What I Did To Prep This Week: May 31st – June 6th 2020

Hello Pack, I hope you are all doing well. We spent the weekend working on firewood ,and harvesting some standing timber that needed removed to make space for an ongoing project.

I hope everyone has stayed safe during all of this riot insanity. If anyone can figure out how trashing your own town and the businesses that employ people help to put food on their table – please let me know.

How anyone could stand to live in one of these concrete jungles is completely beyond me as well.

I know a few pack members are not rural and like it or deal with it because they cannot move because of medical services, I will keep you all in my prayers – and keep hoping that you will or can move someday soon.

During one of the many news segments about the riots, a protester was shouting about racist “redneck cops.” This angst-filled rant angered me deeply.

City folks in the midst of burning down small businesses owned by local folks that were already struggling over the panic prompted by the pandemic that had them shut down for several months, decided to use derogatory slang that is all too often levied against rural folks, cut through me like a knife.

Our county is easily 97 percent white, yet we do not have police brutality, gangs, racism, murder, looting, or rioting here. We are actually accepting and tolerant of those who may not look, love, or think like us.

Those who claim to be so tolerant on the left are almost always the most intolerant. If such derogatory slang had been used against a particular race, women, homosexuals, transgender, etc. the televison station would have bleeped it out.

But, country folks always seem to be fair game and it is still socially acceptable to make us the butt of jokes.

The firm hand of justice needs to be levied against the Minneapolis police officers who caused the death of George Floyd, without a doubt. But, the same hand of justice also needs to come down hard on all of the rioters who are destroying the property and livelihood where they live and threatening police officers who had absolutely nothing to do with the heinous act that cost a man his life for allegedly passing a $20 bill.

In addition to staying up late to watch the riot insanity unfold on the news, we still managed to get up early and complete a lot of garden and apothecary patch work. I am having the best luck I have ever had with both chamomile and stevia this year – at least so far.

This Week’s Questions

  1. How do you battle bad bug infestations in your garden?
  2. What winter preps do you work on during the summer months?
  3. What do you think of all the rioting across American cities? Why do you think riots do not happen in rural areas and in many “Red” states?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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      • no idea, as i said in my comments comments i only did it because i saw no other comments yet and people seem to race for it posting “first” before they comment, just did it throwing my hat into the race for once, mostly causee the weather sucks, hot and humid and expecting thunderstorms then it will be cool again, still i ain’t going out to work in that miserable heat

    • i see so many try to be first so when i saw no comments figured i would stake my place in the races

      Taras questions

      1 depends on the bug, i don’t have many japanese beetles, they are a plague in this area but nobody listened to my advice when i was a tribal forester and they asked, they all wanted some quick and cheap immediate solution. my way is to target the grubs that feed on grass roots the year before they become beetles, i infected the soil around my place with nematodes that specifically target those grubs and as a result the numbers are kept almost non existant. i just treated tent catepillars last night on my apple trees witha can of raid fogger (at night when the cats are all in the tent), have a huge pile of large rocks next to the garden and that attracts garder snakes, and i made a pond next to the artesian well so there are leopard frogs and green frogs in vast numbers, and piles of roten punky wood (not worth anything else) that i pile off to the side in places i can’t do anything else in and that attracts mud wasps and toads, then i also ignore paper wasps since they are predators that love grubs and catterpillars, generally i encourage natural predators to do the work for me and if i have a specific pest to deal with i hire its natural enemy.

      mostly everything, replenish preserved food while i can grow it and stockpile vast quantities of firewood, if i have enough materials on hand i may enhance my cabin, last year i put an addition on (but only recently finished it) built a better porch and put siding on, if i have enough seasoned lumber in time i am thinking of digging a deep pit next to the cabin and building a 2 room addition off the cabin over the pit so i can use as a root cellar with a floor hatch like my old cabin had, then maybe tunnel under the regular cabin. but will onl do it if i have all the materials needed on site and ready well before the snow falls.

      i have heard it being calle the third strike, lots of unemployed people stuck at home, worried about so many things outside their control, and with this they just flipped and ran out to vent their frustrations, if not for the actions of 4 cops then they would have just waited until something else gave them an excuse to let out their frustrations. you need to have a lot of people to have riots, rural areas don’t have enough people and if anyone did anything nobody would care that much (like one lone nutcase standing on the side of the road holding a sign, most people would laugh at them rather thatn listen to their protests). rural people also tend to have less worries so less stess as they are more used to dealing with things themselves, the city types and under immense stress as they are accustomed to depending on everyone else for everything. in my area even the least self reliant types know what to do when the power goes out in an ice storm. also rural people tend to be armed and will shoot rioters.

      here is an example of why rioters don’t mess with rural people, this is a selfi i took a while ago https://ibb.co/8cvVQWC

      well my neighbors son just came over yesterday and showed me how to opperate that tractor, then this morning i used it to go get my wagon from the amish mill loaded with lumber and slab (about 60 2x4s 12 feet long and a few 1x4s, all white spruce, cost me $50 milling fee and maybe $15 more logging and transport costs). weeded the garden, used my worn out hoe for smone of it but mostly used a planet jr with homemade handles and a duck bill cultivator and just went down between the rows. got 15lbs of bacon for $20 since the menonite store got some more in, and strawberries ($1 a quart) and blueberries ($2 a quart), finished canning the berries yesterday, shot a few more sap suckers, did more firewood as well. last time i here i was still pissed about my neighbor not paying back that debt, then that day they paid most of it and the following day the rest. not much else.

      oh i also got thrown out of a dollar general yesterday morning, rode my bike out to see if the lumber was done then made a longer trip to a dollar general looking for some gummi bears, walked in and the manager threw me out, i had a mask on and rubber gloves, but she was pissed off and told me i had to leave my straw hat and backpack outside with my bike, i had gone to that store 100s of times with no issue, but this was the first since i used a sharpie to put “TRUMP 2020, Make Liberals Cry Again” on my backpack (so people saw it as i bike around), guessing she was a democrate because she made all kinds of bs when she saw it.

        • thats actually why i started putting that same logo on an 8×2 board at my place last summer, seems 1/3 of the locals don’t really care, 1/3 like me a lot more, and 1/3 threw stuff at me, threatened to set me on fire or poison my barn cats, demanded i take down the sign and accuse me of being a racist, the only thing the sign said is “Trump 2020” none of them will follow through the threat though, they all know i am armed and might rape them for tresspassing, though there was that brush fire a few weeks ago….

          the good part of it is that the most annoying assholes stop bothering me, all the people who bitched about the price of firewood, or the quality or that its split too small or too large or too long or too short, expect a discount because of how much work it is to have to stack it when they get it home (one really annoying liberal prick is so lazy he makes his crippled elderly father go get it for him and comes up with any excuse not to help stack it or get it), well all those people stopped showing up to buy firewood from me, so i think in the long run the total lack of assholes i have to deal with makes it a good trade off.

  1. This Week’s Questions

    1. How do you battle bad bug infestations in your garden? With snow coming Sun.Mon all the plants are back on the porch, no outside garden.

    2. What winter preps do you work on during the summer months? Still stacking food and ammo. Still working on building projects.

    3. What do you think of all the rioting across American cities? Why do you think riots do not happen in rural areas and in many “Red” states? Armed citzens. These rioters are at least smart enough to realize that leftist governments are their friends. The police can not really injure them, armed PO’d citizens will.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well….

    Getting the trailer ready for the next trip (Church campout at a state campsite). Our trailer, and accompanying truck, are at a friend’s house across town, so working on it is a planned event. Refilled the water tanks, loaded the pop-up tent in the truck, long-term milk in fridge, food restocked, refueled (gas and propane).

    My new Olight flashlights came in. The Seeker 2 is 3200 lumen and rechargeable; it come with an inductive/magnetic wall mount (it will go just inside the trailer door). Being bright blue it should not get lost too easily. The i3UV is a AAA light (for a zipper pull) that is UV light (it will go on my hunting vest). The i5T is an AA light with a pocket clip that can go on your cap bill (currently a spare). I got the light on sale ($35 off) and the pair of little ones for an extra $5.

    I ordered a mess of AA and AAA rechargeable batteries, a charger, and AA to D adapters. I try to add to my stash periodically, and due to the price, using adapters means I can cut down on the types of batteries and chargers I keep.

    The “porch garden” is actually producing lettuce faster than we can eat it! Beans are podding, the rest are doing well. DW took several pots outside as it’s not supposed to freeze for a while; Sunday afternoon wind beat up some of my DW’s beans! DW had to harvest spinach on Thursday as it is starting to go to seed. The 2nd round of bean pods are coming in. 82 on Friday – snow predicted on Sunday

    Took the DW “pantry shopping” @ WinCo; Sunday afternoon road trip. Filled up the holes in the house pantry and the trailer.

    Finally got the Taurus 357 we sent back for warranty work in January. My advice to anyone who owes a Taurus handgun, shoot 200+ rounds through it as soon as you can. If there is going to be a problem, it will show up withing 200 rounds. They will fix it for free, taking this long is unusual. The sale I had for it fell through (duh! after 5 months), so it will got to the next show.

    DW has a medical procedure next Friday. This Friday she had to go in and have a COVID-19 test. On the way out they told her she now has to self-quarantine for 7 days or until the procedure (nice they dropped that requirement as she was leaving).

    Supply Run: Pantry filling, trailer cupboard filling; canned turkey; trailer refueled; powdered milk (20 qt), camping chairs, metal-manual brake bleeding kit (for vacuum sealing jars with no power), ammo.

    Received: Olight Seeker 2 (blue) + i3UV + i5T; Face Masks w/carbon filters; DW’s tablet cover; powdered milk (20 qt); AA, AAA rechargeable batteries & charger, SWAT-T tourniquet; AA to D adapters; Tarred nylon line, 138 feet;

    • sounds like my area as per weather, we had snow flurries one day with temperatures around 35 (light snow melted as it hit the ground), then 2 days later it was 95 and extremly humid

  2. Good Morning from West Georgia

    Pretty good rain storm yesterday along with much thunder and stuff.

    Today we got a call from the tree man and he was leaving at 9am, it’s after 11am and he’s not here yet. He might be kin folk so I’ll let him slide since he needs to take down a dead tree in the back yard and it’s leaning a bit the wrong way and I’m just not up to it.

    We will be making a Lowe’s run shortly but don’t have anything in particular on the want list except what ever we see.

    I thought DW was up for a raised bed garden this year but turns out she’s not so we won’t be doing that. I’ll be shopping later for more canned goods. DW reported that Publix had plenty of the stuff that was in short supply last month (TP, paper towel, clorox wipes etc) but meat was in short supply and they were asking upwards of 7 dollars a pound for the good stuff. I like chicken.

    Back in church tomorrow, can’t wait.

    Stay safe, say your prayers, remain locked and loaded as you never know when someone will go off the deep end.


    • Tara’s comment about cities being a concrete jungle kinda hit a nerve with me. While the downtown area of Atlanta does have a lot of concrete and has few trees in some areas, Atlanta and its suburbs are known for being extremely green. The tree canopy is phenomenal and in the springtime. Azaleas, dogwoods and other plants bloom in abundance. While I do love all this, the current political climate of Atlanta and its burbs is pushing us more and more to move out of town. Top that with property taxes we won’t be able to afford once we retire and the move will be necessary.

      This Week’s Questions:
      1. How do you battle bad bug infestations in your garden? We have used Seven Dust and Diatomaceous Earth in the past. This year the plan is to use Thuricide but can’t spray if it’s supposed to rain. I bought the Thuricide as it was approved for organic gardening.
      2. What winter preps do you work on during the summer months? Mostly food preservation but also move firewood from a pile in the yard to the stand we have on our patio. Other than that, it’s yard and house projects that can’t be done during cold weather. Depending on finances and size availability, we also try to purchase winter clothing items from the clearance racks.
      3. What do you think of all the rioting across American cities? Why do you think riots do not happen in rural areas and in many “Red” states? I think peaceful protests are fine, but they are being hi-jacked by people with evil intentions. Even George Floyd’s family has denounced the violent/destructive protests. All that said, I’m sleeping with my M1-A next to the bed. I always have my Shield on my nightstand, but I also have 5 or 6 extra magazines with it now.
      4. What did you do to prepare this week?
      • Garden – more weeding, more mulching, Epsom salts spread, and watching the plants begin blooming. The majority of the weeding has been completed and it’s a matter of maintenance combined with patience. Planted more sunflower seeds and moved basil seedlings to some empty spots in the garden.
      • Food – we haven’t been to a grocery store in three weeks. We have been to a farmer’s market and a meat market for a few items along with receiving the Misfits box. Just need to go to replace some used items and pick up some things I didn’t realize I was missing. Added some dehydrated celery and mango to the shelf. Dehydrated some herbs as well.

      Grocery store happened yesterday (Saturday). Restocked several non-perishable items and purchased some ground lamb, almond milk, cheese and a few other refrigerator items. We splurged on some salmon and shrimp for dinner. Toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning supplies were available although not the usual amounts. I didn’t really look at the meats much beyond the lamb although I could tell that they had LOTS of pork ribs. The lamb is a bit pricey but the DH and I enjoy it in meatloaf – half lamb and half ground beef makes some mighty tasty meatloaf.

      Once I finish my post and read some more email, I’ll be putting watermelon and some other fruits in the dehydrator that won’t get eaten right away. Is it feasible to can lemon juice or should I just juice the lemons and tell the DH to use the fresh juice? I don’t have many lemons currently.
      • Home projects – The DH has continued to work on the patio. The pool should be up by the time of this post (it’s up with the solar blanket trying to get the water temp to something acceptable). Since we’re not likely to be going anywhere anytime soon, the pool will be a nice diversion.

      Thor’s questions:
      1. I read an article that antifa is going to go into suburbs and rural areas. Are you ready to defend your neighborhood or farm from hundreds of attackers? See above – I’m in the burbs. There are many here that are armed and ready. If they go to rural areas, they will regret it. Two of my brothers and my sister live in rural areas. All are well armed with neighbors that are as well.

      I did have to go into the city earlier this week (wedding dress for the youngest). The oldest daughter was on Facetime from Albuquerque and asked if I was carrying. I said, “American Express – don’t leave home without it.” She sorta chuckled then asked if the other two daughters were carrying. She was obviously concerned as she knew about the rioting here and where we were. (Middle daughter needs to get her CCW license renewed and the baby needs to get back in the habit. Both are teachers and the baby has gotten out of the habit for fear of getting fired.) Protestors were just down the street but the 9pm curfew has helped deter the rioting.
      2. Do you think antifa is fanning the flames of a tragedy to promote an invasion or communist take-over of America? They are definitely fanning the flames of division, but I’m not sure their pawns know the end goal.
      3. Do you leave your magazines loaded down one round for spring longevity and for tactical reloads? Not normally.
      4. After seeing the riots, do you think Americans should be allowed to own “assault rifles” and “high capacity magazines” in every state? I thought this before the riots.
      5. What do you think of Democratic states freeing prisoners and wanting to disband the police? Calculated stupidity.

      • Ga. Red:
        I use Epsom salts on my asparagus beds but no where else. What plants do you spread it around?

        I know western Georgia has some beautiful areas, but I also love driving through NW Alabama. Beautiful countryside. Don’t know anything about taxes though.

      • Have you or do you use cotton seed hulls or meal for the garden?
        With a brother’s love,
        Curley Bull
        Mathew 24 & 1st Timothy 5:8

        • I have not used cotton seed hulls or meal for the garden and would be hard pressed to find some locally. I may ask my brother next time we chat if he has since he’s much closer to the cotton growing part of Georgia.

          • I’m thinking most any Feed and Seed Store should have some, but maybe that’s just here.

        • CB:
          For a long time cotton seed hulls were sold around here instead of bark for landscaping but that trend is over. The watermelon thrived in it! Tried to get some last summer but was told to cotact one of the fee lots.

      • GA: When we lived in Arlington, right between Dallas and Fort Worth, I swear it seemed they were not going to be happy until every surface was covered in concrete. It truly was a concrete jungle. Hardly a blade of grass could be seen anywhere for miles. Let alone a tree. Yeah, we had to get outta there!!! Glad it’s not that bad where you live!!

  3. I did my grocery shopping this week added to my stash. Publix had some TP this week and I bought one 8-pack of store brand. They are still rationing meat products found in the reefer cases.

    We’ve had some rain this week. Not enough to deter protesters, although most protesters around here have been rather non-violent, however, some have had their moments. The police are not hesitant to use tear gas and make arrests and that helps keep a lid on things. The curfew is helping too. Unlike in some other cities around the country where things are the opposite. I see that Tropical Storm Cristobal seems to be headed straight to New Orleans thence north into the middle of the US.

    Somethings that needs to be understood about George Floyd. The media portrays him as some innocent person who “merely” tried to pass a phony $20 bill. First, George Floyd was not such an innocent person. He has done armed robberies, home invasions, assaults, and other crimes including passing bad money. The 911 call from the store he was trying to pass the phony money at described him as “really drunk and out of control.” Turns out he wasn’t drunk, just high on fentanyl and meth. Really sweet guy. Now, does that excuse how he was treated by Chauvin? Not at all. I’m not sure the other officers deserve how they are being treated either. Two of them were rookies fresh from the police academy and their facial expressions on the video make them look like they have no clue what is going on. And I’m sure they didn’t. Chauvin, on the other hand, needs to go to prison and likely will. Probably three of them. A Minnesota one followed by a federal one followed by a Florida one. Evidently he is illegally registered to vote in Orange County, FL.

    Tear gas doesn’t necessarily affect the dyed in the wool violent people (Antifa, for instance, who often have gas masks), but it does tend to chase off the majority of the crowd leaving the violent agitators exposed. The violent people need the non-violent crowd to help provide anonymity, so chasing off the non-violent folks, forces the violent people to leave too. I’ve seen this tactic in action while I was in the middle of a nasty labor strike protest turned violent, and it works. A team from my department was sent to assist the department having the problems and I was in charge of them (I was a sergeant at the time). The stuff the rioters threw at us were machined steel gear rods used in truck steering mechanisms. Hefty and had sharpish edges. I still have two in my memento box. One of my officers was hit on the arm with one and got a gash. I think he got five or six sutures. Glad we had helmets, gas masks, and face shields. We didn’t use riot shields as my guys were assigned to arrest teams and needed our hands free. A good time was had by all. Not. The factory the gears were stolen from sued the unions involved in the strike and recovered thousands of dollars to pay for the stolen gears.

    I’ve noted that a number of liberals are demanding that police departments be disbanded. As usual, they point out what they declare is a problem, but suggest no rational solutions. If such a thing happened, all I see is more people getting killed as a result of inevitable vigilantism.

    The mayor of D.C. is also demanding that all “out-of-state” troops and police leave her city. She seems to forget that many buildings and monuments belong to the federal government and the feds have an absolute right to protect and defend those locations. She should be happy Trump hasn’t turned federal troops loose. I guess she is upset that a bunch of 82nd Airborne troops are nearby and available if needed. She also wants to evict all non-DC National Guard troops out of hotels in D.C. under the guise of “budget issues.” Why isn’t she demanding “out of state rioters” leave too?

    If anyone is interested, a book about my father’s Marine scout-sniper platoon in WWII was just published. “40 Thieves on Saipan.” By Joseph Tachovsky (the son of the platoon leader, whom I know personally). They were known by other Marines as “Tachovsky’s 40 Thieves” and for damned good reasons. Available on Amazon in hardcover and Kindle. Yes, I took after my father when I was a Marine in Vietnam. ?

    This Week’s Questions

    1. How do you battle bad bug infestations in your garden?

    By not having a garden. ?

    2. What winter preps do you work on during the summer months?

    None since winter is not that harsh here in FLA.

    3. What do you think of all the rioting across American cities? Why do you think riots do not happen in rural areas and in many “Red” states?

    The riots are attempts to force politicians to give into demands by radical leftist and communist groups. Blue politicians are cowards and are afraid to be accused of racism or overreacting.

    Riots generally don’t happen in rural areas because folks there have different attitudes toward work and government control. Also, rural folks tend to be well armed and don’t play stupid games with criminals. Same with Red States. Getting gassed and locked up are much more likely in a Red State.

    Recently, however, Antifa is threatening to bring riots to rural areas. I don’t think that will work well for them as they don’t have the allies they need (crowds of no-violent folks) to provide anonymity for them as they act like the criminals they are.

    One of the worst things you can do to Antifa members is to arrest them and publish their names and mugshots on TV and in newspapers. Many of them have legit jobs whose employers don’t want their businesses to be associated with Antifa or similar groups. Thus, the Antifa people get fired.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above

    • Z36,
      Wait for the coming crackdown on antifa as they are being deemed a terrorist organization. Getmo rings a bell…?

      • Yeah, Gitmo would be nice, but as the law stands now, Gitmo is only for foreign terrorists or enemy combatants and only if they are captured in foreign countries.

  4. 1. How do you battle bad bug infestations in your garden?… Only had grasshoppers bad once. Sprinkled on DE and they left my. Garden alone.
    2. What winter preps do you work on during the summer months? This year I hope to get the new chicken coop built. Dogs have torn down the old one here. Other wise it’s canning and drying food for year to year food supply.
    3. What do you think of all the rioting across American cities? Why do you think riots do not happen in rural areas and in many “Red” states?… Dangerous Insanity. Red states seem to have less race problems. Not perfect but better.
    4. What did you do to prep this week? Since i lost all my garden starts while being too sick to even keep them watered I bought a few plants to start over with and sorted seeds for quick growing veggies to plant this year. Working on eating some everyday (lost several clothing sizes so far) and trying to do more so I can work the garden.

  5. Hi Everyone,

    Going to be a scorcher around these parts this weekend. And lot of humidity to boot…

    I picked up my blueberries, now to figure out what to do with them. Sure could use a freeze dryer.

    Tuesday, got a text message from a prep friend that said I needed to take the interstate home and bypass coming thru town to come home.. Protests in my town… Heard on my HAM radio, from a guy that owned a shop downtown, that there were people around on the sidewalk, and some had backpacks, and it was those he was worried about. He was staying around to protect his property. Glad to report that nothing happened… But thinking about what trouble, what we are having to do nowadays to protect our property. It’s just so sad to see things come to this.

    Bought some cattle panels from TSC, had them cut in half. Friend picked them up for me, along with some T stakes
    so I could put up where my tomatoes are to stake them to. Still need to do that this weekend. Had to replant the entire garden where there were seeds. Not sure if the late frost got them, they got drowned by all the rain, or both. Hoping for some things to come up… The only thing that is growing are the things I bought that were plants already. Oh…. And hoed a bunch of crabgrass out of there. I read that there was something that will kill it without harming my plants, so will need to get some of that… There is just way too much of it coming up.

    Need to get the kale I bought into the dehydrator. It has been one crazy week and things I intended to do, got sideways and not done.

    Tara’s questions:

    How do you battle bad bug infestations in your garden? 7 dust

    What winter preps do you work on during the summer months? Can’t think of anything. Still working on collecting Comfrey and plantain, so that could be a winter project.

    What do you think of all the rioting across American cities? Why do you think riots do not happen in rural areas and in many “Red” states? The riots are planned events to take this country down. We cannot let that happen. Rural areas and Red states want to make MAGA, not tear it down. We value hard work and value the fruits of our labor. Not time for nonsense.

    Prayers for the pack, unspoken requests, for The President and for America. Did anyone see the American flag that was ripped in 2 during a storm? WOW…

  6. More unrest will continue and will not stop unfortunately, I believe in the continued progress in preparing and not stopping, I plan on getting Strawberries today. The weather has been off and on and for the next 7 day’s is rain, with a few sun break during the week. I’ve been coupon shopping again and filling in the hole’s, I have had so much recycling, we’ve put out just because we have been eating in these last 10 weeks, I did get a Winco pizza, they are pretty good and very reasonable priced $5.99 and you can buy add ons so I bought the cheese pizza, and a big tub of pepperoni $1.35, and last night I got everyone Jack in the box, but only the deal meals. Living in the city, has its pluses and usually the only problems we have our done by our left leaning party, they are scheduled again to have another protest the third one this week. But… I have wanted to move out of this city, now hubby, and I are thinking that maybe we should put both places up for sale, to be able to get what we want but even that may not be the way to go.
    Most of our stores, have Toilet paper, and paper towels, now cleaning products, seem to still be a major hot commodity, alcohol is slowly getting in to the Dollar tree, the one product I want to get again are the bleach tablets Evolve, is the brand from Walmart. I may try back again next week to see if you can walk in 1 month ago, they were only letting so many people, in at a time now I wished I got four bottles and not two but that was way back in January, after our first case in Washington state.

    Question 1 Because I don’t have a large yard, I mostly do picking bugs off my leaves, my grapes are coming back I have had a couple of snail’s on the leaves. I have nothing in the ground so I don’t deal with slugs anymore and if I find one I put them in my food recycling bin.

    Question 2 I do canning for winter prep and we check our house for any problems, our Outside water heater, stopped making hot water and put out a code hubby looked it up and ordered parts, and because of the riot’s in California, Portland, and Tacoma, Seattle last week our 2 day delivery took 5 day’s because UPS, didn’t want to drive through the mess which I don’t blame them at all so I was warming up water on the stove to wash dishes, and wash our hair thankfully we had showered the day before so we weren’t to stinky lol 🙂 but 5 day’s and no shower really made us appreciate the hot water, and that we have a smart and awesome dad and hubby.

    Question 3 The riot’s, well I knew it was going to happen just because of what happened, it was sad and very unfortunate that George, had to die so sad but to destroy your City’s, and seeing the looting, now it’s not about George Floyd, it’s about what they can take from all of us like I told my kids 20 and 16, we all will pay for the damage to rising cost, that these businesses will have to recoup in the very near future. We live in the blue side of Washington state, and to see what’s going on in Seattle, is just awful we used to enjoy going to Seattle, and the kid’s loved it when they got to go to plays, in the past but now if we have to go our kid’s are not excited any longer to enjoy the big city anymore, with all the homeless camps, graffiti, and pan handlers, who needs it but now our Stupid city council, is encouraging these people, to move here how wonderful for the citizens, here as they wander to the high school, to get their free breakfast and lunch, and a place to sleep until the 2nd week of August. I can’t believe how stupid the left leaning crowd are here that somehow I’m mean because I don’t like it and I must be just a terrible human, to feel this way and we should help our fellow man, why these people, get everything for free and still scream and yell at the homeowners, for having a nice house and a front porch to sit on and watching them sit in our yards getting high, and looking down our driveways, listening to the police at the high school, every day, and the firefighters, who deal with these people, and I’m mean because they are taking away resources that should go to the tax paying people of our city!!!

    Well, I hope everyone is being safe and staying healthy, keep on prepping and hopefully things will quite down in the next few weeks.

  7. Hello everyone!

    I have been busy fighting off both parsley worms-mostly on the dill and flea beetles. I hand pick the worms and am winning the battle there. I have a concoction of garlic, soap, vegetable oil and water for the other pests. Usually works for light infestations of flea beetles. But this year they are out of control. So far only one cabbage worm going after one of the eggplant. When the grasshoppers come out in late July-August I allow my cat into the garden. She is excellent at hunting garden pests big and small. The miller moth invasion was much heavier than normal this year.

    Winter preps in the summer is all about canning and more canning. This will start in earnest in August. I did successfully dry thyme and sage this past week. Still need to harvest horehound and make some candy.

    The rioting was bad in Denver. My oldest was sent home early on two days. The hotel where his wife works was boarded up. Rioters tore down the plywood broke the windows with bricks and then entered. Threw things at staff. End result the hotel had to transfer guests to other properties and everyone sent home.

    Three of my four kids staying away from areas of protest. One joining the peaceful segments during the day and returning home before sunset. I will let her boyfriend talk some sense into her. He works for one of the National agencies.

    Of course no turmoil here at home. Living in a sparsely populated county helps.

    Preps involve working in the garden Some spinach and lettuce starting to bolt. Harvested peas and carrots this week and potatoes are flowering. Harvested and dried herbs. Spent this morning getting everything stored or tied down. High wind warning with gusts up to 70 M.P.H. expected over the next two days.

    I have a prayer request for those so inclined. Covid-19 finally made it into my Mom’s nursing home in Ocoee. All patients and staff will begin the process of ongoing testing now. We are of course quite anxious. My dad is unable to care for her at home.

    Stay safe everyone.

  8. Puppy put on a display of jumping ,a standing 3 foot vertical leap, for an electrical power worker knocked at the door. He came out to change my electric meter, I guess they thought I was putting a magnet on it or something due to I put in 2 new Trane air conditioners, which are way more efficient, an energy efficient fridge/freezer and LED lighting through out the house inside and outside. My electric bill dropped a wapping $200.00 to only a $100.00 a month in the summer. Temperatures 90° to 100° outside and 67° to 68° inside. WOW I love it.

    New tractor arrived early but the crate was damaged and alas so was the tractor. Cracked parts and the fuel tank vent was even chaffed through. The company said I can get a refund though but I have to deliver it to them.

    Picked some various peppers.
    Transplanted another cherry tomato plant. Some are 5 feet tall now and covered in beefsteak tomatoes.
    Cucumbers have so many blossoms, pickles will be abundant this year.
    Beans,peas and potatoes are doing excellent too.

    Heavy workouts, getting in great shape for the coming apocalypse……

    Thor’s questions

    1.I read an article that antifa is going to go into suburbs and rural areas are you ready to defend your neighborhood or farm from hundreds of attackers?
    2. Do you think antifa is fanning the flames of a tragedy to promote an invasion or communist take over of America?
    3. Do you leave your magazines loaded down one round for spring longevity and for tactical reloads?
    4. After seeing the riots, do you think Americans should be allowed to own “assault rifles” and “high capacity magazines” in every state?
    5.What do you think of Democratic states freeing prisoners and wanting to disband the police?

    • Tara’s questions
      1.How do you battle bad bug infestations in your garden?
      Companion planting, water vinegar mix, or if really bad Ortho garden bug spray as a last resort.

      2.What winter preps do you work on during the summer months?
      Firewood ,vehicle maintenance and vehicle preps like food,water and blankets.

      3.What do you think of all the rioting across American cities? Why do you think riots do not happen in rural areas and in many “Red” states?
      Per antifa it’s coming to rural areas. Farm and home invasions will have less response to criminals at one address due to fewer members and greater distance from neighbors. Be ready and be safe.

    • Thor’s questions

      1.I read an article that antifa is going to go into suburbs and rural areas are you ready to defend your neighborhood or farm from hundreds of attackers?

      Yes, I am prepared and willing. However, I don’t think those jerk-offs will go to rural areas in large numbers, if at all.

      2. Do you think antifa is fanning the flames of a tragedy to promote an invasion or communist take over of America?

      First, I don’t think there was a tragedy involved. I think George Floyd’s death was a stupid accident. Stupid on his part and stupid on the officer’s part. I normally do not condemn an officer until more information comes out, but this one was another matter. The video was pretty conclusive to me. We were taught not to kneel on people’s neck as that was considered lethal force. Since Floyd was already cuffed when he was put on the ground, there was no need at all to kneel on him, neck or on his back. And when EMS picked Floyd up, I could tell he was dead. Floyd was a criminal of some standing before he tried to pass a phony $20 bill and the store people thought he was drunk and out of control (turns out he wasn’t drunk, just stoned on fentanyl and meth.)
      But, otherwise yes Antifa, BLM, liberals, and others are taking advantage to ruin our country.

      3. Do you leave your magazines loaded down one round for spring longevity and for tactical reloads?

      No, I don’t. In modern magazines (such as Magpuls), the metallurgy in the springs can handle being fully loaded for long periods. What does weaken the springs the most, over time, is continual emptying and reloading. Even still, it takes a great deal of that activity to cause issues. As far as tactical reloads, the magazine should be at least partially empty from firing. No need for a tactical reload with a full magazine in the weapon.

      I once tested one of my Sig Sauer P-228 magazines, fully loaded for five years. Not a hiccup then or since. I still use it.

      4. After seeing the riots, do you think Americans should be allowed to own “assault rifles” and “high capacity magazines” in every state?


      5.What do you think of Democratic states freeing prisoners and wanting to disband the police?

      They are morons and will pay for their ignorance.

      • Z36,
        I believe antifa will go to suburbs and rural areas because of less police. Path of least resistance, people need to prepare more for large gangs.

        1.Tactical reloads are easier to load in the firearm with one round down with the bolt closed.

        2. Spring pressure is relaxed approximately 25% leaving it down one round.

        The Democrats are afraid they will be arrested for committing crimes against America and violating the Constitution and aiding the enemy AKA China and Russia.

        • Thor1,

          I see your point on the tactical reload. I should know better.I still prefer to leave my mags fully loaded as I know how to work it. Many years playing with an M-16 or variant.

          It could get pretty ugly if Antifa, et al, try misbehaving in the rural areas. Suburbs can get police assistance pretty fast from next door cities. That labor protest that went bad had cops from almost every city in the county, plus cops from two other counties and deputies from three counties, plus state police.

          Rural areas may be tight for cops. No or few town cops, some deputies, and some state police. Probably more, but not for a while.

          If the Democraps are afraid of getting arrested, why are they allowing all of this law breaking to go on? Some states allow citizens arrests. Maybe some should be made for misfeasance in office.

          • Z36,
            To each their own. I just believe in Murphy’s law…. What can go wrong will and at the worst possible moment.

        • i disagree about path of least resistance, sure there are not as many police and they have longer responce times, but rural people are armed to the teeth compared to the suburbs and city where they depend on police to do everything. chances are even some 80 year old woman living alone in the country has a shotgun and knows how to use it. its like what Yamamoto said, there is a rifle behind every blade of grass, sure there are less people but at least half of them are armed and there is really no way to know which ones are which.

          • i remember a few years back a coyote attacked a 4 year old behind a daycare and tried to drag the kid into the woods, the staff managed to fight it off and the kid was not seriously injured. less than an hour later there were over 50 dead coyote and an impromptu militia army of about 400 men and women were sweeping a 3 mile radius with shotguns, bows, rifles, handguns, and one guy with throwing tomahawks and killing every coyote they could find till the cops talked them into going home and assuring them they probably got the coyote that attacked that kid.

            let 100 antifa nuts show up in a rural town and try to mess with someone, even if its not directly their own home or business or family at risk there will be a lot of locals ready to arm up and drive them off before they target their home, business or family next.

            also remember a time someone spotted a bear in a hay field, the same guys all showed up and the bear was never seen again, same thing happens to moose when they wander in from canada.

            antifa knows this, thats why they stick to the cities and suburbs where guns are rare except in the hands of criminals and police

    • Thor’s questions

      1.I read an article that antifa is going to go into suburbs and rural areas are you ready to defend your neighborhood or farm from hundreds of attackers? Let’s put this into real perspective. The number of “attackers” will be more like 20-25. You will have about 5-10 “leaders” to instruct and encourage, 10-15 to actually start the mess; depending on the size of “locals” to continue and provide cover. No local violence supporters along with armed civilians has, to date, deterred violent in “blue” areas.

      2. Do you think antifa is fanning the flames of a tragedy to promote an invasion or communist take over of America? Based upon what I’ve read, ANTIFA leadership is anarchists who will take support from anyone. They really don’t have an “after” plan.

      3. Do you leave your magazines loaded down one round for spring longevity and for tactical reloads? I usually drop 2, to 28. Although I just heard that Lancer AR mags are plastic w/metal lips. I may try a few. I stick with Mag-Pul G2’s.

      4. After seeing the riots, do you think Americans should be allowed to own “assault rifles” and “high capacity magazines” in every state? I think we should be able to get what we think we need to defend our selves, our families/property, and our way of life. 30 round AR-15, 20 round AR-10/FAL/HK/M1A mags are “standard capacity” not high capacity. Please define “assualt rifle”. If you are talking a military selective-fire weapon or sub-machine gun – in my 20 years in the US Army I got to officially put my M-16 on “full-auto/burst” exactly twice. I’m better trained to put rounds on target on semi (I “twitch” quite well). I use 3 and 4 pound Timney triggers with do the job nicely.

      5.What do you think of Democratic states freeing prisoners and wanting to disband the police? I don’t think they have thought the repercussions through. They want a way to make it look like this is all Trump’s fault. They are making the far-left farther left, the far-right farther right, and losing the support if the Independents that is critical to winning a fair election. Part of me want to let them, and watch them burn.

      • JP,
        4. I was being sarcastic with “assault rifles and high capacity magazines” however I do own some beta mags….?

        5. LOL ?

      • Some folks think a 200rd mag is just right ,,after all that’s what the SAW came with ,got to love belt fed ,,,yep there are dealer samples out there , , class3 ,,,was told about a m79 up for auction with paper.
        Back to the real world ,,,,,,,,,,have 50year old 20rd from nam days kept with 18 always ,works fine.

        SAW was new from Ohio ord,6 years ago 7500 d ,,+ 200 tax ,,M79 3500d +200 tax but 5d tax on shells WP or HE or frag,,,,no tax on flare

        In five years over there don’t think used full half a dozen times , with xm 177. My jar heads (i can say that ,get over it) with 14s did spray and pray ,a little , but you had to hump that amo ,
        Loved working with marines those guys never quit ,,,,,,

        Tea and chocolate

    • Thor’s questions

      hundreds? no, and there are very few people in the area so that kind of thing won’t happen. local paper had pictures of protests going on in one of the liberal college towns in the next couny over where protests happen, mostly its a dozen overweight white girls who came from cities or suburbs crying and holding signs up with blm logos on them.

      now if there was any kind of group in the area causing trouble i would just go drop a bunch of big trees over the road half a mile from my place, probably cooperate with the 3 or 4 farms close by and do it further out, not much here, and only traffic is from those farms. couple good size trees and its more of a pain in the ass than its worth to get to those farms which don’t have much on them anyway.

      2. they are fanning the flames but they have no goal other than drawing attention to themselves, they have no plan other than to keep their movement going

      3. i don’t have any rifle in my cabin that uses detachable mags

      4. not according to the liberals, politicians knew something was comming because of the many issues in America, they can only keep reacting and slapping duct tape so long before they run out of tape or an issue comes too big to bandaid fix, thats why so many pushed to disarm the population (so the rioters don’t storm government buildings with guns in hand, and pushed to leagalize weed (so everyone will be lazy and sitting at home high to forget their troubles, rather than grabbing their rifle and storming the nearest government building).

      5. they often think with wishful wants and ignore practicality, they remind me of my mother and sisters. when i was 16, and my sisters were 15 and 13 respectivly, we were driving home from school one day just before summer break, we saw a deer on the side of the road, it was in bad shape and kicking its front legs trying to get up while its spine was clearly broken, it was suffering. my sisters started crying and demanding my parents bring it to a vet, i demanded we stop and i would take a rock from a nearby culvert and crush its head to stop it from suffering, then suggested we take the meat home (my father was a school janitor and mother was unemployed, we ate a lot of moldy food and my parents complained about not getting enough in stamps to eat more than 3 lobsters a week, my bag lunches at school were moldy bagels and i slept on the floor cause they couldn’t afford a bed). my mother slapped me and my sisters called me an inhuman monster, my mother refused to stop and told my sisters that the police who were just coming round the corner and stopping would take it to a rehabilitation center where a vet would opperate and give it physical therapy then release it back into the wild, my sisters stopped crying so much with wishful thinking, though they all called me worse than hitler and told me i was a monster for suggesting finishing off the deer and putting it in the freezer.

      most likely the cops either shot it (this was around 1998 so they had less paperwork for a discharge) or they just crushed its head with a rock (like some dec officers i know do these days just to avoid the discharge paperwork, the dec guys i know now call it a dot autopsy when they put down a deer like that they take it to the local field offfice and butcher off any meat not ruined). a deer with a broken back is not going to be rehabilitated, its going to die, either fast or slow and painful its going to happen, and nobody would pay $30,000 and all kinds of therapy work to save something with a life span of a few years and likely to be shot in the fall anyway.

      but my mother and sisters would rather fill their heads with wishful thinking and assume what they wish the world was like was the way it was and spew hate at anyone that pops their fantasy bubble or tries to be pragmatic with the way the world works. thats the kind of logic that my relatives lived by (and i am the only one who has not been bancrupt ever, nor depend on public assistance to after making poor choices). thats the same kind of thinking that these liberals follow.

        • glad someone does, i tend to give examples based on comparison, however most people who read anything i comment online don’t get the points i am trying to make.

          in this case i tried to describe the wishful thinking, liberals tend to push what they feel, and if you agrue with logic and facts they will either make personal attacks to discredit your character (worse than hitler, inhuman monster) when they can’t use facts to back their feelings or they cover their ears and shout really loud to avoid hearing anything that disagrees with them.

          • nemoseto,

            I enjoy your comments too. Plus you’re a professional off-gridder and know what’s going on.

    • Thor’s Questions:
      1) Antifa offered to go into the town where my step brother lives to bring their style of protesting. Of course the Hell’s angels offered to meet them there & make them their ‘huckleberries’. Got a great rip roaring laugh out of that one. Apparently the other communist affiliation decided that it would not be worth the invasion so dropped that place off their list of destruction.
      Farther up north the local folks decided that they would also join in the ‘how do you do’, peaceful demonstrator’s or we will escort you over the county line. Over 300 patriots met them at one small town & one rather large city on two different days. They slithered away, on the buses that brought them in to the north state.

      2) A resounding–YES!! Along with the BLM, as records show the head of both are under communists manifesto’s and run by like minded parties. Now I am seeing a resurgent of the BP(black panthers) along with Weather Underground. Yet non of those folks are wearing pink jump suits and setting in a tent where they should have been years ago. Friends in high places gets one out of trouble..booty kissing.

      3) No our magazines set on the coffee table…sorry could not pass that up..lol Will pass on this question.

      4) YES. What else will keep the brainless/fatherless children at bay. Since they have been raised under communist dictates via school.

      5) Since that is there wish let us place all those whom they wish to turn loose on law abiding people into their homes and remove said law enforcement that is paid to protect them. Fair is fair……….right?

  9. Who else feels like we are fast slipping into total chaos? It’s led me to kick prepping into overdrive here lately! I met with some like-minded folks yesterday who live about 15 miles from me as the crow flies and we were discussing our need for communication alternatives in the event of a grid down situation….suggestions from this group are welcome. I don’t want anything that requires a license to operate……would a CB radio work okay?
    (1) I use DE, and also a spray containing Kaolin Clay and water. I also do caterpillar picking by hand.
    (2) Florida doesn’t really have winters–in fact, I grow more food in the winter than I do in the summer. Instead, we prepare for the dreaded Hurricane Season, which just started.
    (3) Riots. I think the meme going around on FaceBook right now about rioters threatening to go to rural areas about sums it up for me….”What’s the bag limit going to be on them?” Might need to catch me a hog or two and get them good and hungry. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.
    (4) My week was spent canning bone broth and green beans; dehydrating sliced strawberries, sliced jalapeños, and about 80 million more elderberries. I bought some freeze-dried dog food for my little indoor dog—enough to last her a few months at least. Ordered yet MORE vegetable seeds; and I transported a buck from my friends farm to mine and have him in with my newest doe for breeding. We constructed and installed some shade screening over part of my garden to keep the vining stuff from succumbing to this Florida heat.

    I also spent two days running all over the county delivering soap. A single post on Facebook about me “itching” to make some soap resulted in over 20 orders so far….well over $500 in sales. It’s been crazy, but good! Guess all of that hand washing has made people want some good moisturizing goat’s milk soap!

    DH has been on a gun purchasing kick—-five new forms of self defense have been brought home this week. He’s not much into the food/farming things around here, but he’s sure got the home defense system covered…..

    Spoke with my niece about more first aid items. She’s going to try to get us a cauterizing instrument to help stop bad bleeding; she also recommended Tega-derm for closing serious wounds until you can get medical attention. Will be looking into that this weekend.

    Busy week overall. Gotta keep pushing as it appears that time is fast running out.


  10. Where we live we have a White Farmer/Rancher militia, so should any Commie Antifa types try looting our little town, our local LEO’s will have lots of Deplorables as “Back Up”.

    • Ghost,
      What if the cell towers are down? What if the power grid is down? What if 100 gang members show up at your farm/house in the middle of the night and throw Molotov cocktails and launch flares into your house. Will the Calvary save you? Distance can be a double edged sword. Be ready….. Be aware of vehicles you don’t normally see, out of state plates, buses ect.

  11. Goatlover,
    Cauterizing is a serious mistake, the infection cause by burns is very dangerous and should only be used as a last resort. Tourniquets, quik clot dressings and powder, Israeli bandages and homemade Cayenne pepper powder are the way to go. Duct tape and plastic is also effective.

    • Thor1 & Goatlover:

      That us one of the reasons I have started adding “disposable” tourniquets and quick-clot gauze to my existing 1st aid kits, range kits, and vehicle kits. Get trained and get properly equipped.

      • JP,
        I usually buy premade trauma, gunshot wound kits and first aid kits then add to them. Some are setup pretty well and only need a little tweaking.

        • Thor1:

          BearIndependent.com has 2 “bearfaks”, a full kit (for your ruck) and a mini for your range gear. Expensive but quality stuff. They also have a STOMP bag (really expensive and beyond what most people need) and a mini-STOMP “refill” for those who want more than a first aid kit, already have a bag, and don’t need/want/can’t afford a full STOMP.

          I have 2 full kits and will be getting mini’s for our range gear. Plus a GI M-3 and an M-17 kit I bought some time ago.

          • JP in MT,

            I have a STOMP bag that was given to me empty by a Green Beret friend. I packed it to my standards. I rarely buy pre-packed FAKs except as gifts to others. I want my kits to be exactly how I want them.

    • Interesting. My nephew is an OR tech and participates in surgeries, so I guess I’ll just leave that to him. I already have quit clot powder and Israeli bandages.

      • Goatlover,

        Surgical cauteries are essentially scalpels that can cauterize blood vessels as they cut on a prepared field. They’re used in hospitals and patients are given antibiotics. They are not suitable for use out in the field (so to speak).

  12. Hey there,

    Sorry about last week.

    1: Nematodes on the lawn. Cheap and 100% effective.
    2: I buy oil now while it’s cheap. May not need it. See below.
    3: Riots are occurring in nearby cities. I’ve always been ready for these. Mrs. Overwatch is worried enough that she had me move a small gun safe near our bed. She asked me if we were ok. I showed her the stash. She knows we’re okay.
    ( edit- just lost it in a boating accident out at sea) Seriously
    I know the 82 year old man in Fall River, Massachusetts who was body slammed by an Antifa eunuch. He’s ok and back out as of today. DJT jr. is sending him some banners and signs. I’ll be standing next to him from here on. I don’t think anyone will mess with him again. There are several volunteers who want to join him as well.
    All of the above has caused Mrs Overwatch to want to push up our move. I spoke to our realtor and he’s confident he can sell within 30 days. I just have a few more projects to go and we’ll put the house up around mid July. This will necessitate another one man recon trip to Tennessee to pick a place. Also got in touch with an old army buddy who is the firearms instructor for a police department out near Los Angeles. He’s nearing retirement and wants to get his wife and daughter someplace safe. Maybe we’ll partner up and open a gun shop with an indoor range for CCW classes.
    All in all, I am very optimistic about the future.

  13. Loaded the Glocks and put the Ruger PC carbine in the bedroom. It also takes Glock mags too. Beefed up the pantry and plan to do some more next week. Most of the Spring garden is gone, ( Green Beans, Tomatoes, Beets) still have Butternut Squash and Jalapeno peppers growing. A neighbor’s ranch just put in a solar system. Giving solar a serious consideration.

    Saw on Breitbart today the we are in the 3rd of 4 steps of a Communist take over. Destabilization

  14. Hello everyone. Hope ya’ll are feeling well and getting the things you’ve wanted to get accomplished this week done.
    In my neck of the woods, it has become quite hot and humid, but my tomatoes and other plants are loving the sunshine. This weekend is the Dixie Highway yard sale and from what I have seen (my first experience) is that few seem to have any worries about Civid-19. People just want to be out and about.
    As Tara has weighed in on all this rioting and craziness, I can say that I do agree that the majority of this craziness occurs more in urban areas. Two things stand out clearly to me: The very fact that urban areas are more populated increases the opportunity for the media to set up for the story to play out on TV. I mean, who doesn’t want to see what is playing out Right before our eyes, and yes, even in our own cities and towns. And Which way does the pendulum really swing. Media’s saying we are morally obligated to report the news, verses which outlet can draw the most ratings? Is it really news, or is it just a way to fuel the anger and frustrations that are still felt by many that black lives are not as important as white lives? I would be the first to admit that the police officers in Minnesota should have been fired for the death of the man that died due to the knee to his neck. The city should be accountable for the misconduct and actions of its law enforcement. BUT, would this be such a big story if the officer had been black? Is the real story an old agenda that’s pilot light has been keep flamed and used by any liberal, media or political group to use as deemed for ANY agenda to halt what is good and decent in our country? And to have the likes of Al Sharpton to even preach at the man’s funeral is a slap in the face to What is right and good, because like the media, his agenda is to generate money to fuel the cause.
    Sorry, I got carried away. I hate terribly that the man was killed due to the officer using too much force. I feel terrible that the young man in Brunswick, Ga was killed by a couple of rednecks making a citizen arrest, and the length of time it took for the media to get their hands on the story. So? What is the answer? I believe it is to vet, vet and vet some more. Don’t trust the media’s point of view. Don’t trust the hatred spewed from the pulpit that black lives don’t matter. What matters is the law. It is in place for a reason.
    Not only do black lives matter, but all lives matter, and so does our leadership!
    Gonna go cut grass…

    • Just a quick comment…..
      Tara and Thor1 ask questions, so Joe is gonna ask, just one…..
      Depending on where you live and those you associate with, other than like minded,
      After and during Coronavirus and riots
      Do you believe more of the population is waking up to the fact of planned corruption and manipulation of the left and the MSM?
      Or the same?

      • I’m afraid it is all just the same. People going on about their lives and businesses just like nothing is happening.

        We visited Lowe’s today and besides DW and me, I saw maybe 5 other people with mask on and very few people in the store paying any attention to social distancing.

        The riots are not toughing people out in my neck of the woods other than last Saturday when there was a protest at the local mall and one person got arrested after he ticked off a lot of protestors trying to get them to tear stuff up and they turned him in.

      • Joe2c, I believe more people are starting to understand. It was crazy during the election, some people that were were diehard demorats saying all the crazy things Trump does until they were asked what crazy things, they say you know the crazy things. So you ask name one and they would get mad and storm off. LOL

        I think the NWO is throwing the kitchen sink at Trump and he is still WINNING and so are we. I see change in a lot of people who were Democrats now realize who is really helping them and who is hurting them.

        Trump has more guts than any other President since George Washington, he was the first President to step into North Korea ever….

      • I also agree it is just about the same. This virus thing is definitely, ‘life interrupted’ for so many, and folks really want to get out and about and find their normal, or new normal.

  15. What did I do this week?

    Worked in the yard. Bugs are not a problem with my plants for the moment.
    Haven’t done anything for winter preps yet. Still in the planning stages
    No. I think rioting in rural places do take place to some extent, but the media is going for the crowds, and biggest bang for their buck.

    Thor’s questions:
    Will take the fifth on all but the 5th.

    How stupid is it to let criminals out of prison? Is ther no road work crews, or roofing crews needing any help this summer. How about growing their own food and giving my tax dollars a break. To disarm our police is utterly crazy!

    • Jean, it’s the lefts plan. The police are our first line of defense. The left is using the criminals as weapons to help destabilize the economy and America in a last ditch effort to hurt Trump’s reelection. They are failing because people see what they really are. NAZIS. How the world can still deal with China is beyond me. How they take organs out of their own people while they are alive and releasing the pandemic on the world. Puppy says he hates them too for killing dogs…. I second that !!!

      • I am with you Thor. I believe this election year is going to a turning point for our country in so many ways, as was the Hilderbeast/Trump election. I think the Dems were rudely awakened that it didn’t turn out to be a toe in. What is happening now (black/white relations, law/criminal gangs)are definitely a catalyst that is being fed to keep the fear factor in place. I can’t wait to see who Biden will have as his running mate. I got my ideas.

  16. Watching some interesting conversation on another board. An antifa individual posted a picture of himself with an AR15 and battle clothes talking about going after a shop owner in Kennesaw, GA. This particular shop owner is close to 90 years old, shriveled up old guy with a long beard and hair and he runs a show selling Civil War memorabilia and other stuff. He is pictured with a KKK uniform he has for sale (1800’s vintage). He’s a tough old bird and I wouldn’t want to mess with him.

    A note about Kennesaw, GA is that the local government passed a law requiring every sane property owner who is not otherwise prohibited from owning a firearm to have a firearm and ammo for same and to keep that weapon in good firing order. Based on that law the bulk of that city is armed and they have one of the lowest crime rates in the state.

    As for myself, I have my EDC with a full magazine and a spare mag in my back pocket. The 12 gauge pump is primed and sitting ready. The AR15 is locked and loaded with 30 spare 30 round and 15 spare 15 round magazines at hand. I prefer to keep a 15 round in it since the 30 rounders are quite heavy for my age but I can’t handle a 30 since it empties pretty quickly when required. So, I’m not overly worried about protestors and crazies stalking around the neighborhood. I won’t go looking for trouble but if knocks on the door I will answer.

    On another subject, I had a tree guy come by today to take down an old rotten tree. Probably 50 to 60 feet all with the top dead. They decided they couldn’t climb it so they tossed a rope up high, tied it off to block and tackle and then to the back of the truck and started cutting. When they put pressure on it the top let go and the whole tree fell uphill instead of down but since they cut a high stump only the top and some big branches hit my shop. There were some big branches on top but we got them all off and renailed the bits and pieces that were knocked loose. He then cut it all up and with my help took it down and tossed it over the back fence. There is still a 2 or 3 foot tall stump left since the tree was growning in to the chainlink fence behind it. I’m glad it is gone. He gave me a good price and I gave each of them 20 bucks extra to get lunch.

    I really hate being old and not being able to do that kind of stuff myself.

    73’s yall
    Keep smiling, keep praying, and keep wearing your mask when you go out. I’d rather people not know who I am.

    • Cliff,

      I forget off the top of my head how many 30-round AR-15 mags I have loaded. At least 50. I keep a 40-rounder in my AR-15 as a starter. Plus I have a bunch of HK-91 20-round 7.62mm mags loaded and ready. About 25. Never mind my 870 12-ga and my Sig 228.

    • I smiled when you mentioned the store in Kennesaw. I have been there once and the store is basically the owners collection of Civil War relics he has collected through the years in the back of the store. He charges a minimal fee to see the collection. The front of the store is mostly junk, t-shirts and the man himself is there everyday. The sleepy little town of Kennesaw that houses ‘The General’, a Confederate locomotive that was stolen by the Yankees was returned some years back and is housed across the street in museum. The Museum has just about removed all Confederate displays (Flags and such) on the outside to be political correct. I think they do fly the flags during ‘Big Shanty Days’, but it’s so hidden that it’s hardly visible unless you know where to look.
      With the explosion of the University nearby, more younger people has moved into the area, and what was once a sleepy little town with a rich Civil War history and a law that requires all residents to carry a gun, is now in transition to a trendy college town filled with young people, bars, trendy restaurants etc., and the city is quietly removing all evidence of their rich history (now a blemish) to accommodate growth. Of course Dent’s shop remains as it always has because it’s his shop. He just thumbs his nose and hangs more flags outside. I like his grit.

      • Jean,
        About 10 years ago my DD attended Kennesaw State and got her bachelors degree there. Naturally we spent a lot of time going from Douglasville to there to take her stuff, visit and attend stuff with her. The college was much smaller then (as was Siouthern Polytechnic when I attended there in 1967 and early 1970).

        Kennesaw used to be a great place to visit and see things and just hang out. Not so much today.

        I applaud Dent for keeping his place open. There are fewer and fewer places you can go and see the true history of the was and the confederate way of life. It’s all being swept under the rug so much. My family never owned a slave or a plantation. They were never in the KKK. We were dirt poor then and not much richer now.

        I don’t want to forget my heritage. I don’t want to forget what my brothers did in that war, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam or any of the subsequent actions. Each can have something bad to say about it, each has lessons to learn from and none should be forgotten just because it has an unpleasant memory attached to it.

        Keep smiling, keep praying.


  17. The kids came over for supper today. We all sat at the same table for the first time since the pandemic hit. It was wonderful to be able to sit together and pray together. I took dd out shopping for a wedding dress. She didn’t find anything that really called out to her. She and future son-in-law want a non-traditional wedding. My dh and I just want them to be happy.

    I owe the group an apology. I said in a previous post that I thought it was selfish for people to not wear a mask when out and about. I was wrong to issue a judgement. I apologize. Please forgive me.

    Riots. My son and infant granddaughter are stuck in downtown LA where they live. There is rioting right outside his apartment building. He went out to the corner store to buy baby formula and was accosted by police. (He was wearing camo pants and a black t-shirt–stupid during riots, but not criminal. We were on the phone when this happened–he wanted a record should anything happen to him. He was already back in his apartment building when the police put hands on him. He told the officers they were trespassing and asked them to leave his building. They did. I am upset because he had a phone in one hand and a grocery bag with baby formula in the other hand.

    We had a peaceful protest in my hometown. Folks at the university just took a knee in support of George Floyd and his family. The local paper covered it. Everyone was 6 feet apart and wearing masks. I completely support peaceful protests; I oppose the riots. I read an article that said there were three kinds of people showing up at these events: peaceful protestors, opportunistic looters and violent criminals. I think that if the evidence shows ANTIFA is backing the violent criminals, they should be brought up on charges of treason–with the death penalty on the table.

    Preps this week: I had to go to three different grocery stores to replace preps. Aldi had toilet paper. They had a limit of only two meat products–I got two roasts. (I have invented the best pot roast Instant Pot recipe–ya’ll really need to try this.) Saute some onions in butter with a little garlic. Cut a chuck roast into four parts–brown in Instant Pot. Pour in a mixture of Better than Bullion garlic broth and a jar of brown gravy. Cook for 45 minutes.) Serve with mashed potatoes and gravy, and peas (frozen, not canned–canned peas suck). This is one of the best recipes I have come up with.

    Again–to those I offended, please accept my apology. I was totally stressed with the coronavirus and it was not my place to judge.

      • Thank you, Zulu. I find that I fall short of being the person God created me to be. When I fall short, I apologize. What would the world look like if everyone tried ro be decent?

        • We all fall short of how God intended us to be. All we can do is our best – apologize when appropriate and learn to forgive ourselves and others for any shortcomings.

          • GA Red,

            Well said. I try to live my life as if every person I encounter were Christ. I fail too often.

    • Bam Bam
      Ya know what….?
      We were all lied to in this pandemic.
      What’s right, what’s wrong in proper procedure. Fear was instilled upon us
      There are no right or wrong answers….for things coming our way.
      We do, what we feel are necessary precautions.

      (I saw both sides)

    • Bam Bam:

      I certainly accept your apology, especially since I missed your comment as being anything other than your opinion. I am certainly not one to be able to judge another’s thoughts or speech as I spent many years in judgement of others, holding them to a standard that I would/could not keep. Christ changed that for me. I’m certainly not perfect, just better.

    • sounds like the cops were profiling based on the camo pants, they are acting out of fear and unfortunatly are more likely to jump at shadows and look like dicks when they investigate people just going out for groceries or other mundane tasks

    • BAM BAM ,,,,I agree with your origin post , it’s too bad if some ones feelings are hurt ,, I got infected with the virus by a person NOT wearing a mask ,know when it happened ,,,was in a store checkout line , if that person had had a mask on it would have limited the exposure to me and everbody else in line ,, I will cut her some slack as we didn’t know what we now know ,with what we now know that masks DO help we now wear them when out and about in public ,do you wash your hands after going to the john ?what’s the differents between that and spraying virus when you talk ,cough,or sneeze ?????
      Think people ,!!!!! Science is on my side on this ,,,,,
      If you spread the virus when you would not if you had a mask are you selfish?

        • Neil,,,,,,,no’ did not know we needed a mask till later ,was early in March ,,,,the gal that coughed on us did not know she was infected ,, at the trading post we have required a mask once we found information , no mask ,, no service ,,,
          Wearing a mask is such a simple thing to protect everyone ,,,
          Not wearing a mask to prove a point is childish and I think selfish and inconsiderate,
          I’m still recovering from the virus ,11 weeks now ,
          Can YOU live with your self if you pass the virus to someone that dies???from it ????

          • Oldhomesteader:
            Your case is why I get so angry at the WHO, CDC, and even U.S. governmental officials. The no mask edict was because we were caught short on supplies. Knowledge is power. I made masks for our whole family in late March. Could have done it a month earlier. Mostly angry because we have some high risk family members.

            Need to return manufacturing to America which means higher prices or lower wages. I don’t believe you can eat your cake and keep it too.

    • Wow! That is really such a cool thing.
      Really, no one does that anymore, thinks something over and makes an apology for their behavior or reactions.( well maybe football players that don’t want injured on the field next season lol)
      But seriously m, It takes a big person and there aren’t many of those left.
      I don’t wear a mask, and was more than a little miffed at your judgement.
      Now I am more than a little impressed with your guts and have serious respect for you.

      • Nell,

        Thank you for accepting my apology. I review my actions and interactions each day and ask where I could have done better. Then I try to inform my future behavior. I have learned a lot over the years.

    • Bam Bam ,
      Apology accepted.. It is not about judgement or opinion,it is about respecting others opinions and decisions- even when we will/would make a different one.
      The crux of this matter is that we are all spread so far apart-most of us will not meet at all and few will /may meet infrequently.
      Having a conversation re: The wearing of masks and why some choose or choose not to- is not a bad thing. Everyone is working and planning on the best information they can obtain…With this current event it flips weekly ..
      . The WHO came out today with a statement saying there is very little chance of asymptomatic carriers spreading the virus… first they said masks did not work, and our medical personell need all that are produced….then suddenly they are the end to all disease. WELL which is it?
      I think we are being manipulated and herded. I have nothing against cows, horses, i like beef and prefer to ride than walk… i do not like being treated like a balky cow…
      Social distancing of 6 ft is so they can isolate you and track you individually better. if people are clumped together they have trouble telling how many are in a clump; Social distancing means when people need care and a compassionate touch they can only wave at each other across a span of many feet…. isolation causes many people who may be mentally distressed to experience more distress and grief.. Social distancing for preventing spread of disease by sneezes is closer to 25 ft, than 6.
      Dr Buttar has several video’s on the wearing of masks and how it can affect YOUR health… one thing he stated was increases cortizol within a short time and increases stress…some people stress so much they can not exchange co2 and oxygen… He has a you tube channel. is worth watching no matter what your stance on this issue… very informative.

      • I agree with nearly every thing Anamo has posted. I have read over 50 articles on the COVID 19 subject and converted over 35 into Word documents for reference. These articles cover sources from the CDC to medical mainstream Doctors to Doctors like Buttar.

        How many people are familiar with Fort Detrick, Maryland? This is the Army Weapons Bio-Laboratory. Dr. Fauci, head of the CDC Infectious Disease section, Dr Birks, and Dr Redfield, head of the CDC all worked at Ford Detrick prior to moving to the CDC. The CDC has been wrong on nearly all of their pronouncements.

        Maybe there are some “DOTS” that should be connected.

        We are being controlled like a herd of sheep, most on this site are well aware of this. Our freedoms are being trampled on a daily basis.

        On the subject of masks, my honey has made over 750 herself and distributed them to anyone who needed or wanted them, mostly to nurses at nursing homes.

        I personally had many doubts about the efficacy of face masks. Please lookup “why face masks don’t work: a revealing review” by John Hardie. This is an article written in October 2016. Therefore it has not been tainted by an “agenda” surrounding COVID 19.

        A check on worldometer, as I write this, listed 115,107 deaths in the United States. In a typical winter season more people die from influenza and pneumonia than have died from COVID 19. Have we ever shut down the economy because of pneumonia? We have essentially shut down the economy of the United States.

        We have over 40 million unemployed. That is over a 25 percent unemployment rate not 13 percent as the “Talking Heads” on the main street media talk about. Most of these jobs are private sector. Many are mom and pop businesses or slightly larger businesses that will never reopen.

        How many persons on the government payroll have lost their jobs, how many will be forced into bankruptcy? I dare say, not many.

    • Bam Bam,

      Apology accepted. We are all stressed and tired of dealing with this and now others trying to destroy our country, no food, and we will be taking a financial hit some time or other with hyperinflation… We are again “on guard” for all the rioting going on. I come home every day pretty much exhausted. Wanting to do some stuff outside while it’s still daylight, but can go no more… Having to deal with the virus at work, and then worrying about driving though certain parts of town to go to and come home from work… I might need to change my travels. We all must stay strong and rested in spite of all that is going on.

  18. To All:

    A friend on a Marine Corps blog posted a meme I though was funny. The meme was just text, so here it is.:

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot shoot.
    The courage to shoot the things I can.
    And the wisdom to hide the bodies.

  19. How do you battle bad bug infestations in your garden? Having been a farmer for 25 years and was the chemical applicator with a restricted pesticide use license I get what is appropriate for the pest and then use it responsibly. Yeah, that.

    What winter preps do you work on during the summer months? Not really having winter in Florida the only real preparation is knocking down the summer weed and grass growth in the garden to get the soil ready for cool weather crops.

    What do you think of all the rioting across American cities? Why do you think riots do not happen in rural areas and in many “Red” states? Lack of a critical mass of motivated rioters. In the Sixty’s there was enough truly pissed off people in the South but many of them moved north and local conditions are better now.

    What did you do to prep this week? While we do not have winter we do have SUMMER that is best spent at the beach or indoors with the AC blasting. So that is what I am doing. Not much beach this year as we still have the granddaughter to take care of and while it is a fun day with her it is extremely tiring. Best use of indoor time is planning for the cooler Fall months. This year that will include what may be an active hurricane season. The next few months may be the lull so for me it will be laying in more supplies.

    I still want to get an off grid solar power system and this could be an ideal time. Many people are having financial difficulty and construction has been difficult with the lock-downs. Prices will more reasonable with good availability. I was very fortunate that my wife had a good paying position and we were able to save a good bit of money. That has changed however. She wanted to get work closer to where we live and the parent of her current patient wanted to change providers. The new provider is one that has work in our area. For now she will still have the same patient and driving distance but if for whatever reason she has to go to a different patient she will get one closer to home. It does come with a big pay cut because she was actually overpaid at the other agency. She had asked for a raise and the manager was, shall we say, disgruntled with the company and leaving so he gave her a 85% raise. Somehow it was approved and after he left it was not rescinded.

    Changing companies as been an experience, all the interviews and training has been by phone and computer. Luckily she has a new computer and me for tech support, setting up and using Zoom was a bit stressful. For some reason her computer picked the start of orientation class to lock up. I had decided to take a nap to be out of the way and my wife still is not very computer savvy. I told her to reboot it. To her that meant close the top and open it back up. I got up and restarted Windows so she was able to join the class 15 minutes late. Fortunately the instructor gave her the information after the class and she was able to start work last night.

    I think after this current storm blows over I will fill all my gas cans before prices go back up. Then go to Walmart and get refills for my hurricane supplies. Covid-19, hurricanes, the most important election is US history, 2020 is a busy and stressful year.

    • Daddio, There is a tropical system in the gulf. It looks to be heading toward New Orleans. But this early . . . you never know. I am so not ready for hurricane season. I have all the preps in place. I am just not mentally prepared.

      • Bam Bam,

        I feel the same way about hurricane season. Ready, yet not ready.

        We, in the Orlando area, took a pretty good beating with thunderstorms and tornadoes last night. I was watching our 24/7 local news channel about 7:45pm and they were showing a tornado touching down live just east of downtown and watched it until it started to lose rotation just north of downtown. The storm cell then went north, through Winter Park, Maitland, Altamonte Springs, before it started to lose strength. Lots of rain here.

        I got fully dressed and had my rain stuff, radios, etc, ready to go.

        • Evidently we had two tornadoes in Orlando last night. Damage was not severe and no reports of injuries

          The weather guessers say the storm system that affected us is spun off from TS Cristobal running north toward New Orleans up the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.

          I’m not ready mentally for tornadoes either.

      • Bam Bam – one day at a time. One fire at a time. Focus solely on what you can do – not on what may or may not happen. I may be younger than a lot of people in this group, but I’ve lived long enough and experienced enough to know to remind people of that. I even have to remind myself of it, but it does help me get through tougher stuff.

  20. Tara’s questions:
    We have a few kept garden chickens, that once plants are established we let loose to roam. DE we use, not to get on blooms as DE will kill off pollInators.
    Winter, summer months?
    Doesn’t really matter
    Get r done no matter the time of year….or the weather.
    The rural population has a different mindset of those of inter city. And I’m not being particular, and don’t mean to oppose anyone. Those in inner cities have regulations far stricter than rural. The riots get more attention/broadcast. in the cities.
    Truthfully, us rural wouldn’t put up with that
    stupid ……..$tuff.
    My cousin and I took down a tree that could possibly cause house damage, if left too long. $500 for a tree service. A couple of cold Budweiser’s between a few rednecks….and no damages.
    Garden is doing well. Last week’s planting of corn and pumpkin have already sprouted…..and weeds……but overall looks good.
    Took a day to.line drive the younger horse, at the trainer…..ahh we need work….and a buggy.

    Thor1s questions
    Just one in particular….
    Defunding of police depts…..?
    What is the purpose? What is the.main goal of such stupidity?

    I swear I heard on talk radio, Antifa wants to be ‘the law’ to stop such future racial brutality.


    • Antifa has a manifesto, and their #4 & #5 kinda contradictory. Won’t be any need for cops and Antifa will decide what lawbreaking is and what shall be the penalty for them to carry out. Can we say “Bolshevik Revolution” and oops what shall happen to useful idiots?

  21. 1) Deterring bugs: Dawn dish soap in a spray bottle for the pests. Yet in general a lady told me years ago a way to keep them off your plants use banana peels in the soil. It feeds the plants but also repeals insects from attacking your fruit. We have used them to feed the root systems on the fruit trees/roses/ anything that grows around here.
    2) Our place is so small we do not prepare for the winter events during summer time.
    3) Rioting across America represent generations raised with liberal teachers which produced liberal mind sets. They do not see it as destroying their neighbors businesses or neighborhood. They are removing ‘the man’ who is depriving them of their rights/utopias(what ever they consider that to be).
    As for rioting in small towns, they have come & were met with over whelming numbers. Apparently they planned to do such a display in Placerville CA, and a certain chartered motorcycle group said come on,, you will be our ‘huckleberries’. Which gave quite a chuckle.

  22. Was able to place an order with auguson farms this week. It is several weeks out but at least things are getting back in stock.
    Got an appointment with my old dentist for xrays to see what is going on with my teeth. My dentist isn’t cleared to do any invasive procedures yet so fixing the cavities will have to wait but if the problem requires antibiotics we will be able to start that.
    Continuing to fill holes in the inventory and looking for a newer vehicle. Someone was interested in selling me a 2013 Toyota with 71000 miles for $12000. To me it seems a little high for an 8 year old vehicle with that many miles. We are talking a car not a truck so I think I’ll look a little longer.

  23. Hey Tribe,
    Hope you each had a safe, productive week.
    It was 87 degrees a number of days and finally, in the 70’s today.
    Tara’s questions:
    1. …Some potato bugs I pick off and stomp, then there is Dawn diluted and sprayed on, then dust ’em. They are leaving one way or another..
    2……ordering firewood and putting hay up for winter or corn in crib. Canning, drying and freezing food for year round, including winter.
    3…..Years ago, the famous motorcycle group, we all know, descended upon the small town, 2 miles from here. Now my husband, a Viet Nam veteran being the wise man he was, did not tell me there was a plan. He teamed up with another vet, who owned the local service station, now I had no knowledge, till it was over. He got the veterans and drove the motorcycle gang out of town. Guess they walked right down the center of the street, fully armed, and removed every last trouble maker that showed up to tear the town down. Problem solved. No Sheriff called, no dead bodies, the motorcycle group saw the men of war and withdrew immediately. They left to find a place they could riot and tear up, but it was not here. I ask my husband why he never told me, he said, you’d have had a fit and showed up to protect me. He was correct, he is now dead, heart attack, that 6’6″ 235# man had no quitter in him, but our downhome folks can stand together when needed. As the song said ” Country folks can survive”. I believe that with every breath in me.
    4…..took care of gardens, gave goats shots, added to orchard, added to supplies and early this morning, it was chilly, I walked out to fish pond to see what was going on and Otis was up with head sticking above water ( turtle) waiting for breakfast while Gerttie only had air bubbles coming up. I sat down and pondered why some go after food and others just wait for it to be delivered. Same God made us all, but some are aggresive and independent, while others want freebies without effort. The ones waiting can be controlled because the laziness can trap them, cause them to be controlled, perhaps by brainwashing over a lifetime. Are you an Otis or Gerttie? God gives us choices.

  24. “Are you an Otis or Gerttie? God gives us choices.” Love it!
    As for riots and such, everyone here has pretty much stated my feelings about it. I can’t believe how much some of you (strange people) are so much like me, it’s scary. Zulu 3-6, if I called myself “Foxtrot-Tango-One”, would you understand where I’ve been and the man I use to be? If not, that’s ok.
    Oh, like someone else here, I’ve gone to 20 round (with 18) for weight and convenience. I have 10 of the old style 7 pocket bandoleers and as we use to, have 20 rounders in each pocket of 4 and 3 stripper clips of 10 rounds (with cardboard) in the pockets of the rest.

    1. For garden pest, Dawn, egg shells, DE, and other home remedies.
    2. Firewood, other secondary heating, canning, dehydrating, and such.
    3. Think that one is already answered.
    4. Trying to fill shortages, adding new stuff, and getting a new (to me) 22/45 Lite.
    That other fella’s questions: We most likely have the same or similar answers.

    With a brother’s love,
    Curley Bull
    Mathew 24 & 1st Timothy 5:8
    P.S. Moe, adding your Mother to my morning prayers.

  25. Hi all. This week seems to have been nothing but repairs on our property we have owned for 25 years. As soon as one thig is fixed, another breaks. Has been quite frustrating. My comfort is that it is getting done before all H breaks loose and we cannot get parts for things. So glad my DH is so handy with so many different skills. Business has finally begun picking up, so I am busier than during Quarentine .But…. I got a taste of retirement… dang, I sure liked it.
    The garden has been frustrating. Doing it differently this year by lining rows with heavy flakes of straw. But something ate the seedlings I had raised from seed and planted so had to spend way too much for grown up tomato and pepper plants. Peas got planted too late due to DH injury, so they are drying up as they’ve just begun to produce fruit. Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Cauliflower are nothing but lace from cabbage moths. Will just have to plant for a winter crop from now on. I was given strawberries that someone thinned from her yard, but I had a kid plant them and she did not get them deep enough into the dirt, so they died. How in the world could I ever feed us in hard times, UGH!
    The only winter prep I am doing is to can a lot of the beef I have stored in the freezer because, God forbid the grid should go down. When I think of preparing, I don’t just think of food, but tools, cookware, pots and stoves to cook it on. Also things like the Lavario washer for clothes, good ammo supply, lots of medical supplies extra bedding for others we will house. barbed wire to keep out those we won’t. We are well supplied in those areas already, so just need to take advantage of good sales and be wise with purchases. We used to cut wood for our woodstove during the summer months, but cannot take the chance of getting stung by bees in the middle of the woods. May have to visit Nemoseto! Why it’s only a 3000 mile trek!
    The riots across America break my heart for business owners bearing the brunt of such destruction. It sure does not pay to do business in the big city right now.
    Most of my preps this week were just tending the garden and doing more inventory of what I do have.
    Perseverance is this week’s mantra….
    Take care, everyone and thanks for making this site so interesting to read.

    • DesertDove:

      We are also doing repairs/upgrades because we can get them done.

      We are taking the advice of others and refilling what we used and getting ready for the next round of shortages/closure/riots. Getting better prepared for a longer time for whatever is coming next. I can hardly wait to see what mid-Nov will look like (sarcasm off).

    • Desertdove:
      The garden pests have been terrible this year. The cabbage worms are even going after my eggplant. Not easy to be self-sufficient. Also the reason planned economies fail. Mother Nature tends to throw a lot of curve balls.

    • DesertDove,

      We too have been getting repairs done–new water heater, new faucet, new shower head (which leaks–I am not happy). We need to replace the AC in the house for a price of $6,000. I am half way there to pay with cash. I will need another six weeks to come up with the extra $3,000.

  26. Hi Pack,
    It has been a week!..Like others have posted we are struggling to get the things we want and need done..all of it in bite sized pieces…it’s taking a while..slow steps…
    I have been in information overload, on some matters and in a dearth on others….. What i have been looking for , i was not able to find…. direct answers to…. and all the “junk news ” is broadcast everywhere. What i am wanting to know is what are they trying to hide, or cover up…and in conjunction: what i can do to mitigate it for my family…
    This week i have used the dehydrator several days, ground hamburger went to dry canning jars and several pounds of frozen vegetables went to dry jars..still more to do and reduce/secure.
    I did succeed in making enough room for more ice bottles . Have had to pass ice for water, ice bottles several days this week,( for rabbits to snuggle to) Misted them and the roof of their building.3 days, yesterday and today i pulled hay from a round bale, packed in feed bags and stuffed above their cages and below roof to give additional insulation..
    Something in this hay has broken me out..(has enough weeds pretty sure the land was not sprayed with herbicide.)…did not see poison ivy., both arms from wrist to elbows., treatment will help sleep lol…… rabbitry got up to 96.bboth sat and sunday… This is why we are not breeding in summer. Grow outs will go to camp in a few weeks and work load with ice bottles will lighten, as our physical needs are met by their sacrifice. I anticipate needing to do ice bottles 2x a day , with misting and fan part of summer….

    One of the cornish did not survive todays heat.. water, 3 waterers, was given 3 times today.. heat index was 105. wind was 14mph.. Tomoro is to be 6-8 degrees cooler… and rain from the tropical event moves in tomoro evening.. battening down…all the things i don’t want wet, or floating…
    the Americana and Production Blues , chicks have adjusted well to their chicken tractor.
    .. We go a new hoverbator egg incubator and have a trial batch of eggs in.. If it works we will have enough hens for winter production and some additional meat birds in addition…
    Have started going thru more things to cull things no longer needed more from parents. …..receipts/paid bills..sill needing to go thru and find the poems and other things personal irreplaceable. Today would have been DM’s 82nd B day.. No regrets in their care…comes from doing more than anyone thought i could and would accomplish.Gave precious time to say good byes.. DH and I both became orphans within 6 months 3 remaining parents. 15 was a really tough year…
    Secured with help from a friend a good supply of one of specific minerals DH needs in quantity…sweet lady sent other things we did not have…

    I got a notice from a friend about herbicide sprayed on pasture and the poisoning from it, of horses and other small animals. and indirectly manures stunt the growth of gardens produced using that hay/manure as fertilizer…One source , personal contact has relayed that herbicides last in manure and hay for 3 years minimum…If it lasts that long in the manure, what is it doing to our cattle?
    I bought a 50 lb bag of hay cubes – alfalfa and timothy compressed…. plan was to test and see if was a viable replacement for pellets and or part of hay for winter/fall /shtf etc… and my rabbits will not eat them? made me wonder…is there a deeper reason.. gave them some wild lettuce… to give them some good fiber and clean them out… giving that 2 x a week…

    I use primarily DE sprayed after application of dawn water, so it will stick to leaves.. use egg shells extensively. hand pick hornworms.. chickens love them… I do HAVE sevin dust for a back up…Just like i keep some commercial fertilizers for a back up. The hens have worked my garden soil well in several places. getting those grubs out-makes a huge difference.
    Most winter preps are tightening up supplies, reorganizing and replacing.damaged or spare items of heavily used things.. muck boots have been replaced..inventory of under garments for family..securing the critters, and their needs for months to come…including bedding feed, heat and cooling, ventilation.. because everything likes chicken and rabbit. securing/establishing secondary heating source, and options…
    Rioters are not the same as protestors… looting and destroying property of others, needs to have a death penalty on occurrence. Stealing and throwing “fire jugs” are not acts of peace.They only respect a show of force.. Corpses do not collect a paycheck from Georgie sorus…. BTW, some are not getting their pay are sueing him… lots of luck..with that… a few well placed projectiles will make rioters turn peaceful and they will disperse.
    Prayers for our nation, for POTUS and those that assist him.. and those that prepare for the coming grand solar minimun, the crop and seasonal changes, that we be able to mitigate the damage of extreme temp changes over short periods of time…for the feeding of our nation and others who are unable. keep on keeping on…

  27. To All,

    I thought I’d share a small bit of humor from this morning. I just started going back to the chiropractor today and I also have granddaughter over for the day too. As usual, she came along with me with a stuffed elephant toy.

    When I was laying down on the table, granddaughter put her elephant on the floor and started adjusting his back like the doc does to me. The doc thought it was hilarious as did I. She is such a clever little girl. 🙂

  28. I packed up both my 25 pound bags of flour, took 2 buckets. I used 1 bucket for some wheat berries, 1 bucket for egg noodles, and 2 buckets for one 25 pound bag of Bob’s Red Mill mashed potato flakes. That used up all my buckets!! So, I ordered another 5 buckets from the Tank Barn.com, which quickly arrived, complete with Gamma lids and an extra large handle grip. Yes, I only got 5 buckets for my $100, but they were here by the end of the week, instead of waiting a whole month for them to arrive!!! I was very happy with them. I have used them before for ordering buckets from, but tried the other place 1, because I got 6 buckets for same money, and 2, because I couldn’t remember their name (Tank Barn) at the time. So, I will remember it the first time from now on!!!

    As far as any other prepping, didn’t have my help here (Hubby) so couldn’t do much. I have been keeping up with the watering daily, as it is now in the 90’s, and have been continuing to plant as I can. I have arthritis in my upper back, and seem to put myself in extreme pain whenever I use my arms very much. Plus, I am not very strong, so any lifting needs to be done, he has to do it for me.

    Hope all are safe and well!! Stay Free!!!!

    • OFG,

      I checked out Tank and those handles look really good. I see you can buy them separately. I may have to get some of those. I have bought some gamma seal lids, but haven’t installed them on anything yet. Did you install your rings yourself or does it take brute strength to get them on? I still need to get some 2 or 3 gallon buckets with lids. JP’s post keeps reminding me…

      • AT: My goodness no!!! I maybe could get them on with the rubber mallet, but no, even hubby doesn’t manage to get them on without the rubber mallet!!! Yes,l those handles ARE really nice!! I have bought them by themselves to use on other buckets and other items. They are really nice, and you can use wire through them and attach to other things to use as a handle. And it doesn’t tear your hands up!!! Nice big easy grip!

        • I’ll have to get me a few of them. Would be on buckets that I use alot, since they are around $6.00 a piece.

      • AT and JP, yes rubber mallet way to go… also warm the rim of the lid under hot running water. to ease the install.

        • Oooh, that is a really good idea!! Maybe JP wouldn’t have broken his then!! Yes, I can definitely see that helping!! Thanks AA!

    • Oakie Farm Girl, I made a connection at a farmers market with a goat milk soap maker. She sells me her empty buckets from coconut oil and other ingredients with lids for $3 each. Some are 5 gal which I use for dry pkts of food as well as 3 1/2 gallon buckets I use for heavier grains since I can lift them easier. You might have that opportunity in your area.

      • DesertDove:

        I have gone to 3.5-gal buckets for my grains for the same reason. The 5-gal gets too heavy and, because I’m relatively short, too long. the 3.5’s just work better. I buy mine from Home Depot and get real good lids from WinCo. The problem I have now is no more space.

        • OH my!!! Isn’t not enough space a universal problem? I don’t care if I have a refrigerated storage barn, it would not be enough, would it? Nope, space is a universal problem!!!

          • Yep, it is…

            I still need to get some of those 3.5 gallons.. I still have some more stuff to repackage. The day never ends…

  29. 1.How do you battle bad bug infestations in your garden?
    I am taking others advice and spraying with a mixture of a little Dawn mixed in some water. My only pest at the moment is ants. They have infested out blackberries. Not cool biting into a juicy blackberry and getting a mouthful of ants!!! ICK!!

    2.What winter preps do you work on during the summer months? Well, when it begins to cool off (in the low 80’s) we will begin to cut down dead trees, and let them “season for awhile. We bought wood last year, as hubby ran out of time and was still recuperating from his illness (bronchitis, which I now believe could have been Covid-19.).

    3.What do you think of all the rioting across American cities? Why do you think riots do not happen in rural areas and in many “Red” states?
    I don’t believe they will come to the boonies, as there are no television cameras here, and 2, too many chances they will meet an armed citizenry and will go away with tail between their legs! Thugs are always cowards. If they have no one to show off too, all you gotta do is stand up to them and they back away. I DO think it is sad, though. They are only hurting themselves and their neighborhoods. And precisely how and whom does that help? They are being played, as well as paid, probably by George Soros.
    4.What did you do to prep this week? See my previous post

  30. Ok so I was trying to find the original George Floyd video…. evidently utube erased it.
    So being the person I am, I had the other half try the same scenario. She weighs more than me…..she placed her knee on my neck with her full weight … uncomfortable, yes. Probably cracked a few vertebrae
    But I COULD breath freely. My lungs not comprised. My throat not blocked.
    This shortly after supper and a few beers….I had to pee…
    Back of the neck…. very questionable suffocation.
    Direct pressure on the front of the neck….. definitely.
    But from what I see, Floyd is on his stomach, face turned outward. Knee applied to the base of his neck.
    I can’t breathe….
    I call BS.

    • Joe2c,

      I was a paramedic and a defensive tactics instructor for my police department and at a regional police academy. We did not teach kneeling on a subject’s neck for the reasons that killed George Floyd. Now, on a perfectly healthy and physically fit person, it is quite possible nothing serious would happen except for a potential cervical vertebra fractures leading to cervical spinal cord damage. Floyd did not meet that healthy and fit description, plus he was under the influence of fentanyl and meth. Fentanyl is a respiratory depressant, particularly when mixed with other depressants. Meth can cause cardiac issues, particularly in people who already have cardiac problems, i.e. George Floyd.

      Now there are a couple of other points that come in here. #1: kneeling on a subjects neck is considered lethal force. The officer should have known that through his use of force training. #2: admittedly, the officer probably didn’t know about George Floyd’s medical and drug issues. #3: #2 doesn’t matter in light of #1. #4: Floyd was already handcuffed and on the ground before the officer knelt on his neck. On the video, I didn’t see any need to apply lethal force, or much force at all to keep him on the ground.

      Floyd was dead when the paramedics picked him up off the ground to put him on the gurney. I could tell by how flaccid his body and head was. They did do CPR in the ambulance en route to the ER.

      Floyd was not the angel his family and media portray him, but he didn’t need killing.

      I don’t know that the other three officers are going to get convicted, particularly the two young officers fairly fresh out of the police academy.


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