What I Did To Prep This Week: May 24th – 30th 2020

Hello Pack. We have been soaking up a lot of sunshine this week, since the rain that felt like it was never going to end after months of living on a mud farm.

For most of the week here, it has been sunny and 81 or hotter. If the forecast for next week is accurate, we will be spending the bulk of our waking hours baling and putting up the first cut of hay.

Every tribe member, even our youngest grandchildren (featured so cutely in the photo above) are tasked with the hay baling chore at least twice a year from start to finish.

Our daughter, Brea, just shot and butchered her hog for the first time, so there will be a nice meal in the smoker for the work crew after the work of the first cutting is done.

I hope you all had a wonderful and reflective Memorial Day. It just did not feel like Memorial Day here without any formal services, or a parade highlighting our veterans.

A group of us gathered informally (without any dang mask) at the local cemetery where services usually conclude, and did a short remembrance and prayer for those who served, are still serving, and the folks who loved them.

The local police chief arrived in uniform and in his cruiser, not to check how far apart we were standing, or to tell us more than 10 people cannot gather together in public, but to join in and show respect for the fallen, as well.

I so love where we live. I spent all of my life but the last 15 years in the adjoining county, but it was a whole different world there.

We had an unwanted overnight guest this week… a chipmunk. It was running away from one of the blue heelers when the Ruger, the heeler in front, jumped on our back door and knocked it open.

I have told everyone at least a few thousand times to give that door a hard pull, or it does not shut properly. Anyway, the chipmunk was stealthy and spent the night inside without being eaten by any of our three blue heelers.

The next morning I saw it running back and forth across the wood rail around the living room. That little thing was fast, but our future son-in-law was finally able to catch it. The unwanted visitor was released outdoors to rejoin its colony unharmed.

man holding a chipmunk

This Week’s Questions

  1. How did you recognize Memorial Day where you live?
  2. How is the “reopening” going where you live?
  3. Do you think we will attempt to be forced to live under this “new normal” forever now that there has been such a power grab to control our personal liberty?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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    • 1.How did you recognize Memorial Day where you live?–watch a memorial day “concert” that was a compilation of different artists and groups from across the nation. Prayed
      2.How is the “reopening” going where you live?– so slow its barely noticable
      3.Do you think we will attempt to be forced to live under this “new normal” forever now that there has been such a power grab to control our personal liberty?– they have tried for more than they’ve gotten but I still fear they will retain too much. A forced vaccine with GPS tracking like Bill Gates wants is still a concern as are immunity or contact trackers
      4.What did you do to prep this week?–stayed alive and finding ways to eat a bit of solid food each day. Have lost several clothing sizes… For me a good thing but certainly not planned.

      • Dear Lady you are in my morning prayers. Truly believe you will be well sooner than expected.

        With a brother’s love,

        • Curley Bull
          Well I will be darn.
          Am happy to see you posting on the site once again. Recently Jeff in the West let me know that Sirus is still around, but apparently not posting. Thought you might like to know some of the group we have managed to keep in contact with during the past years.
          Hope this finds you doing well, give your grand daughter a hug from our household.

    • 1: Me and little bitty Mr. Overwatch went to the cemetery a block away and replanted some flags on the graves of Revolutionary War soldiers as well as veterans from all of our wars. The cemetery is over two hundred years old and sits next to a church used as a barracks for our men. The garrison was there to prevent the redcoats from moving up the road from Newport, RI to Boston. William El

  1. taras questions

    didn’t even notice it

    cuomo made a last minute change to the regional reopenings and cancelled them by putting additional criteria in place before they will be allowed

    to an extent, the problem is that while quaranteens work they really have no way to stop this virus until everyone has been exposed and either becomes immne or dies, like how plauges used to be cyclical every generation. this shut down can’t really end because they have no ideas on what to do when it ends, but it slows down infection and mortality rates while its in effect.

    hauled a load of logs to amish mill, cut a lot more firewood, stacked wood, rode my bike around getting my bike legs back, guy who was giving me rides now wants me to pay $50 for every ride in town and $100 if the ride is outside the township, he still owes me $1300 from me loaning him money to buy that truck and the paperwork he signed does say $1 a mile if i need a ride, so i got him to keep it at the old rate till he pays off the debt, so in the meantime i am getting back into bike shape and looking for someone to come on site to mill all the remaining logs since i got no more trees to cut for them. i think reminding him he signed an agreement for $1 a mile might get my neighbor to pay up faster since when i reminded him he suddenly remembered he has a big payday coming from working for amish (they abuse the hell out of that truck and caused him to replace the tranny twice, hence his new rates) and may be able to pay off the last of the debt next week. only thing i had him hauling anyway was moving wagon loads of logs to the mill, after that i can get feed at 1 bag per trip on my bike trailer cause i am not paying his new rate. also had 4 more chicks hatched out.

    did take 2 days off as those days were around 97 degrees with 75% humidity and no wind, huge change from snow flurries we had only 2 weeks ago.

  2. 1. How did you recognize Memorial Day where you live?
    Our town had a celebration to honor those in our county who made the ultimate sacrifice.
    2. How is the “reopening” going where you live?
    People are ready. We want more than JBP is “allowing.”
    3. Do you think we will attempt to be forced to live under this “new normal” forever now that there has been such a power grab to control our personal liberty?
    I think we’re being conditioned to distance ourselves from others, to be suspicious of each other, to report our neighbors for not following the rules, and to see each other as something other than human. Can you say Nazi Germany?
    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    This week:
    -I have wanted olive egger chickens for quite some time. So, I got five chicks this week. I hope they’re pullets.

    -Tilled the garden. Planted more squashes, cucumbers, and corn.
    -I can’t tell you how well the tomatoes in the greenhouse are doing. It’s amazing!

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: buckets, baskets, and grommets for the hydroponics system; lots of pectin,

    I made fifteen batches of strawberry freezer jam. 🙂 Yum!
    -Had some repairs and upgrades done on the camper. Going camping next weekend.
    -Even though I’ve been canning for years, I signed up for a webinar from the home extension office.

    Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

  3. (1) We traveled back home from our weekend Hideaway on Memorial Day. Lots of rain, so no family time around the pool……
    (2) Reopening here has been going pretty well. Beaches opening back up made many Floridians very happy! I don’t leave the farm unless I have to—not out of fear but because this is where I love to be.
    (3) Government will try to retain as much control of the population as possible. This whole situation has renewed my determination to become as self sufficient as possible. I remember years ago, we had discussions on preparedness blogs of what we thought would be the most likely SHTF-scenario…..economic collapse, civil unrest, pandemic, EMP, etc…..who would have thought that it could be a horrible combination of SEVERAL of these things at the same time???? Yup……here we is!
    (4) Prepping efforts this week included: trimming back my herbs and dehydrating the trimmings, discarding stems and jarring up powdered leaves for later use in cooking. Mulching around some transplanted elderberry bushes that look like they’re going to survive. Cleaning the chicken yard and the goat pens due to the stinky effects of the rain we had. Weeded and mulched my newest garden bed. Ordered some Kaolin Clay to use as natural insect repellant….never tried it before but an organic farmer I met says it works well mixed in water and sprayed on the leaves. Received in some first aid supplies I ordered on line. And, of course, I’m still harvesting and canning green beans—the plants should be spent in another week or so. Elderberries are ripening big time right now, so I’m making that trek through 4-foot tall weeds every week to get them. Lordy, it’s been hot!

    • Goatlover:
      I have a few questions on your herb process. Do you rinse before dehydrating? What temperature setting do you use? Do the small leaves such as thyme process faster? Thanks in advance for any info you can share.

      • Moe, My herbs are grown in very large containers out in my garden and stay pretty clean, so no need to rinse, but you can if you think they need it…the dehydrator will make short work of any moisture on the leaves. I dehydrate herbs a little warmer than the machine recommends—I use 105 degrees for herbs. And I just check on them to see when they are done. Yes, thyme doesn’t take nearly as long as sage! Sage leaves take maybe about 18 hours. Oregano maybe 8 to 10. When dry, I gently slide the leaves off of the stems use my thumb and finger. I use a small food processors to pulverize the leaves. Some times I rub them between my palms to grind them smaller.

    • Goatlover,
      You left off floods, associated crop loss,and weather events, grand solar minimum….. just goes to prove ,and encourage well rounded coverage of all needs- is the best way to prepare for life. this side of eternity.
      You are a braver soul than I, Oh and…… i would not be wading 4 ft weeds..b/c. snakes and other wild critters…
      I used spray of one tbsp dawn to a qt of water sprayed leaves, top and bottom, then dusted with DE, it worked. for spider mites..
      I used the goat stall refresher under my cornish cross..between layers of new bedding what a difference it makes!

  4. I’ll have to get back to the questions later. Just put mango and celery from my Misfits order in the dehydrator and need to get my weeding done. I got up later than normal. DH let me sleep. Celery grown in the US. Mangoes from Mexico. As I use the rest, I’ll try to update where it’s from. No label on the butternut squash.

  5. Well, I guess we all have Covid-19 fatigue or something. I know I am tired of it all and now we have that idiot cop in Minnesota.

    How did you recognize Memorial Day where you live? Personally I am not much for celebrations of any kind. My small town usually has a parade but of course all mass gatherings are on hold until further notice.

    How is the “reopening” going where you live? Grocery and home improvement stores have been doing land-office business the whole time but now we can get a haircut and restaurants are open at 50% capacity. Masks, we don’t need no stinking masks. I went into two stores in two different counties yesterday and no one was wearing a mask. We will have no problem lining up to vote in November. Yes, you know who won in those counties last time.

    Do you think we will attempt to be forced to live under this “new normal” forever now that there has been such a power grab to control our personal liberty? No, the rebellion has already started. Some states may lag but most will be at 90% or better in a few months.

    What did you do to prep this week? With the Covid fatigue nothing really. The wiring for my generator is complete, all I need is to buy a 40 amp breaker for the sub-panel. After two months of drought we had almost 6 inches of rain in the last week with more on the way. My garden looks like a hay field, all I can do is pick okra, eggplant, and peppers. Unless we can find some good recipes I don’t think eggplant is for me.

    My dad will be 90 in July, last week I had to take him to the hospital. Until now he has been able to drive wherever they needed to go. Turned out to be nothing treatable, just swelling in his legs and feet. I had that last year and gave him some of the diuretic I was prescribed. They live thirty miles away then 15 miles to town so it will be somewhat difficult to drive them around. I thought of moving them closer but if he gets much worse off they will probably be better off in an assisted living residence. They can’t live with me. He is mostly deaf and difficult to live with and we have a strained relationship after he caused the loss of the family farm after I worked 25 years with him.

    • Daddio 7:
      If you like fried green tomatoes, prepare the eggplant the same way. There are some good canning recipes for eggplant as well. We eat caponata all winter long over rice or noodles.

  6. I did my grocery shopping this week added to my stash. Publix was at zero on TP, but most other stuff was in stock well enough.

    Granddaughter got her finger and toenails polished for the first time ever. #1 daughter decided to do her own nails, which she rarely does. The little girl saw the results, gasped, and begged to get her nails done. So, her mom painted her up in pink, fingers and toes. She sat very still through the whole process, including drying time, and was so happy with the result. #1 sent me photos of a very happy little gal. ?

    Finally got some rain this week. Real rain. Rained steady on Monday and Tuesday. Just some drizzle on Wednesday, then it rained at monsoon levels on Thursday afternoon for an hour or so, then lightened up for some hours more. It has also been in the 90s all week and mostly sunny when not raining.

    My back is absolutely tearing me up this week. I’ll be going back to the chiropractor very soon, but I’m trying to get the VA to pay for it. The doctor doesn’t charge me a big fee, but he’ll get more from the VA. He deserves more money as he’s good and his staff are really nice to me and granddaughter.

    Other than adding food to my pantry stash, I haven’t done much prepping. I have been keeping track of the Kung flu issue, which has mostly lost its front page, top of the fold place to the riots in Minneapolis and elsewhere. Fools. I have opinions on that incident where the black guy was killed (and they’re not in favor of the cop), but the riots disguised as “protests” are just as stupid and ignorant. Yes, some folks were protesting lawfully and that’s fine, but most used the incident as a reason to steal, destroy, and maybe kill a few people themselves. As usual, most of the victims of these riots are also black folks and take place in their own neighborhoods. Flat out ignorant.
    The Minneapolis cop who was arrested owns a vacation home in Windemere, FL, which is southwest of Orlando, but still within Orange County. There have been protests there, although peaceful. Nobody is at the home. The sheriff’s department has a dozen or so deputies at the house and around the neighborhood. Some news footage I saw showed the deputies and protesters having civil conversations with one another.

    This Week’s Questions

    1. How did you recognize Memorial Day where you live?

    Normally, there would be parades around the area. Not this year. I spent some time on the phone with a couple of guys I served in the Marines with in Vietnam. We talked about one guy who was killed in a rocket attack. He and I were room mates and worked out of the same shop (S-4). I had to go to Graves Registration with our sergeant major to formally ID his body. Not fun.

    2. How is the “reopening” going where you live?

    Slow, but steady. A lot of people still wear masks at stores and such, which isn’t a bad idea. Doesn’t hurt. I do.

    3. Do you think we will attempt to be forced to live under this “new normal” forever now that there has been such a power grab to control our personal liberty?

    Time will tell. I don’t think so here in Florida. The governor is a republican and he is trying to re-normalize things.
    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above

    • Zulu 3-6:
      Interesting about the second home–thought it might be fake news. In general the area around Windemere has a high sticker price. Glad things are more peaceful there. Oldest had to leave work early yesterday because downtown Denver is out of hand.

      • Moe,

        Yeah, I know Windemere is not a cheap place. They showed the house in question on TV news and it looks nice.

        Supposedly the cop involved works a second job as a security officer up in Minneapolis and his wife works. Rather, soon to be ex-wife as she just file for divorce from him.

      • Moe,

        Evidently the protests around the officer’s vacation home are getting a little closer to being out of hand. More deputies are on scene and the block the house is on has been blocked off. I suspect that a group of more violent types have shown up and are upstaging the protesters willing to be peaceful about it.

      • Atlanta is getting ridiculous last night and tonight. They have a 9pm curfew for tonight. Zero tolerance per the Atlanta police chief.

        • GA Red,
          What about Kentucky, a nurse was in her bed at an apartment and her boyfriend was there. Police did a no knock warrant for a drug search for a guy that didn’t even live there and shot her 8 times in her bed.

          The following riot had 7 people wounded by gunshots. Not hearing much about that on mainstream media.

          • Thor1,

            I did not like executing search warrants in the middle of the night. Michigan did not allow no-knock warrants. The Feds do.

            When I was responsible for executing search warrants, I tried to do them during times people were more or less awake so they would be somewhat alert if we ended up busting the door down. Arrest warrants for serious crimes (murder, rape, armed robbery), I preferred to execute them in the middle of the night because I wanted the target disoriented.

          • GA Red,

            Actually very few people get hurt or killed in no-knock warrant executions. I can only remember one where a person got hurt (a federal no-knock). A Detroit PD friend was assisting the feds on a no-knock and he was the guy with a sledgehammer to bust the door in. Evidently, the homeowner/bad guy must have heard the police vehicles pulling up outside and he opened the door to see who it was. Just then, my friend had swung the sledgehammer and hit the guy right in the forehead, knocking him clean unconscious. Ken tried to pull his swing, but too late.

            They got inside, secured the other dopers, and called EMS.

            About a year or so later, in civil court, the guy that got clobbered with the hammer was testifying (he managed to survive). He said he heard cars pulling up outside and went to open the door. “Next thing I know it was six-months later. ” He got a bundle from the feds on that lawsuit, but the IRS took it all away for back taxes on his illegal drug earnings. He foolishly kept written records otherwise he might have kept it all.

            No-knock warrants have to be approved by the judge signing the warrant in the first place. The affient has to show cause why a no-knock is needed along with the basic probable cause for the warrant. As I wrote earlier, in Michigan (where I was a cop) no-knock warrants were not legal except when issued by a federal judge. Only federal officers could request one.

          • Zulu

            So on a knock first raid how long does the home owner get from the time you pound on the door and shout, “Police, open up” to get himself awake, get some cloths on, stumble out of his bedroom and get the door open. 10 seconds, 30, before you kick it open.

          • Daddio7,

            It varied. The law required a “reasonable time” depending on the time of day, etc. Also if you knock and announce and suddenly you hear people inside running around, calling to one another “The cops are here, flush the dope,” (or some variation) times up, crash the door.

            This is why I didn’t like to do 3:00am raids. You had to give more time to be within the “reasonable” requirement. A 7:00pm raid allowed you a shorter period of time before busting the door.

          • ANYONE serving a warrant needs to verify it is the CORRECT address of the person they desire… Many innocent people are shot in their own homes. . because of wrong address either on paper or on execution of the warrant…

          • AA,

            “Many” people are not shot in their own homes by the police executing a warrant on the wrong address. A “few” are.

            Cops don’t like crashing the doors on the wrong address for a number of reasons. First, it’s simply embarrassing. Second, they don’t want to shoot an innocent homeowner. Third, if they do, their agency will have to pay for repairs and chiefs and sheriffs don’t like having to do that unnecessarily, so somebody or more than one somebody is likely to get a nasty gram placed in the personnel file. Fourth, lawsuits usually follow. Fifth, they don’t want to warn the people at the address they were really supposed to hit. Not that many wrong addresses are hit. The vast majority that are, do not result in anyone getting hurt.

            Hitting the wrong address is a major reason federal or other agencies often take cops from the jurisdiction with them to help cut down on the likelihood of crashing a wrong address. My department often did drug raids in Detroit and in other cities. Detroit rarely provided anyone, but most other cities did, as did we.

            During my police career, my department did not ever hit a wrong address. On the other hand, I prevented a state police drug unit from hitting a wrong address in my city. I realized they were headed up to the wrong front porch and warned them off.

          • Zulu, one homeowner killed in their own home is too many for the homeowner. who dies. there have been several in Memphis.

          • AA,

            Yes, homeowners accidentally shot by the police in their own homes does happen occasionally, and for different reasons. Police officers get shot on warrant executions too. A couple of cops I knew were killed executing search warrants. That used to be more frequent, as were homeowners being shot, but most police agencies changed their raid policies. When I was first on the job, detectives often served warrants in plain clothes and that resulted in a number of officers shot because the homeowners though they were being robbed ,even if they were dope men as it wasn’t (and still isn’t) uncommon for one gang of dope men to rob other dope men.

            That is why you see cops on raids these days wearing jackets, or armored vests, emblazoned with “Police,” or “Sheriff,” front, back, and on sleeves. Doing that reduced the number of officers AND homeowners being shot. Accidents still happen in both directions.

            Many departments use only their SWAT teams to execute search warrant on high risk targets (dope houses being in that category). My department did. The reason was the team trained doing the deed and the cops entering the house were more competent and calm about what they were doing because of that extra training.

            Also, not all search warrants are executed as “hard entries.” Many are “soft entries.” In other words, we knocked and announced and patiently waited until the door was opened. Those were usually done on raids where we didn’t expect evidence to be destroyed or we knew children were present. Shooting an innocent adult homeowner was bad enough, shooting a little kid was far worse.

            The vast majority of cops are not interested in shooting anyone. Even shooting a dog means a pile of paperwork (hence the CO2 extinguishers), never mind what you go through for shooting a person.I was the officer-in-charge of two police involved shooting investigations. What a mess even when early evidence is clear the shooting was righteous.

          • Zulu 3-6 – one more thought, as far as the dogs go – there’s a special place in hell for the officers involved in the dog murders I’ve seen. There was at least one where the dog was not even able to get to the officer (chained, as I remember it).

          • GA Red,

            Yes, there are cops who will shoot dogs with little or no justification. Dirt balls.

            Depending on the department, they may get away with it. My department reviewed dog shootings almost as closely as people shootings. In fact all shots fired incidents were closely investigated. Except for euthanasia shootings with prior supervisor permission, but a thorough report was still required.

            To my knowledge, no dog was unjustifiably shot while I was on the job, although several dogs attacking officers were. I was attacked and bitten on the arm by a Newfoundlander dog (the owner sicced him on me to avoid arrest) but I clubbed the dog on the head with my metal flashlight and he decided to go hide. Wrecked my flashlight, I might add. Luckily it was winter and I had my heavy police jacket on over a woolly-pully sweater, so I wasn’t seriously hurt.The judge ordered the dog euthanized (by the dog pound) as a vicious animal and the owner spent some time in jail for having the dog attack me. However, there were quite a number of euthanasia shootings, not just of dogs. Cats, possums (lots of those), and others.

          • Sounds like the owner needed to be euthanized for the dog that attacked you. Most dogs are only vicious if taught to be that way.

            Funny story (I think we could all use one), the DH was somewhere that had a guard dog in a fenced off area. He walked over to the dog, talking to it and started feeding it French fries. Someone that worked at the place warned him that the dog was vicious. He laughed and said they were best friends now. The DH is a bit of a dog whisperer and has only met a very few dogs he didn’t like.

          • Zulu 3-6 – re: no knock warrants – unfortunately in GA, the two most notable involved officers going to the wrong address. The first was a much older grandmother who ended up dead and the second involved a child in a crib that was shot. Fortunately, the child did not die.

            I realize that we only hear about the ones that went wrong, but it seems there must be a better way.

          • GA Red,

            Sadly, there is no better way or the police would be using it. Over time, we learned some better ways.Heavily marking uniforms/armor vests with “POLICE” was one example. Better training for raid teams, better forcible entry tools (some borrowed from fire departments) are others. As long as criminals will resist arrest violently, or try to destroy evidence, crashing doors will remain a police tactic.

            Believe me when I tell you, that causing a little kid to get hurt on a raid was a continual nightmare scenario for cops that did raids.

          • OFG

            Me too. The dog was properly vaccinated.

            It was too bad it had to be put down, but the neighbors were scared to death of the thing and had made many complaints. Unfortunately, none of them would sign a criminal complaint and we could do nothing as it was all misdemeanor level and we had to actually witness any such activity absent a signed compliant.

            Of course when the dog was set on me, it actually became a felony, so the dog had to pay the price of his owner’s stupidity.

        • GA Red,

          It appears that the “protests” have been taken over by Antifa and other radical left-wing groups. I saw an interview of a couple of black folks saying that their protest has been hijacked and is no longer about George Floyd. I think they are 100% correct.

          Trump is being pressured to declare Antifa a domestic terrorist group and I think he should and the sooner the better.

          I also read an article that listed cities undergoing protests and riots. I forget how many total, but two have either independent or non-partisan mayors, one has a republican mayor, and all of the rest have democrat mayors. They listed a total of 23 cities, so 20 have democrat mayors, three do not. Draw your own conclusions.

          • Yes, unfortunately, if there is a chance to make anything violent, it will be infested and hijacked by those who want to be violent. Plus, they are paid by Soros and other bad actors to be there and do as much damage as they can, cause that’s how they get their kicks. And I’d be willing to bet real money that at least part of them are getting some kind of federal benefits to sit on their butt, such as disability. Its a sad state of affairs. I pray daily for this nation, but I think it is doomed.

  7. Picked up groceries and added a little to the stock. We are still experiencing shortages in some things like antibacterial/antivirus sprays both in the spray bottle and the cans but did find some of each yesterday. Suspect they were all gone within a couple of hours.
    Oregon has bottle deposits on cans and bottles. For the last couple of months rural areas have been unable to return them but they did charge the deposit. Yesterday was the first day we have had that open so I’ll be returning a bunch of those in the next couple of days. The bottle bill does have a limit on how many you can return per day per store so it will take a few days for the backlog to clear. The sand dunes are a fan favorite in the area. Over the weekend we had at least two major accidents. one resulted in a tourist being killed and the other accident both tourists were injured. Sand dunes are not very forgiving when you wreck on them. We have had very few community spread cases of covid 19. We will see in 2 weeks if we get to keep our low totals.

    • Suzy Q

      I’ve heard that the bottle/can return has reached $60 million of unreturned, nation wide.
      We have at the least $100 in 10¢ returns in the basement.
      We will all be 10¢ millionaires!

      • I know. I have bottles at the house, in the car and some in 2 different storage units. I suspect that some decided that the 10 ¢ deposit wasn’t worth it and a lot have ended up in the trash.

  8. This Week’s Questions

    1. How did you recognize Memorial Day where you live? We gather with members of our church (and families) and enjoy nature.
    2. How is the “reopening” going where you live? Reopening is going along. Montana has the lowest # of cases in the continental US, right at 500, with 26 receiving treatment. We are just going about normal, except with minimal political interference.
    3. Do you think we will attempt to be forced to live under this “new normal” forever now that there has been such a power grab to control our personal liberty? Not here.
    4. What did you do to prep this week? Since you asked…

    Went camping from Thursday thru Monday PM. Both ATV’s were down, so we went without; generator was up and running. Good thing, 2 other’s generators went down so we ran 3 off 1 generator. Snow and pre-snow for Thursday and Friday. Saturday was wet. Sunday & Monday was worth the trip.

    Came back from camping to a plate full of lettuce and our 1st green bean! Even 3 of 4 of my Navy beans have sprouted and are growing! It’s still too cold to plant outside, but that may be changing.

    Got DW’s ATV into the shop and mine on the trailer to swap out.

    I found thick cut beef bacon, locally @ $5.39/lb. Store brand, thick cut pork bacon is $5.93/lb.

    Got our first order from the local CSA (Community supported Agriculture) group. I’m allergic to the mushrooms and don’t like asparagus (going to a friend). We signed up before the virus hit. 20 weeks of fresh produce of various types.

    Supply Run: Beef bacon; powdered milk; mashed potatoes; canned turkey; aloe vera gel (hand sanitizer base); CSA order;

    Received: G43X parts; AF FD scrabbled egg mix;

  9. Hello everyone!
    Our weather turned from spring to summer almost over night so some of the lettuce is starting to bolt. My niece had a baby boy and spent little time in the hospital. Both are doing great.
    Sweet potato slips came in dry. But should have some survive.
    The rest of the garden is in the growing stage.

    Made first trip to grocery store in over 5 weeks. Did some re-stocking. The jars of yeast that were abundant 10 days ago when DH picked up scripts were gone—-glad he called and asked if I wanted any. Also no bleach products and light on Kleenex. No whole chickens either.

    One negative-in my opinion- was a guy checking out one aisle over was coughing during check out.

    A guy my husband works with who is very active in the community-sits on multiple boards. Woke up feeling poorly on Friday. He did not come to work. Praying all is well. A fellow worker had West Nile a few years ago and it about killed him. One reason I am taking this latest virus seriously.

    Those of you in large cities be extra observant. The nature of these protests remind me of something out of the Helen MacInnes books. Divide and conquer.

    Stay safe everyone.

    • After 2 days of protests, everything after that was taken over by the anarchists & looters. And now blue cities talking about defunding (partially or totally) police depts. That oughta go well — NOT. Sad how so many cops have been killed, shot, knifed; and so many livelihoods destroyed. But anarchists are well versed in divide & conquer.

      There’s an amazing vid out there of Nestride Yumba, a very strong passionate young woman who came here from Cameroon. She really pushes back. If you watch, click on the 2nd vid. https://www.citizenfreepress.com/column-1/black-woman-drops-truth-bomb-on-black-lives-matter-awesome/

  10. Reopening here in GA seems to be going pretty good at least in my neck of the woods. Sometimes DH and I wear masks, sometimes we don’t. It really depends on where we are going. We mostly stay at home anyways. I am so ready to go camping but we have had so much going on it has been hard to get away.

    The garden is really growing well. I have fruit on my trees some of them for the first time. DH is determined to have most of his projects done by the time he is 60, he has a little over a year left. 🙂 The problem is he keeps adding more to his list and he has ADHD so he gets distracted easily and he has too much going on at once. I am trying to keep him focused on one project at a time. Everything he does keeps in mind that he will most likely be in a wheelchair before too much longer. He has an electric wheelchair that he uses to get around the yard. He could not do as much as he does if it wasn’t for that chair. He gets nerve blocking injections into his ankles every month. The Doc says that eventually the injections will no longer work.

    Two of my sons are becoming preppers! One already had a garden and he has expanded it and now he is planning to start canning. The other one is just getting started. His hours were cut during in March so they are working hard at getting caught back up. They had a small freezer given to them and they are working to fill it up and adding storage for canned goods. A couple we know are going to go in with us to split buying a cow and a pig for butcher. We still are in good shape with our food storage, we mostly buy milk and other perishables and some comfort foods. We are rearranging our food storage and canning supplies to be more efficient and to have more space. DH built two closets next to each other on our porch but it did not have a wall dividing the two. I finally was able to get through to him that we need the wall to build shelves on. One side will be for most of my canning supplies and the other one will be for small gardening tools and animal supplies such as meds.

    We had woods on one side of our house up until about a year and a half ago when a young couple bought the land and put a home on the property. The only bad thing is that all of the trees that got cut down for the power line and the driveway is still piled up. We have been invaded by huge rats! Thankfully our food storage is in a new addition of the house that my DH made sure rats could not get in but the mess that they have made has been awful. We have really cut the population and we are trying to make our property as undesirable as possible.

    Time to get back to work. Looking forward to reading others comments. Stay safe pack.

  11. I had to go to the chiropractor twice this week. My neck has been giving me trouble. Reopening here in Florida is going just fine. The stores are starting to look like normal. Walmart, Aldi and Publix all had toilet paper. I invented a recipe for my instapot this week. Saute some onions and green peppers. Add cumin, smoked paprika, garlic, oregano, chili powder and salt and pepper. Dump in a can of chipotle in adopo, a can of enchilada sauce and a can of tomatoes with green chilis. Then dump in the chicken. Set timer for 20 minutes. And presto! Chicken tacos. I was really impressed with myself until I found the same recipe on pinterest. It’s called tinga; it’s a classic dish from Pueblo, Mexico.

    The kids are coming over for supper today. They will be here at 3 p.m. I am making this dish and barbacoa.

  12. Hi everyone,

    Just got back from running errands this morning on this beautiful sunny day. In the lower 80’s, low humidity.. I’ll take it. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same. This past week has been a blur, had some downpours, and very humid. Mosquitoes are now out… They LOVE me…

    Worked on stuff on front porch separating what to sell and what to keep, and what to try to sell outside of a yard sale. I have quite a few antique items that I can’t just let go at yard sale prices. I confirmed, again, with the neighbor that she is still going to go in with me on it. Will be 2 days, June 26 and 27. I have a friend that has fold up tables and a tent that she’s going to let me borrow (or rent) to me for those days. I also put up my windchimes that my sister gave me. They sound great.

    I had bought a Fiskars pruning saw at Lowe’s. It was the foldable kind, and I tried it out on a couple of small apple tree limbs and it didn’t very well. My yard guy said that his grandmother has a blade that is curved and cuts like butter. So, I took mine back. That’s the only kind they had at my store. Yesterday, I called Lowe’s, Home Depot and Ace Hardware trying to buy the one I found that is supposed to be really good. Blade not too long and foldable. So, they only had them online… I needed it this weekend to cut the honeysuckle vines to clean up a spot they had taken over. So, I called TSC… Score. They had 3, so I bought one and will be trying it out tomorrow… It’s sad that you can’t even go in and buy something anymore.

    Today, I went to the local farmer’s market to see what goodies they had. It was late and not much left. One guy had some tasty looking kale, so I bought 8 bunches. I am going to make some kale chips. I just love kale.

    I noticed at work, we had some zinc in the vitamin section. It’s a blend of 3 different kinds, and I bought the last 4 bottles they had. They also had zinc gluconate and bought the last 5 for a friend. Earlier in the week, there were 2 rows of the zinc gluconate… The girl said she hasn’t gotten a shipment of vitamins in over a month. It’s auto-shipped, so she doesn’t know when she will get more in. Suggest you go ahead and get your vitamins stocked up too.

    Tara’s questions:

    How did you recognize Memorial Day where you live? Stayed home and worked in the yard. I always make my signature line at work have the quote from Arthur Ashe in it this time of year. I posted it here last week. I also posted it a couple other places. There is usually a parade downtown, but the mayor won’t allow any gatherings. The 4th of July gathering has been cancelled, but the fireworks will still go on. What gets my goat is that this mayor wants to raise property taxes by 32% because he has kept everything closed… We have a big fan fare thing that would normally start soon, that brings in millions of dollars to the city, but that is cancelled too. Ridiculous… I am so glad I do not live in that county…

    How is the “reopening” going where you live? My county is doing well. I can tell by the number of cars that are out and about on my way to work. Gonna have to start leaving a little earlier.

    Do you think we will attempt to be forced to live under this “new normal” forever now that there has been such a power grab to control our personal liberty? I do.

    I posted the link in last week’s postings, that Walmart is now selling used clothing… Pretty odd that they would do this… Not sure what to think about that.

    Prayers for the unspoken requests, for the President and for America.

    Have a great week everyone.

  13. Tara’s questions:
    Things are still in lock down, so the usual Memorial Day celebrations/festivals were cancelled. Said a prayer for those we give rememberace to and hung up a gifted “Trump 2020” flag.
    Made a 2hr trek to our “closed” usual horse camp…..looking for off site camping areas.
    Was good to see a few ‘violaters’ , camping and bucking the system. A rustic camp that has a few outhouses…..doors screwed shut and a hand pump with the handle removed.
    You all heard of our Michigan governor’s husband requesting on the placing my boat in, right?
    Nuff said….
    We are ALL being conditioned for the new norm, with the covid19 fear Our freedoms are being squished/diminished piece by piece. Totally sickening..
    The garden has been fully planted….I planted the last of the marigolds this morning.
    I did the best I could, with companion planting, and I think it will turn out well……ok……..I hope.

    I foresee trying times in the months ahead and I wish all of you the best.
    We are now even further of being separated……those employed….and those unemployed….making a wage more than they were working…..
    A planned separation of those.
    Another divided battle.
    Stay Safe, stay secure. Look beyond the times that lay before us.

    • Joe2c:
      Companion planting really works for me. Cabbage among garlic really deters the cabbage worms. Still get a few but not so many that you can’t control by hand. Marigold are good throughout the garden.

      I am also worried about the next few months. Can’t prep too much.

  14. Greetings from Douglasville,

    We continue to be away from the craziness of downtown Atlanta. I watched the whole thing unfold yesterday on the news and figured out what was happening as soon as the first wave of bottles and rocks landed on the police. They showed unusual restrain and all I can say about the crowd is….. Jerks

    Went out to drop off communion stuff at church. We are reopening next week no June 7. We have to preregister to let them know how many people are coming to one of the two Sunday morning services. We have limited chairs in the interest of social distancing.

    More PM to the stash now that the premiums have come down some. More canned food in the larder.

    Have a good week
    Stay safe, say your prayers, check your 6.

    • My church has a reopening plan that’s a bit lengthy. My pastor’s brother is a medical doctor and has been guiding him. I’m not sure I agree with the plan, but I will respect it.

  15. Well, it has been a productive week here on the farm! But first, I want to say “Thank You” to those who reached out and asked me to reconsider. I have, thanks to your comments, which I do appreciate very, very much. I guess I was just stressed and overly emotional. Hey, it happens! I just never realized fellow preppers would resort to name calling, but alas, here we are, just needs to be ignored. I had a similar experience with home schoolers support group. I thought we should all get along and encourage and support each other. Boy, was I wrong. They were the most segregated, snobbish, and prejudiced group I ever met. So, I home schooled all alone, with only my husband for support. So, I am used to doing things all alone.
    I had ordered 6 five gallon buckets with Gamma seals, and after nearly 6 weeks, they finally arrived yesterday!!! I was so happy!!! I have 2 – 25 pound bags of flour plus 2 – 10 lb bags to fill two of the buckets, or maybe 3, depends how much they hold!! Plus, I had ordered two 25 lb bags of Bob’s Red Mill Potato flakes, which also arrived last week. So, hopefully that will fit in 2 buckets. I like Bob’s potato flakes because they are JUST dehydrated potato flakes; no additives, preservatives, etc. And I had accumulated an awful lot of egg noodles, so many of those will also go in a bucket. I already had mylar bags and oxygen absorbers, so I will be filling and sealing buckets today.
    I recently read that hydrogen peroxide only has a shelf life of 2 years at max. I also read you can freeze it to extend shelf life, but I am wondering if there is a dry peroxide that maybe you could add distilled water to in order to have some on hand without having to remember every two years to get a new supply of peroxide? I mean, they have dry versions of bleach, just add water. Anyone know? I looked on Amazon for dry peroxide, but apparently it has to be food grade to use on your skin, and all I could find was stuff for teeth, with added flavors and such. I have probably 6 bottles that ARE over 2 years old. Hate to throw it out, but if it has turned to water….
    Oh, never mind. Just read an article that says vinegar is a good wound cleaner and never expires! It’s funny, whenever I have a serious question like that, it’s as if G*d hears me and without me asking Him, He sends me the answer! I already have a ton of vinegar stored up!

    One of Tara’s questions last week was whatm kin d of predators do you have to deal with? Our kist of predators is quite long. We have a ton of coyotes around here, and foxes. We lost several hens last year to foxes because DH was leaving the outside gate open, so when chicken door opened in morning, they could go on outside and free range. Well, the fox noticed it and so just sat right outside the gate and got himself breakfast every morning til DH figured it out. He tried getting up early and going out there with a gun to shoot the fox, but fox was too smart and quit showing up. Gate started being closed, as well, every night. We also have bob cat, some cougar, eagles, hawks, copperhead snakes, rattlers, water moccasins, other harmless snakes, rabbit, squirrel (both bad for gardens), mole, skunk, raccoon, I mean its a long list!!! Probably have wolves, too, on higher up in the mountains. We also seem to have a possum problem. He shows up and gets into the trash pit somehow and drives the dogs crazy. DH went out there one night, and emptied a 9mm clip into it, but by morning it was gone. Did he survive and crawl off? Or did something else eat it? DH knows for sure he shot it in the eye at least once.

    Tara’a questions:
    How did you recognize Memorial Day where you live? We held a private ceremony at home. Our honored dead are too far away to go to the grave side.
    1. How is the “reopening” going where you live? According to what I have heard and read in the paper, it is going well. No bump in number of cases.
    2. Do you think we will attempt to be forced to live under this “new normal” forever now that there has been such a power grab to control our personal liberty? Yes.
    3. What did you do to prep this week? See above.

    • OFG:

      Not sure if you have one near you, but our WinCo store carries gamma lids for about $7-8 (have not needed any for a while). Usually they are around $10. A “local” grocery also has they, during their case lot sale, for $5-6.

      • Another thing we do is get our cold/flu,first-aid supplies in November/December each year. That is both the things that got used up and the things that will expire in the next year. Then we store perishables, in a plastic tub, dated by the year they expire. It helps us some.

      • Yes, we had a WinCo close when we lived in Arlington, Texas. Now, out here in the boonies, we aint got nothing. But that’s okay, that’s what we wanted. The closest grocery store is 45 minutes from our house, closest Wal-Mart is 1.25 hours. Don’t really have a national chain of anything around, except the Dollar General. So, yes, I have to order just about everything I want, except regular food, and only those kinds (brands) the locals will buy. If I want something exotic, like no salt added ketchup, I have to order it online. Or make it myself. It DOES force you to think ahead! Don’t want to make two trips, 1.5 hours, twice in one day!!

        • OKF:

          If what you want isn’t here in town, it’s 1 to 1.5 hours to the next town. That’s where our WinCo is. Along with Costco and a Wal-Mart Supercenter (DM’s home store, seems to be stocked better than ours, I wonder why?) so I understand planned trips. Our WInCo has better bucket lids (thick with seals) and Gamma Lids in stock. They also have 5-gal and 2-gal buckets, but I get a better price if I order them through Home Depot (and I used 3.5-gal buckets that hold 25# of rice/beans/wheat – back just won’t due 5-gal due to weight and my height). I usually save enough to make up for the gas I spend (especially now).

          • Yep, even making that 1.5 hour trip, really all you get is a pretty small Wal-Mart, and even the grocery store isn’t all that big. But like I said, its what we wanted. Went from big city to no where’s ville! I hear a lot of the locals ask us if we really like it here. A big affirmative! But apparently a lot of folks have moved out here and within 2 years are moving back to the big city. So, the locals are a bit stand-offish at first. I guess I can understand that.

      • JP & OFG:
        I had never heard of WinCo so I looked it up. Closest store over 5 hours away. Stuck driving to the nearest Wal-Mart and Safeway from time to time to stock up.

    • OFG,

      Glad you decided to stick around. We all get sideways every now and then. I am wondering about that peroxide too.

      Didn’t know that the potato flakes usually have something else in them.. Will have to check out Bob’s flakes. How long as they supposed to last if stored properly?

      • Well, I don’t rightly know the answer to that. The label on the bag says best by 15 October, 2021. But, I am putting them in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers, then into buckets. I can only assume they will last indefinitely. I bought many smaller bags back in 2015 and put those in half gallon jars with oxy absorbers, then sealed the jars with my food saver, and we still have 2 jars left. Just ate some tonight. They still taste good!! So, I will continue to eat them unless they start to taste bad. I know that doesn’t really answer your question, but afraid that’s the best I can do! They have been good for over 5 years for me.

    • OFG,Peroxide lasts a good while as long as UNOPENED. Once is opened- collapse bottle where as little air as possible in the bottle and put lid on so it stays collapsed. I have used some that seemed effective as much as 5 years old.

      • Just Sayin’

        Thanks. Kinda like using up a 2L soda bottle. Squeeze out the air, and it doesn’t go flat as quickly.

      • OK, hubby came in last night with several cuts that needed cleaned out and bandaged. The open bottle of peroxide I used said it expired in 2017. We figured if it had turned into water there would be no “fizziness” to it when placed on wound. It had plenty of fizz in it still., so we used it. My other brand new bottles, still sealed, say they expired last year. But, I will not open them and try them until I need to. We figure if they still fizz, they are still good enough!

  16. Found out yesterday, our neighbor and cousin are selling their house. It abupts to my brother’s property. Our aunt and grandma lived there and had established that homestead….
    Their asking price is way above what I could afford.
    My son is willing to buy our home, but to take a sudden, drastic down size such as that, at such a high cost, would be devastating to me. The property has possibilities…..I just can’t see it….thru a prepairedness mindset.
    I’m hoping a respectable, older couple purchase it.

    Tis sad that people do not have the mind set of family roots. They have no willingness to keep family values/history/homesteads……and it doesn’t bother them, what so ever.
    Maybe I’m just too old fashioned….and stubborn

  17. Hello Everyone. Weather has been quite nice in Georgia this week. A little warm for May, and I noticed the thing I dread the most when warm weather arrives, humidity!
    I didn’t do much this year for Memorial Day. Watched a few programs on TV. Was saddened that our local Scouts who have always placed American Flags on the graves in our National Cemetery were unable to do so due to Social distancing. We need to honor and remember those who fought for our freedoms. I wonder 50 years from now, what will be said about this pandemic event? I keep thinking of that Don McLean song, ‘American Pie’.

    As for this weeks questions:
    #1 Watch celebrations on TV and prayed for our armed forces.
    #2 Reopening in Georgia going well. I was so happy to get a haircut! Restaurant employees are required to wear masks and seat folks every other table. One place BBQ Cutie was closed after employees were cited not once, but twice for not wearing masks.
    #3 I seriously do believe this ‘new norm’ will be with us longer than it should, as there are those who will spend their spare time watching others. Big brother is alive and well!
    #4 All I did to prep this week was work in the garden, cut bushes and grass and was delighted that my favorite Mexican Restaurant reopened, and even though folks sat every other table from each other, I definitely am happy to report their frozen Margarita’s help me to cope with this Covid crisis better than bunkering indoors! It was my cure!

  18. Puppy scared some people off the front porch that we’re wearing photo IDs. I hope they were Corona trackers, they won’t be back. LOL .

    Worked puppy hard today, he is definitely a fur missile….

    Weeded lots of weeds/crabgrass
    The garden is really loving this weather with the rain and sun.
    Found a turtle in the garden by the water catchment system. Good thing puppy didn’t find him, he has been killing lizards.

    Added 3 30 round AR mags in Molle pouches to my plate carrier.
    Checked the place that I ordered 12ga 00 buckshot and they are now out of 00 and 000 buckshot due to the protests I guess.

    Bought a new rider mower with a bigger system. It’s a cub cadet with a Kohler 24 horsepower engine. My old mower’s deck is finally rotting out but the engine and drivetrain are still good. It’s a 32 year old Craftsman with a 15 horsepower Kohler engine. That is a great engine. The bagger system is great for making compost.

    Watching the GAME on TV ….funny watching them all run away…LOL

    Thor’s questions:
    1. What do you think the economic crash/depression/food shortage protests will look like?
    2. Do you have enough ammo?
    3. Do you think China will invaded Taiwan? Hong Kong? India? Will that start WW3?
    4. What do you think of protestors being bussed in?

    • Tara’s questions
      1.How did you recognize Memorial Day where you live?
      American Flag at half staff until noon. Then full staff and fireworks at night in red white and blue so our fallen brothers can look down and see……
      2.How is the “reopening” going where you live?
      Good but riots are also taking place.
      3.Do you think we will attempt to be forced to live under this “new normal” forever now that there has been such a power grab to control our personal liberty?
      Hoping the liberty tree doesn’t need fed but I don’t see another way to keep Tyrants out.

    • Thor’s questions:
      1. What do you think the economic crash/depression/food shortage protests will look like? It will be a mess. Way too many people feel they are “entitled” to xxxx, and when they don’t get it, whether it’s available or not, will feel that it is alreaight to just take it or burn/trash something in “protest”. If they start picking the “wrong” neighborhood …
      2. Do you have enough ammo? Define enough. I have sufficient quantities and varieties for the 1st couple of “go rounds”.
      3. Do you think China will invaded Taiwan? Hong Kong? India? Will that start WW3? China will do what it feels is in their best interest when they calculate that they can win; it’s what they do. What will be the reaction of the US/world? Will their calculations be correct? It may very well depend on who is in the White House.
      4. What do you think of protestors being bused in? “The new normal”? This has been going on since the 60’s (busing in protestors). I don’t like it because it skews the look of the reaction of the locals, but it is what it is.

    • Thor’s questions:
      1. personally or regionally or nationally? personally i wouldn’t be bothered by it, i am fairly far from any place that might have riots, unless you count a stampeed of cattle breaking through a fence and raiding a neighboing field. economic collapse don’t bother me, food shortages won’t bother me. regionally i see things being about the same as always, food is produced locally and in abundance, more likely to be more farm to table kinds of stuff with people buyingdirectly from the farmers, that happend with milk, a few local farms started selling it directly to people showing up with refillable bottles and they made so much money they now consider doing that over selling to a bulk retailer. statewide i see the city doing more bs to placate the city people and probably jacking up taxes on the rest of the state to cover it. nationally i see problems being more or less the same as i described, localized trouble spots in the cities, but rural areas more or less getting on without too much trouble other than tax hikes from the cities.

      2. for what i need i probably do

      3. possibly, kung flu rally shaking things up and the shaky economic mess china and the US were in can easily topple if it hasn’t alredy, chinas mass production of crap goods is really taking a nose dive as everyone pissed off with them now, they will have huge problems internally and they made try to take out their issues by war, ww3 it may or may not be, to be a world war the war has to extend to all parts of the planet, if china goes after one of those countries and the us does not get involved then it won’t be a world war.

      4. more jackasses highacking the crisis area and using it as an ecuse to push their extremist views into the situation or to trash stuff or steal other stuff

    • Thor’s questions:

      1. What do you think the economic crash/depression/food shortage protests will look like?

      Much like supposed Floyd George protests/riots do, only worse.

      2. Do you have enough ammo?

      I think so. Just got another can of 840 rounds of 5.56mm a couple of weeks ago. I’ve got quite a bit of 5.56mm in magazines (all Magpul G-3) and a lot loose, a good amount of 7.62mm in magazines and loose, 12ga in OO and slug is adequate (would like some 000 buck, but tough to get right now, plus plenty of 9mm and .357mag.

      3. Do you think China will invaded Taiwan? Hong Kong? India? Will that start WW3?

      China has already in essence invaded Hong Kong. Invading Taiwan will cause the US, Japan, and probably Malaysia to get involved. Taiwan already is well armed (mostly US weapons) for the size of their country and China may have a harder time than they think. I doubt China will invade India at this point. China has too many irons in the fire to get deeply wrapped up in India. India has infantry officers unafraid to punch Chinese political commissars in the nose for being a-holes. The lieutenant should get a medal for that.

      China should remember what happened when they invaded Vietnam in 1979. The Vietnamese didn’t use all of their troops as many were still busy taking over Cambodia. China still took a bit of a spanking and decided they needed to call it a day when they realized that Vietnam was still assembling troops. Also, Vietnamese forces were far more combat experienced from fighting the US and the Khmer Rouge.

      4. What do you think of protestors being bussed in?

      Busing protesters is not unusual, but it depends on the motive. Peaceful protesters, OK I guess. But idiots like Antifa absolutely not. Antifa likes to set city buses on fire. Maybe their buses should be torched too, while still loaded.

      • Z36, great answers as usual but China has already sunk a Vietnamese fishing boat and the Philippines is asking for American assistance.

        Pertaining to a previous comment, no knock warrants…..
        1.Have you ever executed one with a guard dog on duty?

        The element of surprise would be lost immediately so the outcome would probably be a firefight.
        I remember a swat officer saying once, the scariest entry is into a hardened home.

        • Thor 1,

          Z36, great answers as usual but China has already sunk a Vietnamese fishing boat and the Philippines is asking for American assistance.

          I think China is upset with Vietnam because one of China’s nuke subs had to emergency surface and did so among a fleet of Vietnamese fishing boats. Whereupon, the fishermen took loads of cell phone photos and put them out on social media. China was not amused.

          Pertaining to a previous comment, no knock warrants…..

          1.Have you ever executed one with a guard dog on duty?

          Yes, I’ve done several warrants with “guard dogs” involved. The dogs were not very good at guarding and the few that acted like they wanted to be badassed, weren’t anymore after they got sprayed in the face with a CO2 fire extinguisher.

          I only went along on one no-knock warrant. The DEA was doing the raid and a few of us from my department went along as backup. Nothing earthshaking happened.

          The element of surprise would be lost immediately so the outcome would probably be a firefight.

          Yes, executing a knock first warrant does have the potential of losing the element of surprise, however, you would be astonished at how much that doesn’t occur.

          I remember a swat officer saying once, the scariest entry is into a hardened home.

          Yes, a truly hardened home would be scary. My county’s sheriff SWAT team had to raid a home known to be very hardened. So much so, that they took military fragmentation grenades with them (acquired from my Guard unit, so it was legal). In summary, they used their armored car to put them up on the big porch roof, pulled out a barricaded second-floor window and frame and entered. The reason for the grenades was a steel bunker inside the room they had to enter. As it turned out, all of the bad guys were asleep in their beds and were still waking up when the operators stuck shotguns and AR-15s in their faces. I saw the video of the raid (filmed from outside). Very well-done operation. After the search, the SWAT team took their armored car’s winch cable, ran it through the house and ripped it apart. The neighbors were all outside cheering. The house technically belonged to the county for tax reasons, so no issues with owners complaining.

  19. Well hello pack, another week gone by.
    We had severe weather all week. Storms, tornados ,hail and flash floods. Our little town had a rough week.
    Hail tore my beautiful garden up two nights in a row. Lots of damaged leaves and broken stems and then the garden flooded in the rain that followed. We will just have to see what will survive. A lot of work down the drain. But at least we still have a grocery store and aren’t t relying on it to feed us this whole next year.After the last storm we found one of our little chicks down in the mud , unresponsive and ice cold. Granddaughter went into tears so I went into paramedic mode. Ran really warm water over her until her body temp came up and she began to move and squeak. Warm towels and a heating pad and by morning she was good as new.
    Added to our pantry a little more this week, went on a special trip to Walmart to add meat to the freezer. Pickings were pretty slim anyone else seeing their grocer meat coolers all but empty? We have a quarter beef coming from the butcher the end of June, I will feel better when that is in place.
    These riots have me worried, along with everything else that has been happening over the last year I am finding it harder and harder to keep hoping that it will all pass and get better .
    1 our town had a small gathering at the courthouse but canceled most other things they usually do.
    2 our town is pretty close to being back to normal. We have had a big jump in cases from 5 to 18. But only one in the hospital . I think it has more to do with the fact that they started testing of several hundred people a week here than with the opening up of the businesses.
    3 I could live forever without hearing the term “new normal” again, along with several other brainwashing terms but I do believe that we will not see they recovery of what we have lost
    4 saved the life of a chicken. Lol

    I have a couple of questions . Who Issues a dehydrator and what is your preferred model and brand . Are they worth the expense?

    Thanks guys. Have a good week. Stay safe and healthy.

    • Nell, I have a cheap one, a Nesco. Have had it for about 8 to 10 years. It works great. It may take a tiny bit longer, but it also won’t cost you an arm or a leg! LOL!

    • Nell
      I have one of Excalibur’s top units, 9 tray, digital controls, clear door. For several years I had a cheap “Miracle Chief” dehydrator. The Excalibur will do 5 lbs of jerky at once. The digital controls are great, it will get as hot as you want, 180 degrees F or more. The clear door is useless, you have to remove it and slide out a tray to actually see anything but it does look nice. I can finally afford what I want and have decided quality is worth it. If you want to dehydrate a lot of food, one of those will do it.

    • I have both a Nesco and an Excalibur. Both have temperature adjustments but the Excalibur has a timer. I rarely need the timer but might be handy for fruit leather to keep it from getting too crispy. I have had both running at the same time. The Nesco is expandable but I have not bought extra trays. The Nesco fruit leather inserts are handy in the Excalibur. I have had items in my Nesco for two days now – just put herbs in it this morning.

      • We started out with a really cheap Nesco and now have two more or their more advanced models. I worked them hard on fruit leather, nuts, seeds, herbs, foraged items of all type and garden produce and couldn’t be happier with their durability and overall functionality. Initially, I thought if I really got into dehydrating I would scale up to an Excalibur, but after multiple years of using Nesco, I have grown to truly trust the brand and doubt I will ever fork out more for an Excalibur.

        • Thanks for the nesco info. That is good to know as I want to start out with a little less
          investment .
          “There is something in the heart of a horse that is good for the soul of a man. ”
          Not sure that is an exact quote but I am
          Positive it is true.

    • I have both a small round Nesco that I use for dehydrating my dog’s chicken liver treats, and a large 9-tray Excaliber that I use for everything else. Lots of times, I have BOTH going!!!!

  20. Hey everyone, been years and i see things have changed.
    Home improvements, water diversion/collection.
    Pruning vole damage, I am upping my game against them this year.
    Perimeter alarm work.
    Collected pine cones for my friend raising bunnies, they love them.
    Stay safe

  21. HI ALL,,,,,,,the days sure nuff do fly by when your having fun ,, any one keeping a eye on Warren Buffett? He has not bought any stock since the first of the year ,before the crash in the market in March he sold all his airline and cruise line stock and his big bank holdings ,at the stock holders meeting he had some interesting things to say ,”don’t rely on anyone except your self ” and “don’t rely on banks or investors ,or the Fed” I read this as a warning of things to come ,Buffett dosent believe 135billion in cash reserve is all that much when considering the worst case scenario,!!! Worst case of what????what does he know??

    No nuts starting on the hazel bushes ,cherries starting but very light ,,, no prunes ,,, not looking good for acorns,been to cold for sweet corn to germinate ,going to a bad year for the deer ,

    Went to TSC found a good stock of 2qt jars got all they had ,WM had just put out some freezers so now we have 4 ,,,one is none ,4 is some ,,,loading all the propane tanks while it can be had ,will load more diesel fuel next week was told by co-op to load up now ,don’t put it off ,,,,
    Found replacement barrels for ar 10 and repair parts kits ,looking into converting one of the liquid nitrogen tanks to seed storage ,starting to get some energy back after the vires , been a long haul ,middle of March when it started ,was wanting to till in the greenhouse need to fix a hydraulic problem first ,let things slide with the virus ,potatos look good so far,,cows are gaining ,and looking shiny.
    Manager at TSC told me mask will be required starting next week , no mask , no service , no entry at the trading post ,,,i expect a new wave of infections soon ,you can’t tell if a person has it about half the time by looking at them ,wonder who we will lose from the blog??????
    I bought 500 human doses of a know to work med. ,,,cost ?$125 ,,,,,,,
    Saddle up tight ,we’er in for a ride , if your in the position go long on cash ,

    courage is being scared to death ,but saddling up anyway


    Tea and chocolate

    • 0H,

      John Wayne…

      I had been buying up the smaller propane tanks before I got the bigger one. They were either free or up to $10. Now, I can’t find any that are less than $20 empty… Go figure. I really need a new place with some trees, fireplace, and wide open spaces… Working on getting rid of stuff, so maybe it will happen by end of summer.

      • Preparead Grammy,,,,,,,, I have posted in the last few weeks about meds and such ,
        Vit D3 5000 iu a day ,zink ,vit E ,C,K2

        Ivermectin ,common cattle wormer PORE ON ,1 ml per 40# human body wt, don’t go over 1ml per 20# human body wt max most feed stores have it ,,,remember PORE ON. not horse or injectable
        I used it in a clinic on mission on kids and myself ,it is known effective on common cold corona vires ,must have zink too
        It opens a path way in the virus for the zink to work ,this knowledge is over 40 years old
        This is what I do and use you should do your own research ,

        Tis late ,,night all

        • Thank you. This is a busy time for me, so I don’t always get to read everything that everyone writes. I will check into your meds.

        • Thank you Prepared Grammy!!! I have copied it to a document and labeled it so I can refer to it later on!!! Much appreciated!!!

        • Oops, that should have been thanks to Old Homesteader. Sorry! But thanks to Grammy for asking the question!!

        • PG ,OFG ,,,,the 1ML per 40# is for prophylactic ,do once a month ,,, 1MlL per 20# is for treatment
          FDA has approved the use on humans for a different use ,
          Needed to add this last night but just got to tired

  22. There was a Priest in Pittsburgh walking down the street and a Steeler fan stopped and picked him up as he was going by the store the Priest was walking to. On the way there the driver swerved to almost hit a guy wearing a Cleveland Brown shirt and at the last moment swerved away so he wouldn’t hit him. The Priest opened the passenger door and hit the Brown fan. The driver said Father why did you open the door and hit the Brown fan. The Priest said I thought you might miss him …..?

    This joke happened with a protestor tonight. The patrol car was doing 15 mph and a cop opened his door knocking the protestor to the ground. LOL…..

    Being the victim and the police officer worked together at a club and this took place in a Liberal state. What if the victim didn’t actually die? What if it was designed to cause unrest? What if the ambulance driver and EMT was in on it? Who was filming it? Just a thought….CIA 101. (Just too convenient)

  23. Howdy Folks,
    Not much done this past week. Won’t offer an excuse. As any military folks know; “The maximum effective range of an excuse is zero meters.”
    Glad “Okie Farm Girl” stayed with the family and that others are doing better health wise.
    I didn’t post here for maybe a couple of years, but it was due to health and my Granddaughter kept me updated as to what was going on. I couldn’t even read the screen for a long time. I’ve had my feelings hurt a couple of times, but I don’t let that type of thing bother me much (besides, neither of them are here anymore). I did lose a friend that used to be here. He finally came out to my place and he saw what I want everyone to see. I didn’t show him what was behind the curtain (I didn’t even show him the curtain, so to speak). Haven’t seen or heard from him since. It hurt at first because I really liked him, but it tells me something about him.

    With a brother’s love,
    Curley Bull
    Mathew 24 & 1st Timothy 5:8

    • I’ve never met anyone on here, but I have been hurt by some comments quite a while ago. I know that it’s difficult to determine tone by text, but some words can’t be interpreted positively. I believe that we all have something to contribute, and no one person knows everything. I love learning from others and being motivated by them.

      I’m glad you’re back, and I hope your health continues to improve.

    • Curley Bull
      What ever drove you away am happy to see you posting again.
      You sir have an awesome granddaughter, as I recall when you were very ill she asked for us to pray so you could have a speedy recovery.
      My old call sign was Pacrat, the name my brother be stored upon me for my collection of Americana antique’s which I loved. After his passing I changed my call sign to the one I use now.

      • Prepared Grammy, thank you. I have met three members of this blog and have enjoyed each.

        Tara, thank you.

        Antique “Pacrat” Collector, thank you. Yes, I had an awesome granddaughter. Haven’t seen or heard from her in several months now. She went to live with her mother, I don’t even know where she is now. I just keep hoping she will get hold of me . . .
        With a brother’s love,
        Curley Bull
        Mathew 24 & 1st Timothy 5:8

        • Curley Bull
          Where ever she is at, you are not far from her heart. Could tell from her writings when you were ill, she cared deeply for you.

  24. Hi Tribe,
    Spent the 20 degree cooler days weeding the garden. The weeds were easily knee deep, fed 17 goats for two days. My hands are now green/ brown from pulling that many weeds.
    Did plant two more Red Delicious apple trees and more blackberry bushes. Added a coral climbing rose and two hanging planters in back garden.
    Tara’s questions
    1. Spent time in reflection and prayer of how we as a nation could have fallen so far from what the founding fathers had in mind. Greed. Lack of discipline, allowing our youth to not be held responsible for their actions, the same with our politicians were a few answers that came to mind. Let’s not forget leaving God as #1 in our hearts. As I pulled weeds, I was reminded of Angel’s separating wheat from tares at the end. That is what is coming, a time for determination of one’s final destination. We all end up someplace and we get to choose.
    2. The new normal had best be repentance or we will be given another lap around the desert and it might not last 40 years. Cities vandalized by paid organizers to cause riots. Governor’s orders for police to stand down and allow destruction. Have we lost our minds????

    My horse is calling me, this is our day of rest and they need spoiled.

    May God allow us His mercy.

    • Sage ,,,,,,,,times are about to change ,,,,,,how far will the breakup of the USA go ?I’m not saying IF but when !! Five new country’s? ?? We are already broken in pieces ,look at the hate for California in the hartlands and elsewhere , or show up with new York plates on your car in Florida ,a lot of them or us thinking ,, or try being a big absentee land owner, no matter that you make jobs and signed the pay check on the front ,,,i’ve owned land for 30+years and still looked on as a outsider,, the thing that made us special ,that made us American is hard to find ,i don’t think I need to explain more ,i think we all know what is missing and why ,,,
      I need to go talk to the cows , and find answers


      • Yes, OH, talking to the cows is calming, isn’t it? One of ours just had her baby, and it is so amazing to watch her! It reminds us of Who is in charge and also that things like politics or crazy governors don’t really matter in the big scheme of things!!

        • OFG ,,,,,,,,yes ,, we have 25 ,years ago I used the cows to decompress from my day job ,cheaper in the long run than chemicals and shrinks ,something about watching them do there thing ,when there being good ! Most will follow us around trying to sucker us out of alfafa cubes ,have left the kitchen door open and found a 1500 # cow inside laying down working a cudd ,yep was a mess to clean up , we must be sick in the head to live this way or so I’m told , you know when we come home from town we take a deep breath just to smell the cows , next best thing to fresh cut hay ,

          Take care

      • Or try saying that you’re from Illinois. Everyone thinks Cook County. I’m in the southernmost part of the state. We’re so far removed from Chicago, but we still get lumped in with them. We’re rural and conservative.

    • Sage, Loved your comment post. Far too many of our fellow citizens have definitely lost their minds, that’s for sure. Time spent at the barnyard with my horse and the rest of the critters is the favorite part of my day – especially on Sundays when we try to take a break from our day jobs and farmwork … unless we are baling hay. Any time with or or my Ruby soothes my soul. What kind of horses do you have?

  25. I hope someone sees this and can help. We’re pulling our camper from Southern Illinois to Louisiana in a week and a half. We travel the same route every time. The only large cities we go through are Memphis and Jackson. How do I find out about any protests that we might run into? I don’t keep the GPS turned on on my phone, but I’m willing to do so if it will keep us away from hot spots.

        • PG: I have NO experience with this, but I read an article day before yesterday from Karen Morris who lived through the Ferguson riots a few years back, and bugged out twice during said time before picking up and moving out of the state. Her advice was to read twitter. She said folks (protesters) were posting photos and info of what they were doing. She said that info was much more timely than listening to police scanners. For example, they posted where they currently were, and where they were about to be (next street over from her). So that was her advice, For more of her advice during times like this, article was at TheOrganicPrepper.com. Or, her own website, AYearWithoutTheGroceryStore.com. Hope that helps you out!! Have a safe trip!!!

          • OFG – I forwarded your advice to the DH as he has (or had) a Twitter account and hasn’t been sleeping well thanks to the issues in Atlanta. While not entirely close to us, the majority has been within 20 miles and some “peaceful” protesting happening within 5 miles of us. We don’t want to get caught in the middle of anything but we are fully prepared to defend our home as I believe at least a few of our neighbors are as well.

    • PG:

      I have NO personal experience driving your route, but as someone with A LOT of miles under my belt, I would offer one piece of advise. Take your time and take the scenic route. I understand the 2-lane highways are lovely this time of year.

    • PG – living in/near a big city, my main recommendation would be to avoid them between 5pm and 3am. Most of the protesters seem to get most active after 5pm. The problem protesters are calling for a move to the suburbs. This may be their undoing. Safe travels!

    • PG,

      I agree with JP and GA Red on this. A scenic trip is likely the safest way even if the rioting has slowed down or seemingly stopped. Too many paid agitators seem to be involved and as long as their fearless leaders are paying them, they will be out there.

      Memphis is not a safe city right now. I spoke with a friend who is a retired Memphis cop and he recommends staying well away from there.

      Here in Orlando, the so-called protestors have been taking to blocking major freeways in the downtown region, although a good dose of tear gas seems to run them off. I’ll have to say the Orlando PD and Orange County Sheriff did not hesitate to start using gas when the protesters started getting stupid.

      Other local PDs are ready with gas too. There is a local cop who lives in my complex and we’re acquainted. I was on the way to the mail room yesterday and he was loading his scout car to go on duty. We chatted a bit and he said things are quiet in my town, but every scout car has tear gas available, some have launchable types.He just has hand grenade types. His riot gear is in his SUV. They’re taking no chances. Also, Orlando/Orange County has had a curfew in place for the past couple of nights (7:00pm – 5:00am), with an indefinite time limit. As I live in Orange County that affects me too although I’m rarely out and about during those hours.

      • There is also a curfew in place in Atlanta, but doesn’t seem to deter everyone. Also, a couple of Atlanta PD officers have been fired in the last couple of days for dragging a couple from a car and tazing them in the process. The chief of police was visibly upset when speaking about it at a news conference. Unfortunately, I know nothing else about the incident but the chief did state that review of the body camera video warranted the firing.

        Another interesting factor is that some protestors here have been upset by the violence brought in by other protestors, speaking out about it to reporters.

    • PG:
      I think you need to change your route. Could you take US 45 all the way south and then backtrack before you reach Mobile? Mississippi 63 is a good road but they were working on it last fall so a check of the state transportation website would be a good idea. The distance over to Louisiana is not that great and there is a huge Buccees just east of the LA/MS state line. Campers are allowed even though trucks aren’t. Even though the Jackson protests have been peaceful, you never know when something can get out of hand. Lots of people on here from Tenn. so yielding to them re: Memphis. Safe Travels.

      • PG and others in Ill.
        according to natural news site today…. sparta Ill is being targeted by the terrorist group antifa… heads up and time to let them know burning out farmhouses and livestock .will not be tolerated. These are the same goons burning businesses in cities across the country…They do not check business’ to see who owns them.. so many they ar supposed to be helping are being injured….financially and personally…. some selected places have been stopped by good guys with firesticks. They (Antifa) are trying to send message that “rural white America must pay their price”…they must receive message as well. https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-06-03-antifa-terrorists-sparta-illinois-burn-farmhouses-kill-livestock.html
        Scenic route will take twice as long to transerse. t will take more fuel,and price will vary widely…If one could hit cities in early to mid morning hours would avoid most problems. Seems most marches take place n later afternoon 3-10 pm where permitted..

        • I don’t think I would be traveling anywhere right now if it was me. Not to allow someone to control what I do, but after reading the above article, they are not going to stop there. They are likely going to attack the grid, water towers, etc. This is not going to end well. They are putting ads on FB under the guise of “bartering”…

          This evening’s protest in Nashville, the police are in riot gear. Things did not go well on Saturday for Nashville. The mayor invited the trouble telling people to “come and join us”…

        • AA
          Thank you for posting this info here on this site.
          I had read this planned endeavor elsewhere, and this NEEDS to be brought to everyone’s attention.,
          I don’t condone violence, but if one person, one group, intends to destroy my property, by planned vandalism, arson, etc., takes aim at my livestock…..my family, in which my livestock IS family……’some heads are gonna roll’.
          I’ve read comments on the posted news….southern Illinois will meet fire with fire.
          As with this Coronavirus, this pushed, funded riot act is STUPID.

          • My definition of STUPID:

            FUBAR,, planned, founded, end results, secretive hidden agendas, etc

            “We ain’t in Kansas anymore”

            Unfortunately, this S h t f is getting real.

    • Prepared Grammy,
      Just my thoughts… we stay out of Memphis.is in our range, if we need.- only life and death emergency will put us there. I drove across he river for years in transit between where i wanted to be and where i had to work…LOL
      I think i would delay that trip , not because of unrest, but because of that huge storm coming and now in Gulf at Mexico border..
      Watch BP EARTHWATCH on you tube , he does regular updates on these matters.He thinks 25-30 inches possible on gulf coast mentioned New Orleans specifically.. and Baton Rouge. He called the storm that hit Texas, and the amount of rain…Says it will be affecting the gulf coast this sunday.
      Most of marches in Memphis are covered on wmc tv5.and are/have been downtown at present..7th night in progress, they marched in front of 201 poplar/Jail yesterday.. other local station is wreg tv.com , not much info on count but Tn National Guard is deployed in all sections of our state and some are in Memphis to keep the peace..(.I 40 takes you thru downtown.)….stopping at I 55 exit, stay on I 55 going south should take you well around the downtown area to the south…west Memphis for fuel? (several truckstops there.fuel prices reasonable usually, tho haven’t been thru that area in a while)….. and hitting the interstate and going south..

  26. I celebrated Memorial day by pouring a small brandy and toasting my brothers who didn’t make it. Meditating on the vagaries of life and death.

    Planted more garden, mulched the ones already planted. Spread a little ammonium nitrate around the corn.

    • Billy T, every year on Memorial Day at 3pm those of us still here have a drink (for me it’s beer, I don’t touch the hard stuff any more) and toast those that aren’t here. Been doing this since 1970. There is dang few of us left these days.
      With a brother’s love,
      Curley Bull
      Mathew 24 & 1st Timothy 5:8

      • Amen. I will be 80 in August. There are very few of my contemporaries left. I have fallen into a group in the 65-75 age group, so I still get to enjoy the brotherhood. Stil, my time is coming. Whenever that happens, I am ready. Sometimes I think it will be a relief, but I still have two grandsons who need to be looked after and properly trained. That is my primary mission now.

        • I’m not 80 yet, got a few years, but I know what you mean. I’m ready when my Lord is. Have wondered many times over the past 50 years why I’m still here, but then I’ll realize that I have completed another mission and then wonder what the next one is. There is a reason I’m still here, even if I don’t know what it is at the moment.
          With a brother’s love,
          Curley Bull
          Mathew 24 & 1st Timothy 5:8

    • I had to quit texting before I had finished. I discovered some information which could be useful to fellow preppers. I had a couple of those round solar flagpole lights that had gone belly up. I removed the rechargeable Nimh batteries and put them on the battery charger – I have two of the multicell ones. Anyway, at least some of these recycled batteries are good after they are fully charged. Given the cost of rechargeable Nimh batteries, this can save some money. Also, some removed from those lights disguised as rocks – same results.

      BTW, ammonium nitrate is the purest form of nitrogen available to those for whom direct injection into the soil is not an option. It breaks down into water, pure nitrogen and oxygen. No solids such as Sulphur, sodium, etc which would remain in your soil. Contrary to popular opinion, you can order it on line. The price point for me came at 50 pounds, so that is what I got. Grains love it, particular corn.

      • Billy T – we found some smi-locally. Great for the garden – not so great for Zoysia – at least for a bit. The DH learned the hard way – we have some brown stripes in the front yard but everything is coming back super green – especially after heavy watering.

        • Yes, the nitrogen can be overwhelmingly strong, like chicken manure, requiring care in its use. We are in Ariona and do not have a grass lawn at our summer or winter properties. Back in Alabama, we did have Zoysia. It grew so thick the biggest problem was keeping it from choking itself out. In Texas, St. Augustine was a joy, not requiring anything but water. I’m glad I don’t have to do lawns any more!

  27. Sorry, been to busy to check posts till just now. It is 85 outside and the tiller broke it’s belt, so I came in to cool off before something else breaks.
    Tara, to answer your question, I have Halflinger horses. They are from Austria, most come in palomino color, mine are. Honey, because she is the color of honey and her son Choctaw, he too is the color of honey, with blonde ( flaxen) tales and manes. Her previous owner, trail rode her. They are pure bred, I bought her from an International horse show judge and had her sent to a Halflinger horse farm to have her bred to their Halflinger stallion.They are considered work horses, a bit shorter than a Belgian. Look them up on line and you will pull up a pix of them. I have an Amish buggy, but my horses are mostly not worked. They and Jersey cows are my therapy critters. In the times we are living, I need a lot of ” Barn Therapy.”

  28. Are we in WROL? A police officer run down in a crosswalk, one shot in the head, multiple rundown by SUVs, one rundown by an ATV, churches burnt, is it time to take up arms against evil?

    A lady beat by a 2×4 and her husband for defending their store…..Thank GOD for the 2nd amendment……..

    We are definitely in TEOTWAWKI !!!

    • Thor1,

      I don’t think we are in either a WROL or TEOTWAWKI situation – yet.

      Regarding WROL, actually the majority of the country is peaceful and following the law. Either no protests at all, or small peaceful protests. There have been no protests in my city (yet). Orlando has had a bunch, often turning violent briefly, but the police don’t waste much time putting them to tear gas enjoyment, make some arrests, and things settle down. Same thing in Detroit. The cops there arrest a good number of people. The chief is doing a good job and the mayor is staying out of his hair. Other cities, such as Chicago, LA, NYC, are having a hard time controlling the rioters because their mayors, etc, are gutless wonders and afraid of being called racists and over-reacting. Soon President Trump will declare them areas of insurrection and deploy federal troops.

      As far as TEOTWAWKI, we are a long way from that. Again, a relative small part of the country is being naughty.

  29. O H
    Are we watching old cycle. Just new play back. As a child, we had Ohio license plates, but southern restaurants refused to serve us, on our way to visit family in Louisana and Mississippi. That was 55 years ago. The southerners hated northerners.


    Be ye not deceived.

    Yes, I am fearful of divisions, which make the US weaker and more vulnerable. This is what our enemies are hoping for.

    A house divided, will fall.

    We have choices, I vote: Love the Lord
    Love one anither
    Prepare like we have no choice

    • You are absolutely correct. Love of Christ is the ONLY solution to all the madness. I am a white guy who believes Christ had a dark skin. If common sense did not tell me that, I have spent a significant amount of time in N Africa. Not a lot of blue eyed, white skins there. It is not possible to hate people and be a Christian.

  30. Hi Pack,
    I am late to the party… not much to report. still continuing with what i need to do for my family.Plugging away at my list bit by bit… every can, bag and box is one more item between us and need. Watching sales and trying to leverage to best use.
    Garden in stall – another injury to shoulder, have to be very careful to NOT upset it again. have several plants to put in ground.. raised beds/big pots in works, Rabbit manure ready.
    Cornish chicks are 4.5 weeks old. beginning to look like meat. Americana and Production Blues are looking promising.. More on them in this coming weeks report.
    Had a health event w/ low heartrate. raised in 3 hours with sea kelp/magnesium, k2.no repeats . Few purchases, garden hoses, screws,light bulbs, .

    I did have a chance meeting with a lady who just “awoke”… needed specific questions answered, was able to help her. w/ answers to questions on oxygen absorbers and moisture absorbers. dry storage of items. etc.
    Memorial day spent w/DH and discussion on those of family who served in various ways/places and have passed. No Celebrating, No grilling, no party,no parades, just remembrances.
    Reopening.. we only go where necessary…No input.
    There is already attempts to force changes in every aspect of society.
    Prayers for our Pack and Families..and all who seek information thru these sites to help their family e ready for their next crisis. every family has them.. everything from sickness to job loss and beyond.
    Take care . stay alert. Keep on Keeping on.

    • Anonomo, so glad to finally hear from you! I was getting concerned!! But glad to hear you are ok. Sorry to hear you have re-injured shoulder!! You MUST take care of yourself! If you don’t, no one else can!! Please?

      • OFG, I have a lot of things in progress, and all requires me to use dominate hand./side. Even cutting up vegetables can stress it. Ligament injuries take such a long time to fully heal- this is going to be a process, and trying not to whine about it. After i get a couple of weeks without stressing, I am ok until I do something, without thinking. Mostly can do what i need by going about it in a piecemeal way. No overhead reaching..common sense things.
        There is a phrase “choose which battle to fight” .. that pretty much sums up my choices.. I have direct contact with ga red, ..I read most weeks and begin reading on saturday, if can-don’t always get all way thru til well into week..
        I have never had cows, can’t where we live-neighbors bull would desire an addition to his herd…but the other critters i do have i find calming… love my Americana’s.. they are flighty and aware, and they need to be.We walk out the door and they come running to see what is going on and what we have for them..LOL

        • LOL!!! My chickens also come running every time one of us goes out the gate!!!! They expect treats or scraps everytime they see us!! We usually only do that once per day, but occasionally, I will go out right after lunch time and give them something, especially if I have been canning! A couple years ago, I fell and really pulled that ligament in the back of my left leg. It hurt to even sit on the toilet!! I had to sit while holding my left leg up a bit. YES!! A very precarious position!! But, I had to walk!! It took many months for it to heal, and I kept re-injuring it. So, I understand. NOT a fun time. But, do try to take it easy! All the best to you!

    • Thor1,

      I’ve done some extensive research to determine the registered political party of Derek Chauvin.I cannot find any records or media reports about which party he may belong to.

      The Minnesota voter registration roles can only be accessed by registered Minnesota voters, which, of course, I am not.

      There were some social media postings that hinted that he was a republican, but even major media sources are saying the reports are bogus. Moreover, the allegations he had been at a Trump rally were denied by the Police Department and the police union. Evidently the true names of the individuals are known to the media and the PD, one of who was a police union official.

      I imagine his true political party leanings will come out sooner or later.

      • Thor1,

        I’ve picked up some more info on Chauvin’s political status.

        An article in the Orlando Sentinel reports that a Demo candidate for supervisor of elections in a county near Orange, claims that Chauvin is registered to vote in Orange County (where he owns a vacation home) as a Republican.

        He reported this apparent voting irregularity to the Orange County Prosecutor, who checked with the Orange County supervisor of elections and confirmed he was registered in Orange County as a Republican and had voted here in the last two elections.

        Technically his true home for voting purposes is Minneapolis. The Orange County Prosecutor is waiting for some documents from Minneapolis and then will investigate him for a third degree felony of false swearing. She did say that it isn’t going to be number one on her list of things to do until the unrest in Orlando settles down. She is a Demo too, so you know it will get done.

    • Thor 1 according to william mount channel Both he and George were into acting… he sure looks lie guy who was photo’d at Boston event.Fancy Freddie gone wrong? …for Mr Floyd anyway….

  31. 1. How did you recognize Memorial Day where you live? No parade here due to shutdown. Watched war movies.

    2. How is the “reopening” going where you live? NJ still not open. Local hospital reopening with severe restrictions, but beds 100% filled with COVID patients. Only stores open are for food, hardware, gas, and masks are mandatory.

    3. Do you think we will attempt to be forced to live under this “new normal” forever now that there has been such a power grab to control our personal liberty? Depends on how elections go. It made for a good practice run, and we’ve all seen what happens during protests.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Not much, other than plant a 10′ double row of string beans. Spring garden in 3×8 raised bed not much of a success. What I thought might have been a mole that go thru the bottom wire, might have just been grubs. Something had fun nibbling the root hairs of everything except lettuce. Got to the range last week, which went quite well w/the .22 at 50 yds.


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