What I Did To Prep This Week: July 19th – July 25th 2020

Hello Pack, I hope you are all safe, doing well, and busy prepping. Our barnyard of critters have taken to the new goat additions quite wonderfully.

My Bobby surprised me with three new guineas this week. It is hard to tell what 2020 still has in store for us. Odds are, the rioting and pandemic panic being pushed by the media will continue for the next 100 days or so… you know, until after the election.

The prepping our tribe has been focused is the typical garden picking and preserving that is common this time of year – and a lot of pondering.

Any day now I expect our out of control governor to shut the state down, at least to some degree again. I genuinely liked the man when I met him a dozen or so times as he was elected to various offices, and I spoke with him while serving as a newspaper editor.

When fear and emotion are the guiding principles of an elected official, bad things happen. I prefer to use common sense and logica as my compass, and not fall victim to the liberal hysteria we are dealing with due to mask fanatics and just general “sheeple” behavior.

My county once again has no one afflicted by the pandemic – we were the last county in the state to even get a single case. There have tragically been two deaths and a handful, if that, of hospitalizations… Pretty much the same results of any typical flu season.

I am growing even more concerned about having a mail in election, the economy, and the overall government overreach since this all began usurping our rights for generations to come. In my county, maybe one half of one percent of the populace wear masks – yet our case numbers remain at zero or in single digits.

Before our governor eased all of the shutdown restrictions, store workers and employees at public businesses were not mandated to wear masks – but now they are. What kind of sense does that make? None, of course.

A few or so businesses are simply choosing not to comply. Earlier this week many companies decided to mandate masks in their businesses even if they did not live in a county at a supposed high threat level that automatically kicked in such a rule.

I have walked into two such stores without a mask and they were still happy to take my money. The manager at each said they had to post the “masks required” sign or lose their job, but refused to become the mask police.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. Are masks mandated in public where you live and do you comply?
  2. Do you think we will have a presidential election as normal or a mail in ballot that could be far more susceptible to fraud?
  3. How do you grade your governor’s actions during the 2020 pandemic?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. Well the Blue Heron is back and ate all my fish again. Do ya’ll have any idea how I can deter this bird from eating my fish? It’s endangered, so I can’t shoot it. (I have a animal rights activist living next door. So I don’ want to chance it.) I am thinking maybe some kind of motion detected flashing light.

    I read yesterday that a Floridian dies every eight minutes from COVID-19. My dh and I have scaled back dining out. We are still wearing masks. Stores in my county are actively enforcing compliance with face masks.

    We continue to keep the freezers full. We need to do a better job of eating frozen vegetables. I think I over-purchased at the beginning of the pandemic. I continue to experiment with my Instant Pot. I just love this machine. I can cook beans from scratch in 10 minutes (with soaking overnight).

    I went and got blood work done this week. My dh and I both have doctor’s appointments Monday–just regular checkup stuff. They are taking extreme precautions. Patients have to wait in their cars until someone comes out to check their temperature. Only one patient is allowed in at a time.

    • Bam, you could try putting up a sign that says ………”BLUE HERON FREE ZONE”……. LOL

      I just got my wife an instapot a couple of weeks ago She loves it. So do I, she made some boneless ribs the other night. So good.

    • BAM BAM ,,,,,,,,,,am told that fishing lures with treble hooks work , and I understand leg hold traps left for raccoons.
      A common mousetrap left out on a favort spot will clamp down on toes

    • If you can get a plastic heron(sometimes sold in gardening/pond stores) , put it on the shore of your pond. Herons are territorial, and will not go where another one is, so Ive been told. The herons in my area go to our back bond, cus its bigger(1/2 acre) and leave the front one(10 x 10 feet) alone. Hope that helps

      • Not sure about Herons, but a fake owl works well to keep birds away. We got the one my dad used to have at his house and put it on a ledge outside our sun porch. A few days later the DH mentioned that the birds weren’t eating from the feeders. That’s when we remembered the owl. Now the owl stands guard in our front yard, but I think the birds have come to realize he’s not real. LOL

  2. This Week’s Questions:

    1. Are masks mandated in public where you live and do you comply? State mandate. Yes.

    2. Do you think we will have a presidential election as normal or a mail in ballot that could be far more susceptible to fraud? We have done absentee ballots for years due to business travel; I expect to do the same this year.

    3. How do you grade your governor’s actions during the 2020 pandemic? He’s pretty much stayed back, following Federal guidelines, but nothing much. Cases are going up, but he only instituted a mask requirement, no shutdowns.

    4. What did you do to prep this week? Well – touch week:

    Our new van is black, not a positive for me in the summer. It does cool off quick, 6 of the 8 windows open up! Got in a grey dash cover and the new seat covers are grey in the center.

    Travis, at NWA Prepper, was showing his success with vinegar and Dawn on weeds. Got some Saturday morning and sprayed down the weeds between our house and the next. We’ll see.

    Since we are practicing a “soft lockdown” (basically severely limiting our outings), we worked on setting up a set of metal shelves on the glassed-in front porch. We now have more walkway and more horizontal surfaces to accumulate stuff! Got to get to the dump, the back of the van is full.

    Our friends just got back from bringing their granddaughter from WA (just south of Seattle). Their oldest daughter is moving up from AZ. They are just north of Phoenix and said they are having fights over food there. Bring the family together is going to be important.

    On Monday, I must have hit the Thrift Store on the right day; music CD’s were $.50 each.

    Tuesday, our oldest dog (about 11) had 2 seizures. About 1 ½ hours in between. Took her to the vet. She had another seizure there, they medicated her, and as soon as the meds wore off, she had another. We had to put her down.

    Pasta is on sale again this week for $.75/lb. The freight does not get in until Thursday/Friday, but I actually take comfort in the fact the shelves are well picked over. Maybe people are starting to take some action for their own future food security!

    Supply Run: UHT milk; music CD’s; food pantry shopping; pasta;

    Received: CRKT Freyr Hand Axe; plate carrier hangers;

    • 1. Are masks mandated in public where you live and do you comply? County where I live is trying to mandate them and instituting a COVID education class for those who refuse – sounds familiar, eh? The city where I go to the office once a week is trying to mandate them. The governor signed an executive order saying the local mandates aren’t legal but he is also going across the state recommending the wearing of masks. I keep one handy but do not fully comply because they cause me to have breathing problems. When I went to the grocery store today, they are requiring them as you walk in the door but I saw at least two people without them. I took mine off because my breathing was getting problematic.
      2. Do you think we will have a presidential election as normal or a mail in ballot that could be far more susceptible to fraud? Not sure.
      3. How do you grade your governor’s actions during the 2020 pandemic? B – could be better but could be a lot worse.
      4. What did you do to prep this week?

      Canned peaches. Picking 3-5 pounds of tomatoes every other day. Coring and freezing until enough for sauce. Still picking cucumbers, squash, peppers and eggplant.

      Rotational grocery shopping today. Filling holes and stocking up where possible. Need to go to Sam’s club.

      Shared seeds with DD #2 and realized I had no turnip seeds. Bought those and some others today for fall garden. Probably starting to plant next weekend.

      House should be paid off by next weekend. Taking full advantage of viral tax changes for 401k distribution. Making sure that we will still have a house even if one of us has a lay-off at work. Also puts us in a better position for a future move.

      Thor’s questions from last week:
      1. Do or have you shot steel cased ammo out of your firearms? Not likely
      2. Do you use alarm motion detectors? No but have motion lights
      3. Are you stocking up on high carb foods like rice,pasta and potato flakes? Yes – mostly potatoes and rice.
      4. If the Democrats came into power by fraud and raised your taxes, made petroleum cars,trucks and aircraft illegal, forced vaccinations and made you eat artificial lab grown meat, would you revolt? Probably – along with a lot of other people who won’t.

      Thor’s questions
      1. Should the Democratic Mayors be arrested for aiding and abetting known criminals? Yes
      2. Are you preparing for an increase in crime? Yes
      3. With the unemployment going up due to covid, how bad do you think it will get before November? Not 100% sure
      4. Do you think the protestors are being paid? Yes – many but not all

  3. Good Morning from Douglasville

    I’m waiting for the guy to come by to give us an estimate on grading the site for the pool. Hopefully it’ll be reasonable and we will be able to get on the schedule soon.

    Mast – No governor mandate to wear them but most businesses are requiring them to enter the premises. We wear them when we are out and about.

    I don’t think the election will even happen this year. We will be in the midst or riots and rampant pandemic and I think the President will declare a state of emergency and suspend the election. It’s what i would do.

    Errands to run. Stocked up on more PMs before the current price jump in silver.

    Be good, say your prayers, be nice to people until it’s not time to be nice.


  4. Crazy week, dehydrated Apples, Squash, and Peppers. Ran into a ” peaceful protest” while attempting to get to the grocery store. Farms in our area are seeing an influx of poisonous snakes for some weird reason. Also seeing increased crime as well.

    Yes we wear masks, yes we like our Gov., the election is going to ignite a Civil War, no matter who wins.

  5. (1) So far, no mandate by government officials for masks in public; however, all large grocery stores and other “box” stores are requiring them. So far, I know of 2 mask wearers who contracted the virus and another 2 mask wearers who are now battling pneumonia….nuff said.
    (2) Election or not, we’re in deep doo-doo.
    (3) I like our governor’s actions. Others don’t….I’m living my best life, staying away from places where I’m not wanted. Will keep my money for places that welcome me–small local businesses who think like I do.
    (4) Started taking inventory of my stored food items…have gotten through my home-canned stuff, and my freeze-dried #10 cans so far….I will try to look at all store-bought food stuffs this week, culling those that might be a bit too old.
    DH constructed a large, two-compartment compost bin for me this week. I’ve been reading up on the proper way to compost, and am ready to do it right! This farm provides me with plenty of brown and green matter, so I just need to add kitchen scraps that the chickens don’t eat like coffee grounds, tea bags, etc., and keep the moisture level right so it decomposes quickly.
    I ordered four more pairs of gardening gloves this week. Soap-making supplies arrived the other day, so I’ll be making 4 batches this afternoon. I finally tackled goat hoof trimming this morning—boy, was THAT overdue! The goats also got their vaccines, so I won’t have to wrestle them again for a couple of months!
    Other farming chores continue….dehydrating, canning, weeding, it is never ending. But I’m never bored and I get plenty of exercise, and for that I am very thankful.

  6. I did my grocery shopping twice this week and added to my food stash. I ordered six more pouches of freeze-dried food as planned. I’m well over 100 pouches now.

    My diet is doing pretty well for just over a week. The day I started my blood glucose was 297. This morning it was 191. My weight was about 260 when I started, today it was 255.

    However, I’ve been having some balance issues. My back, hips, and knees are all bothering me (arthritis). It’s been tough to walk a straight line. I’d flunk that part of a field sobriety test even though I don’t drink. Time to go see the doctor, methinks.

    Things are reasonably quiet here in Orlando. No Blantifa problems lately.

    Trump has been sending federal officers to various cities. Of course, they are all Demo run and falling apart. The Demo mayors and local prosecutors are all upset. I think there is method to Trump’s madness in this. He’s forcing the Dem mayors and other politicians to come out in favor of the rioters and to blatantly lie when they call them “peaceful protestors.” The Detroit police chief said he would welcome federal officers in Detroit and would happily work with them. He’s a big reason why Detroit has been reasonably calm.That and the Mayor backing him up.

    I also think Trump is waiting for a particularly serious incident so he can invoke the Insurrection Act. If he does that, expect some senior military officers to get fired when they refuse to do their duty for fear of being called racists, Nazis, etc. Trump got some of them to show their yellow bellies when he was threatening to send active duty troops earlier in the year. Count on him having a list of who will get axed if they play that game again.

    The hypocrisy of the lunatics on the left knows no bounds. The NAACP is accusing some police departments of “weaponizing” body cams and is demanding they stop using them. Remember when they demanded all police wear body cams? I think they discovered that their narrative of every cop is brutal has and is being proved false by those cameras. So gotta get rid of them.

    Granddaughter surprised me the other day when she suddenly started counting backwards from ten. She’s been able to count well past ten for months, but never backwards. I told her mom and dad and it surprised them too. She’s never done it in front of them. Smart girl. ?

    This Week’s Questions:

    1. Are masks mandated in public where you live and do you comply?

    Yes, they are. Yes, I do. I have doubts about how virulent the Kung Flu is as compared to a seasonal flu, but it seems to me that wearing a mask is a small thing to do to reduce chances of getting sick. I also don’t really want a potential confrontation with some mask zealot. I don’t play patty cake in a fight and don’t feel like going to jail over something so trivial.

    2. Do you think we will have a presidential election as normal or a mail in ballot that could be far more susceptible to fraud?

    We will probably not have a “normal” election. Perhaps some places will, but not all. I am very worried that the election will be rigged with a mail-in election.

    3. How do you grade your governor’s actions during the 2020 pandemic?

    He’s been wishy-washy about what he wants to do. I expected better out of him.

    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    See above.

    • Zulu,

      Strangely, I am not worried about mail-in ballots. This has been an option for years. The reason I am not worried is that it appears only conservatives are worried. If conservatives vote in-person out of concerns with tampering and liberal votes don’t get counted . . . . I do think most conservatives will vote in person.

        • We took over a P.O Box, the gentleman had passed away. I’m waiting to see if he gets anything in the p.o box, we just received our ballots, for governor race.

        • I think we should track down the owners of the cat to see who registered the cat to vote. Those who are found guilty of voter fraud should have their right to vote taken away for life. Illegals who vote should be deported on conviction.

      • Mass mailing of “Mail-in” ballots is totally different than an absentee ballot. People have to request an absentee ballot and many states have specific requirements to allow one to vote by absentee ballot. One of the verification checks with the absentee ballots are that they compare the signature on the form with the signature that’s on file to match. Seriously doubt this would be done for millions of mail-in ballots or if they were to do so, it would be literally months before the outcome of the election could be determined. There are going to be plenty of dead people voting this year.

        • In NJ, still awaiting full results of July 7 primary. Three weeks, and complaint last week was they were having issues with Dem ballots. This after a recent vote in Paterson for city council where 20% of the votes were fraudulent.

  7. Tara:
    I pray your county remains Covid free for the most part. It may be one of the perks of rural living. Our family and friends who have tested positive have all lived in cities. Only one death. But I take it seriously because there were no co-morbidities in our one death. Our state has a mask mandate, but few in our rural county follow. Perhaps that is why our numbers have tripled since the beginning of the month.
    For the last ten years our county has been strictly mail in ballot. The new fangled machine in 08 were too difficult for most to figure out. Our country is so divided, the losing side will most likely cry foul in November.

    Our Governor is doing better than I expected.

    Preps this week. Safeway water on sale for $1.77 a case. I bought the limit. Same with the cereal and cracker sales. Canned goods were depleted. No sanitizing wipes and the cleaning aisle remains thin. The freezers for the ice cream have not worked all month. It can be tough to get specialty repairs done in a small town. The freezer cases are over 30 years old and probably need replaced.

    Canning pickles, beets, and jams. Harvesting early eggplant, beans and tomatoes. Swiss chard is producing like crazy.

    We had a conversation with BIL. We may cancel a family trip the first weekend in November over concern of post election unrest. He lives in a city that had some riots in June. None of us want to be caught away from home if massive widespread arrest occurs again.

    Stay safe everyone.

  8. Howdy Folks,
    1. Yes and Yes
    2. I just don’t know, but I think maybe things will get worse regardless.
    3. I’d give Gov. Abbott a good OK . . .
    4. Not much! Spent 3 ½ days having test run, then 1 ½ days resting up. I’m working on a couple of sheaths for knives, restoring a WWII knife, and making a leather holster of my 22/45 w/laser.

    Sorry about your furry friend JP. Like me, I’m sure you’ve lost a FEW over the years and it still hurts.

    With a brother’s love,
    Curley Bull
    Check out Revelation 22:11 (wish more people could live up to this)

  9. 1. Are masks mandated in public where you live and do you comply?
    Masks are mandatory here. Pretty strictly enforced in most places so I comply.
    2. Do you think we will have a presidential election as normal or a mail in ballot that could be far more susceptible to fraud?
    I think it will be as the primary was. Both ways available.
    3. How do you grade your governor’s actions during the 2020 pandemic?
    They started at zero knowledge about effective testing and treatments and China’s initial sold items were useless. As Trump says stocks hadn’t been replenished under Obama so the cupboards were bare. His quick travel ban from China was wise. They have replenished stocks and knowledge about this disease is growing. I wish they had been wiser about the business shutdowns but I think they did what they figured was right.
    3. What did you do to prep this week?
    I found beautiful garden plants marked down and bought a few more. A large tomato in in larger pot with cage top and lots of large fruits on it was just $3.49. . since I was so sick and lost all of my home started plants I don’t mind adding more. They just have time to make some harvest before winter arrives early here on the high desert.

    • 4. I didn’t say how my governor is doing. She plays favorites and is harsh in areas where a mayor isn’t getting along with her. The open up a bit then suddenly shut back down games have put most restaurants out of business.
      Our best stocked grocery store is a Smith’s (Kroger). But since I’ve been so sick my neighbor drives me to Wal-Mart which at 15 miles is 10 miles closer. I tried the 15 mile drive last week and picked up just a few things but was too weak to drive home. Thankfully my grandson and his mom drove in right behind me. They were checked out just ahead of me and waited outside to visit. He drove me home and she followed. They unloaded my cart and unloaded my truck at home. Big help. Still not doing a lot at home. But slowly getting better. I lost 22 lb during the time i couldn’t eat and barely ate. Many things I still can’t eat and volumn is still 1 1/2 cups limit. Then i feel like I’ll pop.
      We had physicals last Monday. Both checked out fine. Going in temps were checked and sent straight to an exam room. No one sitting is waiting area. After that neighbor wanted to stop at Savers. I bought 2 books and 3 pairs of jeans. I needed pants as all my old ones are impossible to keep up after the sudden weight loss.

        • Thank you for the prayers. This is the slowest thing recovering from. Still limited as to what I can manage to eat but eating better. Volumn of 1 1/2. Cups of food is limit. Feel like I’ll pop. Still tired and weak all the time. I keep pushing to regain some stamina.

      • Clergy Lady,

        I am still having symptoms two months later–night sweats and fatigue. But nothing like you are experiencing. Prayers out for you and your family.

          • Clergylady ,,,,,,,,DW and I got it in March. , I tried to cut hay today. Didn’t go well ,,exhausted well beyond normal ,i now know a growing number of people that is the new normal for them , we are talking about ending all farm and ranch doings , when I add my business involvement its too much ,don’t overdo it ,,,you can’t BULLyour way back from this ,i’ve gotten to the point with folks that belittle and treat it like the flu that I don’t care if they get it ,, I have given evection notes to renters that give me guff about masks ,,,,,now know of two that have died , and a number that will never work again,,,,,,, every one is too young to be disabled
            Tea and chocolate

          • Thanks Old Homesteader.
            I’m 73 and caretaker for my 81 year old husband with Alzheimer’s. Neighbor did all my shopping and necessary driving. I barely crawled out of bed for weeks. Made it to a recliner and tv remote. It was warming up as I got so sick. Husband would get cold bottles of water and his sub sandwiches. That was life and reminding husband to put water bottles into fridge. Writiing short shopping lists for neighbor each week. He’d even pick up the prescriptions.
            The headache was so bad the scalp hurt if it touched the chair. Used fluffy throw to cushion head in chair and from pillow. Night fever, sweats, dry cough passed quickly then came unbearable abdominal cramps and diarreah. Never had pneumonia type problems. May have had a slight stroke one morning. Couldn’t get up right at first. Kept leaning to the right and almost falling down. Fought it till I could answer the knocking at the front door. It quickly passed. I used walls to keep from falling.
            At first I could eat sandwiches but when the abdominal troubles started I couldn’t eat a bite for just over two weeks. It was near 100° and I drank a lot of cold water. Then as I started trying to eat it was close to 6 weeks of eating just a few bites once once or twice most days. Nothing some days. Now eating better but only 1 1/2 cups volumn once most days. Occasionally twice a day. Too weak to stand long cooking. Has to be something I can start and time it. Maybe stir once before its done. Milk and cottage cheese go down good. Meats not so good.
            Husband had diarreah for a couple of weeks and night sweats then it passed. Thank God that was all. He’s gotten unsteady on his feet. I hope that will pass. He lost 5 lb. I lost 22nd lb.
            I tried driving to get some groceries at Wal-Mart. Was too tired to drive home. Thankfully my grandson and his Mom had pulled into the parking lot behind me. Grandson drove me home. He and his Mom unloaded my purchases, visited a while, then drove home.
            Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  10. Answers to questions:
    1. No, up to individual stores/chains to implement. At a County Commissioners meeting, Chief of Police said he did not have the staff to enforce a mandate. Out of courtesy and care for others, both hubby and I wear masks on the very few times we are out
    2. Election – in person and by mail combination
    3. My governor gets a D
    4.Prepping this week – as it is too hot for much of anything to thrive and fruit will not set, I’m doing a lot of indoor sprouting, making compost with dead veggies and kitchen waste; making plans for the yard and where I can put in more edibles – live in an HOA and we do have rules; found holes in my preps and filled them, mainly zippered storage bags; harvested more cocoplums – not much fruit on them, but they’re free and I like them; transplanted 3 more edible cranberry hibiscus and hope the rabbits don’t eat them (also wondering where the bobcats are as they keep rabbits under control); bought 2 pants,2 tops, 3 bras, 2 relaxation CDs, at a BOLO sale at the thrift shop, for $3.75 – saving money where ever possible: rearranged the small chest freezer so easier to find things and make room for anticipated harvest in Oct-Aprl; put 7 books on hold at the library, with curbside pickup, 3 fiction for entertainment and 4 how-to for general knowledge; trimmed viburnam, cocoplums and plumagos which we’ll mulch with the mower and spread around – turns brown within 10 days, looks like purchased mulch and satisfies the HOA rules; donated several decorative items, silk greens, useless to me books, to free up more shelf storage area, my attitude is if it isn’t used in 6 months, except for Christmas things, we don’t need it; filled a dozen 18 oz plastic bottles with water just in case power goes out during our almost daily afternoon thunderstorms (we have 4 5-gallon water bladders for hurricane season that we fill on demand); walking one section of the yard and one room every night making notes of what needs to be done for hurricane season, what needs to go, what needs to be fixed by us or others.

    Because I think this is going to be a bad year for hurricanes, for stocked shelves, for any return to what used to be normal I’m doing everything within my power and with my knowledge to be prepared to survive anything that is thrown at me. We are in our mid 70’s and have been thru a lot – very low paying jobs, recession, no jobs, almost bankruptcy, really bad condition housing, long gas lines, several hurricanes with one being really bad, tornadoes, and even an earthquake – so we know how uncertainty can take its toll BUT we have never given up, have survived and even thrived because we have always been prepared and resourceful.

  11. 1. Are masks mandated in public where you live and do you comply?
    Some stores require them, and I wear one.
    2. Do you think we will have a presidential election as normal or a mail in ballot that could be far more susceptible to fraud?
    I don’t know, but whatever happens, it’s not going to be pretty.
    3. How do you grade your governor’s actions during the 2020 pandemic?
    I live in Illinois. Enough said.
    4. What did you do to prep this week?

    This week:
    -I have too many roosters. I’m giving one to a young family who are just starting out with chickens.

    -Continually battling weeds, insects, critters, and water woes.
    -Harvested corn and gave to kids and grandkids. Those little ones love corn on the cob.

    *Food Preserved:
    -Dehydrated; 3 lbs. carrots, 1 lb. mushrooms, 1 ½ lbs. green peas,
    -Canned; 4 pints tomato sauce, 7 quarts seasoned tomato juice,
    -Froze; 5 dozen ears of corn, cut off cob and creamed.

    *Prepping purchases/added a little to the stockpile: canned pumpkin (for Thanksgiving pies), ham (for Christmas), bleach, Mt. Dew (for DH ?), candy, freezer bag, butter, spices, brown sugar, powdered sugar, flour, sugar, fruit protector, canned beans, canned soup, coconut oil, pasta, alcohol swabs, garlic, rice, beans, jarred garlic, TP, aluminum foil, laundry detergent, paper napkins, flour, elderberry supplements, melatonin, super glue,

    *For the Grandkids Boxes: Pizza kits, taco kits, queso cheese, snack crackers, kids dry cereal, Tang, Nestles Quik, tissues, mac and cheese, muffin mix, Kool-Aid mix, fruit snacks, pencils, sharpeners, construction paper, watercolors, coloring books, stickers, crayons, glue sticks, M & Ms, scissors,

    -I finished the masks for DD (teacher) and grandkids. They’re being told they must wear them in order to be in the school building.
    -Sold 16 masks.

    It’s going to get bad very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

      • I just cut it off, scrape the cob with the back of the knife, heat through (I add butter.), cool, put in freezer bags, and into the freezer. This is how my grandmas and aunts taught me to do it. It doesn’t separate.

  12. Hi Everyone,

    Hot here in middle TN…. Scorcher actually… Rain yesterday, humidity in the upper 80’s, typical weather for us. If I have things to do outside, it’s early in the morning or evening.

    Picked up 4 more propane tanks, took them to WM for the swap out. While there, they had some black beans, kidney beans and chick peas on clearance for 40 cents a can. Got all they had, which was 6 cases. Also picked up some more #10 Lakeside corn. When I last bought, it was $3. When I asked the cashier what they were now, she said $1… I need to go get some more. Only bought the corn this time. They had carrots. All good until 2023. Picked up some cinnamon dental floss. Had no diced tomatoes of any brand in stock, no corn, no green beans. No vinegar either, white or apple. I really like the Jarritos grapefruit drink. It’s made with real grapefruit and real sugar. Got a few bottles of it.

    I ordered and received 3 pair of the Skechers tennis shoes I like. They are called D’lites. It’s good to stock up on shoes too.

    I ordered and received 500 packs of the True Lemon that you add to water. Going to order some grapefruit and orange next time.

    I ordered and received a 40% shade cloth. Ordered 2 of them because 1 is none and 2 is one. Got the 20 x 24 size. Will be a project for the fall, along with the raise beds. Tomatoes are doing well. Would like to make some salsa this weekend and some regular refrigerator pickles. Maybe this afternoon.

    Tara’s questions:

    Are masks mandated in public where you live and do you comply? yes, and yes, I comply as long as there is a sign on the door.

    Do you think we will have a presidential election as normal or a mail in ballot that could be far more susceptible to fraud? Nope. No way with mail in ballots.

    How do you grade your governor’s actions during the 2020 pandemic? So far, 75% favorable in his actions. He’s been allowing the elderly, that are positive, back into nursing homes, instead of keeping them where they are, or putting them in an environment where there is negative pressure so it can’t be spread… Shameful. I also heard that they are counting the people that tested positive on the initial test, counting them again if they do the follow-up test and they are still positive, instead of counting it as 1… Many false positives. Numbers are still unreliable.

    Prayers for the pack, for unspoken requests, for The President and for America.

    Have a great week everyone.

  13. Tara’s questions:

    Yes, masks are mandatory.
    Do I comply? Only when enforced.
    I believe places of business may be fined if not enforcing said ‘law’.
    I’m a lot leary of the coming election.
    This is an all out effort for the Demi’s.
    I will vote in person as I always have.
    Will I be allowed to? Who knows.
    I’ve seen a couple yard signs.
    “My governor is an IDIOT”
    Pure Michigan.

    Still breathing

    JP, sorry to hear of your dog.
    It is never easy, no matter if it’s the right thing to do.

  14. Puppy has been tired in this heat. The majority of the ocean waters have been above average in temperatures.

    Bought 4 rat traps…..
    Bought 3 cans of camouflaged paint (green,tan and black)
    Bought nails and screws
    Bought a 12 pack of 123 batteries for laser flashlight.

    Bought 6 pack of 9 volts
    Bought 2 8 packs of c batteries
    Recharged 8 AAA and 4 AA batteries.

    Bought another shelf rack

    Bought a refilled tank ( I hear there may be a shortage this year so fill your tanks early in the north)

    Thor’s questions
    1. Should the Democratic Mayors be arrested for aiding and abetting known criminals?

    2. Are you preparing for an increase in crime?

    3. With the unemployment going up due to covid , how bad do you think it will get before November?

    4. Do you think the protestors are being paid?

    • Thor’s questions

      1. Should the Democratic Mayors be arrested for aiding and abetting known criminals?

      Yes, that would be a very good idea. The problem is, who is going to do it?

      2. Are you preparing for an increase in crime?

      Well, as much as possible. I’m always armed, pistol and fighting knife.

      3. With the unemployment going up due to covid , how bad do you think it will get before November?

      It will get worse.

      4. Do you think the protestors are being paid?

      A good proportion of them are, I’m sure. It’s happened before, no reason it isn’t happening now.

    • Thor’s questions
      1. Should the Democratic Mayors be arrested for aiding and abetting known criminals? I don’t think we should limit it to any one sector of “public servant”. I think if you sure your office for personal gain or to aid and abet criminals, you should be prosecuted to the Fulled Extent (max sentence) of the law.

      2. Are you preparing for an increase in crime? Yep. Just not sure what level it is going to take. Here, I think it will have to come from “outside” influences. Not much “local” support here.

      3. With the unemployment going up due to covid , how bad do you think it will get before November? As we continue to deny those who what to work the ability to work AND fail to compensate them with the systems that we put in place for THEM, they may feel they have nothing to loose by going the adjudicators. Then things get ugly.

      4. Do you think the protestors are being paid? I believe there are those that do. They get to tear stuff up, oppose the system, and get paid.

    • Thor’s questions
      if it can be proven in a court of law then yes, just like ny leadership should be arrested for aiding and abetting illegal immigrants by directly interfering with ice, for political reasons illegals who are caught committing crimes are released so they can’t be caught by ice while held for other crimes

      sure i guess, i’m in the middle of nowhere far from people, have a semi fortified and hard to get into homestead/hermitage and i am armed and have a couple dogs that tackle and hump tresspassers (my neighbor won’t step out of his car anymore if he comes by for anything, those dogs are horny, they tackled him to the ground 2 times and humped him, and they did it to his wife and daughter when they also stopped by, so i had to change the “tresspassers will be raped” sign to include the dogs as being a threat for it too)

      3. for me it won’t matter much, most people i talk to, when i can talk to anyone, are not worried and say the gubermint will just give out more money to people, so none of them do anything different than they did prepandemic. hard to say what will come of this mess, even as good as i am at calculating there are so many variables i can’t estimate what will happen.

      4. no, some are proffesional protesters who just get a buzz from the anger and they go to wherever they can throw in, these types also try to start things and make things worse, but for the most part the protesters are just frustrated people with a lot of things they are pissed off about and nothing better to do

  15. Bam Bam,
    I live in Florida and have not heard anything about a death every 8 minutes.
    That’s a lot of deaths, like 7+ per hour!
    Masks are mandated by businesses, because they can be fined or fired if they do not..
    This election is gonna create some real problems.Things will get ugly!

  16. Masks are mandated indoorsat businesses and outdoors where social distancing is impossible. I try to follow the mandate as much as possible and just got a face shield to try. I have a friend who is immune-compromised and am trying to stay healthy so I can help her.
    Trying to fill in empty slots and working at getting some things replaced or repaired on the house. Hoping to get some more items out of storage. With some of the furniture from the storage unit I think I can increase the storage in the house.
    My immuno-compromised friend told me the nurses at her treatment center are getting prepared for us to be hit harder with the virus. So far we have had less than 100 cases and at last count only one or two in the hospital. After discounting the ones from the minimum security prison most of the early cases came because people traveled from outside the area, now it may be community spread so who knows.
    Some items are in short supply still. Toilet paper and paper towels are out in some stores and not in others. Yeast and flour are in short supply. Meat hasn’t been in short supplies and limits imposed are normal for the sale prices. I wish the dentists would fully open up. I won’t go to the dentist my insurance company has assigned me to unless it is truly dire and my old dentist is still waiting for directions from the dental board.

  17. I heard that the NFAC may have had an accidental discharge at their rally in Kentucky and 3 people were injured.
    I thought this organization said they were experts.

    While I am for the protests of a no knock warrant that lead to the death of a nurse who was shot 8 times in her own bed, threatening to burn the place down will only lead to more violence and is a terroristic threat and is a felony.

    • What kind of crap name is that Thor1??… Just read the article about that incident AND what NFAC means… They are the ones that terrorized people at Stone Mountain… This is not good.

        • PG:
          It is a militia. The acronym stands for Not [email protected]#^%$# Around Coalition. They were active in Georgia last month. I do not know if they are part of the protest group against the Kentucky Derby, but they are currently in Louisville along with an opposing militia the Three Percenters.

          Both groups were enjoying their Second Amendment rights yesterday.

      • AT,

        Actually, it is good news. Evidently they are not well trained. Bonus for those of us that are and experienced.

        • Z36, their leader said they would be back in 4 weeks and if they didn’t have answers, they would burn the place down.

          Very funny, their leader called out the 3%ers in GA, but when they were there the NFAC leader put his tail between his legs and said we don’t have a problem with the 3%ers….?

        • Zulu 3-6 et. al.:

          Starting today, Seattle PD can no longer use non-lethal methods to control violent crowds (ie. riots). In a letter to the public the Chief basically states “you are on your own”, to business owners and residents.

          • JP,

            I’d say the Seattle mayor is either in cahoots with the rioters, or just doesn’t have the moral and physical courage to do the right and lawful thing. Either way, the mayor is not deserving of the office.

          • That makes me glad we moved on and left Seattle. I loved it as as 1st and 2nd grader. Not so much when we went to the World’s Fair.
            By age 11 we’d lived in Washington DC, Loma Linda when it was a little college town in southern California, Seattle, then College Place WA, back to Loma Linda CA, Glendale CA in LA area and Finally rural Napa County a few miles in the hills above St Helena. Lived in the county till I was 25. Avoided cities until I was widowed and had to find work. Moved into Albuquerque NM for work. Continued working there but after 3 years moved to the East Mountains area 25 miles out. Stayed there 3 more years after retirement then moved back to my property in a tiny unincorporated village. Love country life. Have rabbits, ducks, and chickens. A few good neighbors.
            Some of the Federal guys are coming to Albuquerque. We have lots of Federal building and offices there. I was surprised they are coming but not unhappy. They. Will protect buildings if needed but stated they are coming to help solve cases. Most murders go unsolved. Between 1 and 3 people are all that are available to work on vehicle thefts in the vehicle theft capital of the US. Drive by shooting are frequent. The Albuquerque area has 1/2 of the states population; around 1,000,000 there. We’re a Mexican boarder state. Illegals and drugs are smuggled through here. If the “Federales” want to come help Albuquerque the chief of police is welcoming them and our Democrap governor has said she’ll work with them. Hope so.

          • Clergylady – our DD#1 moves to Albuquerque earlier this year. She is enjoying seeing a new part of the country and is loving the varied landscape. She bought little booties for her dog so he won’t burn his paws.

          • My little dog is fine with the days around 100° but would come closer to wanting winter boots. Normal winter temp is 5 to 10 degrees below zero. But we usually get mild breaks between cold spells.
            Glad you daughter is enjoying the different sceenery here. When the covid restrictions are finally lifted she should go see the 1000 year old village called Sky City or Acoma. It is about 50 miles west of Albuquerque. Take a camera. It is an interesting tour.
            She should also ride the tramway to Sanda Peak. You get on the tram near the West of a road named Tramway. It is an interest ride. At the top are some pretty trails if she enjoys hicking and in winter there are trails for snow skiing and snowboarding. Usually a restaurant there where you can eat overlooking the city. I enjoy the tram ride.
            I’d also caution her to carry a crossbody shoulder purse. As purse snatching isn’t uncommon. Also be careful with a nice car or pickup truck. It is the vehicle theft capital of the US. Never leave one with keys in it. Don’t leave it unlocked and don’t start it and leave it to warm up on a winter morning. A running vehicle unattended for just a few minutes must be one of the most common times for thieves to snatch a vehicle.

          • Thor1:

            What would make them do something like that?

            IMO, they are trying to start the shooting. Like in Atlanta, only by an LEO on a “peaceful protestor” “expressing themselves with gifts to the police”.

            However, if I were living there, that is the way I would take it – threaten me and mine with superior numbers, I use superior firepower. I would not go looking for it, but if it came to my AO …

          • I might be getting the Portland and Seattle places mixed up. But the judge has put a moratorium on the city council’s decision to not allow the police to use tear gas and pepper spray and other crowd control measures. So, for now, they are allowed to do so.

          • AT,

            The judges are actually following the law in these cases. In labor law, an employer is required to provide protective equipment against reasonably recognizable hazards of a job. If the city expects their officers to quell a riot, then they have to provide that equipment to protect the officers. The equipment is expected to be that as required by the industry standards of safety.

  18. Question 1 Yes, masks are mandatory, and yes, I do and my family wear them, my husband, has to wear them to be able to work.

    Question 2. In my area Western Washington, we’ve been doing mail in votes for 20 year’s, and our Governer, has his share of haters, and those that like him , that’s as far as I’ll go lol…

    We are enjoying a nice weekend its supposed to be in the low 80’s, I’ve been painting our bunk house, and hubby, started to sand down two chairs our neighbor, gave us for me watching there home back in January, February, they gave me a few other beautiful wooden pieces.

    I did go and buy green beans, and dill and did 9 pints of Dilly beans, I’m on list for pickling cucumbers, I’m just waiting for the call to pick them up… I picked another cereal bowl, of Raspberry, and gave every plant a good drink of water last evening, since it will be warmer than last week hoping my tomatoes will start ripening up.

    Our thrift stores are open limited times, but its been great to look for some treasures, I look for canning jars, and any brand new canning lids, Jean’s, summer tops, shorts for everyone… I happened upon a pair of moonstone candle sticks, from the 1940’s, my sister collects, it she still on the look for the dinner plates, and I realized that it’s not really a prepper item, but we need some sunshine and fun in our lives.

    Today we work tomorrow we play in the water, going to get the floaties out and blow them tonight. 🙂 have a wonderful weekend.

  19. Are masks mandated in public where you live and do you comply?
    Yes but I have been wearing a mask when I go out since day one.

    Do you think we will have a presidential election as normal or a mail in ballot that could be far more susceptible to fraud?
    My state mails every registered voter an absentee ballot application. The form has to be signed and sent back before a ballot is mailed back. More states might do that.

    How do you grade your governor’s actions during the 2020 pandemic? I would give Florida’s governor a 95.

    What did you do to prep this week? I did some food shopping at the two new discount stores in my town. One had name brand jeans for $ 9.99, I got four pair, two for going out and two for working even though I hate to go out and don’t work that much.

    I did get a home remodeling job done I have been putting off for years. My mobile home is 39 years old and I have replaced the flooring in every part except the walk in closet in the master bed room. My wife took every thing out and I ripped out the old carpet, cough, cough. Yes, 39 year old carpet. Old the flooring was particle board and had disintegrated in many spots so I have put 3/4 plywood down in the rest of the home over the last 10 years, this was the last part. I had one partial sheet of 3/4 plywood and the room has one slanted wall so I had to make six jigsaw puzzle pieces to cover it.
    The wife painted the walls and put down stick on floor tiles, now she can sleep in the bedroom without aggravating her asthma.

  20. Hi Pack,
    JP sorry about your pup…they are always our puppies..sometimes the best thing we can do is let them go… had to put down one a couple of years ago from chf and total kidney failure… I still call the other dogs his name… go thru the list like when i used to call my nieces and nephews in to supper.! LOL Miss the old Man…
    Tara’s questions….and Thor’s
    Masks? county mandates, area, and some in other out of state areas we normally shop. I made one to wear with mandate in mind. If fills the requirement. cotton crochet, and i did have issues wearing it.Humdity and allergens were very high.was wheezing-could feel it… without a mask… ….is as effective as chain link fence keeping out a mosquito- just LIKE the other ones . DH went into one store with me with hospital mask on- had to leave after 2 minutes,, got dizzy..2 other stores they were recommended but had exceptions listed.I went into one other store, had absolutely no entrance without a mask…grabbed what i wanted and got out.. spent 15$ as opposed to the normal 50. It will be costing stores who require masks $$$$.
    Election? Our state has walk in early voting for 2 weeks prior to election date, must be registered well beforehand and votes are counted with the other votes on election day.(Our rolls are purged on a routine basis. No on dead for more than 4 years will be able to vote..). We just voted for our August primary…. They had the distancing garbage on the floor and had personal pens, and hand sanitizer.available at every stop. all workers were wearing masks.There was no line…were called by our first names by reception.Did not require voters have masks.
    national election…some demon rats in Ohio have gone to jail for stuffing ballot boxes with mail in ballots in 2014- 2015 and 2016.., they will continue to be stupid.All the ones who swear to uphold the laws and refuse to do so should be forceably removed and face treason charges..
    Mail in ballots can be done legally and successfully , Our state has mail ins you have to request a ballot, and then when approved drive the 20 miles to pick it up. fill it out and take it to the post office so it can be sent thru mail in channels..
    .. look for every disturbance possible, of all kinds..msb boad has article on shotages pinned to side bar.. if you have not read the last several posts there you should. I have sent it out to a few that i had addresses for…. between here and then.and after will not be pretty – nor is it going to be pretty after.. we will see more shortages. and the big box stores are saying there will be no working for their employees on Thanksgiving day… no big sales that day.. will not be enough stock.. so get your Christmas gifts now…
    Nancy Pukeosi has already said she IS removing the prez. because she is number 2 n line… that means she is delusional and could not get past kindergarten- because the Witch can NOT count. she is number 3 in line… The traitors that are not in jail will cause havoc.
    yes the rioters are being paid, their transportation costs and gear is all provided.
    Our governor.. I’d give a 68/100, i have not been pleased with mandates., county Mayor, give him a 20/100. wal mart and other supports of bantif alphabet agencies… that are just ccp extentions .. another store that got a 45$ purchase instead of 300 usual., local stores get the money, i am choosing to spend.
    Got in necessary things this week.. we are also in a soft lockdown..mode.. we spend much of our life this way as a matter of routine. we have limited outings. We combine several trips into one . bread store,( had almost no bread, could only purchase 2 loaves. of only one kind.-) Local owned stores, big box stores of one variety or another, was Lowes this time , got a dowel, for handcraft project, brackets for mounting shelves, and light bulbs. aldi…(crackers, salsa, mushrooms,carrots,one pack of fresh chicken, sausage,polish sausage-limit 2canned items normally buy are not replaced.(rotel)., almost no potatoes and they looked like they had been there for a month.Celery and peaches were pretty. Lots of lettuces and quick growth greens…other veggies not so much.at all the stores we were getting comfort items.. drinks of various kinds. to augment our normal. dog food. rabbit food, layer pellets.. car needs- filled. parts for fixer upper… for DD. in progress… bills paid..other things in progress.
    Keep on keeping on.. Prayers for preppers and Potus.. .
    masks will limit them even more.No am not taking a poison vaccine shot, untested on animals and they hav no idea what kind of side effects will occur in first 2 years…and one that alters the DNA? Oh WHALE no…. Not happenin’. allergic to needles…Can NOT wear any traditional mask. I am not willing to pass out in a store to prove that point. i do not need to risk a head injury, to prove a point.

    • She WOULD be #2 if she knew plans were afoot to remove the VP. Mike Pence needs to have extra security. That witch knows no bounds.

  21. Many years ago, I was a manager at a produce market. State law, and widely accepted practice, at the time (and still to this day) was no shirt- no shoes- no service. One day I had to confront a guy with a big beer belly who wanted to come in bare-chested. I stood up to him and said, “It’s not my rule, it’s state law!” He pouted and fussed and cussed at me, but he went and put a shirt on.

    So — masks are the new shirts and shoes. Just do it. Hubby and I are both high-risk. Whenever I see someone in a store bare-faced, I think to myself, “You selfish SOB, you think ‘mah FREEDOM!’ trumps MY health?” It’s just so annoying. Mask-wearing is something we do to show our concern for our fellow human beings. Plus, it WORKS to stop the spread. Duhhhh. Why would we NOT do this! Would you go into Walmart barefooted, wearing only your tighty-whities??? Would you chug a 6-pack and go speeding down the road at 90 mph wearing no seat belt? We have an obligation to keep one another safe.

    Rant over. Not much prepping this week. Tomorrow I’m going to tackle the can closet and cull out expired stuff. Stocking up and replenishing the freezer as things go on sale.

    Stay well, all.

    • TWO SHOES, MASK wearing is something to show we are compliant… do nothing and think nothing. I too have a medical condition and both of us are high risk.We go out on a very limited basis, and we need things that must be picked out, once a month or so. Neither Of us ABLE to wear one for more than 3 minutes.. Both would require an oxygen pack WITH one. When stores provide oxygen to wear inside their store with a mask then we will consider going in that store.. It has NOTHING to do with MY freedom of choice, NOR Butt heads who wish to impose THEIR WILL, (NOt law.just a guidance), on others. The only choice I have is to need to breathe. “SO you selfish SOB, ( what you called non mask wearers)Get OFF your HIGH horse and stay at home LIKE WE DO,unless absolutely necessary.Keep your rant”. You are not changing anyones mind.

        • disagreeing is one thing. I do not expect everyone to agree, but respect me and don’t call me names.
          There are few people on this blog i will ever meet in person. I do my very best to show respect to each one. I have a right to BREATHE !my mask wearing or not has NOTHING to do with her. She pre-judges everyone who has no mask…
          ..Agreement is one thing and her disrespect is my issue.
          If a mask keeps someone/anyone/her safe, then she has no worry. She should have no problem with what anyone else does.
          Each person has a right to stay home if they do not want to take the risk. I do that most of the time. I will not be called a SOB without making some returning statement. My Mother was not a dog and am not witch with a B.

    • Two Shoes
      I think you are looking at the issue only from one side . Please give this a listen.

      They will site a NEJM article that states that the mask is largely for the relieving of mental stress of the wearer. These same people in government that are now yelling were mask started out yelling you don’t need a mask it will do you no good. Which one was the lie ? Or as is often the case is the true somewhere in the middle.
      Also a governors mandate is not law . Laws are the providence of state house and senate . Basic civics have been forgotten slowly over the last few decades.

      • Is there anything Americans can do to reduce our infection rate? It is many times greater than almost every other nation. What are they doing different? Our neighbor to the north has closed the border to protect their citizens from us.

        • Maybe they are using Fact not fiction. In the US if I go and get tested and it is positive then that’s a new case . If I do this multiple times each one is counted as a new case. Some people have been count as many as 5 times that I know of.
          Deaths the same way . I could have not symptomatic fall of a ladder and brake my neck . Teas positive in autopsy. That is counted as a covid death.
          Another thing is to quit sending covid positive patients back to nursing homes to spread it .

        • Daddio7, Fixit, In some states every time one person takes a test it is counted as a new case… one person took it 15 times with a positive…. that is just fake – manipulated data. Some tests are false positives. Some people who never saw Dr are getting positive results when they saw no one., one took his son to a cvs drug store doc in a box……( from post on msb blog.)
          This is a real illness . Make no mistake we do not want it….IT has far reaching complications that will be showing up in the survivors within the next year.. nerve issues, immunity issues. clotting problems, this is a bioweapon. (info released on press conference.) WE do not want it. IT, virus, is so tiny only an oxygen fed masks with separate exhalation will protect you.
          a mask can lesson your load by blocking some particles.. they are meant to be worn a short time… and replaced.eye protection is more important than mask. …….staying home when sick/avoiding the sick is even more important.
          Immunity boosters vital. D3, Zinc, Vitamin c. K2(moves minerals) wil get you started… in addition to a balanced diet of healthy food,REAL food, not junk created in test lab somewhere.
          yes we can take antivirals daily, or have daily coverage with something that is proven antiviral….(explanation note) No ones health NEED should be deemed greater than mine OR Yours… we should be on equal footing. so you feel compelled to wear a mask.. great! wear one, … i can’t BECAUSE of my health NEED. Some people are ass u me ing that those who do not wear masks take no precautions…it is just not true in very case… some may be just imbeciles.
          There are those who deserve the two shoes rant…that have the muh freedom disease.
          I ,for one, am tired of being lumped with the stupid. being called the abbreviation for my disease process of breathing was the last straw! There are those on this board who must wear one for 12 hour shifts every day they work… so when they get their supplies are they to be compelled by the stupid, and ignorant to wear one on their OFF hours as well? How utterly uncaring!
          WHAT should make your need greater than mine? .. i submit to you, NOTHING…
          I have Had it with the masks shaming bull manarky. It is estimated 15-20% of US population can NOT wear masks.
          …. We can stay home when sick or scared..( being frightened and re breathing own viral load – everyones is greater than 35,000- thru wet mask increases exposure to mask wearer.)..and impedes natural immunity.of wearer. Stop listening to the msm…CDC,who and other alphabet agencies in bed with the chinese, follow the money … fauchi, NIH, burks,…They want you dead.. as for me, I will live out of spite to the lot of them!
          … Minimize outside exposures of people whom you do not know well. Do combined trips to minimize your exposure…doing all outing for the month in 1-2 day cluster. Have a common agreement with those you will come see them or vice versa only when you are NOT symptomatic.
          antivvirals? There are many herbals and natural things that are anti viral..each one is used differently safely.. Some can be used in diffuser… even common pharma gade peroxide can be used in diffuser tto clean the air…we use 4 anti virals.routinely i use 2 and my DH uses 2 others… . some are..oregano, garlic,frankincense ,Myrrh… too many to list. colloidal silver, Tonic water is supposed to be one.. 8 oz 2x a week.natural quinine….put in duck duck search… antiviral herbals, antiviral natural ‘s solutions. that are antiviral… each one separate and take notes…research each one …tll you decide what you have available you can and will use.

        • Daddio7, I think if the hospitals were not paid for every positive test we would not have as many..
          Friend in northern state has contacts in one of the “communities. ” elderly man in 80’s been sick for years.died from a known disease-yet diagnosed as covid, AFTER he passed…2 young teen boys in a buggy wreck, diagnosed as covid – after death…
          They are counting every death as covid.. heart attacks have drastically dropped, cancer deaths are almost gone… ( they will rebound from not having available treatments because they were ruled un necessary)… by the powers that were. Some states are intentionally exposing those confined to nursing homes and rehab units to this virus.

          • I don’t get it. If YOU are wearing your magic mask that will protect you, why do I NEED TO WEAR ONE? YOU ARE protected by wearing a mask, are you not? I am a perfectly healthy person who does not go anywhere if I am sick. I do not understand why at this late date, we are now REQUIRING masks. It is summer, build up your immune system by getting sunshine on your skin, will give your body needed Vit. D to help keep you strong. Why do we have to fight about this? You do what you think is right for you, let me do what I think is right for me, and lets all show each other the respect we would want shown to ourselves. Name calling and trying to shame others into doing things YOUR WAY, is not good for anyone. You aren’t going to change anyone’s mind by being nasty and hateful to them. G*d Bless us all.

          • First, the avg mask is not magic, that requires a full bio hazard suit, but every little bit helps. With Covid-19 40% of infected people DO NOT FEEL SICK. They happily go about infecting unsuspecting mask deniers where ever they go. Sure, you are maintaining social distancing but most people have to be slapped upside the head to do the right thing. Example seat belts.

            It does look like mass testing will forever be impossible so we will have to assume everyone we pass on the street might be infected. With 1000 Americans dying every day from a disease that is only .05% fatal getting infected must be very easy

          • You CANNOT believe any of the numbers being posted ANYWHERE!!! When no one is dying from Cancer, no one is dying from heart failure, but EVERYONE is dying from COVID, and the authorities are giving everyone tainted tests that are giving out false positives, I do not believe any numbers from ANYONE!!! Young men who died in motorcycle accidents, people who have been fighting cancer for years, and many other examples, are all being labeled COVID deaths, I believe NONE of the numbers from anyone. Until they STOP PAYING for COVID, you won’t have ANY HONEST reporting.

  22. Are masks mandated in public where you live and do you comply?Unfortunatly, yes, in the stores, etc, but about 1/3 dont wear them. I do, only so no one can say i brought something home. However, im not going out much these days either. Im doing a lot of work in the house and yard. Ive even temporarily stopped going to church, so hubby cant say i brought him a present from there. We have had two couples diagnosed as positive.
    Do you think we will have a presidential election as normal or a mail in ballot that could be far more susceptible to fraud? I dont know what others are doing but im voting *in Person* . I will not do a mail in ballot. I dont trust the machines either, but we shall see.
    How do you grade your governor’s actions during the 2020 pandemic? C-. I dont know if he realizes how much of Tenneessee’s economy is based on tourism, and that is all dependent on if people have jobs and the stores/ entertainment places are open! No venues, no tax dollars to send to Nashville. We are not an industrial state.
    What did you do to prep this week?Started working on the master bath again- we sort of came to a halt about March, when we realized we would have to shim out the walls to make the sheetrock plumb- didn’t know it wasn’t til we got ready to put the shower unit in! It was 3/4 inch out of plumb at the top of the wall! So we had to custom measure and make shims for each stud so the shower unit would sit straight, and the sheetrock would look right. I took lessons from Tommy Silva and Mike Holmes(virtual not in person). The garden is staring to come in, tomatoes, chard,basil,cilantro, zucchini. Blackberries are the only fruit so far that ive gotten a decent harvest on. The apples and peaches are not quite ready, but at least they are still on the tree! I sprayed everything a few weeks ago with dilute hot sauce spray and the squirrels have left them alone!! I am thrilled! So now i have to get my dehydrator set up and get cracking! Prayers for the Pack. Hugs to all.

    • Baby catcher you can usually vote in person and early at county election commission in Tn…we just voted and booth are still open for primaries .until later August 1.. election day is the 6th. they do this before every election.it is a machine. I checked with ou r county and those votes are tallied with teh general election via precinct on election day…not before orr after. If you are registered you just have to show photo id issued by state, federal. we did not even have a line .is a primary so must declare which set of races,

  23. lets see if tis worrks this week, neighbors wifi sucks all month, bad storm then the hughsnet dish stopped working, think water got in the electic wires somewhere, so internet only works sometimes now tried last week but it went down again while i was typing.

    taras questions

    1 they are mandated, and i wear them, i wore them in flu and cold season for years and was doing it “before it was cool” https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftse1.mm.bing.net%2Fth%3Fid%3DOIP.AVRbv28t75ueUSvk1GJfggHaE_%26pid%3DApi&f=1
    i was largelly shunned for it though, and thrown off the county bus for covering my face when 3 other people had a bad flu on that crowded mini bus and were hacking into the air, i was thrown off the bus for putting the mask on because it disturbed other people on it, refused to ride the bus since, plus the pedo hotel is on the same bus route and it creeps me the hell out siting next to those freaks on the bus (they took bus to parole officer or the courthouse, i went to wally world, better to walk 10 hours in the snow than tollerate being in the same room as those freaks).

    i think there may be some possibility for fraud, and i expect a low number of people to vote at all

    he should be crucified in front of the capital building, though thats my opinion of him before the pandemic

    did a lot this week and the last few weeks, lots more firewood, took logs to mill, started working on another shed to put up for sale, pulling stumps, etc, really haven’t left the farm more than 1 time each week, or rather not farther than a few miles anyway (just to the amish mill or the gas station near it on the same trip). went into town a few times in the last month but have not really bought anything on any trip, no store carrys anything i want and i am disgusted with people, decided not to bother going out again for at least a month.

  24. Never had the time to post last week. Busy trying to protect my apple tree from the deer who discovered it for the first time. The netting I clothes pinned around the bottom is ripped off every am. The little green apples lie on the ground, about 30 each day where the critters gathered off the tree, but didn’t like the flavor of unripe fruit or the coddling worms within. My trees never got dormant sprayed this spring when my husband fell off the roof and my landscape guy got too ill to keep working for us.
    I did manage to get most of the 12 peaches off my young tree before the Coons got them. The granny Smith tree will not have ripe fruit for another 6 weeks. I have yet to see a squash on any of the 25 plants I put in. I don’t know if my soil is too tired even after amending or the bees are more enchanted with the clover in the pastures nearby instead of squash blossoms, corn tassels, and cuke blossoms. My potato harvest was pitiful, filling just half a 1 gallon pot with tiny tubers. The only tomatoes I’ve gotten so far are plums for sauce, and at that, just 12 at once. That made 3 half pints of sauce with fennel and basil and onions from my garden. Whoopie! That might enable me to survive for 3 days….
    I did manage to harvest and can a dozen pints of Santa rosa plums and freeze 3 bags of green Gage plums. Canned more chicken from Costco. Picked blackberries and made a great cobbler. There aren’t enough to do anything else since the irrigation attendants cut most of them down. I picked table grapes. Shared most of them with neighbors.
    This week bought 20# tomatoes to can for sauce. That will keep me busy for a few days along with applesauce from the good parts of the drops. Hoping the gardens will do better now that summer rains have begun.
    Bought a new camo tarp to go with my Bob, wirecutters too in case I have to go X country. Bought another galvanized pail for hauling water if necessary, 3 boxes of sm lids, manure for compost heap, 10 # AP flour for mylar bag packing and I too, discovered the canned beans on sale at Wallyworld. Bought a dozen of what we eat: garbanzos and black beans.
    In every store from Costco, Walmart, tractor supply, Safeway, DMV I wore a mask. One, because I have chronic COPD and when I cough it makes others nervous, two, I don’t need to get sick. As soon as I am outside, it comes off in the 100 degree heat.
    We have been voting by mail for several years since our place is on the other side of the river from our district station. This year I am uneasy about that. But… I’m also uneasy about the events of this Fall too. Preparing the best I can on my own since DH is not on board. I’m hoping there is hay left when he finally buys it!
    I so look forward to this blog each Saturday and it can’t be easy finding the time to write it when you are so busy on the homestead, Tara. Thank you so much for your faithfulness in making it happen. You are all inspiring me to keep plugging along regardless of how exhausting and frustrating it can be. Best to all this week. May we accomplish much.

    • Desert dove
      If you suspect poor pollination do a few by hand. Take a Qtip and get pollen from the male flower . Then stick it in the female flower . If you don’t know the female flower has a little squash behind its flower the males don’t.

  25. Hello Prepper Tribe,

    JP , want you to know my heart is with you, on the loss of your dog, I have an old girl (16 too.) So sorry.
    In answer to Desertdoves question several weeks ago, I live in Ohio.
    Tara’s questions
    1. Yes and yes. I want to protect myself and somebody’s family also, by not spreading germs that could kill someone.
    2. Election fraud is possible, no matter how we approach it, i have voted absentee since 2008, due to missions work out of country. Nothing shall be normal regarding upcoming election.
    3. Our Governor has made his decisions based on info afforded him, so he is trying to keep us all safe.
    4. Repaired fence, set more t posts and pulled woven wire back in place due to horse shenanigans. Kept garden up, weeding and watering. Had part replaced on tiller, stocked in 5 loads of hay for winter in big barn loft, added one more load of firewood to shed, need 2. or 3 more to be set for winter. Training horses to work with hand or voice commands. Picked up additional protein items, in cases, to add to stores also additional, stabilizing for gas and extra oil. Nothing is easy, just time consuming and expensive in this day we are in. The lyrics to a song says ” life’s a dance you learn as you go, sometimes you lead and sometimes you follow, don’t worry about what you don’t know.” I choose to follow Jesus, He can lead and I will follow. Hope you do too.

    • Sage:

      Thanks for the condolences. I was looking at the Animal Shelter site yesterday and they had a 10 year of (Coffee was 11) that looked just like her. That’s when I knew I wasn’t over her loss yet.

  26. Hi All!! Sorry I been gone awhile! I had a mild stroke in mid June, before Father’s Day. Was completely incapacitated on my left side at first. But, was getting stronger everyday, until last week when I fell. Got 2 knots on my head from banging head into wooden table, had a knot on my knee from banging it into something on the way down, and a bruised tail bone, which is what I landed on! Tailbone bruise was the worst!! Taken me all week to recover from the fall. But I am finally back to where I am getting stronger every day, so, hopefully next month I will be all better and can live a normal life again!! And before anyone asks, I will be 59 in December. I know what brought it on, so have rectified that so it won’t happen again!!
    While I have been incapacitated, haven’t done much. Tried to crochet the other day, but left arm is still not strong enough to do it properly. I did buy more AR lead and 4 more magazines for the 9mm. Hubby stocked up on canned veggies like I asked him to do. We usually only go shopping once a month, so its a big bill! Also got a wool blanket from Amazon, which has not arrived. It was on sale $20 off! Went from $70 down to $50. Also bought more canned meat. Still trying to do what I can, which isn’t much! But, getting stronger everyday is important at this point! Making a list of what I want to get done when I get back to normal. Since this happened before I actually finished planting the garden, I am not expecting much from it. Hubby has to care for cows, chickens, dogs, and me, plus cook the meals, keep up with dishes and laundry, his hands are full, so I don’t expect him to fully care for the garden!! He has already harvested quite a few onions, which we have been enjoying! Sorry to hear of the lost pets. That;s always hard. We also recently lost our kitty. Think she may have been bitten by a snake. Copperheads are real common around here. Prayers for all! Keep up the good fight!!

    • Okie Farm Girl,

      You are the same age as me. I am so glad you are ok. You sounds like you are doing great. Keep moving. Get stronger. Weights are a good thing to rebuild strength back. And those grippy things you squeeze. You can only do what you can do with all the things we have to get done.

      I am sorry to hear about your kitty. Prayers for a speedy recovery and strength for the hubby.

      • Moe, AT, and PG, Thanks!! It has really been hard letting hubby dress me, and help me with personal things. I spent some time crying, especially when I’m tired, but I am a tough old bird, been through a lot, so I know I can do this!! Thanks for the prayers!! I do appreciate it!!!

    • Glad you are back OFG and will add you to my morning prayers! OH, don’t worry about the age part. I surely understand the aches and pains that seem to come with age (got a few myself). I am here only because G*d wills it, and I thank him every day.

      Oh, BTW, my late wife’s birthday in in December. She would be 75 this year. I look forward to seeing her again.

      • Thanks CB!! Yes, at least we know we are still alive, huh? I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have my aches and pains to keep me awake and moving forward!!! Sorry about your wife. I fully expect to depart this life before my husband, but it will be ok. Stay strong my friend!!
        PS. Just want you to know how much I enjoy reading your posts!! We had a curly bull calf that I just adored!! But, we cant keep any bulls, so we sold him. I was sad.

    • Okie Farm Girl.. two supplements may help, you regain strength and overcome any nerve issues that remain as you recover…, these helped my DM….colostrum, can get it in a powder…and NGF, Nerve Growth Factor., squeeze a soft ball., or one of those soft rubber toys….. increase number of reps first then increase rigidity progressing to a tennis ball…Hang in there.!

      • Thanks, AA. I will look for those on-line!! Hadn’t thought about using the ball. Good idea!! I have been trying to do leg lifts and arm lifts while I just sit here on the couch. Think it has done SOME good, but can always do better, huh? Thanks for the advice!!

  27. Tin can shortage and bean buyer remorse. IAF…

    I went to WM this morning… I had to go through all of the only 3 cases available to find 1 case that didn’t have dented cans. Seems like they are pulling all stock from the warehouse and selling it no matter if it’s damaged. Check all your cans. Most of all, get it as soon as you can.


  28. Okie Farm Girl,
    Prayers for you, hang in there, we are all being challenged, physically, mentally, financially, spiritually. Just one crisis to the next, it seems like. Prayers for your husband’s strength as you recover too. Sad about your cat. I found one of my two cats, shot, hole in her side and one in head, she was laying next to the garage. Do not know where calico came from. That was 8 years ago, Lucy has been here ever since. Funny how life works.
    Girl, you sound like your recovery is coming right along too. Sure glad to have you here.

    • Thanks, Sage! I appreciate all the prayers and good thoughts! I keep praying for myself and hubby. He is my rock. I’d be lost without him! Yes, does seem like if we aren’t in crisis, we’d be dead! But G*d never gives us more than we can handle! Just makes us stronger!! Good wishes sent you!!

      • I pray for others as well, like all those who have lost pets or are going through other difficult times. Didn’t mean to sound selfish with my prayers. There are lots of people I keep in my prayers. I just didn’t like the way I wrote that, the way it sounded.

  29. FYI to all:

    If you have a Mossberg or a Remington pump shotgun (even one of the newer 14″/pistol grip versions) Crimson Trace now makes a laser for them. It requires it to be “drilled and tapped” on the top (that’s what holds it in place). DW uses an 1100 and they are not yet available for the autoloaders.

  30. JP, animal shelter is a great choice, maggie, that is 16 years young, was a free pup at a yard sale. Such a great furry friend. Coffee would be glad for you to replace her, so you are not without those dog snuggles, even though she/he can not be there.
    Even though the male horse and bull cause me a lot of work, I would miss them terrible. Who would I yell at in frustration when they tear out fence or gates. Of course they ignore me. They know they get treats, good or bad days.

  31. If anyone has had as much trouble finding yeast as I have had try King Arthur Flour Co.’s website, I just got some at the price of $5.99 per pound + postage so going by the preppers rule of 2=1 1=0 I bought 2. Never say much on line but enjoy getting the news letter every week, keeps me inline with my prepping.

    I live in the Ozark Mts of AR my husband is now home bound and has been for several years so we are well out of the way of the virus, we have a helper who helps me lift him around so baths and medications can be accomplished, she helps with light housework and does errands such as getting groceries and meds from town; we are cozy here in our cabin, and glad to be out of the buzz of what is going on in today’s world. Although I’m glad to be here and safe I am also glad that through the weekly newsletter I still feel part of the world, the saner part that is. Blessings to all and will be learking next week.

    • Glad to “meet” you Sally!! Will try to remember to say hi next week! We are out in the boonies, so going into town is a once a month or so journey. We have no cable, and can’t receive any television signals, and I am pretty happy about that. Keeps us from having to watch all the bickering, fighting, and bad news. So, glad to “see” a new face!!! LOL!

      • Thanks for the comeback haven’t much time to chat dh is almost a full time job. Mostly read once he is down for the night. Today is a rare day as he was medically transported to hosp for tests . We have not been out since feb.

        • I know what you mean!! I have not enjoyed being DH’s nearly full time job. But, I am getting stronger and not needing his near constant attention as much. He still has hands full, though. If you need a friend to vent to or share triumphs with, GA Red has my contact info. Wishing you the best!

        • Sally, Glad to see you post… Many on this board have been caring for members of their won families in the past, so can relate.My DH is disabled and together we took care of both of my parents for 25 months. skilled nursing in living room and custodal care in back bedroom… we don’t have any tvservice and a radio is a difficult thing to pick up so our internet is our outside contact.
          Be sure to take time to rest, take care of your own health needs…. if you neglect your needs now it can take a couple of years to regain your strength( i bought that lesson so you don’t have to.).. take a short walk, do deep breathing exercises. and stretching exercises.

    • Hi, Sally! Please comment when you can. I think I speak for everyone when I say we would love to hear from you, even if it’s just a few words. ❤️

  32. Sally,
    Glad you are with us on TSB, we each come with our own specific hardships, my people all got sick and then passed away between my 21st and 36th years of age. Sometimes our heartache and pain come early in life, to others later, it is just part of life. Living out the cards we are dealt, ya know.
    I notice many of us here are isolated from choices or handicaps or whatever, perhaps by choice now with covid 19. Glad for your presence, look forward to your contributions. Each person makes us a stronger unit and we are only as strong as the weakest member. This is good.
    Welcome aboard.


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