of peppers in front of my home under contract . It was dry and the workers did not plant many of the transplants deep enough to get moisture. Then with the restaurants shut down the market for them dried up so she planted melons, cucumbers and other things in the empty spots to make some use of the mulch and fertilizer. Her husband told me to get anything I want from there.

    What do you think about the pandemic shut down and reopening phases going on where you live … and of the omnipotence of health directors, in general? Living in rural north Florida they did what was necessary. Thursday night my wife and I went to Chili’s to celebrate my 68th birthday. I think I was the oldest person there. Young people are going out but the old people are still isolating themselves. We do not need a governor or president to control us, we have learned some things along the way.

    What did you do to prepare this week? I finally have my garage wired for the generator. I did most of the work last night and just finished up this evening. I have my days and nights mixed up again so I just work until dawn. My wife hates for me to do stuff like that (climbing ladders and playing with electricity) but I have to work when I feel good. I actually enjoy working that way. I have plenty of lights and without the outside glare I can see better.

    Speaking of lights this afternoon we had a severe thunderstorm that knocked our power out for about an hour. We got about 2 inches of much needed rain. After we regained power I started my weekly “what did I do” post and had a good bit typed when click, power went off again, arrrggg. I am investing in a UPS for my computer. So I went outside to work and was going to power my work lights with the generator but by the time I got my cords together it came back on. Finished my wiring and came in and restarted my computer from the power outage. It ask if I wanted to restore my session, usually I just click no and start a new but I clicked yes. Guess what, my long “what did I do” post was still there. I guess Firefox saves everything as you type. Next time they ask for money I am giving them some.

    On Tuesday I got call from my mother asking if I could come take my dad to the doctor. He had been is pain for several weeks but had reached his limit. Oh joy, we get to go to the hospital. It happens his doctor has his office in the Palm Coast hospital. What a circus, security directing traffic and asking what to do. I was directed the packed parking lot. I found a spot and my dad needed to use the restroom so he just took off toward the building rather then wait for the shuttle. For a man in severe pain and two months shy of his ninetieth birthday he moved pretty fast. My mom needs a hip replacement but she was hobbling pretty good two. We then had to run the Covid-19 check gauntlet and being not having a temperature we were allowed inside. After about an hour with the doctor my dad was taken over to the emergency deportment when all the test equipment is. My mom and I had to make it back to my truck and drive around to the emergency parking lot. I was lucky to get a spot and we go in. Only one visitor allowed so there I was, 40 miles from home with many hours to kill.

    I drove back into Bunnell and got something to eat. I had the restaurant to myself. I told the waitress I was waiting to hear from my mom and she said take all the time you want. After a while I went to a grocery store past the hospital and looked for something that is hard to find, fig preserves. They had two jars, score. I left the store and parked in a shady spot and was reading an Amazon Unlimited book on my phone when my mom called and said they were ready to go home. No real diagnosis so I guess that is a good thing. Thursday I did have to go back (they live 30 miles away) and pick up some pain medication for my dad, Tylenol wasn’t working.

    My wife says we need to find some way to move them onto our property. Moving them in with me is not possible, my dad is too difficult. I have plenty of room for a travel trailer so that might be an option. They have limited means but those stimulus checks we just got could be put to use. My wife’s 84 year old widower dad is in poor shape also and he live 20 miles in the opposite direction. A few months ago he slipped down and while uninjured he couldn’t get up. It took him an hour to find a way to pull over the small table where his cordless phone was to call for help. He has one of those Life Alert things now.

    Good news my daughter was able to go back to work at the hair salon. Bad news my wife has to start taking care of our three and a half year old granddaughter three days a week again. Actually a month with her mother calmed her down. She is getting to be independent. My wife let her outside and went looking for her a few minutes later. She found her in the garage standing on the top of my six foot stepladder. Her mother took her to the shop to pick up her car that had needed some work. She heard the air tools from the work area and started to go back there. Her mother no, you can’t go back there, the mechanics are working. My granddaughter exclaimed, ” ‘canics, I love ‘canics”. We just got a concrete pad with a carport over it. My granddaughter ran up to my wife’s Jeep, laid down on the back and wiggled under it, pretending to fix something. What a child.

    1. Daddio – I have a picture of my youngest under the back of her car when she was about 16 or 17. She is my girly girl but has no problem getting dirty – she may wear makeup while doing it though.

    2. That kid is absolutely fearless! Thats scary! My dad tells the story of when he was 5, my grandfather worked the CCC camp in Northern VA, Lime Kiln, and those kiln stacks were 50 ft tall. My grandfather’s employeescame to tell him his son had climbed one of the kilns and wouldnt comedown. He went over there, and my father was 50 feet off the ground! My dad said, “catch me Daddy!” Like he did at the lake when my dad was jumpingoff the floating dock, but Grandpa said NO! Just climb down like you went up( while the men prepared to catch). My father climbed down, so that’s why I’m here today! Lol my grandfather nearly had a coronary.

    3. Daddio7, In last 2 weeks had t0 take DB to hospital for emergency care.Allowed NO ONE in hospital except patient. no one to accompany OR give more information.
      One entrance and one exit. all others locked. No way to get information on status and telephone service was spotty or non existent until right at hosptial.
      Idiots thought we were going to be waiting in parking lot for hours- (to be determined while they gave medication and gave him time to respond…..No food, no drink and no bathroom…, STUPID> we came home..it was a 40 min drive each way..).. while they determined he had fluid,evident from edema…. needed immediate IV meds,which HE was able to tell them.Of course anyone that KNOWS anything about their own medical care is an affront to those who like to PLAY God. , and think they are….Smart butt Physician, said “this did not work out so well last time what do you think i’m going to do now.” reply was “call my cardiologist”…Q ” when did U talk to them” A ..”One hour before i got here”..Dr smarrt butt’s answer….. ” They are not open it is after hours” .. DB’s reply.”here is the phone number, if you call THIS number you WILL get a cardiologist” . Cardio pointed out 56 lb wt gain since Feb was fluid, not fat. Discrimination against people who are heavy is VERY real and can affect life and death decisions…. UNtil they are called out, it will continue.
      They still did not do what Cardio said but got attention of Cardio and will receive care once he is home…at least he is making it home…instead in a list of people who did not die of Covid except in receiving substandard care…because of unlimited “a Holes” in medical profession. Yes i was in the medical profession. there are too many people who got in there for the “money” and not because they truly care.
      Oh and regular nursing staff in many departments are laid off… so much for needing to reduce the load on medical personel.

      1. AA,

        I hate the way hospital medical staff talks to you. I tell them that I used to be a paramedic and a wilderness first aid instructor and I understand the big words, so please use them. Then they don’t.

        Medical terminology exists to allow specific and accurate communication. I don’t need to have what is going on explained to me like I’m a little kid. In fact, since I usually know what is going on anyway, I don’t need things explained at all in most cases. I’ll ask if I don’t understand. Makes me mad.

        I get back at them sometimes. I do like to look at the instruments and read results out loud to them. Or, cause them to give goofy readings because I know how to do that too. I have to be careful with that as I almost caused a nurse to call a Code Blue on me when I was getting prepped for a colonoscopy and I made the monitor nearly flat line and it set off a very low heart rate alarm.

        1. Zulu,
          the problem is , this is a teaching hospital.. so not only are they acting out, they are teaching others to ..that it is ok to prejudge others medically because you do not agree with their diet choices… Dr in question decide since he is obese that was his only issue and was not going to treat… I have a contact at that hospital. If my brother had died because of that Doctor, my SIL would be owning the horse-pital and the DR.
          Try to figure this one out- Diet for heart healthy + low purine( for gout) 1800 -2000calories….no possible way to maintain that. Can you say ??? “pick your battles for the day” and “frustration” are the order of the day…
          I can set off alarms too- and not even try… just relax and slow breathe…can also levitate..LOL. S/E of using hypnosis for childbirth…

  15. Hi gang,

    This week has had a lot of threats of rain, but lower percentages, so rain only here and there. Today was a beautiful day and I got a lot done.

    Earlier in the week, I soaked my dehydrator trays in the bathtub to get the dried mango off. They are now ready to go with the frozen veggies and ground meat. Will get some veggies on tomorrow, and if it’s raining tomorrow, will work on getting some ground turkey dehydrated.

    I planted some red geraniums, white petunias and blue lobelia in my front concrete containers. It looks so good and I like the patriotic look my front porch has during the summer. I need to put my flag on the mailbox tomorrow. I have a few more to plant in the bigger planters that sit on either side of the bench. Will try to get that done tomorrow.

    I cut all the volunteer blackberry limbs out of the front flower beds… My yard guy pulled out some pretty much dead bushes, so I still need to fill in the holes he made in the ground. Maybe I’ll get to weeding sometime soon. It will be an all day job just for the front. My side flower bed needs it too, so that will be another whole day.

    I planted some cayenne pepper and still need to plant the fig tree and marigolds. The corn, beans, beets, cukes, tomatoes and watermelon are all doing good. Not seeing anything else and there should be lots in there. The crab grass will soon take over if I don’t get in there and get it out. Without the other stuff coming up yet, I don’t want to mess up digging around. I need to get the sweet potatoes in the ground. Maybe tomorrow morning.

    Today, I went to Lowe’s to return a hand saw that didn’t do the cutting like I needed it to. Then I went to the antique barn and picked up some farm eggs so I can start preserving some in lime water. I bought a bag of lime at TSC. The bag was ripped and they gave me 50% off.. 2.50 for a 50lb bag. Not bad.. After the egg pickup, I went to the farmer’s market and they had freshly picked strawberries, so I bought 6 pints. I will get more next weekend, and then the guy said they will be done. They are soooo good.

    After the in-town visit, my neighbor’s daughter helped me in the shed. Some of the things were way too heavy for me to lift and the guys that moved the stuff from the storage unit just threw everything in there and it was a total mess. We drug most everything out, and I sorted the boxes of what I would still need to go thru and what I knew I was keeping. The stuff I need to go thru, we put in the middle so I can work on without anyone helping me lift anything. The neighbor mentioned wanting to have a yard sale when we were talking last weekend. So, I’ve been wanting to have one, but figured I lived too far off the road, at 3 miles. But they didn’t seem to think so, and so we will be having it at the end of June. I will do Fri and Sat, but she may only do Sat. I have LOTS of stuff to get rid of. I will work on the stuff in the shed this weekend, whenever there is no chance of rain for the day. I think tomorrow it’s 40%, so iffy. I am pooped and had to take 2 of the leg cramp pills and 2 Aleve so I will be able to sleep tonight.

    Tara’s questions:

    What predators do you have to deal with most to protect your livestock and garden crops? I think I may have rabbits, but so far so good. No other predatory critters around here.

    How are your gardens growing? See above.

    What do you think about the pandemic shut down and reopening phases going on where you live … and of the omnipotence of health directors, in general? I think it is total nonsense to shut the entire country down. If people want to wear a mask, by all means, but don’t tell the business owners what they can and can’t do. Enough is enough. Open the country.

    Someone posted this song recently, and even though it was done in the 60’s, and written about a protest in CA, it is history repeating itself, and very appropriate for what is going on now. The poster changed a couple of words that are in caps… I’ve been playing this at least once a day… Crazy times we are in.


    Something happening here
    What it is ain’t exactly clear
    There’s a man with a VACCINE over there
    Telling me i got to beware

    I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound
    Everybody look what’s going down

    There’s battle lines being drawn
    Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong
    WORKING people speaking their minds
    Getting so much resistance from behind

    I think it’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
    Everybody look what’s going down

    What a field-day for the heat
    A thousand people in the street
    Singing songs and carrying signs
    Mostly say, hooray for our side

    It’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
    Everybody look what’s going down

    Paranoia strikes deep
    Into your life it will creep
    It starts when you’re always afraid
    You step out of line, the man come and take you away

    We better stop, hey, what’s that sound
    Everybody look what’s going down
    Stop, hey, what’s that sound
    Everybody look what’s going down
    Stop, now, what’s that sound
    Everybody look what’s going down
    Stop, children, what’s that sound
    Everybody look what’s going down

    Prayers for those unspoken requests, for The President and for America. I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend and let us not forget what the holiday is for. Quote from Arthur Ashe – “True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.” I thank those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

    1. AT, that’s a great old song, I have it on cassette tape somewhere. Another one would be The Who ironically, “Don’t get fooled again”. Then Blue oyster cult…”The Reaper”

  16. So the kids came over for dinner today. My daughter and I were planning her wedding shower. I informed my dh he would be kicked out of the house for a few hours. Standing in front of dh and future son-in-law I said it was tradition for him to “take out son-in-law”. The guy was mortified–he thought “take out” was like maffia. DD laughed so hard.

    1. Bam Bam,

      You’re entitled to your opinion of course… I am entitled to choose to not wear one and don’t need to be shamed by anyone.

      1. I only wear one to make hubby feel better. Everybody else, moot point. If i were at your house, i wouldnt put one on unless you asked me to. I went walking with my walking buddy last week, neither one of us wore one. Ive discovered i can only go about 20 min or so wearing one, then i cant breathe. So neither of us has been back to church yet, because we cant sit thru a two hour service with a mask on.

        1. BC,

          I have problems wearing a mask for long periods, especially if I’m walking somewhere. Many moons ago when I was a paramedic and a cop, I had no issues wearing one for a long period and while active, but I’m an old fart now. I wear a mask inside stores or offices, but not at #1 daughter’s house. Never while driving.

          I think people should wear a mask if they are asked to do so in a store or someone else’s home. I think it very rude to not wear one just to stand on some kind of principle when you have been asked to put one on. But, otherwise, don’t wear one if you don’t want to.

        2. BC, you can go 18 minutes longer than I can.. tried one in my house under air-conditioning. i can’t stay under air-conditioning so gave it a good try…Not happenin’
          when certain powers thought the public would go out and purchase all they could find, they shamed people into not buying them “so the heath care workers” can have them…AND THEY need to be able to have PPE daily and hourly. so what people had, was all they had.. still can’t find them in our area. only thing people are wearing is cotton masks, they don’t filter nada.! local workers wearing them are needing to wear on their chin, because otherwise they can not breathe.otherwise they are fired…
          Now the same ones say oh, go make you a mask, even use a bandana. ..ON their misinformation, I am simply tired!. They can NOT have it both ways. If they don’t have facts , say so sit down and shut up..

      2. I thought we were all friends here. How dare you call someone selfish just because I do not believe the way you do. There have been many doctors telling us that wearing a mask is NOT GOOD for your body. I happen to believe that. So if you think I am selfish, or a hoarder, or whatever, go ahead. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” Just don’t care what you think. I might be thinking some pretty silly things about you, but will refrain from saying them.

    2. How dare You call me a shell fish! I have not been near the ocean… LOL
      Each is entitled to their own OPINION..When it crosses to calling names and interfering with my right to life, liberty and persuit of happiness ..( and religious practice)…..has gone too far.
      IF YOU want to wear one, go for it, just don’t bind it on me…..I will stay away from you, if you are wearing one.You need that 6 feet so you can get SOME clean oxygen…
      I refuse to wear a mask. They are labeled “does not prevent any disease.”
      .I prefer to breathe as much oxygen as possible, i refuse to re breath my own carbon dioxide. HYPOXIA is a medical condition and Bad for your brain cells. I prefer to keep mine , THank you very much.
      Masks tend to increase paranoia and increase stress and cortizol levels. These increase weight,stupidity and mental instability. The lockdown has killed more than the virus would have killed… and cancer deaths, heart attacks are all now covid because hospitals and Doctors get paid for the DEATH of individuals.
      I AM NOT WEARING A MASK!. I am already social distanced by POVERTY.. so pea on the social distancing garbage and mask wearing mentality. I am ready to go in any store or church service i desire and take MY antivirals and be sure i will not give or receive any virus., bacteria from common interactions, because MY FATHER MADE them all and the cure for them is readidly available to all but ones who do not seek the information….Critical Thinking, hygeine and common sense go a long way, Stupidity comes in all shapes, sizes, economic and educational backgrounds. We get to choose what area we wish to be
      ‘less learned'” in… Compliance is mine… and i will not become a stupid babbling idiot ( back to side effects of HYPOXIA here- NOT meant to slam anyone.)because someone posts “certain facts” on internet sources. Non medical personell are being steered by medical elitest who have goals. The goal is Control. NOT your health…
      The US CONSTITUTION does NOT have a medical provision.Some post in hopes someone in the learned professions will pick it up and run with it as gospel in that area.

    3. In the “valley”everyone wears a mask when out and about , when anyone else is near. The mask is not to protect me from you , but me protecting you from me , I HAVE HAD THE VIRUS , we think about ten weeks ago ,you don’t want it ,, I did not put two and two together for some time , was out and about ,wonder how many I would have given it to had I not worn a mask ,,,
      I know how and when I got it , was standing in a check out line was coughed on by a person in the next line over ,that was before we had the information we now have , started symptoms exactly seven days later , symptoms,headace,rash ,corvid toes ,sore throat, TIRED, short of breath, later loss of smell and taste, still being troubled some what , but getting better ,,, it is not unheard of for it to persist for weeks ,
      It’s not the flue ,,
      I credit my preemptive use of high dose vitamin D and elderberry and Life style with a good outcome ,if you catch it early in the first days Ivermectin will knock it down ,Ivermectin has a track record with the common cold also a corona virus ,i have posted about that in the past ,
      I have invested in learning about what we are dealing with ,i do not take it lightly and you should not too
      What information I have would fill the weekend blog , but I have a fence to fix ,cows you know,

      Tea later ,got cold me doing this

      1. OH,
        So glad you are finally able to get up and go about your day. I know you have pushed yourself for many days to get thru this and do what ever you could. I know you have faced many struggles and this was one of the ways to overcome those trials. We have a declared holiday to remember sacrifices of the many who have fallen in service to our country May you find peace and comfort in the daily things of life that calm and soothe your being .
        On virus: I know i don’t want it, so i take my antivirals. We go take care of business and go home. we rarely go anywhere, but worship services- those will resume on some level next week. internet services are not the same.
        . I don’t go in any place that requires me to rebreathe..my.own exhaust. I like to breathe.kinda a necessary thing, have drops in o2 with allergic asthma…nothing goes and stays on my head or face…
        I believe from reports and tracking that i learned about this past week- this was traced back as far as MID OCTOBER. I think was INITIALLY spread thru the flu shots.and possibly a few infected travelers seeding the country….. Info was released all early tests were contaminated in CDC lab by poor lab practices(multiple tests waiting in one common container.) and bad/ tests with many false positive.s…as late as middle-late March- no date given in what i heard/read….
        there was so much bad information..conflicting from same sources. put out at the beginning.possibly trying to hide nature and several sources. Once a liar=always a liar on those information sources..(.that played with many peoples lives, and ability to feed their families.) this is not over yet..we still have a long winter and early spring to get thru.. so glad i was able to get what i have been able to get done at stage i have it.

  17. Hello pack,
    Had a busy week, work , garden, grandkids, home upkeep , all seems to take a lot longer than it used to.
    Had a grocery order that included some items for the pantry storage. Have it all cleaned , organized and inventoried so now it’s buy a little every week to fill In the holes . I ordered the book of lost remedies, and then added the digital offer of the other 21 books on superfoods, energy,natural healing, all kinds of things. So I will have my evening reading time filled up for awhile.
    Garden is going great, harvested “A” squash this week. Just one. Lol but I have tomatoes as tall as my head and covered with little fruit, same with cukes and beans flowered this week . Peaches will be ready within a week I think and our trees are loaded this year. One tree is almost ready to,go but the other looks a couple of weeks behind. Peaches are so weird.
    One more week of virtual school with my GD , I have never been so happy.
    1 we have deer, foxes,hawks,raccoons,and this damn armadillo that had become my nemesis
    Our fences keep out the deer, out of the garden ,chickens are in a coop DH built that has yet to fail us when it comes to protecting our flock. And the damn armadillo is going down …..
    2 gardens are great
    3 I believe the shutdown was a way over blown. I believe it started with good intentions but was driven by panic and more than a little of the new “ it’s not enough to mind my business , I get to mind your business too” mentality.
    Then when the numbers did not justify the behavior no one would back up and admit being wrong ,they simply saw an opportunity for a giant political stunt that might work in their favor in November. I believe they destroyed this country’s economy and stomped on peoples rights ( and still are) for a illness that is different but not necessarily any worse for the majority of people than the flu. I don’t agree with Bam Bam ,while respectfully acknowledging her right to think speak and behave as she wishes, I personally do not wear a mask. I am not selfish, I believe that non medical masks are a joke, they do not protect you from anything but they are moist, dark closed up breeding ground for germs that do get through and a increase the threat of upper respiratory infection substantially.
    If you are immune suppressed, elderly, or have other issues that would make you susceptible to catching and not surviving this virus then you should take measures to protect yourself. As has always been how adults behaved in the past when there were threats to their health floating around.
    I just don’t know when that changed into, let’s stop the whole world and take control of everyone’s life, their business and everything else because there is a flu out there and you might die from it.
    1 they better be packing
    2 no idea but I won’t be eating it
    3 I don’t know. The Dems welfare program is increasing faster than the kung flu so maybe only the business owners will be on the bread lines
    4 we don’t have much crime here , drugs and small theft mainly. No idea if there has been an increase
    5 YES! China should be banned from doing business here. Not only because of the virus lies but because of the copyright theft that has happened for years, the fact they take no pride in what they produce and are happy to sell items that are just absolute junk to the American people and have grown their market here through sweatshops and low wages until buying a quality product made somewhere else is almost impossible . But most of all , WAKE up people these people are not our friends and allies and we are spending every dime we make to make sure they get richer and more powerful.
    6 the government should do what they do to American business, They should regulate them until they can’t make a profit and then sell out, close down or move it to China . In the mean time they should immediately stop the sell of any property or business in the United States to anyone with Any foreign citizenship or businesses.
    And that’s all for me this week ,
    Y’all have a good week

  18. Tara’s questions

    1. none at the moment, they don’t last long before they come down with acute lead poisoning, among them i have dealt with crows, bluejays, sap suckers, deer (mountain maggots as foresters call them), coon, coyote, fox, hawk, woodchuck, and dogs.

    2. slow, planted out the corn beans and squash this week, cukes, etc, and broadcast out turnips in the orchard. the early plantings doing slow barelly done anything so far, i think our current drought conditions are having an impact. the red maples have leaves turning red, they like their feet wet, huge numbers of ants are out, and i rarelly see any mosquitoes, no rain in 2 weeks and none expected in the comming week, going to cause serious problems compounding all the other problems the country going through. the dairy farms already hurt before the pandemic and now they are much worse,a nd a drought will hurt them far more, corn, beans, and hay likely to fail, then cattle will be culled off, then dairy and meat will go up a lot more. vegatables will fail a lot more too.

    3. i have not been affected by it much, barelly notice anything different to me, and i don’t care what health directors say

    4. planted out the rest of the gardens, acorn squash, butternut, pumpkins (in different places) corn cucumers, and beans, more turnips too. i plan to dry the extra corn beans and squash, the new porch i made last year was also designed to help with drying things the old way (leather britches), will have plenty to sell, plenty to give livestock, and plenty for my own use. also spray foamed the addition after putting a door on it, then while cleaning i found some old potatos i forgot about, i really didn’t like the way they were looking at me so when the dogs weren’t looking (no witnesses) i took the potatos out back and put them in shallow graves. picked up 400lbs feed in town, plus pepper and tomato plants, that i set up in container gardens, my neighbor made real progress on that debt and paid back $600. i also cut and stacked a lot more firewood, had 4 more chicks hatch then got 6 broiler chicks that i tried to foster to some broody buff orpingtons but they wanted nothing to do with them so the broilers went to the bantams who eagerly took them. lot of other stuff i can’t recall.

    1. oh also forgot to mention the guys who bought the place my old drug dealing drunken bum neighbor was squattting in have been cleaning up the place, heard them use a bulldozer to clear trees out to make a log landing, they tell me they are planning to log it off and use it as a hunting camp. they were cleaning everything out and burning it, all the furnature, 40 pairs of shit stained underwear were found all over the cabin, lots of horror stories. i walked down to see what was going on before they got to the book shelves, they had they attention spans of goldfish and insisted books were worthles because they can learn anthing they need to look up with youtube on their phones, but they let me help myself to any books i wanted, so i hauled home so many that i had trouble carrying them all. got some classics off my wish list and a few very rare books that you either cannot buy anymore or would end up on government watch lists if you did buy them.

      i have serious doubts about these guys making more than a mess with what they are doing, given that they claim they are planning to log firewood and lumber off the lot but used a bulldozer to clear out trees into huge piles to burn when they could have got a lot out of them if they waited and bulldozed the stumps. i don’t forsee becoming close friends with them but they don’t seem to be criminal, just typical north country yahoos who i don’t forsee having any problems with. not the type who run drugs and drink till they pass out paralitic and steal, more like the “hold my beer and watch this” type, i got a friends like that already.

      also i got the rest of the story why the old bum lost his feet, the reason was that he was drinking in december and walked out to the outhouse drunk, passed out on the way and his feet were frostbitten to the point they had to be cut off.

    2. nemoseto,
      Good job!… been watching for your post.
      . relieved the neighbor did come thru , with a significant pay back…
      . your other neighbor, gives a good reason for not drinking alone. will be an huge improvement…. Is always nice to have good neighbors- as long as not crosswise with them will beat one “who is less than stellar-“shall we say.? take care.

  19. Hello Tribe,
    Hope your week went well, with wise choices, hard work and good or improving health.
    Tara’s Q’s
    1. This was predator week for me. Same two neighbor’s dogs are back, now I have two goats with torn up hind legs. Called them, they came over and said which way did they go and in the same breath said we are packed to go to the river. Like I was bothering them with my problem. #*&×>!!!
    Two days ago I looked out the window as a red fox took down and killed a turkey. Now he gave me an opportunity to site in the rifle. Nuff said.
    While I worked in the garden, raccoons are coming out of the woods, in broad daylite and heading for the barn. Almost could not believe my eyes. One year I did catch 40 raccoons, but this year’s is worse for predators.
    2. Gardens are moving right along, potatoes 6″ tall, onions huge staked some tomatoes and in the other garden, set steel posts and stock panels to tie them to.
    Beans, several varieties – no go, so I just replanted again. Never saw beans not grow before. They came from 3 sources. Just transplanted beets into even rows. Using out of lettuce, chard, mustard and onions for salads.
    3. Much commotion over how to deal with virus, closing down the economy will not prove to be our smartest move. No, Thor, no quick fix mandatory vaccine for me either!
    4. I added blackberry bushes to several places, just to help mother nature.
    I agree with Grammy Prepper and several others, when we discriminate as to what businesses can open, plus recreational places and hold churches closed, Gov went way to far. This is why we started separation of Church and state, to protect us all from government overreach. So where is this protection??? Good thing I no longer pastor churches, no one would be happy with me and I would and will speak out. It is our right to stand for what we believe, not the government’s right to tell us what we believe, have we lost our collective minds?

    If You do not stand up, then You deserve what you get! We (You) were instilled with certain inalienable rights. SO SPEAK OUT, I CAN NOT DO THIS FOR YOU; SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO BITE THE BULLET AND STEP UP TO THE PLATE, TRIBE.
    Career politions ( wonder if the root word should be pollute for politions) have to go.
    Oops rant over.
    Problem with God giving us a brain and mouth, sometimes we feel lead to use them. This was truly Preadator week, in Washington also.
    Yes, I believe we should set up way to communicate thru email or phone between all of us in this Tribe. Grammy Prepper, I believe you are one county away from me, Tara you are two counties away and Joe2C, you mid Michigan, me mid Ohio. We need to work this out. So no matter what happens we can ALL stay in touch.

    1. Sage,
      Come on, why cut a rant off so suddenly . You were doing such a fine job i was on the edge of my seat.
      poli= many + tics=blood suckers Does that Not sum up that low class of individuals.?
      need to stop anyone from serving more than 6 years in service. Pay needs to b part time for a part time position…strict economic monitoring- so no one can enrich themselves nor their family members…by back door deals and bribes…. they should be able to continue their business in effect before election-and should not conflict… No lifelong benefits of representation…, no lifelong retirement..That is why it is called SERVICE. Basic income should be provided so is not an elietest only ability. just some ramblin’s from an old womand..
      Sorry you have had non responsive numbers, and preditor week all n one week Contact ga red. she has volunteered to connect any of us who desire from both ends to do so. I am in tn.. she posted her e mail a couple or three weeks ago for that purpose. she will be go between…” much like TOP did.”..was the stated goal

      1. Found this new site.. here is an interesting video..Scientists speak out.. If y’all isten to only 5 min start about minute 16 and go thru what time you have..talks about immunity. and wearing of masks….and the effects.

          1. AA, this is the documentary called “Plandemic” that was removed from FB and YT and a few others because they don’t want us knowing the truth. I think this is part 1 and there are more to come.

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